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tfw no bf Anonymous 14789

Last thread maxxed out: >>>/feels/10193

Admin's post: >>>/feels/10163
>We ban trolls and delete their posts as we find them, but we've also had an influx of new genuine user groups who have clashing ideas of what the board culture should be like. Please report suspected troll posts and we'll take care of the rest.

Never made a Thread so I hope I did nothing wrong

Anonymous 14790

You did well, OP.

Anonymous 14792

>tfw no bf
>tfw resting bitch face prevents men from ever approaching me

Anonymous 14803


why is it so hard for you anons to get bfs?
my problem was depresshun and feeling like i wasn't worthy of one.

Anonymous 14807


If you want a guy to take advantage of and abuse you, all you need to do is to go outside. Plenty of fish in the sea, or so it is said.
I've seen men before. Just last year I've met up with a cute Canadian, he flew over to meet me in another city in the country.
Ghosted me the week after after two years of a LDR.
There's a point to be made for developing your personality through interacting with people, but what's the point of spending time even on the "good" guys when they pull shit like this?
Additional info: I've lived in that city before and was showing him around most the time. My own perception is that it all went well, something he didn't dispute then nor ever. So I don't even know the reason, to this day.

Anonymous 14810

You didn't explain how the took advantage of you. He just ghosted you, which is pretty awful, but not the same. He even flew over to meet you!

Anonymous 14812

You're right, this particular example held little in the way of taking advantage. Its purpose was explaining that even the rare few who aren't out to do that will drop you like a pair of gloves.
I could post a few stories of another nature if you feel that'd be better, but we had too many of them in the previous thread already - even without me contributing.
Oh, and
>He even flew over to meet you!
Makes it look like he actually cared doesn't it?
In hindsight I don't feel that I was the main attraction of that trip, but I'm happy you do, I guess. He had a good month more of travel planned out after me, if anything I was convenient.

Anonymous 14813

I'm overly shy which makes me seem uninterested even when I'm interested. What am I supposed to do when guy gives me looks and smiles?

Anonymous 14814

Give him looks and smiles

Anonymous 14815

I do but then what? We both look and smile but I don't know what to do next! It makes me feel so tingly I'm almost questioning if he's actually smiling to me in the first place and if I'm only imagining it.

Anonymous 14816

you must be imagining it then.

Anonymous 14817

I don't get why people go on about their "resting face", like are these people just going round with their face blank? If you want to look friendly you smile, if you want to look cool act disaffected etc etc. Surely that is what expressions are about

It's like someone complaining about not being able to walk because they have a resting leg.

(sorry if this came across as mean I genuinely am curious)

Anonymous 14819

walk up to him and discuss your future wedding plans with him

Anonymous 14821

nta, but for me when I'm not concentrating on it my face just automatically tenses up and I furrow my brows. It's difficult to always think of your face when doing other tasks throughout the day, although I try.

Anonymous 14823

>r9k is now full of guys talking about how they fucked sooo many girls bro!
just kill all men pls

Anonymous 14824

>tfw tfw no bf but also want to genocide men
I feel you.

Anonymous 14825

where can I go to restore my faith that there are quality men out there?

Anonymous 14826

try ftm

Anonymous 14827


kill me

Anonymous 14829


I'm lucky to have a decent guy in my family, although that obviously isn't the case for most.
I like to hang around anti-anti-feminist forums/male video creators to detox sometimes. They're at least a bit more decent than outright robot and incel misogynists.
Unless you agree with more trad views, in which case I cannot help you.

I'm down for a trans bf honestly. They're usually cuter and cleaner.
Pic related.

Anonymous 14830

>I'm down for a trans bf honestly. They're usually cuter and cleaner.
Pic related.

that's the spirit! Take pride knowing there are some men out there who shower more than once a day!

Anonymous 14831

[im the anon who made that other thread with the pink haired anime girl as the picture that was essentially a tfw no bf thread about my complicated relationship with my crush if anybody recognizes me]

basically just
t f w n o b f

i really just can't stand this loneliness, i want somebody to want me so bad. i want to have my first kiss, i want my first irl bf, i want a bf to hang out with at lunch break and after school. that just sounds like the most heartwarming thing ever. i have been so lonely my whole life and ive never wanted to let anybody in until around this year, now i really know what im missing out on and i wanna bf so bad.
the other day i just sat in bed and cried because i felt so lonely and unwanted

thats that

except me to come back though, cause tfw no bf is something i feel/think about every single day

Anonymous 14832

when that's the high watermark for cute then it's not looking good for ftms, I'm sorry but /bendercritical/ on lolcow has ruined trans people for me by showing me what the average is like

also I melt when I smell a good smelling man musk

>more than once a day
that's literally more than me though

Anonymous 14834

i wonder what my future first bf is going to feel about how much of a mess i am. i would never ever drop a huge bomb about my mental health on him or be dependent on him but i can't even hide it. the scars on my thighs and forearms that i do my best to hide, the marks on my knuckles from purging, my protruding ribs, the bags under my eyes. i hope my future bf won't be scared away

Anonymous 14836

I dream about literally just hanging out with a cute guy that likes me romantically sometimes
just hanging out, but we'd have those moments where our eyes would meet and we'd both smile and he's put his hand on my shoulder randomly

Anonymous 14837

>more than once a day
>that's literally more than me though

and now we know why u no have bf; joking.

but in all seriousness, if you dont want ftms you can try other men. For instance men with good hygiene (hilariously refereed to as "metrosexuals" as if decent hygiene is somehow alien) or asexual dudes. Find a man in real-life who seems friendly and caring and not sex-obsessed stinky man. Some may say "uwu just get into some sort of male-dominated hobby/interest group" but I wouldn't recommend going into any chan-like group spouting off memes because those type of men tend to be no good.

Anonymous 14838

me too anon, me too

just standing around doing essentially nothing with somebody i mutually like is all i want in life

Anonymous 14839

I mean, the uwu soft gay bois with tiddy out are usually kind of gross but many ftms just want to pass as men.
I guess I'm a bit of a ~handmaiden~ since I'm not totally against trans people (obviously). Although some are assholes like with any group, I'm sympathetic to the fact that they're going through a lot of internal nonsense. Maybe I've just had experiences with too many nice trans people.
Not to argue with you too much here since I know neither of us will change our mind.

Anyway Jamie is top tier for what I find attractive but I admit my standards are a bit weird. Any skinny guy with big eyes is an 10/10 to me.

Anonymous 14840

I just don't see why, unless you do a lot of activity, you would need to shower more than once a day regularly, what dirt is getting on me over the course of the day I need to wash off? And when does the second shower occur anyway? The evening? Why does it matter how clean I am when I'm sleeping if it's all coming off in the morning.

I am freaking out about this as far as I knew no one showered multiple times a day every day.

