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Catholic thread Anonymous 4953[Reply]

Post christian/catholic related images churches art icons etc
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Anonymous 6362


Anonymous 6366

The Calling of Sai…

which depiction of jesus would you fuck

Anonymous 6819


Anonymous 6821


Anonymous 7725

this image has been my desktop bg for so long, coming back to say thank you.


Vintage Anonymous 7627[Reply]

Post stars, fashion, editorials, recipes, trends, trials, makeup, and art of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.
Reminder that this is /img/ and your posts should include images!
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Anonymous 7636


Anonymous 7637


Anonymous 7638


Gayle Hunnicut and Michael Sarrazin in Eye of the Cat (1969).

Anonymous 7639


Broadway Babes (1929).

Anonymous 7723



Anonymous 2075[Reply]

Early 00s moe
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Anonymous 6244

lucky star.jpg

I've seen lucky star 3 times now, it makes me so relaxed

Anonymous 7487

>Tori no uta still gives me the chills.
Jesus, doesn't it though? I can't describe it. The best of the 2000s is an ascension to heaven.

Anonymous 7505

i like the green girle and the blue grile, what are theyre names

Anonymous 7506


me too, i remember watching it on my moms phone at 1 am when i was around 7 or 8, i didnt finish it but it still holds a place in my heart ^.^

Anonymous 7623


Lucky star is comforting!


/p/ thread Anonymous 5424[Reply]

Anyone into photography at all here?
I'm kind of a newbie at this whole thing and I'm looking for some motivation (or inspiration even?) to go out and shoot some nice photos.
pic related is from my trip to Japan, used a Nikon d3400, a kit lens and a tripod for that long exposure.
If I could go back and retake it I would do some things differently, especially readjust the tripod so that the stairs look straight (even though they're this crooked IRL)

Post pictures you took yourself!
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Anonymous 5427


Anonymous 5428

y they side ways ;_;

Anonymous 5429


OP here, whoa, didn't expect this thread to catch on this well, I was expecting, like, two replies in 24 hours.
Anyway! here's a pic I'm more proud of, also from that same trip to Japan!
I have it as a wallpaper on my desktop!

Anonymous 6038


I like this thread, I'm going to bring it back from the dead.
Pic related is also from Japan, Nara specifically.

Anonymous 7541



Childhood/Nostalgic Images Anonymous 1568[Reply]

Post images that remind you of your childhood or any cute reminiscent images you like. Toys, rooms, shows, magazines, food, stuffed animals, stickers, books, games, art supplies, old web gifs, anything!
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Anonymous 7411


Marble Blast Gold

Anonymous 7412


Freddi Fish

Anonymous 7510

A song from this movie came on at the mall today… Somehow it felt like sign lol.

Anonymous 7511


Anonymous 7513


buildabearville.com, aka wholesome second life game.

61jIbJg mNL._SR500…

Why are ads like this Anonymous 7090[Reply]

Post shooped ad photos here please, I think they're funny
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Anonymous 7126

lmao this is like they pasted the legs of one woman onto another's torso

Anonymous 7234


Anonymous 7395

I saw this exact ad in the wild today, kek.

Anonymous 7495


Why do I always get these shooped ads, I had a nice kek at this one

Anonymous 7512



Pink/Feminine Aesthetic Anonymous 2863[Reply]

As the title says, post pink or feminine aesthetic. Pastels and other colors are welcome.

Outfits, ballgowns, food, patterns, vaporwave, lovecore, cleancore, etc.

If you don't like anything posted here then ignore the thread as opposed to derailing.
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Anonymous 6812


Anonymous 6813


Anonymous 6814


Anonymous 7186


Anonymous 7496


This is how I picture crystal cafe in my head


Room / Battlestation Thread Anonymous 7492[Reply]

Post your rooms and battlestations here, I'm curious to see what it looks like!

Anonymous 7493

is this yours OP? did you build the pc yourself? this is 10/10 top tier comfy, would definitely play some chill games while listening to lofi in this room. very good job


ITT: Cute Idol Boys Anonymous 5285[Reply]

Who are your favourite kpop/cpop/jpop/etc idols?
What groups or they from? Post your favourite pic.
I'll start, Bi Wen Jun from NEX7.
He's got the sweetest voice and the prettiest smile. (You can't imagine how hard it was to only pick one picture.)

Anonymous 5288



Anonymous 5359


yokoyama yuu

Anonymous 5883


Chansung from 2pm

Anonymous 6738


boutta have a comeback

Anonymous 7439



Boy crushes Anonymous 7016[Reply]

Post your 3D husbandos
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Anonymous 7200

Similarly, I think the men look fine (not that men in k-pop groups really have any choice in their appearance or clothes) but I don't understand the obsession and subculture around k-pop.

Anonymous 7207

Same, I also don't understand it. Idols are talented and handsome, but I don't understand the sex appeal. Idols seem too cute/too pure-looking to lewd, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 7214


for me it's not even the purity– they just look too feminine and delicate. I'm not trying to play to racist asian stereotypes, although arguably that could be part of it. like when i picture one of those kpop dudes naked, i imagine they're 10 pounds lighter than me, super skinny, pale as a sheet, undernourished, and i could probably knock them over with one of my hands. like where's the appeal in that? pic related, Link from BOTW, is about as feminine as i'll go in guys

Anonymous 7455

You're posting ugly tumblr fanart yet you can't grasp the notion that people are attracted to different things?

Anonymous 7845


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