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Terfposting #13 Anonymous 107266

Anonymous 107271

First for tranny genocide.

Anonymous 107272


>animals know better than humans
I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up killing is own dog. Trannies are horrible people after all.

Anonymous 107285


Anonymous 107286


Anonymous 107287


Anonymous 107290

The ridiculous thing about this one is that the first and third girls didn't even say anything confrontational. How is a girl SUPPOSED to say that she doesn't want to have sex if those options aren't okay to this guy?

Anonymous 107294

they think it's a cheatcode where you have to have sex with them now.

Anonymous 107300

Even if they weren't men that would be absurd. I'm heterosexual, but I'd never date a smoker or a man that is too fat or too thin. Does that make me a bigot or a horrible person?
Women (as well as everyone else) have the right to dislike some things and say they wouldn't date someone with a certain characteristic. A penis can be one of them, why not?

Anonymous 107303


anyone else watch "i am jazz"?

Anonymous 107304

I'm not outrage-addicted so no.

Anonymous 107329

>suck my dick bigot

Anonymous 107330


Anonymous 107331


Anonymous 107334

Worst thing I've seen all year, thank you.

Anonymous 107339

please provide bleach with your posts

Anonymous 107350

What the actual fuck. They still don't explain why other than "I just like it even though there's no point but it's totally not penis envy."

Anonymous 107352


Anonymous 107353

Screenshot (97).pn…

Anonymous 107356


>Holy fucking groomed batman

Anonymous 107357

>bound ny estrogen or sisrerhood or some other feminist drivel
totally something women say to eachother

Anonymous 107358

Anonymous 107360

I didn't even know the days of the week when I was 14. There is no way a 14 yo person can be trans. Not that older people can be, it's just that teens are retarded.

Anonymous 107362

>I didn't even know the days of the week when I was 14.
I… I think that was just you.

Anonymous 107363

I was being hyperpolic. I thought everyone would understand it

Anonymous 107364


Anonymous 107366

Wait, how does this happen?
How can they reproduce and then turn troon? Was there a tragic accident? I know that can happen. Moid gets a brain injury, moid's now a troon.
Did porn finally rotted it's brain?

Anonymous 107367

>how does this happen?
Porn rewired his brain and made him into AGP. Common in pornsick men and apparently goes away if they stop watching porn.


Anonymous 107369

Same thing as gays who only married a normal partner for appearances sake.

>AGP going away from lack of porn use
Now that's a laugh.

Anonymous 107373

Not retarded, just following the crowd as teens usually do

Anonymous 107379


Anonymous 107381


Anonymous 107385

Toasting in best bread on this board

Anonymous 107387

what does the high five represent in this situation

Anonymous 107388

A veritable house of tranny horrors I imagine. All those poor lost souls that lose themselves even further

Anonymous 107389

>what does the high five represent in this situation
"rejoice, we made the right choice according to perverts and lefitst activists"

Anonymous 107390


Anonymous 107391

>Things which are not transphobic
>Not being interested in, or not dating, a specific woman who does not currently have the genitalia you prefer
Cool, so I'm fine because I prefer vulvas and not festering axe wounds, right?

Anonymous 107392

but then you are still discriminating against her "because" she is trans though.

Anonymous 107393

ftms always depress me because they are willingly giving up being the superior sex to become something malformed

Anonymous 107394


>ftms always depress me because they are willingly giving up being the superior sex to become something malformed

Anonymous 107413

>fortunately in a lesbian couple there's usually a womb to spare

Excuse me

Anonymous 107416

Any other ladies on here tired of the “tranny jannies” ruling the internet these days? I’m sick of getting banned from my favorite sites for the most petty shit. Trannies have the thinnest skin ever. This is the only place I can go now to speak my mind. How the hell do we fix this? Sometimes it seems like they are an unstoppable force

Anonymous 107417

my child feels like she doesn't have a mother. WIN!

Anonymous 107418


my child is traumatized….. I feel just like a woman now!

Anonymous 107423

Yeah. Not even with getting banned, but they just… Infect the atmosphere and make things about them.
Don't wanna be too specific but there's a site that I went on in my childhood. Nowadays they made a stereotypical edgy pervert tranny be a mod and there's some other they/them bitch who keeps spreading stupidity. The site is still mostly preteens since it's for a video game that appeals to children, and now I keep seeing kids changing their gender to weird shit and stating pronouns and everything. It makes me sad but I can't do anything about it. Some janny tried banning me for no reason, seems like they sensed me as an outsider, but I was able to appeal it because I literally did nothing
There's also two subreddits that I like because they're unique and helpful, but they're both very welcome to trannies. One in particular is supposed to be for a women's matter so it's extra uncomfortable for them to be involved.

Anonymous 107425


Trannies posted gore on /cgl/ again

Trannies are objectively utter
degenerates, what kind of self-respecting individuals would spend hours dancing half-naked in the streets and cut their cock off
Seriously the fact that they somehow got an entire month dedicated to showcasing their repulsiveness is simply revolting. They're angry because their degenerate lifestyle results in them commiting suicide and they take out their frustration on defenseless kids.

Honestly just gas them all. There's probably a negligible percentage of transgenders who are neither degenerates nor pedos but you're bound to take like 95% of the child molesters with them. It's a risk worth taking.

Anonymous 107454

I couldn’t put it to words but I totally get what you mean. They’re so oversexed and they make things totally uncomfortable. It’s like that one gay guy that you’re not sure if he’s actually gay or just says that he’s gay to get girl comfortable around him, but with trannies you just know he’s a predator…

It’s almost funny in its irony, though. Once they ban all the women for badthink from the women only spaces, they’ll basically be back to square one

Anonymous 107456

Gendies will want to burn you alive for posting this but a tranny posting gore is not a big deal lol

Anonymous 107457

Yeah it’s easy to combat. Just remind them of their own gore down under

Anonymous 107458

Don't most of them keep their beloved feminine penises?

Anonymous 107459

It’s because they know what would happen if they don’t keep it, but choose to remain in la la land instead of connecting the dots as to what that means. So reminding them of that gives them a dose of reality for a split second

Anonymous 107460

That's what happens when you give the most perverted, infantile people to choose what they want to censor.

Anonymous 107463

This is especially disgusting considering a lot of troons take the name of a girl they're sexually obsessed with and AGP skinwalk. Plus so many troons are pedo coomers into incest porn. Imagine your creepy dad stealing your name and then playing the uwu victim of his evil terf daughter on the internet.

Anonymous 107474

God damn, the same exact thing happened with a forum I used to visit. They will sit on the discord all day and whenever someone new joins, they'll immediately try to make the convo about trans and queer stuff and indoctrinate them. This is a video game community so most of these victims are teens. And people get banned from there all the time for opposing it. It's fucked up.

Anonymous 107479

>spamming gore
>death/rape threats
>obsessed with sex and violence in general
>forcing themselves into a space where they’re not welcome
>not feeling a slightest bit of shame in doing so
LMAO sometimes I suspect that they don’t actually have dysphoria, they’re just powerless males who want to police and control women under the woke smokescreen, and to unleash their pent up rage on those who don’t comply, as it’s the only situation where they can get away with violent misogyny.

Anonymous 107485


>This is a lot of time and energy dedicated to hating a group of people.

>How tiring.

you will never be a woman

Anonymous 107487


>anyone who doesn't like TERF thread #36578 is a troon
And this is why it's fucking BORING.

Anonymous 107490

I already avoid the TERF thread because of said boringness, only reason I posted was because I saw somebody else was also aware that these threads are fucking stagnant. Go enjoy yelling about troon penis and gaydens for the umpteenth thread. I'm out, your circleschlick is restored.

Anonymous 107498

It’s all a bit silly, innit?

Anonymous 107499


All scrotes should be banned from posting on /cgl/ tbh, the board quality would significantly improve if we didn't have them making garbage threads like this one.


Anonymous 107506


ngl this is top tier bait

Anonymous 107509

men have been saying this the second the discovered femboys for generations

Anonymous 107520

uncomfortable gay …

Hopefully she broke free of her delusions and chose not to try and emulate men anymore. That gay party just sounds gross

Anonymous 107558

It’s fun to go to Twitter/Reddit/FB and just watch SJWs trying to out-woke each other, spiraling into drama and butthurt. I don’t need to interact in any way, the snake just eats itself. Glorious.

Anonymous 107561

I mean…

Anonymous 107563

They soend much more time trying to take my rights away, so I'll dedicate all seconds of my being to hate them with all my female cells.

Anonymous 107579

Perverts, predators and misogynists need to be hated, yes.

Anonymous 107580

There would be no terf threads if troonies didn't start banning every wrongthink about them that ever existed
Oh no, talking about how you hate trannies is so bad. Never mind the fact that there's almost no other places where you can safely shit on troons.

Anonymous 107595

literal evangelion tier child abuse

Anonymous 107600



Troon freak exposes himself in fetish gear to little kids and the Twitter bubble just claps along

Anonymous 107611

Fetish gear? Pic just looks like underwear. Not that that's any better, but I don't see what's fetishy about it.

Anonymous 107614

> Exposing yourself to children while dressed in womens underwear
> Not fetishy

Anonymous 107616

Exhibition is a fetish, but exhibitionism is not a fetish gear. I can't believe I need to say this.

Anonymous 107617

I suppose I can be autistically pedantic for you though.
clears throat
I don't see anything fetishy about the particular article of clothing that this particular troon in this particle picture is wearing as he participates in his fetishy activity of exposing himself to children as a degenerate.

Feel better now?

Anonymous 107619

Fine, he is not technically wearing what one would call "fetish gear"

The issue is still, that wearing womens clothes for transvestites is a fetish, thus making any regular old womens clothes ON THE MALE "fetish gear"
At least that's how I read >>107600

Anonymous 107620

I can't believe women wear fetish gear everyday when they have pants on.

Anonymous 107621

>you both like minecraft
Moids like him need to be banned from earth

Anonymous 107623

We must constantly rage against the brainwashing of the patriarchy or men will convince you that you are inferior.

