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Anonymous 546

You guys can be kind of mean. (Not the staff but many of the people who post here.) You're not going to have a totally new and comfy place on the internet to hang out if you keep bringing around the same bitter attitude you picked up from other imageboards.

Before you comment just think for a second, is what I'm posting helpful? Is it kind? Is it charitable? Is it respectful? Maybe you should reconsider what you have to say or how you're saying it if it's none of those things unless you want this place to be just like everywhere else online.

Anonymous 547

Good post.

Anonymous 548


>Why isn't the hugbox version of lolcowchan not enough of a hugbox for me
There's a reason why I rarely come here and it's because of people like you

Anonymous 549

Tbh I think we're good. We're free speech friendly while maintaining sanity and self awareness enough not to act like petty snarky bitches just for the sake of being petty snarky bitches.

I think we're one of the comfiest, warmest chans out there. A bit of harshness every now and then won't change the overall vibe we have here in CC.

Anonymous 550

The worst we've had is the unpopular opinion thread. Aside from that this place is chill. We don't need to start banning people over calling someone a retard once or just being real and coming off harsh. This place warm and cozy but it's also the internet so

Anonymous 551

I'll second this.

I get the idea I'm walking into a pre-existing conflict that I have neither a part nor interest in, but I'll say this: the person in >>546 has it correct, there's no reason for us to be hateful to each other on here, and there's no reason we can't be civil, there's no "Rule of The Chans" dictating how we treat each other.

Tl;dr: If the majority of users want it to be a conflict-free zone, then it should stay that way.

Anonymous 552

This place has the perfect balance of free speech and sanity, like >>549 said. If you have an issue with a ~rude~ thread then just ignore lol, dont read things that make u mad (unless you like that then go ahead). I find some of the heavy discussion threads tiresome to read sometimes so I don't even bother with reading them.

Anonymous 553

Where's even people "hating" each other and not being "civil" here? Those two or three anons who were discussing makeup?
Or the people talking about trans issues (which were in threads that were pretty much open for that type of discussion and criticism, as the unpopular opinion thread, the gendering thread and the thread about Playboy's trans playmate – and two of these threads are dead right now).
People here are very civil and even kind to others generally speaking. Can you show me examples, except for the ones I already mentioned, that support your pov?
Those were isolated incidents and the people talking about trans issues have every right to discuss those things in those threads. Like >>552 said, if you don't like it, don't read it. Hide the thread. If people are derailing to angrily talk about something, report them so mods and admin can stop them if necessary.
I pretty much do it myself: I almost never go to /nsfw/ because some threads there ~~trigger~~ me. Does that change how much fun I have here? No.

Seriously, cc is super comfy, and I can't see angry, pissed off anons like you guys do. I come here every fucking day and I guarantee you that if that is happening I'm absolutely blind to it.

Anonymous 554


I think there needs to be a distinction between comfy and tip toeing uwu safe-space.

This place IS comfy, most of us are really nice and helpful to each other and we barely have any trolls (which is amazing for a chan). When someone asks for something, they are replied seriously most, if not all, of the time, often with real advice or an actual conversation other than hurrdurr normies rEEEEEE can't hear you because i disagree REeeeeeeeeE.

Apart from the cancer brewing from the unpopular opinions thread, the TERFS, and the occasional troll, this community is a perfect place for civil discussion since most of the userbase seems mature and open for discussion.

Just because some anons do not sugar coat their replies or advice and can come off as "mean" does not automatically mean that this community is suddenly uncomfy. A good place for discussions needs many points of view, some harsher than others, tip toeing around those just to not hurt some feelings or coming off as "mean" turns a good comfy mature place into a tumblr-tier echochamber circlejerk of fakeness.

Just report obvious trolls and derailing. You can also hide threads you dislike (i.e i hid all of trans discussions threads because i dislike the kinda people they attract and they do not interest me, so i prefer to ignore them instead of complaining about them to be removed because i personally dislike them).

If even after doing that, you still think that the place is not "kind" enough for you, maybe you should go to another kind of website.

Anonymous 555



… Then just don't come here at all? lmao

>The worst we've had is the unpopular opinion thread.

Real shit, though. I was the one who created the thread and was expecting shit like "I don't like salad", "I think Stranger Things is overrated" and stuff like that and then it suddenly became a bigoted cesspool, >mfw
Now I hide the thread. lel

Other than that yeah, I agree that here is generally pretty chill. There are some shit-chans every now and then on every other thread, but that's just life.

Anonymous 556


>a bigoted cesspool
Oh so we do want an uwu hugbox. That's the problem. No you're not getting a hugbox. Yes people disagree with you. Yes people who disagree with you have every right to post even if it violates your personal sensibilities. If you want to go to a sanitized, innofensive echo chamber go use social media and just block people you disagree with.

Anonymous 557

>Real shit, though. I was the one who created the thread and was expecting shit like "I don't like salad", "I think Stranger Things is overrated" and stuff like that and then it suddenly became a bigoted cesspool, >mfw

LMAO it's ok anon. The worst people in the thread were the two make up anons and with threads like that, shit will happen. If nothing else, while it is irritating that people have to shitfest it up it can be an entertaining and interesting thread to read.

