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Anonymous 5246

Are posters who spend "too much time around moids" allowed to post here? I've been accused of sounding like a moid and as far as the TERF thread has taught me that doesn't stop me from having XX chromosomes. Does Admin want me to send in a DNA test or what?

Anonymous 5247

All you need to do is have XX chromosomes to post here, even if you’re a pickme with only male friends.

Anonymous 5249

Yeah, but if you start talking about how women having rights was a mistake or how it would be better if we were controlled by men, you’re gonna get more comments like that.

Anonymous 5252

no matter what you post, you'll be accused of this. constant moid accusations shoot almost any discussion here in the foot

Anonymous 5256

Don’t be [some fucking obnoxious devil’s advocate who tries to get the last say in everything and clings to every detail and who then goes full schizo after getting his precious ego dented and who posts gore in trying to get the thread nuked]…
And you’ll do just fine.

Anonymous 5258

Unrelated but is the TERF thread cut off? I'm trying to find a new one but the previous one's closed

Anonymous 5259

Anonymous 5266

100% fact

On 4chan everything boils down to comparisons to Hitler eventually.

Here, it always results in 2 people yelling "MALE POSTER".

Every remotely interesting topic has been utterly ruined by this. Makes me come here less and less.

Anonymous 5317

This applies even if that poster is a highly autistic girl ala Temple Granden?

Anonymous 5318

I have browsed and posted on 4chan since I was 12, and I've only been banned here a couple of times. Just like with any imageboard, learn how to integrate. There are ways of speaking that are acceptable in some places but not in others.

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