Anonymous 107624

Stick to radblr circles on Tumblr, ovarit (woman only reddit), and spinster (woman only twitter).

Anonymous 107626

Whyn Lewis.jpg

Like we haven't heard this before. It's extra hilarious because this implies we all sit around doing nothing but hating trannies in this thread when the reality is this board is so slow that most miners probably only visit once a week. Bonus points because it's projection from people who spend literally hundreds of thousands of dollars obsessing about living a lie and loudly screaming about how oppressed they are when they literally get whatever they want because being a man isn't an oppressed group.

Anonymous 107632


Idk about that, I don't want to limit myself to women-only spaces. the problem is that once they take over the "co-ed" spaces (read: male-dominated spaces) and drive out all the women, they'll migrate to those spaces too. After all, according to them they're real women. How do I then know that women-only spaces are safe, too?

on a side note, I think there's a sort of cosmic irony in the idea of a tranny banning all women who don't go along with their delusion. There could be a Twilight Zone episode about that

Anonymous 107637

I only see pain in parents face

Anonymous 107639

Screenshot 2021-10…

free sex change operations are going in effect in India. couldn't believe people are downvoting someone for saying that free dental care should be a priority over sex change surgery.

bUT GeNDeR ReAfFIRMinG SurGErY SaveS LiVes

Anonymous 107640

It only just dawned on me that they use the term "dysphoria" to describe the feeling of being reminded of their "original" sex.

Anonymous 107641

Essentially, they're trying to euphemize it into meaning that the feeling is actually their "true" sex feeling dissatisfied with their body, but as anybody who has suffered through an eating disorder would know this is just cope.

Anonymous 107642

What did you think it meant before?

Anonymous 107647

wtf, dental care saves lives too? And it saves more than a tiny delusional portion of the population. A huge contributor to why lifespans used to be so short was that poor dental health leads to poor dietary health.

Anonymous 107648

>poor dental health leads to poor dietary health.
You see we've become so efficient we just give poor dietary health without even the poor dental health these days.

Anonymous 107651

I thought India was ultra conservative and shit, why do they give free dick choppings?

Anonymous 107661


another lib/tranny meme
imagine equating a fucking disgusting predator with a woman who just expressed a different opinion than yours

Anonymous 107664

"I did everything I was supposed to. I made Hermione black. Dumbledore is gay! Madam Pomfrey is a butch! what more do they want from me?"
>harry potter
"No, please, no, anything but that"
>harry potter is
"NO! Don't go any further, please!"
>harry potter is a
>harry potter is a tranny

she should have taken her money and ran with it

Anonymous 107668

>she should have taken her money and ran with it
She did. What are you talking about? She's a billionaire.

Anonymous 107671

She took her money but she didn’t run in time. Now every troon apologetic I know hates her. Not that I care, I was just attempting to be funny

Anonymous 107673

all of the answers are true and based. a lesbian doesnt want to fuck someone with a dick. next

Anonymous 107674

Why does it matter if people hate her?

Anonymous 107676

Cursed child is the only one I havent read or seen a movie of. is it worth reading?

Anonymous 107680


I’m sorry

Anonymous 107681

Idk, haven’t read it yet either, sorry

Anonymous 107708


Tranny vtubers will never not be funny to me. Akemi Hebiko? Really?

You don't understand, anon. If you don't give a tranny "life saving" surgery they're going to hold their breath until they suffocate, and you're going to have tranny blood on your hands.

Anonymous 107709

>not even trying with the voice
Reminds me of Gamechamp3000

Anonymous 107710

Reddit allows anti-abortion views, but no TERF views. Really makes you think.

Anonymous 107711

I find this image so disgusting. I just can't explain why.

Anonymous 107714

Is it seeing a troon happy?

Anonymous 107718


Anonymous 107731


Anonymous 107733


Anonymous 107734


Anonymous 107735

i would have closed out of youtube's miniplayer if i knew someone was gonna save my screenshot

Anonymous 107743

Your screenshot has charm

Anonymous 107747


Anonymous 107748

Highly conservative homophobic countries are known to be ok with dick choppings (ex. Iran). Anything to get rid of the good old defective gay men.
Getting rid of defective men was also the purpose of all "two-spirit"-like traditions in the Americas before Europeans came but now troons want you to believe theh were very progressive hehe.

Anonymous 107764

Don’t bother anon, it’s shit

Anonymous 107771

Iran is literally the only one in the Middle East and is considered an anomaly because of it.

Anonymous 107775

Go tell that to the troons who rave about the numerous virtuous misogynistic societies which openly accepted male troons before the evil europeans infected them with oppressive things like "sex is a binary" and "females are human too".

Anonymous 107796

Please let this be fake

Anonymous 107800

I'm telling that to you because you brought it up as a standard when it's an exception.

India has had a tiny troon subpopulation with religious background for literally 3000 years. Granted what's also been a tradition is shitting on them because they're absolute gutter trash castle wise.

Anonymous 107801

*caste wise

Anonymous 107803

Moid alert.

Anonymous 107804

As confirming to trans hating views as this is, there's no way this is real. The way it's written, how the tone varies throughout the post as if more than one person is writing it, the fact that both parents decided to "be trans", and the Greek tragedy ending of everyone dying from the effects of transness being introduced into this small town.
A mildly amusing writing experiment at best, or a literal pysops created to deepen mistrust and hatred between two groups, likely from a foreign government because the writer does not write like a native speaker.

Anonymous 107815

Hilarious how they can’t come up with new material.

Anonymous 107816


Read a book, midwit

Anonymous 107841

when he says the doctor told him not to reverse the transition that's what did it for me. i've seen lots of people detransition.

Anonymous 107847

Funny meme, made me laugh, didn’t took seriously.

Anonymous 107850

Anonymous 108168


I just saw the Nash Gold thread disappear as I was reading through it. But while reading it, I had a small epiphany. I believe I found the misogynist formula for the incel-tranny-pipeline. Here it is:

> 1. I am a shit male

> 2. Being shit is a female trait
> 3. Therefore I am a female

This realization is making me fucking furious. A lack of masculinity does not equate femininity. Women are not failing at being moids. There is so much more that goes into womaning, and these retards just seem to think that "Not masculine" implies "feminine".

Trying to calm myself down and do an analytical breakdown, I am just baffled at how people could reach adulthood and basically understand womaning as a failure at manning. Do these retards think women are mineral formations? That sit around and do nothing while moids are moiding around having their little tournaments?

They are so painfully unaware of what womaning involves, that it even exists as a separate concept from moiding, it is no wonder they fail so horribly at pretending being women. The concept that they can - and will - fail as women, even worse than they failed as men, does not appear to occur to them, because "womaning" as anything other than "failing at manning" does not exist for them!

Anonymous 108171

>> 1. I am a shit male
>> 2. Being shit is a female trait
>> 3. Therefore I am a female
Oh damn, so close. The actual narrative thread
>1. I am a failure at being a man
>2. Men do not fail at being a man
>3. Therefore I am a women

Please note this formalization doesn't require the moid to hate women since that isn't a pre-requisite. In fact, there are many troons that find woman "superior", though I understand that all the completely androphobic miners will misconstrue this.

Anonymous 108176

>2. Men do not fail at being a man
Who else would?

Anonymous 108177

Things that aren't men.

Anonymous 108178

It is not a misconstruction, it is a prevalent feeling in moids already present in ancient times. For millenia moids, from Greek polymaths through German philosophers to Native American tribe leaders and Austrian psychiatrists have described women as incomplete and defective men. Even today in medicine books, the standard human is a male and female anatomy is only mentioned as a sidenote, with our own organs diminished to "the female <male organ>". Troon ideology is directly sourced from that. It is especially obvious when they equate their surgical wounds to vaginas and call our genitals front holes. The concept of women as humans with a different conformation, and not a deformed male one, is completely foreign to them.

Anonymous 108179

Anonymous 108184

Consider that they may find “not feminine” to be “is masculine”.

I agree with the argument that they confuse “unmanly” with “emasculated” with “effeminate”, though.

Anonymous 108193

Look, if you measure a woman by the measuring stick of "a man", then of course you will conclude that the woman is a defective man. Just in the same way that if you measure a man by the measuring stick of "a woman", you will find a very defective woman there. As illustrated amply in these threads.

The fallacy is that by concluding they are "defective males", that this is what makes them women. It does not work logically. You're simply failing at basic human bean standards. As much as you fail at moiding, you will fail even more horribly at womaning. Being a woman is about more than "not being a man"

I wonder if the same logic fail happens to Gaydans. Do they also think their overwhelming failure at womaning is the defining characteristic that makes them transmoids?

Anonymous 108195

Cover that horrendous pedo demon's face until you can only see it's eyes, literally nefarious look.

Anonymous 108199

Hit a troon with your car and you'll be charged with manslaughter, simple as.

Anonymous 108201

captain howdy.jpg

Anonymous 108224

>I wonder if the same logic fail happens to Gaydans. Do they also think their overwhelming failure at womaning is the defining characteristic that makes them transmoids?
By definition yes. Even if we do the handwaivey "but-but muh sexual abuse victims" explanation on Gaydens, you've just stated that they fall into this line of thinking because of of the abuse. Which just extends the chain. Which would explain while many Gaydens have had issues with their sex not everywoman who has a problem with their sex becomes a Gayden.

Anonymous 108260

It was very entertaining. I hope he kills himself, if in fact this was an actual troon

Anonymous 108276

I am convinced he is real. He has a thread up on kohlchan right now titled 'fetlife' about how he went on fetlife and tried to find illicit HRT dealers there. And failed.

Anonymous 108340


Anonymous 108347


Anonymous 108359

transgender people aren't mentally ill, am i right? I mean, just listen to the doctors!
thanks WHO

Anonymous 108390

Almost threw up my dinner

Anonymous 108400


The funniest part is when these people try an edit reaction images to fit their perceived gender. And even then it still looks like a girl kek.

