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Kpop Thread 13232

Anonymous 13237


Anonymous 13239

What’s some less known sasaeng stories? No period blood or flight seats

Anonymous 13241

the time VIXX got kidnapped by the president of kazakhstan's daughter is a personal favourite, I don't know if it counts as well known or less known though

Anonymous 13242

sorry, what?

Anonymous 13243

Omg I forgot about that one….one of my favourites thank u anon

Anonymous 13244

VIXX were visiting kazakhstan for a schedule, I forget if it was a festival or what, but when they got out of the airport they got into what they thought was an official van but it suddenly started driving away without their staff

it took them to meet a girl who turned out to be the president's daughter, she was a huge fan so she asked for them to be brought to her when they came to the country, but they and their staff weren't informed, she let them go after talking to them though

Anonymous 13255

Isn’t bride kidnapping a practice(idk if common or not) in Kazakhstan? Maybe it could relate to that in some way.

Anonymous 13259


reminder that this is not normal

Anonymous 13267


who are these mfs

Anonymous 13268

Does anyone know how to create a separated thread for people who sapm their 0ppas ?

Anonymous 13285

Maybe its the photoshopping or the lack of frog eyes but he does look ok here.

Anonymous 13286

Stop spamming this in every thread, no one cares about your busted oppa

Anonymous 13287

Do any of them have leaked nudes? >:3

Anonymous 13289

some of you are like those parents who keep shoving their ugly baby in everyone’s faces. moafag get better tho, you’re still funny with your copypasta
is he the first idol you ever liked? you don’t sound as annonying as the lucasfag

Anonymous 13290


Thoughts about Jimincel ugly crying? It def looked legit. Seems likes Bigshit traumatised them or smth. I wonder what's going on in their meetings sometimes.

Anonymous 13291

I.M. and joonhoney from MonstaX I think

Anonymous 13292

He cries in every concert, he just needs to start antidepressants

Anonymous 13293


does the shinhwa nude photobook count lmao

Anonymous 13295

It would be funnier if he was just a pussy, but i think there's something shady going on. I mean, not only is that guy a bag of bones, but he also seems to seriously love his fans. He never shuts up about it, it's getting weird. Bighshit must've brainwashed him or smth. Can't be healthy.

Anonymous 13296

Screen Shot 2020-1…

JenxTY couple really gonna happen anon was right

Anonymous 13297

or its the fact that gentle monster is the brand that all the celebs like now, they also send them out for sponsorships and stuff

you literally see them on every korean and chinese celebrity on every show

Anonymous 13299

Behind the scenes was fascinating to watch this time around. Mark seems to literally get along with every single person in NCT. Low-key feel bad for Shotaro, I don't think he can speak a word of Korean yet.

Anonymous 13300

i saw some clips floating on twitter and nct is not as close as the nctfags claim, there was an entire segment where jaemin admitted he didn't have half of the members phone numbers saved in his phone

even i have random coworkers from two jobs ago saved, these guys really must not interact the way SM tries to pretend they do on the back end kek

Anonymous 13301

Fascinating? This was so boring

Anonymous 13302

>not as close as the nctfags claim,

nct fans know that they aren't close. there is a reddit thread made every other thursday on this very topic.

even in the video Jaemin didn't have Jungwoo's number and it seems like Jeno hasn't seen Kun in two years since their 2018 filming. also renjun pretending he was meeting wayv after a long time… when its pretty known that chinaline hangs out

Anonymous 13303

https://twitter.com/malewives/status/1314984870943305730 is he gonna end up like that guy from Vixx? it feels like everyone on twitter hates him now idk why

Anonymous 13304

Screen Shot 2020-1…

What I'm curious about is wether shotaro is wearing heels or something cus he looks the same height at the new tall guy

Anonymous 13305

this wasnt even bad, he didnt make fun of stray kids, he made fun of their retarded ass fans who spam his stream asking to see an unrelated group

im glad they got called out sarcastically, the meltdown about how he's "so rude" just shows how stupid and childish they are

Anonymous 13306


I like what he said here tbh kpop fans have no concept of how work and a company is run.


That fan that runs the twitter seems low-key unhinged too

Anonymous 13307

yeah, i just watched that too and i find it refreshing that an "idol" is calling out fans for being stupid

is he considered an idol? ive always saw him as more of the frontman in a popular rock band, or at least that seems to be how day6 is promoted

Anonymous 13308


samefag but this fan is kek

imagine being stupid and then offended that someone called you out on your bullshit

Anonymous 13309

Idk but he’s taller than Taeyong for sure

Anonymous 13310

Fans are always going on about how they want their idols to be "genuine" and how they hate the manufactured idol personas, but the second an idol actually expresses an opinion or displays any kind of negativity fans turn on them real quick.

This is y i don't mind fake idols like Sana or Jaemin at all I'd do exact same if i was an idol.

Anonymous 13311

>but he also seems to seriously love his fans
Nah he doesn't problably low key hate most of them specially the korean ones that are so demanding and entitled. Bitch just has burnout and anxiety from all the pressure and which ever other bad work consition he's under

it's a bit crazy that all these idols that have left or want to leave jyp actually respect jyp as a person lol i get that he's not the only one making the hard decisions but he's still very much responsible for their misfortune to a good degree. Idk what goes on lol

On a side note, day6 is definetly an idol band and they're barely rock tbh they were formed through the idol trainee system and operate pretty much as such, it's just a little bit more mature than the average bg

Anonymous 13312

Jae sounds unhinhed too on this stream tbh never trust gyopos to fulfill their contracts they'll eventually have a meltdown and leaving the company. Not that I'm complaining…

Anonymous 13313

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I don't know what kind of beef they had but I guess this means that nct will attend MAMA this year? Last year it was just a large bts festival so I wonder how it will look if both bts and nct attend. bts is still on top so they will most likely win most of the awards again, but I'm willing to bet that sm made some kind of deal so that nct will get featured or win something.

Army vs Nctzen? I'm ready.

Anonymous 13314

he literally just sounds fed up with retarded fans saying dumb shit?

the funny thing is when V does this he's "savage and down to earth" but when any other idols call shit out they're rude

im sure if sidedish from stray kids did this his brainless stay fans would say he's "soooo savage and tells it like it is"

Anonymous 13315

sidedish??? who???

Anonymous 13316

isnt the main leader of that group called banchan or something

Anonymous 13317

bad comparison because if he started talking to them like that they would 100% flip their shit as he cemented himself as ultra nice guy who panders to them

Anonymous 13318

Why did you think anyone would know what the fuck you meant with sidedish

Anonymous 13319

nta but i figured it out…why are you so pressed over a joke kek

Anonymous 13320

Well I can't speak for these ppl you're talking about but personally I find extremely stupid when celebrities in general – not even just k idols – decide to clapback to comments people wouldn't have paid attention otherwise if it weren't for their response. Jae is kinda known for that because he's the type to search his name/day6 on twitter. Didn't he put some child on blast for tweeting a roloblox meme that he wasn't even originally tagged to? Lol the management is probably right about not letting him do stuff judging but how easily get pressed he gets. That's why Young K gets all the nice things

Anonymous 13321

i doubt it, stays are starting to act like ratmys and i wouldnt be surprised if they start defending everything these flops do

Anonymous 13322

I've never seen anyone use "sidedish", you think anyone here knows enough korean or is familiar enough with korean food to know what banchan is?


somehow I doubt this

Anonymous 13323

i dont know much about him so i wouldnt know, but he does seem to get triggered super easily and based on what i see on social media his entire schtick is "savage american korean kid"

you realize korean people use this forum too right

Anonymous 13324

>you realize korean people use this forum too right
again, why would you assume anyone knows what you're referring to when this is an english speaking BOARD? the majority of anons here are obviously not going to speak korean

Anonymous 13325

you should get off twitter for a bit. i always see you in here whining about how stays will become the new ratmys. did they bully you on there or something?

Anonymous 13326

the group themselves literally make this joke…


imagine being so pressed you don't understand a throwaway comment that you spend 5 comments sperging about it

Anonymous 13327

we were supposed to know this? are you a stayfag?

Anonymous 13328

stop the infighting already were about to be banned

Anonymous 13329

People tone down the infighting for today or mods will close the thread kek

The roloblox incident was big dumb energy. Korean fans don't even like his ass and he tries to pander to them by turning on ifans who actually caped hard for him.

Anonymous 13330


the styling on this is so bad, holy crap they look like wannabe rappers decked out in fake aliexpress goods

Anonymous 13331

this thread should be closed

Anonymous 13332

It’s always embarrassingly cringy seeing a gyopo pander so hard to mainlanders lol

Anonymous 13333

what was the roblox incident?

Anonymous 13336


Context: he was pondering livestreaming on twitch or not that day. Kfans kept telling him not to it because they're concerned over possible scandals and a little jealous too; plus they didnt want Jae to overshadow Even of Day debut. Ifans got pissed @ Kfans for scolding him and both sides were fighting each other.
Jae decided to qrt the twt in the pic related hence supporting the kfans + subjecting that user to further bullying

Anonymous 13337

o yikes, why tf did he do that instead of just shutting the fuck up and letting it blow over

Anonymous 13338

He's a bit lame. Someone told me that he wouldn't listen to WAP because he's a Christian boi kek yet he keeps interacting with those Twitch bimbo camgirls

Anonymous 13339

>Twitch bimbo camgirls

no need to hate on women hotter than u, especially when some gross kpop boy is involved

Anonymous 13340

isnt he friends with jessi who always talks about fucking and sex whenever she can on that podcast they do?

Anonymous 13341

They're bimbos, but I'm attacking his hypocrisy though and not them. Boy must jerk off to those weeb types but goes on record to say he must have holy water dripping on his eyes to watch WAP

Anonymous 13342

He has a podcast with Jessi? I've only seen him with AleXa

Anonymous 13343

sorry my b, got him mixed up with eric nam

Anonymous 13344


Definitely resembles a rap album cover and not in a good way.

Anonymous 13345


This is going to be 2016 Blackpink on MCountdown all over again.

>goes on mcountdown

>goes to mama
>no awards

Anonymous 13346

It makes sense this year for bigger groups to attend since they're not on tour… os is anybody? Not sure if fan signs and small concerts are green lit in Japan or some SEA country but I don't think so.

Anonymous 13347

I understood "banchan" bc I know basic Korean. There's no reason to get angry and infight in this thread because you don't understand a Korean language joke. Chill or else you're going to get this thread locked.
So if I understand correctly, this >>13330 is the only group that will be performing? I suppose shitizens are excited but really are sane people supposed to believe that out of the three groups SM has released teasers for, this lineup with a reject Jason Derulo song is the best that SM has got?
I don't like the Dream song but it sounds the best out of the three we've heard so far. And if they want to promote NCT U specifically then isn't the other lineup for the Korn tribute song better?

Anonymous 13348

I liked the formations and choreography (excluding the recycled moves from other songs) up until the chorus. How would that slow prolonged hair whipping move ever look good, even performed by an actual dance crew? I know that BP are low energy performers by default but they could have at least tried to make a choreography that didn't look so half-assed.

Anonymous 13349

>Korn tribute song
Whats that?

Anonymous 13369

you really want this thread banned don't you?

Anonymous 13373


I'm loving TY's styling this comeback especially the Misfit track one

Anonymous 13381

Clearly we have twitterfags trying to sabotage this thread because we've been shittalking their oppars. Too bad for them we still have 94948483 image boards to keep our activities even if they succeed here

Anonymous 13384

where is the next refuge to? Lainchan?

Anonymous 13386

dw guys I'll take one for the team and sleep w one of the lolcow mods so they bring kpg back

Anonymous 13387

thought this was part of the JYP spam for a good minute

Anonymous Admin 13388

Yes, there are users going out of their way to sabotage, but I won't judge the thread based on those outliers. However there are still enough issues with regular users, so I am running out of patience and I recommend finding another board to move to so you can post links ITT. I'm not locking threads yet but I might in the future.

Anonymous 13389

god yes please

Anonymous 13391

CC's admins are so patient, you have to be really dumb to be able to piss them off.

Anonymous 13392

didn't someone make a backup kpg board a few threads ago?

Anonymous 13393

I really don't understand this album, wasn't BP all point to have heavy beat drops ? They can't pull a more orignal sound, it's just half assed.

Anonymous 13394

Y not just make a kpgcritical on reddit or something? can't ever get deleted

Anonymous 13395

Yes I'm trying to find that. Link it if you do.

Anonymous 13396

thats not anonymous

Anonymous 13397

The fact that kpg has not been kicked out of two anon imageboards is both hilarious and sad.

Anonymous 13398

Because it'll be basically unpopular kpop opinions… it's too mainstream to keep the image board culture.

Anonymous 13402


That 8channel place or whatever was hell to navigate they have some crossword puzzle they make u decipher when u want to post jfc

Anonymous 13403

wouldn't that cut down on the spam a bit?

Anonymous 13405

lc is bigger and has more admins and we still got banned there

Anonymous 13406

Anonymous 13407

This made me laff.

Anonymous 13408

> Low-key feel bad for Shotaro, I don't think he can speak a word of Korean yet.
Eh I’m sure yuta helps translate for him

Anonymous 13409

why not just make a discord tho? like its anon and u can shit talk to eternity and no-one will ban u

Anonymous 13410

looks like shit on mobile

Anonymous 13411

how is it anon and why would people not get banned

Anonymous 13412

is he actually a super short-period trainee then? the rumor is he was scouted during kick it and debuted literally 6 months later

Anonymous 13413

Idk but I don’t see the point in him needing a long trainee period when his role is just dancing

Anonymous 13414


6 months? I heard it was shorter like 2-3 months like Chenle did . If it was just 3 months or something I feel bad for him, everyone else is leagues more trained in media … maybe that's why he just doesn't talk and smiles instead

Anonymous 13415

sorry–i meant he debuted recently, but i have no idea how long his actual training period is

the other anon is right though, they seemed to have rushed it which is probably why his korean is so bad and he doesn't know how to act on camera

Anonymous 13416

Or maybe it’s because he can’t speak in korean? If he doesn’t know the language what is he supposed to say?

Anonymous 13417


I actually have no idea how discord works tbh

Anonymous 13418


he's still an "idol" imagine joining in like 3 months and then you have to gay it up for the camera and tell fans stuff like Ur my GIRlfriends i wonT date until I'm 40!

Anonymous 13419

If lolcow were to bring /kpg/ back, would u guise promise to behave?

But it's not anon enough…

Anonymous 13420


KEK this embarrassing fucking post, did fka yutachan move on to the new barley legal jap or what

Anonymous 13421

Just make a kpop imageboard as an alt for this thread lol

Anonymous 13423

hate to sound like such a narc or a downer, but can we please try to not piss off any more board mods? i like cc

Anonymous 13424

lol we did NOT get banned because of "bandwidth"

Anonymous 13425

the thing is there never will be calm discussion on lolcow, kpop inherently attracts the most rabid stans who cant tolerate anyone having a different opinion than them so infighting will always happen

lc did better solely because they had the staff to ban people quickly, but even then there were obvious trolls ban evading using vpns and such

ideally we just ignore the fucking trolls and spergs on here, but admin cant deal with it all on her own and it makes sense the other option being tossing us all out

Anonymous 13426


Kpop Hell thread

Very appropriately named and themed.

Anonymous 13427


Who said it was about bandwidth? /kpg/ got banned for being an annoying, super high maintenence thread that no one wanted to mod. Pic related. Anyway, the last part isn't entirely the case anymore so we'll see.

Anonymous 13428


Does such a thing already exist? I feel like it must be out there.

Anonymous 13429

>Anyway, the last part isn't entirely the case anymore so we'll see.
LC mod? On MY crystal.cafe?

Anonymous 13430

Nope, only kpop forums
Albeit we had bashing threads there and stuff like this general but it wasnt anonymous lol

Anonymous 13432

This one looks good on mobile, i like it. Is the board female only/centered too?

Make the thread for us mod-nim

Anonymous 13433


No, I think its men and women from what I've gathered its a more chill community and doesn't seem to get much traffic. That specific category if for more hell like topics that might generate more controversy so really appropriate imo

Anonymous 13434

what does everyone think about the live bp performance? i know they also did that nicki minaj song

honestly the song's starting to grow on me, but it's still so boring and uninspiring

Anonymous 13435

that sounds prerecorded to me, except in some parts where they just sing over a loud backtrack

Anonymous 13436

I know there's only so many formations you can break into as a group of four, but all their choreographies look the same to me. Rosé is really charming, no wonder the cameraman keeps focusing on her. And Jisoo's inability to dance is not as glaring as in HYLT.

The outfits are ugly but honestly I like the song. They suit the cliché sugary pop sound so much better than the tryhard wannabe experimental trash they were doing recently. Almost reminds me of Heartbreaker era Marina and the Diamonds in some parts.

Anonymous 13437

their choreographies are perfect for fans to learn on their own and to replicate for tiktok videos, which i assume is the intent

i do find jisoo to be gorgeous despite the fact that she's weak at singing and dancing, but she honestly is so cute and does her "visual" role well

Anonymous 13438

jisoo is stunning in the pretty savage performance, mature styling suits her so much better.

