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Vent Thread Anonymous 77420

Previous thread
Post your woes and copes here sisters.

Anonymous 77421

I've always made a point to hang out with and date 'nice guys' and avoid asshole moids, but now I'm waking up to the fact every 'nice guys' I've ever known/dated was a piece of shit that was just extra good at manipulating and pretending to be nice. I'm starting to despise nice guys after realizing 99.9% of them are just as perverted, misogynistic, manipulative, selfish, etc as outright dickhead moids, they're just liars and fakes on top of being dickheads, which makes them worse in a way.

Anonymous 77426


Please don't let this be the new vent thread, that OP image is awful

Anonymous 77427

Failed all of my courses and have no idea how to break the news to my parents. This is my first semester in a university from transferring from a community college, I was completely overwhelmed and felt like I didn’t deserve to be there in the first place. I have no idea how I will pay off the thousands of dollars I owe this semester no one ever told me how to take out a student loan. I feel so helpless and lost I don’t even know what to do at this point. Maybe I was just destined to work a minimum wage slave job and live alone with feral cats I adopted from the streets

Anonymous 77429

Tell your uni all of those things. Well, maybe not the bit about the feral cats, but all the problems you're having and why. I can't speak to how it is in your country, but universities don't want students to fail out and will generally try to help with issues like student loans and stress induced brain liquefication.

Hard agree.

Anonymous 77436

which one of u bitches browse the redscare subreddit

Anonymous 77457

>no one ever told me how to take out a student loan.
Me neither. I tried doing it once and it's so fucking complicated. Why does the government love making things unecessarily complicated?

Anonymous 77458

I hate myself for avoiding confrontation, i’m so scared that the person will trigger my deepest darkest fears and break me so i end up losing friendships because i was too afraid to ask whats wrong. I’ll never know, and it will always be unresolved

Anonymous 77459

Just get it over with or you’re never gonna move forward with anything

Anonymous 77468

i would guess that a lot of people here do.

Anonymous 77517

>new stretch mark on my arm
Fuck my life. I literally can never see myself having a healthy relationship with food. 24/7 I'm constantly craving something.

Anonymous 77522

have you considered writing stuff out? in a personal journal first to categorize and see everything out physically in front of you. or in a letter to the person. people think writing letters is weak/a cop-out but they don't know what its like to be terrified of confrontation. godspeed sister.

Anonymous 77536

i hate myself for being a neet and a leech on my parents. i apply to so many jobs but i am just so unlucky. i've switched up my cv and ways of applying to the jobs so many times and still no luck. i feel so stupid.

Anonymous 77544

It's not your fault anon, in many areas jobs are hard to get right now. I believe in you. You're trying, that's the first step you can do. Perhaps you could do some volunteering to make your CV look better? Best of luck

Anonymous 77545


the thought of him having sex with another woman while i’ve been suffering over him for a month now makes me want to slice my neck open

Anonymous 77546

Should I make a new vent thread with a less ugly picture or just deal with it

Anonymous 77551

I have no motivation to be a regular functioning adult usually. I mean I have a job but I have no money. I am working on taking a course to switch occupations, which I'm halfway done with it but wow I don't remember any of that shit from the beginning! I don't know how to motivate myself in the normal way. The world depresses me, all of nature is dying. Getting in a serious relationship and having kids demoralizes me massively. I can't look forward to the collossal shitshow outside of my writing, which is all I want to do. Everything else in the world is a shitshow. Nothing else in the world excites me. What even is the solution?? I'm set to inherit a house and some money but I really need a savings damn it ! What do I even do? How does one care in the world we exist in now??? The future looks really bleak, whether I have a good retirement savings or not.

Anonymous 77570


Friend ghosted me and it’s taking a toll on me, i have always wanted a female friend i could relate to and she was such a joy to hang out with. But for whatever reason she decided to disappear and i can’t stop going over all i ever said to her in my head. We planned to do some much before she stopped answering texts and calling. It’s been a few months. Why. I was looking forward to all of it too

Anonymous 77571

text her

Anonymous 77573

one of my biggest fears
what if i make a great friend and she just leaves me?

Anonymous 77595


i could get a nerdy shy boyfriend but i find them unappealing.
i've always liked the "chad" stereotype, not their physical appearance but i like how outgoing and confident they are, their bright smiles, physical prowess, the rowdyness… it balances out my stiffness.
i want to show him my e-girl interests and to slowly get a bit more out of my shell while he gains a bit more knowledge and depth by being with me. i really like the idea of the clash of these two worlds.
yet this seems unachievable. i'd rather stay single than to be with a guy who is similar to me but that's all i ever attract. tfw no chad bf.

Anonymous 77597

Chads like party girls.
Its a nice fantasy you have but it will never work out in reality.
Same deal how many women don't want loser gamers but ambitious business types, and when they find one they dump him since they are autistically focused on their shit and have no time for them and are always second or third priority in their life.

Anonymous 77599

#not all men who are businesses types dont care about their gfs.
and if he uses his time to be successful and do something with his life that's way better than rotting away in videogames and porn all day like 90% of the "shy nerdy" types do.
oh and also so many of them ignore their gfs just as much for those worse reasons.

Anonymous 77603

Most men that stay at home and play games/watch porn DON'T actually want to do that, and if they get a gf she usually becomes way higher priority in their lives comparatively. Thats also why if you play games oftentimes scrotes will disappear only to later find out it was because they got a girfriend.

This is less likely the case for the ambitious type since they will always be focused primarily on their job and even if they wanted to they would have less opportunity to reduce job time than someone can for a hobby.

Not to mention ambitious go getters are more desiarable and social, so they have more opportunities to not stick around or give in to temtation when other women persue them. A home troll is way more likely to be loyal because he has less opportinities, isn't as desiarable and will tend to cherish his girl more because he knows most view him as a loser.

Anonymous 77604

wow, a man that starts living and gives up bad habits because a girl is babying him now must be a total catch!

Anonymous 77605

I wasnt talking about who is a catch and who isn't, but rather about expectationa (fantasy) and reality.

Or do you not think plenty of men change, and for the better, because of women? I thought it was a pretty common sentiment that if there were no women around scrotes would completely devolve into lazy pigs.

Anonymous 77606


Your ideal relationship is the opposite of mine. I'd prefer dating a guy who's exactly like me. How do you attract those shy nerds?

>yet this seems unachievable

If you look like pic related e-girls, I'm sure some "Chads" wuold be attracted to you.

Anonymous 77607

this sounds like incel moid propaganda to make us believe that we should settle for trash men

Anonymous 77608

There is no winning. Either you become an unimportant object for the ambitious or a crutch for the shy low self-esteem losers who rely on you on everything. Either way, you're getting used.

Anonymous 77609

Do you really think home trolls have the same desiarability as ambitious bisiness types? And do you really think these guys dont know how they are viewed and in turn have different behaviour in a relationship?
I mean you can find plenty of nonas on here that post horror stories about their bfs, and we all know why they arent dumping then when they should.

Anonymous 77610

>How do you attract those shy nerds?
step 1: be a woman.
shy nerds are desperate for a girlfriend and would get anything that comes their way. which incels love to paint as virtuous when in reality its just horny depravity and validation seeking. it doesn't mean they will like you more than stacy, or anything like that, or even cherish you that much.
once the initial rush dries out they will just be like the average trash moid.
this is what 90% of the shy nerds demographics. ESPECIALLY the obvious ones who lurk and post here.
but, there are also some incredibly nice and good nerdy shy guys. i was lucky enough to meet some of them. they can be even better than the extroverted, well adapted guy as bf material, but their interest has to be genuine in you as a person and not as woman-meat, and not because they think they can't do any better and really want the concept of having a gf. those are the worst types of men.
basically a rarity, but do-able. as where to find them sadly i dont know. but they're not impossible to, you will eventually run into like 3 in your lifetime by frequenting introverted places of interest.

Anonymous 77611

>Do you really think home trolls have the same desiarability as ambitious bisiness types?
no in fact i dont like them LMAO

Anonymous 77612

basing your attraction on someone solely on how insecure you are they might leave doesn't seem like a good idea.

Anonymous 77613

Of course, thats why I never said that. I replied to a nona that what she wants is a fantasy, and gave another common misconception to illustrate the point further. Nowhere did I say what anyone should do, but I did give a couple of more points why it was an example of a fantasy after people went after me.

Anonymous 77614

I have the same type as you and like them for the same reasons. Somehow those types have talked to me before when I actually left the house but it never lasts. Which is most likely because of my social awkwardness. With those guys they have lots of friends, women, and pretty much a life. So its hard to compete and not be jealous of their life.

Anonymous 77623

yes please, that new image is fucking terrible

Anonymous 77631

seconding this, OP image was made by bitter fatty

Anonymous 77637


I got into my old art account (not too long ago its from 2 years ago) and the art was so tragically horrible i want to die. I stopped drawing at 15 because well… abuse in home, mental illness, and my brain was too stunted to function and enjoy things and after settling down mentally i got into it again at 19 (aka 2 years ago) i’m seriously considering roping even tho i feel like i got better now… wtf was i thinking posting that?what the actual fuck

Anonymous 77638

I'm sorry hon, I'm disentangling myself from a friendship at the moment. Sometimes two people just don't vibe, it's not really any one thing, just an underlying sense that you're just not aligned at this moment.

Anonymous 77639

NTA. You absolutely shouldn't settle, but I've definitely seen men change for women. Some men are aimless in life before us and impressing us gives them more drive. It doesn't mean that you've failed as a woman if your boyfriend doesn't change, some men never change, but I have seen it happen.

Anonymous 77646


Anonymous 77647

The OP image sucks but fuck off.

Anonymous 77648

I remember when this board was comfy. Now everyone's so edgy and mean to each other. Is it because we're being raided by troons and incels 24/7? Or did zoomers find this place from tiktok?

Anonymous 77653

There exists real nice guys. They just don't make it a point of "being nice". On the same thought i believe any man who labels himself to be very manipulative and possibly dangerous.

Anonymous 77654

>"Knowledge & debth".
How? You sound shallow as hell, and usually the outgoing, fit chad aren't that stupid as you make them out to be.

Anonymous 77655

This is true. I have found that the best bet in dating is actually to befriend someone for a long period of time without the thought of dating. Being friends with someone for 2-3 years really gets you to know them, and it shows you that they like you for who you are. However most people probably get in a relationship in 2-3 years, especially now with hookup culture, it seems hard to get to know new people aside from hobbies maybe. I don't even know where i would meet new people if my current relationship fails. And even if i did know i don't think i would have the time or energy since i'm an extremely anxtious (bad spelling) person and it takes me a long time to get to know people. Knew my current partner for 4 years before we got together, best relationship i ever had, and we are thinking of building a family together. I don't see much hope or enjoyment in the dating app scene.

Anonymous 77656

Just draw more, and draw smarter, everyone looks back at their old art and thinks it looks bad.

Anonymous 77657

Some men wait around for a good woman to turn their life around, when they should turn their life around before they get a good woman. Dating a loser is like gambling, it's like a 10% chance that they turn around.

Anonymous 77658


Anonymous 77659

This, and I don't want to be with a man whose driving force is pussy.
He needs to be someone with self-love, interests and goals that go beyond muh gf.

Anonymous 77660

>you sound shallow as hell because you dont want to suck my r9k useless dickcheese :((((
you're either a moid or a tiktok fan

Anonymous 77661

or both

Anonymous 77665

If you think it's bad that means that you've gotten better.

Anonymous 77666

Find a shy Chad-like shy boy, a secret Chad, and make him fall in love with you. He will want to impress you and will put in the effort to do all the things you want him to do, including pulling you out of your shell. Your bond will be even stronger than with a pre-built naturally outgoing Chad.
t. did this and recommend

Anonymous 77667

I don’t know how to feel about myself in comparison with other people at times. I’d say I’m definitely an odd person, I have good and bad traits, but I feel incredibly disconnected in a lot of ways and I’m not sure how severe that is in reality. I oscillate between not caring, and socializing how I want, and then being overly sensitive to how I’m coming across, and fretting over it. Sometimes I think I’m autistic because I have some traits that line up with it, but then again I figure maybe I’m not, and I just wish I was so that I could have an easier explanation for being the way I am. It’s more likely I’m just under-socialized, and I’ve developed in an isolated environment that’s made me naive and inexperienced. I think it’s possible for me to adjust more, and I hope I do. I’ve made some pretty bad decisions, and more minor mistakes in interactions, but I think I can move past that. The people I have in my life tolerate it for the most part, so I guess I’m doing okay, but I still wish I was more competent and relaxed when interacting with people. Best solution for me is to talk less and listen more.

Anonymous 77669

Anonymous 77670

What knowledge and depth would he gain from being with you?

Anonymous 77673


i’ve been in back to back relationships with narcissists (though it was easier for me to subconsciously seek the 2nd one out because i was craving the push/pull already). i left the first one feeling worthless and discarded and craving love. 2 months later i met the second one who i proceeded to fall in love with way too fast, he started talking long term so i felt safe. only for him to wake up one day 3 months later and tell me he feels nothing for me. none of my past relationships were this shit till the first one. now i fear i’m stuck in a loop of seeming desperate for love; attracting people who only wish to take advantage of that

Anonymous 77683

Does it matter? All scrotes want is sex

Anonymous 77684

Oh absolutely. I think the number one mistake women make is expecting a man to change, and that you shouldn't go in expecting a man to ever be better than his current state, but I wanted to note that unlike women who fare better on our own, men seem to lose hope without a mate.

Anonymous 77685

Compared to everywhere else on the internet, it's still comfy. I don't know a place comfier. Do you anon?

Anonymous 77689

I just wanted to have a bit of fun playing SWTOR with a moid but he just kept on being autistic screaming at me about how I wasn't taking the optimal route for a quest and shit. Its an MMORPG cmon I'm not taking that shit seriously just want to shoot lightning out of my hands. Anyone else want to play?

Anonymous 77699

True, moids will never love you. It's all about what you can do for them

Anonymous 77700

>I’ve made some pretty bad decisions, and more minor mistakes in interactions
I don't believe in such a thing as "mistakes in interaction" - only if you harass someone on purpose
People have different styles of communication with each other: something they think it's natural to do or to know for everyone, but in reality it is not
If they are upset over you not following their rules of interacting, I am sorry, but I think there's no need to worry about what they are thinking

Anonymous 77705

How is cheating possible, if you are not dating
I get what you are saying, but I wouldn't call it cheating. He said some things, that turned out to be not true, so he just lied to you
Anyway, if I were you, I would remind him about that and mock him every time he would try something funny
You have his words, you have his deeds - they are unmatched, so it would be deserved

Anonymous 77706

I hate how i grew up, i had no one to relate to or who shared my interests and hobbies and i hid a very large part of me growing up. I wasn’t given space to express myself and i had no actual friends that i liked i can’t help but resent everyone in my life who i have grown up with. I can make friendships now freely but i feel so envious when people talk to me about their teens and childhood because at that time i was hiding away on a computer

Anonymous 77707

Ignore the other anon; this guy just seems like a minor league fuck boy, this stands whether or not you two were dating.

Also things will never really improve with him. Lots of words for what basically is exceedingly dramatic empty space.

Anonymous 77712

Me too anon. It feels like I was kept captive for 20 years. Even if I live to 100, that's a fifth of my life wasted. I can't imagine what it must be like to have a head full of happy memories that you can replay at any time or interests that were nurtured since you were young.

Anonymous 77720

Nice try Satan, all he does is use you as a practice gf then dumps you for Stacy once he realizes his value.

