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Anonymous 27616

What happened to the hecking pretty boys thread?

Anonymous 27631

sacrificed to Athena, she was pleased and blesses us

Anonymous 27642


Who needs pretty boys when you can have masculine men.

Anonymous 27643


Anonymous 27644

You think your twink fags won't eventually bald? I prefer my men handsome as I like to stay the pretty one.

Anonymous 27645


Anonymous 27646

Ok, cool thread.

Anonymous 27673

Here my dear nona

Anonymous 27787


Anonymous 27789

We need a new pretty boy thread

Anonymous 28263

I watched one pretty boy YT short one time by accident and now the algorithm keeps recommending me random pretty boy videos and channels. Usually it is a pretty boy’s journal vlog or them dropping self improvement white pills and motivation etc with no more than a few 100 views — super random

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