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/tig/ - Targeted Individuals General (Electronic Harassment, Gang Stalking, Psychological Terror) Anonymous 3897

Targeted Individuals are people reportedly being targeted by various forms of Gang Stalking, usually done by the governments, powerful criminal gangs and federal structures (of various countries since gang stalking isn't exclusive to one country). Reported effects of being a victim of banned psychotronic weaponry include thought insertion (zombification), hypnosis, hot flashes, uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape).

Post your experiences with Gang Stalking (being a TI, knowing a TI IRL, etc)

Anonymous 3902


this is not a gay flag btw, the author decided to "take away the rainbow, the God's joyous symbol from the fags" ~ a somewhat popular rhetoric amongst Russian Orthodox homophobes
suprisingly enough, many Targeted Individuals are religious or spiritual, pointing out the logical errors (like how Christianity is much against any kind of magick) results in them chimping out

Anonymous 3903

samedyking but i found it in a TI ang Gang Stalking related community, the one untranslated Russian transliteration on the top says "Hello Planeters" ("Planeters" being the habitants of this Earth i suppose??)

Anonymous 3904

Love to see honest to god shizos here. I love you guys so much

Anonymous 3905

>uncommonly feeling contractions and pressure in your crotch (tele-rape)
Fuck, is this a thing?

Anonymous 3912

Screenshot (2).png

thank you anon, we(?) love you too!

yes, it usually manifests a little bit more often in female T.I.'s from what i've seen (probably due to the general fear of being raped being common in any woman) but can affect men too (bonus distress if the TI is a homophobe, since they mostly think their tormentors are men, sometimes even accusing the psy-ops (psychological operators = the ones who perpetrate gang stalking through use of psychotronic weapons) of being "passive fags" (in male prison culture, being on the receiving end of a homosexual act is utterly shameful. the top dude gets away with it somehow though, even if he's often the initiator ~ retarded moid logic in action)

sadly, i haven't yet seen any TI's who openly identify themselves as virgin, to pinpoint any difference in perception of electronic rape "tele-rape" between virgin TIs and non-virgin TIs that report being electronically raped. i suppose sexual experience could have an effect, but virgins could, uh, feel something like masturbation or defecation (if it's anal rape)?
i think it's mostly due to the general age of TIs, which tends to be in their 40s or 50s. there can be young TIs but they either brush it off until continuous 10 years of electronic harassment pass and they open up or just go to a psychiatrist and have themselves locked up in a mental health institution. older members of the TI community fear psychiatry like it's a death sentence, though some suggest antipsychotics could block the specific regions of your mind to the weaponry, thus rendering any psychotronic weapon use completely futile.

some quotes on the telerape experience of Targeted Individuals:

>Regardless age and gender Targeted Individuals became the victims of Electronic rape and all type of sexual degradations . " The Electronic No touch Torture Rape is criminal as any other rape '' by Connie Marshall - the victim .

>I am sorry this happens to you. I am a T.I. as well and they are sick. They have emotionally distressed me and have blasted me for over a year now. They just go for my brain and my vagina.


Anonymous 3914


This is very interesting, specially this:
>some suggest antipsychotics could block the specific regions of your mind to the weaponry, thus rendering any psychotronic weapon use completely futile.
I wonder how they target specific parts, if it's by focusing on genitalia itself or if it's by focusing on the correct parts of the brain. That would orientate with the kind of shield one would need or where to place it. The human mind is much more powerful than many think and very susceptible to external and our very own stimuli. I orgasmed once from binaural beats.

Sometimes I wonder at what point of being deep into conspiracies and being on the right track would get someone into trouble and become a TI.

Anonymous 3919

>by focusing on the correct parts of the brain
i suppose they meant this since they actually wanted TIs to go to a psychiatrist. basically a psyop (bruh)

i think it could and does lead into actual trouble with the feds, but i also suppose not as much as being either an opposition member in countries where actual (not retarded controlled opposition made to act stupid and shit themselves in debate, showing that the ruling party is the only way) opposition is persecuted and wanted dead/silent (East Germany before the Berlin Wall fell/modern Russia and Belarus/some other countries i'm unaware of the political situations in) or alternatively, a person proved to be a threat to the people/government (i think they do not become aware of it until you catch their eyesight in some way, then you'll get fucked until you're either dead (possibly driven to suicide) or no longer a threat (locked up for a very long period of time in a mental institution/prison, rendered a vegetable/schizo, etc))

Anonymous 3921


Ah, what a wonderful timeline to be a schizo.

