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Screenshot (20).pn…

Terfposting #11 Anonymous 98118

Anonymous 98119

beware of the death industrial-to-tranny pipeline

Anonymous 98121


Just started a show on Spain's most famous transgender, la Veneno. Looking forward to this trainwreck.

Anonymous 98125

He was unironically nowhere near as bad as modern troons. He stated several times that he's not actually a real woman but that doesn't bother him.

Anonymous 98128


Trooners are just 50's style patriarchats, that just believe that you can switch between the two sterotypical gender roles.

Anonymous 98129

I thought that most of the people who post here would have died of vaccine side effects by now

Anonymous 98130

Don't, it's probably biased.

Anonymous 98131


How is this shit even allowed to exist? If they want to dress like a hideous clown why do they have to try to pretend they're female clowns? Convince me drag kweens and trannies aren't fueled by the same misoginy and frenzy (with bad taste)on traditional women's clothes and fashion. And don't say drag kweens are based when they say they know they aren't real females, their so-called performances are disgusting and they ridicule women.

Anonymous 98143

>tranny-exclusionary based feminist
As we all should be. Beautiful.

Anonymous 98158

Well, it's not great, but at least they're not completely delusional. They recognize that what they're wearing is a costume, and don't want to take women's spaces and rights for that. The world would be a better place if every tranny was a drag queen instead.

Anonymous 98160

Yeah but the content of the article feels very male to me.
It’s always the troons or the moids. Men literally cannot stop talking about women

Anonymous 98161

Screenshot 2021-07…

I have to say I really hate drag queens, nearly as much as troons. It's basically the women equivalent of minstrel shows. They put on an offensive and mean caricature of women, prance around, and get to take off the costume and go back to being men at the end of the day. It's mostly white men punching down imo, and I hate it. It's mostly gay men who hate women and think we are a joke.

It doesn't help that they are also a bunch of sexual deviants who are part of the oversexualization and nasty kink acceptance of the liberal side of things.

Anonymous 98162

oops, meant for that to be a reply to:

Anonymous 98166

Why are they called drag queens? They don’t deserve this status.

Anonymous 98175


>They recognize that what they're wearing is a costume, and don't want to take women's spaces and rights for that.
Even if they don't want to take our spaces their so-called culture is provocatively and purposely ugly and it's obvious they started out as a caricature of women. I agree with this post >>98161
on gay male misoginy and the fact that they are pushing some of the most retarded things like calling yourself slut/bitch/whore and all that like it's an empowering thing. Drag people are aggressive to the eye and to the ear. Although I have to say that drag has a very diverse comunity

I've actually known trannies that emulate their ''superior'' tone of voice and call you ''sweetie, dear''. One of them was a 15 year old boy with medium length purple hair and a croptop.

Anonymous 98180

Because women who crossdressed were called dragkings, but it's not transgressive anymore to be a crossdressing woman.

Anonymous 98232


Anonymous 98233

Why do they always have wigs if they've been trannymode for just 6 months they should have enough hair for a bob. Their wigs always look so unnatural

Anonymous 98234


Anonymous 98248

At that age he's probably bald already lol.

Anonymous 98275


>"I'm not a creepy delusional mockery of feminity I'm a butch transwoman, gurls"
Is this gonna be the new term they're gonna try to progam in society to make the clearly deranged trannies fit in?

Anonymous 98276

I knew he was very pro-trans but I thought he was a chaser or something, kek.

Anonymous 98287


They always have the same couple of names

Anonymous 98304


Anonymous 98305

I really fucking hate drag shit
My friends love it (and msny women also do)
They say it's cReaTiVe and it's about their hair and makeup skills
Well ok, but when I ask about why they need to dress specifically like parody on women and not just random aesthetic image - they say it's because historically female fashion was more varative and vivid (which I think is not exactly true but for the last centuries - yeah)
But why it has to be caricaturistic
They start to show me androgynous stuff and what it could be called tasteful diva-ish images
But how hoes it cancel the mainstream drag?..
It exists

Anonymous 98317

>this cis girl
I wonder if she browses here lmao

Anonymous 98318

Not really possible to crossdress as a woman. No one would notice because there are no restrictions. You could deal a heavy blow to all these people if there weren't clearly female clothing that men can't wear. But I doubt that's going to happen now that they're entrenched. It's always going to be fetish thing.

Anonymous 98330


All I see.

Anonymous 98387


Anonymous 98395


the fact that they call passing being "fishy" is revealing of the misogyny at drag's core.
I shouldn't have to explain that it's an insulting reference to women's genitalia having an unnatural or disgusting odor like fish. Therefore, passing = fishy. They pass so well you can practically smell their disgusting pussy.
Why do they demean women if they want to act like one or be one so bad?
Oh wait, because they get off on being degraded and have no idea what it's actually like to be a woman who is subjected to this bullshit every day of their fucking life.

Anonymous 98397

the issue with Drag Kings is the power balance-
It is not the equivalent of being a Drag Queen.

Drag Queens are still male under all of their makeup. At the end of the day, he washes off the caked-on makeup and returns to being male, complete with all of his male privilege. He mocks the gender roles women are subjected to while never having to actually experience them, and they perform from a place of male privilege and reinforce patriarchal and misogynistic ideas through their jokes and camp.
There is no equivalent of that to mock when dressing up as a man. Yes, you could mock fragile masculinity or gender roles for men, but mocking how men are subjected to patriarchy is not equivalent to mocking how women are subjected to it.

Its not the same at all.

Anonymous 98399


This isn't technically drag, but its clearly fetishistic and creepy as all fuck.

Anonymous 98415

They don’t even present the butch style properly.
They claim to be butch until they’re comfortable enough to say femme, no matter how femininely they actually present themselves.
Butch is just an in-between stage to them, a way to say ’non-passing’.
It’s offensive, and their attitudes about it are all but butch.
Fun fact, they hate the living crap out of actual cis butches, both online and irl.
See for yourself.
One of the fastest ways to clock them.

Anonymous 98427

Self aware trannies hang themselves.

Anonymous 98431

please join me in my shitty electronic music thread in /media/, nona. no one will reply to it

Anonymous 98438

How does he know that girl was cis? What if she was a he/him? He just killed 12 nb trannies by misgendering her.

Anonymous 98444


Anonymous 98445

Hey ladies, i'm in a difficult spot and need some help finding something. You see i've got an amab trans friend and she's not rly comfortable using my bathroom when she comes to visit - the tampons that i keep tucked in the back under the sink gave her rly RLY bad dysphoria last time! Suuuper embarrassing but i've been having these bad BMs that let me scroll reddit for hours looking for something that might help her feel more comfy, but i still can't seem to find any cute tp with the trans flag print on it! Do any of you girls know a place that i can find some? (I think it would go great next to my horse dildo plunger; it's the only decor in the room that she adores.)
xoxo stacy

Anonymous 98455

You're saving your used t*mpons for her, right? If not you need to apologize for withholding the goods IMMEDIATELY.

Anonymous 98460

i'm still alive bitch

Anonymous 98482

Just saw on social media a young girl who embodied all the FTM stereotypes at once. Obsessed with kpop, anime and yaoi, identifies as a "gay man", shits on other females who like BL because they're "fetishizers", presented completely feminine just a few months ago. And scrolling down her account, sure enough, there is eating disorder recovery content while she still presented as a normal girl.
Young girls are being told they don't actually have to stop starving themselves and hating their secondary sexual characteristics as long as they identify as trans. Just like magic, the same medical system that shoved feeding tubes down their nostrils is full of affirmation and encouragement. And maybe even fully paid double mastectomies. What the fuck is wrong with the world.

Anonymous 98486

There are no restrictions NOW!!! women used to get arrested by police if not wearing appropiate garments like skirts or dresses! women figthed hard for freedom of clothing last century. Moids can do shit and would rather call themselves women than fight for abolition of gender.

Anonymous 98519


I'm not even upset at this point, this is comedy gold

Anonymous 98520

An ex-friend of mine who was descovering her lesbian sexuality at 17 and who was into radical feminism (we stopped being friends before the first thing happened) was angry one time I told her years ago I had started questioning the tranny thing. Wouldn't being a lesbian open her eyes in some way? What do gay anonas think of this? I hadn't spoke to her since 3 years ago.

Anonymous 98521

>Wouldn't being a lesbian open her eyes in some way?
Not until it negatively affected her. Most anyone involved who self-describes with an -ism or an -ist views themselves as morally superior for their actions.

Anonymous 98523

This is hilarious but also gotta say women look stupid in bra tops too.

Anonymous 98525

I'm sure they do, but that dude looks like a circus chimp

Anonymous 98527

I'm more surprised he has enough moobage to fill that bra, unless that's just an extreme push up.

Anonymous 98528

Lesbians are often pressured to include moids in their dating pool, or else they’re branded as evil. She proparly internalized that guilt, and lashed out.

Anonymous 98530

I don't think this was the case. And I've never encountered a lesbian that did that and if any end up dating moids wouldn't that ean they're actualy bi?

Anonymous 98624


Anonymous 98625

It's way too late at night here for me to be laughing this hard.

Anonymous 98790


Anonymous 98860


Anonymous 98867


The pencil felt thick and awkward in his fingers. He began to write down the thoughts that came into his head. He wrote first in large clumsy capitals:


Then almost without a pause he wrote beneath it:


But then there came a sort of check. His mind, as though shying away from something, seemed unable to concentrate. He knew that he knew what came next, but for the moment he could not recall it. When he did recall it, it was only by consciously reasoning out what it must be: it did not come of its own accord. He wrote: SEX DOES NOT EXIST . He accepted everything. The sex was alterable. Trans women were women. Trans women had always been women. … He had never seen the evidence that biological sex matters. It had never existed, he had invented it. He remembered remembering contrary things, but those were false memories, products of self-deception.

How easy it all was! Only surrender, and everything else followed. It was like swimming against a current that swept you backwards however hard you struggled, and then suddenly deciding to turn round and go with the current instead of opposing it. Nothing had changed except your own attitude: the predestined thing happened in any case. He hardly knew why he had ever rebelled. Everything was easy, except! Anything could be true. The so-called laws of Nature were nonsense. The law of gravity was nonsense. ’If I wished,’ O’Brien had said, ’I could become a woman.’ Winston worked it out. ’If he thinks he is a woman, and if I simultaneously think I see him as a woman, then he really is a woman.’ Suddenly, like a lump of submerged wreckage breaking the surface of water, the thought burst into his mind: ’It doesn’t really happen. We imagine it. It is hallucination.’ He pushed the thought under instantly. The fallacy was obvious. It presupposed that somewhere or other, outside oneself, there was a ’real’ world where ’real’ things happened. But how could there be such a world? What knowledge have we of anything, save through our own minds? All happenings are in the mind. Whatever happens in all minds, truly happens.