Anonymous 108438

And you trannies want us to see you as normal members of society when you do shit like this. Sad!

Anonymous 108520

Why are all the transmen and enbies want to look like a twink with messy black hair and black hoodie. What's the fixation

Anonymous 108521

When you identify as a man but the misogyny doesn't go away :((

Anonymous 108524


Anonymous 108526


Anonymous 108528

where is this from? this can't be 4chan.

Anonymous 108534

/LGBT/, which is pretty much trans only at this point.

Anonymous 108538


Uhhhh homophonic much?

Anonymous 108645

Is this one of those flat girls who pretend to be trans to avoid criticism?

Anonymous 108680


Anonymous 108710

It's pretty obviously a skinny teenage boy with caked on makeup. Probably getting groomed like mad by all his creepy tiktok followers

Anonymous 108717


has anyone read this book? my libfem friend is pressing me to read it so i'm gonna read it really carefully and refute every shit in it kek

Anonymous 108797

It's a wolf in sheep's clothing analog. You feel the predator's aura around girls who just wanna have some fun

Anonymous 108941


Anonymous 108948

Wow, the lengths they go through for validity.

Anonymous 109113


Fujoshis have become so delusional. This girl makes a comic about a polyamorous gay couple and from the moment I saw the art, I knew a TIF made it. I refuse to believe that any of these weirdos have ever met a homosexual.

Anonymous 109117

The fuck does this have to so with being a TIF? You mean like scrotes shooting realistic lesbian porn lmao?

Itt we are pickmes defending gross scrote hypocrisy ?

Anonymous 109122


Anonymous 109123

95% of male/male content hosted on webtoon is drawn and/or written by women but honestly I'm with >>109117 in that I don't really care, lesbians get it worse from men and TIMs every day so who gaf

Anonymous 109124

>The fuck does LARPING as a gay man have to do with being a TIF?
>You mean like scrotes shooting realistic lesbian porn lmao?
This is probably closer to AGPs pretending they’re lesbians
> Itt we are pickmes defending gross scrote hypocrisy?
TIFs and TIMs are both insane fetishists. I find this particularly concerning because I know a lot of young girls are probably seeing content like this and thinking that it makes them trans too. I think we’ve discussed the fujo to ftm pipeline here before.

Anonymous 109128

Half the male population has seen lesbian porn. Show me the complete work of this this so called Trans lesbian pipeline kek

Anonymous 109131

I dont know a single tif and I've never read tif sentiment in my bl communities ?

Anonymous 109132

What is it with trannies and making cringy comics with ugly-ass art styles?

Anonymous 109135

what the fuck is an "intellectual female". istg TIMs are getting worse and worse, faster and faster

Anonymous 109136

wouldn't be surprised if many of them thought of it as "female = stupid"

Anonymous 109140


Anonymous 109151

>Do you like me?
>No sorry I'm gay
>I've just decided I'm the opposite gender
>Of course I like you you are so valid anyone who doesn't is a bigot
The logic is so brain dead but then again these moids wear a dress and think they are women

Anonymous 109160


Anonymous 109164

man, i wish chappelle would do something where i work.

Anonymous 109182

>at this point
from day 1

Anonymous 109186


At this point I just want tranny prison guards and my clown world would be complete

Anonymous 109188

I suppose this is a jab at the word "pansexual" being used instead of "bisexual".
They always do this shit. They force some stupid word to specifically include and center them but then they realize it sets them further apart from actual women/men and then they do a revisionism where they try to blame it on terfs/transphobia (see "womxn").

Anonymous 109237


> Trans lesbian pipeline
I think the AGP equivalent is wanting to be an anime girl (like picrel) and usually doesn’t come from watching lesbian porn. I will say I hate men who fetishize lesbians, though. They’re super creepy.
My phrasing was bad- it’s definitely not all fujos. Honestly though, most of my experiences with TIFs have also been fujos. The first TIF I met named herself after a DMMD character lol

Anonymous 109244

I feel like I don't really hate trans women it's just I find stuff like that someone desperately coping and trying to cling onto some sort of extremely obvious metamorphosis–instead of trying to actually defy gender stereotypes, just bend into a new box. Bam. Insta-catharsis.

Bad take?

Anonymous 109262


i like that the person says "oh" but the rant doesn't stop. its like the tranny thinks that's how conversations are supposed to go.(also to answer your question its a tranny, goes by kori michele)

Anonymous 109327


remember when john oliver said this was an "imaginary crime"?

Anonymous 109332

my university replaced all the women's bathrooms with "gender inclusive signs"

and of course the men's bathrooms remained unchanged

Anonymous 109353

Hmm weird. At my university the student union building is the only one that is gender neutral, and there are no signs on either one, but people have still effectively self seggregated. Only saw a guy in the "girls" bathroom one time and I think it was just, because he was new since he looked embarassed once he saw girls and left quickly.

Anonymous 109358

The year is 2028
All children have mandatory "passion time" with MtF troons to learn that love is love
Parents who protest are put on the national bigot list and lose their jobs
Their votes are permenantly added to the reparations list, being awarded to black transgender Muslims with intellectual disabilities.
The age of consent has been lowered to 10 weeks after conception
Love is love is the law of the land
Anyone who denies a MtF love at any time is subject to summary love.
They are strapped to the love is love table and shown the beauty of love

Anonymous 109449

The disgusting troons had Vanessa Vokey's YT channel shut down again. I am mad.

Anonymous 109452

It's for the best, honestly. I used to like her but she's been getting cringier and cringier. She somehow obsessed over some troon and spends more time harrassing him personally than making any quality content, too.

Anonymous 109459


Anonymous 109481

So is the fetish being a girl or just the visualization of them being in proximity to a girl (more than they could ever by normal, consentual means)?

Anonymous 109484

That's the billion dollar question that he probably can't even answer coherently. I don't have to be convinced, I don't have to even understand, just try to string a sentence together at least lads.

Anonymous 109489


Supposedly they get sexual pleasure from fetishizing and imagining themselves as a woman. This probably involves thinking that girls constantly have sleepovers where they fuck eachother and so on… So both things you said are probably true. Either way these people are mentally ill and I don't understand why they have become accepted by mainstream society.

Anonymous 109490

>She's not invited to the sleepovers

Anonymous 109492

lmao I love Graham Linehan

Anonymous 109493

oh fuck i got tricked didn't i?

Anonymous 109494

If you did I did too so don't feel bad, but I am now seeing it's a shop and knowing the name the face is similar

Anonymous 109498

if anything that just adds to the humour, it shows how ridiculous troons are

Anonymous 109508

I liked her content so I dunno, I'm just mad that trannytube can shut down your channel if you're an heretic

Anonymous 109530

>dental care is low priority
This is just India show its British roots

Anonymous 109533


>girl gets raped by scrote wearing a skirt in a woman's restroom
>school covers it up
>father shows up at School Board meeting and gets arrested for "Disorderly Conduct" when he tries to take his turn to ask questions.
>scrote in a skirt goes on to rape another girl at another school in the district

But the National School Boards Association thinks parents DARING to ask THEIR MOST SERENE HIGHNESSES questions on wtf they're doing with the schools is the real problem that the Justice Department needs to get involved to solve.


Anonymous 109845

I’m on mobile and can’t see webms, can someone describe this to me.

Anonymous 109847

you don't want to know

Anonymous 109849

Just normal acrimoniously divorced boomer dad behaviour

Anonymous 109852

i opened it and closed after half a second. seemed like some grandpa with bondage rope around his chest to form two tubular sausage protrusions. old man troon

Anonymous 109860

Wait, you mean pig norm summers? It’s the old bald moid with the hideous tattoos, I think he even has one on his forehead right? I was forced to watch him once in a discord voicechat, also I don’t use discord anymore.

Anonymous 109893

The inherent anti-science of gender ideology is so infuriating. Just saw the classic “trans women can have periods!” argument on reddit and it’s so fucking tiring. It’s an anti-scientific religion.

Anonymous 109896

aren't most religions?

Anonymous 109906

Western ones tend to be either overtly atheist or believe in trendy new-age shit like Paganism or Satanism. They're into figures like Lilith judging by how many chose Lilith as their "female" name.

Anonymous 109915

The black haired character is a fakeboi, which makes it less yaoi shit and moreso sad transman wish fulfillment of inserting itself among gays.

The comparison to transwomen trying to shove themselves into lesbian content is apt.

Straight people with no boundaries are the worst.

Anonymous 109918


I'm trying to peak both of my sisters but I feel like it's going to be difficult. The oldest one already seems to be more accepting of degeneracy than the average person, since she thinks lolis are cute and the second oldest one is a chronic Twitter user who tells me to "do research" but can't name one trans person she knows irl or online. Sorry for blogposting but I just want others to understand my POV and I don't want to be considered a radical by my own sisters. Is this a gradual process or do people have to peak by themselves?

Anonymous 109921

You have others that understand your view, why do your sisters need to be one of them?

Anonymous 109922

Maybe because she doesn't want to share DNA with propaganda-spewing retards, idk anon.

Anonymous 109924

Oh, so the propoganda is more important than them being sisters. I didn't realize this was the case, my mistake.

Anonymous 109927

Now that I think about it, I guess maybe I don't want to make them peak if they aren't ready. I just want them to understand my point of view without thinking that I'm a radical or being brainwashed by trolls online. My one sister's kinda convinced that any unappealing trans person that doesn't fit the current dogma is just a very dedicated troll.

My sisters and I are close, I don't think any of them would ostracize me for what I believe and I certainly wouldn't do the same to them

Anonymous 109929

>Now that I think about it, I guess maybe I don't want to make them peak if they aren't ready. I just want them to understand my point of view without thinking that I'm a radical or being brainwashed by trolls online.
I understand you probably don't identify or feel that your standpoint is radical, but a good starting point for helping others to understand your position is actually acknowledging you are a radical, because all conventional standards of the conversation, you are. We can have a very long talk about how "The world has degenerated into troon loving madness", but the veracity of your claims are not correlated with the whether or not they are considered "radical" or not. You can both have a correct belief and be a radical, or you can have an incorrect belief and be perfectly normal.

