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Lush thread Anonymous 176

Do you like lush? Do you use lush regularly, if so what do use?
Do you have any lush horror stories?
Do you have any recommendations ?

Anonymous 177

Yes, I use lush a lot. I'm in love with Lord of Misrule shower gel, and use it pretty much all the time. I'm terrible 'cause I keep buying products and then not using them. I have about three shower jellies - Ghost, Pot of Gold and then dark purple berry that I forgot the name of, but smells too sweet/fruity for me.
I also have tons of bathbombs but rarely take baths (definitely a shower girl), so they just sit in my room…
I also bought dream cream in hopes of moisturising more often, I'm just really bad at it and don't fancy feeling greasy spoon yeah.
I do use fresh farmacy few times a week when my skin breaks out a bit, because I have very sensitive and a bit dry skin but prone to acne (great combination).
I can't stand any of the hair products - I tried a conditioner once which was such a pain to wash out and gave me allergic reaction (made my ears burn!). I kinda liked New shampoo bar, but purely for the scent - it is really drying! The only hair product I kinda liked was Henna rouge - but it was too much effort (it did look nice, but didn't last long at took too long o put on/wash out). Might try it again at some point. I also use fairly regularly their dry shampoo, which works pretty well.
One time I tried their deodorant when I wanted to switch more "natural" - but my underarm skin started peeling off.
Oh and lately I tried their blueberry face mask which was lovely, and I got jelly mask (pink one, can't think of the name) which I still need to try.
I'll post when I think of more. Yes, I might have a problem haha.

Anonymous 178

Oh yeah I remembered, I also have lip scrub Santa Baby which is delicious!

Anonymous 179

So far I've only bought the ocean salt peeling. I love it: The scent is awesome imo (reminds me of mojitos), it leaves my skin feeling super smooth (plus applying it and massaging it around is super relaxing), and it lasts really long (bought it in January and still have about 2/3 left, though obviously that depends on how often you use it, I do once every one to two weeks).

Though I'm kinda worried about lush products since so many people break out from them because of the added scents?

I've been thinking about replacing my regular moisturizer with lush's "celestial", any of you have tried that one? If so, what did you think of it?

Woah, anon that's incredible! Awesome to see your opinions of these, you've definitely made me wanna check out their lip scrubs!

Anonymous 180

I wish I could try one of their bath bombs, but I don't take baths because I live with my family and that would be a waste of water (and thus money). Can't wait to try some of them once I have my own apartment.

I have one of these tiny pots of dream cream that cashier give so you can test some of the products and I think it smells terrible. I've been told it's good for people whose skin tend to break out often, don't know if that's true. I use sympathy for the skin instead, I love the smell and it works well on me.

I think I have the same ocean salt peeling, is the one your talking about called "rub rub rub"? I like it a lot too, but my pot is like 665g of product, so the biggest one available, I bought it in late June or early July I think and I'm almost out of it. I use it more or less twice a week though so maybe that's why it lasts long for you.

Anonymous 181

I love lush! But I don't use it regularly LOL mainly cause I don't know most of the products too well and don't have the money to spend. I mainly use the bathbombs tho and lip scrubs

>Do you have any lush horror stories?

Once I was in the lush store and they had sample tooth tab things (which is basically like some teeth cleaning tab that is an alternative to tooth paste kinda) and I really wanted to try one. So I took one without any water, put it in my mouth, and started chewing and swallowing. That shit was disgusting and I felt really awkward having to spit it out in front of all the employees. Apparently your supposed to have it with water first and let it fizz a bit? And ur not supposed to swallow lol.
Other than that I don't really have any horror stories and I don't even know if that's a horror story. The employees are a little pushy tho and make me kinda uncomfortable, which is why I'm afraid to pick up any soaps without someone coming up to me asking me if I would like to test it out.

Also I've heard that the bathbombs can cause yeast infections and what not? I've never experienced that (mainly cause I don't use em regularly) but if anyone has any more info on that I'd like to know

Anonymous 182

My favourite shampoo I ever bought was Lush's BIG, it is amazing. It smells better than anything and it makes my hair so soft and fluffy. It is a bit weird at first since it's full of huge salt crystals which feel a bit weird scrubbing onto your head but it's soooo good.

Anonymous 183

I've never tried any Lush products. I've entered their stores a few times, but every time the scent is too overwhelming and I get a headache.

I wouldn't mind trying some of their bath bombs and soap bars. I like the colors.

