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Pinkpill Thread # 14 Anonymous 253807

A thread for posting and discussing the feminist truth against males and their nonsense, as these truths would often get dogpiled and silenced on social media if not spoken anonymously.

Previous >>220726

Anonymous 253822

to continue this discussion from last thread:
i know the world is fucked up but encouraging people to not have children is not going to help. you should have kids if you can afford it and teach them to be good people

Anonymous 253836

>you should have kids if you can afford it and teach them to be good people
Except there's no objective way to know if you're able to raise a child to be a genuinely good person. SO many things can happen throughout childhood that can leave a lasting impact

Besides, no one is obligated to have kids.

Anonymous 253920

>if you can afford

that's the problem, the average person cannot afford it.

Anonymous 253926

When did u take the pinkpill? What age did u realize u are a radfem and that males are generally shitty people?

Anonymous 253930

>believing good parenting is the answer
>not about how society is set up to oppress girls giving the violent xy the comfortable choices in life to do so
Ah to be this wishful and naive again

Anonymous 253937


Anonymous 253941


What is with the scrote's fixation on anal and butt stuff? It makes me believe they have a secret poop or fart fetish. More and more scrotes demand it or pressure their gfs into it because porn encourages it.

Anonymous 253942

its a form of body torture, painal etc

Anonymous 253943

I have a theory that scrotes don't have empathy at all. And only evolved to pretend or mask having empathy to benefit them. They truly are wild animals.

Anonymous 253947

pain + they like "ruining" womens body for the next guy basically, now that they're accepting birth and sex don't damage vaginas this is the next best thing outside of intense bdsm like breast yanking/bondage that can prematurely age breasts

also anal gives a chance for lots of mishaps and accidents, if something gross happens its basically a free pass for moids to play victim while having a gross story against the woman if she ever tries to dump him

Anonymous 253952

ok anal can be dangerous but injuries aren't ubiquitous enough to say men are trying to "ruin women's bodies for the next man" lol nona go outside

Anonymous 253956

It's still very gross and porn makes most moids want it now

Anonymous 253958

maybe not to that extent but a lot of moids openly admit they want anal specifically because it hurts women and the vast majority don't want it

Anonymous 253970

don't forget cutting because they want to leave a "mark" on a woman's body and show their ownership + inflicting pain

Anonymous 253971

so if women don't end up in hospitals it can be brushed off? lol classic misogyny

Anonymous 253979

what? im only responding to ta's claim men are trying to ruin a woman's body, there are enough reasons to not do anal we don't need to make up fake ones

Anonymous 253983

So you don't believe men get off on ruining on women's bodies? At least not a good portion of them?

Anonymous 253988


"prostitution is a gift to women" - moid

Anonymous 253991

prostitution is not the world's oldest job.

Anonymous 254009

Hunting? Foraging? They are retarded

Anonymous 254020

It's porn addiction. First porn normalized anal, and normies have already started making step sister jokes. I wonder what moids will be meme'd into next, knifeplay?

Anonymous 254029


What's his endgame?

Anonymous 254037


ever since i started embracing the pinkpill/misandry as a whole ive also begun feeling a lot stronger and more empowered against men. its an amazing feeling, not taking shit from them and treating them subhuman in the same exact way they have treated me.

i havent shaved, worn makeup, or styled my outfits/hair in a while. i just take care of myself, wash up and stay clean and tidy. accomodating to the feminine "standard" of beauty was so stressful and took so much money out of my wallet. ive even started powerlifting for personal gratification, i didnt want to due to appearing masculine back then and feared the other sex would not approve. fuck them.

misandry has saved my mental health in a lot of ways, big and small. i wish someday every woman would believe this way. men are really terrible things, and they are nothing more than a pretty sight to me.

Anonymous 254039

Broadcasting his copes so he gets the impression that everyone thinks he's comfortable and not going insane from various kinds of isolation.

Anonymous 254041

Ew, who is this moid? The video topics are very gross and misogynistic

Anonymous 254045


the blackpilled joker, i haven't watched any of his videos cus i really don't wanna listen to incel vitriol, though i took this screen because i found it pretty funny

Anonymous 254046

This scrote has zero self awareness, most people are grossed out by shit and farts and he has the audacity to complain about being alone?

Anonymous 254131

lmao he looks homeless, what an ugly scrote. I hope he gets mauled by a bear

Anonymous 254480


Who is she:
She makes moids seethe.


Anonymous 254484


He likes fart porn, that’s all I need to know.

Anonymous 254488

My favorite subject to read about in redpill spaces is anything that relates to "men reach their peak at 30s/40s; women start to rot in their 30s. Their delusions knows no limits.

Anonymous 254496

I met a few male anime fans yesterday. Obviously they had hilariously bad hygiene and no social skills, but the thing that really sent me was that one guy had loli art as his phone background. This mf really thinks people can't tell this "subtle" hint that he's a freaking pedophile. That or he doesn't care, I don't know what's worse. I have never felt so uncomfortable in a group of people before.

Anonymous 254548

I found a whole instance of them on fediverse on an instance called varishangout. just a den of loser incels and pedophiles that jerk off to loli. I only knew about them because a moid friend of mine on fedi was being called pussy whipped by one of them for saying he spent the weekend of his anniversary with his wife.

I think besides the coping on par with troons, moids that like lolicon will never be able to have any kind of relationship with a woman because they expect too much and are no prize themselves.

Anonymous 254585

>My favorite fart porn stars
what the actual fuck? who would watch this?

Anonymous 254586


Moreover, who would watch a half hour video of someone else's porn opinions?

Anonymous 254599

Judging by the number under the video, about 3,000 people, some of whom are probably repeat viewers under different ips.
I've seen profiles and numbers that looked like that before and they were kept afloat by a subscriber base of cringewatcher normalscum.

Someday someone's going to write a big ol' Ph.D. in psychology thesis on this but being kept afloat by clowning for a community that doesn't actually support you but does tune in consistently and does comment in a toxic-positivity-intentional-sabotage kind of way is probably the most unhealthy kind of e-celebrity, whether you're aware of your hatewatchers or not. There's an older lolcow from youtube's past called "MrEnter" who became very aware of his hatewatchers very early in his career, who in more recent years came clean with a few videos talking about how hard the decision to clean up his editing and otherwise improve the mere technical aspects of his videos was since he would bleed subscriber counts every time he released a video that sucked less than usual. His dumb takes were legendary enough that the freakin' Wall Street Journal did a point-and-laugh at him, but it was apparently still hard to pry himself from that spotlight since it was still a spotlight.

Anonymous 254600

I used to think it was sinister but after seeing troon delusion it seems like they're just not capable of comprehending the sensations of clitoral and labial stimulation but still desperately want to stick their penis into a partner's flesh. If it was just sadism or just dominance, there are far better and far less backfire-prone means than the one that involves the hole you poop from. But if the poop was the point then there wouldn't be a horror of the consequences of their actions on the part of the offending males.
Now I think it's barely-repressed homosexualist tendencies, magnified by the capacity for empathizing with the sensitivity of an anus and a fundamental inability to map the sensations of the vagina.

Anonymous 254601

>observe a conversation between a woman and other moids
>the conversation was over plastic surgery and beauty
>all the moids jumped in and plastic surgery is wrong and immoral
>under no circumstances getting plastic surgery is okay because it's "bought" beauty and basically demonize it and women who get it because muh society
>but if its over something penis surgery or a thing deconstructive jaw surgery it's a-okay
>someone else interjected and ask "is it really not okay for 5/10 person to do something to become atleast a 6/10" and they responded with "no"
>then they proceeded to go on about muh gym and went in race related things like blacked and bleached with them saying the latter is okay because its the natural order of things despite both "fetishes" being nothing mentally ill trannies posting swastikas and spade symbols respectively
>then they were saying that if a male or female were ugly or had some deformity that plastic surgery wouldn't do anything for them as they would still have ugly/defective genes and that they should do humanity a favor and not reproduce
>afterwards they started talking about porn and being coomers
it's fucking bizarre how they demonize women for using makeup and having surgery, calling us hitting the wall and being past our prime but the moment they adopt these things its somehow "the natural order"

Anonymous 254631

Anonymous 254634

all 11 year olds are dumb
if he's 21 it would be a problem

Anonymous 254636

I'll wager that more men get off on seeing women in pain than vice versa. I'm saying this as someone who struggles with self harm and eating disorder, the sheer amount of men getting off on women's self destructive behaviors should be alarming

Anonymous 254644


>scrote whines on some thread on another site about how everything is misandry
>respond, telling him how while men should show their emotions more instead of being dsitant, being a whiny bitch all of the time is just obnoxious
>goes on to complain even more about sexism
>make a few more posts, then go to make myself some food as another person joins in supporting me
>come back a while later, a handful of posts are deleted
>the incel's posts are still there while i get banned
are scrotes really that insecure? its fine for them to constantly scream about "misandry" and share extremely violent fantasies about women but the moment the shoe is on the other foot only then does the mod step in, as he feels personally attacked
hell, i've seen so many annoying spammers in that very same thread that have been doing it for years that the mods never delete, but that's only a priority if he's not busy saving cp from other threads. no, instead he only starts moderating once his feelings and fragile masculinity get hurt
motherfucker, if you wanna ban me then why not ban the guy who was instigating too?

Anonymous 254646

>will dogpiled and banned if you dare to defend a woman or manage to seethe about women in general
>if you shittalk or say you don't like/care for troons then you get banned

Anonymous 254647

yeah, i've had experiences where i've gotten warned for complaining about people adding masectomy scars to characters
like sorry that i don't want to have the mental image of a sharp knife cutting under my chest, i guess i should just keep all of my complaints to myself and allow it to fester further

Anonymous 254648

This is one of the most depressing things I've read in a while.
The reason it's depressing me might be unusual.
In general, whenever there is serious disagreement between Andrea Dworkin and mainstream feminism, Dworkin is correct and everybody else is incorrect. It does not matter if the mainstream feminist opinion originated from a radfem faction and was slowly integrated into the mainstream opinion, and it does not matter if the mainstream formerly-radfem view is useful. When Dworkin disagrees with the mainstream feminist view, the mainstream feminist view is wrong. Even if the mainstream view is socially productive, helpful to women or politically advantageous. Dworkin is almost certainly correct out of the views discussed in the linked article, and every moderating, liberalizing, spectrumizing, or patient-prioritizing view brought up is incorrect.

Anonymous 254662

Moids literally cause their own problems. Toxic masulinity is enforced by other moids so they can't show emotions. What are huge examples of misandry anyways? Our culture is so heavily misogynistic and most "misandry" I have seen is just anytime a feminist topic is brought up and they will complain we don't listen to men's issues or something

Anonymous 254663

>What are huge examples of misandry anyways?
women having any sort of freedom or power and not acting like dumb sex slaves, it seems

Anonymous 254666

this reminded me of Chris.

Anonymous 254667


Its difficult to even, like, acknowledge men whining about "misandry". Misandry is a damaged mans ego, misogyny is a dead sex worker left in a ditch

Anonymous 254669

yeah, in fact ive seen a guy whining about a comic (which was made by another man) that he calls misandrist just because a woman is sexually dominant, cus women having power scares him or something to the point that he wishes death to people
what men perceive as misandry is 100% just "they damaged my pride MEN ARE SO OPPRESSED UUUUUUU", even though there's shit like the porn industry which is built on the exploitation of young women, though of course with men being sociopaths they'll employ DARVO by saying it isnt that bad, blaming women for getting caught up in sexual exploitation, and then saying how porn is actually exploiting male loneliness and so actually they're the victims, in spite of so many guides to help them quit being out there, they're just too lazy to.

Anonymous 254670

all of these repulsive scrotes look like they're decaying, no wonder they're so bitter.

Anonymous 254674

1. this is a man posting
2. imagine using a crystal cafe post to justify blaming all women for violent male behavior

mature women who have healthy relationships don't care if a man expresses emotions as long as he is capable of protecting her
also gay men tend to get raped and abused by other men pretty often

Anonymous 254675

>if toxic masculinity is ENFORCED by men
you don't even understand the issue lmao
toxic masculinity is men's natural state
society has to teach men to stop being aggressive in order to coexist. and that's been true since humanity began

Anonymous 254676

If its society's job then how come they keep doing the opposite, enabling it and troons?

Anonymous 254678

Society can’t teach moids how to not be toxic. They have been and always will be that way.

Anonymous 254690

>if he is capable of protecting her
You're kind of implying that if another guy beats up her husband/boyfriend, she's going to leave him

Anonymous 254694

Isn't it funny when people get excited when a female child predator gets exposed simply for equality points? Like
>You saw that female child predator getting exposed, right? See, there's just as many female pedophiles as there is male!
Ignoring the fact that the majority of pedos are male, hence why it's easier to go after female ones, because exposing male pedos doesn't get as much clicks + it would take a lifetime to expose half of them.

Anonymous 254710

whenever you hear about a female predator theres a 50/50 chance that scrotes talking about it will be either glorifying it or using it as an excuse to hate women, often using the former group as a launching point

Anonymous 254719

you couldn't have said it better.. for some reason they're always the victim. Its almost laughable how pathetic they are.

Anonymous 254737

Is internalized misogyny the source of "tradcath"?

Anonymous 254740

I think for some it's internalized misogyny, and others are just opportunists. It's an easy way for them to larp as "good/virtuous people" and have status in those RW communities.

Anonymous 254742


there's no bigger struggle than loving dicks but hating the people who have them

Anonymous 254777

It's so annoying when men claim to be "oppressed" because of "male loneliness epidemic", but a lot of men are entitled creepy misogynoist rapey shitbags, and there is a reason they are alone. Or they typically lack basic hygiene. Men cause their own problems and have the audacity to claim they are "oppressed".

Anonymous 254844

>screams the worst things at you for no reason
>it's fair game if I'm not hitting you!!
they're such subhumans creatures, the level of pure hatred they can spit out is inconceivable

Anonymous 254845

>hey doc, my son is jerking off to me and asked to have sex with me, what to do?
>dear mother, congratulations. your son is now going through puberty

kek imagine having sons ever

Anonymous 254852

amazing how incel pedoscrotes will blabber on incessantly about how older women (basically anyone who dares age past 27) are all unfuckable, yet we still get sexually harassed by our own male family members in addition to random male strangers.

Anonymous 254859

Working in food service has intensified my hatred for men. My managers are sex pests that flirt with female staff despite being married. There's one retard that still works there despite multiple women quitting and complaining about being groped by him and there was a guy recently who lied about being charged with drug possession. In reality, he was arrested for beating his wife. Words cannot describe how disgusting the male race is. I wish nothing but pain and misery for these kinds of men. I know good men exist, but they are few and far between. Men are evil pervert pedophile violent apes. Most men you encounter do not deserve kindness. Be a bitch, ignore them or else they'll think you want to suck their dick

Anonymous 254867

Men will brag about how they do some activity with other men without knowing 0 shit about their personal lives and then cry that "no one cares about men boohoo". Not my problem that such retard sex is unable to bond and form relationships that are not romantic.

Anonymous 254883

I keep hearing about the horrific crimes the Hamas commit and can't help but see all war and all politics for what it really is. Men being disgusting monsters and showing their true colors.

Anonymous 254889

I feel bad for the women that had to follow their husbands to settle in Gaza and are now paying the price that their disgusting shitbag husbands should be paying. Besides that, I absolutely support Hamas in murdering male Jews.

