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Anonymous 2780

How did you all find this website?

Anonymous 2781

It was mentioned offhandedly in some thread in /g/ on lolcow and I had never heard of it before so I googled

Anonymous 2783

to be honest, i discovered this site on r9k. im usually a lurker bc moids like to derail women on the board but im just so happy to discover this site, i rarely go to r9k anymore. sisterhood feels great

Anonymous 2784

It was advertised on r9k.

Anonymous 2785

The original thread on lolcow was bumped and I've been here since.
That was some time ago now; two years.

Anonymous 2786

Through either /pol/, /u/, or /a/ back in 2018. Been actually happy here ever since, lurking and posting :)

Anonymous 2788


Anonymous 2789


Anonymous 2790

I think I was searching for some fashion related thing and one of the images led to this site

Anonymous 2791

saw the tagmap tag for it lole

Anonymous 2796

Lolcow about two years ago

Anonymous 2797

/fit/ mentioned it

Anonymous 2799

someone on /qa/ said here was like old 4chan

Anonymous 2804


My ex showed it to me just today : Monday, June 29, 2020 ( i still love him and i wish if we were still together , he was so good at taking care of me and i guess lately he still does )

Anonymous 2805

why was a man posting on here what

Anonymous 2815

I was saying that there should be "4chan for girls" to my brother and he told me about this site.

Anonymous 2816

Hmm I've known about this website for quite a while (I think I saw someone mention it as a women only site, I don't remember which website I was on) but I never explored it much, but I just came back because I got linked here from Kiwi Farms in the reddit general thread as an alternative to the women's space subs that Reddit banned recently.

Anonymous 2825

Used to browse 4chan a lot and discovered that there were other types of imageboards online as well. That led me to check out 8kun. A thread there called crystalcafe 4chan for women and that made me interested.

Anonymous 2842


Same as this anon, honestly wish I found this place sooner lmao

Anonymous 2844

Add me to the list lol. Just thirsting for a place to kick back and talk without the conversation being hijacked by virtue signallers about ~being inclusive.

Anonymous 2846

just got advertised in a thread on /b/

Anonymous 2848

I usually post on r9k but now i post on here as well

Anonymous 2849


i'm not going to state what i searched for.

Anonymous 2861

i was lurking PULL and found a post advertising CC, so I started lurking here too

Anonymous 2867

Damn PULL got taken down 1 day earlier… we might get some influx of PULL orphans now… welcome girls

Anonymous 2886

It was posted on 4chan. I love it and wish I'd met him sooner. No more moid crap.

Anonymous 2889

I was googling for shiba pictures to add to my collection and a nice thread came up

Anonymous 2899

Heard about it through SO. Every other place where women congregate has turned into transcanyon.

Anonymous 2908

Husband told me there was an imageboard for and by woman. It turned out it was comfy.

Anonymous 2911

lolcow banned their kpop threads (they could be kinda cancerous ngl tho)and some anon told us kpoppies to come here

Anonymous 2920

I can't remember if it was 4chan or lolcow. But I'm glad I did!

Anonymous 2923

it was advertised on the gender critical/pink pill feminism thread on lolcow. really glad i came across it though, everyone seems really nice and laid back (i had been browsing 4chan for a while and it was honestly rotting my brain)

Anonymous 2925

I don't know how bad new 4chan is, but by a couple of years ago it was becoming unusable.
I only wish it were more busy here

Anonymous 2928

Found it on lolcow. Its kinda slow here but I like it here. I just wish that more people used it

Anonymous 2930

me too, i used to look at the kpop critical threads on lolcow and it seemed like those were being updated constantly. now that they're banned, idk where all the people who were active in those threads went/if it's worth promoting cc boards on lc

Anonymous Admin 2942

Not gonna lie, I can see why LCF Admin banned them. If they migrate here, they'll probably be restricted to a few threads so they don't take over the entirety of /media/ and /img/.

I always welcome new (female (female)) users, but I don't think advertising on lolcow would do us much good. They're already aware of us and they have a rule against advertisement, just like we do, which should be respected. Generally speaking, farmers are always welcome here; the "no drama threads" rule was only made because there's a lot of user overlap and I wanted to keep banned users from seeing us as a lolcow alternative.

Anonymous 2943

that makes sense; some of the replies on the kpop threads veered into straight-up nitpicking, but people in /meta and /ot frequently ask why kpg and other threads like pp and gc were banned, so i figured there's an active userbase of people looking for an alternative site to discuss those topics

Anonymous 2976


Anonymous 2977

May I ask you a silly question, admin?
Why did you create this site since there's another imageboard for women? I mean, I haven't been on LC for years, but why did you think it was better to have more than one female oriented imageboard around?

Anonymous Admin 2979

I thought that LC had limited potential for growth as a regular community because of its focus on drama. I don't have any issues with LC whatsoever, but it can be difficult to explain to people why you go on a drama board to talk about female topics, so I wanted to try and see if offering a more neutral board would work out. Sadly that led to people thinking crystal.cafe was "anti-lolcow", but that's not the case. It was conceived from a thread made on LC /g/ (with the approval of the admin at the time).

