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2000s fashion Anonymous 5041

You knew this thread was coming…2000s fashion (first decade). Like it? Love it? Hate it? What trends from this time period are you excited to see coming back? What trends are you glad are stuck in the 2000s? Post pics of your 2000s inspired outfits or of general 2000s fashion related inspiration!

Anonymous 5042


I like it in the sense that it makes me nostalgic for my childhood, but honestly? It's pretty tacky

Anonymous 5043


I find a lot of stuff from the Delia's catalogs really cute and would actually wear some of it. Some of the Delia's catalogs are from the late 90's tho so idk if that counts as 2000's fashion.
While on the topic of 2000's fashion tho, I find some of it cute like >>5042, but OP pic is something I would NEVER wear… or consider good looking at all. Some components of 2000's fashion are good tho, especially when you mix em with some current day stuff and have a toned down look.

Anonymous 5044


I know this thread was a joke but now it's here so we all have to deal with it

Anonymous 5045


Anonymous 5046


Anonymous 5047


Anonymous 5048


Whoops. Forgot to make my dump a reply thread.

Anonymous 5049


Anonymous 5050


Anonymous 5051


Anonymous 5052


Anonymous 5053


Anonymous 5054


Anonymous 5055


Anonymous 5056


Anonymous 5057


Anonymous 5058


Last one for now but I have a ton more images if anyone is actually interested and has requests.

Anonymous 5059

Can we go back to this time when life was easier, Paris was popular and unashamed of her herpes, richness, "that's hot", and music was emoshit? Please…it was so much better compared to now. Look at this outfit. It brings me so much memories.
Sage for nostalgia.

Anonymous 5060

Me again. God thread gives me the feels. Ok I will stop, thanks whoever posted this. I'll spend hours on Google reading about wtf happened to lilo now.

Anonymous 5061

Shes a "high class" escort in the UAE. Shes about to release her makeup line, believe it or not.

Anonymous 5062

unnamed (59).gif

That's fucking horrible, holy shit… Ok I'll stop derailing now.

Anonymous 5063


Anybody remembers the dress/skirt over pants look? Iconic.
Also Ashley Tisdale. Just… Ashley Tisdale.

Anonymous 5064

I'm OP and I seriously thought this thread would generate more interest. I personally enjoy a lot of 2000s fashion, I feel like it was a time where experimentation in daily, casual wear was encouraged and although sometimes the results were tacky, they often came out as interesting.

Anonymous 5065


Some of my favorites from Britney Spears:

Anonymous 5066


Anonymous 5067


A better, more high quality picture of Britney from when she was a host in the 2002 VMAs:

(sorry, I love this look so much)

Anonymous 5068

I'm the anon who did the dump earlier and I'm so glad this wasn't a joke thread! The 2000's was my childhood and i have a lot of fondness for the more out there fashion that came out of it.

Anonymous 5069


I adore all the outfits from her Dream Within A Dream Tour like omg

Anonymous 5070

Feel free to post more from your collection! I really got into the 2000s when I started to stan Britney a while ago. I personally like "slut"/clubwear looks, "business" wear as casual fashion, and of course, soft, cute, frou-frou looks. I also like the minimal kind of outfits in certain shades of color, if that makes sense. Idk, I like a lot of 2000s fashion, I probably would like seeing whatever you have, lol.

Oh, and if any anons are reading this that like 2000s fashion, please post ootd that are inspired by it! I'd love to see how you guys incorporate it.

Anonymous 5071


Anonymous 5072


I might post a gif of this outfit later since maybe it isn't apparent that the "stripes" are actually super long fringe.

Anonymous 5073


I can't help but giggle when I see this one:

Anonymous 5074


Anonymous 5075

Rip Tinkerbell :(

Anonymous 5076


she was my style inspo

so punk rawk

Anonymous 5077


muffled "so yesterday" playing in the distance

Anonymous 5078


never forget Lizzie

Anonymous 5079


I wanted that outfit so badly as a a kid! Especially with the skirt

I also really loved Amanda, I hope she's doing well

Anonymous 5080


Anonymous 5081


saging for flood detection

Anonymous 5082

Omg anon, i remember this. >>5079 she was so pretty! What happened to most of these girls, they look so terrible now!
Answer: drugs (?)