Anonymous 254914

The way he went from
>I'm gonna impregnate your virgin teen pussy
to getting doxxed and committing suicide after the info got to his family and police opened an investigation on him

Anonymous 254925

Love to see it if this is true

Anonymous 254955

>"I genuinely feel awful about the situation, 'cause now, at the end of the day, there are now two children growing up without a father"
Oh no, two children were spared from a pedophile stepdad that probably would've molested them when they hit their teens, what a nightmare. Their mother can never ever remarry again to a better guy or support herself. :'-(

Anonymous 254968


>Vincent has taken his own life

Anonymous 255088

seriously, what is the point of talking about "politics" it's all the same men being violent

Anonymous 255089


Anonymous 255104

are you retarded? genuinely
no matter what the israeli government did, raping and killing innocent civilians is wrong. yes the israeli government is fucked, but hamas is still a terrorist group. just because someone lives in israel doesnt mean they support their government and it doesnt mean they deserve to be raped to death and paraded around naked???
hamas is a terrorist group. end of story. yes palestine is opressed or whatever but don't pretend that they're completely innocent. dont be retarded. get a brain and form your own opinions instead of just repeating what liberal trannies scream about online.

Anonymous 255160

my 13 year old brother makes incest and misogynistic jokes all the time it's fucking disgusting
he used to be a really sweet mamas boy as a kid

Anonymous 255165

Is it possible to stop this development for your brother? Intervene?

Anonymous 255177

Get him the fuck away from his current friends, whoever they are and wherever he hangs out with them. Have him change schools or the location of his extra-curriculars (or have him take up something different completely). My own brother got really messed up after starting to hang out with those Andrew Tate fanboys and sitting his ass on TikTok every day. This is the same boy who used to hug me spontaneously, look up to me and send me long, heartfelt messages when I was depressed. Boys are extremely impressionable and malleable, especially when it comes to other boys. He's misogynistic because that's how he impresses his friends. Force him out of that bubble and introduce him to boys that are not impressed by misogyny (difficult but they're out there).

Anonymous 255178

Whatever you do, DO NOT separate him from his current friends or school as this nona said >>255177. He'll grow to resent you and become even worse than what he currently is.
A better solution, which has been touched upon, but, sadly, not elaborated, is of having him take up new activities: like martial arts, since he's the Tate follower kind, preferably with some older boys and girls and a supervising adult, i.e. an environment in which others have more influence over him. BUT allow him to keep his current friend group - this way you'll give him the freedom of choice and prevent him from thinking you're manipulating him.
I whish you the best of luck.

Anonymous 255179

I don't think it's unusual for a 13 year old to act immature, you can't control what he does lol He should grow out of it. It would just be making an enemy, trust me I have a brother too.

Anonymous 255180


It's too late to save him. Best put him out of his misery and dispose the body.

Anonymous 255203

Is Andrew Tate really popular among young boys? How common is it? It makes me sad

Anonymous 255216

Yes, I once saw a thread on twitter where parents complained that their (middle school aged) children were watching him. And some parents of girls who were harassed by boys like that.

Anonymous 255218

This + I watch multiple men i know irl quickly grasp onto the Andrew Tate shit and destroy all the relationships in their life, if it's not Andrew Tate it was previously all the pua alpha male bullcrap preying on young men

Anonymous 255219

Why do so many young men fall for Tate? Is it because it's how their moid brain really is? They feel they don't have to hide it anymore?

Anonymous 255220

I am honestly too old to know what exactly a Tate is or why it tiks toks, but that's not going to stop me from opining that it's because of the new tellular phonescreens priming the boys these days to absorb any message that looks like it's being accompanied by a 1980s coming of age sports film training montage.

Anonymous 255221

why would some one want to ruin their partners body?

Anonymous 255223

He is an accomplished athlete who was at one point considered the second-best kickboxer in his weight class, internationally. That makes him an authority on society, business, psychology and sex. On a related note:
>“What this tells us is that hard data show athletes to be more dangerous to women than nonathletes, and football players in particular are more likely to commit sexual violence against other college students,” said John Foubert, a rape prevention expert for the U.S. Army and education college dean at Union University in Tennessee.
>Unlike pro leagues, the NCAA has no specific penalties for athletes found to have committed sexual violence either by their schools or in courts of law. And nothing stops expelled and suspended athletes from transferring and playing elsewhere.

Anonymous 255229

Whenever I hear about pedophilia or animal abuse I too ask myself, "why would anyone hurt an innocent, defenseless being?" because this level of atrocious behavior doesn't make sense to normal people.
And "why do moids enjoy destroying things and causing pain to women" is a question of the millennia

Anonymous 255230

Men are slaves to the hierarchy they made up in their heads, and whoever's at the top, they're gonna listen to him, thinking it will lead them to the top too. They actually think they'll become gods if they lift weights and hate on women lol

Anonymous 255231

>And some parents of girls who were harassed by boys like that.
This is why parents should teach their girls to stand up for themselves and always be there for them. Because no one else will be and it's dumb to think that your daughter won't be harassed.

Anonymous 255238


Anyone else not hate moids but simply pity them because they can't help that part of their nature is so barbaric by modern western standards?

Anonymous 255239

Deciding not to have children is worst possible option since the kinds of people that should have them least of all will continue to do so.

Anonymous 255240

I honestly don't think minds are as malleable as society likes to pretend they are. I would actually rather have people open about who they are than pretend to be something else only to hit you later with how shitty a person they are.

Anonymous 255242

Why don't you have any then?

Anonymous 255244

Because I've failed at life.

Anonymous 255254

Define failure

Anonymous 255257

Why does misogyny exist at all? It makes no sense. At least misandry makes sense because of how oppressive and shitty men are to us, we retaliate.

Anonymous 255270

ok let me rephrase. why would a person ruin a body they are attracted to?

Anonymous 255271

Not the same anon you replied to but some men like to "leave their mark on a woman". It inflates their ego so much more especially because they probably see them as trash and disposable.

Anonymous 255277

redditor preys on …

Disgusting moid redditor lured and preyed upon a homeless women and reddit praised him for it. Reminder ALL men are predators. There is no good man.

Anonymous 255285

>Looks like enough folks have called you out on your deplorable behavior and that is right and proper
Rly? This faggot really thinks there is a sufficient amount of people condemning him to qualify as "enough." Should be every comment. Redditors are really disgusting. However, since many of them are "sex positive" many of them will not see that there is anything wrong with what he did. Sex is just a transaction to them and doesn't really mean anything. Housing for sex. Just like you can pay money for porn Ig.

Anonymous 255334

There are likely as many pedos on both genders, assuming this deviancy stems from childhood sexual abuse and/or genetic disposition.

It's an entirely different thing if females act on these deviant urges less than males in real life or channel it into a shota/yaoi obsession.

Anonymous 255355

i know it doesn’t make it any better but a lot of these stories are fake as fuck and written by content farms. again, doesn’t make it any better but the length and overly detailed writing is a big hint this was written for outrage porn purposes.

Anonymous 255953

Wtf reddit bans you for a lot of stupid shit and this is allowed? Fuck reddit is worse then 4chan

Anonymous 255956

Lmao, it's just like you said.

This shit can't be real.
This isn't even a confession. This scrote has written a cheapy ass 10 pager erotica in the name of it for upvotes.

Anonymous 255957

Poopoo wind girls.…

Men have truly failed us.

Anonymous 256094

If we're speaking about how majority of pedos get charges, i'm sure there are many women attracted to teens as moids are (there's way more moids attracted to teens anyway). The thing is that for most women attracted to teens it probably just goes through their head for a second and then they realize how fucked up it would truly be, how embarrassing it would be for them, how bad an average teen boy would make as a partner, or the damage it would do to them,etc. I don't even think men think about how badly the consequences will bite them if they prey on teen girls or they actually think it's a cool thing to go for teen girls and try to weaponize them as a "gotcha" to older women. Like only moids would think becoming a sex offender is a flex?

Anonymous 256166

>or the damage it would do to them
More like how damaging it would be to you to be pregnant from a young dad who can't afford the baby and would make you do everything. A teen boy isn't hurt as badly as we would be. Men are already shit as dads, even when they're adults and had a chance to grow and get work.

Anonymous 256167


What the fuck?
>Interestingly, I get many letters from parents who are scared and confused when their sons express sexual attraction to them. It is not uncommon but it must be addressed.

Anonymous 256205

late but thank you, the triggered moids in the comments really got me laughing.
Don't know about the whole energy and caveman thing but she's right, men are taught implicitly and explicitly to conquer women and women should chose not to date any man until they can discern good from bad. Don't go for moids unless he's a moid worth keeping.

Anonymous 256215


nothing to add, i just keep coming back to look at this image and laugh. good stuff, nonichka

Anonymous 256266


Moids are disgusting

Anonymous 256318


>Men have full control of whether or not they cause a pregnancy in that only a man can decide whether he's going to release sperm and where he's going to release the sperm. That's always his choice. And so if men didn't want to cause a lot of pregnancies, they could easily stop causing unwanted pregnancies. They could reduce or eliminate abortions out of unwanted pregnancies simply by ejaculating responsibly. They could do this without touching abortion law, without even mentioning women. They could do this completely, just by again choosing to ejaculate responsibly or legislating, you know, responsible ejaculation, if that's what they want to do. They choose not to. They choose to focus on women.

Anonymous 256321

why are women the ones pressured to look 'hot'? nature has an 'any hole is a goal' mentality. males will fuck anything. there is zero biological advantage for males to be discerning. there are zero species where males won't fuck a female that isn't 'hot' enough. whereas there are so many species with beautiful males or males who have unique physical attributes solely for the purpose of appealing to and keeping female mates. in humans, men will stick it anything. so, why is the onus on women?

Anonymous 256323


Fun fact, many males in the animal kingdom display for females, while females tend to be more neutral colors. Birds, lizards, insects, etc…. Females are not as vivid as the males to help them camouflage and protect themselves and their young, while males are brighter colors both to intimidate other creatures and to appeal to their female counterparts. Mammals tend to be mostly the same in colors, depending on the species.

Human culture tends to want to forget about this because the patriarchy is extremely self-centered, and men are afraid of being vulnerable and objectified, despite how hypocritically ok they are with objectifying women.

This is why our media often likes to depict peacocks being a gay symbol even though peafowl are just as hetero as any other animal; peacocks are beautiful and are the way they are because it is common for the female mind to be attracted to pretty things.
Men cannot mentally handle this information, because their entitlement suggests everything needs to cater to them, and that another male being attractive means that male must be gay or is a threat that needs to be put down.

Also, honestly the one thing that makes me the most angry about men is how they have tried to normalize short hair through genocide and social bullying even though I love men with nice medium to long hair… That and just men refusing to really bother with being hygenic and attractive. They only have themselves to blame for their loneliness.

Anonymous 256325

During the barbaric age of pre-christianity. Moids would massacre women and children in massive raids. Only sparing the women who looked "attractive" or girls old enough to produce offspring. This still happens in certain African countries and the middle east. Women would be raped and forced to become enslaved war "brides" to their rapists.

Anonymous 256331

Christians did it too. Hell, moids would do it today if they could get away with it as easily.

With that in mind, I don't think it's right to use behavior of random animals to justify anything humans do. Ducks, fishes and a bunch of other animals can change their sex. It doesn't justify troons in a slightest.

Anonymous 256332

>nature has an 'any hole is a goal' mentality. males will fuck anything
Moids pefer novelty. Women prefer familiarity.
My sister's scrotal husband told her straight to her face that he isn't sexually attracted to her anymore after her childbirth and he watched porn and sexted with other women online.

>Hell, moids would do it today if they could get away with it as easily.
It's already a thing in Ukraine. Even kids as young as 4, god damn 4, aren't safe.

Anonymous 256334

At least it's closer to frowned-upon freak accidents than something that is openly practiced and encouraged. You should read on what they did to german women and girls when the war was almost over/right after it. Moids should never be allowed to develop any forms of group identity. Every time they do it devolves into the most despicable shit ever.

Anonymous 256335

>Even kids as young as 4

Anonymous 256340

>tfw incel tourist is too retarded to see this doesnt disprove her point

Anonymous 256347

Birds are less rapey than mammals overall and more likely to respect boundaries of female bird counterparts. More monogamus. Imagine if we evolved from birds instead of mammals in a matriachal world.

Anonymous 256354

moid wants intimac…

Why do moids feel entitled to sex at all times?

Anonymous 256373

Only ducks and galliformes are exception. Other birds are less rapey, simply beacuse they don't have the penis with which they can rape

Anonymous 256374

They're both pretty young and should probably wait to have sex tbh

Anonymous 256378

Why can't he just masturbate or something and be done?
She's clearly religious and doesn't like the fact that she's lying to her parents, and I personally know how bad it feels to be part of a really conservative family that considers anything sex as a sin.
>for whatever reason
Yeah, that's all he could understand or care about.
There's shame, guilt, regret and all the messy things that you have to deal with that will surely destroy any little pleasure or satisfaction that you get out of sex.
Besides, this scrote had been "active" for 2 years and he's whining that he can't get his dick wet for like 10 months.
Yeah, right.


Is sex really that important to the point of being a deal breaker in a relationship?

Anonymous 256391

no it’s not. men should unironically go weeks and months without sex from their partner without complaint. the only reason people would find this an issue is because they’re hypersexual and pornsick and have no self control

Anonymous 256395

Some moids will pressure/ rape and it looks like reddit was encouraging him to "bring intimacy back into the relationship" which is infuriated me and why I posted this here to vent my frustrations. It all goes back to not respecting boundaries, even of his own gf, why is this so difficult for moids?

Anonymous 256397

Expecting sex all the time in a relationship is what allowed things like marital rape to be normalized for awhile. Sex shouldn't be expected 24/7 in a relationship

Anonymous 256403

nta but there are other variants except entitlement to a partner's body and completely sexless type of thing when it comes to relationship. what if we all were just normal

Anonymous 256404

When sex was expected in relationships 24/7 (think marriage), moids used it as an excuse for marital rape and legalized marital rape for a long time. This expection gave moids justification. It's ok to go without sex for a long period of time in a relationship

Anonymous 256491


Women compete for moids because
>women don't have their own resources (yet).
>most moids are braindead, quality human-like moids are rare (women compete for the top 5% of men)

Anonymous 256493

nta but why then so many hot girls end up with complete trash moids, ugly/unemployed/abusive?

Anonymous 256494


I'm not hot and I didn't end up with anyone, but I can speak about being with an [emotionally] abusive person for a couple of years.
The key ingredient is abuse itself, or rather, intermittent reinforcement. Resolving conflicts feel extremely rewarding, and sweet dopamine drips keep you coming back every time an argument happens, and eventually you get trauma bonded with each other.

I hung out with this guy for like a couple of months as just a casual friend before I confessed that I love him, and I have no fucking idea why because I just did it spontaneously. I felt extremely happy being around him during those times. There were some extremely bad days where he would completely ignore me or get into arguments but I conveniently forgot them somehow and I only remembered the good times. Soon, the arguments got more frequent because of how different we both were, and his circumstances like bad days at work got worse, and things became completely bad between us, but I still stayed with him because I gave justifications for his toxicity, like blaming his bad circumstances, and I kept remembering the good days, hoping things will get better once his situation changes, except it never did. I sometimes also blamed myself for not being understanding enough, and for starting arguments.
I tried to leave a few times before I got tired during arguments, but I was left with an extremely abandoned feeling that all I could do was remember only the positive times that I had spent with him, and I went crawling back to him.
It's actually baffling how stupid love can make you.