Anonymous 110006

love is love is law
>love is love is law
love is love is law

someone needs to write the next dystopia fiction

Anonymous 110014

Daily reminder that being a woman means being a female. Not more, not less.

Anonymous 110053

I don’t think it can be compared, since tifs are only allowed on selects gay spaces, and only through the good will of gays, but tims force, threaten, and lie themselves anywhere with lesbians.

Anonymous Admin 110079

Cleaned up bait, infighting and spam, please refresh the thread and get back to topic. Further comments about moderation belong in >>>/meta/.

Anonymous 110094

You're right. TiFs try to behave like high school bullies they wish they were in online spaces, but will cower down and apologize when confronted. TiMs are determined to be predatory.

Anonymous 110095

a cute kitty and a bunny are playing on a gentle meadow full of blooming flowers, get on your pc ASAP so you can watch this cute video!

Anonymous 110096

No it's a cute kitty and a bunny

Anonymous 110109


it's almost as if you're trying not to be a woman because of internalized misogyny and shame…

Anonymous 110117

I've seen one of his videos on twitter I think. Gross but hilarious as hell

Anonymous 110122

This timelime. Christ almighty.

Anonymous 110130

what the fuck did i just read

Anonymous 110138

Imagine how annoying it would be to know this person in real life. A walking meme. No personality except some mental illness she took to heart after reading about it on Tumblr. I can see why she hates herself. I hate her too

Anonymous 110145

Why write it? We are living in it. Troons can legally rape and anyone who questions it goes right to jail.
>The trans rapist does not exist!
That's how they will try and act


Anonymous 110148

>The american lefts sole consistent stance is to protect rapists at all costs

Anonymous 110165

That's bongland init luv

Anonymous 110176

It's really a nightmare. And don't assume my post vidicates whatever the fuck their other side is doing.

Anonymous 110197

There's a difference between bongland and burgerland?
You always seem to get the same bullshit, it's amazing and sad

Anonymous 110211


Anonymous 110212


Margaret Atwood comes out as based, TRAs seething

Anonymous 110214

Anonymous 110215

Oops misclicked
How is Margaret antifeminist?

Anonymous 110234

>How is Margaret antifeminist?
They've inflated the term to now mean "not on the side of everyone one could percieve or label "oppressed""

Anonymous 110236


> I was forced to watch him once in a discord voicechat, also I don’t use discord anymore.

Anonymous 110255


>tfw TERF is antifeminist now
Feminism is now prioritizes emasculating men before emancipating women, you heard in here first people.

Well, these days even non-tranny men do a pretty good job emasculating themselves, anyways…

Anonymous 110260

but it says she has a "litany antifeminist opinions" in that last post. what's that about?

Anonymous 110268


where you guys aware of this?
trannies have a browser addon thst lets them block out all dissenting voices

Anonymous 110290

It's been known for a while now, I think the creator is a pedophile.

Anonymous 110291

>less than a km

Anonymous 110301

The number of trannies that are not a pedophiles is a rounding error so that's a given

Anonymous 110304

Troons counter to this accusation is always
>Yes I'm a pedophile and yes all my friends in our discord are pedophiles but I heard of one tranny who's euphoria was highest when fucking old men so you're a bigot for suggesting we are all pedos. Now let me into that child's bathroom or I will rape you

Anonymous 110343

Why the fuck are his teeth so sharp? Is that a god damn vampire?

Anonymous 110376

How do you think he bites off the anuses of little boys to drink their shit?

Anonymous 110393


Came across this

Anonymous 110580

Do troon really do this?

Anonymous 110586

Far more sinister than blocking out, they use it to harass.

Anonymous 110587

Like a go-gurt. Why do you think they post about their HRT on discord every day? Grooming children

Anonymous 110589

Anyone who thinks this is a joke or hyperbole can spend 5 minutes on /tttt/ and see the majority of the trip fags discuss how they can find new school children to give rimjobs to.

Anonymous 110595

just gonna leave this here

Anonymous 110609


spoilered because while it is SFW i really did not enjoy looking at it.

Anonymous 110618

I refuse to believe it's not made on purpose to mock trans
It's not true, it's fucking not

Anonymous 110625

Imagine if someone made a straight version of this. Moids would go nuclear.

Anonymous 110627

>But it's not a fetish!!
>Transbians are not fetishists that want to rape lesbians!

Anonymous 110637

Of course it’s a conventionally beautiful, feminine, young(underage) Stacy. Just like in their porn. pukes

Anonymous 110638

Why do you ask?

Anonymous 110641

this looks so fucking stupid holy shit
>young(underage) Stacy.
eh i dont think it's possible to wave the pedo flag right now

Anonymous 110642


The idea anyone would not know a troon is a troon until they took their pants off is so laughable

Anonymous 110660


Anonymous 110670

Haven't you noticed that almost always the women that constantly complain about white heterosexual men are the same ones to adore those same males once they put a skirt on?
I hate males, doesn't matter their skin color, sexual orientation or clothing preference, they are the same kind of shit for me.

Anonymous 110690

what would stage 6 be? the same?

Anonymous 110746

I wonder if it's because, deep down, they still seek approval from them? They really need to do some self reflection.

Anonymous 110777

No it's because they are so brainwashed to give "marginalized" groups unconditional support they don't realize that there's a very large majority of those who don't deserve it. There's no nuance with these idiots because the average person cannot and will not think for themselves. They latch on to an authority figure and that is their belief.

Anonymous 110781

isn't that called catharsis?

I never liked real life bad boys. I think they're pathetic. But in fantasy I've always like anti-heroes that have arcs where they become better people. It always felt relieving and like a reminder of people's ability to change for the better. It was just good to see someone considered a freak to society becoming more socially acceptable (I say this as a freak).

Anonymous 110849

i'm bi but the dick shadow in the first panel and all the plaps and slaps made me puke

Anonymous 110886



Anonymous 110888

This is an edit of another image

Anonymous 110889

holy shit this is bad

Anonymous 110897

I finally played BotW and it is actually insane how the entire Gerudo questline, including sidequests, feed into a crossdresser/sissy fetish. (At least in the English localization)

Link is given women's clothes (a pretty damn shameless harem outfit even by Gerudo standards which were pretty bad in this game compared to, say, Ocarina of Time) by an older crossdresser/troon. It is implied that said older man has never been caught and is able to pass perfectly just by wearing the right clothes and forcing a falsetto voice, and he is overjoyed by how Link looks in the clothes he is given.

Link then proceeds to enter Gerudo town with no issue. Not only is he able to magically pass just because he is wearing a fetish outfit, but he is complimented constantly by every woman he comes across, both Gerudo and not. He is admired by women offering a spa service, he is drooled over and catered to by the male perverts that loiter outside Gerudo town constantly trying to sneak in, and even when he is clocked by the one Hylian woman shopping in town she does nothing but compliment him on how good he looks as a woman.

It is honestly mind boggling that this was made. It hits every mark for a sissy/CD fetish:
- Looking "better", "prettier" or more feminine than actual women just by virtue of dressing like them
- Being drooled over by men just by wearing the aforementioned clothes
- Being immediately accepted by women, even ones that clock him, because he is just so feminine and innocent looking
- Being groomed or otherwise instructed by an older figure, in this case the crossdressing grown man, to crossdress as well
- The one woman who takes issue with him being in Gerudo town and does not trust him is framed as overly masculine and aggressive, and is often chastized by a young girl for not being nicer to him

Anonymous 110901

I can agree with you it involves crossdressing and "trap" fetishism, but I don't think it's sissy specifically. For the first major note, sissy fetish heavily focuses on the "humiliating" aspect of becoming a woman. It is presented as if "being a woman" in and of itself is a humiliating thing, as far as I am aware, at no point does Link get humiliated for being a woman, maybe I missed out on that super secret dialogue though.
>- Looking "better", "prettier" or more feminine than actual women just by virtue of dressing like them
If anything this is the opposite of sissy fetish. Most of the time just "dressing like a woman" as a first step majorly features this as being humilating as the "sissy" looks stupid in it, and then as the process progresses via surgery and makeovers the sissy eventually looks like a "woman" that is better than other woman. One who passes right out the gate isn't really typical sissy shit, as again, it is trap fetish.
>- Being drooled over by men just by wearing the aforementioned clothes
Again this is trap more than sissy.
>- Being immediately accepted by women, even ones that clock him, because he is just so feminine and innocent looking
Sissy fetish general focuses on the woman treating the sissy with scorn though. Maybe eventually the sissy gets accepted.
>- Being groomed or otherwise instructed by an older figure, in this case the crossdressing grown man, to crossdress as well
The majority of sissy fetishism features the "domme" being the one doing the "transformation and instruction" aspect you describe. If it's a man, there's not a "mentor" role as much as a dominant rapist forcing the sissy through the steps of approaching a caricature of a woman.
>- The one woman who takes issue with him being in Gerudo town and does not trust him is framed as overly masculine and aggressive, and is often chastized by a young girl for not being nicer to him
If anything the Gerudo being allowed to be mean to him would be the signifier for it, the fact she is criticized for doing so actually goes against your point.

As far as there is utility in discussing moid degeneracy (which I really don't think there is) you're not being very accurate in your language over this specific type of moid degeneracy.

Anonymous 110906


Anonymous 110907

Most Nintendo fans are pedophiles so that's par for the course

Anonymous 110913

The fact that moids are such coomers that there’s even a debate about the definitions in sissy vs trap fetishes is insane.

Anonymous 110920


I'm just going to leave this here… Source: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s10508-021-02163-w.pdf

This is an edit, the original is about big dicks.

Anonymous 110926

I don't think it's worth using a study of only 100 to try and prove any real points.

Anonymous 110928

All of those reasons are stupid and insulting anyway.

