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Terfposting #15 Anonymous 118214

Anonymous 118215


13 y/o

Anonymous 118216


Anonymous 118219

The monstermode/twinkhons are really better off than the low T “passing” (to their blind grammies). When they snap out of their delusions, they make prime masculine men. They just need to hit the gym and have sex unironically. The faggots with less sexual dimorphism are just unattractive freaks no matter what they do.

Anonymous 118220

Is the child in the pic not a boy? If he is, I don't see anything wrong with it, the parents are just letting him have fun dressing up and don't call him a girl for that.

Anonymous 118221

Came to say this

Anonymous 118222

Hontra being in any way "passable" and in top 30% of troons sounds ridiculous to say at least. And they are delusional to think that "passoids" with an "androgynous" (male) frame are in any way undistinguishable from women

Anonymous 118224


Anonymous 118225


Anonymous 118226

>mfw troons may manage to stop infant circumcision in America
Perhaps they will do one positive thing before being discarted into the dustbin of human history.

Anonymous 118227



Anonymous 118228

Wasted 5 mins of my life reading /tttt/ jargon. Who gives a shlt, they’re all hons and freaks in the end. They hate old women, even in themselves, and will detrans/rope once they lose their sex appeal.

Anonymous 118229

Conveniently does not mention voice at all. Curated pictures on the internet are one thing, but actually seeing (and more importantly hearing) someone in real life is a whole other story.

Anonymous 118230

Those breast removal scars and self-harm scars are one in the same.

Anonymous 118232


Don't be mean. Just because somebody made an irreversible mistake doesn't mean you get to mock their body.

Anonymous 118233

I've always wondered how moids treat women who "transition" to moids, they treat each other like shit already over far more irrelevant issues, I can't even imagine to what they'd say/do to someone like this or Ellen Page.

Anonymous 118234

Yeah, the concept of someone having that much mental anguish is just so sad. I just feel bad for the poor girl.

Anonymous 118235


Anonymous 118237

*unless they are male

Anonymous 118238

LMAO that's not contra dude that's narcissa the mtf twitch streamer

Anonymous 118239

Can we report this autist to post this in every single thread?

Anonymous 118244

I laughed at the skeletons in hell

Anonymous 118245

Males don't exist anon, they're just a myth so you eat your vegetables.

Anonymous 118246

>you’re a terf and deserve worse
he said to a 4-year old gambian girl slowly dying of her wounds.
seriously fuck that guy. white male arrogance knows no limits.

Anonymous 118247

Hunter Schaefer is an obvious man, they conveniently never post full body pics showing the boxy manbody, narrow hips and absence of waist. He could've just been a cute feminine boy but noooooo

Anonymous 118252

I imagine voice would be covered in the upper tiers by the fact they literally do not go through male puberty. Might be wrong though.

Anonymous 118263

Trannies have pulled the old switcheroo where they initially claimed to have an inborn mental disorder so we would pity and want to help them, and then once that was accomplished, reverse uno’d it into never being a mental illness after all and it’s just normal and healthy. You can see this same thing happening with other stuff like fat acceptance. Pedos are trying to do step 1 right now.

Anonymous 118264


Anonymous 118266

literally whats the point of posting this at every terf thread

Anonymous 118267

who do you think will troon out in 2022? i'm betting big joel or vaush

Anonymous 118270

Egoraptor, although if he was ever going to do it, I think he might have done it by now. Maybe Anisa. Maybe Drew Monson. Schaffrillas seems autistic enough. Who knows, maybe even Ethan or Hila.

Anonymous 118275

They probably see transmen as mutilated women just like everyone does, except without any empathy. Especially the ones that aren't fully transitioned

Anonymous 118276

Yeah I doubt there is a troon that looks like a real woman in real life. that's why you don't trust any selfies troons post on the internet, they edit the just as much as your average BDD haver

Anonymous 118277

How is she mocking them?

Anonymous 118278

Not really. Unintentional harm is not self harm.

Anonymous 118279

Right? Most troons are ugly orcs but some of them are cute af pre-transition

Anonymous 118294

Things I've heard and read over the years:

"I kind of want to get in a fight with him [Page] just so I can know how it feels to fight a girl"

"They're pretty easy to spot. They all have scraggly little pube beards because they think it'll help them pass. But it actually makes them easier to spot, because twinks usually have no facial hair".

"We have evolved to tell if someone is a potential mate or competitor just with a glance. If they look inbetween, they go in the uncanny valley bin. This applies to both MTF and FTM."

"They think they have an easier time passing because HRT drops their voices. But they just end up sounding like gay dudes"

"So many of them are doing it because they got abused. Back in the day, it was just sufficient to get fat or shave their head. But big pharma had to make money off of it".

"Just wait til he [Page] learns how awful it is to be a manlet. I have more respect for Hons than I do for manlets, because Hons are over 6ft. OK maybe not but you know what I mean"

"Lesbians will sooner date an FTM than an MTF, which says a lot about MTFs. The Chris Chan strategy doesn't work".

"Do you think pre-wall FTMs can do sex work if their careers fail? If I was a fuckable cis woman, I'd be comforted knowing I had the option to strip or whore if all else failed. Shit, I'd rather do Gay 4 Pay than work for Amazon. FTM sounds like a really small niche for porn. And they don't have the tradwife route either. I guess that's why I see so many of them wagecucking at Starbucks and Target."

"If I was an FTM, I'd spend a lot of time with ladies. Dudes are brutal to each other. FTMs didn't grow up as dudes, so they can't understand the difference between bants and bullying. Women are brutal in their own way but at least FTMs remember what it looks like".

[From a gay friend]
"I just wish the MTFs and FTMs would cancel each other out. But they're both such disordered people in their own ways that it won't happen. I guess it's because MTFs are men and FTMs are women. And they're both larping as the opposite gender, which adds an extra layer of complexity."

[Same gay friend]
"I've had sex with cis women. It's OK. But even sitting at the same table as a transman is almost unbearable. They can't go one minute without mentioning that they're trans. They're like vegans".

Anonymous 118295


Thoughts on this? It's one of the better pro-ftm posts I've read, but it also reeks of "being a woman is fine as long as /I/ don't have to do it, ewww"

Anonymous 118297

i fully support women not being feminine but saying they are not women (bc of it) is not the way to go

Anonymous 118304

That's their end-game anyway. Pedos ride these waves permanently, just like they rode the LGB wave before (but were successfully shunned out of it, until recently).

Anonymous 118305

Word salad

Anonymous 118306


The legal system has long accepted the "pedophilia is a treatable mental illness" defense from pedos who can afford lawyers that can argue it. Same way they allow actual rapists to use the sex addiction defense. Society has a weird disconnect by how evil pedos are considered, and how they're actually treated unless they have something else going on to make them reviled on top of being a pedo. Medicalization plays a significant role in this. If something can be medicalized, it can be decriminalized.

Anonymous 118307


Reminded me of this.

Anonymous 118309

>Lesbians will sooner date an FTM than an MTF
This part is true. It’s hilarious to watch rapehons seethe tremendously every time lesbians bring up hot FTMs, and because of the historical association with L and FTM, they are unable to ban the lesbians for it. Even in handmaiden subreddits like /r/butchlesbians.

Anonymous 118313

It's more or less what I expected minus the physical abuse. Poor girls.