This is an important reason too:
>women don't have their own resources (yet).
Lol, one of the replies that got deleted now was telling nona that she's being ungrateful because the moid keeps her fed and stay under a roof.

I don't know why anyone would want to end up with ugly moids.

Anonymous 256507

Curious - how did you manage to get over the abandonment feeling and leave in the end?

Anonymous 256508


While I don't approve of sexual harassment in general, I can't help but smirk a bit whenever men get a dose of what it's like dealing with them and their horny bullshit at all hours of the day, even if it's just a small taste.

Anonymous 256509

>how did you manage to get over the abandonment feeling
I'd say assessing reality and education, mainly. That's what helped me. I think it's important to remember discomfort and fights, and it's important to learn about emotional manipulation and abuse.
Something always seemed off, because I was the only one that felt very guilty for starting arguments, and mutual agreements rarely happened. I started to believe that something is wrong with me so I was asking "why am I doing X" relationship questions online and watching videos about them. One thing lead to another and I discovered what codependency is and learnt about stuff like DARVO, trauma bond, blame shifting or gaslighting.
I initially chose to stay and walk over eggshells, but eventually gave up because I saw no changes. If I felt something is wrong, it most probably is wrong, but it took a while for me to accept it.

>leave in the end

I'm not intimate with him anymore but I'm still his friend and talk less often because I'm completely scared to move on. It can be very triggering just talking to this big fat regret but I'm also scared of accepting that I'm also responsible for how things turned out badly.

Anonymous 256513

moid cockfighting …

What are some evil 'traditions' that only exist because of moids?

Anonymous 256548

This is very risky. Never trust moids to be responsible.
>The pull-out method is about 80% effective. About one in five people who rely on the pull-out method for birth control become pregnant.
1 in 5 is a huge number!
>Sperm can still enter your body even if your partner pulls out on time. Before ejaculation, your partner releases a pre-ejaculate fluid that may contain sperm. This fluid doesn’t have as much sperm as semen, but it may still contain sperm. Pre-ejaculate that contains sperm can get you pregnant if the fluid enters your body.
>Semen on your upper thighs and genitals can potentially cause pregnancy, too. Your partner may pull out in time to keep sperm from entering your vagina. In the process, the fluid can land on your genitals (vulva) or upper thighs. Sperm are excellent swimmers. If there’s a fluid passageway leading from your genitals or thighs to your vagina, sperm can make the journey.

Anonymous 256552

temp comments.png

I just looked and was disappointed. It's just old people uncomfortable with young men doing this because it's 'feminine'.

Anonymous 256560

Everywhere I go, I see the belief that women are powerless and that we live bellow moids, I don't know how anyone would want to keep living in this position, it's suicidefuel

Anonymous 256561

It's probably this.
I often come across… pornographic materials in which anal is portrayed as something "cute", like the guy would use the backdoor without the girl's consent or permission, and she'd lose control of her body and reach orgasmic heat death and all these fancy captions that describe her feelings about how she feels like she's in heaven. It's also portrayed as something welcoming, like it's something a secretly dirty (tm) girl would only ask for with someone with whom she is very comfortable with. It's completely unrealistic.
Scrotes need an iron rod shoved up their asses to understand how much it hurts.

Anonymous 256562


This is what moids want you to believe actually, that women are powerless. Women have power that men don't, and can never get, and they don't want you to know that. I sometimes do find it bad that society is constructed in such a way that it's men who end up in powerful positions.

Anonymous 256586

>men only need to work on their personalities and be "clean"
Someone please tell them that that's just the baseline. Even wild animals know not to be insufferable to each other and stay properly groomed so they don't get sick. It doesn't automatically make them a desirable mate. Those FDS ladies are right, right now the bar for men is so low it's in hell and they don't want to raise it since that would mean putting in effort.

Anonymous 256587

The baseline is abyssmal actually, all you need to do to be a "good" moid is to NOT be bad - addictions like porn or drugs or toxic behaviors, and of course basic grooming, which includes washing their cum crusted pants when going outside so that they won't get confused for being a child predator.

Anonymous 256594

I feel like this is a misogynistic viewpoint. Men hate women so much, they don't want to be associated with anything "feminine"?

Anonymous 256596

>He's a great guy. Why? Well, no, he's not friendly or stable and he doesn't wear clean clothes… but he doesn't beat me! He's one of the good ones.
Ugh yeah, tell me about it. Most of them want things for simply existing, god forbid they do what's needed to actually get it. Now everyone kowtows to the idea that a scrote is fantastic just because he hasn't snapped and murdered someone. People really need to shake this idea and set some realistic basic standards for decency. You know things are out of whack when this shit is what everyone is currently setting up as a high bar.

Anonymous 256600

I have a feeling that moids don't necessarily hate women, but it's just that they don't want to be on an equal platform with women while sharing similar interests, so that they'd feel special and feel like they're bringing something new in a relationship.
Some scrotes like Andrew Tate put down other moids who express even a small fraction of femininity, by insulting them usually using words that describe female body parts. It's mostly a competitive thing to brag about how "manly" they are compared to other moids.

Anonymous 256801


Scrotes try to explain why they cheat.
Why should we ever respect them if they think and behave as subhuman as this?

Another one said he was cheated on first, got fit and healthy, then started getting addicted to the new attention and had a "hurt you before you can hurt me" mentality. He at least has hindsight of how fucked that was.

Anonymous 256802

>slightest hint of "love drunk" hormones
I love how those moids word everything to make it look like they're blaming dopamine and pathways when cheating is about ethics.
I killed them because of my cortisol levels! No, you won't. You know what happens if you do that.

Anonymous 256803

I read those posts twice and didn't notice any blame shifting. If anything, the posts are worded in a way that clearly condemns cheating but is trying to explain why it happens in the moment. Of course, this doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of moids who cheat don't just do it because they get caught "in the moment", they go out of their way to find women to cheat with and then brag about it to their friends behind your back.

Anonymous 256804

He would definitely explain loli fetish as "she s a 10000567985 years old goddess but she is trapped in her child body ;(( so there is nothing wrong to fap on her"

Anonymous 256805

>they go out of their way to find women to cheat with and then brag about it to their friends behind your back.
Yeah, that's what I was trying to point out. Blaming it all on the hormones takes away responsibility.

>It just be drawings on paper bruh!

Anonymous 256855

Not sure if this has been previously posted, but I recently came across a video about a woman who gave her boyfriend one of her kidneys only to be cheated on and broken up with even though she was willing to work towards forgiving him to fix their relationship.

Originally, I was recommended this youtube short about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uWnVvQyntY
I wouldn't recommend it over the buzzfeed video since the buzzfeed one is just the actual woman talking about what happened while the short is just a man talking about what he knew of the story for a few seconds. I mainly bring it up because the comments section is a bunch of braindead scrotes trying to make excuses for the ex-boyfriend. There are some in the comments section under the buzzfeed video, but buzzfeed probably moderates their comment section more than this youtuber might.

Some enlightened (read: retarded) comments you might find if you scroll through the comments are "she is an entitled harpy because she probably wouldn't shut up about giving him her kidney and thought that meant she couldn't be broken up with for being toxic," "she only gave him her kidney because she's an attention whore and therefore deserving of being cheated on because she didn't give him her kidney for the right reasons," "we don't know his side of the story. she could be super toxic and therefore deserving of being thrown away like trash by him," "she probably knew he was a jerk before she gave him her kidney and therefore it's her own fault she was used for her functioning kidney," "nooooooooooo! you can't wish for the kidney to fail because you think that would be karmic justice! you aren't being moral!," etc.

Anonymous 256858

Victim blaming is such bullshit.

Anonymous 256918

sexist 'inclusive'…

>if you were a person who menustrates
Anyone else pissed off by this "inclusive' language? Why can't they just say "if you were a woman"? Why is that so hard? Worst part is they never refer to men as "people with prostates". They aren't even consistent and this is just another form of misogyny it seems. It's from this MSN article that claims bleeding will be a thing of the past, but still this article won't use the word woman at all…

Anonymous 256920

>Elana Spivack
It didn't take me more than a couple of minutes to find out that the author of that article has written an extremely long article about genitalia. It's what goes around as being "politically correct" these days.
>“Spade argues that calling body parts male or female bolsters biological determinism, which suggests that all human behavior is determined by genes and other biological attributes.”

Anonymous 256923

This is why I'm waiting until marriage before I donate my kidneys.

Anonymous 256924

So the author is a pick-me for TIMs?

Anonymous 256925


>Gynecology, for instance, is often referred to inaccurately as “women’s healthcare,”
How is this inaccurate?

Anonymous 256927

Just dug up something now by Ms. Spivack that has consistency at least, lol.
>People with penises aren’t necessarily men, and people with vaginas aren’t necessarily women.

Seems a bit more complicated than that but you'd never know.

Lmao yeah that made me laugh hard.

Anonymous 257172

the truth about men is known to everyone yet we cannot acknowledge it unless it conveniences men. governments can warn of the dangers of men but the populace cannot ask what it means that the government, too, is composed of males. fathers can warn their daughters of boys but girls cannot ask their fathers what it means that he, too, is a boy.

Anonymous 257178

Nonita is saying that we warn constantly of the dangers of men. Even other men are afraid of the dangers men pose. But when it's pointed out explicitly that it's men that are the problem, men get angry.

Anonymous 257206

TIFs are not, and will never be, real men. And that's a good thing because males really need to improve themselves. It makes no sense to want to be one when they still can't figure out how to be kind to each other and women.

Anonymous 257224

I think that all evil traditions exist because of moids. Anything to do with unnecessary cruelty and killing (not like killing for food with minimal animal suffering), you bet that it's males behind it. Females may join them and support that shit once it's already done/established, but it's not in the nature of even the biggest pickmeisha male-worshipper to hurt or injure to the degree that males want to do it.

One example that stuck with me was when someone either on here or on Lolcow brought up Bacha Bazi. It's a practice in Afghanistan, which I don't know if it's yet become a tradition but it's definitely popular as said in vidrel interview, where boys are taken away from their families to suggestively dance for richer, older men. It's also implied that these boys get raped, because the girls of the country are only for their husbands exclusively to use and abuse. Males require an underclass. If it's not girls and women, then the next target is younger males. If it's not younger males, they resort to abusing animals.

Disclaimer in case you want to watch the video: it's enraging and disgusting, but it illustrates male nature vividly. I hope women stop birthing these demons eventually.

Anonymous 257253

I'd be interested in the idea of proving this, which seems pretty hard given that civilization's been around for several thousand years now.
There are ways of looking at pocket civilizations and alternative societies that would let us try to analyze this, though. Like cult formation, since cults develop specifically to try to create their own not-like-the-other-cultures microsocieties.
Most cults are led by men, but the cults that are founded by women (including by-and-for-women) don't really seem any less interested in theft, sexual abuse, torture and ritual murder.
And some of the ones that are founded and led by men take on a much darker tone when, say, Allison Mack decides they should start branding members with burning iron. The man who founded NXIVM didn't really seem to have much going on in his mostly empty head besides "get sex," Mack was the real brains of the operation particularly in the complex psychological use of cruelty.

Anonymous 257259

>Former "Love & Hip Hop Star Brasco Shares Why He Prefers Younger Women Says Some Women are Prettier When They're Younger "Train Up a Child In The Way They Should Go"
>The 45 year old former Love & Hip Hop star said on the "One Thing About It" podcast that younger women are prettier and can be "trained"
sorry for lazy linkfagging but i recommend reading the ontd comment section

Anonymous 257352


Men: modern women are trash

Also menen when they see a mentally ill girl with tattoos and daddy issues:

Anonymous 257727


Anonymous 257755


It's the classic "Madonna-Whore Complex".
The madonnas - Moids love but can't desire.
>Muh tradwife virgin loyal wife.
The whores - Moids desire but can't love.
>Look at me I'm a chad my body count is 20 I fuck bitches!!

Anonymous 257761

The traditional madonna-whore complex is pretty interesting I think.

For the nonas who aren't aware:
It's supposed to be part of the residual oedipus complex effects after the oedipal drama is resolved. It has to do with the boy's need to convince himself that his mother is not sexual after shutting the door on the oedipal aspect of his relationship with her. The Freudian revolution in psychoanalysis was that all the different kinds of love that people used to believe in were really at their base rooted in sexual development and were not their own completely different things, but that growing up and moving through stages of life development separates these things from their base form. Transforming primitive erotic desire for the mother into non-erotic filial love involved repressing the sexual desire he feels in his relationship with say their mother's breasts. A son who starts to believe that their relationship to their mother was sexual is doomed even if it really was sexual and was in whatever way a positive experience for him, and there's a large body of clinical evidence to this effect. Very broad meta-analyses of cases of incest for instance show that maternally initiated mother-son incest is particularly harmful to the son's life course if he consented, and not whether or not he consented. It also becomes exponentially more damaging the more positive he believes their relationship was, as studied here.
That indicates that the madonna-whore complex is necessary to healthy male psychological development. I think that would hold even if the Freudians are wrong about love being fundamentally erotic and only developmentally splitting into anerotic forms. The madonna-whore complex doesn't necessarily manifest in deliberate mistreatment of women on the "whore" side aside from say denial of longterm relationships or friendships, but does involve abuse towards the "madonna" category, e.g. the scrote becomes violent if his wife tries to have sex with him and runs off to his room to shamefully masturbate, or he becomes self-harming with shame after masturbating while thinking of his own wife instead of a random porn woman/cartoon because she should not be degraded like that and having sexual thoughts about his own wife is unclean. Because she's supposed to be the mother of their children, and what kind of mother ever has sex. Legitimately feeling less guilty for cheating on his own wife, whether with pornography or with other women, than he would by having sex with or even thinking sexual thoughts about his real life wife.

We don't normally think of it as a bad thing if scrotes feel guilty for thinking dirty thoughts or masturbating or sexualizing any women. It's a very strange and interesting sort of idea, that there can be a scenario in which a scrote is unhealthy because he is guilty or totally refuses to sexualize the one person he is required by sworn oath and social convention to love sexually. Cases where that can actually happen constitute some pretty strong evidence that Freud was basically right about everything male-related, regardless of his dumb wild ass guesses regarding women.

Anonymous 257770

That victim blaming video is really good, and to add to it, men suppress their emotions because they forced a culture onto themselves to do so in order to endure through hard times and also deal with their self-imposed bullshit.
For example, here is how a victim blaming moid rationalizes making awful comments like that
>oh no, a bad thing happened to a really nice innocent woman :(
>this makes me feel really bad…
>but wait, I need to suppress my emotions, because that's what real strong men do!
>I will now blame her so I don't have to feel bad, because having emotions is inconvenient
>I don't care if I'm wrong and it makes me look like an asshole, h8rs gonna h8, I will risk that on the chance that I'm right and don't need to feel bad at all and look like a Chad for being right
>I will deflect anyone that says otherwise by insulting them, because if I insult them first I have the upper hand and they can't make me feel bad

Moids are simple, pathetic creatures…

Anonymous 257786


Anonymous 257787

Damn, I remember reading about sexual abuse in the deaf community in college, but somehow didn't realize it was that bad.

Anonymous 258034

Some moid just posted about how women are far away from "epitome of motherhood" or something, Virgin Mary and I thought it was hilarious.

A virgin mother can never exist, unless she adopted a child maybe. Moids and their obsession with virginity while being extremely dominant consumers of pornography is straight up wacky.