More female-centric imageboards have been formed since then, like instances of /g/ on different boards or Asherah's Garden, and I don't think it hurts to have variety.

Anonymous 2981

Just seen a thread about it on /biz/
1000k e-bf EOY

Anonymous 2982

Hey admin, kinda off topic for the thread, but will we ever get a thread watcher like there is with 4chanX on 4chan? I always find it hard to keep track of threads I posted in, and when I get replies. Ty!

Anonymous 2997

welcome to die.jpg

lolcow discord

Anonymous 3008

I am just glad Snail didnt die with 8ch.
Kinda miss the old board but still is nice to have a site on its own.

Anonymous 3009

What's snail and why should it have died with 8chan?

Anonymous Admin 3010

Snailgirl was a moderator (?) of /g/ on 8ch, but that's not me. As far as I know, c.c was made before 8ch /g/. I had nothing to do with 8chan /g/ and didn't know of it until someone asked me if I was that same person. I don't know if the username overlap was intended by that mod or just coincidence.

Anonymous 3012

Oh yeah I remember you Snail, you helped me out over on discord a while ago. You're the only admin of CC?

Anonymous Admin 3014

Yes, I am. And happy to help <3

Anonymous 3015

Thanks, you're great <3

Anonymous 3059

Found this site through google.Tried to find how to fix wide and big rib cage problem

Anonymous 3066

What problem anon?

Anonymous 3149

I don't even really remember. Probably was mentioned in /r9k/. Also posting to see if I'm still banned.

Anonymous 3150


Yay I'm unbanned. Thank you mods!

Anonymous 3151

That has happened to me. Just read the rules well and it shouldn't happen again. Welcome back !!

Anonymous 3152

I sure will and thank you. ♥

Anonymous 3153

from another female I met on /soc

Anonymous 3169


Just don't mention you’re a girl. Works for me

Anonymous 3171


Honestly I've never made female friends on /soc/ from my experience the guys are clingy and creepy and the girls are aloof and have no interest in holding a conversation

Anonymous 3174

I made like three? After the first few days, I stopped being the person messaging them first. They never kept in contact. All pretty short lived.
I feel bad one was very suicidal.

Anonymous 3194

And now I know what tagmap is. It’s a nice idea.

I saw the original post the owner made on I think lolcow.

This site was overrun with guys maybe a few days later. I don’t know if they felt this place was a threat or if they wanted a new place to post.
I stopped posting because some of the overbearing lolcow posters also joined. You know the ones who like to police the board.

I stop in every few months to post.

Anonymous 3197

My husband heard about it on /fit and here I am. Wish I heard about it earlier tbh.

Anonymous 3202

Does he even lift?

Anonymous 3215

Was it /fph? Because that the only time I see them mention cc.

Anonymous 3245

some1 in a discord server i used to be in was complaining about how the userbase here is rude rofl

Anonymous 3248

Same. /r9k/ posted a raid thread years ago and I migrated

Anonymous 3319


I was looking for tradfem blogs and stumbled upon a tradfem thread here

Anonymous 3320

Just call it vintage. Don't use moid language.

Anonymous 3325

that's the first time I hear "vintage" in regards to tradwives/tradfems.

Anonymous 3326


This post

Anonymous 3343

someone mentioned it one time on lc

Anonymous 3353

Around 2-3 years ago I saw it mentioned on /r9k/. I don't go on there anymore but I still see cc getting mentioned on other boards from time to time

Anonymous 3355


some dudes have been socialized like girls,and I don't even mean trannies,there are dudes that really can only speak to girls and just wont fit in with males,my cousin is like that because my aunt was some sort of hippie feminist when raising him,very nice and decent dude,too bad he's a fuck up

Anonymous 3414

leftypol mention

Anonymous 3417

they definitely still mention it on r9k. I found out about it through them raiding here. Im trying to quit 4chan and this place is similar but way more helpful and less toxic. Threads seem to be way more on topic and there is much less infighting.

Anonymous 3420

There was a thread on /cm/-Cute/Male questioning the gender ratio of the board and some anon mention crystal.cafe

Anonymous 3421


i just learned of this place through /int/. someone made a thread telling femoids to get off 4chan and go back to crystalcafe.
i'd never heard of this place before until then but i'd like to see more of it, even if it looks like it's slow to update.

Anonymous 3422


I also found this site through 4chan. It’s hard to get used to slow updates after being used to really fast boards. Still, I really love the vibe of it.

Anonymous 3434

lolcow tranny jannys went insane banning people in mtf thread and someone mentioned this site so I came here

Anonymous 3435

either someone on a female-only discord server or lc mentioned it, around last year

Anonymous 3500

reverse google image search

Anonymous 3507

Racist Uncle

Anonymous 3508

do you mean the art youtuber?

Anonymous 3522

I think I found it through lolcow

Anonymous 3523

Someone on tumblr talked about it so I hopped in here.

Anonymous 3533

random post on 4chan referencing the "4chan for girls." as it happens this website is the first result for googling "4chan for girls"

Anonymous 3537

/r9k/ was talking about it. Sometimes I go there out of curiosity, more rarely, here too.