He had no difficulty in disposing of the fallacy, and he was in no danger of succumbing to it. He realized, nevertheless, that it ought never to have occurred to him. The mind should develop a blind spot whenever a dangerous thought presented itself. The process should be automatic, instinctive. Crimestop, they called it in Newspeak. He set to work to exercise himself in crimestop. He presented himself with propositions — ’the Party says the earth is flat’, ’the party says that ice is heavier than water’ — and trained himself in not seeing or not understanding the arguments that contradicted them. It was not easy. It needed great powers of reasoning and improvisation. The biological problems raised, for instance, by such a statement as ’trans women are female’ were beyond his intellectual grasp. It needed also a sort of athleticism of mind, an ability at one moment to make the most delicate use of logic and at the next to be unconscious of the crudest logical errors. Stupidity was as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain.

That's it.

Anonymous 98889


Top comment lol

Anonymous 98935

i want to start a TERFy podcast tbh.

Anonymous 98937

They stopped that unfortunately. You can now block people from following you. Rape, child porn, non consensual photos, all those subreddits still exist. But the tranny jannies fixed the teasing of the trannies within 48 hours.

Anonymous 98945

I feel bad for lesbians.

Anonymous 98949


Chris-chan has been removed from his house. He has admitted to fucking his own mother and concerned people have called the emergency services to get barb inspected and get Chris arrested.

More info including the recording can be found in the usual places including the kiwi farms.


Troons gonna troon.

Anonymous 98951

holy fuck, this is so sad and sick

Anonymous 98957


>you should mutilate your body even if you aren't unhappy with it

Anonymous 98958

how many more of these things does kf have to report on before everyone just accepts that trooning out is nearly always the start of huge downward spiral

Anonymous 98960

a downward spiral that almost always seems to involve incest and/or rape, honestly. seriously.

Anonymous 98964

There's an ocean between the start and end of troondom, and at least half of that ocean are the tears of those who had to stand back and watch them destroy themselves in the autistic pursuit of something they can never be.

the other half of that ocean is retard cum and mattress sweat

Anonymous 98972

Even Troons don't deserve to be associated with CWC.
It's not a tranny issue, it's a "Chris should have been taken to a vet and put to sleep a long time ago" issue.

Anonymous 98974

i mean, yes, but it's definitely a troon issue. most of them are soon to be if, not actually, actualized sexual predators.

Anonymous 98975

Nah, Chris-chan is what happens eventually. They always turn into fucked up sexual deviants. Did you hear about that Brazilian tranny streamer who got busted for raping kids who frequented his stream? So many other examples, but thats from this week.

Anonymous 98979

There's a very clear correlation between troons and autism, pornsickness/extreme paraphilias and sex crimes though. Chris might be among the worst but let's not deny an obvious pattern we should all be wary of

Anonymous 98984

Any good talking points to add to my conversational toolbox when talking to tranny anti-feminist males?

Anonymous 98991


Anonymous 98993

Shooting down your delusional dreams for your own benefit and health is not 'hate speech' lmao. I would PAY to see this retard get SRS and inevitably 41% due to the life ruining results.

Anonymous 99007

chris chan chinese…

Anonymous 99011

Anonymous 99026

Do it.
Christ. But this will unfortunately be swept under the rug. Troons will still have their handmaidens and asskissers.

Anonymous 99068

she has dementia i think so i dunno.

Anonymous 99076

I am so sick of the people who are looking at the mentally ill man who raped his own mother and are being like "ummmm did you misgender him?"

Anonymous 99077

It's fucked up that this isn't even surprising. Sucks that this will be added to women's crime statistics.

Anonymous 99079

California's SB132: Chowchilla women's prison.

Anonymous 99104

somehow no one has actually written that article yet

Anonymous 99122


Anonymous 99125

>There is though
there really isn't. he's mentally ill and a liar. there is a long history of this. a long history of his 'fans' feeding him nonsense too. the recording sounds exactly like someone bullshitting to sound cool to their 'fan'. although he sounds like that most of the time.

Anonymous 99126

he has been talking about wanting to do this kind of thing for literally years though.

Anonymous 99135

Dementia doesn't mean you're braindead. A lot of somewhat cognitively disabled people are victimized, it doesn't mean their recollection is necessarily faulty all of the time or even much of the time.

Anonymous 99137

That picrel is bullshit and you know it.

Anonymous 99148

he bragged to null about having a new girlfriend recently. the description matches barb. null also caught him lying about stealing from barb after the police became involved. as the other anon said, there's been hints at it for years.

Anonymous 99149


meanwhile, this is how some men are choosing to respond to this news on twitter and aren't admonished by other men for doing so. just a maelstrom of burnt eyeball memes basically and virtually the only people complaining are teenage she/her he/him enthusiasts. sad all around.

Anonymous 99153

yes, there are some. honestly though, i really think the reaction by a lot of these people would be entirely different if she wasn't elderly but still vulnerable. i've read horrible shit on the chans about sisters who are disabled.

Anonymous 99160

>I haven't called the hospital yet, I must attention-whore on reddit first instead of checking on the mother of my children and wife of 15 years!

Anonymous 99163

no, unless they specifically make it clear they're crossdressers or into futa or something, they seem to undergo transformation pretty quickly and out of nowhere. paraphilic males are just like this. anyone pornsick is for sure at super high risk of trooning out, and so many men are pornsick anyways. the majority of men, really.

Anonymous 99169

nora anderson is definitely a man

Anonymous 99180


do i see a scrote pfp?

Anonymous 99190

This, probably a man with a trap loli fetish.

Anonymous 99212

Screenshot (12).pn…

Anonymous 99213


>"statistically the hormones they take lower test to a biological female's level so it's an even playing field"

this is a lie. if a natal woman has a fraction more testosterone than 'natural' she is booted for performance enhancing drugs. transwomen still have like 20 times as much testosterone compared to a natal woman, they just dont have as much as a man anymore. so all a transwoman has to do is get their T down a fraction and they're good to go, but if a natal woman's body produces slightly more T than is considered 'normal' her entire career is in jeopardy. it is a very clear double standard, because the point isnt "the poor transwomen uwu" the point is "fuck womens sports"

Anonymous 99222

Late, but whatever.
I've seen people bring up that his case could be brought to the supreme court because incest laws in his state don't cover mother-daughter incest and his tim status complicates the case. Is there really a non-zero chance Chris-chan's case could be the step to reversing the tranny issues we are seeing? It all just sounds nonsensical with little to no chance of that happening to me with how it would have to be handled in a specific fashion, but it would be interesting to see happen.

Anonymous 99226

Fuck. Imagine this:
It's been a long battle with dementia. At first, it was little things. You couldn't remember your wedding, nor the name of your childhood best friend. You would repeat yourself, and tell your family stories that you just relayed to them five minutes ago. You can sense something is wrong, but the wrongness comes from within the biology of your mind itself. There's a losing battle ahead–one where your personhood is stripped from your body.

It only gets worse from there. The hallucinations, the confusion, and the vacant stares. A morsel of your old self is still there, still suffering the unfathomable horror of a decaying mind. Interspersed between your suffering are moments of lucidity. You hear the song played at your wedding, and you smile. You remember how you felt that day–you remember what it was like to be a young woman, hopelessly in love. You hear a baby cry, and you remember holding one of your babies. You stare into those big eyes, and see innocence and potential. This small child in your arms has the potential to change the world.

The lucid moment passes and you're left staring at the wall, confused and terrified. You don't know where you are, you don't know who you are, and you don't know what is happening. Then, out of the fog of confusion, your child–the one that you had high hopes for–pulls you out of this fog and into a horrifying moment of lucidity. Your delusional son then proceeds to rape you. You tell him to stop, but he doesn't. He hurts you, and violates you every third day. Your precious moments of lucidity–the moments where you remember what it feels like to be a person–are replaced with the horrors of being raped by your son. There are perhaps the last moments of your life you will remember.

Barb was a manipulative dick, but no one deserves this fate. I fucking pray she was not lucid during these encounters. I hope these will not be the last memories of her life.

Anonymous 99242


It's so funny when troons insinuate that twansphobes haven't talked to a real trans person and that's why we're so hateful. No, bitch, I've talked to plenty of you guys online and irl and you're fucking insufferable. Touch some grass yourselves before telling other people to touch grass. I went from having a friend circle full of fujo ftms and agps to instantly blocking any tranny and avoiding them irl.

Anonymous 99244


>mom is an elementary school teacher
>super pro trans
>has kid's books about choosing your own pronouns and picking which bathroom you want to use
>just heard her use the term "pregnant people"

Anonymous 99248

le drag qween storytime at the library has arrived

Anonymous 99250

Ask her what a woman is

Anonymous 99253

My mom is similar. I told her that a trans-woman is competing in womens weightlifting at this olympics and she basically said, that she finds it great.
I can't understand how a 60 year old woman can just take it all like that.


I wonder if it will still be legal to disagree with trans rethoric, once I'm a mom in 20 years.
Weirdly, my little brother was already told at a church camp, that there are 36 genders by a woman organizer, who did a big lecture for all of the children.
Thankfully the schools aren't as radical as the church, where I live. I only expect this to be taught in schools in about another 10 years.

Anonymous 99258

I still don't understand it. I didn't want to make a scene, so I didn't ask him to elaborate.

I worry about how willing these trans-activists are to paint anybody who doesn't agree with them as the devil and how many people(including my mom) willingly go along with it, without understanding it.

Anonymous 99259


my mom (the teacher) once started refering to a little girl as "he" because "he" was bad at ballet and didn't seem to enjoy it. as far as i know she only did this around me but still.

Anonymous 99260

Lol, that is super mean. I don't like your mom.

I would have expected a public outcry, after hearing, that a man is competing in womens weightlifting at the Olympics, but instead the media is only explaining why it is a good thing and the women honestly seem more on board with it than the men. How is this possible?
It seems like transsexuals have completely broken the feminist movement at this point.
I honestly see no chance of this change ever stopping at this point. There is just no good opposition to the trans-movement. Currently the troons are free to change what they like.
Maybe I should just become apolitical, like my mom, and embrace what the media/politicians tell me. There seems to be no chance to change it anyway.

Anonymous 99261


>embrace what the media/politicians tell me
don't you ever fucking give in

Anonymous 99262

Specifically, it feels like the transsexuals have found an exploit in the feminist movement, by using the same language as feminists for their cause, and have overtaken the feminist movement this way.

Anonymous 99270

>don't you ever fucking give in
Do you see any significant opposition to the trans-movement in the
near future, that could change something?

I could try to find my own private terf network and raise my children that
way, but I see no chance of the society changing as a whole.

It is really not that easy to have controversial political opinions.
Some people will see you like the devil, if you don't agree with them.
Sometimes it feels like our society is becoming more authoritarian in this way,
but I'm probably too young to judge.
If I want to be popular, where I live, I should just support the trans-movement.

Anonymous 99271

>How is this possible?
Not many men follow or care about social trends, and being 'up-to-date'. So it's just weird shit. Women are more tuned in and progressive. Which at the moment means tranny-supporting. It won't end yet but it will end when the next thing that can be trendier develops. Because it's change and upheaval for the sake of change and upheaval. History will be revised accordingly.

Anonymous 99272

I would love for it to be just a trend.

But how will the troons give up the power positions they have gotten
over the past decades?
Don't we need somebody to actively fight against them?
I hope they will lose their power someday.