Anonymous 13440

Stream icona pop and charlie xcx for the same sound but better kek

Anonymous 13441


agreed, she also looks absolutely stunning with heavier smoky eye makeup

Anonymous 13442

kpop stans who say they're in it "for the music" are 100% lying to themselves lol

Anonymous 13443

this, lol
i dont really follow kpop girl groups for the music, i literally just like looking at their makeup and styling

Anonymous 13444


Nice, a new relatable meme was born.

Anonymous 13445

context pls lmaooooo?

Anonymous 13446

is this jimincel or ratmon i cant tell

Anonymous 13447

Id like to say I'm in it for the music, but honestly Im probably more invested in the drama and bickering between fans

Anonymous 13448

>more interested in bickering

thats a given kek, i love the absolute debaucery that happens in fanwars and im a nosy bitch, but i assume most of us are which is why we're on this forum to begin with

Anonymous 13449


shotaro isn't as ugly in motion as he seems in photos, but he just looks extremely….childlike? like it looks as though he has a 10 year old head on a grown mans body kek. usually kpop dudes heads look enormous but his looks tiny..its creeping me out a bit
>pic related kek
also wtf his body looks very strange here too. he looks like a mf pear

Anonymous 13450


also dear god what the ever loving fuck is this jaw implant. idk who tf he is but he needs to blink twice if he needs help KEK

Anonymous 13451


I mean anon, he's 18 years old?? Of course he would look really young. He does have a really small head tho coupled with a wider body.

Anonymous 13452

id believe it if it were said in like…2009-2015 kek

Anonymous 13453

he looks like a fan badly photoshopped their own head onto a random nct member's body

i cannot get over how unattractive this kid is, he has be a dance god or something for SM to take him in and just shove him into nct this quickly

that or they genuinely dont give a fuck anymore and are just throwing warm bodies and hoping people give them money

Anonymous 13454

i mean by that age people are usually fully developed no? like i personally have never seen an 18 year old dude who literally looks like an elementary aged child facially. it's strange.
>a fan badly photoshopped their own head onto a random nct member's body
KEK why is this so accurate?? holy fuck. it's true though. his head just does not match his body. i think his profile is…ok….not NEARLY as bad as he looks from the front lol. also from what i've seen his dancing is really good too, maybe he will become less pear shaped with a bit of working out? hopefully? i think he also has time to grow into his face. he's weird looking but not the most offensive nct member imo kek, his proportions are just very weird

Anonymous 13455

In this case thats just Jeno's actual jaw. Some people have natural big weird jaws

Anonymous 13456


is it really? i swear it looks like a chin implant, like yutas. i found this predebut pic and his chin doesn't look as pointy, but getting older could maybe make his bone structure more pronounced. it just looks really fake to me in motion. if that's his real jaw i'm shocked he hasn't gotten a jaw shave.

Anonymous 13457

also i really hope this is actually the same person because i think i have facial blindness and honestly i can't even tell, i put blind faith in google image search kek

Anonymous 13458

Screen Shot 2020-1…

poor jeno has had a big nose, big chin, big head since he was a fetus some are just naturally unfortunate

Anonymous 13459

his chin and nose are big in this photo but not nearly as offensive as the first one i posted (>>13450) idk maybe it was just the angle making it look worse. he literally looks like the troll face in the first one kek. like it looks even bigger in that photo, idk if it's some kinda surgery or fillers or if his chin just got even more huge with age
i think he just has the kind of face that only looks good from very specific and particular angles and a shit load of makeup/filters/perfect lighting kek

Anonymous 13460

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Yikes.. Jeno is already being dragged for wearing a durag he most likely din't choose to wear in the first place

Anonymous 13461


He has one of those faces that grow on you slowly. I used to think he was the ugliest in NCT Dream. Also looks way better in motion since he has big jagged features

Anonymous 13462

NTA anon but I think he was complaining about their tour being cancelled bc of corona…. like bitch there's people dying

Anonymous 13463


how tone-deaf but what was i expecting tbh? he's a multi millionaire too, like how out of touch with reality do u have to be

Anonymous 13464

i think he has very strong manly features so it looks jarring compared to the rest of the kpop boys

there used to be an annoying ass anon who used to sperg about him looking like jyp and i…kind of see it? but he looks a little less troll-ish

he reminds me of a manlier donghae

Anonymous 13465

I think it would be good to have a kpop centered image board. It would be easy to sort topics out. Like having threads just for new releases, breaking news, ssng gossip heard through the grapevine, oppa sperging, and just threads for specific groups.

Anonymous 13466

/mu/ has been rallying for a kpop board for a while now.

Anonymous 13467

I wish but also without men

Anonymous 13468

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I'm such a simp jeno i can't even lie. I love his sweet little timid bitch personality so much.

Anonymous 13469

a 4chan kpop board would be infested with scrotes
i'd prefer a lc or cc type board personally

Anonymous 13470

He should be dragged for that awful rap he had in their latest release

Anonymous 13471

>without men
Yeah I dont wanna interact with refugees from 4chan related boards
We should make a female centred kpop image board with a female admin and female mods
Cc but make it kpop lol

Anonymous 13472

If it's an entire board I think it would be alright, scrotes could just stick to their twice and izone threads while we continue to shit on boy groups

Anonymous 13473

There's already too much obvious scroteposting here on a thread on a female only site, they would ruin it like men ruin everything

Anonymous 13474

Just like >>13473 said. They don't stick to their ggfagging, have you seen previous threads? They just come in here because they're bored and want to piss us off.

Anonymous 13475

yup. even gaypg on trash is infested with scrotes, some of which who even blog about jerking off to female idols. in the containment thread for bg posters kek
the reasons to hate men grows ever longer ladies. i hope we can find a board to accept us soon

Anonymous 13477

A kpop imageboard is currently being worked on. It should be ready by the end of the coming week.

Anonymous 13478

samefag, any suggestions for boards and threads? it would be very slow at the start so we could just start off with a general thread

Anonymous 13479

>>13478 like >>13465 said, but imo i wouldn't want too many different threads cos
the reason why i look att cc (and lc) is bc i don't want to engage in every different social platform, i just want unbiased news in one place.
also thank u sm anon for doing this

Anonymous 13480

Anon pls don’t allow male posters lol fuck

Anonymous 13481

we won't, maleposters will get banned the same as here and on lc

Anonymous 13482

Theyll turn every thread into a shitpost one and not contribute, all the post in the 4chan kpg is basically “female idol built for” and sometimes even pedo shit. Don’t want it, they can stay in their own image boards that allow that
They were even this fucking ridiculous on moderated kpop forums, they’ll go crazy w an entire image board dedicated to kpop ffs

Anonymous 13483

Anon I think I love u thx

Anonymous 13484


I fucking can’t stand them lawllll

Anonymous 13485

I love u

4chan kpg makes me want to stick my hand in a blender, our rotation between how ugly x male popular idol is, nct, lucas, bts hate, and drama looks sane in comparison

Anonymous 13486


Anonymous 13487

Old but I never saw it brought up. What did everyone think of sunmi and the goblin's collab?

Anonymous 13488

Anon ilu
I suggest in the beginnibg just a general thread and an idol spammer one. If we get bigger maybe we could separate KPC from KPG. Maybe we could also have a thread for Dramas and Varieties.

Anonymous 13489

a bts thread please, so i have a place i don't need to pretend i hate them

Anonymous 13490

>a thread for Dramas and Varieties
Yeah, sure. Sounds fun
Ratmy containment thread would be no problem. You guys can make whatever threads you want if you feel like the general doesn't provide what you're looking for. Does that sound good?

Anonymous 13491


Anonymous 13492

sounds great, but we'll still need mods to ban retards from twitter

Anonymous 13493

I think we need a 4th gen thread on our new board.

Anonymous 13494

The board is not going to be nearly active enough to need these separate threads tbh

Anonymous 13495

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I'm seeing a bunch of tweets about nct not actually being flops and making sm some money. The mv views for misfit are only about 4.7 million tho so the fandom must just be really dedicated with album sales.

Anonymous 13496


I'm glad Shotaro isn't a manlet and he looks alright here. The styling for this looks off. TY looks fucking good jfc

Anonymous 13497

misfit was just a short b-side mv, it doesn't really mean much. Make a Wish with this line-up >>13491 is the full mv coming out tomorrow

Anonymous 13498


SM groups have always been shit when it comes to yt views, every nugu 4th gen group can get more views than exo, it doesn't mean much

Pic related, what did they do? lol

Anonymous 13499

This is highest since 2018? That's still kind of flopping compared to EXO's active years when they were hitting a million each comeback.

Anonymous 13500

I meant “Misfit” kek
Anon, link please

Anonymous 13501


Nevermind, found it myself
They're already trending in China, BTS ban when? kek

Anonymous 13502


Anonymous 13503


BTS got an award and instead of just saying thanks they also celebrated the anniversary of the Korean war in which China happened to opposite to S.Korea, meaning they brought up China losing.
Just another case of Rat thinking he needs to be nationistic big brain but this time he might really have to face the consequences, this is quite big in Mainland already.

Anonymous 13504


I have no idea what's going on but I'm loving it. Looks like China is the first to say goodbye to BTS. I hope to god nationalist ass BTS offends Americans soon too. Americans pretend that they are tolerant and hate America but as soon as you say anything anti US they turn on you quick.

Anonymous 13505


I saw people comparing it to the atom bomb shirt incident, how is their management this dumb to let something like this happen again

Anonymous 13506


They aren't, I'm sure they did it on purpose. Isn't BTS's entire existence to help Korea's economy and teach everyone how Korea is the best place in the world with the most beautiful people?

Pushing Korean interests is one of their roles.

Anonymous 13507

Surely they could do that in a way without mentioning sensitive topics that will piss off chinese fans? Cfans are usually the most dedicated in terms of bulk buying, their company is dumb af

Anonymous 13509

>Americans pretend that they are tolerant and hate America but as soon as you say anything anti US they turn on you quick.
Lol as much as they hate they hate on it it's still their country/home so that's no surprise

Anonymous 13510

It's so easy to piss off Chinese fans though, literally mentioning China in pretty much any way that isn't completely fellating the CCP will have them running for the pitchforks

Anonymous 13511

Why are Chinese such pussies? I'm enjoying the drama but RatMon literally said nothing wrong and didn't even mention them.

Anonymous 13512

CCP has been fostering a culture of 'the world is out to get China and it's the duty of all young Chinese to defend their country against every international slight' for the past decade or so

Anonymous 13513

kek >defend china
oh noooo the ugly rat from the korean group said china we must kill him now

Anonymous 13514

That's true, but implicitly celebrating the loss of one of their biggest ATMs is definity dumb.

I just think it's hilarious because this only happened because BTS can't go a day without their patriotic pandering kek

Anonymous 13515

Meanwhile carrying out an actual genocide within the country

Anonymous 13516


yeji is self harming. look at her leg.

Anonymous 13517


didn't listen to the song, but i remember a large portion of intl fans found picrel gross considering he has known her since she was basically a kid

Anonymous 13518


samefag but here is a close up

Anonymous 13519

JYP has always been a creep, this is nothing new, the song is pretty good tho

Anonymous 13520


A loss for BTS, a win for SM
And WayV got acknowledged!

Anonymous 13521

Exposing myself as a retard but are cfans mad because of the speech or the award itself because it's celebrating us-korea relations? i've seen two differing complaints

Idols shouldn't be political in general imo they're basically middle school dropouts, but BTS is being used for korea propaganda

Anonymous 13522

Lmao this reaction is no surprise, iirc even some American celebs are banned from China for speaking on Tibet

Anonymous 13523

It looks like it scarred but it could well be from her trainee's years. This industry is definitely fucked up, she's so young…

Anonymous 13524

I agree that idols really don't have the education to grasp a lot of political issues but at the same time it's incredibly difficult to always avoid politics, and stuff that seems non-political in one country may be political in another, so I don't think it's realistic to simply say 'idols shouldn't be political'

This is especially true of China, just look at the Tzuyu scandal. In Taiwan it's totally normal to see the Taiwanese flag displayed in all sorts of places, and she probably didn't even realise what a bad reaction she would get.

Anonymous 13525

Which translation site is this?

Anonymous 13526

the chinese are always pressed about some shit. it happened before with another groups. that won't destroy their career, just like that atomic bomb t-shirt scandal didn't destroy their career in japan. they had a few TV appearances cancelled and that was it.
they are too strong now, only a burning sun like scandal would weaken them

Anonymous 13527

if they are as deep as i think they might be, they definitely could be from her trainee years. i self harm and deeper cuts can take up to a year to fade like hers did.

Anonymous 13528


centkent.blogspot.com i think

True, things like that can't be avoided but bts purposefully stepped into becoming political. Every time I see people wanting idols to speak up I think of tiffany

Anonymous 13529

>it's incredibly difficult to always avoid politics
It really isn't, bts are unicef ambassadors and constantly flaunting their "wisdom" and love for Korea because they're greedy for even more asspats.
Now Fila also deleted their stuff already.

A shitty one but there's nobody else translating cpop stuff

Anonymous 13530

I knew they were going to fuck up with that award. It sounded like a super right wing and US boot-licking shit when I read its description. Congratulations I do hope it affects their new album sales just for the lul

Anonymous 13531

BTS could lose half their album sales and they'd still be selling more than any other group. At this point they could afford to pretty much say 'fuck China' straight up and honestly I kinda wish they would, if they're going to be political then go all the way.

Anonymous 13532


Thinking about her

Anonymous 13533

>Now Fila also deleted their stuff already.

Anonymous 13534

i wonder why the fansite didn't edit it out

Anonymous 13535

They definetly cant say that, you're giving too much credit while understimating China's power. Lots of brands would stop endorsing them because of Chinese consumers if they went rogue kek

Anonymous 13536

let us dream

Anonymous 13537

Hoping for one of their chinese sasaengs to get pissed and leak pics of jimin snorting a line or something

Anonymous 13538

I don't think losing some brand endorsements would cripple them at all, any brand that gets the majority of its sales outside China wouldn't be bothered. The NBA is also hugely popular in China and they didn't lose much from supporting the HK protests, BTS would probably be fine too.

Anonymous 13539

Dispatch has a sister company in China, hopefully a newspaper will get a grab of all of their archived scandals topkek exciting news

Anonymous 13540

Both Samsung and Fila deleted their BTS related products on their chinese sites

Anonymous 13541


pic related I think

This actually you can completely fuck yourself over for simply wording things the wrong way over there

Anonymous 13542

Exactly. The fact that a whole ass country got mad over a 15 year old girl waving a flag says everything about their nationalism and how easy it is to begin digging a grave with them.

Anonymous 13543


Beautiful honestly. Waiting for batshit Chinese ssng to spill tea.

Anonymous 13544

They're fucking dumb they didnt have to send a video for this award, it's not like it's relevant anyways… that's what u get for pandering to rich warlords

Anonymous 13545

As if Bighit cares about China. They'll be fine.

Anonymous 13546

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I find it highkey funny how any other topic will cause mass infighting in here but when it comes to BTS this place turns into a large prayer circle for their downfall.

Anonymous 13547

the cc tradition

Anonymous 13548

Except for a couple of undercover ratmies that are currently coping

Anonymous 13549

I'm ratmy, but i hate bts. Yes, we exist.

Anonymous 13550


They probably do actually considering the sales from China, but they'll still be fine

This is the only place you can shit talk them without getting jumped, anons have a lot of pent up hatred

Anonymous 13551

nah nctzens are the ones coping by hating on bts.
i dislike half of the members of bts so i come here to shit on them

Anonymous 13552

Me too, i like them but at the same time i hate. Most of it is due to the fandom's behaviour, they're really working against bts kek some members are specially annoying too like jimincel and ratmon

Anonymous 13553

fellas that looks like the shadow from her hair

Anonymous 13554

not really? look at what happened to dolce and gabbana when their owners made disparaging comments towards chinese people?

Anonymous 13556

as far as I'm aware, D&G are still a successful luxury brand

their China scandal (which wasn't even political, they were just straight-up insulting) mainly only hurt them in China and it didn't take that long to get over it

Anonymous 13557

Which ones? pls don't say you're a jhope stan anon lmfao

Also what do you see in them? Their new music sounds like kids bop shit

Anonymous 13558

Same here. They left a bad taste in my mouth after a while, but I enjoy their pre-2017 stuff. It wasn’t as soulless.

Anonymous 13559

Honestly, it feels like being in an abusive relationship sometimes. It's as if Bigshit tricked me into liking them and it's too hard to get out of it now. Been a fan for awhile, but i realized they're actually shady af. They lie and deceive to fill their pockets with dirty money. It's really gross if you think about it. Espeically Jimincel and Ratmon are fake af. I don't want to listen to the shit they say in interviews anymore. It's disgusting how they lure teenage girls in to join their cult.

