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Anonymous 3271

Ongoing raid, porn and gore in /b/. ignore and report. bump this when you see this.

Anonymous 3272


Anonymous 3273

from what I can tell, it's a raid from mlpol.net, a my little pony/Nazi themed imageboard. no, I am not kidding.

Anonymous 3274


Anonymous 3277

just ignore it

Anonymous 3283

that's absolutely vile

Anonymous 3286

Yet another autist sperging in /b/. Just saying, if you guys need more mods I'd be more than happy to help. I'm a NEET with no real hobbies and I frequent this site a lot. I'd be able to delete moid posters pretty quick.

Anonymous 3287

Same as above, I'm happy to be a janitor if needed.

Anonymous Admin 3288

Please contact me via the Discord account on the rules page, thank you!

Anonymous 3291

I'm >>3287
I sent you a friend request so we can chat, please accept.

Anonymous 3752

I'm confused. Isn't por n and gore permitted on /b/ in 4chan. Not here for a moral debate but those aren't against the rules, correct?

Anonymous 3753

This isn't 4chan, are you retarded

Anonymous 3754

Could have fooled me, bitch.

Anonymous 3756


We got a raid.

Anonymous 4226

jeez dude, how many people could they even have? three?

i'd be really disappointed if there was more of a bronazi demographic active on their board than women on CC

Anonymous 4227


Anonymous 4265


Anonymous 4459

Raid in /feels/ this time.

Anonymous 4460

It looks like we're getting raided on /feels/ and /b/ right now.

Anonymous 4461

anyone got an idea by whom we get raided this time? i want to know from where did these subhuman scum come from

Anonymous 4463

samefag, but i hightly suspect its just one moidkun - the posts are way too spammy, repetitive and retarded.

Anonymous 4464

there's a thread on /b/ about it

Anonymous 4467

Someone's posting gore to various existing threads on /b/

So you won't see it in the catalog

Anonymous 4549


Anonymous 4597

Abortion thread.

Anonymous 4601

raid in feels btw

Anonymous 4607

If you see any of that on the main page report it and post some animals in /img/ to get it out of the main page so others wont have to see it.

Anonymous 5019


Anonymous 5020

Raid from /int/

Anonymous 5089

Pinkpill thread appears to be raided.

Anonymous 5091


Okay, the latest raid was that of a post from a moid that was posting REAL rape videos of european women and girls age 14 to 45. I reported the website in two places that are for reporting illegal websites like the he send.
If anyone has seen such things please help me report it to a bigger state.

Anonymous 5151

Yaoi thread.

Anonymous Admin 5152

While I appreciate the idea of this thread, please don't forget to also report the post(s) in question. That's the quickest way to reach us.

Anonymous 5217

Massive raid from Reddit, because some redditcel meme about CC went viral.

Anonymous 5235

Report button seems broken, there’s a scrote incel baiting miners in the femcel thread.

Anonymous 5236

Why do you think it's broken?

Also, how long do you all think the raid from reddit retards will last? I'll give it a month

Anonymous 5237

Yesterday's gigachad thread on /b/ is most likely a male raid thread. I haven't confirmed by looking in the usual places to see if they dropped a link to that thread there, but judging by the last replies and just as I suspected when I first saw the OP, yeah, it must be part of a raid.

Anonymous 5323

lol that was a raid?

Anonymous 5361

Pretty sure there's a small raid in /b/ right now.

Anonymous 5367


I tend to always be awake when the mods aren't available for things like this
Convince me not to apply to be a jannie

Anonymous 5372

Apply. CC needs you!

Anonymous 5396

They are posting CP

Anonymous 5398

Soyjak raid on /x/ bumping old threads

Anonymous 5407

Bumping since it seems like the raiders are trying to bury this thread. Real sad people honestly.

Anonymous 5414

this place needs an update to be fair, to bad I don't know about coding. Could be good if there was an update button. Less threads in catalogs.

Anonymous 5415

child pornography in /b/

Anonymous 5416

Some tranny posting CP. Also, a question: if someone decides to counter raids by posting other images, does it slow down moderation?

