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Pinkpill 2 Anonymous 73800

Old one was full >>>/b/62606

When did 4chan moids start being obsessed with tradwives? When I was younger it used to be that robots would complain about women who wanted to marry and have children because they deemed them boring prudish normies who will expect too much of their man, now every ideal gf thread I see on r9k has incels clamoring for a wife that will bear their children. I know the real reason is them unironically adopting /pol/ stances not just as memes but as their entire life goals, which is depressing but also a forbidden topic on here, so I won't continue, it's just a weird thing to see. They either want a degenerate e-girl who will cuck them or make onlyfans bux for them both, or an aryan virgin.

Not that 4chan was ever a suitable place to find men anyway. Don't come at me, I just get curious sometimes.

Anonymous 73813

The "tradwife" thing is just part of a backlash to women's advancement that typically follows each wave of feminism. They feel that their power is slipping and want to control women to feel better about themselves so they come up with this stupid "tradwife" cope. Funny thing is that in reality despite what men claim they actually don't want or respect "tradwives"/pickmes and will easily cheat on those women with the degenerate onlyfans e-girl if they get the chance.

Anonymous 73814

When you were younger, the robots were younger, too. Now they're mid-life-crisising. They want legacies without having to earn them.

Anonymous 73833

Anonymous 73846

Why are men more obsessed with having kids now than women why is it so hard for them to accept you can have a fulfilling life without them

Anonymous 73847

Just a new version of the submissive Asian wife.

Anonymous 73854


The only factual representation of 4chan as a whole has been, and always will be /b/ since it's just a bunch of mostly normal weirdos venting and being silly. r9k is all discord mtf trannies so big surprise they want to emulate tradwives and shit on women.

Anonymous 73865

it's called a madonna-whore complex, and all of these neet dudes suffer from it

Anonymous 73871

Refer to >>73813. Paternal lineage is the only firm social connection that men have to influence the next generation of people. They may not even like children but they feel entitled to have legal ownership over them. Female emancipation and single motherhood makes them insecure.

Have you been to /b/ lately? It's just a porn dump.

Anonymous 73883

It's mostly porn and complaining about minorities

Anonymous 73885

Not denying the r9k troom presence or anything, but /b/ is nothing but a loli/revenge porn/sex monger bait dumpsterfire and has been for over a decade. Both of them are just precisely what you get when you enforce no rules beyond what's legal and sell it to a mass audience, /b/ was left as it was by the original owner, and under the new leadership it's been allowed to spread to every other board as well.

Anonymous 73886

truth about 4chan.…

That's not it, you midwit.
/b/ was relegated to LEA moderation after the congressional hearing and servers being moved to the federal contractor in Utah.
There's a reason it's bots and incessant porn now, it's not organic. Under the guise of feds moving in to catch cp (which was not even a thing as late as 2008 onwards, the board was effectively killed off and used as training grounds for LEO, and the other boards had their moderators vetted and the API got some "features" such as forwarding posts to LEA in one click. Moreover, the threads started to get archived from that point onward and would only get pruned by said LEA server-side.
/r9k/ was raided incessantly by trannies and literal shills for ages until it turned into this cuckold miscegenation tranny haven. Discord groups astroturfing 24/7 for years, grooming groups, think tanks. It was originally a very different board. Yes, even after the deletion and restart with the robot. Yes, even after the namefag era. It was the core of the website once /b/ died and virtually all popular memes originated in /r9k/.

It's fascinating when people that know absolutely fuck all about what they are talking about yet they are so arrogant and sure of themselves.

Anonymous 73888

All of 4chan is an FBI CP honeypot. It has to be, because spamming child porn is a popular trolling technique on blue boards. /b/ sucks because /b/ sucks.

Anonymous 73889

Surprised to find hiro shills in such distant lands but I will take the bait regardless, either that or you're responding to the wrong person or didn't even read my post.

I notice you don't seem to know the difference between /b/ in 2010 and 2020, but I can spell it out for you: jailbait spambots haven't been around for years, and beyond that your guess is as good as mine as for what's actually "organic" or not. Think feds actually have time to honeypot revenge porn, baiting for sex tourism and loli? Lmao, two of those are just as common on r9k itself nowadays.

While on the subject, loli in particular as you might have noticed, is a "new" flavor of the month favorite for cross-board spammers so now it's on every single board they can get away with it on instead, aside from the meltdown on the /qa/ side of the site. And just like with traps, gays, trooms, blacked, wmaf and every other invasion people like you will prefer to come up with yet another federal conspiracy for why it's happening instead of just facing the simple fact that the site has crap moderation where fucking anyone can get to be an astroturfer. Of course there are coordinated attacks, but that's only possible because mods either don't give a shit about them or actively participate. I have never claimed moot was competent, he didn't react to the early trap-spamming either, but you have very short memory if you don't remember how much worse most boards got with the new leadership and most notably early 2016, especially fucking r9k.

Anonymous 73898

>When did 4chan moids start being obsessed with tradwives?
From what I can remember, it all started around 2014-2016, strongly influenced by /pol/ and other pro-White sites and subtly by normalfag right wingers, as an attack against those liberal feminists who support the doctrine of trannism, pro-sex work, and other tumblr creeds.

The e-girl thing started with both Belle Delphine and that one Nico Yazawa cosplayer who got really popular, and it seems it is here to stay as long as OnlyFans and Tiktok exist.

This is simply the Madonna-whore complex manifesting in 4chan as time passes, with the Madonna time period coming again, I say, with the rise of vtubers and the moids' desire for purity in these 2D girls. Albeit we also get that desire of kill such purity by doxxing and finding out what are the real names and faces of the most popular vtubers.

Anonymous 73904


>all of these neet dudes
more like 90% of the moid population

Anonymous 73907

Your reading comprehension is atrocious.

Anonymous 73908

I just sidestepped your more ridiculous extrapolations because arguing with schizos isn't worthwhile. Certain spambots were the only notable thing ever happening on /b/ around that time and really ever since. Prove the rest or take your meds.

Anonymous 73911

No, in reality you did not address anything. Your entire post can be considered schizoposting and your subsequent rebuttal is mere projection.

The reason /b/ changed so significantly, so quickly is because the moderation is LEOs that do not moderate anything whatsoever and only care about CSA cases. Since there was never even a big issue of CP, even back in 2004-2005, it resulted in /b/ effectively not having any moderation at all.
Thus, it became a testing ground for astroturfing, shills, tournament selection agent-based algorithms, think tanks, viral marketers.

/r9k/ was the board that took the mantle from /b/, being a random board. Even after the reboot, it retained its raison d'être with the robot.
The board was the heart of the website during the 2010-2015 era, and pretty much all memes originate on /r9k/. Pepe, apu apustaja, wojak and various wojak edits, >tfw and feelposting, advice animals reboots, the list goes on.
The namefagging era was also self-contained in /r9k/.
The whole "e-girl" fad also originated in /r9k/ and the resulting discord groups and late-coming e-girls that migrated to /soc/.

At some point bad actors from /lgbt/ and tranny discords started astroturfing incessantly, trying to groom mentally ill robots into becoming trannies. This is all well documented.

