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Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347

Anonymous Admin 3348

Sorry, lots of spam lately.

Anonymous 3352


Where did the food thread at /img/ go?

Anonymous 3359

I don't know if it's just me but in mobile the snowflakes won't go away after hiding the thread.

Anonymous 3376

It's always the same East European group don't you think? Can you ip ban those people?

Anonymous 3377

They use VPNs, but captcha seems to curb the spam.

Anonymous Admin 3380

I made them global for the time being, I'll remove them soon though.

Anonymous 3400

Admin-sama, did the thread about the stuff in America last night get removed? I was interested to read.
I understand if it was a cause of stress for the American posters though

Anonymous 3404


I hate this popup so much. I'm not even spamming yet this stupid shit always shows up and I end up having to wait like 3 minutes just to submit another post.

Anonymous 3405

It's only 30 seconds anon…

Anonymous 3406

I think that 30sec wait time is a blessing, it prevents low quality image dumps.

Anonymous 3408

>30 seconds
That's the thing, anon. I wouldn't be complaining it were actually 30 seconds but I usually ending up having to wait anywhere from one (1) minute to ten. On top of it, if I don't wait whatever arbitrary time limit it sets, the timer restarts itself. Worst of all, it's not contained to just one thread, it's the entire fucking site. I don't know about you but I like to participate in multiple threads and having to wait an indefinite amount just puts me off from posting.

Anonymous 3409

Lewd images dumps: yes, no, why, how?

Anonymous Admin 3410

Should be fixed now!

/nsfw/ is supposed to be a board for discussion around sexual topics that would attract a lot of male attention if they were kept in /b/. Having /nsfw/ hidden from the board list gives us a bit of a space to have these conversations where moid tourists can't easily find them, but it was never intended to be a board for porn dumps. Posting erotic imagery as an example or to illustrate the post is fine, of course.

Anonymous 3411

Ah, thank you so much! It's working like a charm.

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