Anonymous 77724


>t. did this

Anonymous 77725

This, get a tall guy and mold him into your preferences

Anonymous 77727


Correct. Men are garbage, never trust one.

Anonymous 77728

i hate marvel movies so much. i tried to watch some because some of my friends love them and i wanted to keep up with their conversations and make them happy.
i fell asleep from boredom and couldn't finish any of them.
when my friends go to the cinema is always marvel. i wish we could watch something else together we all enjoy but it doesn't seem like they're up for anything else unless it's iron man 6, cap america 18 etc. i don't even find the marvel moids cute so no eyecandy and post movie girly gushing either. in the theater they cheer in scenes i dont understand. i cant join the excitement but i wish i could, im not going to join them anymore when its a marvel day (which at this point its like 2 times a month) to not be a party pooper and leave confused.

Anonymous 77731


Oh, you gave me a theme:

I can’t stand people who’s passion is videogames. I have no understanding of a gaming culture formed by men. So what do I mean: they think of it like it’s a skill. That absolutely baffles me. How mental should you be to perceive something like videogames as something you need to be skilled at. Speedrunning is a thing - why?
Thinking of difficulty levels not as a replayability factor, but as a challenge
What the fuck, why would anyone supposed to be impressed by this, why would anyone wants to spend their time not just enjoying videogames, but playing it for the competitive reasons. I really despise this, git gud culture is so confusing for me, that’s so inefficient and dumb.

It’s like when frat moids compete eating the most spicy food or marines’ tradition of blood pinning. If you are capable to tolerate pain and discomfort you are tough and cool. What the fuck, no? You are dumb?
Remember Jackass? Why?
This state of mind lacks logic and rationality so much, I feel so helpless trying to understand why it is even a thing

Anonymous 77734

I don't play videogames at all but this channel makes interesting videos explaining how new records are broken:

It's basically like any other pointless record where they have to find new and quicker ways of doing things. It's a nice brain work out and requires a lot of dedication to put so many hours in, especially when you know you have a one in 3,000 chance of the game lining everything up properly.

Do I think they could be doing something better with their time? Yes, definitely. Do I think it's a skill? No. But I still admire their work effort and how the community works together to problem solve. Some of the techniques they come up with are pretty fascinating or have an interesting story, such as "look down".

I suppose videogames are a cheap-ish hobby and are easy to do when you don't have a lot of mental or physical energy, which a lot of people don't have these days because of how terrible our society is. There's a lot worse things people could be spending their time on too.

Anonymous 77737

Is it better than hot dog eating contest or are they on the same level?

Anonymous 77739

Food eating contests are the worst. Imagine some impoverished person from a poor country watching that. Not to mention they seldom use vegan products so it necessitates animal torture too. And probably bad for people's health, not that I care for them. Just completely awful in every way.

Sure they probably use skills and techniques too but they don't outweigh the good in my opinion. Videogames are at least mostly harmless as long as you don't get too caught up in them. It's their life to waste if they want to spend it that way.

Anonymous 77743


Its especially funny when the moids think they're going to go pro. They never do and even when they do 99% of the time they can't take it and drop out.
I would argue its just as bad as a food eating contest from that point of view since most third worlders don't have the luxury to spend the amount of time required to play games on that level, but at the end of the day you could say that for just about everything we do in the first world.
Competitive gaming is too popular for its own good. A lot of men think they can make it by playing competitive vidya without properly thinking through what that means and how a job like that works. But most often I see it used as a crutch to deal with their life being unfulfilling rather than as something they enjoy.

Anonymous 77744

Several of my friends are """professional""" fighting game players, which really means they go to local tournaments and occasionally win a small prize, and honestly it's just embarrasing. I wish esports hadn't taken over gaming so much.

Anonymous 77758

Thank you for the reassurance, I just have shared some things where I know logically I had more self awareness to mind what I said, but I just ignored it and said what I did anyways because I assumed the person wouldn't be judgmental; they didn't seem to mind by their reaction, and they still talk with me like it had no effect, but I still don't think I should've said anything because I might've gave off the wrong impression. I just need to get over myself I guess.

Anonymous 77763

they don't actually call themselves professional players, do they?
>food eating contests
is this an american thing?

Anonymous 77765


If I’m so determined to off myself why am i getting ready to go take my final exam? Shouldn’t i just let it go since i’m dying? I’ll think over this in summer

Anonymous 77766

you may find once the finals are over you'll feel less inclined to commit suicide

Anonymous 77790

…and you may find yourself behind the wheel of a large automobile…

Anonymous 77799

My sleep pattern is currently ruined. I feel so miserable whenever I go to bed.

Anonymous 77805

waking up at 5am and going to bed at 9pm everyday gang

It will remove a not insignificant chunk of your misery, guaranteed

Anonymous 77813

unpopular opinion perhaps but: putting yourself in serious debt SHOULD be complicated because it shouldn't be done on a whim.

Anonymous 77814

how / where?

Anonymous 77815


I want to move out so badly. Why are housing prices so high. Why is my country going through an economic crisis. I hate living here so badly, I'd kill myself if I got guaranteed that I'd be stuck here forever. I'm struggling finding a job. I don't leave my house because almost every time I do I get harassed by scrotes. I hate when people look down on me without knowing my situation at all.
I don't know what to do.

Anonymous 77820

I feel you. I live in one of the most expensive places ever. I've thought of buying a used trailer off craigslist to live in with my savings but it would be a terrible financial decision.

Anonymous 77821

Terrible financial decision and i’d worry for your safety on top of it

Anonymous 77822


I miss the old internet. I feel like I used to be able to make friends online easily but nowadays social media is infested with political garbage and because my hobbies are pretty neet attractant (gaming, animu, art, reading, etc.) it's tough to be active in any communities without running into trannies or libfems who go off their fucking rocker at the slightest hint of wrongthink. I had to leave a discord server recently because it got overtaken by mtf trannies posting nonstop about girldick and sharing yuri hentai and it drives me up the wall. I'm not even particularly terfy but it's to the point that I get irritated opening social media apps because there's at least a 50% chance I have to see tranny shit or moid pandering. The only sites I enjoy using anymore are CC and smaller fandom-related subreddits and it's not that I hate it here but it just fucking sucks. idk what to even do anymore.

Anonymous 77825

I get you. Its tiring being around people who are so sensitive. It feels like they don't even care about who you really are at all, which is just the reality anyways. I think that things are always changing like that, it confuses me too.

Anonymous 77831

I'm sorry to hear that anon. I've considered that too but I wouldn't feel safe either like the other anon said. I really hope we can both make it out and live somewhere comfortable. Why does simply living comfortably have to be so hard?

Anonymous 77834

I know what you mean. I thankfully had enough pull to start my own small Discord of people and avoid a lot of these issues as I can now control who sticks around.

Outside of this, though, I find going back into old communities lends to comfy experiences. MMO private servers, Gaiaonline, and similar. You're otherwise going to find environments that try to unify literally everything under a single subject, and thus need to deal with them bending over for the lowest common denominator (trannies and insufferable political people, often the same things.)

Anonymous 77843

I'm bored as fuck. I wish I had more people to talk to but I don't know where to meet people that aren't just total normies. I hate that most places suck online now and how judgemental everyone is.

Anonymous 77845

Even in the winter when it’s so dark? Wow I congratulate u anon

Anonymous 77851

Is it weird if i delete my messages with someone suddenly after months. I always have this tick and it makes me look like a creep

Anonymous 77854

Seconding, also Xemnas and his nice lips are much better to look at. 2D truly is superior.

Anonymous 77855

Been where you are, he will get his shit together FAST if you start sleazing around with other guys and give himself something to compete with. It's unironically worked for me, even though I never would've thought it was okay to do before until I realized: When then man is unfaithful first, you're not responsible for staying faithful to him anymore after that. It's kind of just some unspoken truth that when a woman is more faithful than the man, she is justified in her actions. Also, men really do actually like competing with each other, whereas I fucking despise competing with my fellow sisters.

Incels and scrotes seethe at the idea of a woman leaving them behind and often fib their stories like the woman was unfaithful first, hiding that they cheated before her and got what was coming to them.

In my situation, I sought out other guys after someone I was with really let me down, and one of them being really good made him a little jealous and possessive of me. Same thing but better happened when Guy 1 hmu, we started up a thing, Guy 2 (the one that had let me down) contacted me a little too late, things didn't work out with Guy 1, and then Guy 2 swooped in and took me better and stronger and made up for everything Guy 1 didn't do, powered by the energy to out-do Guy 1's failures and make me feel good.

In other words, men are truly disposable so instead of cutting your own throat, as much as you want to, try to overcome your sadness a little bit and just use another person to help you get over it. It will put you both on even ground, or even drive him to feel the same jealousy and pain you're feeling now. Forced empathy is a funny thing. :)

Anonymous 77857

>I had to leave a discord server recently because it got overtaken by mtf trannies posting nonstop about girldick and sharing yuri hentai and it drives me up the wall.
What the actual fuck, that's nightmare fuel. I hope you gave them a goodbye speech at least stating why you think the place sucks without outright telling them they're acting like the moids they are with their pornshit.

I once had a tranny try to tell me MOST yuri is written by women (lmao bullshit) "for women", and when I tried to point out that the anime hentai reaction that one of the girls puts on for the other is moid simping behavior his brain short-circuited.

Anonymous 77858

I just took a look at the /feels/ catalog and it seems that nowdays there's a significant amount of miners starting their own threads to discuss their specific problems instead of creating or participating in generals. Wouldn't it be more practical if we started a general for discussing toxic partners or dating advise for example instead of everyone making a thread about themselves? There's already threads for this but they are lower in the catalog, like the friend finder. What do you think? I'm a bit pissed.

Anonymous 77859


Forgot pic

Anonymous 77860

I'm convinced the first one is just an elaborate troll, the rest are kind of annoying yeah.

Anonymous 77861

I don’t think it’s bad
On the contrary: generals may kill the discussion of a one specific thing after a couple of replies
Idk it’s also a venting board, as it is stated, so making threads for your own specific thoughts and problems are fine by me

Anonymous 77862

Nah, that’s a common thing, I think - other way there won’t be a nlog concept

Anonymous 77872

i don't think you should be forced to post in a general, there's no issue with making OPs regarding the board topic if you wish
it's posts like yours and the "moids are in our midst" that don't belong on /feels/
there's a /meta/ board for a reason

Anonymous 77898

It's my vent

Anonymous 77901

I support trannies now because all the gc migrants here accusing everyone they dislike of being a troon are even more annoying. Only the ftm ones though, I still hate men.

Anonymous 77902

It does get tiring seeing the same thread over and over again.

Anonymous 77909

I would find it weird yeah. I have one friend who does that and it annoys me, makes ME look like the weird one since then at first glance it's like I'm the only one who's been sending messages.
I get tired of all the relationship threads, but I understand why someone may want to post their own vent post rather than just posting in this thread. It gets more attention and responses if it's a new thread, and when you're sad you probably want help or support.

Anonymous 77910

I only have one female friend that I'm close to, and whilst I absolutely adore her, I'm afraid I'm getting too clingy since she's my only one. I miss her way more than I should when she's busy. I have no idea where else to meet other women my age that have similar interests. I wish more female only spaces exist, and I mean actual female only, so no trans acceptance.

Anonymous 77911


>I mean actual female only, so no trans acceptance.

Anonymous 77913

I joined a WhatsApp group to make friends and unsurprisingly the few males in it either tried to scam people, ask for sex, or acted weird. In the first meetup one of the guys who came forced everyone to hug him. Repulsive, I wish the group was female only.

Anonymous 77914

Things like that are why I really try to avoid befriending men. It's just too likely that they'll want to be something more than a friend.

Anonymous 77915

Both probably.

Anonymous 77916


Anonymous 77919

I never understood the original version of this mean. Clearly they mean identifying types of wood. No one is going to write a whole book about "is this a piece of wood?" unless there is something else to the mean I'm not getting.

This is one of the things I hate about the internet, moids, and neurotypicals. So many of them are so quick to purposely misunderstand what you say to try and make you look stupid, while not realising that you've already held your tongue multiple times to not make them look dumb out of politeness.

Anonymous 77926

Yep, I don't like waking up when it's sunlight, it means I missed some sunlight earlier in the day and I want to max out the amount of light I get in the day… oh, and ty anonette

Anonymous 77929

Can't agree with that, there's not a single reason to support trannies, even deluded teen girls that think they're gay men or lesbians in denial. Why did they call you troon?

Anonymous 77932

Not directed at me. I’m saying the constant accusations that every poster with innocuously deviating opinions on a topic is a troon are annoying and detract from the conversations here.

Anonymous 77935


>at new job
>trying to figure out where to eat my lunch without causing fuss
>breakroom has no chairs
>ask my elderly supervisor where I'm allowed to eat
>"Well, it doesn't matter. It's hard eating in front of other people though, I understand."
>think nothing of it as I go about lunch
>realize that was kind of an odd thing for her to say
>I think she assumed I had anorexia or something

I don't have an eating disorder I'm just autistic and need to be explicitly told where to eat.

Anonymous 77936

I don't know I remember laughing the first time I saw it.

Anonymous 77937

Really same

Anonymous 77939

Maybe she meant hard eating in front of other people when they aren’t eating? It can see rude.

Anonymous 77941

That's a rude thing to do? I didn't know.

Anonymous 77942

Some people think eating in public is rude and eating in front of others isn’t polite if you aren’t going to share. Plus the sounds and smells can be annoying sometimes.

Anonymous 77943

I dropped out college on my first semester because it was a public university and the brainrotted fucks there decided to go on a strike (1 month already). I’m not going to get into debt for this. So I’m currently wageslaving at mcdonald’s witch it’s comfy for me because I already know the people there and it’s near from home. My plan is to study a technical degree on agronomy next year to achieve my dream of moving to the south. I’m in a good place right now. Mental health is skyrocketing because I’m sleeping way better and I’m doing exercise regularly (cardio and strength). Idk, I think this is the opposite of the typical vent, kind of a optimistic vent? I’ve suffered a lot so I’m glad I’m doing good right now. I know things can change drastically from one minute to other so I’m appreciating the small good things. Keep at it sisters.

Anonymous 77944

I mean I feel the same as her, it's just autism. I feel embarrassed when others see me eat for some reason.

Anonymous 77945

Everything sucks. Im currently at a point in life where I have to resolve a lot of bullshit but I don't have the tools just yet. I might get them soon but I have to wait a little while. It just frustrating being in purgatory especially when its been that way for a long time and I see a way to progress.

Anonymous 77946

nice to hear you're doing well anon

Anonymous 77953

Does anyone feel like they were robbed of their life? I was neglected by my parents as a child (and victimized by my siblings) so i didn’t really know how to navigate school all throughout my childhood and teens. I had a lot of anger because of life at home and was a really weird person who lived in my own warped view of the world so i ruined any friendship i could make, It’s not like i didn’t reach out to my parents or anything.. i tried to again and again but they wouldn’t budge or lay any knowledge on me. I felt really lost. Even my first year of college was a mess and i sabotaged any possible connection. I feel like i learned a lot though lately and tackled some of my issues. My interactions with other people certainly got better and even in public i don’t exude a troubled mentally ill aura anymore so i notice people would talk to me more and confide in me randomly. Those are really good advancements but i’m just sad over the lost years, i could have had friends and my college life is very lonely it’s so hard making friends now because everyone has already established themselves and their circles at this point. It feels like i suddenly discovered how to life and i’m running after everyone like look!! I got it!! Kek god sorry this was a long rant

Anonymous 77954


I used to be pretty active on Gaia back in the day, is it still going? I might have to go to that then. I did see some trannies last I logged in (~2018?) but that is a good point. I appreciate it.

