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Pinkpill thread Anonymous 62606

Post about all the wrong things men have done in your life, either to you or you witnessed it.

For me I witnessed a man abandoning a ten year old girl and she had to be adopted by our family or she would have been homeless.

Anonymous 62607

We need a containment board for this shit

Anonymous 62608

I couldn't find a appropriate board for this, sorry

Anonymous 62612

these threads are what people mean by "femcel" i guess
would rather not have a ton of threads complaining about men/asking about men because it's too similar to r9k

and i disagree with a board because…it will only attract these types (and smegmies that want to aruge their virtues).

why don't y'all gb2 lc

Anonymous 62615

lolcow allows trannies aka moids now. why would you go to a site with men on it to complain about men?

Anonymous Admin 62617

For the time being, I'll declare this a containment thread, meaning threads like these


will be locked and redirected to this thread. This counts for all threads about misandry, "man hate" threads, threads addressing men, talking about incels, robots and other males as a group, and so on. This is an effort to encourage more variety on /b/ and not have it filled by threads discussing the same topic over and over.

About a containment board: >>>/meta/2962

Anonymous 62634

Men are dangerous for the same reason rabid animals are dangerous; they are terrified.
The male motivation towards promiscuity is motivated by this terror, and homosexual promiscuity is not exempt from this - rather, homosexual promiscuity is likely to be even more strongly motivated by this terror. Especially homosexuals of the openly misogynistic subtype.
This terror is incurable, inherent and instinctive.
Psychopaths may be exempt from this, due to their brains being fundamentally incapable of the experience of interpersonal anxiety (this is also the reason they have no trouble passing polygraph tests), but psychopaths have other problems.
So, the solution is the same as the solution to incurable terror in rabid animals. They should be put down.
And just like rabies this is morally imperative for everyone's sake, both for their potential victims and for their own internal suffering.
There can be no exemption for "controlled" specimens who are unable to victimize others.
It is still morally imperative to shoot Old Yeller to alleviate his own suffering even if he is penned up and unable to actually inflict harm on others.
>but how will we species continuation without the sperms
Antinatalism is an ethically valid position. The perpetuation of suffering solely for the sake of genetic continuity is not.
If genetic continuity were a sufficient imperative to justify suffering and hazard then that would have a profound effect on abortion debates.

Anonymous 62635

Can this "terror" not be alleviated if not gotten rid of entirely?
Why is it inherent?
And I still see no reason to discontinue the species over mild discomfort, when they could simply be disabled from acting on this discomfort and "terror".

Anonymous 62636

>They could simply be disabled
We should give this a try before ending the species

Anonymous 62639

>They should be put down.
And how exactly do you plan on accomplishing that?

Maybe you haven't noticed, but men are bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and naturally better fighters than women.

Anonymous 62641

I won't tell you

Anonymous 62642

though it would be pretty redundant to just make them weak, since if you made them weak enough that women would actually stand a chance they would no longer really be a threat.
Just remember that any sudden change will likely cause the world to end as a result of nuclear powerplant meltdowns along with automatic missile systems having their deadman's switches activated.

Anonymous 62644

I think you just don't have a plan actually. You're just living out a sad fantasy in your head.

Anonymous 62645

Nice try but i can't have r9k knowing about it

Anonymous 62646

it's a tad more than "mild discomfort".

Anonymous 62647

It's just fantasizing, so it's rather harmless.
It's not like she's actually going to try and remove half the population.
That'd be like saying those raccoon moid posters are actually going to abduct someone to train into being their boyfriend.

Anonymous 62649

Exactly, female liberation makes me so horny

Anonymous 62650

Don't need to kill them for that though.
Just make them smol.
And cute.

Anonymous 62651


lol the scrote wants to hear it. there are many ways in theory to go about doing it, but i'll leave you with just one fact. testosterone is weak and unstable, both in the human body and without. it degrades even with saliva into unusable constituents. excess testosterone is converted into estrogen in the body. it has very little stability outside the human body with the exception of manmade formulas such as androgel - but it is the estrogens and the xenoestrogens that make up the abundance of exogenous hormones. even if farmers stopped using them altogether tomorrow, the ratio will be very uneven. there are no potent "natty" testosterone compounds in nature that actually work as well as estrogen (and progesterone). point being that you are fundamentally precarious, and take away your precious juice that dwindles even starting into your 30s and you become less than nothing.

women are affected by far smaller quantities of testosterone than men, and need far less.

something to ponder over with your hand on your two-inch caged cock.

Anonymous 62655

did someone edit the grammar on my post? i know was staring at the mistake and now it's gone

Anonymous 62661

I see what you did there, Anon, and I love the idea.
But the problem is that it could take THOUSANDS, if not millions, of years to change men's wicked behavior given how the more tranquil, non-misogynistic men could still have some gene here and there that will bring back the same toxic behavior we see to this day; e.g., the warrior gene.
Not to mention that good men usually have much less children in comparison to the bad ones given how attentive they are for their wife's health and well-being.

Anonymous 62679

Not the anon you're replying to but what are you trying to do exactly? Find a way to remove testosterone from the world to leave men weak and woman now being the more-powerful gender? That seems infeasible, how exactly do you plan to do that?

I don't get why megalomaniacs always need to be so cryptic with their "grand designs".

Anonymous 62681

Just dont let western men reproduce and move east to improve those societies.
The western world is already crumbling anyway.

Anonymous 62690


Anonymous 62710

Genetic engineering will soon be possible. So even if those genes persist, they can be identified and removed from the embryos, or their expression controlled by other kinds of bioengineering.
We just need to make sure that this is not demonized by moralfaggots who will surely start whining about eugenics and how these genes are apparently more common among certain populations and therefore it is """wrong""" to mess with or remove them.