Anonymous 14841

I used to shower twice because I was neurotic about sweating even a little. It dried the fuck out of my skin. Do not recommend.
Now I only shower twice on workout days.

Anonymous 14842

Do you think there are guys that would just be ok with cuddling all night instead of having sex? What is the minimum amount of sex I need to give a guy for him to stay interested in me?

Anonymous 14843

>tfw tfw no bf but also want to genocide men
>I feel you.

why would you want to genocide all men yet still want to obtain the bf? In doing so you limit yourself to two choices of men

1) the type of man who hangs out with leftist/progressive women in hopes of becoming "friends with them"
2) the r9k type femdom/mommydom fetishist

Anonymous 14845

I have an innate desire for male partnership but in reality most men are disappointing at best.
Option two would be nice if they didn't also hate women on top of it.
>take care of me and spank me mommy BUT YOU ARE INFERIOR LEGALIZE RAPE
Absolute state of robots.

Ideal choice is lefty feminist into femdom but they don't exist. Men always want the opposite in the bedroom of what they want irl, it's strange.

Anonymous 14849

what does it feel like to be hugged?

Anonymous 14869

four of sex

Anonymous 14879

If you could wake up tomorrow and have your ideal BF by your side what would be the first activity you would wish to do together?

I always desired one day cooking together as a couple and while i'm doing a certain task he sneaks up behind me and hugs me.

I never had a boyfriend so wholesome moments like that are what I look forward too, but one can always dream.

Anonymous 14881

That sounds cute, I'd like that too. As for me I'd like to fall asleep together, maybe while hugging each other or holding hands. Just physical contact in general, and the idea of trusting someone enough to fall asleep in front of them is appealing.
I'd like to cook for him, someone appreciating something you made with your own two hands sounds nice as well.

Anonymous 14882

I've found that to keep a boy affectionate and 'bonded' to you ya have to give it up semi-regularly, their lizard brains just work like that unfortunately

Anonymous 14883


I'm don't understand wanting a boyfriend but maybe the problem is you're not looking where you should.

I think Machamp is best bf. For everyone here. Why? Muscular, kind, considerate, does what you want, keeps away robots and shitty people, plus helpful around the home and could easily be utilized to fix things around the house.

Anonymous 14884

Also, forgot to add

You can easily bring him everywhere with you to ensure he doesn't cheat (pokeball). You can also shut him up by the same mechanism.

Anonymous 14886

No dick tho

Anonymous 14889

Strap ons

Anonymous 14893

>I always desired one day cooking together as a couple and while i'm doing a certain task he sneaks up behind me and hugs me.
this does not bode well for your survival if you are ever in a horror film anon

Anonymous 14899

I'd like to watch a movie or something under some blankets on a freezing cold day. The idea of having another human being to be close to me and keep me warm sounds really comfy.

I like your situation too. Just the general idea of a best friend you can touch that touches you as well sounds really nice.

Anonymous 14912

is there a twink version?

Anonymous 14917


Anonymous 14918


Twink squared versión (tyrogue)

Anonymous 14919

that's just a shota

Anonymous 14920


I've decided I don't want a pokemon, I want a cute and tall bf who can hold me when we watch movies

Anonymous 14964

Paradigm Shift: What if he fucking died and that's the reason he stopped messaging you?

Anonymous 14989

>but I'm happy you do, I guess
anon, so passive aggressive. that's all i can assume from your previous post, you made it seem like he cared and didn't give any info to make us think otherwise. it's not a big deal.

Anonymous 15023


just look him in the eye, give a firm handshake and ask him out

Anonymous 15037


>in and out psychiatric hospitals since age 13
>disappeared from high school
>cannot socialize without feeling suicidal and on guard for abandonment
>somehow charming to men
>men get sick of me once they see the truth
>are many years of therapy just a meme?

Anonymous 15040

kek, should I bring a resume with me? Is it bad if my only reference is my mum?

Anonymous 15052

God I want a short bf.
But I am cursed.

Anonymous 15066


>ywn have bone cancer and a /fit/ husbando who loves you enough to carry you around in the store
>ywn be petite and frail

Anonymous 15091

You jest, but I know a girl who went on a blind date with a guy and he brought a resume with his mom as a reference to prove he'd be a good boyfriend.

Anonymous 15097

That's kinda sweet, I mean it's definitely weird and I feel kinda bad for him, but it sounds like he was trying to impress her. How did it turn out?

Anonymous 15098

if you're frail you don't really need a /fit/ bf, I am always surprised by strong a completely average looking guy is

tbh that's really quite funny

Anonymous 15101

lol that's so cute. My little brother who has asperger syndrome is the kind of boy who would do something like that seriously if I recommended it as a joke.

Anonymous 15107


I'm not frail yet though. And true but i also just happen to like /fit/ boys who are several times larger than me

Anonymous 15108


How do I know if I guy I like is bf material, what are the most common redflags anyone should be aware of?

I grew up in a not-so-nice house so I have lots of anxiety when judging someone

Anonymous 15111


I'm never going to get a boyfriend. I'm so tired and sick of it all. Every day is the same thing in and out and everywhere I look and go I see happy couples/people holding hands with each other and here I am sitting at the computer, business as usual. I'm so tired, I want to go to sleep and never wake up.

Anonymous 15112

How old are you? Have you tried getting a bf?

Anonymous 15113

try finding out what you enjoy in life (BY TRIAL AND ERROR not by sitting and thinking "gee that would probably suck") and focus on that

Anonymous 15120

I'm 27 years old and I never ask a boy out. I thought guys were suppose to do that?

I do have several hobbies to help keep my mind off of things but I'm constantly reminded about my loneliness when I have to see other fucking people talking about their boyfriends or husbands or some shit. It pisses me off.

Anonymous 15126

Maybe you are ugly, or too pretty, or maybe you have a shitty actitude

Anonymous 15127

Maybe your outdated notions of dating are holding you back.

Aside from the lack of boyfriend, do you have any friends or social connection to meet people?

Anonymous 15140

Do you leave the house? Do you have social hobbies? Do you ever interact with men? Are you generally lonely?
how attractive do you find yourself?

Anonymous 15141

I don't mean to be too pushy or not understanding with some ideas but, have you ever tried a pay to use dating website?

From what a guy your age told me, if you're a girl and

-not fat
-don't have kids
-not crazy*

that you are high priority in the late 20s bracket.

*he never defined crazy much except that one seemingly normal girl he went out to dinner with started showing him all her fresh cut marks and telling him in detail a story for each one and he ended the story with "and then I realized why she was on e-harmony and willing to go out with me"

Anonymous 15145

You should talk to guys. If guys around your age are single they're probably very shy. Making the first move or at least coming half way with it could be enough to have him do the first move. Usually sitting next to someone, looking him in the eyes, and smiling will encourage them. Talking to them is always a sure bet.

