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4chan screenshots Anonymous 17371

Last thread reached image limit >>7440

Anonymous 17376

fur coat.jpg

Anonymous 17377


Anonymous 17378


/biz/ is the greatest source of schadenfreude

Anonymous 17379


Anonymous 17454

unknown (4).png

Anonymous 17463


Anonymous 17466


Anonymous 17467


Anonymous 17470


Anonymous 17475

i dated a woman th…

Anonymous 17476


Anonymous 17478

fattening wife.PNG

Anonymous 17479


Anonymous 17535


Anonymous 17536


Anonymous 17593


Anonymous 17601


those activate my fujobrain

Anonymous 17603


That’s why I love them

Anonymous 17612


Anonymous 17653


Anonymous 17736


I am OBSESSED with /int/ greentext. Would love if someone has more like these

Anonymous 17742

chinese coworker.P…

Anonymous 17743


Anonymous 17744


Anonymous 17745


Anonymous 17746


Anonymous 17747


old meme

Anonymous 17748

black weddings and…

Anonymous 17749


saudi arabia

Anonymous 17750


Anonymous 17751


Anonymous 17752


Anonymous 17753


Anonymous 17754


Anonymous 17755


Anonymous 17756


Anonymous 17757


Anonymous 17758


Anonymous 17759

american roommates…

Anonymous 17760

americans on spain…

Anonymous 17761

anarchy is no good…

Anonymous 17762

animefags gay ads …

Anonymous 17767


Anonymous 17768


Anonymous 17788


Anonymous 17817

baka goyjin.PNG

Anonymous 17818

baby needs oxygen.…

Anonymous 17819

become a deity for…

Anonymous 17820

brit general bedpo…

Anonymous 17821

brit language lear…

Anonymous 18133


Anonymous 18137

Screen Shot 2022-0…

greatest website in the world

Anonymous 18142

monkeypox homophob…

Anonymous 18145

Screen Shot 2022-0…

uh oh

Anonymous 18146

Screenshot (346).p…

the same thread was posted there a few days ago too, r9k users are pathetic


Anonymous 18465

putin's dlc subscr…

Anonymous 18466

portopotty gays.jp…

Anonymous 18467

trad wife in real …

Anonymous 18468

gf plays oblivion.…

Anonymous 18469

finnish plumber.PN…

Anonymous 18470

You have my back a…

Anonymous 18471

not allowed to be …

Anonymous 18472

slavs united.png

Anonymous 18475

trad life.PNG

Anonymous 18905


Anonymous 18949


Anonymous 20245

Screen Shot 2022-1…

Anonymous 20308


Anonymous 20352

cats get loved.png

Anonymous 20395

walmart gym.jpg

Anonymous 20396


Anonymous 20397

i force latinas wh…

Anonymous 20398

tall man trapped i…

Anonymous 20399

took a hooker to w…

Anonymous 20400


Anonymous 20401

telling mom about …

Anonymous 20402

grapes cat.PNG

Anonymous 20491

I went on bumble a…

Anonymous 20656

nazi tranny.jpg

Anonymous 20681


This entire thread about making life-sized dolls was insane and hilarious, it's worth a read for anyone who is bored. https://archived.moe/diy/thread/2275607/

Anonymous 20684

failed male attent…

why are failed males such attention whores?

Anonymous 20685

save the global ec…

Anonymous 21114

capybara eat threa…

Anonymous 21115


Anonymous 21320


Anonymous 21412

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Anonymous 21458

worm parasites ins…

Anonymous 21685


Anonymous 21749


i hate that this made me chuckle

Anonymous 22464


Anonymous 22469


Anonymous 23002

new research progr…

Anonymous 23031


Anonymous 23064


Anonymous 23065


Anonymous 23066

I hate being an intp

Anonymous 23070


Anonymous 23147


Anonymous 23148

That is so very sad. What a failure of a society we are.
totally not astrology

Anonymous 23149


Anonymous 23153

>paying literal thousands of dollars to steal videogames
is it just the parasexual relationship that motivated this?

Anonymous 23187

people who look down on tradies disgust me

Anonymous 23322


Anonymous 23349


Anonymous 23364


Anonymous 23369



What the fuck, I relate to almost everything single thing on there. This MBTI shit is going too far.

Anonymous 23523


Anonymous 23526


Anonymous 23532


Anonymous 23800


Anonymous 23801


Anonymous 23802

most of these are extremely disgusting am i the only one who thinks that?

Anonymous 23819

Screen Shot 2023-0…

Anonymous 23824


Anonymous 23825

Anonymous 23848


Anonymous 23849

what the fuck

Anonymous 23850

I only read the title and then was like "nope"

Anonymous 23893


Anonymous 24046


Anonymous 24215

Knowing 4chan they definitely turned it into a weird racial thread instead of focusing on how it wasn’t rooted in racial nonsense but just clear cut child abuse that would’ve occurred regardless of the child’s race. You really think they would’ve treated them better if they weren’t white? The way people like the OP try to push racial division using this innocent baby’s death actually disturbs the fuck out of me.

Anonymous 24216

Have you missed the part about the child's "white privilege"?


Are you seriously delusional enough to think that’s why the child was murdered? Look into the actual court case, people really fall for click bait titles huh? Also this evil fat bitch making a post about her childs white privilege is pitiful but have you not seen the myriad of other foster parents utilizing their children to push weird political agendas?
Nothing infuriates me more than seeing these types of crimes used to fuel racial division when it doesn’t merit it in any capacity, I really didn’t realize people would be evil enough to use this poor baby’s death to fuel racial hatred against back people but I was wrong.
Saged for sperg post but holy shit will all the retarded /pol/fags stop posting weird racial shit? It wasn’t this bad before normies larping as what they think miners acted like started using this board. They think this place is 4chan for girls so they act like stereotypical 4chan users.