Anonymous 5417

ongoing cp raid in /b/

Anonymous 5418

Probably not as long as you report the posts before you bury them

Anonymous 5419

still going on, there's like 10 cp threads up

Anonymous 5420


what the fuck the CP raid was ongoing yesterday before i went to sleep and now i wake up and the raid is still going on (and stronger than ever) WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with the moids doing this type of shit???? i've reported every post i saw yesterday but i doubt i have the strenght to report this shit now, i dont want to witness this bullshit again. what the fuck? isn't there a way for crystal.cafe to block CP images that have already been posted? some of the images are the same as yesterday… im so tired, i hate seeing the suffering these children go through only for some sick moid to spam a female imageboard as a pathetic attempt to pwn us or something… im tired, my post probably sounds disorganised but how am I even supposed to write coherently after seing this shit??

Anonymous 5423

I wonder who exactly is behind these raids and why. Is it an MtF who's angry at the evil TERFs? Not surprising that they would save that kind of disgusting shit, but maybe they want to take the site down.
Is it some angry incel who's especially mad about women not fucking him? Maybe he just wants to traumatize people.
Whatever the case, I wonder if he can't just be reported to the authorities or something. I know, VPNs, but if they want, the can track people down even with a VPN.

Anonymous 5426

I'm convinced it's some scrote that wants the site taken down.

Anonymous 5433

it's soyjak.party again, here's the thread: https://soyjak.party/raid//res/21244.html

Anonymous 5435


come back on this site after a few weeks and theres penises everywhere. where tf are the mods

Anonymous 5436

realistically, mods can't be refreshing 24/7

if anyone sees raids a lot at the times they normally visit, consider applying to be a janitor

Anonymous 5439

Realistically an additional mod should have been added 5 fucking months ago. I will admit it must be hard finding women who will work for hot pockets (as proven by every single female subreddit having troon moderators), but this is fucking ridiculous.

Anonymous 5442

multiple mods are needed to cover the site 24/7 but there aren't many users to start with. janitor applications have been open for ages and things do get cleaned up within a couple hours at most. not sure what else they can do?

Anonymous 5444


I hate these coom chimps so much. I just want them to fuck off from this site and leave us alone.
Do you notice how only female spaces are attacked, raided, spammed and attempted to be taken down? That's because these chimps are afraid of what women can do. We don't say anything bad and compared to the involuntary celibate forum we are way better, humane and kind.
I saw the truth about men way before I joined Crystal Cafe, but seeing their desperate tries to ruin this site with images of sexually abused children makes me hate them even more.
I've never seen women spamming male only spaces.
I just wish they would leave us alone… I'm thankfull the mods are trying to stop the raid.

Anonymous 5448


If "every single altchan" has the same problem then there must be some reason for that too. My best guess is that it's not the same person who spams all of them but it's a common tactic to try to take altchans down.
Also tell your retards to raid some other site instead of this one

Anonymous 5452

I don’t think it’s some cia glownig op to take them down it feels like it’s just because they can get away with it. Anonymous image boards with low security are perfect for that sort of thing.

Anonymous 5453

>I don’t think it’s some cia glownig op to take them down
Yeah I don't think that either. I believe it's mostly faggots with a grudge. But whatever the reason is, I still wanna know if it's possible to report them to the FBI or something.

Anonymous 5457

bumping. more CP in /b/ and /meta.

Anonymous 5458

Hey mods, I know that you might be too busy to answer this, but I have an idea how to stop the raid.
If the raid keeps for another two days, can you try to make a verification letter for new posters or posters who make too many posts per day? I think it will help.
Also I wanted to thank you for deleting the posts as soon as you can, but isn't there a way to ban the poster permanently or is he using always a new IP?

Anonymous 5461

they're probably using a vpn, it's very easy to circumvent a ban.

Anonymous 5463


>If the raid keeps for another two days, can you try to make a verification letter for new posters or posters who make too many posts per day? I think it will help.
This but do it starting today instead.

Actually, I had another idea that I've been thinking of using in case I make my own imageboard.
What if mods lock all the boards while they're not active? At least during raids and a few days after they stop.

>isn't there a way to ban the poster permanently or is he using always a new IP?

They most definitely give him permanent bans but the motherfucker can easily evade them with a dynamic IP or VPN (most likely since dynamic IPs make it harder to circumvent range bans). Apparently VPN users can also be banned but I don't know exactly how that's possible.

Anonymous 5464


Let me rephrase that:

Anonymous 5465

>What if mods lock all the boards while they're not active? At least during raids and a few days after they stop.
This sounds like a good idea, I wanted to ask this, but I was worried that some miners would not like it.

