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Anonymous 2780

How did you all find this website?

Anonymous 2781

It was mentioned offhandedly in some thread in /g/ on lolcow and I had never heard of it before so I googled

Anonymous 2783

to be honest, i discovered this site on r9k. im usually a lurker bc moids like to derail women on the board but im just so happy to discover this site, i rarely go to r9k anymore. sisterhood feels great

Anonymous 2784

It was advertised on r9k.

Anonymous 2785

The original thread on lolcow was bumped and I've been here since.
That was some time ago now; two years.

Anonymous 2786

Through either /pol/, /u/, or /a/ back in 2018. Been actually happy here ever since, lurking and posting :)

Anonymous 2788


Anonymous 2789


Anonymous 2790

I think I was searching for some fashion related thing and one of the images led to this site

Anonymous 2791

saw the tagmap tag for it lole

Anonymous 2796

Lolcow about two years ago

Anonymous 2797

/fit/ mentioned it

Anonymous 2799

someone on /qa/ said here was like old 4chan

Anonymous 2804


My ex showed it to me just today : Monday, June 29, 2020 ( i still love him and i wish if we were still together , he was so good at taking care of me and i guess lately he still does )

Anonymous 2805

why was a man posting on here what

Anonymous 2815

I was saying that there should be "4chan for girls" to my brother and he told me about this site.

Anonymous 2816

Hmm I've known about this website for quite a while (I think I saw someone mention it as a women only site, I don't remember which website I was on) but I never explored it much, but I just came back because I got linked here from Kiwi Farms in the reddit general thread as an alternative to the women's space subs that Reddit banned recently.

Anonymous 2825

Used to browse 4chan a lot and discovered that there were other types of imageboards online as well. That led me to check out 8kun. A thread there called crystalcafe 4chan for women and that made me interested.

Anonymous 2842


Same as this anon, honestly wish I found this place sooner lmao

Anonymous 2844

Add me to the list lol. Just thirsting for a place to kick back and talk without the conversation being hijacked by virtue signallers about ~being inclusive.

Anonymous 2846

just got advertised in a thread on /b/

Anonymous 2848

I usually post on r9k but now i post on here as well

Anonymous 2849


i'm not going to state what i searched for.

Anonymous 2861

i was lurking PULL and found a post advertising CC, so I started lurking here too

Anonymous 2867

Damn PULL got taken down 1 day earlier… we might get some influx of PULL orphans now… welcome girls

Anonymous 2886

It was posted on 4chan. I love it and wish I'd met him sooner. No more moid crap.

Anonymous 2889

I was googling for shiba pictures to add to my collection and a nice thread came up

Anonymous 2899

Heard about it through SO. Every other place where women congregate has turned into transcanyon.

Anonymous 2908

Husband told me there was an imageboard for and by woman. It turned out it was comfy.

Anonymous 2911

lolcow banned their kpop threads (they could be kinda cancerous ngl tho)and some anon told us kpoppies to come here

Anonymous 2920

I can't remember if it was 4chan or lolcow. But I'm glad I did!

Anonymous 2923

it was advertised on the gender critical/pink pill feminism thread on lolcow. really glad i came across it though, everyone seems really nice and laid back (i had been browsing 4chan for a while and it was honestly rotting my brain)

Anonymous 2925

I don't know how bad new 4chan is, but by a couple of years ago it was becoming unusable.
I only wish it were more busy here

Anonymous 2928

Found it on lolcow. Its kinda slow here but I like it here. I just wish that more people used it

Anonymous 2930

me too, i used to look at the kpop critical threads on lolcow and it seemed like those were being updated constantly. now that they're banned, idk where all the people who were active in those threads went/if it's worth promoting cc boards on lc

Anonymous Admin 2942

Not gonna lie, I can see why LCF Admin banned them. If they migrate here, they'll probably be restricted to a few threads so they don't take over the entirety of /media/ and /img/.