Anonymous 13560


I usually don’t care for Jeffery but he looks fine af here

Anonymous 13561

at least try to hide that you're a nctfag

Anonymous 13562

>pls don't say you're a jhope stan anon lmfao
nah. jimbo, jhorse and rap retard are insufferable to me. i used to dislike v too but i'm starting to like him again. it's funny how he seems like he doesn't really give a fuck anymore and sometimes he doesn't even mind pretending lmao.
>Also what do you see in them?
i like their music and performances, especially the older albums like dark and wild and hyyh pt 2.
>Their new music sounds like kids bop shit
i know i have shit taste, but i like bright and fun pop like dna and dynamite. bts is the only bg i like btw, i'm more into ggs.
>It wasn’t as soulless
kpop in general is soulless and everyone knows that but they don't care. only bts pretends to be deep and genuine and their fans are buying that.
> It's as if Bigshit tricked me into liking them and it's too hard to get out of it now.
i feel like that lmao. i want to get out of this hell

Anonymous 13564

oops forgot to quote >>13558 and >>13559 too
sorry for fucking up twice

Anonymous 13565


>The NBA is also hugely popular in China and they didn't lose much from supporting the HK protests
Uhm not really

Anonymous 13566

They might have taken a slight financial hit but it wasn't enough to shake them on any significant level, and they knew it. Do you really think a sports organisation would make a show of standing by their political values if they stood to lose anything serious? The NBA makes yearly revenues in the billions, a few hundred million might be a substantial amount of money in general terms but it's a loss they can easily afford. They never backtracked, and Chinese networks just the other day announced they would start airing NBA games again, so they didn't even lose that for too long.

Anonymous 13567


Hope you had a good weekend, and best wishes for the rest of the week.

Anonymous 13568

thanks moafag, you too

Anonymous 13569

Took the words right out of my mouth, anon.

Anonymous 13570

guys… I first got into k-pop ironically and I was like "yeah they're kinda funny but I don't get why some girls find these guys so attractive"

then I started to fall down the k-pop rabbit hole and stopped lying to myself

this was years ago and k-pop boys have become one of my main bean flicking materials now, I've probably imagined fucking 2 certain guys over hundreds of times each. I know it will never ever happen in reality obviously but I just fantasize and enjoy the fanservice
am I the only one who doesn't mind the mild manthottery in k-pop

Anonymous 13571

everyone on this thread is a kpop fag either they want to admit it or not. Everyone already flicked the bean thinking about a kpop boy or girl, hell my favs have been said to be ugly more than once but fuck it.

Anonymous 13572

don't worry, you can't beat me. i find johnny attractive

Anonymous 13573


Am I the only one who thinks that the Shotaro dude looks like Kang Daniel ? He's popular in SK right, do you think SM had him in mind when casting the new nct member ?

Anonymous 13574

Gay fanservice gets me going and i don't even like gay porn. Someone explain?

Anonymous 13575

my diagnosis is that you are retarded

Anonymous 13576

I see it

I genuinely don't find any men in kpop attractive in that way idk how u guys do it

Anonymous 13577

fanservice is more about romance than sex, you just like to see cute (or at least presented as cute) boys being cuddly, it's okay anon.

Anonymous 13578

gay fanservice is a norm so you're not alone

Anonymous 13579

Are moas genuinely nice or is it propaganda ?

Anonymous 13580

Gay fanservice is cringey as hell but welp fujoshis arent some new phenomenon

Anonymous 13581

Capture d’écran 2…

Fuck it i'm bored, Lucas's ugly.

Anonymous 13582

i used to find him ugly too, but all the spam made me think he's okay. not handsome but not ugly either. depending of the styling he can look attractive.

Anonymous 13583

I used to find him attractive but lucasfag ruined him for me

Anonymous 13584

anons, pls tell me you know some bad rumors about him so I can become jaded. even in this photo he looks cute to me.

Anonymous 13586

is his fivehead not enough for you?

Anonymous 13587


there's just this shit about him sexualizing lesbians because of a shirt he wore. I don't care about him but even I find this stupid, it's just some liberal art.

Anonymous 13588

lmao i doubt he even picked up the shirt for himself

Anonymous 13589


Without makeup he easily looks a decade older

Anonymous 13590

>I genuinely don't find any men in kpop attractive in that way idk how u guys do it
Saaaaaame I really don't get it

Anonymous 13591

Then why do you like kpop?
Or are you gg stans?

Anonymous 13592


he was so cute in that video :(

Anonymous 13593


I miss his pretty long hair

Anonymous 13594


ok I'll stop lucas posting

Anonymous 13595


But how is this a fivehead

Anonymous 13596

Don't feel that bad, i am literally asexual and i only like kpop because i am very lonely girl that needs friends and i use kpop groups to cope with my loneliness, now years after it i am so deep in my parasocial relationship with kpop and i am getting older so it's even harder to make friends.

Anonymous 13597


Jae is such a cow. Dude is nearly 30, takes a break because uwu anxiety and then spends his day fighting preteens on twitter.

He posted a rant complaining that people don't understand his sarcasm (that's because most of your fans are literal children), then one of them replied that she's autistic and then pic related happened.
That's what you get if you raise yourself a fanbase of uber snowflakes, reap what you sow.

Anonymous 13598


>fans, coddle me and my gazillion mental problems!
but also
>quit being sensitive, nowadays cancel culture is so awful!

Anonymous 13599

i really feel like he's gotten worse lately. 3 years ago when i got into day6 he was just this fun dude interacting with his fans on twitter, now he's so different. i guess he doesn't want to be the class clown anymore, but he tries so hard to convince everyone he's smart bc he reads books but also so relatable and so socially awkward!!

Anonymous 13600


The replies on that tweet are a cesspool of underage flake retardation

Anonymous 13601


Anonymous 13602

Same omg. I hate my life lol

Anonymous 13603

samefag sorry, but i feel like he'd be the first to leave day6. he seems so fed up of the idol rules (sometimes rightfully so, but what are you gonna do about it, it's just what it is.)

I feel like with him taking a break but still doing a bunch of solo work, now apparently creating a solo subreddit and overall just seems tired of no artistic freedom, he's going to leave and live of youtube and his remaining 4 stans

Anonymous 13604

He got worse after hanging out with retarded twitch streamers. If this bitch only tried harder socializing with normal people on the real world perharps he wouldnt be so uwu anxiety

Anonymous 13605

He's so pathetic. His irrelevant ass tried to gain fans quickly by roleplaying as a woke queen but now that this is no longer fun to him he can't hold back his boomer-takes and wants out.
Those little girls defending him are so brainwashed
>Omg stop, he has literally crippling anxiety!!!
>But dont you think abt jae's mental health? I mean it just yesterday he talked abt it, and he's cryin??? And can u guys just stop pulling him?
He's crying you guys!
Sorry but I don't believe "he got death threats!" claims 99% of the time.

Anonymous 13606

i know korea is a hell hole but those gyopo idols are just fucking lazy and probably feel they're culturally and morally superior to mingle with koreans.
most of them don't even try to improve their Korean skills and just keep complaining about being misunderstood. 5 years is fucking enough to learn to communicate properly even if you're as dumb as a rock
plus, they dont ever leave their gyopo circles, so it's their fault they never fully integrate in society. if normal people that have to move to korea are able to do it why these people aren't? they have way more opportunities of meeting interesting people too.

Anonymous 13607

>twitch streamers

Redudant kek

Anonymous 13608


It's so funny that coincidentally (or not?) all murican/canadian idols act and look like a hot mess kek (except Mark)
>gyopo idols are just fucking lazy and probably feel they're culturally and morally superior to mingle with koreans.
I think it's a mix of that and feeling inferior: make America great again, we're so much better and woker than those backwards 3rd worlders, but also fuck westerners, asians are culturally superior. Feeling patriotic towards two extremely polarizing countries likely isn't too healthy for your mental constitution

Anonymous 13609


Eh idk Koreans aren't that welcoming of gypo, not even of Korean Americans. They basically see them as American and different. I'm not speaking from personal experience or anything I'm close to a girl on instagram who is KorAm and she moved to Korea for a job. She's basically only been able to make friends with other gypos, and Koreans who studied abroad for a long time. The reason being that she got a lot of shit from native koreans for not being able to speak korean fluently and the way she dresses ect, they even insulted her mom a bit by asking her why her mother didn't teach her korean properly. This girl is also MAJOR pretty but she did get like a free pass. sorry for the blogpost but i can understand them for clinging to each other.

Anonymous 13610


*didn't get a free pass despite being pretty

Anonymous 13611


me2 I'm introverted af but instead of getting out there and making friends irl I just consume cute kpop interactions that make me feel fuzzy inside.

Anonymous 13612

>insulted her mom
that's just how koreans talk though. they'll say blunt shit all the time that'd be considered insulting from people in the west but it's not really meant that way in my experience
t. lived there for 2 years

Anonymous 13613

even though his rapping is awful Peniel seems so nice. I feel like johnny going to end up in that group eventually

Anonymous 13615

Peniel is the only one from that group that is functional and actually is friends with Koreans and even dated Korean women. The rest including that coco girl and soobin/christine whatever remain insufferable

i mean if we're being anecdotal I can counter with other success stories. I know it must be hard but most of it it's cause they don't even bother to try. Just like some Asian communities in murica and elsewhere prefer to keep it among themselves…but at least you can see younger people in these communities trying.

Anonymous 13616

I wonder why he hasn't joined already

Anonymous 13617

I think Peniel is from Chicago too, so he and Johnny would have something in common to talk about at least.

Anonymous 13618

Krystal, Jessica and Tiffany also weren't on that level of isolation… something abt being in SM maybe

Anonymous 13619


I'm really curious as to why Mark and Johnny aren't in that friend circle tbh?

Anonymous 13620


It's the one in vid related, right? She's so annoying. I'd try my luck with a normal Korean adult

Anonymous 13621


Counting NCT as a 3rd gen will any 4th gen group that have this type of selling power? i don't see 3rd gen declining any time soon (soon being ~2yrs)

Anonymous 13622

>Or are you a gg stan?
yes the only bgs I can stand are infinite and exo

Anonymous 13623

Sure, why wouldn't a few? This isn't very impressive all things considered.

Anonymous 13624


Which one of them would u fawk
Male Sulli is so cute

Anonymous 13625

Sm’s new girl and boy group is the only one I can think of on the top of my dome that would be selling a million up
Maybe, Drippin (Infinites juniors) Itzy following short after
I think groups like Txt, Ateez and Skz are not gonna last for the long run in my opinion
And G-idle and Everglow would run the digital scene once the 3rd gen groups make way

Anonymous 13626

lmao yeji

also male taeyeon is just key and jungyeon looks pretty much the same

Anonymous 13627


The fact that I find Jisoo to be the prettiest girgroup member and the fact that I'm immediately drawn to male jisoo. I think I've found my ideal aesthetic or something. Male Ryujin was cute too

Anonymous 13628


If this isn’t a hit song I’m gonna burn down the SM building for toying with my girlies

Anonymous 13629

I wonder if those twitter woke nonbinary tif/tims realize that their oppas are transphobes on closed doors

Anonymous 13630

male chuu is freaking me out. I'd take yeri or jeongyeon on a nice dinner date
maybe enhypen?

Anonymous 13631


Samefagging but where is Lucafag shes gonna lose her mind once she sees this>>13624
What female idol is this

Anonymous 13632


Haha why am I naked

Anonymous 13633

Wtf I literally thought they just threw a random photo of Lucas into the mix kek, who is that?
I would simp for male Sulli. Looks like a rich softboy Chinese guy who wears givenchy to go to Target

Anonymous 13634


ok are we 100% sure taeyeon isn't just key in disguise at this point?

that's yeri

Anonymous 13635

Ok so basically SM female idols are the male idols in disguise
Even male Sulli looked like upgraded Yoochun

Anonymous 13636


GuyU makin me feel a little uncomfortable but I'd prob still fuck as long as he's the same age she is

Anonymous 13637


Jeongyeon as a dude would break my heart

Anonymous 13638


Currently simping over male Suzy hbu guys

Anonymous 13639

I would simp for Sulli and Yeri so hard…
GuyU could be D.O's younger brother.
oh wow this explains why I find Yeri so pretty
Doesn't matter. He is older than me anyway and this is a bad angle. He looked cute there like other anon said.

Anonymous 13640

Disliked it.

Anonymous 13641

I liked it. the second half wasn't as good as the first part

Anonymous 13642

conceptually I am very confused, what's up with the random arabic aesthetics in the sets

lucas looks even uglier than usual

song feels like kinda forgettable generic noise at first listen, might end up liking it more later tho, that happens with a lot of their songs for me

Anonymous 13643

img (2).gif

…Its a bit excellent. I'm shocked, this is one of their best singles since, well, Boss.

Anonymous 13644

>arab aesthetic
I wonder why GG’s like Omg, Idle, and Loona get dragged for “cultural appropriation” but it’s fine when boy groups do it lol
BP got dragged for the North African Bazaar aesthetic during Lisa’s rap part in Hylt but what’s with the leniency towards Nct lol
I’m fine with both taking inspo from different cultures but the kpop fandom is a lil too hypocritical

Anonymous 13645


If they don't perform in these outfits I will seppuku

Anonymous 13646

bgs get dragged for cultural appropriation all the time tho, didn't ateez even change their title track for the last comeback because of a hairstyle lol

personally I think using random cultural elements as an aesthetic completely unrelated to anything else in the mv is kinda dumb, I remember thinking the lisa part in hylt was kinda jarring because they just seemed to be combining random elements for no reason (that kinda sums up everything about hylt imo), but the only thing I saw that actually got significant backlash was the use of the image of an indian god, if people complained about any of the other aesthetic elements it didn't generate enough backlash for me to see it

Anonymous 13647


As a muzzie im pretty sure the inspo in their MV is from Islamic architecture and traditional Islamic stories (1001 nights) and so it’s not really ca but whatever
I thought they were dancing on prayer rugs during their dance break but it was just Persian rugs

Anonymous 13648

not awful but not good either. too repetitive, lacks that oomph factor

Anonymous 13649

What I mean is that they’re dragged for it 24/7
When was the last time you saw a BG get dragged for it in seriousness
Lol it’s just a small convo “oppar it’s not ok to appropriate culture” then they go on to sperg again how they wanna suck their dick
Basically they get free pass to do whatever they want and not get their career evaluated by it
Bts basically did as much ca and racist shit as Mamamoo but they don’t get dragged just as much
Also no Hylt MV wasn’t jarring or weird, it was literally a North African Bazaar inspo idk why u thot that

Anonymous 13650

i don't get what shotaro is doing there. did he even get any screentime? or lines? just throw him out. he stands out like someone's little brother

Anonymous 13651

Shotaro sounded tone deaf in all seriousness
I don’t get what Sm’s thought process was as to why they casted this dude

Anonymous 13652

Stans are always going to be biased and most bgs have way more defenders so it's always going to be harder for girl groups that are problematic. Twitter is still acting like oh my girl are the most problematic group to exist lmao. I'm surprised loona didn't get more hate for it considering they spent months dragging that girl from gidle for saying ethnic hip or whatever

Anonymous 13653

I'm not on twitter so I don't see the arguments over ca unless they become serious enough to filter into other sites, and outside of that bubble I don't see people evaluating anyone's whole career over it, it will be brought up as an issue when the mv or whatever comes out and then forgotten about soon after, although I think what >>13652 says is probably true too

literally where is the bazaar inspo in hylt outside of lisa's part though, it just like switches to the bazaar for 30 seconds then suddenly its back to dancing around snow-covered oil wells or whatever and then they throw some modified hanboks in at the end, there's no thematic connection at all

Anonymous 13654

Screenshot 2020-10…

Yeah, I'm convinced. Mark is definitely taking drugs.

Anonymous 13655

Lmao the whole album is out I forgot

Anonymous 13656

I’m Moroccan and I can see it, that’s why I brought it up lel.
I’m not talking about the MV didn’t i specifically talk about Lisa’s Part.
>I don’t see people evaluate careers based off it
You said you’re not on Twitter of course you wouldn’t see it
People dragged Yooa and her solo just because of her groups past in “cultural appropriation” and accused her of doing the same for her new song concept even though it wasn’t cultural appropriation
Also not to mention Idle being hated for calling a song African tribal inspired, when Boygroups do the same (Bts ripping off South African dances and clothing for Idol) not give credit and get away with it.

Anonymous 13657

Wayv’s Nectar was the only good part in the entire album

Anonymous 13658


From tumblr. His face is really bloated or maybe he gained some weight.

Anonymous 13659

twitter isn't the whole world anon, it's not even the whole kpop fandom

twitter tards bitching about groups has way less impact on kpop than you think

Anonymous 13660

Yeah I know it has not impact, but it’s just hypocritical imo how Ifans react differently to male idols scandals and female idols scandals
Like to this day I-fans are still defending Seungri and his gang as innocent

Anonymous 13661


Lol why is he always zoning out like this

Anonymous 13662

Lmao it’s like the staff intentionally turned off their mics, i love it

Anonymous 13663


That's not even the best example of it. He looks botched and chipmunky.