Anonymous 558


There were literally racist-chans there, so I guess not being racist is wanting a hugbox lol I already said that I hid the thread and moved on, you should too cause you honestly are the one who seems to be the saltiest around here, complaining about "rarely coming because of people like you uguu"

I kept reading for a while out of curiosity (like when you see gross stuff and can't look away), but after a while I just couldn't and decided to let it go

>my unpopular opinion is that i believe the kkk was right all along :^) just my opinion guise!

Anonymous 559

I'm not the anon you quoting, and I'm absolutely against racism, both online and IRL, but cc is still a chan so we will always have one or two people like that every now and then. It's expected tbh.

You can just report racist posts if things get out of control though, especially if people are derailing threads. But yeah, CC is not a hugbox and people should be able to have fun on here, so I don't we should start policing themselves just to be super kind and nice and measuring every single word.
Most of the time we WILL be nice tho. I think that is part of our overall vibe here. People tend to be kind to one another, but they're not afraid to tell other anons that they don't disagree with them. Ie the thread we had on cheating, with that anon who was called out on her behavior, idk if anyone else remembers that situation.

If someone is not acting against our rules, or derailing, etc etc I really don't think we should make a big deal out of it. If anything, comment back very briefly if you reallyyyy have to, and report them. Done.

Anonymous 560

I don't think*. Sorry if I mistyped anything else. Kinda tired.

Anonymous 561

Oh man lol. Yeah, I mistyped a bunch of things and most of what I said doesn't make sense. Forgive me, everyone. Hope I got my point across anyway. Saging this again. zzzz

Anonymous 562

This. Racism is okay in the rules so long as you don't derail the threads with /pol/ sperging. I can post and say I don't like whoever and that's perfectly allowed, welcome to imageboards. We don't go put of our way to be cunts, but you shouldn't force us to be nice. This isn't fucking neoGAF.

Anonymous 563



>Do not post anything that's illegal in the United States.

Pretty sure racism is illegal in the USofA

Anonymous 564


Saging for samefag, but yeah, I expect people I don't agree with posting and I don't mind then. I do work with people IRL so why would I be bothered by online people? However, I think it's pretty childish to be rude or edgy because "that's chan culture", I mean, I believe most girls here are above that. Actually, I am pretty sure, because most discussions here were pretty civil even when people didn't agree with each other. I usually just ignore racists and people that I consider toxic in general and move on, if I take the bait that means the person will spill even more shit and yeah, fuck that noise

Anonymous 565

Lolcow has the same rule and the place is infested with racism. Sadly that's chan culture, you can't expect not to find a couple people posting racist shit every once in a while tbh

Anonymous 566

Wait a minute you know what the first amendment is you cheeky cunt, I see the hook in this well chummed water bruv

Anonymous 567

Konachan.com - 250…

There's a civil way to disagree with people and then there's intentionally being incendiary though. Conflict is inevitable and can be constructive, but that rarely happens when people start flinging insults back and forth. "Your opinion is shit, the things you like are shit, you are shit" - where does this take the conversation? No one benefits from that. Not saying mods should intervene every time there's a petty squabble, I just wish people could self moderate a bit so this place doesn't just become like every other imageboard out there except with a visually cute skin… Unless that's what most of the userbase wants I guess.

Anonymous 568

Agree. "This is the internet" is not an excuse to be needlessly abrasive or edgy. Not wanting it to be a petty flamewar every thread is not a vote for hugbox.

Anonymous 569

Eh I still wanna know where are the people who are rude on cc just to be cunts. See >>553

Anonymous 570

It's not that there is some phantom rude people that you can't see, just the potential for it to get out of hand quickly (and people letting it happen because "free speech, this is the internet"). Outside of those examples, the only recent shit would be the shower peeing thread, where people were eventually told to stfu.

Also maybe consider that not everyone has a internet-hardened skin and this is one of the few imageboard experiences they have had?

Anonymous 571

>Also maybe consider that not everyone has a internet-hardened skin and this is one of the few imageboard experiences they have had?

Trust me, if that's their first experience it'll probably always be the best. I've never seen a chan so kind and so "nice" like this. I definitely don't have a thick skin like you may think. I'm a softie for the most part, especially when compared to people who are into imageboard culture, whatever that is. But it's illogical to think cc will be free from cuntness every now and then because anonymity tends to bring out the worst in some people, and harshness too. I think the average cc user is kind to others users, and you can see that by reading this very thread. People have explained they don't go out of their way just to be rude, etc. But let's not make obligatory niceness a rule.

Anonymous 572

Fair points.

(I mostly just want the terfs to go away)

Anonymous 573

A fair share of miners came from lolcow where the majority of people seem to be "terfs", or simply disagree with this or that aspect of transgenderism. So they're staying. Tbh just avoid bringing up the topic, hide any trans related thread you see that offends you and if you see people derailing threads to start trans arguments, report them so staff can intervene if necessary.

Anonymous 575

I don't think that what -you- are posting is helpful.

As much as all of us would like to ignore, this board was born from places like /cgl/ and lolcow. we still need to develop our own board culture, but it's obvious influences from those types of boards will follow.