Anonymous 99273

Of course I would never seriously agree with any of it.
But it seems like many women are such conformists, that they care more about
appearing as a social justice warrior, than the actual facts.

Anonymous 99277

Women care more about supporting their communities, and currently their communities include troons.

Anonymous 99279

Sometimes I wonder where the world would be if everyone in the past thought like millennials and gen Z do now, being smug because they are bigger ~empaths~ than boomers and more socially progressive, but at the same time being the biggest fucking doormats because they can't stand going against the grain, because that's too scawy.

I wonder where we would be if the American Civil War never happened because it's not like we can get rid of the British anyway, they'll just push back harder. Or the French Revolution, because they'll just execute the rebelling peasants anyway, maybe it's easier to conform? Or World War 2 because have you seen how powerful those Germans are and how many people they've murdered?! There's no way we'll win!

Anyway this defeatist mindset disgusts me and seems all too common online, you see it with climate change doomers as well.

Anonymous 99283

I don't know, anon. I don't know
I've known a bunch of FtMs as well. They're all the exact same kind of angry and unhappy. All fried their brain on yaoishit. One wonders what's become of this world…

Anonymous 99285


Anonymous 99286

It gave autistic incels a place to form a community, and that community devolved into troonism. It most certainly played a part.

Anonymous 99287

> but euphoria? that feeling u get when someone uses the right pronouns? that "I can't contain my smile sort of joy? THATS what the trans experience is all about.
So they're admitting it's a power trip. Getting someone to deny reality to you, even when they know it's not real. Figures

Anonymous 99289

Yeah, I saw that on /pol/ too, when it went up

Anonymous 99293

I was a staunch supporter of the trans movement until I actually met trans people. It was only then that I realized how mentally ill they are

Anonymous 99294

There's a tide turning. More people are waking up each day.
Most of them are afraid to say it, but the majority of the country doesn't want to go along with this. It's another naked emperor.
Have faith. The superstraight thing was the first stiring. Once straight men become aware of how retrograde this movement is, and how much they want to force themselves upon others, the reckoning will be ungodly.

Anonymous 99297

God, this is depressing. This person is so delusional, and in so much pain.

What would it even take to help a person like this? No amount of "validation" is going to work. Can they be made to see the light? Or is their only option to 41%?

Anonymous 99306


To think of what could have been always hurts me the most.

I expect, by the time this is over, incest will be legal and a human right.

Anonymous 99309


Anonymous 99311

I fucking hate this so much.

Anonymous 99315

she's just doing her best. i think the problem is she's bi and until she was almost 60 didn't feel safe telling anyone but my dad.

Anonymous 99321

he and his entire family were always mentally ill, but I blame the crowd who turned him into a form of entertainment.
With proper treatment this could have been all avoided and he might have been a somewhat stable and normal person, but the proles of the internet had to have their fucking laughs.
I also blame the authorities and social workers for not being more proactive, the writing was right there on the wall.

Anonymous 99322


So besides Azealia and J.K., has there been any other female celebrity (or celebrities) who discussed their views on troons, or are most still too pussy to do it?
These are old screencaps from her Instagram in February of this year to those who don't know.

Anonymous 99323


Anonymous 99324


Anonymous 99326

Chris was a full grown adult when the internet found him. He was creeping on girls on his college campus and writing comics about fighting the Target security guards long before anyone knew who he was. Explain how being noticed by the internet was the key factor that led to the rape of his own mother. Go ahead and fucking try.

Are all the other rapist troons just victims of the internet?

Anonymous 99329

I'm actually slightly surprised by how much disgust has been directed at him for this - i assumed the internet would more be excited by the spectacle, not so much be so disgusted. It has put a little bit of faith in internet users for me

Anonymous 99337

Well I guess he'll be able to find a boyfriend-free girl in the women's prison the state of virginia is going to send him to.
I am seething that this will be counted as a "female crime".

Anonymous 99343

He's a fucking autist you absolute nematode, incapable of rational thought

look at this:

They're fucking cheering him on and have been doing this for the last decade. How do you think his broken, retarded brain will process this feedback? Of course he will keep making content.
> He was creeping on girls on his college campus and writing comics about fighting the Target security guards long before anyone knew who he was
Yes and if he was shut down right there and got psych care it might have turned out differently. Instead everyone got their "lulz" out of it.

Anonymous 99353

Yes but it doesn’t mean that you’re wrong

Anonymous 99354

Fills me with joy that he'll end up murdered.

Anonymous 99370

>Do you see any significant opposition to the trans-movement in the near future, that could change something?

The second this troon bullshit negatively impacts moids, especially the ones with power is when it gets put down. In the meantime the politicians don't give a fuck and companies are happy to pander and collect that sweet tranny dosh.

Anonymous 99394

this is just my idiot take: that may be the case in some larger, more unified countries, but I heard a brit male say, to an american male, "Put an irishman on a spit, and it wont be long before you find another is turning him" and everyone agreed. This could be applied to other countries, pick any from a hat. I don't see men helping eachother in a time of crisis, I just see them buying eachothers land at desperately low prices with a kekful grin. Tbh, my old chinese family I worked for were kind of just accepting of trans stuff they assumed it was normal westerner carry on when they moved over from somewhere rural, so I really don't know what part of the world is going to help if the americans and brits are fully educational-wastelands in some dystopian future.

tl;rd: i just see the men of other countries stealing eachothers shit and being happy for the turbulence.

saged this because i sound like a full retard just wanted to add my two cents

Does anyone think religious backlash happen? "All gods children" tends to only be used when its convenient anyway
We could actually do the meme and form a religious convent like no-males institution

Anonymous 99419

>tranny calls semi normal person a faggot

Anonymous 99428

>Well you see, officer, I had to rape her because people harassed me online
Chris wasn’t going to get psych help whether people online harassed him or not. The events that really triggered his spiral into who he is today were his father dying and his house burning down. Chris has always been dodgy about his perception on reality as well as how he views consent (he implied to Megan he would have raped her had he not drawn himself fucking her then posting it online). He would still have been living in a hoarder’s den alone with his vulnerable mother, even if no one had ever caught wind of Sonichu.

Anonymous 99435

>wasn’t going to get psych help

That's my point, people like him should be forcefully committed instead of watching the train wreck unfold.

It's like a mini-experiment with everything wrong in the world, everyone just observes as things turn to shit and then they have a laugh about it.

Anonymous 99441

>everyone just observes as things turn to shit
Were you somehow not aware that many of the 'trolls' in Chris's life were actively trying to help him? Null was in regular communication with him, had access to his emails to filter out malicious weens, and managed his gofundme. The original 'inner circle' trolls often took a similar role, steering him away from his worst ideas and shooing away weens. Some of the lowest points in Chris's online interactions came when two groups of trolls were competing for his attention and the less compassionate ones got in (the Idea Guys, the group behind Bianca, you could arguably add Kacey to this group since she went rogue and fucked off).

It's recently come out that the pair of new trolls who leaked the incest admittance were trying to hook Chris up with a friend of theirs. A terrible idea for their friend (who was a genuine autist Sonichu fan that wanted to meet Chris) but not particularly mean to Chris. It failed because he wasn't interested in meeting someone new, he had already found a 'girlfriend.' The actions of mean internet people were thwarted, because he started fucking his mom, of his own volition.

Also, Chris has gotten plenty of psych help. He's literally the most documented person on the internet, do your research before running your mouth off.
He's been forced to get help several times and simply ignores anything they say that he wouldn't like. A therapist affirmed his transgender diagnosis. Nobody could or should have him forcefully committed because he was always high functioning enough to slip by. Not every 'bad person' trait is the result of mental illness or disability, by the way! You can't legally institutionalize someone because they're a potential rapist, at least not in America.

>In a July 2009 IRC Chat, Chris, believing that he had entered the chat incognito (although the trolls had in fact instantly seen through his false identity), suggested that the trolls force him to rape Rocky. Rocky herself is aware that Chris said this. The fact that she did not kick him out of the church on the spot speaks volumes about her patience.

He had expressed desires to rape his church counselor and tried to trick the trolls into 'making' him do it.

But we're the bad guys for watching him overshare on social media!!! Case closed.

Anonymous 99515


Yeah… I remember seeing this on r/TumblrInAction

These people are delusional. You always have to mollycoddle them, and anything can set 'em off. Even if I was bi, I wouldn't want to date people like this. It's the very definition of a toxic relationship.

Anonymous 99518


Anonymous 99521

I still don't get this TikTok. Is it a reference to the "lesbians always have trimmed nails" stereotype?

Anonymous 99524

It's the two unpainted nails on his index and middle finger.

Also the nail polish looks like shit to top off the whole autogynophile look.

Anonymous 99528

> Would you fuck me?
> I'd fuck me

Anonymous 99534


Anonymous 99541

> it's a fetish

Anonymous 99546

people legitimately cared for and about chris. as of right now, i am not too sure. i think the general consensus is that he’s too far gone, which i agree with. no one held a gun to his head and forced him to rape his mother. he did it of his own volition, yet the internet is acting as if all of the so-called bullying caused him to snap and rape his mom. it’s fucking ludicrous.

Anonymous 99552

The internet wanted him to put Billy Mays in Sonichu, not his penis in his mother's vagina.

Anonymous 99555


Anonymous 99590

These people have a really weird relationship with distinguishing features of the opposite sex.

Anonymous 99591


that's something of an understatement.

Anonymous 99598

what the fuck did i just read. i really hope it's just the advertisement but this almost makes you feel offended on behalf of aidens that straight handmaidens might be walking around with flaccid fake dicks just to distract from the fact that they're excruciatingly dull straight women. matthew sounds like a fucking weirdo.

Anonymous 99613

idk what that means because i've never seen RLM. it's not even a sex toy though? it's just a fake fleshy human-scale doll dick. i think these companies are giving her more than just the free product to try. 24k a month you mean??

Anonymous 99632

There is no punishment fitting in this world for them.

Anonymous 99637

That person is just trying to enforce the number one rule of misogyny, "Everything a man does is a woman's fault." In their minds, Barb brought this on herself because she was a bad mother and didn't get Chris the help he deserved.

Anonymous 99638

Only 24k a year from selling your soul? Damn, I got an associate's and I make more than that.

Anonymous 99645

What about my made up pronouns?
Why isn't everything allowed?

Anonymous 99649

A guy I know is sporting out because Blaire White (an MTF) commented that Chris Chan trooned out to get close to lesbians (which is true). Blair White is a bit of a pickme lolcow but I have to admire that Blaire will point out that a shit ton of trans people are just outright predators who make no effort to hide it whatsoever.

What did Chris really do beyond grow his ratty hair longer to become a woman? What, other than get an infected piercing that ate a hole in his still bepenised gooch, did he actually do in an effort to even look like a woman?

So not this retard moid is telling me how Blair White is a transphobic piece of shit for pointing out that moids who are actually big burly bear looking asses dont get to call themselves ma'am and immediately invade lesbian spaces. Like fuck Blaire, but fuck this stupid shitty opinion that Chris needs to have his fee fees protected just because "uwu it hurts the community as a whole"

Anonymous 99653

Chris is literally retarded and can't even connect the dots between a single person playing two different characters without even switching their voice.