Anonymous 110929


This number here is especially alarming

Anonymous 110930

That is a really small sample size, I wouldn’t put too much weight on it

Anonymous 110931

If there's any significant statistical issue with the paper it might be the sampling method. Oftentimes you don't need tens of thousands of data points to get a good idea about the way a distribution looks like. If you take 100 randomly sampled people (of the same sex) and measure their heights you'll get something quite close to the actual average.

Anonymous 110933

The issue with the study is they are asking for reasons (which imply reason) from the mentally ill. The sample set gaslit themselves into thinking they were another gender. You cant listen to a word that comes out of their sexually deviant mouths.

The second fault of the study is not issuing them all cyanide capsules.

Anonymous 110934

>The issue with the study is they are asking for reasons (which imply reason) from the mentally ill. The sample set gaslit themselves into thinking they were another gender. You cant listen to a word that comes out of their sexually deviant mouths.
I understand you don't want to frame the troons thought patterns as being rational at all, but asking the mentally ill for facts about their mental state and history can be incredibly informative. For instance, while it is unlikely any schizophrenics are correct about who is talking to them, it gives incredibly valuable information to know that, in order, the most common voices heard by schizos are 1. Jesus 2. The president 3. Satan.

Even if they are incorrect the data is valuable.

Anonymous 110935

I don’t really browse this thread so the following might have been discussed already. Anyway, does anyone have screenshots of trannies regretting their decisions?

Anonymous 110936

Troons should be put in vacuum chambers.

Anonymous 110937

They almost all do eventually, hence why they all commit suicide

Anonymous 110944

Screenshot (76).pn…

Anonymous 110945

Screenshot (100).p…

Anonymous 110946

Screenshot (89).pn…

Anonymous 110947

Screenshot (98).pn…

Anonymous 110948


Anonymous 110950

>i put no effort into being trans whatsoever and expect people to be attracted to me
it's always clear they're bullshitting when they claim to be a lesbian. Lesbians are not that common so why in an even smaller community with people trying to be as close to female as possible, they just want to act like a straight man in a dress?

Anonymous 110951

this whole trans shit is just another proof that people will never stop obsessing about our looks and bodies and overidentifying ourselves with them.

Anonymous 110953

kek at least ben sharpiro is a man, isn't that some consolation?

Anonymous 110967

i need this link SO BAD
im dying to read the responses holy fuck

Anonymous 110968

user doesnt exist anymore:\

Anonymous 111022

I thought the same thing. What are the odds a midwestern farming man would not only support a trans child but would for whatever reason ALSO became trans and then run to 4chan to talk about it? Other than it being a cautionary story against being trans, it sounds like something someone would make up on Reddit. "me (55 f) and my daughter (20 f) and husband (53 m) all came out as trans at the same time :) trans farmers rights :)"

Anonymous 111023

fr, also why would the doctor recommend black market hormones? Like "well I can't prescribe you percocets for your back, but between you and me, you could just try heroin"

Anonymous 111031

Agreed. You might see that in California or Seattle or Boulder, otherwise it makes no sense

Anonymous 111032

>the writer does not write like a native speaker.
Can you elaborate?

Anonymous 111073

Pronouns as violence makes no sense. If you called anyone of any sexuality a faggot, they'd be hurt. If you call anyone of either sex a bitch, they'd be hurt. You could call nearly anyone a he and they wouldn't care. The only non trans demographic that gets offended by misgendering is men, because being compared to a woman is the biggest insult for a moid.

Anonymous 111079


Reality upsets the troon

Anonymous 111082


Anonymous 111084



Anonymous 111086

Tbf there are plenty of women with “malefaces”, facial structure isn’t that reliable.

Anonymous 111090

bullshit. post one.

Anonymous 111093


A lot of portraits from the late XIX — early XX centuries depict women whose faces are quite manly.

Anonymous 111094


Anonymous 111095

Its reliable enough that being a TIM has a 99.9% of not being able to "pass". Passing is a meme and not real life

Anonymous 111097

I’m not trying to defend trannies, but I myself have mistaken a couple for cis women.

Anonymous 111099


>the actual reaction when you say a man is a man

Anonymous 111124

Just call them non-birthing person's in a dress and they seethe

Sorry. Lesbian birthing persons are only attracted to other birthing persons. Heterosexual non-birthing person's are rarely attracted to other non-birthing persons, even those in a dress. Perhaps you should try and court homosexual nonbirthing persons or other nonbirthing persons in a dress

Anonymous 111131

That's because the whole point was to get attention and be unique and pretty. But they aren't pretty, are no longer unique, and the attention they get is not the attention they wanted.

Anonymous 111133


Anonymous 111134

it's not entirely implausible that a guy just wants to be a girl or that there's no reason to support people's choices and "individuality."

but, most of this comes down to validation and feeling like you're being ~seen~ by others. trannies wouldn't have to gas themselves up as much as they do if they felt good enough. but they don't. because they're subject to the same narrow standards of femininity that is enforced on women by society.

Anonymous 111136

huh, fair enough.

Anonymous 111140

all they know how to do when their retarded worldview is challenged is rock themselves back and forth and threaten to hurt themselves, but it's not a mental illness

Anonymous 111160


there's a few more of those

Anonymous 111161


Anonymous 111162


pretty sure theres at least one more but this is all i can find.

Anonymous 111163



What do you mean? his profile is still there. His most recent post is about cheating https://www.reddit.com/user/Coconutsxoxo

Anonymous 111166


Anonymous 111171

>Many people wish that genitals weren't important, but to some people they are. It's the same as sexuality. You can be attracted to some stuff and repelled by others, penises and vaginas included.
what a transphobic response.

Anonymous 111337


found it

Anonymous 111338

That poor baby is going to be molested from birth until it's untimely suicide.

Anonymous 111339


>Gets told something negative
>Immediately runs out and gets a tattoo

Anonymous 111342

Sure. There are a lot of commas for someone that age and education level. You would more expect ellipsis's if they were that age/location( midwestern Boomer), or more complete sentences with periods if younger. I am not a language expert by any means but from what languages I do know the constant commas hint at Russian or German, while clauses in the middle of the sentences also hint at a foreign language that isn't German (because they tend to put their clauses in different places than that writer did).

Anonymous 111348

i hope whoever makes these never stops

Anonymous 111358

These are all wonderful, I hope they make more.

Anonymous 111360

I don't really identify as a terf (kind of on the fence about it because I just don't understand the whole issue much but I often find myself agreeing with terfs) but the whole "lesbians have to like my penis" thing really confuses me. Sexual attraction is going to intrinsically involve genitals. I don't really see how there's any way around that or how to turn it into a moral issue.

Anonymous 111365

as someone who's not sure she's a TERF either, think it just comes down to them coping extremely hard and entitlement towards others accommodating them because they can't exist in society without being gassed up.

forcing people that like pussy to like and suck off your cock is creepy and rapey–but tell that to the people acting like it's transphobic.

Anonymous 111378

necropost, but things that aren't men can also fail at being women too, what makes troons so sure that they won't fail at being a woman after rejecting being a man? Given that they believe that there is no other qualifications for being a woman the meaning of this word for trannies is exactly "failed males". Also
>androphobic miners
Go back to twitter

Anonymous 111381

yes exactly. it's very weird. Just find someone who is okay with dicks. Like why do they seem to always pursue lesbians? Especially that one who was like "ugh lesbians don't like my penis :(" but then was like "ew penis" when it happened to them.

Anonymous 111394

>They say I couldn't live as a gay man, but it looks like I'm gonna die like one"
>only gay men die of AIDS
>AIDS is the gay illness
Yeah, we really need to get the T our of LGBT. Outside of AGPs and their predation of lesbians, there is definitely rampant homophobia in the troon movement.

Anonymous 111412


Troons are getting more and more retarded. Not so long ago they at least knew that there were biological differences between men and women. Now, saying for instance that biological men are taller or stronger is wrongthink.

Anonymous 111430


Anonymous 111431

Old ass news

Anonymous 111438

ach mein Gott…

Anonymous 111469


Anonymous 111481

Saw some retarded TikTok claiming a bunch of butch women and female crossdressers in history were men. Many of them very obviously did it because they had professions that were barred for women.
The thembie who made the video is a female, too. How the fuck did this happen? How did we fall so low? Who is responsible for this and how do we make them pay?

Anonymous 111500

AGPs often want to take the name of the women they fantasize about, he definitely wants to fuck his daughter. Where is the mother? This girl needs to issue a restraining order against her father before it's too late

Anonymous 111524

I feel disgusted that I understand any of this. I need to touch some fucking grass

Anonymous 111530

Idk, I just read the Gerudo Town questline as a bit tongue-in-cheek about how androgynous BOTW Link is. When the trailer first came out for the Wii U version, a lot of people thought Link was going to be female this time.

And weren't the troons all offended about how it had transphobic tropes or whatever?

Anonymous 111559


Bestie that was just japanese comedy. I'm sorry you had to suffer for nothing.

Anonymous 111566

why are you on the fence about this? what parts of the tranny ideology do you find convincing?

Anonymous 111567

I don't think it's impossible that there are a lot of male celebs on the down low that like fucking twinks but I'm imagining your average 30+ agp thinking any men other than other crossdressers have a fetish for him lmfao

Anonymous 111569

chappelle did a joke about how its not gay to titfuck a tranny because women can have breast implants too. i bet this reddit tranny is just going off that.

Anonymous 111581

not that anon, but you don't have to be pro-tranny to not be a radfem. radfems lose me on the "men are all rapists" type arguments, especially when they go complain on FDS later about how no good men will date them. gee sis, I wonder why? but on gender issues, I also feel they're hypocritical on gender nonconformity. like, as much as they say they're all for defending butches from getting transed, I get the feeling they'd be happier if all women were conventionally feminine, but it's woke because we're using femininity against patriarchy instead! and of course they tell men to just be gender nonconforming instead of trooning out, but then they ridicule men who do, and in that way they aren't too different from the religious right.