Anonymous 3923

I think it's kind of endearing how there's like motivational posters with like "never break never surrender" and whole support and activism groups fighting for "targeted individuals rights" when it's, y'know, literally THE most widespread and textbook delusion of schizophrenic apart from religious delusions

Anonymous 3925

Having the "never break never surrender" attitude is the best attitude a schizo can have in order to face reality (or whatever she senses as real).

Anonymous 4053


Any other ways to protect yourself against street theater/visual bullshit? I don't want to wear a black plastic bag on my head all of the time, even if it works, it's only socially acceptable when it's raining and you're outside.
I don't think sunglasses would do enough, since you can still see street theater (dunno about visual hallucinations though).

Anonymous 4059

>Street theater
Please elaborate.

Anonymous 4062


"Street theater" when spoken of in a gang stalking context refers to carefully scripted harassment by neighbors and strangers especially, but can include harassment by family, friends and co-workers. These skits are designed to keep a target at a high stress level, but are crafted so that outside observers are likely to wave the skits off as "the breaks".

Usually, street theater is done by hired randoms who are paid a little for being there and doing whatever the fuck is in the script. Before practicing, gang stalkers research a bit on what kind of people does a TI hate specifically and then hires people of similar type/behaviour.

In my case, these are couples of the "ugly male + beautiful woman" type, since I'm a lesbocel and fucking seethe/physically cringe every time I see these kinda hetero couples. Also can be extremely hairy, chimp-like moids sitting obviously in my field of view staring at me or whatever.
I've also seen a woman on the subway train wearing a lot of plaster (heavy makeup flaking off of her face), that didn't produce an emotional reaction from me though so I think they dropped hiring them. (the reason they would hire women with heavy makeup is because if heavy makeup = plaster, then woman wearing it = wall (since plaster is typical wall covering)) and I kinda enjoy walls (duh).

Btw, I think these cunts now know I can easily protect myself against auditory harassment by simply listening to a particular genre comprising extremely loud, static and dense sounds. Now they're trying to break my headphones by firing electricity/lazers through my ears hoping it'd break them and make me vulnerable to their noises again.
I should also test how it'd go with white noise instead of HNW, I imagine white noise would block a broader range of sounds but the downside is if they fire a wave you won't be able to hear it through and remove yourself from the targeted spot.

Anonymous 4064

You'd be way more convincing if it wasn't for this, I'm not American. Better luck next time

Anonymous 4068

They heard about the gang stalking meme and decided to troll? This is the definition of self-fulfilling prophecy, kek.

Anonymous 4069

>HNW anon
Recognised your ass before you even got to the part where you talk about music

Anonymous 4070

>Usually, street theater is done by hired randoms who are paid a little for being there and doing whatever the fuck is in the script. Before practicing, gang stalkers research a bit on what kind of people does a TI hate specifically and then hires people of similar type/behaviour.

>In my case, these are couples of the "ugly male + beautiful woman" type, since I'm a lesbocel and fucking seethe/physically cringe every time I see these kinda hetero couples. Also can be extremely hairy, chimp-like moids sitting obviously in my field of view staring at me or whatever.

Real schizo hours who up?

Anonymous 4071


ok but i seriously don't think that the abundance of "ugly male + beautiful woman" couples and only THESE kinda couples can be a simple fucking coincidence. basically almost every single heterosexual couple i see in public HAS to be like this with extremely rare exceptions
if they weren't all hired street theater straggots it'd be more like (i know since when i lived in another city and wasn't under active harassment, the town also was much smaller than this one it went like this):
>60% ugly male + pretty female
>30% both pretty
>10% both ugly

now it's like this:
>97% ugly male + pretty female
>1.5% both pretty
>1.5% both ugly

i can't fucking explain it other than them being specifically hired to make me seethe and not reach my daily step goals. i don't want to wear a fucking plastic bag all the time it's not good for breathing.
maybe i should stay away from the public for a while i suppose and walk somewhere quiet.

also bitches found a new retarded way to deal with me blocking all audio input with my headphones: hire randos to bother me in public. thankfully literally no one wants to even be near me when i put a bag over my head on the subway train or wherever.

Anonymous 4072

You find some men "beautiful" or "pretty"?