Anonymous 15147

You can't really tell things like that from mere superficial traits if that's what you mean, but generally anyone with anger issues is to be avoided.

Anonymous 15157



Where can I find a cute pretty gfd boyfriend…? I've thought about going to munches, but I have no one to come with me and am afraid of going alone. I also think that environments like that breed people only interested in their sexual desires, and I'm looking for a primarily romantic relationship. Advice femanons?

Anonymous 15159


I don't really have any friends. I just go to work, come home and make myself dinner and sit at the computer.

I only really leave the house to go to work or head to the bar on Friday's. Most of the people I do hobby stuff with are mostly girls. I don't think I find myself attractive to be honest

I haven't tried dating websites, I'm too afraid of what can possibly go wrong not to mention I don't want to make my profile sound desperate or cringy. I do go to the gym, don't have any kids, or any cut marks on my body. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I guess I can try that out.

Anonymous 15175

guys are always going to assume going in that expressing any desire to be sumbissive or not assertive is going to turn you off and will end up with him getting cheated on.
if this is something you're interested in you're going to have to broach the subject yourself, I can't imagine any guy who would dump you over it.

Can I ask why do you want a gfd boyfriend in the first place?

also what's a munch?

Anonymous 15177

>guys are always going to assume going in that expressing any desire to be submissive or not assertive is going to turn you off and will end up with him getting cheated on. if this is something you're interested in you're going to have to broach the subject yourself, I can't imagine any guy who would dump you over it.

They don't necessarily dump me over it, it's just that normal guys are never comfortable with the initiative I like taking into a relationship (paying for meals, opening doors, teasing them in public, etc.)… and It makes me uncomfortable and awkward when they try to or when they try to struggle against me to do it themselves or even worse, try to get me to owe them something by paying for meals or by doing things they think are nice.

>Can I ask why do you want a gfd boyfriend in the first place?

I'm unsure, I'm pretty sure I'm just wired that way, I've never been attracted to the manly types, I don't enjoy vanilla sex, and I've only ever had dreams from a dominant context. Romantically it feels much easier to trust someone when they're vulnerable to you, having a responsibility to care and love for someone gives me motivation, and my god, they're just so cute.

>also what's a munch?

It's an event where a bunch of people who are interested in bdsm meet up at a coffee shop/bar/any other food drink place casually to talk about bdsm with similar minded people.

Anonymous 15179

I think that sounds like just a matter of communication, like I said men always go in with the assumption that they have to always be dominant and masculine to attract women

just be clear you want to be the one to do those things

So what you go for twink looking types? Do you often hit on gay guys by accident?

Anonymous 15181



>I think that sounds like just a matter of communication, like I said men always go in with the assumption that they have to always be dominant and masculine to attract women

My point was kind of that it's not just a matter of communication. Even when I make it clear to normal guys through action, that I like being dominant, they either stubbornly hold onto how they think they're supposed to behave, are too uncomfortable or egotistical to yield any control, or get suspicious of it.

>So what you go for twink looking types?

There's not a lot of them around here, but when I find them, have the confidence, and have a good reason to be in their general area yea.

Do you often hit on gay guys by accident?
Too often

Anonymous 15182

What kind of bar? No boys there? What are your hobbies? Do you live alone? Are you like a bodybuilder or just a regular gym goer?

Anonymous 15183

If they're getting suspicious it's because they are afraid you won't respect them if they submit and that lack of respect will lead you to leave them or cheat
you need to make it really clear that that won't happen. What aspects of gfd to they tend to find difficult? And which aspects interest you?

It might be an idea to go for bisexual guys, they tend to be more twinkish and ok with submission, when I met my ex I thought he was gay.

Anonymous 15185

you are anonymous here: did your mom wear the pants in your family or was the father missing altogether? no judgement just curious

Anonymous 15190


>If they're getting suspicious it's because they are afraid you won't respect them if they submit and that lack of respect will lead you to leave them or cheat. You need to make it really clear that that won't happen.

Maybe you're right… I should probably try to focus on nurturing trust so they're comfortable with it. Thank you anon.

What aspects of gfd do they tend to find difficult?

I've found they typically have trouble in trusting me to be in charge of them, in doing nice things for them, and in nurturing them.

>And which aspects interest you?

I'm interested in almost everything that involves being romantically dominant, but more specifically I'm interested in nurturing, comforting, and pampering subs.

Neither really. I argued with my dad whole lot if that means anything.

Anonymous 15192

I'm glad I could help a little bit, I'm sure you can find some cute guy to nurture some day

Anonymous 15194

Oh yes, the classic six foot two male model who's somehow so desperate for female attention he has to come to obscure woman only image boards, and then seek out the thread containing the loneliest of women on that board to beg them to talk to him. Displaying that he is either too stupid to read that men aren't allowed on the board to begin with, OR that he simply doesn't care about women's boundaries in the process.

Go away fucko, not your dating site.

Anonymous 15200

It'll be tough. I've spent two years trying to convince my boyfriend he can cry in front of me, to no avail. Whenever he gets even the least bit teary eyed he turns into commander shephard and hits me with the
>I should go.
I can't imagine how hard it would be get a guy to really commit to being submissive.

Anonymous 15206

it's so weird to see crystal cafe so full of other people into gfd, considering we're such a minority.

I don't think I've ever met another girl into it IRL.

Anonymous 15207

what's wrong with paying for meals out of genuine love? I could understand there are guys out there who forcefully buy you something you don't necessarily want/expect and then guilt you into accepting it and then later act like you owe them something for that (I've had experiences with these unfortunately); but what's wrong with him genuinely spoiling you?

I see 3 posters here ITT into that; on-top of a dedicated GFD thread (dno if it was created by the 3 posters mentioned)


I also find it curious, but each to their own.

Anonymous 15211

Oh I wouldn't say I'm into gfd, I was mostly just saying guys seem to have a really hard time even doing little things they consider "unmanly" let alone doing the exact opposite of what they've been told they should be doing.

Anonymous 15212

I still don't really get what gfd is supposed to be. It sounds like just being a nice loving caring girlfriend. Don't most guys like that anyway?

Anonymous 15213

I don't think that's what it means. My bf and I have a pretty reciprocal relationship, and it's definitely not gfd. I'm usually a little more foward about sex because he's pretty shy about it, but he still likes to pay for dinner and open doors for me.
I think another part of it is that a lot of girls into femdom in general seem to want a caricature of "normal" relationships but in reverse. Like with my I've never been subservient to him, nor him to me. We're a team, and it just so happens that I don't really have strong opinions unless it has to do with sex.
I think that's actually the problem with gfd. Guys who say they're into it mean something closer to what I described, as in reversa of normal relationships, but the girls seem to think that not wanting physical harm or humiliation is being "gentle".
I don't know who's actually right about the definition, but I think that's where the miscommunication is.

Also sorry for how rambly this got, I'm tired.