Anonymous 118316

two headed calf.pn…

>Seeing those fucking scars on TIFs makes me want to puke and cry. It physically hurts just thinking about them, it makes me so sick.
She says seeing their body makes her physically sick. Even if it was true, it is not a nice thing to say out loud. I have seen genetic disorders and trauma victims that are terrible to look at, and they know they are not beautiful, but I don't go online and tell everyone how disgusting they are to look at.

Anonymous 118317

I think she's saying that they are intentional self harm scars. That when a TIF (who are overwhelmingly rape victims) cuts off her breasts, it is not because she wants to be a man, but because she cannot stand to be a woman and live in our patriarchal world.

Anonymous 118318

You can't abandon the sisterhood, membership starts at conception and never ends.
>>118297 has it right. You can't say you're not a women because you have interests without implying that those who are women don't have interests.

Anonymous 118340

Saw this posted on a 4chan thread, I can't get it out of my head

In my experience, they tend to look right past them, like they don't exist or are unimportant. I shared a flat with an ftm once, and a guy acquaintance said he didn't even notice she was ftm, he just thought it was a gay dude. Mtfs receive a bulk of the hate from men, and I'm curious as to why. A lot of them claim it's because they're predators, but I seriously doubt men actually give a shit about our safety. Maybe it's because it's more noticeable that there's something wrong with an mtf, or because moids are disgusted by the thought of accidentally ending up with a dick-having "woman", like it threatens their masculinity.

Anonymous 118363


was that on /tv/? they have a lot of songs like that, i love them
i've never seen it irl but on 4chan they get furious about it. pic related.

Anonymous 118364

To moids, there is no sense of accomplishment if it’s just a fellow horny moid in a dress.
And their ego is hurt, after being tricked into being a living dildo for some gender fetishist, who just used him the same way he uses women.
To be the devil’s advocate (as a lesbian), it is like making someone eat human flesh, and only telling them afterwards, and then assuring that they’re not actually cannibals because the human in question identified as a chicken and consented to it.

Anonymous 118366

I saw it on /lit/, I don't browse /tv/, wish I did so I could hear more.

I don't think they hate mtfs, they just hate the culture. From that picture, they're acting as if something is being taken from them, but they're never as nasty or vicious towards the actual tranny as they are towards mtfs.

>there is no sense of accomplishment if it’s just a fellow horny moid in a dress

That's right, I forgot that we're just a prize for them. I'm surprised they don't brag about how many trannies they've fucked, the scrotes at my high school once competed to see who could fuck the "ugliest" girl, almost like it was showing how courageous they were or some shit that they could 'tough out' being with someone they find repulsive for more than what I imagine was a meager 2 minutes. Shit like that made me distrustful of any moid who ever approached me.

The flesh analogy sounds plausible too, it's probably a bit of both.

Anonymous 118371


Anonymous 118373

NTA but I think the disgust is directed less towards the girl and more towards TRAs for promoting this as a win and grooming vulnerable kids into this in the first place, along with surgeons like Gallagher who perform elective, life altering surgeries on literal children.

Anonymous 118378


I give it at most 10 years before he troons out

Anonymous 118383

Put me down for Quinton Reviews

Anonymous 118433

I'm not denying that they do it because they hate themselves for being women, I'm saying that it's not self harm. If they had the option to become fully male without having to undergo any surgeries and they chose it, than it's not self harm because they don't enjoy/want the surgeries. Most people misunderstand what self harm is.If you're causing harm to yourself INTENTIONALLY and KNOWING that it's harmful then yes it's self harm

Anonymous 118435

i can see strange aeons but i still wouldn’t count on it

Anonymous 118454

>If you're causing harm to yourself INTENTIONALLY and KNOWING that it's harmful then yes it's self harm
Source: my ass

Anonymous 118457

>noun: self-harm

>deliberate injury to oneself, typically as a manifestation of a psychological or psychiatric disorder

source: Oxford Languages

Anonymous 118471

Nta but having your healthy breasts removed is a deliberate injury to yourself because of a psychological disorder.

Anonymous 118510

Oxford languages is a general dictionary that covers basic definitions. It does not explain the precise categorizations you would find in professional contexts. In literature on psychological aberrants, self-harm is also used to describe the behavior of those who cause injury to the self without deliberation, as self-hitting in the severely autistic or biting in Lesch-Nyhan patients.

Anonymous 118512

Isn’t tranny shit just another way for scrotes to control us? Only TIMs have the authority to determine who’s a woman and who’s not. They even police TIFs who date lesbians.

Anonymous 118551

>be me
>female friend sees cute person in public
>”should I ask for their number?”
>yeah why not
>didn’t realize they were a troon until after they started hanging out, would’ve said don’t bother them otherwise
>friend comes out as trans shortly after meeting them
>wow that was fast

now they’re telling me about shit like “muffing” (fucking puke) and saying shit about how they don’t relate to cis people despite never saying shit like this before. I feel partially responsible for this too. not a good feeling.

Anonymous 118552

Wtf is muffing? Do I wanna know?

Anonymous 118565


From this article: https://www.vice.com/en/article/59dxw3/a-guide-to-muffing-the-hidden-way-to-finger-trans-women
>it involves penetrating orifices that most people don't know exist. In order to understand the act, you first need to understand the anatomy involved: Bellwether describes the act as "being [finger-]fucked in one or both of my inguinal canals," which are, as she puts it, the "twin 'pockets' that are situated in the groin above and behind the testicles and scrotum."
Anyway, trans”women” are fucking disgusting

Anonymous 118566


Holy shit you might be right

Anonymous 118571

I'd say it is to a degree, especially since TIMs are basically the overlords of trans communities; just look on any liberal trabs tumblr blog and you'll see post from TIMs talking about how they're the most uniquely oppressed, and you'll see TIFs suck up to it by putting disclaimers all over their blog about how they're less oppressed than TIMs and therefore not as important. the trans world is the same as real life but the men have bad makeup lmao

Anonymous 118573

found another, really like this one.
huh, in an earlier thread i learned that "tucking" involves shoving the testicles in there so trannies can wear tight pants without their balls showing. i wonder if thats mastrubatory as well.

Anonymous 118585

>I'm not denying that they do it because they hate themselves . . .I'm saying that it's not self harm.
Those are contradictory. It's like saying cutting wouldn't be self harm if we had the technology to heal instantly. It's still harm, the effects are just mitigated.
>INTENTIONALLY and KNOWING that it's harmful
Not true at all. Not only can self harm be subconscious (chopping off your hair after a break up because you want "a fresh look") but we classify the actions of retarded who have no higher brain function who hurt themselves as self harm. Medically, self harm is defined as a creature hurting itself, it doesn't have to be aware of why it is hurting itself or even have the consciousness be aware that it is hurting itself.


Anonymous 118606


Anonymous 118608

Peak woke capitalism

The disgust and sadness comes from how brutal those scars look, any woman could feel the pain in their chest just by looking at it. That's not mocking the poor girl for having made a mistake, it's rather feeling bad for her due to how painful it looks. It's also unfortunate that this kind of thing is being shilled as a totally good and normal thing even though it's unnecessary mutilation, which makes it different from suffering an accident or really needing surgery.

Anonymous 118611

I think the only biological women left on reddit are those in teenage (teen girls not knowing anything better), self-harm and eating disorder communities (traces of BPD, CPTSD, child sexual abuse and female gender socialization).
Yes, that includes FTM Aidens and "enbies" these places are rampant with.
The rest of reddit are incels and transcel MTF.

