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Anonymous 2092

Anyone else think we should forbid symbols of R9K and 4chan in the future? I browse a few 2D orientated boards & they're usually taboo, & the boards are cozy.

Imo the reasons for this would be:

1. These are big symbols of men, as long as we use them we're still sort of connected to 4C. Nobody wants that, I'm sure. Let's leave them behind.
2. Think of all the posts you've seen here with a frog, wojak, or something like that attached. Has it ever been good? Has it ever truly contributed to the thread at large, or at has it just been attached to b8 or a 1 word reply?
3. They're just ugly and lack originality.
We should come up with our own memes, y'know.

Here's a poll.

Anonymous 2093

i mean i partially agree but just. lol

Anonymous 2095

I’m waiting on a yuge paycheck so I can commission some artists to make some lizard/miner reaction images so I can dump em and flood the frogs

Anonymous 2096

We must seize the memes of production

Anonymous 2097


>3 people agree already
Their days are numbered

Anonymous 2098

chinese cartoon bo…

if everything runs as a 360 counterpart to them, then when will we post reaction pics consisting of anime boys. Or since it's the opposite, live action boys (of the tumblr variety consisting of the standard .gif of any mediocre tv-series).

In all seriousness though, regarding #2 there's a thread with female pepe declaring the goal of obtaining a bf for the new year and IIRC a "chicken tendies appreciation thread".

Pretty much everything else with a frog attached ended up being bait as you said, as far as I can remember.

Anonymous 2099

Screen Shot 2019-0…

imo we should start creating our own memes, i dont think we should ban pepe and wojak, but we should definitely use them less!!!!

Anonymous 2100

also i mean like actual original memes, not fukcg genderbent pepe thats a toad instead of a frog or something

Anonymous 2105

13 people have said yes, 3 said no

Anonymous 2124


No, and you'd better not dare ban Boomer or Apu(Helper)! Those two are probably some of the most wholesome memes of 2018

Anonymous 2126

Apu has been around for years.

I agree OP. Kill the frogs! 🐸

Anonymous 2128


Anonymous 2129

I agree. I'll admit to finding some apus funny but this isn't 4ch and we shouldn't try to emulate them.
As a further step, ban moe pedobait anime girls too (like OP pic and >>2099
). Moe anime boys and non-moe anime girls are ok though because men have no interest.

Anonymous 2131


I agree with this post also. Moe/loli anime girls are a sign of trannies and /a/ fiends, usually. Shotas and bishies, however, tend to be favored by actual women.

Anonymous 2132


Yeah, I'm definitely down for using more animu boys if you two are.

Anonymous 2133


you'll pry my cute animu girls from my cold, dead hands farmers

Anonymous 2134


Rena is fine. I'm talking more about stuff like kirara anime and lolis.
Posting cute anime boys would actually be a good way to build board culture. I'll admit, it feels a little bit weird to use an anime boy reaction image to an anime girl one because nowhere really does that, but we could start.

Anonymous 2135

The anime boy thing is offputting to me. I'd rather have anime girls because at least they can be somewhat representative of us, but I'd prefer to tone down the weebiness altogether.

I do think forbidding any kind of meme or reaction image would be dumb though. Just post what you want.

Anonymous 2137



Anonymous 2138


>frog thread on /b/ got deleted
simply epic

Anonymous Admin 2139

I deleted that thread because this exact format is usually part of raids, not merely for being a frog meme. Just wanted to make that clear.

Anonymous 2140

no matter the reason, one less frog is an instant win for me

Anonymous 2141


What if… hear me out…
What if we just replace the pepes and apus with real frogs?

Anonymous 2142

Animal pictures are cute and all but kind of boring

Anonymous 2144


I don't think mods need to actively ban frogposting. We just need to bully frogposters until they stop it. Imageboards are about giving people options they're not supposed to use, like entering a name. This way, when someone DOES post male memes in combination with anti-femme rhetoric, they are easily identifiable as men. Then we ban them.

Anonymous 2146

>32 against the ban
i mean, i agree that banning certain images just for the fact that men use it is going a bit overboard but that was a sudden change of opinion.

Anonymous Admin 2147

Posting polls here won't do any good because of how easy it would be for outsiders to manipulate the outcome. If anything it would be an easy way for raiders to misrepresent our audience. I'll leave it up, but I value the discussion in the thread much higher than any third-party survey sites.