Anonymous 15216

Seems like a form of pedophilia more than anything. Obsession with control, desire for young, weak, docile, innocent, submissive, etc., unhealthy unbalanced fetish-based relationship. Might as well look at hentai featuring shotacon and fantasise because at that point you don't really want a partner, you want a sexbot, a pet, or a child.

Anonymous 15218

LMAO wanting to have a role-reversal relationship is pedophilia now. Amazing.
I just want to pay for everything, be the main breadwinner when the time comes, and be on top during sex 100% of the time (although going further would be great if he's into it). Are all men pedos now for wanting the same? Most straight men are into that role.

Even if you were to add on "ooh wanting to date a man smaller than you is pedophilia" again, most straight men want a gf shorter than they are. And small adults are still adults.

MDLB is questionable though, as is DDLG.

I'm not sure what you're saying.
>girls into femdom in general seem to want a caricature of "normal" relationships but in reverse
>Guys who say they're into it mean something closer to what I described, as in reversal of normal relationships
Then…we want the same thing? Where's the miscommunication, aside from dommes accidentally running into non-subs?

Anonymous 15220

pedophilia is sexual attraction to people who haven't fully hit sexual maturity yet. Nothing more.

I'm not one of these people posting about this stuff btw, but this is needlessly derogatory and a huge stretch.

Anonymous 15224

What meant was that a normal relationship dynamic one partner isn't subservient to the other, you're partners and it just so happens that one of you is a little more passive and willing to go with the flow. Most of the time it's the girl. I suspect that most guys who say they're into gfd are mainly saying they're more laid back.
But then a lot of gfd girls want a relationship dynamic that would old fashioned if it was the other way around.
Like stay at home moms aren't really the norm anymore (no offense) so when guys say they want a gfd relationship, they don't mean they want to be stay at home husbands, but that's what a lot of gfd girls expect.

Anonymous 15230

Oh, I see what you mean. Men aren't usually willing to go to the that extreme.
Although it is preferable to have majority dominance in a reverse-trad sort of way, I'd honestly be willing to settle with just being the more assertive party. Really anything as long as I'm not pushed into the passive role and definitely not into being submissive at all in bed. I'd sooner kms.
I don't speak for all (gentle) dommes though.

Anonymous 15235


I'm kind of ashamed to talk to my irl friends about it, so that's understandable, with the others I've met online, they seem to mostly feel the same.

>but what's wrong with him genuinely spoiling you?

I mean, I like guys doing nice and sweet things for me, making food for me, drawings, etc. but I've always been uncomfortable with being spoiled with bought gifts, because I'm kind of competitive and always feel the need to earn the things I have on my own, without handouts from others.

>so when guys say they want a gfd relationship, they don't mean they want to be stay at home husbands, but that's what a lot of gfd girls expect.

With the subs and doms I've talked to online at least, the expectation is the same with what >>15230 said about being the more assertive party and not being pushed into a passive role. The full reversal in the community is more of an unpractical ideal, rather than an expectation that most people have.

Anonymous 15236

Yeah I get what you mean. But let me explain it using what you said to the other anon.
>I just want to pay for everything, be the main breadwinner when the time comes, and be on top during sex 100% of the time (although going further would be great if he's into it). Are all men pedos now for wanting the same?
From talking to my boyfriend, my friends, and people in general, I know that that isn't the norm, well except for the breadwinner thing.
Guys don't want to pay for everything. They want to pay for dates, but they'll bitch for hours if you try to get them to buy you eyeliner.
It's highly subjective, but in my experience guys don't actually want to be on top 100% of the time. I vastly prefer cowgirl, and I've only had one partner complain. The rest were pretty happy to lay back for a while.
This last bit is also really subjective, but as far as I can tell a sizable portion of men aren't actually interested in "going further."
So that's what I meant by the "caricature" thing. You want to be more dominant than men do, and that's probably why you're running into so many problems.

Anonymous 15237

Oh, I'm not the original anon who turns men off by being a domme. I can rarely even get a date, so I have to pass this level before attacking those issues haha. I'm still identifying what the problem is there. I have no idea what's wrong with me.
See, the thing with both the payment and sex thing is that I could never put up with a man paying for my meal or wanting to be on top at all, ever. Again, I'd sooner kms.

Also, is it true most men want to spank and choke their partners now? You seem to have experience. I want to feel angry and bad right now so don't withhold the truth.

Anonymous 15238

tired flop.gif


I'm not >>15230 anon but:

>You want to be more dominant than men do as far as I can tell a sizable portion of men aren't actually interested in "going further." So that's what I meant by the "caricature" thing.

The original thing I was asking for help with in >>15157 was not how to make normal men interested in gfd, or how to change myself to be better for them, or why I was having problems with normal men. I understand that being into gfd isn't normal, but also I understand what I want and need to be fulfilled in a romantic relationship. I just wanted ideas on how to find the men I was looking for among normal men.

Anonymous 15240

Again, stuff like that can be kinda hard to figure out. It's just an anecdote, but a couple guys have tried that with me but none of them every brought it up again when I said I wasn't into that. Most of what I know about it comes from talking with my boyfriend, who I know isn't necessarily representative of anyone else. He was really hung up about it for a while, and I think he still is. Apparently he felt like he had to pretend to be into it because all of his exes were. I don't know how common that is, but he was pretty much convinced most women want to be spanked and choked by their partners, which is pretty sad to think about because he's a really gentle guy. My bet is that it's about the same for either gender.
Really just talk about it. I thought it would be a super awkward conversation to have, and it was at first, but it we were both relieved after.

Anonymous 15243

I just want someone to spend time with and have a lot of sex. I’m in no position to do that rn until I fix myself up so I’m a little sad and lonely but hopeful at the same time…

Anonymous 15250

>Apparently he felt like he had to pretend to be into it because all of his exes were
I feel like this happens with a lot of guys, they have 1 or 2 exes that like it and they think all women do.

Anonymous 15251

Can you really blame them? It's not like girls don't make the same mistake, and stuff just adjacent to it is really normalized, like the whole daddy thing.

Anonymous 15252

Wait so he's not a dom, but neither are you? Then what kind of stuff do you two even do?

Anonymous 15253

Sounds like they're just vanilla and give and receive equally with no pain or power dynamic. People like that exist, you know.

Anonymous 15254

Pretty much what >>15253 said, but it's not like all we do is missionary with the lights off for the sole purpose of procreation or anything. We still do plenty of fun stuff. He likes to tease me a lot and I'm almost always on top, although that's partially for 'mechanical' reasons. He'd probably split me in half (by accident) if I weren't in control on when it comes to penetrative stuff.

Anonymous 15260

>I'm almost always on top, although that's partially for 'mechanical' reasons. He'd probably split me in half (by accident) if I weren't in control on when it comes to penetrative stuff.