Anonymous 258295

pick-mes instagram…

What causes this level of pick-meism exactly? Source is from this Instagram post:

Anonymous 258303

Conservative christian upbringing most likely

Anonymous 258321


Well the Bible tells him his job is to go fuck himself so he knows what he needs to do.

Anonymous 258322

>Most women like dominant, masculine guys.
Seems to be the opposite on cc for some reason.

Anonymous 258324

this isn't "dominate" and "controlling" , it's insecure and psychotic

Anonymous 258326

But we're just forcefed shit like this by people like you. Masculinity is gross 9 times out of 10 because its done with the least effort and the most entitlement possible.

Anonymous 258338

The difference is that the boys in shoujo manga are actually handsome and attractive. It's not a trait exclusive to either sex to enjoy being treated like trash by pretty people.

3DPD is 3DPD. The scrotes that whine about how it's not fair that girls let "Chads" treat them badly are the same ones that don't recognize that Stacy's simps are always letting Stacy treat them badly. Same fucking principle, they're just too jealous to acknowledge it.

Anonymous 258339

Are you saying you'd do what the scrote in this pic says >>258295 if the scrote is attractive

Anonymous 258343

I don't think so. Based on what is said on the asexual thread like >>>258332, men who want to be dominated are generally regarded as lazy and disgusting. From the bf thread it seems most miners like their bf to be dominant personally and in bed

Anonymous 258356

I hate men who come from middle-class families. They're really the top example of how wasteful males are. I've yet to meet a woman who comes from a rich(er) family who doesn't contribute to the community. It's like it comes naturally to them, without asking or expectation. I attended high school with a couple of clearly well-off girls, and they were the first to volunteer to use their experience (and general privilege) to organize events, "hook up" the class with interesting places they've been to with their rich af parents, and one of them was the president of the student council who networked with the town's government (municipality), so our school ended up in cultural news articles rather frequently.

And then males. Boys who come from richer families use that as a status symbol and a way to peacock. A boy in my school whined to his daddy about iPhone 10 back when it just came out, and he bought it from him. And the kid bragged, and bragged, and bragged, and bragged… And was actually rewarded for it by fellow admiring moidlets. Ughhghhg. That was also his "peak" moment in that school, so go figure.

Consumers to their very core. I am so disgusted, anons.

Anonymous 258363

not sure if this is the right thread but my pet peeve is when people act like sperm is an entire person. it's the most basic of biological knowledge that a child gets genes from both parents but people will act like the entire personhood that results from a coupling is contained solely within the sperm. maybe it's because sperm are easier to anthropomorphize?

Anonymous 258369

Middle class ≠ rich

Anonymous 258382

I'm guessing nona means upper middle class

Anonymous 258395

idk I dated a lower-middle class guy and his family was horrendous. so much intergenerational trauma, enmeshment, substance abuse issues, chronic laziness, an abhorrent lack of foresight, career planning, saving etc. and then sooooo much defensiveness about the fact that they were all poorer than me. it's hard walking on eggshells around chronically fragile people

Anonymous 258426

All men are shit, but ones from upper classes have the opportunity, the safety net and the privilege to do really well for themselves and others. The majority of lower class people come from shit families not just monetarily but mental health wise, too. You've no idea what sort of vermin gets to reproduce in this world. They're kind of fucked from the start, unless they're lucky to either be born with native intelligence and crawl their way out on their own OR grow up in an environment where they had good role models outside of their parents.
Middle-class moidlets bypass this struggle and still walk out the other side like the useless shit that they are. Not the case with (most) women. This might be anecdotal, but my experiences all point in this direction and I have no reason to drop this worldview.

Anonymous 258435

>The majority of lower class people come from shit families not just monetarily but mental health wise, too. You've no idea what sort of vermin gets to reproduce in this world.

I think that's what I was trying to get at in my post. Yeah you could say it's unfair but in the end you'd be dating these mentally ill vermin - who tf wants to do that?

Anonymous 258436

Please stop embarrassing yourself

Anonymous 258437

Absolutely disgusted at the amount of bearded moids calling young people puritanical for feeling awkward towards many sex scenes in movies(specially young girls, since they are the demographic that expresses said feeling the most) while ignoring that 95% of sex scenes are just heterosexual sex made for the male gaze.

Anonymous 258438


I consume alot of porn (Literotica and audio, or videos made for women mostly) and I still hate the amount of sex in every TV show now. Netflix shows all just feel like soft porn now. Especially uncomfortable when you're trying to watch a show with other people around. If I wanted that much sex scenes, I'd just go to Pornhub or something. I'm trying to actually watch something for the plot and characters here.

Anonymous 258439

I do enjoy them too, and in my perspective, many people who dislike sex scenes in movies actually enjoy sex in fanfictions/books. It's so ridiculous to try to paint any criticism as "puritanical socially awkward people insert here an entire essay about individualism in America"

Anonymous 258453

I don’t hate sex scenes in theory but most of them are boring at best and don’t add much

Anonymous 258466


Wtf ?

Anonymous 258467

Rofl. The guy is either a) a fart fetishist or b) mentally in the 2nd grade. Both are a reason to break up.

Anonymous 258468

My abuser would do shit like this to me, just expose me to horrible bodily stuff on purpose (not farts but i won't go into it). Fucking humiliating. This gave me fucking war flashbacks.

Anonymous 258472

>voyuer disorder
That was an actual ruling by an actual judge and there are still nonas on this very site who still trust institutions.

Anonymous 258646

Remember back in the day when these people would just be called perverts? Good times

Anonymous 258647

I bet you those accounts are fake, men love to larp as their ideal woman online

Anonymous 258649

>and there are still nonas on this site who still trust institutions
For real, constantly shocked by the amount of nonas on here who love posting patriarchal moid boot licking. Embarrassing!

Anonymous 258819

>tfw this is still nicer than how my ex dumped me
>the reason I have big muscles and larger is so I can work and build
is he not concerned that he basically just outed himself as utterly obsolete, since the whole point of the industrial revolution is that machines can do this better?

Anonymous 259010

>purposely do something grody
>insist the other person is an asshole for not appreciating it instead of apologizing and having self-awareness that it was a gross thing to do
Probably a power dynamic thing more than a fetish thing, which given their ages makes sense. He wants to be able to just treat her any way he wants and this is a shit test to see if he can get away with it. (No pun intended)

Anonymous 259160


I don't know why but ever since seeing this image at another thread I am so mad at it.

How can something that's obviously sexual but at the same time also explicitly mentions lack of sexual experience appeal to scrotes?
There's no such thing as nymphomaniac virgins.

Anonymous 259166

Have you played the game? She's not a nymphomaniac she's just unhealthily attached to Andy because her parent's neglected her and he was the only one there for her

Anonymous 259170

No, I haven't played the game but what annoys me is that "sexual but sexually inexperienced" quote.

Anonymous 259172

That describes a lot of people, including a lot of posters here. Usually it's the very inexperienced people who have the most sex drive and weird kinks, for obvious reason. Also the girl is a bit of the author's self insert.

Anonymous 259175

is it me being prejudiced against a certain type of ugly motherfuckers or do men who watch a whole lot of porn has such dead eyes? I don't know it just looks dead and lazy did anyone else notice that?

Anonymous 259176


No it's true. Either dead fish eyes or crazy serial killer eyes.

Anonymous 259268

If you have actually seen this game, she is very mentally unwell and the game is very clear about how she is not a good person. Also, they're both in their 20's, confirmed by their mother, so there's no reason why she wouldn't know about flirting and sex as a 20-something virgin. Additionally, later in the game, they both find that their parents have sex toys and both of them immediately recognize what they are, so clearly their parents have talked to them about sex long before the events of the game.

That said, you're right that scrotes definitely overvalue virginity and purity when, in fact, complete sexual inexperience is actually not a good trait for fun sex. Shocker.

Anonymous 259397

dumb moid.png

Why are moids this oblivious and evil?

Anonymous 259402

insane to think there are people seriously invested in whatever sort of discussion is going on in that post

Anonymous 259403

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but how lost in the sauce do you have to be to abbreviate mass shooter as "MS"? I used to be obsessed with true crime as a teenager and even I have never heard of that.

Anonymous 259435

this is so fucking stupid i'm sorry for replying but lmaoooo i have to laugh

Anonymous 259446

the most retarded response ever

Anonymous 260126


Why do Johns visit brothels? A photographer asked this question when profiling Johns. Their answers are mostly to be expected, but it's still an interesting insight into moid psychology.


>"Why I pay for sex? Women often get on my nerves. They cause stress. Paying for it, that's something. Jerking off in the face costs an extra 50. Actually, that's power. You can do what you want with the woman." Christian, 23, forwarding merchant, single

>"I was 17 when I went to a brothel for the first time. The girls are clever, there is chitchat here. I had a girlfriend for 4 years, but it always comes out. Now I am doing a platform for client alibis where men can buy alibis. Traffic accident, hospital - everything is possible." Ralf, 28, computer scientist, single

>"Since 50 years I am happily married. But my wife is completely different, a good Catholic… The girls are nice and clean. I meet my business friends here, so you can talk about internal stuff in the steam room." Rudi, 73, businessman, married, 1 daughter.

Anonymous 260140

>There must be a kind of sympathy between me and the woman then the woman will have fun.
>Twice I fell in love with a woman from a brothel. That's such a Samaritan effect, you want to get them out.
>The Colombian girl last week, she was really up for it.
>My last one said afterwards: 'That was the best sex in my life'.
>My daughter? She's 26, I make sure the women are at least 27.
They pay for the lie, and keep lying to themselves. How sad (and a bit retarded).

Anonymous 260156


Anonymous 260166

That vid had me literally squirming out of disgust, fear of bugs and ANGER. Not only does he live in a pile of filth it's also full of cockroaches which a normal person would be grossed by but no he's happily showing them and even lifting that one box so the bugs are close to the camera and I was just waiting for one to jump at me through the screen Jesus pls give his parents cancer so they can die a death less painful than being the parent of a creature like him. Then the fact that he has rats there… Rats are like top5 on my favourite animals' list and he's exposing them to that junkyard?????? Idk about a rat vs roach battle which maybe isn't that bad but idk I'm not an expert on that, but the rats are living things and deserve love and care but nope they live in that man cave in the middle of all the health hazards that attract the roaches in the first place. I think that's the most unacceptable part in that vid. Literally ruining the lives of his pets like that while he just concentrates on masturbating and gaming
>I don't have many friends :(
Yeah I wonder why. He also doesn't have a girlfriend but the greasy hair and skinny body with a really angular face tell me he's gonna start hrt one day and enjoy the luxurious lesbian life of 2 filthy trannies in their lair SORRY PRINCESS CASTLE which most likely will be the room one of them has already

Anonymous 260169

If it can help you feel better, rats love this kind of environment and roaches are one of their favorite meal.

Anonymous 260170

I srsly hope so :(

Anonymous 260332


Nonas, the time has finally arrived. We now have fuel forever to mock men for ages to come.

Anonymous 260357

I firmly believe that men are submissive by nature and their violence is rebelling against the natural order.
Look at them…chasing balls, hypersexulised and easily controlled…like dogs. We just need to castrate and train them, stop rewarding them for bad behaviour and only give them praise when they do as they’re told.
This is how we domesticate men. Those that react in violence get the injection.

Anonymous 260358

Nona, you are brilliant. This pairs well with their obsession with forming hierarchies, imo. The submissive/dominant-based relationships are literally just the micro version of that. The submissive is at the bottom of the hierarchy, the dominant is at the top.

It's difficult to get this as a woman because our preferred system is more heterarchical, but oh well. Nobody tells you these things so you need to figure it out as you go. Use this information to your advantage.

>easily controlled…like dogs

Moids might try to infantilize you, but remember that, much like misogyny, it's a cope for their lower position in the hierarchy. Kinda like some dog breeds try to "test" their owner whether she is still in charge of the "pack", moids will test you, too. Not just in relationships, but in workplaces, just anywhere where you interact with them in general. That's why you cannot afford to be insecure and wallow in self-pity.

Anonymous 260686


the fact we have to share a planet with these creatures makes my blood boil.

Anonymous 260808

>check out his profile
>it's pathetic coomer freak that does jerkoff sessions with other degenerate weeb scrotes
Don't worry, that sad fatfuck is never leaving his basement. It makes me happy knowing so many worthless dysfunctional males will die alone like they deserve. :) That's much kinder than him ironically experiencing the kind of violence he thinks is "hot" firsthand, as a victim.

Anonymous 260811

>They will die alone
Sadly, this kinda men are the seeds of an unborn yet pedophile rapist or murderer. Human nature is strong and often makes us do disgusting things to satisfy our degenerate urges.

These men should be rid off before they even develop to be harmful to women.

Anonymous 260862

This shit is allowed on reddit yet I can't laugh at fat people or trannies I hate men

Anonymous 260866

I want to fucking throw up.
Why men are like that.

Anonymous 260868

children are not "taught", they are created. molded. please do not become a parent

Anonymous 260870

I don't think nona shouldn't become a parent because she didn't use the synonyms you like

Anonymous 260875

nah, it's very telling of their ignorant outlook on child development

Anonymous 260876

What the hell…?

Anonymous 260877

Screenshot 2024-01…


Just read this Vox article.
They don't even bother explaining what TERF means, nor do they argue against any points TERFs make. Doing that would probably disprove the trans ideology which scares them, the trans would look stupid if they backpeddled and admitted it's a stupid movement that distracts from actual women. Seriously just another instance of men making everything, even feminism, about themselves (in a way that doesn't even address the roles that are forced upon them in society!).

Vox has no journalistic integrity, just opinion pieces made to pander to the mainstream. They could have at least interviewed an actual TERF and not littered their definition of TERF with biased bs.


Do you nonas consider yourselves conservative in general or is TERFdom the only conservative thing about your views? (I fall into latter category)

Anonymous 260880


the memes about this guy always crack me up

Anonymous 260885

What does the symbol on his forehead mean? some nazi shit?

Anonymous 260886

I don't know but the letters in the circle say "COOM"

Might be the coomer symbol. Maybe that's how they recognize eachother.

Anonymous 260894

The guy in the image is a pretty notorious coomer. People found him at an adult video expo and made fun of his appearance but further digging made them Also discover his imdb where he would review like 1 porn movie a day. His Twitter is Also full of him salivating over pornstars specificly tweets about wishing a porn star named alyx lynx "a good morning" everyday (search up "good morning alyx lynx" on yt for compilations)

The symbols on his head is a the chaos symbol from the science fantasy "warhammer 40k". The image depicts him as a "chaos worshipper" (edgy satan worshippers in that universe) which is pretty fitting considering one of those gods is dedicated to hedonism.

Anonymous 260895

Oh so thats why it says COOM on his head lol


Anonymous 260930

I hate conservatards so much, and I am a TERF. I wish being anti-trans wasn't lumped in with them.

Anonymous 260938

The left and the right are sadly the biggest endorsers of gender roles
The left:
>Feminine men don't exist, they must be women, masculine women don't exist they must be men
>All gnc don't exist, they are non-binary or another gender/ the opposite gender
The right:
>Anti trans, but reforces being outdated gender sterotypes for men and women
>More and more men are influenced by right wing manospehere and andrew tate type idelogies
>Women, we must shut up, wear a trad dress, no abortions, and belong in the kitchen
Tiresome indeed

Anonymous 260939

I hate in my soul how conservatives flipped GCism from "trans is bad bc it reinforces gender roles" to "trans is bad because it violates gender roles". god I'm so sick of like seeing men lament detransitioners' feminine beauty and accuse women of being trans for not being pretty enough for them. and now even GCs are getting pulled along with the moral panic and policing other women. conservatives ruin everything they touch

Anonymous 260944

trans men internal…

If only there was a true feminist party with common sense. People become trans because of how how oppressive gender roles are, unrealistic beauty standards of us, and many want to escape the male gaze or were victims of SA so they hate that part of themselves.

