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/tig/ - Targeted Individuals General (Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Psychological Terror) Anonymous 3897

Targeted Individuals are people reportedly being targeted by various forms of Gang Stalking, usually done by the governments, powerful criminal gangs and federal structures (of various countries since gang stalking isn't exclusive to one country). Reported effects of being a victim of banned psychotronic weaponry include thought insertion (zombification), hypnosis, hot flashes, uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape).

Post your experiences with Gang Stalking (being a TI, knowing a TI IRL, etc)

Anonymous 3902


this is not a gay flag btw, the author decided to "take away the rainbow, the God's joyous symbol from the fags" ~ a somewhat popular rhetoric amongst Russian Orthodox homophobes
suprisingly enough, many Targeted Individuals are religious or spiritual, pointing out the logical errors (like how Christianity is much against any kind of magick) results in them chimping out

Anonymous 3903

samedyking but i found it in a TI ang Gang Stalking related community, the one untranslated Russian transliteration on the top says "Hello Planeters" ("Planeters" being the habitants of this Earth i suppose??)

Anonymous 3904

Love to see honest to god shizos here. I love you guys so much

Anonymous 3905

>uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape)
Fuck, is this a thing?

Anonymous 3912

Screenshot (2).png

thank you anon, we(?) love you too!

yes, it usually manifests a little bit more often in female T.I.'s from what i've seen (probably due to the general fear of being raped being common in any woman) but can affect men too (bonus distress if the TI is a homophobe, since they mostly think their tormentors are men, sometimes even accusing the psy-ops (psychological operators = the ones who perpetrate gang stalking through use of psychotronic weapons) of being "passive fags" (in male prison culture, being on the receiving end of a homosexual act is utterly shameful. the top dude gets away with it somehow though, even if he's often the initiator ~ retarded moid logic in action)

sadly, i haven't yet seen any TI's who openly identify themselves as virgin, to pinpoint any difference in perception of electronic rape "tele-rape" between virgin TIs and non-virgin TIs that report being electronically raped. i suppose sexual experience could have an effect, but virgins could, uh, feel something like masturbation or defecation (if it's anal rape)?
i think it's mostly due to the general age of TIs, which tends to be in their 40s or 50s. there can be young TIs but they either brush it off until continuous 10 years of electronic harassment pass and they open up or just go to a psychiatrist and have themselves locked up in a mental health institution. older members of the TI community fear psychiatry like it's a death sentence, though some suggest antipsychotics could block the specific regions of your mind to the weaponry, thus rendering any psychotronic weapon use completely futile.

some quotes on the telerape experience of Targeted Individuals:

>Regardless age and gender Targeted Individuals became the victims of Electronic rape and all type of sexual degradations . " The Electronic No touch Torture Rape is criminal as any other rape '' by Connie Marshall - the victim .

>I am sorry this happens to you. I am a T.I. as well and they are sick. They have emotionally distressed me and have blasted me for over a year now. They just go for my brain and my vagina.


Anonymous 3914


This is very interesting, specially this:
>some suggest antipsychotics could block the specific regions of your mind to the weaponry, thus rendering any psychotronic weapon use completely futile.
I wonder how they target specific parts, if it's by focusing on genitalia itself or if it's by focusing on the correct parts of the brain. That would orientate with the kind of shield one would need or where to place it. The human mind is much more powerful than many think and very susceptible to external and our very own stimuli. I orgasmed once from binaural beats.

Sometimes I wonder at what point of being deep into conspiracies and being on the right track would get someone into trouble and become a TI.

Anonymous 3919

>by focusing on the correct parts of the brain
i suppose they meant this since they actually wanted TIs to go to a psychiatrist. basically a psyop (bruh)

i think it could and does lead into actual trouble with the feds, but i also suppose not as much as being either an opposition member in countries where actual (not retarded controlled opposition made to act stupid and shit themselves in debate, showing that the ruling party is the only way) opposition is persecuted and wanted dead/silent (East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell/modern Russia and Belarus/some other countries i'm unaware of the political situations in) or alternatively, a person proved to be a threat to the people/government (i think they do not become aware of it until you catch their eyesight in some way, then you'll get fucked until you're either dead (possibly driven to suicide) or no longer a threat (locked up for a very long period of time in a mental institution/prison, rendered a vegetable/schizo, etc))

Anonymous 3921


Ah, what a wonderful timeline to be a schizo.

Anonymous 3923

I think it's kind of endearing how there's like motivational posters with like "never break never surrender" and whole support and activism groups fighting for "targeted individuals rights" when it's, y'know, literally THE most widespread and textbook delusion of schizophrenic apart from religious delusions

Anonymous 3925

Having the "never break never surrender" attitude is the best attitude a schizo can have in order to face reality (or whatever she senses as real).

Anonymous 4053


Any other ways to protect yourself against street theater/visual bullshit? I don't want to wear a black plastic bag on my head all of the time, even if it works, it's only socially acceptable when it's raining and you're outside.
I don't think sunglasses would do enough, since you can still see street theater (dunno about visual hallucinations though).

Anonymous 4059

>Street theater
Please elaborate.

Anonymous 4062


"Street theater" when spoken of in a gang stalking context refers to carefully scripted harassment by neighbors and strangers especially, but can include harassment by family, friends and co-workers. These skits are designed to keep a target at a high stress level, but are crafted so that outside observers are likely to wave the skits off as "the breaks".

Usually, street theater is done by hired randoms who are paid a little for being there and doing whatever the fuck is in the script. Before practicing, gang stalkers research a bit on what kind of people does a TI hate specifically and then hires people of similar type/behaviour.

In my case, these are couples of the "ugly male + beautiful woman" type, since I'm a lesbocel and fucking seethe/physically cringe every time I see these kinda hetero couples. Also can be extremely hairy, chimp-like moids sitting obviously in my field of view staring at me or whatever.
I've also seen a woman on the subway train wearing a lot of plaster (heavy makeup flaking off of her face), that didn't produce an emotional reaction from me though so I think they dropped hiring them. (the reason they would hire women with heavy makeup is because if heavy makeup = plaster, then woman wearing it = wall (since plaster is typical wall covering)) and I kinda enjoy walls (duh).

Btw, I think these cunts now know I can easily protect myself against auditory harassment by simply listening to a particular genre comprising extremely loud, static and dense sounds. Now they're trying to break my headphones by firing electricity/lazers through my ears hoping it'd break them and make me vulnerable to their noises again.
I should also test how it'd go with white noise instead of HNW, I imagine white noise would block a broader range of sounds but the downside is if they fire a wave you won't be able to hear it through and remove yourself from the targeted spot.

Anonymous 4069

>HNW anon
Recognised your ass before you even got to the part where you talk about music

Anonymous 4070

>Usually, street theater is done by hired randoms who are paid a little for being there and doing whatever the fuck is in the script. Before practicing, gang stalkers research a bit on what kind of people does a TI hate specifically and then hires people of similar type/behaviour.

>In my case, these are couples of the "ugly male + beautiful woman" type, since I'm a lesbocel and fucking seethe/physically cringe every time I see these kinda hetero couples. Also can be extremely hairy, chimp-like moids sitting obviously in my field of view staring at me or whatever.

Real schizo hours who up?

Anonymous 4071


ok but i seriously don't think that the abundance of "ugly male + beautiful woman" couples and only THESE kinda couples can be a simple fucking coincidence. basically almost every single heterosexual couple i see in public HAS to be like this with extremely rare exceptions
if they weren't all hired street theater straggots it'd be more like (i know since when i lived in another city and wasn't under active harassment, the town also was much smaller than this one it went like this):
>60% ugly male + pretty female
>30% both pretty
>10% both ugly

now it's like this:
>97% ugly male + pretty female
>1.5% both pretty
>1.5% both ugly

i can't fucking explain it other than them being specifically hired to make me seethe and not reach my daily step goals. i don't want to wear a fucking plastic bag all the time it's not good for breathing.
maybe i should stay away from the public for a while i suppose and walk somewhere quiet.

also bitches found a new retarded way to deal with me blocking all audio input with my headphones: hire randos to bother me in public. thankfully literally no one wants to even be near me when i put a bag over my head on the subway train or wherever.

Anonymous 4072

You find some men "beautiful" or "pretty"?

Anonymous 4073

i meant conventionally attractive or at least at the same scale as the pretty woman with him

Anonymous 4074

Okay, that doesn't answer my question though.

Anonymous 4075

1. not sure why does it matter in a targeted individuals thread
2. i can tell they're conventionally attractive to most heterosexual women and gay men but myself i don't feel shit

Anonymous 4076

I think the city you're in right now just has more ugly people in it.

Anonymous 4077

dunno about that, it's by far the biggest city in this country and most people have access and resources for buying good skincare products + services.
and y'know, because of that, most women out there are actually pretty beautiful so i don't think that's the case.
there's also a lot of chimp hairy ugly mascoids but why do the ugliest ones have to sit near me and stare at me specifically?

Anonymous 4078

>dunno about that, it's by far the biggest city in this country and most people have access and resources for buying good skincare products + services.
You'd be right, until you immediatly realize that these places are also the most expensive places to live, which means poorer folk can barely get by physically existing, let alone beautifying themselves. Which leads to, in my experience, larger cities having the largest gathering of ugly people imaginably. In rural communities you definitely get uggos, but it's a completely different type of uggo.

Happens less with the women I suppose, but on average most men are uglier in big cities, especially the types who can't afford their own transportation.
>there's also a lot of chimp hairy ugly mascoids but why do the ugliest ones have to sit near me and stare at me specifically?
Do you consider yourself conventionally attractive? Let's view it another way, do men enjoy staring at conventionally attractive women?