Anonymous 184


I just had a 2-hour shop floor trial shift as a sale's assistant with LUSH and I really have to say, the entire experience has left me extremely disillusioned in the company.

I applied to work for the company because I'm pretty knowledgeable on a range of their products, their composition, usage and application. I've previously suffered from a range of skin problems, from dermatitis to adult acne, and I legit believe I've had a lot of help with LUSH's products, if not aiding the problem externally, then helping to improve my mood with a little taste of cruelty-free, environmentally-friendly luxury. Actually being on the sales-end of things though, the company is completely fucking predatory. Nobody on the management side actually gives a fucking about helping people or the company ethos, it's all sell, sell, sell.

Your performance is actually more based upon how many demos you manage to hawk onto people, not so much the sales. After greeting every person that enters, you're supposed to watch them, study their body language, and then approach them within the first 30 seconds of having greeted them. If you don't approach them within 30 seconds, you get penalised. You are instructed to keep returning to the customer over and over, even if they've verbally informed you, however many times, that they wish to be left alone. During my 2 hours on the shop floor I spent most of my time shadowing irritated shoppers that clearly wanted to be left alone, and it feels fucking awful. Despite that I did manage to help a lost looking dad and his son find some nice soap for his wife, an older lady walk away with Celestial for her dry hands, demo'ed Intergalactic for some energetic schoolgirls, and sold a load of misc. bath bombs.

At the end of the day when I received my feedback, I was chastised for not having been able to push anybody into having a hand/arm massage demo.

This is the thing though, the entire time I was there, 2 hours on a busy Saturday, despite trying my absolute hardest I just could not get anybody interested in demo'ing a masque or some cream. People just didn't want to do it, and I felt like, what do they expect me to do? Force them into a demo? How can you get people to demo a product when they're very clearly not interested? I know it's not just my approach or my sales technique either because none of the other staff managed to get a demo in either. The thing that REALLY made me feel like I'd just rented my soul to the devil for 120 minutes though was when I was chastised for having been honest with a customer.
There was a girl standing on the shop floor studying a pot of Ocean Salt with a hopeful look on her face. She had a really visible amount of acne on her face, it really was quite bad, and so I approached her and inquired about whether she'd tried the product previously and she said no. She told me that was looking for something for her acne and so I informed her that whilst Ocean Salt is one of LUSH's best sellers, due to the fact that it's comprised of sea salt (abrasive), lemon (acidic) and vodka (drying), that I wouldn't personally recommend Ocean Salt for people suffering from dermatitis, acne, or have any open wounds or lesions on their face, as it would end up doing a lot more harm than good. Instead I recommended to her Angels on Bare Skin (which is a really gentle cleanser with ground almonds, rose oil and kaolin clay), and she was super thankful for my honesty and walked away quite happily with her new purchase. The manager witnessed all of this and I was actually told off for being honest with this girl and not letting her poor face get devastated by citric acid and alcohol, because supposedly my information was something she'd take away and "inform her friends about".

At the end of the day I get that they're a company and that their primary goal is to sell shit, but after everything I thought I previously knew about their ethics and the practices of their company, I just feel so disappointed.
Next time you're in LUSH and you've got some pushy sales assistant up your butt, take pity on them, because they're being 100% forced to behave like that, and if you've got time let them give you a demo. Even if you don't buy anything in the end it's the demos that they're being evaluated on, and you'll get their supervisors/managers off their ass for the rest of their shift if you do.

Anonymous 185

Holy shit I knew something was up with them, this is why I haven't been in there for years because every time I went in there I felt too pressured to do the bloody arm massage each time. My right hand was soft as hell afterwards but I just felt it was so ott.

Thank you for telling us about this.

I feel more understanding now.

Anonymous 186

YES please don't let people (especially with acne) use this stuff on their face. Citric oils are going to give people a fucking sunburn and sea salt is just too intense for facial skin eee

Anonymous 187

I always wondered why they were so pushy. I feel a little bad now but I can't help pushing them away because their constant bugging makes me uncomfortable/anxious lol. I've done a few demos before but felt really pressured into doing it, it wasn't fun. Also I remember once I was washing my hands in one of their sinks after trying some soap and one of the workers came up to the sink and turned off my water because she thought I had the water running for too long. I wasn't even done washing my hands, they were still soapy. I felt kinda insulted tbh

Anonymous 188

I've heard similar stories about working at lush a lot (I'm actually kinda surprised you hadn't before, I thought it was well known?), and ever since I've avoiding browsing or shopping there. I despise that sort of pushy 'customer service', it shows a serious lack of decent company values.