Anonymous 111586

What… What were they meant to say?

Anonymous 111588


Anonymous 111598


Anyone else get life fuel seeing this

Anonymous 111600

The younger generation mostly agrees, and the poll didn’t even survey Gen Z. They’re the ones who’ll make decisions in the near future.

On a second thought, it’s only 1k…

Anonymous 111603

r/ftmchanges makes me fucking sad.

Anonymous 111604


Anonymous 111605

I hate that this cult preys on women's empathetic nature and sensitivity to social pressure to guilt-trip them into accepting trannies. They are welcoming men in dresses in their safe spaces for the sake of being seen as progressive even if it's going to bring them harm.
For that women are the troons best soldiers

Anonymous 111797


Anonymous 111824

the fuck? my skin looks like the right (yes I've used sunscreen, sunhats, etc. since I was 13), eat healthily, etc. I don't have as much acne but my skin has a texture of a shiny orange peel.

is skin like that from high T or something?

Anonymous 111829

Looking at that sub, it seems like high T is the culprit, but I don’t know for sure. Also, teenage boys often get breakouts, which agrees with this assumption

Anonymous 111831

I'm a woman with very high testosterone and I just wanted to report that my skin is clear. I'm a hairy aggressive shitshow, but my skin is clear. Focus on your microbiome and lifestyle and you can minimize your skin issues (even if you can't resolve them).
This isn't a derail, let's not skinsperg, I just wanted to answer this anon about tranny hormones not being the sole reason why she's got pimples.

Anonymous 111926

I know this story and saw the photos. It's funny and bizarre.

Anonymous 111931

My mom did get horrible zits from having high T as a teen.

Anonymous 112003


Anonymous 112004


Anonymous 112005


Anonymous 112034


That hairline lol

Anonymous 112040


Anonymous 112227


Anonymous 112228


Anonymous 112229


Anonymous 112230

To be fair, that's a pretty well-made guide for what it is. Compared to the batshit insanity I've seen elsewhere in this thread the only weird part is the furshit to me.

Anonymous 112232


Goddamn, my little sister had a halloween party last night and invited over a whole quad of her friends which turned out to be a bunch of teen troons. They were extremely rude and stunk to high heavens. One of them, like, barked at me when I was in her way in the hallway. Another refused to speak and flinched in fear away from my mother when she asked what her name was. Jesus christ seeing these kids firsthand isn't even funny- the way kids have been indoctrinated into this gender religious cult is terrifying. They ALL have stupid fake names my parents were fumbling to get right, and I was just so depressed seeing my parent discuss that they have no idea what to do about my sister and how scared they are that she will end up like one of these kids. They are terrified of pushing her away and jumping off the deep end out of rebellion if they don't balance their acceptance of her friends. It looks like these kids are just waiting for my sister to have a falling out with our parents so they can swoop in and indoctrinate her too.

Anonymous 112236

Got our first bonafide transgender on our team at work. Usually we make a big deal of a new person starting with an intro lunch and some games but we literally did nothing for "her" which makes it already awkward af. The worst part is "she" doesn't do fucking anything right, like at least try. Long hair and this annoying falsetto voice is all he's doing. Doesn't shave his beard every day, just wears baggy jeans and sweatshirts. Is that what you think women look like you retard? I feel like I'm being made fun of. You think you're a woman so you make yourself look like that. I actually thought it was just a normal nerdy guy with an unfortunate girls name until I got pronouns wrong in our first ever meeting together. At the very least he could wear some makeup poorly and ill fitting women's clothes like a normal fuckup but he can't even do that. Hope my boss fires him.

Anonymous 112237

I don't understand, you're upset with the troon for not wearing a dress?

Anonymous 112267

To me it reads like her feelings come from the fact he is making no effort to adhere to the clear gender roles and stereotypes that are the very backbone of the transgender existence, so for OP to have to modify her behaviour, workplace actions, and treat this as if it is the same as any other basic social request, without feeling disgusted by the misogynistic foundations of a movement that relies on social stereotypes of what women are, is a normal thing to feel. Even if this becomes the true normal forever, it's still okay for anon to feel frustrated by the bullshit social structures taking her autonomy away in many ways, the tip of the iceberg is workplace behaviour, but what wives face and children face is unjustifiable. She is saying he is not a woman and even by trans standards he isn't, but he's also not "gender nonconforming" because his actions and requests perpetuate and reinforce the binary system so-called GNC people advocate against. So, in a large nutshell, like she said, he isn't even trying, to make it easy for others and this makes it so that they have to try harder to accommodate and modify their behaviour against their internal will because of an already bullshit situation. Which is annoying and not particularly fair.

It's why they care about passing, but freaks like him just demand that you treat them "like a woman" regardless.

Anonymous 112426

Anon, their facial features are so clearly female that I’m embarrassed for you.

Anonymous 112543

I just learned about that school that covered up a rape because a tranny committed it and knew it would look bad. Very disgusting.

Anonymous 112602

It's more of a social contagion really. Like copycat suicides, only this is copycat trannies

Anonymous 112609

It's not even surprising, it happens a lot with mental illness. When people are more aware of a mental illness, it spreads. Trooning is the exact same thing

Anonymous 112618


Anonymous 112636

it's the social contagion (especially among biological females) mixed with the push to get rid of gatekeeping. years ago if someone wanted to become a tranny they would have to see a therapist and LARP as the opposite sex for several months to a year before being given any hormones. it was also required to get genital surgery before having your legal records changed too. nowadays anyone can go to a planned parenthood and just be given hormones if they want

Anonymous 112651

What does this have to do with FTMs? It’s two psychopathic and evil women who did this.

Anonymous 112653

Is someone gonna talk about Lily Cade?

Anonymous 112654


Holy shit

Anonymous 112655

what about her? all i know from osmosis is that she assaulted some women recently but i only saw that mentioned on a terf blog and no further information

Anonymous 112667


Kikomi-chan! So kawaii….

Anonymous 112681

Trannies are the evolved form of incels.

Anonymous 112693

I haven't laughed so hard since I don't know when. Oh fuck my sides

Anonymous 112694

I don't know which one of you has been making kikomi-chan accounts on twitter but ily

Anonymous 112695

Screenshot (135).p…

Anonymous 112696

Screenshot (136).p…

Anonymous 112697

>on grindr
at least he's meeting up with other homosexual men, good for him.

Anonymous 112698


ohnonono they are completely delusional

Anonymous 112701


fuck sorry for tripleposting but this is how it looks. if i have to suffer this, so do you.
>no competition

Anonymous 112703


Anonymous 112704

this cannot be real

Anonymous 112706

That person seems rowdy as fuck tbh

Anonymous 112720


>Because at that point I got an erection and had a massive dysphoric attack and then I became terrified of my mother.
Please God let me off this ride.

Anonymous 112731

I've lost over 5 reddit accounts to tranny jannies lol

Anonymous 112734

If your sister looks up to you, tell her that she’s too cool to be hanging out with a bunch of social outcasts. They’re rude and asocial, and they probably won’t amount to much. Don’t bring up trans shit because that’ll make her think you’re prejudiced. I knew quite a few troons throughout middle and high school, even in their 20’s they still act like teenagers. Not the kind of people you want your sister looking up to.

Anonymous 112745

It looks grotesque, but like many others of its species, it seems to think cisgirlies avoid it because they are jealous of its incomparable charms and not because it is an ugly as sin delusional male demanding validation everywhere it goes.

Anonymous 112768

>Gay people don't make other people gay
Wouldn't be so sure about that tbh, there's a high correlation between being molested during childhood and turning out gay.

Anonymous 112769


Like, they must sit at home all day? What do they do with their time? Other than seethe about other peoples' opinions online that don't align with their own cult.

Anonymous 112771

She probably meant in adulthood tbf

Anonymous 112781


That's exactly what they do.
They sit at home on their computer all day long, infiltrating sites eventually becoming mods/janitors and then purging the site of anyone who disagrees with them.

Anonymous 112853


Anonymous 112854


Anonymous 112859

all of this has demonstrated just how necessary it is for surplus males to be culled. that's all this is, really.

Anonymous 112867

You forgot to attach all the quote retweets parroting the same bullshit

Anonymous 112886


Anonymous 112893

Anonymous 112896

It looks like if the word 'bland' was a person

Anonymous 112945

David Foster Wallace once wrote a piece about David Lynch. In the piece, he coined a new term: "Lynchian". Wallace described a Lynchian tone as "the unbelievably grotesque existing in a kind of union with the unbelievably banal."

He described a husband beating his 1950s housewife to death because she bought the wrong brand of peanut butter. "I told you to buy the JIF," he'd say as he's clobbering her to death. This, he said, would qualify as almost perfectly Lynchian.

I think "I Am Jazz" enters into Lynchian territory. The .webm above shows a simple domestic scene. The women look like average suburban moms. They're relaxing on the couch. One imagines they might be discussing casserole recipes when we cut to them. But it slowly dawns on us that in the living room, with placid expressions on their faces, they're talking about the woman's transvestite son's genitals.

Despite the obvious subtext and the producers' hope to normalize this horror, the average person is totally disgusted. Nevertheless, the viewer is fascinated. We're drawn further into this. The sheer naked horror of what they're saying, the blasé quality with which they're saying it, it creates this brutal paradox that almost rapes the viewer's basic sense of what is decent.

Anonymous 112962

The issue is that my sister isn't close with me at all since she made these friends, and it very difficult to talk to. My mom made a good point in conversation that while her troon friends are rude/awkward/socially inept, my sister is too! I used to talk to her about how it's okay to be a tomboy, and that butch lesbians are cool- I told her that enjoying masculine clothing/hobbies doesn't make you less of a woman and she fervently agreed with me. She even seemed relieved that I mentioned the lesbian thing (she isn't out but that is what I have been guessing she is) and she laughed when I said that and was nodding. I have been trying to preemptively plant terf concepts for her to grasp, and now it's like she has erased everything we bonded over. She REVERSE-peaked. And now she's hanging out with these nasty kids and "monkey see monkey do"-ing whatever they do. It's absolutely contagion, my sister not 2 years ago used to be a different person. She is unrecognizable.