Anonymous 99665

There are angry troons posting gore of dead women on the Lolcow Farm MTF thread and it's almost sad that the fact they want to be me so bad that they have to wave death in my face to cope

Anonymous 99668

Chris claimed a few times that he was on real HRT but for a while before that it was just sissy hypno videos and stolen oestrogel (stolen from his mom, obviously). There's no way to actually get proof of prescriptions but it's not that weird these days for an aggressive autist to get signed off on hormones from an informed consent clinic.

Anonymous 99669

>Almost in his 40s, no work experience
Fucking excuse you, he was fired from Wendy's for scaring a child and once made a piss poor attempt to sell knives door-to-door.

He was also making custom medallions and people were honest-to-god buying them, for a while.

Anonymous 99673

Why do they use words that are so unnatural and hard for English phonology? I don't even know how you way say the x- ones.

Anonymous 99677

>sell knives door-to-door.

Source on this? I actually chuckled

Anonymous 99679

Nta and no source but it was for Cutco, a pretty major mlm in the US. They're pretty big and tend to recruit people in Chris's age range so it's not that wierd.

Anonymous 99690

I think he’s extremely autistic. The line between autism and narcissism is wafer thin in males.

Anonymous 99695

genuinely unwell autist that is also extremely selfish and perverse.

Anonymous 99705

You can just go to the CWCki for source on just about any Chris info, and usually the source is just "Chris said this and probably wasn't lying this time." Because he's fucking stupid, he has actually bragged about his microscopic work experience as though it means something.

Anonymous 99729

kek but his face in the last panel actually scares the shit out of me.

Anonymous 99838

will chris chan's trial be televised?

Anonymous 99878


This is the sign in question.

Anonymous 99879

Part 2, not on reddit.

"Stop staring at my ass!"

Anonymous 99883

I really want to make a tranny a villain in my story but I guess I'll chicken out.
He is mind controlling women so he can live through them and catfish people in real life. But the heroine has to stop him.

Anonymous 99885

>I wanted to think it was all fake drama made up by kiwi farms
Often and always the first mistake people make.


Classic psychopathic male autist hyper-fixated on sex (as most often are). The details are absolutely sickening. IIRC he admits to knowing that the dementia is ruining his mother's memory and raping her once every 3 days for at least a month before the audio leak, he hinted and bragged about the relationship to at least 2-3 separate people like a serial killer would to police or victim's families. I'd actually recommend going to Kiwi, as they've been unearthing the chick that seemed to be goading him into it - not that he probably needed much nudging. (There was that Megan girl he harassed all during school, he drew art of them having sex to "stop himself from raping her" or something.) She's also into incest and pedo shit, absolute sociopath that seemingly wanted to film CWC and another autistic girl having sex to humiliate them at the brony con CWC was planning to go to. This Isabella chick seemed to know for awhile about this stuff going on and was fine with withholding it, said autist girl leaking the audio when she found out and making Isabella sperg out.

Court Appearance: archive.md/xj5Nx
>Consolvo said it’s clear that people sought out where Chandler was staying at a hotel in Henrico and videotaped her arrest. Chandler interrupted the proceedings saying “I’m famous on the internet” loudly, and then Heilberg told her not to speak until spoken to by the court.

>Judge Barredo told Chandler that there are two things to consider when deciding bond: whether a defendant is likely to appear at trial and if the defendant constitutes an unreasonable danger to himself, his family or his community. Chandler again interrupted the judge saying “she.” The judge said he was reading from the state statute itself.

>Heilberg told the court he would be asking for evaluations of Chandler, who interrupted by stomping her feet and saying loudly that she needed “to get everything back home.” She then said loudly, “I won’t feel safe proceeding until” she gets the items back.

Sage 'cause just CWC sperging.

Anonymous 99892

It's going to take some tight writing to wrap the story up in 41 pages.

Anonymous 99908


Anonymous 99961

Who's this Isabella exactly? First time I hear of her.

Anonymous 99964

Strap in, and beware the ride is still in motion.
https:// kiwifarms. net/threads/isabella-loretta-janke-kelly-osborn-10anon-nobodysbusiness77897-bella-the-incest-troll-and-her-clique-of-extremely-sick-people.96787/

Anonymous 99982

Disliked get ratio'd lmao

Anonymous 99994

concerned apu.png

That can't be a serious take. I refuse to believe we are that far into clown world.

Anonymous 99996

It's a troll account.

Anonymous 100027

I've read so much about this. Isn't it almost incredible from a scientific perspective that males with biologically try to morph into a woman if they can't fuck one?

That same fish that Nemo is does the same thing. If there are no available females then the males will start morphing into female fish to increase the breeding pool, exactly the same as how retard moids troon out and call themselves breedable on Twitter.

Anonymous 100041


The nonbinary trend has made its way into Asia.

Anonymous 100057

I don't think the CPC cares about whether or not a given person is a troon or a faggot until they start asking for legal changes revolving around this status. Similar problems with the feminists, it wasn't that CPC has issues with women, it has issues with anyone wanting to criticize the current government in any form period.

Anonymous 100080

Was it, short index finger + long ring finger = high testosterone??

Anonymous 100086

Someone needs to check his dad's hard drive.

Anonymous 100104

Doubtful. Like another nona said, the two unpainted nails are her fingering nails. The stereotype is that a lesbian would use those two fingers to penetrate a partner.

Anonymous 100106

I saw 2 troons today and it was ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING
Why can't I go a single day without seeing a troon?

Anonymous 100107


Always a fan of these memes.

Anonymous 100108

I like her energy but I legitimately have difficulty reading this. I'm pretty sure she browses /pol/. I think she might personally be responsible for posting all the black natsoc tradthot threads recently.
I would wear that just to make moids uncomfortable. I want to wear it with a bikini, or pink colored yoga pants. Other than harassing moids though, why?

Anonymous 100109

>Other than harassing moids though, why?

Anonymous 100110


Anonymous 100111


Anonymous 100113

anyone notice it tends to be the tall, bulky moids who troon out? you would think the manlet 5'3 twink moids would, but no, it's always the linebackers about the size and shape of my refrigerator.
More like Downs Street.

Anonymous 100120

The short twinks troon out too, you just don't notice them. Try looking down.

Anonymous 100125

High testosterone = high risk of porn addiction/degeneracy = more likely to troon out

Anonymous 100128

Based 5 year old terf

Anonymous 100133


when the tranny is sus!

Anonymous 100137

LOL at the wholesome reaction

Anonymous 100138

Anonymous 100164

Exactly. People have evolved to be able to differentiate between the sexes easily from a young age. Other animals can do this, too and sometimes have preferences. There are dogs who like women but not men, for example. I wonder how troons would react to being "misgendered" by people's pets lmao.

Anonymous 100167

Fixing the post for you.

Anonymous 100168


Very obvious fake gore, the drag queen is the real NSFL content.

Anonymous 100176

> lounging at a small dog, because it's annoying
I fucking hate men so much. No real woman would do that.

Anonymous 100192

Somebody should've threw food or their drink at him.

Anonymous 100201

twe1 - Copy.png

>No real woman would do that.
Meet more women. Unrelated because that dog was being defensive, but some dogs take lunging as a cue to play.

Picre w/updates. This creature is making demands of the UK government.

Anonymous 100202

twe2 - Copy.png

Anonymous 100203

twe3 - Copy.png

Anonymous 100204

Just doesn't even acknowledge how many troons are just straight up pedos

Anonymous 100205

Screenshot (109).p…

His new @ kek: https://twitter.com/Felix_F_Fern
Also what's with troons (especially white troons) always using "white" as an insult? Are these creatures trying to guilt trip gullible white libfems? Aren't they aware nonwhite people hate them, too?

Anonymous 100206

>He / they
This is a enbie dude? Can’t really tell

Anonymous 100207

>Are these creatures trying to guilt trip gullible white libfems?

Sadly, it's an TiF. Imagine being a fat girl and wanting to look like a pastel Bill Dauterive.

Anonymous 100208


Anonymous 100209


That fucking caveman brow ridge lmao, the Adam's apple too, holy fuck I can't stop laughing.. that JAWLINE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Anonymous 100210

I'm not seeing what you're seeing, but okay. She looks like a cis woman to me.

Anonymous 100211

Samefag but *he if it matters to you.

Anonymous 100212

Cis women don't call other women cunts for looking at them weird, only men do. No tranny will ever perfectly pass, whether that's in appearance or behavior.

Anonymous 100214

>only men do
where are you getting this from. pretty sure they would love the attention

Anonymous 100215

stop impassable so…

Anonymous 100222

Quote the whole thing, clean your glasses, or get some reading comprehension. Women don't call other women cunts for looking at them weird; we ignore them, walk away, or ask what's wrong. Calling another woman a cunt for a funny look is something a pre-established bully in british fiction does.

Anonymous 100296


reddit is a shithole

Anonymous 100297

Earnest question: is the "cis men aren't real men" joke/rhetoric popular among tif?

Anonymous 100298

Agreed, but attacking the troon's appearance has nothing to do with this fact.

Anonymous 100300

Why have these chesters not figured out yet that "I can't be a pedophile I'm a rape victim" is something only pedophiles say

Anonymous 100304


>'trolls' in Chris's life were actively trying to help him?


Anonymous 100306

i truly, truly, truly hope she burns in hell for that hamster shit. what a fucking loser of a human being. i pray she's going to at least do some time for everything she has done. fuck.

Anonymous 100314


Here's more if you're interested

Anonymous 100315


holy shit it just dawned on me. this freak will be locked up with women. oh no. no no no

Anonymous 100330

i dislike troons but it's really disappointing to see how eager a lot of terfs are to align themselves with chud moids
i don't want to be associated with tradshitters just for defending women's spaces

Anonymous 100331

IIRC & AFAIK: Chris won't be in a women's prison, it's already been decided. Virginia law says that if a tranny hasn't SRS'd then they go to their appropriate sexed prison. Not to mention I don't think he has a prescription for hormones by a doctor, thus no record of GD.

Fixed your link.

Anonymous 100334

>but attacking the troon's appearance has nothing to do with this fact.
Who cares, though? Trannies demean women all the time by devaluing us to our features and etc. That's clearly a fucking male and the only time I feel bad for mean-girling about looks is when it turns to be about demeaning real women for their masculine features. Let anon laugh at the caveman in their leopard skin dress all she wants.

Anonymous 100335

>No need for short twinks to troon since they're already cute.
And more openly and happily homosexual.

Anonymous 100367

same, not to mention it just adds more fuel to the “terves are basically just conservative christian moms pretending to be feminists” misinformation fire

Anonymous 100377

Iirc since he's in Virginia he'd only be housed with women if he's has the big snip and he hasn't yet so they're safe

Anonymous 100381

>Maybe I should just become apolitical, like my mom
basically what I'm in the process of becoming
>and embrace what the media/politicians tell me
v resistant to this, which is keeping me from achieving the above. fun stuff

Anonymous 100383

it wasn't always this way, not sure what happened but a year or two ago some sort of big merge started occurring or maybe I'm dumb

Anonymous 100385

You realize the people who collected the extensive dox on Bella are the other Chris trolls, right?