Board culture will develop though, you can either help to develop it, or you can move elsewhere. Complaining isn't going to change it, that's now how it works. You need to treat the board how you'd like and see if everyone follows, if not, it wasn't meant to be.

Anonymous Admin 577

As other users have said, I think that as far as imageboards go, you'll find this one to be exceptionally friendly.
Raids aside, we've only had to ban a handful of people, most bans are temporary (or 'warning bans'). Still, anonymity breeds bluntness, which has its advantages too. For the most part, I've found our users to be quite kind, and we're keeping an eye out for users who only come here to make inflammatory posts. Harsh opinions, however, are just part of discussion, especially online, especially anonymously. Moderation-wise, I'd like to stay as hands-off as possible to allow the community to grow into what it wants to be, and so far it has been a pleasant environment according to our user surveys.

OP, you're always free to report posts you find unsuitable for c.c, and discussion threads like this one are a good way of shaping the community as well.

Anonymous 580

Aw I really really liked this ❤︎
You have it right. Thank you for this.

Anonymous 598

Honestly I think the site is full of too many stereotypical 'girls' (normies) and it's really leaving a bad taste. I probably won't use the site anymore and will steer others away from it from now on. And no, I'm not butthurt, I am just tired of all this generic shit coming from most of the userbase. I'm not asking for anyone to be edgy cunts, but being all sugar sweet saccharine about everything while also judging people on a very stereotypical standard has gotten old fast.

Anonymous 599

>>598 elaborate or be forever remembered as butthurt

Anonymous 600

What is a stereotypical standard to you? You knew coming here it was supposed to be a nicer, comfy board. It seems rather extra you'd be steering others away from coming here rather than letting them see how it is for themselves.

Anonymous 601


No one here is a ~real~ normie otherwise wtf would they be doing posting on an imageboard lel. We have people of all kinds here. I do agree most of the userbase is well adjusted but unlike you I don't think that's a problem. In fact I think it's a good thing because I'm done with people being cunts for fun and hating on everyone else, and being ridiculous. I like that CC allows a moderate fair of free speech (see trannies) while keeping a nice and comfy friendly vibe. If you don't like it, you can find another chan, but honestly you're being overdramatic. The people who complained about terfs and the like have been told this is an imageboard and it's not against the rules to talk shit as long as it's not about a specific individual, so fuck that. Honestly it's like you guys are looking for things to bitch about, fam. No shit lol.

The only problem with cc is that our userbase is small so the place is slow but that will change with time. That's the only problem.

Anonymous 605

I don't see the problem. I'd rather have a few clueless normies over a myriad of cancerous autists shitting up every thread.

Anonymous 607

>using normie as an insult

Alright girl you can go back to r9k where you can feel proud about being a maladjusted incel lmao. And honestly the fact that you're actively trying to steer people away from this site rather than let them decide for themselves does make you seem butthurt

Anonymous 610


Even when talking about transgendered people there's a difference between saying "I don't think they're women" and "they're disgusting." On a related note the funposting thread is mostly just screenshots of people on tumblr that people are mocking. Maybe others disagree but personally I don't think that kind of posting makes cc a better place. It's an imageboard and it's to be expected that people will use anonymity to say rude things but I think we can be better than that.

Not calling for mod intervention to crack down on free speech, just trying to get people to self-reflect as users of the site and think about if they really want to post these kinds of things here, since a new imageboard without an established board culture is a chance for a fresh start and something different.

Anonymous 705

Somebody not sugaring their replies up or having taboo/controversial opinions isn't necessarily destructive, what the hell? You're not always going to have people who agree with you, but if you'd prefer for it to be that way then grab yourself a Tumblr account where you can tailor your feed to your standards and you'll seldom have to see contrary views.

Anonymous 729

You are right, there is nothing wrong with disagreeing or even telling someone they are flat-out wrong if that's the case. But there is no need to do so in a way that is deliberately insulting and we can be more mature than that if we want to be, that's all I'm saying. Intentional rudeness doesn't benefit the person making the post or anyone reading it, so why do it? Just because it's normal everywhere else with anonymous communication doesn't mean we need to replicate that behavior here if the community agrees that this isn't actually a desired thing.

Anonymous 732

Anonymous 735

so then don't do it yourself and see what results follow.

Anonymous 737

I dislike how that one autistic bitch keeps going around here and even itt trying to promote this ideal that because it's a girl site we therefore have to be delicate, kind flowers. Please go fuck yourself with that archaic thinking.

Anonymous 738

why the fuck do you have to be rude? no one is saying "be nice" because this is a girls' site.

Anonymous 739

I don't think anyone said we need to be nice because it's a girl oriented imageboard? The point is that we're trying to create a comfy atmosphere so being rude for no reason ruins the vibe a little. I explained my whole opinion here >>601 and tbh it hasn't changed not even a bit. Both sides are ridiculous, you need to stop and let the boards develop on its own without reeeeing all the time.

Anonymous 740

The vitriol wouldn't be so cringy and annoying if most of the anons didn't transparently sound like they were projecting their insecurities and mental illnesses on people

Anonymous 741

You're corny. And you're hurt.