Anonymous 118614

True. I have gotten so much shit there, just for being a woman/feminist. Downvotes, DMs, stalkers, you name it. It’s incredible how openly hostile towards AFABs that place is. Yet it is considered a normie website for some reason.

Anonymous 118615

Just say “women” anon. Same thing.

Anonymous 118619

They hate TIFs as well tho. Gay male subreddits bully them out, and there are hate subreddits for them, such as /r/ftmspunished.

Anonymous 118620

That's the point, TIFs are women. And iirc ftmspunished is a fetish sub where self-hating TIFs post themselves.

Anonymous 118624

Oh, yeah now I see what you mean. Sry am tired lol.

Anonymous 118634


Anonymous 118639

giraffe smash.jpg

And all the porn subs. They're all over /TwoXChromosomes, /ActualLesbians, /LGBT but for some reason they aren't allowed on the porn subs.

Not bitter

Anonymous 118645

I love this on so many levels, thank you anon

Anonymous 118679

i've found ftms answering questions or r/askmen a couple times. the say things like "men like sad movoes too" and "men's sex drive really isn't that much different from women's".

Anonymous 118685


Seconding this

Anonymous 118691

Well, its self harm because you are harming yourself unnecessarily.
But no, its not self harm as in we typically think of it such as cutting, burning, punching yourself etc. People who think that transitioning is the equivalent to those self harming behaviors have a gross misunderstanding of why people self harm in the first place. They just slap the "self harm" label on it to further attack troons and their mental health, therefore invalidating transitioning (not that they don't deserve to be attacked or invalidated because they do, but we don't need to make false claims in the process of doing so).

Anonymous 118693

>(chopping off your hair after a break up because you want "a fresh look")
How is this self harm? It isn't harming anything at all.

Anonymous 118708


Of course not, based on their world view. If you asked a troon if they were self harming by getting a double mastectomy or neovagina, they'd equate it to getting legitimate medical surgeries. You can already see it in shit like picrel.
Just because they say it isn't self harming doesn't make them right.

Anonymous 118710

are you retarded

Anonymous 118716

Yes it does because the motivation behind these acts is different, as I explained in my first post.
In the end its still self harm but for different reasons. Most people here are trying to equate tranny surgeries with that kind of self harm, when they are quite different.
People typically self harm as a form of punishing themselves, "to turn emotional pain into physical", "to distract from emotional pain", "to feel something" These are all ways they try to explain it-in reality it has to do with how your body manages pain. When yiu get hurt your brain releases chemicals to cope with the pain that can cause a bit of pleasure, and when you're depressed pleasure is hard to come by. Most describe it as a rush, some say its even like being high.
Troons don't have these surgeries to feel these high sensations or as a form of self punishment. So they are very different things and shouldn't be lumped together as one.

Anonymous 118717

I should also add that because of the powerful neurochemicals released it can be quite addictive for people, which is why you see people with ongoing self harm issues lasting years after desperately trying to stop.
You need to understand WHY people do these things. How it manifests isn't much different, because its still bodily harm inflicted on oneself caused intentionally and unnecessarily, but the reasons behind them are very different.

t. self harmer
don't equate what I do to troon madness

Anonymous 118718

Why do they think posting here makes them women? It’s like saying that every woman posting to 4chan is a moid, because they pretend to be moids.

Anonymous 118719

Do they actually think that though? Why would they? They already think that they are women because mainstream says anyone can be a woman, they don't need CC lol unless they are trying to learn to be "not like the other transgirls uwu" but even then it isn't really the same thing.

Anonymous 118723

Pointless. They both fall under the umbrella of self harm, but aren't the same thing. I think you understand the point I am making here.

Anonymous 118726

i hate how tradthots have appropriated radfem just to call other women whores and persecute them. Most women in sw are mentally ill and were groomed and it is the fault of moids. Radfem simply isn't for right wingers as it is left wing ideology

Anonymous 118741

Uh well gender theory is exactly about meaning of certain words soo

Anonymous 118780

What the fuck that's insane

Okay so 0.4% of the US population, or about 1.4 million people, are trans. The ratio is 2.2 to 1 MtF to FtM, so that leaves about 962,000 MtF troons. Currently there are 11,699 federal prisoners that are in for sex offenses, or 5,671 MtF predators.

Back of the envelope math, that means that one out of 170 MtF transgenders are currently in federal prison for sex offenses, usually possession or distribution of child pornography.

That's absolutely fucking insane. Not "1 out of 170 have been to jail for sex offenses," but "1 out of 170 are in prison RIGHT NOW for sex offenses."

Anonymous 118782

Okay, so they both fall under the umbrella of self-harm. Let's take that as a hypothesis. In such a case, what makes the one one form of self harm and the other another form of self-harm? What word describes this? Here's an example, is one "intentional self-harm" and the other "medical self-harm"? Give me better words to describe what you think the difference between the two forms of self harm is.
Wow that's pretty brutal. Anyone got a link to the raw data so I can verify this?

Anonymous 118793

Like I said, at this point its just semantics. They are different things for the reasons I already explained. The motivation and reasons behind them are very different, but they are still self harm.
Use whatever fucking words you want, I don't care. The words don't exist because the mainstream doesn't recognize SRS as self harm but a legitimate procedure.
What is the point of arguing over words? Do you disagree that they are different things caused by different psychological stressors? My point isn't to argue over words, but is to distinguish between the reasoning behind self harm which is what makes them different acts.

Anonymous 118802

>They are different things for the reasons I already explained.
Sure, agreed for now, now give me a label.
>Use whatever fucking words you want, I don't care. The words don't exist because the mainstream doesn't recognize SRS as self harm but a legitimate procedure.
Then go and invent the term, you've made the discovery. What describes one pattern of behavior and what describes the other?
>Do you disagree that they are different things caused by different psychological stressors?
I don't know if I do, you're imprecise in your language as far as what the difference is and apparently I'm too stupid to understand. If you chose to give labels to one and the other perhaps we could cover some distance because I could firmly state what one was and what the other is, I'm giving you the chance to decide since this is the idea that you are espousing.

Anonymous 118833

Really makes you think.

Anonymous 118834

>0.275% of the population
>48.47% of imprisoned sex offenders
Really sparks ignition in cognition

Anonymous 118839

It's poorly made, I think it means 11.2 % of the general population is in for that, 48% of all troons are in for that, etc… Not the other way around, that is 48 % of all sex offenders are troons

Anonymous 118855

You can't add it, because the general population includes the trans-identified inmates. It says about half of MtFs in prison are sex offenders.

Anonymous 118856

>more semantics because I was wrong
Truely retarded, much like every other discussion I have had with you.
YOU invent the term, my point was already made. If terms are important for YOU to be able to distinguish between the concepts in your mind, then YOU invent them.

Anonymous 118857

>she doesn't see troons as part of the general population
uhh based department calling

Anonymous 118863

Stop surprising men

Anonymous 118866

>who do you think will troon out in 2022
Technology Connections dude

Anonymous 118868

>Quimton Reviews
This won't be pretty

Anonymous 118870

I know Adam's retarded but I'll cry if he troons out. Also I think Folding Ideas could be next…

Anonymous 118899

I watch Adum all the time (don't judge) and I can't see him trooning out at all. He isn't even attracted to humans, just drawings of Scar from the fucking Lion King. He can't be an AGP because he's gay and he can't be an HSTS because there are no human men he wants to fuck. I really don't think he'd troon. Though, the Adum Highlights channel on YouTube or whatever is owned by a tranny who recently came out so rip, I unsubbed and won't be watching that channel I guess.