Anonymous 5083

>inb4 they're old
Most of them are not really THAT old. They're in their 30s.

Anonymous 5084


For a lot of them it was a combination of eating disorders (the Olsen Twins, in particular, have talked about this), drugs, and stress at such a young age.
>pic unrelated

Anonymous 5085


Drugs, yeah, and also I think a lot of child stars are just the type of people who look better as kids then adults (which makes sense, you can't have a child star go through an awkward phase)

Anonymous 5086


Anonymous 5087


Anonymous 5088


Anonymous 5089


Anyone who saw Zenon/the 21st century girl (the Disney movie) and didn’t envy that futuristic funky ass wardrobe is lying. I was so disappointed, growing up with the crushing realization that Zenons outfit legacy never became a reality.

Also those tiny scrunchie shirts that stretched to fit anyone but were literally the size of a small mouse. They sell them at rite aid today….. for some reason.

Anonymous 5090


Anonymous 5091


Anonymous 5092


Anonymous 5093

Who's this? I don't remember her face at all

Anonymous 5094

Sage for samefag but lmao, this fashion was so trashy with the belly button showing and all that shit. <3

Anonymous 5095

Devon Aoki I think she was in fast and the furious before and probably some other films. She is Steve Aokis sister

Anonymous 5096

Omg I remember that, my mum wouldn't believe it was in till she saw it in one of her dramas, the nerve!

Anonymous 5097

10 things.jpg

ngl I love this

Also while on the topic of 2000's stars like Amanda and Lindsey, they were my inspo back in the day, I really loved them. Kinda sucks to see what happened to them now, wish them the best.

Pic related is from the movie 10 things I hate about you, which came out 1999. I loved a lot of the fashion in the movie, especially all the outfits Kat wore.

Anonymous 5098

Is it just me, or despite all the skin showing in some of these outfits they still seem less sexual than stuff you see on TV today?

>feel like it was a time where experimentation in daily, casual wear was encouraged and although sometimes the results were tacky
lol in middle school I hiked up a elastic waist skirt and wore it like a tube top over some flared jeans.

Anonymous 5099

>Is it just me, or despite all the skin showing in some of these outfits they still seem less sexual than stuff you see on TV today?

idk if i would describe this as sexual or not, but back then people weren't bothering with extra padded VS pushup bras and perfect full face of makeup, so even though most of the looks are sexy and show a lot of skin, there's something a lot more casual about them.

Anonymous 5100

is tacky 2000s gyaru allowed ITT?

Anonymous 5101

I don't see why not.

Anonymous 5102


Never 5get egg magazine

Anonymous 5103

MKUltra Pedowood. Sucks that it's only regarded as tinfoil conspiracies but I legit think that's why so many actors turn to drugs.

Anonymous 5104


Is it bad if I want a nu metal bf ?

Anonymous 5105

What do y'all think about splurging on vintage Dior? I'm so tempted.

Anonymous 5106

Not if it's Chester, RIP sweet prince

Anonymous 5107


Denim everything is something i'm glad to see dead.

I'm a gen z but am old enough to remember some of these god awful trends due to my country being backwater as fuck and getting everything at least 3-5 years late.

Anonymous 5108

I wouldn't mind all denim outfits if they incorporated more colors into the all denim outfit. Denim can be dyed, people….

Anonymous 5109


What a time to be alive.
These movies gave me so much hope for futuristic fashion as a little girl. Little did I know that when I became a woman everyone would just be regurgitating styles from previous decades.

I can't wait till the 80s/90s nostalgia epoch officially ends and is replaced with 2000's nostalgia. Not because I think the fashion of my childhood looked great at all, I'm just looking forward to seeing something new. Even some styles from like 2007 to 2013 make me nostalgic for my adolescence, because I'm realizing how outdated some of those oufits already look.

Anonymous 5110

Well, at least you still have your virginity.

Anonymous 5111

fucking yikes lol this sounds fake asf

Anonymous 5112


Oh geez, I've been waiting on people to stop bashing the 2000s fashion and get over the 90s. Tbh, grunge "90s" fashion isn't really accurate. On a side note, I loooove the simplicity and bright colours.

Anonymous 5113


Have any of you guys seen Lady Bird? And if so, what did you think of the costumes? Early 2000s wasn't that long ago so thefilmmakers probably didn't have to much trouble coordinating outfits. But I thought a lot of the clothes and hair worn really encapsulated what I remember from 2002/2003.

