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Comments & Complaints Pt. 2 Anonymous Admin 3347

Anonymous Admin 3348

Sorry, lots of spam lately.

Anonymous 3352


Where did the food thread at /img/ go?

Anonymous 3359

I don't know if it's just me but in mobile the snowflakes won't go away after hiding the thread.

Anonymous 3376

It's always the same East European group don't you think? Can you ip ban those people?

Anonymous 3377

They use VPNs, but captcha seems to curb the spam.

Anonymous Admin 3380

I made them global for the time being, I'll remove them soon though.

Anonymous 3400

Admin-sama, did the thread about the stuff in America last night get removed? I was interested to read.
I understand if it was a cause of stress for the American posters though

Anonymous 3404


I hate this popup so much. I'm not even spamming yet this stupid shit always shows up and I end up having to wait like 3 minutes just to submit another post.

Anonymous 3405

It's only 30 seconds anon…

Anonymous 3406

I think that 30sec wait time is a blessing, it prevents low quality image dumps.

Anonymous 3408

>30 seconds
That's the thing, anon. I wouldn't be complaining it were actually 30 seconds but I usually ending up having to wait anywhere from one (1) minute to ten. On top of it, if I don't wait whatever arbitrary time limit it sets, the timer restarts itself. Worst of all, it's not contained to just one thread, it's the entire fucking site. I don't know about you but I like to participate in multiple threads and having to wait an indefinite amount just puts me off from posting.

Anonymous 3409

Lewd images dumps: yes, no, why, how?

Anonymous Admin 3410

Should be fixed now!

/nsfw/ is supposed to be a board for discussion around sexual topics that would attract a lot of male attention if they were kept in /b/. Having /nsfw/ hidden from the board list gives us a bit of a space to have these conversations where moid tourists can't easily find them, but it was never intended to be a board for porn dumps. Posting erotic imagery as an example or to illustrate the post is fine, of course.

Anonymous 3411

Ah, thank you so much! It's working like a charm.

Anonymous 3412

Is it just me, or do themes not work in the catalog?
I have my theme set to dark crystal and whenever I go to the catalog it changes back to the default.
Stays dark crystal inside a thread or in the regular index.

Anonymous Admin 3413

The Catalog view always uses the default theme, sorry.

Anonymous 3416

Are you allowed to dump things in /media/?

Anonymous 3418

Why not? As long as it’s all in the same thread. Same probably goes for /img/.

Anonymous 3419

Mods have deleted dumps on /nsfw/ before, even though there's no rules against it and it literally says that porn dumps belong on /nsfw/ in the /img/ sticky.

I love this site, but it honestly feels like the 5 or so people that run this site all have their own version of the rules and they all have their own ways of acting on them.

Anonymous 3425

What exactly were the dumps on /nsfw/? Were they really hardcore/shock images or just normal porn images?

Anonymous 3427

can i necro old threads on here or will i be banned like on lolcow?

Anonymous Admin 3428

Sorry, I forgot to update the /img/ sticky. Fetish/sex threads belong in /nsfw/, no image dump threads belong in /media/ - you may post erotic imagery in /nsfw/ if it's relevant, but dumping porn images has been against the rules for a long time. I should have moderated those threads more consistently, I'm sorry for that. I understand that there's a demand for those threads and I'll try to come up with a compromise for everyone, please give me a bit to think about it.

Necromancy is encouraged because a lot of threads aren't even close to full when they're remade because they've sunk so low in the catalog. I'm going to see about adding a search bar soon to encourage users to keep using older threads.

Anonymous 3430

idk if it was you but i saw someone get chewed out for necroing a thread within the past week here and i didnt understand why. ive always thought it's better to post a comment that is relevant to an existing thread instead of clutter the board with a redundant thread.

Anonymous 3432

It's not really the necroing itself. But if they did it by responding to a months/year old post than that's just pointless.

Anonymous 3441

I am seeing some concerning images and links on /b/. I think it's something illegal

Anonymous 3442

It’s happening, again. Report it and maybe the mods will wake the fuck up

Anonymous 3452

Search bar could be nice but seriously why do people not just use CTRL+F ? more people seem active here lately that is nice.
The CP or 3DCGI CP looking stuff? whoevers bots are doing that are doing it everywhere and no captcha does not keep bots away.

Anonymous 3460

I got banned for some reason and I can't check the ban page to know which one is it or for how many days Snail. I'm willing to pay it but at least I would like to know whats up. t. I browse in Mozilla Firefox

Anonymous 3465

Does CC have a board-tan? I wanna draw her.

Anonymous 3617

Anyone else have the issue where the back-to-top arrow gets covered by the catalog/page selection area? Maybe we could move it to the left.

Anonymous 3619

can we have a

Anonymous 3620

why was the dream thread moved to /x/ when it isn't "creepy", "paranormal", or "occult". i'd argue /feels/ is a better spot for it, but i also think it was just fine on /b/.

Anonymous 3687

how do I know why I have been banned and how long it will last?
I was banned while posting with the library's wifi from my phone, I am now posting from my home's computer (please do not ban me from here as well)
I have no clue what I did wrong, I reread the rules and could not recall posting anything against them
it really sucks because I just discovered this website and I find it exceptionally comfy..
thanks in advance!

Anonymous 3704

am i dreaming or is captcha verification gone? godsend

Anonymous 3705

I really like the board and I think it's cool that I have a place that's all women but isn't just facebook girlbosses
I particularly like /img/
thank you admin

Anonymous 3706

*forum, not board

Anonymous 3715

cp in /b/

Anonymous 3734


I got banned for using duplicate images in different threads. This never happened in 4chan. What gives?

Anonymous 3735

Probably because this board is low traffic and it'll stand out if you reuse the same image a lot. No one wants to only see the same images all the time and it'll make you less anon

Anonymous 3740

Ok, thanks for answering.

Anonymous 3741

was it the picture of the cat saying something about not caring? if so, why did you post it? i dont understand how it was relevant to anything in the threads

Anonymous 3742

Yes it was me. I felt it was relevant. I replied about accepting other experiences, and someone disagreed as I posted the picture to prove a point.

Anonymous 3743

Pics are my way of politely excusing myself from the thread. I'm not a fan of comment chains.

Anonymous 3770

Why was my thread deleted? I've been posting here since 2017 and to my knowledge I didn't break any rules.

Anonymous 3774

WHy is the default theme not the nice dark one?

Anonymous 3780

Does no one else feel dark themes are hard on the eyes sometimes? I think dark themes are less welcoming and a dark default would net fewer new users

Anonymous 3781

Is there a better way of reaching Admin Chan than sending a friend request on discord? I have a post-related query

Anonymous 3792

Is reporting an old (own) post and getting it deleted not a possibility? I've tried it a few times over the past weeks but nothing happened.

Anonymous 3811


I wonder if Admin-sama has anons she likes to keep up with? Like her own personal cows.

Anonymous Admin 3814

I accept friend requests, but I'm always on offline mode, so don't wait for me to be "online", just message me whenever.

No, sorry.

If you're referring to the "Men as Humans" thread, please note the pinned thread on /b/ and /feels/. In short, all posts/threads that vent frustrations with men as a group belong into the pinkpill threads so that we won't have 478576 "why are men" threads.


I switch Captcha on and off depending on the current state of raids.

We have a rule against all kinds of identifiers including matching sets of images. I just really want to avoid having a board culture where there are "personalities", so I remove namefagging, avatarposting, and sometimes matching image sets.

Anonymous 3827

But that thread was questioning pink pill rhetoric. Sure, I get it may have been controversial, but I feel like posting it in the pinkpill thread would have been silly because of course the ideas in said thread would have been gunned down. That's like going on the terf thread and saying trannies are biological women, my thread in a pinkpill thread would have come off as direct bait.

Anonymous Admin 3829

I see what you mean and I'm not opposed to a thread like that, if you want to remake the thread then please make the OP a bit more concise and feel free to post your personal story as a comment. In case you don't feel like re-writing it, I recovered the original thread; please go to /img/ and make a test post there, you'll see a ban message that leads you to the text. I made it a 3-day ban in case you don't come here every day, so if you want to post on /img/, just appeal it and I'll unban, it's really just to send you the link privately. You're not banned on any other boards.

Anonymous 3833

hi all– I'm new here. I was just wondering if there were plans for a math/science board in the near future? idk I think it'd be nice to have more boards for different interests/hobbies

Anonymous 3855


Interesting seeing people tweet about this place… especially with their faces attached. Nothing but male lurkers.

Anonymous 3856

Not exactly a complaint or anything, more of a suggestion, but I noticed in the rules that pro ana content is allowed but must be spoilered. Would it not be better to ban that sort of thing? Not that it has become an issue here, I haven't seen anything pro ana, but like nip it in the bud just in case

Anonymous 3857

yea, i think a board that focuses on science, math, philosophy, and history would be cool. like an academic board of sorts.

Anonymous 3858

I would like it too, but maybe it would be a bit slow. I don't mind slow, but if that's the cae, should we try out /sci/ related posts on /b/?

Anonymous 3859


Is everyone asleep? Wake up!

Anonymous 3862

It's not the first time I see that cp poster in /b/ with the weird link. Is there a way for cc to have some sort of system that blocks the posting of this specific image? I think it could also be helpful during gore raids/etc… I know this might require coding but I think 4chan already has a system like that implemented against cp as well.

Anonymous 3864

Ugh yeah, the cp in /b/ was bad.

I heard on lolcow though that the 4chins mods actually download the cp or something to block those images so repeat images won't get posted… Im sure that admin doesn't wanna do that, so no.

Anonymous 3876


Mods, there's a seal faggot and a muffin faggot shitting up our site.

Anonymous 3877

I'm the muffin faggot, I was trying to be nice. Sorry for being retarded.

I thought the seal faggot would have been banned by now for his blatant moid and avatarfagging

Anonymous 3878

Oh, I thought you were a moid. My bad, anon.

