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Board suggestions and feature requests Anonymous Admin 9

Use this thread to discuss future improvements.

Current topics:
Should crystal.cafe remain as our domain or does anyone have a better idea?

Staff titles (Admin, Moderator, Janitor) can be replaced with custom titles. Please suggest some if you like.

Anonymous 10

pls add delete option admin-sama

Anonymous Admin 11

Please click the little downwards arrow to the right of your post number.

Anonymous 12

ahh thank you. i thought deleting wasn't an option since there wasn't an option to add a password to a post. can anyone delete any comment then or is it tied to an ip or?

Anonymous Admin 13

it's tied to your cookie :)

Anonymous 28

Can we please get a darker theme? All the bright colors make it difficult to browse for a longer period of time.

Other than that I'm really enjoying it. Especially because there are no bitchy/snarky anons who only seem to want to cause shitsorms.

As for the name, I like it.

Anonymous 41

Whenever I hide a thread, it hides all threads on the board. Can that be fixed? I want to browse /b/ without seeing the NSFW cute boy thread.

Anonymous Admin 43

Please try now. If it's still not working, try in an incognito tab.

Anonymous 44

It's only working in incognito, so I'll use that for now, thanks. Hoping there's a possible fix for it in the future.

Anonymous 45

How is the site being promoted? I really hope this can be a new "home" for me so I hope traffic picks up speed.

Anonymous Admin 52

I've created a dark theme, I'll install it within the next day. Until then, the Yotsuba B theme should be a bit more neutral on the eyes.
Everyone who's handy with CSS is welcome to submit more custom styles.

I'm happy to listen to suggestions here as I neither want to shill the site too much nor do I think straightforward advertising will work too well. I'm considering a Facebook ad campaign targeted towards women in their 20s who have relevant interests, but of course Facebook isn't the best platform.

Anonymous 58

Thank you <3

As for the submitting more styles, is there any sort of base code or anything? Or at least where to find it? Would like to give it a try.

Anonymous Admin 66

Here's the stylesheet for our default theme:

By using the Inspect tool on parts of crystal.cafe, you can change the css until you like it and copy any changes you made into the stylesheet. Please take a screenshot of the result and post it in here along with a pastebin link to your css. :)

Anonymous 126

Really minor suggestion, but on the rules page could you number them so if and when reporting a post you can simply refer to a specific rule by number?

Anonymous 129

And could we add no pro ana/mia/thinspo content as well? Since it was pointed out in a health thread

Anonymous Admin 130

Anonymous 134

I've been thinking about nicknames for staff.
People who work with gems are called gemologists, jewelers or lapidaries, a lapidary cuts gems but it's a bit of a mouthful! I'm still thinking, as far as I've found there's no specific name for someone who oversees mine work other than just "boss". Correct me if I'm wrong.

Anonymous 135

>as far as I've found there's no specific name for someone who oversees mine work other than just "boss"
Foreman ;)

Anonymous 136


Anonymous 138


Well we are all grills after all.

>holy fuck please let admin use the tag Foreman Grill oh sweet jesus

Anonymous 139

a mascot for our board would be cute~! and our own terms/slang

Anonymous 140

Would absolutely love an EGL/jfashion board. Could be cgl-like too but I personally dont cosplay so I dont really care about that aspect

Anonymous 149

What if apart from the suggested movie night in the survey, we also had a few "gaming nights"?
A lot of users seem to play videogames, so maybe grabbing a free online or very inexpensive coop game (i.e towns of salem) and playing it together could be good for the community and maybe even bring some new traffic!

Anonymous Admin 151

That sounds like a good idea, I'd like to see some suggestions for games from different users.

Anonymous 152

I second having another board specifically for cosplay or alternative/jfashion.

I don't know maybe later down the road, there could even be 3 separate boards:


>/fa/ (could include both normie and alt fashion)

I don't think there's ever been a cosplay board for girls only seeing as /cgl/ is overrun with male cosplayers. It might actually attract more female gulls to crossover here or even girls who specifically stray from 4chan could have a safe haven here so-to-speak.

Anonymous Admin 154

Would a /cgl/ board be sufficient? Once we have much more traffic, I would eventually like to split it into sub-boards (cosplay, lolita, fash, jfash). But, right now, the board is too slow to add so many similar boards.

Also, I was wondering if an NSFW board would be a good idea.

Anonymous 156

I would be A-OK with an NSFW board

Anonymous 158

same~~ a nsfw board please

Anonymous Admin 159

>>>/cgl/ and >>>/nsfw/ have been opened!

Anonymous 160

GW2 is mostly free to play, and I feel like PVE is a really good causal game that anyone can play!

Anonymous 161

Sorry, to clarify I feel like PVE mode in GW2 is good, not that "PVE" is another game that's good.

Anonymous 165

Ah! Seconded on GW2, played it for a while, ended up uninstalling it but it is quite fun for the first 80 lvls and fairly easy to get into, the community is pretty chill too and it's very easy to make guilds, which is nice. Also unlike ffXIV, everyone can play since it's free.

Otherwise maybe things like Drawful, 100% Orange Juice, Keep talking and nobody explodes, Tabletop simulator, ARMA 3, Left 4 Dead/Paladins (Although not sure how keen the girls here will be on shooting games) could be some good options.
Some of these games are limited players rather than MMO, but since the userbase is small, it could work. Most of them are under 10 dollars, free, or normally on sale for 1-5 dollars or less.

Anonymous 168

Anything first person gives me motion sickness but I bet others would have fun with a FPS!

Anonymous 172

could we get a summary of the apparent word filter?

Anonymous 198

Could aesthetic threads have their own board? I'm sad to see /b/ mostly picspam and no conversation

Anonymous 199

I like this idea, like /aes/ or something?

Anonymous 200

Im in too!

Anonymous 201


Sage cause doublefagging, but could we get a catalog version of all threads in one page?

Anonymous Admin 202


Please help decide about the new board by voting! It's just two clicks, thank you very much!

A new board for aesthetics would surely help unclog /b/ to give conversation threads a chance.

Anonymous Admin 203

I am working on this as part of our new front page!

Anonymous Admin 204

The rules have been updated. From now on, please don't advertise Discord servers on crystal.cafe.

Anonymous 205

requesting a cooking board

Anonymous Admin 206

One more day for voting! Please comment in this thread if you want to suggest a board name. So far I think /aes(t)/ or /img/ would be nice!

Sorry, but there is not enough activity and demand for this board, but please enjoy these threads!
Culinary thread
Healthy recipes threads
Vegan diet thread
Comfort food thread

Anonymous 207

Will we have a board-tan contest any time soon? I do have a clear idea for our board-tan hehe

Anonymous Admin 208

Wonderful idea. How long should the contest run? I am not an artist, so I wouldn't know how long a time frame would be adequate.

Anonymous 210

Is there thoughts of perhaps an animal board?

It's a shame there isn't enough activity to have a cooking board like >>205 suggested.

Very cute site though.

Anonymous Admin 211


The survey results are crystal clear, so enjoy the new board! >>>/img/

The more active crystal.cafe becomes, the more boards we can open! I recommend making new animal-related threads to keep varied conversations going.

Anonymous 212


It really depends from artist to artist. In my case, since I already have a clear design in my mind, it would take just a few hours to sketch and paint. Some can take longer, or even less time, but it probably wouldn't surpass a day to have it all figured out, maybe.

My suggestion would be: Announce on everyboard (like LC does the hellweek announcements, for example) that the board-tan contest is/will be open. Specify the deadline to enter the contest with the design (I'd suggest a week up to 10 days max). Once the deadline ends, have another week (or less, like 5 days) for voting.

Shouldn't the Autumn Thread be moved to /img/? I know it can have other things, but it's mainly an aesthetic thread right now.

Anonymous Admin 213

Thank you for the feedback! That sounds reasonable. I'll put it up with the announcements once I have a post drafted.

>Shouldn't the Autumn Thread be moved to /img/? I know it can have other things, but it's mainly an aesthetic thread right now.

You're absolutely right, I'm still in the process of moving threads. Please report any thread you think we overlooked.

Anonymous 214



Thanks, admin-sama! You're very thoughtful and cute <3

I really hope this site gets bigger, the staff is so nice

Anonymous 215

Admin-Sama this is super OT but thank you so much again for the autumn theme, I full screen that shit ass shit. Delicioussssss

Anonymous 216

Hoping for the best, it would be nice in the future for an art board and a nip board.

> I recommend making new animal-related threads to keep varied conversations going.

I was thinking about that but I'm not sure if I should put it in /img/ or /dis/, I want it to be more discussion like with people talking about their breeds of animal they have as well as their pets quirks but even then it could just dissolve into image dumping.

Anonymous Admin 221

It depends on the nature of the thread!
/disc/ - Ethics of adopting vs breeding
/b/ - favorite breeds and stories and pics
/img/ - post animal pics!

All these threads would be moved to the animal board if we make one in the future.
I will write an explanation for the differences between the boards soon and open an ongoing survey where users can suggest future boards. Then once we have enough requests for a specific board, we will open it on a trial basis!

Anonymous 222

We need a board-tan ASAP.
I would love to see the designs

Anonymous 267

Hey admin, I wonder is it okay to suggest a board idea? I'd really love an /x/ (paranormal) board.

I think I've seen a few girls here mention that they're into spooky stuff. We could talk about murder mysteries, witchcraft, our paranormal experiences, share spooky films, talk about cryptids from our individual countries…

I really liked /x/ before it became full of "how do I summon a succubus" memes. Maybe an all-female paranormal board would be more intelligent and interesting?

Anonymous Admin 268

Personally I would absolutely love this, but adding too many boards will dilute the site and make it harder for users to find content they like. I've considered adding an /x/ board as a seasonal Halloween trial thing and keep it if it's active enough. I'm working on a poll for more user input and will include a way to vote on new boards!
Another possibility is to offer ongoing board suggestions that users can vote on and we'll open boards once there are a certain amount of votes. Please let me know what you all think!