Anonymous 4079


>Do you consider yourself conventionally attractive?
hell no
>do men enjoy staring at conventionally attractive women?
obviously yes

but this isn't about beauty, it's about gang stalking and covert harassment. these fuckers also tend to have headsets on them to get directions from whoever hired them or if they don't have, they follow the instructions handed out to them when they were a one-time stalking gig.

i also noticed that the ones staring at me with headsets can come and go freely (since another headset cunt will come to replace him), while the ones without them sit near me and stare the whole time until i board off the train or just go away.
at least when i put a bag or whatever over my head i don't see the ugly fuckers/ugly moid+pretty girl straggots trying to provoke me by showing PDA or similar retardation.

Anonymous 4080

See I was only talking about because I believe the gang stalking occured by getting you to go to a city with uglier people. It would be far easier to pressure someone to go to somewhere filled with ugly people, then tactically get the ugly people to gang stalk the TI, but you seem to have completely missed this angle. Did you not believe that the gang stalkers wanted you to move to this city in the first place?

Anonymous 4102


more on electronic rape: https://www.bitchute.com/video/M0uinvxOSVul/

don't think so, i'd rot alive in my old town because it was only getting worse and they've already convinced people closest to me in that town to be as hellish to me as possible

Anonymous 4120


My gang stalkers are now firing their fucking sine waves when i'm at home alone. i was just chilling in a bathtub when suddenly i got that weird pulsating sine in my head (and it was quite different from my usual tinnitus, i also haven't listened to anything loud/extreme in the past 2-4 hours to when they started). same happened when i was trying to sleep, i also got really awful sleep that night.
the question is, am i doing the right thing when i go outside? since they are fucking with me both at home and outside, but it's harder to get me outside i suppose if i go random directions and avoid the places i usually go to.
street theater still happens a lot (it calmed down yesterday but today was pretty awful, i seethed in a mall when a girl my type was publicly forcefully kissed by an ugly straggot who was her boyfriend or whatever).

i also went to an incredibly crowded place with a lot of couples on dates to train myself not to seethe so much about straight PDA street theater. after a while i calmed down a bit but that mall case happened afterwards, ruining my mood for the rest of my way home.
also, sunglasses are shite for protection against street theater and visual bullshit cartoons, i still go with the bag, don't really care about how it looks on the outside now but i still try to limit its use since… y'know, you can't breathe properly (btw, makes a good calming device for when you're about to fucking explode).

Anonymous 4151

CWC is the only real gangstalk

Anonymous 4194

the thread

Anonymous 4246

I'm being stalked IRL by people I know. I have a mild suspicion that it crossed over to online stalking (doubt it, since my devices are protected). At least they have never tried to hurt me.

Anonymous 4362


unsuprisingly, the last thoughts of my gang stalking experience being just a delusion went away when i started taking actual antipsychotic medication and it didn't reduce anything (of course duh) so i don't think i can doubt this

they're also hiring people to bother me on the streets more on random days (for example, one day i walk around the city a lot and no one dares to go up to me but the next day everyone's suddenly interested and is trying to talk to me) thankfully the meds reduce my aggressiveness so i'm not as startled by that as i used to be but still i try to ignore the paid actors as much as possible

Anonymous 4410


Personally, I have never went up to a random person asking them why they're stalking me since it really makes no sense. I imagine they'd get paid less for getting caught on the spot though.
Though your post is exactly the type of response other TIs that I know got.

Anonymous 4483


why the fuck did i agree to moving so soon?
yesterday they've installed their weaponry in a vacant apartment (that's why i felt like utter trash yesterday evening and today morning) and that rando disgusting "fake neighbour" moid (they know i'm scared of moids) blocked me from entering mine, fucker was just standing in the fucking hallway for a long time and a group of worker males was installing psychotronic equipment in "his apartment", i couldn't enter my fucking apartment for half an hour because of that creep, i bet he's either one of the gang stalkers or a rando who got lots of pay from them
thankfully HNW still helps block most of the audio stuff from them but still

Anonymous 4485


nah, i just like the pic. post-soviet urban decay vibes
i have more but i think i'll be derailing if i just drop the pics with no info relevant to this thread

also they've begun to throttle my internet connection with the fucking shit they installed yesterday

Anonymous 4488


in what country do you have to get a whole license for that? never heard about mine but i'll look into it (the fuckers are messing with my speakers now)

they're more open about their intentions now that under a guise of "free" service one "worker" woman tried to get me into another empty apartment on my floor. the ugly man/beautiful woman street theater bullshit started again now that i forgot about it for a while.

Anonymous 4501


obviously, they all know what i did. they won't miss a fucking chance to make me remember that. even here they know, all of them. they do. they fucking do. this will go on and on and on everywhere

Anonymous 4509

what do you mean by ugly man/beautiful women theater and how does it relate to you being gangstalked?

Anonymous 4513

"Uglyman/Stacy" street theater is deliberately paying a specific type of straight couple (composed of an ugly, disgusting male and a beautiful woman) to be in a specific place at a specific time (that's a part of gang stalking all on itself) to provoke negative emotions in a targeted individual. Since they know I am a lesbian and trying to get a gf (not so much nowadays because of low libido), they pay uglyman/stacy couples to be in my presence and do theatrical romance stuff.

Anonymous 4523

No they don’t babes. you’re just insane. hope this helps.

Anonymous 4524


ah yes, much easier to call someone a schizo rather than actually try to listen

Anonymous 4525

Lol I think that is just a horrible feature of the landscape in most places OP. :|
But I believe you're being stalked because I am. It is sometimes hard to tell what's stalking and what isn't.. The key point is that it doesn't matter though. Its all toxic garbage and the one thing they can't stand is being ignored. When you learn to laugh at them it infuriates them. They're just trying to make you crazy and paranoid. So don't be.

Anonymous 4526

Sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm not new to CC but I've never posted in this thread.. I don't want to think about it much. I have been gangstalked for years but developed my own technique to neutralize the worst of it.

Anonymous 4527

Did you take that picture?

Anonymous 4529


i'm sorry but this is kinda "ignore your bullies"-tier advice, and as a person who was bullied at school a whole lot i know it's pretty much bullshit and only leads to them utilising worse methods. i get where you are coming from though.

no but i do visit similar places, they're pretty nice if you visit one when there's nobody else on the site

Anonymous 4540


Anonymous 4542

Lol well I used to believe that too. Until I was gangstalked. I don't think there is honestly a worse thing they can do after that… I'm speaking from 8 years of gangstalking experience when I say mine died down and became a squeak. Thing is as long as you KNOW yourself you can't give them room. But if you don't you'll always be insecure about everything they do and they'll get to you and continue to do what they do, because they can SEE you're like a wounded animal. If you're not you're just not.

Anonymous 4549


Anonymous 4703

Cell Bed.jpeg

Found at least three of their cars on my evening walk today and took some pics (not gonna post them here because some of you already know them, i bet). Let's see if they're gonna follow me around tomorrow. I know you will. I know you lurk here, but don't post.

Anonymous 4723

>typing random letters and numbers to try to scare the schizos in this thread
Ok, based

Anonymous 4737


this is the one van that has been following me around the town, on today's walk i even saw it following me home

Anonymous 4739


this is one of the cars of the people responsible for the gang stalking. notice the federal structure badge in the red circle.

Anonymous 4740


two random moids following me and looking at me until i stopped to pass them. i am completely sure they were hired to collect information on where i usually walk at night, when etc

Anonymous 4741

wtf goin on

Anonymous 4742

Shared some of the pictures of things related to my gang stalking experience. I highly suggest you to read the stuff above for more, I've posted a lot

Anonymous 4802


I'm shocked at the small number of anons who shared their experience with gang stalking, I thought it'd be more than this.
Anyway it seems to go into the calm phase again but ive blocked out my windows anyway with bags. i feel way calmer this way since the things installed on the neighbours house roof can't peek into my room anymore.
I'm kinda doing better now since the bags block out most visual influence they've had but the paid people on the streets have been following me a lot more so I don't go outside as much as I used to which in turn makes me want to eat less to keep myself in shape, I don't really want to eat anyway though. The ugly man/beautiful woman shit is still going strong but I don't seethe as much as I used to unless they directly confront me which they now fucking do.

Anonymous 4833

sorry this is happening to you anon, I believe you. Do you get any more physical symptoms like migraines, memory loss, etc?

Anonymous 4835

Thank you for your support.
Yes, I do get migraines sometimes; often when I sit near walls (I suppose something could be installed behind them). Occasional short-term memory loss has been a problem for me since middle school so I'm not sure I could attribute it to gang stalking. I am also unable to concentrate pretty much so I don't go to school as often as I used to (this started again in middle school and got much worse throughout high school (still not sure how I passed it), now I go at best 2 times/week; also related to people at uni being paid to humiliate or make me do awkward stuff.)

Anonymous 4837

NTA, but why do you think they are doing this to you? Why not stalk someone with an interesting life like a celebrity or politician instead?

Anonymous 4839

Why do people bully? Why did witch hunts happen?? Pogroms?? Holocausts?? Why do people look for scapegoats?? Read the lucifer effect for a better answer.

Why does there always seem to be this one blissfully naive tool that needs it carefully outlined for them Why people can be evil.

I mean do you ever see the news….?

Anonymous 4840

It's been happening to me for a long time, 8 years now, but I've developed ways of living a normal life with it. I dont post here so I dont focus on it too much..

I go to work, eat out, shop, go to the park I just stare down my nose at them. And ignore them. It's really tricky to learn to get used to but it's possible. The key is to never let them manipulate your negative emotions. Use rational indifference to filter everything.