Anonymous 261156

>Men overwhelmingly want boys, much more than women. When gay men get SSS they choose boys. This is incredibly wrong.obviously when you google this there are just websites informing gay men how to select sons via sss lol.
i wonder if this is true. i would believe it, of course: all men i know who want children specifically mention wanting a son, and most gay male couples i've seen online who had children via surrogacy have sons. but the claim that it's easy to find this stuff with a google search didn't prove true for me; just a lot of articles about surrogacy in general, or scientific papers about homosexuality, lol.

Anonymous 261175

I just had one and I agree with her. Feels good to know my kids will be better off than most others their age because they were birthed by parents who care.

Anonymous 261189

I can just tell you never had siblings or a big family if you think men and women are exactly the same and there's no natural differences at all

Anonymous 261190

There is natural differences, but I think the trans movement reinforces gender roles instead of going against them. Feminine men do exist, and masculine women exist, but that doesn't mean feminine men are women and that masculine women are men (which the trans movement is basically saying). Feminine men are not women and masculine women aren't men.

Anonymous 261211


Is it true that the fashion industry that dictates beauty standards are women was actually found and dominated by gay moids?

Is that why female supermodels who do rampwalks look like trannies?

Anonymous 261212

beauty standards ~~are~~ of women

Anonymous 261216

I'm not sure. I've also seen the explanation that catwalk models are rail thin and tall like that because they're basically clothing hangers and because they're tiny they all have the same body type and size so they all fit into the same sample clothes. But there's definitely a lot of gay moids in the fashion world so idk.

My guess is that the truth is somewhere in the middle.

Anonymous 261294

That perception among conservative/extra retarded moids comes from the way patriarchy functioned for the last like 6000 years. What they don’t understand is that men at 40 weren’t like hot. If they survived to that age it usually just meant they were wealthy or smart. Reminds me of how the Romans and Greeks would “train” wives. The idea being a like 35yo man marries a 15yo so he can groom them into being the ideal home maker. Honestly I think you could argue the system was less fucked then. At least they were honest about it. Men think that most people in the past married with that kinda age gap. Most RICH men did, but not because they start peaking at 30. Thats just the age when you get to use younger men to carry out violence on your behalf. Fucking bandit gender. I feel like it always goes back to violence. Sry for rant :(

Anonymous 261441

why do all men have fucking reddit humor

Anonymous 261743

I saw stories of few women
#1 she kept having infections and it turned out that it's because of her cheating moid
#2 she had a few dreams of him cheating on her then it turned out he really was cheating
#3 her moid kept bringing his children on dates with the woman he was cheating on

Anonymous 261746


It genuinely pains me that women still don't understand that 80% of their emotional ails would disappear the very second they stop or limit interactions with men. Don't date, don't chitchat, don't give attention to, don't befriend, nothing. I have been diligently working towards abandoning males in my life completely (except my brother for familial reasons), and it's like something breathed life into me. My insecurities started evaporating. For one reference point, I used to be extremely insecure about my wardrobe 'cause I had no unique style and was shit at keeping up with trends. Recently I looked over it and what the fuck was I insecure about? All the clothes are extra comfy and durable, I have blouses that have served me for over 5 years and are still looking cute. No one can even tell. Where did the insecurity even come from?

Leaving the sexual market is the best thing I've ever done in my life. I think occasionally re-reading bold, strong and categorical feminist works really does it, it made the choice a no brainer for me. I have no doubt anymore. Of course I'd rather be alone than with a mental cripple who I need to wrangle into decency. Of course! Of course I'd rather build up my own life instead of "cooperating" with someone whose loyalty is fickle in this world of manwhores (and their females counterparts). I do strongly believe that sexual abstinence is a sign of discipline in men, and intelligence in women. Objectively, you cannot fuck up your life by abstaining from mutations (males), but indulging them? There's a reason why so many women are taking antidepressants.

Anonymous 261751

It's both sexes behavior that is patriarchal unfortunately but I don't wanna elaborate much since I have the most nerve wracking conversations about this with other women and I don't wanna take anymore insults

Anonymous 261752

What world are you living in where men are shaming you for your wardrobe being outdated? I doubt any straight man could ever guess the age of a blouse just by looking at it.
>Where did the insecurity even come from?
From other women no doubt, but you're such a schizo you twisted comments from other women as somehow originating from men in your mind and got angry at them instead.

Anonymous 261753

It's pinkpill. But I feel like I'm going crazy after 5+ years of constantly getting called crazy by other women(I don't engage with men so that's why I'm saying women) for pointing out how males are a rapists and women a rapist fuckers and it's their default state and that they make us live in hell on earth, I hate the patriarchy it all is but women think I'm fucking exaggerating and keep ridiculing my till I have a breakdown over and over again sometimes I snap sometimes don't. But rape and shit like that literally exist? Patriarchy exist? Sex slavery exists? All women show handmaiden behaviors? All men are misogynistic and yk stories like this man from Austria enslaving his daughter for 24 years and raping her, making her pregnant a bunch of times and still keeping the children together in the basement she was enslaved in… This is all men's fantasy. On incel forums it's one if the main topics (wanting sex slaves). And women… They are a biological pickmes and men didn't make them this way so that also adds up to this hell. But some rare women are born different and have to suffer because of all these tyrants sins. Women and men.
Yet everyone fucking acts like a woman being a doomer or blackpilled is the evil incarnate or like female and male blackpill come from the same place. They literally don't? Do you have a common sense oh my fucking god how much energy I waste into trying to speak logic into other people and in this case women cause I… Don't talk to men. How many times I was belittled for hating this patriarchy. Sometimes u even get the crazy or traumatized woman treatment aka telling me I'm being delusional because I'm psychotic or traumatized. I was never raped yet I can't live knowing rape exists.
If you're so light and love unlike me, a "female version of a blackpilled incel" then… Why, throughout the history the shit that happened… happened despite your superior positive whitepilled attitude that I, a loser who's bitter jealous and with no accomplishments unlike the rapist fuckers don't have because I am so evil, BPD, NPD, psychotic and neurotic. Everyone is acting like all these tortures are not that big of a deal and it reminds me of a horny person losing clarity and well the rapist dad I mentioned in this post said he was born to rape and couldn't control it. It's like you all are in trance or constantly forget your common sense once the desires hit. But imagine how the enslaved woman felt.

Anonymous 261754

They do

Anonymous 261756


Sure thing schizo.

Anonymous 261763


Anonymous 261770

little bump to hide the raid-ette. will be deleted after its deleted.

Anonymous 261785

88% of males know what shemales are. That's really telling about their preferences if you compare it with women's acquaintance with fashion knowledge.

Anonymous 261787

I picked the highest percentage. Just look at the percentages alone and you notice that for a majority of terms in the male column less than 2 thirds of males know about it. So, it's probably because of some nerds why you have tech terms that save males from being total failures and porn brains

Anonymous 261798

I think male nature is narcissism ego and sociopathy so as a woman with a really developed ego I'm like… I can see it easily and I feel like I wouldn't be able to ever engage with a moid because our egos would get in conflict. So basically this sociopathy and narcissism shit in males is natural but when a woman acts like this then she's a freak of nature to ppl

Anonymous 261799

I don't get what you're trying to say

Anonymous 261802

manifesto (1).png

True. I also had a massive ego to the point where imagining myself as a sidecar wife to my hypothetical husband's business/life made me have severe depression. Just imagining it did a round on me, I can't believe that that's the reality for most women. I don't blame people for not respecting the sellout wives if I'm being honest. I don't respect them either. Having dignity as a woman in this shit world makes you develop such an ego that Napoleon himself pales in comparison. Arrogance and grandiosity are recognized as self defense mechanisms for a reason.

Come to think of it, Ego might've actually been the death of me if I didn't find my beliefs reflected in the words of likeminded women (who're rare, but nevertheless I felt so relieved and freed).

That being said, Manifesto-chan strikes again.
Seriously, Manifesto-chan, Solanas and Trust are the holy trinity to destroying all your delusions about male intentions, and sufficient confirmation that outliers like you are not defective. I always looked back on my NLOG phase negatively, but nowadays I see that my thoughts made sense with the information I was given. I was perceiving reality for what it was (women humiliating themselves as a cultural practice), and so are you.

Anonymous 261806

That men dgaf about fashion. If that poster is claiming to be getting bullied over her wardrobe, there's no way it's actually by men and not other women.

Anonymous 262125

I've definitely known/known of men who would shame women about fashion. They might not know the terminology or know about fashion like women tend to do, but they definitely have opinions on how women should look and dress.
For example I used to have a friend who had an ex boyfriend who would make her feel really bad for not wearing tight-fitting dresses, high heels, and glamourous makeup…ie he wanted her to look like a sexy porn star all the time and wasn't considerate of how uncomfortable she would be wearing that kind of stuff.

Anonymous 262304


I'm disappointment we aren't doing better.

We can do it, guys!
We get to 100%.

Anonymous 262557

>Researchers at The Ohio State University conducted a systematic review of 20 studies connecting droughts, floods and other extreme weather events to increases in child, early and forced marriages in low- and middle-income countries.
>One study in Bangladesh found that in years with heat waves lasting more than 30 days, 11- to 14-year-old girls were 50% more likely to marry and girls aged 15-17 were 30% more likely.
>[…] daughters were married early in Bangladesh after Cyclone Aila to curtail the economic and food burden on households.
>When a drought threatened water sources and livestock in Kenya, one study found that young brides were sought to help with increased labor demands, such as walking long distances to find food and water.
>In areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and Vietnam that practice bride price – the groom’s family pays the bride’s family – girls had an increased probability of being forced to marry during droughts and periods of heavy rainfall, studies showed.
>“What these disasters do is exacerbate existing problems of gender inequality and poverty that lead families to child marriage as a coping mechanism.”
>“Child marriage is often seen as a coping strategy to reduce economic vulnerability and food insecurity that a family is facing because of a disaster.”

Anonymous 262566


I wanted to bring up the topic of Chinese ghost marriages. TL;DR when a young unmarried male dies his family doesn't want him to be lonely in the afterlife, so they marry him to a recently deceased girl or woman. Sometimes they exhume her body and bury her with him. I'm sure you can guess the inevitable conclusion of this practice. Women are murdered and delivered to these families, all so their son will have somebody to wipe his proverbial ass in the afterlife. It's staggeringly pathetic.

Anonymous 262568


Do not marry moids!
They are SCROTES!!!

Anonymous 262570

you're 100% right. Eyes are the window to the soul, and porn destroys the soul.

Anonymous 262571

Moids love virginity because then they don't have to work hard to please women

Anonymous 262575

This game is written by a women if it makes you feel better. She also made a yaoi game where a guy sleeps with his clone and a game where demons steal a little girls teeth.

Anonymous 262578

Handmaids on this website don't understand that a moid character or problems he has in life doesn't prove that it's not all men. It's all because their biology is the fucking SAME. That's why.

Anonymous 262581

Sex positive spreads false ideas about het sex and relations claiming it's the same for a man and a woman esp in the context of power meanwhile these relationships are a transaction in which the woman is rather the one in sexual service to the nan however her biology is designed to identify with this service. Yet it's service and a servile pleasure which can also potentially lead to a pregnancy. As a woman with a high sex drive who can feel all the pleasure other women can I wondered for a long time why I still feel like it's all useless to me and now I channel and program my sexuality to be expressed differently. Masturbating alone doesn't allow a moid to use you as a flashlight plus you have a control over it. Giving your body to a man is very submissive and you play a certain feminine role in his life that women who don't lean into wanting to be in that role mentally literally won't stand cause it feels like an extreme degradation. Sorry but bowing down to a man every night is for whores and not every woman has it in her however the presence of an ego in a woman makes her hated by everyone

Anonymous 262590

>Literally the entire point of TERFism is being disgusted that someone with a penis (a male) would act like how someone with a vagina (a female) is supposed to act
But it literally isn't the point. The point is that troons, and especially troon activists and politicians who support them, aren't content with troons merely expressing themselves. They are trying to impose gender theory as the new norm with complete disregard for inconveniencing and endangering others. When a woman tries to create a space for other women, she gets silenced for daring to not allow troons in, even though protection from sexual deviants with dicks is one of the main reason these spaces exist. They don't care about experimenting on all children when they are at their most vulnerable age and confusing the shit out of them, as long as it may make the minority of trans kids feel less disenfranchised. They are ready to obliterate the entire field of women's sports just because it MIGHT make the minority of troons feel a little better about themselves.
And yet, no matter how direct and open a woman may be about her gripes with this movement, all of those objective issues get reduced to "you only really care about this stuff because you're a trans-hating bigot and therefore should be silenced". No we fucking won't. Eat shit. Either get rid of the radical psychos and sit at the societal norm negotiation table with a full understanding that you'll have to drop some of the more radical and needy elements of your movement, or bite the dust and prepare for the world where you won't even be tolerated while any political good will towards you dries out as politicians realize just how fucking unpopular you became.

Anonymous 262591

>attack women relentlessly
>women leave your party

Anonymous 262619

Sex work positivity tries to validate abuse one goes through to survive, insultingly

Anonymous 262635

Because of the internet women can finally find out how awful scrotes truly are.

Anonymous 262636

This is also a good argument for finally getting a large scale female seperatist movement going in the west.
Women and scrotes are not meant to live in the same society. Monogamy is a scam invented by scrotes anyway.

Anonymous 262687

I just want to fall asleep safe and sound with my future husband. Why can't the men at uni be nice?

Anonymous 262749

male crimes.jpg


Anonymous 262750

>Do better.
go back to twitter nerd

Anonymous 262761

My post about weather events increasing child marriages has a readily available source if you click through the first link. Do you need a direct link?

Anonymous 262804

Many pinkpilled women say that men are a parasites but men are actually loved by life and female biology is loving and empathetic to males, y'all don't see them as parasites when you have sex with them, you deeply and truly love them meanwhile being a woman is to be raped cause rape existed since always and my anger and fear at it gets me called a bad person by other women cause I wish I weren't the raped gender, unlike what the "pussy power" anons say… life doesn't see men as a parasite mistake neither you do….

Anonymous 262805

Yet it doesn't move most women at all that rape exists, youre just evil in their eyes for being a doomer about it

Anonymous 262808

nona, with all due respect you sound like a 13 year old boy tring to figure out why the females hate men so much, your rant is borderline unreadable and your point is convoluted.
>but men are actually loved by life and female biology is loving and empathetic to males
what does "men are loved by life even mean? What is life? How can men be loved by female biology? How can biology even be empathetic?

>y'all don't see them as parasites when you have sex with them

you do realise that almost 40% of women here are virgins rigth? Personally i havnt even held hands with a men yet

>you deeply and truly love them

Honestly i wish there was that i knew that i could deeply truly love, however most men i know in real life are downrigth shitty, preventing me and a lot of women here from having meaningful relationships.

>life doesn't see men as a parasite mistake neither you do

again, what? What do you mean by "life"? like evolution? mother nature? Because if you knew anything about biology youd know that humans are a collection of weird mutations that managed to think somehow, if anything all the flaws in male biology proves that men are a weird mistake. Im migth not think that males are "parasites" but you dont really have the rigth to confidantly claim that when you have no idea what you, yourself is even talking about.