Anonymous 299

I honestly feel like we don't need /disc/. It covers such a broad range, it's really vague and that kind of OT discussion gets posted elsewhere anyways. I get it's kind of a containment board, but that's what /b/ should be until we need something else. Then we'd have room for another board possibly?

Anonymous 300

I kinda agree with this. I never really understood why /disc/ was created since I feel like it can be pretty similar to /b/. Similar discussions happen in /b/ and /disc/ (ex: the drug use general seems pretty discussion like to me but it's posted in /b/). It makes me confused as to where some threads should go

Anonymous Admin 301

As requested, I merged /health/ & /beauty/ and /b/ & /disc/. Unfortunately, I encountered a bug, so until I fix it, I cannot change the board menu links. I apologize for the inconvenience! The new board is available under https://crystal.cafe/hb/.

Anonymous Admin 302

Fixed! Thank you all for your input and I hope you enjoy the new board selection.

Anonymous 304

Can we get rid of Spoony please? Marking her posts sounds like the best idea…

Anonymous Admin 305

She has been permanently banned very recently. I don't see the need to take any further action as outing her posts would set a bad precedent on this website. It's one thing to do it on lolcow, but I don't think it has a place here.

Anonymous 306

That's fair, hopefully it won't come to that, but she's been permanently banned elsewhere as well.

Anonymous 307

FYI, she's still in the cc Discord as ((personal information removed)) and has come out of the woodworks last night, probably to compensate for her ban.

Anonymous Admin 308

I have no power over the discord server, sorry. It was made by another user who seems to have abandoned it.

We don't have an 'official' discord and I don't plan on changing this as I think it would stunt the site growth.

Anonymous 309

can we not bring /r9k/ here? stop this bullshit whoever you are.

Anonymous 310

It's probably Spoony. She is legit cancer and her being here is the worst thing that can happened.

Anonymous 311


Well, the name site is not mentioned (yet) so that is good, but fuck that sucks.
I don't care for Spoony and didn't mind her posting since i barely noticed, but i hope this is not her doing once again what she did with lolcow previously and posting the site to r9k as soon as she is confronted on the board.
I'm one of the few that thought "let her post as long as she doesn't sperg", but if she tries to bring the robots and incels here she can fuck off the board.

Huh, i didn't know that user was her.That user seems to act fairly normal on discord, so i would have never assumed it.

Anonymous 312

eww those losers are so gross

Anonymous 313

someone posted about her in her /snow/ thread on LC as well it looks like.

Anonymous 314

hate to break it t…

Anonymous 315

Oh yeah, shit, didn't notice.
I'm blind kek

Anonymous 316

The dark theme doesn't apply to the catalog page. Would it be possible to change this, please?

Anonymous 317

I don't like getting raided.

Anonymous 318

Anonymous Admin 321

I'm on it.

Thank you for the compliments on the board software by the way. Domo arigatou Mr Roboto <3 Try harder.

Anonymous 323

great job admin! you guys are awesome~

Anonymous 324

You are doing an amazing job, admin! <3

Anonymous 325


Based admin. How I hate those fucktards.

Anonymous 327

This place is interesting tho. A girly chan? I would've never guessed it would've existed

Anonymous 329

You're doing a great job~! Deleted at lighting speed

Anonymous 330

Thank you for the hard work, Admin! ^_^

Anonymous 338

I'm reporting suspicious posts, should I keep on doing so or is that annoying because I think that I'm maybe reporting other miners as well.

Anonymous 339


Oh, and could you also add notifications to the gems à la pic related, please?

Anonymous 340

I'd also like to know the answer to this.

Anonymous Admin 341

I'm manually checking all new posts, but thank you!

This would actually require a ton of code, so not anytime soon, sorry!

Anonymous 342

Wow, it seems like it should be such a small thing to do haha. Thanks for the prompt response, though!

Anonymous 343


Anonymous 344



Oh, I was doing this too. I will stop from now on then, sorry. I am just so paranoid that everyone is a robo now

Anonymous 348

im honestly kinda bummed /disc/ and /b/ were merged, was the shitshow on /b/ the result of that or just robots?

Anonymous 354

It was /r9k/ users poorly attempting to raid. What's funny as fuck though is that they seem to think that we're mostly "fembots" and this is payback for us attentionwhoring on their board, as if any of us would even go near that shithole.

Anonymous 360

Thank you admin for cleaning up the board! <3

Anonymous 361

Seconded. Thanks a lot, admin.

Anonymous Admin 365

I've received a few emails about wrongful bans because I was erring on the side of caution when a post looked suspicious and the user had no prior post history before the raid. I will be working through them as well as any ban appeals over the weekend. Thank you for being patient!

Anonymous 461


Hi! I really like the name crystal.cafe – it gives a nice cozy vibe to the website!
I'd like to ask for a search bar functionality (maybe later?), because at this stage, I don't know if crystal.cafe is active/popular enough to warrant one.
Thanks for creating the site, btw!

Anonymous 478

Is it possible to have a specific place for scary/spooky threads?
C.c is such a nice comfy space that I feel like they ruin b/.

Anonymous 482

Is there an IRC/ discord and can we have streaming nights? I want to watch girly anime but no one to watch it with T_T

Anonymous 516

I am also interested in an irc channel.
Could be our own network (irc.crystal.cafe) or just a channel on a network like rizon which is quite easy.
There was a discord channel but that has closed.

Anonymous 519

Oh boy, I would love one of those.

Anonymous Admin 520

I think any chatroom would hinder site growth as people will be more comfortable chatting and bonding instead of posting. I like group chats, but I'd like to make sure our site won't die off the minute users migrate to a chat app instead.
Once we're big enough, chatrooms and movie nights will definitely happen.
Also please see

Anonymous 531

Maybe you can add an /all/ board for people who want to read all the new posts from every board at once? Especially since there isn't a lot of traffic (yet).

Anonymous Admin 538

An /all/ board would be pretty tough to make since our software doesn't support this natively. I'm redesigning the index page to be more in the style of a catalog with both curated threads ("popular") and latest threads ("new"). The current index page is too confusing to newcomers and might deter them from browsing.

Anonymous 539

What software are you using? I don't think it's hard to do in any of the common ones.

Anonymous Admin 540

We use tinyboard with some of vichan's changes patched in and a ton of custom code. /all/ would be easy to add if we switched to vichan or Meguca which would lose us all posts made so far.

Anonymous 541

BLESS U FOR ADDING THE X BOARD. All my dreams have come true.

Anonymous 593


Can we change /cgl/ to something broader, like /fash/ or similar, as in to includie other forms or indie and normie fashion as well? I'm not into lolita or other weeby interests, but I'd like to discuss fashion and that would probably be the best board for it.

The only thread there that isn't lolita is the twee fashion. If posting other types of fashion there is a-ok, I'm fine with it. It's just a name suggestion, idk. Or even the description:

/cgl/ - Cosplay, Jfash, Fashion
Cosplay, Lolita, Jfashion, General Fashion

Or something like that.

Anonymous 594

This is a rly good idea. The cgl board seems to be dwindling in activity recently too, so I think opening it up could help it become more active. Changing it to fash would give it lot's of potential.

Anonymous 604

This. I'm p into lolita and mori kei but it's kinda hard to make /cgl/ active as is. I mean given we're an imageboard we're bound to have some jfash people floating around but not enough to have an entire active board on it. It'll come with time but until then it should probably just be a general fashion board. I don't want to feel the need to constantly bump threads with nothing to good to contribute lol.

Anonymous 606

I'm all for cgl becoming /fash/

Anonymous 608

I'm cool with this.

Anonymous 609


I agree with the idea but you can't call a fashion imageboard fash though… That word has other implications lol.

Anonymous Admin 611

I changed the /cgl/ description to include all fashion.

With enough users, eventually we will split cosplay off into its own board and leave one board for all alternative, asian and normie fashions.

Anonymous 649

Are there any plans for a Christmas themed style? I liked the Autumn one a lot and thought a wintery/Christmas style would be fun.

Anonymous Admin 651

I am working on a winter theme!

Anonymous 655

Next time you're tinkering with the index page, adding a link to the rules page would probably be a good addition.

The only way I can see to get to them currently is from the link in the 'News' notice on individual boards, which people don't generally pay much attention to.

Anonymous 680

Can we have a Lite mode, admin?

Anonymous 685


The 'Girl Talk' theme displays the background image from the 'Autumn Light' theme at the top right. You can fix this in the CSS by setting the 'background' element for the body to #FEEBF4 instead of the 'background-colour' element.

Anonymous 711

Not sure if this belongs in this thread or the comments one, but thumbnails and full size images aren't always in the same orientation, e.g.:

I'm not sure if this is something that needs to be 'fixed' or if it's just a question of educating anons on how to rotate images properly. It might be better if the thumbnails weren't rotated according to the EXIF data when they're generated though, because then anons can see the image isn't rotated.

Unless this is something that can be configured with a flag I imagine modifying the thumbnail generator might be a fair bit of work though.

Anonymous 1533

Can there be a home link at the top?
I like returning to see the latest posts.

Anonymous 1555

Did you see this?

Anonymous 1558

You can click/tap on the banners to bring you back to the home page.

Anonymous 1559

That seems so obvious now.

Anonymous 1560

What's the logic behind some posts simply stating "you can't sit with us" and other posts that are entirely deleted? I feel like posts being deleted is far better because it disallows more attention being drawn to the man posting.

Anonymous 1561

I also think deleting the posts would be a lot better for the place

Anonymous 1562

I think they usually just keep the posts that get lots of replies, so they don't ruin discussions among the real users.

Anonymous Admin 1563

Singular posts or short, less disruptive conversations usually end in a ban, while with spam or bait, it's more effective to remove the entire post history. Some posts that deserve a ban for maleposting are humorous or incite discussion among our userbase.

Anonymous 1565


There should be a housekeeping board. I would post on it every day. <3

Anonymous 1566

Please make thsi a reality. At least a Houskeeping General. I don't know a lot so I don't think I should but I would post.