Anonymous 742


This. What makes CC nice is that it doesn't have the ridiculous amount of toxicity that LC has. Of course you don't have to treat everyone like a delicate flower and sugar coat everything but there is also no need to be a salty, catty hag. I'm so sick of the Highschool tier drama.

If you want something else I feel like there are so many other sites with that edgy vibe you can go to.

Anonymous 743

The asshurt itt is real.
Jfc tho.
Not gonna get too deep but the folks who push the posvibes stuff usually are the most bitter people so.

Anonymous 744

If that is what most of the userbase wants and you're one of the very few who wants different, then maybe this chan isn't for you? I'm not trying to be rude or a smart ass, just honest. If you go to LC and say whatever is in your head and all no one will bat an eye, so maybe go back of find a different community

Anonymous 745

>Not gonna get too deep but the folks who push the posvibes stuff usually are the most bitter people so.
The most bitter-sounding person here is you, lmao

Anonymous 746

LOL, the projection is real

Anonymous 747

You don't speak for most of the userbase though and you come off as if you're trying real hard to be a mod. Also, the samefagging is obvious. You're on a dead site yet as soon as there is dissent (and only dissent because the other boards here don't get this sort of response timing) you spam replies within minutes. It's become formulaic at this point; First post is rational and trying to be diplomatic followed by a barrage of cuntiness. As >>554 said, you can hide shit you don't like seeing and you don't need to respond to it, but you're not going to get other people to respect you or whatever you're hoping to achieve by not allowing this place to grow organically and instead policing others for the slightest hint of aggression just because you're demented. You are exactly why people have taken to either returning to lolcow or making servers on Discord. Nobody feels like being preached at.

Anonymous 748

I wasn't preaching, I was showing how ironic it is that you're (or whoever the person >>743 is)
trying to say people who care about posvibes stuff are the most bitter, yet you yourself sound far more bitter than the anons who care. Calm down, it seems like more people here are in disagreement with you. Furthermore, if you really think >>744 >>745 (that's me) and >>746 are the same people, ask the admin to confirm because idk who the hell the other anons are.

Anonymous 749

I'm sorry bitch but that wasn't samefagging, you can ask staff if you want to.

Anonymous 750

Just let the community grow on it's own. Of course we don't have to be as edgy as 4chan or whatever and if the site was created with that in mind, then it'll probably follow. It's an image board so expect some level of edgyness and extreme bluntness/shitposting but forcing the whole "Everyone be nice. No mean things allowed" idea is just gonna kill the site.

Anonymous 752


inb4 dogpiled lmao

Anonymous 753

people like you are the reason others are already shitting on us a few months in. if you want shit to change then you have to be the good you want to see etc. all you're doing is proving them right by being a snarky cunt.

Anonymous 754

>it's everybody else's fault wahhhhhhhh

For a group of people who shit on lolcow so much you guys sound like the exact type of people who have threads made about them.

Anonymous 755

Not the anon you're quoting but that's just natural since a huge part of us came from there. The thread is for discussion not to shit on lc.

Anonymous 756

lol but anon, have you thought that the reason people are talking shit about c.c is because the userbase (like you) sucks? you're whining about me saying it's your fault, but isn't it? if not who's fault is it? also your crazy ass sounds more like a cow.

Anonymous 757


Well, if the same userbase that nitpicks everything on lolcow, comes here, it's reasonable to expect that they're going to nitpick everything on here.

If this site becomes a refuge for people who are dissatisfied with lolcow, then I wouldn't be surprised if CC begins to die within a year.

Anonymous 758

As users have already pointed out on lc: This place is more or less a hodgepodge of lc, /cgl/, some from kiwifarms, some from PULL, and quite a few who added me from the friend finder admit to being from Tumblr.

None of those userbases get along so you're correct. I wouldn't be surprised if this place were to die in a year. Especially if it isn't left to grow on its own. I know that some miners mean well but it's equally destructive to badger others and gang up on them if they don't respond how you personally see fit. People on lc and discord have already admitted to not checking back here much due to that tone policing.

Anonymous 759

Honestly the people who are dissatisfied with the current atmosphere here should probably go back to LC because they won't get as criticized there for wanting to be edgy. We're still so fucking small that there's zero chance you will win against the majority who wants a chillax chan (for now). As the userbase starts growing the atmosphere will change and maybe you will feel better here.
The only thing more annoying than the people pushing fake niceness are the anons complaining about it, holy shit. Lol @ the anons bawling that everyone here is too nice uwu and saying we like trannies because 2 or 3 anons were Tumblrinas (it's been shown in many occasions that the majority of us are borderline terfs, take that as you will)

Also we have anons from all sorts of places here: girls who came from pull, people from LC, femanons from other chans, etc. You can't expect this place to be like a broader LC /g/ from if the userbase is more diverse.
PS. Just wanted to add that I'm not one of the people who police others in their comments but both sides have gone out of control.

Anonymous 760

>tone policing
Serious question: Where, except for this shitshow of a thread, has there been tone policing? (that has not been shut down immediately)

I keep seeing on lolcow and here that people feel like they cannot be themselves here, I've been here since the beginning of the sit and no matter how blunt i have been or how have i replied i never got back a "uwu meanie" reply, i never felt uncomfortable being myself on here or have expected to be coddled by the userbase, so i just don't get it, maybe people that believe that this is a anti-boolie hugbox uwu are super edgy people that believe anyone who is nice on the internet is fake or something because i just don't get it.