The same groups and several others started astroturfing with miscegenation and "blackled" incessantly, to further demoralize and disorient the userbase. Moreover, something that you likely don't know is the fact that /r9k/ had the largest female userbase after the /cgl/ exodus. The shills were also hard at work to produce "content" disgusting enough to oust women as well.
How come misogynist content and porn was cranked to 11 recently?
Even 5 years ago all robots would post tfw no gf content and feelpost/post original greentexts. It was one of the few boards that didn't really bother with the tits or GTFO mantra. Several namefags were women and no one cared. Daily vocaroo threads with women talking to robots and vice versa.
/adv/ was created early on precisely because /r9k/ had become a relationship board and there was blowback.
/soc/ was created for similar reasons. That's why contact posting and rate threads are now bannable on /r9k/, because /r9k/ had such a balanced male to female userbase that it had devolved to a relationship board.
All that changed so quickly that even the cognitively insolvent realized that it was not organic.

You are such a newfag that I bet the earliest thing you can recall is ciara/bianca/whatever other e-girl was flavor of the month recently. 4chan moderators come in two flavors: Somethingawful oldfags that are degenerate tranny sympathizer boomers, LEA vetted plants, and some (2) libertarian retards. The janitors are effectively ALL plants and agent provocateurs. I bet you also never bothered to lurk IRC in the last decade to experience who these people are.

Anonymous 73912

Don't know if the LEO thing is true or not but what you've said about the boards changing is correct. /fa/ also used to have some female name posters but they are all gone.

Anonymous 73915

woah actually based

Anonymous 73916

/fa/, /mu/, /an/ - they all had sizable (in relation to daily posts average) female population.
Now it's just /r9k/ (a fraction of the original pop), /a/, /lit/ and some other niche boards like /cm/, /c/, /d/, /jp/, /hm/ and /adv/.

Girls overwhelmingly lurk now, and unfortunately they are drawn to nu/r9k/, /pol/, nu/fit/ and take in all the astroturfing and emotionally flagellate themselves, reinforcing their negative thoughts and issues. Same can be said for guys, but they are too far gone at this point.

cc is a step in the right direction, but it's not that far removed. At least moderation makes an effort to keep the IB insulated.

Anonymous 73922

It's an old conspiracy for why /b/ has virtually no moderation, but since they never provide any substance it's a very uninteresting theory. I guess my drunk monkey floods every other month counts as csa cases or whatever.

I couldn't care less about the gender ratio on any board, but joining the occasional chatroom might be a revelation, though I don't think those who join them say very much about the general board population. Gender just isn't relevant for the vast majority of posts outside of body boards or r9k, so trying to figure out actual ratios from the very few people who name/trip/passfag isn't very meaningful.

I give you only that your pic didn't actually call it a honeypot because of those bots as is usual when this is brought up, but otherwise you just said the same thing as your first post so there's nothing new to respond to.

Not sure if the rest was even supposed to be a response to me or just a general statement, all I said on r9k is that it's invaded all the time by literally everyone and as the moderation is crap nothing is done about any of it, which over time weeds out people who bother making real oc in favor of starved lurkers and spam-machines. The multiple waves of excessive normie-tier relationship spam was rightfully dealt with, but try bringing this up about every other invasion and you'll realize that the root of the issue is that there is even less leadership than under moot, not whatever this months spammers decide to flood even if its some variation of troom 90% of the time. I really don't know if you responded to me only to point out that /b/ didn't die for the same reason as every other board (which to my mind is unfounded and silly, but still an incredibly minor point), because aside from that you only seem to be listing random facts that are either unrelated to what I said or doesn't contend with it at all. Map out trooms and their grooming gangs and plants all you want, it's hiro who let these people stay despite what they're doing to the boards in the end.

Anonymous 73926

>/r9k/ was the board that took the mantle from /b/, being a random board. Even after the reboot, it retained its raison d'être with the robot.
The board was the heart of the website during the 2010-2015 era, and pretty much all memes originate on /r9k/. Pepe, apu apustaja, wojak and various wojak edits, >tfw and feelposting, advice animals reboots, the list goes on.

That's not true at all. Wojak is a 30 something disabled neet from Warsaw, the picture associated with him was made on old vichan prolly around 2008, apu comes from yil, why do you think it has a finnish name? tfw posts come from wojak spamming on krautchan.

Anonymous 73927



The community's most notable accomplishment was Habbo raids. /b/ didn't need an alphabet org's help to decline.

Anonymous 73928

I've seen Pol but not the robots. Ideal gf for them goes like this: Virgin, Fertile healthy, Homeschool the Kids, wants kids. Just from seeing the odd greentext story from r9k they seem beyond reproach

Anonymous 73932

/hm/ has always been gay guys, /cm/ even if they were there from the start they've been way more vocal these past few years. They even get into the bl/otome thread on /jp/.

Anonymous 73946

I don't really care about the history of 4chan but am still interested in theories that relate to the OP question. Anyone have thoughts on that?

Anonymous 73954

You want an answer that aligns with your worldview and preconceived notions and biases.
Any answer to questions that have to do with men will be met with ridicule and incessant screeching unless it paints the entire demographic in a negative, irredeemable light.

Men want traditional wives for similar reasons women want a traditional lifestyle and traditional husbands.
The entire society is degenerating and devolving at alarming rates, western people are bereft of a purpose, races are forced to coexist to the detriment of everyone, people cannot afford to attain happiness and contentment, antidepressant use, alcohol abuse, drug abuse at all-time highs, deification of decadence and inversion of mores, pedestalization of ugliness and degeneracy, vilification of white people, white/western cultural heritage, incessant astroturfing, censorship, demoralization.

People dream of an idealized life. A spouse, a big house, children, involved and engaged parenthood, gender roles that clearly define and accentuate each other's strengths and a sense of purpose that comes with it.

Men today think women are irredeemable whores who have body counts in the triple digits, that cheat on them, invite migrant men and subsidize them with their taxes, divorce-rape them, and send them to jail with false-rape accusations.
Women today think of men like irredeemable rapists, users or smelly incels, that are one bad day away from shooting up their school/office, that dream of enslaving women, and will statistically rape at least 4 women in their lifetime according to snopes, who have obsessive and intrusive thoughts of beating up women daily.

People in general want purpose, companionship, peace, contentment.

Anonymous 73961

If we were programmed to seek out long-term partners, we wouldn't have divorce at all.

Anonymous 73962

That makes no sense. People ending up in bad relationships doesn't mean people don't want long term relationships.

Anonymous 73963

If people wanted long-term relationships, they'd make their relationships work. But they don't. The majority of relationships fail. They'd rather cat around than commit.

Anonymous 73982

I miss even the cancer era where trip generals were constant, and there were several you would see in every thread, but the only one I remember went by vyro
I thought it was awful, but now I want to go back.

Anonymous 73989

Yeah, I look back fondly to that era even though it was pure unadulterated cancer.
Ricky was a sperg, eeyore was an absolute angsty retard, lettuce was an attentionwhore, vyro was a failed normalfag and strung along quite a few girls.

I miss spaghetti stories and tendies greentexts so much, the board lost something intangible after the reboot. It's been steadily going downhill since.