Anonymous 13664

almost everyone is prone to being a little hypocritical when it comes to their faves, hell kpop fans even call them 'biases' cuz we all know we're gonna be biased about what they do

I don't think seungri defenders really count as 'hypocritical' though, they're just straight up delusional

Anonymous 13665

it's barely top 5, perhaps you're just biased towards that shit unit

Anonymous 13666

Kek at Minhyuk and Jaehyun claiming to be 180 cm tall lol

Anonymous 13667

Where are ur ears anon
Sm in house producers treating them like the kings they are

Anonymous 13668

Wow. He looks like that now with all the makeup and cam filters, he probably look worse in real life.

Anonymous 13669

guess I'm right, "WayZenNi" taste is even worse than their fandom name

Anonymous 13670


Wtf happened with him. He must have gained so much weight in his face. Kekd at how photoshopped the promo pics are

Anonymous 13671

Sehun is a botched egg but he's still hotter than every member of bts

Anonymous 13672

>Seventeen doing retro swing for their next cb

might pick them up again honestly, also taking bets who gets plagiarised this time

Anonymous 13673

being smarter than the special ed kids isn't an achievement

Anonymous 13674

Isn’t Twice also doing a retro concept
Lel what the fuck

Anonymous 13675

Young sehun was chefs kiss though so I'm just going to close my eyes and pretend that's the current day Sehun, what I can't see cannot hurt me

Anonymous 13676

retro is trendy right now, I don't think anyone else is doing swing though

Anonymous 13677

Not V or JK, sehun at his visual peak doesn't compare to them at theirs.

Anonymous 13678


The unsuccessful edited jawline.

Anonymous 13679

Bad taste anon, JK has never not had a giant nose and V looked like an acorn up until last year kek
V has the kind of face where you can't look for too long or you'll start realizing it's not what it seems like
Like those drawings you move away from your face slowly and then see the real image behind em

Anonymous 13680


… anon I don't even find sehun that good looking but no not with that forehead

Anonymous 13681

he looks like every LA korean american guy with acne scars in this pic kek

Anonymous 13682

Yeah no matter how many unflattering pics you post or how hard you try to convince yourself otherwise nothing will make them not better looking than sehun lol

Anonymous 13683

she looks like Kris from exo-m

Anonymous 13684

That's not an unflattering pic that's his forehead when he's not frauding with head bands and bangs

Anonymous 13685

Why's they become Zoroastrians towards the end there?

Anyways I'm middle eastern so I was not amused with this MV. They looked stupid as fuck

Anonymous 13686


Reminds me of early kpop / tvxq

Wtf he looks downright sick
He always complained that he's too skinny and can't put on weight, so him suddenly ballooning up because of being less busy or something doesn't make sense at all. Pic related is from earlier this year and he still looks completely normal…?
Maybe he's sad because his sugar daddy broke up with him kek

Anonymous 13687


would you guys sit on his face is the real question

Anonymous 13689



Anonymous 13690

Fuck no

Anonymous 13691

Treasure most definitely. Enhypen maybe?

It started of good, but it then falls flat.

Anonymous 13693


lel someone on twt leaked the new loona album

Anonymous 13695

I'm becoming a shotarofag…anyone else or am I just deranged?

Anonymous 13697

they went private

Anonymous 13698


he looks like a nice dude
this made me laugh a bit

Anonymous 13699

Anonymous 13700

i know shit about nct and i'm usually incapable of enjoying their songs. because i saw someone mention somewhere xiaojun is in make a wish i decided to watch the mv. i kinda like the visuals and the song isn't bad, i think i'm gonna add to my playlist. but i still can't understand why the fuck is scammer so fucking overrated? i can't stand his voice it's so annoying. just why

Anonymous 13701

if u wanna enjoy xiaojuns heavenly vocals just stream nectar

Anonymous 13702


this acc is a self claimed sm c&c employee that confirmed nct 2020, new members etc last year and they predicted Jongdaes solo as well
and last year they said the new bg would not be nct related
we rejoice anti nct sm stans

Anonymous 13703

not bad, i like his voice

Anonymous 13704

Nctfags thoughts on the full album?

Fav songs?

Anonymous 13706

Haven't listened to it yet, but I know I'm going to like Misfit based on the preview

Anonymous 13707

if we get nbg before ngg people will riot

Anonymous 13708

no theyre coming after the gg lawl pretty sure after kais solo and rv's comeback

Anonymous 13709


>Treasure to release full album in early December after Chapter 3 single album

>Chapter 3 MV being filmed this week

>Chapter 3 will be a different side of Treasure, Treasure will compose the full album

Holy shit. What do blinks think about this?


Anonymous 13710

sm is going to drop red velvet after they debut their new gg, right?

Anonymous 13711

rv have been in the game for a while now, they're probably looking forward to going off and doing their own thing

Anonymous 13712

The album had a lot of doyoung, jaehyun, and too much taeyong. I wish most of ty’s rap parts went to mark tbh.

I think From Home was my favorite tho
I really liked xiaojun’s and yuta's voices on it

Anonymous 13713

theyre a 7 year group anyways
they dropped their other groups way earlier so theyre lucky

Anonymous 13714


No one is really cancelled for CA lmao all of these ggs you mentioned are probably on their peak, YooA with tha pocahontas thingy was a major hit. All this supposed dragging have no consequences, just log off and they'll be free

Anonymous 13715

I don’t think they’re the same people. Middle Eastern people tend to care less about CA in general, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a complaint unless it’s religion related.

Anonymous 13716

did anyone else listen to it? it's not exactly my cup of tea but i tend to not really care for loona's group works (at least compared to their solo stuff from 2016-2017)

Anonymous 13717

When is kai's solo gonna happen? There's been talk about since spring and still no exact date or even month

Anonymous 13718

not talking about middle easterners, just bg twitter stans lol

Anonymous 13719

Dancing in the rain is my favourite so far, I like the jazzy undertones (btw, does anyone have similar recs ?). From Home, Déjà Vu and Misfits are also good imo.

Anonymous 13720

not sure, investors reports said they were antcipating an october release but seeing the comeback rush they'll probably wait
i want kolo so bad lol

Anonymous 13721

I heard Jaehyun “wrote” that dancing in the rain

Anonymous 13722


so someone robbed goo haras home earlier today…

Anonymous 13723

Fangirls are creepy but oncle fans are disgusting…

Anonymous 13724


I don't care for him but this was a cool shot ngl

Anonymous 13725

Reject Jason Derulo song. Literally. Didn’t they collaborate with him on some song like a year ago?

Anonymous 13726

No you are deranged. Hope you don't have the nerve to call any other idol ugly in here ever while stanning that thing.

Anonymous 13727

>Nectar is the lowest charting song on the whole album
KEK now i see why ur shilling.

Anonymous 13728


According to his fan accounts on twitter, the dude has been busy this entire year.

We can barley see his entire face in the latest dior cm and the close up shot is really bad.

Anonymous 13729

Anonymous 13730

lol he outperformed sm fav boy

Anonymous 13731

I love make a wish it’s so good the english version is even better I haven’t listened to the full album yet so excited

Anonymous 13732

Now that he has officially debuted what do you think of Shotaro, is he a good addition to nct ?

Anonymous 13733

Dancing in the rai…

Wikipedia says he did, guess I'm gonna stan him now

Anonymous 13735

i'm right there with you, shotaro is adorable. i'm excited to see him do well and I hope he gets more opportunities in pt. 2

Anonymous 13736

We haven't seen anything of him yet aside from a couple seconds of him dancing so idk

He probably just wrote a couple words lol. I don't think he can compose

Anonymous 13737


ur not alone anon he's cute

Anonymous 13738

He is the best dancer they have so yeah, love him.

Anonymous 13739

Wow I'm surprised to see the shift in attitude towards Shotaro….last week you all couldn't stop talking about how hideous he is

Anonymous 13740

LMAO i was about to say… girls you need to toughen up, he danced nice and all of a sudden he isnt an ugly rat anymore? love yourselves

Anonymous 13741

Sungchan was looking like a much stronger addition at first but it turns out he is basically a Jungwoo 2.0.
Shotaro is really cute and seems to have a natural talent for dancing.

Anonymous 13742

that's terrifying
honestly I didn't get adding him at first since there's already a lot of dancers in nct but you can really tell the difference. idk much about his singing/rapping though

Anonymous 13743

The moment he was revealed I just KNEW he was going to be Jungwoo 2.0 and ended up right.

We may never know what the other guy is like since he can't speak a lick of korean lol.

Anonymous 13744


I remember an anon saying in previous thread that he was going to be huge because ppl were obsessed with this kid even before he debuted lmao now slowly ppl are turning…

Anonymous 13745

>Jungwoo 2.0

I hope not, nct does not need anymore filler members. His rap was okay in Misfit, but yeah he was most likely cased for being pretty and tall.

Anonymous 13746


Anonymous 13747

I think anon meant personality wise

Anonymous 13748

b-but hes a nice guy </3

Anonymous 13749

He has the same idol personality as jungwoo, they also friends

Anonymous 13750

The girlies really spending millions of dollars to keep their busted oppars charting

Anonymous 13751

This thread must be full of shitizens because that new NCT album is absolute garbage. I liked WayV's last album but Nectar is trash. The only tolerable songs were the last two songs and even those would be relatively weak b-sides on an Exo album.

Anonymous 13752


I like JW idol "personality". I always like the crazy over the top idols like Jaemin and Sana. They are the most entertaining and fun.

Anonymous 13753

so basically bb hot100 lost its credability as well lol

Anonymous 13754

this thread was always filled with nshittyzens, im not surprised. Dunno abt the rest of the album but Make a Wish is terrible, whistle hooks need to die

Anonymous 13755

I thought the album was shit too but I don't consider myself an nct fan anymore

Anonymous 13756


NCT's music polarizes people so I wanted to ask everyone what are some of the NCT songs you really did like?

My favorites are 7th sense, Firetruck, Boom and Go by NCT Dream.

Anonymous 13757

I used to cry the fuck out of my eyes listening to angel when I was going home from high school on a bus ride so it has a special place in my heart. Baby dont like it, whiplash, 0 mile and summer 127 are songs that I really liked too. I dont listen to nct these days but those were my top songs back when I did.

Anonymous 13758

I'm a super casual fan and I'm more in it for the dancing and aesthetics.

For those of you who don't speak Korean does the music aspect really matter to you? Most of my kpop songs are in my workout playlist on spotify and I only listen to songs that have a music video. I never check out entire albums or the slower songs because It's more about a fun and catchy beat and I can't even understand what the song is about.

Anyone else?

Anonymous 13759

I only really know regular (eng. vers.) from them and it's a rather good work out song which basically why I listen to kpop. It does the job i guess.

Anonymous 13760

slow songs are boring as fuck, i listen to kpop only bc i want to have some music that takes stress off of my mind

Anonymous 13761


Anonymous 13762

I think I have seen lucas more than my family this week

Anonymous 13763



omg i gasped lmao.

I found a pic of both of them in real life tho and they don't look that alike. Their eyes re really similar tho.

Anonymous 13764

I mostly care about the mood set by the songs, so I like to check entire albums in case there are good b-sides.
I don't really care about the lyrics, not understanding them is not an issue - quite the contrary, it allows me to focus on something else - but maybe that's because english is not my first language, so I grew up listening to songs I didn't understand.

Anonymous 13765

>I liked WayV's last album
Found the bitter wayzenni. You're lucky no one pays attention to them besides their 12 fans because if they did they'd be known as one of the worst offenders of g4 bg bullshit.

Anonymous 13766

sometimes ill check out the b-sides if i can be arsed to. It's nice if a song whose production I like has good lyrics too but it's certainly not the deciding factor in my enjoyment of a song.

Anonymous 13767

koreans say hyunmin looks more like lee minho and chanyeol

Anonymous 13768

oh wow that bleached hair and outfit really doesnt look good on hyunmin lmao

Anonymous 13769

Stop posting pics of lucas, i'm starting to find him attractive

Anonymous 13770


they have also been saying lucas looks like a combination of those two since before he even debuted

Anonymous 13771

uhm since when lol

Anonymous 13772

I consider myself a casual nctfag simply bc exo is inactive atm but I only really like End to start and Domino.

Blow my mind, Mad city, Face to face, 100 (by nct, not sperm), Dreaming, Day dream, Moonwalk, Only human, Nonstop, and After midnight are okay too.

And if we're talking stations then Try Again is actually really good. It's the only song where I like Jaehyun's voice.

Anonymous 13773

people have been comparing him to shinees minho, but ive never heard anyone say he looks like chanyeol

Anonymous 13774


Post your favs wort rappers, I love sehun inability to say anything except "exo"

Anonymous 13775


since before he even debuted. he got called a minho doppelganger for ages.

I don't like chanyeol's visual but he does look like him here

Anonymous 13776

im talking about lee minho not shinees minho lol
shinees minho is called choi minho

Anonymous 13777

It's his bday today! Say something nice about Jimincel, anons. :]

oh wow Lucas mogged him hard.

Anonymous 13778


fuck I forgot about his photo

Anonymous 13779


wats wrong with finding an attractive man attractive?

Anonymous 13780

Both Xiumin and Baekhyun are better rappers than Sehoon

And we can't talk about bad rappers without mentioning Red Velvet kek

Anonymous 13781

i dont get people who ree about sm female idols not being able to rap like duh theyre from sm i doubt any of the filler members were formally taught rap and lyric composion.

Anonymous 13782

I'm ready to be bullied but I actually like Yeri's rap, she has a good flow and a feminine cute voice. Her part in Peek-a-boo is honestly the best

Anonymous 13783

then why the hell does sm still force cringy rap parts in rv's songs? it'd just be better without.

Anonymous 13784


At this point SM is just telling Exo to fuck off. I think that's the only group activity they got this year and it's just Baekhyun and Kai showing the blandest photobox anybody could come up with, everything just black and white, no subtitles, zero effort. They can't even hide anymore how much they hate it.

Anonymous 13785

Sehun legend shawty imma party till the sun down

Prefer that than YG fake swag and blackboo style. Have you ever seen the rap battle between jyp and yg trainees (when winner and ikon were still trainees)? Yg is pure noise and cringe

Anonymous 13786

Every time I hear Jackson's voice I want to throw up

Anonymous 13787

Whenever I feel untalented I watch this performance by YG's trainee. fucking kek.

Anonymous 13788

samefag that video only had jyp lul

Anonymous 13789

With SM you know that it's gonna be funny, but with JYP and YG you think it's serious art - until you turn 16 and realize that it's just as cringe, just a lot more self-important kek

Anonymous 13790


I hope you guys did well at work/college today! And even if you felt you didn't do that great, there is always tomorrow. Mondays are the worst so we have to do the best to brave through it!

Anonymous 13791


fuck i'm starting to like your posts anon

Anonymous 13792

she noticed that spamming and being retarded wont work and now shes going straight to our hearts huh,,,

Anonymous 13793

no but sm used to have good rappers up until tvxq lel
probs because they had african american ghostwriters for the english raps (cue the n word bomb eric dropped) and also the fact that yoo youngjin composed the korean rap parts made it 100x better

Anonymous 13794

Sm - useless visual is gonna rap
Jyp - international member gonna rap
Yg - the one who thinks he's korean kanye west gonna rap

Anonymous 13795

jokes on u moafag i didn't have any classes today. pls know that you'll be banned from our new kpop board <3

Anonymous 13796

dont trust moafag like you trusted lucasfag guys they'll think they have a pass to spam their pig looking oppars

Anonymous 13797

lmao i genuinely laughed

Anonymous 13798


Anonymous 13799

when and where

Anonymous 13800


>A kpop imageboard is currently being worked on. It should be ready by the end of the coming week.

Anonymous 13801

it was supposed to be a secret from newfag moa anon fark

Anonymous 13802

it's so accurate it becomes sad
BP fan edits are always at least listenable, it goes to show how little work teddy puts in his work, teenagers do better in their room. Fuck men

Anonymous 13803


Thanks for the tip, fellow anon. I look forward to the new board.

Anonymous 13804

Gosh, this guy is uglier than Jimincel

Anonymous 13805


nightmare fuel of the day

Anonymous 13806

You shouldn't take anyone's opinion on here seriously when they're fawning over Lucas of all people kek

Anonymous 13807

I don't think that guys particularly hot but come on anon. Jimincel is bottom of the fucking barrel kek no one is uglier than that reptilian besides like Woozi and S Coups

Anonymous 13808

since moafag found out no need to hide out plans anymore
anon whos creating the imageboard pls include these boards
containment board for criticism/bashing and shit talking
kbeauty/idol fashion board
kdrama/webtoon related media board (non idol)
strictly idol media discussion board
and /ot/ like the have on lolcow for unrelated kpop/kdrama discussions

Anonymous 13809


S Coups is handsome when he isn't forced to act cute. We want more unconventional and manly idols

Anonymous 13810

scoups looks like miniature bug eyed go soo
i hate him sm, relieving my ptsd from remembering even his name

Anonymous 13811

Containment thread for criticism? Lol go to twitter then the whole point of kpc and kpg is to bash freely

Anonymous 13812

not against a feel good thread or discussing kpop in a positive light but the focus should be on criticism

Anonymous 13813

This. If I wanted to be policed I would make a Twitter account.