Anonymous 189


LUSH Anon back with an email update:

>Dear Anon

>Thank you very much for attending your shop floor trial on Saturday.
>On this occasion we will not be processing your application to the next stage
(Thank fuck I'm actually relieved)

>Feedback on your performance

>Positive: We liked how you greeted the customers as they entered the store. You displayed open body language and exibited a good knowledge of existing products.

>Developmental: We would have liked to have seen you actively approaching customers and demonstrating more products to them.

So what I did with quite literally every single customer that came through the doors, except you wanted me to get pushy with them and render them so uncomfortable in the course of their time in the store that they felt they had no choice but to make a purchase.

>Also it is very important that we put the customer first rather than talking to other members of staff, so making sure to be constantly customer focused.

lmao what, right at the beginning of the shift I was told that it's okay to approach an existing member of and ask them about product knowledge and information about the store, which is what I did in the brief periods in which the store was empty.
>so making sure to be constantly customer focused

Honestly if I had been offered the position I probably would have accepted it anyway because a. I need a job, and b. if anybody is going to be in that sales position I think it'd be better if it was somebody that wasn't going to intentionally fuck customers over all to boost some shitty sales figs. I am so, so disappointed in this experience though because I legitimately loved LUSH. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when Toto pulls back the curtain to reveal that the almighty Wizard is just an old man working a series of pulleys and levers to create an illusion of greatness.

I'm hoping that the garbage sales practices are something that's just isolated to this one store, but given the existing stories and rumours around the company that some of you have mentioned, I'm guessing the management are all trained to be like this.

Anonymous 190

Ah man, that sucks anon! I remember you posting updates here about the job at Lush. Sorry it didn't go very well…you sound like a nice and hardworking person, so I'm sure you will be appreciated elsewhere!

Anonymous 191

>I'm hoping that the garbage sales practices are something that's just isolated to this one store
Are you American? I feel like most people who complain about that stuff are American because I usually go on English image boards and I can confirm it's like that in every store. Although I thought salesmen were pushy and following customers very closely because there aren't these anti-thief devices attached to the products because that's how it is in some stores (except it's really only really that bad in Lush).

Anonymous 192

This is retail anon, get a customer service job instead. I have one and I literally do the opposite and just chill out and apologize to people and refund them my boss's money when they get too angry. Retail sales, especially at those kinds of places is cut-throat, and stores like lush and others that sell skincare/beauty products are poorly trained in actual skincare and only trained to sell and not help. That's why I won't buy in stores.

Anonymous 193

I'm curious about the ages of those who are commenting on anon's lush job demo because being "pushy" is a common policy in many stores (Victoria's Secret, Rue21, etc. etc.)

Anonymous 194

MTE Anon. I wonder if it's bby's first job (no offense) because she sounds very naive about sales techniques and retail jobs, and seems to take it pretty personally that her favorite company is primarily focused on selling.
I found it weird that she has all this knowledge about the company and their ingredients and values and ethics but is surprised about them being pushy? I've never even used a LUSH product and don't care much about cosmetics companies in general and even I know their salespeople are very hands-on.

Anonymous 195


>are you American?
>"an £8.95 pot of literal acid"

No it's not my first job aha, but it is my first attempt at a role in forward-facing customer sales. What can I say, I was naive, and I'm even more saddened to hear that decieving customers to their physical detriment is apparently so prevelant that it's considered the standard.
Don't get me wrong, ofc I knew retail was like this, but with the bullshit that LUSH preaches about their progressive business model and ethics, I guess I was just shocked to discover that they're the same as all the rest, if not much worse.

Anyway please don't let my bad time spoil the tone of the thread, I just wantesd to chip in with a relevant experience.

If we're talking about products, I super recommend Mask of Magnaminty. The ground aduki beans act as a gentle exfoliator, and the menthol in the peppermint stimulates all your nerves leaving your face feeling all tingly and refreshed. It's a pretty fun/comfy product.

