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reclaimed by nature Anonymous 204[Reply]

this is my aesthetic, thread plz?
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Anonymous 4027


Anonymous 4028


Anonymous 4029


Anonymous 4030


Anonymous 8934



Male models Anonymous 7052[Reply]

Post and discuss your favorite male model.

Mine are Twan van der Togt and lucky Blue Smith
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Anonymous 8835


Conveniently ignored my post above because your are a lazy reader.

>Or even in Asians it can look nice the revival of Hanfu Culture in China is making chinese moids look super beautiful.

Anonymous 8836


Oh great, the racebaiters are here.

Anonymous 8856


Elias De Poot

Anonymous 8857


May we post more than one? I also really like pic related. Hugh Laughton Scott.

Anonymous 8921


Lukas Gomann - he’s not my favorite but I was bored scrolling through modeling agency websites and came across him. He is conventionally attractive yet looks unique to me. From what I’ve seen he has strong features compared even to some other male models so that might be it.

the ancient derp c…

Bad Art Shenanigans Anonymous 6137[Reply]

Let's poorly draw characters from TV shows, anime, and movies.

Here's my masterpiece.

Anonymous 6163


Autistic depiction of the avg gemstone parlor user in 2k19. OC donut steel

Anonymous 8916


i remember when this thread was posted, and i thought i'd responded already but i guess not.
this was relaxing, thank you op. i will be back here.


Anonymous 7649[Reply]

post em
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Anonymous 7699


Anonymous 7730

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 8154


Anonymous 8166


Anonymous 8832



CalArts style Anonymous 5844[Reply]

Does anybody else nurture an irrational hatred against this horrendous style? I can't look at it without cringeing.
also ugly art thread I guess
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Anonymous 7829

Lower Decks.png

Is Lower Decks CalArts? It's ugly and annoying, whatever it is.

Anonymous 7830

It doesn't have noodle arms, so I'd say no.

Anonymous 7833

Looks more like Ugly American adult-targeted cheaply-animated show style to me.

Anonymous 7892

Yes, even the logo is calarts

Anonymous 8826


I hate everything about this style. Also it should be worthy to note that the ThunderCats Roar reboot people were so adamantly against got cancelled after just one season lol. Just goes to show those TV executives that you cant expect your audience to like the same rehashed animation style.


/egirlg/ - e-girl femjak general Anonymous 7267[Reply]

post your favourite e-girl femjaks, picrel
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Anonymous 7507


Anonymous 7509


Anonymous 7514

pretty good, quite well done translation indeed
likes tiktok, not loves
also missed : that lemonade is sommersby, it's a beer mixed with juice which is a polish meme about women drinking in bar : ordering a beer with juice. it's kind of karen, a woman that goes halfway just so she can stepback immediately

Anonymous 8479


tfw you can't live the rest of your life as a cute cat girl.

Anonymous 8749

scene wojak.jpg

i like the scene hair fem wojak the best, probably because i used to look like that


Cute Boys 3D Anonymous 8519[Reply]

Post cute boys you want to hug
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Anonymous 8710


Anonymous 8713

who is this he's gorgeous

Anonymous 8714

@punishedpost on twitter

Anonymous 8722

tbh this is just gay, this is chloe grace moretz with a quarantine haircut, you guys are full of shit

Anonymous 8735

omg suace! I hope he likes vagina as much as he seems to like dick! He looking yummy


To all my fellow artist anons 8618[Reply]

Post a piece of artwork with an art style you really admire or enviously wish you could develop as your own art style
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Anonymous 8661

Wow, looks nice :o

Anonymous 8667


I love Takato Yamamoto's work. Most of his illustrations are a bit too edgy for my tastes but his attention to detail and intricate backgrounds are something I'd like to be able to incorporate in my own work.

Anonymous 8680


Hey that's awesome! Honestly, I say go for it! That's how you develop an art style in the first place :) you've got to incorporate a bunch of different styles until you create your very own unique thing.

Anonymous 8694

I love his work as well. His lines, textures, and the erotic atmosphere of his work is amazing. The gore was a put off for me at first but I’ve come to appreciate it.

Anonymous 8697


Look up Ayami Kojima

possibly the best Japanese artist? For me she is at least.


Post profile pics Anonymous 5386[Reply]

Post pfp's you like (that have the same energy as pic related)
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Anonymous 8626


Anonymous 8630


Anonymous 8631


Anonymous 8632


Anonymous 8686



Sims Screenshots 7479[Reply]

Please post your funny, weird or pretty sims screenshots here!

Sims Screenshots 7480

08-02-19_6-36-39 P…

I think this is my favorite screenshot

Anonymous 8569


>tfw no centaur bf

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