Anonymous 2148

in my opinion, it really depends on the poster. Imagesb(yes, even stale memes) aren't at fault here.
just because some asshole used to post these pictures, doesn't mean people who use them but aren't like him/her should be punished as well for "association".
i do agree that Pepe is stale as all hell but i like Wojak and i think that it fits this site (plus, we can always just use the female. edit of Wojak).

Anonymous 2149

it's important to realize the number of people against it only went up after the raid lol

Anonymous 2161

Here's a few of my ideas:
1. As you stated, ban pepe the frog, wojak, and all of their derivatives
2. Ban all intentional misuses of the quote function, also known as greentexting.
3. Ban the use of stacy/chad and other such /r9k/ terminology.

As far as I'm concerned there's no need to have a poll about this, as it's self evident that any imageboard that allows all of the above will turn into garbage quickly.

Anonymous 2162

>2. Ban all intentional misuses of the quote function, also known as greentexting.

Lol; “I know who you are and I cant believe you post here”

Were you that anon who called that one other anon a “noob” for misusing the greentext?

Anonymous 2163

Those are not good ideas, they are unnecessary restrictions on speech and expression.

Anonymous 2164

No, it was me. I was the anon who called someone a noob but not because I thought they misused the greentext.

Anonymous 2173

I'm >>>/b/31043.
These rules are meant to maintain quality of speech and expression. I don't know why anons greentexting, besides to make their posts jarring to read, anything they want to express by greentexting can be expressed in normal text. Although I haven't seen any instances of it on crystal cafe, I'm also against template threads such as "Now that the dust has settled", "This is X, say something nice!", "This is your Y for tonight". And as for the frogs, wojaks, Stacy/Chad point, it's obvious that anyone who posts them isn't a good poster and would drag down an imageboard.

Anonymous 2174

You clearly just don't like imageboard culture altogether. Go to a bulletin board style forum or something.

Anonymous 2175

That's not true, I like 4chan's /jp/ and /a/, partly because those are the two boards on that website that are against the things I mentioned.

Anonymous 2176

So you like 2 boards out of hundreds of boards across chans. It's one thing to dislike the porn and misogyny culture on chans, but something as innocuous as greentext, which is purely stylistic? Yeah, no.

Anonymous 2177

>stacies want to silence us from discussing the disparity between our worlds
you'll never stop me

Anonymous 2189

/jp/ and /a/ have plenty of greentexting though, they are just against blogshit so you don't see people greentexting about their lives. Every other thread has people "misusing" greentext by definition.
I don't mind greentext, it makes things easier to digest than an enormous text wall.

Anonymous 2366

When I get some spare time I'd be willing to draw some memes. So if anyone have any suggestions I'd like to hear them.

Anonymous 2367

I like using the name "Karen" as a meme to refer to someone being a back handed bitch. It's such a "can I speak to your manager" name and the kind of person that goes in for an personal attack.

Anonymous 2701

The CECE the Lizard Memes were my fav

Anonymous 2703

Upon first reading this thread about a month ago, the idea of banning someone just for posting a certain image seemed a bit overkill, but after browsing here daily for a while longer I've begun noticing that almost all instances of pepe/wojak-posting are done by males (either openly or in an attempt to disguise themselves as female) or part of obvious low-effort troll posts and bait. Making a rule prohibiting the posting of pepes, wojaks, and their derivatives (even the "female" versions which, again, are almost always used by males or in bait) could serve as a way to spot obvious males who think we also post those memes just because we're an imageboard. Maybe the bans issued for this could be short ones in case a genuine female poster just misunderstood the rule. Along with that, posters who do want to post/share those images could do so in some kind of designated thread (there's a soyjak/wholesome wojak thread in /img/) or a reaction image thread. (Cece the lizard memes should clearly be exempt from the rule since you'd have to be familiar with this site to know of their existence.)

That being said, I do think some of the proposed ideas in this thread (banning all anime girl images, banning posters for "incorrectly" greentexting which could happen simply due to an English language barrier, banning language commonly used on other imageboards) goes a bit far. Given that many miners arrived here from other imageboards and are clearly familiar with the culture, enjoying anime or understanding the meanings and implications of imageboard terminology doesn't always indicate a poster's sex. If a post that contains these things is low-effort, it can be removed and the poster can receive a ban simply for it being low-effort, nothing more.


Anonymous 2705


i found this image board on accident while searching for female wojaks
(pic related) so i think it would be a shame if they were banned
>>2131 i'm not sure about "shotas" but i'm def down to using more bishies if the worst were to happen

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