Anonymous 4842

They give up when you don't give them any THOUGHT OR ATTENTION whatsoever.
They ultimqtely get bored.

Anonymous 4843

Sorry but I think this is elementary-school "ignore your bullies"-tier advice. I also think targeted individuals should share their experience to make everyone aware of what the government is doing to its own people. Psychotronic torture shouldn't stay ignored by the masses. Maybe then they'll be afraid of coverage and finally stop once it reaches mass media attention en masse, not in niche underground communities as it is now.

Some of the reasons are personal, let's say I've been in trouble with the law and first they (glowies) placed me on a watch list, then started gang stalking as to prevent me from doing further SUPPOSED criminal activity (when in reality I didn't do anything). Also this: >>4839 , as in gang stalking communities I've seen normal people with shared experiences. Maybe they're testing their weaponry on innocent people as to later use it against enemy countries.

Anonymous 4844

I'm just telling you what works for me. I hardly ever deal with it like I used to anymore.

They want a reaction from you, and that's it. To make you extremely paranoid..its true they try to double down and threaten you violence, but it's all fake, it's all a routine. Theyve never actually done anything to me in over 9 years. You start to notice their obsessoon with you after a while, and it's hilarious. They're incapable of putting it down, but they hate looking stupid. Theey hate being laughed at, so they drop it. I mean I'm just glad af I'm not one of them a lot of days. I've survived it. They must live in terror of other gangstalkers turning on them everyday after getting wrapped up with psychos like that. Why would you opt to curl up and die when you you could flip the tables and just wait for reactions from them ? They fucking HATE that kinda thing, it's fun to watch them look horrified at having to continue to do this with you.

Anonymous 4846

Also… waiting for other people to do something to wake up to it.. change it would take too long. I have too many things to do

Anonymous 4847

>Theyve never actually done anything to me in over 9 years.
Either you're extremely lucky (as it's very uncommon for TIs to not being directly attacked) or, more likely, proof you're lying about being gang stalked. You're also being inconsistent in your time marks. See:
>8 years now
>over 9 years

I don't really care about how long this takes. It just needs to be done.

Anonymous 4848

all my old high school friends are part of the operation. the constant street theater performance won't stop. it just can't be a coincidence.

i see them all the time. walking to work oh theres so and so! at the liquor store, oh whats-her-face is outside protesting. on the train, the one guy is staring at me. non of it makes any sense

Anonymous 4852

I'm sorry this is happening to you, how long it's been like this?
>non of it makes any sense
It does. All the time when I'm on the train, at least 3 ugly hairy moids are deliberately staring at me and trying to sit next to me. (It can not be attraction because I'm ugly as fuck and have fat in the wrong places and the only type of moid that's staring is either old or hairy or both).

Anonymous 4853

around 4 years, ive had experiences that have been very reminiscent of the stalking i face today when i was younger but never enough for me to notice it until i put the pieces together. i plan on moving away from my home town. the performances are a lot more bearable when it's not people i used to know

Anonymous 4854

Same anon. Have you ever been politically involved or look into things the powers at be might not appreciate you looking into? Just curious, because although I’m not a TI I’ve had strange occurences. I’ve been interested in “conspiracy” theories ever since my early teens and become increasingly suspicious of the government and of the media ever since. you could call me a tinfoil schizo, I guess. I was groomed and abused as a teen but my abuser got arrested and homeland security evidently found nude images of me on his devices. When I was like 19/20 homeland security spoke to my dad and demanded the speak to me. They told me I was a victim of cp and abuse, but more specifically they forced me to see the photos of myself. Then, afterward, they never texted back or called me back in the number they supplied me with. Could it have been blackmail? They could deepfake or ruin my reputation with those images, because still many people blame teenage girls for their own assault and not the grown men. I’m not a TI but I thought maybe a TI would be able to identify possible future blackmail when they hear of it

Anonymous 4857


>i plan on moving away from my home town.
I did the same thing, it made my mental health much better but you're right, it doesn't stop there.

>Have you ever been politically involved or look into things the powers at be might not appreciate you looking into?
Both, although first to a much lesser extent than the second.
>but more specifically they forced me to see the photos of myself.
>Could it have been blackmail?
Definitely, it's also a scare tactic by the gov to remind you they're here and they're ready to give these pictures to a paid actor who in turn spreads them to your close ones/coworkers/etc if you do something that the glowies will disapprove of (AKA you become a TI). I'm really sorry about your situation, especially that you've mentioned potential future blackmail and gang stalking. Not saying that you should stop looking into conspiracy theories but I think you need to be more careful with that.

Anonymous 4858

Thank you, anon. I think I will try to be smarter about what I look into. then.
Are you safe yourself?

Anonymous 4866

I'm already a TI so for me it means not to worsen my situation, but I don't think I'll get rid of gang stalking at all, sadly.
I wasn't groomed and I have no vulnerable pics of myself (I also tape all my cameras and block out my windows) so I don't think they could blackmail me with nude pictures unless they somehow break into my house to install microcameras which I don't think they've done yet.

Anonymous 4884


Clearly, Freemasons organize gang stalking because they are doing their master, the Satan, a favor.
But, there’s more. Now take a look at this. These are the things that Freemasons hate most of all:


It’s very easy to connect the dots: gang stalking is organized by Freemasons because they believe that you HAVE to reproduce.
Now take a look at their symbol, the square and compass - picrel:

The square represents the vagina or the earth.
The compass represents the phallus or the sun which impregnates the earth with life-producing rays.

The G means Generation: creation of new life.
So the symbol means phallus in uterus God. It means that hetero sex is God.

Of course, a secret organization that pledges oaths of persecution and that is obsessed with reproduction has to be really bad news for single women and gay men, the usual victims of gang stalking. This becomes visual in gang stalking. This is how they revealed themselves.

Anonymous 4885


Mind control is the systematic use of unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.
Gang stalking is a sort of mind control.
Gang stalking is a hate crime.

Electronic harassment is another sort of mind control. Electronic harassment is the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person, or even the pets of the victim. Many electronic devices can have a negative side effect on your health. So they can be used for harassment.

About 50% of gang stalking victims experience also electronic harassment.

Voice to skull (V2K) is a sort of electronic harassment. Many gang stalking victims hear voices. We suppose that the perpetrators use voice to skull to harass and hypnotize their victims.

Implants are a sort of electronic harassment. It’s the most invasive type of stalking. Some implant victims don’t experience gang stalking. Gang stalking victims see them as medical experimentees.

Anonymous 4906

>works the same way it does in high school
so it doesn't work? i have a history of being bullied and i tried ignoring and laughing at them, yet it never worked. shit only stopped when i changed schools, yet in the new schools (i went to multiple) i was also bullied due to being retarded and schizo.

>Shutting down discussion about what works helps NOBODY.

sorry if i came across as shutting down discussion, you're free to discuss any way to stop it because at this point i'm desperate; the active part started again. i'm only saying that your method sounds not applicable; at least in my case. it may have worked for you but i don't think it works for me. maybe it's due to us being in different countries and gangstalked by different people/gov agencies; mine is known to only stop when the target is either dead or locked in either jail or the nut house (gang stalking-induced artificial schizophrenia).


i've had exactly the same experience as you in terms of the radio shit; thankfully it was only a few times and yes, i ignored it then. i think i ignored it because the radio was not talking about me exactly though.

>(But I think I realize this because my experience with gangstalking has been of a "punishment" for taking drugs. )

here i think our experiences are way different. i am being gang stalked for an entirely different reason; thus they think i am NOT harmless in any way. this could explain why you're able to shut down gang stalking in such a simple way.

Anonymous 4912

>> so it doesn't work? i have a history of being bullied and i tried ignoring and laughing at them, yet it never worked. shit only stopped when i changed schools, yet in the new schools (i went to multiple) i was also bullied due to being retarded and schizo.

Are you really retarded? Or just talking smack about yourself? No offense but I can tell from the internal dialogue you're not actually ignoring them. The problem isn't that it doesn't work, its that you can't keep your head in that permanent state for long, without hearing their influence take up space in your skull again and again.
You see yourself become that way and you think its impossible.
I'm not trying to be annoying , I just want you to know there is a way to go about it that works.

I'm not saying its perfect I have times where I regress and sometimes I get the theatre directed at me again. But for the most part 90% of my life has vastly improved.

>> mine is known to only stop when the target is either dead or locked in either jail or the nut house (gang stalking-induced artificial schizophrenia).

Thats just what they want you to think. Its how they get in your head to terrorize you. I got tons of death threats for years, like I said.. BUT I went further and further into extremes testing out what I could go back to doing and get away with (not just with drugs, with other things too "reading what I shouldn't saying what I shouldnt") and I swear to you, its all a show to terrorize you and break you down, but they eventually stop.

If you really believe you're a dangerous person who deserves this, you sound like me 7 years ago. its probably because they got inside your head and convinced you that you were. (I haven't told you my entire story. There were multiple things I got stalked for.)

Anonymous 5020

They're coming for my fucking walls I can't listen to HNW normally they have to break my connections by breaking into and creating these 1 second breaks in a constant stream of noise

Anonymous 5021

They're already making me an amoeba basically by stripping me of my wishes desires and connections now they're taking away what I use to cope with all of this fucking shit

Anonymous 5073


Some questions for TIs itt
>How long have you been gang stalked?
>Why do you think you are?
>For what suspected reason?
>What do you do to deal with gang stalking? What is most effective?