Anonymous 15268

i want a bf and i want to fall in love except….. i have never liked a boy before like a real life boy. also im not into girls. so idk what i am, i just like my fantasies of guys and not real people. ugh

Anonymous 15276

Don't worry, I'm like you too! My friends told me its ok to not have any crush/not like any boys yet,I also have fantasies about the idea of falling in love haha

Anonymous 15365

I saw a very tiny guy while walking to class at uni today. He must have been about 5'0".
I wish I could hold hands with someone so cute.

Anonymous 15390

How big do my boobs need to be to get a bf with a big dick? Like is there a linear relationship or some kind of chart I could refer to?

Anonymous 15391

All the people say is "SEX, BOOBS, DICKS, ABS"

I just want a guy to watch movies and go-to the beach and build sandcastles with

Anonymous 15578

If I've been approached by a man am I no longer a femcel?

It happened today but he just wasn't the small subby boy of my dreams and in the end revealed he only wanted a hookup anyway. Plus some other red flags (not listening to a word I said).
Am I just picky now? Can I still post itt?

Anonymous 15579

Well if femcel implies incel, then yeah I guess you're no longer a femcel. If he wasn't bf material and was just looking for sex then I wouldn't say you're just being picky. At least you know you're no longer hopeless.

Anonymous 15584

Have you considered approaching boys you might be interested in?

Anonymous 15586

I guess I've ascended…sort of.
I have but they reject me.

Men of my specific type don't like me it seems. But I don't want to date someone I'm not attracted to since that's mean.

And he even said he was poly which is a big no.

Anonymous 15587

You're just picky.

Anonymous 15592

Thanks for being so blunt.

Anonymous 15599

If you want serious relationship and he didn't, then it was completely fine to reject him.

Anonymous 15618

>>15587 anon is wrong
Be willing to compromise for a relationship, but don't force yourself into a relationship you know you won't be happy with.

Anonymous 15623

I don't really know what the term femcel means, I assume it's just female incel.

I think you still are femcel, I think most people who are celibate are involuntarily so. I'm sure you have a desire for a bf, and you want to have sex and all that stuff, but it needs to be under the condition that it's someone you can love. The dilemma I face is that there's no one suitable around me, I don't care much for looks but it seems like so many guys are just looking for hookups.

Anonymous 15636

Today I dreamed that some man I had never met before sent me a message that he liked me and wanted me to be his gf and I thought "wow I gotta post this to crystal.cafe"

Anonymous 15641

I dont get the point of having a boyfriend. Youll have to spend your time and energy just for some guy that will eventually become annoying once the horomones turn off. It may be just me but i cannot stand the idea of talking or being around someone more than i have to especially dating where i would have to talk to them every day. I cant see anything better than being alone.

Anonymous 15660

are u me

i want to have sex though but being around men for longer than 3 hrs at a time makes me wanna die. also they get so clingy wanting to text every like 2 hours per day gah. i just want a cute bf to hump every few days who leaves me the heck alone for the majority of the time.

Anonymous 15666

>just want a cute bf to hump every few days who leaves me the heck alone for the majority of the time.

Anon… there are a lot of guys whose idea of a relationship mirrors yours. They just want to fuck and hate clinginess. Good luck.

Anonymous 15685


I've met someone who fits what I'd want in a partner personality-wise almost eerily well. And he seems to like me as a person a lot.
But there are a few issues.
For one he's giving me mixed signals about if he wants to just be friends or not. Just…very confusing.
And for another, on social media he's blatantly following softcore porn accounts which skeeves me out. Not even a prude, whacking it to some rando's selfies is fine (I do it myself) but letting the world know about it is off to me.
And from what I can tell he has self-destructive tendencies.

Good end is that he just wants friendship and I won't have to make any decisions, I guess. Or already has a girlfriend that I haven't found on his socials. Although I'd probably cut him off due to the mixed signals; not interested in relationship drama.

But overall I just wish he didn't have red flags, because he's quite sweet. This seems to be exactly how girls get into toxic relationships though and I want to avoid that.

Anonymous 15686


>and I thought "wow I gotta post this to crystal.cafe"

Anonymous 15689

If by glancing at their social media I can tell they are fapping to all this porn then that's a bad fucking sign, it's gross and completely socially ignorant.

Anonymous 15691

Yeah, I considered it a sign that he may have a porn addiction and I'm not getting on that train. Not romantically.
He seems respectful though and hasn't done anything gross despite having several chances to make dirty jokes. So I'll stay his friend for now.

Does feel bad though. Men I like either disappoint me or I disappoint them.
Free me pls.

Anonymous 15761

I agree. However we live in a weird generation. As long as its not brazzers I wouldn't be to worried about it.

Anonymous 15762

Have you tried meeting people online in a casual way? Like discord servers, games with a heavy social factor, imageboards/forums featuring group activies? I'm generally surprised to see this mentioned so rarely

Anonymous 15763

What's even the deal with that? I've never actually watched it.

Anonymous 15764

it encourages men's kung-fu fantasies (nsfw)

Anonymous 15765

based and gong-fu pilled

Anonymous 15766

I guess, although it's also obvious from the accounts he's following that he's into daddy dom shit and I'm a domme myself so it could never work. Even if I got over the fact that he has no shame in having his mom potentially see what porn he likes lol.

Anonymous 15767

>he's into daddy dom shit
You made the right choice. He has terrible taste.

Anonymous 15768

If only he was looking for a mommy gf like I assumed from his personality.

Anonymous 15769

>mommy gf
Still terrible taste.

Anonymous 15770

>I'm a domme
are you that one anon all over the boards and chans crying about not having a sub bf?
they are really really rare so you have to put thrice the effort into finding him than shitposting on CC

Anonymous 15771

I'm pretty sure there's just a lot of them on here now.

Anonymous 15774

Are there any other ugly girls who feel really guilty about asking men out? Since starting uni I've met few boys who seem to like talking to me. I want to ask one of them out, but I know I am really ugly, so maybe it would upset him? I've read many stories about men being devasted because someone who is not attractive confessed to them. I really don't want to crush that guy's confidence by doing that.

Anonymous 15775


What are you on about? Any guy should feel extremely lucky to be asked out by a girl like you. Go get 'em, sis.

Anonymous 15776

it will sound really mean, but please don't. if you have an ugly face it's better to wait and avoid ridicule. i am also ugly and i learned it the hard way.

Anonymous 15777

Thank you for your kindness, anon! It really means a lot, I teared up a little. I hope you will have a wonderful day.

Thank you for your honesty, I appreciate it more than anything. You are probably right, I won't try. It will only make him uncomfortable. Do you mind me asking about your experiences?

Anonymous 15778

I’m also ugly and I’ve also tried asking out men before, and if you’re ugly it’s just a bad idea. You’ll only feel worse about yourself when you realize how men view ugly women.