Unfortunately not, I just left quietly. The server was overrun with troons and anybody criticizing the coomer shit (including the literal dozens of futa art being posted DAILY) would get chewed out. They were also "ironically" misogynistic (picrel) and most of the few actual females there, including one tif, either don't post anymore or left. I should've said something but I didn't want to get mass harassed or doxed, it's literally full of maybe a hundred to two hundred trannies. Most of them sperg about hentai for hours a day.

>I once had a tranny try to tell me MOST yuri is written by women (lmao bullshit) "for women"

The biggest cope of all time. I actually do read/like some yuri because, duh, lesbian weeb. But the yuri industry/fandom is mostly moids and pickmes acting out ~yuri fantasies~ for moid attention. Troids who troon out because they consumed too much yuri are imo more pathetic than tifs who troon out because they overdosed on yaoi, usually the former is way more coombrained than the latter. It's impossible to really be into yuri fandoms in current day and not be surrounded by men jerking off to anime lesbians, men who think they're women jerking off to anime lesbians, and rare coomer women vying for moid attention. Hell world. Best chances of meeting an actual same-sex attracted female is, funnily, yaoi fandoms.

Anonymous 77957

Could you be on the spectrum anon? I did all those things too and recently found out I have ADHD and Aspergers.

Anonymous 77958

But isn't most Yuri actually written by female authors? I always thought it was weird so I don't know if they've just pen names, but on paper I think the majority are supposedly female.

Anonymous 77959

I don’t think so, there are things i do (well… used to) that align with autism but i don’t think i’m autistic or have adhd. I do think i might suffer from a quiet type of bpd. And maybe plain stupidity.

Anonymous 77960

These things present differently in women and girls, if you haven’t looked into it before.

Anonymous 77964

>not waking up at 8pm and going to sleep at 9am

Anonymous 77966

I really hate living in the middle of nowhere. The only library near me moved into a town close by but not close enough to walk, but I'm trying to save money right now so I don't want to pay for public transport which is only increasing in price. I feel so trapped having to pay to actually go anywhere. And because I live in the middle of nowhere, of course it's a struggle to even find a job nearby. Wtf am I supposed to do with my life like this.

Anonymous 77967

There are a couple trannies of course but I've actually had the most luck finding lesbians in the love live fandom

Anonymous 77968

I feel the exact same way anon. Purgatory is a great way to describe it. For me, I do have the tools to help myself get out, the problem is those tools are going to require months of waiting until I can utilise them, so whilst I'm waiting I feel trapped in purgatory. I hope you get yours soon and I pray we can both live te happy lives we want to

Anonymous 77973

use libgen.is instead

Anonymous 77980

I feel ya. It's a miracle I even got a job in this tourist town. Still waiting for life to begin. At least I might finally get my license soon.
I've been obsessed with the word purgatory lately. Prolly gonna name my first EP "Life in Purgatory" if I get serious about music. I'm not poor enough to have a mandatory career goal to work towards but I'm not rich enough where my options are open either, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 77983

What is that?
I like that EP name. Purgatory is a good word, now you're going to get me obsessed too kek

Anonymous 77984

Site with lots of "free" books

Anonymous 77985

Yeah I hope it doesn't eat away at you too much nona! I know sometimes it gets to me but I just have to distract myself since thinking about purgatory gives this urgent feeling to just get out and then I do stuff that's counterintuitive to that goal.

Anonymous 77988

whats with all the baby fever freaks on this website?
>durrrr i want to be a mommy!!! teehee babies!!
they can't even express their desire for children without acting like braindead anime lolis.

Anonymous 77989

I don't know babe isn't something you should be looking forward too honestly it just leads to disappointment once you realize what that means for you and that isn't fair for babe. First time parents can be very gullible.

Anonymous 77995

Always a chance of them being larping moids or troons, theres a lot of baby-crazy women out there but I doubt they frequent imageboards.

Anonymous 77997

Thank you anon. I still wish I had a physical library closeby though, I really like the atmosphere of most libraries and they're somewhere free to go and do things at so great for poorfags.

Anonymous 78006

I wish i had someone to watch movies and all kinds of stuff with, someone i could paint and draw with… play a game or two with. its so awful being alone

Anonymous 78007

we can do it togehter then

Anonymous 78010


Hwo anon how

Anonymous 78011

y-you know how

Anonymous 78012

You feeling better…

Not the one you were talking to, but I made this for you.

Anonymous 78016


Thank u anon, i appreciate it

Anonymous 78018

I was a shutin from 17-28 so yeah I pretty much lost my entire youth. I don't realistically think there's anything I missed out on except partying and socializing and crappy adolescent relationships which probably would have brought me more problems anyway, but I do get FOMO sometimes and wonder what could have been. I do feel robbed but it was my own fault along with my mental health issues so it feels even worse having no one to blame except myself. I just wish I had more friends. I find it's extremely hard to make genuine friends after your teenage years.

Anonymous 78019

i only managed about 6 months at a time, for two or three periods
how'd you go that many years with no contact, logistically speaking?

Anonymous 78021

I’m on my 2 year streak of no contact, it gets easier like withdrawal from smoking, you feel like the first few months are hell then you feel like you can breathe clearly again then emptiness kicks in

Anonymous 78029


22 years old and I still can't get out of my mind the childish fantasy of living a true epic adventure in which I follow some absurdly paranormal mystery and get exposed to impossible dangers and secret societies. At this point I've been 8 years wondering around abandoned places, lonely country paths and imageboards to still find nothing, no mystery, no adventure, only a sense of excitement about an impending ''happening'' that never happened. Literature, films and videogames have gotten me all hyped about this unattainable experience. At least I'm not a consoomer for any franchise, I like to waste my money on herbs and soap instead, thank god larping online is free. I can't focus on my normal duties and I regret it later very much.

Anonymous 78030

My creepy uncle is here and just hearing him talk gives the creeps blegh I want him gone

Anonymous 78032

No. I know, crazy.

Anonymous 78033

You sound like a fun person to be around

Anonymous 78034

Every time I see him, if I don't greet him within a millisecond he'll be like "Why haven't you said hello to your uncle? Where's my hug?"
I barely know him. Even if he's blood-related, to me he's just some random middle aged man. He is absolutely obsessed with Elvis and collects multiple Elvis themed things to the point where his house was 90 percent Elvis. It's weird and parasocial to me, I do not like celebrity worship, especially to that extent.
That being said I'm absolutely an antisocial autistic retard when it comes to my family. I don't really want anything to do with them and I hate being forced to interact with them…
Just autisming I guess

Anonymous 78036

Why even bother interacting if you don't want to?

Anonymous 78040


I have a bizarre memory of my Uncle I keep thinking about and wondering "what the fuck?"
For context my uncle was a really sweet guy and not weird at all, from what I remember of him (from age 7 and on I barely saw him as his life took some rough turns and then he died when I was 11) but this one memory is making me go, "what the fuck was that?" and I wish I knew what it was.

Anyways when I was about 5 years old, we would go to my grandparents for football on sundays with the whole family. Every once in a while I would just need to escape everyone so I would go to the bathroom but when I was done I would sort of just sit there alone and take in the silence and reprieve. People would knock on the door to be let in, and I usually wouldn't respond, I don't know why, but they would just discover it was locked and walk away or walk on on me and turn around.
One day my Uncle needed to use it and he knocked on the door to see if anyone was there, I didn't respond as normal, then he came in. Instead of going when he saw me on the toilet he just started unzipping his pants? I swear he looked directly at me. While he was doing it I just said "I'm in here." and then he said "oh," and turned around and left (he didn't unzip them all the way or anything, I saw nothing)

I've always excused it as he was drunk and didn't notice, I've never been drunk, is that really a drunk person thing? Idk, its been on my mind a lot recently and this made me think of it again.

Anonymous 78041

Does sound like something someone drunk or not paying attention might do.

Anonymous 78042

This is 100% something a drunk person would do.

Anonymous 78059

Oh wow. Thanks anon

Anonymous 78080

Because my family forces me to and I don't have the money to move out. Isn't that obvious?

Anonymous 78081

Would you like to try being friends anon? What type of things do you like?

Anonymous 78105

>caught a bad cold from my mom (not covid thankfully)
>sleep all day monday
>only wake up to eat, get water, do some laundry, go to the bathroom
>wake up wednesday, feel better
>realize i lost my voice, fucking hell
>miss work thursday because literally cannot speak
>trying to finagle some stuff for university, stressing out because loans, gotta do my visa interview to move to the eu in less than 2 weeks, paperwork out the ass
>try going into work today because feel good, voice coming back, don’t want to get fired for missing work
>work 1 1/2 hour
>my voice starts going, can’t talk to customers
>take a break
>go back out, now i really can’t speak
>muscles in my neck hurt from straining because my voice box is still fucked
>ask my manager if i can go home
>says yes because i sound like a chain smoker who got kicked in the chest by a llama
>pack up to leave
>coworkers make nasty comment as i am leaving breakroom and laugh while looking at me about my going home early despite me being obviously ill
>roll my eyes, but feel a little sad when i get home because i can tell they’re going to start isolating me because they think i am getting speshul treatment
>just want my voice back and to get my fucking loans and visa for university

Anonymous 78109

I wouldn't mind trying, . it's kinda awkward spilling my interests out in a vent thread though, but they align with the activities i've mentioned in my op

Anonymous 78110

I'm sooo horny for this manager at my work. I knew him since I got the job but until now he was a meh for me. I don't know what happened. Maybe it's his cold personality and composure? plenty of guys, including big boss, flirt with me but he's not easy at all. I love that. I would love to suck his cock and open my legs for him.
How to seduce a guy like this? I bet he's the type to not get involved with coworkers but he's a man after all, and I know he's weak to my looks too since I've catch him staring.

Anonymous 78111


I just started my first full year of college, and it started off well, but the separation from all my high school friends has been crippling, on top of my best friend for the past 4 years treating me like as if I dont exist for the past 2 months or so.

As a result Ive felt pretty down and now am failing one of my classes from not handing in a final due to my complete depressive brainrot. I can completely relate; this feels utterly shattering. Just please always reach out if you can to friends, family, your councellors, professors, etc. I didnt and it got me going into my first year as a complete mess

Anonymous 78112

this is such an amazing idea omg

this hurts so much, especially when you two did EVERYTHING together but then its like oh haha forgot u existed

>all of nature is dying
Tell me about it. When I was a kid, we would constantly hear birds, insects, etc playing their little songs but now its dead silent. I can't even walk at night because the quietness turns my anxiety up 1000x. Plus the air quality in my neighborhood has gotten so bad its hard to get enough oxygen and you constantly feel like your in a vacuum. My family's set to going poor so unless we live in some cabin in the middle of nowhere we're stuck here

Anonymous 78128

What if it’s exactly his plan

Anonymous 78129

Why do people have second and more then?
I understand the times with no proper birth control methods, but now?

Anonymous 78136

Half of all pregnancies are accidents, women pressured into it, people not wanting spoilt only children, people following life script, people being stupid.

Anonymous 78138

I have cravings for food I know will deteriorate my circulation, but I love salty food so much… I'm not sure if I can control the pain of my legs by eating less salt, doc said I had low blood preasure so I should eat salty things more often. I feel my legs look so bad for my age and I wish there was an efficient way diet could help because at this moment I don't have the time to excercise…

Anonymous 78139


a one mile jog will, at slowest, take you 15 minutes to complete. surely you can spare 15 minutes in your schedule.

Anonymous 78140

Whenever I'm sitting down for long periods I always move my legs a lot. It's not much but every bit of movement helps.

Anonymous 78146

I live in a very touristic area and although I enjoy rollerskating and jogging from time to time there is NO WAY I can find a place to do this comfortably. Hundreds of tourists is groups block avenues and main streets. I hate it so much. And If I have to lose 20 min to reach a peaceful area I'll have to invest another 20 min to come back. It's not that easy.

Anonymous 78157

Would you like to exchange emails or something like that? No pressure though. I'd just like a friend too.

Anonymous 78160

What threads are you seeing this in? I haven't seen any talk of that.

Anonymous 78161

Yeah its more of a biological urge for most of them, but in reality they're inept autists and the desire to have a baby will subside soon, it comes and goes.
Uh, newfag?

Anonymous 78162

who cares, they're assholes, you won't be there forever anyways.

Anonymous 78163

You sound like a larp tbh

Anonymous 78164

Link the posts, let's see them if they're so common.

Anonymous 78191

I give up

Anonymous 78238

my boyfriend is polyamorous and i am very monogamous. 2 days ago he got a new girl. im devastated i dont know how to cope with this. i feel so insecure and selfish. i just want it to be him and i, i cant imagine being with anyone else. i dont hate this girl. i just wish she would leave. its causing me so much mental torture. he still loves me a lot. so why do i feel so bad? at first i wanted to make this girl hurt the way im hurting. i realized thats wrong and will make my boyfriend upset so i shouldnt do it. im so scared of being betrayed. i dont want to fucking share. it was perfect with just him and i. now i have all these confusing feelings and i want it to end. i hate sharing. so. fucking. much.

Anonymous 78239

Your boyfriend's a slut taking advantage of politics to act like one without repercussions. Dump him.

Anonymous 78240

as much as i would love to escape these feelings i cant dump him. i need to learn how to cope and challenge my jelousy. in this i can find how to have more self confidence. imo dumping would be accepting defeat. like new gurl has power over me. i feel its worth noting he and i know eachother irl and he met this girl online. i feel like because of that im hoping theor relationship will fizzle out in the meantime. but i cant just sit here and take this.

Anonymous 78241


>my boyfriend is polyamorous and i am very monogamous.

Anonymous 78243


>but i cant just sit here and take this.
holy cope

Anonymous 78244

Holy shit, even teenage me wasn't this much of a spineless, self-blaming pushover.

Anonymous 78245

98% certain this is a creative writing exercise.

Anonymous 78246

Girl, come on. All the copium in the world won't help you if you're not compatible with your boyfriend's polyamorous lifestyle. Do the sensible thing and dump him.

Anonymous 78249

this, but still dump him on the 2% chance it isnt, its really not worth associating with slutty personalities.

Anonymous 78250


This is one of those times I feel second hand embarrassment from this gender.

Anonymous 78259

there’s a moid at my job who i don’t really like because of his childish attitude and bad vibes, but he won’t take a hint and is all up my ass every time we work together. i was never interested in him in the first place, but i try to make an effort to be pleasant with everyone regardless and he’s taken that like i am in love with him somehow. yesterday, he was upset about something and started taking it out on me, and then tried to keep speaking to me later on after yelling at me for taking my lunch break before his (he’s not my manager) and using my equipment without my permission while i am trying to check out clients. i don’t want to be a bitch only because i don’t want to be fired, but he’s aggravating and it’s taking everything in me not to tell him to go straight to hell. he keeps asking me retarded questions like did i see such and such? when i am clearly busy, and i really had to bite my tongue yesterday because i wanted to ask him why he keeps asking me these stupid questions? there are 10 other people working with us, but he will always interrupt me to ask me something instead of touching base with others who are more likely to know something than i do. or he will take off his jacket and start rubbing on his flabby arms while looking at me while complaining about how “hot” it is in the store and it literally makes me want to retch because he’s NOT sexy at all. he’s got a huge bobblehead, is skinny fat, wears baggy clothes all the time, and is stooped over like an old ass man even though he’s in his 20’s. i am going to tell him i am not interested in him eventually, but i just needed to vent because i hate men who are pushy and think they “still have a chance” even when you are clearly uninterested or after they act like an ass.