Anonymous 5466

I can't believe the CP raid is still going on .. it's probably going to be soon 24h of consecutive CP spamming…

Anonymous 5470

I don’t think it’s them. They usually just spam wojaks. I think it’s a lone pervert.

Anonymous 5471


I think the site is so slow that there wouldn't be so much of a difference.
If someone wants to post something they can just type and save it as a memo or text file and post it when the site is open again.
And if you really want to post something right now you can go to LC or something in the meantime.

Anonymous 5481


There he goes again

Anonymous Admin 5487

We're on it and doing what we can, however we sadly still don't have 24/7 coverage. We're adding more janitors and enabled some protective measures against spam, but unfortunately this is all being spammed manually by a very dedicated ban evader.

Anonymous 5488

>enabled some protective measures against spam, but unfortunately this is all being spammed manually by a very dedicated ban evader.
Yeah, I think we're all aware of that by now.
Thank you very much for your efforts. Hopefully in the future we have at least a couple more mods or janitors for 24/7 coverage.
Also please consider locking thread creation and image posting, at least, if you don't like the idea of locking all the boards entirely.

Anonymous 5492


>this is all being spammed manually by a very dedicated ban evader.
what the fuck is this turbo level of pedo-autism scrote moidery?? if i understood that right its 24hours of a fucking CP raid from one terminally online pedo-scum? holy shit this is beyond average disgusting-built-for-jail pedophile levels, that's probably the most pathetic behavior i have ever encountered in more than 20 years of using the internet. Whoever's spamming that needs to be jailed, mentally drugged and excecuted

Anonymous 5493

I think I speak for everyone when I say that I agree

Anonymous 5494

should we be reporting the cp to cybertipline whenever it's posted or only report it to the mods here?

Anonymous 5495

Thank you admin!! It's appreciated. I was very happy to see the captcha.

Anonymous 5496

Also this is a question for in general…but how much can be added to an IB in terms of features? For example, is it possible to filter who's able to post pics?

Anonymous 5500

the cp raid is still continuing…
I'm wondering this too - I suggested in the suggestion thread to require images to be approved by a mod before showing up, but idk how mods/admin would feel about it or if it's even an available feature

Anonymous 5501


The pedoshit is back

Anonymous 5503

Admin should lock all boards until tomorrow morning since there's practically no activity when Americans are asleep.

Anonymous 5504

Oh, I meant more in the way that unknown users aren't able to post pictures and one has to have a posting history/approved to do so or something–making it mostly automated rather than manual.

I am worried about how to get around potential privacy breaches though.

Anonymous 5506

oh ok I see
so it would be limited to only posting text for unknown ips/users until they have some posting history to go off of? that's a good idea too

Anonymous 5508

yeah. alternatively, people can be manually approved by the mods.

Anonymous 5514

I felt nauseous checking this site after ages and the first thing I see is a naked little boy. What the fuck is wrong with moids

Anonymous 5527

I think this is a good idea too. Honestly I would like it if there was some sort of general whitelist which could prevent untrusted people from visiting the site altogether during raids. I hate how men treat women's online spaces like zoos.

Anonymous 5528

I have no feedback for this site except for the fact that I think men should be castrated. Genuinely. Sorry if this isn't helpful and you can ban me for it if you want, mods.

Anonymous 5530

and of course now that image sharing is enabled the seething troon posts cp again

Anonymous 5531



Anonymous 5533

This retard is going for the 48 hours cp raid mark. What a fucking autist. Only trusted users should be granted the ability to post images, but then that makes me think that it would help moids infiltrate cc more because they'll need to prove their trust in order to fuck up the site later.. but its not a primary concern rn because we're still in the middle of a cp raid. Mods, please lock the site so that autist has a false sense of victory and leaves. Loyal posters will be understanding and will come back.

Anonymous 5534

Based for keeping up the fighting spirit, we applaud you !

Anonymous Admin 5535

Image sharing has been disabled for around 12 hours now; as soon as I switched it back on, the spam continued. So we're keeping images off for now. There are a lot of suggestions like only allowing established users to post images, but unfortunately, it's not that simple and this is the best solution for now. Thank you everyone for your understanding.

Anonymous 5536

Thanks too, hope you find the solution to the problem. I'm happy I found a female only image board that is anonymous and I'm happy that it has a community that keeps it clean.