Anonymous 262813

life doesn’t see men as a parasite mistake?
>men die earlier
>if a male can’t parasitise on a female he would rather die
>male biology revolves entirely around reproduction and bears greater somatic costs as a result, whereas women only bear them if they choose to reproduce
>males essentially exist for genetic diversity, nothing else
>human reproduction most likely started as a viral pathogen

Anonymous 262818

Thats why most women love them? You people are so contradictory now suddenly nature is bad and we're just a meat

Anonymous 262819

>if a male can't parasite on a female he would rather die
Women feel the same about the concept if never dating men.
And yet y'all still have sex with them and have crushes on them. Childish defensive ass fucks, what even made you mad in that post.

Anonymous 262903

what? why do most women love them?? give an actual answer

Anonymous 263016

I’m hoping it’s faggotry so they can all just bum each other and leave women alone

Anonymous 263093


i really wish women could just stream or do basically anything on the internet without being harassed by virgins so desperate for their precious "boyfriend free girl". male streamers don't have to put up with this sort of shit
and the best part about this is that rusty isn't even a real person, he's a character from armored core 6

Anonymous 263109

I thought femanons here were too judgemental of men on dating apps. I wished I listened to you anons. One wasted month and a dozen really creepy matches later (not talking about the other ones) I can firmly say that all men are trash and not worth your time.
If you are a femanon who thinks that maybe her social circle is too small to find a decent bf and you should try dating apps instead… Don't.

Anonymous 263744


Retard take, wanted to try it for the novelty. That was it

Anonymous 263745


In the future moids are going to be locked in caves and milked for their semen. They'll absolutely deserve every torture inflicted on them. Fun food for thought.

Anonymous 263746

Semen isn't as valuable as moids think. There is already more sperm in sperm banks than needed

Anonymous 263756

sometimes i'm amazed that nature tempted us by making human male genitalia external, and yet we've done nothing with that.

Anonymous 263773


Next thread pic. Stay safe, brave nonas. It's a man's world out there ♥

Anonymous 263789

Its not if they're still agonizing about a male loneliness epidemic while dating, marriage and having children are on the decline. Women own more property than men and are now more likely than them to conplete school and graduate college with a degree.

Anonymous 263797

> Women now more likely than them to conplete school and graduate college with a degree.

Well, it's not women's fault that men are stupid and aren't able to compete with us

Anonymous 263834

Gay moids are just as misogynistic as straight moids.
They hate women with their entire being, they are fueled by jealousy and mommy issues, like most moids but even more so.

Anonymous 263890

And moids still have the audacity to call it "education inequality" as if women meeting and surpassing men in educational or professional settings is comparable to women being barred from academic spaces. When we don't surpass them it's seen as natural, when we do then there must be something wrong and the men must have some kind of disadvantage that must be mended. God forbid a woman be smarter than a man.

Anonymous 263897

Moids are so fake, does you pet handmaiden know you argue with random women online?

Anonymous 263962

The internet was a mistake. Everywhere I turn i’m reminded that men will never, ever respect or love women the way women love them. I saw a thread on r/AskMen asking why taken men watch porn—most responses claimed they like the “variety”/want to see many different women naked or that they get bored of their partner. All of these comments had dozens of upvotes and no one disputing them. This mindset of needing multiple women, as if we are objects to be collected, as if one of us will never be enough, seems to be shared by every moid alive—they all dream of threesomes, but only with two women. Men’s greatest fantasy, right?
I can continue to cry every day, wondering why i’ll never be pretty enough, but my fucking god it doesn’t matter if I’m Margot Robbie men will NEVER be satiated. They’ll always want younger, newer, different. I’m so terrified of marriage. Am i really going to be aging, stuck to a disgusting man who infinitely fantasizes about 18-20 year old girls because they’re not me? No matter how much I love him, treat him right, sleep with him, am I doomed to be stuck with a man who will never love me the way I love him? It hurts so much. I hate men like this with all my being and yet that’s every single one. It hurts.

Anonymous 264020

Based. I feel there’s no point in dating a man nowadays if they’re just gonna beat their cock off to another woman on the screen.

Anonymous 264381

>Hire an adult to have sex with you on film for personal pleasure? That's prostitution — illegal
>Hire an adult to have sex with you on film that you'll distribute for profit? That's porn — legal
never thought of it like that before

Anonymous 264383

Jesus christ how do women like you know this, yet fail to throw femininity into the garbage?? You're still complaining about looking a certain way ?? When in the f are you going to learn femininity is a fucking joke ????? Why would you pursue these filthwads at all? Regret spending life with them one way or another ? It's obviously better to be single

Anonymous 264384

Femininity is like the ultimate rape because men are ugly in like most aspects of personality and appearance. Some degree of femininity would resolve most of their problems. WHY do you think they scoff at it and refuse to become attractive for us?? Because love is a scam where you get the cheap plastic prize and they make off with virtually everything of value. Love is fucking sham and a joke. Femininity is the worst joke of all.

Anonymous 264557

Female genital mutilation is essentially like chopping off the head of the penis. It's much worse than circumcision is on a male.

Fucking moids pretending they're us.

Anonymous 264558

And how many girls have been raped sodomized and groomed by men? Upwards of 12 billion in the history of this earth. Lmao stop pretending women are anything close to moids with their sexual aggression it just makes me lose all respect for you.

Anonymous 264560


Anonymous 264561

>implying circumcision is as bad as female genital mutilation
I smell balls

Anonymous 264566

You realize it is though ? Female circumcision is miles more destructive. If people were actually cutting off the head of the penis people would be going to war over it

Anonymous 264574

This is such a load of crap. Nobody anywhere cuts the penis in two and calls it circumcision, they remove the hood. For health and cleanliness reasons. Have you ever actually had sex with a moid?? My god they are unhygenic.

Describe one person you've known with a penis cut in half !! You're horseshitting all of us and clearly a moid.

Anonymous 264598

the armenian genocide was even worse. the rapes were so violent that it was considered a legitimate tactic of genoicide - rape all the women you can find and kill the rest… some times they were raped to death… turkey still tries to cover this up today

Anonymous 264600

Men crying about having less sensation in their dick but imagine if you had to be a woman and sex is literally useless to you and can't give you love so you can't have no shit

Anonymous 264604

Good. I hope they suffer.

Anonymous 264605

If I have a son, I'll for sure make em cut it off now thx xoxo

Anonymous 264606

dila- wait, no. stretch

Anonymous 264614

SHIT bait.

The study you picreled is biased since the uncircumcised men were younger than the ones circumcised.

"20,000-100,000" is a gross exaggeration. Only 4,000 nerve endings are found in the head of the penis itself, while the head of the clitoris has 10,000.

While the foreskin has finer surface touch it has less sexual response to heat (the main component for pleasure in men).

Unlike scar tissue left by circumcision, scar tissue left by female mutiliation directly prevents vaginal stretching, making enjoyeable sex impossible (while circumcised men still have potential feel pleasure).

"in her cute voice" You picreled a redditor writing out his cuck fetish as proof.

I'M NOT ADVOCATING FOR CIRCUMCISION. However, you are a CUCK, you are a MASSIVE CUCK, you are obsessed with circumcision for the sake of BEING A CUCK, who imposes his FANTASY OF BEING CUCKED by circumcision on other men because you are a SELF EMASCULATING CUCK. You need to take a KNIFE and SLICE THE HEAD OFF so you will become the become the biggest REDDIT CUCK you fucking naegger.

>live in a civilisation built by Western men.

Who invented agriculture (woman's work) which allowed the foundation for civilisation? Who let you carry civilisation by the brunt of housework, cooking, tailoring, childrearing? CIRCUMCUCK.

Anonymous 264619

>A virgin mother can never exist
What about a sperm donor+turkey baster or IVF?
Just tossing that out there.

Anonymous 264637

Sugar is bad for you.

Anonymous 264638

Anonymous 264645

>Femininity is like the ultimate rape
So being a woman is the ultimate rape? I don't understand.

Anonymous 264662

Nothing is making you live a batshit lie, if you hole up in a comfort zone full of insane brutalization. You know its not doing you any favors. Water from a stone

Anonymous 264668

why are female nipples censored, but not male ones?

female nipples have multiple functions, the main function being nonsexual. male nipples are purely decorative and rarely used for any purpose other than pleasure. their nipples are far more pornographic than ours.

Anonymous 264673

Didn't men fight for the right to be shirtless? I think that's how male nipples got normalised

Anonymous 264674

This is 100% blackpill-chan

Anonymous 264684

Because men want to have sex with women and are aroused by physical signifiers of womanhood regardless of who those breasts are attached to or what state they are in or what function they are or intend to fulfill. There are claims of cultural socialization of breast fetishism but those claims are highly suspect given that they are issued about cultures with longstanding poetic traditions in which males write extensively of their erotic fixation on women's nipples.
Heterosexual women are possibly aroused by penises in a state of erection in a generalized manner (this is uncommon if true). Therefore penis censorship may matter. Butt censorship (sadly increasingly rare, but gender-neutral) has more to do with the inherent indignity of the biological function of the associated orifice. There's nothing particularly sexually attractive to heterosexual women about the male body just by being a male body. There is no visual greed financially incentivising eroticized male bodies. Marketers and advertizers and pornographers have tried for a solid century to create exactly that demand and it just does not exist and every "female_gaze" piece of tiktok nonsense focusing on a man is authored by that same man and relies on a boyband effect in which the visual focus is on a fake reaction by paid actresses to farm clout from impressionable young women who aren't quite old enough to see how artificial the whole thing is. No shield against prying eyes is warranted to protect any nonexistent male bodily dignity.
Inb4 some nona posts that photograph of that European male model from when he was a literal 14 year old teen groomed by expert makeup artists to look like a young woman. He doesn't count and you know it.

For Allah's sake let the newsmedia protect women's dignity from male eyes in this one, small, minor way.

Anonymous 264690

honestly im too mentally tired to care about these things

Anonymous 264704

Human breasts are unique amongst the great apes, and all living primates. We are the only species that develops and retains breasts regardless of pregnancy or childraising status. This should cast immediate doubt on the claim that societies sufficiently distant from our own have some paradisical noble nonsexual egalitarian system that also respects women's sexual consent. Male sexualization of women's breasts is one of the very few sensible explanations for the existence and retention of women's breasts within our species. Anthropologists have lied about primitive and ancient people's sexualities to make all sorts of arguments before, including normalization of pedophilia. The practice of lying about primitive sexuality in the field of sexual psychology was pioneered by Freud himself. This only gets worse the more mainstream the political leverage to be gained by lying. The amount of academic effort it takes to remove motivated distortion from the study of human sexuality across cultures is more than I think can be brought to bear on this subject in particular, since there are still fierce battles being fought with regards to the question of male-male pederasty amongst the great apes and primitive man. I will remain skeptical.

The idea that there is no connection between women's breasts and sexuality comes with its own set of problems for women, as well. The most obvious being that it is quite common for mothers to report sexual response, including selfreported orgasm, incited by breastfeeding her own children. If that's cast as a purely psychological or conditioned response and not a biological connection between physical stimulus and response then the response is cast as perversion on her end instead of evolutionarily rooted biological inevitability in which her self and her own unconscious mind played no part whatsoever. And in the case of perversions in which children are involved, for excellent reasons our society does not care whether or not the pervert was externally conditioned by factors outside of their control; we judge all perverse responses to children as evil. This is particularly harsh in the circumstance that a mother identifies her sexual stimulation from her newborn as stronger than her sexual attraction to her husband, and given how ugly men really are and how often women are forced by circumstance to settle, that's not a trivial number. A significant number of new mothers attempt suicide as a result of feeling a highly sexual response to having their breasts stimulated. Some of them succeed. The therapeutic response to mothers in distress over this is to teach them that their sexual response is biological, normal and natural, but this therapeutic treatment only fights a harsher uphill battle if society at large declares connection between breasts and sexuality to be contrary to function and nature (i.e. perverse).

Anonymous 264718


Isn't sexualization of breasts just a "fetish" and conditioning that came as a result of puritanical christian values that started with Adam and Eve covering their private parts with leaves to hide in shame, which probably came from christian inquistors wanting to stand proud and different from native tribes that still draped in dried leaves and animal fur?

It's the same with the glorification of ass these days. I don't think there's anything biological about being attracted to breasts or else the tribal moids that still live in African or South American societies would have raging erections all the time because clothing is still not much of a thing in there.

Anonymous 264725

>Are you saying that all of these people are being disingenuous
No, not people, just moids. Women are almost certainly being honest.
>then you can consider that this can be caused by that.
You could only really consider cause and effect in that way if the cause clearly preceded the effect. Poetry about women's breasts in clearly sexual terms long precedes the modern advent of pornography.
>I'm sure nobody was loosing their minds over women's nipples being exposed in ancient societies even if women were clothed.
The entire Hellenic sphere of influence practiced honor killings. Islamic countries just happen to be the ones that continue the tradition.

Anonymous 264726

You're arguing that being surrounded by sexually stimulating imagery results in permanent erection. This would be more compelling if it were not in a comment directly following an argument that modern media and pornography sexually hypercharge society. Common advertisement in both television and online sources is clearly sexual in nature and often deliberately fetishistic. The idea of a thing being sexual only when in a sexually appropriate social context such as the bedroom makes emotional sense, but only seems to actually be natural to women. Male sexuality imbues and projects a quality of sexual nature to the Other, and an energy of sexual vigor to the self, and this manifests in all of their ways of describing or thinking about anything. Their sexuality is composed of nested fetishes for fetish-object associations. "Feet are sexy," the object is permanently and wholely sexually charged, not "it is sexy when my beloved wife touches her feet to mine in the bedroom," even if their sexual vigor is suppressed or absent when encountering feet outside of the appropriate social situation.

Anonymous 264734

>I don't get it
When women say they see nothing inherently sexual about breasts they are telling the truth, because it is their truth. When men say that same thing, they are telling lies. Sometimes those lies are lies that they tell themselves, for unimportant reasons. But sometimes those reasons wrap up in modern political discourse which makes said lies attractive to others and effective in spreading. I think the anthropological arguments about breast sexualization in cultures separated from everyday observation by thousands of miles and thousands of years fit that mould. Particularly since we talk about women choosing to go topless in those cultures as evidence that it is nonsexual but when we look at women wearing makeup or wearing certain fashions in our own culture we see how those choices were effectively forced on them by male sexuality.

Anonymous 264739


I'm sorry, this seems to be a well thought out reply but I don't understand anything. Whereof one can't speak, thereof one be dumb.

Anonymous 264857

>The idea of a thing being sexual only when in a sexually appropriate social context such as the bedroom makes emotional sense, but only seems to actually be natural to women.
Blatantly false, plenty of women inject sexuality in non-sexual scenarios or fetishize things like hands all the time.
The difference is the scale at which this happens since most women are beautiful and most men are ugly

Anonymous 264870

how do you cope nonas

Anonymous 264872

Anonymous 264927

99% of pedophiles are male most never get punished, men have large scale trafficing rings where they prey on poor girls, they bribe the cops on these areas and effectively make their crimes go unreconised. Males are more likely to rape kids, they are more likely to rape kids and kill them after, begone handmaiden

Anonymous 264928


Anonymous 264938

lel, posting this on KC

Anonymous 265182

>which probably came from christian inquistors wanting to stand proud and different from native tribes that still draped in dried leaves and animal fur?
that doesn't really add up. genesis is much older than any abrahamic effort to spread your beliefs.