Anonymous 118906


Agreed, I would really be shocked if he did. His long hair is related to his horse fetish, not AGP.

Anonymous 118970

>it's another "tranny vtubing with a female avatar" episode
Hate it, why tf are moids like this. Embrace being a feminine male. Having a female visual doesn't erase the "flamboyant gay man" from your voice.

Babiniku is kind of a shit term that doesn't really dive deeply enough into how repulsive it is that men think they can digitally LARP as anime girls and not come off as completely cringe. It feels like whoever came up with "babiniku" was trying to cope hard and make it sound better. V-trannies is probably most accurate, or V-AGPs/virtual autogynephiles.

Anonymous 119004

Smart money is definitely on hbomberguy. Folding Ideas doesn't give me trans vibes but I do think he fucks his cat.

Anonymous 119006

>but I do think he fucks his cat.

Anonymous 119007

Im glad no one I enjoy has ever become a troon. The only famous person I know who trooned out was the lady from knocked up.

Anonymous 119009

As far as I can tell "babiniku" doesn't have inherently negative connotations because there aren't any. Japs don't care about this as much as any hear does. This is further reinforced by the fact that the majority of "fans" for "babiniku" are scrotes, so it does't matter regardless. If you think there should be a new term with negative slang, I don't know, contact the Japanese female audiences for vtubers and go ask them how they feel about "babiniku".

Anonymous 119011

>Im glad no one I enjoy has ever become a troon.
same, lets hope it stays that way

Anonymous 119014

Doing more reading I guess what may be more what you want is the term "nekama", but that is specifically different from a "babiniku" because it is a "nekama(catfish)" attempt. Which I suppose has negative connotation, but doesn't cover the men who have female avatars, voice changers, and are completely honest about being men behind the avatars. Japs just don't seem to care as long as it's cute I guess.

Anonymous 119016

I'm mostly kidding but I just find the way he talks to it and how much he posts about it weird.

Anonymous 119020

>technology connections
one of the few scrote youtubers I like god I hope you're wrong.

Anonymous 119055

Tranny Vaush is an image too disgusting that will haunt me for days

Anonymous 119056

I'm not into Vtubers so I have no clue, but do those guys identify as trans or something like that?

Anonymous 119057

No, or if they do it's very rare. If the vtuber is trans that would usually be called a "nekama" or "catfish" instead. Babiniku are very clearly men who say they are men and confident in being men that LARP as female avatars.

Anonymous 119059

Think "incel that plays a girl in MMOs for free gifts".

Anonymous 119061


He radiates "cool gay uncle" not tranny vibes.
But yeah, I side with >>118383 and bet on Quinton Reviews.
Also, is there any tranny prone rightwing figure? If not Which right wing trooning out would give the most LOLS?

Anonymous 119062

NTA, but there are a few rightwing trannies out there already. as far as who might troon out that isnt already, i wouldn't be surprised if richard spencer wanted to but he would never allow himself to do it.

Anonymous 119063

>Which right wing trooning out would give the most LOLS?

Ben Shapiro

Anonymous 119066


Anonymous 119070

I want to do his make up so bad. I'm normal I am normal

Anonymous 119073

I had my first experience with having to use they/them/their to refer to someone in conversation, and it was so damned annoying (I say “have” because I’m a conflict-averse wuss).

Anonymous 119076


Why do you guys hate enby people so much?
I dislike troons because they are trying to change their bodies into something completelt different, destroying themselves and demanding special treatment in the process, usually very mentally ill and sexually deviant.
They/thems aren't like that. They are just androgynous feeling people who don't feel like they fit into the stereotypes of either gender and would like people to recognize that, a highly relatable feel. They really aren't troons. They aren't even .001% as crazy as troons.
So, why the hate? Simply because its mildly annoying to use pronouns you usually don't use? That's pretty fucking dumb and I really don't get it.

Anonymous 119077

The only reasons I would use someone’s “pronouns” is if
1) I felt physically threatened by them (e.g. being alone with a TiM)
2) It was at my workplace and I didn’t want to get fired/get a bad reference (but I’d try to find a new job if possible)
3) There was a chance of them “exposing” me (e.g. posting my face on twitter or something to get TRAs to send me death and rape threats).
So yeah, I feel like I could basically only “misgender” them anonymously. These men have so much power in society despite claiming that they are the most opwessed people ever.

Anonymous 119078

>who don't feel like they fit into the stereotypes of either gender
This implies the misogynist idea that women naturally conform to sex stereotypes (e.g. being submissive, being weak, being “hysterical”, wearing makeup, having long hair, etc.) The truth is that women are women no matter what stereotypes they relate to.
>they aren’t as crazy as troons
LOL, just fucking LOL. Are you new to the internet?

Anonymous 119079

they are just as bad in how they act imho

Anonymous 119080

How can someone be “androgynous feeling”? It’s about what you are, not about what you feel. 99% of people are clearly their sex and using they/them is unnatural and retarded.

Anonymous 119081

>How can someone be “androgynous feeling”?
this. same for saying you feel like the opposite sex, how would anyone even know what that means? you just feel how you feel, there is no inherent feeling in your sex because you have nothing to compare it to. like jazz saying he "feels" like a girl, it's meaningless nonsense.

Anonymous 119083

Millennial woes. He was already a gay prostitute and also raped a few dumb right wing pick-mes and gave them STDs. He has a YouTube channel but I'm not sure if he updates it anymore.

Anonymous 119084

>He was already a gay prostitute and also raped a few dumb right wing pick-mes and gave them STDs.
not true

Anonymous 119086

For the longest time I thought "they/them" was supposed to be plural, like a split personality sort of thing.

Anonymous 119092


We know

Anonymous 119093

Yes it is literally true. Go read his kiwifarms thread.

Anonymous 119095


We see you

Anonymous 119099


We need more based bio transwomen infiltrating these peoples' Discords

Anonymous 119100

you are literally so right

Anonymous 119101

theyre entitled and annoying brats who think that the whole world revolves around them (unless they have dysphoria ig)

Anonymous 119102


Absolutely foul

Anonymous 119103



Anonymous 119104


All tranny roads lead to accelerationism

Anonymous 119114


am i not supposed to be able to tell that you searched "fanged noumena" then typed "sissification" in the search bar without hitting enter?

Anonymous 119121



Anonymous 119148

i got this from their Discord, I didn't make it

Anonymous 119168

Woah there anon, no need to be abrasive just because I used some capslock.
It's not an injury, it's a surgical procedure (not a good one, I'm not denying that).
>Those are contradictory. It's like saying cutting wouldn't be self harm if we had the technology to heal instantly. It's still harm, the effects are just mitigated.
If we had the technology to heal instantly no one would self harm because "harm" would cease to exist.
If let's say a woman decides to remove her breasts because she knows it's harmful, and she's doing it because it's harmful, yes it is self harm. If you ever been in trans circles you'd see how they constantly talk about how those surgeries are part of them loving their body. No self harmer says they cut themselves because they love their body. And no, liking your own self harm scars isn't the same.
>Not true at all. Not only can self harm be subconscious (chopping off your hair after a break up because you want "a fresh look") but we classify the actions of retarded who have no higher brain function who hurt themselves as self harm.
Self harm, as a coping mechanism, is a different thing. Unintentionally hurting yourself as an emotional impulse (for example, eating or drinking alcohol) is not self harm, even if you're doing it to get away from negative emotions. Now drinking alcohol because you know it's a bad thing for your body and you want to cause harm to your body by such method or anything like cutting, burning, beating, starving yourself or eating until you feel sick, is self harm.

