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01 - Pretty Prince…

Pretty Princess Points Anonymous 4175[Reply]

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Anonymous 7789


nice rare pepe. very… mystical.

Anonymous 7790

>Foucault for dummies


Anonymous 7792

lol the poster from tf2

Anonymous 7853

PPP revelations.pn…

Anonymous 8532

got my bf to fill up a /cum/bottle for me hehe


Sheebposting Anonymous 2813[Reply]

Don't mind me.
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Anonymous 7777


watch out behind you!

Anonymous 7778


Anonymous 7779


Anonymous 7780


Anonymous 8499



Plastic Surgery Anonymous 7465[Reply]

Post before/afters. No moid pics.
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Anonymous 7617


>She was only a year old when her house burned down and her life was changed forever. Even though they got her out in time to save her life, they were not able to help her before she suffered from very, very bad burns to her face and body. She has never been to school because of the way she looks. Her family took her to every doctor and they all said the same thing. Nothing can be done about it. She had to live the rest of her life looking like this. After realizing she would have to live the rest of her life this way, she never left the house. She literally stayed in her room for 41 years. She had no friends, no social life, no self esteem, nothing.

Anonymous 7618

Is there a link to this? This is truly amazing. I hope she had mentally improved since her plastic surgery as well.

Anonymous 7621

Nice, a successful chin transplant.

Anonymous 7624

literally just copy the text, put "" around it and google it.

Anonymous 8456

what did she get done?


trolley pr0blem Anonymous 7731[Reply]

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Anonymous 8140

Very based

Anonymous 8142


Anonymous 8419


Anonymous 8420


Anonymous 8422


images (11).jpeg

Vintage Beauties Anonymous 3136[Reply]

Any period of time will do. 1800s, 10s, 20s, 30s, and beyond.
Let's see how beauty ideals have changed and see some pretty ladies (and guys too if you want to post them)

I'll start dumping a few photos. Bonus points if you know who's the person in the picture and when it was taken.
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Anonymous 4729


Susan Dey

Anonymous 4735


Anonymous 5000


Anonymous 8198


Anonymous 8200



/soygen/ - wholesome edition Anonymous 7131[Reply]

post your favourite soyjaks
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Anonymous 7973



Anonymous 8000


Jokes are usually funny because they expose some untold truth, something you already knew, but couldn't quite put your finger on it. Soyacks tell us the tale about our times, times when supposedly the only people that are still capable of getting genuinely stoked over mainstream entertainment are the very same people who live with their heads buried in the sand. The meme says: "Shame on you for not being woke. Its unfair that such child like excitement can be attained by the naive while i carry the burden of realizing the wrongs happening around us".
A pretty lame meme mutation imo. For me Wojak will always remain as the feels guy. Webm related.

Anonymous 8070


There's something about the minimalism of this one still managing to capture the full soy spirit

Anonymous 8071

if there is anyone wondering like me about the source of the song, it's Carbon Based Lifeforms - Flytta Dig.

Anonymous 8172



Memes and whatnot Anonymous 7893[Reply]

Whatever nonsense image you what to share.
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Anonymous 7906


Anonymous 8120


Anonymous 8122


Anonymous 8124


Anonymous 8138


Skärmavbild 2020-0…

A.I. Dungeon Anonymous 8058[Reply]

post dumps of funny shit that happens

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Anonymous 8088

Screenshot 2020-09…

Anonymous 8089

Screenshot 2020-09…

My character receives retribution for being a creep. Also his name wasn't even chad, it was like Borgzoid or smth

Anonymous 8090


AI kept mentioning some random gnomes from the world events, got tired of it and tried to break the 4th wall, didn't know the AI would do that too lol

Anonymous 8091

Thankfully you can go back with the undo arrow and then go into Story mode and write whatever the HECK you wanted, or edit what the bot is saying.
Often the bot screws up my stories with something ridiculous or sends me to sleep or kills me out of nowhere. It introduces guns when I'm in a fantasy setting or magic when I'm in a realistic setting.

Also use /remember and add in the notes of the world. Like to which character you been talking to or important information about the world, where is a place located, whats the climate, who is the ruler of that place, all the faction information etc.

Anonymous 8094


such a nice friend


Middle-aged Mother FB quotes Anonymous 7979[Reply]

gogo go

Anonymous 8052


You mean like Minions shit?


Anonymous 7929[Reply]

Anonymous 7930

>Right in the patriotism

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