Anonymous 5078


Anonymous 5082

>How long have you been gang stalked?
been seeing the patterns since high school but never put the pieces together until i was around 19
>Why do you think you are?
some things cannot be coincidental. the frequency i see people and their actions are clean, they want to cause distress. what really made me know is the holes in my walls, i have many holes in my wall made by myself, but every few months i come home and find another. they are trying to convince me in crazy, i assumed it was just lapses in my memory, which happen sometimes, but its too work
>For what suspected reason?
i have zero clue
>What do you do to deal with gang stalking? What is most effective?
journalling is good. i know they track what i type, but they cant do that with my journals. i keep them on me all the time. this doesn't stop anything but it helps me cope in a way that i feel is private.

sorry about this if its incoherent, its quite hard to put into words what im experencing

Anonymous 5087

>they are trying to convince me in crazy
This is a very common strategy. Their next step is convincing your close ones you're crazy. That's why some cases of "schizophrenia" are fabricated to place unwanted individuals into a mental hospital and make them dependent on mind-numbing drugs (antipsychotics, drugs that literally suppress your brain functions).
>but they cant do that with my journals.
Unless they come home to you. They've been at my place once and I'm sure if I had any journals not burned down at the time, they'd read it. I'm not saying they need or will necessarily break into your house but the holes in your walls sound weird.
Personally, I keep track either ITT (no one cares about crystal cafe and even if they (probably) already know about this website, I've already detailed almost everything so why bother) or in my headspace (I haven't noticed any signs of mind intrusions so I can say it's safe for now).

It's ok, I don't make much sense either. On top of that I'm ESL so you get it.

Anonymous 5093

I recommend this page as it has a large database of e-books and other websites about gang stalking.

>part of the motive is to prevent me from committing suicide

That's a weird motive indeed. Maybe you got into the hands of electronic sadists that would like to torture you before you commit suicide?

>I also get really odd tinnitus for no reason and I have been incredibly more sensative to noise.

As someone with permanent tinnitus (due to exposure to loud noise) I can say any unusual disruption in it is artificial.

Anonymous 5177

photo_2022-01-31 1…

Saw anons talking about this thread on lolcow comparing it to threads like the worst thing you've ever done and cyberstalking threads. I don't get why TIs are compared to people that actually bother someone and do dirty stuff.
If they were gang stalked even once in their lives they wouldn't say stuff like that. It's much worse than being just stalked or manipulated.

Anonymous 5210

they are controlling my libido now. making me think things i'd never think about. broadcasting my thoughts; as i feel people around me know what they're making me think about.

Anonymous 5211

Have you considered buying some faraday tape?

Anonymous 5238

Sooo what do you think about?

Anonymous 5242

it's been in my online shopping cart for a little while but i don't know what i'd do with it since i'd have to make a protective covering over my head (the brain receives the signal and then governs the entire body causing convulsions and stuff) for it to work and that kinda looks like a literal tinfoil hat (tinfoil actually has the potential to block weak-ish electromagnetic waves and other types of wave but i can't get past the cultural significance of the classic tinfoil hat which has been an attribute of "schizo kek")
mainly my friend, they're making me fall in love and obsess over him which i'd never ever do on myself, it's painful rather than pleasant as pure love should be, it's more like i can't break free from these thoughts and i even developed a plan to kidnap him as to cope; of course i don't actually plan on doing so (that's retarded, risking your life and freedom over some moid you don't even want yourself) yet these thoughts console me, i began distancing myself from him even though everything was going fine except kind of my mental breakdown which he handled by telling me to go take my medication (he knows about my illness) and yes since he's a moid i understand he couldn't do much

Anonymous 5243

samefag but i also think he knows about this remote controlled obsession and laughs at it in his mind; that'd also explain his behavior better

Anonymous 5272


Bumping because
>I got no replies to my posts about gangstalking on lolcow besides one anon telling me I'm schizo
>I can function again because I'm not in ""harmless"" sleep mode because of micro-waves and pills

Anonymous 5286

Went outside to a cafe today and they played "Every Breath You Take" oh look how funny! How ironic!

Anonymous 5304

>Roger Tolces Bio-Coded Directed Energy Voice to Skull (V2K) Transmissions via DNA Resonance:
>Roger Tolces: The Surveillance State - Electronic Harassment and Monitoring
>Dr. James Giordano - The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future (lays out the current capabilities of nanotechnology in mind controlling targets):
>Full text of "Under An Ionized Sky - From Chemtrails To Space Fence Lockdown" by Elana Freeland:
>TI's have been treated as guinea pigs for the nano/AI control and torture system.
>Wonder what Steve Hoffman in this video knows?
>He sure seems to find the idea of someone being tortured with psychotronics wielded by "evil people" inordinately hilarious:
>The Matrix Deciphered by Robert Duncan:
>Converging Technologies
>for Improving Human Performance NANOTECHNOLOGY, etc.:
>“Targets” Are Enrolled In The Pentagon’s 4th-Generation-Warfare – “Sentient World Simulation” – SEAS (Synthetic Environment For Analysis and Simulation)Program by Eric Karlstrom:
>Nano and micro foreign objects that look manufactured and, in some cases, self propelled in the "jabs":

Anonymous 5305

>Karen Rex, Silicon Valley Security Whistleblower on NatSec Violations:
>Bryan Kofron, SIS whistleblower:
>CIA Targeted Individuals - Dr. Eric Karlstrom:
>Open Mind with Bill Jenkins: Scalar Tech - Dr Bob Beck:
>Bryan Kofron, aka Justin Carter Exposes Targeted Individual Industry Targeting American Civilians:

Posting some resources because apparently some people think gang stalking is just schizophrenic ramblings.

Anonymous 5307


BTFO'd on lolcow, again. It's on me this time though because I sperged out in a wrong thread. Speaking of threads, this has become more of a blogpost thread than a general gang stalking discussion thread since most other TI anons either don't want to post or rarely post and others just call us schizo. Quoting one of the anons on lolcow, no one believes it until it happens to them.
There's a TI thread on 4moid /x/ but I'm not going there until I'm really desperate.

Anonymous 5308

What if the government could change people’s moral beliefs or stop political dissent through remote control of people’s brains?

Sounds like science fiction, right? Well, a leaked document reveals that the US government, through DARPA research, is very close to accomplishing this.

The group is so confident that they will be able to induce or disrupt the operations of narratives in the brain, that they say on page 26 that the research “offers the capability to induce or disrupt the operation of narratives in the brain, and develops the capability to induce narrative validity [i.e., the believability of a particular narrative/message], transportation [i.e., the ability to be engaged by a narrative], and integration [i.e., associating a particular narrative with a larger, more kvlturally specific narrative] with certainty.”
The group gives the following example of this projects usefulness: “If it is the case that activation in one particular neural network enables people to connect personal narrative to master narratives [i.e., kvltural narratives], by disrupting activity in that brain area, we should be able to selectively impair that specific aspect of narrative processing while holding other meaning making processes constant, effectively creating a ‘narrative disruptor.’ Not only would this be an important finding in the science of neural networks and narrative persuasion, but would also have considerably practical and strategic importance.”

Anonymous 5320

Maybe you could line the walls and ceiling of your bedroom with it. I'd do it if I could afford it and knew how to stick it.

Anonymous 5321

Samefag but eat CORIANDER to reduce the mercury, aluminium and lead levels of your body.

Anonymous 5323


>77% of TI are women

Anonymous 5325

>Maybe you could line the walls and ceiling of your bedroom with it.
Not a way to go, since I live with my aunt (she takes care of me while I'm NEETing) and she'll definitely notice that change and tell my psychiatrist about that since I can't lie it's for (another reason).
Thank you for the suggestion though.
Why the reaction image?
As theorized in >>4884 :
>Of course, a secret organization that pledges oaths of persecution and that is obsessed with reproduction has to be really bad news for single women and gay men, the usual victims of gang stalking.
Single women (both hetero and not) are a larger demographic than gay men, so it makes sense they'd comprise a larger amount of victims.

Anonymous 5326

I just wanted to react with something on the line of: we women are almost always the target of psyops shit. Not that I doubt there are more female TI, on the contrary, I quite believe it.

Anonymous 5438

Kind of wondering if any of the celebrities I've targeted on social media for being creeps are stalking me. Weird stuff is happening. No signs of the men themselves but I'm concerned they might be after me. I used to not believe in this shit and now it's raised my blood pressure and heart rate and is threatening to kill me.

Anonymous 5485

Weird shit happening again. Going out with friends on Friday. Guess I'll watch for any weird behaviors around me. Fuck stop this paranoia fuck fuck fuck

Anonymous 5489

Woman joined a martial arts class I'm in. And said it was because she was "gangstalked and had her ribs broken." I honestly didn't know whether or not to believe her since gangstalking claims are so often associated with mental illness. I'm sure it does actually happen though.

Anonymous 6272

>4 months since last post
i apologise for my long absence, first of all i got into a mental hospital briefly (because i had a suicide attempt solely because of the stalkers actions against me (which include terrorizing my apartment with microwave radiation and other types of such)), wouldn't recommend it to anyone and since it's one of the main goals of gang stalkers to make the TI go into such places i think they've started another active gangstalking phase
also, i don't go outside as often as i used to so i can't say if they're doing street theater again, i moved cities again and they're still doing the stalking and electronic harassment against me
i got several burn scars on my arms, doctors say it's dermatitis caused by an allergy but i've been to an allergologist and he said it's certainly not an allergy to my medication (which i was prescribed to take while i was in the hospital) since medication allergies are highly lethal, i can't show them since they've mostly healed up now but they used to be bad and even my aunt says it's more akin to actual burns than skin reactions caused by allergies, i suspect these burns have been caused by the gang stalkers' equipment since i've seen some TI claim they've had burn scars too, it's most certainly micro ray radiation
active physical harm is more akin to the later phases of active gang stalking but yes it can happen to some especially unlucky TIs.

