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Cece the lizard Anonymous 1255

Meet Cece the lizard - or the lizbian - crystal.cafe's answer to Pepe the frog.
Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
feel free to make your own versions of her or even edit mine, anything's a contribution.
By the way - this does not snuff out the miner waitress mascot girl. She would be the wojak equivalent.

Anonymous 1256


cece neet 2/8

Anonymous 1257


cece smug (without hand)

Anonymous 1258


cecemander 4/8

Anonymous 1259


cece sad

Anonymous 1260


cece ree

Anonymous 1261


cece smug (with detail)

Anonymous 1262


cece sad (with detail)

Anonymous 1263

I love Cece already!

Anonymous 1266

she's so relatable

Anonymous 1267

am i the only one who thinks this is a little cringey

Anonymous 1274

Anonymous 1282

male detected

Anonymous 1293


no u
the only people who say "male detected" are actual males

Anonymous Admin 1296

Praise be!

Anonymous 1297

Yes. I think shes freaking adorable.

Anonymous 1298


this is beautiful!! thank you, anon. this isn't cringey at all! i hope cece and fem miner wojack become our mascots even though it's super unlikely.

Anonymous 1300

I love her so much.

Anonymous 1301


a request pls, i need a cece version of this, im depressed and my post will be incomplete without it

Anonymous 1304


Anonymous 1305


Anonymous 1306

cece sigh.png

made some more ceces, and also some templates for making your own. i will dump all the parts in this imgur album, so you can put together your own cece! check it out later when i put in the rest, im working on them right now.

new rare ceces: 1/6

Anonymous 1307


Anonymous 1308


Anonymous 1309


Anonymous 1310


Anonymous 1311


Anonymous 1312

oopsie forgot the imgur album.
here you go:
download the png-files and then you can put them together as you like in for example photoshop, and then add your own rare variations.

Anonymous 1313

cece retard.png

even more ceces. retard cece

Anonymous 1314

cece feelsgoodwoma…

feels good woman

Anonymous 1316

unnamed (3).jpg


Anonymous 1317


Anonymous 1318

cece like this, or do you mean fem wojak mascot?

Anonymous 1319

I think the girl would be better but any of them would be cool!

Anonymous 1321


whiteknight doing his best to protect m'lady

Anonymous 1322


closeup of maleficece

Anonymous 1323


Anonymous 1324


Request of my fav wojack

Anonymous 1325

colour or b/w?

Anonymous 1326

>socialized to feel
Fucking genius.

Anonymous 1327

this thread is boss

Anonymous 1329


Made an iktf sis one with these wonderful designs!

Anonymous 1333

i know this feel

Anonymous 1334


i think wobeck is done

Anonymous 1335

She's perfect

Anonymous 1336

>semen in a cup


Anonymous 1337

im pretty sure it says male tears

Anonymous 1339

NTA but male tears is considered an euphemism for semen.
Obviously not the intent of the drawing, but i guess this is what anon was referring to.

Anonymous 1340

this would be perfect if the frog leg wasn't added. the poor froggie.

Anonymous 1344

‘‘Twas Pepe’s once Cece took over

Anonymous 1351

Can you also make an apu version of cece?
It will be called Sissy

Anonymous 1357


We can call the guys who come here to larp and get caught and banned Sissies

Anonymous 1362

Those are called Smegsies

Anonymous 1379

These are amazing!

Anonymous 1392


Just found this one.

Anonymous 1432

Anonymous 1490

>>1314 thats kinda cute

Anonymous 1491


bringing this from the chicken tendy thread

Anonymous 1516


is 3d ok?

Anonymous 1517

Not similar enough.

Anonymous 1518


did you 3d render this yourself? pretty cool if you did
tried adding onto it. here's my attempt

Anonymous 1519


Anonymous 1522

I took a stock lizard model, rigged and posed it as a learning exercise for doing custom IK. Glad you liked it (nice edit, too)

Anonymous 1535


Greetings fellow gals. I have to inform you that a male Internet user going by the name Bernd is trying to subvert this community. DO NOT SIT WITH THIS MEME. I REPEAT AGAIN: DO NOT SIT. STAND UP!.