I do agree with you a lot, that unless the userbase is allowed to grow organically, this site will die. It's already dying thanks to no activity and people thinking that this thread represents the whole userbase, so that's something.

Anonymous 761

>>Serious question: Where, except for this shitshow of a thread, has there been tone policing? (that has not been shut down immediately)

Nowhere lmao. This thread is cancer tbh.

Anonymous 762

i think you miss the point. literally all chan image boards are like that, this one is the only one that wants to be uwu sweet and syrupy.

Anonymous 763


i've been here since day 1 and i've seen people get dogpiled in threads for things. hell, some anon even got bitched at for asserting an assumption about bullies, like what the fuck is that, do you people really expect you to be nice and humble when referring to shitty people? also the tone of the OP of this thread is cunty as fuck. my issue that i'm finding out is everyone here -seems- nice. but the seems is the important part.

Anonymous 764

bitch, there are literally active trannies in threads that have been reported and not taken down.


Anonymous 765

I've never received sickeningly nice replies on here to my threads. If basic fucking decency is too difficult for you to handle, i don't know what to tell you, go back to lolcow? Did you not see the thread in which anons rebuked the OP of the "uggo and I'll die alone" thread in /feels? People here aren't afraid of voicing their opinions.

I guess that a lot of people here find it revolting that people who usually were disinterested in chans because of how nasty and gross they could be are coming to this one because it's different.

But anon, why should people get tone policed? If they find that annoying, why shouldn't people bitch about it? You can't just defend one side of people who are being openly bitchy if that's what you're about defending.

Do you really want to start another thread on whether trangendered people should be allowed? You come across as cunty as the OP of this thread since you feel like your beliefs should become rule here.

Anonymous Moderator 766

I banned that specific anon on the day he posted, I just didn't add YOU CAN'T SIT WITH US. Not all bans are public.
Men aren't allowed, so please always report suspicious posts so staff can check them.

Please feel free to keep discussing, I just didn't want people thinking we let that one escape. I check reports daily.

Anonymous 767

it was already stated they can be here without outting themselves. lets be real, if the board is ~~~mostly terfs~~~ it certainly doesn't seem that way.

Anonymous 768

>But anon, why should people get tone policed?

calling someone a cunt for choosing to refer to people as insecure -is- the tone policing.

Anonymous 769

Transgendered ppl aren't allowed?

Anonymous 770

Go back to Tumblr

Anonymous 771

See >>767

Just don't out yourself or say you're trans, and nobody cares. Some of us don't have a problem with them but some of us do, overall, they're allowed as long as they don't out themselves as it's an anonymous chan.

Anonymous 772

I don't give a shit about transgender shit but what i don't understand is why people over on LC think this website is shitty because ~you can't voice your opinions and be yourself~ but also get incredibly upset that not everybody here thinks like them about a certain topic, such as being a terf, and also do not want those people that don't agree with them to talk about their opinions.

It seems highly hypocritical tbh.

In general, outing your gender to get attention is not allowed (i.e Men here, trans here, whatever the fuck here), easy as that.

Nobody here goes "i am female btw", everybody should just post their shit without stating their gender.

Anonymous 773

But this place basically is Tumblr just with imageboards. It has the same mob mentality as well.

Anonymous 774

I can already guarantee that there are probably transgender people here, they just don't out themselves or feel the need to draw attention so nobody notices or cares.

Anonymous 775


Anonymous 776


If you need to state your gender then you're probably not supposed to be here. I personally don't give a fuck if someone on here has a dick as long as they dont say that. I'm sure we prob have men quietly posti-… Wait, no, they're too retarded to stay quiet about having a cock/passing.

Anonymous 777

i don't think it's that. i think it's stuff like the OP posting this. even if this is the only time someone has literally said some people are too mean or blunt or harsh, and from the replies many users feel that way and it's really going to affect the way people respond to others. it's got a 'lolitas are supposed to be lovelies' vibe.

Anonymous 778

You don't need to be on tumblr to support trans ppl? I'm sick of seeing this shitty "insult". Like what, you think every politician who is for trans people browses tumblr while they on the Senate floor?
Any thread that discusses transgender people gets overrun with terfs, if you are only speaking about the "mob mentality", even that is dissimilar. No one is hunting anyone down and people are generally going to this thread to discuss what they don't like about the "tone" of this site instead of sperging in the threads where they find someone "offensively" responding.

Anonymous 779

Well, we're only aware of the ones who do happen to out themselves, so if there are transgender people who do happen to stay quiet then we'll never know.

Anonymous 780

If you want to be a bitch, be a bitch, whatever. Just don't go crying if you can't stand how users react to that here versus on other imageboards.

Anonymous 781

Most of the people here aren't terfs, they're overall a minority in society and there's a good reason for that.
They only have a significant presence due to the small size of the userbase, but aren't the majority. The only way they can become the majority is if they end up driving other terfs here, or driving people away, because people generally have a problem with Gender Critical feminists.