Anonymous 78270

I feel useless and ashamed of it but it seems impossible for me to feel useful, I'm not intelligent or capable enough and I don't know how to escape this shame, everybody seems to be more useful than me and I can't do anything

Anonymous 78271

The thread that has been on the first 2 pages of the /b/ index for over a week? Ok.


Anonymous 78272

I'm sorry THREE weeks now. My concept of time is not so good

Anonymous 78273

stressful job where my managers are gossiping or talking shit behind peoples back, the hypocrisy…i think one of my managers might know my bf, im just being paranoid. I know my boyfriend is hiding something from me. I was feel like the bad guy when i fuck up. I want to move away from home and my job but i cant becauseim a fucking failure.

Anonymous 78301

>browsing /b/ on any image board past your first month
explains why I never saw the thread

Anonymous 78315

Moid propaganda post speak for your fucking self SCROTE

Anonymous 78316

Leave him. Get a room mate. Sounds like you need to get on your feet and try a new job to get different experience. You really don't need to go to college either btw, there are courses you could take for accounting nursing etc

Anonymous 78318

>Im just inferior to men
No, you're not. what happened? what made you post something like this?
If some scrote hurt you or degrades you for being a woman, he's garbage and he should honestly just die in a pit somewhere.

Anonymous 78320

Finally broke up with that moid whose been manipulating for years, I'm free, and I feel great. I'm probably have a lot of downs, nostalgia and whatnot, but I know they are coming and I'll just come here when that happens, or just go out to a bookstore or something.

Anyways it's done. Relief.

Anonymous 78325

How do I stop getting used and taken advantage of?
I keep talking to them when I know I could just block them because I am an adult and I am fully aware talking to abusive moids triggers me into getting worse and it’s no ones responsibility to stop me except myself. It’s not my fault fucked up men exist but it’s on me if I engage with them. I attract abusers and I keep talking with them because it validates me and keeps me from feeling lonely.
I cut on places I didnt want to cut before because someone told me he finds it hot.
I keep coming back to them every time even if i block them, I give them another chance, or if they lose interest I desperately wait for a replacement, and someone new always appears eventually willing to take advantage of me. I feel empty when I don't have someone to talk to, especially someone who is attracted to me, even if they just see me as their toy.
I fantasize a lot about meeting someone in real life who would want to use me like that. I really don't want to give into it in real life but I'm curious as to what would happen. I know the answer is to find friends in real life or a boyfriend who isn't as abusive/manipulative but literally everyone irl finds me weird and we can't relate to each other. The only people except family so far that i talk to are my coworkers, but obviously they're just coworkers and I'm never gonna get any closer to them.

Anonymous 78327

What made me feel that way was irl experiences and, im not sure if guys are joking when they say this, but they always go on about how men are naturally better and how we are irrational idiots. Then i go on the internet on sites like kf and youtube comment sections and its just the same stuff, sometimes worse. Or even how the trannies say men make better women and having other guys agree. Funny how having my post deleted like a man or being accused of one didnt make me feel better. Im not sure if i wish i was a guy or if I just want to be equal to them and accepted but not because they want to fuck me. I think going on r9k messed me up since every interaction I have with men makes me question their true motive.

It feels like only otome game boys would love me.

Anonymous 78339

>im not sure if guys are joking when they say this, but they always go on about how men are naturally better and how we are irrational idiots.
I think that the idiots who say this genuinely mean it, I would stay away from them.
> i go on the internet on sites like kf and youtube comment sections and its just the same stuff, sometimes worse.
What is kf? Also, what youtube videos do you watch where the comment section is filled with misogynists?
>Or even how the trannies say men make better women and having other guys agree.
I wouldn't take this too seriously. Most of the time this is said "ironically", when it's unironic it's either said by trannies or coomers.
>Im not sure if i wish i was a guy or if I just want to be equal to them and accepted but not because they want to fuck me.
To me it seems like you're seeking validation, but the ones you're seeking it from are assholes. I once had a similar problem and it ended up breaking me.
I'd advise you to seek out new friend groups and communities to spend your time so it's possible to distance yourself from the toxic once.

Anonymous 78340

I hate these niggas

Anonymous 78345

I hate people.
Scrolling through twitter, see some video posted of some ugly moid comparing two beautiful women and going "look at the 1st one and then look at the 2nd one and tell me you wouldn't pick the 2nd one"
What made me even sadder is seeing women in the replies agreeing with him and laughing, hating on the 1st girl who is still conventionally attractive.
Why must we always be compared to other women for something so superficial? Always. And why do other women engage in that awful behaviour?
I hate how often I see misogyny, and I hate it even more when I see it coming from other women.
Why do we have to compare them? Why can't we just see both as beautiful? Why are humans so tribalistic, why do they have to feel the need to tell everyone their preferences?
As if either of those women would like him anyway. Why does nobody think about how that 1st girl must feel, being compared to this 2nd girl and put down over her looks? Why does nobody care?

Anonymous 78347

You need to work on your self worth and become a whole, happy person so that when someone tries to take advantage of you, you will see through it straight away.

Please block and delete all users now. Find a therapist or at the very least some form of accountability and a place to share your feelings. You can even make a thread here and all the anons will support you.

Anonymous 78348

Well done anon, we're all proud of you.

Anonymous 78349

I can never seem to keep a job for longer than 6 months at a time. Maybe it's just the wage-slave life existence of a practically meaningless job surrounded by boring, uninspired people. I have rent, bills, etc and I can't afford to not work for anything longer than 2 weeks of unemployment. I start off strong, I'm complimented as a hard worker but then something in my psyche just cracks and I don't call in and just quit without leaving a trail of my existence. I wish I would've went to school and I feel like I'm too old for it now. I'm almost 30 with a job hop every 3-6 months. I'm a skilled artist, but I can't seem to tackle how to make that a livable income because I haven't been motivated lately to even finish a piece. Not sure what to do about it.

I did a no call no show on Sunday and I don't feel like begging for my job today by making some bullshit excuse why I didn't show up because I'll just get hired on somewhere else that's just as meaningless in a week or two. I know I should at least tell them that this job isn't working for me but I'm just another cog that they'll easily replace. Maybe just to leave in good graces and not burn every fucking bridge but I've met so many old managers who've quit the same job and go on to tell me "eh, life happens, you can use me as a reference just because" outside of our job hells so who knows.

Anonymous 78358


Fuck you. I can't handle this bullshit anymore. I don't even want to be your friend anymore. You suck. You really, actually suck. I'm done with you. I'm tired of being stabbed in the heart by shitty little fuckboys. I'm now fully convinced it is against human nature for men to be faithful.

My parents raised me wrong, there are no men worth being faithful for. All the good ones are ruined by porn and nobody except incels and old chodes care about traditional values. Not only this, but abhorrent human beings like my brother's ex-wife are the reason why great men get ruined.

This world is full of evil and I don't want to live in it anymore.

Anonymous 78359

Love yourself

Anonymous 78360

Wow your life sounds like it's in the cemetery yeesh

Anonymous 78362

Become a night audit so you can make art all night long as extra income and develop a foundation selling it and other creative ideas online.

Anonymous 78363

>he really chose coomtrash over me
Alright bitch, see you in 3+ days. Don't talk to me. We're not friends anymore. I'm done with you.

Anonymous 78374

I think kf is Kiwi Farms (it's like lolcow). Also, I've noticed a lot of fucked up shit being said in YouTube comments without fail every time a woman is in a video or post.

Anonymous 78376

Having some more anxiety attacks thinking about the future of my LDR. I know the answer is to communicate but I'm a fucking coward.

Anonymous 78381

Mental illness (along with abuse) robbed me of my life unknowingly. From age 16 to i would say about 19. I’m still getting abused but my third eye has opened since i hit my 20s for some reason. I hate my life so much right now, i’m in the grieving stage. I wish the ground would swallow me whole. Growing up like this is so pitiful

Anonymous 78384

>tfw no bf who rubs my feet everyday
Footrubs are litterally the best thing in the world.

Anonymous 78385

So this is the life of the kind of tardthots that shit up this board
Damn, I'm glad I didn't take the abrahamism pill

Anonymous 78388

what made you want to become a housewife anon?

Anonymous 78390

So depressed that when I got the big knife out of the draw to cut pizza I couldn't even muster the energy to pretend it was a sword for a little bit.

Anonymous 78391

These are the posters trying to convince you to marry moids and have kids.

Anonymous 78394


Not a vent but

Sometimes when I see a hot girl I feel the need to tell her how hot she is, or worse, if she has huge boobs or a nice figure I have the urge to say “wow your rack is huge, in jealous” or “damn ur boobs are huge”. I have to really remind myself they probably don’t want to hear it, especially if it’s completely unrelated to what we’re talking about. I once did this when my friends little sister (15/16 years old maybe) walked into the room and I hadn’t seen her in a while, me and my other bff (not the one relates to her) just burst out “DAMN GIRL YOU GOT HUGE BOOBS! where you get them boobs???”
I am not a lesbian and not attracted to women so I dunno why I feel the impulse to act like this

Anonymous 78395

Bitch what the fuck

Anonymous 78396

You belong in the freelancer’s world. That type of job insecurity scares the shit out of most people, but you’re meant for it. Try doing a few small jobs on upwork, it starts out really gay and low pay but you can start climbing the ladder

Anonymous 78399

I wanna get over you, I will get over you. I'm getting over you. You are a waste of time and I don't need your shit.

Anonymous 78400

this is so sad, I'm so sorry :(

Anonymous 78401

You probably spend too much time around men or porn has rotted your brain

Anonymous 78403

Amber did nothing wrong.

Anonymous 78407

I was the one that left him and I'd never go back to him no matter what, I know he's a bad person but I always miss him and love him and fantasize about him. I never loved a guy so much. I feel pain thinking about how he hurt me and he's probably dating other girls now. It's been almost 2 months and I'd just wish these feelings would go away and I wish I could not care about him at all. Any advice on how to get rid of these feelings?

Anonymous 78415


I'm TIRED of pining. It's not even fun anymore. I'm so lonely. I hate that I developed a crush on a guy who's similar to me, who I feel like I relate to, because I'd always assumed nobody like that existed and just thought I'd remain alone and learn to cope. But now I think there is probably a such thing as a guy I can relate to, I can't help myself from constantly wanting companionship from that kind of person. It's making me sad now. I'm just so starved for someone in my life who I feel like I can communicate with on the same level. I swear I feel like a human being on an alien planet. I can only take so many more shifts at work where my coworker tries to explain drugs to me before I give up and no-clip thru the floor

Anonymous 78416

tell us about the guy
how are you similar?

Anonymous 78417

Those feelings will pass with time. For now you should try to find a way to cope, watch anime, play video games or do something creative. Also don't be afraid to talk about it with friends or family.

Anonymous 78418


Anonymous 78423

You just don't understand how fulfilling getting lost in something you truly love can be. (more than you could love any man)

Nobody on earth can replace "work" for me, or ever will. Its cocaine to me. Men will always come second, and if they can't handle it, or make my life more unpleasant than it was before, they can leave. What's the point?

There is not one person in the world who has made me feel the way you describe, who didn't pale in comparison, to simply doing what I like.

Anonymous 78424

Oh, trust me, I do know what it's like to have a hobby. Today I walked more than 14 miles in total so I could go to the one library in my area that had a specific book about one of my interests. (Didn't want to drop money on an Uber.) So I know what it feels like to absolutely love, and be obsessed with something. I'm an unironic autist. It's awesome.

But what does this have to do with whether or not I want to cuddle with a guy? Are there not different kinds of fulfillment? Can I cuddle a book? It doesn't feel the same anon.

Anonymous 78430

nona you gotta make a move!

Anonymous 78465


Anonymous 78468

whenever a man finds me attractive, it feels horrible. I want to vomit every time I so much as get stared at by them.
Women on the other hand, if they find me attractive, I feel good about it. It's similar with ftms too-their attraction to me just feels GOOD. With men, it just doesn't. It makes me feel so incredibly gross. I also hate other women who crave male attention. It's so degrading to me lol
anyone else feel this?

Anonymous 78471


told my boyfriend about my past experiences being taken advantage of by pedophiles. he keeps mentioning that he has questions but is hesitant to start a conversation properly because of how uncomfortable he thinks his questions will make me feel. honestly i very much regret bringing this up with him and kind of just want to break up with him before he inevitably breaks up with me over this. i get it i get it i was naive to think a man wouldn't look at me as used goods for it but it still feels sickening to know that someone would take these experiences and judge me for it. it's worse because it's not like he can help it either of course, i don't blame him, it just hurts. i just want someone to think that i am human. i don't know if i will ever find this person at this point. do i just give up and stay single forever so i don't have to deal with perpetual rejection or just outright omission of some basic facts of my life?

Anonymous 78473


I hate being so lazy and useless all the time. I'm nearing my thirties and ever since I was a teenager I'd been thinking about committing sudoku. I have avoidant personality disorder, on top of the usual life long depression and autismo/add traits. I just don't know how to live entirely autonomously and I'm so sick of mooching off my surroundings. Every day is joyless and just a repeat of the same failures. I stopped making plans a long time ago because I know I won't follow through. The odd occasion I do try to think of goals only for them to fail before they started. Really hope I stop being passive and actually rope this year

Anonymous 78474


I'm not a housewife, I have a job and stuff to do outside the house. I've just always wanted to be married. I'm not much good at the more housewifely things. It's embarrassing but my parents were very unconcerned with that stuff, and I don't have much to go on in terms of how to run a household so it's trial and a lot of error. I would like to stay at home more though just so I have more time for hobbies and that sort of thing and to be able to do the housework and stuff too without feeling like my days are too full. I love spending time with my husband and doing things for him, and nothing else is as important as that to me.

Anonymous 78475

Get out of your own head. Your boyfriend isn't going to breakup with you just because you were sexually abused as child. I mean for fucks sake, you even mentioned that he doesn't want to make you uncomfortable by asking questions he thinks might cross boundaries. He clearly cares about you.

Anonymous 78479

A good man wouldn't break up with you over something that wasn't your fault, but from his reaction I have a feeling you're dating some kind of 4chan scrote so it doesn't look promising.

Anonymous 78480

Same, I'm kinda ugly so it generally never happens, but I'm grossed out by the idea of a man looking at me sexually. When I go outside I basically dress like a Muslim because I don't want men to look at me. I have no idea how girls can wear really slutty revealing outfits outside in front of perverted men. It makes me feel like a slab of meat, like I'm being raped.

Anonymous 78482

Any man who says they 'have questions' about your sexual assault is going to be asking them in bad faith at best and getting off to the idea of it at worst. It's passive aggressively insinuating they don't believe you are telling the truth.

Anonymous 78483

You also shouldn't feel you have to detail or explain your sexual assault to anyone, even a partner. That's no one else's business except your own and the police. Yes her scrote might be saying he won't ask them as he doesn't want to trigger her, but he's already admitting he's morbidly curious. Nothing good can come of telling your partner, in detail, how you were raped or molested. Nobody can understand or truly empathize that kind of trauma except someone else who has also been through it. Especially not a man who's never been through it.

Anonymous 78485

I just don't think there's any harm in listening to his questions, and if she wants to answer them, well, that's up to her.

Anonymous 78486

If she gets uncomfortable answering them or refuses to, that just gives him more ammunition and reason to justify breaking up with her. Men don't have sympathy for female victims. Nothing good comes of opening up to moids.

