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Anonymous 5154[Reply]

who is this guy?

Anonymous 5155


another pic of him

Anonymous 5157

Looks like John Carmack.

Anonymous 5171

Gross and very unaesthetic.

Anonymous 5172

I find it really hot actually!


Vintage/Retro/Old Anime/Manga General Anonymous 3784[Reply]

Post vintage, retro, and old anime or manga art (nice screencaps and gifs are fine, too!).

Let's start with a 70s' classic: Riyoko Ikeda.
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Anonymous 5095


Anonymous 5096


Anonymous 5097


Anonymous 5098


Anonymous 5099


/End of Tokimeki Tonight mini-dump


Anonymous 4936[Reply]

I'll post some drawings of friend of mine.
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Anonymous 4947


Anonymous 5025

I loved it!
He have any website where he post his arts?

Anonymous 5027


Anonymous 5053

He/she looks very promising.
Has a great imagination and considerable talent. Tell them to never give up!

Anonymous 7490

these are amazing. I love them.

images (11).jpeg

Vintage Beauties Anonymous 3136[Reply]

Any period of time will do. 1800s, 10s, 20s, 30s, and beyond.
Let's see how beauty ideals have changed and see some pretty ladies (and guys too if you want to post them)

I'll start dumping a few photos. Bonus points if you know who's the person in the picture and when it was taken.
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Anonymous 4704


Anonymous 4705

anna karina, the love of my life

Anonymous 4729


Susan Dey

Anonymous 4735


Anonymous 5000



Anonymous 4935[Reply]

Is there any miners, who like this type of male anime character?

Anonymous 4949


what show is this?

Anonymous 4951

It's Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Anonymous 4968

He is from railgun

Anonymous 4969

Sorry, I've never watched the show.

Anonymous 4971


The video isn’t playing for me, but if you mean Accelerator, the answer is a big fat yes.


Home Décor General Anonymous 928[Reply]

Post home décor inspirations, furnishings, ornamentations, style advice & tips, storage ideas, colour coordination, or post/share your personal décor ITT!
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Anonymous 1761


Anonymous 1885

OMG thank you! Sabrina's room was awesome in a kind of weird way

Anonymous 4802


Anonymous 4831

WTF? This isn't how you use fireplaces.

Anonymous 4832

I think ome homes have a fireplace for show with no chimney or the chimney has some problems so it is sometimes not worth the money to fix the chimney and therefore people rather put candles and things that are associated with fire so they have a sort of fireplace rather than just leaving it empty and ugly. I think it's a good idea but when people do it with a perfectly fine fireplace it doesn't make sense.


Sadposting Anonymous 2787[Reply]

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Anonymous 3133


I don't want advice, I just want to be bitter in peace.

I was never socialized properly, and now all of my interactions with other people, however minor, lead to negative fuming. The doubt; the paranoia; the confusion. Are they symptomatic of something wrong with me or is everything supposed to be awful all the time? I'm not a heartless monster. I have concepts of friendship and loyalty and virtue and glory and adventure and trust, they all just turn to moot when I try to materialize them in any meaningful way. I've had no adventures; I've made no friends; there is no one I trust, and by extension, no one I love. I do not meet people, and I am afraid to look at them. I am resistant to change because it seems to me to be futile, and that each attempt at change only serves to further open myself up to ridicule. To people who do not feel this way, I must be ridiculous, and the immediate knee-jerk response, if there is any response at all, is that I am wrong. People are capable of all these things. Maybe then it is just me who is inept? I suppose that's better, isn't it?

And, of course, the lack of interaction makes me feel lonely. I've tried to reach out before in my own small ways. Every year I become more miserable. I wish I could see this world that I hate be destroyed in some kind of disaster. For now I will just do my part by deliberately disposing of recyclable items in the trash.

Anonymous 3134


The winter really makes my depression worse
I just don't want to socialize with anyone anymore , or at least for now

Anonymous 4750


It's been over a year and I still miss my baby

Anonymous 4769


Gorgeous…they look exactly like my baby girl that died last summer. She was 18 and I had her my whole life. We will always miss our babies.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 4793

Moved to >>>/feels/17452.


Data Anonymous 2835[Reply]

Post Data gifs
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Anonymous 3415


My favourite. Bless his pure android heart.

Anonymous 3416


Anonymous 3417


Anonymous 4725

are other femanons Trekkies?

I like star trek but I do not know any other girls IRL that really enjoy it like I do.

I like the dialog and the corny stuff. there is a real charm in star trek that all the new stuff like Discovery lacks.

Anonymous 4726


>tfw the best star trek show in 10 years is a parody of star trek.
Truly, we live in that one alternate universe where everyone is evil.


/img/ guidelines Anonymous Admin 3[Reply]

Welcome to our latest section! This board is for all things aesthetic and visual.

Consider this board an exhibit, an image dump, or a web gallery.
If you're wondering where your thread should go, follow this simple rule:
If your thread is primarily about viewing and contributing pictures, it belongs in >>>/img/. If there is a discussion element to it, pick a related board or >>>/b/.
Erotic image dumps still go in >>>/nsfw/.
Crossposting to/from other threads is allowed.

Please utilize the Catalog before making a new thread, and have fun exploring our different board themes!


Wildlife pics Anonymous 3904[Reply]

I wanted to make this thread with photos I take with my cellphone and DSLR when I hang out with local wildlife. These are nutria or coypu, large river rats that live in my town.

Pls no hate if you don't like rodents, I'll try not to post anything where their teeth or tails are too visible.

Please post your own wildlife photography if you've got some!
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Anonymous 4282


A cute guy from Chichén Itzá

Anonymous 4287


He looks like he is smirking.

"Yeah I know I look good, you can take a photo."

Very adorable.

Anonymous 4302


Spent my lunch break with them today


Insects are cool too though!

Anonymous 4406

Was that a fucking dinosaur at 23 seconds?

Anonymous 4489


I don't want this thread to die.
So here is another bug buddy.
How have you been wildlife friend?
Are you alright?

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