Anonymous 782

how naive

Anonymous 783

Here is your answer

Anonymous 784


Sorry, forgot to drop pic lol

Anonymous 785

>Most of the people here aren't terfs
>majority of us are borderline terfs


Anonymous 786

Except that people do sperg out in threads across the site for no reason at all which blows the lid off of the whole ~*oriented girl community niceies uwu*~ schtick. You got people in here, most of all, replying to completely valid criticism of the site by acting like cunts– more or less confirming the two-faced nature of the joint.

Anonymous 787

If it gets overrun by terfs then maybe debate them in a reasonable manner or just hide the threads. I'm not really a terf but if it keeps the peace, don't let trans people browse here or don't allow them to our themselves. I don't think it's right to silence terfs either if they aren't breaking any rules. I mean yeah trans threads can turn into real shitshows but imageboards are where people go to spill all their thoughts without a filter so you want to be careful on what you do and don't allow as far as topics of discussion goes. Wrong move and a site as small as this is done for.

I came to this site because I wanted to give it a decent shot. It's rather cozy, even when people are being blunt. When I come to an image board, I expect edgelords to be hanging around so even on here, getting called a vapid cunt or something isn't that bad. Being a chill chan for women can still happen here. But I think the OP of this thread has the wrong idea by expecting everything to be UwU super nice, helpful, and respectful. It's not gonna happen unless the admin wants the site to be nuked in a very short time. It's a small place so be careful with pushing what the atmosphere needs to be like.

Anonymous 788

people who support trans people are generally super misinformed, 'right side of history' liberals, so tumblr. i'm not here to debate, but terfs exist for more reasons (such as medical ethics) than just the reeee men get out stereotype would have you believe.

Anonymous 789

People who have a silly obsession with transgender are the ones who are going to be hanging around and posting in that thread.
Most people don't give a shit about transgender people, and think that those who constantly think about someone's choices which have no effect on them are silly.

Anonymous 790

It isn't just OP though.
It has been other people throughout this thread and in quite a few in the other boards who knee-jerk and dogpile over the slightest bit of aggression. And, even when people have been civil within this thread with those same overly defensive miners who want a sugarfest of a site we're met with ire.

Several anons have pointed out that one could just hide a post or hide threads if they aren't up to par on their kawaii desu meter of niceness and that seems to fall upon deaf ears.

Anonymous 791


Agreed, the main problem here was OP's pov.

Now let's all be friends again and let each other be a little bitchy and snarky sometimes when necessary, it's not gonna hurt.

Love you, anons. Knock some sense into my head if I ever need it.

Anonymous 792

>let each other be a little bitchy and snarky sometimes when necessary, it's not gonna hurt.

Ffs I thought I would enjoy cc over lc but I've been able to have more conversations over there without people getting irate compared to here and yet this is supposed to be the safe space.

Anonymous 793

agreed, obviously chans attract other chans and other chans will criticize eachother. chans attract a specific kind of person, mostly people who want anonymity in discussion. but they're also kinda bitchy cause they don't need a filter since users can't judge you on post history.

Anonymous 794

Absolutely. Let this shit die for now.

Anonymous 795

There was good discussion in here at first but this thread went totally off the rails after this post >>737

Anonymous 796

was there?

Anonymous 797

Or we're bitchy because we get b& from everywhere else thus leaving imageboards as the last resort for any sort of lengthy conversation.

Anonymous 798

Its valid criticism though. It doesn't make sense to push a certain environment when chans attract other chans and that is how it will always be.

Not to mention that it is sort of weird to perpetuate the image of a drama-free zone, yet have a thread talking about LC which gets more attention than any of those other threads in /b/ do daily lol, so I mean, so much for the whole drama-free image. I'm not against a thread about LC, but surely if that is acceptable then why was that problematic personalities thread locked "just incase"? There's even a rule for it and its #9.

Anonymous 799

This site wouldn't be a hugbox if it wasn't full of stupid women.

There is a reason that there has never been a woman president, women are not capable of doing the same types of important jobs that males can do. Men’s sports are also 50,000 times more important than women’s, there was a study done on Sportsnation asking if you would rather find $5 or have your local WBNA team win the championship, 90% chose the $5. This proves that people literally value $5 more than a championship from a women’s sport organization. Men are usually the only ones who can make logical, smart decisions so why should women be given the rights to do something they can obviously not do. Woman are stupid and do not deserve to vote or do anything other than remedial labor inside of the house. I don’t blame women for not having the same capabilities as men, it’s not their fault, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are not as capable and influential as men. If you look back in history almost all of the most important, life-changing people are men, not women. Martin Luther King, George Washington, Jackie Robinson, Abraham Lincoln, the list goes on and on and on. I could sit here naming influential people and would be able to name 100 extremely influential men, and roughly 2 influential women. Men are the reason we have a free country, when we went to war women were not the ones sacrificing their lives, it was the men impacting the world just like we always do. According to Forbes the 4 most powerful people on this planet are all men, and 66 out of the 72 most powerful people in the world are men. Also according to the US census Bureau, the 12 deadliest diseases of the 20th century were cured by men, not women. Not only socially, but also physically, men are the dominating gender. This now becomes not a matter of opinion, but science. It is a fact that men are stronger, faster, and more athletic than women, so why pretend they are on equal terms? Women were not meant for the same things as men. Men were built for the harder work, the more demanding things in life, although women give birth they would have no way to make this happen without men. Women are there to hold together these pieces. They are essential in society; much in the way that the stitching is essential to a quilt. Essential, but are not seen or noticed while the patches bask in the hard-earned glory.(YOU CANT SIT WITH US)

Anonymous 800

We're talking about imageboards, anon.