Anonymous 78496

I overslept and missed ny subeay stop so I was 5 minutes late to work. instead of messaging my manager, I knew she probably wouldn't be in the office so I just "forgot" to scan my electric time card. Unfortunately she came in a few minutes later and scolded me for trying to brsneaky and I feel so stupid. She's also mad at me because I forgot to submit my monthly time card last month and it's my fault our office is behind.

I'm trying not to mope because it is all my fault but I feel likd shit. At least she's leaving soon.

Anonymous 78517

I'm so stupid to believe I could ever beat my depression. I'm so stupid to believe I will ever earn the right to be loved. I'm so stupid to think I would ever feel at home anywhere on this planet. I dont belong here and these aren't my people.

Anonymous 78520

>telling yourself you are stupid, have to "earn" love, that you will never feel at home and that you don't belong
Anon, no wonder you are depressed if you keep telling yourself bad things. Why are you being your own bully? Even if these thoughts arise your mind, you have to tell yourself they are not true and refuse to dwell on them.

Everyone deserves love for who they are and a place to belong. Plenty of terrible people find love and you don't seem terrible so you definitely will.

Anonymous 78524

I went through my bfs messages (I know, that is not a good thing to do) and saw he met up with the women I suspect he had an affair with years ago on a concert.
Back then we had a big argument because she flirted with him a lot yet he insisted they were just friends and met up with her alone a lot. Once I got back from a business trip I saw bedsheets on our sofa. Apparently he let her stay the night after he lied to me and told me he didn't meet her. After that she moved to another city due to finding a job there and they didn't have much contact as far as I know.

After the concert he was weird and didn't tell me about how it was and if he had fun which is what he usually would do. Now I know why.
I'm not sure if it's good to adress that whole thing. I don't have proof that he ever cheated but there is obviously something fishy going on. Otherwise he would have told me about it.

A few days ago we talked about wanting to have a kid. I'm kind of old and if I don't do that now I might not have a chance to do that. But I don't want a kid with a dishonest person. What if he is cheating on me after we have a kid and I will have to stay with him if I don't want to raise a kid all by myself.

Anonymous 78525

It’s getting bad. It’s getting really really bad. 3rd year of social isolation and not succeeding in my money making plan. something please give me strength to overcome this hurdle. Let a miracle happen.

Anonymous 78534

I feel like it's okay to look maybe once in your life just to truly be comfortable with trusting someone, and just not mention it ever or do it again.

But even if he didn't cheat, your description means he still lied to you, which means he has no issue lying to you about things. That alone I feel like is a pretty huge issue…

Anonymous 78551

I want to fuck trendy teenage boys.

Anonymous 78552

Sounds like a one way ticket to single motherhood, unless you're comfortable with being a cuckquean who lets him cheat on you. Theres no such thing as a guy who only cheats once btw.

Anonymous 78556

I love completely uninteresting personal threads! No sus at all! Thank you newfags

Anonymous 78557

how did you become socially isolated?

Anonymous 78560


I'm going to turn 25 in a few months without ever having had any romantic experience.

I've been thinking of taking a trip to Patagonia with the money I saved up from waging and figure out whether to throw myself into the ocean or off a mountain once I'm there. I feel like the remote and majestic scenery would give me better clarity of mind.

Anonymous 78561

>I'm going to turn 25 in a few months without ever having had any romantic experience.
Anon, you have barely started your life. You have lived less than a third of your lifespan, plus most of it was spend being a child and too young to date properly. You're had, what, 10 years to have a romantic experience? And with teenage boys as the most likely option.

Give yourself a break and go have a nice holiday instead.

Anonymous 78564

Spend it on a sex tourism trip and get a good dicking from some hot foreign guys instead, dumdum.

Anonymous 78566

Make a bumble and find guys there. Or if you don't want normies and want someone spergy, go to 4chan and find some excuse (technology, reading group, just looking for friends etc) to post your discord, and say you're a guy. Then talk with those who reply and act misogynistic, blackpill stuff to see how they reply, ie
>women shouldn't have been allowed to vote lol

Keep those who react with distaste and block those who agree. In about two weeks you'll have a decent pool of decent, spergy guys to choose from.

Anonymous 78567


Just found out my LDR boyfriend's mom has been telling him "not to pass up on a local opportunity" and I'm so livid and hurt my chest aches.

Anonymous 78568

I'm kinda pissed that I've lost enough weight to be underweight, enough to hospitalised for hypokalemia, and I'm STILL REALLY DAMN FLABBY! At what point am I going to stop being skinny fat and become plain old skinny?

Anonymous 78569

when you go to the gym and gain muscle

Anonymous 78573

Nature is punishing you for your former gluttony.

Anonymous 78575

We need more anons like you who have this attitude, and write in that style

Anonymous 78579

I keep overeating, and im already overweight. I want to fucking hurt myself to punish myself because I hate my body so much.

Anonymous 78618

I found out I weigh less than I thought I did. I don't know how I tricked myself thinking that I was 50 lbs overweight when I'm actually within a healthy BMI. I actually weigh less than I did 2 years ago but I believed I looked better because I had better muscle definition. I'm not intentionally starving myself, I'm just really poor right now and all my money goes to rent so I eat very frugally.

Is this just plain old body dysmorphia? I can't believe I thought I had to lose 50 lbs. If I lost 50 lbs I'd be hospitalized for being dangerously underweight.

Anonymous 78619


should i feel guilty over this or stop this situation?
i keep in touch with my ex, and my current boyfriend doesn't know.
i don't have any romantic or sexual feelings towards my ex anymore, he's completely like a friend to me. we live in different parts of the country and haven't seen each other in over 4 years, and i dont plan on meeting him either.
we grew up together and i care about him a lot as a person, and feel guilty about breaking things off with him as he was destroyed afterwards. now he's holding up, but i feel like he would be hurt if i were to completely disappear from his life, as he doesn't have many friends and is a bit of a loner. and truth to be told, i'd like to keep him in my life in some way as well, as i like him (purely) as a person.
i keep things casual and of course never flirt or bring up our old relationship or anything. it's all platonic and short, like sharing some funny pictures and asking how the other is doing. i also encourage and try to help him to find someone new.
i dont want my boyfriend to know because i feel like its unnecessary as i dont view this as relevant since it has little meaning to me and i dont feel like im crossing any lines, but i understand if he'd view this differently. im also scared he would feel betrayed in some way, or at least a little on edge and insecure (he has some self esteem issues). so, i really dont want to tell him. i dont actively hide it but i wont bring it up on my own.
what should i do nonas? anyone in a similar situation?

Anonymous 78620

it might be body dysmorphia, however bmi works to an extent but its also tricky and imprecise. if you dont like your body because it has little muscle definition, that's easy to fix with exercising and keeping a healthy diet. dont lose any weight if that puts you at risk. just gain lean mass.

Anonymous 78621

If you're genu9ne that ots purely platonic and not lying to youraelf I don't see what could be the harm. Is that a 2 way street or does your ex evwr try to steer the conversation towards getting back together?

Anonymous 78623

I was in this situation. My ex bf emailed me who lives all the way across the country.
However I knew my bf would be upset because he told me last time he emailed me to just block him.
It was nice catching up, we really did get along well and I almost missed his friendship, but overall it was a shitty experience because my ex is a pathological liar and an asshole and knowing him was terrible, and his terribleness continued and left me with a gross feeling.l
I didn't really hide it, but I knew I should've brought it up. Eventually after a few days I just told him to fuck off again. I recently told my boyfriend, over a month after this interaction, brought it up in a casual way and he was not really mad at me , he didn't like it but he wasn't mad and he just kinda dropped it and told me to just block him.
You're probably blowing it out of proportion in your head. I'd tell him though if you plan on keeping these interactions up, because in the case he does come up and you have to talk about how you still keep in touch, it'll seem really weird that you never mentioned it.

Also I think its weird you feel almost guilt tripped into talking to this moid simply because he couldn't cope with your breakup. Don't talk to him out of pity, please.

Anonymous 78624

when I say "we got along well" I mean very past tense, our most recent interactions weren't great at all and he called me a whore a bunch of times.

Anonymous 78625

Well you're not doing anything wrong, but you're are playing with fire. For relationships to be healthy your partner needs to trust you, and intentionally hiding information you know your partner would take exception to is liable to breed insecurity & doubt in him (and you potentially, due to projection!). Moreover, if your bf somehow finds out on his own that you're still in contact with an ex he's likely going to assume you're cheating on him even if you genuinely have no romantic connection to this guy. So the real question is, what benefit is there to keeping a relationship with your ex when it gives the impression of impropriety? Is keeping his feelings from being hurt worth risking damage to your relationship?

Anonymous 78626

i don't think you should keep it a secret from your boyfriend
but yeah, no idea how you'd approach that sorta conversation

Anonymous 78629

I still don't have any real proof of him cheating. But the fact that he was lying and hiding things from me makes me suspect it. I'm not sure if I can trust him again.

Are there even men who don't cheat? It seems like all of them do it the moment you have a child and can't just leave. I hate this. As a woman you always have to be the one to put up with all that stuff and keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous 78631

Had to put my dog down yesterday. I wasn't expecting it to be this tough.

Anonymous 78638

lol there’s a guy i want to fuck so badly and i know he wants me too but hesitating because we’re coworkers. it’s the most frustrating thing

Anonymous 78639

That's the worst feeling. Two years later and I still miss her so much. I remember feeling her last heartbeat… I broke down crying holding her right after, cried like a baby like I hadn't done since like 8 yo.

What makes me feel better is that she wasn't alone in her final moments… It'l get better with time, nona.

Anonymous 78644

How long did it take before your subconcious accepted it? Every time I glance at where her bed used to be I keep expecting to see her there, and it takes just a moment before I remember she's never going to be there again and I feel like crying evey time. My whole house seems so weird without her here.

Anonymous 78645


>have a couple of very specific, bad symptoms since I was, like 9
>spend entire life feeling awful
>lose weight, improve lifestyle, 0 change

>find out about condition that fits everything

>tell friend excitedly
>they shoot me down saying my symptoms were completely normal even the blood pressure of 80; I go on to say that I don't think feeling horrible all the time is normal, get told "it pretty much is"

>go check with a doctor, get tests done even if they said I was dumb for trying and being oversensitive

>turns out I really have that condition and now I can get it treated
>tfw if I had listened to them I would have stayed feeling horrible forever

Anonymous 78651

Yeah never listen to other people about your own body.

Anonymous 78699

I hate the fact I’m heterosexual. I wish I was lesbian.

Anonymous 78706


my friend became a pickme and i dont know what to do.
shes now constantly pandering and being overly nice to moids and denying her past of being pinkpilled and radfem with me. she cares too much about their opinion and being liked at all costs and having an harem of ugly discord scrotes.
the hypocrisy and insecurity oozing from her disgusts me and it makes me sad because i used to like her strong willed, direct attitude but now she pretends shes a weak uguu flower loli, to incels nonetheless, and im now waiting for the day she will start saying shit like "we dont tell boys theyre beautiful enough"

Anonymous 78710


I'm so touch starved it often takes me literal extra hours to get out of bed because hugging my blanket pretending it's my waifu feels way better than anything that could happen throughout the day.

Anonymous 78711


Same. I hate straight people dynamics and avoid dating. What's your reason?

Anonymous 78713

you need to get a pet anon

Anonymous 78714

I’d be considered if i were you. I don’t know how old she is but if you’re both below 20 chances are she’s being abused or something or at least mentally fucked with by someone. If its TRULY out of her character. Thats what happened to me lel

Anonymous 78716

A relative of mine was having a birthday party today. I laid down for a nap beforehand and when my dad tried to wake me up to go apparently I started screaming at him to fuck off so he left without me. I have no memory of this so I called him to ask me to pick me up so I could ho because I really want a piece of fucking cake but now he won't pick me up.
Sigh. Anyone else throw tantrums in their sleep that they have no memory of when they wake up? My boyfriend says it sounds cute but when we move in together soon I'm afraid of what he'll put up with.

I still really want a piece of cake

Anonymous 78718

Once I yelled at my bf because I was dreaming that someone tried to strangle me. Another time I was calling his name.
I don't think it's that unusual to do those things in your sleep and not remember them but it happens rarely. If it happens more often you should see a doctor but otherwise I wouldn't worry about it.

Anonymous 78725

he told me "I find you pretty because I love you, not the other way around", how am I supposed to feel about this?

Anonymous 78727

I have a cat whom I love very much but I cannot squeeze her anywhere as tightly as the blanket.

Anonymous 78731

Who cares, it's not a nice thing to say, even if he feels that way. Dump him and find someone else more considerate of your feelings.

Anonymous 78739

He's trying to say he loves you for who you are, not just for your looks.

Anonymous 78741

Don't listen to >>78731. He was trying to say something positive but didn't realize it would hurt your feelings. Men are just like that sometimes. Talk to him about it if you're so unsure.

Anonymous 78743

She was old (15) and had been with us since I was 10 yo, so years before she died I had tried to make peace with her mortality. I think it helped, and I've come to accept it in the following months, thoughI still miss her. As for looking at something for a moment and thinking it's her, it got better after I moved.

Anonymous 78744

Eh, NTA but context matters. If that is just one blip and he's consistently cool? Fine. As an outsider that knows almost nothing I think the being nice came off as a little neggy, however, it's almost impossible to verify that.

Anonymous 78747

Navigating this world when you're asexual/sex repulsed is nightmare mode. It seems all everyone talks about irl is sex. Everyone wants to see everything in a sexual light. Theres no escape.

Anonymous 78748


Anonymous 78749

why is that mean, you're crazy

Anonymous 78752

Are you a man? How insensitive can one be to not realise how essentially telling your partner they're not that attractive isn't nice?

Anonymous 78755


>develop a crush on guy because he seems very kind and has nice manners
>he's gay


Anonymous 78757


Check this thread lol

Anonymous 78764

Oh my god, you have to be LOOKING for something to be mad about to read it like that.
And yes, most people aren't super attractive, but when you fall in love with them you see them completely differently and they become the most beautiful person in the world to you. Thats simply how it is. I've liked some really ugly fucking scrotes but at the time I loved them they were genuinly the most handsome people ever to me. Sounds like you haven't been in love, ever.

Anonymous 78765

I think it's normal to want to always be attractive to your partner. Imagine finding out your partner thought you were ugly before dating you.

Anonymous 78770

I disagree that could easily be taken the wrong way, especially by some women. Also op it really depends on the person.

Kind of off topic but What you're describing does not seem realistic entirely. There are plenty of people with descent personalities. It doesn't mean I fall in love with them.

Anonymous 78779

I'm gonna pretend like you're not a moid: It's different because women can actually love people separate from their appearance, while men can't. A man admitting you aren't quite attractive to him is a man admitting he doesn't quite love you.

Anonymous 78780

Speak for yourself, that stereotype is garbage. I do not magically fall in love with people separate from their appearance and why the f should I

Anonymous 78783

Men just take advantage of the fact women take care of themselves and then go and say they cant live without it, while being intentionally lazy about their appearance so they don't have to worry about it. They only want it one way or "they're gay and a threat to all other men" and "a crime against humanity" but they're just lazy opportunist mofos.
Its sheer bullcrap, and what you're saying is just making excuses for them.

