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Vent Thread Anonymous 79488

Previous: >>>/feels/77420

Anonymous 79489


Why are hobbies so fucking expensive?

Anonymous 79490

Why are anons on lolcow farm so evil.
I regret ever interacting there, do not be dumb enough as I was to trust them with your data.

Anonymous 79491

What happened anon? Be vague about it if you’re paranoid but i’m really curious.

Anonymous 79492

Did you expect people who are on a website devoted to bringing others down to be good?

Anonymous 79493


hi, is this the vent thread?

Anonymous 79495

Mods are in on it and 100% will see me post here. I didn't do anything wrong, it's just plain bullying. I'll never engage with people from ib's anymore and am honestly glad I learned the lesson.
I never engage with the lolcow board.

Anonymous 79496

I remember in the Unpopular Opinions thread there I had an army of people hating on me and it gave me awful anxiety for some reason. I don't even like hugbox websites but lolcow sucks ass.

Anonymous 79498

My mom is so fake lol she probably hates me

Anonymous 79500


>OP image isn't dogshit

Anonymous 79501

Yess. The last 3 thread pics were awful.

Anonymous 79525

This is the worst OP image I've seen on this board

Anonymous 79529

Yes. Pretty much everything about western culture is so toxic right now. The non stop bad news streams, all the political bullshit and left vs right garbage, social media garbage, superficial garbage, poverty and recession and inflation, the war shit and evil politicians trying to ruin everyones lives and make everyone as miserable as possible, the extreme beauty standards and normalization of excessive plastic surgery, hypersexualization everywhere, pedo shit slowly but surely becoming mainstream, tranny and woke shit being pushed constantly, the internet addiction and loneliness epidemic, incels becoming a bigger threat to society as well as the boiling hatred for women you can feel everywhere, as well as the constant scaremongering. However I don't think other cultures have it any better. Pretty much everywhere in the world is toxic right now. If you look at Korea and Japan they've been stuck in an extremely toxic culture trap for the last 10-15 years. I assume places like South America and everywhere else are similar.

Anonymous 79536


I'm literally the AI from Bladerunner right now and I wish he was doing that to me instead. It isn't fair.

Anonymous 79544

Wish men and trannies would just leave women alone.

Anonymous 79554


Just left the house for the first time in 18 months. Awful. Never doing that again.

Anonymous 79561


Never gonna happen, must find a way to obliterate then

Anonymous 79562

I feel the same way too, social networks are getting more and more irritating, and big cities are getting more and more uninhabitable. Toxic ideologies, government, inflation, lack of jobs, impossible relationships, it's all sucking my soul; I think a lot of people around the world feel this way

Anonymous 79570

the only way to do that is to make a male free world :3

Anonymous 79581


People like this don't deserve to be teachers. Who calls their students "fucking weird" lmfao

Anonymous 79582

>If anything they may feel vindicated. Like, “wow that guy was a complete psycho. No wonder nobody liked him”
Normies are fucking retarded.

Anonymous 79585

what happened? i hate leaving the house too but mainly cause of my ocd. hope u have better luck next time anon

Anonymous 79586

Why do they choose that profession when they don't have the bare minimum of empathy? They work with kids but they hate kids. They probably wanted it because it's considered "easy".

Anonymous 79587

This continues to be a mood for me. I try to laugh but it's just hitting really hard today.

Anonymous 79589

>tfw no gordon freeman bf
it's not fair gals…

Anonymous 79590

I dont believe theyre a teacher, I dont believe anyone on the internet who says they work at x job. Everyone is larping until proven otherwise desu.

Anonymous 79608

Screenshot 2022-06…

My boomer roomate took away the toaster oven to punish another roomate for being messy, so now I'm going to buy myself a cute toaster oven.
Truly, there is nothing like an adult male tantrum. Hopefully he gets mad that I bought a new one.

Anonymous 79610

By "weird" they probably mean the loud asshole in class who makes other people uncomfortable, not the shy kid who doesn't talk, which is probably what you're imagining. Only the entitled assholes would say people avoiding them is bullying.

Anonymous 79611

I dunno, I interpret "weird kid" as a kid with sociopathic tendencies, or possibly untreated autism (which can go hand in hand in some cases). Humans can tell when there's something wrong with someone and tend to avoid them. Not because they're shy or quiet, but because they don't socially interact in a way that's recognized as normal and healthy, which triggers the natural reaction of wariness (like "this person is strange and therefore could be dangerous"). It's usually things that are picked up instinctively that a "weird kid" lacks, not due to them being too loud or too quiet or having weird hobbies.