Anonymous 119169


Anonymous 119209

they're retarded women who think they´re special or not like other women because too much massive social media juice showing hypersexualized or hyperfemenine women as an ideal, or worse, showing how boring and irrelevant is being a straight hyperfemenine woman is, led them to think they need to be special and not like other girls, so they invented a new retarded labels that basically means nothing.
i don't hate them, they're single-handledly destroying this fad by getting other troons mad and showing normies and the rest of the world how meaningless their ideology is

Anonymous 119265


You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming
You shouldn't have to hide who you are or get surgery to be gender nonconforming

Anonymous 119272

Because when they say things like "I don't feel like a woman, I feel like a human being" they're saying that a woman isn't a human being, but a set of stereotypes. It's unforgivable.

Anonymous 119276

it's funny to me how ACLU used to be so pro-free speech that they defended the right for neo nazis to march, but they won't even extend the courtesy to women who reasonably think that TIMs are men or that puberty blockers are dangerous.

"transkids" aren't real, trans is something you opt-into and a lot of "transkids" either have munchausen-by-proxy parents, gay, or are uncomfortable in their body as a result of sexual abuse. kids who are uncomfortable with their bodies don't deserve to be put on the same drugs that are used to castrate pedophiles in prison

i don't hate them (i don't inherently hate any transperson for existing even if i disagree with a lot of them, unless they're "fundies" in their belief) but a lot of them internalize sexist gender roles and think having a personality makes them not the sex they are. maybe the they/thems you know don't take hormones and are androgynous, but a decent amount do take hormones, and most just present as regular girls but act like the troons you don't like, and a lot try to push neutral language onto people who are ESL or don't know how to "ungender" everything. i don't have a problem with "they" pronouns but i do have issues with people requiring people call them a "xe xer xers" and etc

Anonymous 119277

Yeah, they're victims. Trans adults, on the other hand…

Anonymous 119278


Anonymous 119281

>i don't hate them, they're single-handledly destroying this fad by getting other troons mad
same here lmao. they’re appropriating their appropriation, and it is, like they say, ”heckin’ cute and valid” hahahaha

Anonymous 119298

>claiming that womanhood is a set of sexist stereotypes is… le heckin cute and valid!!
Go back to twitter please

Anonymous 119307


has anyone else noticed the correlation between troons and an infantile obsession with stuffed animals? i truly believe that one component to mtfs is arrested development and not wanting to become an adult man with responsibilities. in a healthy upbringing children get love and care from their parents emotionally and physically. when some people are afraid, they crave this comfort, they want to curl up and be held like a child. troons see women in a similar way as they see children; they see women being held and comforted or looked after. this makes them feel that certain love they crave, the love of a mother or father making them feel safe, but they confuse/conflate this feeling with "femininity". this is why it didnt surprise me when i found out that some troons wear diapers and sleep in cribs. just a bit of a ramble, thanks for reading.

Anonymous 119332

>What the fuck happened to the west?
unironically our men got feminized

Anonymous 119333

Porn, video games and internet ruined a whole generation of men

Anonymous 119335

Anonymous 119347

You're literally innumerate. The image is saying the percentages of each group who are in prison for sexual crimes. As in, 48.47% of the MtF prison population are in for sex crimes. It is not saying that 48.47 of imprisoned sex offenders are MtF.

Didn't you wonder why the percentages only add up to like 67%?

Still mental that trannies appear to be 5 times as likely to be sex pests than the general population.

Anonymous 119355

>You're literally innumerate.
No, I'm simply lazy when responding to 118780, for I calculated those percentages based off what the anon said without looking at the image.

The image itself is terribly designed and deserves to be misunderstood.

Anonymous 119359

>androgynous feeling people
Because of this. There's no such thing as an "androgynous feeling". You don't stop being a woman just because you don't like pink vapid shit and spreading your pussy on camera isn't part of your career plans, and if you think it does then it betrays your own misogyny.

Anonymous 119360


>how ACLU used to be so pro-free speech
The ACLU has always been pro-whatever 'murican men and their dicks feel like. They defended a pedophile organization against the family of a raped and murdered kid, it's no surprise they defend troons.

Anonymous 119416

i wish i could find the link but i read a study once that said autogynephilia is sometimes comorbid with other paraphilias like pedophilia (duh) and even zoophilia. that's probably why a lot of male-to-trans go to prison for sex crimes, because their trans identity came from paraphilia

Anonymous 119427

possessed by demon…

>who don't feel like they fit into the stereotypes of either gender

This is what I don't understand. I neither fit into the stereotypes of femininity nor masculinity, but I still go by she/her because I don't care, and it seems like such an effort to have to actually change your own language and actively police others'. Ironically, it seems like the people who claim to care the least about gender constructs (by rejecting to go by them) care the most about how their gender (or lack thereof) is identified by the public. No one who has actual problems cares about this nonsense. Additionally, my old French teacher has instilled a dislike of they/them for grammatical reasons, she used to drill that you should use his/her in place of they if it's just one person, because 'they' implies many. She would use it as an opportunity to teach us French, because the plural 'they' in French is 'ils' or 'elles' depending on whether there is a male in the group (or not).

I wonder how the french deal with this shit, or if they even have to. Do they just use 'qui'? Or do they copy the Spanish and use an x in place of gendered vowels, xl/xls? French anons if you know please lmk because I'm interested now

Anonymous 119433

Hi Jesus

Anonymous 119434

do normal spanish people actually add -x to words? i know a lot of them consider things like "latinx" to be pointless woke nonsense

Anonymous 119443

the x was used to include women into discourses, because of some gendered sentences like "los trabajadores" (the workers). instead of writing "las (femenine article)y los trabajadores", wokies used "lxs trabajadorxs". but since the imperialist and globalist troonism kicked in, the use of these forms just dropped and ceased to exist. now the "x" is replaced with an "e"

Anonymous 119448


Another troon going with the “they hate me because they want to fuck me” argument. Oh, the delusion.

Anonymous 119450

lol, what is this trying to say? that the TIM is a race-fetishist and won't date other white guys? isn't that problematic?

Anonymous 119451


On nobnibaries

Anonymous 119456


Anonymous 119458

Hello my child, peace be with you.

I should've said Mexicans, I've only seen them specifically doing this, and there's a very high chance they're from California.

I think les trabajadores is fine given this sort of context. I have no idea how you'd even pronounce lxs, I'd guess lexus.

Anonymous 119460

And I'm glad because the x sounds and looks fucking retarded. I'm not against adding a neutral gender "e" just to include both masculine and feminine or indicate unknown gender (grammatical).

Anonymous 119461

I'm tired of universally bad traits being attributed to "femininity" and thusly attributed to women and women's nature.

Anonymous 119464

It's literally been a male cope for millennia.