Anonymous 4073

i meant conventionally attractive or at least at the same scale as the pretty woman with him

Anonymous 4074

Okay, that doesn't answer my question though.

Anonymous 4075

1. not sure why does it matter in a targeted individuals thread
2. i can tell they're conventionally attractive to most heterosexual women and gay men but myself i don't feel shit

Anonymous 4076

I think the city you're in right now just has more ugly people in it.

Anonymous 4077

dunno about that, it's by far the biggest city in this country and most people have access and resources for buying good skincare products + services.
and y'know, because of that, most women out there are actually pretty beautiful so i don't think that's the case.
there's also a lot of chimp hairy ugly mascoids but why do the ugliest ones have to sit near me and stare at me specifically?

Anonymous 4078

>dunno about that, it's by far the biggest city in this country and most people have access and resources for buying good skincare products + services.
You'd be right, until you immediatly realize that these places are also the most expensive places to live, which means poorer folk can barely get by physically existing, let alone beautifying themselves. Which leads to, in my experience, larger cities having the largest gathering of ugly people imaginably. In rural communities you definitely get uggos, but it's a completely different type of uggo.

Happens less with the women I suppose, but on average most men are uglier in big cities, especially the types who can't afford their own transportation.
>there's also a lot of chimp hairy ugly mascoids but why do the ugliest ones have to sit near me and stare at me specifically?
Do you consider yourself conventionally attractive? Let's view it another way, do men enjoy staring at conventionally attractive women?

Anonymous 4079


>Do you consider yourself conventionally attractive?
hell no
>do men enjoy staring at conventionally attractive women?
obviously yes

but this isn't about beauty, it's about gang stalking and covert harassment. these fuckers also tend to have headsets on them to get directions from whoever hired them or if they don't have, they follow the instructions handed out to them when they were a one-time stalking gig.

i also noticed that the ones staring at me with headsets can come and go freely (since another headset cunt will come to replace him), while the ones without them sit near me and stare the whole time until i board off the train or just go away.
at least when i put a bag or whatever over my head i don't see the ugly fuckers/ugly moid+pretty girl straggots trying to provoke me by showing PDA or similar retardation.

Anonymous 4080

See I was only talking about because I believe the gang stalking occured by getting you to go to a city with uglier people. It would be far easier to pressure someone to go to somewhere filled with ugly people, then tactically get the ugly people to gang stalk the TI, but you seem to have completely missed this angle. Did you not believe that the gang stalkers wanted you to move to this city in the first place?

Anonymous 4083

Excuse you, every gangstalk I've ever been in has been unpaid. I mean the joy I get from it is priceless but I wish I had $5 :(

Anonymous 4102


more on electronic rape: https://www.bitchute.com/video/M0uinvxOSVul/

don't think so, i'd rot alive in my old town because it was only getting worse and they've already convinced people closest to me in that town to be as hellish to me as possible

Anonymous 4103

>they've already convinced people closest to me in that town to be as hellish to me as possible
what did they do?

Anonymous 4105

Stop enabling schizos.

Anonymous 4106

it's fine, i can tell she's trolling

family members tried to provoke me basically every single day and the gang stalkers turned everyone in every fucking school i went to against me, i changed 5 different schools in all my school years and i wasn't accepted anywhere.
i think it began from the second school onward (when the big thing happened and gang stalking begun) since in elementary and earlier, the cause of my bullying was just kids being retards (including me).

Anonymous 4120


My gang stalkers are now firing their fucking sine waves when i'm at home alone. i was just chilling in a bathtub when suddenly i got that weird pulsating sine in my head (and it was quite different from my usual tinnitus, i also haven't listened to anything loud/extreme in the past 2-4 hours to when they started). same happened when i was trying to sleep, i also got really awful sleep that night.
the question is, am i doing the right thing when i go outside? since they are fucking with me both at home and outside, but it's harder to get me outside i suppose if i go random directions and avoid the places i usually go to.
street theater still happens a lot (it calmed down yesterday but today was pretty awful, i seethed in a mall when a girl my type was publicly forcefully kissed by an ugly straggot who was her boyfriend or whatever).

i also went to an incredibly crowded place with a lot of couples on dates to train myself not to seethe so much about straight PDA street theater. after a while i calmed down a bit but that mall case happened afterwards, ruining my mood for the rest of my way home.
also, sunglasses are shite for protection against street theater and visual bullshit cartoons, i still go with the bag, don't really care about how it looks on the outside now but i still try to limit its use since… y'know, you can't breathe properly (btw, makes a good calming device for when you're about to fucking explode).