>from native tribes that still draped in dried leaves and animal fur?

and this is a bit of a weird belief to hold as well. even the least technologically advanced peoples would posses sewn clothing
(unless of course they had no need for clothing at all and dressed nudely)

Anonymous 265184

There is an interesting though pointless contention that "J" (academic name for that book's author) was a woman. One of the ways in which this is interesting is the argument over the interpretation of the translation "your desire will be for your man," with the argument that J as a woman would instead have written "you will be desired by your man."

Anyways, no. The discussion is over the fetishization of any aspect of breasts, particularly the fetishization of and enclothement of women's nipples and not men's, and that cannot be traced to biblical traditions at all. The Pagan Romans wrote extensive poetry which included specific fetish-words for nipples in erogenous state, "papillae" was only used of nipples in a fetishistic context (they had other words for nipples being put to functional use in breastfeeding and for nipples in a gender neutral sense). Catullus, Ovid, and many, many other prechristians with substantial erotic poetry wrote about nipples in ways that betray a clearly sexual fixation. They also wrote of their distaste for immoderately large and "pendulous" breasts and their distaste for pendulous breasts is sometimes interpreted as antithetical to modern tastes. This is not compelling. South Park had a character whose entire joke was that she had large pendulous breasts which were not contained in a bra and that this was repulsive to men. We would not say modern society has a distaste for large breasts just because hanging, pendulous breasts are rendered distastefully in modern satires. It is also known that men raised in the elite in modern society tend to prefer smaller breasts, and this is sometimes related to a tendency towards a fetishization of youth and juvenile bodies in the upper class; Roman poets were usually aristocrats and it is entirely reasonable to say that their tastes were shaped by their economic strata rather than reflective of society on the whole, otherwise they would not comment on their distaste for the lower-class' demonstration of poor taste and unwarranted pride in immodestly sized bosoms amongst prostitutes and older women.

Anonymous 265240

Paedo alert!

Anonymous 265252

Men who claim to want a tradwife actually doesnt want a tradwife, they want her as long she is young but once she gets older they will either
>leave her for younger and better
>cheat her multiple times

Anonymous 265269

Any moid who uses the word 'tradwife' should be tarred and feathered.

Anonymous 265272

yep, scrotes only like the idea of a virgin girl who is young, conventionally attractive and easy to groom, manipulate and abuse. street smart trad virgins need not apply.

Anonymous 265330

>women: becomes attached to who a man is, his character, and loves him regardless of old age, gaining weight, or terminal illness (true love)

>males: "falls out of love" and cheats as soon as she gets pregnant, becomes old, or no longer serves him (shallow love)

moid pairbonding abilities are inherently broken. being born a woman is fucking cucked.

Anonymous 265499

Many times it's about the power trip of making women experience pain and no pleasure, which is why p*inal even has a genre of its own.

Anonymous 265500

I remember Pastor P said something similar, that men never truly bond with women, or at least not enough to keep them loyal to said women.

Anonymous 265727

Female celibacy/volcelism is still a very niche thing in online discourse, but I don't doubt men would soon or later try to use emotional appeals to counterargue the lifestyle and paint themselves as hopeless romantics.
“Woah, it’s so sad that you ignore how sex can provide bonding and intimacy. Insert walltext about the indomitable human spirit here”.

Anonymous 265729

Women don't like to do it, simple as

Anonymous 265768


This is why males need to stay at home taking care of the children. Society lied to them that having a career would make them happy. They should stop trying to be women and embrace their natural masculine role in the home.

Anonymous 265769

i want to know more about feminism, nonas
please recommend reading material

Anonymous 265772

This isn't your radfem opinion, this is your sexual fetish.

Anonymous 265774

Declaration of the Rights of Woman and of the Female Citizen by Olympe de Gouges

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman - Mary Wollstonecraft

The Second Sex by Simone de Beauvoir

Les Guérillères (The Warriors) - Monique Wittig

The Red Virgin: Memoirs Of Louise Michel - Louise Michel

The Subjection of Women - John Stuart and Harriet Taylor Mill (often you'll just find John's name attached)

Anonymous 265786

I want to turn my bf into a househusband because I’m cold, unemotional, hate fun and don’t want to be around my future kids 24/7.

Anonymous 265789

Maybe just have dogs or cats. Seriously. Dear lord.

Anonymous 265798

I don’t like animals. I want a baby, I think my bf would be better when they’re kids. I’m not like neglectful I just can’t do the kids 24/7 thing. Anyways I’ll be making more than my bf by the time we have kids so it’ll make more sense for him to stay home.

Anonymous 265821

ty!!! <З

Anonymous 265875

>I think my bf would be better when they’re kids.
a baby will not fix your relationship. males feel no obligation to stay when they get a girl pregnant.

Anonymous 265887

This popped up in my recommendeds. I haven't watched it passed the intro yet, but the intro made me curious about what kind of shit show resided within the comments section.

Here is a list of some of the things I've found just skimming through:
-Some man saying he has no support group to talk about his problems to and that it's women's fault he has no friends or therapist to do this with. His fellow men proceed to make fun of him and tell him that men shouldn't talk, or even want to talk, about their problems and that he's a failure. And men wonder why women don't care about their loneliness. They don't even care about it unless they can use it as a talking point. Do they think women just magically have friends and support networks without doing anything or talking to anyone?
-Some man asked why it's fair for men to need more work hours than women to qualify for pensions when women live longer than men as an example of how men aren't treated fairly. Someone answered him with the obvious that women have to take more time off from work to take care of children than men do.
-Some man said his instructors wouldn't let him be a teacher because they deemed him a "toxic influence" that he then says he interpreted as "you're a regular man" and he needs no introspection at all because it's their fault, not his.
-Men acting obtuse about women being more vulnerable to violence in society. "Men can get robbed, too. Men have a higher chance of suffering from violence than women do. Why would women worry about their safety more than men? What do they mean? Sounds sexist that they don't care about men's safety." Then when people bring up that women are typically smaller and weaker than men, suffer from domestic violence, and are preyed upon by sexual predators men try to say domestic violence and rape aren't as prevalent as women claim it is and that no one cares about male victims who suffer from domestic violence and rape. They also don't mention that, just like the loneliness problem, men are the ones who primarily don't care unless they can use it as a point to talk down to problems women suffer from.
-American men bitching about the draft when they don't have to worry about that happening due to the issues the draft for the Vietnam War caused. Also, I would assume none of the men bitching about that could even pass a military physical. They also don't point out it's other men that primarily, possibly to the point of exclusivity, would want to bring back the draft. Still women's fault, though.

This is just from a quick skim through. I'm sure there are even more dumb men talking points.

Anonymous 265895

the older i get the more i realize a lot of physically abusive men don't dehumanize women but, rather, dehumanize themselves. a man can understand a woman's fundamental humanity but abuse her because, in that moment, he is an animal. these same men can somehow argue in favor of men's rationality and self-mastery while simultaneously admitting the mere presence of a woman devolves them to basic instincts, a basic instinct that is (apparently) to harm. of course it's all excuses. but men don't need to dehumanize women to abuse them, they only need to dehumanize themselves.

Anonymous 265898

So you want a child but you don't want to be around said child? Have you really thought this through?

Anonymous 265899

Idk why my reply got deleted. I’m not trying to fix my relationship, everything is fine now, I meant he’d be better around them than I would.
I want to be around them, just not 24/7. I want to keep working.

Anonymous 265916

You should read "Anti-Semite and Jew" by Sartre. What you say about men dehumanizing women reminds me of what Sartre saya about white gentile Europeans dehumanizing Jews.

Anonymous 265917

Why would I take anything that creep has to say seriously when he signed the infamous petition to lower the age of consent in France? How are you caping for pedophiles right now? He was grooming and raping children with Simone de Beauvoir, "gentile" children btw

Anonymous 265920

I honestly didn't know that; not pleasant to learn.
I had only read that one book of his on someone else's recommendation, and thought it gave good insight into the mind of those who dehumanizes Jews, and I saw parallels with other kinds of hate.

Anonymous 265923

I have spent too much time reading through mountains of lies and ragebait from Nazis about women, Jews, trannies, and black people to take seriously the words of anyone who posts happy merchant propaganda. It's like the boy who cried wolf at this point. I'm not going to turn on Jewish people I know and love IRL because a channer spreads internet bullshit.

Anonymous 265924

Can you explain how exactly direct quotes from the Talmand are propaganda?

Anonymous 265925

can you provide direct links? because i looked up some of these verses and that's not what they say at all.

Anonymous 265928

did you write all that with one hand

Anonymous 265939

All that matters is the point

Anonymous 265945

I agree with you about most of this. Except i do think men have romantic feelings. I have observed relationships were the couple both love each other but the man loves the woman more and is constantly pining after her. This is usually rare though (it’s the other way around most times). But with most of these relationships i have noticed that the woman is usually mentally ill (like has BPD). I live in a big city in Western Europe and it’s super diverse so I grew up with women of every race, religion and culture. Regardless of what they believe in or what color they are, their relationships are all the same. They all love their male partner 1000x more than he loves them. But I noticed with the girls I know that are mentally unwell their male partner is the one acting “feminine” in the sense that he is basically bowing to them and sucking up to her the way women usually suck up to men. I wonder if mentally ill women activate something in a man’s minds? They are the only women who can make a man submit from my observations.

But yes, I agree with your points. I don’t think misandry will ever become a thing even though there are more women willingly choosing to become single nowadays. People cite Korea as a success story but when i was visiting i noticed many korean women with western (white and black) men. I think they are abandoning korean men because of their sexism and also because they want to flee to the west were life is better for women. But western men are sexist too. They’re just picking the less sexist man/a chance to move to a country were you are protected by the law as a woman. So there is no genuine feminist/misandrist movement happening there. They’re just swapping out asian moids for non-asian moids.

Also i have observed a rise in older female/younger male relationships. Maybe this is just a europe thing since i noticed it when i was on holiday in other parts of europe. Even though these women are more powerful than their younger male partner, they still submit to him in bed/when they get married etc. These women are educated and wealthy enough to own an apartment/home in a big European city so what does this say about the future of women? If even the smart, well off women are submitting to 19 year old boys?

I think we, as women, are biologically hardwired to submit to men. Only women who are unwell (whether it’s a mental illness or something like autism) can escape this. Those women were born “wrong”. I think lesbians fall into this too since i notice with my gay friends that one girl usually leads the relationship, it is never really equal. Even within the relationships I mentioned between normal men and mentally ill women, the mentally ill women still submits (in bed, in marriage etc) but she controls him mentally. They are equals in a sense (he controls her through the institution of marriage/she controls him mentally through emotional abuse/BPD antics).

Sorry if I was rambling

Anonymous 265946

>I think we, as women, are biologically hardwired to submit to men. Only women who are unwell can escape this. Those women were born “wrong”.


Anonymous 265947

Stop submitting to men then to disprove our point if you're so mad. Their mind isn't hardwired but their biology in SEX aka what we exist as, puts them in a submissive position so the mind has to obey the biology here in sex

Anonymous 265951

>i have observed relationships were the couple both love each other but the man loves the woman more and is constantly pining after her.
I've done a decade of obsessive research and observations, I've observed certain relationships for years. I've seen relationships that started like this then I saw how they ended, ive seen men acting femininely and obsessed with their girl but it was short lived yet "real" but co existing with bad things it can't be separated from and they moved onto the next girls and were still just sex pests, porn watchers, into disgusting acts or cheated etc. Just anything men are while acting in a sweet way towards the woman, even Marilyn Manson aka a serial rapist pedophile and an abuser wrote love poems for his gf while staring at her. If I didn't seen proofs I wouldn't be saying it so confidently so I think this mentality is childish and women being delusional again. And the way a moid can submit outside of sec would require too much work and playing a game that's not worth it. My mother's angry neurotic with good social skills character somehow achieved a dynamic where my father became reserved and never acts up on his scrotish nature too much yet the relationship is still not good and they sleep in separate bedrooms and he's still not a good partner in many ways. My uncle… Acted in a way that even misandrists would fall for I'm too tired to type it all out but basically he still turned out to be a sex pest and terrorizes his daughter after his wife died and went for other women so quickly. My other uncles wife… Seems domineering but the relationship isn't perfect too much to explain also, my aunt is also similar however… Her husband catcalled me a bunch of times when I was 11/12 and I don't care about other women being mad at my post. I'm not pro male dominance or female submission. I'm not gonna be accepting being told to kill myself by women who will love some moid not soon after

Anonymous 265956

+my father can be considered a good man with a gentle character. Never got angry ever or raised his voice. Easily processes his emotions but the relationship ain't good regardless and despite her domineering personality my mother still has it shitty as fuck it actually horrifies me. Even tho he submits and does things without ever getting angry or moody or bothered and acts like a partner in many ways.. He still wouldn't do… Cooking or cleaning ever. He still ignores my mother when she's sick.. Horrifying. She's still alone in this relationship despite the dominance I still know that there's things which she would never ask him to do cause she's scared. My sister is also domineering and has a family and a husband but she still used to grab me by my shirt and pick me up in anger. My mother on the other hand did this but 10000000000000000x times worse. She abused the shit out of me and enslaved me, there was never a time even a day where she wasn't angry or when she wasn't attacking and terrorizing me, she acts like a demon haunting you and I believe that my life is hell because she took it away and made me suffer the worst tortures. I'm too sensitive to handle womanhood. I was even bullied solely for being shy, reserved and never talking. I wasn't side eyeing anyone or acting superior or edgy, I was in pain and depressed, never shared my internal thoughts anywhere. It made moids brutalize me, they went straight for my throat, if I cried they went after me even more, the more thin I got the more fat they called me and the more they bullied me, the weaker I was the more disgusted they were with me. I still feel the hatred of this one moid on me, it was pure fucking disgust at my existence. My mother also tortured me for being sensitive I remember once when I had to go somewhere with her and I'm scared of her and can't think straight in her presence so I didn't knew which door I have to walk into when she asked me so she looked at me with hatred in her eyes and told me I'm making a victim of myself then acted passive aggressive. She used to bully me after I was crying when she was screaming at me. She would me mentally ill anytime I acted hurt like imagine someone mocking the other person sadistically. Yet she's still good at socializing and doing the adult things, taking care of the business. Other thing is the way moids know that I'm a prude and see me as "too innocent" to consider dating me oh a woman can't be innocent and sensitive while dating moids? Thats probably because women have to be whores in sex and thats not what a shy sensitive prude is capable of. Absolutely cruel and the way people just can tell that I'm a prude…
It's like its all a message that I should erase myself from existence because I'm not submissive but at the same time not able to take brutality and play games where I act domineering. Wtf.