Anonymous 3879

I was going to make a thread about this. They always post during EU hours or when most people in the US are asleep. Can we please get more mods during those hours.

Anonymous 3880

or ban them.

Anonymous 3881

they were probably banned and they're evading

Anonymous 3888

Why is the word n0nnie (spelled correctly) automatically censored? I just realized

Anonymous 3889

I noticed that a while ago. Admin probably doesn’t like it and set it autocensor. It’s more of a lolcow thing anyway.
It’d be pretty funny if it would autocorrected to some funny random word instead of just an awkward space but oh well

Anonymous 3939

Theres a suspicious looking post with links and a spoilered image in /b/. I'm afraid to click the image incase it's something that I can't unsee

Anonymous 3941

Good on you anon, it was probably cp or gore.

Anonymous 3942

What's with all the conspiracy schizoposting on /b/ lately?

Anonymous 3948

Yeah what’s up with this? That and political posts in general have gone up, Honestly they don’t bother me but we need a containment thread for them

Anonymous 3949

can someone please fucking find a way to permaban the disgusting moid who keeps posting his penis

Anonymous 3953

I think you may have a dick problem … also are you recruiting for mods?

Anonymous 3969

How come femboys are banned on /b/?

Anonymous 3970

I'm fucking glad it's banned, there has been too many femboy threads shitting up the catalog.

Anonymous 3975

because men are probably creating 99% of those threads

Anonymous 3976

I just can’t bring myself to use this website often anymore. Every time I come there’s the same gross dick pic on the front page and it makes me sick. I don’t know if there’s some sort of API that could automatically detect nudity and at least spoiler it or if that’s too complicated to set up but I’m so over it.

Anonymous 3985

That guy usually posts his dick on r9k. It looks like he got unbanned from there so he’s posting there again. At least for now…

Anonymous 3988

soyjak party.png

retards from a 4chan spinoff are trying to organize a raid

Anonymous 3989

Anonymous 3990

It's not bait.

Anonymous 3993

This was literally known about 15 hours in advance and is happening during american hours.

Anonymous 3997


>just wanted to vent about my current thoughts and feelings this morning
>>>3988 turned out to be real
My life didn't need more disappointment, but at least now I realize I'm not as annoying or terrible as I could be.

Anonymous 3998

Thank you very much, mods.

Anonymous 4000

Raid in /feels/

Anonymous 4003

sjp rules.png

Perhaps I should've linked the website they come from
It's "soyjak.party". They raid 4chan so much that their URL is spamfiltered.
You can check their /raid/ page to see if they're planning on spamming this website with their unfunny bearded men again so you can warn the mods.
Also, their rules are really questionable.

Anonymous 4013

What is the weird thread of a CGI woman in a hot tub that keeps appearing in /b/ every few days? The link looks super suspicious and it's always the same image of a weird ginger IMVU looking woman. Should we filter that? It looks sketchy

Anonymous 4014

I use tor browser on my laptop and I am unable to access crystal.cafe from it, I keep getting error 1020

Anonymous 4015

I don't think it's as suspicious as something like, a kid in a sexualized pose. Probably some annoying robot schizo trying to scare us.

Then again I haven't seen the image myself

Anonymous 4017

Admin-sama, would you have anything against a "CC sings" type of project like discussed in /feels/ recently?

Anonymous 4020

they're CGI cp advertisements. they're not meant to be women. if you see it again, report. they don't always post that same one, but it's always CGI cp/'loli' advertisements for harder stuff. they don't seem to post the CGI girls naked on here, but in bikinis. i don't even understand why they do it. i swear it doesn't even feel like raiding or trolling, just genuine advertising, but maybe it is trolling.

Anonymous 4027

Oh shit, it's cgi cp? Gonna report it if I see it then.

Anonymous 4032

Yeah they are highly likely to be advertisements. I've seen these being posted on sushigirl as well (another imageboard). If you see them report them and hide the thread.

Anonymous 4033


can one of our tremendously talented anons cece this gif for me? it'd be soooo cute as our queen

Anonymous 4034

goddamnit, i posted this in haste and went to the grocery store without realizing i was in the wrong thread. disregard!!!!

Anonymous 4035


It's okay, anon. Post in the Cece this in the Cece thread. Cece will understand your error.

Anonymous 4067

male on qa.png

Is it possible for you guys to do rangebans? There's this male that's admitted to ban evading and he uses his iphone to post here.
A lot of the trolling males that come here from /qa/ or soyjak.party use their iphones to ban evade and mobile ips always have a particular range

Anonymous 4096

Theres a male in /b/ writing novel length responses and acting like a fag

Anonymous 4097


Anonymous 4098

he brought another one with him to that thread too

Anonymous 4099

He's an obvious moid imo too.

Anonymous Admin 4100

Sorry, that's the same spammer that's been making countless schizo threads and who is extremely dedicated to ban evading. We'll continue to ban and delete.

Anonymous 4101


Kinda suspicious looking. Can't remember if I reported it earlier or not

Anonymous 4106

On mobile, when selecting a post to reply to there's no pop-up reply box. Instead of having to manually scroll up and reach the box there, can a pop-up reply box be implemented for mobile?

Anonymous 4119

Lmao at the troon working overtime to make evil terfs mildly inconvenienced because he got his feefees hurt by terf threads

Anonymous 4125

Ok so schizophrenia entered the arena. I'm surprised you're not shitting up lolcow farm. Wider audience for whatever this is

Anonymous 4163

Every single day a moid posts bait or obvious moidfoolery and without fail theres a whole bunch of users ready to reply and bump the threads. Please stop doing it. You're making this site lowkey unusable by giving attention to them. Please just ignore and report

Anonymous 4164


>mfw trying not to reply to moid posters with 'kys fag'
I just report and move on though, and I wish others would do the same.

Anonymous 4183

When I see brand new posts appear, instead of the post time saying "now" like they used to it says "6 minutes ago". I'm wondering if this is due to my computer or has anyone else noticed this.

Anonymous 4187

It does that for me as well. I actually never noticed that it used to say 'now'.

Anonymous 4194

opening threads from the catalog takes forever but if i open them any other way it takes no time at all. this happens on both mobile and desktop.

Anonymous 4213

Are we allowed to say slurs and swear words here? Just curious

Anonymous 4215

Question, comic storytimes would be /media/ or /img/?

Anonymous 4216

Is there a lesbian general somewhere, and if not where would be the board to make one? Cis lesbian general on /lgbt/ is constantly infested by bishits and trannies enabled by tranny jannies banning anyone who's remotely negative toward them, I just want a space to talk to other lesbians without constantly having to deal with moids and breeders

Anonymous 4217

There is

Anonymous 4218


Anonymous 4219

>open Catalog
>press F3, type in "lesbian"
This works for everything.

Anonymous 4236


Alright. So far the pedoshit that keeps being posted on /b/ was 3D CGI shit. It was already pretty bad, especially since they're highly likely to be advertisements for other pedos to go on their website/whatever the shady link attached to the posts usually is. But today, I don't think the image was CGI shit. I highly hope it was, but it looked like actual CP. I might be writting this while being under the shock of what I saw but I highly hope there will be a solution to auto-ban CP images some way or another. Because the thought of these also being advertissements, meaning pedos lurk cc waiting for the next linkdrop (or whatever) is highly unsettling. Fuck pedos.

Anonymous 4237

the best solution is a bullet

Anonymous 4238

I think they advertise on LC as well because the same one is in /ot/. I fucking hate men.

Anonymous 4239

I've once seen them adversite this shit on sushigirl.us too. It's crazy.

Anonymous 4240

After reporting the posts, use 'block element' on the images (Brave has this as a built in right-click function, otherwise you'll need to install an extension like ublock origin) then clear your image cache to banish it from your computer

Anonymous 4241

Thanks, mods.

Anonymous 4242

It would be nice to be able to sort catalog like _chan
>creation date
>bump order

Anonymous 4244

are you referring to the weird CGI blonde girl (i think blonde?) with the odd link thats always posted?

Anonymous 4245

That's the one that is usually posted. This time it wasn't this but (tw cuz slight description of the actual CP image) male genitalia penetrating a little girl, the faces weren't visible but the body difference was enough to know it was cp. And It didn't look like CGI shit… it actually looked like real CP I feel sick just typing this out

Anonymous 4246


is it gone yet?

Anonymous 4247

Yes, it looks like the mods have cleaned it up

Anonymous 4248

im so sorry you had to see that…even the cgi stuff makes me feel ashamed and sick to have witnessed i cant imagine the actual cp.

Anonymous 4252

Gotta be honest , that kinda thing gets posted to lolcow a lot. It's likely to show up on female oriented chanstyle boards because of the kind o people who target us

Anonymous 4257

ive seen the cgi pedoshit get posted to any img board without constant moderation so its probably just a bot. specifically targeting female-oriented image boards doesnt really make sense anyways if they really want people to click on the links

Anonymous 4258

How come CC moderation isn't apolitical, why is it that we are allowed to only have left leaning opinions here? Why do you act like women are limited to having only specific "progressive" worldviews?

Anonymous 4261

you're free to fuck off back to /pol/

Anonymous 4263

How is this website "progressive" when the terf thread is why most of the active userbase comes to post here

Anonymous 4264

Idk anon I'm pretty sure I've seen a healthy mix of left and right views. I think a lot of the reason why rightwing views don't get discussed much is because the a lot of rightwing politics are moid bullshit

Anonymous 4272

Why does it sometimes take so long to have blatant moid/troll posts removed? Please get more jannies

Anonymous 4275

I noticed that when I open the catalog, and then open two or three threads these threads won't load until the catalog finishes loading.
Which is all fine except it takes a VERY long time to finish loading.
Can you look into it? maybe something is loading that is unnecessary? maybe prune old threads earlier?
It's not my internet because I tried it on two connections in different cities, one of which is optic fiber.