Anonymous 78803

>A man admitting you aren't quite attractive to him is a man admitting he doesn't quite love you.
If you genuinly believe this dribble then why would you want to date at all. I should have known better that all the women here constantly telling people to drop their boyfriends are actually just coping, perma celibate misandrists with no real relationship advice. Opinion discarded
>There are plenty of people with descent personalities. It doesn't mean I fall in love with them.
I never said that, I don't know why you think this is what I meant. Most people are average or mildly attractive, but to your partner you become the most beautiful person because of the connection you form with them, it can be because of personality but it really comes down to what you've shared with them. Everyone has their own reasons.
He never said she was ugly or found her unattractive, he said she is as beautiful to him as she is, because he feels a genuine connection with her beyond her looks. While looks are important connection is most valuable for a long term relationship because one day we will all be wrinkly and ugly, men, women, etc

Anonymous 78805

>>Most people are average or mildly attractive

Actually I genuinely agree with this, but it takes effort and most guys want to play a psychological game with you about masculinity and I don't want to. For me it's the psychological thing I can't stand

Anonymous 78806

idk i wont date a moid that doesnt think im hot lol

Anonymous 78807

Are you hot nona?

Anonymous 78811

yes i am, i was scouted to model for a while. i'm conventionally attractive, but that doesn't mean i'm everyone's and anyone's type. i think it's perfectly reasonable wanting to be considered pretty and sexually attractive by your partner especially knowing how obsessed men are with sex and women's physical appearance, i dont even know why thats being debated. lots of scrotes wanting to be nitpicky on women's looks because of their porn addiction and insecure negging tendencies and/or handmaidens in here.
everyone deserves to feel desirable by their partner and that shouldnt be negotiated. and feeling hot shouldnt be a conventional attractive's person priviledge only. everyone has at least one good feature that can melt hearts. (doesnt apply to the incels sperging itt lol <3)

Anonymous 78812

This 100%. Your partner should find you attractive or at least be smart enough to pretend they do.

Anonymous 78813

I have more gray hairs than people twice my age I want to fucking die.

Anonymous 78814

Dye your hair anon. Or have someone pull them out.

Anonymous 78815

I don't find my partner attractive at all, do I not love him? I'm genuinely asking. My ex was not conventionally attractive at all but to me she was so attractive.

Anonymous 78819

Watch this, maybe it helps.

Anonymous 78820

Can i fucking die please? Why am i still kicking. I’m not supposed to be here

Anonymous 78822

Why are you with him?
I mean why is he not your friend instead - if you are not attracted

Anonymous 78828

I have this friend who has basically become impossible to talk to. All she ever speaks about are things I could not care less about and that she knows I do not care about.

For example, she will go on unprompted diatribes about some deeply convoluted metagame in whatever gacha she's playing at the moment, while she knows I have never played these games, never will, and do not care to listen to a 45 minute lecture about the game.

I have tried to subtly tell her to change the subject, to no effect.
I have tried to bluntly tell her to change the subject, to no effect except her telling me I'm rude (fair enough)

It's getting so bad that sometimes I just mute my microphone, mute her volume and let her monologue into the void.(I know it's terrible of me)
I will turn her volume back up 30 minutes later to find her in the same monologue about the same subject that only interests her as if I was never gone in the first place.

She used to be a good friend and good company, what can I do ? Is there even a name for these sort of things ?

Anonymous 78830

It's really sad desu. Every time I meet a guy who is sweet and kind and well mannered it turns out he's a homosexual. It's like straight guys don't possess manners or empathy.

Anonymous 78845


Recently I started an internship for a very large finance company and I feel like I'm slowly being molded into picrel. I'm scared, confused, and kind of miserable to be honest. The corporate environment is so sterile and cult-like that it makes me uncomfortable (and depressed). Almost every other employee I walk by on my way to the office nods and smiles at me. At first I thought that was nice, but now it is kind of creeping me out. Like I'm in an environment where everyone thinks, talks, and acts the exact same way.

On top of that, I'm uncomfortable with the anal-ness of a corporate environment. I feel like I talk like an uncivilized goon, just because I'm not using buzzwords I'm hearing things other people say like "marinate", "circle around", and all the acronyms of this business.

Anonymous 78858

Try telling her this as straight forward as you can. Honestly just tell her what you wrote here. I'm sure she doesn't want to speak to someone that isn't listening anyway. Try to encourage her to get friends with similar interests.

Anonymous 78868

Large companies are indeed often very cult-like, but the polite term for it is "company culture".

Appearing to conform to this "culture" can give you great leeway to just do the least amount of work without worrying about termination, or even advance through the corporate ladder if you're so inclined. Just remember you're playing a role, like an actor in a theater play.

Anonymous 78869

dumping here because i haven't hit rock bottom yet but i might.. soon
>be 23 year old emotionally stunted femcel
>have never had crushes
>internally blocked the thought/need/impulse to date around due to severely low self esteem and the fear that I'll get hurt/humiliated/used
>move to a different country for work
>start going out with a guy i went to college with and with whom i spoke for years online
>gaslight myself into thinking we're just friends, going out on "friendly" dates every single day, while he friendlily strokes my hair, have long candid talks where we expose our insecurities, touches my arm and "protectively" holds me close to him when we're crossing the street or hanging out in sketchy areas

To make a long story short, he confessed that he liked me like a week ago. Never having been in that situation before, I admitted I liked him back. I don't know if I said it because I liked him back genuienly or because I wanted to please him. The truth is that I don't even know what it's like to like someone or what it entails. I did enjoy our relationship when I was pretending it was all platonic because of how comfortable it made me feel, and how sexless it was. I could banter him for hours and trade insults without thinking twice, but now I feel like if I do something problematic I might make him "unlike" me.

We've smoked weed together multiple times and cuddled. I liked how innocuous it was at first, wherein we would ask each other questions and answer. It was very very comfortable, and I felt safe. I need to mention that he's never done anything (including touching my hair or kissing my cheek) that he hasn't asked for consent to do first. I would let him. But I feel like I'm experiencing some weed induced paranoia. He could say the most innocuous thing like calling me beautiful and saying he's happy being with me and in my mind the question "how much of this is genuine and how much is it rehearsed" would flare up. I don't know if I'm paranoid because I've read so many stories of manipulators and whatnot. I don't know if I'm sane enough to determine when and if I'm being paranoid. I don't even know why I'm paranoid. My brain has the capacity to invent the most farfetched scenarios. And this is a guy who's been very thoughtful, kind and genuine towards me. I don't know why this sense of paranoia has sprung up on me seemingly out of nowhere.

I've never been abused. I've never had prior romantic interactions. I did grow up with parents who warned me about men using women. My parents have a picture perfect, and very emotionally intimate relationship. I just never thought I would develop trauma by proxy, kek. It's like I fully expect, no, I'm waiting to be hurt or used or abused in some way, when I've been sheltered my whole life and have never been exposed to outside danger. I don't know how much of this response is due to the cannabis (which I've tried for the first time a month ago and have been consuming every weekend at a very minimal rate) and I don't know if I should dismiss it as irrational anxiety or genuine protective instinct. Like, my body can predict that I'll get hurt and it's trying to warn me or something. It's just that, my body has had a wildly misplaced panic response before to a different situation, so it's hard to trust my instincts when under the influence of anxiety.

Anonymous 78870

I wish i was a man. Inb4, No i’m not trooning out. I just think grass on the other side seems way more greener they can be children forever. No one is interested in breaking their spirits therefore they can enjoy life till they rot and die

Anonymous 78874

I was emotionally detached for all of the last 2 weeks, and honestly I can't attest to how great it felt to not obsess over the most minute detail and to move past stressful situations. I was the closest to I'll ever be to happiness. But this week I'm hyper sensitive. The classic tell tale signs of anxiety haven't flared up yet, like excessive sweating, feeling out of breath, or increased heart rate. I have been very triggered at the slightest provocation, whether real or imagined.
Hopefully, I weather this out. I've been in worse states. My body has conveniently discarded every recollection of that pain, but let's hope my past emotional scars can shield me from spiraling out of control again.

Anonymous 78888


I am attention-hungry, but I'm also scared of further fostering an online presence in fear of people who know me coming out and making up accusations about me/leaking DMs/leaking nudes, etc. for their 15 minutes of fame, especially because I know I cannot keep away from petty drama and am a bit of a cow who attracts toxic people.

Digital footprints scare me and I think every social media site should have a nuke option. Knowing websites have been tracking me for over a decade at this point is already creepy enough, I hate knowing stuff of mine might be on other people's hard drives or on Wayback machine. Even cc mods don't delete your messages for some reason. I wish I could make people from my past forget me entirely.

Anonymous 78889

>I am attention-hungry
here, have some attention nona.

Anonymous 78892

>I cannot keep away from petty drama and am a bit of a cow who attracts toxic people
Lol same, hasn't happened yet to me and I'm nearing 30. Don't worry, since you don't have a big presence yet you can still make it. Just try to keep yourself a bit more obscure, so that anybody who did find you wouldn't right away know it's you. vtubers are popular and I think that's a fine way to get where you need to as well. If you make crafts post it with your avatar. Boom, now you have that e-fame and anonymity.

Anonymous 78893

>leaking nudes
claim you were underage, they will not be reposted.

Anonymous 78894

I feel you, nona. It's also extremely isolating being in this situation with not many people being able to relate, neither online nor IRL, and not being able to vent without making it worse.

Anonymous 78896

I hate being bulimic, I purge everything I eat and become so exhausted to the point I don't speak to my boyfriend or spend time with him, I'm a horrible girlfriend.

Anonymous 78899


Hm, well I try to be polite and nice to everyone back - like by nodding and smiling back.

>least amount of work without worrying about termination

At the moment I'm actually bothered that I'm not doing..any work. I was only allowed to shadow at my last internship and now I feel like it's happening a second time. I really wanted to learn from it, but now no one is really giving me anything to do again. They're also just explaining a bunch of things to me that I have no context for whatsoever so I'm only getting more confused. It's making me not like this internship. I'll try to at least work from home more so I can fuck off on Reddit without being worried as much about being told off about it, at least.

Anonymous 78904


>you could be someone struggling to even get an internship and/or a neet.

I was both, actually. Being a neet was indeed one of the worse things I've gone through in my life, so much so that I hated it more than the wagecuck job I got after it and would even prefer homelessness than dealing with all that again.

I'm disappointed partly BECAUSE I spent so long looking for an internship. The first one I had found had promised I would get real experience, but under-delivered and had me do nothing. This one took me about 60-70 rejections to find and also promised me I would be more than an intern that "gets coffee". That doesn't seem true so far. With how hard it was for me to find an internship because of being thrown in HR's catch-22 "Need experience to get experience", and now being paid to do nothing, these job posting seriously make my blood boil.

Anonymous 78967

I turned the washing machine on like four hours ago and forgot about it.

Anonymous 78970

It would be cool if she wouldn't make every other conversation devolve into how gays are sick in the head. It's in a weird pitying way so she has a defense when I accuse her of disliking us (not that she'd acknowledge I'm gay myself).
The beliefs were fine when it was a conversation once a week but now it's so often that it's wearing on me. I know I should let it slide off of me, but listening to assumptions and disgust about your in group day in and day out can only be ignored to a point.

I love her in every other way, hating her is impossible. It just hurts and sucks.

Anonymous 78971

Every time she brings it up, say that you've noticed that she seems to want to talk about homosexuality a lot and that you're wondering if she wants to come out the closet.

She will soon stop mentioning it.

Anonymous 78981


I'm addicted to these. Today I ate one of coconut and another one of vanilla. I'm a disgusting soygirl. I can't afford this.

Anonymous 79003

it's nice to see someone being reasonable on this board.

Anonymous 79004

im proud of you queen

Anonymous 79008

I get called attractive,cute,intimidating. I don’t really see it. I’ll act weird around hot guys because I think they’re better than me. Just to have them message me saying how I must talk to a ton of guys. I don’t understand why I can’t see why other people see. I’m pretty sure everyone is just pulling a prank on me.

Anonymous 79009

I don't know why but I have a weird phobia of getting in stranger's cars. I hate public transport for the same reason. I really don't want to have to take a taxi but I'll have to tomorrow.

Anonymous 79040

Uh huh.. yeah… thats so sad.

Anonymous 79041


Thanks. I did this with a previous internship. I took alot of notes on what the people I was shadowing were doing, and then basically just said that's what I did on my resume and in interviews. lmao I think it did help me land this current internship (That is high paid for me..and actually paid this time to begin with, because the other one wasn't even.) , so I probably will be able to use the same tactic for a full-time role.

Anonymous 79067

my intense self loathing, attention deprived self was fine with trampling on her dignity and getting involved with a non single boy. Imagine that, my first "romantic" affiliation, is founded on unethical grounds.
I was fine with this "affair" because I was curious to explore aspects about myself at the expense of violating someone else's property and turning into a vile, despicable human being. I know for certain now that I'm attracted to males. Or at least that I am not asexual as I used to believe. I also discovered that I am paradoxically both self centered and self hating, and that my number one fear is not loneliness; but rather not receiving enough attention to fuel me throughout the day. I may be coping (so as to not sting my ego) somewhat when I say I'm using the guy. I might use him for one last purpose which is receiving my first kiss. And then back to unproblematic friendship. My mood is a rollercoaster, but when I'm rational I can draw foolproof analysis on this situation. And today I decided that even if I hate myself, and even though I've been a femcel for so long, I deserve to be the center of someone's world. The subject of their undivided attention and love. Love; not just the vague term "feelings".

Anonymous 79069

you want to be in a healthy relationship with someone yet you saw that guy as "someone else's property"?

Anonymous 79074

>you want to be in a healthy relationship
I don't know if I'm even capable of doing that. Given my religious background, I'm not supposed to be having sex, which is why my femceldom never bothered me on a fundamental level. But on an emotional, selfish level, I want to be the center of someone's world. It's a childish need that I can only ever admit anonymously.
>you saw that guy as "someone else's property"
Well, he is in a way. From the moment I've met him he's been debating breaking up, but for absurd reasons (they were long distance; he missed having an actual hands on relationship). I gave him the conventional and ethical advice, which is that it's idiotic to give up on a long term, tangible relationship just so he could pursue other vague "opportunities". When he confessed his feelings for me, I shunned the morally righteous choice and reciprocated them because it "didn't feel wrong". After that he broke up for all of 78 hours but went back to his girlfriend eventually, because she has an exam coming up within the next 6 months and he didn't want to be responsible for her emotional break down. It's obvious that she uses him as a source of stability and structure in her life; as evidenced by the fact that she doesn't mind him having emotional flings. It's also obvious that he's aware of this, and his frustration at being "stuck" is exemplified by his lack of guilt at emotionally cheating with me. After that stunt, I wasn' less attracted to him, but I did respect him less. Because while I do love joking about how all men are selfish pigs, his passivity and willingness to being used as an emotional crutch seem like turnoffs. What he's doing might have seemed "admirable" and "selfless" had I not been involved in this situation. I am a selfish cunt in the end.

Anonymous 79075

>I am a selfish cunt in the end.
yes, because you've entirely missed the point i was making, in that you view other people as property.

Anonymous 79078

Men are literally property though.

Anonymous 79080

My coworkers talk behind peoples back a lot. They make fun of anyone for the most stupid reasons. When one person leaves the room they will instantly start making nastys remarks about them.
What I don't understand is how you live to the age of 40+ years, raise children and are still in that mindset that you need to be gossiping about everyone. It makes me feel kinda bad for them tbh.

Anonymous 79081

Anon, you deserve better than this. End things and save your first kiss for a real relationship or someone you really like. It doesn't have to special ~magical~ experience but don't go out of your way to kiss the first possible guy just so you can check something off a list either. No one else cares and it won't have the same "first kiss" feeling that you are looking for. Trust me, I made the same mistake and looking back, it feels like I cheated myself out of life milestones. Plus you will never forget it.

