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Plus Size Fashion Anonymous 5747

For all the plus size girls who are deserve to be kawaii too!
Talk about cosplay, lolita, jfash whatever!
Post sewing tutorials specifically for bigger girls!
Discuss fave shopping sites and brands!
Share plus size inspiration!
There is no size limit for being cute!

Anonymous 5748

The third model is so cute, omg!

I hope this thread has more replies soon. I am not plus sized where I live, but for kawaii clothing I definately am kek

Anonymous 5749


Anonymous 5750


Anonymous 5751


Anonymous 5752


Anonymous 5753

Thank you for reviving this thread, Lol. I didn't even know it existed.
They're all cute to me.

Anonymous 5754

eat shit cunt

Anonymous 5755

I mainly shop at macys, kmart, simply 10(related to simply fashion. I would love in the future to order bulk and just sell the rest on ebay.

Anonymous 5756

Anyone have any links to plus size 'jfashion'. Youknow basically the stuff spreepicky sells but now um.. as expensive.

Anonymous 5757

If you’re in the US, Target has some really cute stuff sometimes!

I also love Modcloth, but they’re a little too expensive to buy from regularly.

Anonymous 5758

Ah I love Modcloth! they have really pretty things I'm actually building a wishlist there. I dream about redoing my wardrobe with that site so much but as you said, it's really expensive.. As for Target I didn't know they sold things like that! thanks!

Anonymous 5759

target plus section where I live is one rack. kinda sad. old navy has more.
I never really paid attention to modcloth. I just checked out their site. its great. it also reminds me of jcrew, Nordstrom, and surprising kmarts more dress up side.

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