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Horror Stories Anonymous 5928

What are some of your weeb horror stories? Did you meet a terrible ita? Were you at a con and happened to meet some insufferable weebs? How about during your school days? Anyone have a hotel story to share? Were YOU ever a /cgl/esque horror story?

Post all you horror stories relating to cons, weebs, jfashion, anything related here.

Anonymous 5929

holy fuck nooooo. Thats horrifying. I would have wanted the mods to ban her creepy ass

Anonymous 5930


This story of mine dates back to my middle school years when I was about 13 all the way up to college.

>middle school me is a weeb who loves anime and making ctingy fanfic

>I meet another weeb who had jist moved and cause she likes anime we become friends. Let's call her Sandy
>Sandy is a fujoshi who likes Hetalia and Black Butler. Has never even seen Naruto.
>whatever I'm happy to have a new friend
>her sister is a cringy Sonic fan that's almost at Chris-chan level of scary
>about halfway through the year they begin telling me how poor they are and want all the self pity
>Sandy begins telling everyone she's German and that she stinks because Germans don't bathe plus she's "poor"
>I go to her house one day and see she has all the current game consoles and games along random movies and nice tvs. Bitch wasn't poor at all she just had bad hygiene
>this continues on into high school where I gather more self awareness and move away from anime
>I get into Lolita fashion fashion and pour my time into it along with taking school more seriously
>Sandy is still obsessing over Hetalia and keeps showing everyone her OCs and Hetalia pairing art.
>she smells so bad holy shit. I begin distancing myself from her and she follows me everywhere like a lost puppy. Can't say anything or else it's "bullying" her
>she does a lot of nasty stuff like not wearing pads or tampons and lets her period blood get all over any chairs she sits in

She continuee to follow me well into my junior year of high school and then a new weeb moves into town. This takes the cake.

>Sandy meets this new weeb. We'll call her Tina

>she has this beard and i assume it's from a hormonal imbalence. Doesn't bother me. Kinda bothered that she was nearly 20 in high school
>I try to be nice to Tina since she's new but the stench hits me. She has the word "yaoi" written on her hand so I stop talking to her after showing her around the school since that's all I was asked to do.
>Sandy and Tina discover I like lolita fashion and start talking about how great milanoo dresses are
>Tina believes she can work for Nintendo in Japan cause she likes Pokemon and that gives her the right to
>Talks about how all Asian men are gay and how good yaoi is when someone at our lunch table invites her to sit with us
>mfw everyone regrets it after that
>everyday Tina and Sandy can be seen squeeling all high pitched in the halls and jumping up and down cause they thought they could be kawaii Japanese schopl girls
>they come to school in cosplay
>Sandy is a Hetalia character. No idea what Tina is
>this is a regular thing
>the entire time Tina never shaves her beard for the cosplays so she's a bearded kawaii uguuu neko chan or whatever she was supposed to be
>Sandy moves away senior year thank god. However Tina remains and tries to draw anime.
>The tumblrina stuff was just vecoming a thing and she becomes a crazy gendered sjw out of nowhere
>randomly tells people she's a guy then in the next class she's either a girl or something we've never heard of
>eventually we graduate and she moves away to become a vidya designer. Rumors are she dropped out but not sure
>Sandy goes to the same college as coincidentally but drops out. Is now a full blown NEET the last I heard from her.

Despite how cringy they were I honestly hope they got their lives together and got some more self awareness. I like to think Tina got her act together but Sandy is almost identical to her middle school self.

Sorry for any typos. Not the best at noticing them. Pic related is me at the thought of their hygiene habits

Anonymous 5931

there's a family who frequently comes into the restaurant where i work, and they have a weeby 13-14 y/o daughter who always brings her BJD with her to dinner. it's a male w/ a really ugly wig and crocheted clothes (made by the mum i'm guessing). they always make sure the BJD has its own chair, and they treat it as "one of the family".