There's always been a complex game of autist chess over Chris's wellbeing and the presence of yet another shitty ween doesn't cancel out years of guardianship from Null and Marvin.

Do your research, jesus fucking christ.

Anonymous 100390


Anonymous 100406

>You realize the people who collected the extensive dox on Bella are the other Chris trolls, right?
Actually most of them were Kiwifarmers or some of the people that Isabella directly hurt. Kiwi has a "no touching the poo" notice/rule that states:
>No trolling plans. We are not an autistic Illuminati. If you embarrass yourself or the forum trying to troll, we will ridicule you.
And a screenshot of it was posted twice on her opening post, and several times during the thread at people plotting things.

Anonymous 100407

>years of guardianship from Null
He's never protected or helped CWC beyond sending a $900 care package after Chris' house burnt down and helping set up the GoFundMe commissions to get Chris to the MLP con.

>Do your research, jesus fucking christ.

Kek. You didn't even do yours.

Sorry to samefag about trash.

Anonymous 100408

Finished. What a sad life. The stuff about his mom made me cry. Still don't like trannies tho

Anonymous 100427


Isn't it great women have other men to explain how bad men are. Like they didn't know, they needed a man pretending to be a woman to set the record straight on men. I guess he would know what men are like, given he is one

Anonymous 100432

Kiwifags are autistic scrotes that can't follow rules. Idk why you think they'd care about their own rules.

Anonymous 100434

Null had been directly monitoring Chris's email for years after he had been extorted by the Idea Guys.

Do. Your. Research.

Also lol that you think the random Kiwi posters are the only ones involved in protecting Chris or getting the details on Bella. You know who Marvin is, right?

This is besides the point anyways. There could literally be nobody aiding Chris and everyone against him and he's still the sole responsible party at fault for raping his own mother, lol. Sorry your precious little man isn't innocent!

Anonymous 100438

And he does it… Because it makes him feel a bit more like a woman when he hates his own gender…

Anonymous 100443

Its 50% now sis

Anonymous 100444

is that even a troon or do they just have a tranny flag? honestly doesn't look any more male than the pickme cunt at the start

Anonymous 100445

They have made way to my country too

Anonymous 100449

It's more just that conservatives will always adopt the leftwing rhetoric of yesterday even if they don't believe in it, because for them any push back is something.

Anonymous 100460


i hope i'm interpreting this correctly and that an ftm is envious of mtfs masculinity

Anonymous 100469

2021-08-09 23_29_5…

It's a guy. He looks and sounds like a guy, but I attached proof anyway. In his own words he was "assigned male at birth"

Anonymous 100470


Anonymous 100481

"How can it be brainwashing if I find branwashing so hard?"

Anonymous 100494

he looks like a far along ftm at best anon…

Anonymous 100497

there's a difference between "looking bad" and "looking/sounding like a woman". he looks, and especially sounds like, an FTM at best. tons of people can not look like women or men but still be good looking people btw

Anonymous 100500

I've noticed this more in general lately, for many topics

Anonymous 100504

Really? Surprising, for me I immediately clocked him, before even hearing the audio. Just looks like an effeminate man.

There not feminists at all. Just mentally ill men trying to get access to lesbians and ranting about the evils of men in an attempt to mark themselves out as good. But they're just as misogynistic as a misogynistic straight man. If you don't go along with their trans charade then they reveal it pretty quickly.

Anonymous 100506

*they're. Damn it.

Anonymous 100511

The obsession with who passes or not will only ever bring terfs down. Sometimes I'll go on ovarit and such and the obsession with "all women are tiny delicate waifs 5'5" or under with slender smooth necks leading up to tiny jaws and bitty baby brows not to mention the tiny hands and tiny frames and tiny little itsy bitsy toes uwu" is exhausting. More than anything, it makes me feel bad for women with "masculine" features who have had to hear this crap their whole lives.

Anonymous 100512

It's the trannies who are obsessed with 'passing,'they make such an obsession of it and are desperate for validation. Meanwhile they argue that they are realer women than 'cis women.' The honest truth is that they look like men pretending to be women, which funnily enough is what they are.

Anonymous 100532

The bare minimum requirement for a decent tranny is accepting that they are male. Otherwise they're just another eggshell you don't want to walk on.

Anonymous 100538

and that there's no such thing as brain sex. and that they're participating in a fetish/deeply chauvinistic and harmful caricature. they can't be a troon at all, really. they must not not use she/her pronouns or attempt to hijack any language, space, anything, that is associated with women. essentially just a man who says he's a man and dresses up with a male name etc etc. if they're taking their fetish public and expecting people to call them Carrie, they're not decent

Anonymous 100541

Meh, names are arbitrary. Many names are neutral and unless they did something gross like take their sister's name, I don't have a problem with men changing their names.

I'll call him Carrie so long as he takes the him.

Anonymous 100559

Why do you come here to try to convince trannies aren't disgusting mentally ill males who do nothing but harm women? Nobody will buy your bullshit so I don't see the point. Fuck off.

Anonymous Admin 100627

This thread series is for venting and not discussion. So from here on out, any and all pro-trans arguments in this thread will result in a ban, not because nobody is allowed to have neutral or positive opinions on this topic, but because it isn't going to lead to a fruitful discussion in here. If you're a regular user and you just disagree with the intensity of this thread or individual posts, I might open a discussion thread at another time, but this isn't the place and I will ban you even if I believe you're female. Temporary bans will also be handed out to everyone who accuses a poster of being male yet responds anyway, as we've been doing for a long time.

I hope to add more mods soon and make everything a bit more structured. Thanks for being patient.

Anonymous 100647

No thanks mister, I don't need a man to mansplain men to me. YWNBAW

Anonymous 100664

>when you transition to male so hard you develop severe AGP and become a trans male trans female

Anonymous 100675

Fellow ladies, is it socially female to seethe over political arguments on an imageboard?

Anonymous 100691

Why is nobody seeing the parallelism between fanatics who rewrite history to suit their delusions and them? Like, do yu think they ever stop for a second and wonder "wait, we are trying to interpret all of history according to our present 2020+1 worldview, isn't that a bit fanatical? Could we be the baddies afterall?", or is that above their self-reflection capabilities?

Anonymous 100695

how many layers of mental illness is that?

Anonymous 100699


>go for a psychiatric checkup to ensure I still have a grasp of objective reality and haven't slipped into some delusional hallucinatory state that is clouding my judgement when I look in the mirror.
Ha. He's so close, and yet so far.


Anonymous 100731

The way the angle gradually got higher, lol.

Anonymous 100736


Anonymous 100737

Screenshot (111).p…

Posting post by post in case it's too hard for anyone to read.

Anonymous 100738

Screenshot (112).p…

Anonymous 100739

Screenshot (113).p…

Anonymous 100744


Not entirely sure if this belongs here but since it's mildly related I need to rant. I'm done with the whole of LGBT, at least when it comes to westerners who have 100% politicized this garbage. Being a lesbian feels dehumanizing and at this point I don't see the rest of the letters as human either. Gaymen and troons are total degenerate clowns, bisexuals who don't go het just exist to remind you how much of a shitlord you are for not giving them a chance (and then go back to being het), the non-conventional letters are just plain subhumans RPing several mental illnesses for attention and pretending romantic/sexual preferences are full blown sexualities (and the other letters agree with them because ???). And then comes the lesbians who at this point I think they don't really exist besides me. It's just not logical that you can be socially pressured into fucking men (trannies), be happy with the situation and still call yourself a lesbian. Either lesbians are retarded or they just were bisexual all along. Everyone sees lesbians badly too even if the rest of the alphabet soup seethe and say it's not true. Lesbians are seen as fugly radfem orcs thanks to amerilard stereotypes, and the cute ones are fetishized to hell and back. I realized that people react more positively if you just say you happen to like girls instead of identifying as lesbian, it probably sounds softer, less politically charged. Honestly the total detachment of the LGBT from society didn't use to bother me because I don't really like people but that's precisely what is setting apart the divide even further, we are perceived as weirder than ever thanks to the LGBT tards being retarded as a form of protest and I'm done with it, once you grow up and get a normal job you realize you need to be part of society and can't keep running away from it forever. I'm still eternally thankful to those who fought for decriminalizing homosexuality and giving us rights, I just don't like what has become of it. The """""community""""" is fake and toxic as fuck, and so are hetshitters who make fun of us when they think no one is there to cancel them. I'm just so tired of it all.

Anonymous 100761

if I didn't know better I would just assume this is a joke

Anonymous 100762

Look at that face! This guy would've been pretty handsome if it weren't for the mental illness.

Anonymous 100770

I love these comics so much.

Anonymous 100778


I don't know, maybe you're right about first world troons being mostly paraphilic and autogynephilic or people who think transition is the answer to their psychiatric issues.
But being a third-world-n0nni3 I can see that the fate for most of them around here is getting kicked out of home as teens, prostitution, drug abuse, involvement in crime, injecting industrial silicone to their butt and an early death (their life expectancy is at less than 40).
The american "trans rights model" is slowly starting to appear around here but usually they still dont usually go to female prisons, they do not care much about pronouns or their chosen name, and just cannot get normal jobs except for maybe being a hairdresser.
The third world trans/crosdresser feels way less like a porn addicted autogynecophile and more like an effeminate gay man who tries to be more like a female to feel accepted by men who fetishize them because, as a homo, their family never showed them acceptance.
Therefore, trans lesbians are RARE (they're more common now as we are importing the american gender theory a bit more, unfortunately).

Anonymous 100790

He's crying and expressing pain at not being seen as an authentic person with a depth of human experiences because of his sex? Wow, maybe he really does know what being a woman is like.

Anonymous 100798


I just love this pic

Anonymous 100801


took this photo, do you think this was a tranny?

Anonymous 100804

Probably just gay

Anonymous 100808

I don't know whether to be sad, angry, or schadenfreude (sp?) at this picture.

Anonymous 100810


Anonymous 100811

It's the standard rainbow flag and not the fucked up one with the trans/brown/black chevron, so probably not a troon

Anonymous 100813

My eyes are so garbage I couldn't tell

Anonymous 100819

That's the incomplete version

Anonymous 100820


Oh I can't delete posts on here, only files? I meant to get rid of my accidental link to >>100813

Anyway take 2 here's the pic

Anonymous 100822


I am having a really hard time not hating troons….

I'm so unhappy, but they seem at every turn to discount my existence as some fetish. Why do they make me so sad…?

Anonymous 100841


Anonymous 100878


Troon murders people to get money for a sex change. If this was more recent, imagine the way handmaidens and troons alike would be tripping over themselves to make the justice system look like Terfs

Anonymous 100879

Wow Jazz, it's almost as if trying to transition into a female is impossible and the fact your parents and LGBTards filled you head with lies cementing the idea that a female body is an achievable goal is something you have no realised is a delusion and now your crippled mental state makes you more susceptible to dangerous self destructive disorders

Anonymous 100880

>Wow Jazz, it's almost as if trying to transition into a female is impossible and the fact your parents and LGBTards filled you head with lies cementing the idea that a female body is an achievable goal is something you have no realised is a delusion and now your crippled mental state makes you more susceptible to dangerous self destructive disorders

Just like other people with eating disorders.