Anonymous 5537


Anonymous 5538

Can we have a vote on whether or not Raiden would be allowed on CC?
Yeah, idk how IB programming/design works and what features can be feasibly added.

Anonymous 5539

Thank you very much for your efforts. Let's hope the CP scrote will get bored and leaves.

Anonymous 5540

thank you I'm fine with text posting as long as it is needed, no matter how much time it takes, nobody should stumble across such images, you are doing it for the best and we are thankful

Anonymous 5541

Yes, ma'am! o7
also based Raidenfag

>Can we have a vote on whether or not Raiden would be allowed on CC?

Anonymous 5543

There's gay porn in /x/

Anonymous 5544

>gay sex is not a supernatural phenomenon
bish plz

Anonymous 5545

keep it there

Anonymous 5546

can the mods/admi habilitate posts without the need of uploading an image? to open new discussions without having raiden schizo spamming inappropriate images, and have the ib be like a text forum in the meantime

Anonymous 5547

what? not sure I understand what you're saying but if I do, that's exactly what the board is doing right now

Anonymous 5549

You mean like a textboard which is actually the precursor to imageboards

Anonymous 5550

Wonder if the raid is linked to this swarm of seething trannies >>/b/122560
I mean, it wouldn’t be the first time Twatter decides to spam websites with pictures of unforgivable acts of cruelty (that is, hurting children or animals) in order to take it down.

Anonymous 5551

Anonymous 5552

I'm the one who posted that image and one of the accounts in the image, the frog one, has made lots of tweets about how much he hates this site on his twitter even saying he hates women because of this site
link to tweet: https://twitter.com/weezerenjoyer07/status/1479084097964236801
so it's definitely possible the cp raider is an angry tranny from twitter, though it's just as likely it could be an angry 4chan moid so who knows

Anonymous 5553

>CP raid
Probably the same guy who pulled this at 8 and 9chan. Don't remember his name but his tactic was essentially spamming cp,and reporting the site to their host in order to get them taken down. If the same guy, he's been doing this for atleast 2 or 3 years by now.

Anonymous 5554

that's crazy, how has he not been caught by authorities? it's like they don't take cp seriously

Anonymous 5555

samefag but was he a danish neet? there's one that spams certain boards on 4chan with cp to get threads and stuff taken down so maybe it's the same guy
also idk if this will help admin/mods or not but he uses luminati and oxylabs proxies to ban evade so the spammer here could be using those too

Anonymous 5563

One very dedicated troon spammed the lolcow MtF thread with female gore. If it's not the same person, it could be someone with the same intentions.

Anonymous 5564

I have archives from the MtF troon spam that happened around summer 2021 (if I recall right) but I doubt it is the same person because the contents of the images are different and the spam also featured text. I'd even say the intentions are different compared to that lolcow troon spammer because the lolcow troon spammer only spammed the MtF thread and simply wanted to shock users (going away after he got bored with it) whereas the schizo CP spammer crystal.cafe is dealing with has a different spamming tactic and has been targetting crystal.cafe for like 3 days soon 4 at this point? It just completely feels like we're dealing with a different individual. Plus the intentions for the CPspam feel like it's a way for him to take down the website. Whatever it is, both are full of shit but the CP spammer worries me more.

Anonymous 5565

MtF troon spam? I would ask you to post the screenshots but, well… Anyways what was the context

Anonymous 5566

let's move the conversation to the terf posting thread on /b/ >>>118214 that way we do not shit up this thread here

Anonymous 5567

the terfposting thread is full and we aren't allowed to make a new thread without an image (which is understandable)
is it ok if we commandeer an old thread? maybe >>107603 since it's already terf themed

Anonymous 5568

I meant >>>/b/107603
sorry forgot how to link posts from another board

Anonymous 5569

I would highly recommend AGAINST allowing image posting any time soon 'sharty just got hit by a massive cp raid if the picture of the toddler and the black guy sounds familiar it's probably the same guy

Anonymous 5570

Unfortunately I agree. :/

Anonymous 5571

that's very strange, why a cp raid both here and on soyjak? the sites are total opposites in terms of content and userbase
I wonder if all smaller imageboards are being raided - apparently grimchan.xyz (a small imageboard I sometimes use) got taken down by their host for abuse so I assume the raid hit them too
link to grimchan admins tweets about it: https://twitter.com/Grimchanxyz/status/1489660653119934468?cxt=HHwWiMC4kZaeq6wpAAAA

Anonymous 5572

hey I can work as a jannie for free I dont care. I lurk Almost every day. Where do I apply ?