Anonymous 112977

that's fucking bleak, wow. I do think the way younger people socialize is much different nowadays, as much as that makes me feel like a boomer to say. I don't know if the internet affected that, but it feels reminiscent in that I find a lot of these young kids are doing things to impress each other and remain cool, so I feel like a lot of this erratic behavior in general stems from that attempt to keep up with what is rapidly falling into and out of trend.

also, what you described really reminds me of how some people would socialize at anime cons or in anime clubs back in the day (like 2000's-2010). if you know you know.

Anonymous 113016

can we talk about the ex-brony to troon pipeline?

Anonymous 113035

man, my ex came out as trans and I tried so hard to be supportive, at first I was, but then I started getting really annoyed at some of their antics. sending me pictures of some pornstar that had their ideal body (nothing super porny, a pretty normal body, but still), talking about how they felt "gender euphoria" when their family jokingly called them a bitch, talking about how it's funny because their mother thought she was having a girl but then they were a boy but oh looks like I really am a girl because I'm trans teehee, and also just this weird…fawning they would do about certain things I got to do. also trying to convince me that being "socialized as male" isn't a thing and that trans women who've transitioned later in life and cis women can still share the same misogynistic experiences in early life.

I won't lie and say that some of my grievances probably relate to just generally growing to dislike my ex and wanting to leave the relationship, but some of these left an icky feeling that I kept trying to ignore.

Anonymous 113037

absolutely, i'm an ex-female brony (cringe i know but it was a decade ago lmao) and i've observed so many of them turn into agps it's insane to me, but at the same line the pipeline is obvious in hindsight. it's like bronies either become incel zoophiles or trannies or both at the same time

Anonymous 113040

lately i have been looking around agps twitter just to have a laugh with a group of friends, and realized that 95% are troons… they make me sooo sick, talking about being a good girl and fantasizing about being a sexual object. How can they expect me to respect them, when they are literally sexual predators.

Anonymous 113041

honestly, you'd be hard pressed to find an agp that doesn't end up trooning out due to their porn addiction escalating and needing "more" (not to mention the social contagion of "if you want to be a girl you can go be one" i see…). i automatically block those twitters because it makes me sick

Anonymous 113042

don't be so dramatic

Anonymous 113043

I'm really sorry to hear about your sister. I hope she'll come around at some point, but for now just remember to keep loving her and being a good sibling

Anonymous 113044

I feel like I could have written this post.

Anonymous 113078

you know anon's right

Anonymous 113091

I didn't see it as mental illness at the time tbh, it wasn't until closer to when I wanted to break up that I realized something about all of this is giving me an icky feeling and that I should listen to that feeling. 10 years ago I was supportive of trans people when it was like, people who had felt this way for a long time and then were taking steps to conform/assimilate basically, but something piqued me as odd when I started noticing the amount of these people that basically still acted like men in wigs.

Weird fucking shit. When they came out I cried. I should've taken that as a sign rather than keep holding on for another year.

Anonymous 113198

>Committing an actual crime shouldn't lead to prison and I also hate the police
>But if you refuse to play pretend with me the police should arrest you and put you in prison
The absolute madness

Anonymous 113200

every post on r/transwidows was like this. also don't be scared to use "he" anon, he is a man, after all.

Anonymous 113205

what is agp? that does that mean?

my google results keep showing me politics and stuff related to my degree (accounting; gross profits)

Anonymous 113207

Autogynephile, autogynephilia; fetish for thinking of oneself as female

Anonymous 113223


Anonymous 113239

i think i saw this reply to that exact webm on 4chan, but its annoying me because i can't remember if i saw it on a tranny hate thread over there or if i saw it in a screencap.

Either way, im going to steal that because i forgot all about it and i love the concept of lynchian imagery

Anonymous 113241

and they expect me to have children in sick, demented society.

I'll take a rain check.

Anonymous 113254

Its like troons try to take unflattering pics, most of these ugly troon pics would be 90% better if they just angled the camera properly, but I guess they aren't intelligent or self aware enough to do something that basic.

Anonymous 113258

I thought this was ironic when I first saw it..

Anonymous 113262

I want to punch him in his cheeky horseface

Anonymous 113273


she has been cursed with the forbidden awareness of what it means to have scrotebrain

Anonymous 113293

I literally think that's what it is. These women will say trans women are real women, use the right pronouns, etc. but at the end of the day, the majority of these women see trans women as "reformed men". Men who have repented and seen the light. They might say trans women are women but in some way they know they aren't the same, even if they don't admit it or can't articulate it. A personal example:
I was having boy troubles and venting to a friend. She said that men have a lot of these issues with communication, processing their emotions, etc. and "that's why I only date trans women and AFAB people". I was still a supporter of trans shit at the time and I remember thinking it was very curious that she made that distinction, rather than just say something like "women" or "people who ID as women", if she truly felt that TW are equal/the same. The implication there was that trans women AKA the men fixed their issues and changed their ways and came into the right way of thinking.

Anonymous 113304


I wonder if this chick is just autistic, I've read somewhere that women with autism have difficulty relating to female societal norms.
I'm not autistic, but I sometimes struggle to relate to women in general. No misogyny, but I grew up in a mostly male household and family with 10+ boy cousins and only 2 girls cousins that lived far away.

Anonymous 113311


It seems like alot of autists end up believing their lack of adherence to social and gender norms means they're literally the other gender.

Anonymous 113313


this is a fantastic post, and i think you're absolutely right. it kind of reminds me of this tweet i saw on gender critical twitter. i think a lot of supportive liberal types see TIMs as either reformed men, or they buy into the "born into the wrong body/female brain in male body" narrative, or they think like picrel, that if a man wants to become a woman then he must have good reasons to sacrifice his privilege to be his so-called "true self"

Anonymous 113315

tbh sometimes I wonder if they really want pretty/femininity privilege.

Anonymous 113316

trannies are infantile moids. fact

Anonymous 113318

I've definitely wondered if some troons trooned because they were so butt ugly or insecure about their looks, that they thought the only way to improve something was a transition like that. it's like the people who think they can change ethnicities or the people who are actually addicted to plastic surgery - really, really deep seated body image issues and dysmorphia.

Anonymous 113319

that's literally why some incels become TIMs, they develop dysmorphia from comparing themselves to so called "chads" combined with their misogyny leading them to think that life is easier as a woman, so they take the plunge

Anonymous 113320


lol and they put in 10x more effort and then pretend sometimes looking a bit better as a woman means female privilege.

Anonymous 113322

it's a deep-seated cognitive dissonance/insecurity, one I can relate to. shamefully.
I was always accused of being a tranny (i.e., FtM–I swear I'm a bio girl). Looked like a man by age 13 despite having super long hair. You can imagine how my upbringing was. I ended up with massive body image issues because I had a front row seat to being treated completely differently than other girls or even treated as someone super scary. People DO in fact treat you based off how you look.

Years later I met a guy online and seems pretty convinced I have the worst BDD he's ever seen…and says that seemingly the main flaw I have isn't what I say it is, but rather my complete inability to take any compliments or compute that someone could authentically really like me (on the outside and in). Everything positive I hear from anybody falls off my like rain on a glass box. No, I don't go around moping but once in a rare while I basically have a tiny breakdown.

Made me think about how body image issues must affect others and fuck with how they relate to others. Imagine really liking someone who feels like some imposter, and in turn thinks it's some accident for others to ever like them–that's so mean. Not surprised people want to shed their skin and pretend to be someone else, even if it's not the right thing to do.

Anonymous 113324

>soft, queer
god why does that make me cringe so much

Anonymous 113326

>I've definitely wondered if some troons trooned because they were so butt ugly or insecure about their looks, that they thought the only way to improve something was a transition like that.
This is definitely the case for some of them. >>113319
Since they see themselves as failures at being men, their only option to be happy is to become a woman so that they don't have to deal with not living up to their own retarded standards.

Anonymous 113330

the strangest thing to me is that some incels who become TIMs out of insecurity go on to date men, when you think they would become "transbians" or something. while it's good those people are leaving lesbians alone, it makes me wonder why they go to men. are they just repressed gays (i know gay incels exist) or is it jailhouse desperation shit?

Anonymous 113331


body image is a powerful thing, yeah. something else I consider: men have created such shit standards and rules for themselves yet unlike women, there seems to less easy or non judgemental access to personal grooming/physical improvement information and less support/community for that. for example, if I want to change my face, I can very easily find lots of information about makeup and surgery and skincare and all that kind of stuff and find online communities and go to IRL friends or family for advice. men do not have that same sort of communal exchange it seems, especially depending on where you live, like if the standard for men is that it’s faggy to care how you look and totally fine to just look like a hairy slob. in general any physical self improvement for men beyond going to the gym seems to be scrutinized (though honestly losing weight and toning up or getting ripped obviously does a lot even if your face is average…go look at photos of when crazy alex jones used to be ripped)

with women though, whether we do all that work to change our appearance or not, we can also find support from each other that says hey who cares, let’s just accept each other, everyone is beautiful. again, I think men don’t have that like we do. the easy, common access to change your appearance and also the acceptance - that must be pretty enticing if you’re a man who feels alienated from men and the male experience in this way.

Anonymous 113332

I'm 322. Wanted to add that actually there…kind of is a community like that for men…yes, it's actually huge, but it's also extremely misogynistic.

Anonymous 113333

also let me add that I got no feedback from friends or family and mostly visited pretty gender-neutral sites for my issues. In other words it was mostly just me. It really isn't a complicated process.

A guy with bad acne that refuses to go look up basic skin help information gets no sympathy from me tbh, and honestly think it comes down to less them not being that interested in putting in effort. This manifests in other ways like so many having fucked up clothes or underwear or washing their sheets once per year. They seem eternally envious of people that can put in 0 effort and still get sex, as if anything else is simply disingenuous.