Anonymous 3549

I told a moid that men aren't human in a /pol/ thread advocating for sharia law. He called me a "crystal cafe hole". I had no idea what the fuck he was talking about, so I looked it up. Thanks, random moid!

Anonymous 3578

A link on reddit. I'm TIRED of reddit.

Anonymous 3581

Ex boyfriend told me

Anonymous 3601

Kiwi Farms.

Anonymous 3618

male friend told me about this place saying it was a place for female incels. idk its comfy here

Anonymous 3627

Quite the parting gift.

Anonymous 3645

I was looking for like-minded trad women, /pol/ sent me here and you guys suck.

Seriously, where is the conversation? Everything is so vapid. There's no deeper context to any of these discussions. I don't know what I expected.

Anonymous 3646

the fact that you came from /pol/ says more than enough kek

Anonymous 3647

I googled it

Anonymous 3691

Some male friend posted about it, saying that he thought it was weird the only underground chan type website was one run by women.

Anonymous 3692

we'll see.jpg

please go back to fucking /pol/ nobody is here to larp with you

Anonymous 3693

I knew a guy like that. there was no way he could have possibly been friends with guys. he didn't try to hit on his female friends, but he was still a horrible person in many other ways.

Anonymous 3695


Anonymous 3696

one bug please.jpg

4chan, but I don't remember exactly where. It could have been /fit/ or /r9k/ or anywhere, really.

Anonymous 3697

I found it on a Medium article lmao

Anonymous 3698

based scene girl picture anon

Anonymous 3701


I hate this. Also calling the moderation here “unjustly censoring” is a big eye roll. This place would actually be a cesspool if the admin-sama didn’t do her job.

Anonymous 3702

>not knowing avril lavigne
Probably got banned for defending moids lmao. I don't know why else they would be complaining about censorship.

Anonymous 3711

I googled asherah's garden and found a thread here about how it was taken down

Anonymous 3721

Someone in my class mentioned 4chan and how it was entertaining but awful, looked it up, and found good boy points stories.
One story included pretty princess points and was about legbeard type women with anime husband body pillows, no job and personality disorders. I chuckled, quite liberally at these stories, and searched on google images for more of these exquisite tales of 'pretty princess points' and was linked to a greentext on this website. Stayed for the autism, love you all <3

Anonymous 3768

Found it via someone complaining about it on kiwifarms. Looked it up and ended up kinda liking it here, lmao

Anonymous 3771

I frequent lolcow and once someone talked about this site. I do like the overall appeal of lc better (I'm a sucker for petty drama) but I love this site so far.

I do post my greentext shitposts on 4chins though.

Anonymous 3772

I always lurked on 4chan, never really posted (for obvious reasons), and there was just whispers about this site. I eventually checked it out and now I go here more often than 4chan. It's very comfy and I hope that vibe never goes away.

Anonymous 3776

Saw it mentioned on /adv/ from some guy who was complaining that they cant find based girls
they said this place "had good ones" but he "knows the rules and cant make a move"

Anonymous 3787

what a loser lol

Anonymous 3835

someone on /lgbt/ mentioned it, was curious

Anonymous 3898

I came from LC and other chans. It's peaceful here.

Anonymous 4023

Some lesbian on kiwifarms posted a link as an example of an online space primarily for women. I usually go on 4chan or lurk kf so seeing an online space for women that isn't a hugbox is exciting as fuck.

Anonymous 4111

Met a good anonymous friend on Reddit who told me they frequented this site, talked about it constantly, they made it sound magical.
My anonymous Reddit pal went M.I.A months ago and hasn’t reached out to me at all, I’m a bit worried. I’ve come here to see if I can find my anon Reddit friendo…if not I’ll still be happy to stay here :)

Anonymous 4129

If she isn't contacting you, it probably means she doesn't want you going looking for her. I hope you find more friends anon!
like others, I originally found this site through lolcow. I really do love you all and your variety of opinions and shitposts

Anonymous 4133

I’m afraid she might have suicided, or died.
She was friends with me solely on Reddit but she made a telegram type account and so did I as a backup in case she or I got banned off Reddit or something.
She hasn’t been online on telegram since March.
If she’s dead then I hope she’s at peace tbh

Anonymous 4146

Hello this is actually me and I have been wanting to contact you again.
Can you leave a throwaway email so I can contact you and verify it is myself please? I do not want to leave any details here obviously!!

Anonymous 4147

Hoping you can contact me through this thread.
I tried to reach out on that sub I know you frequent but did not get anything and have been really asocial for months (quit all imageboards but a few dead places)

Anonymous 4148

[email protected]
Here. I hope to hear from you.