Honestly, it sounds like he is playing with your feelings or trying to use you. Block and delete.

Anonymous 79082

smooth brains gonna smooth

Anonymous 79083

is that in your holy book?

Anonymous 79084

>I stopped making plans a long time ago because I know I won't follow through.
That's your mistake. Keep throwing shit, eventually something will stick.
I'm near 40, still, 1 out of my 100 projects comes through. Eventually I realised some people don't even have the impulse to make plans. So admit your mission is to make plans, and turn at least one into reality. It's hard and it involves failures because it's your mission, but you have to accept it; it's all you have to do until it's done.

Anonymous 79085


I wonder if some women actually are lesbians for political reasons. Like you can like meat and be vegan/vegetarian for political reasons.

Anonymous 79087

i won’t pursue friendships anymore, I’m tired and broken and past my developmental years and i fucked it up. I invested in the wrong people and now i’m alone. Most people have friends from their childhood or teen years, or a coworker but i am doomed. I’m just over it and it hurts to be rejected time and time again. I just entered a 6 month depression after getting rejected. My living situation and depression/other issues had a lot to do with it but it was the straw that broke the camels back. I just wanted a group of friends or at least one girl my age i could share with and have her share with me. Life is a scam, i’ll go take my meds

Anonymous 79089

not sure about now but it was a thing a few decades ago

Anonymous 79090

I did the same thing anon and I'm a lot happier now. I think a lot of my loneliness before came from being constantly rejected. Not just from being dropped as a friend, but trying so hard to fit in and having to reject my real feelings and personality.

Now I get to do everything my way and never feel unwanted.

Anonymous 79095

i dont live with him, its a ldr, i know he'slying and in denial, hes fallen out of love and no im not projecting. Thats what he tells me that im projecting.things he said dont add up

Anonymous 79097

Yeah, i’m not happy though.

Anonymous 79102

> there are courses you could take for accounting nursing etc
what are some courses I can take to be an RN then? I'm interested in this

Anonymous 79106

Whenever i meet someone i’m interested in, platonically or romantically, i get this urge to make them jealous and daydream about it, i don’t mean people harm, i only get this feeling when i want them to like me. And i’m well aware of the source of this and where it came from but it feels so icky i wish it could go away

Anonymous 79107

I used to be like this and for me it came from wanting to impress people so they would want to be my friend. What helped me get over it was realizing that most people don't want to be friends that way, and if they do, it's hard to impress them anyway as individuals vary so much.

Another thing is that being lowkey about achievements (such as only mentioning you went to Harvard because it came up naturally after a couple of months of knowing someone) is much more impressive and natural than setting up awkward situations where you can quickly tell someone how amazing you think you are.

For example, I met a few people who would instantly ask me where I went to college, and considering that they must have graduated about 7 years ago, it was incredibly cringe and eye roll worthy. Clearly they were trying to decide where they stood in the pecking order and were desperate for me to ask them back so I would be impressed they went to an Ivy. Even though they would have the same achievements as the person who is lowkey, somehow it made them look more pathetic than someone who dropped out of high school at 12.

Anonymous 79109

>it came from wanting to impress people so they would want to be my friend.
Thats my initial goal but the way it developed is that i got bullied a lot and left out as a child, someone told me that they are jealous of me (they were projecting their delusions onto me the child) so i do that to people i want to impress now. It’s like glitch that ruins my life. It’s not even bragging or want to tell them how amazing i am cause i’m too broken to do that even. I don’t think much of myself. But i just start daydreaming about making them feel left out or jealous, and i ignore them, purposely show them that i don’t want to talk to them resulting in them getting pissy and me ghosting them. But i don’t want to do that. I hate myself kek

Anonymous 79111

I’m so frustrated, it makes me want to cry.

Anonymous 79120

I'm sorry you have to be around people like that. An old friend group I was in used to do the same. Not only is it mean sprited, but it's also just boring. I'm sure they're not better than the people they're gossiping about anyway, they never are.

Anonymous 79121

I don't really have any female friends and it kind of sucks. I'm almost 30 and my three closest friends are guys (one of which is my husband) and most of the people I hang out with casually are also guys. They're easy to get along with, and my personality has always been more tomboy-ish than feminine anyway. Hanging out with girls when I was growing up was always stressful due to cliques and gossip, so I just kind of gravitated towards hanging out with guys. I don't hate hanging out with guys all the time, but I can't really talk to them about girl things like complaining about PMS or stressing out about my PCOS. I have a couple of female acquaintances but I've gone so long without actually having a friendship with another woman that I don't really know how to say "hey I wanna get to know you more and be friends" without sounding weird or desperate.

Anonymous 79124

you'll feel better when you return from abroad. don't sweat it

Anonymous 79126

>check forecast
>100+°F everyday of the week
I hate summer. I can't even sleep comfortably in my own room, I have to sleep on my shitty couch. I can't wait til autumn rolls around.

Anonymous 79134

I'm not physically attracted to my husband's appearance, but I love him more than I've ever loved anyone else in my entire life. It's the emotional connection we have and the compatibility of our personalities that makes our relationship so strong. I love the way he looks not because I think he's hot but because he's my husband and I love him. His appearance is just an avatar of the man I fell in love with, so I love it as an extension.

Anonymous 79138


I miss winter so much

Anonymous 79142

This one person was the closest girl best friend I ever had. However, she just had too many untreated bpd behaviors for me to handle. 5 years ago after enough betrayal I ghosted her
Now I'm contacting her again hoping to turn a new leaf. I'm so different half a decade later. Maybe she is too? Part of me is mad that I did this but I'll just ghost again if necessary

Anonymous 79143

You sound like you got bpd tendencies yourself. No shame though i’m not judging lol

Anonymous 79145

You are most definitely judging but fair enough. If I told you what she did you'd change your mind.

Anonymous 79148

>not tolerating toxic people makes you BPD
Where did you get this idea? I don't think you even entirely comprehend what BPD is, but thanks for the armchair psychiatry.
I'm a little interested in the story if you have the time.

Anonymous 79152

>wake up in the morning
>take out tampon
>no blood
>"oh cool, period must be over"
>get up and sit at desk
>blood in panties


Anonymous 79156

On at least three different occasions where I spent the night she would have sex with men just loud enough that I hear weird moans. The last time she did it was with a random guy she met for the first time and I woke up to it. I left immediately. I confronted her but she denied it. It was disgusting to be an accessory to some weird fetish. Also, she had a guy wearing a pink animal collar around me before. I hated it. Also she was bad at ever showing she cared about me in any way.

Anonymous 79159

I wish I was creative and smart.

Yes. I know. Creativity isn't some 0 to 100 thing. It's just there seems to be 0 signs of life from within this skull of mine. I feel like as a teen I at least had some sort of inner life, but once college came and I was ransacked with insecurity and bullying, self-consciousness seemed to eat away at what little sense of self I even had.
I became incapable of even, idk, having a spoken conversation with someone or thinking…my childhood already was weird (I spoke in grunts and noises up until I was, like, 11, my parents didn't care about me <_<) so becoming completely closed down was the nail in the coffin.

I wish I could sit down and think…and imagine things…and draw things I find wonderful. I wish I could sit and come up with interesting ideas and play with them and see how they play together. I wish I could write stories. My mind just feels so, so blank. Like, it feels as if there's no way I can even improve in a capacity that'd really make it all worth it.

It's dumb but so often I sit by and just…see people be enthusiastic about things, and I'm impressed, and I for the life of me can't even begin to imagine ever feeling the same. I can't imagine having anything to say, ever.

It sucks being a dead end of a person. But, well, I guess things could be worse…

Anonymous 79160

>not tolerating toxic people makes you bpd
you're just gonna greentext my post with a different meaning and call it my idea huh… i understand not tolerating a toxic very strange individual which i understand now from her reply to you is very gross and i would be deterred for life. but i don't understand the urge to invite them back into your life again. most cc and lc users call anything and everytning bpd so why can't i throw it around too? i was kind enough to say tendencies kek

Anonymous 79161

i'm in the same place. i had trauma though and i blame my problem mostly on it, what's your story? just became blank out of no where?

Anonymous 79163


Creativity is not the magical skill granted by fairies everyone assumes it is. It's a muscle, like any other it needs training to be usable.
You want to draw, then draw. You don't know what? Then remember a pic you saw, draw it by memory (do the Mona Lisa, that Nirvana album cover, whatever). Do it again, and again. Do it every week for a year, or every day for a month. Then pick another exercise. But along the way, you will have had some ideas.
You want to write: it's just the same. Try and write the little red riding hood by memory. And rewrite another tale the day following etc. Or pick a movie you saw, write it by memory.
The secret is patience and commitment. Do it everyday, even if it's one line/one word. See what you'll reach in one year.
And stop romanticizing the past. You're better than what you were because you have more experience, and you will have known difficulty (that creative desert you're currently going through).
I'd also suggest getting away from your screens for this. Screens are purveyors of professional attention robbers. There are a lot of PhD out there dedicating their brain to make you consume. If you are trying to produce rather than consume, you need to create a time away from the screen.

Anonymous 79168

Nobody should throw it around because it's stupid. I hate that whole "other people are doing x so it's OK if I do x too", not like it's a big deal but it's just annoying

Anonymous 79171

Anon here’s a tip to being creative. Think of something you know and then make small changes. Another anon said Little Red Riding Hood so let’s use that.

So instead of red, she’s wearing purple because that’s the colour of royalty and she’s a princess. Instead of visiting her grandmother, she’s secretly visiting her cousin who has been banished from her father’s kingdom. Instead of a wolf, she meets a shapeshifter. Etc etc.

Small changes add up and eventually you have something new. Like the other anon said, practice writing the story normally first until you get it to an ok level, then try making changes. Same for art. Use drawing books (Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) to learn to draw ok and them start getting creative. What if you drew a rose but used the wrong proportions and colours?

Anonymous 79177


When I was younger I thought being attractive would mean guys would wanna date me. Instead what happened is a bunch of guys wanna fuck me which makes me feel unlovable and unlikable. Tons of women and trans women call me beautiful and it makes me feel disillusioned. I feel lonely and depressed and don’t wanna get out of bed.

Anonymous 79178

Thanks anon. That’s really helpful.

Anonymous 79184


>have to clean apartment today
>boomer roomate sends angry messages in the groupchat because we left DUST behing the toilet seat and the floors didn't dry fast enough after mopping
Meanwhile it is totally OK for the toiler bowl/seat to have shit specks and for the floor to be covered in piss because men can't aim. I hate this fucking boomer so much, I genuinely wish he would die.

Anonymous 79185

Me too, I know it brings others down, but I like the weather.

Anonymous 79187

Reply “I assume you mention it because you’re volunteering to do it next time (thumb up emoji”

Anonymous 79194

Why are you rooming with

Anonymous 79197


>make a great online fren
>become close and talk almost daily for over a year
>on and off flirting, eventually falling for him
>he suddenly mentions another girl
>gets ghosted a few weeks later
It's been almost 3 weeks.. it's obvious he lost interest… i knew this would eventually happen but it still hurts. I really want to double text him but i know that'd just showcase my desperation. I don't even need him romantically, i just want to be able to talk to him… as friends or whatever..

Anonymous 79198

Same story but with a girl, i don’t know how to cope

Anonymous 79204

I just want to be a sperg about my weird interests, and share it with people.

Anonymous 79205

yea mee too
what are some of your interests?

Anonymous 79208


>her post about her interests was deleted

Anonymous 79209

Maybe she deleted it

Anonymous 79211

I think i jinxed myself because i can feel the onset of a depressive episode on the horizon. suddenly my internal monologue is centered around blaming myself for things (well to be truthful I am guilty of), and picking myself apart. I can say that I have no sense of self worth or esteem whatsoever. i can tell it's starting to happen, because other than the constant self abuse i subject myself to, im tearing up for no reason and am starting to lose interest in mundane things. This is happening at the backdrop of one the happiest periods of my life.

This is still day one, but if i had to make an objective assesment of the beginning of this new depressive episode, i feel a lot less anxious and a lot more resigned. I'm still going to make an effort to not slide into the stuck in your room with the lights out phase, but I'm probably going to isolate myself from people more.
~Day 1~

Anonymous 79217

Don't make me work

Anonymous 79218

Some of us have nothing but brief communications over the World Wide Web. Count yourself lucky you don’t know what it’s like to entirely alone.

Anonymous 79219

What >>79218 said lol

Anonymous 79224

My uncertain sexuality makes my life hell.
I’vd been called a fake lesbian more than once, but I’m not attracted to moids. But it still makes me wonder.
If I really am not actually a lesbian, I should be into men, right? Well, I tried to think of the moids that way, I really tried, but I’m just not attracted to penises or penetration. It just doesn’t excite me. Yet vaginas and breasts do.
Now, as for dating women, I’m doing so terribly, that it does make me wonder if something’s up.
Do they detect something in me, that I don’t? Do they sense that I’m not somehow actually attracted to them, and that’s the reason I keep failing?
What makes this difficult is, plenty of men hit on me. Even this one married man had an obvious crush on me (thank fuck he didn’t act on it lol). It makes me wonder if I should just go for it, so that I wouldn’t be alone for all of my life?
My virginity seems to be a red flag to women, because I’m getting old, so my window for obtaining my first girlfriend is closing. If I don’t find her now, I’ll be discarded for life. But I won’t ever find her, because I’m boring, ugly, and stupid.
However, if I’m willing to consider a moid partner, despite not feeling any attraction them, I must be at least bisexual, because it seems less bad than never knowing what being loved feels like (thanks for that, parents).
Therefore, maybe there is some attraction, but I’m just not physically feeling it at all, for some reason. But since I’ve thought I was a lesbian for all of my life, I don’t even know how to navigate gender roles in a straight relationship. It so complicated, it sounds like some confucian witchcraft shit. So I shouldn’t even try, because I might get taken advantage of.
Fuck, this is difficult.

Anonymous 79225

Hell is other people. Also it's hot outside and I hate it.

Anonymous 79227

>fake lesbian
I legit don't understand this elitism. If you aren't repulsed by other women and actually get turned by other pussy/breasts, you're gay. Men being attracted to you doesn't mean shit if you aren't attracted back. Also,
Just have sex or try sex toys and decide what you like from there. Scrotes that put value in hymen breaking are primitive and disgusting.

Anonymous 79228

*meant to include that being unsure as a virgin makes sense lol, no experience = not knowing what you really actually like or dislike. Gotta try stuff to know.

Anonymous 79229

Thanks, anon. I have some toys, in fact. And I’ve sexted online a few times. While the sexting centered around all kinds of situations, what gets me off is fantasies about having sex with women, so I’m probably a lesbian. Thinking about having sex with moids ruins the mood, completely.
Irl one-night stands probably wouldn’t work, because I don’t like my body being touched unless it’s someone I know.

Anonymous 79243

I really miss the riot grrrl movements and 2010s tumblrina radical feminism. It's like women don't get angry anymore and it's sad.

Anonymous 79248

I empathize. If you have little happenings in your life, little things tend to seem bigger.
Add new people, do new things. Outside the screens. It'll bring you perspective and distance.
Dating just to not be alone is a sure way to end up alone and hating yourself. That said, dating to explore, without putting yourself in danger, without lying to the other one, is a great way to gain confidence and knowing yourself. I mean, you don't know what you like unless you've tried it at least a bit, right? Imagining answer in your room is just wasting brain matter.