Anonymous 15780

If you dont mind me asking, but when you asked men out were you around school-age/teenage years?

Anonymous 15781

What if the man is maybe a bit uglier than you? The one I want to ask out has an ugly face (so do I), he is also obese and has some acne (his acne looks pretty cute though to be honest). I can't give up just yet.

Anonymous 15782

i have asked quite a few men out during my mid twenties, my self-esteem was too low for that when i was a teen.

if you have a masculine ugly face, unfortunately not. i am sorry anon. you sound lovely. i am really sorry again. just please don't do that.

Anonymous 15783

I thought boys were only mean in their teens

Anonymous 15803

kek there are definitely multiple of us.
There are at least three distinct ones on this small site I've noticed, probably more. Chans draw weirdos after all.
And I am trying! I'm active and approach boys that catch my eye, I'll keep trying.

Anonymous 15809

Perhaps have an actual relationship and not base their existence on obsessive sexual festishism?

Anonymous 15810

How tall are you?

Anonymous 15824


Kek, this how you spot a robot.

Anonymous 15838

…oh no sister. Do I have news for you.

Anonymous 15839

Thats a pretty big fetish. Daddy dom fetishes are extremely popular with younger guys. IT really all depends on how you feel about flaunting sexuality.
Im a little suprised a DOM even cares. are you sure you're a dom?

Anonymous 15841

I know it is, most men are doms and most women are subs. I get that I'm the "abnormal" one. (kms)
Although I do have a strategy of only asking out physically smaller men, given that if they agree to date a girl who can overpower them they will be more likely to be passive in bed. Not absolutely, but a bit more likely since they enjoy being countercultural in other aspects of the relationship too. Also they're fucking adorable.
tbf this guy was also an anomaly since we mutually befriended each other during a class activity and he's taller than me. He just comes off as soft, sensitive, and borderline cutesy in his messages so it was strange to find out he wants to dom women lmao.
>are you sure you're a domme if you don't want your mother and possibly future employers finding out about your fetishes?
I'm open about it with my friends, but having it plastered all over social media (with my name attached…I do actually have art accounts that suggest my interests) is too far for me. Pretty cringe.

Anonymous 15842

What about that post is robot-ish?

Anonymous 15844

Why do they hate us?

Anonymous 15845

You probably won't believe it, but I think guys want relationships more than girls do. Seriously, a lot of my friends are happy to be single, but I don't know any guys that havr said the same.

Anonymous 15846

Sorry, the point of all that was guys are lonely and eventually some of them get mean as a result.

Anonymous 15876

Why'd the >tfw no feminization bf thread get deleted?

Anonymous 15878

The OP might have been a raider from elsewhere once the IP was checked.

Or mods don't like this kind of talk.

Oh well.

Anonymous 15879

Eh, I'm sure I'll have another opportunity to kinkshame.

Anonymous 15880

Personally it wasn't even a kink or sexual. I just want to cuddle one.

Anonymous 15881

That sounds distinctly sexual.

Anonymous 15882

Have you ever platonically cuddled a friend or heard of it? There's nothing kinky about it.

Anonymous 15883

Platonic cuddling is impossible. Eventually someone will get horny.

Anonymous 15884

People cuddle their children…

Anonymous 15885

people are all pedophiles

Anonymous 15886

What about asexuals who still enjoy some close contact without wanting sex? I can hug my dog, pillow or another person and simply want to do just that, anon. Take your horny mind googles off.

Anonymous 15887


Straight friends cuddle. I'm sure straight men would cuddle each other if there wasn't social pressure not to.

Anonymous 15888

You clearly do not understand men.

Anonymous 15889

This, men don't feel affection.

Anonymous 15890

Ok, that's not true, but I've spent a lot of time trying to understand males, and their friendships are definitely way different. It wouldn't be that far fetched to say they don't feel platonic affection.

Anonymous 15893

Pakistan-China bor…

Most men, at least outside of the USA, can be quite physically intimate and affectionate with each-other but it's not something they do easily. It comes after a lot of bonding and working together. You probably just haven't seen good male friends acting naturally before, in a situation that allows it. Also, the social pressure does make it a lot harder. Another thing these days is everyone being quick to label men gay if they do that, usually gleefully but wrongly all the same. It's pretty hard for straight men to be so affectionate with each-other in some societies when it's considered impossible and gay by default.

Pic: Pakistan-China border.

Anonymous 15895

those men are clearly fake, anon

Anonymous 15900

they kissed right after this pic was taken

Anonymous 15902

and then everyone in the mountains clapped

Anonymous 15906

is it weird to want a virgin kissless bf so you experience all your firsts together? im 21 and giving up hope any my age exist, idk i just want to simultaneously share these first experiences…

Anonymous 15907

Same desire, anon, and same age.
Just go after 18-year-old awkward looking/acting guys and the probability will increase tbh.

Anonymous 15908

Plenty of them online. Not even in a sarcastic sense; there's great girls above 20 who've never had a romantic partner online, why wouldn't there be great guys above 20 who are the same? If anything the latter would be more common, because internet demographic, variety in sexual partners, etc.

Anonymous 15911

tbh anon i posted this after finding out the cute 19 yr old i started talking to had had 6 gfs before already, really bummed me out aha, he was kinda awkward AND younger so i was so sure this time aha, he was super cute though i shouldve known better ahaha…

Anonymous 15912

You're gonna have a hard time since guys never want to admit that they're virgins.

Anonymous 15913

Yeah, even some awkward guys are still socially successful with other awkward people. Either because of looks or just being amiable.
But I do agree with >>15908 in that there are probably more adult male virgins than women.

Anonymous 15923

It doesn't have to be awkwardness, might as well just be a heavy case of being introverted.

Anonymous 15930

Nobody believes a guy who says he wants to be single anyways. They'll just accuse him of lying because he can't get a girle. So why bother saying it.

Anonymous 15932

good rule of thumb. if your in 10 meters of another human bean smile at them. once you get within 5 meters or so say "hello/good day/cheers" and you'll be surprised how something as easy as that will make you appear more approachable. when people begin approaching you with technique A then begin talking to them and being generally sociable try your best not to lead on orbiters though.

Anonymous 15933

ok link that bread I'm genuinely curious since you've been so passive aggressive about it.

Anonymous 15934

how old are you and what's your living condition like? if you are over 18 and live anywhere near people like not the boonies in michigan you can go out and get into a terrible relationship ezpz. it would be preferable that you go up and talk to a guy first and ask if they want to hang out. otherwise males between 14-mid 20s are completely strung out on testosterone and compelled to fuck and want to fuck. so for a surefire toxic relationship you could bait a guy into wanting you for fuck and never fuck but that is the cycle which creates incel misogynists.

go out and talk to people maybe try speed dating.