Anonymous 74028

This. A failed relationship isn't a personal failing, jfc. You meet someone, you like them, you date them, you get to know them better, eventually you notice their behaviors that they've hidden from you during the "dating" stage and that's when you really know them. No amount of extended courtship can spare you that, most people don't let their guard down and show their real self until they've settled in. Sometimes you like what you get, sometimes you don't.

Anonymous 74029

Monogamy is the actual sexual revolution.

Anonymous 74198


Today, I found out that racial transformation fetishes are a thing. It was mostly /pol/tards writing long rants about how "horrible and unattractive" black women are, and that's why they want to degrade "pure, intelligent" white or Asian women by making them black.
Men really freak me out and disgust me. They're the one group who hate and get angry about things, then literally jerk off about them. It's not like I haven't seen the usual racist stereotypes about being overweight/morbidly obese, ugly with caricature features, loud, illiterate, on welfare and having 6000 kids and 5893389 STDs. It's annoying and kind of sad, but not a single one of those things applies to me (not to humblebrag), so it's whatever.
Finding out about this content and the discourse around it is the harshest reminder that not even being considered "undesirable" will save you from these "people's" psychosis. Anything and everything is fair game to their twisted sexuality. "Good" women, "bad" women, men, old people, children, animals, inanimate objects, dead bodies. They'll make a huge show of calling you an ugly subhuman, and then they'll still find a way to involve their worst, most cartoonishly nasty image of you in their fetid, coom-decayed brains. They're like animals that only exist to worsen everything. I wish I could wash my mind and never know about these things. I wish men didn't exist. Just leave us alone.

Anonymous 74216

I deleted all the nudes off my phone just now forever, feels good

Anonymous 74273


Women hate and jewish hate all in one tweet, men really are vile

Anonymous 74284

so, i'm quite into the japanese entertainment industry. being fans of the actresses and music artists and the things they go through with their husbands constantly reminds me how men are completely shit.
>former idol (22), now an actress, is MIA for 5 months after catching covid
>announces that she is 5 months pregnant and getting married to a youtuber
>said youtuber (28) was on hiatus for half a year and returned in 2020 after having savagely beat and trampled his ex-girlfriend while drunk for confronting him on his infidelity
>fans are obviously concerned
>former idol's husband-to-be posts a youtube video
talking about how he doesn't have a criminal record and has told his wife about his past (assuming the abuse) and is okay with it
>half a day later, the TMZ/shaderoom of japan hosts a livestream with evidence that the youtuber has been in contact with a 15 year old girl
>15 year old girl was threatened by youtuber to send over 30 nudes varying in intensity including showing school id and where she lived
>girl was worried and confided in her friend about situation, and friend confronts the youtuber
>youtuber says he betrayed her and threatens her with a lawyer and risk of doxxing her
>this all happened while the youtuber was dating his future wife
>said youtuber even said that he was a "lolicon" and he wasn't "interested" in his girlfriend at the moment
>this blows up all over social media and the company he's under starts trending in japan
>they try to cover it up and start deleting comments on his channel
>doesn't work
>TMZ of japan hosts another livestream and shows screenshots of the 15 y.o's dm of the youtuber begging her not to go to police or to tell her parents, she ignores him and decides to go the police
>a day later his company terminates his contract and he turns himself into the police/gets arrested by the police
>former idol now has a child for a domestic abuser and pedophile
as of now nothing else has been heard. because of how shitty japanese laws are this man probably won't even get time in prison. but i just feel really bad for both the girl and the former idol. the youtuber in linkrel breaks down the situation better

Anonymous 74286


How about you wake up and actually employ critical thinking?


Anonymous 74287

Angelo John Gage is a professional lifestyle coach (professionally certified as such by Tony Robbins' self-help organization). He makes money running a service teaching what professes to be "self-improvement" and dating advice. His money and income are literally generated by not being an incel and exploiting incels into believing that if they hate jews enough then they too will not be incels; since the primary qualification is "not being an incel," approximately 95% of all men are as qualified as Angelo to make money in that manner, but Angelo manages to be a member of the elite minority of men who transform socially predatory moral depravity from a hobby to a profession.

That means that Gage supporters fall into two categories; morally bankrupt would-be scam artists who see the end result of promoting Nazism as justifying the means of scamming the lower orders of man out of their pitifully small reserves of money and happiness, and unusually stupid incels who fall prey to such scams.

It is honestly shocking to see how many white nationalists will support any scam artist so long as he promotes racism; when con artists are exposed in movements filled with honest men, the honest men will generally exile the shyster to preserve their own integrity. This happens even in large-scale elaborate cons, such as organized religion. But not only is Angelo John Gage not the biggest fraud in white nationalism, he is also not the most important. David Duke himself defrauded his own supporters out of a considerable amount of money–more than some of his uneducated and underemployed fans could afford, which is why they bothered to take their case to the courts. Duke is one of the surprisingly numerous instance of white supremacist leaders who went to prison not for harm done to blacks, but to his own white nationalist followers. The only time I am aware of the alt right actually refusing to support one of their leading con artists was the case of the Nazi leader who led the march on Skokie, Illinois, who went to prison not for any of the neonazi racist activities he was promoting, but for using his connections with his Nazi group to molest underage boys. If it had just been their money that was stolen instead of their young relatives who were sodomized they might never have turned on him.

Anonymous 74289

>298 Jewish feminists
wtf I never knew the jews were so based

Anonymous 74293

Who invited leftypol here?

Anonymous 74466

does anybody remember this "MJmage" tripfag?

Anonymous 75247

its wild that in the US, if you do anything at all with a girl who is a day younger than 18 you will be judged for it for life
but this guy can get away with abusing and threatening girls as young as 15

Anonymous 75261


>its wild that in the US, if you do anything at all with a girl who is a day younger than 18 you will be judged for it for life
Judged, maybe. As long as he is not famous, or the girl wasn’t a perfect victim, or he was only in his 20’s. Criminal prosecution is really only guaranteed if he took pictures or made videos, and the girl is just as likely to get in trouble for it as he is.

Men are disgusting creatures and are rarely punished for it. Even ones paranoid about the law prefer women that are young and as easy to manipulate as possible. That is the ultimate pink pill.

Anonymous 75320

>go on twitter
>see that fgm is trending because today is fgm awareness day
>it's all tweets of men (and handmaidens) "w-what about our boys?! their genitals are still allowed to be mutilated, you don't care about them! both are just as bad!"
this is one of the most digusting topics on earth and they still show zero empathy
it's not like male circumcision is a thing in my country, not a single tweet of a man actually suffering because of that, they simply can't stand the thought of women "getting" something and they not

Anonymous 75332

you can't really get in trouble for having sex with someone a day younger than 18… If you think that's true, please provide news articles. This kind of rhetoric is stupid.

Anonymous 75512

Ok i have a question.

Why do moids think that women live on easy mode?

Are they that fucking re*?

Anonymous 75513

They think that supposed easy access to shallow sexual attention = “easy mode.” Since they are so emotionally inept and pornsick, they think that access to sex = a fulfilling life.