Anonymous 113334

And also men do have the accepting one another thing. It's why they seem so comfortable at where they're at.

Anonymous 113339

desperation is an option for sure. When you're a guy that has a pathological fixation on women living on easy mode when dating men, obviously they'd want to try recreating that. That, and a lot of MtFs seem to feel insecure and less female if they go after women.

Anonymous 113340

Perhaps those ones fetishize femininity and develop AGP, leading to them seeking relationships with men so that they feel even more like a woman (you know that they may self-insert as lolis in anime porn because they see those lil girls being manhandled by a fat ugly man as peak femininity), being obsessed with cocks and getting fucked might lead to them being attracted to men. Of course, it's also possible that some of them are repressed gays, and trooning out is their way to cope.

>whether we do all that work to change our appearance or not, we can also find support from each other that says hey who cares, let’s just accept each other, everyone is beautiful.
The thing is that even if men accept each other as they are and tell each other that they're fine, they still judge themselves and other men through the validation that women give or don't give them.

Anonymous 113353

those tend to be gays but also self-hating rightwingers who think taking girlpills will save them from "immoral faggotry" and get them to wholesomely fuck "straight" guys.

Anonymous 113361

Really? Why? I've been disgusted by troons and wanted them to die for taking away women's rights, but I don't think I've ever wanted to physically harm them just for existing.

Anonymous 113364

John Bauer The Blu…

I am so sorry that happened to you. They say that all women who have suffered abuse from their parents wish they could go back and parent themselves, to give herself the loving parent she never had. And I certainly wish I could go back and do that to myself, but I see so many stories like yours where I wish I could go back and parent you too. All of you deserved so much better.

Anonymous 113365

They really don't though. They "accept" each other as men, but if you ever hear even friends talking about each other, there's still a lot of judgment. I know this probably also has some variation even for women friend circle to friend circle, but I'm generally speaking.

if I have a bitchy friend that makes fun of me for being fat and ugly, I can go find female support from someone else and they'll say some hokey stuff to uplift me or whatever, she or someone else might even offer me some advice if I express wanting to change that. with men, if you have a friend that makes fun of you for being fat and ugly and you try to go find support from a different man, he will probably joke even harder about that on top of telling you to lighten up, get over it, etc.

Anonymous 113367

that makes sense, i've read ray blanchard's theories and i think his idea of "meta attraction" (they have sex with men, not because they're attracted to them, but men are a prop in their fantasies about feeling more like a woman) that heterosexual agps experience is true.

Anonymous 113370

He looks just like the amogus/sus guy, someone should use his face to make a meme that says “when the troon is sus”

Anonymous 113371

I haven't seen this, men rarely bully their friends over such things (it's worse in their youth but they usually grow out of it) or really care, also the troon/male emphasizing is really weird for this thread.

And anyone can find literally everything you mentioned online. I mentioned there's actual huge groups of men dedicated to what you mentioned too. Millions-strong. They just tend to be extremely misogynistic.
>bitchy friend that harasses you
You're definitely an expert on finding supportive friends.

Anonymous 113373

also, this stuff about supporting one another's looks is overcompensation on the part of women. Men on average have more confident, while women are more likely to be insecure about their looks.

Anonymous 113374

tf? how long have you been lurking in this thread?

Anonymous 113416

He doesn't just exist, he actively tries to be a woman

Anonymous 113441

Is that Contrapoints?

Anonymous 113442

Anonymous 113468

>his idea of "meta attraction" (they have sex with men, not because they're attracted to them, but men are a prop in their fantasies about feeling more like a woman)
Hah, that sounds similar to alt-right cuck/BBC fetishist fags. Not surprising that a lot of AGPs are the same kind of degenerate.

Anonymous 113508


Anonymous 113513

>boys love you, and girls envy you
why do they all try to push this meme? there is not one single woman who envies these lunatics, but they desperately want to convince themselves that we do. is it because their male socialization told them women are catty bitches permanently competing with each other, so they have to do it to pass?
just one of the things that makes them insufferable.

Anonymous 113520

Cuz being envy the ultimate high and seal of approval for petty or desperate people. You devalue criticism and shoehorn any negative thoughts people have about you into just being envy. What they don't know is that men wanting to fuck you means nothing, while if you keep on acting like you're all that, women will side-eye you.

Fact: most men would never want to settle down with even the hottest trans woman and much of it simply comes down to them not having the right parts. Many, many, many men would probably be put off by a bio-woman that somehow had a cock too. And I'm creeped out by the idea of being with someone that had their genitals mutilated too. Forcing myself to be into it is ridiculous.

Anonymous 113522

Most men wont even sleep with trans. Saying they wont settle down with them is redundant lol. Like most of the trans get their dates off of grindr anyway lol.

Anonymous 113525

Eh, honestly, you saying that is also redundant.

Men are extremely desperate for sex a lot of the time. Take a passing trans woman on in a million that's super hot (which is what I'm referring to). He'd probably accept at least a blow job. Not all will (especially after seeing the whole body).
Think the point goes back to men wanting a warm hole = having no value.

Anonymous 113544


Holy fuck, medical horror stories about botched SRS from quack Dr Rumer.

Anonymous 113552

i think a part of that is because TIMs are barking up the wrong tree. i'm mostly thinking of the gay men who become TIMs but get upset that straight men won't settle down with them, why would they? i do believe most men have a fetish for femininity which is why some "straight" men would fuck a TIM with his penis inverted to vaguely resemble a vagina, but that's all it is, fucking. they also want to procreate with an actual woman.

meanwhile i've known some (very, very few, but they exist) gay men who are attracted to gay TIMs because some look like twinks, but the TIMs don't want that, because they want something unobtainable.

Anonymous 113634

Women in my group chat are braggin about changing their IDs to "X"
I can't
I'm serious I'm at my limit

Wow this is so cool and progressive. You're not like other "F" "AFAB" or whatever the fuck girls. You're so special. I'm sure next time a man wants to catcall you he'll make sure to check your driving license first, and he ofc will back off the moment he sees that you're actually an X.

i fucking hate living in this timeline lol

Anonymous 113660

you should say, essentially, "that's lame," in response to their insanity. throw a Molotov cocktail into this pathetic group chat.

Anonymous 113661

It kinda looks like Bobby Hill

Anonymous 113665

ugh honestly I prefer to stay out of this because they're basically the only women friends of mine or something lol
X* friends of mine sowwy

but this shit is just tiring to witness

Anonymous 113669

Humble-brag about how GNC you are and how you btfo gender norms and have a personality instead, so they feel embarrassed.

Anonymous 113700

I wish I knew as well.
Maybe it's because we usually think of this kind of 'softness'/exaggerated tenderness as something to help children and/or adults who are having a hard time, and not an end in itself for adults to pursue at all times?
Does anyone have any ideas?

Anonymous 113701

i think it's a way to mask toxic behavior and/or a replacement for having a personality, honestly.

Anonymous 113702

petty rant here - this is a very shortened, un-detailed version of events but:

This weekend I went to an event and a trans woman (who either just started or is not yet doing any kinda hormone therapy…basically still looked like a man with long hair in a dress) negged me. Like, he complimented my outfit then immediately tried to give me "advice" about changing something about it ("oh anon, you REALLY should do this instead…"). I left the event not long after because my friend who was with me was very put off by the interaction, kept asking "what was up with that guy?" she's not gender critical or anything like that in any way nor doe she know how I feel about trans stuff, but I didn't correct her to say I think he was trans, just kinda laughed to myself that even she knew he was a man. After we left, a cis woman complimented my outfit, a regular, genuine compliment without feeling the need to neg/nitpick me. I just thought the contrast between the two interactions was very interesting.

Anonymous 113713

look at this shit
look how averse they are to the idea that any person might not be trans.

Anonymous 113714

So many of those memes give the plot away hard

Anonymous 113758


I know I'm preaching to the choir but we really need to start calling trooning out a sociogenic illness. It's got all the makings of a sociogenic illness plus the added draw of community reinforcement, kink/fetishism, and grooming.

The internet was a mistake, if these coomers keep finding each other on the internet this shit isn't going to stop until they all 51%
Picrel about sociogenic illness and tourettes that could easily apply to trannies but the scientific community is too scared to research it bc nobody will publish anti-tranny research.

Anonymous 113762

I remember an article that found FtM troons showed a lot of the same personality traits as the girls who had Anorexia during the nineties and early 2000s.
And that the way FtM appears and proliferates throughout schools is almost identical to the way anorexia did.
Of course the article was removed for being wrongthink.

Anonymous 113777

I am pro-ana, essentially, for myself and it's blatantly obvious the two are similar.
>I want to be "smol" and with a flat chest and treated oh so delicately and be sharp and thin and lean and everyone will have treat me less badly from now on
if you look at the ones that get the top surgery and take little or no testosterone - what do they look like, basically? they look like their child selves before puberty made them change. the conventional look at anoretics suggested that they wished to revert back to their childhood selves, starving off the parts of them that clearly stated their body's femininity.

fuck that guy, sis.

Anonymous 113782

I hate the word "queer" and everything associated with it. Might as well call it phallic cult.

Anonymous 114056


Anonymous 114074

I personally have felt that for many FtM's and they/thems, especially in the last ~5 years, it's a way for them to reject womanhood and the issues (sexism and misogyny etc) that come with it, so the reversion to childhood self makes sense since again, you're going back to a state of being where you did not have to deal with these issues (or at least not on the same level)

Anonymous 114102

I think it's also the subconscious quest to:
>go back to when I was a sexless thing, back to the time when I should have received the love I did not get enough of back then
to the time when they weren't quite as forced into femininity or seen in a feminine perspective and to embody the form where the failure of community/connection/love transpired
>if I'm small, flat, sexless… maybe this time things will be different from before

Anonymous 114133

I just realized some fucking mod deleted my post about this pic. So I'll say it once again.

Anonymous 125463

Ofc there’s a furry in the comic.

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