Anonymous 196

>"an £8.95 pot of literal acid"

anon pls…

Anonymous 197

lush workers.png

I understand that being pushy to sell products is the "goal" of many stores but I feel like Lush's pushy-ness is on a whole different level. For example, if I'm in a clothing store (ex: PacSun or Victoria's Secret, etc) the workers will usually greet me then later ask if I need help with anything. Typically I decline, then I am left on my on in the store, never to be bothered again. Lush is wayyyy more aggressive. I'm greeted, ask if I need any help with anything, and decline, but it doesn't end there. I'll be casually viewing an item on my own and then out of no where some employee will appear and ask if I wanna try it out or something. They just do not leave you alone in that store, and I understand that it's policy, but please let me be…

Also I've seen various lush worker related memes before about how pushy they are lol
pic related

Anonymous 198

I mean I would have thought that the pound symbol was pretty evident that I'm not American but okay.

Anonymous 199

I'm not the Anon who asked if you're American, I just find it funny that you waxed poetic about their philosophy and ethics and products but are taken aback by their sales techniques like you never stepped foot into one of their stores or read anything about them, and how you go from

>I applied to work for the company because I'm pretty knowledgeable on a range of their products, their composition, usage and application.




Anonymous 200

Uh, what you're proposing is a total non-sequitur though. People are allowed to hold varying opinions on seperate aspects of a topic. The vast majority of LUSH's products are good, but I have always said that Ocean Salt should never have been a product in the first place because it's far too abrasive, acidic and drying on all skin types, and it really ought to be taken off the shelves immediately.

Just because a person likes their products doesn't mean they're not allowed to criticise them so I don't know why that's so funny to you. Maybe you just have a poor sense of humour?

Anonymous 201

You're kind of zeroing in on only one of my arguments and disregarding the others. I'm just saying that you'll have a hard time finding a job you'll be 100% morally okay with. Your virtue signaling about going to volunteer at an animal shelter instead of working at evil predatory LUSH is top kek though.

Anonymous 202

please don't recommend products with peppermint in them, peppermint is a skin irritant and should not go on your face

Anonymous 203

It's not virtue signalling, it's just me being extremely fortunate to be in a position where I'm not being forced into becoming some Shylock retail shill.
I love animals, so volunteering my time to work with them seems like a logical decision to me. You seem unnecessarily angry about something though so I'm just gonna leave you to that.

Sage for OT.

Anonymous 204

>Shylock retail shill

nice antisemitism, keep going.

Anonymous 205

You've got some nerve bragging about not needing a job because you're extremely fortunate and spewing about a greedy jew stereotype character at the same time. Sit the fuck down.

Anonymous 206

we are all extremely fortunate to be blessed with your heartwrenching tale of stolid integrity in the face of cold-blooded capitalism, Your Eminence

Anonymous 207


>mfw I'm privileged enough to not have to work a retail job to survive, unlike the lowly commoner jews
>mfw I read one Shakespeare play and feel educated as fuck

Anonymous 208

can we calm down everyone

Anonymous 209

We've all shopped in retail stores, we can gauge for ourselves which ones are pushier than others without having worked there you know.

Anonymous 210

I didn't notice lmfao, but that still confirms that they're being pushy everywhere in the world somehow. I really shouldn't post when it's nearly midnight and I'm tired as fuck

Anonymous 211

Ah, you're kidding! I had no idea! But doesn't it still retain anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and analgesic properties?

Anonymous 212

Damn fucking right I'm comparing the manager to a greedy Jew stereotype, what she did was actually reprehensible and I'm ashamed of myself that I didn't tell her to stick her job up her arse then and there. If you genuinely believe that decieving innocent customers into harming themselves physically is an acceptable practice, regardless of your financial situation, then you're just as bad. idgaf how hard up you are, that's just fucking evil.

Anonymous 213

Alright kids, we're done here. If you're a troll, 10/10, if you're Spoony, that's just sad because you probably mean it.

Anonymous 214

Yes, but it is still a very strong skin irritant and you should avoid products with it. Honey has all of those properties and won't irritate your skin. In combination with powdered aspirin it's great too.

Anonymous 215

Anon is comparing the manager to a stereotype from what I can tell, and the "antisemitism" seems part and parcel of imageboard talk (maybe not here, but I can see how she could have picked it up elsewhere pretty easily).

Anyway OP, if you don't need the money, then just do volunteer work. It's a great way to help others, and it will be a lot more lax. I for one, appreciate you sharing updates on your experience with Lush.

Anonymous 216

Skirting away from the other convo, a lot of Lush's products are natural, yes, but most of them are too strong for what they're advertised. Most of their products are the "home remedy" equivalent of skincare, like your aunt telling you to use lemon juice and sugar scrub on your face, or wash your hair with baking soda. They smell nice but are not the best for you. I also personally hate their bath bombs, they're almost all baking soda and can give a nasty UTI.