Anonymous 13814

Theres gonna be a whole koreaboo imageboard? Whew ngl I'm not looking forward to this because because I don't want to end up wasting so much time on dumb shit lol

Anonymous 13815

Anonettes you seriously need to learn to respect yourselves more.
Lucasfags are annoying and Moafag is simply underage, but brainwashing yourself to find Shotaro or Scoups handsome is on a whole other level. No idea how you look like, but chances are high that it's minimum their level, so quit simping for those fuglies. You can like their songs but constantly going "uhm u guys, i think he actually looks cute here teehee" is sad. That gives me Shindongfag vibes, don't end up like her lol

Anonymous 13816

We aren't really planning on making many boards just yet. We are trying to keep it minimal as a start with only a kpop general board and an /ot/ board but we are absolutely considering a board for kdrama/webtoon and fashion stuff for later down the line.
We aren't really planning on being heavyhanded on it and there will be minimal rules outside of the basic ones such as no maleposting, no gore, spam etc. but the threads and what you want to post are up to you guys.
I've enjoyed the general vibe of the threads here and on LC so I'm hoping that will carry over to the new board

Anonymous 13817


Uhm no one wants an entire imageboard dedicated for you lot to sperg your hate and anger on
Containment board sounds nice, so the media board can actually be about people freely having threads for their idols to discuss things they like and music, concepts etc
That way you cant sperg and infight with people who stan groups you dont like
Sounds good?

Anonymous 13818

I hate you guys for encouraging retards like the Lucasfag and moafag to spam here

Anonymous 13819

but that's basically just allkpop or onehallyu. can't we just keep it simple with few threads okay i just want to bash on kpop boys for fun idc about the rest of that kboo shit

Anonymous 13820

if they want that they can just go to twitter or allkpop

Anonymous 13821

>idc about the rest of that kboo shit
Same tbh

Anonymous 13822

Ladies are we koreaboo for simply enjoying kpop

Anonymous 13823

It's a fucking imageboard dedicated to kpop I domt know if you really thought anon was making a kpop critical related imageboard
Holy shit some of you are dedicated to living a life full of hate
What's wrong with wanting a anonymous board where you can have a thread dedicated to your oppar or unnir like?

Anonymous 13824

moafag just fuck off to gaypg again we all know you come from there, No one wants your shit spam here

Anonymous 13825

A containment board sounds nice so that idiots wont cry about their fav getting insulted lol

Anonymous 13826

omfg the fucking twitterspergies took over…. we'll really just have to talk inane shit to cater to their mental health huh

Anonymous 13827

>that "meme"
>wants different threads to discuss her fav groups
Dude you can have that literally everywhere else already…

Anonymous 13828

>Holy shit some of you are dedicated to living a life full of hate

Anonymous 13829

Why do you need multiple threads to sperg out on?

Same. I don't see anyone encouraging the Moafag though. Lucasfag is by far the worst since she spergs out the most and no one ever tells her to fuck off.

Anonymous 13830

Shindong is a lazy privileged kid. Unconventionally attractive people didn't chose their features

Anonymous 13831

this. positive kboo threads will not be active at all

Anonymous 13832

>Unconventionally attractive people didn't chose their features
Okay? Still doesn't mean that you should lie to them and yourself that the opposite is true. They already have enough fangirls kissing their ass, no need for you to join in.

Anonymous 13833

I loved the kpc threads on lc because they really cured me from being a delusional kboo oppar stan

Anonymous 13834

They won’t be enough activity for multiple threads. Lc had two threads first the general and critical but the general was always dead and they were put together eventually. on here they is even less activity.

Anonymous 13835

Genuine question what do you think a kpop imageboard would be about if yall dont want people to talk about their faves, new releases etc lol
I just cant comprehend it lol
Just have a complete idol critical board where you can shit talk in peace
Or is it that u wanna infight 24/7 or something
Some of us just want peace ☆♡

Anonymous 13836

people can make whatever threads they want. if they die they die but it's a whole board and we won't get kicked off no matter what so i don't get the pearl clutching about what should and shouldn't be on there

Anonymous 13837

Just to chime in my opinion but I really like the general feel of this thread. I like mixing criticism along with the occasional appreciation and even the occasional thirst posts. A thread of just hate is gonna be shit and a thread of just mindless uwu sperging is gonna be shit. Frankly I like being called out and brought back to reality after a moment of delusional thirsting over my favorite kpop daddy.

Anonymous 13838

>>Cringe meme
Honestly why don’t you go to Twitter allkpop onehallyu these places are better suited for you, you will be happy there

Anonymous 13839

Difference is lolcow isnt a kpop imageboard so naturally more people were drawn to the kpc lol
Didnt we get it banned because kpg and kpc anons kept infighting

Anonymous 13840


Anonymous 13841

And I can't comprehend why you don't get that you could do this
>talk about faves, new releases etc
on literally every other site as well already, allkpop, twitter, reddit, yt,…

Anonymous 13842

fair enough. and agreed >>13837

i'm just saying if it's all non-critical happy fangirling, it can just be discussed literally anywhere else

Anonymous 13843


Honestly this is true. Unless we invite you know who, we can't sustain even two boards. As much as I want a TXT board, it is not feasible.

Anonymous 13844


It's a fucking imageboard are you gonna police people on their memes that dont fit your taste anon
Is a meme gonna make u lose sleep
Maybe this place isnt 4 u

Anonymous 13845

Difference is I wanna do it on an anonymous image board,
There are j-idol image boards, otaku ones etc
I dont see anything wrong with it honestly

Anonymous 13847

In sumn the spergies will create thousands of threads that will have nothing but dustballs and KPCers we'll thrive once again

Anonymous 13848


Tbh I'm not even trying to convince you that my taste in idol is god tier, i'm not even kissing his ass idc about svt. I'm just tired of people fighting each other if they dare to say anyone who isn't eunwoo is attractive. Beauty standards are an indictor, not a norm.
You seem real chill and understanding so let's just agree to disagree.

Anonymous 13849

Yeah, lol. The reason this thread is still alive is because of kpop critical people that migrated from lolcow. Let's be honest.

Anonymous 13850


they hated on jesus too

why wouldn't there be enough activity? kpc was one of the most active threads on lc and this is the only genuinely active thread on flop cc. kpop is a hot topic.

Anonymous 13851

This posts prove that moafag is better than lucasfag. Look at the difference in vocab and cognitive reasoning.

Anonymous 13852


Since SM reconciled with Mnet (I really wonder why or how after pic), what are the chances that their groups (or just NCT) will attend MAMA?
If that happens, I'd nevertheless doubt that they'd give BTS less performance time than last year, so it would evolve into yet another huge fight kek

Anonymous 13853

>post a lucas pic
i'm sorry but I can't take what you say seriously kek.

Anonymous 13855


like idol like fan anon what are you gonna do

yeah… there would be more than enough activity for multiple threads
kpopfag population: growing

Anonymous 13856

Ok but a whole imageboard wont survive with just one thread why are you so adamant on the kpc thing lol
If that's the case just scratch the idea and just stay on cc??

Anonymous 13857

Same board different threads.
The whole idea is to stay away from a possible ban.

Anonymous 13858

Nta but the reason people have been looking for other options is because while cc admin still tolarates us, she isn't exactly fond of us, we need a plan b

Anonymous 13859

funny how top tier idols don't get spammed
people keep valuable things to themselves

Anonymous 13860

>top tier idols
please bless us all with your superior tastes

Anonymous 13861

that's because whenever somebody tries to post somebody else lucasfag and moafag immediately bully them and call them a hag

Anonymous 13862

Vernon is not a top tier idol, anon

Anonymous 13863

Can we all agree that the layout should be pastel and hot pink (like girl talk layout)
also can we have a sasaeng/gossip board lolol

Anonymous 13864

Imagine letting yourself be bullied by a Lucasfag. Pathetic.

Anonymous 13865

Anon have you lost the memo? We received an eviction notice lmao
If we could we would still be on LC but we keep getting evicted so that why a good anon has decided to come up with our own sacred and promised land

Anonymous 13866

i prefer smth like the standard on lc and the 'wintery' theme here on cc, but i honestly don't care that much. although imo blue is easier on the eyes

Anonymous 13868

i agree
my tastes are not superior in any way
i was just thinking we could have had much more cultured fags if we absolutely need to have them
but we got 2 basic monkeyfags instead

Anonymous 13869

stop it they are both cancer don’t encourage the moafag

Anonymous 13870

Im curious why they decided to reconcile with mnet they have been doing fine without it. wonder if yg will do same

Anonymous 13871

Am I the only one who thinks of the nonprofit in the United States when they hear the title "Make A Wish"?
Kek, way to sperg out, shitizen. I literally like that one album. Maybe I'd like an NCT 127/U album if they weren't all rap based songs with Taeyong's grating voice.

Anonymous 13872

I see these every once in a while and am curious as to who the fuck watches these? Ignore that it's BTS, what I mean is self-inserting with your kpop bias when it's literally never going to happen.

Anonymous 13873

Baby don't stop and the 7th sense are the only nct songs I like and both of them are ruined by taeyong, I hate that frog looking twink solely because of it

Anonymous 13874

Preach girl. So many songs ruined by that bug

Anonymous 13875


Hey moafag this is one of the lucasfags but the way u post only the same ugly picture of ur oppa continuously makes me think you are a 13 year old autistic kid who thinks this is somehow humorous or u actually hate that guy you keep posting.

If ur trying to convert ppl why u don't post nice up to date photos once in a while? like I'm genuinely confused here.

Anonymous 13876


guilty as charged tbh go ahead had post ur post wall daddies I will be quiet

Anonymous 13877

bitch it's a board, you can create a thread for whatever you want as long as it's not duplicated.

Anonymous 13878


I am kinda lazy. I just started on my shitposting and most of my pics are anttier so I am adjusting on the quality. And no, most moas are above 30. Their music really appeals more to old timers who wasted their teenage years despite BigShit trying to appeal to zoomers. The Weekly Idol teaser vlive just aired today. You should check it out. And most of my pics are teasers for the new comeback this 26th, so my pics aren't even old.

Anonymous 13879

Your posting style is so easily recognizable and annoying, you type as if it's 2007 and you're on myspace

Anonymous 13880


omg ur so smart I'm shaking

Anonymous 13881

Do you think Exo members will renew with SM? Kai seems entirely done and I don't think DO will renew because he clearly wants to be an actor.

Anonymous 13882

Shineefag here, I find Minho’s shitty rapping to be endearing, predominantly because he does write most of his own raps. At least he tries, not many shitty idol rappers can say that.

Anonymous 13883

As an exofag I'd say they will, at least some/most of them.
Lay of course not, that would make zero sense, DO also not, he will likely go fully into acting, but Kai is a dancer, what other company could he sign to? And what about the useless members? Chanyeol and Sehun are probably content with staying and just doing influencer/fashion stuff and maybe a tiny bit of music on the side. I think Chen will stay because SM didn't let go of him despite his scandal and because he's already able to do plenty of OSTs and ballads nowadays, and that seems to be his thing. For Baekyhun and Xiumin it depends on how good the conditions of the new contract would be or if they get better offers elsewhere. Suho is the most worrisome, he doesn't have a specific talent (and he's unpopular), what is he going to do?

Anonymous 13884

>Suho is the most worrisome

Seohyun was known as the most boring member in SNSD and didn't have much talent but I recently watched a drama with her and her acting is good. Maybe he can transition into acting?

Anonymous 13885

Suho is a musical actor aside from being an idol in Exo

Anonymous 13886


Good for her tbh

Anonymous 13887

>chanyeol would be content with staying
>exofag btw
The exohag who comes in here to sperg about how smexy they looked in those clapped pictures from 2012? lmao. Even his own fans have been struggling to pay attention to him for the past year or two so I guess I can't blame you!

>Suho is the most worrisome, he doesn't have a specific talent (and he's unpopular), what is he going to do?

He's a millionaire so… whatever the fuck he wants

None of them will re-sign if they know what's good for them because all SM does is hold them back now that Exo has effectively disbanded. Shit company.

Anonymous 13888

Why does she only sport this evangelical long hair look tho

Anonymous 13889


Jeno and co. being colorist to haechan again

Anonymous 13890

By far the most retarded post I've seen on cc

Anonymous 13891

Ew lol the way he laughed it off when Haechan got annoyed
This gives me Exo tease
They stopped after Kai was basically like "stfu" everytime they tried to mock his tan skin
I hate these jokes

Anonymous 13892


Not the way Nct are getting replaced
Press f
No wonder they started pushing the star members to have solo activities lol

Anonymous 13893


This is such a reach.

He said that Haechan is so tan because the fans are so bright, aka the sun. He fucked up and stuttered or something which is why Haechan rolled his eyes and said "if you are going to do it do it right" and the others laughed at his blunder. Unless there is some hidden innuendo in Korean
I don't understand how this is colorist.

Anonymous 13895


the colorist jokes towards kai didnt stop until exo stopped promoting together

Anonymous 13896


Its disturbing how natural this styling feels on YangYang, especially the nose ring.

Anonymous 13897

Idk what to say to you if you don't get it

Maybe you're one of the jenofags here

Anonymous 13898


So he wasn't being colorist? Okay.

Anonymous 13899

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Make a wish was shit. I was looking forward to it and i'm left disappointed. I can't even remember what that fucking shit song sounds like. Misfit was heaps better SM better have some magic tricks up the bag because if this is the all the album has to offer nct should start introducing a graduation system asap

Anonymous 13900

are you guys taking applications for uggo avatarfags? my qualifications are about 3,500 ateez pics

Anonymous 13901

>The exohag who comes in here to sperg about how smexy they looked in those clapped pictures from 2012? lmao.
>I can't deal with the fact that 1 time 1 person posted something other than nct, so i'll call you old topkek
You have zero idea what sperging means, don't you? Anons could post their oppar/unnie a 1000 times more and it still wouldn't amount to the insane number of posts that were made about lucas, wayv, txt already

Anonymous 13902

sorry for being a turboautist but i can't even tell if you're serious or not

Anonymous 13903

Lol Xiojun isn't on that song, it's Renjun/Kun/Chenle.
But yeah Renjun and Yuta really stood out on this track, I didn't even know they could sound that good.

Anonymous 13904


2012 exo look like teenage lesbians. i’m sorry you have such low standards

Anonymous 13905

they really do lmao. exofags can be quite embarrassing sometimes

Anonymous 13906

best kpop song ever imo

Anonymous 13907

Taeyang’s voice is so good here, this song and Blue have such a nice vibes

Anonymous 13908

do we have to start saying even more slurs for the twitterfags to fucking leave? you retards are really ruining this thread (not that it was ever that good to begin with, but we would be so much better off without all the dyed-haired brainlets coming from the most fucking annoying social platform and bringing their unfunny shit over here and complaining when an imageboard works the way imageboards are supposed to work)

Anonymous 13909

right, it’s so obvious 80% of ppl itt come from kpop twitter and other autistic fandom circles. most posters here give off allkpop/onehallyu vibes

Anonymous 13910

Ew hanging out with Sulli's sleazy ex, not a goos look

Anonymous 13911


Anonymous 13912

who the fuck is that on the left?

Anonymous 13913


So nct broke sm's record when it comes to preorders and mv views, does this mean that their promotions will be limited to 1 comeback for around 3 days per year? Would only be fair, come on it's time to let others shine.
They should kiss ratmon's little japanese brother's feet, he's been here since like a week and look what happened

Also, lucas looking mighty wrinkly and ana next to other people his age

Anonymous 13914

I fully expect NCT to be dropped like its hot the minute SM finally gets around to actually debuting another group

Anonymous 13915


Nct a bunch of dumbass weebs confirmed. Literally wtf Chenle

Anonymous 13916

No i don't think so, there's obviously something about them that sm loves more than all other groups

Anonymous 13917

>mv views
they must have paid for ads?
current view numbers are not what they usually pull off

Anonymous 13918

SM just wants an akb48 system, there's nothing special about them.

Anonymous 13919

I'm laughing so hard the voice is so cringe… How could they think this was a good idea lmao

Anonymous 13920


Twitterfag but I kinda wish that Hendery actually dislikes Johnny. Even though they’re both kind of cringy Johnny is still much worse. Hopefully we get to see more of who dislikes eachother in nct lol.

Anonymous 13921

At first I was going to defend SM until I looked at the views. 25M in 24 hours? Even Twice can't even pull those numbers anymore. Ads were definitely used.

Anonymous 13922


It's because they stream like ratmys

Understandable, everything about him is making me uncomfortable.
Jaehyun seems so serious, so I don't really think that him and Johnny actually get along.
Also, Hendery would be such a good idol if he wasn't 5'4

Anonymous 13923

Ten, Lucas, and Taeil have all have all said similar shit. So cringe

Anonymous 13924


I know that yesterday nctfans were finally getting their shit together and streaming like crazy. Why this shit song tho? Misfit only has 12 million views.

Anonymous 13925


God I fucking hate Choiza so much. Look at him eating delicious food and enjoying his life while Sulli is rotting in a cold grave and never got to reach 26.

Anonymous 13926


That's clearly just an unflattering pic, anon. What a weird post.