Anonymous 1567

It would be full of me flaming about how I can't keep things nice and orderly :(

I would love to have an opportunity to post my Trainwreck of a house and ask others what they would improve because I don't know shit about order and niceness. I can bake and stuff, even sew a bit, but home improvement is a riddle to me. :(

Where do you think the general thread should go? /b/?

Anonymous 1568

I don't really know as I'm new here, but I think /b/ sounds right. Or if it works better maybe in /hb/. But I think /b/ is the most fitting.

Anonymous 1605

Are there any plans to add the themes to the homepage and catalog?

Anonymous Admin 1606

Not at the moment, since we have a list of things we need to do before we can think about restyling, sorry!

Anonymous 1652

It would be nice if I could highlight the text of a post, then click the post number, and it automatically puts the text in my reply as a quote (ala 4chan). Idk if that's a feasible feature.

Anonymous 1653

I'm not sure if I used ala right. Please no bully.

Anonymous 1654

You used it in the correct context, but there should be a space in-between 'a' and 'la'. Like pie à la mode.

Anonymous 1727


I really, really, really miss being able to post four pictures. ;_; When I have an idea in my head that I want to talk about, I like to illustrate it from different sides and using only one pic is extremely limiting.

Anonymous 1750

Can we add a rule that forbids linking to 4chan threads unless they're planning a raid or something? Even then, can we restrict the linking of /those/ threads to a general or something here?

Anonymous 1781

I have a really stupid question/idea. Because we get sometimes males posting here and raids… Could we do like one special thread or one special channel on discord where they can be?

I think they would loose the interest in this board or the discord because it would not be forbidden anymore.
Like if you tell a child not to do something, they will do it. But if you say: "Yeah go ahead." it will mostly not do it.

It is probably a bad idea. I am really tired, I am sorry.

Anonymous Admin 1784

I have thought about it, but in the end I believe that containment zones don't work. If we give an inch, they'll take a mile. See /pol/.

Feel free to make a watch thread for raids and such and we'll direct users there in the future.

Unfortunately this board software doesn't support multi-image uploads, but in the distant future we might move to a different one with more features if crystal.cafe continues to grow.

Anonymous 1786


what happened to nsfw

Anonymous 1787

You are probably right.

I am not on 4chan, don't like the site so much. People are weird there. So i don't now what happened on /pol/.

Anonymous 1788

Anonymous 1792

thank goodness
honestly i hate the prospect of accidentally clicking on it(hate porn) so im glad its off

Anonymous 1793

Nothing wrong with the drawn stuff and masturbation thread but there is a blatant male loser in there posting ugly male-oriented porn gifs, just get rid of the scrot.

Anonymous Admin 1795

I noticed increased traffic on /nsfw/ that seems to trickle down through the other boards, so I'm hiding the board temporarily to see if that helps. It's still accessible, feel free to use it as always, I'll revert the change if I don't see an improvement!

Anonymous 1797

I've noticed this too, there might be more than one though

Anonymous 1802


I think there should be a zero tolerance policy on incel jargon, unless being used in an academic sense.

Anonymous 1804

We are an IMAGEBOARD. People will use that lingo no matter what you think of them.

Anonymous 1805

That's excusing issue. "Imageboard culture" isn't a monolith.

I don't agree that there should be a zero tolerance policy, but I with the sentiment that it should be limited because I feel like the recent decline in quality content is related to the incel baiting.

Anonymous 1806

Why should we get rid of them though? Do you find them offensive? It's easier to say Chad/Stacy and other words because everyone here knows what they mean, it saves time.

Anonymous 1807

NTA but it's not clear that everyone knows what they mean, also the definitions are kind of loose and lazy.
I am not for getting rid of them, but maybe lessening the usage since it doesn't really contribute to conversations very much since people assume they are talking about the same thing and speaking past each other. I already don't participate when there are discussions based around these topics, but I don't want to go as far as telling people to stop–because they won't, if something is taken away, it's going to result in backlash even if people don't have a large investment in it to begin with.

Anonymous 1808

The only way I see the usage of those words organically lessening is for this place to develop a unique culture where people talk about other topics and natuy don't really use those words, however there are a lot of people here who want to talk about tfw no bf so the ship may have already sailed on that.

Anonymous 1809

Okay this is dumb and nitpicky

But I get bothered how threads from /b/ and /feels/ get organized incorrectly. Like the names thread in /feels/ is more of a /b/ thread imo and then there was a pony thread in /b/ which should be in /media/. In general I've noticed mods have seemed to slow down, most apparent with how long it is starting to take to ban maleposters. But maybe it's just because my timezone is dumb.

Anonymous 1810

If you can't think of people outside of a bonkers, silly, childish "Chad/Stacy" dichotomy then yeah, maybe you need to be banned, and remain so until you've read at least one book. But in all seriousness interlopers are going to use these "femcel" threads to turn this board into another far-right 4chan outpost and only stringent and forceful moderation is going to prevent that. You can pretend it won't happen here, or maybe you just don't care, but it's already begun and if you won't see it then more fool you.

What you perhaps don't understand is that these people are happy to lie, mislead and obfuscate in order to get their way. They aren't interested in having their opinions challenged or changed.

And what a lot of imageboard admins don't understand is that far from driving everyone away from an imageboard, this kind of moderation can create a unique online space that anonymous users want, but can't find since the mass-/pol/iticisation of many other sites.

But whatever, everyone thinks I'm wrong until I'm invariably proven correct.

Anonymous 1811

Yes you're right, that's dumb and nitpicky.

Anonymous 1812

When you see people saying stuff that makes them sound like a man, just report the posts to the admin and they can check post history and find out if that IP has only posted trollish comments in political threads, if they are a man then they'll get banned and their posts will get wiped, I've seen it happen before. But not everyone that has far right opinions is a man.

Anonymous Admin 1814

Please report threads that need moving and we'll take action if necessary!

Anonymous 1816

Omg I crave the warm embrace of validation, thank you anon <3

Okay, will do, I'm just always anxious that i already over-report stuff I suspect is male.

Anonymous 1822

I'd like to suggest a search feature, it would be useful

Anonymous 1823

Any chance of a thread watcher?

Anonymous 1827

Can the board titles in the latest posts section be changed to their shortened versions at the top of the page?
It will look more organised and show more of what anon posted.

Anonymous 1843

I like this idea

I wanted to ask about /nsfw/. I don't even care that much about the board itself, but I've noticed more people are posting topics for that in /b/ and /feels/, and my theory as to why is because /nsfw/ is not accessible from the site navigation.

Anonymous Admin 1845

I implemented this just now, thanks for the suggestion!

That's not likely for the time being, sorry! Once we grow more, we might move to a different board software that would make other features possible, but not for now.

That's a good idea, I'll install a search bar soon. Until then you can run a google search with site:crystal.cafe and your search terms.

Anonymous 1846

Thanks for shortening the boards!
Is it too much to ask if you can make the latest posts wider or show all of what anon said? I feel like the latter could look messy so I understand if you don't want that.

Anonymous 1855

Is there a reason why I suddenly start getting "Post looks automated, try posting 30 seconds later" messages now?
This has never happened before yesterday.

Anonymous 1856

This happened to me as well.

Anonymous Admin 1857

We're experiencing some spam issues again (which is why Captchas were switched on sporadically during the past few days) and our own spam filter can misfire and occasionally catch genuine posts. Sorry about that! We're still trying to improve it.

Anonymous 1858

not sure if it helps but it happened to me when i tried to sage my post, but unsaged posted fine.

Anonymous 1859

Is more moderators out of the question? I feel like a common complaint in the boards and discord is that trolls aren't dealt with swiftly enough. I'm not asking to be a mod per se, just wondering if that's something that's feasible. The community is small but not all of the mods can be around all of the time, and the frequency of trolls lately really puts a damper on the board.

Anonymous Admin 1860

I'm actively working on getting more people on board!

Anonymous 1921

The captcha is really irritating, especially when I want to post something simple, sometimes I end up throwing away posts because I'm tired of clicking on pictures of busses. Is it possible to simplify it a bit more?

Anonymous Admin 1922

Sorry, I deactivated Captchas again, the spam seems to have paused. I'll try to find a less annoying option.

Anonymous 1924

In my opinion the courtneychan style is not visually appealing. I think the red is too bright compared to the background and I would prefer to swap the colors to have a red background and the color text box should be the other color.

Anonymous 1926

winter is lovely but i'm ambivalent towards the other two
what's the lore behind their names btw?

Anonymous 1927


Creator here - thanks for the feedback! <3 I'm working on improving them now, I've found a few bugs myself.

Anonymous Admin 1937

The new themes were created by a volunteer in the Discord upon request, I renamed them to be more descriptive. The user and I will work out some bugs together soon. Thanks so much to you, >>1927!

Anonymous 1941

No suggestion, but wanted to report my love for the snowflakes! Very cute.

Anonymous 1942

me too, there's not too many of them, just a perfect amount, and I like that they are slightly transparent.

Anonymous Admin 1943

Happy Holidays! <3

Anonymous 1944



Anonymous 1945


the snow is so nice.

Anonymous 1976

For the love of god, can you please get rid of Google Captcha? There are many captcha alternatives. I can't post 90% of the time because the fucking images are never correct.

Anonymous 1978

Forgive my ignorance of web development for I am not a high-IQ computer scientist; but is it possible/feasible to merge threads with the OP post and image intact and migrated to another thread? The wonderful thing about this website is that post links work perfectly and are smooth (IE a post link from /feels and be posted here on /meta and immediately work) so issues with context and quoting posts shouldn't be a problem. I bring this up due to numerous duplicate threads and their OPs (and it's not just /feels and relationship venting; lots of same threads on /b). Right now the way to deal with this is to post a link in duplicate thread to older thread and lock the new one; but I don't like this for a few reasons.