Anonymous 5114

YES I loveeeeeddd the outfits in ladybird! It's definitely a style I'm really going for and I think is super cute.

Anonymous 5115


are there any colors, patterns, or other motifs from the 2000s that you like?
whenever i see anything argyle, especially with the color scheme like pic related, it makes me super nostalgic.
i had a ton of tops and socks like this in grade school.

Anonymous 5116


gtfo nasty larper

Anonymous 5117

I wish my boobs looked that good in shirts. I'm obviously referring to Lindsay Lohan's boobs btw.

Anonymous 5118

The "how to wear it" seems to be solid advice aimed at confidence, though, what is the main component about "being able to pull it off". Is there more?

Anonymous 5119

Besides from the awful material, I like the look.

Anonymous 5120

I dig the look of the guy.

Anonymous 5121


How was every woman in the 2000's so skinny? They all have that exact same flat stomach, almost no variation. Was it drugs? Or were EDs just that popular? We have so much body diversity these days it always just blows my mind how homogeneous every woman looks.

Anonymous 5122

I used to like the emo/goth trend, not necessarily the clothes but the aesthetic - dark colours, leather, boots. It was tacky but still better than pastels…idk.

I also liked the 2008-2009 style that Lady Gaga used to have, it was very bold. I would never dress like that, but I love that style.

Anonymous 5123

i think it's an aftereffect from the workout obsession era in the late 80s to early 90s. the late 90s and early 00s was more diet focused.

Anonymous 5124

I wish we could go back to this. There are too many thicc/REAL women encouraging obesity and convincing fat chicks that they look good nowadays :/

Anonymous 5125

it was just the popular body type of the decade. You could use pics of celebs today and say "why is everyone so curvy".

but it is true that a lot of girls developed ED'd in the 2000's. mostly scene kids from what i can remember.

Anonymous 5126

I think most celebs would have similar stomachs these days, but are far less likely to wear low riding bottoms with cropped tops, so you don't see that same hip bone area.

Anonymous 5127

Absolutely hate fashion and music from the 2000s. I was a teenager then and didn't understand why everything was so tasteless. In the 90s you actually had alternative styles too but in the 2000s alternative was basically commercial hip hop style with huge logos and baggy trousers and emo in the mid 2000s but it was for kids. Mainstream clothes looked like a designer finished the thing half way or made hundreds of random designs just to design something- There was no concept, no idea why this was made, clothes made people look the worst that was possible, colors didn't match, it was impossible to find normal length tops. I have no nostalgic feelings for that era.

Anonymous 5128

It was because those short tops made almost anyone's belly look like a fat man's beer belly. No wonder they had eating disorders.

Anonymous 5129


I think that the pastel colored mini skirts were really cute, and skirts in general. I wish that they would come back, it's difficult to find cute skirts nowadays without looking online.

Anonymous 5130

I've seen quite a lot of these actually they had some similar ones in topshop last summer but they were mid to high-waisted whereas the ones in the photo are low-waisted

Anonymous 5131


She looks like shit, like 40-near-50

As for the escort thing I remember hearing she was charging to be arm candy but you think she's doing the instagram thot thing and fucking for money?

Lots of anorexia, and now we champion obesity because fuck being rational

Anonymous 5132

I just think of Jojo's bizarre adventure part 6 when I see this thread

Anonymous 6232


I keep hearing about how flare jeans are slowly making a comeback and it makes me think about what 00s trends are going to start reappearing again. Like exposing your midriff and lowrise jeans.

Anonymous 6236

i h8 this all, unless it's like futuristic early-00s 'y2k aesthetic'

Anonymous 8400


Reviving this thread because I love a lot of styles and trends that were present during the 2000s, including the outdated "tan" gyaru styles like >>5102. I used to be into banba/manba/ganguro styles, it's safe to say they won't be coming back for a while…

I've found myself becoming more nostalgic for a period I lived through and never thought I'd be nostalgic for, the late 2000s 80s-reminiscent Wlliamsburg Apple store Hipster style. Abhorrent, I know, and arguably tackier than anything in this thread, if not more. Just as the 80s were trendy in the 2000s and the 90s were trendy in the previous decade, the 00s will definitely make a comeback soon, but I have a feeling the revival will be much more focused on this mid-to-late-2000s indie style rather than early 2000s futuristic/Y2K styles.