Anonymous 100883


Speaking of Chris and Isabella, who the hell is Fiona supposed to be? How is she involved in the whole matter? I've only found sparse mentions and this pic which I think is meant to be hers, but I didn't understand anything

Anonymous 100886

She was mod of the CC subreddit wanted to fuck Chris and somehow was put in contact with Bella. They were all going to go to a convention together and Chris was going to pity fuck Fiona while really wanting Bella and Bella was going to take photos of them dancing while wanting to fuck Fiona. Fiona has autism (she's cosplaying CC in that video so looks even more awkward) and leaked the incest tape when she was sent it. A friend of hers has confirmed she's now getting mental help and hasn't been heard of since.

Anonymous 100887

Many thanks for eggsplaining it to me, now it's much clearer.
> Bella was going to take photos of them dancing while wanting to fuck Fiona.
Wait, is Isabella lesbian?
> wanted to fuck Chris
I did not know anyone could reach this low.

Anonymous 100891


Anonymous 100903

Isabella definitely wants to fuck women while also being a massive pickme.

Anonymous 100913

>Null had been directly monitoring Chris's email for years after he had been extorted by the Idea Guys.
Incorrect; occasionally looking at someone's emails isn't per se monitoring or "protecting", and he's been openly talking about this stuff on his streams. Do. Your. Research. Dear.

>Also lol that you think the random Kiwi posters are the only ones involved in protecting Chris or getting the details on Bella.

Never said that, just said most and included the people she directly hurt IRL.

>Sorry your precious little man isn't innocent!

I don't give a fuck about Chris and never have, I've honestly been hoping some Bubba finds him in prison since the news broke.

>There could literally be nobody aiding Chris and everyone against him and he's still the sole responsible party at fault for raping his own mother, lol.

You are correct here though.

Anonymous 100914

It's like, there is a part of the brain which specifically developed to detect sex of other members of species.
Who would win:
>> ((surgeon)) and ((hrt)
>> 4 billion years of evolution

Anonymous 100915


Anonymous 100919

One of the TERF Youtubers I follow boosted this video recently. Pretty sad how society not only ignores the MbP, but openly promotes it.

Anonymous 100923

are there episodes of "i am jazz" that are exceptionally upsetting? i want to torture myself but most of the episodes seem airbrushed to make the whole thing seem as normal as possible.

Anonymous 100928

Sometimes when I pass a tranny and they smell weird I feel dread by not knowing if it's the smell of a degenerate with a shit fetish or its the actual smell of their colon coming through a neovag. Both are extremely likely.

Anyway, Jazz is a popular trans lolcow, so it's not weird that people want to watch some old episodes or whatever considering the bastard hugely influenced this shit being normalised in media

Anonymous 100934

not that anon, but yes I am boring


I have a family member that has gone full hogg on this nonsense…. there's a reason I am isolated from them all

Anonymous 100939

It's the fact that troons are such notorious degenerates that it could absolutely just be the smell of actual shit on their body. It's bad enough knowing that it might be their mangled shit pipes that some surgeon has origami folded into a parody of a vagina, but it's worse knowing that it could be actual real life shit on their wretched breath

Anonymous 100940

kek. everytime I read something written by a troon, I cringe at how they constantly call themselves and each other "girls". As if they're little kids.

Anonymous 100941


Anonymous 100942

Ugh, delete this

It hurts

Anonymous 100949

cheap ass delete t…

Future generations will never understand the absolute Hell of our age. They will grimace and look back and say "What the Hell happened?" but they'll never understand the sheer bedlam just as we today don't understand dancing mania.

Anonymous 100957



Anonymous 100958

This is normal biological female behavior.

Anonymous 100959

Yes, but not nearly as often, especially when having a serious conversation, and typically only when they're very young.

Anonymous 100960

I have no irl female friends, I will call them whatever they want me to…

Anonymous 100962

is that abe??

Anonymous 100969


>be ff14 veteran
>friend group comprises of other women who play ff14
>join outside savage raiding again recently (higher tier of content)
>join static with a tranny
>pm raid leader who hasn't trooned yet that i use she/they because I'm a woman
>puts no effort in voice and just sounds like a dude, tries to correct everyone but me
>ignore him because he plays well and eventually leaves
>2 other dudes troon out and as usual put no effort and just put she/her in their aboutmes
>they're good at the game and the best part is they only correct the other male members of the group
>they never have the courage to correct me specifically, they just sort of go quiet
>drop quips with me mentioning being a woman
>emphasize "SHE" when referring to troons to make them uncomfortable
>concern trolling galore
God, I love being a fake she/they nonbinary. If any of you trannies act up I'm screaming transphobia til' the cows come home and you better run before your friends eat you.
I want to leave the static but there's no guarantee I won't find another without trannies. It is an mmo, after all.

Anonymous 100970

That's a deepfake.

Anonymous 100980

that's assuming it doesn't happen again, which i doubt.

Anonymous 100985

it's a xi jinping deepfake lmao

Anonymous 100991

Anonymous 101011


I can't tell if you're trying to tell me (poorly) that Null has given conflicting information on his actions, or if you're playing a really pointless semantics game. Not that it matters. There is a long history of trolls actually having positive influence on Chris, if only to cockblock the meaner trolls. Here's an extensive post by Null about him contacting the police about the Idea Guys:


But Null wasn't an OG troll, and arguably was never a troll, he's a fan. Marvin is literally THE man in the pickle suit and he's had off-and-on contact with Chris from nearly the start, and is generally trusted. Kim/Emily from the same pickle suit date is in that same category. The troll who played Ivy had to help Chris when an IRL 'friend' (Joshua Martinez) of his was trying to scam him. Some of the more recent trolls have also been benevolent or neutral (apparently Null personally vetted Jessica Quinn to make sure she wasn't malicious), and at some point Chris even acquired a squad of actual white knights (the Watchmen). It's fucking insane how much people want to give this guy a fair chance, all for him to fuck his mom and lose it all.

This isn't a Chris-exclusive phenomenon either, Gail Chord Schuler has her own secret cabal of nefarious trolls who remind her to take her meds and help her out with little things. A lot of people look at internet trainwrecks and feel the need to help.

But hey, if you specifically aren't trying to argue on the original point that STARTED this tangent (>>99321) what the fuck are you actually trying to say? Is this just something to pass the time while you dilate?

Anonymous 101018

Not the anon you were replying to, but this whole chris chan saga has been such a clown show…. I don't think we can ever have nice things while society is concerned more for troons than women

Anonymous 101024

I want to get off mr bone's wild ride

Anonymous 101027


Anonymous 101066

Yeah Chris was much better before he trooned out. We already had a trooncow in Ahuviya and he was never as funny as Chris in his prime. I miss the sheer creative chaos of the Asperchu saga.

Anonymous 101087

Um, I was born a man, but I really want to be a woman? So I want to look like a woman, but because I was born a man, I kinda still look like a man, but I don't want to make an effort to look like a woman, because if I have to make a big effort to look like a woman, it reminds me that I'm actually a man? You know? So could you be less problematic and just pluck out your eyes so that you can't see I'm obviously a man? Come to think of it, you'll still hear my man voice, so could you please jam an ice pick in your ears too. Thanks

Anonymous 101090

Yes, came here to say that. Would probably fool me with a wig or longer hair.

Anonymous 101095

Holy shit the actual state.

Wants to effortlessly look feminine and flawlessly so?

It's just the "look perfect" pill, all you need is one simple trick!

Anonymous 101102

Apparently the new troon trend is reeing about the use of womb imagery… on pro choice stuff.

They think womb imagery used in pro choice spaces is a covert way to exclude people with cock and balls from a movement wherein a pregnancy, within a womb, the thing that happens only when a functioning womb is available, isnt something to be forced on women.

"Women" now just blatantly calling actual women a hate group and trying to hurt us without even hiding it

Anonymous 101104

Post the womb snake if you have it cause I don't

Anonymous 101144

i've been entering some of the longer posts from both r/ftm and r/mtf into an ai that guesses the gender of the writer. interestingly it sees posts from both subs as having been written by women.

Anonymous 101145



Anonymous 101150

If I had to describe society's current state in one word, it would be "unsustainable"
All of this LGBT stuff is just constantly accelerating towards a collapse. It's not just that, look at stuff like the Corona as well. They beat everyone down with a year's worth of lockdowns just because they could and now they're surprised that people aren't jumping at the opportunity to get vaxxed or go back under lockdowns for this "new variant"
All of this is going to crash and burn someday and I don't think that day's too far off. I'm sure they know that and that's why they keep pushing now.

I was just thinking the other day about how recent all this was. I hear my sister talk about how, at school, she is pressured into kneeling to George Floyd regularly with her peers. She even has a class now that she has to go to regularly which is dedicated solely to how awful white people are. All her friends are suddenly nonbinary or trans and she has to play along or be ostracized. I finished high school just four years ago and I saw the beginning of that towards the end of my final year but things were relatively normal back then. I feel so bad for her that she has to put up with all of this.

The world's almost unrecognizable now and it shows no signs of slowing despite how close to the cliff's edge it's coming.

Anonymous 101163


This isn't the womb snake you're referring to, I actually know the one with the flowers that sparked controversy, but this is the basic idea.

This means "no, do not tell me what to do with my body, my womb is my womb and you do not control my toghts as a woman"

Troons have seen this, completely stepped over womens struggle (as they always do) and are saying this is a way for hate groups (troonslation: actual women) to say

So feel free to post womb snakes fucking everywhere whenever possible because that's what I'm going to do. A way to both stand up for my rights and exclude troons at the same time? Yes please

Anonymous 101164

You didn't even mention you were an American but this reeks of USA.

If it helps most of the world isn't even nearly as bad as "ok class now kneel before George Floyd".in my country, a normal first world western European country, we are hyper inclusive but not even half as bad as this

Anonymous 101168

Kek. Tbh Ayydens are rarely truly trans, it's just cope for sexual abuse/internalized misogyny 99% of the cases.

Anonymous 101180

>truly trans
oh boy here we go again

Anonymous 101193

here's your (you)

Anonymous 101196

Well, gender dysphoria is real, it's a mental illness and should be treated as such. The only reason why all these AGP/AAP are trooning out is because they can get away with living their fetish publicly now.

Anonymous 101197


Anonymous 101198

kek. They rarely actually kill themselves, though. They just threaten to do so if you "misgender them" as a form of emotional blackmail to get whatever they want.

Anonymous 101214

Isn't this typical male behaviour though?

Anonymous 101220

The fact that he's using the tradwife outfit makes it even better.

Anonymous 101234

Well, I've been excommunicated for not "accepting" my brother as my "sister".

Feels bad

Anonymous 101253

My cousin, who was like a brother to me, suddenly decided that he wants to be a woman, and I don't know how to deal with it. I go along with it and pretend to support him, but internally I scream and want to cry every time I see a new photo of him.