Anonymous 5932

Back in freshman year of high school I was in a friend group that had a shit ton of tinas and sandys(I was a mix of a weeb and a scene kid so it was awful). Including me and one other friend that graduated and went to college, the rest of them are NEETs as well and still jizz over Loveless/Black Butler yaoi. Wew.

Anonymous 5933


Holy shit anon. I'm >>5930 and both Tina and Sandy went apeshit over Loveless as well. I never read it or anything but from what theu described it as it was just fujo bait for 14 year olds. I don't understand middle and high school weebs' obsession with it or Black Butler(the Ciel x Sebaatian shipping creeps me the hell out). They all end up being weeb NEETs if they don't pull it together by senior year of high school.

I have a couple of other stories about Tina but I don't want to clog up the thread lol.

Anonymous 5934


oh my god anon, you encountered a seriously dark entity

i don't have any worthwhile stories of my own but i love these threads, every post is a gem, keep em coming!!

Anonymous 5935


I've been contemplating whether to post this or not in case the person ever finds it, but fuck it and I want answers anyway.

>young me

>charity maidu cafe at school
>friend is organising it so I'm kinda roped into helping her
>nobody visiting really gets it and thinks it's a weird fetish thing
>maids being cringy edge lords if people are crude or just being giggly
>emphasise to other maidus to act more elegant and less giggly/schoolgirl
>one maidu goes full LARP
>literally using the word "thou"
>explain maids don't speak like Tudor folk
>she fucking carries on doing it anyway
>suddenly big group of asshole guys come in
>don't want larp-chan to get ripped apart by them because she's being super cringe and weird and just fml
>take her into the food preppy bit
>ask her to just serve the food through this little food latch (it's like a small cupboardy thing between the areas/rooms??).
>go back out and take orders, ready to receive any food from Larp-chan through the latch when she calls me over
>suddenly… loud clumsy crashing and laughter
>Larp-chan is climbing THROUGH the fucking latch, holding plates
>people lose their shit as this tubby aliexpress wearing, likely panty shotting maid is climbing through this tiny wall hole
>convinced she's just being an asshole and snap at her
>apparently she genuinely thought I meant she had to climb through the latch
>starts crying because she thinks I'm bullying her
>other maids sticking up for her because they're all part of the same weeby friendship group
>we are all basically causing a massive cringey scene

To this day I'm not even sure what the fuck went through her head, nobody is that fucking retarded surely? But then why did she cry? I know she did other really weird shit at school but this was the one incident I was directly involved with.

Anonymous 5936

Holy god, what, is this real?

Also I can't help but lol at the fact that you had a maid cafe at your school. What was everyone wearing?

Anonymous 5937

I wish I had some big weeb story to tell but to be honest the worst I've ever encountered was when my mother temporarily housed some girl from my school that ran away from home after claiming that her father was beating her. When she moved in she brought with her this enormous duffel bag stuffed filled with yaoi manga/hentai and was caught multiple times showing it to my 5-year-old little sister. She would invent all these stories about how her uncle directed FFIX and her aunt did the voice for Lara Croft, and how she would be able to get us cameos in all these video games since her family were big industry names. I remember one day she took my sister to a field with a horse in it, claimed that the horse belonged to her and that we could ride him if we wanted. We saddled him up and spent the day cantering around the field, that is until the actual owner suddenly drove up the gate and began SCREAMING at us and we turned to see our friend hauling ass across the field in the other direction.
Not long after that I began to notice things going missing from my room, so whilst she was out one day I decided to investigate, went in her bag and discovered a literal horde of random shit she'd stolen from the entire house, from hair pins to bows, my drawings she'd torn from my drawing pad (which I later found she'd uploaded to DevianArt claiming they were hers), misc. jewellery, ornaments from around the house, CD's, DVD's, even toys from my baby sister. Bitch was like fucking Smaug.