Anonymous 801


Isn't life just an imageboard?

Anonymous 802

This shits deep.

Anonymous 804

images (8).jpeg

tldr wahh men are better wahhh wahh
Go play with your dick somewhere else.

Anonymous 805

what is u doin.jpg

>getting triggered over an obvious copy/paste

Jesus Christ ever heard of don't feed the trolls my dude?

Anonymous Admin 807

I have been following the discussing here and on lolcow.farm over the last few days and I want to make this very clear: there is no pressure to be saccharine here and outside of this thread I do not want users to fight over tone policing. If you are unhappy with a post, report it and move on. If you dislike a thread, report and hide it. Users are welcome to express themselves however they like. Our rules forbid individual drama threads because I want to avoid crystal.cafe being an option for disgruntled lolcow users to move failed threads to. We have locked a drama thread before due to user complaints, but as long as threads don't devolve into witch hunts or doxing, they will be allowed. I will upload a user guide and FAQ in the following days to clarify this.

Anonymous 810

Hello Admin, this is the first time I've ever spoken directly with you, so I just want to take a moment to thank you for everything you do. <3
I don't mean to be a suck-up or anything but I honestly enjoy cc and I'm glad that it's around, so thank you, and may your future admin tasks be easier ones! <3

As for the lolcow discussion, please don't take much of what was said in the thread on lc to heart: I'm one of the more analytical posters that was following the discussion and I really do think that while the initial mention of cc may have come about organically in the conversation, the follow-up posts were incredibly bait-like and seemed designed to start a conflict between the two sites. Like I had posted last night in the lc thread on here, several of the posts quoted on either site were taken out of the context, and the entire conflict seemed to be based around the theory that very few people would be reading both threads in real-time before posting an angry response (which then was quoted out of context to stir more conflict).

In a nutshell, the whole incident seemed to be a designed inflammatory shitposting session, as opposed to an organic conversation expressing legitimate criticisms, so keep that in mind when considering the criticisms that were posted. The criticisms aren't entirely organic but are more heat-of-the-moment insults.

I realize too that it hurts to see your creation criticized, but these really are not legitimate criticisms from the userbase you designed the site for, the few posts that weren't trolling or shitposting were users expressing frustration that cc is not enough like lc for their personal tastes, which then means that they're not part of the userbase cc was designed for, since cc was never intended as a clone of lc.

Anyway, I'm sorry to be so verbose, but I didn't want you to feel bad about what you've created here. Hopefully I was able to get my point across effectively, if you want me to explain or give more evidence for my theories or anything, just ask, I just sort epically fail at communicating clearly sometimes.

Thank you again though for creating cc and everything you do to maintain it, I, and I'm sure everyone else who enjoys cc, appreciate you and your work very much. <3 <3 <3

Anonymous 811

This is so patronizing, it's embarrassing.

Anonymous 812

I honestly wish whoever the anons were that went over to the thread in /ot/ on lolcow hadn't did what they did. I don't think it helped the situation at all. Criticisms are still criticisms so I really didn't see an issue with farmers criticizing the site just as we do with LC since there are legit complaints about both sites. It probably would have died quickly had the people here not gone and engaged the people over at LC. The whole thing was childish clusterfuck. Shit like that is what makes this site look so sad. I think farmers in that thread did have legit complaints(I even agreed with some of them) but come on, and I know the admin isn't responsible for this since she can't control what users go an do on other sites, running to another website to fight anons over a website being critiqued was dumb. It doesn't matter if some complaints were just shit pulled out a poster's ass. Just look at what's a legit complaint and take note of other complaints in case it's an issue you didn't notice.

Anonymous 813

holy shit, let anon say what she thinks. you popping up to say "hurr durr embarrassing" is way more embarrassing than her post.

Anonymous 814

Maybe you should brush up on reading comprehension, anon, I was saying her post was patronizing and because it was so patronizing, it's embarrassing. I wasn't saying the post in of itself was embarrassing.

Also, I'm not stopping anyone from posting what they think, lmfao. You probably think >>811
is one of those "policing" posts, when it's merely a reaction.

Anonymous 815

Please elaborate on why this post is patronizing.
In more than two sentences.
Use your words.

Anonymous 819

Not that anon, but the user assumes the admin should feel personally insulted that her site has been criticized by who she claims 'isn't the intended userbase' despite the fact that we advertised on lolcow…

She's also telling admin to straight up ignore the criticism because it's, in her words 'illegitimate' (because she doesn't like it)

I don't think that her telling the admin to ignore criticism that the admin clearly expressed she is taking into consideration is a positive thing.

Anonymous 820

her opinion on the post isn't hurting anyone, just like the post itself isn't. this is what people mean by tone policing.