Anonymous 4154

How do I know it’s really you?, what was my name on Reddit? If it’s really you…

Anonymous 4157

I literally found this site because a tranny I was arguing with mentioned it as a "toxic female only space". I had to check it out the same evening because he made it sound like paradise

Anonymous 4161

I wanna argue with trannies too, please guide me to this place you went too

Anonymous 4162

Discord. Literally any given server has a legion of trannies of all backgrounds in it. I used to hate it because everything I love was troon infested but I realized you could just emotionally torment them and play dumb when talking about gender and have them explain their deranged delusions to you in detail. I love gaslighting and committing microaggressions towards them. Anyway I found a tranny with whom I became kind of close and even became friends in a way. I tried to hide the fact that I'm a terf but he did find out pretty quickly because he wasn't dumb and could parse it from my posts. Anyway we ended up arguing a lot and he mentioned cc

Also tumblr and Twitter if you're looking for more public pvp experiences. I don't recommend twitter though because the troons on there are completely deranged and will probably spam you with cheese pizza and gore

Anonymous 4198

a few days ago i google searched trancel after seeing that term because i thought it was hilariously accurate and came across some thread where people were talking about why they prefer imageboards, there were some troons in there and someone dunking on one of them said "if you were actually fembrained you'd be on cc", i looked up what that was and here i am i guess
btw troons said how they hate how terfy this place is and how they try to "tune out the terf stuff" whenever they visit so just a heads up that they do come on here (though y'all probably know that already idk i'm a newb)

Anonymous 4205

anons on lc mentioned it

Anonymous 4234

>toxic female only space
This place is incredibly tame compared to lol.cow

Anonymous 4271

on /adv/ a moid wanted to know where to get a based hot gf like on here but knows the rules so doesnt post

Anonymous 4274

Explains the weird larp threads. It's so easy to tell by the pics they use.

Anonymous 4276

i've heard it mentioned alot on lolcow so i'd figure i'd check it out

Anonymous 4285

same lmao

Anonymous 4286

that's how i found it too

Anonymous 4308

some1 mentioned it 2 me

Anonymous 4368

I came across sad ms paint drawings of girl rooms on google. try to find more images, came across this website, find out that it called "pretty princess points". end up exploring this site more that usual.

Anonymous 4430

someone on LC mentioned it

Anonymous 4471

My bf introduced me lol

Anonymous 4489


Anonymous 4493

someone on 4chan mentioned it. mostly just lurking, seeing what this site is all about, but i'll post in the occasional thread.

Anonymous 4496

I found it from the leftychan.net post, lol.

Anonymous 4507


googled "agp smirk"

Anonymous 4514

lmao what were you even doing in that incel shithole?

Anonymous 4526

/lit/ insulted someone to come here. and I came and it's great

Anonymous 4536

my friend literally just told me it exists.

Anonymous 4545

I don't remember. It was probably on one of the chans a few years ago for a raid.

Anonymous 4550

Found it from browsing FunnyJunk, but I swear I've heard of this site before but I probably just forget about checking it out until now.

Anonymous 4559

Honestly the chimps at discord refered to it in a meme.

Anonymous 4561

Boo and Porcelana on Twitter mentioned it in the group chat.

Anonymous 4574

4channer mentioned it for lols and I made a beeline for this site

Anonymous 4576

First time I found it some years ago I think I was looking for a pic on Google Images and I got a CC result. The URL probably got me curious. Didn't stay for long that time tho.

Second time someone from here posted on Leftypol.org and reminded me CC existed, then more people started to talk about it, until a link to here was posted, it was an old and locked communism thread, and I looked at it. Then I got curious about /media/, made a couple of posts and became sort of hooked (it's unclear whether the poster that mentioned being from here was an actual female Anarcha-feminist or a disgusting zoophile degenerate who posted with the AnFem flag LARPing as a woman that got exposed as a redditor who had posted his dick on reddit months later)

Anonymous 4650

Saw a post on /r9k/ with the topic "FEMANONS EXPOSED" or something that was raving about some thread on here where a bunch of anons were talking about various states of baby fever and I found that kind of relatable so

Anonymous 4659

>actual female Anarcha-feminist
lol do you mean junko?

Anonymous 4697

I found this place because some hateful incel mentioned CC on 4chan.
Fuck I hate 4chan…

Anonymous 4700

my friend showed me it

Anonymous 4721


Anonymous 4735

I have no idea if the "original" AnFem flag who used to BTFO incels and dump stats and studies about men was actually Junko (who used the Anarcho-transhumanist flag back then IIRC) or the LARPing Redditor (who also used the AnPrim flag to post his bestiality porn), or someone else. Doubt it was Junko though since she has said she's been around since 8chan /leftypol/ (I think), and this AnFem was clearly new and from CC.

Anonymous 4773

Nice. I used thiste forever ago but also just got reminded of it from funnyjunk

Anonymous 4804


some random mentioned it on 4chan and said it was a good to bash moids and then I arrived here 1.9 seconds later.

been fun and comfy. tbh been having a stick up my ass lately so I'd like to relax here a bit more.

Anonymous 4809

I saw it on either /b/ or r9k but i just remember pepe saying that "women aren't so bad after all" and "wow they have some really relatable stuff" so i just arrived to check it out

Anonymous 4821

I swear ive heard it before too but idk where

Anonymous 4829

Both lolcow and (shamefully) R9K

Anonymous 4830

One of you posted a “why yes, I’m a femcel from crystal.cafe, how did you know?” gigachad thread on /int/. Thanks

Anonymous 4831

Rando on lolcow mentioned it… i always hated the gossipy side of lolcow and wished there was a similar forum and female space with just normal discussions… i just wish /media on here was more lively

Anonymous 4833

Thanks troll

Anonymous 4859

Late reply but is it dead? Shame, I liked it, even though it was really slow it was comfy.