Anyway the day after that her dad showed up and turns out she didn't run away after being beaten at home, she ran after she was caught having sold her dead mother's jewellery to one of those Cash4Gold shops in order to buy… yep, you guessed it, the sack of homoerotic degeneracy she hauled around with her everywhere.

I looked her up on online abut a year ago and discovered her Instagram. Turns out she has a kid now and is one of those "420 dank weeds erryday bruh" who only posts pictures of her smoking her pipe and other various drug paraphernalia. I wonder if her uncle still works for Square Enix…

Anonymous 5938

sage for OT but poor girl must of had some serious issues, besides her mother dying, maybe the father or other family were abusive? idk kids don't just turn out to be conniving compulsive liars for no reason, but sorry you had to deal with that anon.

Anonymous 5939

Well we actually got to know her dad properly after all this time and he was absolutely lovely, just the sweetest bean. His wife had passed when his daughter was quite young so she barely even remembered her mother, but was supposedly acting out because his dad had recently remarried and she hated the stepmother. I genuinely don't believe there was anything going on at home, she was just a pathological liar that was rebelling in her teens.

>idk kids don't just turn out to be conniving compulsive liars for no reason

I would have agreed with you if it weren't for the fact that I have a BPD sister who's a completely mental, borderline sociopathic cunt. Sometimes it seems people just aren't born right in the head and sadly no amount of love and care can change them.

Anonymous 5940

>I remember one day she took my sister to a field with a horse in it, claimed that the horse belonged to her and that we could ride him if we wanted. We saddled him up and spent the day cantering around the field, that is until the actual owner suddenly drove up the gate and began SCREAMING at us and we turned to see our friend hauling ass across the field in the other direction.

Ha, my mum caught some girls doing that to her horse when I was a kid. I wonder how many people do it and never even get caught.

Anonymous 5941

>>5936 literally western fancy dress outfits. We were broke school kids and none of us knew where to get cuter eastern things.

Anonymous 5942

>I wish I had some big weeb story to tell

This is actually beautiful. One of the best weeb stories I've read.

Anonymous 5943

I was a part of a similar group. Scene kids and yaoi obsessed weebs. A handful of them were always talking about Loveless and Black Butler. Probably lots of other things I can't remember as I wasn't real interested in anime and manga back then. Always loudly announcing who they wanted to fuck, their ships, etc. Trying to act like anime girls in public. I was friends with 2-3 girls and tried my best to tolerate the weirdo orbiters.

I think I can say this since none of them even remember who I am, but two(or more?) of the creepy girls wrote a terrible fanfic about everyone in our friend group tying up and fucking the teachers at our school. This was in 8th grade. They assumed we would all think it was funny that they included us all as characters, by name. I read it and I wanted to die. They had no fucking shame and flaunted their degeneracy everywhere.

Anonymous 5944

to be fair, it's not uncommon for abusers to come off as lovely and charismatic until they're behind closed doors

doesn't really matter now, though

Anonymous 5945


>tfw I am the cause of weeb-related cringe

Making a powerpoint presentation in school for explaining Elfenlied is awesome because blood and telling everyone that asks that I enjoy yaoi fanfics and manga makes me want to turn back time and just shoot 15 year old me.

Anonymous 5946



>tfw my first AMV was an Elfen Lied gore video that I uploaded to YouTube in 2006

>it was removed within the hour

Anonymous 5947

You're not alone anon. I was a cringe hetalia cosplayer at 14-15. Honestly trying to repress the memories of playing the pocky game and impromptu yaoi photoshoots.

At least I was less cringe during my Homestuck phase..

Anonymous 5948

This was middle school me when I lacked self awareness.

Did anyone here ever feel like they were happier as a weeb growing up? Even if it was a mild level of weebness like just reading cringy fanfics or sometimes drawing anime in class. I wasn't horror level of weeb like the Black Butler and Loveless(and often times Hetalia) girls but i do remember having some good times until meeting the hardcore weebs.