Anonymous 13927

oh god no pls dont

Anonymous 13928

Misfit is even worse than Make a Wish, plus it's a track video not a real m/v.

Anonymous 13929


Chenle is supposed to be a millionaire but he has worn that damn green hoodie everyday since they started recording songs for the NCT2020 album.

I'm starting to recognize it like that white cap with all the signatures that every member has worn at least once.

Anonymous 13931

you can’t use ads in the first 24h anymore

Anonymous 13932


Samefag, they did pay for ads for Make a Wish by the way. Nctzens obviously couldn't pull these numbers off alone. They did the same thing for Kick It.

Anonymous 13933


Turns out all three videos got ads actually

Anonymous 13934


I'm surprised that these ads actually worked, don't most people just skip these?

Anonymous 13935

Explain Everglow then. Only JYP groups put ads after a few days.

Thank you anon for the proof.

Anonymous 13936

I think sm really exaggerate his wealth

Anonymous 13937

His parents are billionaires, anon.

Anonymous 13938

Im confused is this after the the first 24h? I thought this was a general rule that YouTube has now

Anonymous 13939

For ladida the views increased more after the first 24h hours compared to they other mvs

Anonymous 13940

Butthurt Lucasfag detected.

Anonymous 13942

>Paid-ad views will no longer be counted toward the YouTube Music Charts, and artist rankings will now be determined by “organic plays.” Additionally, the Google-owned platform is changing its methodology for determining which videos are eligible for 24-hour record debuts. Now, eligibility will be determined by videos with the “highest views from organic sources within the first 24 hours of the video’s public release,” according to an official YouTube blog post.
>However, paid-ad views will still contribute to view counts outside of the Music Charts and 24-hour record.
(from https://www.forbes.com/sites/caitlinkelley/2019/09/14/youtube-excludes-paid-ad-views-from-24-hour-rankings-and-music-charts/amp/)
TL;DR no.

Anonymous 13945

and in case anyone is extra retarded, let me reiterate that "24hr record" does not just refer to the first 24hrs a video has been up. it's literally a view count record for the first 24hrs a video has been up which only counts views from organic sources https://www.youtube.com/trends/records/

please ignore me posting this three times heh

Anonymous 13946

but why are you posting it 3 times

Anonymous 13947


Billionaires with the shittiest taste, their house might be big but amongst the ugliest I've ever seen

Also, where's the anon who keeps saying that the dreamies are bulking up and getting manlier? He still looks like a little boy, even next to twink Mark

Anonymous 13948

because I worded it incorrectly the first two, stupid

Anonymous 13949

Is dynamic duo a Sm c&c act?

Anonymous 13950

Samefag but they’re not they’re from cj

Anonymous 13951

No, they have their own label, Amoeba Culture. Why would they be signed to c&c anyway, they're a hip hop duo.

Anonymous 13952

Maybe don't go around calling others retarded and stupid if your posts are a mess

Like others said, no, but apparently they did collab with Chen and they composed Chanyeol and Sehun's album. Yikes…

Anonymous 13953

you sound like a twitterfag

Anonymous 13954

Yeah that’s why I thought they were a C&C act since they’ve had so many collars with SM groups and idols

Anonymous 13955

C&C is only for TV stuff, if they were with SM they would have had to be signed to the music label

Anonymous 13956


Smrookiefag I’m back
So the GG is really debuting this year
Jimin is probably dropped out since the insider account said that the “Iine up is finalized” meaning someone got dropped out.

Anonymous 13957

So next year rookie lineup is
SMNGG vs YGNGG vs possible Starship GG
SMNBG vs JYPNBG vs Enhypen vs Drippin
Lawl this is more interesting than the 2020 and last years line up

Anonymous 13958

>jpn boy group (niziu male ver)
Oh god please no, an entire group of Yutas and Shotaros! To whom is this supposed to appeal to? Western weebs? Because both korean and japanese women prefer their kpop boys to be korean.

Anonymous 13959


Apparently a bunch of twitter stans are ”unstanning” Lucas because of his reoccuring fatphobia….I just find it so funny when people expect their oppars to have the personality of a circa 2015 sjw insta admin, good that they’re acknowledging his annoying ass personality though. https://twitter.com/habibihendery/status/1316037224216113154?s=21

Anonymous 13960

I mean niziu is pretty much just supposed to be jyp-produced jpop and jpop has boy groups too

Anonymous 13961

hopefully enough people will unstan that sm will sideline him and I won't have to see his busted face as much

Anonymous 13962

Even if they were a Korean member Ed BG they would be ugly
They’re from JYP what do u expect lawl even Sm couldn’t get their hands on actual attractive Japanese boys

Anonymous 13963



Anonymous 13964

armpit retardation in action

Anonymous 13965

What did he do now?

Anonymous 13966


She looks retarded

Anonymous 13967

willing to bet that fatphobia in particular hits a bit too close to home for most kboos so of course it'd be a deal breaker kek

Anonymous 13968

2019 was way more interesting on the boys side. We had TXT, X1, Ateez, AB61X, Kang Daniel etc. I agree with 2020 as a whole though. We only had Treasure and even then you can argue that they are flops. Girls side has been really dry in 2020 (We only have Weeekly, who is Rocket Punch 2.0 and Secret Number, who are propped up by SEA). 2019 on girls side had Itzy dominating so there was no real competition. Next year is anyone's game for girls but Enhypen will probably dominate the boys side because muh CJEM.

Anonymous 13969

shes just ugly

Anonymous 13970

just another retarded fat kun joke lel

Anonymous 13971

No CJ will have to back down for Yg, Jyp and SM lol their monopoly game on the industry is over and BIGHIT will have to back down as well if the debuts are successful
Also forgot BH was having a girl group debut next year
If SM is really debuting a boygroup they’ll sweep from Enhypen lol they basically have all the fandoms of their seniors backing them as well as SMNGG
2019 was really uninteresting for me since miraculously X1 got disbanded and Txt took their awards and Itzy didn’t have any competitors
Even Daniel and Ab6ix took no rookie award

Anonymous 13972

Can sm pls acquire BBC I’m crying for Loona

Anonymous 13973

you will cry more if they get under sm management, anon

Anonymous 13974


While I do hope for some good new vocals, I really can't wait to experience the future fanwars.

let them seethe. healthy kang Lucas never forgets to put fatties in their place.

Wouldn't sm just sabotage them for the sake of newgg?

Anonymous 13975

lmao you're so pressed

Anonymous 13976


Fatphobia??? That’s not a real thing. Nobody likes fat people, fat people look gross and unattractive. This is just the universes law. Imagine liking kpop and caring about fatphobia omg

Anonymous 13977

>wouldn’t Sm just sabotage them
I don’t think SM sees them as a threat
LSM seems very interested and invested in their concept as a group, probably reminds him of his what if Exo female version lol
They’re the first non SM group he ever produced for I think so I feel like they would take good care of them

Anonymous 13978

how baste

Anonymous 13979

They’re genuinely shocked when idols turn out to be ”fatphobic” as if 95% of them aren’t anachans and get cancelled for CA every week.
Lucas is dumb as fuck but the projecting in the second tweet amazes me….who said anything about him wanting fattie kpop stans to like him? lmfao

Anonymous 13980

When did he even say anything about fat women? Does she think Kun is ftm?

Anonymous 13981

Oh wow I had no idea about that. Now your comment about acquiring makes more sense for me. Makes me wonder if the newgg could have a similar concept to Loona.

Anonymous 13982

It sounds so SMP

Anonymous 13983

i think youtube's algorithm is that the first unique view/click always gets counted even if the video is skipped

Anonymous 13984

They may have a more "elegant" concept, it seems to be the new trend with Iz*One, Loona and RV latest comeback. I'm not complaining, it's refreshing to see something other than "UwU softy" and "strong independent wamen"

Anonymous 13985

SM have never been big trend-followers, I feel like whatever the new group is it will probably be something unexpected

Anonymous 13986

Rv doesn’t have a similar concept to Izone or Loona
Pretty sure they’ll go for the F(x) route lol the Itzy style is too overused and all Sm girl groups are unique to each other so it doesn’t make sense that they would be having the same concept to RV

Anonymous 13987

I think this time SM is gonna make a GP famous girlgroup instead of targeting towards a female audience like Rv, Soshi and Fx did they want a broader one
Like they did with BoA and S.e.S with their image

Anonymous 13988

Psycho definitely had an elegant vibe

Anonymous 13989

>targeting towards a female audience

uh what

Anonymous 13990

Doubt it because the group apparently has 4-6 members. You need 9 to be the nation's girl group.

Anonymous 13991

Jaden Jong was a shitty human being but he was one hell of a producer. Everything sounds like a boring ballad with the same arrangement. We will never have something as unique as "XX"again.

Anonymous 13992

Lol SM has always targeted a female audience
Are you new to KPop or what
Bye lol S.e.s was way bigger than Soshi during their peak and they had 3 members
>you need 9 members to be considered a ngg
Not sure if you’re autistic or being sarcastic

Anonymous 13993


Anonymous 13994

I've been into kpop since SNSD were at their peak, and they were THE incel-bait girl group especially in their early days. Even your link contradicts the idea that they were female targeted.

>we give (our girl groups) a confident and modern image

true of f(x) and red velvet but there's nothing 'confident and modern' about Kissing You, Gee, Oh, etc - the MVs are pure cutesy girlfriend experience type shit

as one commenter pointed out:
>SM stopped gaining male fans after SNSD. f(x) and Red Velvet have way more female fans.

SNSD had a reasonable amount of female fans, especially later, but their main target was men.

Anonymous 13995

Sunmi wishes

Anonymous 13996

Jae apologized on an ig live

He still friends with racist twitch streamers tho. Like cant he just go back to youtube, twitch is so lame and reeks of inceldom

Anonymous 13997

I'd agree with you if it wasn't for his fans being hypocrites

>lucas is fatphobic -> 0 likes

>Omg that's just his culture, fuck pc culture, don't push your western views on him! plus they're literally best friends, they'd tell him if they were really hurt, this is none of your business! -> 1000+ likes
>somebody mentions anything about him being tan
>Omg poor baby is literally getting deaththreats from racists!

Homophobia, colorism, and so on is also part of east asian culture, therefore foreigners shouldn't be sensitive about those topics either, you can't dish out and expect to get nothing back. The other members, especially Kun, need to learn to defend themselves better, there'd be plenty of things they could insult him with.
Plus you just know that those woke twitterfags only pull the culture card and defend him because they find him hot, if anybody else called them fat they'd claim ptsd or something lol

Anonymous 13998

that thumbnail lmao

Anonymous 13999


this sounds so fake

Anonymous 14001

Lol ITNW was targeted towards girls, RDR, Hoot, The Boyz, etc

@ 1:01 in the video listen to how many female fans are chanting during the gee performance lol
In Japan their female fans basically carried Soshi success and the reason why they promoted for so long successfully is because they didn’t have overbearing male fans who would drop them for a younger GG

Anonymous 14002

What is that video lol

Anonymous 14003

Apparently girl groups can’t have cutesy concept because female fans won’t like it boohoo Soshi was a group targeted towards Korean incels

Anonymous 14004

Is this a meme? SNSD were definitely targeted towards scrotes and shifted to a female audience later in their career. Cope.

Anonymous 14005

japanese men have their own idols to fap to so japanese kpop fans are 90% female no matter the artist. soshi was 100% pedobait before they grew old

Anonymous 14006

Soshi was never targeted towards male fans early on their career up until OH
If anyone’s coping it’s you, if Sm’s Ceo and director said it then they were

If Soshi truly was targeted towards men they would’ve been as short lived as Twice when holding the NGG title but they held it for 8 years lol

Anonymous 14007

One thing SM has always been good at is having groups that are flexible with concepts. SNSD wasn't targeted ONLY toward men, but I don't know how you can watch stuff like the beginning of the Genie MV and think that shit was targeted toward women. It's pure male fantasy. They were just lucky to accumulate enough of a female fanbase on the side that they could pivot toward them and stay relevant in their later years.

Also this >>14005, as much as SNSD were male pandering, Jpop groups are way WAY worse for it so to Japanese women SNSD wouldn't seem that bad.

Anonymous 14008


Koop so boring these days why can’t we get scandals like the good old days
Everything’s hid by the Kfans nowadays

Anonymous 14009

The chorus is like crack to me

Anonymous 14010



Anonymous 14011

Screenshot (305).p…

Originally they were definitely targeted towards a male audience, but girls happened to like them too while males got scared away by their "goddess" image and therefore sm changed up their marketing strategy. I'd say that throughout their career their male-female ratio changed from 60:40 to 5:95

Anonymous 14012

They keep all the tea in their private kkt chats, I hate those crazy bitches

hags rise up tbh sm will never top dbsk

Anonymous 14013

>males got scared away by their "goddess" image
god… uncle fans are so fucking weird

Anonymous 14014

I don’t the Into the new world was targeted towards guys lol but ok
Soshi is a complicated case but it’s obvious SM wanted a female audience that’s what I meant
I don’t mean their concepts were female empowering or anything, just that naturally their image as idols was targeted towards girls
Outside of their songs and stuff Soshi was known for their relax and tomboyish attitude (wouldn’t call it that but in variety shows they acted just like the male idols would in comparison with other female idols who were trained to give off a timid vibe for fan service)

Anonymous 14015

That sounds about right

lol I remember the first kpop song I ever saw was Gee and I was initially really turned off by the level of pandering, but then someone linked me AKB48 - Heavy Rotation and I was like 'actually maybe kpop isn't so bad'

Anonymous 14016

he looks like he just rolled out of bed
it does lmao but stranger things have happened.

Anonymous 14017

Never omg I just listened to “Mountain spring” this morning
Why won’t SM give us what we want

Anonymous 14018


Anonymous 14019

I think their attitude on variety and so on was actually a bigger contributor to their female fanbase really, I can see how watching the girls be relaxed and funny would appeal to women even if their concepts were made to appeal to men. But I feel like SM didn't necessarily expect the female audience in the beginning, but once they noticed it they hopped on it as quick as they could.

Anonymous 14020

Capture d’écran 2…

Kai really can't stand his ass, that was so shady lmao.


Anonymous 14021


Key looks so good after his military discharge
Gay king <3
Gave us a drunk live

Anonymous 14023

>Omg that's just his culture, fuck pc culture, don't push your western views on him! plus they're literally best friends, they'd tell him if they were really hurt, this is none of your business! -> 1000+ likes
have you seen stan twitter? they're all sjws. there are countless tards crying about how they were always the DUFF in their friend groups and lucas is unironically triggering them. the only people wking him aren't even justifying it, they're just bringing attention to the fact that the other wayv members have done it too. stan twit will excuse a lot of things, but they draw the line at fatphobia.

Anonymous 14024


Kinda agree. I would never call S Coups handsome tbh but I find him OK looking when the stylists go for a more "manly" look and don't put that much eyeshadow on him. I just don't get it, whoever is in charge of his make up insists on slapping dark browns/reds into his eyes as well as dark liptints and it's obvious that the poor boy just doesn't pull it off, he simply does not have the face for it and it makes him look weird af. They do the same thing with Vernon and he's another idol that doesn't suit make up that much, but what I fucking hate the most is the way they do his eyebrows. Actually, whoever is in charge of doing all of Seventeen's makeup needs to be fired.

Anonymous 14025


Regarding Japan there was even an episode on a tv show 'analyzing' why snsd has so many female fans compared to other gg and they said it's because they're more beautiful than cute, tall/skinny/fashionable, simply how most girls and women want to be. I'd say that this actually fits the original definition of idol the most: somebody you admire, look up to, aspire to be - not somebody you'd want to fuck lol

Just look at this pic, we all know exactly whom moids prefer…

Anonymous 14026

Lol wtf Yoona and Sooyoung are towering over the guys

Anonymous 14027


Clapped as hell honestly.

Slightly unrelated, 9muses next to snsd because it always makes me laugh with that pic

Anonymous 14028

Well, but the examples you or that other lucasfag picked out all only have between 0 and 4 likes, doesn't really seem to be an issue worth defending him over.
It's not a big deal, simply don't search for lucas and fatphobic on twitter.

Anonymous 14029

ITNW wasn't particularly male-targeted but it also wasn't a big hit when it was released, despite its popularity in the long term. So SM doubled down on appealing to men and was more successful, almost all of SNSD's biggest hits are their male-targeted songs.

Taeyeon dating Baekhyun is still one of the worst-received dating scandals ever, if they were a female-targeted group then there wouldn't have been nearly as much backlash.

Anonymous 14030


Do you only come here to shill your 'Kai wants to murder Lucas' fanfic

Anonymous 14031


Someone follow them and relay info to us they’ve rejected my request bc I’m private lol

Anonymous 14032


They didn’t deserve hate they were so cute

Anonymous 14033

They unironically look related and it creeps me out

Literally who

Anonymous 14034

Free info Sasaeng stuff

Anonymous 14035

>> japanese women prefer their kpop boys to be korean
JO1 contradict this tho they were formed on produce Japan and they doing great sales wise

Anonymous 14037


They were also posted less than 5 minutes before the cap was taken.