Anonymous 5023

Someone on /a/ said their general was being raided by femcels from here. Disappointed to discover that this is neither a feminist conspiracy nor a haven for uninhibited fujoposting.

Anonymous 5024

>uninhibited fujoposting
that's because you didn't find the hidden board yet

Anonymous 5032

a man told me about it

Anonymous 5042

4chan -> karachan (polish 4chan, I'd call it that way) -> this website

Anonymous 5057

Not that anon, but the one hidden board I know just has general sex stuff.

Anonymous 5058

>Demi.fi (RIP, the best equivalent to a female 4chan in my language)

Anonymous 5071

Is that shithole still alive?

Anonymous 5077

bf send me the link

Anonymous 5084

>Someone on /a/ said their general was being raided by femcels from here
kek, newfag retards. As if fujos (or women in general) hadn't been posting on 4chan forever (why the fuck do they think there's a yaoi board in the first place?)
>nor a haven for uninhibited fujoposting.
I know there's a fujo general on /trash/ but I've never visited it. There's /blog/ (BL and Otome games general) on /jp/ specifically for Japanese visual novels, drama CDs and related stuff. /y/ has apparently been fully occupied by male gay barafags who will tell you to fuck off if you post anything that's not bara (allegedly).
Anyway, 4chanlets always let small imageboards that they don't like live rent free in their heads and what they do is actually redirect new people to those sites, which I find hilarious (until they raid).

Anonymous 5085

/fujo/ kept getting spammed by one guy, so they moved to /y/ for a thread but the barafags wouldn't leave them alone. Apparently one containment thread for fujoposting is too much for them.
I still haven't found the source of these so-called femcel raiders. What a pity. They have nice taste.

Anonymous 5088

Last I checked they're trying to make their own imageboard for fujos

Anonymous 5090

Ngl I’d rather see the nasties baras than anime girls, because at least they’re not spammed by straight scrotes.

Anonymous 5092

They should make a board for yumejos, it would become my main imageboard in a heartbeat lmao
More imageboards for women is always a good thing, I want to make my own too

Anonymous 5096

>Last I checked they're trying to make their own imageboard for fujos
Oh yes pls! I hope it will be a thing!

Anonymous 5100

bye incel

Anonymous 5102

one of my friends posted a "femcel forum site" in their obscure website server

Anonymous 5103

never understood why this site hates baras, i love men with some meat on their bones

Anonymous 5104

Probably because it's for gay men, so it has a lot of fetishes and stuff that caters primarily to pornsick men
I don't mind beefy dudes either but bara is simply not female-oriented, so I rarely look at it (SFW pics of bara guys are usually ok though)

Anonymous 5105


lucky for me i have a massive sadism fetish so im into a lot of stuff guys are
cant stand lanky dudes with no muscle tho. takes away from the thrill of the hunt

Anonymous 5106

I know the two terms get confused a lot nowadays because of muscular guy yaoi, but that doesn't qualify as bara
Bara is the genre full of fat fucking realistic dudes and super hairy, super bulky men, it's gross (usually)
I love this artist tho

Anonymous 5108

oh i know. i just didnt have any actual bara images on my pc
i love bulky hairy men

Anonymous 5109


Oh well.
I'm gonna tell you a secret, sometimes I like them too lol.
But it makes sense, because of the content, that most users here don't like it.
Since this convo is off-topic I'll stop replying now. But, if you bump a relevant thread elsewhere on the site, I'll most likely reply.

Anonymous 5110

How did you find out and do you know what they're going to call it ?

Anonymous 5111

Mostly because theyre sick and bored of masculinity. I think in real life they're surrounded by too much of the same. A lot of muscle is just GROSS to some of us I don't know hth that means you must b attracted to sticks either though.

Anonymous 5113

The community is full of misogynistic retards, it really put me off interacting with anything bara related.

Anonymous 5114

honestly I don't understand this. Why? Because almost no men have lots of muscle. It's very rare for a man to be an actual beefcake (without it just him being fat) with the right frame and muscle structure, while looking still put together (most bara drawings aren't actually of particularly sloppy looking men). real life baras are very rare to me.

Anonymous 5115

It's jut what the person happens to be attracted to, that's all.

Anonymous 5116

If you frequent the /fujo/ threads youll see, the person making it has posted pictures of the progress but i dont know what theyll call it, they probably dont have a name for it yet

Anonymous 5154

cant even remember

Anonymous 5163

It's called fujochan(dot)org, I found it on /blog/
>bans moids on sight
>has a yumejo board
Also based, but being in a chan called "fujochan" just feels weird.

Anonymous 5209

Anonymous 5248

i was researching imageboards. more specifically the software that they run. my conclusion - most popular imageboards run tinyboard or a fork of it crystal cafe included.