Anonymous 217

Okay, but VS employees are ranked on how they "sell" to customers. That's why when you leave the store they have someone ask you who helped you. It's the same thing with others stores, you can't advance in the company unless you "sell" a certain amount of x (when logically one would think being a manager for a position would be based on how good you as an a general employee, not a salesperson). It is the standard and it must be nice you'd had such a sheltered life to not really comprehend the scope of that.

>>regardless of your financial situation
Piper Chapman from OITNB except more racist, yes? Sorry you can't enjoy a ~cute~ little job while the rest of us are forced to work our asses off to survive.

Anonymous 218

lmao right? I'm working seven days a week right now in retail (I have no soul left) and am barely getting by. It's HILARIOUS seeing princess bitching and resorting to "I'll just go volunteer with puppies." Like how can someone be this detached from reality??

Spoony you better find some work and start saving up for when your bf dumps you, you need a retirement fund bb

Anonymous 1971


What the hell is wrong with you? You are so unattached from all reality. You have zero social skills and are now insulting a poor woman for doing her job. You're making her out to be the devil, when in reality she's selling a product. You claimed to know Lush's products so well, yet now after they didn't hire you they are selling horrible acid products that destroy lives?

Unlike you, everyone else has to work. Not everyone can trade ass for living, btw that is prostitution. By all definitions you are a whore, you are exchanging sexual favours for monetarily gain. Nothing wrong with being a sex worker, but fuck you for shaming the poor manager trying to get by in life.

>customers into harming themselves physically is an acceptable practice, regardless of your financial situation

I am sure you know all of this better than the FDA and APR, who have both approved all products sold by Lush. All your amazing google skills totally trump the professionalism of dozens of MBA and PhD's behind the Lush formulas. Of course, you know better than anyone else in the world.

You are so fucking deluded, it hurts.

Anonymous 1973

not defending that anon at all but to be fair the FDA does approve all kinds of things that are really bad for you all the time, especially in cosmetics/soaps/etc where people don't usually read the label.

Anonymous 1974


What happened to this thread

Anonymous 1975

Spoony happened. This is why she's banned everywhere else. Everywhere she goes she brings cancer.

Anonymous 1976

sage for being a tard but who is Spoony? like can I have a TL;DR of these antics? Apparently I've missed a lot. Thanks.

Anonymous 1977

She has her own thread on /snow/ on lc, I'll greentext the blurb from there:

>Bitch spammed /cgl/ with self posting

>biggest attention whore besides Flan, derailing many threads to talk about herself
>claims it was cyber bullies pretending to be her, even though she used a fucking trip code
>"wheh wheh i want to be out of the spotlight so bad"
>"i just want people to forget and stop talking about me"
>continues to self post on lolcow
>self posts some more after being banned from self posting
>used to frequent PULL under an alias and try to get pity donations for her situation (one of those gofundme websites I believe)…while a using fake picture.
>got elf ear surgery with emergency medical funds

She actually came into that thread 3 or 4 posts in (probably made it) herself. And talking about her in lc is banned outside of her threads because she'll ban evade and pop out of the woodwork.

Anonymous 1979

Oh, okay. Thank you so much. I'll look for the thread on /snow/… I haven't explored the archives of cows other than the big ones atm (e.g. Onion, Moomoo, etc.). Thanks again.

Anonymous 1980

>>>/b/2939 This sums it up.
TL;DR Spoony is a vintage tripfag originally from 4chan. She selfposted and stirred up shit to the point where she got banned from /cgl/, kept ban evading and moving to other boards like /r9k/ to post more of her nudes and random body parts while getting into slapfights with users, up until Moot personally banned her and called her out.

On lolcow.farm she was known for having made an insane amount of posts, posting all day erry day including racist shitposting and derailing every thread she went to. She evaded all of her bans until the original Admin finally threatened to expose and label all her posts across the board if she ever came back. The only way to get rid of her is to threaten her with putting a name to her posts, that's how bad she is. https://lolcow.farm/pt/res/138635.html
As you can see, she immediately came in to defend herself at length again.


>She has over 10,000 posts and has been here since day 1, and is by far the most frequent poster on the website. Any time you've seen a post and wondered if it was Spoony, it probably was. Spoony is also partly responsible for bringing this site to /r9k/'s attention. moot was right.