Anonymous 4291

hold me back.jpg

I keep getting banned for no good reason. How do you expect to have active users like this? The first it was on the basis of replying to a moid in the "pretend to be moids" thread. So it's OK to pretend to be a moid but not OK to reply to anyone doing it?

The second time I was banned it was just a pop-up saying "You have been banned" without even providing a reason or duration or any way to appeal. I hadn't posted anything trolly or offtopic, I hadn't been rude, I hadn't even replied to anyone doing any of those things. So I probably got ranged due to some moid shitposting in my vicinity? There's no way for me to know if I did anything wrong or not since there was no reason given, no post pointed out for being against the rules.

Anonymous 4294

I got banned for responding to a moid when absolutely nothing indicated that the poster was a moid (so how would I know?) and I got banned for making a thread discussing the difficulties of women who grew up with mothers who raised them with oppressive patriarchal values because I didn't post it in the pinkpill thread (despite the topic being EXCLUSIVELY mothers and their daughters). Fucking unreal sometimes lmao but I'm the dumb one for thinking this place was a good alternative to LCF

Anonymous 4295

Samefag but considering there are days where I'll refresh the tab a few times and I'll very clearly be the only one posting on those days says a lot. If they drive away the only active posters with frivolous bans, then the site will wither up and die

Anonymous 4296

it's hard to keep a tight ship running, especially when a women's board is such a target for men. i'd imagine mod/janny turnover is maybe a little high because of all the crap they must have to see and in their mind it's probably better to be overly strict than too lax and end up with goreposting. i sympathize with admin, must really be difficult trying to keep it clean here. and i do the same – just post so the board isn't completely dead. without CC's resident schizos, there'd be much less activity. they seem to post the most and stimulate a lot of conversation. i don't think the bans are so excessive that it should keep this much activity down. i'm really not sure why CC is so dead. it doesn't make sense to me why users aren't migrating more.

Anonymous 4302

The thing is that people are migrating, but they turn back around when they keep getting banned for no reason or realise that the bans make CC have 0 activity. The only reason why people keep coming back is to use the pinkpill thread. If lolcow farm let's us have our misandry thread back then CC is literally just going to sink

Anonymous 4307

If I made a CWC/lolcow containment board (would that go in /x/ idk) would it get deleted? I don't think Chris talk really belongs in terfposting since he's such an insane outlier even among troons.

I think there's some interesting things to be said about lolcows but I do not give a flying fuck about lolcow.farm or any of the beauty parlor flavor of cows.

Anonymous 4331

drama threads are against the rules fyi

Anonymous Admin 4333

I'm sorry, I'll check up on that moid response ban.
>thread discussing the difficulties of women
As stated in the pinned threads on /b/ and /feels/, all of those conversations belong in the pinkpill general. I know having few generals for these topics gets a bit crowded, I'm working on adjusting the rules and making everything a bit more clear.

Anonymous 4338

Sometimes I just want to talk about Sonichu and the waterlogged high school essays someone stole out of Chris's trash. That's not drama, mostly.

Anonymous 4351

I don't see the harm in lolcow threads but at the same time I see how it could clash with rule about singling people out/starting drama threads

Anonymous 4352

Very much this. I don't see how lolcow threads won't lead to lolcow/kiwifarms behavior. There are already spaces for that. I would prefer to keep it off cc.

Anonymous 4377


this shit happened again, here, have some kitty ears i guess
why tf would they advertise maledom CP on a website like this?

Anonymous 4378

i want to die, i really regret clicking on the catalog this morning. my heart breaks for that little girl. male genocide when?

Anonymous 4379

Letting them know it upsets you will encourage them. Report, block element, clear cache, pray for the mods and carry on.

Anonymous 4380

Wondering the same. I've seen cp up for hours every day the past few days and it makes me not want to post

Anonymous 4386

Alright call me crazy or overly paranoid/strict but… what if there was some form of voice verification before granting an IP address permission to post? That way there won't be any males posting on this site anymore. Is this idea even doable? Or am I just crazy in the head?

Anonymous 4391

The soyjak.party scrotes are trying to raid us again.

Anonymous 4392

I'm taking care of the situation.

Anonymous 4393

Please, delete their stupid threads asap, because miners can't help but bait it seems.

Anonymous 4394

I'm not a mod or the admin, I can't go into detail.

Anonymous 4403

For voicechat or discord that may work, but I don't think it's very feasible here. It would work if everyone here had a static IP, but some don't. They would have to go through that process everytime their router resets, and I think mods have their hands full already. Not to mention is someone is using a VPN or proxy, if someone here got the okay then had to switch IP addresses, some fuckhead male could find out the IP address they were previously using and could use it to abuse. Also, I think tying an IP address to a voice kind of defeats the purpose for an anonymous imageboard, since you are identifying yourself through your voice. Also some males can fake their voice, although some do it more convincingly than others.
You're not crazy or paranoid or strict, I wish maleposters and raids would stop too. But I think that voice verification is not a good way to go about it, even though I don't have any better ideas.

Anonymous 4407

Alright I can see how that won't work. I was honestly just proposing that idea out of desperation at this point. Thanks for answering my question though.

Anonymous 4409

What about some kind of token similar to the 4chan pass? No IP address issue here then, you get the token granted after getting verified as female and it can give you access to a secret board or something?

Anonymous 4413

I was banned but have no idea why. Is it possible to add a link to the offending post in the ban notifications?
(Pls don't tell me why I was banned here cause maybe I'll get embarrassed)

Anonymous 4416

are you a hitlady pls be honest

Anonymous 4418

It's okay , I got unbanned and now we can be the only active users together.

Anonymous 4419

Is there no auto prune to hide the fact some of these threads are just fuggen ded.
>find a comfy thread subject
>last post was months ago

Anonymous 4420

thats such a joke, this imageboard would dry up. not even wizchan goes to such lengths

Anonymous 4421

cp on /b/

Anonymous 4422

Is it gone yet

Anonymous 4428

Why is it looked down upon to bump old dead threads? Maybe not everyone has seen them and that way they can get some life again.

Anonymous 4429


A lot of good threads will randomly die and then two years later someone will bring it back and it'll continue to be a good thread. Time has no meaning here.

Anonymous 4472

anyone else feel like there's been an increase in jew jokes lately?

Anonymous 4473

gore in /b

Anonymous 4482

The catalog makes my browser lag, could you fix it?

Anonymous 4484

Admin, do you have mods or is it just you? Asking because we are spammed/raided by 4chan on an almost daily basis. The posts stay up for hours. Very annoying.

Anonymous Admin 4486

There are mods, but I'm looking for more janitors! >>4485

Anonymous 4491

Why do I get banned for various unspecified reasons???

Anonymous 4492

Just wondering how I check my appeal? First time being banned (anywhere) and not sure how to go about checking the appeal in future. Thanks very much, sorry for this post!

Anonymous 4494

What is the maximum number of replies a thread can have on here?

Anonymous 4537

Is there a raid going on?

Anonymous 4538

I got banned from Lolcow again, some people just can't have a fair discussion

Anonymous 4539

I got banned for no reason. I love the idea of this site but it's difficult to engage when I'd genuinely have an easier time speaking my opinions on 4chan

Anonymous 4540

Why have you been b&?

Anonymous 4551

I can't post pictures

Anonymous 4552

Same problem

Anonymous Admin 4553

Sorry, I was fixing a bug, it should work again!

Anonymous 4598

Who can see post histories apart from the admin? If it's mods, they use the post history to harass people, if it was the admin, shame on you.

Anonymous 4599

It's only admin. There's a distinct possibility that your writing style and content is so identifiable you're outing yourself in other threads though.

Anonymous 4603

what happened to rule #7? are no jannies here to delete moid shit?

Anonymous 4604

Correct, Admin is recruiting more.

Anonymous 4621

I got permabanned yesterday (successfully appealed) for posting satire in the "talk like moids" thread. Thanks for approving the appeal but I'm sad literally all my recent posts were deleted too, which were completely benign. Is there no way to reinstate deleted posts?

Anonymous 4633

Can I ask why recent posts in >>>/x/4422 were deleted? Is it because they were racebait-y or did another moid lie about being female? I replied to the poster thinking she was a woman.

Anonymous Admin 4634

I removed some race discussion, that's all.

Anonymous 4646

i posted something on x yesterday that got deleted. it was on the weird fantasies thread and it was super mellow compared to the rest, and it didnt have anything to do with race or anything you cant discuss on cc, so why is that?

Anonymous 4647


why has cc had so much racebait(y posts) as of late? it seems to have really gone up, especially in the past month or so, or maybe, i just never really looked hard enough. a lot of them seem to take haplotard stances etc.

Anonymous 4649


pretty sure there is no rule about proxies, yet I was banned unfairly (and without reason but I can guess)

Anonymous 4665

Could have been a moid using the same vpn

Anonymous 4680

Why does the career thread attract so much spam?

Anonymous 4682

roflolmao where are the jannies when you need them

Anonymous 4694

Why are all the threads on /b/ being moved right now what is happening

Anonymous 4699

Can't we ban boob size sperges ? This can't be healthy for anyone to have "small breasted women will never be attractive and everyone who disagrees is lying or a pedophile" spammed in a thread like once a month.

Anonymous 4701

Is there a way for mobile users to quick reply, or at least have a jump to reply form, after I populate it with the qoutes I want

Anonymous 4702

Then we'd also have to ban people who shitpost about big-boobed girls being fat becaue they're the ones who triggered the initial boob size sperg into a complete meltdown.