Anonymous 5253

looked up terf lesbians. im a 4channer so im happy to find this site

Anonymous 5255

Welcome. Am also terf lesbian. /clg/ has gone to shit, right? I mean, the entire /lgbt/ is just trannies and tranny mods.

Anonymous 5257

sick of obnoxious males so i looked for all female websites, not interested in celebrities so i had no choice but here

Anonymous 5261

It was advertised on some of the radleaning/radfem blogs on tumblr. I've been lurking there since I peaked with with all the troon shit. Plus I'm tired of moids and their shitty opinions.

Anonymous 5262

tiktok comments section lol

Anonymous 5267

I don't use tiktok so I'm happy to hear that they know about us. Maybe there's some hope for the youth

Anonymous 5964


someone on pol mentioned it in the context of femcels. I didn't believe they exist

Anonymous 5969

i saw a post about it on 4chan (don't remember which board) talking about how everyone here was a misandrist femcel. tbqf they were partially right in that there's a portion that are like that, but all-in-all this place is pretty great, better than 4chan at least.

Anonymous 5995

>"talking about how everyone here was a misandrist femcel. tbqf they were partially right in that there's a portion that are like that"
>"a portion"
The femcels are a portion, yes, but most of us here actually do hate males.

Anonymous 5998

lol i guess i did understate it a little. still, it's not an endless barrage of constant hatred for the opposite sex like you would find on, say, /r9k/, so you can actually talk about something unrelated without someone bursting in and talking about how much she hates moids. really this place is just all around much more civil than most other imageboards, which is the main reason i like it.

Anonymous 6006

someone mentioned it on /xivg/ or /int/ i forget

Anonymous 6019

Idk, if anything I learned that someone will say "everything is X!" about an IB even if it's just 10% of the catalog. Maybe that's the nature of sensationalist content?
I remember someone declaring war on everyone on a thread and then it turned out they had read 1 thing from 1 person they then ascribed to everyone else.

Anonymous 6080

My boyfriend showed me a post.

Anonymous 6081

Dump him

Anonymous 6082

sounds like a keeper

Anonymous 6117


I date a moid too, but it is really concerning how many of the posts in this thread mention finding out about cc through a moid

Anonymous 6135

On a… gay (male) forum I'm active on lol.
A user started a topic (post) about how much harassment women have been getting and how normalized misoginy is. The forum got mentioned mid-thread as one of the few places where misoginy online isn't so bad.

Anonymous 6159

I agree. If your scrote knows about this place and told you about it first, dump him. Why does he know about it anyway? There's a chance he has tried to post here before.

Why do you frequent a gay male forum?

Anonymous 6910

There's (was?) a gossip/confession tumblr blog for radfem-adjacent women and one of the anons mentioned this site, talking about how it wasn't very active. So I jumped here to try to add a bit to the conversation.
I also saw a neocities site mentioning this site on her links page, but that was after I already had jumped there.

Anonymous 6912

I think I know the blog lol

Anonymous 6913

I forgot both og their names, but it was on the more chill one (it got termed I think & later remade, but I dunno if they're still around), I used to sent asks on it almost daily.
Then there was a more… political/serious one (people would get on fights there all day), but I don't know if they mentioned CC there since I didn't visit it.

Anonymous 6914

it's funny imagining someone finding this site from google

>hmm I love crystals! Imagine if there was some type of cafe in my area filled with crystals?

>I know! I will look for a crystal cafe!

Anonymous 6915

CC has come up in google search results for me, but usually only when searching chan related stuff

Anonymous 6923

4chan mentioned it, I lurk there a lot.

Anonymous 7199

Lolcow.farms after finding KiwiFarms by Googling an old classmate who turned out to be a cow. I was around 4chan and ED back in the lj_drama days, didn't realize there were female-only imageboards. I'm living for this and Neocities, really feeling the loss of the old internet lately.

Anonymous 7200

i found this place on a reddit thread i think. someone called it 4chan for women so i lurked and i liked the feel of it.

Anonymous 7203

I found it through the i am jazz threads on /tv/, but i am officially done coming here after this post because i randomly get banned and all my posts get deleted far too often. There is no incentive to post when someone thinking you're a moid because they dont like what you say gets you banned and kills any conversation you were trying to have. I used to wonder why this place was so slow, and now realized everyone is just banned and are afraid to post because they will get banned again.

Anonymous 7224

So how old are you?

Anonymous 7225


good to see others from leftypol here
I kind of miss the old site when I was on it briefly. The only semi-good things from it remaining are splits like Unofficial Leftypol and Leftybooru sadly

Anonymous 7226

I offer sacrifices to the admins here. I'm sure I'd buckle with all the moidposting to clean up

Anonymous 7244

One of my femcel friends posted a thread in our discord. I didnt know it was women only for the longest time.