Anonymous 75804

I dunno seems to stem from them thinking you get treated better just for being a girl like employers wanting to fill diversity quotas or that certain behaviours are more socially acceptable/cute if you're a girl like being shy or having obscure hobbies. But it fails to take into account that most of that is only true if you're pretty, being ugly means you still get judged for all that stuff and treated poorly by everyone.

Anonymous 75842

Is the female version chad-betabux complex? lol

Anonymous 75846


No, it’s in fact much older than that. The man will want a relationship with a woman they respect and view as “pure” while not respecting an sexual woman despite being highly attracted to her. It results in them not being able to get it up around the “Madonna” partner despite loving and respecting them greatly, with this ending up with the man cheating on them with a series of “whores”. The classic example is a man marrying a woman and having a child with her. After their wife becomes a mother, these men stop seeing them as a sexual being and lose interest and start cheating despite being very in love with their wife.
This differs from the Chad/beta dichotomy because it suggests women never stop wanting Chad and will just settle with a beta for financial necessity. Contrastly, the man will love and respect the Madonna that they settle with, just not as a sexual being and will seek out the whore to fulfill them sexually (without respect for the whore). Being the “Madonna” or the “whore” is both equally bad for the woman while it’s obviously better to be the Chad than the beta.
Also a Madonna/whore complex is clearly a “some men” thing (unless you’re actually retarded) cuz it’s, yaknow, a complex, while the Chad/beta dichotomy is legitimately how moids think women view them.

So we’re right they’re wrong btfo r9k lurkers lmao

Anonymous 75854

>It results in them not being able to get it up around the “Madonna” partner despite loving and respecting them greatly
It certainty the case sometimes, but don't shoehorn. It's hard to explain the issue, because the word "love" is poorly defined in english. Greeks, for example, had 6 different words for love. One form of love usually prevails, and could even completely overshadow all the other. If you deeply love (philia) the other person, it could be hard to also love (eros) them deeply at the same time. This is what creates the conflict. And even if you feel both form of love at the same time, it is possible for one form (eros for example) to disappear, while other form is still strong.
>After their wife becomes a mother, these men stop seeing them as a sexual being
Childbearing takes a tall on woman's body. Both physiologically and psychologically.
It's very naive to attribute everything to a complex or blame just one party.

Anonymous 75856

So I’m correct, good to know (:

Anonymous 75867

They view a tradwife as a sort of safe haven from the choices of women they think they would have to settle down with. They’re all scared of divorce as well so a tradwife is seen as a sort of safety net

Anonymous 75869

The attention that all attractive girls get moids want, but the rights and opportunities men are given girls want.

Anonymous 75892

Psychoanalysis has very little efficacy. It would be wrong to outright assume these things. Although I do believe this one to be, at least partially, true.

Anonymous 75925

much of 4chan posters are now in their mid to late 20s and early 30s. once you get to that age you realize the most important thing is having a family, a little tribe, because that's the whole fucking reason we're living.

it's hard to have a family when the woman you are with (thinks) she wants to have the same masculine role while keeping the positive characteristics of the traditional female gender role

Anonymous 75927

> once you get to that age you realize the most important thing is having a family, a little tribe, because that's the whole fucking reason we're living.
I laughed, thanks.

Anonymous 75928

why do you laugh ???
is this not true for you?

Anonymous 75938

It’s funny that they desire something they will never have.
They hate women, they hate femininity. They hate the fact that no matter how weak or helpless we're made to be, we’re the only people that chave more of a claim to their children due to biological realities.
They claim to want a tradwife with no job, but they can barely support themselves. They claim they want a teen virgin, but could never deal with teen girl bullshit. They claim they want children but they aren’t allowed within 100 feet of a school.
Imagine hating women and spouting this nonsense. Even the biggest pick-mes see this and will never go for them, choosing a life of simps and tradthottery instead. It’s honestly pathetic. Maybe men do have it harder lmao

Anonymous 75942

'they' is a reference that should be looked at more carefully, because in this case 'they' is the generalized sum of 4chan's feelings towards women, which is very memeified (and based to an extent on real feelings obv)

i have a friend who is culturally WASP. Very polite, understanding, sticks to schedules and modesty, but works out and is in very good shape. Yet, he complains how he cannot find a decent girl. with people like him, the requirements are not much- be somewhat conservative and have decent personality.

that is a very different expectation than that of a r9k incel that expects the best qualities from women despite offering little, but both these feelings are a reaction to the same social problem currently occurring in modern developed countries where the female gender role now allows and encourages for previously 'masculine' or 'agender' traits to be adopted (and keeping positive traits of the traditional gender role) while the traditional male gender role has not been changed. worse, it is trying to be altered into adopting more feminine traits while discouraging masculine traits.

all this leads to a clear imbalance most apparent in places where both genders' traits are reflected in most- dating. 4chan's obsession with tradwives stems from this imbalance they experience personally in dating as they have trouble with having the same traditional male role expectations women have of them (in order to date them) while being challenged by the same women with their newly-bestowed masculine traits.

yes, men do have it harder and we can see that reflected by dumb fuck incel degenerates and general woman hatred on the site. very sad

Anonymous 75943

I got a bf there, he's a real sweetheart

Anonymous 76798


Anonymous 77147


You ever think about how many male “heroes”, “geniuses” and “intellectuals” leeched off of, abused and raped the women in their lives?
Specifically thinking of Leo Tolstoy here, but there are countless other examples. Men are literal parasites.

Anonymous 77158


Quite often.

Anonymous 77183

There are no geniuses like that these days because men don’t have women to be their personal slaves.

Anonymous 77184

That's very cool actually if true.

Anonymous 77259

The answer is very simple.

10 years ago it was all about being a pick-up-artist and pulling girls. Only girls who were almost perfect looking model-females were seen as barely human.

Every half ugly NEET thought he could get a harem of women so why settle for one? Freeing up sexuality was important for them and relationship's were just "such burdens" for them. Why would they want to settle down for one woman when they can fuck so many new ones?

Fast forward 10 years and it turns out the whole pick up artist narrative was a lie. Freeing up sexuality only gave women more sexual power. Those men who didn't wanna settle down with "one woman" and who argued that "the natural state for men is to spread their seed", realized they actually didn't even end up with one woman. They ended up with zero. Literally freeing up sexuality so they could "spread their seed without female's whining" made them into incels.

Very soon, it turned out women actually hold most of the cards sexually, because men are by nature less sexually valuable.

Oh noes, now we have to change our preferences, because the second best thing after "spreading one's seed" into multiple women is to at least spread the seed into one female.

This is where this whole "anti-thottery" bullshit comes from. They caused it to themselves. 100%. I remember arguing with these pick up artists that this is immoral and they should care more about women's personalities, not just looks. I remember making a case for monogamy.

Nope, "that's not in mens nature", "men want extremely attractive women and to spread their seed and to be free".

Ok, you got what you wanted. Women are now thots and choose to fuck whoever they want. Which made most men into incels. Now suddenly the appearance of a woman is secondary - the most important thing is if she is her personality (how submissive or naive she is) so they can basically have a houseslave to rape.

Look at all these "reformed" pick up artists, like YogiOabs or Roosh V.

They caused all of this themselves, but of course they will blame it all on women or on "feminism".