Anonymous 4716

Sure we can do that but from what I seen it was like one person who quickly stop posting months ago and the big boobed ones keep trying to dig things up and bait

Anonymous 4719


Shitposters on both sides should be banned but please be honest here, several of the threads that have the boob fights under them started because people kept spamming the chat with how small boobs are like the worse thing that could happen to someone, the first ones to shit post in most if not all of these threads were people weirdly fixated on how small boobed girls are the worse

there are some insults geared towards large boobed girls however in every single thread the first punched were thrown by the big boob side towards the small boob size, and no, anons making comebacks or pointing out things wrong with other people's arguments aren't "insults"

I really tried my best to find a single thread where the first insults were thrown by the small boob side or several actual posts where there was a legitimate unstable sperg lashing out at all big boobed girls but it just seems like small-boobed girls being petty back after getting shat on. Please be honest with us and yourself

Anonymous 4905

There are double ups of replies all over the site recently
I don't know if it's just one person or its happening for many people

Anonymous 4906

Thanks for banning yet another boob low-IQ claiming how unhealthy big breasts are and how another user with large breasts needed to have a breast reduction surgery because they we're destroying her health.

Anonymous 4907

Kek, the cope.

Anonymous 4911

I can't post threads, it says 500 Internal Server Error

Anonymous 4913


suggestion: maybe there should be a relationship advice general in /feels/? it could cut down on the ongoing threads. the LDR thread can stay. more varied threads can then stay on top.

also, I feel like this would help the frustrating "I'm 18 and a 30 year old likes me" type posts which obviously attracts men. if they were smaller comments in a thread they'd be less obvious imo and easier to manage from a modding perspective (as far as I know).

Anonymous 4914

When are we going to a board for politics? As women we lack spaces where we can talk about politics among ourselves and I think it is necessary we have a board for politics here

Anonymous 4915

>why don't we have /pol/?
because it will kill the site.

Anonymous 4916


It doesn't

Anonymous 4917

not sure what this sentence means in context but read as a "it wouldn't", I mean, it's kind of true.

it'd attract men like hyenas to a battlefield full of dead bodies, more Schrodinger's "is this made by a moid because it's so annoying" threads or comments, which would likewise spill like a mangy infection all across CC eventually.
Yes, there'd be a lot of interesting topics but there'd also be extremely controversial ones.

Anonymous 4918

this site's already dead to be fair

Anonymous 4919

How so?

Anonymous 4920

>Yes, there'd be a lot of interesting topics but there'd also be extremely controversial ones.
This, but more importantly:
>it'd attract men like hyenas to a battlefield full of dead bodies
Men from other, specific sites will take notice of the new politics board and come here en-masse because they'll see it as a chance to promote their particular political ideology and "convert" everybody here.

Anonymous 4921


This website is already full of men. Really whats the point of having an all-female imageboard ifyou can't talk about politics?

Anonymous 4922

And you know that because….

Anonymous 4923

Why do we have 2 tranny related threads

Anonymous 4924

there's hardly any posts, people get banned all the time with months' worth of posts deleted, no sign that admin or her incompetent mods want to fix the issues… it's on its last legs if not dead

Anonymous 4925

That's fair I guess. It just seems like everyone on this site is either too lazy or too busy or too depressed to join the mod team

Anonymous 4926

CP again in /b/. It was an actual photo of a child. I frankly don't know if this is worth mentioning in this thread again at this rate considering how many times it has happened before. I'm just under shock, again and again. I don't know what to say and think. I'm just shocked. Please implement some kind of captcha to at least get the CP bots away…

Anonymous 4927

Hey, what happened to that /b/ thread about liking middle-aged male characters? I posted in it last night.

Anonymous 4928


Stop being pathetic. None of what I said sounded moid-like. You're essentially HELPING men oppress by giving up on having stuff because you're afraid they are gonna come here. Which doesn't even make sense because they are already here and they will always seek to invade women'spaces no matter what. Women NEED to politicize themselves

Anonymous 4929


Why can't I delete my posts after a while? I should be allowed to delete my own posts since threads are not automatically deleted

Anonymous 4931

And I don't get why you won't fulfill requests to delete own posts either

Anonymous 4937

What the fuck are you on about retard? I asked you how you know this site is full of men. I never said you sound moid-like. Learn to read or shut the fuck up

Anonymous 4949

Question: why are filenames hidden?

Anonymous 4950

actual cp in /b/

Anonymous 4951


Yeah. I'm the anon at >>4926 that posted about there being cp a few days ago in /b/… and looks like there's cp again, and again, and again, and again. Fuck this website and the admins for not taking more action against the cp bots. Implement a captcha, run algorithms that can block porny images (and cp) from being posted (at least on sfw boards? ugh…), I don't fucking know?! I've seen actual cp on this website way too many fucking times. You know damn well pedophiles browse this place waiting for the future advertisment post dropped by the fucking bots; plus this is enabling more pedophiles to come here, more and more. So disgusting. I'm grateful for the mods that take the pics down but there should be SOME LEVEL OF PROTECTION preventing these people from posting this in the first place. Just make it harder for them to post! I don't know. I'm just tired of having to see triggering shit each time I come here.

Anonymous 4952

I think that alone kills more traffic than any moid trolls or shitty opinions lol.

Anonymous 4953

Oh absolutely. Some anons that I know of stopped coming to this website altogheter because of this shit

Anonymous 4954

>You know damn well pedophiles browse this place waiting for the future advertisment post dropped by the fucking bots
I bet there's a couple of "people" that lurk because of that (statistically, it must be true), but CP spam happens on every small imageboard, you just don't notice cuz it's usually cleaned up before most people can see it. For example, I've never seen that kind of spam on here (thank fuck), probably because of my time zone.

Anonymous 4955

I have to complete captcha at least 5 times because it keeps somehow failing and I have to do it every 15 minutes or so. Why?

Anonymous 4956


sheesh. can anyone else relate? I might be just paranoid but lately with some of the bewildering or even disturbing opinions some anons are dishing out I have to wonder if it's some male lurker doing some high-functioning infiltration and sabotage. obviously I shouldn't report them either unless I know for sure anyway. maybe it's because I'm not used to certain voices, who knows.

Anonymous 4957

It does happen on other small imageboards, one that comes to my mind is sushigirl.us. But I have seen way more CP on crystal.cafe than sushigirl. It's ridiculous the amount of CP I've seen here! Maybe it is because I come to crystal.cafe more often but so far I've only seen CP on sushigirl.us once and it didn't stay up for too long. It might have to do with timezones. I am in the european time zone, and I noticed that's when the CP bots are active.

Anonymous 4961

admin/mod team: what can feasibly be implemented here in terms of protections?

I really despise captchas though if one was able to enable a person to post for a while I'd be in support.

Anonymous 4962

Umm why does the WEBM thread on /media/ always fucking crash my device after a few seconds of opening it? Both on PC and mobile.

Anonymous 4963

I definitely get what you mean, but mods are probably hesitant to ban those anons because of all the femanons who were banned accidentally for being mistaken as moids.

Anonymous 4965

you mean those tradwife posts that come off as weirdly religious too?

Anonymous 4969

they shouldn't really be banned unless they start getting sexist towards women or act like a moid or something. it's just sometimes they let something very disturbing/cultish slip that makes me wonder where tf they came from.
ooh, wasn't just alluding to them but yeah.

Anonymous 4970

OK, now there are other threads gone, I remember one on /b/ that was about being short. Another that had a little pink bunny in pixel art as the OP pic was also deleted, what's up with that?

Anonymous Admin 4971

I deleted some threads that were all made by the same poster who exclusively posts about height. Other threads have been deleted due to being in violation of the pinned thread. (No dating preference threads)

These are hard to gauge sometimes, >>4963 is right. Please continue reporting and we'll do our best. If anyone gets hit by mistake, please contact me.

Anonymous 4972

>no dating preference threads
But the pink bunny gif one was just a "I love you CC" kinda thread

Anonymous Admin 4973

Sometimes threads get deleted because they're part of a permabanned user's post history.

Anonymous 4975

oh so that's why the sadboy thread got deleted, I was wondering if this was for that
I was surprised but yeah, good rules, I guess it only makes more moids come here

Anonymous 4976

cp in /b/ again…is there a way we can implement some captcha to keep these cp bots away? it's very disturbing

Anonymous 4977

this also happens to me lol



and dicks pics all over the place last night. gross.

Anonymous 4979

WOW cp just keeps on fucking coming… at this point I feel like there's cp every fucking day here. If I didn't love the community on this website I would have probably left already. Admins please do something about this…

Anonymous 4980

I got banned in two different IP addresses already, for no specified reason, and when I tried to appeal my ban it was denied. How is this possible if I NEVER broke any stated rule on this website? Mods should at least have the decency of justify their bans, instead of handing them out like candy. I was using a VPN for the longest time to prevent getting banned again, but now I get automatically banned every time I try to use a VPN when it was possible before. I know this website gets raided a lot by moids, but there should be a way for us to defend ourselves from pointless bans. We don't even get warnings. This aggressive moderation it's just discouraging me from using the website, when I've been an active user for years now.

Anonymous 4981

>there should be a way for us to defend ourselves
You can message admin on discord

Anonymous 4982

Really shouldn't be necessary to DM or email admin on an ANONYMOUS website. It's obvious why people would not want to do that.

Anonymous 4984

question for users: do people go into the pinkpill thread just to disagree/fight or something? it was cleaned up but it's weird that it happens owing to how it's supposed to be a containment thread for such sentiments.

Anonymous 4985

Do you mean the ones defending moids? Those are probably moids themselves. They have a tendency to barge into spaces not meant for them, especially when it's women speaking the truth about them.

Anonymous 4991

It seems half of the replies on there derailing conversations, nitpicking every word and trivialising what other people are saying
Because they don't actually out themselves as moids, it technically can't be deleted by their lack of experience as women seeps through

Anonymous 5003


stupid comment but, lol, I always have to refrain from reporting people I suspect might be men saying neutral opinions. I don't want this place to be a complete echochamber. still is annoying anyway.

Anonymous 5006

I’m sure mods check post history to double check the poster isn’t male.

Anonymous 5008

they don't! admin says they do but multiple people have complained about having months of posts deleted after mistakenly being reported as a moid. haven't heard anything honest from admin on this so I don't waste much time posting much anymore. if mods started actually checking post history before permabanning that would be great.