Anonymous 1536

They're all named Bernd.

Anonymous 1564


I made this in gimp for my friends on https://crystal.cafe/

Anonymous 1600

this mascot is adorably sexy, I hope people make more of her

Anonymous 1601

Do not fornicate with the crystal lizard please

Anonymous 1616

can I hold hands with the lizard instead?

Anonymous 1617

Only if she consents.

Anonymous 1620

I'm shocked they haven't drawn CeCe x Pepe porn yet.

Anonymous 1621

Don't give them ideas, you know they lurk. Cece would never touch a filthy boyfrog.

Anonymous 1622

True. Plus she's a lizbian

Anonymous 1623



Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous 1624

If only there were a blonde wojak lesbian version of this

Anonymous 1655


is sorlag #ourgirl?

Anonymous 1656

Do we really need any alt wojaks or pepes? How about something completely different from these over used tired memes?

Anonymous 1728

i agree but i also want people to have fun.

Anonymous 1762


Spooky witch cece.

Anonymous 1766


here's my first cece edit

Anonymous 1767


Anonymous 1769

Thank you I've plan on making some more later

Anonymous 1866

cece glasses final…

This is a Cece conversion of my very favorite help helper. I'm not very good at this so if you want to improve it please do so.

Anonymous 1867

And the whispers, are a miracle!
But George Washington, is not answering theirs.
To the tune of: Mike Oldfield – Nuclear

Well made, anon! I love the blur inside the glasses.

Anonymous 1869

test test

Anonymous 2152

Just like /pol/ and shills.

Anonymous 2244


the absolute fucking state of crystal.cafe

Anonymous 2255


can any drawfags make a cece version of /devilish/ pepe?

Anonymous 2256

pplease dont this is literally just as bad as pepe we need to make our own memes instead of just gender bending male memes

Anonymous 2258


Agreed. Cece looks cute and all, but Pepe has reached trollface status aka he's dead and people need to accept it.

Anonymous 2260

i think >>2255 meant theyd want an edit of cece similar to /devilish/ pepe…
ie: w/ horns, blush, tail/hand placement
everything :3

Anonymous 2261



Anonymous 2277

>no fun allowed
Good thing you seem to be in the minority here.

Pepe might be annoying but he's far from a dead meme. He and Wojak will probably be around forever at this point, go look at any board on 4chan and at least 1/3 of threads have either of those two characters as the OP.

Anonymous 2278

4chan is shit though. They they are just as embarrassing as reddit was in 2010 with all the rage comics, and they don't even realize.

Anonymous 2288

Anon, I think you just started a 21st century enlightenment.

Anonymous 2296


Ok I did it you psychopath

Anonymous 2297

I love you

Anonymous 3744

Cece is really cute but does anyone actually use her? I can't remember the last time I've seen her outside of this thread.

Anonymous 3746


>TFW you see a cool thread on CC
>Last post 2 years ago
Such is life on CC

Anonymous 3750

Can relate.

Anonymous 3765


Cece the lizbian uses the original pink lesbian flag

Anonymous 3766


Anonymous 3767


Anonymous 3773

loving this lizard shit, guys

Anonymous 3775

Seconded. Kek this is hilarious

Anonymous 3783


fuck it

Anonymous 3784

This is so beautiful anon <3

Anonymous 3797


My heart… lovely art anon.

Anonymous 3798

Cute and smug, she does not give a fuck. I like this version.

Anonymous 3800

really really good

Anonymous 3865


Anonymous 3866


Anonymous 3867

i love this, truly captures the spirit of miners

Anonymous 3868


Anonymous 3869

thank you, anon!!! more!! love it!

Anonymous 3870

If anyone has any request I don't mind taking them, I'm running out of ideas right now

Anonymous 3871


Anonymous 3872

what would her name be ?

Anonymous 3873


Anonymous 3874


Anonymous 3875

i don't have any requests right now, but you're amazing! quality content, anon.

Anonymous 3882


This one's a bit failed but I'll post it anyway

Anonymous 3883

Oh my god… It's beautiful, anon!