Anonymous 6461


As more burns occur on my body, I'm unable to sleep normally now. I wake up in the morning really early and feel and hear the rays working, which means another active phase of my gang stalking has begun. I am also being tele-raped now every single night and sometimes during the daytime. Inb4 infection/VD: I am a virgin
Expecting to get v2k'd soon.

Anonymous 6514

>thankfully literally no one wants to even be near me when i put a bag over my head on the subway train or wherever.

wouldn't putting a bag over your head make you more obvious?? what is the purpose of this bag?

also a cool experiment to do would to have the plastic line the inside of a cap or something and see if you get the same results when the bag is visible versus not .

Anonymous 6515

>wouldn't putting a bag over your head make you more obvious??
yes, i don't mind it as long as it protects me from street theater "performances". it looks stupid as fuck but it works.
>what is the purpose of this bag?
to stop street theater and to stop ""randos"" from interacting with me
>have the plastic line the inside of a cap
i don't think it'd work since it would not obscure my vision

Anonymous 6574


The tele-rapes have stopped but more and more burns occur still.
Also, most of my face is burnt, causing strangers to treat me weirdly and look at me like I'm a fucking zoo animal.
I also have begun suspecting my boyfriend of having ties with my gangstalkers because of his weird behaviour around me lately. Maybe they went to his workplace and convinced him, there's mandatory military drafting going on in my country, could be the gang stalkers threatened him to either get drafted or cooperate with them to provide them information. I don't want to believe that it's the case since I love him, but if I find proof of their cooperation I'll have to dump him and cut all ties with him. This is depressing, I've read that many TIs experience such things with their loved ones.

The state of the TI community in my country is crappy since most "TIs" who congregate on mainstream websites dedicated to gang stalking are either demented old women (I have nothing against women of age but what most of them are saying on the topic of gang stalking and psychotronic terror is plain wrong) or hyper-misogynist imageboard scrotes (the moidboard kind where I can't post or else there'll be a lot of drama surrounding my sex). That's why I mostly post on CC or foreign websites.

Anonymous 6575

That’s not burns, it’s ringworm from being a grotty schizo bitch

Anonymous 6576

absolutely disgusting please bathe

Anonymous 6577

psoriasis? some other skin condition?

Anonymous 6580

I went to multiple doctors for this, they all said "it's an allergy" not a different skin condition. Surely a dermatologist would be able to tell burns apart from anything else, right? Although I don't really believe it's an actual allergy since none of the prescribed anti-allergy treatments work for me (I tried multiple). I also asked some TIs about this and they've had the same experience. They also said only praying to God worked for them.
I shower every 3-4 days, is that not enough? The burns also get worse after contact with water.

Anonymous 6586

This won't work because they're reading your mind. Wait seriously have you had success with this?

all my experiences showed me my mind was being read.

I am also gangstalked. I never post about it because mine mostly fizzled out, and I don't really know how to help people or talk to people about it.

My technique for dealing with it works, but it's really hard to convince other TI's to use it. I wish I could find a way to help out.

Anonymous 6590


>This won't work because they're reading your mind.
I know, but at least I can't physically see their streat theater "performances" the perps enact for me that way.
>My technique for dealing with it works, but it's really hard to convince other TI's to use it.
What's your technique?
I remember an anon ITT also sharing her technique to deal with gang stalking and electronic harassment, which was to simply ignore it. I didn't realize how effective it was at first but now that I've become more apathetic it seems to work on itself. Not completely though since they invent new methods to bother me.

Anonymous 6592

OP is big time schizophrenic lol

Anonymous 6597


Currently can’t sleep because of the telerapes and burns itching. I hate perps so goddamn much it’s unreal.

Anonymous 6649


Sorry I forgot I made the post I hardly ever come to /x.

Ignoring the gangstalking is part of it. I agree it's hard to only ignore them, because they will do everything in their power to try to mentally break / manipulate you.

My technique was to built up a mental wall to that manipulation and stonewall them. Its was weird forced in that situation I did crazy things to experiment. I tried being cheerful and distracting myself with pleasant things like writing or creative projects. And this worked really well. It was like keeping myself in a mental bubble.

The more they show they have a hard on for you the more you make a point of eating it up. Long as you realize its the bottomfeeders of society perpetrating something like a highschool witch hunt. Plus they cant really do anything. Especially if you've never really done anything to warrant being harrassed.

If you eat up their attention like it's fuel, they'll start to Crack and look/ feel idiotic obsessing over you so much.

It probably took me 2 years to perfect this out of 9. (I've been stalked for 9 years now) I've gotten really used to it. Also my stalking is NOTHING like what it used to be. It's completely limp and watered down now. Tbf I don't even know why they bother to make attempts anymore.

Do your stalkers try to interact with you by getting in your face? Mine didn't I guess because they know I can be really combatitive if its face to face targeting.. mine would talk about me in directed conversations from across rooms or harrass me at my job in indirect ways, while i worked with the public.

In the beginning mine was terrifying though. REALLY bad. I would get death threats, blackmail threats, and violence threats. They made a point to sound like serial killers. But ultimately they would never do anything. I always suspected they couldnt otherwise they'd give me evidence and break the rules of their covert game.

Overtume i came to realize it's a bunch of bullcrap and lies. They just want to manipulate you with fear and threats to get you do do something they want.

In the end all the crazy death threats nd blackmail fizzled into a complete joke. Gradually you just see the phony actors for what they are. You could have an easier time than I did if you went in knowing these things ahead of time. You really don't have to be manipulated by fear AT ALL.

Anonymous 7025

the spotify wrapped thing came out the other day, it gave me a playlist titled "your top artists" normal right? i hit shuffle and its all YUNGBLOOD. or whatever his name is. ive never heard any of his music before. hes def not a top artist of mine. i hit skip and its the same fucking artist over and over. i think someone is bribing spotify to share this awful music and force us to listen to it. i hate that fucking song. i hate yungblud or whatever, its so cringe. but seriously why is this happening, why is he paying for this, or is this my GangStalkers trying to piss me of??/ this is a serious post pls pls help me miners

Anonymous 7038

dude I had my spotify hacked into years ago and I only found out after one of those "for you" playlists being a bunch of music I never listened to before. turns out some guy from bangladesh was sharing my account with me for over a year. he even had playlists that were hidden on my account under names I had already used. it's possible someone is hijacking your account and listening to that artist 10 hours a day and you didn't even know it

Anonymous 7137

I say this as someone who has been gang-stalked to a tremendous degree (cars following me around, all my neighbors being suspicious, incredible synchronicities, etc.)

What is the actual problem with being gang stalked? I feel like I'm being watched yes but they never do anything and, if they do, I'm not noticing any changes. I've seen so many people complain about gang stalking but if nothing happens there's no big deal right?
I've never experienced "sine waves", psychic attacks, or anything, just people watching me. It's a little unsettling of course but it's also kinda exciting!

Anonymous 7157

don't you worry they're just waiting for the right moment or a signal from someone else or something?

Anonymous 7838

photo_2022-09-25 1…

Here's OP. This is going to be my last post ITT if I will go through it. I refuse to cope and live in this psychotronic prison country anymore. Psychiatry is a scam, and I'm going to use my so-called "antipsychotics" given to me (that are actually chemical lobotomy agents) to escape. Over the past 2 years, I have accumulated over 700 mg of various potent typical and atypical antipsychotics (to treat my "paranoid schizophrenia" BOGUS diagnosis made by a complete unprofessional who was just an agent for FSB, the organisation responsible for my gang stalking in its entirety). I am going to give myself Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, severe QT prolongation (worsened by my thyroid condition) and give in way to death. This prison planet isn't for me. Everything on it, I refuse to cooperate with. My boyfriend and aunt have made my life better but still, they couldn't do ANYTHING with my gang stalking problem of 5 years minimum. No one believed me, and if I tell them, they'd just confine me into a psychiatric hospital. I will explain everything to them in my diary I'm going to leave them before I leave.
I am not going to allow myself to be experimented on anymore. I've had enough of DEW attacks (the burns which NO doctor was able to explain the origin for) and sine waves controlling my thoughts. I do not urge other Targeted Individuals to do this, I simply leave this thread to be. Please understand me. See you all in the next life. If anyone cared enough to read my walls of text ITT, thank you. I know many things here make no sense, but if you were a TI, they would.
P.S. I have another exit plan if this fails, but this should do it.
I am planning to leave in 5 days. I am simply announcing my departure. Thank you again.

Anonymous 7839

What are you gonna do with the meds ??

Anonymous 7840


I'm going to take them (ironically), although at a much larger dose than prescribed. If done right (as it should, since antipsychotics = dopamine antagonists = antiemetic properties = no vomiting them out and failing), I'll get Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (symptoms of which include major tachycardia, QT interval prolongation/Torsades de pointes/arrhythmia which could lead to sudden cardiac arrest and death).
Here's a case of haloperidol (one the antipsychotics I have a lot of) overdose-related death https://www.researchgate.net/publication/236926588_Black_Esophagus_Acute_Esophageal_Necrosis_in_Fatal_Haloperidol_Intoxication
>Death of the deceased was attributed to fatal intoxication with three various types of antipsychotics.
I have several types of potent antipsychotics in large quantities due to changing medications rapidly during my "schizophrenia treatment" so I could do the same thing. Please wish me luck.

