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Anonymous 3271

Ongoing raid, porn and gore in /b/. ignore and report. bump this when you see this.

Anonymous 3272


Anonymous 3273

from what I can tell, it's a raid from mlpol.net, a my little pony/Nazi themed imageboard. no, I am not kidding.

Anonymous 3274


Anonymous 3277

just ignore it

Anonymous 3283

that's absolutely vile

Anonymous 3286

Yet another autist sperging in /b/. Just saying, if you guys need more mods I'd be more than happy to help. I'm a NEET with no real hobbies and I frequent this site a lot. I'd be able to delete moid posters pretty quick.

Anonymous 3287

Same as above, I'm happy to be a janitor if needed.

Anonymous Admin 3288

Please contact me via the Discord account on the rules page, thank you!

Anonymous 3291

I'm >>3287
I sent you a friend request so we can chat, please accept.

Anonymous 3752

I'm confused. Isn't por n and gore permitted on /b/ in 4chan. Not here for a moral debate but those aren't against the rules, correct?

Anonymous 3753

This isn't 4chan, are you retarded

Anonymous 3754

Could have fooled me, bitch.

Anonymous 3756


We got a raid.

Anonymous 4226

jeez dude, how many people could they even have? three?

i'd be really disappointed if there was more of a bronazi demographic active on their board than women on CC

Anonymous 4227


Anonymous 4265


Anonymous 4459

Raid in /feels/ this time.

Anonymous 4460

It looks like we're getting raided on /feels/ and /b/ right now.

Anonymous 4461

anyone got an idea by whom we get raided this time? i want to know from where did these subhuman scum come from

Anonymous 4463

samefag, but i hightly suspect its just one moidkun - the posts are way too spammy, repetitive and retarded.

Anonymous 4464

there's a thread on /b/ about it

Anonymous 4467

Someone's posting gore to various existing threads on /b/

So you won't see it in the catalog

Anonymous 4549


Anonymous 4597

Abortion thread.

Anonymous 4601

raid in feels btw

Anonymous 4607

If you see any of that on the main page report it and post some animals in /img/ to get it out of the main page so others wont have to see it.

Anonymous 5019


Anonymous 5020

Raid from /int/

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