1) most of the time while the discussion in the locked new duplicate thread may have been somewhat active that activity doesn't carry over to the older thread for some reason (shyness? Laziness in quoting another thread?). Even if locked duplicate thread stays in catalog at top for couple days (resulting in lots more threads clogging up catalog)

2) I am not a mod and I feel awkward being "that person" telling a small but active (say 5 post thread) that another thread is here as often times I have nothing else to say and just posting a link feels abit dismissive (for me, I don't mind seeing mods do this). There's for instance 3 different threads about a general topic that I am hesitant to report because 2 have atleast somewhat active recent discussion.

3) lots of older threads (cooking, general interests, etc) with nice stuff in them and nowhere near 500 posts. Some new somewhat related recent posts merged would bring life to those threads like a general thread without people having the shame of "necrobumping". And like that a cathederal is built one stone at a time.

Granted it's not perfect and there would be some confusion in context at first but is it possible?

Anonymous Admin 1980

I'll look into both of these issues, thanks for bringing it up.
If you catch a thread early on that already has an older equivalent, please don't feel weird about linking the old thread. Necromancy is of absolutely no concern on a site this slow.

Anonymous 1990


I would really like it if the board links at the top/bottom of the site redirected to the catalog variant of them if I'm browsing in the catalog instead of the regular index.
I use the catalog exclusively and it's a bit irritating when I click on a different board to then click 'catalog' again.

Anonymous 1994

would it be possible to make 4ch's tomorrow theme an option here? or at least get a better dark option
dark crystal is nice but it's just so purple

Anonymous 1995

Is anyone else interested in a cooking/food-related board? Honestly 4chan’s /ck/ is complete shit but I like the idea of sharing recipes, giving cooking tips and talking about food/diets/etc

Maybe c.c isn’t big enough yet to include niche boards, idk.

Anonymous 2054

I like this idea too but there have been a few cooking threads but not much was posted in them. I think people are either a) too scared to post b) don't want to post something that isn't very important c) don't want to bump old threads, but I think on a site as small as this doing all that would just help the discussion instead of being annoying like on a big site.
Please do share any recipes in those threads if you have any, I think the thread was in /b/

Anonymous Admin 2089

Our disk space was completely full, so I upgraded our server just now to make room for more posts!

If you'd like to help with our server bills, we now have a Patreon:

Thank you so much for any support!

Anonymous 2205

Still holding out for a /diy/ board, the making and doing threads split between /b/ and /media/ make it hard to contribute consistently.

Anonymous Admin 2208

Right now we don't have enough activity for a whole new board, but if you see any /b/ threads that belong in /media/ or elsewhere, please report them. I know the threads are a bit scattered, but keeping a bookmarks folder of your favorite threads could help.

Anonymous 2209

>keeping a bookmarks folder of your favorite threads
why no thread pinning tbh

Anonymous Admin 2210

If you mean following threads, our platform unfortunately doesn't support this. Pinning threads would be doing other users a disservice because everyone is interested in a different set of threads.

Anonymous 2211

Thread merging is technically impossible right?

Anonymous Admin 2212

Currently yes. If you see duplicate threads, please report them and I'll make sure to lock them.

Anonymous 2216


Can we get a /fit/ and /fa/ thread? I'm fucking sick of the trash on the other site.

Anonymous Admin 2217

You can create any threads you want as long as you don't break the rules.

Anonymous 2289

Music board? That would be cool to have. I love talking about music and would be fun to give recommendations and stuff like that.

Anonymous Admin 2290

We don't have enough music threads and related activity to warrant this. Please post as much about music as you like. If enough content is posted, a music board is possible!

Anonymous 2303


Anonymous 2304

Anonymous 2305

Make a s4s-type board

Anonymous 2306

Hey maybe you could do a kind of 4chan pass thing where users pay a small fee to evade captchas to support the site? Just a thought.

Also Admin-sama I noticed you once mentioned you're looking for a different name for /hb/. What about /hbf/? Health, Beauty, & Fashion?

Anonymous 2307

Tighten the screws on /b/. It's becoming the "complain about stupid stuff" board.

Anonymous 2337

Hey, same poster here.
So is that a no? because it feels like a simple change that would improve "quality of life" (so to speak) on this site.

Anonymous Admin 2338

At the moment, I'm not planning any design changes.

/b/ is for everything.

The same as >>2290 applies.

It's a good idea, but I don't think it's enough of a change to warrant renaming it again. I'll keep it in mind for after we move though.
As for the Captchas, I'm currently looking into other options.

Anonymous 2339

Please implement proper thumbnails for webms, instead of just the empty box with the ► symbol (at least on all the browsers I tested it on).

Anonymous 2343

Fun filtered words sound like a nice idea, it would add to the board culture

Anonymous 2345

How come some posts with pictures are formatted in an unreadable way? I mean something like this >>>/img/5485.

I hate submitting a post with a picture and and finding out it messes up the whole text format.

Anonymous 2368

I second the art board idea. But I think for right now /img is a good enough place. I've seen people post their own art there, but it be nice to talk about creative topics.

Anonymous 2370

There's always media or b where there have been quite a few craft threads made. Though yeah, please let there be a /diy/!

Anonymous 2371

But a "Arts & Crafts" board would be awesome

Anonymous 2452


Please add a food and cooking board, there seems to be plenty of threads discussing the topic and it's a cozy place to have, you can't tease me by calling this place a cafe and not have it lol.

Anonymous 2453

Seconded! I'll literally post 'cafe' beverage recipes!

Anonymous 2465

Agreed I need cooking ideas and a place to talk about cooking.
I work in a kitchen

Anonymous 2466


I agree, I was just thinking today how nice it would be if we had an arts and craft board!

Anonymous 2474


Agree with all of you. A food and cooking board would be great!

Anonymous 2475

We need an overboard!

Anonymous 2476

Can we have a board where it's purpose is to share contact information, servers, etc.?

Anonymous 2517

Suggestion: disable captcha on /img/. Or use the a captcha that autocompletes when you click on it.

Anonymous 2569

cam we have a "home" button at the top with the boards

Anonymous 2570

Anonymous 2585


Any chance of a crystal cafe overboard?

Anonymous 2587


Can /cgl/ be made a separate board again? /hb/ really feels off when asking for a discussion about fashion and cosplay tips.

Anonymous 2643

allow pro ana discussion/thinspo.

Anonymous 2644

I could see not allowing the topic it can be triggering, especially for the ones who are trying to recover.

Anonymous 2645

i get it but this site is 18+ and the internet is full of triggering shit. would be cool with atleast 1 containment thread

Anonymous 2646

Eh, imo there's plenty enough of that online if you seek it out

Anonymous 2671

Is there any reasons why we can't see the filenames?

Anonymous 2675

seeing filenames might make anons easier to track

Anonymous 2954

Can we have a /terf/ or a /gencri/ board? /b/ is just too full of it lately.

Anonymous 2955

this, it's taking over /b/

Anonymous 2956


Yes it's better to contain the vent rather than it be around every thread.

Anonymous Admin 2962

A while back I posted a request not to make any new threads about this topic and use the general instead, I'll make that request more visible by adding it to the /b/ sticky. I'm hesitant about adding new boards as containment zones because I believe that they will bring in new users that are solely interested in that board and not integrate with board culture, and it will overshadow the regular activity and fully cement our reputation as a site whose only purpose is to talk about gender. Threads that vent about men are already taking up a majority of the site; I have even been thinking about making a board for talking about issues with men so that /b/ and /feels/ have more room to breathe, but again, containment zones rarely work.

Another issue with the trans subject is that anyone who isn't fully on board with gc is deemed a man/tranny and reported, which means that there's not much basis for discussion and I see this situation getting worse as gc discussion is expanded upon, making it impossible to moderate because of the strong belief held by many users that no real woman could be posting in support here, even if I've checked their post history and did not see any red flags. It's a weird slippery slope and our site is so small and already a huge target for trolls and infiltration, so big changes like these could make or break it. I'm leaning towards making a radfem board to contain manhate and terfposting if anything.

Anonymous 2963

>a board to complain about men
I think that would be even better. Some time ago I made a thread on /b/ about how we talk about men too much here, and how that's not good. Since then it became even a bigger issue.

I think this influx is because the biggest subreddit about the subject was killed recently, so they came here. This and the natural growth of the site.

Agreed about those who don't hate trans (and I say this as someone who hates trans). We don't need to be hostile toward them, it's a mistake I won't make again.

Anonymous 2964

Makes sense now that you mention it, how about the opposite? A board specifically to keep that kind of threads/posts out.

Like, anyone one either baiting or posting terf/men/pol stuff would either get the posts removed or a temp board ban. Might work since /b/ inherently invites it so may as well have one that avoids it.

Anonymous 2965

Please add file size restriction info. I wanted to post a .webm, but 37 Mb was too much.

Anonymous Admin 2966

File size limit should be 30MB.

Anonymous 2968

Can we please add options to hide threads or pin them? Just on the owner screen side of course.

If you happen to make a terf board, you should make a trans board. It's only fair. Especially since this website is for females. I do however think traffic will be over taken by one group. If it doesn't go smoothly.

Anonymous 2969

>you should make a trans board.
LOL, fuck off. This website is only for women. Trans-identified men are not allowed here.

Anonymous 2970

allowing trans is the beginning of the end to all communities

Anonymous 2971

Trannies aren't females, this is an opinion the whole community agrees with. Go to /LGBT/ or some tranny Reddit if you want to be validated, cc is a rare space for women only to have discussions. Dilate elsewhere

Anonymous Admin 2972

>Can we please add options to hide threads or pin them?
You can hide a thread by clicking the minus icon at the top left of any thread in board view.

>If you happen to make a terf board, you should make a trans board.


Anonymous 2973


>If you happen to make a terf board, you should make a trans board.

based admin

Anonymous 2974

>Go to /LGBT/
more like /TTTT/

Anonymous 2975

Luv you admin <3

Anonymous 2987

sorry if this was asked for before, but would it be hard to mark when someone is quoting the OP? Like, adding a little (OP) after the quote?
Also, a Refresh button would be nice! The board is really well designed though, one of the best I've seen otherwise.

Anonymous 2991


Anonymous 2994

this is a well thought out concern

Anonymous 3018

You SHOULD make a trans board, leave it running for a while, and then perma ban all posters. And we could do this every once in a while to purge the site.