Anonymous 14039

Moafag we don’t like you and won’t stan Txt

Anonymous 14040


Lolol I have seen a lot of info saying that Nctis gonna “betray” SM I’m actually believing it

Anonymous 14041


Such is the life of your average Lucasfag.

Looking at twitter, the way they defend him is exactly the way our Lucasfag writes
>lucas calling kun fat 3 times in a single day is bad
>i'm wet

Anonymous 14042

Post your fanfic elsewhere

Anonymous 14043

Don't tell us what to do, redditcunt.

Anonymous 14044

Treasure hasn’t released anything in Japan yet JO1 usually sell around 320-370k and txt around 100k

Anonymous 14045

and we're right

Anonymous 14046

Thank you moafag ! Your taste in music is terrible but that's very nice of you !

Anonymous 14047


They're dressed like gay french dude

Anonymous 14048

forget to add that produce Japan was only watched by Japanese K-pop fans but for Nizi they showed Highlights on a very popular morning show watched by people that don’t usually care for kpop and it blew up their song went viral. So if jyp does the same for the boygroup it’s going to be successful. With Niziu and the boygroup jyp gonna swim in yen lol

Anonymous 14049

Ok when it actually becomes tru don’t say it’s a fanfic :(

Anonymous 14050

moafag is cuter than their faves

reads like allkpop fanfic but I wouldn't be surprised if Winwin jumped the boat

a proof of hivemind, perhaps

Anonymous 14051

i appreciate your positive posts moafriend

Anonymous 14052

Fucking sounds like a shit Disney song

Anonymous 14053

what are they hating on him for? he doesn't even do anything
I liked it. not a big fan of those outfits though

Anonymous 14054

Eww this is such a disgusting pic I really hate how bigshit markets them kinda childish but sexual that same time. On top of that they ugly and have possibly the most boring personality’s in kpop

Anonymous 14055

Ok let’s take a throwback
Share your fav oldie kpop stages

Anonymous 14056

Stop samefaggin moaretard

Anonymous 14057

Capture d’écran 2…

They're cute and can perform but I never understood why face like pic related is considered as stage presence

Anonymous 14058

Anonymous 14059

They are really freaking boring
Reminds me of when Doni and Coni got mad at them for having zero personality on Idol Room
And triple eyelid kid sounds straight up retarded when he laughs
He laughed really loud once on some variety show and the members tensed up and Mc got shook lol

Anonymous 14060

Weeekly, rocket punch, cherry bullet all these new girlgroups from smaller companies blend into eachother

Anonymous 14061

It’s been a while since I saw a group with zero vocal members get so hyped up for their non existent talent
Twice and Bts truly paved the wag

Anonymous 14062

I'll shill 9muses until I die

Anonymous 14064

Dolls was such a good song, they should’ve released it in 2015 instead

Anonymous 14065

Txt is not a concept group lol they basically recycle the same shit for their songs all the time and it’s really basic
Discount Shinee I will say

Anonymous 14066


Anonymous 14067

i know cherry bullet had that thing where 3 of the members left super early but how are rocket punch so irrelevant?
Shame abt weeekly, Tag me was pretty good but this new cb is so hookless and uncatchy

Anonymous 14068

I miss these kind of shows

Anonymous 14069

no, seriously, do you really care about idols' "personalities"? it's all fake anyway

Anonymous 14070


How do we keep them out ladies

Anonymous 14071

men / fakeboi are banned

Anonymous 14072


Lucasfags post hate comments towards him because it's somehow his fault the he doesn't enjoy being called fat and that people call out lucas.

Also, look at this pic: of course "b-but people are mean towards lucas too" get's by far the most likes, because telling a grownass asian man to behave when in public is somehow antiblack and 'ableist'. Dude is on par with jimincel and jk in terms of being coddled by fans.

Anonymous 14073


Anonymous 14074

Can’t find the acc lol

Anonymous 14075


dont bully them pls, i dont want admin-sama to ban us before the new board is made

Anonymous 14077


Yes kpop fans are retarded

Anonymous 14078


Why is a man on cc

Anonymous 14079

It's actually kinda sad to rely that much on something in order to be happy

Anonymous 14080

because your pc doesnt automatically burst into flames if youre a man and enter this site

Anonymous 14081


Anonymous 14082


I would hope it did
How will we keep the board a secret from twitterfags

Anonymous 14083

it's just a silly copypasta anon

Anonymous 14084

>20 years old
we should allow only 20+ posters. 20 is the same as 16 mentally

Anonymous 14085


Male yoona </3

Anonymous 14086

wait isn't it the group the twitter stan joined before being forced to quit because he was outed as a creep ?

Anonymous 14088


Favorite kpop gifs? yes this is just an excuse for me to post my own

Anonymous 14089

look at their carrd pic linked in their pinned tweet and tell me that's an adult with a real job and expenses, kek.

Anonymous 14090

>look at their carrd linked

Anonymous 14091


i don't even care about him but my god that was just unfortunate

Anonymous 14092

Yes that’s why I posted it lol
They’re stanning a group with a creep who they’ve never heard sing or even speak
Apparently he’s gay too and made thirst tweets about Jimincel
A female idol would be ended had this came out

Anonymous 14093

Western/international fans are a shitshow compared to kfans,,,,sasaengs get shit done at least.

Anonymous 14094


Man, recently there was this girl who had a total spergout on reddit because some people said that other members are better at dancing then her sehun and as proof for his talent she choose lotto kek

But then it is just trolling, no?

Talking about cancelled idols: what's woojin with now?

Anonymous 14095

Can you link that? I wanna read it sooo bad.

Anonymous 14096

hes doing this and the 10x entertainment company is apparently real and was established in august

Anonymous 14097

Lmfao at first glance I genuinely thought he was fucking with water balloons or something but no

Anonymous 14098

I fucking hate how stans will say that their favs "are like siblings hehe they love to bully each other" until one of them is a confirmed rapist and then it becomes a proof that they never validated his behavior

Anonymous 14099

Fuck Midzy for hyping up dinosaur legged Yeji over Chaeryeong

Anonymous 14100

Yeah the other anon had already posted proof a couple of threads ago

Anonymous 14101


RIP Sulli.

Anonymous 14102

I like yeji but her torso is generous lol

Anonymous 14103


jaemin looks like a grandma in one of those pain relief cream commercials…

Anonymous 14104

She was a doll

Anonymous 14105

i wasn't even a fan but sometimes when i think about her i can't help but tear up. she was so young and didn't deserve all the shit that happened to her.

Anonymous 14106

She’s such a star why the hell does Jyp always put her in the back in every title song stage

Anonymous 14107

Lol you just ignored the cringe shit he said in the post?

Anonymous 14109


It’s Lucas and I hope he becomes the next to join the traitor line and make millions while nct is stuck sharing one cup for the next three years

Anonymous 14110


He’s been looking like something traumatic happened to him lately.

Anonymous 14112


Kia really hates Lucas, where is that one anon claiming that Lucas is one of the only ppl he can stand in superm.

Anonymous 14113

Some anons here get so triggered by japanese people lol like who the fuck cares?

Anonymous 14114



Anonymous 14115

fuck i made that post on cc, time to kms

first i tell the moafag about the new board, and now this. bye. im leaving.

Anonymous 14116

Svt fans are getting problematic lately

Anonymous 14118

just cringy kboos cosplaying as edgy anti-japanese knetz

Anonymous 14119

Japan has had non-pedobait girls groups since the 90s with taller, hotter, and fitter girls but they aren't considered "idols" nor are they marketed as such. Ig because of that they don't garner as much obsessive fans so they aren't as long-lived as idols groups.

Anonymous 14120

leave and never come back

Anonymous 14121

He had that scandal with this actress girlfriend

Anonymous 14122


The sasaeng is posting new tweets right now.

Anonymous 14123

Ok we don’t read Arabic anon

Anonymous 14124

I will translate them as soon as she stop posting because i dont want to spam you here.

Anonymous 14125

Have they stopped yet?

Anonymous 14127


The tweets:

- A homosexual relationship between two members from an average company!
- A member of a popular girl group who was subjected to violence from an employee within her agency, she has a medical report proving this, but the agency was able to stop her from uncovering the matter and they fired him. She did not file a case against him because of the agency's insistence not to cause any problems
- An idol from the Big Three is dating a staff member, he is treating her like a close friend to try to hide their real relationship, but everyone knows that their relationship is deeper than that.
- A dispute happend between Taehyung and a girl idol recently..
- Blackpink and GOT7!
- All of the Blackpink members are currently dating!
- Jungkook is dating a famous female idol
- Joyo was recently harassed by a girl idol who spoke badly about her and her relationships.
- An agency bribed an employee from another agency to leak plans and concept for a group comeback! (Both agencies are well known)
- Chanyeol is dating an idol of the Big Three
- Mina is dating a member of a popular group (not a big company)
- Miwon is dating from SM
- Suicide in order to gain attention will become a trend in K-Pop. Just wait and do not believe everything!
- SM employees are scum, they say sarcastic words/made fun of and say that EXO is done, the members are very upset about their behaviors and that day almost a fight broke out between one of the members and a staff when that member heard them talking.
- That idol group is a ticking bomb. If something leaked about them, no one will be able to save their image, well, who will accept that that member is a sexual harasser !!
- Exo .. December
- Lisa will be involved in controversial news
- Red Velvet's comeback is scheduled for December
- A foreign member who wants to leave the group and return to her country
- A group that a member has left previously, another member will leave them..
- A member from Twice and a surprising news soon!

Anonymous 14128

I WANT A TRIO. It's never gonna happen but SM doing S.E.S 2.0 would be so badass. I'm tired of 4 member groups where there's no center member.
> Suicide in order to gain attention will become a trend in K-Pop.

Anonymous 14129

I don’t believe suicides are happening for attention
Honestly this person seems unreliable
Didn’t you post something from this Twitter account that said basically that Jungkook and Sehun had beef lol

Anonymous 14130

The sehun and jk thing was not from her account.

Anonymous 14131

Ok but either way you’re following unreliable sources lol
Arab, Spanish and American sasaengs on Twitter are by far the most unreliable sasaengs
The only foreign sources (sasaeng) u should believe are SEA, Chinese and Japanese ones.
Also, what sane sasaeng who isn’t a leaker gives free info

Anonymous 14134

We know u are one of the moafags

Also isnt the main Moafag from Gaypg???
Isnt gaypg full of Male posters
Is that why moafag is trying to make us like him/her? I could've sworn I saw a pic an anon posted of Sehun here on 4chan
They're trying to throw us off that they're not a Male poster huh

Anonymous 14135

Jfc he looks horrible and THOSE LIPS. How these guys go around with their lips seconds away from bleeding I will never understand

Anonymous 14138


Moafag is literally a guy lol
Hes the Txtfag on Gaypg
I caught him when he worded this post word for word
Theres no reason to be on gaypg posting Male idols unless ur an actual faggot ffs MODSSSSSS
Finally we can get him banned

Anonymous 14139

I know most of the sources aren't real. But this one is the most reliable so far. I dont follow and pay attention that much but i remember she said that she deleted her account on 2017 because they gave her a warning because she share too much info for free. But she was allowed to be back last year and they gave her permission to write in blind items style (?) Anyway, us, the international fans will never know who is saying the truth. So i will take it with a grain of salt.

P.s. selling info is not a thing between arab ssangs.

Anonymous 14140


bad internet but
theres a fag among us

Anonymous 14143

moas run this shit

Anonymous 14147


I wish I fucking screenshotted this I cant make this up
>2 days earlier an anon figures out moafag is from gaypg
>anon brings receipts
>moafag denies
>gaypg exposes that moafag is on cc
>moafag tries to Cape for himself by showing proof shot of double penetration anal vibrator posing as a lesbian

Moafag u suck ♡

Anonymous 14149


what goes on?

Anonymous 14157


hey giries

Anonymous 14158

Moafag rn

Anonymous 14160

omg gaypg invasion

Anonymous 14166


what do we think of kyungsoo here?

Anonymous 14167

Anonymous 14170

nice ass

Anonymous 14172

I really like his face (and voice (when he speaks)). I wish he was taller though.

Anonymous 14178


Anonymous 14181


the idea of men on gaypg is the funniest thing

Anonymous 14183


Men ruin everything. Everything.

Anonymous 14186

Well fuck it's like a matter of minutes until this thread is locked for good. Talking shit was fun while it lasted ladies.

Anonymous 14189

i think exo are neat though i'm sad i don't like their later discography as much

Anonymous 14190

i'm an old time exo fan and i had trouble liking everything after the war album… i feel like ex'act was the last album i truly liked.

Anonymous 14191


Anonymous 14192

The saboteur is still among us. Ignore the shitstirring ladies, must pull thru until the new board gets ready

Anonymous 14195

I thought obsession had plenty of good songs. would've been better with ksoo but still.

Anonymous 14197

What exactly don't you like in their later stuff?
Same question.

Anonymous 14199

the change in musical style, I guess? I think they peaked with the war and later songs don't appeal to me as much

Anonymous 14200


He does look horrible but I'd still fuck him tbh.

Anonymous 14201

What do you guys think of their acapella singing from 7:01 to 8:10?

Anonymous 14203

i think it's the vocals, and the change in style of music. i'm sorry but cannot stand kai's voice, at all. chen either, but his voice is more bearable when paired with ksoo's. i need ksoo and xiumin to come back for me to start listening to their music again like i used to. it's also kind of due to nostalgia because it was so fun being a fan when exodus was released. the pathcode teasers where something else.. i feel like has SM has changed for the worst

Anonymous 14205


Never stop keep breaking out still working all the time!

Anonymous 14206

All of the songs with Kyungsoo would've made the Obsession album better. Still liked it overall.

Anonymous 14207

The gaypg kyungsoo anon got me back to my kyungsoofag zone
Why aren't there more wholesome Male idols like him I'm so sad
>fat ass
>cute face
>nice voice
>is neat
When will your kpop boy

Anonymous 14208

He is probably going to be the most successful member after EXO disbands. He’s already the most popular among the general Korean public and is known as one of the only idols with good acting skills. In the end, talent wins!

Anonymous 14209

he pretty much got me interested in korean food because of how much the members would go on about his kimchi spaghetti, i made it following his recipe and it was amazing. it was the first time i ever tried kimchi

Anonymous 14210

Not sure if I believe any of it but nice. Placing my bets down for Lisa and BamBam. Stray kids could be the group with another member leaving. Jungkook might be dating a Gfriend member? There’s been similar rumours for ages.

Anonymous 14211

>Lisa and Bambam
At this point those two are family, isn't their moms like bff and Bambam used to stay/visit her family in Korea during his trainee days? if they are dating and they are dating and end up breaking up their relationship is going to be awkward lol

Anonymous 14212

Fuck these teasers are amazing. Iirc Blockberry Creative tried to do something similar with each pre-debut Loona girl's MV taking place in a different city but they ran out of money within their budget. I know that it can be argued that they looked like lesbians at debut but SM has really excellent quality when they try and refrain from doing weird shit for the sake of doing it. I never appreciated these Pathcode teasers because I only started liking Exo in 2019 so I'm pretty floored rn. It must have been really fun to be an Exo-L back then, rip. I was a Ratmy at the time that these were released…good lord. Here's to hoping the new SM boy group can deliver something closer in talent and quality to TVXQ, Shinee, and Exo.

Anonymous 14215


Are skzos the new ratmies? They're really getting bold and thinking their oppars are the second coming of Tupac

Anonymous 14216

nothing is this tweet is wrong

Anonymous 14218

With a bangchan icon? The lack of self-awareness is what is wrong topkek

Anonymous 14219

they didn't say anything about skz being top rappers though? you a got7/exo stan or why did this get you in your feelings

Anonymous 14220

Screen Shot 2020-1…

This was a weird video. I'm pretty sure Shotaro only understands 5% of what people are saying to him. Also can't tell if i'm just used to big korean heads or if shotaros head is unusually small.

Anonymous 14221

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Haechan growing out his hair or doing a mullet style would be the best styling choice ever. SM insists on his cutesy fucking acorn hair instead.

Anonymous 14222

Why do you keep insisting stays are the new ratmies?
That tweet could have easily come from any fandom since that level of delulu thought about their faves "talent" is pretty much the standard in stan twitter, i don't know how this proves somehow stays are the new ratmies, but seriously you been so focused on this stuff since threads ago that it makes me wonder did they bullied you or something like that? why are you so pressed?