Anonymous 7843

I wish I could bring you into my home and protect you. Are you sure there's no other way? Nobody safe you could be with who won't force you into medicinal treatment? Would your aunt accept you hiding with her and no longer taking “treatments“? I don't think they can force you into them if you have someone acting guardian stopping them


Good luck anon, hope you don't just end up brain dead and being a burden to your family and even more vulnerable to outside forces I guess. lol

Anonymous 7852


Thank you but I have no available resources to flee right now. And even if I did, the gang stalkers will follow me through different countries (heard that happening to TIs way too often).
>Would your aunt accept you hiding with her and no longer taking “treatments“?
I explained some negative effects of my "antidepressant" and "antipsychotic" treatments and she agreed with me no longer taking them but she still thinks I need professional "psychiatric help". Plus, if I explained my situation of gang stalking, she obviously would take that as "my symptoms worsening" and force me on antipsychotics again.
I can live with her and my BF without telling them just fine but it won't stop the DEW attacks and their effects on my physical health, like the burns I posted above. I don't even go outside anymore because the street theater is just too much to handle.
My BF has a plan to escape this society altogether but it'll take him a good 5 years to do so. I don't think I can take another 5 years of continuous energy attacks, rapes, mind poisoning so I'll just leave. However, he could at least understand me if I told him about the gang stalking? I could try telling him before I ultimately take the decision.
Yes, that'd be my worst nightmare. I reconsidered my exit plan though, antipsychotics won't do it for me properly, my dosages I possess now are too low. I might jump off a tall building instead, thankfully I have access to one. The odds of surviving that are much lower.

Anonymous 7853

>My BF has a plan to escape this society altogether but it'll take him a good 5 years to do so
What is his plan if you don't mind my asking? Are you planning to just go off the grid into the woods or something?

Also if you're close with him surely he'd be on your side and wouldn't think you're crazy, he sounds like he shares your distrust of the elites. I think having someone else to talk to about how you're being gang-stalked would help you tremendously just so you don't feel so alone.
God do I wish I had one damn person who was on my side in all that I go through.

Anonymous 7854

>I'm going to kill myself
kill yourself

Anonymous 7857

Can't believe I only wrote this a month ago??

Just dropping by to reiterate, the stalking does indeed stop.
Particularly if you stop reacting to it the way they want.

It's kind of ridiculous that other "victims" here don't respond or discuss my previous entry. That they dont seek advice even.
Kind of makes me think this thread is full of stalkers larping as victims.

If its larping stalkers you can always tell by how fatalistic and hopeless their posts are.

They get on for the sole purpose of poisoning other victims thoughts. Posting this for future reference.

I think I'll start spamming my previous post here since it's the only helpful thing Ive seen since i came to this thread..

Anonymous 7859

It is possible to tell others exactly what you're going through if you stress that it's like internet doxxing, accept a different kind where their goal's to make you paranoid.

Own the fact that you know you're paranoid. You're being driven to paranoia. So it's only natural.

I told my mother and dad about it and they believe me. My parents aren't big communicators though. So they're not helpful as in supportive, they don't ask how you're doing. You just talk and they'll listen. But they do believe the attacks are ongoing. You just tell them in detail how it works. How there psychotic obsessives, coordinating it.

Im just saying. Because it IS possible to talk to people about it. Sometimes they'll be in disbelief about the frequency of the stalking, but in general they'll believe if you stress that its similar to doxxers trying to make you paranoid.

Anonymous 7865

I mean obviously you want to pick your words right, you dont want to sound like an extreme conspiracy theorist. Describe it in a way thats grounded in truth but also clarity/ honesty.

The stalkers WANT you to sound like a nut when you talk about it so obviously dont! Why would you go in trying to desribe gangstalking the way TI's describe it usually??? Actually why do they talk about it like its bordering on supernatural at all?? I never understood this. It sounds like intentionally shooting your leg off.

Like when has that helped anybody get a point across??

They end up telling the most outrageous details. But doxxing isn't unbelievable. Neither are witchhunts by mobs or intentionally being driven to paranoia by psychopaths. So ? So a new kind of doxxing exists and its called gangstalking. How would that surprise anybody? Just don't start off talking about mind control and you'll have a lot less issues with sounding crazy.

Maybe you won't get to describe every awful detail, but you have to start somewhere. You'll get sympathy, maybe even support. It's better than being thrown in a psych ward.

Anonymous 7875


>What is his plan if you don't mind my asking? Are you planning to just go off the grid into the woods or something?
Pretty much, yes. Somewhere without any sign of modern civilisation and I hope the warmer places of our country have uninhabited such places abandoned by all with all the wilderness coming through. it I don't know if it would be enough because of modern technology GPS satellites which could possibly monitor me even away, far, far away from civilisation.

I did it. I told everything in detail about my gang stalking and electronic harassment experience of 5 continous years to my BF. Well what was his fucking reaction? He didn't believe me in full and said a lot of suspicious things which just proved my suspicions of him being one of the agents. Sent fucking boy who's been faking it all for this but I FUCKING BELIEVED HIM, I BELIEVED THAT HE LOVED ME TRULY, i loved him too and i still love him, i just can't be with him anymore. He's not at my house and my aunt's anymore. I kinda had a meltdown in front of them both which led to him being removed from my home for some period of time. It's only temporarty maybe he proves himself to me? Or maybe he'd stop fucking putting on this deliberate act of "OHHHH ANON I LOVE U I DUN WAN U TO LEAVEEEEE" and just fucking let him act as he normally would without any faking from his side. But he won't, he's fucking going to die because I uncovered him and his plans. I'm going to die too. Fucking son of a bitch. I hate him for making me believe that he could be the only person I confide in. I hate him so much it's unreal. I would fucking kill him if we were alone at home without my aunt who takes care of me and this situation right now. I told her some things about gangstalking too but she seems to think "it's my diagnosis acting up". I don't fucking know what to expect anymore. Guess I'll die and it'll all be over. Guess that faggot I called my BF is going to get a huge fucking pay from the FSB because of my complete removal.

I told them exactly like this. see my rant above. no one cared enough.

Anonymous 7884

Live your life to the best of your ability.
Stay in control. It’s your life and not their life.
Try to meditate and pray as you start your day.
Continue with your normal activities as best as possible.
Try not to loose your temper in public. This is what they want. In public stay as calm and serene as possible.

They have observed you, now it’s your time to observe them. They have limited functions, once you tune into what they are doing, you can out smart them.
Do not interact with them to the best of your ability. They crave the attention and interaction with targets. Try not to give it to them.
If you start to fight back and they increase the attacks at first, that’s normal. Keep at it, be persistent. You will wear them down.
Do research on Gas-lighting, Cointelpro, Stasi secret police, psychopaths, kvlts, mobbing. Read books, watch movies, learn how they work.
Keep a journal of what’s happening.
Rebuild your social circle. The way this works is by putting you into exile. The thing that you want to do is rebuild a social circle. If you live in a small town, try to find maybe someone in another town, or someone who is not taking part in the gang stalking. This works by cutting of your network, the best defence is to try to build or rebuild a network.
Make people aware of what is happening. This works well in silence. However in small towns this works because too many people are taking part. Go online if you have to, start a blog, call people on the phone. Do an awareness campaign. Get the word out.

Anonymous 8431

Is this a larp thread or are so many of you this insane?

Anonymous 8433

Been wondering the same thing anon. A lot of people here seem to need genuine psychiatric help and unlike most miners they aren't aware of it.

Always got the feeling the people in /x/ were different than the users of the rest of the board.

Anonymous 8456


comedy or tragedy?
fiction or stranger than?

Anonymous 8471

Imo I got the feeling this was just one person's personal paranoia diary.

Anonymous 8483

There's one n0nnie who posts a lot but there are more of us.

Anonymous 8495

From a century ago:
I empathize, but please seek help before you veer into "Gangster Computer God" territory.

Anonymous 8497

NTAYRT and I am not a TI but I'm open minded. Also if having a historical basis means anything to you this is an older theory than Schizophrenia.
It's worth considering that persistent gaslighting can result in psychosis-like symptoms. Women are gaslit by society at large and men on the daily why wouldn't the stress result in what we now call psychosis? >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Yellow_Wallpaper
Psychiatry rose along with crackpot freudian psychoanalysis two years after the bolshevik revolution (1917) in the USSR. Even then that's no cope for the USSR as they would later admittedly refer to their own ideological opponents as "psychologically unwell". I'm not saying TI's or Schitzos don't exist, I think it's more important to read between the lines here, which is that it's a little bit of column a and a little of column b.
On Society and psychosis
>"Psychiatrist David Healy has criticised pharmaceutical companies for promoting simplified biological theories of mental illness that seem to imply the primacy of pharmaceutical treatments while ignoring social and developmental factors that are known important influences in the etiology of psychosis.[54]"
I think environmental factors get massively underestimated in psychology because there are perhaps anons in this thread being stalked and harrassed by ex boyfriends, ex friends or ex family members. It's not unusual for "Narcissists" to triangulate and smear their victims. I mean lolcow exists how does that differ? Obviously just because there is a thread of truth doesn't mean we shouldn't try to be discerning. Sage because I'm not sure if my post should even be on X.

Anonymous 8536


sine waves again like a non stop onkyo/eai/drone performance on the upper floor i'm going to record it if i can because it's so damn loud
this has been going on from since i woke up

Anonymous 8537

here’s the recording https://voca.ro/1ktCxotysTzL

Anonymous 8548

again from this morning https://voca.ro/176ZuID0h3Dx

Anonymous 8874

I've heard of gangstalking in person but can you be gangstalked online?

Anonymous 8878

Anonymous 8886

What does online gangstalking look like?

Anonymous 8944

A friend of mine believes he was the victim of online gangstalking. He told me that he was randomly added to a WhatsApp group chat where people were discussing exchanging illegal substances, left the group immediately and deleted the app. A few years later he makes a completely anonymous twitter account and very creepy people follow and DM him about drugs. He thinks that a cult is trying to set him up for whatever reason.