Anonymous 4133

did you message him yet

Anonymous 4148

I don't even think gangstalking is real but jeez you're doing a really bad trolling job

Anonymous 4151

CWC is the only real gangstalk

Anonymous 4189

Anon, use this to avoid keyloggers:

Anonymous 4194

the thread

Anonymous 4246

I'm being stalked IRL by people I know. I have a mild suspicion that it crossed over to online stalking (doubt it, since my devices are protected). At least they have never tried to hurt me.

Anonymous 4362


unsuprisingly, the last thoughts of my gang stalking experience being just a delusion went away when i started taking actual antipsychotic medication and it didn't reduce anything (of course duh) so i don't think i can doubt this

they're also hiring people to bother me on the streets more on random days (for example, one day i walk around the city a lot and no one dares to go up to me but the next day everyone's suddenly interested and is trying to talk to me) thankfully the meds reduce my aggressiveness so i'm not as startled by that as i used to be but still i try to ignore the paid actors as much as possible

Anonymous 4410


Personally, I have never went up to a random person asking them why they're stalking me since it really makes no sense. I imagine they'd get paid less for getting caught on the spot though.
Though your post is exactly the type of response other TIs that I know got.

Anonymous 4483


why the fuck did i agree to moving so soon?
yesterday they've installed their weaponry in a vacant apartment (that's why i felt like utter trash yesterday evening and today morning) and that rando disgusting "fake neighbour" moid (they know i'm scared of moids) blocked me from entering mine, fucker was just standing in the fucking hallway for a long time and a group of worker males was installing psychotronic equipment in "his apartment", i couldn't enter my fucking apartment for half an hour because of that creep, i bet he's either one of the gang stalkers or a rando who got lots of pay from them
thankfully HNW still helps block most of the audio stuff from them but still

Anonymous 4485


nah, i just like the pic. post-soviet urban decay vibes
i have more but i think i'll be derailing if i just drop the pics with no info relevant to this thread

also they've begun to throttle my internet connection with the fucking shit they installed yesterday

Anonymous 4488


in what country do you have to get a whole license for that? never heard about mine but i'll look into it (the fuckers are messing with my speakers now)

they're more open about their intentions now that under a guise of "free" service one "worker" woman tried to get me into another empty apartment on my floor. the ugly man/beautiful woman street theater bullshit started again now that i forgot about it for a while.

Anonymous 4501


obviously, they all know what i did. they won't miss a fucking chance to make me remember that. even here they know, all of them. they do. they fucking do. this will go on and on and on everywhere

Anonymous 4509

what do you mean by ugly man/beautiful women theater and how does it relate to you being gangstalked?

Anonymous 4513

"Uglyman/Stacy" street theater is deliberately paying a specific type of straight couple (composed of an ugly, disgusting male and a beautiful woman) to be in a specific place at a specific time (that's a part of gang stalking all on itself) to provoke negative emotions in a targeted individual. Since they know I am a lesbian and trying to get a gf (not so much nowadays because of low libido), they pay uglyman/stacy couples to be in my presence and do theatrical romance stuff.

Anonymous 4523

No they don’t babes. you’re just insane. hope this helps.

Anonymous 4524


ah yes, much easier to call someone a schizo rather than actually try to listen

Anonymous 4525

Lol I think that is just a horrible feature of the landscape in most places OP. :|
But I believe you're being stalked because I am. It is sometimes hard to tell what's stalking and what isn't.. The key point is that it doesn't matter though. Its all toxic garbage and the one thing they can't stand is being ignored. When you learn to laugh at them it infuriates them. They're just trying to make you crazy and paranoid. So don't be.

Anonymous 4526

Sorry I didn't introduce myself, I'm not new to CC but I've never posted in this thread.. I don't want to think about it much. I have been gangstalked for years but developed my own technique to neutralize the worst of it.

Anonymous 4527

Did you take that picture?