Anonymous 5573

message the admin on discord

Anonymous 5574

knowing that the cp raid also happened on soyjak makes me think the raider must have some kind of vendetta against alternative imageboards

Anonymous 5575

Could it be a bot? It's weird that they're attacking small imageboards, it must be some kind of automated list.

Anonymous 5576

I think it might be something of a "seeded" bot - maybe the spammer seeded it into the website's coding system?

Anonymous 5577

but didn't the admin say these were posted manually?

Anonymous 5578

That sucks, I had posted on Grimchan once thanks to the imageboard recommendation thread since it looked pretty comfy.

Anonymous 5587

On lainchan someone came forward saying a test/throaway iirc board had cp posted on it and it was left up for weeks and it was only removed because the Anon notified the board owners

Anonymous 5588

it's the government trying to take down smaller imageboards to drive people onto 4chan and other mainstream social media

Anonymous 5589

youre only saying this now because nobody can post reaction images

Anonymous 5592

keep the schizo theories in /x/ nona thanks

Anonymous 5593

How long do you think the image restrictions are gonna last?

Anonymous 5594

nice try cp spammer

Anonymous 5595

I will be your mod :))

Anonymous 5596

add the admin on discord

Anonymous Admin 5615

Sorry for the late response. I have added more janitors recently, but yes, as you said - it's really hard to find good ones.

Anonymous 5633

The paradox with moderation is that the people who are able to do it usually have too much free time on their hands.

Anonymous 5706

Mods please help they're spamming the Pink Pill thread but the images were so disgusting I immedeatly clicked off and could not report. Please.

Anonymous 5707

dw I reported them all because I'm jaded and nothing can trigger or disgust me anymore.

Anonymous 5708

Thank you for the fast disable and deleting!!
I love everyone who could look at these pictures long enough to report them.

Anonymous 5709

Yeah I noticed the snappy modding too. Were new ones added?

Anonymous 5710

it's nice seeing more mod activity in the european timezone

Anonymous 5711


Mods… There's a small raid again. I'm getting fed up. They're reported all.

Anonymous 5713

There are… Moids in the pink pil thread… Again.

Anonymous 5715


Anonymous 5716

Moid alert in the /b/ board.

Anonymous 5717

yeah they posted pedo garbage, maybe admin should turn off images for a bit again in case they start spamming cp

Anonymous 5720

raid in /b/ I think

Anonymous 5721

bump, couple of stupid threads

Anonymous 5743

cp in b again

Anonymous 5744

please take the CP off of /b/.

Anonymous 5746

Whats the point in making these posts. Just report the cp.

Anonymous 5747

Something is wrong with the threads in b, they don't bump anymore.

Anonymous 5751

retarded scrote raid in the Polish thread over at /b/
Hope you don't delete my post along with their retardation

Anonymous 5752

so did you nuke the whole thread forever? Or is that me missing something

Anonymous 5753


Anonymous 5754

I have a screencap of the entire thing before moods took over. I'm afraid that discord is the way to go, sadly

Anonymous Admin 5755

These threads always devolve into politics sperging and raids, I prefer not to have them. Additionally, all posts must be in English so we can properly moderate. I'm gonna update the rules asap to reflect all of this.

Anonymous 5756

Well that's very fucking sad

Anonymous 5757

we had the thread for a female only community of a few people to just talk normally and now we have nothing we are always losing them ahhhh

Anonymous 5758

where will we talk about the discord? I started the topic in the eurofag thread, but idk if it landed

Anonymous 5759

we are currently disscussing it on the eu thread idk if you saw it, thank you for looking for us still after our many fails anonka kc

Anonymous 5760

this might be anal/a dumb thought but if a discord happens I suggest maybe making rules like "no private pictures or personal information about yourself"

just speaking as someone who has experiences with similar discords, including one absolutely amazing one (that only good female friends were let in and others weren't let in on request–that's prob why)

Anonymous 5761

yes of course, i don't think that any of us feel fully safe about this idea anyway so personal info won't happen

Anonymous 5762

any pseudonims will cause dramas

Anonymous Admin 5763

Please don't discuss building a Discord group here. See Rule 5.

