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Autumn Thread Anonymous 658[Reply]

Fall is such a cozy season. Looking forward to feeling settled again.
What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?
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Anonymous 4377


Anonymous 4384

Roast chestnuts and potatoes. If any a season is one to fatten up, it's autumn.

Anonymous 4393


Anonymous 5492

>small communities knew each other and trusted each other.
>the streets were covered in children and teens.
>Then slowly you watch as houses turn off their lights and draw their curtains.
there are no kids or social cohesion anymore. there used to be families, with 2-3-4 kids, and everyone knew their neighbours, and the mom's knew each other and planned community activities. they made it. now everyone's alone; their connections are tv and the internet; there are no families, no kids, no common identity.

>I watched my favourite holiday* die.


Anonymous 5503

why is this not my house


Anonymous 5226[Reply]

Post nice sfw kisses

Anonymous 5355


Anonymous 5356


this and the one above are misha collins. i used to have such a crush on him when i used to watch supernatural. though he was only ever hot to me out of his supernatural character

Anonymous 5496


i so wanted this thread to take off. i love the guy in op's gif, he's cute and he looks like a younger john mayer

Anonymous 5497


We can still revive it


Post profile pics Anonymous 5386[Reply]

Post pfp's you like (that have the same energy as pic related)

Anonymous 5440


Discord & insta

Anonymous 5446


Anonymous 5477



Aesthetic pictures 4781[Reply]

What the title says. Random stuff
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Anonymous 5306



Anonymous 5307


Afternoon, i believe there's a night one somewhere.

Anonymous 5308

These are insane, I love all the ones you posted.

I have android so I'll definitely check it out, thanks again!

Anonymous 5457


Anonymous 5458



studio ghibli papes (esp arrietty!) Anonymous 5405[Reply]

as the title says, drop any studio ghibli wallpapers you have but arrietty would be nice :)

Anonymous 5407



Anybody want to help a girl out? Anonymous 5282[Reply]

I'm moving soon. The place is nice enough but there's an issue with it. When you walk through the front door, you get a direct line of sight to the living room, where the television would be. There is no way to change it as that's where it would have to be hooked up.

I don't know why but something about that makes me terribly uncomfortable. Any fixes available or am I just being neurotic?

Anonymous 5283

Don't watch tv.

Anonymous 5292

Hang up a curtain / light tapestry?

Anonymous 5385

thats fair i used to get super anxious about the thought of people seeing what i watched on tv for no reason. hang something up

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 5387

Moved to >>>/b/36743.


Dollmakers/Dressup Thread Anonymous 2451[Reply]

Based on last night's pixel thread I decided to make a doll thread! (I feel like this thread should go here since most of it is us making dolls but feel free to move it to /b/ or /cgl/)

Some links:
http://elouai.com/ - candybar, roiworld, rinmaru

http://www.rinmarugames.com/ - anime, jfash, etc.

Feel free to add more links if you have them! I will dump some dolls of mine.
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Anonymous 5212



Anonymous 5219


Anonymous 5225


Anonymous 5336

avatar (9).png

so cute !

Anonymous 5337

avatar (7).png

i love red and pink outfits, these colors fit so well

Hetalia and Romano…

Anonymous 4855[Reply]

Anyone else a fan of Chibi style?

Anonymous 4856

Chibi style is wonderful and I can find myself enjoying almost anything if its in chibi. For instance take RWBY, no matter how much my friends tried to get me into it I cant stand the animation; but the chibi spinoff series is somewhat bearable.

Anonymous 5297



Reaction Images Anonymous 3033[Reply]

Posting your most expressive and humorous, ladies.
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Anonymous 5287


Pretty amusing to see this now that the series is over

Anonymous 5289

Didn't deserve it.

Anonymous 5290


None of the characters deserved how lousy 7/8 were

Anonymous 5291

I don't think anyone deserved to see this.

Anonymous 5296


Just this image by itself. I lose my shit looking at it.


Attractive people SFW Anonymous 2743[Reply]

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Anonymous 4496


Anonymous 4497


Anonymous 5196

This cringy duckfaced visage will forever give me the worst Tumblr flashbacks, this is the poster child for the fakeboi craze of the mid-2010s.

Anonymous 5214

She's a full t-boy now. Been on testosterone for 3 years and had the surgery.

Anonymous 5218

Wow. I've seen a few girls with faces similar to this but I would kill for this soft, girl-next-door feminine and cute type of face that hardly needs any makeup to look charming. I love her eyebrows too.

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