Anonymous 79645

>stop being entitled to socialization and get back in your corner, weirdo

Anonymous 79648

Unironically true. You are not entitled other people's attention, bodies, love, etc. They can choose to give it to you, but if you want it you have to go get it.

Anonymous 79650

Normies are so cruel to quiet people it's unreal. Some people get so offended if you just want to quietly spend your time reading inside. They think you got to live like them, that you have to have a ton of friends, go outside all the time, go to parties etc.
Why do some people think anyone is going to care or listen to their unsolicited advice on how someone should live their life

Anonymous 79651

The worst ones won't even let you sit quietly if you're in their proximity. They get all offended and make up some weird narrative in their head about you snubbing them and then start being passive aggressive to retaliate when literally all you did was sit there quietly. It's so bizarre how entitled they are to other people's time and emotional energy.

Anonymous 79653

Lately I've been thinking I'd be so much happier if I was able to be delusional in a positive way. Like if I was genuinely deluded that I was beautiful and had a great life then how would anyone's criticisms get to me if I simply didn't believe them?
I wish I could. Delusional people always seem rather happy.

Anonymous 79654

I can't remember the name but there's a thing where you pretend that everyone is secretly trying to help you and wants the best for you, even people you don't know. I doubt anyone has this a real delusion but it's fun to pretend from time to time. Maybe try that?

Anonymous 79655

My problem is that I'm too grounded in reality for my own good.
I want to be delusional, but whenever I try I just can't fully indulge.
My paranoia also tells me that mindset could be dangerous, my mind jumps to the women who trusted Ted Bundy was just some injured guy for instance, but perhaps I'm overdramatic.

Anonymous 79658


>have chronic depression since I was 8 or 9 years old (because of something I dont want to talk about, but its nothing sexual)
>completely wasted my teen years cause I was too depressed to do anything except sit in silent contemplation not even doing anything in particular
>never mention it to anyone, they all (including my family) just thought I was like that as a baseline
>some people try really hard to cheer me up, they fail and I feel even worse for having wasted their time and effort
>like 1.5 years ago it slowly starts getting better
>slowly but steadily improving, actually feel like doing stuff again, get hobbies, get emotions, slowly start to warm up to people again
>some 3-4 weeks ago literally all of the progress I've made in that time collapses for no reason
>feel the worst I have felt since the depression was at its peak, struggle even to go outside cause I almost break out crying at random points

I really thought that in one or maybe two more years I would finally get over it but it seems I won't. and it literally all came crashing down for no reason, it wasnt even particularly related to why I am depressed in the first place. Im not considering it seriously (yet) but I have been thinking of suicide again lately cause I just cannot go on like this, or at least not for another like 60+ years. At least I have enough energy to get stable grades in uni but I feel like eventually Ill bomb there too and Ill be a complete loser on every front with no chance of recovery.

Sorry for the blogpost but I don't have anyone irl to talk to about this. Had a bad experience with a shrink and dont wanna go there again.

Anonymous 79660

>My problem is that I'm too grounded in reality for my own good.
>I want to be delusional, but whenever I try I just can't fully indulge.
god I know that feel, nona

Anonymous 79661

im at the end of my FUCKING rope im tired of getting hurt tired of getting cheated on tired of FUCKING LIVING IM GOING TO KILL MYSELF

Anonymous 79662


I'm sick of feeling like death all the time.

>go out for half an hour and become a zombie

>people say I look ill and like I'm dying
>feel nauseous and exhausted and the world spins, can barely think or talk

>only time I can remember feeling particularly energetic in my entire life was chilling in a gravity chair under the stars and talking and laughing with a friend over the phone all night long and then sleeping during the day only to wake up feeling immediately amazing and full of life, flying out of bed

>most people I knew lit up and said that I looked very alive and incredible

>the mean bio major that had repeatedly said I look like shit on my bad days poggered at me and said I looked amazing

>caught photo evidence

>did in fact look years younger with clear eyes instead of bloodshot, dark, dark-circled eyes in virtually all my other pics
>spent entire day feeling amazing but then felt like shit after waking up the next morning

>to this day wonder if it was just a weird fluke and people are supposed to feel like shit constantly

Anonymous 79663

I probably will end it in a few years because honestly I don't have the strength to go on like this. It's miserable going places…it's miserable trying to have fun and failing. It's miserable to live.

