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troll train.jpg

Anonymous 2651

The only reasons for these threads to exist is flaming and trolling. Can't you do something, mods? It's annoying to wake up every day and see this garbage bumped.

Anonymous 2652

>Wake up
Where in the world are you from?

Anonymous 2653

Uh, not now. But every day when I wake up and browse C.C. there's a tranny thread on the frontpage.

Anonymous 2654

I said this in the other thread already but I wish there was a way where I could filter out posts that contain certain keywords or something. All the hate on trans people just makes me sad.

Anonymous 2655

If you take issue with what's said here regarding transgender people and the transgender movement, you're likely better off not browsing this imageboard. That's not meant in any way to be insulting or condescending, simply keep in mind that this is an imageboard for women and the majority of users (and the site's rules) adhere to radical feminist and "gender critical" ideology. General discussion of transgender ideology is allowed - and I agree with OP, it'd be better to have a designated thread for that discussion to prevent similar threads from being made again and again - but expressing ideas that are explicitly against women's rights or viewpoints won't do you well.

Anonymous 2656

I believe that GC ideas are against womens rights or best interests. I will not elaborate.

Anonymous 2663

OP here. I hope you didn't think I'm endorsing them here.

Anonymous 2666

I hate this.jpg

If nothing else, having 3 threads about transsexuals (4 if you count this one, which I do) proves we need a rule that prohibits having multiple threads about the same topic.
For fuck's sake people, lurk for 5 minutes and figure out if the thread you want to start already exists.

Anonymous Admin 2668

The most recent thread was locked and our users are advised to check the catalog before making a new thread, as per the rules. I'm also locking >>>/b/41307 and the oldest thread will stay in use. >>>/b/9156

Anonymous 2670


Thank you, admin. Good to see we can count on you.

Anonymous 2672

>as per the rules
but there isn't an explicit rule against starting multiple threads about the same topic, I think it would be best if it were clearly spelled out.

Anonymous 2673

>I will not elaborate.
Because you have no argument

Anonymous Admin 2676

You're right, it used to be part of the news section underneath the reply form, but it isn't anymore. I'll add it back because it's clearly needed, and I'll update the rules.

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