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Help Cece make her cafe! Anonymous 16882[Reply]

Cece has finally started her dream job of opening her own cafe, the Crystal Cafe! But she needs your help in designing it!

Post images of possible furniture, employees, foods, drinks, equipment, and any other thing that you recommend for Cece to put in her Crystal Cafe!
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Anonymous 16990



We have a dilemma here.

If we hire catboys, they may understand the concept of money. Cece might have to pay the catboys.

We can convert the catboys to catbots (that greatly resemble catboys), to avoid paying them wages, but we may also upset Vivy, one of the possible lounge singers. Usually Vivy is employed and lives in the Nialand theme park, and receives no wages, but she might be an independent contractor in this case, and could want wages. GLaDOS would want wages to continue experimentation at Aperture science.

If the catbots are equally as smart as Vivy or GLaDOS, we may have a sentient robot rights issue, if some robots are being paid, and others aren't. If we make them too stupid, that may cause issues in their service.

I guess we could give the catbots the same deal as Vivy had while she lived in NiaLand, and house them somewhere in the cafe or have a catbot shed/garage for them. I don't think GLaDOS gets paid by Aperture science either. Sentient robots being housed by their workplace don't usually receive wages.

Anonymous 16991

Just dangle a piece of string in front of the catboys when they bring up wages. They will get distracted and forget about money.

Anonymous 16992

well said

Anonymous 16995


soup faerie from neopets. free soup for customers with no money.

Anonymous 16996


Outfits that make men hot Anonymous 16912[Reply]

Anonymous 16913

These will mostly be hot men wearing clothes that accentuate their hotness

Anonymous 16914

I see a man smoking in a turtle neck and what I can only assume from the drawstrings are fancy sweatpants. Neat.

Anonymous 16915


Anonymous 16916

I love when attractive men wear formal clothes with floral designs.


Long-Haired Male Models Anonymous 4312[Reply]

Bartek Borowiec.
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Anonymous 16203


Kris Keri.

Anonymous 16205

najib abdi.jpeg

Najib Abdi.

Anonymous 16206


Miles Parker.

Anonymous 16207


Hao Liu.

Anonymous 16901

lol, that picture of Geordi LaForge is surprisingly funny


Anonymous 13317[Reply]

Why do you think about the Neofolk aesthetic?
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Anonymous 16749


Anonymous 16750

Isn't it like angry wicca for men?
I can't not laugh at the dumb mysticism and metaphysics delusions neofolk is about
Like k, fam, I got that you are into horoscopes and spirituality, but like in a based way
Aesthetic really can be kinda charming, and I am a sucker for any power, domination themed (supremacy - if you like, ew) aesthetics, because they do impress, like they should
But yeah: I understand what it is and why it is, so I try not to get further the wall of irony

Anonymous 16751


Ah, and contributing the picture, I guess

Anonymous 16761

nothing about it feels very folksy, so i can't say i care for it.

Anonymous 16763

kek this is one of my fav pics of rose


Video Game Screenshots and GIFs Anonymous 13093[Reply]

Post your favorite screenshots or GIFs from any video game! For game discussions check out the threads in >>>/media/
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Anonymous 15907

Rain World communi…

Anonymous 15946

Best image in thread. More egg pls.

Anonymous 16212


Anonymous 16227

Anonymous 16726



Anthro Thread Anonymous 12269[Reply]

If you're fur you're strong
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Anonymous 16717


Anonymous 16718


Anonymous 16719


NTA but I wasn't sure who that was. Now I see, it's the scrote who makes those horrible cringeworthy songs about porn and weeb shit.
From the thumbnails, it looks like his mascot was gradually turned into a "girl" but used to be male. I don't know about the guy himself.

Anonymous 16722

cute crow

Anonymous 16723

crane maiden.jpg


Animal Crossing Screenshots Anonymous 10543[Reply]

gifs also welcome
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Anonymous 12227


Anonymous 12228


Anonymous 12229


Anonymous 12235


Anonymous 16711


based olivia


Amphibian General Anonymous 14121[Reply]

Drawn amphibians, real life amphibians, you name it
Frogs & Toads / Salamanders / Caecilians
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Anonymous 16826

photo_2022-05-21 1…

Anonymous 17039

photo_2022-05-26 0…

Anonymous 17040


Anonymous 17041


Anonymous 17042



4chan screenshots Anonymous 7440[Reply]

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Anonymous 16642

kill yourself tranny

Anonymous 16655

for real. wtf is with miners wanting this? sick shit

Anonymous 16663

NTA but.
That was posted more than 1 year ago. It could've been a scrote and other males replying to it, or pornsick NLOGs from 4chan.

Anonymous 16724


That is true, but can we fault her for attempting to find love? Just a small chance of someone falling in love with you when you have no other chance is worth a small lie. I wish I knew who she was so that I could be her friend.

Anonymous 16753


Was this you anon?


Cute/Male Anonymous 3503[Reply]

There's something to be said for cute boys too, don't you think? Brother to the cute girl art thread.
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Anonymous 16488


Anonymous 16489


Anonymous 16491



Anonymous 16558


who else likes the riddler

Anonymous 16562


There's a thread for glasses where he's been posted already. >>15141

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