Her posts on crystal.cafe are extremely obvious because she's so in love with herself she couldn't bear to change up her overwrought self-important writing style once in a while.
It's been almost a decade and she still hasn't learned a thing. Every site she goes to, she's instantly recognized. It takes a special kind of attentionwhore to have this much of a presence on anonymous-by-default type communities.

Anonymous 1981


And now she's banned from here as well. I've been wondering why she got so quiet all of a sudden when usually any mention of her will make her sperg about keeping drama out of this site.

Dayum Spoony, are you going for a record? When every image board of all places bans you you really should reconsider your life choices.

Anonymous 1982

Just did some reading. Jfc. I don't know how I managed to miss this after so many years.

Thanks for the rundowns and links, kind anons. I'll be spending my day going down this rabbit hole.

Anonymous 1983

Anonymous Admin 1985

Let's please get back to topic.

Anonymous 1986

omg yes

Anonymous 1987

tbh I think people are allowed to vent about discovering the shitty way companies do things sometimes. I'm Brit and I didn't know LUSH were that bad. Stop witch hunting and accusing people of being X or Y

Snow fairy is the best LUSH product and they only do it once a year. That is some bullshit girls. I have the marshmallow melts or whatever the fuck it's called and rockstar soap but snow fairy is OG.

Anonymous 2000

Guys what's your favorite scent of their shower gel? The only one I've tried is 'It's Raining Men' and i loved it because it cleared up my skin issues, but it had this weird after-smell that was extremely unpleasant.

Any recommendations for maybe a fruity/'clean' scent?

Anonymous 2001

>>2000 besides snow fairy, whoosh is the best one all year round. They do it as a jelly too, you can freeze them and then crush it over your body and it's like the CLEANEST most refreshing shit ever. I believe it's lemon and grapefruit??

Also I'm oing to LUSH tomorrow, will post haul pics potentially!

Anonymous 2002

Once a year?
Where do you live? Snow Fairy is always being sold in Lush Japan (at least in Tokyo) and Hong Kong

Anonymous 2003

Rose Jam is my favorite smell of all of Lush smells. Only comes out in Xmas tho :'( Also was able to get the Rose Jam perfume (and solid one too) and it has a long stay power

Anonymous 2012

Ive been in love with their bubblegum lip scrub from when I first tried it, about 4 years ago. Whenever I go into the store the first thing I do is put on the bubblegum lip scrub samples. My friends HATE the bubblegum lip scrub and say it tastes/smells like pepto bismol lol. That's fine with me (although I don't really understand how they can hate something so good), cause it means more lip scrub for me. One of my friends even gave me her unused lip scrub her mom got her cause she really doesn't like it.

Anonymous 2023

Interesting insight, anon. I have a question though- do Lush force their employees to post about their products on their personal social media?? Someone I know got a job there and they started posting a LOT about Lush products, essentially trying to make sales by using their social media. Is this a contractual obligation? I think its fair enough if its one post saying 'hey i got this from where i work and its cool' but this was like…a common occurrence. I found it off that the employees were bigging up a company SO much seemed quite odd.

Do you also think they have a soft of employment bias? It seems like every single Lush employee I've met is hipstery, in their mid 20s to mid 30s and middle-class.

As for products I've used- I'm using their Skin Drink moisturiser at the minute which is great for my very dry skin. I also like their cup-o-coffee face mask and key-lime pie lip balm.

Anonymous 2034

How can you be middle class while working retail?

Anonymous 2035

Does anyone which bath bomb smelled like their "flying fox" scent? I remember loving that scent but not the actual products that were supposed to smell like it. It wasn't "Sex bomb" either.

Anonymous 2037

American middle class =/= British middle class

Anonymous 2098

What >>2037 said.

A lot of the workers seem to be university students or university level educated. So yeah from their appearance, most probably middle class.

Anonymous 2139

LOVE my bubblegum lip scrub. And btw it lasts AGES. Ive had it for like 3 years already.

Also they used to sell a lemonade one, it was delicious. And a popping rocks one too (but might have been only in Japan).

Just got some Ro Argans body conditioner again. Its my favourite and leaves the skin so soft. They have a Snowfairy scented one now too btw.

Anonymous 2395


Are lush skin care products any good? I have very dry skin and am planning to buy a moisturizer. Picture of the moisturizer I'm going to buy.

Anonymous 2430

Best body cream out there is Kiehls'. Please get it.

Anonymous 2437

I really like the H'Suan Wen Hua
Hair Moisturiser but if I get it on my scalp it makes it very flakey and sometimes more aggravated spots will turn into small sores. :(

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