Anonymous 14223

It's not that hard to get skzfag, they're acting as if SKZ is above kpop putrid rapping and they're not

Anonymous 14224

Bitch who's >you<? It's the first time I bring up these motherfuckers lmaaao Just accept it that most people itt dont vibe with you obbars and fandom

Anonymous 14225

I'm just confused how you got to that based on an icon since no other group was mentioned in comparison but no need to infight about it. Please unclench

Anonymous 14226


The way anon not even lying even skzfags know they've been behaving like shit

Anonymous 14227

every fandom on twitter is cancer. it's the nature of twitter

Anonymous 14228

How is that hard to follow tho? If that girl has a skz avi it's a given she approves of their rapping…. yall being obtuse, most ppl agree with the content itself it's just ironic that they have a shitty kpop rapper as their avi too lol

Anonymous 14229

Skzos aspire to be the next ratmies unfortunately they cant because they're outdone by nugus from backyard companies… they'll have to settle for being smug stans of a flop group

Anonymous 14230

What if the anon that said she's working on a kpg imageboard was just moagfag in disguise leading us on

Anonymous 14231


They're always awfully loud for stanning an irrelevant group whose members no longer looked human before they even turned 20

Don't play dumb, it's heavily implied that they are "different"

Anonymous 14232

God I hope that's just a Korean filter doing its thing… I used to think he was super cute back in the day

Anonymous 14233

No he be really looking like that

We have a back-up board + there's a potential lc janny or she's already janny that was kinda willing to fight for our thread…. also farmhands applications in LC are open if anyone wants to take one for the team lul

Anonymous 14234

This thread is somehow more bearable than the LC threads were. LC threads felt like shitflinging fests literally every other post. There's actual discussion here tho, between the making fun of idols and each other kek
Idk why, maybe LC got namedropped in kpop forums or something

Anonymous 14235

The only thing in common and the thing I hate the most is the swarming of nctfags. I can't stand this botched fest in any way, even though some of their songs are okay.
But yes, here is much nicer than on lc.

Anonymous 14236

>a back-up board
Which one is it? I would like to know in case I'm absent and kpop threads are banned here.

Anonymous 14237

It's not a "back up" board it's an entirely new board being made for anons here so there won't be any more risks of being kicked out. Anon said it'll be done by the end of this week iirc.
CC Admin already gave us an eviction notice and I doubt LC admin will take us back considering the whining on /meta/ every time someone asks

Anonymous 14238

It's just a lot easier to ignore the occasional NCT pic rather than like 20 posts of retardation in a row like on lc. Lc has gone to complete shit lately, not even counting to kpop threads, so I don't know why their mods care so much about it not being there when the site quality is legitimately at an all time low

Anonymous 14239

I wonder what caused this cancer

Anonymous 14240

Bitch I am not moafag how dare you even imply this. There’s also not just me working on the new imageboard. It’s close to being done. Probably tomorrow or Friday

Anonymous 14241

Is there something on JYP? He seems to advertise himself (and braindead twitter eats it up and praises him) as the only CEO who's very involved in his groups and cares

Anonymous 14242


Not even a stay but he used to be an average cute boy…I wish he never went into the kpop world.

Anonymous 14243

I mean he's a creep but we honestly been know

Anonymous 14245

ew no, he looks like basic ass filipino boys, no thanks

Anonymous 14246



Anonymous 14247


Lol was jyp trying to make him look like Jeongyeon?

Anonymous 14248

no lol hes not cute in either way

Anonymous 14249

of course it's ex felixfags being mad about skz in here every eurofag morning

Anonymous 14250

im lowkey a felixfag bcs i feel bad for him,,,imagine debuting under jyp just to have half of your jaw shaved off and a rapist coworker

Anonymous 14251

>every eurofag morning

Anonymous 14252

anon please a hotpink layout

Anonymous 14253

seconded, im begging you anon

Anonymous 14254

We will add more than one theme so your wishes will be heard don’t worry

Anonymous 14255

we love u
btw whats the website name ur thinking of for the imageboard

Anonymous 14256

Can’t reveal that yet since it’s up so I can fuck around with some coding and see changes firsthand and I don’t want you guys snooping around before it’s finished. I’ll link to it here though once it’s done if admin here is fine with that

Anonymous 14258

did u guys see bp's netflix documentary
even though im not a fan anymore but i couldnt help but smile throughout the whole thing

Anonymous 14259


>implying there's only one and not multiple at this point
God i hate men.

Anonymous 14260

I kind of wouldn't mind if some more twitterfags found lc and cc threads, maybe they would realize their delusions. On the other hand they should at least lurk before posting dumb shit.

Anonymous 14261

Anon, just look at the last lc threads, they were taken over by twitter refugees. They ruin everything they touch.

Anonymous 14263

>I'm pretty sure Shotaro only understands 5% of what people are saying to him
I don't understand why they didn't get someone who can speak the same language as him in the video instead

Anonymous 14264

lol imagine cc getting swarmed by insta stans
what do korean nctfags think about yuta after his imperialist friend scandal? maybe thats why they had to put shotaro with a bunch of koreans instead

Anonymous 14265

the YouTuber is actually korean he just speaks Japanese well because he lived there for a time. His controversial videos were all from two years ago and yuta met him a few weeks before mentioning him. I feel like the Korean fans just ignore his existence because i thought they would demand for him to leave

Anonymous 14266

During both vlives he was in he was wearing a translator earpiece. They debuted him early after 3-4 months I think, the should of at least let dr. Kim fix his face a little

Anonymous 14267

I wonder too but nobody seems to know. Ig they don't care since most of those accusations were bullshit spread by twitterfags antis anyway

Anonymous 14268

>korean nctfags
yeah all three of them

Anonymous 14269

dr kim was too busy botching other members' faces

Anonymous 14270

we should honestly just ignore them and not give twitterfags the attention they desire so much

Anonymous 14271

seeing shotaro content is so weird and cringy, it's like he doesn't even realize that he just debuted in a kpop group kek it's like watching a random guy trying to blend in with some idols

Anonymous 14272

Do you think the more ""masculine"" female idols (JeongYeon, Moonbyul) have that image because they prefer it, or it's just another form of girlcrush/imposition the company gives them?

Anonymous 14273

Agreed but I hope the mods on the new board are proactive about keeping twitterfags/men out

I honestly just think moonbyul is a lesbian

Anonymous 14274

I think it can go either way, with Amber it really seems to be her own style but Jeongyeon's style always struck me as seeming to be more imposed by the company

didn't Moonbyul say lesbianism was against her beliefs or was that another popular presumed lesbian and/or something I dreamt

Anonymous 14275


Anonymous 14276

>post a fancam
twitter fags are already posting kek

Anonymous 14277

> it's like he doesn't even realize that he just debuted in a kpop group

God, thats exactly it. He's also debuted immediately after being scouted while the majority of NCT trained for years and had their spirits broken down by SM. I'm almost positive SM is making a Japanese subunit and thats his entire purpose.

Anonymous 14278

>SM is making a Japanese subunit
I don't think so….

Anonymous 14279


I think it would be a great idea tbh. TWICE and IZONE and that NIZI project did great, so who will fill the Japanese male idol gap? SM could bring an actually attractive male idol group to Japan with great dancing and some Korean members sprinkled in.

Anonymous 14280

This is Loona's upcoming album medley and some parts of the title song: Why Not just sounds like an SNSD song.
I'm asking 2nd gen fags, am I hearing into this or it's really like SNSD: The Boys?

Anonymous 14281

Self-care is important ladies (no frog twink version)

Anonymous 14282

There are at least two other groups pushing hard in Japan right now (TxT and Treasure) plus JYP is planning a Japan-oriented boygroup soon and the group from that Japanese produce show is doing well. If anything, Japan has a surplus of male idol groups right now.

Anonymous 14283

Yeah exactly I don’t think sm is planning a jp boy group, at least not in the near future. Maybe there just isn’t a good reason shotaro is there, I mean Johnny has been there for goodness sakes who knows why for so long

Anonymous 14284

I'm a 2nd gen fag and the first part in Why Not actually reminded me the most of the bridge from f(x) electric shock, after the beat drops it doesn't really sound like 2nd gen to me though, it just sounds like itzy. It's a little cuter than f(x) so maybe that's why it also sounds like SNSD.

Anonymous 14285

right, and immediately assuming he's an anti-korean, pro-imperialist, and raging misogynist because he hung out a couple times with some cringy "edgy" ytuber who said some shit a few years ago is simply laughable to me. What's also funny is that that ytuber has hung out with other idols and even has pictures with them on his insta but nobodys trying to cancel them lol.
>I feel like the Korean fans just ignore his existence
Basically this. It was a non-isue to them because he doesn't impact how they feel about nct in any way, which is what I noticed k-fans seem to care about.

Anonymous 14286


He seems to dye his hair a new color every week.

Anonymous 14287


they really are great.. i paid attention to the loona teasers when they were first announced and i think the teasers definitely up there with the pathcode teasers, i really saw them as a female EXO at first. for EXODUS, SM even made a twitter @PathcodeExo and riddles were hidden within the teasers posted on exo's website.

> I never appreciated these Pathcode teasers because I only started liking Exo in 2019 so I'm pretty floored rn. It must have been really fun to be an Exo-L back then, rip. I was a Ratmy at the time that these were released…good lord. Here's to hoping the new SM boy group can deliver something closer in talent and quality to TVXQ, Shinee, and Exo.

honestly anon, i became a fan in 2014, literally a few months before kris left exo. but that time was still so nostalgic to me because so much shit went down. if you want to see more of exo back then, i'd recommend watching their concert DVD's starting from the first one (Expolanet #1 - The Lost Planet + there are some really good fancams of performances around this time as well), the SMTOWN concerts that they participated in, their live concert albums, checking out their photobook Exo Die Jungs, and watch EXO Showtime and EXO next door. I truly hope that the next SM boygroup can live up to the likes of TVXQ, SHINee and Exo. because NCT isn't doing it for me. at all.
>tfw this photo was one of the most used picture by exo fans in 2014 and still makes you sad years later

Anonymous 14288

saw the album teaser and most of them didnt impress me; why not just sounds like so what 2.0 to me. Ill be looking for Hide and Seek though
this is one of the worst songs ive ever heard

Anonymous 14289

Red Velvet's Be Natural was actually a cover of S.E.S's song. how do you feel about this one?

Anonymous 14290


>That pic
The flashbacks I just got anon why

Anonymous 14291

Yeah anon you're right imo, Skzos are the new Ratmys except BTS at least kind of created their own success whereas SKZ has always been under JYP and is now just slightly less irrelevant. God's Menu's 'success' must have gotten to their heads.
I'm the anon you replied to–thanks for the recs. Personally I think the Chinese members leaving benefitted Exo in the long run since the majority of them (Kris, Tao) were deadweight and Luhan looks like a woman. Do Exo-Ls think a major opportunity was lost with Exo-M? We've talked in the past how China's ent industry is different (i.e, group members go solo, groups aren't the main priority) so I'm wondering if the success of both Exo-M and Exo-K would have ever been actualized if the members had stayed.

Anonymous 14292

anyone watch the bp netflix documentary? ngl i hated how they shilled them as these super talented, incredibly hardworking passionate girls when they're all average at best with everything they do. i felt second hand embarassment throughout the whole doc.
and i wish that they didn't pretend that bp just so happened to be 4 members out of however many trainees there were, it's not like it wasn't yg's goal to make a 'pretty version of 2ne1' from the start kek.
i always wondered if they're not ashamed of themselves and their lack of talent but now i see that they actually believe that they're amazing, it's mind boggling. the doc was supposed to be humanising them but imo they still give off weird, bad vibes

Anonymous 14293


>Personally I think the Chinese members leaving benefitted Exo in the long run since the majority of them (Kris, Tao) were deadweight and Luhan looks like a woman.
I don't think so. Kris and especially Luhan were incredibly popular, if you look at their old concerts most girls were holding Luhan signs and screaming his name.
Just recently I came across this pic and it's so fucked up that he looked like a literal toddler in his mid 20s and SM brainwashed everybody into thinking that's desirable. I never noticed that back then as a kid, but now as an adult, what the hell ew…

Anonymous 14294

>(Kris, Tao) were deadweight and Luhan looks like a woman.

honestly, while kris leaving saddened me but it was better for him to leave. he originally didn't even want to be a singer but an actor. i really would have liked for tao and luhan to stay, if they weren't being mistreated. but i cannot deny, exo as twelve was something special. tao's raps and martial arts added something group along with luhan's vocals, and kris' leadership as the leader of EXO-M. and their 'powers' were some of the most interesting in the group. it's something that can't be recreated. god i loved luhan's voice in exo's songs. actually a lot of fans had liked luhan's looks, myself included. he's always looked like a woman from childhood, but it's obvious he got ps done.

honestly, feel like exo's success might've been better if china-line had stayed. EXO-M had already promoted in china and EXO as a whole had went on happy camp and other chinese tv shows, and they seemed very popular. the concerts they had in china made me also think so as well. i'm not sure if exo is still popular in china as they were back then, but seeing china-line's success from leaving exo and lay's current popularity makes it seem that EXO definitely lost a major opportunity.

i'm sorry, i couldn't help it.

>this video has always been ingrained in the back of my head for years

Anonymous 14295

I agree, I always liked Luhan the best out of all of china line. His voice is super unique and EXO-M always sounded better to me. I used to listen to his solo songs a lot and get back to them even nowadays. He definitely does not look as cute as he did in '12, though.

Anonymous 14296

samefag but the way they were like 'i can't believe we are popular/got show wins/got fans at all' was mad annoying too. you're from yg of course you're gonna do well, stop pretending to be shocked

Anonymous 14297

yup dislike this one too

Anonymous 14298

>I agree, I always liked Luhan the best out of all of china line. His voice is super unique and EXO-M always sounded better to me.

same here, anon. i was a huge EXO-M fan and luhan was my bias. it wasn't until rumors that he was about to leave came up that i really started paying attention to EXO-K. luhan's voice was truly something special. i was just imagining what he would've sounded like on the exodus albums, man.
i need to listen to his newer music. i've only really liked football gang and promise. i know he collabed with kris recently. he still looks handsome but he doesn't the same as he did back when he was in exo. that ash-brown/blonde color has always looked amazing on him

Anonymous 14299

havent watched it yet but is there anything milky? is it worth the watch?

Anonymous 14301

Not sure of it's just nostalgia but under most early exo songs people comment that they prefer exo-m. Some say that a deeper voice (do) is missing in m, but I always really liked how luhan and lay's voices blended together.

Did anybody else notice that the fanservice in earlier kpop was much more extreme, also in their lyrics and dances? In comparison to that 4th gen groups barely do anything (but their fans simp just as hard)

Anonymous 14302


Anonymous 14303

based and chanpilled

Anonymous 14304

Why does he look like a toddler

Anonymous 14306


Honestly he has a weirdly innocent face. His eyes and lips don't match with his jaw.

Anonymous 14307

Nah that picture is just heavily edited
>innocent face

Anonymous 14308

whats up.jpg

here is getty for you then, as unedited as they come. Personally I agree with >>14306 He really looks innocent, but not in a good way. From sides it doesn't look that bad but from the front he has such weird kid aura. Also his features, how come he has attractive features but still ends up looking off in some way?

Anonymous 14309

he looks weird, like a video game creation of an attractive person but with some features tuned just up enough to look off and strange

i feel like he should be attractive, but something about him just seems uncanny

Anonymous 14310

fans were hyping this song like crazy when the album dropped. thoughts?

Anonymous 14311


He is jaejoong if jaejoong were an alien sent to earth to blend in among humans

Anonymous 14312

No one was hyping that song up, what do you mean?

Anonymous 14313


samefag, a better pic I just found to show how similar they look

Anonymous 14314

you're delusional. he looks like fucking JB from GOT7. why do smfags hype him as CGI is a mystery, what is exceptional about his features? him looking like a bug?

Anonymous 14315

> he looks like fucking JB from GOT7

Not trying to be shady girl you should get your vision checked maybe you have face blindness or something

Anonymous 14316


Anonymous 14317

Found the ratmy /j

But seriously, I didn't finish the doc. It was pretty boring to me but bp is just a boring group lol. I like how pretty they are and their fashion but there's not much else going. I hoped the new album would be something different but it was also just very okay I only liked about 2 songs.

Anonymous 14318


Anonymous 14319


Jaejoong is a lesson on how to not age gracefully. He fucked with his face too much and never got over his glory days

Anonymous 14321

is that jinyoung? seriously thought it was bm for a sec

anon you can't post that picture and say jaejoong doesn't look good, bc anyone would look good next to whatever monster that is on the right

Anonymous 14322


Anon I called him an alien looking walmart brand jaejoong, how you read that as me hyping him idk. he also looks absolutely nothing like jb

Don't make me cry, he used to be so sexy why does he want to be a forever young kpop twink so badly

Anonymous 14323


> walmart brand jaejoong

ur a hag living in nostalgia delusion Taeyong looks better than Jaejoong before his double eyelid surgery

Anonymous 14324


Yes it’s jinyoung

Anonymous 14325

Don’t even bother with them anon, they’re beyond delusional and in denial

Anonymous 14326



fair enough lol. He was good looking before, that nose job was so unnecessary and the fucking dentures even more so

Anonymous 14328

What is your point? jaejoong also definitely got way more than eyelid surgery, he's had like 3 nose jobs at minimum. none of this makes taeyong any less of a ripoff, stop your plastic surgery coping

Anonymous 14329


Prayer circle to keep SM's pinocchio nose away form Taeyong.

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Anonymous 14331

What are yalls favorite kpop debut songs?

Anonymous 14332

His face is so swollen, it’s like he got stung by a wasp in the face and never quite healed