Anonymous 5949

I know that feel.
Perhaps it's just being very passionate about something and embracing it all as a kind of lifestyle, not just because it was weeb-stuff especially. Just find something that makes your inner flame burn and you can totally feel just as happy as back in the day, if not even more.

Anonymous 5950


Same here, anon. I once had an argument with some lame christian girl from my 6th grade class that cats say "nya" and "meow" wasn't how they sounded at all. Absolute cringe on my part. She called me stupid and I looked like a huge weirdo.

Another time, I planned on wearing my sailor school uniform costume to school that I got at a local anime convention. Thankfully, I didn't have the balls to go through with that one. There has to be more stories but I honestly can't remember thank the gods.

Anonymous 5951

I had a ton of weeaboo friends when I was in high school, probably because I was a weeaboo. Most were fine, a little too cringy for our ages, but whatever, but some of them were REALLY bad.
In 9th grade, my best friend and I would always talk very loudly on the bus about fucked up hentai we found on /d/ and other websites. We sat in the seat directly behind the bus driver. He knew.
She also confessed through tears that she was sexually attracted to dogs, but I don't think that has to do with her being a weeb, but really fucking weird instead.

Another girl was the BIGGEST weeaboo I've ever seen with my own two eyes. She would nya, glomp everyone, wear schoolgirl outfits, cosplay in school occasionally, etc. (this was like 3 years ago, so she was doing this WAY after it became especially uncool). Huge fujoshi. She got in a ton of trouble because she left her art journal in her teacher's classroom. It was FILLED with guro pictures of her crush's girlfriend being murdered and a bunch of other edgy shit. She had to go to counseling every week because of this. She later gave her crush's girlfriend a picture of her killing her anyways. She also did general weird shit like wear those fluffy cat paws to school, and she did some weird sfx mouth stitched shut makeup for the day of silence.

Another two girls were BEST friends. Completely inseparable and huge weeaboos. They would cut and dye their hair to be the same, it was crazy. They were also huge fujoshi. In art class all they would do was draw yaoi or giggle at Space Dandy/Jojo doujins together, despite one of them claiming to be asexual. The asexual one wore either a rainbow dash hoodie (with a mane and everything), a homestuck sweater, or the Akira pill jacket to school every single day. Eventually she cut her hair short and came out as trans, which could explain some of her awkwardness, but i'm 90% sure she (he now?) was an aspie.

Anonymous 5952


Oh god, I suddenly just remembered how I used to wear a cat bell attached to a black ribbon around my neck back in highschool. The worst part? I stole it off an actual fucking cat I walked past on my way home one day.

I'm pretty sure that in my mind I totes resembled picture related, but I think we can all envision what the reality was…

nyan nyan~* (;・∀・)

Anonymous 5953


>stole it off an actual fucking cat
This was so funny to read. I bet you DID resemble pic related, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

I once wore a seifuku out grocery shopping with my grandma when I was either 12 or 13 and I had my hair cut with a full fringe and long hair down to my back, that I deliberately let grow out, just to be more animu. The reason I wanted to wear it out at least once was because I had the thought that if I didn't wear it then I would never get the opportunity to wear it again because I would be too old.

So I did.

She also took me to the local library (where I pretended to be an anime girl while reading the manga and "how to draw anime" books) and then we went to town to buy some freshly baked bread.

I only got stares from the other kids my age, I think the adults and the teenagers thought it was just "cute" for a young gurl to dress up. Operation: Success.

And then I never wore it again.

It was Lucky Star Konata's uniform that I begged my dad to buy me for Christmas. I'm 16 now (jk I'm twentyone), and recently found it, so I donated it to charity.

Innocent 6 word story: sale: seifuku, worn once, in public.

Anonymous 5954


There's a cosplay club at my university. The club leader is really nice and well adjusted, fairly normal and so are a good chunk of the other members. There's a few however who are just insufferable.