Probably going to wait till my mom dies and I fully break off and stop talking to my childhood best friend so I won't make anyone feel weird or bad. I just hope my life doesn't get any worse than it is, now.

Anonymous 79683

Agreed, i imagine the teacher is talking about the moid kid who is attention seeking, violent and visibly hostile. They’re not talking about the weird/depressed shy girl in the back of the class like anon is imagining lol

Anonymous 79700

Please don't kill yourself. Your life is worth much more than moids breaking your heart.

Anonymous 79722

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me but whenever I interview for a job I always have this fake desperate persona that takes over and I push for the job even when I'm actually not sure. Now I pushed for a job I don't even want and I have to awkwardly email the entire team that I backed out.

Anonymous 79729

Maybe you have an underlying health issue?

Anonymous 79730

Someone talk to me now!!

Anonymous 79731

drop an e-mail?

Anonymous 79732


I don’t like the op image

Anonymous 79733


Anonymous 79734

does anyone else with mental illnesses seek affection from professionals who are just here to do their job?

my doctor is so nice and seems worried anytime he sees me i would like him to bring me to his home and put me to bed like a baby, also today i was in the emergency department and this woman psychiatrist was talking to me and all i could think about was that i wanted her to hug me so bad.

i feel so pathetic it's insane i'll never talk about this to anyone IRL, i'm so deprived of love and any kind of human connection that i want anyone and everyone to love and care for me (like they're my parents, not in a sexual way)

Anonymous 79751


What's up, girl gamers, time for another lifehack. Did you know your phone can be set to "mute" leaving you free to ruminate for as long as it takes the authorities or a a family member to perform a proof of life check?

I don't know how to end this bit I've started so I'm just going to leave it like that even though it feels half done. Sorry for calling you gamers.

Anonymous 79752

Yeah its normal

Anonymous 79754

Damn the boomer put the oven back before I could get mine.
Our messy roommate complained to the landlord and now he is even more pissed. She left some shampoo bottles in the shower and he wrote in the group chat "come pick up your trash" lmao.
God I hate them both.

Anonymous 79766

living with others sucks arse
solo or partnered living is the way

Anonymous 79772

I keep in contact with my ex. recently I had been recounting a funny story that involved a male friend that I've known since I was young (as far as I'm concerned we are just friends, if friend feels differently I have no idea and he's never tried anything on me nor have I ever on him). my ex got pissy at me and felt I had been recounting the story to brag about…who I'm fucking? and obviously I was a little insulted because, no, that's not what I was doing nor is that what is happening between friend and I at all. so I thought, clearly he still needs space and now so do I because I'm pissed, so I kept further contact pretty brief and basic. now suddenly he's talking about how we "don't talk enough" and he's been trying to initiate regular contact and…yeah fuck no. honestly if there's no particular reason for you to, there's just no need to keep in contact with an ex is how I feel now. now I just feel annoyed that he's trying to contact me regularly again.

Anonymous 79790

Idk partnered living can be just as bad. At least with a room mate you get your space :o!

Anonymous 79816

Yeah been trying to move out for months but can't find a place for my bf and I. At least the messy roommate leaves on Monday.

Anonymous 79835

Drove away the only person who seems to care about me just because I felt suicidal today
I am such a trash

Anonymous 79836

I want to travel but I don't have friends that could join me.
Do you just travel alone in that case? I'm a worried about safety when traveling alone. A lot of places aren't safe for women so choices would be limited. Going out and enjoying nature on your own also seems unsafe.

Anonymous 79837

I traveled alone one time and it was basically miserable. I could see it if you're going somewhere very lively and touristy (I went to the middle of nowhere in Utah), and you also trust yourself to be able to chat people up at bars.

Anonymous 79840

I can see how a non-touristy place would be a lonely but I like to draw outside so being alone wouldn't bother me. Did you have any activities planned?

I'm kinda bad at talking to people. At events that I went to alone I felt kind of uncomfortable and out of place because most people go out with friends. The only people willing to talk to someone alone seem to be the ones interested in sex which I am not looking for.

Anonymous 79843

I've done solo travel too and be honest I didn't like it either. I think the best part of travel for me is sharing things with someone I know well. Most places you go to are pretty samey after a while, plus with the internet you've already seen everything so just going to see something isn't that amazing as it used to be. Also being a female alone in an unfamiliar place is never going to be 100% comfortable, no matter when you go.