Anonymous 3886


Here you go anon, these are very fun to make

Anonymous 3887

i appreciate you

Anonymous 3894

Thank you anon. Very cool. I Just wish I hadnt been blindly banned by a lazy trigger happy mod for posting the reference image

Anonymous 3916

No geckos allowed

Anonymous 3918


Okay this is really specific. I hope you are still taking suggestions. Can you make a version of the pepe dropping spaghetti but with spiders based on this screencap?

I would love you forever if you did

Anonymous 3919


Here you go anon

Anonymous 3920


Thank you anon. I love it

Anonymous 3922

KEK incredible~

Anonymous 3923


I humbly request this Capybara replaced with Cece

Anonymous 3926

cece capybara.png

here you go!

Anonymous 3933

Love it. She's a cutie patootie as a chonker

Anonymous 3934

I'm loving this thread sm

Anonymous 3947


based department cece edit

Anonymous 3971

sleep tight tegu.j…

This is my first time seeing this thread. I love it! Is it the same person throughout the years drawing and editing Cece or what?

My humble request is Cece sleeping and looking comfy. Maybe something like pic related.

Anonymous 3972

cece sleep.png

sshh… don't wake her up

Anonymous 3973

i love it so much

Anonymous 3974



Anonymous 3977

rare miki smile.pn…

That's amazing! And you're so quick! I love her and I love you.

Anonymous 3978

Requesting a laughing Cece reaction image pls.

Anonymous 3979

laughing cece.png

Anonymous 3980



Anonymous 3981

Requesting you all start posting Cece on the Interwebs.

Anonymous 3982

I caught a wild Cece on lolcow yesterday. The invasion has commenced.

Anonymous 3983


Anonymous 3986


Moids beware, Cece is here.

Anonymous 3987

Cute edit, good work anon!

Anonymous 4002

Humbly requesting Cece as a nun.

1 John 4:16

Anonymous 4005


She's here to keep out all the moids

Anonymous 4006

tired cece.png

angry tired cece

Anonymous 4007


she is so beautiful

Anonymous 4008

not enough cece content on CC outside of this thread

Anonymous 4009

Be the change you want to see, start posting cece as well

Anonymous Admin 4010

All my love to Ceceposters. I adore our lizard queen and the lovely contributions by our users. <3

Anonymous 4011

Blessed be Cece and blessed be you.

Someone please give her a hug.

Take the Cece Challenge and post Cece at least once a day in all your favorite websites.

Anonymous 4012

auttaja ? it means helper, maybe we can shorten it to aja or something…

Anonymous 4016

I come to Cece today to respectfully ask that she bestow unto me the dignity, integrity, and self respect that I seek. In this sermon I ask fellow revering hissanons to coldly ignore me with the reptilian Stacieness that I honour with these words.
May the teachings of the hissterhood prevail

Anonymous 4021

blessed cc.png

Anonymous 4022

kek nice

Anonymous 4024

incredible. very nice job.

Anonymous 4026


cece stickers for telegram https://t.me/addstickers/lizbian

Anonymous 4028

where do I find more of the miner waitress girl?
I know it's been 3 years but that's just a forced meme scroids came up with after the term was popularized by feminists to damage control I think she's fine

Anonymous 4029

modern alligators.…

For me, it's Cece la bruja.


Anonymous 4030

absolutely based

Anonymous 4031

CeCe saved me. Blessed be the lizbean queen.

Anonymous 4036


can one of our tremendously talented anons cece this gif for me? it'd be soooo cute as our queen rather than the fugly moid frog

Anonymous 4047


Anonymous 4049

I LOVE HER SO MUCH. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are so talented, it's like completely beyond my comprehension. thank you again

Anonymous 4050

awh love you anon <3

Anonymous 4051


Anonymous 4052

blessed gif anon i love you
based cece!

Anonymous 4053

So much better than pepe.

Anonymous 4057

No more sad Ceces! Cece deserves unbridled happiness and bliss!

That's what I'm talking about.

Anonymous 4058


not my edit but it should be posted here

Anonymous 4059


Again not mine, but reposting it here so that we don't lose them all. Whoever is making these Cece gifs, I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous 4064


sage for noncontribution but if whoever made the original cece sees this, ily

Anonymous 4074

I wish I could draw….
But Cece deserves better than any Paint scratches I could do.