>screaming about husbandos so loud you can hear them down the hall during club meeting

>talks over everyone else so you just have to scream in order to be heard at times
>some are like tumblrina type weebs and are inusfferable because of it
>nonstop memes
>"you like this anime omg you're gonna be my best friend"
>smack on anime cosplays thinking they're dressing in actual lolita fashion
>i feel like there's 0 way to point them in the right direction about what the fashion actually is cause "too expensive and anime girls are lolita too"

I haven't been back to that club since and I kind of don't want to go back. I occasionally cosplay when going to cons and having cosplay friends would be nice but I kind of want to hang with people who act more mature about it. They remind me too much of middle school me and I don't want to relive that as an adult.

Anonymous 5955

i have one from college. for reference i'm 1/4th japanese, but i don't purposely bring it up, only if people ask about my grandma or family.

>went to college in Canada (am from the USA) so i wasn't sure what to expect

>go to anime club intro to feel it out incase it wasn't a shit show
>tons of weebs there, to be expected
>girl i met earlier in the year who wore lolita was there, apparently a committee member
>committee members introduce themselves
>all are chinese or vietnamese excluding 1 indian
>leader introduces himself as Kenji (his real name is Xavier and he was chinese)
>everyone else tried to act cool/kawaii
>introduced this lame girl in a maid outfit who coordinates a maid cafe apparently
>put up a slideshow (it was cringe city)
>leave and never come back.

flash forward:

>lolita weeb is in my classes so we became friends i guess

>she's always asking me stuff about japan
>is doing a cooking class with anime club, asks for help making omurice and shotokeiki
>buys me the ingredients to show her step by step
>tell her i've never made omurice, but have made shotokeiki
>follow cookingwithdog's recipe for omurice
>she says it's too hard will just buy cake mix and make fried rice rolled in an omelet
>she forgets cakes rise and uses 1 pan for all the batter
>sounds like a disaster

>invites me to karaoke, go because sure

>introduces me as her haffu friend
>a bunch of her chinese weeb friends start flirting with me
>everyone is reading romamji from animelyrics.com and singing weeb songs
>sing something i know from memory
>everyone comments that it's "just like a haffu to know japanese"
>remind friend that i'm just 1/4th
>tells me not to be so modest and asks me to join her 'web aidoru group'
>she links me their video later
>is weebshit reject niconico utaite garbage
>decline and say my classes are too busy

>invites me to her birthday, dinner and party at her apartment

>go because i clearly hate myself
>dinner is at overpriced izakaya
>cringy anime club weebs are there, including indian guy who apparently speaks japanese and has been to japan
>she introduces me -again- as haffu friend
>indian guy automatically is butthurt that i'm part japanese for some reason and is trying to show off his japanese speaking
>get dragged to her house afterwards cause she has a friend i -so- need to meet
>her roommates ask me to guide them in installing a japanese game (obvs since i'm haffu~)
>can't read enough kanji to be of help
>her friend gets here
>am introduced again as haffu
>friend is a pretty cool girl who loves lolita and weeb drama
>immediately hit it off
>friends on fb
>stop hanging out with other girl slowly
>graduate, move back to USA, still friends with cool girl