I always welcome new (female (female)) users, but I don't think advertising on lolcow would do us much good. They're already aware of us and they have a rule against advertisement, just like we do, which should be respected. Generally speaking, farmers are always welcome here; the "no drama threads" rule was only made because there's a lot of user overlap and I wanted to keep banned users from seeing us as a lolcow alternative.

Anonymous 2943

that makes sense; some of the replies on the kpop threads veered into straight-up nitpicking, but people in /meta and /ot frequently ask why kpg and other threads like pp and gc were banned, so i figured there's an active userbase of people looking for an alternative site to discuss those topics

Anonymous 2976


Anonymous 2977

May I ask you a silly question, admin?
Why did you create this site since there's another imageboard for women? I mean, I haven't been on LC for years, but why did you think it was better to have more than one female oriented imageboard around?

Anonymous Admin 2979

I thought that LC had limited potential for growth as a regular community because of its focus on drama. I don't have any issues with LC whatsoever, but it can be difficult to explain to people why you go on a drama board to talk about female topics, so I wanted to try and see if offering a more neutral board would work out. Sadly that led to people thinking crystal.cafe was "anti-lolcow", but that's not the case. It was conceived from a thread made on LC /g/ (with the approval of the admin at the time).

More female-centric imageboards have been formed since then, like instances of /g/ on different boards or Asherah's Garden, and I don't think it hurts to have variety.

Anonymous 2981

Just seen a thread about it on /biz/
1000k e-bf EOY

Anonymous 2982

Hey admin, kinda off topic for the thread, but will we ever get a thread watcher like there is with 4chanX on 4chan? I always find it hard to keep track of threads I posted in, and when I get replies. Ty!

Anonymous 2997

welcome to die.jpg

lolcow discord

Anonymous 3008

I am just glad Snail didnt die with 8ch.
Kinda miss the old board but still is nice to have a site on its own.

Anonymous 3009

What's snail and why should it have died with 8chan?

Anonymous Admin 3010

Snailgirl was a moderator (?) of /g/ on 8ch, but that's not me. As far as I know, c.c was made before 8ch /g/. I had nothing to do with 8chan /g/ and didn't know of it until someone asked me if I was that same person. I don't know if the username overlap was intended by that mod or just coincidence.

Anonymous 3012

Oh yeah I remember you Snail, you helped me out over on discord a while ago. You're the only admin of CC?

Anonymous Admin 3014

Yes, I am. And happy to help <3

Anonymous 3015

Thanks, you're great <3

Anonymous 3059

Found this site through google.Tried to find how to fix wide and big rib cage problem

Anonymous 3066

What problem anon?

Anonymous 3092

/r9k/ i think, during a raid like a few years back

Anonymous 3149

I don't even really remember. Probably was mentioned in /r9k/. Also posting to see if I'm still banned.

Anonymous 3150


Yay I'm unbanned. Thank you mods!

Anonymous 3151

That has happened to me. Just read the rules well and it shouldn't happen again. Welcome back !!

Anonymous 3152

I sure will and thank you. ♥

Anonymous 3153

from another female I met on /soc

Anonymous 3169


Just don't mention you’re a girl. Works for me

Anonymous 3171


Honestly I've never made female friends on /soc/ from my experience the guys are clingy and creepy and the girls are aloof and have no interest in holding a conversation

Anonymous 3174

I made like three? After the first few days, I stopped being the person messaging them first. They never kept in contact. All pretty short lived.
I feel bad one was very suicidal.

Anonymous 3194

And now I know what tagmap is. It’s a nice idea.

I saw the original post the owner made on I think lolcow.

This site was overrun with guys maybe a few days later. I don’t know if they felt this place was a threat or if they wanted a new place to post.
I stopped posting because some of the overbearing lolcow posters also joined. You know the ones who like to police the board.

I stop in every few months to post.

Anonymous 3197

My husband heard about it on /fit and here I am. Wish I heard about it earlier tbh.

Anonymous 3202

Does he even lift?

Anonymous 3215

Was it /fph? Because that the only time I see them mention cc.

Anonymous 3245

some1 in a discord server i used to be in was complaining about how the userbase here is rude rofl

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