Anonymous 119466

>I catch some misogynistic insults aimed at men
Excuse me?

Anonymous 119468

I feel the same way I dont care about the gender stereotypes and I thought we got over that. And the people they scapegoat to hide criticism (people of different races, neurodivergency) have bigger problems then whoever misgendered them. but a lot of they/thems around me just seem like attention seekers with issues they need to work out(and narcissism). I'm not sure what else is uniquely going on to make them decide to behave this way and get angry when people say she instead of they in they/she.

Anonymous 119470

I think he means insults that are aimed at men but are misogynistic because it's comparing them to a woman? Like "sissy boy" and whatnot? Fuck if I know

This post illustrates to me that most transpeople would have bigger dating pools if they weren't wrapped up in being "seen" a certain way or having their identity constantly validated, over someone who actually finds them attractive. Dating an open-minded gay man who will treat him respectfully but not see him as a woman (because he isn't) is probably the best option for him

Anonymous 119474

they dont see gay guys as 'real men' ironically lol

Anonymous 119475

i just see it as meaning not as aggressive when used in that way, it's not necessarily negative

Anonymous 119476

That's because in a normal society no distinction would be made between gender dysphoria and homosexuality

Anonymous 119501


>tired of universally bad traits being attributed to "femininity"
The moids that try their interpretation of "feminity" usually do so because they feel like they failed to be masculine. Modern media has done an awful job at outlining strong masculinity, just bastardizing the concept into "strength is violence".

>the idea of "feminity" gets fed to them by porn

>we're stuck with troon on the left of us
>mooooids on the right~
>and I'm stuck here in the middle with (You)

Anonymous 119512

No I get it. But I hate masculinity too. Femininity leads to too many passive-aggressive behaviors. I think both by themselves are weaknesses. An entitlement to aggression… being more likely to use passive-aggression as a crutch because you don't know how use aggression properly. The world is going to demand aggression from you at some point, its better to know how to use it properly, then have a flimsy approach to defending yourself and getting what you need. I don't think the stereotypes benefit anyone. Blending masculinity and femininity benefits you tremendously when you know how, far too many people have no idea. Plus having to go with the label/ cliché of being sensitive means you're less likely to have a well-rounded sort of humor. You're less able to put space between yourself and things. Femininity and masculinity are both abused to death in real life. Men need to have emotional awareness and intelligence to.

Anonymous 119515

And whether or not masculinity and femininity are misrepresented isn't the point. People drift into stereotypes that are widely accepted whether for better or worse. Its more fun to drift into toxic masculinity because of the power imbalance, and what you can get away with. Good god you see it all the time, and then women wonder why. Why does this happen to them. Like they think there's actually the same recourse at all for them. Femininity by itself just opens you up to way too much manipulation too. Its a psychological burden from childhood, trying to maintain femininity. You waste years playing that game, and its one-sided and vile.

Anonymous 119529


Agreed nona, fuck that "muh feminized males bad" poster. As if femininity is something bad, if men actually got feminized as in became gentler, humbler, more beautiful and thoughtful the world would look like picrelated. They just got so lazy they want all benefits males of the past had without having any of their responsibilities (there wasn't a lot compared to women, but they still had some duties).

Anonymous 119530

Fuck off

Anonymous 119531

That's true, it's why gay men who become trans to turn into "sttaight women" often go after straight men. They aren't the majority but I've known a few gay men who would be ok with dating a transwoman who kept his dick (because they like soft feminine guys), but gay TIMs are self hating and would rather harass straight men and pretend to be a woman than accept being gay and date a bisexual

Anonymous 119537

you really don't get it. lurk moar

Anonymous 119566


spongebob laugh

Anonymous 119568

jesus christ how does this not peak anyone who reads it?

Anonymous 119571

the fact this person uses "they" instead of "she" makes me think they're halfway there

Anonymous 119592

peak spicy straight shit

Anonymous 119594

Sorry for samefagging but I wanted to ad that the internalised misogyny is off the charts. He comes out as a woman and she immediately "takes a more dominant role" in the bedroom and starts waxing his arms? Fucking yikes

Anonymous 119709

comments are full of nb tifs complaining about the same thing. they're like ''it's bc nobody takes enbyness seriously!'' no girl, it's because tims are entitled and expect you to cater them kek males gonna male. i hope they all peak

Anonymous 119710

looked up the user and she says in a different post that her s/o uses they/them, so probably not.

Anonymous 119857

Not a spanish speaker but portuguese speaker (gender works basically the same). In my country literally only half a dozen people do that x crap, I've seen it once in one internet advertisement, but never again. Most people literally don't know about that.
Here the only thing people actually do is use @, so for example instead of amigo or amiga writting [email protected] It's not a non binary thing tho, it's more a gender inclusion thing that's supposed to let you be the one read it as amigo/amiga depending of what applies to you.

I'm kinda curious how other languages have to deal with non binaries. What pronouns do german they/thems go by? Do people in Sweden actually use those pronouns the government tried to create?

Anonymous 119931

Kinda funny when they try to make tranny pregancy a thing, when they haven’t bothered to properly research/fund research for pregancy itself to make it safer.

Anonymous 119933

break the fuck up. when my ex came out as trans I cried, I was still drinking the TRA juice but even then I knew something was wrong if I was crying. I inevitably broke things off because they got more and more fucking irritating to deal with. I really truly hope she breaks up with him. fuck that shit

Anonymous 119934

clown werld.png

Jeopardy troon might win the record tonight, big epic win for the troon community

Anonymous 119936

there is a tranny on jeopardy? glad i dont watch tv anymore

Anonymous 119937

truly a historical…

Read up on the lore

Anonymous 119938

lol, i can't stand this trend of trying to make being bullied a unique situation for lgbts. i got mercilessly bullied as a kid for having red curly hair and freckles, but no one is running to give me a hug for it lol.

Anonymous 119939

You don't umnderstand, heshe is really really smart and intelligent and would have never got on jeopardy without skinwalking a woman a boohoo
I wonder if people will finally care when "she" snags the all time record away from a true and honest he-him male boy?

Anonymous 119958

I haven't been able to watch for two months because of this shithead. He stole the winningist 'female' record too.

Anonymous 120266

really good article about the tranny swimmer destroying women's records at UPenn, so happy to see shit like this coming from media other than Fox

>Hogshead-Makar, Olympian, said “The lazy way out is saying, ‘Put them in the women’s category.’

>“To blow up the women’s category is just not the answer. This makes the women’s category meaningless.”

Anonymous 120271

The answer they have in mind is obviously to remove the women’s category entirely. Sorry ladies, back to the kitchen with us I guess. Trannies made us obsolete in the workforce

Anonymous 120273

I refuse to believe that this is a natural occurence, so much of these come from the military. Maybe they're exposed to some chemicals or something, I don't know

Anonymous 120297


Look at the width of his fucking shoulders. But sure, he’s JUST like a woman because he takes hormones! Fuck the world.

Anonymous 120304

autogynephiles tend to be hypermasculine and do very male-normative jobs like military or tech before transitioning. check out the works of ray blanchard

Anonymous 120308

NTA, that source puts the statistic at 41%, so while it does agree, that doesn't seem to be what the original image is citing.

Anonymous 120309

troons raiding the thread

Anonymous 120310


The best thing to do with images like that is to include a link and an archive.is of what is being reported on. Makes it look like shit otherwise. I'm willing to add a hyperlink and archive.is link if anyone can find the actual original source.