Anonymous 5009

hm, maybe I'll be more hesitant in my reports in the future. sounds awful.

Anonymous 5030

Personally I think this site would be better if there were more 'general' threads to categorise posts, rather than random short threads.

Anonymous 5033

This is already kinda happening in /feels/, where else do you feel like more general threads need to be made?

Anonymous 5079

ok, question…

>oted that it gets too much when a person's "emotional core" gets tied up with it, and if a person would be completely compromised as an individual if they couldn't do it anymore, which was actually an answer to your question.

In such a case, are we using this definition for "males who make linux there entire life"? The answer than immediately becomes obvious: the ideal amount of zero is that case. There should be zero men who make their entire life about linux, no?

does this sound like a male? my male sensor isn't very good.

Anonymous 5080

Just report the post so mods can check the post history anon

Anonymous 5082

Except mods don't check post history and they'll likely just permaban whoever you report. Jsyk

Anonymous 5083

eh, asked if they used linux and for some reason that comment and their post disappeared, lol.
yeah been trying to avoid reporting people bc of this.

Anonymous 5122

Homepage should be the theme you have selected

Anonymous 5127

Is there any way to change settings? Also why does CC hide filenames? And can I use 4chan X with this site?

Anonymous Admin 5137

I do, if there's ever any issue please feel free to contact me.

Filenames are hidden for privacy and to make the layout less cluttered. 4chan x should work, there's a thread here on /meta/ about how to use their features.

Anonymous 5141

>I do, if there's ever any issue please feel free to contact me.
yeah that's why so many women have gotten permabanned for posting in the moid thread. are you kidding?

Anonymous Admin 5142

I'm sorry about that, but bans can always be appealed. The bug that made bans sticky has been fixed, so if anyone still has an old ban, please let me know.

Anonymous 5144

question, is there lore/history of why CC was created to begin with? who is its creator? is there context?

Anonymous 5145

Still proof you don't check post histories, would be great to start

Anonymous 5147

Ever report something suspicious that ends up never getting deleted? That’s proof enough they check post histories to me. Maybe it depends on the mod.

Anonymous 5148

I don't report anything other than obvious spam/moid posts. And given how many ppl have been banned for posting in the "talk like moids" thread, yours seems like the exception not the rule. Admin has said in other threads not to report ppl if you just have a "hunch" they're male, presumably bc she won't reliably check the post history

The retarded banning is driving ppl away and lying about/defending it helps no one. The conspiracy that moids/trannies have infiltrated the mod team only grows on me

Anonymous 5149

>post about supposed "hero brother troon" was deleted

so it was a moid all along, huh.

The thought of doing a female-only imageboard was first discussed on a lolcow thread, and then this board was posted there.

Anonymous Admin 5150

>Admin has said in other threads not to report ppl if you just have a "hunch" they're male,
I always stress that everyone is welcome to over-report rather than under-report. Maybe you're referring to the time a user said she reports annoying posters as moids even if she doesn't necessarily think they are male. I asked her to put a more accurate reason in the text field. That's all.

>presumably bc she won't reliably check the post history

I don't know where this is coming from all of a sudden. There were some mishaps with the "post like a moid" thread because they were so over the top misogynistic they didn't seem to require deeper check-ups, but that's obviously been discussed with all mods.

Anonymous 5153

not sudden and it's a recurring issue

Anonymous 5155

any idea why viewing the catalogs on CC takes up more resources on my browser (both mobile & pc) compared to other chan sites? am i the only one? basically it will almost even crash my mobile browser as well sometimes

Anonymous 5156

replying myself I think it's because of how many threads are loaded per line. don't know why it takes more resources for the same amount of content to load on just a longer page but I think that's why.

Anonymous 5157

viewing the catalog will load every single opening post and its image on that board, so the more threads a board has the longer it will take to load and the more it will have to load into your browser

Anonymous 5158

It must be the imageboard software this site uses. LC appears to use the same software, and the same thing happens there.
Basically, threads never expire here, despite there being up to index 10 pages. All the threads that weren't deleted by staff since CC was created are still in the catalog.

Anonymous 5159

*up to 10 index pages

Anonymous 5162


How tf does this shit stay up for 11 hours

Anonymous 5182

I'm guilty of complaining about this sort of thing, but feel hypocritical because I haven't become a mod since I don't want to see this shit at all. If any anons are sociopaths or whatever, and are okay with looking at this shit as mods to protect the rest of us, I salute you.

Anonymous 5183

It’s not like the mods click on the links.

Anonymous 5185

They still have to see the child porn that gets posted here.

Anonymous 5186

Most people who browse cc regularly see cp considering how long it takes to be removed

Anonymous 5188

Most people don't regularly browse cc since barely anything gets posted here. Like 5 people max.

Anonymous 5189

I think mods can delete the thread so that if you click on the thread, it says not found. But to remove it completely needs the admin who can’t be on 24/7.

Anonymous Admin 5195

This is correct, mods can delete the raid threads, but the index page of the board doesn't refresh until I can do it manually. I'm really sorry about that. If you want to see if a thread has been deleted, click "reply" and you should get an error message. More Janitors are always welcome, if anyone wants to apply, please message me on Discord.

Getting rid of all the ancient threads with 0-1 replies is definitely on my to-do list, that should improve things a bit!

Anonymous 5197

is the report feature broken? didn’t get the ”reported posts” notification.

Anonymous Admin 5204

Update: This is fixed, all mods can refresh the board index now.

Anonymous 5215

Is there a way of making the site's aspect pink, or changing the default skin?

Anonymous 5216

Theres an option to change the color scheme when you scroll all the way down

Anonymous 5218

Respectfully, I think you should close the janitor applications ASAP. There’s a wave of trannies coming from Reddit right now. I don’t want them to infiltarate this place.

Anonymous 5220

there should be a chatroom feature on this site. we could talk with others who are online. it was a thing on rp sites back in the day, and could be fun on here. of course it could get overrun with moids …

Anonymous 5221

Yeah that would def be a moidfest

Anonymous 5224

Despite moids I still think that would be a fun idea… maybe with more mods?

Anonymous 5232

hello, newbie question, how many comments until a thread has to be 'reissued' (post, let's say ___ #5 after ___ #4)

Anonymous 5233

I think threads reach bump limit at 500 posts iirc

Anonymous 5241

i can’t tell if my thread got deleted or never posted at all
it wasn’t anything against the rules or inciting just me sperging about being sad on /feels/ but now that i check back i don’t see it

Anonymous Moderator 5243

Hi anon. I looked for you and it seems no thread was ever posted.

Anonymous 5245

oops, guess it was on my end

Anonymous 5273


Samefagging to say even my appeal was denied proving my point that mods can just do what they want with no recourse.

Enjoy your sinking ship I'm out of here.

Anonymous 5274

>Unfortunately now the user is left a bit paranoid and they likely won't really want to post as much because they will feel everything is potentially banWorthy if they aren't even given a clear reason.
You summed up really well how I feel about the moderation. I still come here from time to time because it is a very comfy place that lets me have discussions I wouldn't have otherwise but I've been banned so many times already. Only ONCE did I get a reason for my ban for one post (which was because I used caplocks to imitate screaming, I can understand that it could be seen as obnoxious but I hardly make posts where I spam caplocks and this was a one time occurence on this site). Recently I come by a thread that is also using caplocks to imitate screaming and it's still up (>>>/feels/67017) I sometimes really DO NOT GET the moderation.
Also this one might be me being paranoid but I remember around the summer there was this one thread on /feels/ i think, I honestly do not even remember what the thread was. All I remember is that there was an anon that needed help? and there was some arguing? Whatever. I do think I was participating in the discussion. I remember reading this thread very closely with my friend, and at some point I wanted to make an actual elaborate reply that would be helpful for the anon. I remember typing out a really long ass detailed reply and making sure to make as much of a helpful post as possible. But before I could do that, I got banned. What the fuck? So I ask my friend to post it for me because she shouldn't be banned yet, she hasn't even posted in the thread AT ALL. But she got banned too. I really don't get it especially since I simply wanted to help out the anon. My question is: Do mods see active IP addresses on threads? Because I have no other explanation for that. This site really brings out the schizo in me.

Anonymous 5277

>This is probably the biggest of reason that this site is so slow. Women just don't want to come here anymore due to random bans.
This was it for me, too. I used to post much more but after weeks of my posts were deleted… yeah it was discouraging. glad people are talking about it though. often when it's brought up, people say shit like weLL mAYbE dOn'T pOSt LiKE a mOiD!!! – like these must be larping trannies, I don't see how anyone posts regularly w/o getting banned

Anonymous 5284

kind of curious, has board ownership changed? like, does 'snail' still run things?

Anonymous 5288

Can't see the context, but that one post just comes off as holocaust denial /pol/ nazi shit.

Anonymous 5290

This. That doesn't sound like "mocking conspiracy theories", that post sounds like it's actually agreeing with one.

Anonymous 5291

Admin, what the hell is going on with /img/? It's blank.

Anonymous 5293

The catalogue still works and you can go onto boards from there


Anonymous 5294

The catalog still works but when I open the guy crushes thread, it's blank. c'mon admin i just want to post cute boys pls

Anonymous 5296

Cp in /b/

Anonymous 5297

It would be cool if when the rules update, the updated rule would be highlighted or something. I always reread whenever they update but honestly I never notice anything different at all

Anonymous 5298

I can't be 100% sure but this might be a case where the now deleted picture probably gave it away as a joke. There are lots of posts I read online (not just here but in general) that would be seen as completely serious without some kind of meme picture attached.

Anonymous 5302

I'm having trouble responding to a thread I made on /feels/. >>34633

When I hit "reply" nothing happens, if I try to open "reply" in a new window the page is blank. If I try to access the thread via the catalog, the page won't load. I'm on an android phone.

Anonymous 5307

any other miners /g/ enough to run CC? It seems like admin is rarely active anymore, maybe its time to hand the site off to a new caretaker

Anonymous 5314

I think it might be because the site itself is slow, and because more active sites like Reddit constantly attempt to raid it. Internet is full of moids.