Anonymous 3021

we need a /fa/ board and a /cgl/ one, so on fa we can discuss anything that isn't jfashion and cosplay…also the /ck/ board would be on point, what site with cafe in the name has no cafes to offer?

Anonymous 3022

also a periodic cleaning of old threads that don't get responses in more than 4/5 months

Anonymous 3023

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Is it possible to get a thread watcher? So we can keep track of threads we post in, and when we get a reply

Anonymous Admin 3027

We used to have /cgl/, but it wasn't being used, so I merged it into /hb/ (Health & Beauty) which also implicitly contains /fa/. If there are enough /fa/ or /cgl/ threads to warrant a board again, I will make one.

It's not that I haven't considered that, but I don't think it'd work out. Ban evasion is easy and this would just fuel the flames and make them more likely to come back with a vengeance. I think it's best to just silently ban and delete their posts without baiting and provoking them.

I think it's nice to have archives for old threads and since a lot of threads don't move quickly, this would mean making new threads all the time even though the old ones weren't even close to full, and starting over with the same conversation.

So far there are no such features, but I think there are forks of 4chan X that work for tinyboard.

Discussion is allowed, you can post thinspo if it's spoilered. Sorry for the late response on that one.

Anonymous 3028

11 (2).jpg

What do you think about an /int/, admin? With flags and such? I posted on the wrong thread, sorry.

Anonymous Admin 3029

I don't think we're active enough to have a board just for that, the country/region threads on /b/ are really slow. I also don't want to invite users to post in other languages as it will make moderation impossible.

Anonymous 3030

>I think there are forks of 4chan X that work for tinyboard.
I'm sorry what does that mean? ;-;

Anonymous 3031


Understandable, have a nice day.

Anonymous 3032

Who is he?

Anonymous 3034

Lancer, Fate Stay/Night.

Anonymous 3035

My dad

Anonymous 3053

I don't know what thread this was in but we shouldn't invite LC users in, we can't have every thread become a bait thread baiting other posters to post their personal information and a photo of themselves, their mentality will leak over to this site

Anonymous 3062

can we please make labeling graphic spoilers a rule? i hate entering the tranny complain thread on /b/ and not knowing if i'll see an irl mutilated penis or a vagina cupcake when i open an image

Anonymous 3063

by "labeling" i mean
cw: mutilated peen
or something

Anonymous 3064


Anonymous 3069


Anonymous 3075

Why is political discourse banned? Wasn't this a place for women to share perspectives as long as the discussion remained civil? How come we have to be sheltered from issues that might be controversial

Anonymous 3076


forget image

Anonymous 3078

there are some opinions that, rather than "controversial", are just straight up incorrect and shouldn't be debated. e.g. maybe hitler was right.

anonymous ibs are the perfect breeding ground for that shit to grow. also…the internet is doused in politics. just go somewhere else imo.

Anonymous 3079

You are inviting a lot of shilling and subversion from moids if you allow politics.

Anonymous 3082

Could there be a system warning for when the thread is about to reach its replies limit? And when it's effectively locked?

Anonymous 3084


>tfw admin is afraid of cc becoming gc general
>becomes kpop general instead

Anonymous 3085

It was going to happen regardless. K-pop is extremely big.

Anonymous Admin 3087

They have one containment thread, which is very active. I'm going to put it on autosage (it's easy to find since it's in the pinned thread) and exclude /media/ from the front page for a while so other posts will stay on there for longer.

Anonymous 3090

ur dad is hot

Anonymous 3093

Thanks admin for your patience we love you

Anonymous 3094

Could you please restore the link to the media board, mod? When I click 'Media', 'unkown-3' downloads.

Thank you for all your hard work, this is a nice space free of a lot of negativity.

Anonymous 3095


Now it does this when I try to click 'meta' (I got here via a link from the the front page)

Anonymous Admin 3096

I'm very sorry, but that seems to be an issue on your end. I hope it gets fixed asap, if I'm wrong please let me know.

Anonymous 3099

speak for yourself tard

Anonymous 3100


>put it on autosage
>dedicates a sticky directly linking to it
literally what's the fucking point?

Anonymous 3101

Because the sticky doesn't take as much space?! Plus it warns the newfags about not creating new threads related to kpop

Anonymous Admin 3103

The sticky is compact, informs users not to make additional threads, and can be edited to always contain an up-to-date link to the current general.

Anonymous 3104

then what the fuck is the point of the hide thread button?

Anonymous 3107


Mod-san, why did you delete the two Reddit face responses to the barmaid fucking their married boss thread i understand they were unhelpful but I found them hilarious

Anonymous 3124

The kpoopers keep making new threads

Anonymous Admin 3128

Making a new thread to replace a full one is fine, I'm just asking not to discuss the finer details of kpop in separate parallel threads.

Anonymous 3129

Just wanted to thank the mod who's always cleaning /b/ and moving the threads for the right board, that's all.

Anonymous 3143

the shota threads make me not want to come here

Anonymous 3144


Anonymous 3145

There is only one and it's drawn nobody is breaking any rules…

Anonymous 3156

is there a reason the kpop thread got deleted? want to make sure admin is ok with us making another one since i know its a controversial topic before i make another one

Anonymous Admin 3162

I'm sorry about the kpop thread, it's been deleted for some unknown reason and I'm looking into it. I made a new one and linked to it in the sticky.

Anonymous 3163

dont be sorry at all, theres a ton of shit going on and wrangling the thread is probably a pain, i just wanted to make sure it was ok to make another one before i did

thank you!

Anonymous 3164

Remove or increase the reply limit on /media/

Anonymous 3172

Can't you do something on the shota thread? I don't even post there but the moralfaggotry is the worse. I mean, don't like? Don't post.

Anonymous 3173

Let it be a battleground of different opinions. I think it's fair. Ignore the posters you find ridiculous and exaggerating.

Anonymous 3175

Are there any legal grounds on which CC could be taken down if it gets argued that’s part of the culture here?

Anonymous 3179

Hey im new here, so sorry if it has been explained before. Is there no search option in the catog? Its usually at the top of the catalog for most imageboards.

Anonymous 3180

Not at the moment sadly!

Anonymous 3181

Use Ctrl + F

Anonymous 3183

Will old inactive or locked threads ever get deleted? Just asking out of curiosity, scrolling through the old post on /b/ and its interesting. A lot of locked or duplicate topics.

Anonymous 3185

mods i know the kpop thread is annoying, but is there anything you can do about banning the picture spammers? they'll show up and spam 20+ pictures without any discussion in a thread solely to clog it up

it's happened 3 times today

Anonymous Admin 3193

No, threads stay forever unless the OP is permabanned for some reason, in which case their entire post history is wiped to give them less of an incentive to come back for responses to conversations they started. When it's a general thread a lot of people use, I try to keep the OP and responses intact, but it's not always feasible.

They ban evade a lot, sorry about that.

Anonymous 3199

How do I get that sick pumpkin flair

Anonymous 3203


Can we have a board sort of like /b/ that doesn't allow mention of men at all? It could be called bechdel, or heaven. This would also fix the issue of people being annoyed at all the
>tfw no bf
>i hate men
>my bf…
threads in /feels/ without disrupting those posters.

Anonymous 3204

I back this idea

Anonymous 3205

will the kpop thread remain up until the new board is done?

Anonymous 3206

A board dedicated to kpop should be made. Or well that is not a broad enough topic…
/idols/ would be better so they can talk about absolutely all the culture, even japanese and visual kei. Maybe…

Anonymous 3207

Admin said she'd nuke the kpop threads and you think she's gonna allow a whole new board on here? Ok lol

Anonymous 3209

an anon is making an entire new imageboard and says it's almost complete >>>/media/14772

Anonymous 3210

Make it so that text boxes in the catalog can scroll if there is too much text, CTRL+F is insufficient when you can't see the text that got highlighted.

Anonymous 3211


I wish CC was popular enough for us to have a CC /fit/.

Anonymous 3213

There are fitness threads on /hb/

Anonymous 3216

i don't know if i was dreamt it but i could swear there was a /nsfw/ or something like that for sexual threads. was there? if not there should be tbh

Anonymous 3217

>>>nsfw there is. It's really not that hard to check

Anonymous 3218

Honestly the nsfw board should just be nuked at this point. I’ve seen countless threads where 4ch moids brag about posting their fetishes there. And it doesn’t get new traffic due to being unlisted, it’s just a reason for men to continue to invade the community.

Anonymous Admin 3220

I've been strongly considering it. Anyone who wants /nsfw/ to stay, please help report posts that don't belong there. That includes porn dump threads:


>Do not post gore, shock images, hardcore pornography, etc. unless it's pertinent to the discussion. Don't make threads just to dump any of this content.

Anonymous 3223

Please don't delete nsfw. I like having a space to discuss that.

Also, I am curious - what is considered hardcore pornography? Does that mean hardcore scenes? Is the ball thread considered hardcore?

Anonymous 3226

That's probably the best thread there too bad there is not enough quality material to keep it going.

Anonymous 3227

Remove the shota thread because it’s either moids or cinnpie

Anonymous 3228

err.. ᵇᵘᵗ ᶦ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵒⁿᵉ

Anonymous 3229

Nonce behaviour ( ̄(工) ̄)

Anonymous 3232


I see this happen to text sometimes with image posts and it's hard to read. It'd be nice if there was a way to correct this so the text doesn't get broken.

Anonymous 3239

In your browser there is a function called "zoom" or "zoom level" for websites zoom it in 133% for CC. I don't use chrome since google is shady I use firefox but it must be similar though.

Google how to enable that function.

Anonymous 3242

If you need any reason to delete the Kpop thread:

Anonymous Admin 3243

I've already announced that kpop threads will cease after the next thread hits comment limit, I think they're better off moving to a bigger imageboard.

Anonymous 3251

i was going to post in >>>/img/3537 but i'm wondering if it belongs in /hb/ instead?

Anonymous Admin 3253

I think its better off in /hb/, I'll move it. Thank you!