Anonymous 9416

Tbh I wanna see a comeback of gyaru! I'm also really interested in it and would love to see more people dress in it. I'm thinking of getting into it myself but I'm kinda worried about what other people would think.

Anonymous 9419

I never noticed the huge ass 2 sizes too big heels she is wearing.
How they could fuck up this badly…

Anonymous 9426

sorry but everything ITT is super trashy looking.

Anonymous 9431

The 2000s sucked. Except maybe Emo. Sometimes… Rarely.

Anonymous 9446


The Classic
Some people still dress like this btw or even worse with Abercombie polos. They are oblivious to the fact time passed.

Anonymous 9447

looks like standard preppy stuff?

Anonymous 9464


I guess I have to remind you how cringe fashion was back then in most schools. Only the rare strangely cute emo boy was cute back then.

Anonymous 9465


Anonymous 9466


I do not miss that decade at all. Except for the internet, the internet was much funnier and creative.

Anonymous 9467


Chis Chan style is the pinnacle of 2000s style since he never updated himself to the times because of autism.

Anonymous 9468


Anonymous 9469


Anonymous 9470


Anonymous 9471


Anonymous 9501


How did no one post this absolute icon yet

Anonymous 9539

Not with that haircut and earring

Anonymous 9642

>you're in your last class of the day (college)
>your friend stacy picks you up from your dorm in her white 300zx convertible
>you go to the mall and stop to get panda express in the food court and it's okay if you had fro yo because you had two slim fasts that day
>stacy informs you that your crush talked about you today during class
>your bedazzled flip phone rings from the pocket of your juicy couture hoodie
>you're fired from taco bell
>but you're going to miss s1e2 of pretty little liars so you grab some bed bath and body works perfume in twilight woods and a bright yellow and blue bra from victorias secret and leave
>football game later that night and you're in the college locker rooms, everyone is wearing bright mismatched bras and panties, putting on strawberry scented glittery lipgloss, and filling the room up with perfume
>"anon try this bright green eyeshadow it's totes your color"

tbh I don't even care that things are changing, it's the fact nobody is active nor wants to ever have typical girl time anymore

Anonymous 9645

Life is getting sadder :c
But there is always hope in the future, nothing stays lame forever.

Anonymous 9650

The clothing is fine, the problem is his shrimpy underdeveloped body and face.

Anonymous 9651

I miss saying “totes.”

Anonymous 9656

Same, I miss the days when you can have flaws, fly away hairs, chipped nails, less than perfect skin and makeup and it's okay, now it feels like all women are expected to look like they just walked off a modeling shoot even in a casual setting

Anonymous 9657

I wish I could find the post (don’t know if it was on here, tumblr, or somewhere else…) that talked about how current fashion is more “sexy” but also “sexless“ in that bras are all padded and everything is expected to be rounded out and perfected. I miss that “rawness” of the 90s. It’s the same with makeup.

Anonymous 9665

True, like paper thin body con dresses, crop tops and super thin high waisted jeans, and then fashion shows nowadays are basically jokes and don't represent any sort of fashion. Not that 2000s fashion wasn't showy but at least it was easier to hide small flaws and it wasn't expected of every woman to have a perfect extreme hourglass figure

Anonymous 9754

I've been thinking about this post all week and it inspired me to buy a set of brightly colored thongs lol.

Anonymous 9882

I really like about this picture that their legs aren't airbrushed

Anonymous 10159


is this a joke? autismcore? how long until this becomes a well loved trend by the girls on pinterest? maybe in 2 years they will be wearing sonic yaoi shirts and those fingerless gloves for the ~aesthetic~

Anonymous 10176

Snooki & Deena.jpg

Currently rewatching Jersey Shore. My obsession with Snooki is back again.

Anonymous 10178

Did you know she got gifted Gucci bags by Luis Vuitton in order to make Gucci look cheap and trashy?

Anonymous 10194

Glasses Snooki.jpg

How messyy. I also just found out Abercrombie & Fitch offered to pay Mike to not wear their brand, lol.

Anonymous 10240

omg i used to love the movie mean girls. me and my friends made a burn book when we were in middle school.

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