Anonymous 101277

Women can have children up to and into their 40s…

Anonymous 101314

you really don't want to do that if you can help it anon. Geriatric pregnancies are a bitch.
Personally i'll just send my kid to a religious private school if I can afford it. Pricey but none of this nonsense.

Anonymous 101319

My children are going to be 10, when I'm 40.
What were you thinking about???
You seem like a moid to me.

Anonymous 101355


I can't decide which one I hate more, this or arguing with scrotes on reddit about how FGM and male circumcision are not comparable procedures.

Anonymous 101357

They're not comparable in severity, but male circumcision is still a needless procedure that does more harm than good

Anonymous 101371

does it do any good?

Anonymous 101372

After some browsing I fully realized that these mtf's are just going back to their misogynistic roots that's thinly veiled in the name of progressive views. Take me back to the time where men hunted and built houses

Anonymous 101374

Need me a man that hunts houses.

Anonymous 101417


>Mmmm, hello there sweetheart.

Anonymous 101426

If there are any upsides, they are incredibly minor. One study holds that it reduces the chance of penile cancer, but, cutting off your ear also reduces your chances of developing ear cancer, doesn't mean you should cut off everyone's ears at birth "just in case".

Second study puts forth >>101381 this, is also true to a certain extent, but the study was done on Africans who didn't have access to condoms, which are by comparison very obviously going to be better at preventing STIs anywhere in world where you can easily get one.

Personally I'm only anti-circumsion because cut-dick moids are absolutely shit in bed and feel awful inside me. My husband is all-natural and teasing his dick is so much more fun.

Anonymous 101429

Offtop but until I was 20 I didn't know how an uncircumcised dick looks like, because all I saw in porn (while I still watched it) were circumcised penises and I assumed that's how a natural penis looks like. I also found the uncircumcised version ugly and wrong when I saw it for the first time (lel). Have anyone also had this sort of experience? Or were you all aware that a dick is supposed to have a fucking hood?

Anonymous 101430

Nani Cece.png

Now you got me thinking, what would be the FGM equivalent of male circumsion? Just removing the clitoral hood but leaving the clitoris?

Anonymous 101431

"Trimming" the labia, perhaps. Removing the clitoral hood could also be an equivalent. In any case, men saying male circumcision and FGM are equivalent have no idea how female pleasure or arousal work in any case.

Anonymous 101432

In my country circumcision isn't normal and I've never watched porn but I knew what all this was because of 4chan. My preference on aesthetics would be uncircum. but most importantly I hink this procedure shouldn't be done to a newborn but to a consentful adult with a problem who needs fix.

Anonymous 101447

If there any kind of procedure that just decreases an amount of sensation a woman feels when her clitoris is stimulated (fgm makes you completely unable to feel anything), then this would be an equivalent.

Anonymous 101448

Okay so just removing the clitoral hood would do that as the exposed glans (much like the male exposed glans when circumcised) would lose sensitivity from constant exposed stimulation.

Anonymous 101449


This was posted unironically in a trans subreddit. All this person’s posts are about how they wish they were an anime girl

Anonymous 101450

I'm not sure I've ever encountered a woman who was in favor of circumcision. I guess there are fundie Jewish/Muslim women but they're not arguing on the internet, they're at home baking bread or whatever. When men get up their own ass about circumcision basically every woman in online discourse will agree, we don't need to do unnecessary surgical procedures on newborns. And the men just shrivel up into angry corncobs because they don't get to harvest their victim points.

Anonymous 101452


>still not a fetish though
>agp is a myth

Anonymous 101454

Moids arguing about circumsion are arguing with other moids about circumsion. Pro-circumsion moids exist and they do argue on the internet.

Anonymous 101455

>Pro-circumsion moids exist

Smells like pure copium to me, they just can't accept that they were cut against their will. I have to agree with the anon you replied to, I find the procedure absolutely disgusting and cruel.

Anonymous 101456

A lot of them are probably religious and religion is literally just the grand ancient tradition of cope, so yeah?

I've heard some guys talk about it in kind of a neutral way. It happened to them and they can't change it, they don't remember it, they wish everyone would stop talking about their dick status. Sometimes they halfheartedly insist "it's cleaner" which I doubt, I think men don't wash their dicks regardless.

What's funny is, there are men out there who were uncircumcised then had to have the foreskin removed for actual medical reasons at an age where they would remember the difference. They never seem to be a part of the great dick debate. If they preferred one way or the other their stories would be boosted to push a cause. They seem to be the most neutral of all, so nobody talks about them.

Anonymous 101457

>They never seem to be a part of the great dick debate.

I think that's because if it's done for medical reasons, they have a say about it and it's done for a reason.

Anonymous 101464

the late circumcision part of this was interesting. i can tell i'm about to get into a rabbit hole here. found r/circumcision seems to be all men who are getting/have gotten cut for cosmetic purposes alone. r/circumcisiongrief also has many men who were cut later in life (mostly late childhood/early teens). many of these posters are suicidal. one amusing thing i found was a poster who was pleased with having been circumcised at 21 because he now only lasts one minute in bed where before he could last 30. this topic deserves its own thread, maybe on /nsfw/.

Anonymous 101465

Yeah, but then you'd think they would be able to give a foreskin review and say which is better.

I might be interested in this deep dive! I wonder if getting circumcised as a teen makes it worse? For puberty reasons, when a boy is trying to figure out his body, suddenly getting his foreskin yoinked might be a lot more traumatic?

Ladies, we might have to become foreskin experts for the good of society.

Anonymous 101466

>Yeah, but then you'd think they would be able to give a foreskin review and say which is better.

That's kind of irrelevant if they're crippled by it, I've seen pictures about foreskin being too tight, I can't remember what the condition is called but it looked really painful, like it was so tight that it turned red

Anonymous 101469

Good point, good point.

I suppose for a proper review we'd have to hunt down the one guy who accidentally circumcised himself by fucking a bicycle.

Anonymous 101474

what is an "ayyden"? google gives me nothing.

Anonymous 101483

>Yeah, but then you'd think they would be able to give a foreskin review and say which is better.
well the first hurdle is none but the most self-conscious moid (if such things exist) would get his dick circumcised for aesthetics alone. There are medical reasons to circumcise and obviously they wouldn't be getting medical treatment if it wasn't impeding them. So the sample is biased by the fact only moids who are having foreskin issues are going to get their foreskins removed.

Second it doesn't really cover the original issue which is the involuntary nature of the procedure. I'm pretty sure most miners couldn't give less of a shit if a random moid just cuts his penis off with a knife because hey, that's his choice, but it's different with children.

The term is phimosis, if I remember correctly it concerns the foreskins either being physically unable to retract properly or so painful to retract that it's effectively impossible to do so.

Anonymous 101488

just checked wikipedia and it turns out phimosis can be treated with manual stretching. theres also surgeries that cure phimosis and let men keep their foreskins. its seems unethical for doctors to recommend circumcision given that they're supposed to always suggest the least invasive procedure. i've also found that adult jewish converts can undergo "hatafat dam brit" which is litterally just a pin prick on the foreskin. if that counts i see no reason for anyone ever to be circumcised.

Anonymous 101491

There are also non-medical ways of reducing weight, yet surgeries exist for that as well. If they guy consents there's no reason to split hairs about it, it's their body after all.

Again I'm not going to be upset if a random adult moid wants to cut his dick off. Unless he's telling me it's a vagina, then he can go fuck himself.

Anonymous 101500

>Again I'm not going to be upset if a random adult moid wants to cut his dick off
then what are you doing in the terf thread? i think those surgeries are also unethical and doctors misinforming their patients is just plain bad. i think gender affirmation surgery is another case of an invasive surgery being used when something less damaging is available (therepy).

Anonymous 101506

Reading comprehension sis.
>Unless he's telling me it's a vagina, then he can go fuck himself.

Anonymous 101507

Yeah I don't think the current discussion is really about policing men's dick cutting preferences. I brought it up because intactivist men conspicuously ignore the men who were circumcised later in life.

I just think it's funny that there's a whole movement of men who blame all their problems on the little snip, when they could be listening to other men about their experiences to get some perspective. Meanwhile, feminist women generally agree that infant circumcision is wrong and just want men to stop derailing conversations about FGM.

I also keep getting to say FORESKIN in funny sentences, haha.

Anonymous 101510

>I brought it up because intactivist men conspicuously ignore the men who were circumcised later in life.
Conspicuously? Again the entire point is that it doesn't matter once that person can give voluntary consent to the procedure.

Hell, personally I could also give less of a shit if some batshit insane woman decided she wanted to have FGM done to her as an adult. For what reason would she? I don't fucking know, that's her body, her problem.



Anonymous 101525

Yes…thank you for continuing to not actually disagree with the conversation…


Anonymous 101545

but if a woman did this after being misinformed by her doctor this would be upsetting right? my issue is that from my (admittedly scant, i've only just started looking into this) research it seems like because circumcision is the norm doctors are recommending it without offering the less invasive alternatives. watch vid related. he makes no mention of either the other operations for phimosis or manual stretching which means he was probably never made aware of them. i think a big part of being a terf is hating dishonest medicine (the idea that puberty blockers are a "pause button" or the idea that a double mastectomy can be reversed) so i don't see why we can't apply that here.

Anonymous 101551


>but if a woman did this after being misinformed by her doctor this would be upsetting right?
If the doctor was a malevolent person intentionally giving bad prescriptions for the sake of evil, sure. Otherwise, he's just doing his best to do his job, which apparently he's pretty bad at, but ultimately, it's the patients job to make their decision about their best terms of care. The doctor in any circumstance where the patient is not unconscious doesn't have free reign to perform intervention, the patient needs to actually consent. I assume most GPs are just overworked and too poorly informed on these nuanced issues to give good advice.

>i think a big part of being a terf is hating dishonest medicine (the idea that puberty blockers are a "pause button" or the idea that a double mastectomy can be reversed) so i don't see why we can't apply that here.

I can't speak for the general TERF, as I am myself, not the collective somebody else. I don't personally agree with this sentiment. Misinformation is bad, misinforming patients is bad, but doctors who are not intentionally and misleading patients out of a sense of malevolence are not in fact, bad people or bad doctors, they themselves are humans, who also happen to be misinformed. Yes, I agree, it's their job to not be misinformed, but if you use this standard there is literally never been a good doctor as what is true today in the field of medicine can easily get thrown out the window tomorrow and it's a fucking practice.

Now I know where this line of thinking goes, where there's some shadow cabal of powerful pharmaceutical CEOs that are all pushing the trans agenda because they profit from doing so, and all they have is evil in their hearts wanting to degrade woman and turn everybody into troon cashcows. I have no doubt that someone, somewhere, fits this description. Put I believe there is a far more insidious force at work, and that is the completely insufferable person who wants to make money, but also do good while doing so. These people are the most fucking annoying type of person, as they are waiting for the flimsiest of moral allowances to just completely go to town making money AND being a good person at the same time with reckless energy and enthusiasm the likes of which you can barely imagine. Instead of the heads of medical corporations everywhere going "Wow how many more people can we troon out to line our pockets?" it's the far worse "Wow how many more people can we help live their affirming lifestyles AND fucking make bank off it!" And 100%, utterly, sincerely, with complete honesty, actually mean it. This people are utterly disgusting, but I imagine this to be the majority of how doctors who are liberal actually believe. They 100%, want to do a good thing AND make money at the same time, with reckless abandon, and have just happened to be given a need (medicine) that costs money (profit) that performs, from their point of view, and with backup from the social sciences, good.