Anonymous 15935

young men are addled by testosterone so depending on your and their age anywhere between 3-5 times a week. as guys get older their libido wanes but younger guys would absolutely fuck 4 times a day if they could find a willing partner.

Anonymous 15936

based and pokepilled
bitch he has 4 hands that's like 20 dicks so what if they don't shoot confetti

Anonymous 15937

no talking out issues is legit. the process is root cause analysis. find out what caused social anxiety and abandonment issue face it and then grow from mistakes within environments where there are no stakes at hand for failure.

Anonymous 15938

I would argue no under these circumstances
>I don't really know what the term femcel means, I assume it's just female incel.
A woman can only be voluntarily celibate unless they are asexual i.e. desire no sexual contact of any sort or are physically/mentally disabled like missing limbs permanently vegetative or tard brained. As a woman you could quite literally go up to any guy 7/10 or below and get a one night stand. Very few young guys would say no to that. Unless you were like in a hobo costume covered in body hair and a complete tumblrina landwhale in a dumpster. Even then dudes would still be like "dude she wants to smash" 'your gonna smash dumpster pussy?' "SHE WANTS TO SMASH DUDE IM GETTIN IT IN!"

it may be more of a social reluctance than anything else since you do have people approaching you and therefore opportunities to engage in sexual relations.

Anonymous 15939

this is what booty calls and one night stands are for. as a woman you can achieve this if you give your number to a guy. HE WILL CALL YOU at some point maybe sober but more probably while drunk looking to get laid in desperation of a stacy turning him down.

Anonymous 15941

can you elaborate a bit more? you might be over reading into something. alternatively have you ever expressed to him that you may want to be in a steady relation ship possibly with him?

Anonymous 15942

whats wrong with brazzers it's campy porn for a lol and fap. there are much worse things a guy could be vocally masturbating to.

Anonymous 15943

it really depends on the guy. if its a total chad then don't bother but if its just some fucking guy they would probably be really embarrassed if in a group or give it a shot. I would think asking them when they aren't with a group of friends would be a better strategy and then getting their number or asking them to give them yours so they actually ring through to your phone.

Anonymous 15944


never heard of a brodown hoedown or brojobs or "a night of super smash bros"

guys friendships are all about ragging on each other, cracking wise, or competing or any combination there of.

Anonymous 15947

>guys friendships are all about ragging on each other, cracking wise, or competing or any combination there of.

are males the master-race?

Anonymous 15949

>never heard of a brodown hoedown or brojobs or "a night of super smash bros"

I don't think those jokes are meant to be taken literally

Anonymous 15951

i pity them they are like incomplete beings. i dont know if they lack the energy or the ability to speak and act like women do with one another. ive seen healthy relationships that guys went into with freinds of mine and they suddenly became like actual three dimensional people. capable of coherent conversation and being thoughtful or reasonable. when they get together among themselves though its like someone flips the switch to begin retardfest.

Anonymous 15954

I mean, you could, my friend does that and got her current bf that way, she got rejected once though. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Anonymous 15956


First he told be that he's literally been wanting to talk to me for a month (we share a class), which would be fine since I've done the same before, but he also calls me cute a lot, sends heart emojis, and calls me "love." When I asked if this is just how he is with friends he said "yeah I guess if I had friends I would be." (He has no friends, truly lol)
It could be a cultural thing? He's South Asian and I've seen people on another SA friend's instagram sending each other hearts regardless of gender and relationship. Not to sound ignorant, but is that common, SA anons?

And in terms of respect, he's asked about my interests and remembered things that I said. And he's had chances to make dirty jokes or turn the conversation sexual but didn't. I even tried to bait him into talking about his daddy kink after he brought up Lana Del Ray but he didn't bite. Perhaps because the tone I took was disapproving of it but…you know.

I have not expressed interest in him that way, although it has come up that I'm single and bitter lol. And he didn't comment on that.

What do you think?

Anonymous 15961

NTA but

>And in terms of respect, he's asked about my interests and remembered things that I said.
He wants to marry you

Anonymous 15964

hush the frick up goober

anon look talk to him about relationships if he's in one if he'd like to be in one. you might find that both of you have been pining for one another on one level or another and just too scared to ruin what currently exists. if it works out YAY im happy for both of you, if it doesn't no harm no foul you can cool the situation and go back to being friends.

i don't know about south asia but in south america they are similarly very much more open and endearing with one another.

Anonymous 15965

Males who remember things you say and who arent taking your food order all want to marry you.

Every other male who doesn’t want to marry you forgets what you say.


Anonymous 15993

I would normally, but like I mentioned earlier we're evidentally very sexually incompatible. And I just can't deal with that.
It's disappointing because he would be pretty perfect otherwise. So close yet so far…
I mean, I have another male friend who does that and definitely doesn't like me romantically. But I'd agree they are few and far between.

Anonymous 16001

Maybe fooling around with a competing subtext is a better way of both having fun, improving as a person and gaining insight into others. What makes their approach inferior?

Anonymous 16062


Last vent about this issue unless anyone else has any analysis or advice.
It's still a sad situation that I'm not going to change at all, but I'm taking a positive out of it. The fact that one guy out there has the personality I like (sensitive, crybaby-ish, clingy, interested in home-y things like cooking and sewing, cares about his presentation, etc.) means that many more may exist. There's hope for me to find a cute (sub or vanilla) bf like this.

Seeing his cute face was hard today though. Hopefully it will get easier and I can forget about this mess.

Anonymous 16063

What I've learned is that rejecting a boyfriend when they would like to have sex with you is like rejecting them in general. Guys are wired like that.
Would be nice if they would at least try to get a romantic mood going first rather then just try to jump into it.

Anonymous 16075

If you are looking for a guy who won't have sex and just cuddle look no further than extreme Catholic guys and ones who've practised spiritual celibacy.

Anonymous 16171

>take the bus daily
>decide to take a creepshot of a qt who regularly takes the same bus while we're waiting
>later on the bus, he catches me staring at him
>see…something…grow in his pants
So, is this true love?
But seriously, should I make small talk with him some time? How to start that?
The dick doesn't lie.
Pretty sure he starts a work term of some sort next semester since I saw him in a suit two weeks ago, so I only have a few weeks to make a move.

Anonymous 16172

I don't see why not.

Anonymous 16187

How the hell did you see his pants grow slightly?

Anonymous 16206

I fell in love with someone who I met through 4chan, he has everything that I want in someone, I think he's perfect but he told me that he only would date a virgin girl and I'm not.
I don't know what to do because when I say that has everything that I want in someone it's true. I feel that everything is falling into pieces right now.

Anonymous 16207

is he a virgin?

Anonymous 16208

Yes, he is.

Anonymous 16213

Poor soul. All other girls take this as a warning!
This is why virginity is precious. Don't ever waste it.
Losing your virginity before marriage instantly puts you in the category of fornicator. From then on you are then only restricted to sex relations with other fornicators or very desperate men. Not quite the substance for a healthy relationship or family, is it? True marriage is the privilege of virgins.