Anonymous 3266

there should be containment board ,something like /moid/ where all the male post would be moved instead of getting delated and real discussion could be held. imagine the things we could learn from each other.People who visit chans are really like-minded no matter the gender.(USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR THIS POST.)

Anonymous 3267

I've already gave my opinion on this a few times:
The main problem about a containment board would be the fact that 1 it would have more traffic than any other and 2 they would leak to other boards, looking for girlfriends and stuff.
No one denies that imageboards have both the best and worse people from both sex and there are moids that could actually contribute to this board, but I think it's too risky to have them legally here, even if they would be in only one board. The staff would need lots of discretion to ban all the bad posters it would bring (and they can always evade). Also, if CC becomes too mainstream, the chances for raids would rise as butthurt /pol/ and /r9k/ moids would just flood with gore and CP.
The only remotely possibility IMO a mixed board could work would be something like a /gsg/ (girls ask guys, there is a site for this) where only those that genuinelly want to help wouldn't be banned and even this is very risky.

Anonymous 3268

They're nothing like each other. What the fuck are you talking about? No containment board. Male imageboard users are talking tumors for the most part and they enjoy causing destruction and upsetting people.

Anonymous Admin 3276

Never going to happen, for a multitude of reasons. Leaving this up only so that the people who usually bug me over private messages will hopefully see it and stop trying.

Anonymous 3278

thank you based admin. smart move with the recaptcha, also.

Anonymous 3284

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\.png

Could we have /allthreads/ here? Basically a board shows all the threads from all the boards. There's so little boards with small traffic it'd make the site comfier to browse imo.

Anonymous 3294


What happened to this place?
I am not knocking the people who run CC but I question some of the choices.
We used to not allow trannies because they are men but I see now it is allowed?
This is one of a few female alternatives to wizchan and r9k and considering r9k is already 90% tranny spam I have to question why we are allowing trannies here.
Sorry for making a thread I just wanted to see others opinions.

Anonymous Admin 3295

They're not allowed. If you see something, report it.

Anonymous 3334

Can we report trannies either way (MtF & FtM) or are only MtFs not allowed?
Because even thought FtMs are technically female I still feel like they should not be here.

Anonymous 3336

FtMs are allowed since they’re women, but they probably wouldn’t like it here so I doubt there are any here.

Anonymous 3337


Based & JK Rowling pilled.

Anonymous 3338

What this pin is implying by the say is that there is no such thing as a real sex change & this is true. (for the ones in the back that don't get it also JK Rowling promoted that merchandize lol she is super based, she doesn't cares what others think of her she aint a fake person)

Anonymous 3339

Can I get told why I get banned when I get banned? I'm just going going to keep repeating myself if I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

Anonymous Admin 3341

Please see the Rules page and contact me on Discord.

Anonymous 3342

Not her, but it's honestly easier and quicker just to evade than to talk to you. I'm sure you're a really nice person, but even if it took only 5 minutes to rid of a unjust ban, that would still be 10 times the amount of time it takes to get proxy. Also, explaining to someone nonanonymously about how your yaoi picture wasn't off-topic and actually pertained to the discussion is honestly a little embarrassing and only pushes a person more towards evading entirely.

Anonymous Admin 3345

I understand that, but ban evading to ask me why they were banned is ineffective because I can no longer see previous posts, so offering to chat elsewhere is the only option I can provide.

Anonymous 3350

Does crystal cafe not list the reason of the ban like 4chan does?

Anonymous 3356

i really want a thread watcher feature :( would make things so much easier

Anonymous 3357

Anonymous 3457

I don't know if there's much demand for it but is it possible to get a board that encourages writefaggotry, something like /lit/ or /qst/? I feel like the only board that has that currently is /x/.

Anonymous 3458

Just start a thread on /b/. I doubt we have enough writers here to support a whole board. There's probably one already if you search the catalog.

Anonymous 3459

sushigirls has a cool page called kaitensushi, where it aggregates all the most recently updated threads, as well as labels what boards theyre from.
They have slightly more boards, so it simplifies hoping around to see whats going on.
It has its cons, and may not be what the admins want as far as "board culture" is concerned, but I do think its a way to bring all the conversations happening on a small altchan to spotlight a bit.

Anonymous 3463

That's just an overboard, Anon.

Anonymous 3490

there's a thread in /media/.

Anonymous 3539

Why are /media/ posts not showing up on the main page feed? The kpoppers fucked off now, so it won't be spammy again.

Anonymous 3547

Can we get a flower petal/ cherry blossom petal overlay for the spring?

Anonymous Admin 3551

You're right, I'll put it back in.

Cute idea, why not! I'll try to come up with something.

Anonymous 3555

Thank you! (for reinstating the media feed) <3

Anonymous 3632


Is there a way to add oekaki?

Anonymous 3635


Anonymous 3648

Why aren't we allowed to talk about politics? Every other chan can. It just feels like more "politics are men's business" nonsense. Girls are only allowed to talk about boys and makeup uwu. There should at least be a politics containment thread if politics are "invading" other threads and making our girl brains hurt.

Anonymous 3649

it encourages low quality posting

Anonymous 3650

I honestly agree. I’d LOVE a female-only politics board. /Pol/ is infested with men and reddit is an echochamber that bans everything the admins disagree with. I would just love a free-speech women’s politics board. To get rid of /pol/ associations it could maybe be called something else like /civ/ for “civics” or /disc/ for “discussion. Idk.

Anonymous 3652


I just wanted petals ;-;
Because then we invite stuff like the cutesy bunny holocaust denier anon in img a few days ago and make it look like we're all literal feminazis, so we get raided by all sides for different reasons. This post reeks of lurking moid waiting for a way to kill the comfy culture of the chan without being reported for raiding. Let's keep the board alive pls.

Anonymous 3653

So then, ban them? All chans get raided, you're probably just a tranny who thinks girls only uwu comfy post. Guess what? This board is gonna get raided no matter what we do or say. It's a girl chan, of course it's gonna get raided. Making it palatable for moids does nothing. If people are being nazis, pull out the ban hammer and move on lol it's not that hard.

Anonymous 3663

>Moid calling me tranny
>Implying a girlchan will ever be palatable to moids that aren't larphons for more than 5 minutes
All discussion on here besides the designated gencrit threads is about everything but politics already, and it's not all kawaii ugguu u//w//u im a sowft giwl!!!1! troon shit like you think it is, so go to traaaaaans and uwu yourself.
Rule 9 exists for a reason. You know we get raided already, so why should we make it easier by making a place we know beforehand they're going to flock to? Don't act like the ones constantly mentioning CC on other chans aren't going to organize raids the moment they see an easy opportunity, mods will have to mass ban when they didn't need to before, and then the pol board will killed anyway.

Anonymous 3665

>politics attract moids
>constant threads on how to find bf
>where tf do you meet men?
>I wanna become a sugar baby guys, halp
>Man hate thread
>How do I cheat on my bf?

So, you're saying none of this shit attracts moids? Lmao please, you're just a tranny who doesn't want his slumber party site to have "boy stuffs" on it. If you alter the site and censor your discussion because of moids, you let them win. Especially if you remove political discussion, which women have traditionally been barred from. You have defiantly proven yourself to be a tranny with this take. Half the moids who come here are looking for a gf, the frequent threads about boys doesn't help with that. Politics isn't gonna attract moids any more than all the other shit on this site, you're just a tranny who wants to feel valid.

Anonymous 3666


>Not having reading comprehension
>Not having common sense
>Not seeing admin repeat again and again non-gencrit discussion isn't allowed
>Implying you can alter/censor things not allowed in the first place
>Implying women haven't been active in politics for a long time
>Implying all our posts involve men
>Projecting this hard
You said it yourself, as a girlchan posting anything attracts moids and anyone who wants to lurk but they reveal theirselves with time. An entire board vs the occasional thread will 100% attract more moids and encourage the ones already lurking and posting links to other chans to raid and spam. Look up crystal cafe in the archives and you see how much we're on their radar. But since you're a moid who already knows this, you've been beating off to the idea. I'll call you a tranny too so now we're even.
Contribute to the percentage

Anonymous 3669

I wanted one too, but I can imagine it would be hellish to moderate and nearly impossible to do so without ruining the overall board feel. We have people with all types of political opinions here, but this couldn't be a completely uncensored thing because that would not fit with this board's culture. That would mean admin would have to draw some line and decide to censor some opinions but not others, and that would inevitably lead to shitstorms. Idk, I wouldn't want to do that either. It's better this way.

Anonymous 3679


I dunno if it fits here, but is the site really slow and laggy for anyone else? I do not have the fastest computer, but it can show most web pages just fine. For example old reddit and 4chan work fine. But when I scroll through CC it is so clunky, the framerate really drops. You think anything could be done about that? Because otherwise I grew to really love this site.

Anonymous 3680

Are porn dump threads not allowed now?

Anonymous 3685

They were never allowed.

Anonymous 3707


Good bye to shotas
but whatever it was getting degenerate anyway and I detected some tranny tastes in there and I didnt like that.

Anonymous 3709


Just delete the porn board if it's going to be like this.

Anonymous 3710

can you change the greentext color on autumn light because it is a bit hard to read sometimes and especially when you click on a reply and get redirected to the thread, the reply gets highlighted in a godawful color that's too strong to read text against and greentext is unbearable

Anonymous 3720

>I couldn't find anything.
I don't quite understand, do you mean "couldn't find anything about the Webring" or "anything interesting"?

Anonymous 3838

a "hide post" feature

Anonymous 3839

please make an oekaki board pls

Anonymous 3845


Can there be a search bar on every board to avoid making same topic threads?

Anonymous 3846

go to catalog and use ctrl +f / command + f

Anonymous 3847

Sorry I'm a mobile user. I thought it be neat to have that like 4chan

Anonymous 3848

if you have an iphone you can search using the url bar. a search box for the whole site would be nice though.

Anonymous 3853

Can there be a /v/ board?