Anonymous 4075


Anonymous 4076

I love this.

Anonymous 4077

forgive me.png

I tried Cece pls forgive me

Anonymous 4078

Anonymous 4079



beautiful cece anon ty

Anonymous 4080


Anonymous 4082

i love you all cece posters that create new OC

Anonymous 4084

Can we have a version of >>1255 with make-up? I tried to do one but I can't art.

Anonymous 4085


I cant blend the eyes (life imitates art kek)

Anonymous 4086


no hand

Anonymous 4088


also this one before I forget, no more cece gifs from me for a little while

Anonymous 4089

thank you cece gif anon for your contributions <3

Anonymous 4090

it's beautiful, thanks anon

Anonymous 4093

one of my faves! so relatable! thank you again, gif anon. you're like a major backbone of CC rn

cece has such beautiful cheekbones, who knew!? ty for this.

Anonymous 4094

kek, struggle cece. still cute. i like how smug she looks.

i like that they appear to be burning in hell, kek

Anonymous 4095

Bless you, dear heart. Your service has been invaluable to Cece fans everywhere. For that, we thank you!

Anonymous 4167

1626488559318 (1).…

just reposting an anon's 'cease' masterpiece before it gets lost. so cute.

Anonymous 4168


Anonymous 4173

She looks like a snake. Very nice.

Anonymous 4175

I love this so much, hi cease

Anonymous 4181


Made this cause I love Cece. You can sue this as a meme template if you want, I guess.

Anonymous 4185

awesome work! i love how serious she looks.

Anonymous 4188

I love her.
She looks more smug than serious I think.

Anonymous 4191

yeah you're probably right, but i guess i interpreted it differently bc she's got the smirk a little less here. love her regardless! our anons are sooo talented and should be so proud of themselves!

Anonymous 4193

Great work! I love when she's in a whole new art style.

Anonymous 4228

Buddha Cece when?

Anonymous 4233


here ya go non, hope this wise cece is close enough

Anonymous 4235

very based gif, thank you anon

Anonymous 4243


reposting shocked computer lights cece here

Anonymous 4251

>who I wish I am

>who I am

Anonymous 4253


Anonymous 4254

omg nona this is so cute, love the line quality!

i can tell you’re a furry

Anonymous 4255

I love this one so much

Anonymous 4260

This one might be my favorite yet. It makes top 3 for sure. Great job!

Anonymous 4267

an inexhaustable s…

Requesting a talented anon Cecefy this cute, smug little crocodile.

Anonymous 4268



fuck it, gonna join in

Anonymous 4269

nta but this is fabulous thank you for sharing

Anonymous 4270

She's so serene! Excellent work and I particularly like your butterflies.

Anonymous 4273

wow, this is beyond beautiful anon!

Anonymous 4289

Requesting Godzilla Cece.

Anonymous 4310


she doin a little dance

Anonymous 4311

godzilla cece.png

Anonymous 4312


The biggest Cece yet!

Anonymous 4314

Why is she stomping Seattle?

Anonymous 4320

She's getting her pumpkin spice from the original Starbucks on Pike Place

Anonymous 4330

ily precious anons

Anonymous 4348


Anonymous 4349

lol this is great

Anonymous 4350

Please don't post a picture of me thanks

Anonymous 4354


Anonymous 4356

>that pose
>that linework
>that t-shirt
I'm in awe. It's like meeting your childhood hero and they're exactly like you imagined them.

Anonymous 4359


angry cece

Anonymous 4360


i dont think i got the right vibe, but i figured id upload it anyways hisss

Anonymous 4361

Don't know why we can't give Cece lips. Lizards may not have lips, but neither do frogs.

Anonymous 4362

this is so cute anon!

Anonymous 4366

She's perfect.