Anonymous 4529


i'm sorry but this is kinda "ignore your bullies"-tier advice, and as a person who was bullied at school a whole lot i know it's pretty much bullshit and only leads to them utilising worse methods. i get where you are coming from though.

no but i do visit similar places, they're pretty nice if you visit one when there's nobody else on the site

Anonymous 4540


Anonymous 4542

Lol well I used to believe that too. Until I was gangstalked. I don't think there is honestly a worse thing they can do after that… I'm speaking from 8 years of gangstalking experience when I say mine died down and became a squeak. Thing is as long as you KNOW yourself you can't give them room. But if you don't you'll always be insecure about everything they do and they'll get to you and continue to do what they do, because they can SEE you're like a wounded animal. If you're not you're just not.

Anonymous 4549


Anonymous 4703

Cell Bed.jpeg

Found at least three of their cars on my evening walk today and took some pics (not gonna post them here because some of you already know them, i bet). Let's see if they're gonna follow me around tomorrow. I know you will. I know you lurk here, but don't post.

Anonymous 4723

>typing random letters and numbers to try to scare the schizos in this thread
Ok, based

Anonymous 4733

pls post the pics

Anonymous 4737


this is the one van that has been following me around the town, on today's walk i even saw it following me home

Anonymous 4739


this is one of the cars of the people responsible for the gang stalking. notice the federal structure badge in the red circle.

Anonymous 4740


two random moids following me and looking at me until i stopped to pass them. i am completely sure they were hired to collect information on where i usually walk at night, when etc

Anonymous 4741

wtf goin on

Anonymous 4742

Shared some of the pictures of things related to my gang stalking experience. I highly suggest you to read the stuff above for more, I've posted a lot

Anonymous 4802


I'm shocked at the small number of anons who shared their experience with gang stalking, I thought it'd be more than this.
Anyway it seems to go into the calm phase again but ive blocked out my windows anyway with bags. i feel way calmer this way since the things installed on the neighbours house roof can't peek into my room anymore.
I'm kinda doing better now since the bags block out most visual influence they've had but the paid people on the streets have been following me a lot more so I don't go outside as much as I used to which in turn makes me want to eat less to keep myself in shape, I don't really want to eat anyway though. The ugly man/beautiful woman shit is still going strong but I don't seethe as much as I used to unless they directly confront me which they now fucking do.

Anonymous 4833

sorry this is happening to you anon, I believe you. Do you get any more physical symptoms like migraines, memory loss, etc?

Anonymous 4835

Thank you for your support.
Yes, I do get migraines sometimes; often when I sit near walls (I suppose something could be installed behind them). Occasional short-term memory loss has been a problem for me since middle school so I'm not sure I could attribute it to gang stalking. I am also unable to concentrate pretty much so I don't go to school as often as I used to (this started again in middle school and got much worse throughout high school (still not sure how I passed it), now I go at best 2 times/week; also related to people at uni being paid to humiliate or make me do awkward stuff.)

Anonymous 4837

NTA, but why do you think they are doing this to you? Why not stalk someone with an interesting life like a celebrity or politician instead?

Anonymous 4839

Why do people bully? Why did witch hunts happen?? Pogroms?? Holocausts?? Why do people look for scapegoats?? Read the lucifer effect for a better answer.

Why does there always seem to be this one blissfully naive tool that needs it carefully outlined for them Why people can be evil.

I mean do you ever see the news….?

Anonymous 4840

It's been happening to me for a long time, 8 years now, but I've developed ways of living a normal life with it. I dont post here so I dont focus on it too much..

I go to work, eat out, shop, go to the park I just stare down my nose at them. And ignore them. It's really tricky to learn to get used to but it's possible. The key is to never let them manipulate your negative emotions. Use rational indifference to filter everything.

Anonymous 4842

They give up when you don't give them any THOUGHT OR ATTENTION whatsoever.
They ultimqtely get bored.

Anonymous 4843

Sorry but I think this is elementary-school "ignore your bullies"-tier advice. I also think targeted individuals should share their experience to make everyone aware of what the government is doing to its own people. Psychotronic torture shouldn't stay ignored by the masses. Maybe then they'll be afraid of coverage and finally stop once it reaches mass media attention en masse, not in niche underground communities as it is now.

Some of the reasons are personal, let's say I've been in trouble with the law and first they (glowies) placed me on a watch list, then started gang stalking as to prevent me from doing further SUPPOSED criminal activity (when in reality I didn't do anything). Also this: >>4839 , as in gang stalking communities I've seen normal people with shared experiences. Maybe they're testing their weaponry on innocent people as to later use it against enemy countries.