Anonymous 77260


I actually remember trying to find a boyfriend in the early 2010s. It was impossible, most normie men were infatuated with this pick up artist bullshit and "relationships were just such burdens to them". It was always this sense of that sticking to one woman was just too much to ask from them. If you actually managed to get into a relationship "they were not ready to settle down" because they could "play the field" still.

Now those same men are suddenly "reformed", because they just failed massively by overestimating their value and underestimating female value. What happened instead, is that female's just started playing them back - and now they suddenly act like the kings of morality.

No "feminism" isn't the downfall of the "modern woman". Bro's and PUA's and all of these misogynysts were. Which was 90% of the male population like 10 years ago when I grew up.

Now those people are suddenly reformed and want a tradwife, because now it is not fun to play the losing game anymore, give me a fucking break. These moids are fucking pathetic.

Anonymous 77268


Based and recent take

Inb4 the obvious moid comments that it’s actually da joos fault, not daddy rooshie selling them a lie to make a buck.

Anonymous 77274

Yup, da joos, da feminizmz, da societies fault. Many don't even see women as human lol, maybe that's the problem.

They just always have such over-inflated sense of self-importance and then they just fall flat on their fucking faces. Thereafter they proceed to cry and blame women, joos, feminizmz, or other shit over the society they themselves created lmao.

Anonymous 77275

Yep, I've seen this fucking happen in real time.
Funny thing is that literal nazis won't take these "reformed" PUAs in. I've seen it with Roosh. They form cliques of racist and woman-hating rightwing libertarians.
>and now they suddenly act like the kings of morality.
I laugh whenever incels pretend to pride themselves on their "chastity" and are "saving themselves for marriage", lol, it's so fucking cynical. These men have no morals they are just coping rejects.
>"they were not ready to settle down" because they could "play the field" still.
I can see the copes forming already in male spaces. Men saying that their PEAK is in their 50s and they'll be drowning in options to either sleep around or lock down a bangmaid. I don't know what the next phase of the male dating strategists is going to be once they realize that being a balding scrote who works in a car dealership isn't going to make stacies flock to your dick.
>Many don't even see women as human
Funny how men could find a nice girl if they treated women like humans. Men are so fucking retarded and their brains are warped by the opinions of other men. They'd rather ___-maxx and treat dating like a game than find a girl they like treat her with respect.
They'd rather pretend to be the patriarch of a harem or pretend to be the patriarch and sole owner of a single female like she's his property. Most simply cannot wrap their minds around seeing women as anything else.

Anonymous 78625


I remember when 4chan tilted from vulgar libertarian edgelords into full trad bullshitters.

The big sign I saw was when there was a thread on /r9k/(MAYBE it was /pol/?) in 2012 or 2013 discussing abortion. Abortion wasn't an uncommon topic, and pretty much 95% of responders would be pretty strongly pro-choice. Having children = responsibility and being tied down to one woman for 18+ years whether you like it or not, and who wants that?

Suddenly, this thread was nearly flooded with anti-choice responses. Some were the usual blatant misogyny that women were all whores using it as birth control, others were more concerned about the morality of killing a fetus and the belief that it was a full human life. I'll never forget one bewildered reply:

>Wait, is /r9k/ unironically pro-life?

The shift in culture and politics snowballed from there. Pretty much what >>77259 said, it was a bunch of young men and teenage boys getting wrapped up in PUA/MRA culture (I remember the Derrida namefag proclaiming that one day /r9k/ would become the manosphere board instead of just the sour grapes board, LOL) and the daily "misogyny dump threads" until they started realizing when they grew up and started actually interacting with women that the shit doesn't work, they aren't as sexy or valuable as they think they are just by virtue of being older men, and women aren't philosophical zombies.

Chickens coming home to roost.

Anonymous 78652

4chan as a mostly unmoderated website always gave room to counter culture so when the sjw cultural shift happened 4chan experienced a huge influx of anti-sjwers and became their new home.
4chan is and will always be what the majority of the internet deems as wrong-thinkers simply because that demographic has no real other place to stay on the internet. (besides some niche slow trafic sites)

Anonymous 78778

Agreed, it's a home for counter culture so when it seems like one night stands are the norm 4chan wants long term loving relationships, or pro life/choice, goes with anything.

Anonymous 78788

Men from 4chan aren't right in the head most of the time, they will hate fuck women they meet online and women they know in person. It's debatable since this mentality existed before the internet.

It's a double edged sword as well, you could find a man who deeply respects women and is submissive to them.

Anonymous 78802


>tfw you met your husband on /r9k/ and after 7 years of LDR he married you and bought you to the UK.
>tfw he wakes you up with a kiss on the head every day and tells you he loves you
>tfw he cooks 90% of the time, has a good job and you're best friends.

I think I used up all of my luck on this one.

Anonymous 78830

or youre a /r9k/ moid trying to make /r9k/ incels seem good

Anonymous 78838

I doubt it. A moid couldn't think of such a wholesome scenario. Good morning kiss? Cooks for the girl? Best friends? Nah, a r9k incel could never.

Anonymous 78900

I met a anon who made up a wholesome scenario for me, I think he's pitying me frankly but its still sweet

Anonymous 78945

Remember girls that the internet allows us to filter men more easily. Men who want to use us exist in person too. My brother pumps and dumps women he knows in person. Never trust any moid unless it's a bond you can't avoid like a brother or your own son

Anonymous 79137

I now wonder why there are so many awful guys out there being awful.

Anonymous 79144

It does sound like something a moid would write though, it's like something out of a chick-flick.

Anonymous 79293



You guys hear about this? Minnesota SC just ruled that raping drunk women isn't rape because "she chose to get intoxicated". The woman in question was literally unconscious.

Anonymous 79297

It really is a nasty loophole. The legality is specifically "If she chose to get drunk on her own, it can not be considered rape." The judge's judgement was correct, it's the law that needs to be corrected, and you don't correct laws in courts. This of course doesn't cover roofies or having someone buy you a drink.

Anonymous 79302

I want to light him on fire.

Anonymous 79307

I bet you wouldn't do acid or ketamine or huff gas or whatever around people you don't trust, so why would you get drunk? It's literally the same thing. I'm not saying it's okay to do that to someone who's unconscious, but you have nothing to worry about if you're responsible.

Anonymous 79318

It's socially accepted and there's a lot of pressure young people seem to feel to do so to fit in or find friends and partners. I agree it's stupid and dangerous and I don't get it personally because I was always a social pariah anyway, but I do have empathy for normal people who are too young and naive to realize how dangerous because "everyone is doing it" and they'll be considered boring if they don't. A lot of 20 year olds don't have much experience with drinking and go overboard too because they don't know their limits and think they're invincible.

Anonymous 79339

Not being able to drink unless it's around people you 100% trust is going to ruin your social life if you enjoy going out - no parties, no pubs, no clubs, are women supposed to just drink alone in their rooms or exclusively with female friends? Everyone, even men, accept there's a risk of something bad happening when they drink. It's a pretty inherently dangerous activity considering the loss of inhibition and awareness, but I can't blame anyone for still wanting to drink and it's not fair to expect women to refrain from ever drinking in public or around men.

As with sex and drugs and so on, recommending abstinence doesn't work. Education on safety and harm reduction as well as whatever protections that can be put in place by venues are the best alternatives.