Anonymous 4367

i would die for her

Anonymous 4369



Anonymous 4370


here's the face template

Anonymous 4371

angy cece

happy cece

Anonymous 4373

Pepe's lips are ugly and that's part of the joke that got Pepe turned into a meme in the first place. The Boy's Club artstyle is weird and ugly. Cece is so far removed from the source that there's no reason to stick with that style. She reads better as a lizard without lips. Frogs are recognizable from the way their eyes are positioned so you can stylize them a lot while still being froggy. Lizards start looking fucked up if you go to far.

Anonymous 4382

I just want to say you're all Blessed and will inherit the Kingdom.

Anonymous 4384

Thanks Queen Mom I'll do my best to survive when the peasants revolt

Anonymous 4389

Nta but I just want to say that it's not just the New Mexico whiptail that can reproduce via parthenogenesis. A whole bunch of other lizards (mostly other whiptails) can do it too which is really cool. I wish human women could do it too.

Anonymous 4396

>Cece is from New Mexico
Who knew?

Anonymous 4410


Reposting this holy molly based art here so that we don't lose it, if the original anon sees this post, I LOVE YOU!

Anonymous 4411

The eternal bond

Anonymous 4412


Anonymous 4417


Anonymous 4431


Anonymous 4443

ha she looks like a FISH

Anonymous 4456

Requesting angel Cece because she is an angel.

Anonymous 4476


Reposting this Cece is saw on /b/

Anonymous 4478

What has she got in her mouth? At first I thought it was a cig, but now I'm not so sure. Thank you, anonymous Cece poster and Cece deliverer.

Anonymous 4479

Yes is cig

Anonymous 4481

Smoking is bad for your health and expensive.I hope Cece can kick the habit.

Anonymous 4488

i love new mexico whiptails

Anonymous 4490



Anonymous 4631


best i could do

Anonymous 4636

it's so cute and goofy i love it so much anon

Anonymous 4640


made this but it doesn't seem sarcastic enough

Anonymous 4643

images (2).jpeg

meant to be this, the sarcastic "I really care about what you're saying"

Anonymous 4644


galaxy cece?

Anonymous 4645

This one is so good!

Anonymous 4670

I really like it, I think if you want to up the sarcasm maybe you can try making the pupils a bit smaller and emphasizing the eyebrows and the lines on the forehead

Anonymous 4672


thanks anon, I think it's definitely better

Anonymous 4675

Anonymous 4695

Thank you Anon that answered my prayers

Anonymous 4698

Awesome thread.
Also reminder that Pepe is not original at all, retarded 4channers stole the frog from some comic.

CC is just above 4chan in originality.

Anonymous 4703

Cece is not more original then pepe. Pepe is derivative, Cece is derivative.

Anonymous 4708

If you look at the original Pepe and compare it to any modern Pepe you'll see there are about as many differences as there are between Pepe and Cece.

Anonymous 4738

Requesting hijab cece

Anonymous 4739

Anonymous 4747

>>4738 i immediately opened photoshop to try and draw this but I have no idea how she would wear a hijab. suggestions please?

Anonymous 4749

Ew no. Cece would never wear a hijab because she has self respect.

Anonymous 4750


did you mean like niqab pepe? because I only remembered that meme exists after making this hijab cece for you, oops you get what you pay for

Anonymous 4753

Sorry not sorry i think they're neat

Looks great! thanks

Anonymous 4767

3dpd cece.png

Anonymous 4768

The Taliban got my girl Cece. This is a sad day for all

Anonymous 4769

we're reaching dangerous levels of cute

Anonymous 4770

>i think female subjugation is neat

Anonymous 4795

Untitled13 (1).png

as you wish

Anonymous 4797

this is absolutely perfect anon!

Anonymous 4798

Komodo dragon enjo…

Requestan Cece enjoying a festive treat

Anonymous 4802

I love the eye shape
>Sorry not sorry i think they're neat
Same, anon

Anonymous 4986

i love her so much

Anonymous 4987

>>4243 one of my fav cece's. the emotion is so real

Anonymous 5018

incredibly based

Anonymous 5107

cece helper.png

heres my go at a helper cece! i love helper images so i tried to encapsulate the cuteness and innocence helper conveys

Anonymous 5112

she is so incredibly cute and deserves so much love

Anonymous 5117

Wondering if I start using them on discords with my friends or if I keep them for here…
On one hand they,re cute, on the other I don't want my friends to find this place

Anonymous 5118

>on the other I don't want my friends to find this place
why not

Anonymous 5119

Because I have a lot of male friends and most of my female friends are strongly left wing and wouldn't like/get the trans/men bashing here

Anonymous 5120

She's adorable and I want to hug her!