Anonymous 4844

I'm just telling you what works for me. I hardly ever deal with it like I used to anymore.

They want a reaction from you, and that's it. To make you extremely paranoid..its true they try to double down and threaten you violence, but it's all fake, it's all a routine. Theyve never actually done anything to me in over 9 years. You start to notice their obsessoon with you after a while, and it's hilarious. They're incapable of putting it down, but they hate looking stupid. Theey hate being laughed at, so they drop it. I mean I'm just glad af I'm not one of them a lot of days. I've survived it. They must live in terror of other gangstalkers turning on them everyday after getting wrapped up with psychos like that. Why would you opt to curl up and die when you you could flip the tables and just wait for reactions from them ? They fucking HATE that kinda thing, it's fun to watch them look horrified at having to continue to do this with you.

Anonymous 4846

Also… waiting for other people to do something to wake up to it.. change it would take too long. I have too many things to do

Anonymous 4847

>Theyve never actually done anything to me in over 9 years.
Either you're extremely lucky (as it's very uncommon for TIs to not being directly attacked) or, more likely, proof you're lying about being gang stalked. You're also being inconsistent in your time marks. See:
>8 years now
>over 9 years

I don't really care about how long this takes. It just needs to be done.

Anonymous 4848

all my old high school friends are part of the operation. the constant street theater performance won't stop. it just can't be a coincidence.

i see them all the time. walking to work oh theres so and so! at the liquor store, oh whats-her-face is outside protesting. on the train, the one guy is staring at me. non of it makes any sense

Anonymous 4852

I'm sorry this is happening to you, how long it's been like this?
>non of it makes any sense
It does. All the time when I'm on the train, at least 3 ugly hairy moids are deliberately staring at me and trying to sit next to me. (It can not be attraction because I'm ugly as fuck and have fat in the wrong places and the only type of moid that's staring is either old or hairy or both).

Anonymous 4853

around 4 years, ive had experiences that have been very reminiscent of the stalking i face today when i was younger but never enough for me to notice it until i put the pieces together. i plan on moving away from my home town. the performances are a lot more bearable when it's not people i used to know

Anonymous 4854

Same anon. Have you ever been politically involved or look into things the powers at be might not appreciate you looking into? Just curious, because although I’m not a TI I’ve had strange occurences. I’ve been interested in “conspiracy” theories ever since my early teens and become increasingly suspicious of the government and of the media ever since. you could call me a tinfoil schizo, I guess. I was groomed and abused as a teen but my abuser got arrested and homeland security evidently found nude images of me on his devices. When I was like 19/20 homeland security spoke to my dad and demanded the speak to me. They told me I was a victim of cp and abuse, but more specifically they forced me to see the photos of myself. Then, afterward, they never texted back or called me back in the number they supplied me with. Could it have been blackmail? They could deepfake or ruin my reputation with those images, because still many people blame teenage girls for their own assault and not the grown men. I’m not a TI but I thought maybe a TI would be able to identify possible future blackmail when they hear of it

Anonymous 4857


>i plan on moving away from my home town.
I did the same thing, it made my mental health much better but you're right, it doesn't stop there.

>Have you ever been politically involved or look into things the powers at be might not appreciate you looking into?
Both, although first to a much lesser extent than the second.
>but more specifically they forced me to see the photos of myself.
>Could it have been blackmail?
Definitely, it's also a scare tactic by the gov to remind you they're here and they're ready to give these pictures to a paid actor who in turn spreads them to your close ones/coworkers/etc if you do something that the glowies will disapprove of (AKA you become a TI). I'm really sorry about your situation, especially that you've mentioned potential future blackmail and gang stalking. Not saying that you should stop looking into conspiracy theories but I think you need to be more careful with that.

Anonymous 4858

Thank you, anon. I think I will try to be smarter about what I look into. then.
Are you safe yourself?

Anonymous 4866

I'm already a TI so for me it means not to worsen my situation, but I don't think I'll get rid of gang stalking at all, sadly.
I wasn't groomed and I have no vulnerable pics of myself (I also tape all my cameras and block out my windows) so I don't think they could blackmail me with nude pictures unless they somehow break into my house to install microcameras which I don't think they've done yet.