Also ily admin, ur doing a good job on the website

Anonymous 3854

Can we get a marker for saged posts? The same way the "Anonymous" becomes dark blue on lolcow.

Anonymous 3893

Yes please! I sage things all the time here and I wish people did it more so maybe cute colors will make people do it!

Anonymous 3917

Ok. So I don't know if this is against the site's philosophy or something, but is there any chance to keep the shitposts that are not gore/illegal/misogynist?

It's a pet peeve of mine but I hate when I see threads completely butchered with tons of posts replying to a ghost post. Can't we have the good old (you can't sit with us/USER HAS BEEN BANNED FOR THIS POST) message? I'll be honest this is mostly because I'm curious about how a thread got derailed. This is because the threads are so slow I mostly just lurk.

Anonymous 3924

Thoughts on banning discussion around /r9k/ and 4chan? It's not that I hate these but each time this place gets brought up these exact moids come here. Talking about them gives them the attention they crave so it's expected they'd come to crystal.cafe. I feel like there would be less moids to deal with if these topics wouldn't be mentioned as often. What do you think? Or is it too strict to ban this altogether?

Anonymous 3925

I agree that it's annoying but banning all mentions of that place would be too draconian. This wouldn't be that much of a problem if anons kept their moid-hate to the designated threads instead of making a new thread everytime some /r9k retard says something stupid and miners feel the need to seethe about it here.

Anonymous 3935

Ban mentions of /fit/ too, those seem to attract the most raids. I don't get why people need to come crying here every single time they see a 4chan post they don't like, leave that stuff over there.

Anonymous 3936

We should add more to the "styles" choice. I think some really cute ones with heart patterns would be lovely

Anonymous 3940


I agree. Plus crystal.cafe seems suspiciously more active these past few weeks. Might be tinfoiling hard but the only logical reason it's so active and has so many low quality threads is because there are much more moids coming here now.

Anonymous 3944

I feel like some of the increased activity could be attributed to the tranny gore raid on the lolcow mtf thread that resulted in lolcow hiding the mtf thread, more lolcow refugees probably migrated and its also likely some trannies came along too.

There needs to be more emphasis on new users checking the catalogs of boards other than /b/ for similar threads. I feel like a lot of the threads being made belong in /media/, /feels/ or /x/

Anonymous 3945

What do you anons think about a special /deeds/ board like the one on dreamchan?

Anonymous 3968

i like the idea!

Anonymous 4091

Very much want, tbh.

Anonymous 4562

art, crafts, hobby board??
also zines of some sort would be really awesome also i know this is probably be too much but meetups????

Anonymous 4563

yes please i would love this

Anonymous 4564

agreed!!! an arts related board would be awesome

Anonymous Admin 4567

Some updates:

>the persistent ban issue has been fixed

>more janitors have been added
>/b/ catalog will be cleaned up this month to reduce loading times

If we get enough active threads to warrant that board, I'm fully open to it. So far most of these threads are in /media/, please feel free to bump or interact to revive them.

Anonymous 4575

will do! thank you for all of your hardwork!!

Anonymous 4596

can we have a board dedicated to archived posts? also is it possible to lock posts after a certain number (like 100, or 200?)

Anonymous 4627


So I admit I don't really know how difficult this is for a small feature but one thing that I would personally find convenient is for replies to show up in a little window if they're partially cut off. Here's a random screenshot from 4chan and you can see how the reply preview shows up despite said reply being partially on-screen. On cc and lolcow the reply would instead be highlighted in a different color for being on-screen, but you wouldn't be able to read most of it since it's past the edge of the window. It's just a small quality of life adjustment so you can see the whole thing without scrolling.
I also want to say that I appreciate this site!

Anonymous 4651

can we please just add that retard's discord username to the spam filter

Anonymous 4652

the fact that he keeps spamming probably means that no girls on here have added him, which is the only positive thing about this situation

Anonymous 4653

Agree, I'm getting sick of reporting him tbh.

Anonymous 4657

I saw someone reply to him with "do not recommend, he begs for nudes" which was very disheartening
Anyway Discord usernames can be changed relatively easily, so I'm not sure how effective a filter would be, depending on how stubborn he is. His posts are so low-effort that it'll probably still be obvious that it's him though

Anonymous 4658

>I'm not sure how effective a filter would be
it would be better than nothing. right now we're making it as easy as possible for him to spam

Anonymous 4667

can you switch to lazy loading for images to make the catalog more usable?

Anonymous 4668

seconding this

Anonymous 4669

thirding this

Anonymous 4671

Why not add him and send him a bunch of pics of dicks/gay porn/gross shit if you can handle seeing it yourself?

Anonymous 5046

option to add multiple photos in a post?

Anonymous 5047

That sounds like a GREAT IDEA. Thank you anon!

Anonymous 5231

Add the ability to hide posts inside threads? please

Also this:

Seconding this

>Discord usernames can be changed relatively easily
I think just filtering the #xxxx part of the Discord tag would be good since afaik you need to pay for Discord Nitro to be able to change that.

Anonymous 5238

I know this may prove to be a controvertial suggestion, but after lurking for a while, the whole moid/search for men thing is tiring when you are trying to have a disgussion.
So what if we go a popular route and make a containment board we can walk around? Like some sort of redirect for their crap so they don't spill onto larger boards.

Anonymous 5310

Expand all images button please.

Anonymous 5380

suggestion to make a global rule against wojak and pepe posting or have mods ban wojak/pepe posters on sight with the assumption of being male
almost all if not all seem to be males from 4chan (r9k especially) and soyjak.party so this will help reduce male posters

Anonymous 5383


I posted a frog once am I going to get banned for it?

Anonymous 5385

>make a global rule against wojak and pepe posting
No, that would only make it harder to spot them.

Anonymous 5386

actually now that I think of it you're right…
welp disregard my suggestion lol
no of course not, miners who have previously posted them wouldn't get banned
as the other anon pointed out maybe it's for the best to not ban them anyways, I'm just annoyed with all the male posters and raids here lately

Anonymous 5413

would it be possible to autosage threads that are a certain amount of time old, like autosage threads that are a year old or more? this way raiders can't go through and necrobump them

Anonymous 5472

samefag - actually ignore this, the cp raids are a million times worse than necrobumped threads
is there a way mods can implement a system where images will only show up with new posts after mods approve them? this way no more cp images would get posted cuz mods can veto them

Anonymous 5486

Maybe only during raids? Otherwise this will just kill cc even more with how infrequently mods are online

Anonymous 5489

I can see your point but this cp raid has been going on over 24 hours and could either get the site taken down or drive a lot of posters away, more than implementing slow images cuz every miner that has to witness a cp raid is gonna be disgusted and eventually leave for good if it's a regular occurrence
even though having a lag for images to be posted sucks I think it's better than having the site spammed with cp constantly

Anonymous 5490

Check the raid thread for other alternatives that have been suggested

Anonymous 5529

Why does it say I can only post images as small as 1 byte??? I can't post any images whatsoever.

Anonymous Admin 5532

It's a temporary measure to keep the CSAM spammer at bay, sorry about that!

Anonymous 5542

Thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous 5548

Is it normal that /feels/ still has the snowfall thing?

Anonymous 5556

How come the friend finder thread is gone? Did something happen?

Anonymous 5562

I know responding to male posters is against the rules. However, due to the slow deleting of their posts, that means they can post their drivel without being challenged. Considering some threads are feminism-related, this is a problem. It is especially bad with the friend-finder thread, where posts exposing males were deleted.
I get that it's important to discourage responding to males, to not embolden them to post. However, there has to be a way to expose them when they are taking advantage of our moderation style and contact threads. There has to be common sense in these cases.

Anonymous 5579

WTF??? Why was it deleted? Nooooo

Anonymous 5580

You don't know how hard it is for me to not respond with a two-page essay why the moid is wrong when they write some gross retarded things. They think they're smart but I've got all counter arguments you can think of. Too bad I'll get banned if I do so.

Anonymous 5581

Why not answer indirectly? Without directly quoting them or referring to that specific moid,make it sound like you're responding to men in general

Anonymous 5582

I haven't thought about that, thank you!

Anonymous 5583

Are new threads impssible currently?

Anonymous 5584

I haven't tried making a thread lately, but I haven't been able to upload any image due to file size restrictions (anything larger than "1 byte"). Like even on perfectly normal sized images that I know I've used before on CC without issue. This has just been over the past few days, including today.

Anonymous 5585

The admin has turned off image upload to stop the cp spamming. A consequence of that is that no new threads can be made. It's only temporary.

Anonymous 5586

You'll get banned anyway if you address anything in their post.

Anonymous 5590

Understood, that makes sense. I feel lucky I didn't see any of it. Thanks admins/mods.

Anonymous 5591

oh, lol, NTA but I've done the pretentious third person response thing to men here and I wasn't banned over it.

Anonymous 5598

I'm still wondering what the limits of technical stuff is on a board like this. I.e., is there a way to filter images or have them be pre-approved?

Anonymous 5599

how long have images been unavailable? is it a frequent occurrence?

Anonymous 5600

No, I think it's the first time it's happening or at least since I joined

Anonymous 5601

oh that's good then, I was worried it might be endemic

Anonymous Admin 5602

Image sharing is still disabled due to the persistent CSAM spammer camping out here 24/7. Since new threads can't be created without an image, I can either allow 1x1 pixel images or set a 1-3 hour window every day in which new threads can be created without image limitations. I know this is a terrible compromise, but unfortunately, it's the only thing we can do right now. I promise that it's a temporary fix and I'm working on further protective measures, but am unfortunately too swamped to do it in a timely manner.

Anonymous 5603

Thank you admin for doing your best to keep this site safe. <3

Anonymous 5604

How about we have a thread request board on /meta/ and then admin or mods can post the requested threads? Is that possible with the IB framework?

Anonymous 5605

Im sorry you have to deal with the worst of people just to give us an enjoyable space.

Anonymous 5606


Thank you, admin. We appreciate all your hard work.

Anonymous 5607

Can you please add a NSFW theme? I sometimes browse CC on my work, and people see all the animu pics.