Anonymous 9114


Hey, I’m having this issue with YouTube shorts, I will be scrolling and just enjoying mindless content to relax and I will come across a post I have never seen before and the like button will already be selected. Very specific YouTube shorts with similar content always have this feature. I am curious to see if anyone else is experiencing this. The first time I saw it I thought I was imagining things and I haven’t heard anyone else talking about it. A friend said I should post here. I mainly lurk, sorry if this post is hard to read or digest in any way.

(Notice the little bubble around the like button that doesn’t appear if you like it normally and disappears when you unlike, scroll, and return to the previous video.)

Anonymous 9123

Check your account to see if someone else has logged in (if there are any devices you don't recognize).

Anonymous 9146

First, do what >>9123 said. I suppose it would have to show every sign in and if they're using your account currently.
Since you've posted in the gang stalking thread, I'll ask you some questions:
What else did you notice? Any weird people staring at you or following you or talking about you in the streets (if you go outside)? Do you have random unexplained headaches or bursts of sine wave-like noise in your head that aren't diagnosed migraines or any other diagnosis?

Anonymous 9214

Some interesting and detailed info on ganstalking. The signs of electronic harassment are scary as fuck. I hope the ti nona from a lot of posts above is safe.


Anonymous 9216

Thank you for worrying, but I don't think I'm ever safe. Most TI's aren't let go that easy (if one of the posters above who said she was let go just because she ignored everything they did to provoke/harass her/make her life worse isn't larping then I think she is the only exception I've ever heard of). I experienced most of the signs in your link and I think it's pretty accurate.
Just realised it's soon going to be 2 years since I started this thread. Documenting my experience with gangstalking has been helpful somewhat but it's also fucking depressing.

Anonymous 9217

I'm sorry to hear that but I'm also very glad to know you're still around. Damn, we really need a sparatist comune of our own, even if some women only want to stay there temporarily and then go somewhere else.

Anonymous 9218

Are you talking about female/lesbian separatism or female TI separatism in particular? If it's the first, sadly, most women are brainwashed by big pharma and p$yschiatry to not believe any "outrageous" claims like gangstalking testimonies. Though I do think that women are more accepting and understanding of these issues - gangstalking is systematic much like patriarchy which all women are subjected to. If more women start recognising the similar patterns (it's also moids who are in charge of both patriarchy and gangstalking) the closer the global, unrelenting gangstalking issue is to be addressed. A lot of women are waking up to the horrors of patriarchy, why not make them aware of gangstalking too?
Some might even say patriarchy is gangstalking-lite and much more global (affecting whole 51% of the population). Women all over the world are constantly brainwashed, bombarded with subliminal messages everywhere, beaten into submission, made to question themselves, their biology, their sanity (!!) and much much more. It's fucking insane how similar the two are.
If it's the second, I think it's more viable but language barriers and international borders are more of an issue. Plenty of TIs would flee to a commune like that if they could - don't forget that the victims of gangstalking are often made poor and unable to work (or to work good paying jobs).

Anonymous 9223

I was talking about general female separatism bu yeah.
> Though I do think that women are more accepting and understanding of these issues - gangstalking is systematic much like patriarchy which all women are subjected to. If more women start recognising the similar patterns (it's also moids who are in charge of both patriarchy and gangstalking) the closer the global, unrelenting gangstalking issue is to be addressed. A lot of women are waking up to the horrors of patriarchy, why not make them aware of gangstalking too?
Completeley agree with you (not only in the greentext but your whole post). A single female separatist comune would be impossible to create since women in need of this are all over the world. It would be amazing to build a series of comunes in discrete yet strategical places and make them known through the internet in a way only women would know. But coordinating and creating such project would need a lot of good luck and money.

Anonymous 9224


We live in a simulation. The Q drops as well as the Bible all factor into it. AI has already taken control of our electronics and all humans are inherently connected to the simulation electronically: think NPCs.

Anonymous 9232

>It would be amazing to build a series of comunes in discrete yet strategical places and make them known through the internet in a way only women would know.
and also not allow trannies in (sexual predators, even if they are legitimately targeted individuals they'd recognize the pet peeves of other TIs easily and manipulate the especially vulnerable into sexual stuff, given the troons' AGP and obsession with "femaleness and submission" gender roles which they want to become and enforce on other women/sometimes moids too)
>The Q drops as well as the Bible all factor into it.
not trying to be unfriendly, just interested: do you believe that Q is not just some trolling moid? it's crazy that the Q stuff spread beyond imageboards and is now popular with boomers all around the world (not just USA where the most Q stuff is about kek)
i agree with your bible opinion. sadly its meaning has been warped into oblivion by moid elites throughout history.
>AI has already taken control of our electronics and all humans are inherently connected to the simulation electronically: think NPCs.
i've met so much literal NPCs that i do not care about them at all nowadays. of course if they're all connected it makes sense they are also the gangstalkers' agents getting remote commands straight from them. it's the most normie NPC types who tend to be street theater "actors".

Anonymous 9233

When I was 9-11 I was friends with this girl who was one year older than me. She was telling me she has cameras in her room and that people are observing her but she couldn't show me the cameras. She told me about the cameras very often. She also told me her uncle molested her. Why would a child lie about something like this to another child? I don't doubt the molestation, unfortunately that happens more than rarely to girls, but I'm still wondering about the cameras. It still fucks me up when I think about it. Could it be just one individual targeting a child, or was there more? She told me about "people" when mentioning the cameras, so it wasn't just about her uncle

Anonymous 9239

Anyone in here ever wake up with bruises they have no recollection of getting? It happens to me frequently and I'm starting to think that it's my gangstalkers doing something. I'm a very heavy sleeper so they could hit me with all sorts while I'm asleep and probably never wake me.

Anonymous 9245

I noticed that a lot of my gangstalkers are bald. I also think they send frequencies to give me migraines/disrupt my sleep.

Anonymous 9256

I met a woman irl who said she was being gang-stalked she seemed very distressed. I wish I'd known what to say to let her know i believed her story. I hope I didn't come across like I was the stalker. If you post here Sis I hope you're making the most of a tough situation and your outfit was gorgeous. Targeted individuals, what can people like me who sympathise with your cause help you with?

Anonymous 9300


Picrel is one of my gangstalkers.

Anonymous 9318

I believe you 1000%.<3

Anonymous 9319

This is so god damn eerie, the way you're describing it. It's like looking into another reality of gangstalking. To me it's more real than anything. There are real disgusting filthy apes that do this kind of shit. Why wouldn't they though?? How is that surprising??? I mean for all abuse men dole out, the rape, stalking, violence… Just look at the hidden camera epidemic in south Korea !! They have a 'hidden camera's department in south Korea that goes around public, especially women's bathrooms, changing rooms, and searches for and removes hidden cameras it's so bad. The men would steal the private footage and upload it online.

Why WOULDNT men do something like gangstalking though? It's the most classic male behavior pattern on earth. Fits in line perfectly with everything else they've done through history. Witch hunts, genocide, torture. Why is it even remotely shocking ?

Men are pure filth to me. I don't want to understand them or get close to them. How the hell is that surprising to anyone though ?? Why should I try to understand ? I don't give a fuck about understanding them I want them to get the hell away from me.

There are 10-20% good males I know, but I've always done everything alone to avoid men anyway if I can help it. I've never really benefitted from men that don't suck.

Accept for the good stalkers. Which yes I have good stalkers, who help me out because I don't give a fuck and my gangstalkers know this. but I still don't know how the fuck I'm supposed to react to ,'good stalkers'. If at all. I just want to be left the fuck alone BIG SURPRISE THERE.

Anonymous 9334

Have any of you ever had your stalkers obsessively ask for photos of you?

Anonymous 9357

I forgot where I was and thought this would be an interesting discussion on the psychiatric issues and how they manifest. Instead it's just schizoposting and enablers.
The whole ti / gangstalk thing makes no sense. All that effort and expense and coordination for no real purpose. If it was some state actor Them, they'd either just disappear you or arrest you. If it was just randoms, then again, the effort and expense and relying on everyone to be a part of it without saying anything. And there is a whole world of easier options to achieve the same thing.
To be blunt, none of us are even remotely that important or interesting. That's what makes this a classic psychosis; the solipsism and exaggeration of one's own importance and place in the world. If you want it to stop, speak to a psychiatrist. Otherwise, you're actively choosing it as a life.

Anonymous 9364

retard look up the word "torture" and the purpose of it, you're implying torture doesn't exist

Anonymous 9365

>you are choosing psychosis
Nona come on
I have no idea why you're lording your functioning mind over schizos like it's a virtue but it's weird

Anonymous 9374

Have you ever heard of kiwi farms

Also I've never been gangstalked but I had a family member who used to gossip about us and personal family stuff. My parents and I caught her listening at the door and windows like a fucking owl. That's just the tip of the iceberg, I don't want to get into details. But my point is, I believe the anons who said they've been gangstalked because I know that people crazy enough to do it exist, because I know some crazy people.

Anonymous 9394


This thread shows up in google search. Whoever came from google to make fun of "le skitzos" fuck you

Anonymous 9428

photo_2023-07-17 0…

Why were the reasonable replies to the psychiatry shill deleted?

Anonymous 9431

The ones about OSINT? damn i was about to watch those vids rn they looked interesting

Anonymous 9452

Is it a moid posting ITT or why are the gemstone parlour jannies deleting posts of nonas responding to psychiatrytards?
Wanted to watch them too… guess time to move. Or moids found this thread (they already did and I've seen a moid reading this thread aloud on stream to some other scrotes and then posting an AI generated reply which was quickly deleted).

Anonymous 9461

Really? Do you have the link to the stream of those scrotes reacting to this thread?