Anonymous 5319

i'm sick of mine and other comments being deleted when i come back to a thread. this site is already slow enough and having any sort of conversation is rare. like seriously, i go into a fun looking thread and post something on topic, someone maybe responds and we have a back and forth, come back the next day to see if they posted anything and the entire comment chain is gone. like what the fuck is the point of posting here?

Anonymous 5320

You probably responded to a male. All replies to male posters are deleted because it’s against the rules.

Anonymous 5324

NTA but if it wasn't obvious that it was a male, why should the other posters have to have their posts deleted too? It makes no fucking sense. Isn't the rule supposed to be there to prevent people from feeding male trolls who make it obvious that they're not female?
And no, replies are not always deleted.

Anonymous 5330

I truly don't get when people defend the moderation like this. You think cc is in a good state rn? The site is dead nona

Anonymous 5332

>NTA but if it wasn't obvious that it was a male, why should the other posters have to have their posts deleted too?
So the male isn’t encouraged to ban evade and respond to you.
Then leave

Anonymous 5333

>Then leave
nta, but the hostility isn't helping

Anonymous 5334

>Then leave
Exactly the attitude I don't understand lol. You like having only 3 posters on cc? And you think anyone willing to point out issues should leave?

Anonymous 5335

>Exactly the attitude I don't understand lol
same. also i think the paranoia around moids posting here has the unintentional effect of making 90% of the posts revolve around them. i came here to talk to other women about my interests, but that doesn't seem to be possible with the way the site currently operates.

Anonymous 5336


There’s a schizo subset of miners making user experience less enjoyable for everyone. And it does annoy me sometimes when I get month’s worth of posts deleted as I got banned again for no reason.
But then, this place won’t ever be as active as 4chan, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing imho.

Anonymous 5341

What is the context though? Are you getting into arguments?

Anonymous 5342

For context, there is exactly one place in the entire world…not even to my irl friends…that I vent about something specifically, something that I don't normally feel that strongly about but still like venting about.

Constantly it's invaded by people that nitpick much of what's said there, even though it's meant to be a containment/vent thread specifically for it. People constantly call it/the unironic users "schizo" and have to debate with people in there pretty much constantly, yet then surprise pikachu face when compared to the actual males that sometimes brigade.

Anonymous 5343

>You like having only 3 posters on cc?
There are way more than 3 cc posters? This place gets more and more active every month. All you have to do is stop engaging with obvious maleposters and you won’t get banned. It’s so simple..

Anonymous 5344

This is such a joke lol have you read this thread?
This site only gets slower
People get banned for the dumbest reasons all the time
Open ur eyes nona

Anonymous 5345

>This place gets more and more active every month
you can't seriously think this can you? i'm a fairly recent arrival here and most of the activity i see here is just me and like a couple other girls. it's so slow that i'm actively commenting just to try and spark anything at this point, and without that it would be even deader than it already is.

Anonymous 5352

Admin, it needs to be explicitly stated in the rules that this website is for cisgender women and that troons are NOT welcome. There was some transgirl this morning posting this morning who was too retarded to catch the hint that he wasn't welcome despite seeing the tranny hate here

Anonymous 5353

Fine with the suggestion but I hate the term "cisgender",we're just normal women, don't play into the tranny vocabulary

Anonymous 5355

In order to communicate with someone you must speak their language. Troons don't get the terms "real women" and "normal women" because in their delusional language they are real women, so its best to be as specific as possible to drill it through their baboon skulls.
On top of that, if right on the rules page you insult troon reddit will just want to raid the site
I don't like it either but its a small sacrifice to make

Anonymous 5357

How about "biological women"?

Anonymous 5358

Lol, I’ve been here since 2018 and it is so much more active than back then. You’re making shit up bc you’re mad.

Anonymous 5359

Yeah that would be better imo
There are more active clumps of schizos and femcels and not much else

Anonymous 5360

then i can't imagine what it was like back then, because it's practically dead now. maybe in another 4 years we will be up to a post every 2 days instead of every 3 days lol.

Anonymous 5362

>In order to communicate with someone you must speak their language.
The only language moids speak is violence. Hell, even going by the terms 'cisgender' women aren't the only ones allowed to post, genderspecial women are also allowed to participate, afaik.

Anonymous 5363

just put something among the lines of "no penis ""people"""

Anonymous 5368

The snowflakes are still on in /feels/

Anonymous 5387

my on topic posts in a thread are just gone now, i posted again to check if i was banned or something and i'm not. so why the hell is it okay for those posts to be deleted? someone didnt like my movie recommendation and just decided to delete the posts? like wtf

Anonymous 5388

Mods please delete the troll thread on /b/

Anonymous 5688

Is anyone else unable to post images now?

Anonymous 5689

Disregard, I am blind

Anonymous 5722

I'd like to contact the administrator of the site (no I am not here for Jannie applications). Is there an IRC chat or a way to PM them?

Anonymous 5724

Just notices that my posts in the pinkpill thread were removed even though they had nothing to do with the raid and they didn't respond to moids. Wack.

Anonymous 5726

There is definitely some larping moid among our mods with the way posts keep getting deleted!!! Its happening to me too and I'm getting more sick and tired of this board and its degenerate hypocrisy with each passing day. Fuck you mods.

I'm definitely a fucking female. It was so obvious based on the posts I made. Pink pilled posts getting deleted and we deserve an explanation from somebody, uh hello maybe someone ought to change the rules while they're at it since we aren't allowed to post pinkpill anymore????

Anonymous 5728

how many that weren't breaking the no response rule got deleted? I barely notice it.

I think one of mine got deleted; it was something about looks and some male creeper got triggered by it.
When the mods got to it, it got nuked alongside the rest, but I had broken the rules after making that post so I accepted it at that time.

Anonymous 5729

>how many that weren't breaking the no response rule got deleted? I barely notice it.
Desnt happen often but it happens. It's just very frustrating

Anonymous 5731

Is the /b/ bump order all messed up?
if I go to page 10 theres posts from 29 days ago, page 2 has posts from 3 years?

Anonymous 5736

I didn't realize this and thought I actually cursed the website. Whoops.

Anonymous 5738

Multiple times I have named myself 'sage' like an absolute bucket, and I still didn't get banned. Thanks mods, you guys go easy on us kek. I will put it in the email box now.

Anonymous 5742


Anonymous 5771


banners stopped working? been a few days for me

Anonymous 5772

did you check it on other browsers? CC loves crashing to me on one of mine.

Anonymous 5775

Why can't we make discord threads?

Anonymous 5776

I wonder why

Anonymous 5777

almost no woman benefits from it with all the dumbass creeps (probably in the 100s) around.

Anonymous 5781

is it me or there's been an influx of really dumb threads? not the creative kind.

Anonymous 5782

Moids and newfags.

Anonymous 5783

Yeah there is.
How come here there is a massive problem with newfags not lurking before posting? Only other place there is such a massive problem is 4cuck.

Anonymous 5784

A lot of them come from tumblr or discord; they don't know basic IB culture.

Anonymous 5789

Also some of the users come from 4chan or other imageboard, so they have pretty pickme-ish and/or coombrained takes.

Anonymous 5793

ib culture is overrated
it's just a form of a forum and always was
things pulled by moids are irrelevant
do you want an anonymous chat with a woman, who doesn't really care for a web 1.5 traditions or with a larping 4moid, but who's a channels' vet

Anonymous 5794

idk, my posts about otome videogame was deleted recently and we all know that THAT where the real threat is, uh huh

Anonymous 5801

get your report buttons ready, looks like we're being raided

Anonymous 5802

There is a fucking raid in /b/. Where are the mods?

Anonymous 5803

So then do voice verification, it's not hard

Anonymous 5804

am that anon and there's literally men that have admitted to using women to voice verify for them (i.e., friends, pickmes, sisters). it isn't that most of these guys have such an-demand girl always but that the most determined ones will ALWAYS find a way.

it makes more sense when a server is truly private and only people that know one another extremely well and are long time friends are let in it. this is my experience, these servers tended to stay pretty private and safe. a "CC" server probably would be pretty public even with voice verification.

Anonymous 5805

It has been tried and this >>5804 is exactly what happened.

Anonymous 5806

yeah and CC just has so many people gunning for its ass. well. relative to how tiny it is. I highly recommend the girls here to do their own digging and seek out servers that might naturally attract less degenerates.

look at that weird new Reddit "place" thing and how there's 10000s of males from IBs that love to hit it, kek.

Anonymous 5848


I think every soijak is a raider/tourist from the soijak board which I wont link here but I think mods should seriously scrutinize their post history and operate on a "guilty until proven innocent" policy with them.

Anonymous 5849

>guilty until proven innocent
I think mods were doing this for a while until female users started complaining that their post histories were being deleted. So they're being more careful now

Anonymous 5850

is there a search function to look up old threads or replies

Anonymous 5851

it's called ctrl+f

Anonymous 5856

google with site:crystal.cafe
I dont think threads archive so as long as it wasnt cleaned in a ban it should be searchable.

Anonymous 5866

Hey, idk if she posted here yet, but I just wanted to drop a warning that a journalist (identifies herself as Kaitlyn Tiffany) is posting for interviews with ""femcels"". She posted on lolcow too. I strong advise nobody interact with her or just ban her because she is looking for places that have ebil terfs and 100% she is going to have female oriented imageboards flooded by normie and subsequently destroyed

Anonymous 5867

I'm afraid that someone is going to get so incensed at the shitty mods that they'll give the journalist what she wants. Not like the mods will ever not be shit but this site is still special, I'd be sad to see it destroyed

Anonymous 5886

to clarify, I posted >>5881 and this >>5882 is a different poster who apparently had the same problem. I was banned for posting pic related in the TERF thread along with "transwomen are men". It was not during a raid and the mod's message made it clear it could not have been a mistake. The same picture had been posted before in a different TERF thread with no issues.
Ask yourself who'd be triggered by this picture.