Anonymous 79344

True. But you're supposed to have one sober “babysitter” even when drinking just for driving. If you’re not driving then it might be for other reasons (like calling a cab/Uber) but the biggest reason is to make sure everyone is safe.
Men generally don’t care as much as women should but man oh man I’ve heard news stories. Like single men (whether straight or gay) drinking at a bar alone, strange man walks up and starts to chit chat. Slips something in the guys drink. Next morning he wakes up in a strange hotel room and his butthole is bleeding. It is so so so fucked up. Bodily integrity and autonomy is so vital regardless of biological sex.
I digress. Point is that we as females need to watch over each other cause men ain’t gonna do it. They’re not even gonna do it for themselves most of the time.

Anonymous 79403


Is it possible to tell normal men from men who just hide the way they feel about women? Picrel I see this shared around with always unanimous agreements from men.

Anonymous 79404

i honestly think most if not all men despise us, whether they’re upfront about it or hide it, so there is no ‘normal’ to me if that makes sense

Anonymous 79407

Surely not all of them are THIS hateful though? I would say I'm faiely disillusioned when it comes to men but I still see them as entire people despite the evil they do.

Anonymous 79408

it’s not always to that extent but i think there’s always some form of hatred.

Anonymous 79419

IMO that is the same or similar to hate, only seeing someone as a sexual outlet.

Anonymous 79420

IMO that is worse than hating someone

Anonymous 79422

They are raised to hate and violently hate, because they're raised and encouraged to maintain a callous streak. It's what masculinity is imo.

Anonymous 79423

/fit/ is basically /r9k/, men suck but informing your views on them by browsing incel imageboards does nothing but induce brainrot

Anonymous 79426


You're probably right. It feels scary though knowing that any man could be this evil.

Anonymous 79489

>A woman never has to feel alone/inadequate/sad, she is trapped in an infinite circle of positive reinforcement.

Men are absolutely retarded, holy shit. How blind to you have to be to the world around you to think this way?

Anonymous 79550

I live in a shitty backwards country and Jesus fuck recently the politicians tried to pass a law called bolsa estupro that rapists have to pay child support and are allowed to see the child born from rape. This is a country that says that abortion is legal if you get raped but the process is made to be lengthy on purpose, so by the time the processing is done the fetus is too old to be aborted. I have no hope for this country anymore and even thought I don't date men I'm super scared bc corrective rapes are super commom too. I've seen so many shit by now that I'm sure men are defective in some way.

Anonymous 79573

I have seen men proudly announce they vote for anti choice politicians purely because they know women suffer as a result. Never in my life have I seen a woman even ironically support voting for a candidate to make men suffer. I think most men are born without souls.

Anonymous 79576

At this point I just assume that 99% of men think something like this about women and avoid them accordingly. I just accepted it so nothing they say really shocks me anymore. I’ll be nice to their face when I have to but I don’t interact with them further than that.

Anonymous 79591

love when they pull the Napoleon quotes without realizing that he simped for an older divorced woman with children who absolutely resented him, sent her love letters constantly and she never gave him the time of day.

Realize that when men act like this they are protecting their own egos. It's very easy for them to dehumanize women since they lack the same levels of empathy and compassion for others as most women. Especially since most men are porn addicts and see women primarily through her utility as a sex object.

Anonymous 79592

Men resent women for two reasons
1. lack of access to her sexual organs when he desires them
2. envy over the fact her sexual organs make her more desirable (see 1.)

Both issues would be solved if men thought of women as humans and not holes but that's unlikely. Their mindset is their own fault but they lack the logic skills to understand and overcome.

Anonymous 79593

He put a lot of effort into that bait.
I can't imagine using history to try to justify misogyny, especially considering that women weren't allowed to participate in, or were laughed out of most if not all creative or academic endeavors that were taken seriously at the time.
Hell, back during the time of philosphers, people thought women got pregnant by just being near sperm. Millenia old history is not the best to base your modern social ideology on lol


Anonymous 79594

Not only that, but even with everything against them women still time and again created art and studied science that we still rely on now. Even with every odd stacked against us we prevail and become immortalized, but men seem to be allergic to this and would prefer seeing all men on any list of scientists, artists, etc.

We'd be living among the stars by now if men would get over themselves.

Anonymous 79649

I don't even think it's bait. I've known men who type out entire diatribes like this, it's the mark of a men who is genuinely seething behind his screen. This man probably legitimately believes that women have life handed to him, and that he is cursed by losing the 50/50 chance he had to a life of luxury, and this is all he can do to cope.

It's batshit insane but there are men who hate women purely because they've deluded themselves into thinking we're living high on the hog somehow because we have a tiny bit of legal recourse against male violence instead of none at all.

Anonymous 79704

Anonymous 79752

Don't you think it is much more likely that the dating sphere at the time being full of PUAs and non-committal robots has much more to do with your/my age at the time and less to do with society as a whole?
I can confirm the market was saturated with PUA fuccbois in that ers. But at that time I/they were 17/18 years old.
Their transformation now into wanting tradwives is a reflection of us all being older, assuming much of 4chan's userbase has aged with it (and I suspect it has).
I do think probably their are racial undertones to the change too as most of 4chan has been inundated with race politics since the creation of /Pol/ or maybe/probably even before then.
The robots are scared because they are being (very obviously) directly threatened via blacked threads etc.
They see having children as the only logical way to maintain the white race which to them is somehow good and pure. A trafwife is merely a means to that end.
Ultimately the world would be better if we didn't have to hate the robots. If the robots could be better.
The most clear enemy to them healing is the political threats hidden in their pornography.
I don't know where it originates. Is it actually joos making blacked threads to make the white moids feel inferior. Or is it the Nazis making it and claiming that it is the joos to make the white moids hate the joos more. I don't know.
But that's the problem.
Imagine you masturbate several times a day. Think of the mental state you are in as you do that. Think of how vulnerable your brain would be to subliminal or even obvious messaging.
And now look at the threads. Blacked. Traps. Gifs That Make You Want To Suck Cock. Hypno Sissy. Etc etc. It's all attacks on their masculinity and they can't stop watching it. They become full of hate.
P.S. just to demonstrate the point further go to 4chan now today while they have their April Fools Joke working. It tells you how many "Canadians" are in each board (people who someone chose to ban/report).
/Gif/ the most popular porn section of the website has, as of writing, 234 reported posts.
That's 4 times the number of any other board. Even /Pol/ only has around 100. This reflects very clearly where they feel they are being attacked (the pornography board) and shows just how disgruntled they are.

Anonymous 79856

Men with a good relationship with their mothers are less likely to be like this (not too good of a relationship or then they're pussies)

Anonymous 79857

It's so dumb because /fit/ sometimes attacks incels and tells them to go back to /r9k/ at the slightest misogyny, but in other cases they say the exact same thing as incels.
Although they are probably not the same people.

Anonymous 79858

>Men with a good relationship with their mothers
I swear like 80% of incels have divorced parents, and grew up with their mother who loved them. I know about Nigeling in feminist circles, but in incel ones it's completely normal to say shit like this >>79403 about women, but then turn around and say that their mom is an exception. This is always true unless their mother was actually abusive or a bad parent.