If I was in your situation, I would do a ton of research and plan a short but well scheduled trip and stick to safer cities and busy touristy areas.

Anonymous 79845

No you're not anon. Stop saying mean things about yourself. You are a real person with feelings and who doesn't always act perfectly, like everyone else.

I recommend you take a few days to relax a bit and sort out what happened. Then send the person one short-ish message apologizing and explain what happened.

Anonymous 79846

Just say how great the jobs sounds but that your circumstances have changed and you're now no longer able to take it.

Anonymous 79847

Same, but it happened one week ago. Now i'm even more miserable and suicidal because i literally don't talk to anyone since i'm a NEET, i'm going insane. But at least no one gets to be hurt by my existence and my crazy ass brain, which is a true benefit for humanity. Now i should just kill myself to get rid of the pest that i am for eternity.

Anonymous 79852

Anon pls. Donald Trump exists in the world. Serial murders and rapists exist. I really doubt you are anywhere near as bad as them. Just live your life and do what makes you happy (as long as you are not deliberately harming others). Stop caring so much about what others think.

Anonymous 79869

I know I'm too difficult to deal with. It's too much to ask for other people to like me.

Anonymous 79904

Men only get close to me for my fat ass.

Anonymous 79906

I'm here for you anon, I know how it feels. I truly hope life gets better for you soon and you can find comfort in something.

Anonymous 79912

I feel so alone and confused. The world is just so fucking big it scares me. Time passes so fast it scares the shit out of me, I just don't know what to do. Everyone just leaves me and I probably need to meet new people, take care of myself but everything is just so scary idk I just want to feel happy and stop being so paranoid. I havent showered for days, my hair is a mess, my room too, I just sit by myself all day listening to music and missing him. will it ever end?

Anonymous 79913


Sometimes I just want to sell my stuff and run away from everyone and everything, I'd go very far away, do what I always wanted to do, talk to random people about stuff I always wanted to talk about, see what I always wanted to see. Maybe I'd found myself and my happiness or die in the process.

Anonymous 79914

I feel you Nona. Life is so weird and the world is so scary. I don't know why I was born sometimes.

Anonymous 79918

pray tell wtf that even means

Anonymous 79919

well, when a man and a woman love each other very much…

Anonymous 79921


feeling so depressed that I'll attempt to fast for 10 days wish me luck

Anonymous 79922

why would fasting help with depression? wouldn't not eating just make you feel worse? or do you have some kind of eating disorder?

Anonymous 79925

Fasting has been studied to help with depression. Possibly has to do with the release of brain derived neutrophic factor or BDNF, a substance that prompted neuron growth and connection forming. Taking SSRIs or doing cardio also releases it.

Anonymous 79926

it's just a way to hate myself harder and lose a few pounds in the process. just love the empty feeling ig

wow I didnt know about that

Anonymous 79927

I’m sick of pretending that scrotes are anything but violent, retarded animals that desperately need to be phased out of the human lifecycle and killed off as soon as possible. Worthless evil demons.

Anonymous 79928

who hurt you?

Anonymous 79929

Pattern recognition and straight women

Anonymous 79944


Dammit. Thought I had recovered, but my self-image issues came back to bite me in the ass. I just want to no longer give a damn about the way I look and live.

>cystic, nasty, acne. Like open wound looking shit. It has gotten way worse in my late 20s. I've cut out all sugar, almost all carbs, all dairy, etc. I had 1000x better skin when I lived off of junk food as a teen. I have been on accutane for a and tretinoin year now. 0 progress

>a genuinely horrible body. I always knew I had a bit of a weird body. So, I lost weight, hitting 120 pounds at 5"10. I weight lift and I am skinny as shit. Problem? I look like a goddamned tank. My ribcage and shoulders are massive. My goddamned body fat % is much lower than my petite friend who is overweight yet looks skinnier than me. How do these logistics even work?? Throw in being an apple shape with a washboard chest. Am I supposed to become anorexic for my body to be remotely ok?
>in fact I'm bigger than almost all men in my area, this isn't a joke, I get called huge by men all the time and this is the only type of feedback I have ever gotten from men ever
>only other women have ever remotely said anything nice–always much older

I might end up just wearing a mask for the rest of my life. But even then, my general exhaustion and exasperation for life bites me in the ass anyway.
I kind of just wish I looked ok and I can just forget about the way I look. 0 upkeep. Just, existing. Vibrantly. I don't want to be envious of normal-looking people.

