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Are trans girls allowed here? Anonymous 1889

I recently discovered the place and I was wondering if trannies are accepted here. I didn't see anything in the rules about it and not many threads mentioned it, so I figured I'd ask here.

Anonymous 1890

get out

Anonymous 1891


Or maybe pay attention to the tone of the threads that do mention transgender people.

It doesn't bother me, but that doesn't seem to be the common opinion.

Anonymous Admin 1892

It's not allowed to out yourself as anything other than female.

Anonymous 1898


based terf/gencri admin

Anonymous 1899

What is gencri?

Anonymous 1900

gender critical

Anonymous 2351

Trannies are the wedge that people use to crack open the chan to men. Also fuck trannies y'all are screwing up sports for women and then hide behind your mental illness to avoid backlash

Anonymous 2385


Take your faggotry elsewhere

Anonymous 2386


I've never understood the point of this type of thinking. You say that you are a real woman, then go to a space explicitly designed for women to say, "BUT I HAVE A PENIS." You are nothing but a man exposing himself and congratulating himself on perverting the girls' club. If you were really a woman as you claim, "transgender" wouldn't even be the way you identify yourself here, but you do, every time, everywhere you go.

Anonymous 2389

I have nothing against trans women. I genuinely don't care about them or what they do, which is the ideal. I support the T in LGBT just as much as I support every other letter. As a queer woman myself, I'd like to be treated normally. Not worse than other people, not better than other people. Just like anybody else.
Trans women are women. However, trans women experience life in a different way than cis women do. They are not better or lesser for this individual experience, but they simply did not have the female experience all their lives. By "female experience" I mean growing up as a woman, living in society as a woman, developing relationships as a woman, and having the expectations that society places on you as a woman, which I believe is a critical part of what crystal.cafe is about: giving women a place to talk about the female experience without having that be tarnished by men or by people who don't know how that is like.

Anonymous 2392

>Transwomen are women.
What a meaningless catchphrase. If I asked you to define “woman” you probably wouldn’t even be able to give a straight answer.

Anonymous 2393

You can fuck right off, faggot.

Anonymous 2411

transwomen aren't women, they're transwomen.

Anonymous 2413

>trans women experience life in a different way than cis women do
"Trans" aren't women and there is no such thing as "cis" women.

Anonymous 2416

>a woman is someone who identifies with the female gender.
That doesn’t answer the question. Define “female gender” then. (hint: you can’t, because your ideology makes no sense).

Anonymous 2420

this is not a place for you, really. you will not find the support you want on an anonymous imageboard full of actual women. there are other places on the internet where you can find people with the same religious belief in 'gender' the way you define it, but it is not going to be here. there's no point in even asking those questions because everyone else operates on a completely different logic from you and your bubble.

Anonymous 2421

>me reading through this fucking thread

This is a gencrit forum, which you would understand after about 20 minutes of lurking, sorry transanons. However, to throw my shitty opinion into the ring, as long as you don't out yourself (read: respond with AS A TRANSWOMEN to every fucking thing on here, talk about ur HRT, act like a cross-dressing male on fashion/period/sex forums) you should be fine.

Anonymous 2422

>feminine characteristics
>of the body
You can’t “identify” as having feminine characteristics. Especially not a MAN with XY chromosomes. What does that even mean??


If you define “woman” by this logic, then butch women aren’t women. Women who don’t wear makeup aren’t women, women who don’t wear dresses aren’t women, etc.

You have yet to answer my question properly. You can’t even define “woman.” You’re just embarrassing yourself. Lol.

Anonymous 2424

>transitioning mutilates the body in a way that won't make you become a woman

Anonymous 2426

A man who takes estrogen is not a woman. An infertile man with gynecomastia and silicone in his chest is not a woman. A man with a frankenstein gash is not a woman. There is nothing about trans”women” that makes them women.

Anonymous 2428

Gender is a social construct. Sex is real.


God finally someone is saying the truth about trans people. Trans women before surgery CAN’T be considered 100% women and transphobia is bullshit

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 2435

Moved to >>>/b/41307.

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