Anonymous 62721

>has genetic engineering
>turns men into a race of extremely apathetic soymoids incapable of building muscle
>doesn't turn timid but loyal raccoon moids into a reality
you lack ambition

Anonymous 62728


>turns men into a race of extremely apathetic soymoids incapable of building muscle
Where did you get this from? Nobody said anything about muscleless soymoids. Just take out the violent psycho tendencies, bio-engineer absolute subservience to women into moid genes and instant cell death in case of any thought of violence against women.

inb4 moid cope that violence and moid psychopathy causes progress. We are in the least violent and most advanced era of humanity right now.

>doesn't turn timid but loyal raccoon moids into a reality

If you keep the moralfaggots out of the way you can have those too.
Genetic engineering is a win-win.

Anonymous 62784

Men will always be driven by their desire to impregnate as many females as possible, it's in their DNA. That's why they're so violent, they go crazy when they can't stick their peepees into us. Moids need to be tamed, their testosterone levels should be lowered. Not too much though, a decent amount keeps them active and healthy. Only after passing behavioural tests they should be allowed to enter a relationship with a woman. Promiscuity should be punishable by law.

Anonymous 62807

Just let this be a general thread like >>62617 said since she's right about how we absolutely need a more intellectually diverse catalog in /b/.

Anonymous 62808

This, the worst possible thing a woman has done to a man is take the kids from him. Men keep going on and on about how they're a victim? Of possibly what? Because their ex wife took the kids?

Anonymous 62815

so pinkpill as in mandatory hrt?

Anonymous 62818

more like mandatory crispr to turn them into pets.
hrt just gives them titties.

Anonymous 63027

I saw a reddit user (u/SayingWhatUrThinkin if you're curiou) suggest that primary education should be sex-segregated for girls. What are your thoughts on this?

Anonymous 63219


Pinkpill me on simping and findom, feels like this shit has gotten absolutely out of control.

Personally I feel conflicted about it. Growing up, my "stranger danger" instincts have always told me to never accept gifts or payments from non-family men because then they'll "expect repayment", which puts you in a dangerous situation. I feel like this is always the safest choice and it works as long as you have family and/or good friends to support you. Laws can be made to punish date rape more severely, but why even take a risk at all when you can eliminate the opportunity entirely?

On the other hand I'm aware of the type of low-effort, low value men who make paypigs of themselves and I can't help but think they are essentially consenting to being robbed because the "robber" is a woman they perceive as attractive and have an imaginary relationship with in their own mind. They tend to defend themselves with "it's his money, he can spend it on whatever he wants!" whenever other people tell them to stop, even when some of them choose not to eat for days or pay their bills just to flex how much money they can give out. It's especially baffling to me when I see people blowing absurd amounts just to get noticed on an e-girl stream vs the rates that IRL escorts actually charge.

Like, I'm so conflicted. Should I be frustrated that this garbage is ruining any remaining healthy relations between the sexes? Or should I be congratulating the ones scamming these suckers for all their worth because, at the end of the day, they're moids and incels anyway that need to be weeded out of the gene pool and stripped of any remaining power in finances they hold?

Pic related, a vtuber that received hundreds of dollars tonight to the point that she started crying and had to pause the livestream. This is for later on when she'll read the messages that the "donors" put with their large sums of cash.

Anonymous 63228


Even though having a priority for a partner's economic status might be starting to become a little immoral given the current state of America. I think it is for the best to filter out the simps who give money to either 2D or 3D women since, by itself, it is a filter for us women to date someone who isn't going to give money to another woman that isn't their partner, or so. Like, if all of those simps had a girlfriend or so, they're pretty much cheating on her on a new level since that's like giving money and, indirectly, affection to another woman that isn't their girlfriend or so. Just think about what you could've done with those 100$-1000$ you gave to the vtuber if you used them to treat your girlfriend nicer, or so.
Since, yeah, all men watch porn et al. even if you satisfied him in all his needs. But if said man is giving his own income to another woman, whether it is 2D or 3D, that's on a new level of being cheated on, to be honest.
Might as well tell the boyfriend/husband/whatever "Hell, I like you. You can come over to my house and fuck my sister."

Though, you shouldn't ever mention the act of "simping" to the mids who are too deeply into vtubers since they can be pretty psychopathic and murderous about it if you dare to say something negative about their "waifu." Especially as there has been plenty of drama and doxxing in those circles–especially for the vtubers; almost "yandere"-ish but from a mid.
Picture absolutely fucking related as he is the perfect example of what happens when you have a literal yandere fanbase in a female vtuber and who are willing to ruin your career and life if you dared to breathe the same air as said female vtubers.

Nonetheless these days seem to be a good time to be a vtuber and get some cash from the simps, though. Wished I were one.
Yet I am sort of worried for any vtuber's safety and personal life, to be honest.

Anonymous 63229

Also, sorry for the vent-ish post and being USA-centric.
And yes, I am into the vtuber thing, but I am not a psychopathic m*id who is going to search the entire internet in order to see what does my favorite vtuber looks like IRL.

Anonymous 63232

Uh.. fucking scary lol

Anonymous 63242


this is meant for all the femcels you need a guy like bladee because he does not care

Anonymous 63352

You just have to repeat the mantra
>they have no right, this is the patriarchy
and it will protect you from stalker moids

Anonymous 63353

you need to go back to your shithole full of predator trannies, keep your fetishes there
sucks that so many of them lost their tranny privileges and now come here, seriously as if they want to infiltrate everything
4chan, pedo organizations worldwide, crystal cafe
isn't it enough that you people virtually exiled all "cis internalizing" gay people from reddit?
do you really need to bring your abuse fetishes elsewhere?
fuck the moid prtending to be lesbians popular movement

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