Anonymous 79945

Also yes I know this whole post sounds vain and dumb. I hate being vain and dumb. It's just after years of 100s of insults about the way I looked in both my youth and entire 20s, weird creeped out looks, being told I look like a monster, etc., my sense of self has shriveled up.

Anonymous 79947

Is your acne possibly hormonal?
I also have unfortunate big cyst-to-open-wound type of acne (made me look like a meth head at its peak) and a surprising amount cleared when I started taking EPO. Might be worth getting tested for an imbalance, since spiro or something else can be prescribed if it's big.
Pimple patches are also a good cover if you don't already use them. Starface makes them in fun shapes to make the ordeal less depressing.

Sending good wishes for you, either way. As for the body shit, I wish women didn't face so much pressure to be "perfect" and that we could just exist in our bodies as humans. It's reasonable to be frustrated about being made to be insecure about our fucking skeletons. It's horrible.

Anonymous 79949

Just got called ugly by a drunk guy. Don't really know how to feel about it.

Anonymous 79958

I dont know what the fuck im doing.

Anonymous 79959

I don't really think anyone does, so I wouldn't sweat too much.

Anonymous 79960


I want a crystalcafe gf

Anonymous 79961

Ok handmaiden

Anonymous 79966

Don't feel or think or care about it at all

Anonymous 79968


I dont really know where else to vent about this but I sort of need to let it out somewhere because I didn't even want this situation to bother me this much. I always tried to hold a stance of "don't let the parasocial stuff get to you with youtubers" and I am not really attached to any youtubers because I know that whoever is behind the screen isn't the same person as the character they are acting for the video. The difference is though, I have been watching this guy (Dirtybiology in picrel) since I was 13 since middle school (and I didn't have the whole awareness of not getting attached to youtubers back then). His videos are just scientific vulgarisation and were fun and pretty high quality. He has a lot of budget and people working for him. He adopts are very easy going personnality which makes him easely likeable. He recently got massive accusations against him (8 women). Behind camera he is very mysogynistic, has sexually harassed women, manipulated women and worst of all raped a woman when she was 'freshly' 18 while pressing on her neck so that she couldn't escape. I really wish this situation didn't get to me as hard but I can't stop feeling so sad over all of this. Whatever these women must have gone through is hell. I am a rape victim as well so seeing this youtuber I sort of looked up to or at least enjoyed (i wish i didnt in the first place) turn out to be a rapist etc etc… it crushed my trust again and again. You really cannot trust any apperances. I know these concepts are like the basics (the whole don't trust ppl, all moids are potential rapists etc etc) but it still gets to me atm. It's especially ironic because he himself has made a video where he details how some youtubers hide the fact that they are predators. It now feels like he has made this video to direct attention away from him and so that his audience trusts him more cuz "no predator would explain in detail how a predator works cuz it'll just make the predator workings come to light and be against what the predator wants which is to not be found". What brings me rage is seeing how the french alt right reacts to it. They're so eager to defend the guy saying that the women that are speaking out are feminazis or some alt right buzzword like that. The guy himself made a twitter post which roughly translates to "I support women talking against their rapist but not when it is me". The youtuber loves throwing the word "diffamation" around to make the victims look like liars and stuff. It brings me rage and sadness. You can dismiss this post. I'm just sad and upset and shocked.

Anonymous 79969

French youtubers are all disgusting pervert. I hate most of them and I am not even shocked about it. Since middle school i always heard stuff like youtubers asking for fella in the
Wc or some stuff like that to the young fans.
I remember that to my first con I went to see youtubers « link the sun » and « in the panda » both were fucking creeps. Forcing hugs and stuff and being too touchy with their fans.

Anonymous 79970

>drunk moid
opinion discarded

Anonymous 79972

i dont know if i should leave my boyfriend.
i love him and im in too deep because we've known each other for years.
everything is good except one massive moral disagreement (its not on abortion rights).
i wont specify what it is but its super important to me that i match on this issue with someone in a relationship, its literally my number one priority, and hes not that.
it seems silly to me to leave someone over one thing but then again it matters a lot to me.
>why did you just found out now
everything lead me to believe we were on at least similar pages on the issue and i was too coward to ask directly, while also knowing he would probably have lied to look good anyways. i know for a fact hes better than the average moid in this regards too which makes leaving him even more difficult, but its still not enough to me because hes not on the level i need it to be for a relationship.