Anonymous 5887

I was one of other posters complaining who was deleted
admin what the fuck is wrong with you/your mods?

Anonymous 5888


oops this is the picture.
they seem to be sabotaging the board. most likely they have a troon infiltrated/several.

Anonymous 5890


this was the only wojak picture I posted, and it was thread-appropriate. so where is the spam? and when was the last time a moid spammer typed a similar post?
the same picture was posted before, interestingly calling out trannies lurking. it had several replies and a positive response in the thread >>>/b/128918 (screenshotted in case tranny janny wants to damage control). interestingly, both were posts telling lurking trannies to leave. one poster expressed discomfort with the soyjak, but pointed out that's the desired effect for lurking trannies (as anyone can tell). also, i appealed and it was denied. this raises concerns that the janny is in fact a tranny who thought this was a step too far for his comfort. i have been suspecting that for a long time, given the amount of time tranny-defending posts are left in the TERF thread, among other things.
be careful with what you post. this place has looked less like a honeypot before.

Anonymous 5891

godammit i miss a decade ago when we didn't have to deal with this retarded shit,i blame c*itlyn jenner

Anonymous 5893

tranny defending posts in the terf thread get nuked whenever mods are around from what I've seen
you realize you can contact admin on discord asking for a ban repeal? most of the time wojaks are posted by raiding scrotes from soyjak.party, no need to throw a tantrum when you can just message the admin yourself

Anonymous 5895

i'm not sure why the tranny reputation here persists so hard

Anonymous 5897

t. tranny mod?
she has the right to post complaining in meta especially when her posts start getting deleted. it's relevant to everyone.
and the idea that people on an anonymous site are going to appeal to admin on discord in the first place is pure retardation and I don't know why she presents it as a logical option. moderation here should function at a minimum level which includes reviewing appeals on-site
idk why people defend this shit really, have you never seen a functioning site before

Anonymous 5898

i think we should re-implement a simple captcha, the scatfags are out of control

Anonymous 5899

admin, i'd be willing to short term operate as a janny if you're really short staffed. i don't really want to send in an application if i might not be a viable candidate. i have experience moderating imageboards and am a longtime farmer and (and semi-longterm miner on and off). idk if you're still needing but the raids are getting a little out of hand so. sorry for this if it's an annoying or unneeded post btw! i don't like seeing the board sullied by males.

Anonymous 5900

Yeah. I've been reporting them but I don't know what else I can do since I'm not a janny.

Anonymous 5901

same, that's why i'm thinking of applying if admin still needs. you should, too, anon. i really see a lot of potential for CC and it should've taken off by now, especially with how lax and chill admin is about female issues and female topics (based admin).

Anonymous 5932

Only seeing evidence of one retarded ban evader ITT

Anonymous 5933

Several different people posted in this discussion, retarded Reddit refugee normie scum.

Anonymous 5934

then you haven't looked much nona

Anonymous 5935


lmao wild. rip anyone who talked to this ghoul, she might very well "express an emotion" with your personal information in her shitty article.

Anonymous Admin 5936

Sorry, we really only delete these because they're almost always posted by raiders. Maleposters often post anti-tranny sentiments as well.

Anonymous 5939

The same sperg is posting their ban screenshot over and over
I've been here longer than you

Anonymous 5940

I have been here since the very beginning, so I very much doubt it. And no, it's not the same poster posting the same thing over and over again. There were at least two screenshots from two different people and several other anons joining the conversation. Some of these posts have been deleted now, which you'd know if you weren't a normie wagie serving MckDicks all day.

Anonymous 5941

Nope, it's the same autist soyjack spammer posting their ban screenshot.

Anonymous 5942

They're not only deleting that one screenshot. They deleted my post too, addressing different issues, linking to different posts as examples, and voicing my opinion that maybe there are males in the mod team. They also deleted another anon's suggestion for a public post deletion log, which several people agreed with. What the fuck.
You can check on the Wayback Machine a recently archived version of this thread to confirm.

Anonymous 5945

>They also deleted another anon's suggestion for a public post deletion log, which several people agreed with. What the fuck.
That was literally the soyjack anon.

Anonymous 5947

And you're sure of that because…?

Anonymous Admin 5993

The user in question can reach out to me privately as offered (and declined) before, please ignore them if they continue.

As for the other complaints: As many suspected, I'm really busy IRL and working on improving the mod team/response time/overall maintenance of the site, but it's an ongoing process. I'm grateful for the patience and for most users approaching me in good faith. I'm always available via discord because it's quicker and more convenient for most user inquiries, but I've yet to get back to some of the users applying for janitor positions because I will need to set some time aside not just for interviews but also for overseeing new mods.

Anonymous 5994

thank you admin. i know you try hard and probably have a full life on top of it, so it must be difficult. you keep a tight leash for a reason. definitely need more jannies soon though

Anonymous 6000

thank you for dropping by to give us an update admin

Anonymous 6002

There's a seething male in the PP thread

Anonymous 6005

Don't know if it's the same moid or not but there's still a male in there and this time he made himself pretty obvious

Anonymous 6014

thank you for quickly cleaning up male spam, jannies/admin!

Anonymous 6015

does anyone else's computer have difficulty loading /b's catalog page? the moment i open the page, the fans start whirring and the laptop slows down.

Anonymous 6016

kind of, but i got a shitty hp laptop
my laptop itself doesnt slow down, but the fans do work harder

Anonymous 6018

Anonymous 6034

Yea its large, and they dont paginate it any way so its quite a bit to wait for them to send on over. Im not really sure theres a better way to do it though and still provide full search-ability.

Anonymous 6043

Someone deleted ALL of my posts for no reason. I want some kind of resolution or an explanation I never got any.

Anonymous 6044

maybe provide another version of the catalog page where the pictures don't load / text only list-view, if it's possible

Anonymous 6045

why r posts randomly being deleted?

Anonymous 6056

Does anyone besides me feel like this board is bursting at the seams with extremely "bitchy" lurker men larping as women, lately?

Anonymous 6057

I feel like the real voices you initially started with get drowned out by vapid bitchy larping trannies who make this place ripe with internalized misogyny and infighting ALL THE TIME.

Anonymous 6059

I literally had one of these larpers try to sell me how women ought to be socialized vs men.. force extremely sexist or bigotted rhetoric down my throat multiple times in threads completely unrelated to such things. This shit is everywhere, pretending to be female, when it's obviously angry and male

Anonymous 6060

yeah me too. everything that's labelled as "for women" eventually attracts men and male pretenders trying to disrupt everything, because how dare women exist independent of their supervision and their opinions. They can't stand the idea that there's a place on the internet where women don't want to like their dumbshit opinions.

Anonymous 6068

I have reported a series of threads that I found sus. I have written the same words in all the reports. I know I'm being schizo here. Would it be possible to get any answer back on this? There were a lot of threads but maybe you've been able to find some pattern. I'm still trying to make it have some sense in my head. It's all so recent and strange. Sorry if it was useless.

Anonymous 6110

idk how strict the moderation on topics posted are, but i feel like currently there's too many extraneous pinkpill/terf threads in /b outside the designated pinkpill/terf threads. /b feels a bit flooded. should i report the extraneous threads or is that unnecessary?

Anonymous 6111

I think reporting everything is fine.

Anonymous 6120

How do I get in touch with the admin here ? I've been trying to reach out via discord and it's impossible

Anonymous 6127

I am convinced there are no mods or admins and this place has been mostly abandoned

Anonymous 6129

well, they are around enough to delete random posts. Was there a raid yesterday or something, so that one of my posts was wrongly flagged as spam? I wasn't banned but a bunch of my recent posts were deleted. Innocuous stuff like in the risk game thread, the niche interest thread, post like a moid thread and the pretend we're birds thread.

Anonymous 6130

Or it has been hijacked? I can't get ahold of admins either I've noticed there's a wierd silence lately

Anonymous 6141

Underage moid spam in /b/

Anonymous 6160

It seems that today, a bunch of posters from the Sonic the Hedgehog general on 4chan found CC because it was name-dropped there. I'd say we've got to watch out.

Anonymous 6178

Why was the Yaoi thread deleted from the certain board the moment I bumped it, yet the obvious moid-made threads remain on its front page?

Anonymous 6185

For fuck's sake there are two competing terfposting threads.

Anonymous 6187

Do you still delete the post history from an IP when you ban that IP? I've noticed that many random posts are missing.

Anonymous 6241

Where did the "who else /babby/" thread go? There was a shitstorm in there recently, but the thread itself was much older and innocent enough.

Anonymous 6246

Where are the mods? There has been a troon shitting up the board the entire day and he's still here.

Anonymous 6276

Please stop deleting post histories. An older post of mine disappeared.

Anonymous 6695

Didn't see a question thread, so sorry if this doesn't fit here.
Emojis are banned on this board, but are text emoticons (:)/<3 atc) banned too? Do they fall in the same category?

Anonymous 6707

MODS I can't find the place where to report moids, but a moid is posting disgusting pedo things. There's the same raid at fujochan too.

Anonymous 6708

it's the downwards arrow next to the post number. the reason box and report button should appear under the post.

Anonymous 7709

Did the dollchan extension stopped working for anyone else? I ventured back to 4chan to see if it works, and it does. Is anyone else having this problem?

Anonymous 8908

If you're using vpn then some scrote probably used the same ip as you and got himself banned.

Anonymous 8910

If it was by a mistake then it's unfortunate and no as far as I know snail is gone.

Anonymous 8913

what happened to her?

Anonymous 8914

No idea.


Maybe there's an auto-pay set up.

Anonymous 8935

I think if CC is on shaky ground, the best thing we can do is archive as much of it as possible while we still can. Anons, please archive all your favorite threads using the wayback machine or archive.is. Let's do what we can to preserve our history re: female imageboards.