Anonymous 79255

shouldda used a condom

Anonymous 79256

>he decided to creampie me
>so shocked he did it that i didn't know what to say
This is rape anon. Please report him or at the very least get of the relationship right now.

As for the baby, you can consider adoption.

Anonymous 79257

Wait a little bit more, take a test to confirm, then tell him the options and see how he feels about what to do. If he's really cringe about marriage or taking legal responsibility for the baby, suggest that he could pay for the abortion even though you personally don't want it. It was his fault for being retarded about contraception. The worst thing about scrotes who don't like contraceptives is that they keep creating bastard children. :/

Anonymous 79259

This is also true, what he did would legally be considered daterape because it sounds like you didn't consent to being creampied and impregnated at all. It wasn't something you sexually wanted but your boyfriend did it anyways, that's daterape.

Anonymous 79263


I just saw a video to spread awareness of drink spiking but it was a male getting his drink spiked. Like uhhh am I suppose to care about guys who pay for sex or strippers getting their drinks spiked and robbed? Cause I don’t. I hope it happens more often and I hope those women get away with it.

Anonymous 79266

The movie Hustlers was about this. Queens.

Anonymous 79267

Yeah because when women get their drinks spiked they get raped. If women were getting drugged and robbed it would be a lot different. Not too mention a lot of men take roofies or roofie their friends for fun. They obviously don’t take seriously, so why should I? Fuck rich dudes who are paying for a women’s sexual identity. I hope they get broom handles shoved up their asses until the broom breaks <3
Absolute queens
Cardi B is a queen for doing this shit while she was a stripper and make jokes about it after she made her bag. These women sell their identity they least they should get is a fat stack from it

Anonymous 79268

>men go to place where people get exploited
>get exploited and cry about it
if that's not a leopards ate my face moment i don't know what is

Anonymous 79271

Maybe if they didn’t wanna get robbed they wouldn’t be wearing such nice things

Anonymous 79272

they probably had wads of cash on them at a strip club and where waving it around

Anonymous 79273

Sounds to me like they were asking for it

Anonymous 79274

Anonymous 79275

If men are roofied and raped it’s by other men. They’re really their own worse enemy.

Anonymous 79277

this conversation has degenerated into insanity

Anonymous 79288

you people really say shit like this and wonder why some people consider this place to be a gender-bent /r9k/

Anonymous 79290

r9k is full of actual misogyny while most of the stuff here is reactionary, not actual misandry. r9k would laugh at women getting their drinks spiked and say they deserved it for being women who exist. Here people say they deserve it for going to a place where women get exploited (strip club). There are parallels but it’s not the same.

Anonymous 79291

>gender-bent /r9k/
Literally nobody says that and if they did nobody here would give a shit. Why do summerfags cape so hard for scrotes?

Anonymous 79292

When what happens to me.
When I will go to the strip club to search for a sexual exploitation of a single father moid who can’t pay for the bills and he will drug me and rob me? What?

Anonymous 79295

Sorry to hear that anon. Are you able to do a pregnancy test today?

Anonymous 79296

Yes it is

Anonymous 79297

So anyways, all males should be castrated so they feel no pleasure when they are distributed as government-mandated boyfriends.

Anonymous 79299

The guys on R9k are pissy because they can’t have hot girls. The women here are upset for being exploited or raped or because guys just treat them poorly. Also again it’s not like they’re being actually hurt. they’re being robbed and trying to compare it to being date raped.

Anonymous 79304

I come from white trash, like literal trailer trash. Everyone of family members lived/lives in a trailer. Everyone thinks I’m well educated and come from a nice upper middle class family. I’m not about to correct anyone either

Anonymous 79306

He can tell when he’s about ejaculate and should have pulled out. I don’t know what his intention is but purposefully impregnating someone is violation the same way she’d be violating him if she poked holes in the condom

Anonymous 79310

Not every rapist gets convicted in court. Many lie and get off, many get off because of lack of evidence. This guy is still a rapist.

Anonymous 79317

I want off the ride gals

Anonymous 79321

my gender dysphoria is getting so much worse. I thought it would go away once I got my degree and went out of my way to focus on self-improvement, but it isn't going away. Unless I look masculine, I want to tear off my skin. The worst part is that I pretty much know why it's there (trauma) but that self-awareness hasn't done squat. I don't know who to turn to. Two people are telling me to go ftm but I don't want to do that.
it's getting to the point where I can't get basic tasks done unless I go out of my way to make myself look like a man.
I don't know what to do. I feel sick.

Anonymous 79322

That's not gender dysphoria, that's body dysmorphia. You keep saying you want to LOOK masculine and nothing about wanting to BE or FEEL masculine.

Genuine questions: what is it about looking masculine that you think is going to make you feel better? Do you think that having the body of a man will make you feel better? Why or why not?

Anonymous 79327

you could try reading stuff from detransitioner types and see if there’s anything helpful. a lot of them were basically dysphoric like you but found that transition didn’t help and had to work out other strategies for dealing with it instead. I think the mind is very powerful and there are ways of recontextualizing things that can make the same physical world feel completely different over time. I haven’t done meditation in a while but it is the sort of thing I’d recommend to anyone trying to rewrite themselves in any way.

Anonymous 79333


Some "where's my hug?" tier worm just entered my DMs again at like 4 am with only the eyeballs emoji and nothing else because he creeped on my Steam history and saw that I've been active again. We stopped talking to him a while ago because he's ridiculously self-centered and imposing, but also isn't able to take criticism or apologize without shutting down like a child.

I'm going to keep ghosting on him unless my other friends start talking to him again because this, his past cyberstalking to try to contact a different friend of mine through me, and "y'all are so quiet" tier bullshit piss me the fuck off. No one owes you conversation dude, especially when you just keep rambling about yourself for 10 minutes straight in a voice call after everyone else but me has left. I'm sorry but you are literally the poster child of a spoiled white boy who has never dealt with painful hardships or abusive family members, and it shows in how you talk and act.

Anonymous 79334

If men were in the right, why are so many of them trying to troon out and identify as ""women"" lmao. Why won't they stay in their own lane and fix their own damn social problems.

Men blame women for the vile acts and violent crimes they do to each other unapologetically.

Anonymous 79335

>Not too mention a lot of men take roofies or roofie their friends for fun.
What universe do you people live in? You're so out of touch with reality that I can't tell if you're trolling

Anonymous 79336

moid hands typed this post

Anonymous 79337

1 in 5 women have been sexually assaulted retard

Anonymous 79338

>but I'M a scrote and I'VE never ROOFIED myself before!

Anonymous 79341

I'm not saying that date rape isn't common or even that not a lot of men commit sexual assault. I am solely and exclusively saying that almost nobody on earth will casually roofie their platonic same-sex friends. I seriously doubt that even the most degenerate date rapist will just slip a roofie in his buddy's drink as an epic while they're hanging out. That's just absurd.

Anonymous 79344

i want to move out of human civilization and never see anyone ever again so i can feel like myself without any constraints. Socializing with other people has always made me feel like shit. My biggest mistake was talking to other people, not even joking i remember a time in my life where i cared obsessively about others perception of me after having a mental breakdown. I spiraled out of control and in quarantine i was cured just by not talking to people anymore. Literally found myself that way.

Anonymous 79353

Lately I've been feeling like going to uni was pointless. Here I am, almost finishing my degree and my life is completely driven by how I manage in my classes, success or failure of subjects. I am an adult, why does my life have to be centered around grades? I fucking hate it. Since I was born I've been studying and doing examns, like most people. Despite that, I feel useless in so many fields, especially practical ones. I want to live my life, I want to have different experiences, I crave action and nature. I want to be self sufficient. I'm tired of public transport, fumes, expensive processed food, tourists… I want to feel like and adult but it seems like nothing is never enough. I want to work and make friends that want similar goals, I don't want to play on the pool, have an ice cream and chat about someone else. I want to roam my country.

Anonymous 79364

I feel bad about edgy jokes I've made.

Anonymous 79367

How edgy are we talking?

Anonymous 79369

I dont know what to do. I vomitted from giving head to my bf. VOMIT. Im not even sure if he noticed bc i never do it with the light on but with the smell and all i cant imagine not noticing, maybe he said nothing not to embarrass me. But i shouldnt be the ashamed one really bc it happened bc he forced me to deepthroat sometimes and it hit the back of my throat. When i do it myself its fine. Then when he was "finished" he forced me to keep his fluids in my mouth and thats when i couldnt keep going bc i hate the taste.
I do bj because he gives me head as well, actually he didnt even want me to do it in the first place but i thought i dont want to be the only one feeling pleasure. Now i almost regret it bc i fear what might happen next time.

Anonymous 79370

I mean i fear that it might not be just by accident and maybe he enjoys harsh stuff bc even if he is very soft most of the time sometimes he does stuff thats more dominant style. i feel fine sometimes it can feel good too but i dont really enjoy it because i keep thinking that he may do it bc its a "degrading thing". And i dont enjoy that part. Even if it doesnt really hurt (sometimes it does tho) i dont enjoy it as a feeling, i dont enjoy being degraded, i dont want that. He never called me slurs tho (thank god), we dont talk much, but i wonder what does he think? Does he see me as some kind of sexdoll? Thats what i dont want. I talked about it to him and he said nothing like that but still. I feel guilty bc when it hurts me i never speak up about it. If its really too much ill make a sound and he will stop and be softer but idk. I dont know what i should do.

Anonymous 79372

Bin him immediately.

Anonymous 79373

have you considered discussing this with him rather than bottling it up?

Anonymous 79374

It happened yesterday (vomiting) thats why im still in the overthinking part bc usually im doing fine i just had a few doubts.

But i always feel uncertain about talking to him because when i do im always kinda disappointed. He almost never gets me when it comes to feelings.

Anonymous 79375

i dont know him and your relationship well, but based on the few things you said (him not understanding, or making an effort to, your feelings and his uncompatible and above all hurtful kinks) this doesn't sound like a healthy dynamic.
do you think this is a worthy investment to make for your future? can you see yourself staying with this person for the long run?

Anonymous 79376

I mean hes still really nice. I really love him and he does value what i bring to him. No "what do you bring to the table ?" Nonsense, no stupid expectations like shaving everywhere all the time or being skinny like a stick, no shaming, and he always says he wants to do better for me.
Its really when it comes to listening to me and sexually that i feel sometimes used

Anonymous 79377

Problem is that despite our relationship being really peaceful, i cant really feel right with the idea of losing my dignity like that.

It feels so wrong. How can everything go so well between us yet i have to make this kind of sacrifices?

Anonymous 79378

What are you sacrificing?

Anonymous 79379

You should talk to him, nona. There's no other way of solving it.

Anonymous 79380

Yeah i guess, im probably just scared. Thank you

Anonymous 79382

If he's otherwise a good partner there's no reason to be scared. He's probably just horny in those moments and gets carried away, he should stop if you tell him you don't enjoy it.

Anonymous 79383


Anonymous 79384

where did you find this absolute dogshit bf? why are you still with him? dump his ass, good god

Anonymous 79386

Yeah i know he gets carried away but thats the thing, thats the difference in dynamics that makes me uncomfortable. If i get carried away im not going to choke him or force myself on him.

Anonymous 79395

Has he choked or forced himself on you?

Anonymous 79413

Next time wear condoms and don’t have sex when you’re ovulating

Anonymous 79414

>herbal abortions
Be sure to pick up some essential oils, I'm sure rubbing some lavender oil behind your ears will yeet that fetus right away. You know plan B is only like $50 right?

Anonymous 79416

Lavender oil increases estrogen and excess estrogen can prevent a pregnancy, so it’s not too far off base.

Anonymous 79425

That's something I didn't know, uhm

Anonymous 79427

jesus christ you people are fucking stupid

Anonymous 79433

Anonymous 79434

I meant to have one Biscuit with lunch but I ate half the sleeve mindlessly in one sitting. Not the end of the world but I was planning on having ice cream tonight and now I feel like I shouldn't. :/

Anonymous 79436

Yes he choked me sometimes and the forcing himself part is during blowjobs like i explained.
But he does stops if i say no. And he asks if i want to often. So its all a bit confusing because he is not a horrible man who will force me to have sex, not at all. Thats why im confused. He does care about me feeling good and wanting it as much as him but also sometimes he does stuff that makes me feel like im subhuman. Ofc its not perfect and im just trying to understand what he thinks. I think its just that he has a more dominant style that I struggle to deal with but he does respect me outside of that. Because he's always careful and respectful with me

Anonymous 79452

I can't help but feel like the "vibe" of the western world is really toxic right now.

Paranoid, mean and fake at the same time, it feels like wholesomeness is very rare…

Am I alone in feeling that way?

Anonymous 79454

I feel like I don't know things that every woman knows, like how it feels when someone approaches you and tries to flirt with you because he finds you attractive, or what is it to fall in love with someone you already knew in person (I met all my boyfriends through dating apps and videogames), if it weren't for the internet I would have never had a boyfriend.

Anonymous 79460

Is anybody else getting really fucking annoyed that like crazy femcles is becoming an atheistic for girls without personalities or is it just me?

Anonymous 79462

Crazy what? Wdym?

Anonymous 80102

Friday night, stoned, I felt something strange. An alien sentiment. I was relating to the protagonist of some film. Down to getting aroused when she was getting aroused. It was an illuminating experience, in that it unveiled how much of an unemphatic person i am normally. I mean, I have enough social tact to pretend like I'm concerned about other people and their worries. But the awful truth is, I've only ever been concerned about how their worries are related to me; and how my reaction and support may affect my image in their eyes.
I cried that night because I realized I may never experience genuine love. I will only ever be drunk on the feeling of liking to be loved, and will misconstrue it as actual affection. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that I'll never really be hurt by what other people do to me. I'll never be as attached to a person the way they are to me. And bad because I'll only ever be addicted to love and attention they give me. My low self esteem and my narcissim will always prevent me from developing healthy standards and boundaries with strangers, because I'll always prefer them loving me over not giving a shit even if i don't necessarily love them back.

Anonymous 80105

I'm so fucking confused on how and what i should eat. I moved to Paris during Ramadhan, so my body didn't even have time to adjust before getting violently thrust into a routine of 30k steps with less than 900kcals consumed daily. I was already losing weight whilst leading a very sedentary lifestyle, by getting into a deficit in a budget of 1400kcals, but the new routine changed my body from top to bottom. This is the first time in my life that I can fit into size 32's.
I probably got to 44.0kilos at my lowest, and now that I'm back to a very reasonable budget of 1300/1400 kcals a day, I can feel myself piling back the weight (I was 45.4 kilos this morning). Yes, I know it was inevitable, but on the one hand I can't stay in the 900 deficit forever (I lost my period for two months) so the reverse diet is okay (reasonably). But at the same time I don't want to be fat and pudgy again.
Feels like things were much clearer when I was in deficit. My whole life revolved around food, and looking forward to the next meal (especially breakfast) and the nervous excitement I'd get when i check if something might fit in my budget or not. I even miss the guilt that would grip me if I ever eat something "hefty" and the awful panic i'd get into if i step on the scale before going to the bathroom. Now I don't have anything to look forward to when i step on the scale because the fucking number is only ever going to go up and it won't fucking stabilize (apparently).
I suppose I could always become a pilates girlie since gym is fucking expensive in this god forsaken city.

Anonymous 80118

the difference between nice guys and "nice guys" is that different between being nice and good. "nice guys" put on an act and white knight thinking it will get them pussy, while nice guys are genuinely nice and good

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