Anonymous 4884


Clearly, Freemasons organize gang stalking because they are doing their master, the Satan, a favor.
But, there’s more. Now take a look at this. These are the things that Freemasons hate most of all:


It’s very easy to connect the dots: gang stalking is organized by Freemasons because they believe that you HAVE to reproduce.
Now take a look at their symbol, the square and compass - picrel:

The square represents the vagina or the earth.
The compass represents the phallus or the sun which impregnates the earth with life-producing rays.

The G means Generation: creation of new life.
So the symbol means phallus in uterus God. It means that hetero sex is God.

Of course, a secret organization that pledges oaths of persecution and that is obsessed with reproduction has to be really bad news for single women and gay men, the usual victims of gang stalking. This becomes visual in gang stalking. This is how they revealed themselves.

Anonymous 4885


Mind control is the systematic use of unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.
Gang stalking is a sort of mind control.
Gang stalking is a hate crime.

Electronic harassment is another sort of mind control. Electronic harassment is the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person, or even the pets of the victim. Many electronic devices can have a negative side effect on your health. So they can be used for harassment.

About 50% of gang stalking victims experience also electronic harassment.

Voice to skull (V2K) is a sort of electronic harassment. Many gang stalking victims hear voices. We suppose that the perpetrators use voice to skull to harass and hypnotize their victims.

Implants are a sort of electronic harassment. It’s the most invasive type of stalking. Some implant victims don’t experience gang stalking. Gang stalking victims see them as medical experimentees.

Anonymous 4906

>works the same way it does in high school
so it doesn't work? i have a history of being bullied and i tried ignoring and laughing at them, yet it never worked. shit only stopped when i changed schools, yet in the new schools (i went to multiple) i was also bullied due to being retarded and schizo.

>Shutting down discussion about what works helps NOBODY.

sorry if i came across as shutting down discussion, you're free to discuss any way to stop it because at this point i'm desperate; the active part started again. i'm only saying that your method sounds not applicable; at least in my case. it may have worked for you but i don't think it works for me. maybe it's due to us being in different countries and gangstalked by different people/gov agencies; mine is known to only stop when the target is either dead or locked in either jail or the nut house (gang stalking-induced artificial schizophrenia).


i've had exactly the same experience as you in terms of the radio shit; thankfully it was only a few times and yes, i ignored it then. i think i ignored it because the radio was not talking about me exactly though.

>(But I think I realize this because my experience with gangstalking has been of a "punishment" for taking drugs. )

here i think our experiences are way different. i am being gang stalked for an entirely different reason; thus they think i am NOT harmless in any way. this could explain why you're able to shut down gang stalking in such a simple way.

Anonymous 4912

>> so it doesn't work? i have a history of being bullied and i tried ignoring and laughing at them, yet it never worked. shit only stopped when i changed schools, yet in the new schools (i went to multiple) i was also bullied due to being retarded and schizo.

Are you really retarded? Or just talking smack about yourself? No offense but I can tell from the internal dialogue you're not actually ignoring them. The problem isn't that it doesn't work, its that you can't keep your head in that permanent state for long, without hearing their influence take up space in your skull again and again.
You see yourself become that way and you think its impossible.
I'm not trying to be annoying , I just want you to know there is a way to go about it that works.

I'm not saying its perfect I have times where I regress and sometimes I get the theatre directed at me again. But for the most part 90% of my life has vastly improved.

>> mine is known to only stop when the target is either dead or locked in either jail or the nut house (gang stalking-induced artificial schizophrenia).

Thats just what they want you to think. Its how they get in your head to terrorize you. I got tons of death threats for years, like I said.. BUT I went further and further into extremes testing out what I could go back to doing and get away with (not just with drugs, with other things too "reading what I shouldn't saying what I shouldnt") and I swear to you, its all a show to terrorize you and break you down, but they eventually stop.

If you really believe you're a dangerous person who deserves this, you sound like me 7 years ago. its probably because they got inside your head and convinced you that you were. (I haven't told you my entire story. There were multiple things I got stalked for.)

Anonymous 5020

They're coming for my fucking walls I can't listen to HNW normally they have to break my connections by breaking into and creating these 1 second breaks in a constant stream of noise

Anonymous 5021

They're already making me an amoeba basically by stripping me of my wishes desires and connections now they're taking away what I use to cope with all of this fucking shit

Anonymous 5073


Some questions for TIs itt
>How long have you been gang stalked?
>Why do you think you are?
>For what suspected reason?
>What do you do to deal with gang stalking? What is most effective?

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