Anonymous 5768

Raid right now in /b/.

Anonymous 5769

And every time they only bother with /b/ and don't touch any of the other boards. very half assed.

Anonymous 5770

Why are you giving them ideas?

Anonymous 5773

Child porn in /b/ again

Anonymous 5778

They've raided /feels/ before, how new are you?

Anonymous 5808

Prepare for a flood

Anonymous 5809


still new to this 4chan posting shit, only a lurker

"Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you may have a massive influx of redditors or discord fags, seeing that this greentext is starting to circulate. It's almost surreal to see a place like this uninvaded by trannys and porn addicts…"

Anonymous 5810

thanks for reposting here, I dunno if the mods will take down the other.

Anonymous 5811

God I hate 4chan moids

Anonymous 5814

Looks like some troons and incels are back and posting stupid fucking shit again.

Anonymous 5827

a filthy scrotie on /v/ made a thread about here, keep an eye on here jannies

Anonymous 5832

Nikocado's nasty asshole was posted in /b/ just now

Anonymous 5833

Apparently the same thing happened on lc yesterday

Anonymous 5840

destroy this man.p…

/b is getting raided again

Anonymous 5841

>It's almost surreal to see a place like this uninvaded by trannys and porn addicts…
Anon I got bad news

Anonymous 5844

looks like we've got something going in in /b

Anonymous 5929

CP on /b/

Anonymous 5930

tranny jannies are on vacation kek

Anonymous 5931

pretty sure now that it's an anon from /int/ that keeps doing this

Anonymous 5937

ha it been cleaned-up yet?

Anonymous 5965

Moids in the pink pill thread ranting why women don't deserve human rights.

Anonymous 5991


Anonymous 6008


expect a mini raid because balding y chromosoids from /fit/ made posts about cc, reminder to report and ignore male posters

Anonymous 6010

why would I think male """humor""" is funny? I always report when I see their garbage posts here
no someone else sent me a screenshot of the post and there was just a moid thread up on /b/ so I'm guessing /fit/s where they came here from, I just wanted to give miners and mods a heads up since there'll maybe be more

Anonymous 6012

I've already reported a bunch of posts but the mods don't seem to be online.

Anonymous 6013

they got around to the other posts really quick, I'm sure they'll be back on soon

Anonymous 6035

There's a bait thread in /media/ right now

Anonymous 6048

please just delete the raid thread on /b/

Anonymous 6051


Anonymous 6052


Anonymous 6054

did i just get banned in the fucking raid

Anonymous 6055

oh no, but my posts are deleted all over the place. Even some extremely old ones… Thats even weirder wth

Anonymous 6086

Annoying scrote thread on /b/

Anonymous 6113

Raid in "post like a moid 2"

Anonymous 6138

not gore or porn, but some dude is selfie-raiding…

Anonymous 6139


Anonymous 6142

selfie posting moid again in /b/.

Anonymous 6143

Moron posting dick pics on /b/

Anonymous 6166

Raid in /b/; got too tired of reporting tho, I have other stuff to do.

Anonymous 6171

there's a raid in /b

Anonymous 6175

There’s a (definitely moid) troll shitting up Pinkpill thread, possibly talking to himself.

Anonymous 6193

Moid posting dick pics in /b/

Anonymous 6206

PP thread.

Anonymous 6208

Mods, you failed to remove the obvious scrote >>>/feels/81207
He reported like, half the thread, leaving only his own posts visible. He’s clearly an infiltrator who played the long game, just to get the pass to dab at us. I recognize his writing style, he’s here to start endless arguments.

Anonymous 6214

They both could be scrotes, you know. Hard to tell, because it’s a graveyard, and only the other participant’s posts are visible, and what is visible, sounds very much like a moid. He’s just abusing the site functions, because he knows his way around here.

Anonymous 6231

There is an obvious troon in the terfposting thread. I have already reported him but his posts were not deleted yet. What is the reason for this?

Anonymous 6334


Anonymous 6335

saw what i think is cp on the homepage. not sure which board put probably /b/.