aaand that's my weeb stories for today

Anonymous 5956

I'm sorry Lisa

Anonymous 5957

I'm something of a collector of these stories. I started a blog about them once but managed to forget… not my password, my USERNAME. I don't even know how that's possible, but I managed it. Anyway…
Holy shit I actually remember you from some /cgl/ thread on 4chan. I used to waste hours on that board before Gamergate started. The UK threads were always great sources of cringe, remember "stairscon"? Or that Zonic woman forcing her way into fucking everything?
Was it your sister or the weeb who swiped a bunch of expensive stuff the day before she moved to Wales?
Also, didn't she claim her dad was Japanese and her mum had been a voice actress in "all" the Final Fantasy games, even though only one of them had had voice acting at the time.
Anyway, I don't have any decent stories of my own. I actually went to Zonic's very own con once. It was… a con, I suppose. Tiny, and not much going on, the usual dealers and small pressers you see everywhere. She claimed it was a success but I overheard security guards talking about how she'd actually lost thousands.
I was also a last-minute make-up for somebody's MCM trip once. The "hotel room" was above a pub and looked more like a 50's military base, a bunch of bare metal bunk beds with thin mattresses in a blank room. Oh well, it was a place to lay my head, and pretty close to the con, considering. On the last day they kept throwing a plastic bottle at the open window from across the room to see if they could get it to go out. It did and promptly hit a passing car, the driver went ballistic, but I'd decided to wait things out in the (communal) toilets.
Another time I ran into a passing acquaintance on the train to the MCM, she's alright on her own but when paired up with her friends, fuck me. I wanted to lob their DS's out of the window.
I now actually work in a pretty working class Japanese high school, the screams of the excitable girls in the corridors have nothing on their western imitators.

Anonymous 5958

>be me (17)
> get invited to cosplay meet up
> you get there and there's a furry in fur suit and everyone wears low/mid tier cosplay
> your normal group of friends sees you
> they think you are a furry and avoid you

> be alone for the last 2 years of highschool

Anonymous 5959


It is an ongoing nightmare.
>be shy 12yro at new school
>holding copy of Chobits in hallway of school
>girl is pointing at me screaming
>I'm embarrassed from the attention and walk away
>weebgirl follows me to classes in between periods just shouting at me
> will glomp me and physically drag me down the hall
>didn't even find out her name until a week later
>finally stand up for myself, tell weebgirl to stop touching and shouting at me
>weebgirl fucks off
>next day comes back as her 'alter ego' named Yuki
> Yuki is depressed, edgy, and ~deep~
> idc, just try to ignore her
>she follows me to my house as I walk home from school
> mom ask her girl outside is, I explain
> "It's not like you have friends yet anon, be nice to her!"
> mom let's weebgirl in, I have a new friend I guess
> weebgirl makes mess of my house everyday, smells, and is loud
>reads raunchy fan-fictions out loud at school
>everyone thinks I'm as bad as weebgirl now
>one day her mother makes weird sexual comments about my 12yro body
>I get it now, feel bad for weebgirl
>actually try to be her friend
>5 yrs later, senior in HS
>have many friends now, still talk to weebgirl occasionally
>she still obnoxious, really not much has changed
>she lusts after any Asian friends that I have and is very vocal about it
>tell her it's not cool
>be part Asian myself
>for whatever reason she is coming onto me now after all this time
>"lolno u wild"
>Yuki comes back, is now ~suicidal~ over me not reciprocating her feelings
>call her on her shit, tell her to stop trying to manipulate me into doing what she wants
>weebgirl doesn't stop
>tell her to not bother me ever again
>I entirely ignore her despite her many attempts to approach me through out the rest of the year
>never see her again

I went to a nearby community college and would see her occasionally, but I ended up finding a decent job and dropped out. I hadn't thought about her in a long time.
>be 21
>cousin brings new boyfriend to family reunion
>recognized him, he actually went to my HS!
>that's weebgirl's cousin
>"Anon, we are getting married in the winter!"
>weebgirl is now my family

To be fair, they have been married for a few years now, and weebgirl doesn't bother me anymore. I think she grew out of it, mostly.

Anonymous 5960

now that's a twist I really didn't expect

Anonymous 5961

>tfw I was the weeaboo horror story

When I was around 17 and had just started college, me and some friends would wear some horrible ita outfits (I mostly wore a plaid JSK and a normal cotton t-shirt with puffy sleeves underneath, plain white UTK socks and fucking converse sneakers… oh and NO PETTI) and yell in a very obnoxious manner about anime and whatnot. Remembering this takes me back but also makes me shudder in horror.

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