Anonymous 120311

This is for the UK, while the original is from the US. And it agrees with the trend that troons have a much higher sex offender rate than the rest of the population.
If anon is interested in where those numbers came from, HE can google it.

Anonymous 120312


It's from a 2021 report from the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Seethe more. And also you don't pass.
The image originally posted is from this thread on Twitter, which cites the source. https://twitter.com/NoXY_USA/status/1470927836995334148?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1470927836995334148%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2F4w.pub%2F50-of-trans-inmates-in-federal-custody-for-sex-offences%2F

Anonymous 120317

But troons are overrepresented on certain places on the internet.

Anonymous 120323

There is absolutely nothing about this man that looks female.
Take away his dresses, makeup, and wigs, and there's just nothing.

Anonymous 120324

How many hours have you spent pouring over your /pol/ infographs, retard? only moids are this confrontational.

Anonymous 120325


Fucked up my archive links.

Anonymous 120326


Other one.

>shitting on TERFs making better infographics for themselves
Most moid post in this thread.

Anonymous 120333

Love these. Thanks anon!

Anonymous 120337

General pupulation 11.2%
I bet these numbers are diluted by combining moids and women. Are there one with the percentage of males?

Anonymous 120338

I saw an interview recently from a woman who was in prison and they had trannies coming in and it sounded like a total nightmare. Some of them didn't even bother trying to "pass", and iirc she said that they heard two of the guys say "Stick to the plan" when they arrived. California needs to fall into the ocean already. Also they get preferential treatment and some prison installed condom dispensers. It's so dark, I really can't believe this is actually happening.

Anonymous 120344

>some prison installed condom dispensers
one could argue it's a good harm reduction tactic but moids in general are pretty reluctant to put them on (as there's no benefit for the moid to use it); especially fucking pornsick tranny sex offenders.

Anonymous 120345

Absolutely. Too many of them are into ABDL, are “littles”, or have “child alters” for it to be a coincidence. I have noticed that as nonbinary stuff has become more popular, a lot of these men who identified as women now are also identifying as nonbinary or agender she/they. It’s not that they want to be women, just that they want to be anything but a man. It’s a rejection of being a man more than anything else. They would rather be she, they, it, xe before he.

Anonymous 120355

I’m interested in this as well. I wonder how close the men and TIM stats are, and how close the women and TIF stats are.

Anonymous 120356

it would be harm reduction if they werent there in the first place

Anonymous 120357

the archive link doesn't work for me? Also, if that is the letter "j" in the link, I think the font should be changed so it doesn't look like an "i."

Anonymous 120358

precisely. same goes for ftms, i dont think they want to be men, they are just traumatized at the idea of being female.

Anonymous 120363

Such a longwinded way of saying "where's my femdommy mommy gf? :'(" god. The question wouldn't need asking if he was comfortable with being treated as a gay male bottom. Sounds like he'd rather be seen as a man after all, than learn to top/switch lmao. Pathetic.

Anonymous 120369

Whenever these people describe their relationships it always reads like the most insane, forced, loveless thing I can imagine. I don't know how you can take anything away from this besides diagnosing both of them with one or more mental illnesses.

Anonymous 120373

Exactly. For whatever reason, these people have a complete aversion and maybe even a hatred for the sex that they are, not truly an affinity for the sex they are not. To me, it seems like what they hate most is themselves, and they want to destroy who they are and become something entirely different.

Anonymous 120391

wow this is a very interesting point, i never really thought about it that way!
how much does trauma play in being a gendershit? can a TiM have a mix of trauma and AGP?

Anonymous 120423


Anonymous 120424

I've heard it argued that transgender people may have missed out on "pretend" play as children. It manifests as an adult trying to force others to play along in their "make believe" description of themselves. Their childhood doesn't even need to be traumatic, just never got to indulge in "make believe" play.

I'd argue this applies to both TiFs and TiMs though, it's just easy to spot in TiMs because society has less emphasis put on male childhood and TiFs just go ignored mostly.

Anonymous 120440

what's wrong with this? is that actually a girl?

Anonymous 120441

Anonymous 120452

Anonymous 120454

nta, I think it's a mother imposing transgenderism on her daughter.

Anonymous 120455

It’s a biological boy wearing a dress. It’s fine as long as the adults around him don’t start saying he’s a girl because he likes dresses. I don’t like it as the OP image.

Anonymous 120459

> don't feel like they fit into the stereotypes of either gender and would like people to recognize that, a highly relatable feel. They really aren't troons
You do realize that whole shtick is what led to the existence of troons in the first place? It's a false narrative, not founded in reality in the slightest, only based on the assumption that if you do not conform to a stereotype then you aren't a "woman", which is frankly such a demented idea that I do not know how many people are buying into this.

Anonymous 120470

It is? wow. I guess kids can be pretty androgynous looking. Terrible thread pic tho lol.

Anonymous 120475


Anonymous 120476

Anonymous 120477

Sweden has stopped prescribing puberty blockers to ppl under 18… feeling hopeful today


Anonymous 120480

Great news

Anonymous 120503

Remember the swedes and nords started the whole trans acception thing, now they are seeing the light. Soon the rest of the world will copy this too. Based.

Anonymous 120510


Anonymous 120512


Not very based of my dumbass country

Anonymous 120634

Is it possible to un-peak trans? I was 100% supportive of trans identity for a long time, but over time, I realized it's nothing but a giant reinforcement of gender stereotypes. And homophobia, too, but as a straight woman, I'm not informed enough to speak on that. Obviously, what truly irks me is what males do. For females, I'm frustrated and disappointed at their internalized misogyny. But the idea of a man claiming to feel like a woman, and the misogynistic things that inform this "feeling," is what I really hate.

Another stance of mine is that, unless you're an extremely stereotypically hypermasculine man or hyperfeminine woman, you've probably struggled with some aspect of gender roles. So when I hear them frame their struggles as things specific to trans or nonbinary people, I think, "Well, don't we all?"

I don't necessarily want to walk back on my views, if that's even possible. But I feel like it would be easier to, for instance, see a trans woman and not think of how stunted, regressive, and juvenile they are, and not immediately think of how their identity is based around sexism and possibly perversion. For my own happiness, it'd be nice to see them the way normies do – with no-questions-asked support. Is it possible to dial it back a little once you've reached such adamant conclusions?