Anonymous 6337

Yep, just saw it too. Please be careful and avoid /b/ I'm going to throw up

Anonymous 6479


are you an anon who hasn't checked in for a while? Wondering what is going on? Well, for the past couple of days, a schizo pedo troon has been having a major episode here on lolcow, mostly on /meta/, /ot/ and the MTF thread. If you have witnessed any of the following:

>sperging about "UH", "Kuz", elaine, and kiwifarms

>CP/monkey torture spams
>anime avatarfagging
>random youtube music links
>complete wordsalads
>complaint about jannies and radfems
>laughable larping as an oldfag and misuse of lcf lingo
>running gayops on himself like doxing his own family members in hopes of framing others

then you have just spotted the schizo pedo troon. If at any point you see anons arguing with each other over something absolutely incomprehensible and are wondering if you've missed anything important, fear not. That is just the schizo pedo troon samefagging again to try to sir up concern amongst the uninformed. Thankfully, now you are informed. So next time you see any of the above, do your duty and ignore it.

If you see other anons acting confused, copy and paste this Public Service Announcement so that they too, may be informed.

/////This concludes the Public Service Announcement./////

Anonymous 6480

Cooking Mama shave…

A comprehensive long list of things the rapist pedo schizo troon says and does (feel free to add onto it):
>mask off
>pedo ring/pedo jannies/jannies posting cp/admin is male/jannies are male (basically any raging hatred and accusations regarding site staff)
>admin is being blackmailed
>pretends blaine and erika are different people
>links to other imageboards and sketchy websites
>shits on fire/sites fucked
>talks about elaine/rachel/null(josh)/michael or other irrelevant kiwifags
>you're going down
>I will expose you
>refers to himself using the wrong pronouns (calls himself she or they despite being male)
>complaining about kuz and soyjak
>something real is going on
>this is insane/crazy/huge
>random youtube song links and/or random lyric dumps
>anime avatarfagging (usually with pedo anime characters, sometimes with final fantasy ones)
>misuse of sites lingo
>asking or demanding to be a mod/janny/admin
>replying to one of his posts with the same lingo and typing style (samefagging)
>posts cp and then is immediately around to complain about cp he posted
>threatens to kill/rape people
>asks to be unbanned
>mentions his vpns
>refers to himself as erika
>posts ugly pic of his thighs and covered bulge
>spergs about porn and his creepy fetish stuff
>tries to get people to post hand pics
>larps as being a csa survivor
>randomly talks about his sister
>posts /pol/tier nazi and pepe pics
>conspiracies about blackmailing, abuse, pedo rings
>constantly mentions kiwifarms
>I proved it/here's the proof
>you're killing this website/this website is dead because of you/this website is dying
>pro tranny/pro scrote posts (trannies have always been welcome/men can post here if they want/etc)
>schizobabble about being a witch/magic spells/hexes
>says he is a tranny not a troon (and other weird tranny infighting stuff)
>uses sexist insults (calls women whores, cunts, bitches, roasties, etc)
>complaining about jews and nonwhites
>refers to women as "natal women" or "cis women"
>god complex spergouts
>hates on radfems and gcs
>says he is gnc
>talks about his ugly troon dick
>sniffed out
>it was rigged/I rigged it
>I win/I won/I'm winning
>mentions flamenco or undefault or naught
>bbc spam
>bought off janny/paid off janny
>this is why people never use this site
>whines about "transphobes"
>says he is doing damage control
>talks about owning guns and/or threatens to use them
>weird obsession with russia
>pretends he has some greater plan
>randomly counts down (ie 6 days left, 6 hours left)
>so much proof
>look at these connections/all the connections
>you're screwed/it's over
>pressed/keeping you pressed
>I timed it/it was timed
>pretends he's doing this to waste someones time
if you see posts that contain any of these it's the ban evading pedophile tranny, do not reply to him, simply report and ignore

Anonymous 6636


some quick art to go with the copypasta next time (POV you're 12 and he wants to teach you about your period)

Anonymous 6656

>POV you're 12 and he wants to teach you about your period
FUCKING KEK'd ily anon

Anonymous 6657


new fanart

Anonymous 6658

How do we know thats him?

Anonymous 6660

It was posted in the Kiwifarms thread about him and he's posted pictures of his face on here as well

Anonymous 6664

Some updates. The russia obession comes from being a tankie. The tranny is very pro communism and stalinist. He also claims as a XXY tranny hes allowed to be here.
Uses a demon as a name sometimes, claimes the site is overrun with fascist (common commie complaint).