Perhaps you can spread the word to as many other girls as possible. Helping them remain chaste with a high level of temperance, to keep them from making the same mistake you did.
Since family being no longer a good option, I would strive to live a life of devotion and purity from then on.

Anonymous 16215


Anonymous 16217

can't you just lie? it's not like there's a 100% to tell.

Anonymous 16221

just lie

Anonymous 16222

How immoral and sickening.

Anonymous 16225

I am a virgin myself and I also like the fact that my boyfriend is inexperienced. But if a guy is obsessed with female virginity like this disgusting robot >>16213 he is not worth your time anyway. I am sorry anon, I am sure you will find someone better!

Anonymous 16230

This is so stupid.

Anonymous 16253

I hope you're all joking. If he's a virgin himself, he can very well "demand" his future girlfriend to be a virgin as well.

Anonymous 16255

He can, but he'd better be prepared to be alone forever should he choose to do so.

Anonymous 16256


Who are we to try to part a fool from their bad decisions?

Anonymous 16260

Hardly if he chooses devout religious girls.

Anonymous 16264

Where do they have those? Pakistan?

Anonymous 16267


Think traditional Catholicism duh..

Anonymous 16269

I wouldn't say so. There are more virgins over 18 than you realize and it's not just religious girls.

Anonymous 16271

If he likes you enough he might change his mind, best to be honest with him either way though.

Anonymous 16278

i was 19 when i lost my virginity, and i have to say that being a virgin was a huge deterrent to dating anyone before that time. when guys found out i'd never had sex, they assumed i was one of those religious girls who would make this huge deal about 'we had sex therefore we're bonded for life henceforth' and no guy in an appropriate age range for me at the time was at a point in their life to consider settling down and making that commitment, they all wanted to complete college and start their careers before ever thinking about getting hitched. but the older you get, the 'weirder' it is to be a virgin, so I'm glad I lost mine before I hit my twenties.

Anonymous 16279

i went to a traditional catholic school and we literally had a girl there who claimed she had fucked a guy on the altar after school (it was kept behind curtains back-stage when not in use for mass)
she wasn't even the most promiscuous girl in my year tbh.
but sure, specific religious beliefs = infallibility of character

Anonymous 16292

There is a difference between ‘I attended a school with x values’ & ‘I, personally, hold and adhere to X values.’
I went to a Catholic uni and most students weren’t Catholic.
That doesn’t mean the nuns weren’t devout Catholics.

Anonymous 16307

>Needs to conform to what everyone else believes at the moment.
It seems all you wanted was sex and not a long term stable relationship. Clearly, there are high quality guys on the internet who care about this sort of thing who would be more than willing to make a commitment and sometime in the future fly out to marry. Perhaps we didn't evolve to fuck random people, but instead pair bond with one person for life. Each sexual partner reduces the ability to pair bond significantly until there is nothing left. There are more than enough studies that back up this point.

Anonymous 16313

I hope this is true, ideally I just want to date and marry one guy but I'm so afraid they'll be like other anon described. That no men want to settle down when they're young and just whore themselves around to 20+ women before they decide to become a husband…then they cheat on their wife.
I feel like no one wants that anymore. I just want a cute small husband who is also very serious about me. Why don't men feel love?

Anonymous 16316

non-promiscuous men, or just in general men who are not obsessed with sex and sex only are really hard to find, but please don't give up, anon! the harsh truth is: you have to look for them yourself, since truly valuable boys are often shy.

Anonymous 16323

Oh, I definitely do that! I figure I have to since I do have a preference for short men and I know they struggle with confidence. I'm always the initiator, although so far the one date I got turned out to be a party boy despite seeming like a band geek.
I won't give up since it's the thing I want most in life. I hope you're right.

Anonymous 16361

My big brother tells the other story:
He started uni at 16, graduated at 19, and works hard to make a living, all to marry young.
He’s 22, tall, blue-eyed, in shape, smart, has money, dances, etc.
Girls our age?
“I need my degree and a career first, no time for that” (then cries to me about hookups taking her cash)
I feel like my family is an island

Anonymous 16481

>“I need my degree and a career first, no time for that” (then cries to me about hookups taking her cash)

Normally I would say it's a reasonable mindset to have, but if it's the case of hookups and stuff like this, isn't it cheating? It sounds like she uses it as an excuse to avoid commitment, idk how to make it sound less offensive but yeah… you know what I mean.

Anonymous 16488

>cute manlet (about 5'2") works at fry shop in my uni cafeteria
>last time I went he made small talk and was stretching a bit in front of me, got kind of embarrassed when I saw
>considering making a move
>but the fries are good and I'd have to avoid the shop if he rejected me
>hit on a cashier before and it was a big miss steak
But I might ask for his name next time, anyway. And what he's majoring in (assuming he's attending this uni).

Anonymous 16506

I have a friend who talked every single day to some guy on the internet halfway across the world for 10 solid years. They have perfectly identical personalities, interests, etc. They can literally finish each other's sentences at will! Now she's living with him, happily married.

Witnessing this, I don't think any girl should settle for less.

Anonymous 16507

how do you hit on a cashier anon?

Anonymous 16508

Thats cute, do you know where they met?

Anonymous 16521

Last time I just asked if he was single. He looked a bit frightened, gave me a look of disgust, and then said "no."
Could have been worse, but my ability to go to that shop was ruined. Which is the tragic part.

Anonymous 16575

Girls, fuck it. I am going to try my best to get a cute, kind, weebish bf THIS YEAR. No more excuses. I will finally ask someone out! Please wish me luck.

Anonymous 16576

>about a month left in the year
Godspeed anon.

Anonymous 16577

download (5).gif

>started talking to a guy from tinder (he's a lot older than me but is a good guy…really ideal)
>we've been talking for a little over 2 weeks and he hasn't asked me to see him or anything (i think he tested the waters tho and hinted to it)
>after one week he asked for raunchy pix when i accidentally texted him at like 1am and i said no not rn so our convos never got saucy again
>we had fun conversations and he seemed interested in me at first but not so much anymore
>i think he's annoyed by me bc of the age difference and maybe just wanted to talk before smashing
>feeling stupid
gif is me to myself for being in my feels about this lol

Anonymous 16579

>older guy
What did you expect?

Anonymous 16580

> a guy much older than you
> tinder

Gurl, he didn't want anything but an easy booty call.

Love u for using a Ramona gif lol

Anonymous 16582

i'm boo boo the fool obviously lol

& yes!!! the airhead queen

Anonymous 16667

So, another nice boy at my uni turned out to be gay. I appreciate the fact that he trusted me enough to tell me about that (I live in a conservative country), and I feel awful for saying that, but it made me sad. It's a shame that almost every soft, kind boy I met irl is gay.

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