Anonymous 79973

You are probably wrong and should reconsider

Anonymous 79976

what's the topic about? hard to say without that info

Anonymous 79980

>tfw no butch doesn't think very much about anything really gf

Anonymous 79989


Anonymous 80021

Just watched an anti feminist incel debate stream on yt and god…I'm so happy an entire generation of these misogynistic fucks will never breed.

Anonymous 80029

I wish I had more english speaking friends into cute anime girl weeb shit.
I am well aware that most people into that are either men or pickmes but it's always been a source of comfort for me


If a guy is extremely funny and charming does that mean he's a psychopath too?

Anonymous 80037

probably. never trust a scrote that is too charismatic all the time

Anonymous 80042

For whatever reason right now I feel like I can't breathe well. My chest feels tight and I feel like I can't move.

I'm on vacation right now with my little sister and she's incredibly clingy. Usually I don't mind having her around but lately I've been craving alone time more, I think it's weighing down on me. I feel bad telling her to back off a little for some time because she always wants to hang out 24/7 since we rarely see each other and she always takes it as a form of rejection. Sometimes I just want the whole place to myself, but I know it would be cruel to tell her to literally leave the house and fuck off for a couple hours. I don't know what to do. I want to be alone.

Anonymous 80055

Why do men feel the need to comment on the appearances of women for no reason.

Anonymous 80057

>be me

>5th grader
>excited for middle and highschool. Dreaming that ill have a large group of friends and will have the epic fun teen life
>got bullied in 5th grade by my friends and then lost them
>developed social anxiety
>bruh momemt
> go through middle school with no friends and epic teen life + being bullied
>bruh moment
>finally highschool
>go through highschool with no friends and epic teen life + being bullied + bad grades
>bruh moment
>now a pathetic 18 year old with no future
>tfw your life is ruined by something minor that happened in 5th grade

This post is cringe but im still salty something so minor ruined my life.

Anonymous 80059

They didn't achieve anything meaningful in their lives so instead of working on themselves or just dealing with it they need to put someone else down.
Most women won't start a fight so it has no consequences at all for him to yell at women.

Anonymous 80060

I'm a bigoted and insufferable person because i hate my life and it feels good to throw that hate onto other people. no one would want to talk to me if they knew who i really am.

Anonymous 80061

you're still very young, . you have all the time in the world to get yourself together and into a good place in life. i believe in you!

Anonymous 80062

Geez you're still only 18, If you want friends you have to put the effort in and make them.
If you think your life is ruined now what do you think about a 30+ year old shut in who hasn't had friends since elementary school and is fine with it like me.
I fucking swear zoomers.

Anonymous 80065

>check e-mail address
>it's "sage"
amazing work, nona

Anonymous 80104

Friday night, stoned, I felt something strange. An alien sentiment. I was relating to the protagonist of some film. Down to getting aroused when she was getting aroused. It was an illuminating experience, in that it unveiled how much of an unemphatic person i am normally. I mean, I have enough social tact to pretend like I'm concerned about other people and their worries. But the awful truth is, I've only ever been concerned about how their worries are related to me; and how my reaction and support may affect my image in their eyes.
I cried that night because I realized I may never experience genuine love. I will only ever be drunk on the feeling of liking to be loved, and will misconstrue it as actual affection. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that I'll never really be hurt by what other people do to me. I'll never be as attached to a person the way they are to me. And bad because I'll only ever be addicted to love and attention they give me. My low self esteem and my narcissim will always prevent me from developing healthy standards and boundaries with strangers, because I'll always prefer them loving me over not giving a shit even if i don't necessarily love them back.

Anonymous 80106

I’m 22 and i hear you. Sometimes one incident can have a snowball effect in life. I was bullied and dealt with domestic abuse at home and now i’m severely mentally ill and friendless. Completely socially inept. Not saying you are those things because a lot of people experience what you did, don’t get discouraged. It’s not your fault

Anonymous 80112

Leaving someone you love over one philosophical difference is stupid, even if it's something massive.

Anonymous 80114

Ignoring massive differences is how you end up checking ads for divorce lawyers.

Anonymous 80115

Maybe if it's 5 massive differences. And you don't need to ignore it, just not torpedo your relationship over it.

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