Do I disagree that what they are doing is actually helping? Abso-fucking-lutely, but my main problem with being a TERF isn't the most insufferable group of people in existence, who want to do good and make money at the same time, to adults who are making as informed decision as they can possibly make (or that legally children have been allowed to make, because the line drawn for who is can consent is, by definition, arbitrary and socially defined), I care that I am forced in response to agree with these people that these people are woman, or are even helping themselves. I don't care that a man puts on a dress, I don't care that a man body mods his penis into a neo-vagina, and I don't care even that he calls himself a woman. I care that these things get put in female prisons, that I am legally required in some countries to refer to these things as "women", and that they position themselves as "female voices in female spaces".

We can talk about it being immoral to push these decisions onto children, but that's actually the issue at work, when does the child have the ability to give it's consent? This decision is 100% arbitrary and socially defined, and if society has defined it to be fucking 5 then fuck it, I think it's fucking stupid and wrong, but it's socially defined and I must abide by the social definition. But again, the people pushing for these aren't a shadowy group of evildoers that just want to see children surgically scared and weakened and medically dependent as some sort of sick joke, they actually, 100%, sincerely, honestly, believe that children 1. can consent to this and 2. they are doing good by helping these children. That doesn't make them evil, it makes them retarded.

Anonymous 101552

i'm no lawyer but looking through wikipedia it seems like a doctor recommending improper treatment is malpractice in america. it does not matter if this is intentional

Anonymous 101554

And victimless crimes also exist, my sense of morality doesn't revolve around people being stupid. I didn't say it wasn't criminal, nor did I say they were good doctors, I said I don't give a fuck.

If your definition about doing evil is committing crimes why aren't you pro-troon? You're committing a hate crime every time you don't affirm them.

Anonymous 101555

Are you suggesting that every doctor who is transgender-positive could be charged with malpractice? Why aren't you pressing the legal case then?

Anonymous 101557

laws are not morals, fair. but think about why the law is in place. the patient can not be expected to understand their condition as well as someone who went to school for many years for the express purpose of learning about the specific kind of medicine the patient came to them for. you say the patient has a duty to inform themselves but who should they go to for information if not their doctor? if your doctor writes a huge perscription for oxy and you get addicted your doctor fucked up. killing someone through carelessness is not as immoral as killing them through malice but its still immoral.
i think i'd have to be trans for that.

Anonymous 101558

>laws are not morals, fair. but think about why the law is in place.
The law is meant to mitigate between doctors performing their best as human beings and those who go to them for services. If you really want to stretch this argument, please be aware of what the very first condition for something to be considered malpractice: the doctor must have been performing outside normal standards of care. Are you aware of what the current standard of care is for troons?
>if your doctor writes a huge perscription for oxy and you get addicted your doctor fucked up. killing someone through carelessness is not as immoral as killing them through malice but its still immoral.
I don't agree.

Anonymous 101559

alright i guess its not illegal but i still hold that it is immoral. the notion that its okay if everyone else does it sounds a bit like the nuremberg defense.
>>killing someone through carelessness is not as immoral as killing them through malice but its still immoral.
>i don't agree.
why not? would you be okay with someone a child while driving drunk? they didn't do it out of malice, they just were less careful than we expect them to be.

Anonymous 101560

>alright i guess its not illegal but i still hold that it is immoral. the notion that its okay if everyone else does it sounds a bit like the nuremberg defense.
This has to be how medicine works, as information is constantly updated, and the medical practices of yesterday are replaced by those of today. The doctors who didn't wash their hands before it was known that this is a fundamental part of cleanliness and hygiene weren't collectively going out of their way to harm their patients, they simply had bad information.

>ould you be okay with someone a child while driving drunk?

This is a loaded question. I am not "okay" with all sorts of things, my feeling of "okayness" is irrelevant from whether or not the action is moral or immoral. No, I would not be okay, that is besides the question. I am not "okay" with cancer killing random people either, that doesn't mean I find "cancer" to be immoral (though some certainly do actually follow this line of thinking).
>they didn't do it out of malice, they just were less careful than we expect them to be.
Depends on the category the person was operating under. Are they drunk driving because they are too stupid to know drunk driving is dangerous? Then no, they're a fucking retard, and lack the ability to even act morally, because any correct or incorrect moral action they make is apparently random, because they are retarded. A person that does not have the capability of determining why drunk driving would be dangerous should not be driving in the first place.

Now, if the person is instead a self-destructive alcoholic, who is engaging in risky behavior as a form of self-malice (it is not okay to kill myself, but it is okay to die in a crash, so I will increase the chance of myself dying in a crash by driving drunk) the malice they are directing at themselves is acting on other people and is thus immoral in both the self-destructive sense and the sense of the victim of the side effect of the malice.

One could argue that the second type of driver is very rare, but then you fall under the slippery slope of determining how many people are sub-consciously wishing evil upon themselves and others because of personal failings and other circumstances.

Anonymous 101561

It would be like removing 2/3 of the penis, in terms of what kind of sensation it would remove

Anonymous 101563

I didn't ask for what the male equivalent of FGM was, I asked what the female equivalent of circumcision is.

Anonymous 101564

Oh whoops, sorry.

Anonymous 101565

Probably removing a bit of the hood, not the whole thing.

Anonymous 101574

>This has to be how medicine works, as information is constantly updated, and the medical practices of yesterday are replaced by those of today.
But that's why doctors have an obligation of updating their knowledge, and can't just get by with the diploma they got 30 years ago. If they don't they get charged with malpractice (at least in my country, but I don't see why it wouldn't work in the US)
Doctors being lazy, refusing to learn new things and giving misinformation to patients is a big reason why womens often get poor care.

Anonymous 101575

Correct, your point? I don't care about the doctors too stupid to change their practices only the ones who are intentionally malicious.

Anonymous 101576

Men are delusional and full of undeserved ego.

This. I literally just want men to stop derailing FGM convos. They literally don't know how to not make everything about their fucking dick skin.

Anonymous 101644


I'm curious, how do pickmes respond when people mistake them for trans?

Anonymous 101646

this conversation gave me an aneurysm. also it's weird when brits talk like americans online. do they actually speak like this irl? all of the brits i know don't speak like this.

Anonymous 101648

unlikely they'd be "charged" with anything but anyone can sue. and they'd have grounds to do so imo. there are already tons of lawsuits from the tavistock clinic fiasco. eventually the dominoes will all fall. once this starts hitting docs in their pocketbooks no one will touch trannery except maybe the already psychotic cosmetic surgeons, but i think we'll see fewer endocrinologists engaging in this shit.

Anonymous 101687

I talk to men, I'm straight. Why wouldn't I? I just don't talk to men who pretend to be women

Anonymous 101688

she shoulda just replied 'oh is the reason you asked because youre one yourself? i can kinda see it actually! you almost pass'

Anonymous 101696

only a low IQ bimbo would be offended by this lame attempt at trolling, almost all men love boyish looks on a girl up to a point

Anonymous 101699

>almost all men love boyish looks on a girl
source? never heard of this. even tomboy girls are drawn with hyperfeminine neotenous faces.

Anonymous 101702

She herself said it isn't an insult though. So why would she say that?

Anonymous 101755

i dont care if i get banned since i never visit this place and go on lc instead, but i wanted to say that i totally did not post a terf server in the friend finder thread or anything

Anonymous 101766

ngl i thought you gyns were being just a bit dramatic about trans ppl…until i met one in real life. i stg this troon is every trans stereotype condensed into a person. he is quite literally the bathroom molesting, child flashing, overweight, dyed hair having, anime obsessed, girl cock slinging tranny you make fun of in this thread. he's six ft 3, at least 400 pounds, and is probably the most obnoxious person i've ever met. he is the *epitome of autogynephilia. his entire personality revolves around sex and harassing women. every word he's ever spoken and typed relates to sex and his twisted delusions. every single day, without fail he lets us know how horny trying on feminine clothes makes him and how he jerks off in them. and the worst thing is his friend group, which is literally all beautiful girls for some reason, goes right along with it. he says the most disgusting things about what he wants to do to them all the time and says its okay because he's a "lesbian". one time he was bragging about his "tits", which are literally bags of lard from being morbidly obese, and he had the unmitigated gall to make fun of his literal 10/10 friend with c cups breasts because "his were bigger" and she just laughed and even went as far as to act fake sad and say she was jealous of his "tits". and to make matters worse he makes terrible misogynistic jokes all the time and says its okay because he doesn't want his penis. every time a girl disagrees with him he tells them to go get back in the kitchen and make him a sandwich or something to that effect because on top of being a tranny he's unfunny and unoriginal. i've been using she/her pronouns for him because all his friends do and i don't want to be kicked out of the friend group, but today i slipped up and he "jokingly" called me a bitch and said he'd crucify me. this isn't even everything he's done because i'd probably break this site typing out all the shit i've witnessed and suffered through from being around him. anyways rant over, you guys were right these people really are mentally deranged.

Anonymous 101771

they're basically all like this, more or less.

Anonymous 101773

>group of women get that "ugly friend" that everyone dunks on behind their back
>the "girl" is a troon so you get woke points for having them as a friend

Sounds like a win/win to me.

Anonymous 101783

men are so fucking brain poisoned they don't even know what women look like anymore


he knows for a fact that she isn't trans, he only asked her if she was because he's a filthy degenerate that wants to fuck with her self esteem. how would you feel if someone asked if you were trans?

Anonymous 101787

its a win/win in theory until you actually have to deal with a stinking sack of shit that constantly makes passes at you, makes everything about sex, says unfunny misogynistic jokes all the time, and waves their girl dick in your face. oh, and if you breathe the wrong way around him you're transphobic :)

Anonymous 101788

i would honestly seethe, also lmao @ her trying to handwave it by going "n-not like it's an insult or anything!!!" when it's blatantly obvious she is insulted. i feel like any woman, even the wokest of sjw handmaidens, would be offended because deep down even they don't see trans women as women.

Anonymous 101804


How long until trannies make women and girls suffering in Afghanistan about themselves?

Start your bets.

Anonymous 101813


Anonymous 101869

I lived with two TiFs and it was a nightmare. The one TiF was my scrote's friend, so I figured she'd be nice enough. But everything was about being trans. Talking about industrial? Oh, gen p orridge was a troon. Playing animal crossing? Troon flag themed house. Oh, it's my birthday and want to have friends over? Too bad sophie died and TiFs act like I should care. I want to move out? Oh no! I'm taking away from their top surgery fund.

They were autistic af. The one TiF clearly wanted to sleep with my boyfriend and would show him OF pictures in front of me. I eventually outed myself as a TERF because the gf was eavesdropping on a discord call i was in after a few beers.

If TiFs are that bad, I can't imagine being friends with a pornsick transbian or catty, gay TiM.

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