Anonymous 9473

reading of this thread starts at 7:54
(warning: extremely unfunny, just like all moids)

Anonymous 9474

this is funny lol
kek anon.. i love you

Anonymous 9475

Men can't be funny. You must be a scrote yourself to find this even a little amusing.
Notice how the chat scrotes say "it's over" when it gets to this post >>6574 while before they posted shit like "i could fix her". Really shows their true intentions, to pump and dump only.

Anonymous 9476

some guy fake laughing for ~10 minutes isn't really funny to me lol. It's like an annoying laugh track over a shitty sitcom.

how did you find out about the stream? is this some famous streamer or just a literal who.

It's probably a moid.

Anonymous 9477

We need to look into punishing or stalkers criminally. I personally know the names and faces of my stalkers and have tons evidence against them including voyeurism, hacking, and illegally stealing personal images of me from my cloud account and putting an AI filter over it. I document everything, and the more they do against me the worse they're making it for themselves.

Anonymous 9480

It was posted in the unofficial CC discord a while ago. I think it's a literal who (transgender woman in denial) with some no-life coomer subscribers.
That will certainly not work and will only attract unwanted attention of law enforcement who might as well deem you a "schizo needing to be institutionalised". They all cooperate with each other.

Anonymous 9481

Sorry this is unrelated.

Really this is a question for other TI's.

I experience similar things to what you describe, myself. Can I ask you what's the solution to it, when people consistently make you feel like a black hole ?? The earth feels like nothing but a chaos wind tunnel to me. If I really think about it it makes me want to shoot myelf. But it wasn't just stalking that did that. I feel better than ever completely cutting out men and pursuing who I am after stalking. They try to poison every miniscule thing in your life but I never let them effect me usually.

But it's always this human bullshit that's neverending.

In my own sanctuary life is bliss because I've cut out the evil chaos and garbage that comes with people.

What is the solution to that? People just introduce chaos and garbage and when you're being stalked NOBODY truly has your back. (Accept my mother but she'll die someday) They'll flake and leave you (in despair if you invest in them at all.) So there is no investing in people whatsoever.

I'm really blessed because I'm extremely good at being alone. Finding happiness in it. I've mostly always been alone. Really nothing's changed. What is the solution to seeing human beings as garbage after you've been stalked? The moral ambiguity that is left? I feel like nothing I used to believe is real anymore. Human life is a cancer and consistently behaves like one, towards innocent people. None of the shit they do is justified.

It's like am I really supposed to care ? Caring is pretty much oening yourself up to cancer and swallowing poison because you know what people will do.
I just shrug and I don't give a fuck about people most days.

Has anyone thought about it before ? I donno why I even care about being moral when it isn't in their language at all

Anonymous 9482

Your post reads like later Whitehouse lyrics and that's a good thing. Asceticists 2006 specifically. Are you into power electronics?

Anonymous 9483

I'm interested in being a network engineer but dunno If that counts.

Anonymous 9490

No, power electronics is a noise music subgenre.

Anonymous 9491

But what if you have files on top of files of their wrongdoings? Solid evidence of crime?

Anonymous 9495

I few years ago when I was playing a multiplayer game and I was playing a "round" with other players someone in the chat asked if I'm a girl and then my username replied to it "yes I am" … But it wasn't me who fucking replied it yet it was written from my account?? which is so creepy, I told my dad but he dgaf. The camera in my laptop used to have the light on idk why I ignored it. Then a year ago I was engaging in an anonymous forum and there was some argument I was involved in then one of the users replied to me "I don't need life lessons from a [my age] year old… While I never shared my age on there. Wtf is all of that

Anonymous 9496

And my age wasn't under 20 so it couldn't be someone mocking me for being an immature teenager who knows nothing about life

Anonymous 9499

Post it online (so you can find community) and do not engage with law enforcement. Maybe if the TIs stick together we would actually be believed. Sadly there's constant drama and perp accusations so it doesn't seem like a possibility at the moment.
The first one definitely seems creepy, which game was it? Or maybe someone changed their username to match yours (or to seem like it matches yours) and replied.
Or maybe you got RATted (remote access tool installed on your computer without your permission as a part of malware), explains why they'd have access to the camera and why it was active.
The second one could be pure guessing though.

Anonymous 9504

nice, ask me if you need recs, also check out this thread >>>/media/23883
harsh noise wall is good for your mental health and for protection against electroacoustic psychotronic weaponry (read upthread for experience)

Anonymous 9508

Have any of you experiencing this ever thought it was a supernatural thing? Like aliens/haunting/etc? Just genuinely curious because it does seem at times like some of the claims TIs make seems beyond the realm of possibility by human beings. Not poking fun or anything, I just am interested in UFOs/ghosts/paranormal stuff and I've wondered about it from time to time. Reminds me a bit of people who have said they have been abducted by aliens multiple times, or people who say they are haunted by ghosts.

Anonymous 9511

>some of the claims TIs make seems beyond the realm of possibility by human beings.
for example?
so far i've only experienced things that can be real with advanced weaponry

Anonymous 9512

That's exactly what I'm talking about. Where did the advanced weaponry come from? And doesn't it make more sense if aliens are studying you as a subject than just some human organization who has no real reason to be so obsessed with you?

Anonymous 9513

>than just some human organization who has no real reason to be so obsessed with you?
here we go again with, just like everyone else
do you think humans can't create advanced technology? you probably wouldn't believe in computers if we were talking 200 years ago, but here we are.

Anonymous 9514

You're just skirting my original question. I was just curious if there are any TIs who think it's supernatural/alien based. Obviously you do not apply, so stop replying to me lol.

Anonymous 9515


whatever you say nona, just please don't muddy the discussion waters of this thread with blaming everything on really abstract aliens instead of particular organisations in power, most of us can name the orgs behind our gangstalking.

Anonymous 9516

So aliens are far fetched but this isn't? You think victims of alien abduction are the "real" crazy people then, deserving of ridicule? Kind of hypocritical considering TIs are pretty stigmatized themselves.

Anonymous 9517

twisting my words? i never said victims of alien experimentation are "crazy", it's just a more abstract thing than the concrete earthly organisations which are well documented even by normies, more than UFOs. and no victim deserves ridicule either, where the fuck did you get that idea from

Anonymous 9533

This is happening to me, unironically. I'm not schizo and don't believe in any sort of psychic nonsense but I am genuinely a stalking victim and this is exactly what they do. When you mention real examples of stalking like this, moids come to derail because they don't want people to know what kind of things they use the dark web for. Bleak.

Anonymous 9535


I think that's what my stalkers used on me. Satanic fucking criminal creeps. That's how they're able to get personal photos of me. I reported them.

Anonymous 9555

I'm feeling very paranoid right now. I've been feeling ok this week and then something triggered me. I can't live like this.

Anonymous 9556

lcf cc bunker.png

Nona who posted this on the farm in the CC bunker thread, reveal yourself. You likely don't even post here.
What happened? Maybe your stalkers laid low for a week or more, that happens too, it's the "silent" phase which is usually only temporary before it goes into the "active" one again.

Anonymous 9557

Samefag and she was replying to a post about fucking moid bulges. Not sure how that's related to gangstalking at all

Anonymous 9559

Another crime that my gangstalkers have committed against me is hacking into my devices and putting porn. They've been doing it to me since I was six years old and had a computer for doing online primary school lessons. They either did it to traumatize me or to prep/groom me to traffick to their cult.

Anonymous 9565

I think they're the ones posting scat porn and other abhorrent things because they're a bunch of shit eating, child trafficking, pedophile faggots.

Anonymous 9616


i don't know if this makes sense my thing is kind of different to most of the stuff i read here, but i have a hunch the people who create and work for the infrastructure that serves ads and makes algorithms is looking at peoples stuff and laughing at them and following them and i also think theres like feds i dont think the latter is inherently malicious but i just have been in places online as a kid where police were involved for different reasons and i see like videos that some agents like infiltrate these places and instead of helping theyu make it worse like radicalise people and ive been apranoid for years. like some of these people probably have watched me try to neck myself, endless planning and a bunch of other usual online dumbass stuff. i dont think its just me i think its sooo many people. my phone just tortures me sometimes like with my family member's ads for shit (exactly what my mother bought at the store, foresight that my father is cheating why didn't i realise earlier ugh). i just want to be left alone. also randoms and weird interactions as if theyre testing me or something.

in a really cold clean dry environment maybe, but even if you don't go outside much you should shower daily or every 2 days, grease and sweat and dirt and whatever can build up in a day nona

Anonymous 9827

Does anyone else hear computer noises in their ears? I do

Anonymous 9828

It's hard to describe but it's like a frequency with static and almost beeping similar to what you would hear if you Listen to the screen of your desktop.

Anonymous 9829

i have that too, you have tinnitus. if you didnt listen to any loud music recently then it might be good to check if you are eating full meals, exercising, not sticking your fingers in your ears, since this can damage your hearing

Anonymous 9830

I hear an extremely dim and a constant beeping noise in my hears too!
It sounds like a smoke alarm has gone off far away.

I also sometimes hear my phone ringing and my grandma screaming from downstairs but nothing would've happened.

Anonymous 9832

>I also sometimes hear my phone ringing and my grandma screaming from downstairs but nothing would've happened
that sounds like schizophrenia

Anonymous 9833

It sure does sound like that. I don't worry about it much though.

Anonymous 9867

Who else has had their account suspended on Reddit for exposing the harrassment you've faced from freemasons?

Anonymous 9943

Am I the only one that notices gangstalkers mimic aspects of your personality? For instance you like Jazz and then all of a sudden they do too.

Anonymous 9952

Reddit is known for censorship, search for decent subreddits where you won't be silenced

Anonymous 9956

There should be a bible thread on this board

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