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Anonymous 2780

How did you all find this website?

Anonymous 2781

It was mentioned offhandedly in some thread in /g/ on lolcow and I had never heard of it before so I googled

Anonymous 2782

Someone in a discord server brought it up and I checked it out.

Anonymous 2783

to be honest, i discovered this site on r9k. im usually a lurker bc moids like to derail women on the board but im just so happy to discover this site, i rarely go to r9k anymore. sisterhood feels great

Anonymous 2784

It was advertised on r9k.

Anonymous 2785

The original thread on lolcow was bumped and I've been here since.
That was some time ago now; two years.

Anonymous 2786

Through either /pol/, /u/, or /a/ back in 2018. Been actually happy here ever since, lurking and posting :)

Anonymous 2788


Anonymous 2789


Anonymous 2790

I think I was searching for some fashion related thing and one of the images led to this site

Anonymous 2791

saw the tagmap tag for it lole

Anonymous 2796

Lolcow about two years ago

Anonymous 2797

/fit/ mentioned it

Anonymous 2799

someone on /qa/ said here was like old 4chan

Anonymous 2804


My ex showed it to me just today : Monday, June 29, 2020 ( i still love him and i wish if we were still together , he was so good at taking care of me and i guess lately he still does )

Anonymous 2805

why was a man posting on here what

Anonymous 2815

I was saying that there should be "4chan for girls" to my brother and he told me about this site.

Anonymous 2816

Hmm I've known about this website for quite a while (I think I saw someone mention it as a women only site, I don't remember which website I was on) but I never explored it much, but I just came back because I got linked here from Kiwi Farms in the reddit general thread as an alternative to the women's space subs that Reddit banned recently.

Anonymous 2825

Used to browse 4chan a lot and discovered that there were other types of imageboards online as well. That led me to check out 8kun. A thread there called crystalcafe 4chan for women and that made me interested.

Anonymous 2842


Same as this anon, honestly wish I found this place sooner lmao

Anonymous 2844

Add me to the list lol. Just thirsting for a place to kick back and talk without the conversation being hijacked by virtue signallers about ~being inclusive.

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