Anonymous 821

This. Its pretty telling of what sort of people frequent this place.


Anonymous 822

It was suggested to many to simply hide posts but they've said that there isn't an option to do so.

Anonymous 837


another robot, another day

Anonymous 838

It's not posts. You can hide threads. Just click (-) and done, it's hidden.

Anonymous 842


I want to tell you that this is reasonable, but I'm afraid this will enrage some farmers who will see my post and think I'm just giving you asspats as if I never have any criticisms. And of course if we give you no feedback, then we're just sticking fingers in our ears and pretending everything is fine regardless.

Damned if I do or don't.

>It probably would have died quickly
I think you underestimate the wrath of a farmer scorned.

Anonymous 864

You are over thinking. Just ignore them, why are you trying so hard to please people who you don't really like anyways? If stuff gets posted over there then so what? Atleast it's not robots.

Anonymous 865

unnamed (8).gif

You're absolutely right because there's no way to please them, but the post above me is also correct. They will complain anyway, let them.
Also the cows must be really boring lately if they're still capping us.

Anonymous 922

images (18).jpeg

You know, I can't find the positivity thread so I'll post it here anyway.

Thank you for this imageboard and all of you who post here. We're still small, and we fight sometimes over trannies and makeup, or don't act like good Victorian women, but CC is great in so many aspects to me

I really appreciate your company.

Anonymous 1068

OP is right. The biggest issue with this site is the influx of lolcows trying to turn this place into lolcow v2.

Anonymous 1070


Guess I struck a nerve. I don't care what lolcows do on their site. The issue is bringing their drama here, which users from other imageboards suspiciously do not do.

Anonymous 1072

>So what were the raids from other boards if not bringing drama?
Those were just trolls. Lolcows, on the other hand, pretend their content actually belongs here by insisting that they're not as bad as raiders. Like you're doing now. Maybe you just can't handle an environment where inflammatory comments are discouraged?

Anonymous 1076

not that anon but i think you're missing the point. you also don't seem to realize that this chan-style board isn't well received by people who don't use chans, they will automatically associate it with 4chan. some of my normie friends have asked me if that's what this site is when i have it on my computer.

i don't think the issue is people from lolcow (who aren't called lolcows btw) coming here, i think it's that all of these boards attract people like that, and your opinion is generally the one that's shut out.

Anonymous 1077

sorry for samefag, but i just realized the irony in your post.

>complains about inflammatory posting

>is being a passive aggressive bitch

i hope you can see how silly you sound.

polite sage

Anonymous 1081

Super OT but what anime is this

Anonymous 1089


I don't mind rudeness, I don't think it's a problem as long as it's not something unjustified. I hate hugbox communities because of their fake behavior (deep down people don't really care).
I think as long as it doesn't develop into a stupid argument where 2 anons are just cussing each other then I don't mind it really.

Anonymous 1428

No, it's not.

Anonymous 1439

just a heads up, some douchebag posted this 7 month old thread to reddit


Anonymous 1440

>is this the reverse/bizzaro 4chan?
lol to this

Anonymous 1441


>I post on CC and browse r/drama. How dare someone a thread on us!
You’ll be ok, sis.

Anonymous 1443

Reddit is a trash site for trash people.

Anonymous 1488

i like the site i just don't want the know it all posters from lolcow and 4chan to take over. example the person trying to police the snow board. like get real. stop trying to tell people how to feel. i like that i can post my opinion and a crazy mod doesn't delete it.

Anonymous 2153

>I'm starting to feel like c.c consists mostly of 4ch and lolcow users trying to make fun of this site. But when I get deeper into this "lol look at those losers on this other website", I see that it's a general trend. Everyone's "raiding" everybody now.
There is nothing wrong with disagreements. Hostility and low quality insults are what I'm having problems with.

>Everyone be nice. No mean things allowed" idea is just gonna kill the site

"Everyone is an adult. Act like one." Is what I had in mind.

Anonymous Admin 2155

The FAQ reflects this:

Please see point 7.

Anonymous 3165



Anonymous 3168

Where did his soda go in the third frame?

Anonymous 3170

To the same place his Mother went.

Anonymous 3536


Anonymous 4867


Anonymous 4900

The sperg on /hb/ is getting kind of out of hand. For how long will people be forbidden from talking about their bodies or posting girls with a figure this sperg doesn't approve of without the thread being derailed and swirling into an infighting mess? It's easy to say to ignore it, but it's shitty that you can't speak your mind without this lolcow refugee newfag/moid putting its claws on your throat every time.

Anonymous 4902

I reported the troll and hope she or he gets banned. They're just looking for a shitstorm and managed to derail three threads /hb/ already, disparaging both small and big boobs with different body types. This has got to stop.

Anonymous 4903

Omg is that the one getting triggered over insulting both a girl's face and body and then pulls the "b-but I deeply care about women's health! You want everyone to die!" thing to justify it?
Reported her a few times. Thought she'd be off because she's just so disingenuous.

Anonymous 4904

Yes it is. It always follows the same formula. "But saying you like xyz bodytype is unhealthy! I am just concerned for young women's health!" while throwing not so subtle insults to their appearence.

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