Anonymous 5121

Show it to your female friends anyway, they could eventually change their mind

Anonymous 5123

>request specific CeeCee
>never save and post CeeCee elsewhere

Anonymous 5164

I see her around here and Lolcow occasionally. Once on 4chan.

Anonymous 5169


intended to be a call center cece but could be general disgust at people posting things online cece

Anonymous 5170

love it

Anonymous 5184

customers :(

Anonymous 5187

Need Santa Cece

Anonymous 5190

xmas cece.jpg

can't draw so I photoshopped one instead

Anonymous 5191

xmas cece 2.jpg

less bumpy hat

Anonymous 5192

xmas cece 3.jpg

with party blower

Anonymous 5193

cece xmas 4.jpg

bigger party blower

I'll stop spamming now

Anonymous 5194

Dw this spam was pretty funny to wake up to on Christmas

Anonymous 5196

Thank you!!!
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous 5289

This is me when I'm in a work meeting and my tranny co-worker won't stop talking.

Anonymous 5337


requesting a cece that has this vibe

Anonymous 5338

I laugh every time I see this picture

Anonymous 5339


Anonymous 5340

awww it went from "milking hours" to "king hours" <3

Anonymous 5364

not to nitpick but it's kinda annoying that so many people are unaware that worker bees are all females

Anonymous 5373

Why am I not surprised. Women doing all the work as usual while moids are lazy and just want to fuck.

Anonymous 5723


Someone drew a lovely Cece during LC's bunker times.

Anonymous 5739

Cute, more cece art pls. Maybe I'll draw some if you guys give requests.

Anonymous 5740

Ukraine ceecee

Anonymous 5745

Cece giving a nice, big toothy smile!

Anonymous 5800


can someone make a cece version of this my birthday is soon and i'll pay you with my gratitude

Anonymous 5807


yo, anon, are you still here? I can try doing something if I can find my pen/tablet. I'm no expert but it is your b-day and Cece is based.

Anonymous 5812

im still here and i appreciate it anon :) hope you find your tablet

Anonymous 5815

quick ?, what is your favorite color?

Anonymous 5821


here you go, anon! it's a bit rough bc it's actually been like 3 years since I drew but I'm so happy I did, it was fun.

only problem: I wasn't able to find out how to make it transparent w/o destroying the quality, I'd appreciate it if an anon maybe tipped me on the best way. I was using Fire Alpaca and for some reason saving it as a transparent png made the drawing look weird/rougher.

feel free to ask for any color adjustments, I was winging it.

Anonymous 5822

thank you so much anon i love you. and my favorite color is pink so it all works out

Anonymous 5823


not very well done but here is a transparent version

Anonymous 5824

I'm very happy you enjoy!
I probably will doodle more now too that my tablet has been freed from my closet so in a weird way, I feel like I should thank you.
Based anon.

Anonymous 5825


Anonymous 5826

happy birthday to the birthday anon! and artist anon, the little cakes are magnificent

Anonymous 5828

Happy birthday anon!

Anonymous 5837

booooo (2).png

I'm sorry but I saw this and made this cursed drawing in 15 minutes in a feverish haze.

Anonymous 5842

dangerously comfy

Anonymous 6933



Anonymous 6935

>Based on an article about a certain type of lizard that is female only.
How does this work, biologically

Anonymous 6944


Parthenogenesis, the future of womankind.

Anonymous 7198

update please i need this cece!!

Anonymous 7259

pumpkin cece.png

Happy early Halloween!

Anonymous 7268

This is so cute.

Anonymous 7269


Thanks for babysitting us CC

Anonymous 7272

cece x elsie 4eva. 2x-chan can never compete.