Anonymous 79872

Positive isn't necessarily the same as good (healthy). They were probably pampered and spoiled by their mommy in these cases, and want women to give them sex just like their mom brings tendies to their room. Sure they love their mom but it's not exactly good parenting or a healthy adult parent-child relationship. Especially since you say divorced, there's usually issues there.

Anonymous 79891

Yes, a key factor in men growing up wrong is lack of a good male role model. It's extremely important to their development.
It's quite probable that the rise in incels etc. is due to the rise in divorce.
But the alternative is quite bad - back to marriages you cannot leave.
Perhaps the real answer is that marriage needs to change drastically. It basically works when it's impossible to leave. The alternative to it shouldn't be divorce because clearly that doesn't work - it should simply be no marriage in the first place. Or at least marriage of a different kind.

Anonymous 80111

It's gross how many coomers are on /vp/
I just like Pokemon dude why you gotta make it weird

Anonymous 80118

Anonymous 80125

I feel this so much.

Anonymous 80128

Do you know a lot about johnny's entertainment idols?

Anonymous 80966

Why do men act like subhumans the moment we aren't watching?

Anonymous 80984

Why do men act like subhumans?

Anonymous 80985

Why do men think it’s okay to exist?

Anonymous 81632

This post seems to overestimate the impact of PUA on young men those days and doesn't acknowledge the sexual revolution as an older phenomenon.
This post seems to be influenced by a lot of time waste in other chans and it extrapolates internet's nerda behaviour to the general population.
Changes in the structure of relationships are older and of course influenced in part, at least, by feminism.

Summarizing, fuckboys are older than PUA and therefore PUA not influential for anyone but a bunch of smelly dweebs

Anonymous 81742

>Do you know a lot about johnny's entertainment idols?
yes. i am a fan of a few of the groups under that company

Anonymous 81751

omg, i've just recently got into arashi/SMAP (and 4DP) i really want to learn more about these groups but since i can't speak japanese there's only so much that is translated and there aren't many that are still interested in their older works from the 90s ;-;
how did you get into them/info on them?

Anonymous 81758

Because Pickmes allow it.

Anonymous 81783

Based schizo take.
Do you have any ressources (screenshots, confessions) about the supposed shills on /gif/ ? I'm sure there are some obscure tranny discords behind the sissy hypno threads (just like with r9k tranny threads, it has been documented there), but what about the blacked threads ? Is there anything more than /pol/ rumors ?

Anonymous 81793


This. Men truly see us as separate at best and subhuman at worse. It only makes the incel to transwoman pipeline more interesting. Maybe men wish to be slaves?

Anonymous 81796

I've heard incelish transwomen speak on what philosophers have said re: women and they often say this is a clear cope for not having been born a woman, and that this is how their own womb envy manifested before they came out of the closet.

I'm honestly willing to believe this, because misogyny at its core is a hatred of not having the capacity to give birth. Misogyny was founded on controlling this power because men didn't get it.

Anonymous 81797

i got you, anon. if it's okay with you, i'll post everything in >>2803 since it's going to be a blogpost

Anonymous 81798

Anonymous 81809

>angela merkel ruined germany! we def mustn't have a female leader ever again!
i don't like her either, but i don't know, at least we didn't start world wars like we did under male leaders…?
do any of you anons also have a borderline mens right activist family?

Anonymous 81812


Unfortunately yes. Same talking points about female leaders and all. It’s even worse when it’s women saying that shit.

Suffer not the pickme or the libfem. Pic only somewhat related.

Anonymous 81816

Women don't always represent the interests of women in politics. It's weird for people to understand pick mes as being bad despite being women but then for some reason that can't extend that to female politicians who have bad politics

Anonymous 81817

Completely missed the point.
This is not about Merkel, the issue is that my dad hates approxiamtely 100 male politicians, gets mad because of them on the daily and yet it would never even cross his mind to link them being bad at their job with their maleness.
But 1 woman being bad at politics = no woman is qualified to work in politics.
And that's not just his opinion and not just about women in politics, so many people unironically think this about any somewhat prestigious/well-paid field as well.

Anonymous 81818

You probably should have given more context if you didn't want to come off as mad that people didn't like a female politician

Anonymous 81820

it's obvious…not even hitler made people say no more male leaders but one female leader is enough to make them say that all women have no place in politics

Anonymous 81821

That's not there in the original post

Anonymous 81823

why so pressed ?

Anonymous 81826

? I'm not even disagreeing with you, it's just weird for you to get mad at someone for not understanding a point you didn't make in the original post they responded to

Anonymous 81829

At the beginning I wrote that I don't like her. But nevertheless you immediately jumped to conclusions, accused me of being one of the supposedly many women who are blind to how bad female politicians are, accusing me of only excusing her being bad because she's a women, a bunch of baseless accusations.

Anonymous 81830

Anonymous 81831

just like the rest of cc half of this thread is likely just moids camping here waiting to own the roasties

Anonymous 81832


using the term “pick me” is just misogyny with extra steps

Anonymous 81833

please elaborate on this

Anonymous 81835

by shitting on women who say women deserve no rights we become the actual misogynists, unlike the generous men who allow women to choose to get treated shittily by them

Anonymous 81836

nta but it's blaming women who want validation over moids or the society that encourage them to be that way. That image mentions how the pickme thinks she is better than other women, but "pickmes" are often made to be in the role of bad women for "non-pickmes" to feel better than. It's a real phenomenon though and I don't think all women who fit that description are poor innocent victims, but sometimes the venom towards them feels kind of misogynist.

Anonymous 81837

That and since it's a buzzword it's often shorthand for women I don't like

Anonymous 81838

>the venom towards them feels kind of misogynist.
It's not like the majority of of us outright attack pick-mes tho? Most likely don't even say anything to their face, they just want an outlet because they have e.g. an older female relative or coworker who constantly tries to brainwash them into thinking like them or who constantly treats them badly because they don't fit their standard of what a woman should be like.
For example I love my mom, so I don't wanna argue but sometimes I just can't take her bullshit anymore, she's like a mix of the worst nitpickers of lc, strict christians and "w-we have to protect the men!". Always calling normal women ugly + saying they have an easy life compared to men. Of course she's nothing compared to actually bad men, it's obvious that it's oftentimes simple jealousy, but sometimes it's just feels extremely annoying or disappointing…
You basically just want us to constantly endure the misogyny they direct towards us but sorry, I'm not jesus, sometimes I just can't, sometimes you also have to hit back a little.

Anonymous 81841

I said "sometimes" anon, wasn't accusing anyone. I've mostly seen what I'm talking about on lolcow, it's a lot more chill here. I'm against venting or anything, I just see how it could potentially be misogynist in some contexts.

Anonymous 81869

bye bye sir

Anonymous 82208


Hey anons, I regard foundation and concealer as bad things for women. I stopped wearing those and it helped me feel better about my acne. I was wondering if you anons think eyeshadow/lipstick (makeup that isn’t foundation/concealer) is as harmful? I bought an eyeshadow palette I thought was cute, but I generally view the makeup industry negatively, so I’m not sure how to feel about it.

Anonymous 82209

All make-up is harmful, that's why men never wear it.