Anonymous 265957


does it seem more and more women are getting murdered for rejecting mens advances? as a lesbian idk what to do.. terrified that if i reject a man he’ll kill me. how do we stay safe from deranged scrotes??
nsfw for sad story

Anonymous 265962

Anytime a woman has a schizophrenia esp a disabling one, psychosis, neurosis or any mental illness esp when they act crazy like mothers do often then I always think that the cause is either womanhood or men. Ik for sure that CSA can make you develop schizophrenia but even cheating when you have a crush on the moid is a severe trauma and people underestimate how hard life is, we just suffer in silence and invisibility but if you leave the hivemind and go to more individualized spaces or places where humans can share certain thoughts then you can see something horrifying. Even under YouTube videos about certain topics. Thousands of comments, insanely relatable but if you said what they say anywhere else, people would bully you and call you a rare freak. So I believe that the shit that naturally happens while dating men can disable you mentally. Even having crushes on men can but women minds are masters at suppressing the truth, they do it automatically to avoid trauma thats why women take back cheating men cause tf else can they do and being in love makes their mind repress the fact that they cheated. I've seen women going through psychosis after men fucking them over. It was horrifying. So ummmh well your aunt has schizophrenia and acts like a freak? I blame men or womanhood. Please spill the hetero horror stories every woman has cause I'm sure she has plenty and thats an important detail providing clarity on why she went crazy. And anything hetero is a literal trauma content. Listen to music. Its all heartbroken or abandoned women crying about how much they love THE MOID. The hardest thing in a woman life is understanding why this shit is a part of womanhood and accepting it. Did anyone in existence ever made sense of this natural "issue",? Its the bane of female existence. Cheating and betrayal and falling in love that manifests as an addiction in hetero women. Extreme addiction and altered state of mind.

Anonymous 265966

With the way you describe your mother I can understand why your father was so distant from her.

Anonymous 265982

I can't tell if men are guilty because they don't have feelings or not cause if they were guilty then it would mean that they have feelings but if they had feelings then they wouldn't be sexually attracted to men but they are and women want men to be attracted to them, behind female delusions and men's lack of guilt lay real human desires it's almost impossible to get rid of them so men go back to not having feelings and women go back to having delusions about about it. Should have just talked about men being mad in simple short phrases cause this is suifuel but

Anonymous 265984

just be straight that you're not interested in a neutral factual tone, don't be cold or sarcastic, nor overly sympathetic

Anonymous 266028


Anonymous 266228

Keep romance in your fantasy and learn how to detach it from reality ladies

Anonymous 266373

I recently figured out something about the statement "all men are pedos". it's mostly true, but they are different types of pedos. that's something my experience being unattractive yet very young looking (often get told I look 14) taught me. there are men who want to imagine the type of young women they are attracted to as underage mostly as a power fantasy, and then there are real pedos, moids who are attracted to the age range with less regards to looks. and I know because of the way they look at me. I can tell that moid has that disgusting look on his face solely cause of the age range he perceives me to be.

Anonymous 266376

yeah men will be like, "its okay she's of age!"
when they're literally twice their age…
if the age of consent could go lower men would happily support it

hell most men date younger women so it's harder for them to gauge how underwhelming and unsuccessful they are for their age

Anonymous 266386

Then we just don't I guess …

Anonymous 266389

What do we need to do then? Aldo use lobbyism to fill in various positions?

Anonymous 266431

Why do you hate shitskin whores anon?

Anonymous 266553

Lol I watched a music video and it had a scene where the moid was taking the woman's pants off while she was on all fours and it reminded me if the inherent female submission in sex, an image if sex always literally makes it impossible to disprove and it's crazy how sex images are seen as triggering and degrading (but never to the man) and other women get mad when you speak what they do in private with men, back at them. It makes me think that true female liberation is non existence because it's literally our biology that makes us live in a sexually servile, submissive position. It's gut wrenching, why a simple pic of the bodies we are living engaging in sex, literally traumatic? I think you can't be a real man hater if you want male desire which is literally the core part of the moid and you want it to exist and want it to posses you, women just like men perceive life through their sexual/desires and lust and any sex positive attitude is also a male loving attitude, any delusions about het romance etc. Is just attachment created from lust. Female masochism and male sadism is a manifestation of both sexes evilness, both can't image a life without it only someone like me can because I can move away from lust but I accused of being the opposite just cause I use my own receptor(mind) of the reality(biology and we embody sex, sex is life) to perceive and analyze the reality, the sensations, feelings and stimulation experienced in sex is universal always follows the same structure of the reality and these sensations are the real life, so female submission thats not a choice of an individual woman, her biology chose it for her, you can mentally not be compatible with it but you can't experience being dominant in het sex anyway and have to settle for your submissive receptive soft position. Patriarchy is a desire of both sexes somehow. You can't be anti male whilst still sex positive cause then you're pro male desire aka the inherently selfish desire. The sensitive intimate part of our body like our genitals being penetrated while your consciousness is in your brain and you feel your bottom being invaded and have to submit and soften up is ultimately a submission to the male and the scene in the music video literally brought me back to the reality I am being gaslighted about which makes me doubt my own feelings and go psychotic because the sensations feelings etc of life aka my biology/sex I experience contradict the narration other women especially feed me with while acting neurotic and aggressive. I have an insane intuition and understanding of sex which also makes me see through male bullshit to the core. The feelings and sensations aka real life is not something I want and it's other people doing it and they can't imagine life without it, other women even see sucking dick aka a one sided act and symbol if the inherent inequality between sexes. As one with their identity and literally womanhood itself because they can't imagine life without their lust that makes them do filthy things, while I can, I can be completely sex repulsed in a "transcended sexual desire". When I analyze sex I get triggered and feel fear, I'm perceiving the dynamic between men and women that's our biology and I can feel the submission women experience their existence through, no chosen by the mind but mind has to submit to it and it manifests in women psychologically, they have more empathy for men and are an empaths towards moids no matter what moids claim. The empathy comes from sexuality. Pregnancy and hetero lust, it's a submission, they ignore male evilness, thats right they aren't clueless, they IGNORE because of list. Another part of women list that from outside perspective comes off as female delusions is women worshipping hetero romance while it's not even long term in 99.9% of cases so? It's like they are is attached and it comes from sex. That's why I almost don't believe in male hate esp not when billion of women are hunching over mens dicks and sucking them then writing their radfem posts about how women aren't actually submissive while other radfems commenting " yeah true thats why I baby my bf hehe he's so baby" like? I'm starting to think that radfem/misandrist spaces are actually full of mentally ill women who distort the real life without their inaccurate narrations of it and use their spaces as a hetero dating strategy. Only obsessively sex repulsed woman who sees hetero sex as a submission to the core the woman experiences and her(mine) mind is not compatible with it, unlike what people claim the acts I rage about are not my fetish, I get high from other things but in hetero sex every woman is stimulated by the same shit and its not her choice, its biology, it made me feel enslaved. Anyway, sex means you have a relation with men through your sexual desire, I dont even fanatsise about men romantically anymore like I'm actually detached and NOT into having sex, yet sex is life and I like to analyse these sensations and it suspicious to me how deep sex goes in human psychology because why is it a private yet open topic, why everyone is offended when you post a picture of sex? It's just the body we are living in. I hope someone understands what going at. I seem to experience clarity and awareness about it the way other women don't, they are not even shocked by their own extreme piggish sexual behavior and that's a blatant lack of self awareness submission is normal to them but not me and they can't even comprehend it cause their minds dont go beyond it. I'm tired of seeing fake man hate, how many of these women are mentally ill and hide their deep love for some moid or moids? Like these misandrist Nigel havers? Women when they have crushes on men fit the definition of an addict based on their mental state and when you have a sex drive etc. As a woman then you're cock addict, women will even get with moids who have wives etc. Just cause they are ao addicted they can't miss a chance and give up, their minds create delusions about their moids behaviors just to keep them and dont have to break up. Sexual desire is an addiction to the male sexual desire and bringing it into existence. When women are in love they even say shit like "I would die for him, I love him forever" and mold themselves into whatever the moid wants and constantly think what he is thinking like an emapth to cater to him and please him

Anonymous 266558

Men will never be attached to women they way women are to men cause men only love being loved while they stay detached from the woman in their ego world thats why being a hetero woman is so confusing

Anonymous 266560


Here's a couple of line breaks since your enter key seems broken

Anonymous 266561

What about the point?

Anonymous 266570

Are you from r9k?

Anonymous 266572


Anonymous 266573

I was just curious. So you're a red piller from 4chan?

Anonymous 266576

No men made me come here.
I know, you're a redpiller, so it's useless to tell you thus, but women have other interests in their lives besides men and some are not interested in men at all. (like me, idc about chads and incels, they all are the same ugly faggots) I came here, because it FEMALE-centered imageboard

Anonymous 266579

all this talk about getting "pumped and dumped by chad" is fucking retarded. in my experience it's fat unwashed loser misogynistic scrotes who treat women horribly, tell us we're unfuckable wastes of space for having a bmi barely above their age preference (which is under 18). these loser scrotes have 1 woman accidentally breathe in their direction and their egos shoot into space, always emotionally abusing any women barely romantically interested in them. the "chads" who acknowledge my existence were at least polite enough to not string me along and always respected my boundaries, never took things too far.

Anonymous 266581

I wasn't even the OP, kek. Keep being obsessed with big brutal chads, my little homo boy. Always was amazed by how incels talk so much about handsome men and spew so much hatred about women. Makes you think

Anonymous 266586

Stop obsessing with Chads, that's gay

Anonymous 266590

scroteanon is retarded and deliberately ignores the part where "niceguys" like him try to cheat and triangulate the moment any woman makes the mistake of giving him a chance. the moment you find a stacy/becky who doesn't tell you to fuck off, you treat her like shit and make her pay for how other women made the right call re: you. not to mention the treatment poor overweight girls get when they're not being ignored by loser incels.

Anonymous 266591

any scrotes who bitches and moans about how women ignore them in favor of chad because they're such "nice guys" are never nice or kind or sincere. their niceness is rooted in ulterior motives and they always unmask themselves whether or not they get what they want. my biggest regrets in terms of dating was giving "niceguys" a chance instead of bettering myself so better people can be interested in me, hanging out with "niceguys" as friends instead of trying to find supportive normie women to befriend (the ones in gaming/nerd hobbies are all pickmeishas, constantly bullying other women to fight for scraps of loser male attention). being a nerd female is worse than being a drug addict party girl for these reasons.

Anonymous 266592

Bro, wanting a mommy-therapist gf to coddle you while you give her some shitty gifts sometimes isn't being nice and loving women. You're no different than chads you're constantly talking about. You don't care about women. You would never physically a d emotionally serve her like you want her to do with your ass

Anonymous 266594

Bro, stop putting your delusions about chads, no one talks about them besides you. And we're not trying to rationalize something, just poking at shit with stick is fun sometimes

Anonymous 266596

It's worthless fighting with scrotes. Don't fall for the attention-bait.

Anonymous 266599

if an incel with 2/10 looks gets a gf, does he automatically become chad?

Anonymous 266605

No woman would ever date a 2/10 man since women exclusively date 3 points up. Only a -1/10 woman would ever date a 2/10 man but those can't exist. 4/10 is the minimum you have to be as a woman just to date a 1/10 woman.

Anonymous 266607

I've literally never seen a straight couple be looksmatch, I always see beautiful women paired with gross scrotes.

Anonymous 266610

That's because as a crystal cafe user, your standards are even more absurd, so you rate men about 4 points color than they actually are, and rate women points higher than they actually are.

Basically, you could see a man and a woman who are both 5/10 and think "that man is 1/10 but he's dating an 8/10 woman, women dating is so unfair.".

Anonymous 266619

yeah exactly lmao. incel anon whos complaining he can't score simply doesn't try or go outside.
nah, 1/10 men are just dime a dozen

Anonymous 266620

>average/pretty looking women dating 600lb neckbeard men (who verbally abuse their gfs at best) are 5/10s looksmatched to each other!
typical moid delusion.

Anonymous 266631

pathetic male shitting up the thread…

Anonymous 266632

If I eat nothing but corn and don't chew it
Will my poo be yellow
Can I then fit this yellow poo in a banana and give it to someone
In turn leading them to eating said banana which is infact a poo

Anonymous 266633

You didnt think abt the smell, , go back to planning

Anonymous 266635

I don't know why you type so much when your reading comprehension is so poor. That isn't what the post said. If you're going to put that much effort into it, please try and dedicate that effort to something worthwhile. That post said nothing about the average man being 600 lb. It gave an example of a couple commonly seen. I hope this clears it up for you. Get well soon

Anonymous 266636

Banana essential oils

Anonymous 266637

>Bro, wanting a mommy-therapist gf to coddle you while you give her some shitty gifts sometimes isn't being nice and loving women. You're no different than chads you're constantly talking about. You don't care about women. You would never physically a d emotionally serve her like you want her to do with your ass

please tell me this isn't true, don't blackpill me please. I just want a princess I can serve. If this is true I should have never improved my life in the first place and kept being a degenerate druggie. What's the fucking point in working so hard if women wont even like it… A house downpayment? for fucking what lol

Anonymous 266638

he posted in another thread bragging about being white, tall and his borderline retarded iq kek. just report and ignore.

Anonymous 266639

Touch grass omg

Anonymous 266640

For fucking what? I would rather just spend all of my money simping for cute vtubers, at least they appreciate it

Anonymous 266642

and Nona sitting in a tree

Anonymous 266662

the difference is always between being nice and caring. you are only nice if you want to receive social benefits from an interaction, but you are caring if you truly put effort into understanding and measuring your own and the other side's interests in a light that benefits you both. if you reject the premise that every relationship is a transaction but that does not mean it has to be exploitative you become a red pill fag like the moid here. you lack the wisdom and mental fortitude to accept both the reality and the fact that there is a balance to be made in the flow of a relationship. it's too much work and men are childbrained monkeys.

Anonymous 266679

Stop imagining things that never happened

Mods, ban this faggot, he just repeats the same bullshit over and over, it's not even funny now

Anonymous 266682

As I said, childbrained monkeys. Some of you just know how to fake understanding and presentation better and you are simply seething over made up stories cause you can't even do that yourself.

Anonymous 266701

You sound absolutely pathetic.

You're spending what many consider a holiday weekend, a time to spend with family and friends, derailing a thread about hating men because you have such a warped perception of how women behave and think. You're either a man or a terminal pick-me. What a miserable existence. You might be better off just ending it all.

Stacy will never even glance at you.

Anonymous 266707

>how pathetic of you to spend your easter on here!
>says person doing the exact same thing

Anonymous 266708

>Purposely ignores the rest of the text where the actual point was just to nitpick "you're here on a holiday weekend" so he can reply "you two" (no shit) lol

The point was that this is an imageboard for women. You moids are not women so invading to derail posts with your delusions and troll on a holiday weekend is what makes you double the pathetic


Anonymous 266710

Now nonas, quit responding to incelfags cause I'm losing braincells

Anonymous 266727

Me catching up on a thread while I'm waiting for food to finish baking isn't the same as spending what appears to be 2-3 days derailing a thread to bitch about "Chad".

Seriously, neck yourself, moid.

Back on topic: they caught one of the guys who was attacking women in NYC.

Anonymous 266736


Anonymous 266737

>The perpetrator.
Conceptualize my surprise.

Anonymous 266771

His sentence is 14 years btw. Was 9 before

Anonymous 266779

You guys gonna get homo married or what

Anonymous 266780

>Officers arrested the suspect in that attack and charged him with misdemeanor assault – a crime that's not bail eligible, so he's back on the street.
are you fucking kidding me. this scrote is punching women because there's literally no punishment. the US justice system is a complete joke, and this is why vigilanteism is a necessity here. repeat violent criminals like this should be put down like rabid dogs instead of being let back into the streets.
good fucking riddance at least. it's a shame this troon is being counted in female crime statistics.

Anonymous 267091

You’ve really never seen those tribes in Africa where the women just let their tits hang free?
Sounds nice

Anonymous 268657


Found this interesting, chuds really shot themselves in the foot if they want to win any future elections

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