Anonymous 7256

AYRT, nowadays I mostly use lolcow and when I get really tired of the political ignorance there I'll read /leftypol/ for 10 minutes and that's it. I'll forever remember most of .org as a toxic cesspool of edgy /pol/ "converts" who are more concerned with their lack of sex and petty race idpol fights (which has been happening a lot on lolcow too and it's tiring). Crystal.cafe and lolcow.farm pinkpilled me and made me gender critical too so I can't tolerate the moid coomerish posts anymore. I originally joined in 2020 with the pandemic, and it was great until /b/ happened, though I had already lurked sometimes back when it was still on 8chan. So yeah I can definitely say with confidence that it has had an enormous drop in post quality in the last couple of years. Last time I visited the were a couple of retarded zoomer redditors who seemed to be board infamous so I bet it has to do with a large influx of underage reddit users joining the site.

Anonymous 7265

Might be a longshot but do you happen to have any word on what's going on with lolcow? I haven't been able to find out anything about its status and i haven't been able to access it in the past 24 hours or so

Anonymous 7266

Leftypol is shit nowadays. No good original memes, few interesting or engaging posts, the thread for my country is just three retarded schizo moids insulting each other over minor bullshit.

Anonymous 7267

nvm i found the lolcow bunker thread lol

Anonymous 7276

kek it's the britain thread isn't it

Anonymous 8888


went through a rabbit hole of imgboards, specially the last one being soyjakprt and i don't know. I ended here somehow. i'm not too familiar using imgboards myself

Anonymous 8918

same lol

Anonymous 8934

Via Tumblr. I love this place so far

Anonymous 8937

found it three years ago while browsing lc

Anonymous 8946

Lolcow, been here since it’s creation

Anonymous 9007

Through the boys from /r9k talking about a nsfw thread here. I also seen it once in the past but didnt really look through as I was simply looking for alternative websites to 4chan

Anonymous 9009

through the trannies on /xomy/ at 4.0-chan.ru

Anonymous 9010

on 4chan. Last time I ever browsed.

Anonymous 9077

I found a tweet about an image board for femcels. I was looking to find where everyone went after pinkpill.co shut down.

Anonymous 9096

I was browsing incels.is years ago where they mentioned crystal.cafe and how trannies were posting

Anonymous 9137


someone made a thread on 4chan named >meanwhile on feminine /v/.

and someone mentioned it, though I rarely post here, I just come here every now and then to check out what's going on here and then fuck off back to 4chan, I was like "wow they have their own /b/"

Anonymous 9142

I used to browse my regional board, there was some anona posting random pics of her room and I decided to reverse search one of them. CC was the only result

Anonymous 9144


I found this site from a lolcow thread about fakebois. I usually just lurk and enjoy the vibes in both lolcow and in here since too many social media sites are either filled with weird dudes seeing us as sexual objects or sensitive trannies.


Someone on Reddit suggested I check it out.

Anonymous 9187


friend joked about this website and I got a bit invested, not like I'm super active here but I come here from time to time

Anonymous 9191

people discussing it on 4chan, people namedrop it quite often

Anonymous 9224

heard about it on a forum

Anonymous 9225

Through /fit/ of all places.

There was a thread whining about women yet again, and because I'm a sucker for psychological self harm I went in. One of the balding hobgoblins mentioned this place.

Years ago I used to go on staminarose, this place has exactly the same vibes (well without the lolcow aspect).

Anonymous 9227

Hey I also found out about this website there just an hour ago, I think I know what thread you're talking about lol

Anonymous 9236

just found out about it today.

Anonymous 9241

I found it through a twitter post.
I wonder what posts >>1 and >>100 were

Anonymous 9242

mentioned using 4chan to a girl i used to know irl, and she told me about this site as an alternative. from what i know shes still pretty active here.

Anonymous 9298

a friend mentioned it a couple of years ago, and I never left.

Anonymous 9317

You're not a real woman

Anonymous 9377

was mentioned on PULL a couple years ago, ive been here ever since but havent posted alot

Anonymous 9385

Saw a 4chan screenshot on reddit that made reference to CC. Got curious and looked it up. Very happy I did. This place is so nice.


Also my first post

Anonymous 9392

I remember when it first got created because of drama with LC. It's changed so much over the years and gotten a lot quieter.

Anonymous 9393

tried to find smg like lolcow, found reddit post where some nona said that her friend recommended using this website instead of 4ch
very happy i got here, lolcow is much more toxic me no likie

Anonymous 9395

Some girl from /sco/ I don't remember her disc handle. She was a nice person but she would make me sad because all she talked about was killing herself, had a shit life situation going on. I went through a mental crisis myself and deleted all my socials.
I hope she's okay and she got out of that situation, moved on from her ex and is doing better.