Saying that, one woman taking a stand against the make-up industry isn't going to make a huge difference in the world unfortunately. Just do what feels good for you and adapt as your views change.

Anonymous 82254

People on 4chan are usually contrarians who hate themselves. Both of those choices make sense for them.

Anonymous 82261

I’ve recently stopped wearing face makeup (foundation, concealer, highlight, contour, etc) but I still wear mascara, eyebrow pencil, and sometimes eyeshadow and blush when I want to feel pretty. I like makeup because I find it fun, but I try to go 100% makeup free at least once a week. My take on makeup is if you can’t be seen without it, it’s not “just for fun” anymore.

Anonymous 82271

some men do wear it. typically those that are effeminate or in the alternative scene. personally thats why i only wear smeared eye shadow because i like the look. i dont think it makes me any prettier

Anonymous 82355

I don't think they're bad, though with the rise of social media, make-up and beauty went into consumerist overdrive. I'm sick of seeing "beauty gurus" passing off their consumerism as empowerment.

Anonymous 82393


I found this article on "signs she gives good head", all of the signs are sickening and this one was the worst for me, pigtails, a hairstyle often associated with children and innocence is viewed as "head handles" and she's "asking for it" absolutely sickenning, and the pic is a pin up of a woman wearing kids' accessories, looking away with her cleavage out.

I wonder if they view kids with pigtails the same way, its disturbing how much kiddy stuff the porn industry has that eventually leak to pop culture and then to common people.

as someone who likes to wear pigtails outside i feel very grossed out and disgusted, im thinking of all the times i wore my hair this way and what men around could've thought of, im digusted by myself and by them.

idk what i expected but certinally not this, i cant with men.

Anonymous 82397

They'll sexualize anything and claim a woman is "asking for it," even shaved heads, so it's not worth fighting against. Keep wearing the hair you want, anon.

Anonymous 82400

Remember that men will think gross things no matter how you present yourself just because you are a woman.

Anonymous 82436

Its a coomer porn meme. But to be fair it looks dumb af if its not an anime wig with twin tails. Or if the hair aint hella long.
It is true that moids see fetishes where they shouldnt and many think in that "she is asking for it" socially retarded manner.

Anonymous 82463

I used to not wear pigtails (or twin braids) for this reason despite loving the look but now I know it’s best not to give a fuck. Wear your hair how you want. Male opinions don’t matter because anything female will either be sexualized or made fun of.

Anonymous 82487

Anonymous 82672


I love lum.
She is hot and cute

Anonymous 82860


anyone else absolutely fucking despise the cuckqueen threads on r9k? i cant help myself from going on a few times a week as i used to spend all day on there and those threads make me irrationally angry. i cant believe robots act like theyre so hard done to and that theyre the only guys who really deserve a gf and whine about how apparently the enitre female species is against them all day, yet think its okay if they did get a gf to brainwash her into letting them fuck other girls and compare her to those girls and hit her and tell her how worthless and ugly she is in comparison. not to mention they also expect her to be some trad virgin who fucks like a pornstar and never interacts with a single other man on top of it all too. literally how much of a fucking ungrateful degenerate piece of shit can you be. it seems that almost all guys on r9k have this horrible fetish and i genuinely hope they never get a gf and all end up killing themselves. i used to have sympathy for incels but its now clear to me that 99% of them really are just shitty people who deserve it in some way.

Anonymous 82864

I dont go on shit9k but every moid wants a harem. It's in their nature to want multiple women and girls to fuck.

Anonymous 82865

LOL yeah dw, they're all on suicide watch. They're ugly cucks whose future partner would abandon after realising there's no hope for them. Btw, i'd recommend you to go on 4chan.org/catalog and click on "filters" on the right and type in 'cuckquean'.

Anonymous 82866

> i used to have sympathy for incels but its now clear to me that 99% of them really are just shitty people who deserve it in some way.
Welcome sister. The pink pill is knowing that perpetual celibacy for these creatures is a symptom, not the underlying problem.

The craziest part about their fantasies is they’re not unrealistic actually, it just is for them. There’s girls who do cuck shit for moids because of low self esteem Literally me with my ex Those men didn’t need to go on r9k for advice to land a girl who will obsess over them and compete for attention. Same with getting a mentally ill gf or someone underage like many r9scrotes want.
Imagine aspiring to be a piece of shit and failing at it. What pathetic creatures.

Anonymous 82872


hatred and mental illness and psychopathy exist when they shouldn't. hatred exists everywhere in all walks of life, in men and women the same. try not to seek out this stuff and don't torture yourself with that. surround yourself with humble, decent, trustworthy people. reading stuff like that is alarming and scary but they can't hurt you and there is a lot of good out there and it's worth recognizing. it's better for you to ground yourself focusing on the immediate good and healthy. sadly, none of us can't control the hatred and suffering in the world but we have agency and power and good exists.

Anonymous 82896

based. Thank you for helping maintain the power of the courts

Anonymous 82901

The truth is you can't help incels, I mean the ones who actually choose to self-identify as incel and not just random virgin men. They actually enjoy being part of their incel and "looksmaxx" communities and it's like a hobby for them. Even men who have girlfriends/wives join those communities and the ones who actually try to "ascend" are bullied back into it by their peers. You should never feel bad for them because they choose to be there.

Anonymous 82932

The series is for moids just like anything else that mangaka wrote

Anonymous 82968


I have mixed feelings about porn addicts, specifically the ones who are trying to quit because they either had some kind of epiphany (the logical sex need some help realizing videos called “teen whore gets what she deserves” might be a bit sexist) or their dick just stops working. People not supporting the porn industry, whatever their reasons may be, is objectively a good thing but I have to wonder where they will do with the free time that they now have and the misogynistic and pedophillic ideals that they developed. I dont believe in the idea that porn is keeping men from raping and abusing women, but if a man only decides to stop watching porn for superficial reasons like his sexual performance as opposed to its obviously harmful nature then I see no issue in assuming hes a ticking time bomb who will eventually decide to rape a woman or child. Is that a reasonable assumption or do I just not have enough faith in moids?sorry for sperging about nonsense i just wanted to talk about this and it seemed relevant enough to this thread to put it here

Anonymous 83125

discord trannies.j…

Anonymous 83126


Low quality but I think you can read some and get the gist of it

Anonymous 83128

I didn't realize giving birth was a "power".

Anonymous 83133

Having full control over literally who enters this world or who doesn't is a power.

Anonymous 83166

Until you get raped and used as a breeding factory for moid demons to continue their tyranny. It’s a weakness, not a power.

Anonymous 83167

Is that what trannies tell themselves to cope?

Anonymous 83460

Good post.

Anonymous 83874

I notice at Dairy Queen the moids are more likely to mess up my milkshake

Anonymous 83883

It's still power, the means of power has just been usurped. That's why men do it. They don't control the means of reproductions and it infuriates and scares them so badly that they had to create the patriarchy in order subjugate women.

Anonymous 83886


Evidence men are designed to labor in the fields for 12 hours a day as they are incapable of following directions.
Don’t fuck with my food, moids

Anonymous 83903

most field labour is actually done by women. men use tractors etc a lot more.

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