Anonymous 7273

I think cece should have a light green shirt like the website colors

Anonymous 7274

She doesn't seem to have an 'official' outfit… someone should make her one. I like when people put a pickaxe on her shirt

Anonymous 7282


can someone Cece this so it can be used without the fugly scrote frog poisoning it?

kek so cute!! love!

Anonymous 7293


Here u go bb

Anonymous 7295

thank you! you're an angel. i love baked, high-pony cece

Anonymous 7311

Awww she looks so much more adorable than the original ugly pepe pic!

Anonymous 7319

cece fibre optic c…

Anonymous 7320


It's time for another Cecebara

Anonymous 7321

Lizard dressed as …

Perhaps a witch Cece boiling a magic stew

Anonymous 7323

kek this is unexpected and adorable

Anonymous 7327


What kind of lizard is Cece?

Anonymous 7328

Cece is a Mexican Whiptail because they're an all-female species.

Anonymous 7329

cece mexican.png

In honor of Cece's heritage

Anonymous 7330

cece on the comput…

Anonymous 7335

Amazing. To every single artist here, thank you. I love using her as reaction imagines.

Anonymous 7355


Tried to draw a tail but it ended up just looking like a turd

Anonymous 7356


Version with a transparent computer screen so you can choose what she's browsing!

Anonymous 7357


Anonymous 7358

literally me practicing self care by going on this website

Anonymous 7361

Beyond adorable, thank you.

Anonymous 7362

We need more of Helper Cece, shes precious.

Anonymous 7377

Someone should make a thread about cc-tan fanworks.

Anonymous 7378



Anonymous 7390

it is i

Anonymous 7499

Blaine Gaven Ross.…

Anonymous 7511

I hope they all die, no mercy.

Anonymous 7516

LOL, god i hate that pedo

Anonymous 8528

I'm glad this mascot was made. Pepe is an ugly ass emote.

Anonymous 8563

Pepe in the comic he comes from was cute and funny, moids ruined that. Cece is beautiful

Anonymous 8716


posting chicken ceases here too for posterity

Anonymous 8726

omg such peaceful art, i love it nona

Anonymous 8735

Super cute!

Anonymous 8868

I saw Cece in the wild on 4chan and if made me happy.

Anonymous 8924


Imagine seeing a drawing of a chicken and a lizard and associating it with penises. This may surprise you, but not everything is some super secret allegory for dicks. We are allowed to draw chickens.

Anonymous 8938

cece frens.png

Cece & friends

Anonymous 8939

spice girls.PNG

Based on this picture of the spice girls, if anyone was curious

Anonymous 8940

Freaking rocks

Anonymous 8943

this is awesome. amazing job!

Anonymous 9229

alien cece.png

alien cece comes in peace!

Anonymous 9230

Love her! Very aesthetically pleasing

Anonymous 9237

cece fire.gif

Anonymous 9243

This sings to my soul

Anonymous 9311

Haven't checked this thread in over a year and I'm so happy people are still making Ceces!

Excellent work!

Anonymous 9320

>mfw 9 of these are mine
god i need another hobby

Anonymous 9321

Keep up your good work miner i love it.

Anonymous 9327

No, we need a tenth!

Anonymous 9581


Cede gif I made <3

Anonymous 9582


Version with tail

Anonymous 9583

omg this is adorable, I love this.

Anonymous 9588

Tysm <3

Anonymous 9695

cece x elsie.png

Anonymous 9720

Love wins

Anonymous 9896

Anonymous 10083

Pepe the snaek.png

Anonymous 10084

are you a self-posting scrote?

Anonymous 10088

>alliance against troons
Lol no. Incels are much worse than the average tranny (by average I mean the art degree types, not the /pol/ trannies).

Anonymous 10093

trannies = moids. they all belong in hell.

Anonymous 10095

who cares about this, why would you post it faggot?

Anonymous 10158

Trannies are moids, girl.

Anonymous 10160

I know, I was comparing tranny moids with /r9k/ moids.

Anonymous 10183


Anonymous 10184

Love it

Anonymous 10289

i like this person

Anonymous 10389


Can someone make PEEPEE POOPOO style memes of Cece dunking on scrotes? thx

Anonymous 10811

Anonymous 10813

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