Anonymous 120636

Normies think like you too, they just mask it under politeness because that's what most others say and you just accept it and conform because you don't want to stand out. You can't unlearn what you come to understand

Anonymous 120637


(20f) i invited this trans girl over to watch movies nd cuddle or whatever idk; and i couldn’t ignore the intrusive thoughts i was having,,insisting “he will never be a real girl” and i just felt a general disgust. this is odd because i don’t feel this way about trans dudes. trans girls are just fucking DUDES!!LIKE THE MODERN DAY MAN CANT EVEN COMPREHEND GENDER CORRECTLY OR IN AN UNBIASED DISADVANTAGED WAY BC THEYRE A FUCKING MAN!!!! stupid fucking moids wanting to be women. i’m using “she” to avoid confusion but also because i feel guilty not. i always respect ppls pronouns irl but i hate the type of bitch who goes by they/them because they think it’s cool… anyway

Anonymous 120638

THE FORMAT?? it’s fucked on my phone at least e_e

(20f) i invited this trans girl over to watch movies nd cuddle or whatever idk; and i couldn’t ignore the intrusive thoughts i was having,,insisting “he will never be a real girl” and i just felt a general disgust. this is odd because i don’t feel this way about trans dudes. trans girls are just fucking DUDES!!LIKE THE MODERN DAY MAN CANT EVEN COMPREHEND GENDER CORRECTLY OR IN AN UNBIASED DISADVANTAGED WAY BC THEYRE A FUCKING MAN!!!! stupid fucking moids wanting to be women. i’m using “she” to avoid confusion but also because i feel guilty not. i always respect ppls pronouns irl but i hate the type of bitch who goes by they/them because they think it’s cool… anyway

Anonymous 120639

Why did you invite him over to begin with? You don't have to hang out with dudes you don't like just to be nice, esp if they're jealous of women

Anonymous 120640

honestly a lot of people feel this way. i have a TIM cousin and my liberal mom still says "he" and corrects herself, a lot of people only give lip service to trans.
maybe i'm just a hippie but i never fully dialed it back, but i never saw a "transwoman" as women or anything, even the ones i thought were cool people, at most i just saw them as a transperson. so that's what they are to me, they're transpeople

Anonymous 120686



Anonymous 120688


good for her

Anonymous 120696

How many of you are trannies that hate how porn sick male socialised other trannies are and have been sexually harassed or assaulted by them? Be honest

Anonymous 120698

What do you think of Gender Accelerationism?

Anonymous 120699

Trannies aren’t allowed here. We’re all women.

Anonymous 120700

You obviously have a lot of growing to do. You type like an underage Twitter user. Also, cuddling with a tranny sounds gagworthy. Lurk more and educate yourself about gender critical beliefs.

Anonymous 120703

Yes please, how many of you? Please out yourselves, you will totally not be banned kweens.

Anonymous 120709

lmao “other” trannies are pornsick right ok. I’m sure you’re one of the good ones!

Anonymous 120714

can someone translate this article from schizo to english?

iluminati is feminizing men because women make better computers….?

Anonymous 120718

yakuza 3

Anonymous 120719


super cool and healthy for your gender to randomly change during a time of crisis

Anonymous 120722



I'm gonna stop spamming this same guy but their whole twitter is goldmine, yes no terfs want to dismantle the patriarchy or the male/female power imbalence, it's all about bullying the poor troons /s

Anonymous 120723

I'm sure there might be some tifs if that's what you mean, but trannies are pretty bad at larping as women. Best they can do is in /media/ or /img/

Anonymous 120724

To be fair asexual trannies exist

Anonymous 120727

It takes years for the male socialisation to fade if they go on hrt and aren't coomers, too many are too lazy to train their voice so they don't sound like total moids too.

Anonymous 120734

not really, unless they're TIMs who lost libido and penis functioning from estrogen, or pre-testosterone TIFs who were abused. literally every "asexual" tranny i've known just liked looking at porn or masturbating but didn't want to date, aka libidinal celibates

Anonymous 120756

Good god what a clusterfuck. It’s like watching Ancient Aliens.
In addition to everything else, Noelle and Susie having sex sounds far-fetched to me. It was an innocent romantic moment they had together. (They’re underage too, which ups the gross factor by x1000000) Why do scrotes have to see the coom in everything?

Anonymous 120759

/media/ is so obviously infested with TRA. Saw that ”autistic anime girl” thread and noped the shit out of there.

Anonymous 120762

Eh why
You don’t think women can’t be sympathetic to autistic characters and like anime?..
I mean, I guess it is a half of the board

p 120764


https://vm.tiktok.com/TTPdr4M7R8/ lol i feel like i should just uninstall tiktok instead of letting it get me enraged since its peak tumblr on steroids. but this one really really pisses me off to no end. I just hate hate hate that so many girls are claimimg to be gay men. especially after claiming to be a lesbian first. it just makes me feel postal. idk maybe its the lesbain femcel in me feeling bitter that every girl ive felt something for ended up being a "gay trans guy" aka just another straight girl but withba twist. she gets to have a wailing victim complex and get her little gotcha momments when she dresses up with her tits out amd clearly enjoys being a woman but still Insists that she Is a true gay boy uwu because labels dont mean anything at all and u can be completely female in everyway. presentation demeanor. but u can just claim to be a twans boy so u can escape being the dreaded straight woman because thats no longer trendy. idk im bitter as hell and i acknowledge im sounding slut shamey but im litteraly just pissed off at this trend. wish girls felt comfortable being girls

Anonymous 120773


Anonymous 120774

how do you fuck up this bad as a parent. going out of your way to make your kid confused at every step.

Anonymous 120777

That a child saying something on a whim at an age when they say tons of incomprehensible things can lead to such a terrible upbringing pains me. I feel really bad for the years of therapy this girl is going to have go through and the fact that whenever she talks about her experiences with her deranged mother she'll be silenced for challenging trans dogma

Anonymous 120779

the ''!!''s are so annoying i hate to think that there are 40 year olds who type like this and call themselves nonbinary

Anonymous 120781

Wow you want to be treated with respect like men treat other men and feel actual appreciation for your inner being and not your appearance? You must be a gay trans guy!

I weep for it too. Being a lesbian these days seems like pure suffering, I'm convincing myself I'm straighter than I am, not that men are any better

Anonymous 120786

I can't see "Gender Euphoria" as anything other than paraphilic arousal anymore

Anonymous 120788


Anonymous 120790

Note that all of these are about proximity to women.

Anonymous 120792

Sander was trolled by 4chan, it's mildly funny.
and I also like Hellraiser Just Like You.

Anonymous 120799

I’d yell at my sister for wearing my fucking UNDERWEAR, and if my brother did, I might not ever talk to him again. God, that’s disgusting.

Anonymous 120801

Yeah, it seems that all moids have parasite instincts. No amount of magic pills and makeup can suppress that.

Anonymous 120810

this is so vile. Wearing her underwear jesus christ. i hope she gets away from him. the male entitlement is puke worthy

Anonymous 120811

I hate humanity.

Anonymous 120812

He has watched too much hollywood movies. Or porn, given the bras&undies he stole. Seriously, why is it so rarely about blouses or skirts? Why do they need to wear the unseen fabric, that held intimate organs, against their bare skin?

Anonymous 120813

Because anime isn’t meant to represent real life. The same reason why yuri is so idealized and unrealistic.

Anonymous 120816

hey jazzsister

Anonymous 120820


Who bullies someone for having red curly hair and freckles? I am so jealous of people like you, I've wanted those traits as long as I can remember, instead I'm a brown hair hazel eyed loser
bullies were prolly just jealous

Anonymous 120828


If I caught a male relative wearing my underwear I would curbstomp him. So he should be grateful that his sister is so nice.
Also pic related is the same moid.

Anonymous 120841


Anonymous 120851

I am stupid and wrote my response to this in a different thread >>120844

Anonymous 120854

is this Adam Driver

Anonymous 120857

Lol his voice is so deep and male. How hopeless.

Anonymous 120867


Anonymous 120890

Jesus Christ I hope this woman loses custody of her child. The dad was smart to get the fuck out of there but leaving the kid with her was a mistake for sure.

Anonymous 120896

It blows my mind that a supposed non binary person is angry about "girl toys" lmao.

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