Anonymous 8947

lots of people get very comfortable being racist on this board and they get away with it by prefacing "oh i only hate the moids from that race" but we all know what they really mean and it pisses me off that the admins don't ban for this shit.

Talking about how Arabs, Latinos, Blacks, Asians, are ugly, short, hairy, sh*tskins, etc., and then saying "oh I only mean the moids from that race" should be under more admin scrutiny.

Women of those races look the same as the men of those races outside of obvious sexual dimorphism that is apparent in all races anyway.

When you call a moid of my race a shitskin or a monkey it means you see me and other women of that race and think that about us too. And honestly it's just lazy because there's a million different things to pick apart about shitty moids of all cultures and races that don't involve making fun of appearances and features specific to each race.

Anonymous Moderator 8948

>admins don't ban for this shit

We do if you report it. There's many posts to go through and we don't have time to look over every single one for an offense, so do your job as a user that is bothered and report what you think is against the laid out rules.

Anonymous 8963

Is it me or is the latest term thread gone

Anonymous 8964

Scatposter used the same vpn as whoever made the terf thread.

Anonymous 8967

Can I promote my discord server on cc?

Anonymous 8968

Nope. You can only post your personal contact info.

Anonymous 8987

why are most threads on /feels/ locked?

Anonymous 8989

They reached thread post limit and don't bump anymore. Meaning you need to make a continuation of the general if there isn't one already made.

Anonymous 9003

this place needs search button

Anonymous 9011

not a complaint but why are there still snowflakes on the catalog? i like the idea that this site has a canonical ecosystem. cece and her friends huddling for warmth in an arctic tundra

Anonymous 9013

i thought it was kill for good now…. but this means… SNAIL IS STILL OUT THERE?

Anonymous 9014

sometimes vps servers go down for maintenance and then get online just fine, so i wouldn't get your hopes up (unless mods can confirm?)

Anonymous 9015

Yeah, if there's money issues, I would be willing to give on patreon or buymeacoffee or something

Anonymous 9017

when is the last time anyone heard from snail?

Anonymous 9021

> porn is good
> cum on my face is empowering
> my obese boyfriend is cute
> only men know proper grammar & punctuation
> piracy promotes female creators
> wasting our lives playing video games makes us equal to men
> i don't see anything wrong with transwomen
the type of shit i've found on this "feminist" website
(in just the last week)

Anonymous 9024


Not a complaint, just a comment… I really like the recent new threads and activity, it feels like cc is beginning to get more users which is nice and it feels like the site's been a lot more chill and comfy recently. maybe it's just the summer making me more positive but I feel optimistic about cc's future

Anonymous 9025

infighting from the piracy thrad was funny. im sad it got deleted

Anonymous 9026


I've been getting frustrated posting here, because my posts are getting deleted. But my last straw is that my post in the waifu/husbando thread got deleted, and I'm literally confused as to why? Some nonas posted female characters,so I posted about my favorite one, and bam, it got deleted. What the hell?

It wasn't even remotely moid-sounding either, I said I liked the character because of her androgynous looks and her personality. There are literally nonas in that thread who want to get live autopsies, and are attracted to nazis or canonical rapists, but somehow my post got deleted? It makes me a bit mad, ngl.
At this rate, I seriously want a lesbian board or something on this site. I apologise if I sound rude, but it feels like I don't fit in here sometimes.

Anonymous 9027

I've noticed this trend where replies will get deleted at random and posts complaining about it get deleted too so don't be surprised if this post gets axed as well.

Anonymous 9028

Fight for your rights Makotoanon

Anonymous 9029

I've been getting this too, I used to care about it more but honestly I've given up.
We'll never get a straight answer about why posts are getting deleted… and mods delete posts itt complaining about deletions so discussing it is taboo apparently.

Anonymous 9030


See it's like, if there was a reason given, I wouldn't mind, but like I said, my shit gets deleted frequently. I even had one of my vent threads nuked, but then nonas with stockholm syndrome, who are rude and refuse advices, have their shit up for years. And like I say, I try my best to be polite and respectful.

I just have no clue what I'm doing wrong. Several women in /b/'s lesbian general also want a separate board, so I'll keep insisting on one being made. If there's fear of being raided, then perhaps it can be hidden like the NSFW one.
The moderation in this place really seems like a double-edged sword. On one hand, I like that gross scat and gore raid stuff is quickly deleted. On the other hand, it seems so hard to post here without again, mods deleting my posts without warning. I really don't want to give up on this place because it's one of the few comfy places left. But, I'm starting to miss when it was less moderated, because at least it seemed like you can have a topic conversation for days, and it would stay up.

Hell, even an innocent shoujo thread got randomly deleted,and one of the terfposting ones as well. There was 0 rulebreaking in the shoujo thread, it was just people posting about their favorite mangas, and there were plenty of terf threads.
Just what exactly is going on here? I don't want to fight, I just want one of the mods to explain.

Anonymous 9034

It's been happening to me too but only on /b/. There used to be a bunch of complaints in this thread about posts getting deleted for no discernible reason but even they were removed, including mine kek.
It's almost as if the mods are encouraging us to leave CC even though it's already such a slow moving board with a very small regular userbase.

Anonymous 9036

I posted in the Funny CC Screencaps thread and it was deleted… I didn't break any rules

Anonymous 9037

i noticed that yesterday. you posted in the exact time interval as the troon who was shitting up the boards (when there was no activity on the site) so I hit report. lol sorry

Anonymous 9041

Ayrt, it's ok lol

Anonymous 9051

is this the end of cc?

Anonymous 9058

I don't like the lolcow red meme text on posts

Anonymous 9061

lolcow has a thread you guys can rant on if your posts keep getting deleted

Anonymous 9071

yes, i'm not sure why hasn't anyone else noticed that snail and everyone else that had the power to change cc are gone.

Anonymous 9072

Kapp'n Don't.jpg

could you tell us more about that? i heard snail left CC but i couldn't find a source. what exactly happened to the mod team? it's sus as fuck what's going on rn

Anonymous 9073

thread got locked then unlocked quickly ? tf is happening there

Anonymous 9074

they just disappeared with no notice for years now. either died or have better lives where they don't want stupid internet shit in their life.

Anonymous 9075

check the lolcow thread for updates

it's really suspicious what's going on. the mods arent explain

Anonymous 9076

What's up with the random post and thread deletions and the random bans? Asking in good faith btw to whichever janny reads this.

Anonymous 9102

I complained that you were leaving posts made by a male tranny up but I just saw them get deleted so I take it back lol, thanks mods

Anonymous 9103

well actually you still left >>>/b/230191 up despite him admitting on his reddit account that he posted that here, but hopefully you banned him on that ip too

Anonymous 9104

These guys are most definitely deleting threads that don't break any rules. Had a bunch deleted today it was a shitshow all morning.

Anonymous 9105

the posts I was talking about were made by a man so they definitely deserved to be deleted, and I saw a few /pol/tard threads deservedly get deleted too. I have no idea which ones you are referring to

Anonymous 9109

So… I posted a meme in the misandry memes thread and it was deleted

Anonymous 9110


Anonymous 9111

the one that mocked women? that's not misandry, moid.

Anonymous 9138

Was the /b/ thread about moids using AI chatbots made by a male or something? I can't find it on the catalog anymore. I just wanted to read a few posts from that thread again

Anonymous 9139

There’s now a captcha prompt when you try to post. Someone had to enable it, is snail still there?

Anonymous 9140

probably, maybe we should hold a thank you thread. i was going to start funeral one as a joke but there's no need now

Anonymous 9141

a nona in the thread mentioned it being created by /pol/tards. you could start a new AI thread

Anonymous 9143

Oh, I see.
Nah I just wanted to see the convo about using AI to interact with your husbandos kek. It wouldn't be the same.

Anonymous 9152

I don't know but I want to thank whoever added it I hope it helps. I had a huge panic when cc was down.

Anonymous 9154


From lolcow’s CC bunker thread. Apparently, some nonas can’t post due to picrel error. What do they do?

Anonymous 9155

They should stop being men

Anonymous 9157

They're not banned, it's an error

Anonymous 9158

I'm one of the nonas who got this error. Maybe this is related to VPNs? I can still report posts on my main ip, which shows I'm not banned, but I sometimes use VPN, which is when this error happened. This could be related to sharing two ips.

If that's the case, nonas should watch out while using VPNs on cc in the future. If you're going to switch ips, make sure you delete your cookies.

Anonymous 9171

wait a sec, did you filter out n.o.n.n.i.e.?

Anonymous 9175


More lc screencaps, more moderation is good because of the amount of raids that happen, but can the rules be amended if more off topic posts are subject to be removed now? It's just a little confusing on what is and isn't allowed anymore, thank you!

Anonymous 9176

schizo moment

Anonymous 9177

I don't disagree but I also don't want to get banned because I made some retarded posts on the wrong boards or something

Anonymous 9178

Being banned is not a problem at all. If you're a real woman you can make a nice appeal and will get unbanned.

Anonymous 9179

Oh I didn't know we could appeal, I thought bans were permanent nvm. I'll still miss my dead shitposts though lol

Anonymous 9190

Thread hit the bump limit.

Anonymous 9203

Can someone explain to me how deleted posts work? Some times random replies, that don't break any rules just dissapear in threads. I can only guess that maybe the user was banned for something else and all their post history was removed or something. But in a site as slow as this it's just demoralizing. I'm trying to have some sort of interaction and suddenly the thread replies are cut to ribbons. Which kills any interest of continuing to contribute to discussions

Anonymous 9205

Because of /r9k/ we have moids larping as women here, but they slip up once in a while and get banned.

Anonymous 9218


Took a break from imageboards for a while and now that I'm back we have captcha! Thank you staff :) Really appreciating CC today after checking out a cow thread on LCF, I'm glad CC is alive and well after all

Anonymous 9233

Has this been fixed yet?

Anonymous 9234

My home IP has this error (I'm posting from my phone). When will it be fixed?

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