Anonymous 24238

>Giant wall of text
No1curr, didn't read.


Ngl I wrote a lot don’t blame you for not wanting to read it haha but to summarize it.
>/pol/fags gtfo and go back to /pol/ nobody wants you here
I’ve been here for years and these cunts are ruining the culture of the site

Anonymous 24363

You're evil.

Anonymous 24365


Anonymous 24367

sounds like projection to me

Anonymous 24488


Anonymous 24865


Anonymous 25208

Wait…the imageboard based on 4chan except for gurls isn't like 4chan??? You are projecting and pretending that this case was not racially motivated and it's frankly embarrassing. OP was not even promoting hating black people, just exposing legitimate racism against white people that occurs whether people like you choose to accept it or not.

Anonymous 25282

BASED if true

Anonymous 25465

misogyny + coomer = very transgirl of him, certified brave and stunning.

Anonymous 25731

Screen Shot 2023-0…

I don't remember if I already posted this one or not, I may have.

Anonymous 25761

trans dom.jpg

moids are a special kind of stupid

Anonymous 25784

based fujo owns moid

Anonymous 25988

I don't get this one.

Anonymous 25989

OP, posting under the American flag, describes viewing a post that mocks Americans and feeling so offended that he goes for a walk to calm down. The Chilean replier accuses OP of not actually being an American, but someone using a proxy/VPN to appear as American who has unwittingly revealed himself as fake.
The joke is that OP is fake because real Americans, being fat and lazy, would not go for a walk.

Anonymous 25992

It got deleted, what was it?

Anonymous 26051

a story about some sociopaphic neet fujo who scared a moid and stole peoples underwear to then wear them

Anonymous 26062


Anonymous 26063


Anonymous 26064

gay ass.png

Anonymous 26067

twink question.png

Anonymous 26074


Anonymous 26816


English has a word for that. Dingleberry. It's even in dictionaries:

>a piece of dried fecal matter clinging to the hair around the anus. Get over the ick factor and check your pet's rear regularly to make sure no dingleberries are dangling from his fur.


Anonymous 26821

As I Russian, I admit that English word is better

Anonymous 27026

If the races were reversed the same thing would have happened, except it would have been multiple national news agencies instead of some random 4chan user

Anonymous 27027

I don't know how US people deal with proper political debate being hijacked by race all the time.
Maybe the root issue is parents having too much power over children and beating them to death? Maybe CPS need reforming and money? But nooo, the problem has to be the magical ingredient of every bait-rage-news potion: race.

Anonymous 27060


Anonymous 27061

Stuck in a maze of mirrors. It's hellish.

Anonymous 27070


Anonymous 27071

>it's validating
I hope all trannies stopped jerking off to women's problems and killed themselves

Anonymous 27074


Anonymous 27086

this is not real

Anonymous 27088

you lost me at "pass"

Anonymous 27110


in italian the word is "tarzanello", from tarzan

Anonymous 27145


Anonymous 27148

>I don't want to face the consequences of black on white racism therefore it doesn't exist

Anonymous 27173


Anonymous 27181


Anonymous 27182

Is it possible to replace your personality with a better one?

Anonymous 27183

Troon accepts HWNB…

Anonymous 27196

Yes, but it is difficult, in general people don't change. At a funeral I met family I had not seen in years, and they still acted the same way they did when I was little. It was kind of cringe and I resolved myself not to end up the same.

Most of your personality develops as a teenager, then your neuroplasticity drops. Basically you need to take your cringy teenage self, and kill her, just stab her and toss her in the trash, stop digging up old memories and mannerisms and memes and try to get into new things. It is painful but the only way.

Anonymous 27343


Anonymous 27344

this thread is packed full of mentally ill unfunny moid humor for some reason.

Anonymous 27347


Anonymous 27678

nah it's not as hard as that. people naturally get less neurotic and anxious with age, and it's possible to get more extraverted as well (change from INTP to ENTP). increasing conscientiousness is considerably harder but doable if you have a good reason to (similar to ADHD treatment) and would put you closer to an INTJ.

it's also possible to increase agreeableness (go from T to F) but kind of cucked to go all-in on that because it's basically just increasing conformity and pliancy and being less committed to your independently-held principles. however it can be useful to be a little less rigid about it and step outside of habitual patterns when they're hurting you. the same is true of openness (the N or S trait); INTPs already have the mostly good version that smart and curious people have, but being able to dial it down when it's getting in the way of other priorities is still useful.

Anonymous 27686

Screen Shot 2024-0…

Anonymous 27687

Screen Shot 2024-0…

why is god as a soyjak so funny to me?

Anonymous 28247

Screen Shot 2024-0…

Anonymous 28272

what’s your mbti type?

Anonymous 28279

This thread is packed full of duds or genuinely unpleasant nonsense that only reminds me why I don't go on 4chan anymore. But this thread was so funny I was cry-laughing over and over until I had to take my glasses off just so I couldn't read it again.

Anonymous 28322


Anonymous 28328

How is this soyjak-posying funny?

Anonymous 28342

The fact that he has resorted to imagining part of his own brain as a soyjak to avoid giving in to his cravings is amusing.

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