Anonymous 5608

ganbatte jannysan

Anonymous 5609

i know right, it's so satisfying to own men

Anonymous 5617

as someone who used to argue, I think the issue is that there's actually really no winning even if you technically have the better argument, you get the satisfaction, maybe. You're dealing with scrotes that are almost always the type that can't emotionally feel…rape or murder is bad, or almost always act like a man victimizing a woman is deserved in one way or another.
There is 0 dealing with a male who thinks a male not getting sex traumatizes men too.

I remember years ago being on any related co-ed server where the topic always came up and how it boiled down is this:
the men thinking being beaten and abused, used/exploited and lied to (if you're a female), raped, human trafficked, etc., is still a better situation than being a single male that plays games all day and lives on welfare…the implications of this insanity making any discussion useless.
Even I wouldn't say something like a actual abused male is privileged, it'd be so dumb and sensationalist for no reason.

Pretty much everything came down to them thinking a study about swipes on tinder was ultimate proof of male victimhood, because their entire existence revolves around gaining sexual access to women and getting the ego kick of a woman slutting out just for them (even if they look down on it).

Anonymous 5627

Why in the helll are so many posts in the pinkpill thread deleted??? Entire conversations. Its like the last four days of conversations have been deleted. What in the fuck is up with these mods???? I'm not kidding when I say I don't trust them for shit. This is serious horse shit right here.

Anonymous 5630

>the men thinking being beaten and abused, used/exploited and lied to (if you're a female), raped, human trafficked, etc., is still a better situation than being a single male that plays games all day and lives on welfare

Reminds me of the neet subreddit, where most posters are retarded incels encouraging fellow moids to stay on welfare and not work because they're sooo oppressed and life is not fair, them getting screamed at by a coworker causes them to go on a paragraph-long tantrums about how bad they have it, yet if you lurk there enough you'll notice a lot of misogynistic replies like them encouraging to buy hookers and saying it's just pussy.

Anonymous 5635

NTA but yeah, I think you're right and you've changed my mind. The pinkpill thread isn't there to debate between men and women, it's not there to convince any incels. No one on here would agree with them so there's no audience to convince, and arguing with the moids would never change their minds because they're too far gone. Meanwhile, all you do is waste your time and energy writing a well-thought-out response, there's no benefit to debating incels.

Anonymous 5735


Anonymous 5737

>>3203 >>5730

Anonymous 5741

+1 to this idea

Anonymous 5764

I'm really sorry if this is a stupid idea or has already been suggested, but maybe we should implement a color captcha? That would be a good way to weed out men given that they typically have less color receptors than us and poorer color perception.

Anonymous 5765

except for the existence of colorblind women, or women in bad lighting conditions.
The idea of a sex-determining captcha sounds fantastic, but there aren't many ways that completely distinguish the two, beyond sending bobs and vagene.

Anonymous 5766


what about a captcha that only works if you reach a high enough voice pitch that moids cannot do?

Anonymous 5779

The difference between male and female hue sensitivity isn't strong enough to weed out exclusively men. It is true that we are better on average at detecting between colors, but there's no way to capture that sensitivity in a test that doesn't result in a massive number of false positives and negatives.

Anonymous 5835

filter "femanon" to just "anon"

Anonymous 6003

i feel like "femanon" is a word that only moids use so if anything it's just a good way for moids to call themselves out and get banned easier

Anonymous 6004

I hope in the future people get banned for it without it being a written rule, then

Anonymous 6084

How about making a board about hobbies? Some anon in /b/ suggested it and it seems like a good idea

Anonymous 6201


Can you please fix the weird line formatting in posts? I fiddled with the styles a bit and found you just need to remove one css line to fix it

Anonymous 6213

Please do this

Anonymous 7479

Old threads should be locked (~6 months since it's a slow ib). It's kinda awkward to bump/post in threads from 1 or 2 years go.

Anonymous 7490

I think we need to start thinking of ways to make bans more efficient and permanent. Maybe banning popular VPNs by default like 4chan and range-bans that can't be appealed. Some innocent nonas would be affected, but it is starting to seem worth it. One single troon is managing to shit up the whole site and ruin the entire vibe here.

Anonymous 7531

I like being able to reply to old threads.

Anonymous 7547

If some anons weren't stupid, they would know which posts are the troon's and ignore him.

Anonymous 7553


There is like 2-4 butthurt trannoids that i notice on this website, they more often than not post in /feels/ though or make really really stupid pointless threads on /b/ with really shitty topics. Also real women make much less threads than the moids it seems.

The post rate seems different as well women post like 1 to 3 times an hour, a moid spams or responds to every thread he can. So when you notice a chain of posts in the front page the chances are more likely of that being the case. Just a theory I got, I'm sure I'm correct.

Anonymous 7573

1 year old threads or more should be unbumpable except for this board

Anonymous 7579

Is it possible to add automatic deleted/hidden if a post it's reported a certain amount of times using a specific keyword? eg: if a post gets reported for 'gore' 5 times it gets removed automatically or hidden until someone a jannie/mod/admin checks it out and decides to remove it or keep it.
I really like CC but this pics are getting unbearable. There's no other website like CC it's a serious shame especially with the increased centralization of the internet

Anonymous 7590

Genuinely a great idea
"racebait" "gore" "cp" "moid" and every problem is fixed

Anonymous 7592

Raiders are gonna spam report random threads with these words and get them deleted/hidden, bad idea.

Anonymous 7595

Add a 'show hidden threads' feature so if any are brigaded while jannies aren't available to unlock them they're still available

Anonymous 7649

Is it possible to increase thread post limits or is it a bad idea?

Anonymous 7650

Yeah that’s why i said either delete or hide, I don’t think they can auto report posts can they? Whoever is spamming just seems hellbent on sharing pictures by making threads but I don’t understand how any of that works nor do I understand their mentality tbh

Anonymous 7651

Idk if “moid” is a good idea since just basic disagreements can get you called that but gore, porn, and racebait are very straightforward

Anonymous 7657

It's been months and the same stupid threads with no substance are still being made daily in /feels/ and /hb/, wich seems now flooded with pro ana shit. Maybe anons should stick more to generals? I can't describe how unuseful is to open a new thread because you need advise on X instead of using/opening a general. Does the email work? Because I'd like to send a longer private complain. I hope the staff is doing okay. I used to prefer so much CC to LC but this place has changed to worse.

Anonymous 7661

>Does the email work? Because I'd like to send a longer private complain.
Good luck with that. Snail clearly isn't active anymore.

I wonder how long CC will stay up. Renting a VPS costs money, and an inactive admin isn't likely to continue paying. If Snail paid for one year in advance, we might just have a couple of months left - judging by the snowflake animation on /b/'s Catalog, the last time Snail was active would have been last winter.

Anonymous 7669

betting pool for when this site will 404?

Anonymous 7679

I don't want to think about that

Anonymous 7680


Noooooo! The farms are having admin issues as well, I can't lose two female oriented imageboards at once! I prefer cc too. I don't want to be left with the kpop and yaoi boards. First one is filled with twitterfags and the second one is janky and almost inactive

Anonymous 7705

Come on, I don't think lolcow's actually gonna die.

Anonymous 7723

glad i'm not the only one who noticed, i was thinking it was probably just one person making those threads for some reason because they all started recently and have the same energy and they all sound like fake posts people make on reddit for updoots and to further their political worldview.

Anonymous 7785

probably because they are made by moids.

Anonymous 7787

some do, but jannies are smart enough to recognize even the ones that don't, they probably see a lot of posts.

Anonymous 7789

good, that means retarded post get deleted.

Anonymous 7790

gun 3.jpg

I want snow.

Anonymous 7889

Maybe an art board for art nonas?

Anonymous 7890

there are already art threads and they aren't very active. an entire board would be pointless at the moment.

Anonymous 7891

Two terfposting threads have been deleted in a row. Now we really need an explanation.

Anonymous 7892

Exactly. What's going on snail? Why are the terf threads getting deleted again?

Anonymous 7893

well knowing that snail isn't here anymore I assume a mod or a janny deleted a post that was flagged as male (but looks like it wasnt actually male) and since when you delete one post it removes a whole IP's post history it might have deleted the terf thread. That's my guess

Anonymous 7898

But twice in a row?

Anonymous 8568

After embedding a video, it automatically embeds it in the next post like the way that the email field stays the same.
It would be easy to accidentally post a video multiple times if you don't notice it.

Anonymous 8622

Can we have an arts and crafts board for nonas who do art?

Anonymous 8725

It's been mentioned a few years ago it seems but are there plans to implement a search on the site? I'm trying to find the lorcor copy pasta but google isn't showing any results except only one of the bunker threads so I think a site specific search is needed

Anonymous 8871


maybe a lesbian only board?

i was talking to some other lesbians on a thread and they said that they felt kind of excluded because a lot of the posts are about dating men.

maybe it could be titled /l/ ?

Anonymous 8949

Can the bump limiton /b/ be changed? Or maybe add a sticky? The catalog multiple terfposting threads in the top pages at any given time. Can it be made like a sticky so other /b/ threads don't get buried so easily?

Anonymous 9093

What do you guys think about the "beret girl" on "Whatever" podcast?

She is very anti sex work… But based on her Twitter posts she is idk….

Anonymous 9775

Please add a search bar! Ctrl+F is ass when there are dozens of results, it's already hard to see all the hits and even if I do I have to read 34 opening posts to make sure they aren't the exact thing I want to talk about

Anonymous 9998


Should radfems be celibate or should they have as much kids as possible and teach them how to be radfems, including moidlings.

I think that if we cant get rid of them, we should outbreed them but I don't want to breed with a moid or take care of many children on my own.

Anonymous 9999

She is not trustworthy, she has made it clear that she dated a p*do male and finds nothing wrong with it.
You can be right on a podcast but not right in your other morals though. Just have your wits about you when you're listening to someone like that.

Anonymous 10141

Yeah. I am fucking tired of men wanting to be women. It’s already hard for us.

Anonymous 10814

I love you all

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