Anonymous 6665

Oh and hes confirmed as the “rad fem” posting in the terf thread trying to claim terfs are not trans exclusionary.

Anonymous 6673

he's not a tankie, he has said on his twitter he is a nazi and he goes on antisemitic and racist rants and has tons of weird nazi images saved
he also really hates women - basically a typical incel/nazi to troon pipeline that is common amongst male troons
his russia obsession is because he was rejected by the russian soyjak.party admin most likely

Anonymous 6674

also idk if the troon is spamming cp here and DDoSing this site like he is others but I have been in contact with his local police department and they are looking into him with the info I gave them
I hope the admins and mods of the sites he is doing all this stuff on cooperate with law enforcement, he is a danger to women and children

Anonymous 6675

>I have been in contact with his local police department and they are looking into him
You're a hero anon

Anonymous 6677

thank you, I am not able to do much but I'm glad the police took my report seriously

Anonymous 6681

If you get any updates, post on here or on the KF thread because i am curious

Anonymous 6682

I doubt they'll give me any updates but if they do or ask me for more info for the investigation I'll make a post, and if they arrest him we'll all know due to the lack of his schizo spam
don't have kf though so any update will only be posted here

Anonymous 6684

We’re being raided by scrotes again who keep posting black crime statistics lol. So pathetic.

Anonymous 6697

cp and a racebait thread in /b/

Anonymous 6709

more of this crap again at this hour

Anonymous 6712

person who keeps spamming racist shit posted gore this time

Anonymous 6717

I desperately want to become a janny now so I can clean this filth up.

Anonymous 6719

Don’t reply to any moid posts, nonas. They’re looking for a reaction. Ignore them and report them, and they’ll get bored and go away eventually. Like all trolls they’re just ugly psychological vampires looking for attention.

Anonymous 6720

Apply anon!

Anonymous 6734


Anonymous 6735

gore in /b

Anonymous 6736

Gore in /b/

Anonymous 6759

Very shitty lame attempted raid ongoing.

Anonymous 6760

for some reason there's a moid posting pics of his asshole/belly/smol dick on /b/

Anonymous 6771


I have some advice regarding the spammer.

Why not set up a system where if certain keywords are posted you are notified?

Maybe somehow if a post is posted with keywords the spammer uses, it activates a discord bot that pings you?

also there is currently spam on /b/.

Anonymous 6772


there's currently spam in /b/ with the subject:
The B-lack Probl-em

Anonymous 6773

holy shit that was quick
thanks janny

Anonymous 6774

Get some more jannies too, maybe in different timezones. It seems like reported posts currently stay up for hours before they are actually deleted. It was the same with that schizo troon a week ago.

Anonymous 6775

more gore in /b/

Anonymous 6776

Nonas you gotta stop replying to bait :/

Anonymous 6777

I know right. Just stop replying to trolls and they’ll get bored and piss off eventually. Stop taking the bait nonas, PLEASE.

Anonymous 6778

I've tried to apply over and over again and I can't figure out how nobody will tell me

Anonymous 6779

jannies need to start banning femanons who respond to moids. (tbh i'm pretty sure it's just samefagging from schizos.)

Anonymous 6780

Does this moid automate his posts or is he actually so desperate for attention that he sits there 24/7 manually spamming mediocre bait?

Anonymous 6781

they're manually samefagging. so they really are just choosing to sit there for hours, kek

Anonymous 6782

Send admin a friend request on discord

Anonymous 6783

that's a dead account

Anonymous 6784

update troon is back to spamming and schizobabbling so I messaged his mom on her instagram regarding his illegal online activities and worsening mental illness
I have her email too and will send her an email if she doesn't respond to the ig message
otherwise if I don't hear back from her I will be contacting his father and his sister
I've had enough of this dangerous unhinged troon moid

Anonymous 6785

How?? Snail doesn't even work.

Anonymous 6786

Right? Why is it abandoned anyway?

Anonymous 6787

Why wait? He's just going to get worse. Tell his dad and sister too. If my son was posting that shit online I'd want to know so I could disown him.

Anonymous 6788

I don't think it's abandoned, I think they hide their activity status. Send a message and wait for a reply.

Anonymous 6789

yeah I'll probably tell his dad too but he's made creepy comments about his sister so I don't wanna involve her unless none of his other family responds
apparently he lives with his mom so hopefully she takes action since who would want to live with a pedo rapist nazi troon?

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