Anonymous 9408

There wasn't really drama when it was created drama from spoony came after

anonymous 9429

just found out about it from someone on tumblr

Anonymous 9458

Null did a stream with Ralph, I won't be watching but I am reading through responses, of course they are acting like Null is such a fair rational guy for coming on Ralph's stream, even shitting on Nick Rekita and some scrotes are being "Softer" or less aloggy towards ralph because their E-daddy went on his show.
I saw a take where someone said that Nick Rekita must hate his wife/kids because he still will speak to ralph who talked so much shit about them. The same can be said about Null, he must hate himself. Ralph was calling him a pedophile, wishing he died. Kek. They all were talking so much shit, so why is it okay for Null to go for "Content" but Nick can't go because, "he hates his family omg". They all talked shit about eachother.
It's funny to see the reactions, even if subtle. I'm also waiting for Nick R and Null to finally fallout. These scrotes act like 12-year-old girls.
Also, Null being nice to people in person and then talking shit later isn't, "He's so fair, he's so chill, he's so reasonable", no it's being two faced kek. It's being a coward. It's being manipulative. It's literally shit mean girls do, "I told sally her shirt was okay and we talked for a hour, that dumb fucking bitch I hate her so much-".
People praise him for not screaming and acting a fool, why would he? He'll do that later on his forum or on podcast, where it's safe to do so.
All it took for people to think Ralph may have a chance to change is talking to null? Kek, this gross fat fucker who calls his wife/daughter a bitch, released revenge porn? Teenage fucker? yeah okay. I already see some fan fictions about how this will totally change him if only a little bit.

Anonymous 9538

/R9k/ kept telling me to fuck off back to here so ta-da here I am

Anonymous 9539

I think I learned about Wizardchan the same time I learned about Crystal Cafe either on 4chan or 420chan. I'm new in that I haven't ever posted until now, but I've popped in to read from time to time over 15 years. Now I have a need to speak to more women and just to HAVE more women in my life who are on my wavelength. There's just nowhere online where I feel like I'm actually talking to women anymore. It feels like everyone who claims to be a woman online is a bot or a predatorial man in masquerade and various Internet spaces will defend the predator in a dress over actually vulnerable women. Here, I can tell by how people speak and what they write about that they are women who are like me.

Anonymous 9541

Null needs a girlfriend/wife. The psychological effects of a solitary lifestyle are starting to show and he won't be able to see it because the people he surrounds himself with are sycophants despite how much he wants to deny it. Maybe he likes the attention and the sensation of power running KF gives him, but he's going to wake up one day and be 40 with nothing to look forward to other than taking care of his retard Internet grifters. He's said himself verbatim that the purpose of life is to have kids, but he doesn't seem to want to do it himself. Yet he dishes it out to people who express a desire to be childfree. He's absolutely a hypocrite coward.

Anonymous 9596

seething moids on r9k

Anonymous 9649

I found it from a meme lol, I’m still new and I don’t know much etiquette here or know much about the board but I’m very interested!

Anonymous 9651

I just saw a thread on Lolcow. I was going to lurk a little before posting, but here I am.

Anonymous 9719

It was mentioned in the /atoga/ thread on /adv/

Anonymous 9783

i saw a random ad drawn on a pixel planet knockoff

Anonymous 9870

a comment about terf sites, come here and love it.

Anonymous 9881

"4chan for girls"

Anonymous 9895

Two years ago, this website was on my older sister favorites bar on her computer. I just asked her what it was and she showed me.
E if you are reading this, yuo smell.

Anonymous 9900

An anon on /soc/ just pointed me here since I'm gay and want to talk to women and not trannies or men. And I'd also prefer talking to someone who won't get mad that I'm using the word tranny in a conversation lmao
This isn't what I was looking for (aiming for some 1:1 friendship) but glad such a space exists. God forbid women have a space to themselves anymore these days.

Anonymous 9901

25% of the posters on this site are trannies.
Another 25% are moids trying to learn how to talk to girls.
Another 25% are toxic r9k shits trying to ruin the site.
The truth is this really isn’t a very good place to talk to other women.

Anonymous 9902

That's unsurprising. It is what it is I guess, I'll just leave a tab open on this site and pop in once in awhile. If nothing else, it's nice to not have to censor myself here.

Anonymous 9936

I just searched "4chan for girls" because i was tired of the shithole it is 4chan treating anonettes.

Anonymous 9976

I was posting on a subreddit on reddit and someone sent me a link to this website.

Anonymous 10331

found it lurking on a soyjak wiki

Anonymous 10338

Some Minions have …

I'm not sure. I was trying to find kiwi farms and i just landed here. I think it was from lolcow?

Then again, this is almost a year ago so IDK

Anonymous 10361

from lurking lcf and /v/. this place seems comfy enough, not as much infighting as lcf and not as disgusting/moidy as 4chan even if they do shittalk this place a lot.

Anonymous 10367

I just now have been exposed to sillypoo and learned about this site. Theoretically it sounds great but I'll see for myself after a few days.

Anonymous 10368

saw it mentioned on r9k in a very negative context (imageboard for crazy feminazis and disgusting femcel whores) and thought damn!!! sounds good i have to check it out. it's been a few months since then and i really like it here =3

Anonymous 10369

Anonymous 10390

lolcow but I can't remember the specific thread

Anonymous 10412


Anonymous 10799


freind of mine on discord sent me the link, said it seemed like my kinda thing

Anonymous 10800

gag at the nonas who came from that one tweet and r9k

Anonymous 10801

The 4chan for girls tweet? kek those fags are always like uwu I’m such a good person i don’t visit 4chan

Anonymous 10802

Considering how shitty the site became post 2016 I don’t blame them, the best imageboards are the ones the average person doesn’t know about

Anonymous 10810


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