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Anonymous 15987[Reply]

goth thread
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Anonymous 16941


This is the ideal female body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

Anonymous 16975


Anonymous 16976


Anonymous 16977


Anonymous 16978



Celebrities you find beautiful Anonymous 6835[Reply]

I'll start.
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Anonymous 12975


Anonymous 17021


Anonymous 17032


Anonymous 17048


Anonymous 17057



Room thread Anonymous 9815[Reply]

Post your dream room. Or post your room. Or post rooms you want to take inspiration from.

Have you been keeping your room clean? How often do you dust and vaccume? Do you want to add anything to your room like lights or posters or art? What's your room like currently?

I try to keep mines simple and minimalist but I want to add some cool lights and posters.
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Anonymous 9850

Is that an attic room?!?
I always wanted one of those. It’s the privacy of a basement room without the roaches and flooding risk. Ideal for a young lady imo.

Anonymous 9851


Me too! Bonus if it has a big window you can see the stars through. Always dreamed of a room like that.

Anonymous 9852

Enjoy 40-50 Celsius in the summer.

Anonymous 9853

>she doesn't have med genes to shield her from the heat

Survival of the fittest !

Anonymous 17023


One can only wish


Autumn Thread Anonymous 658[Reply]

Fall is such a cozy season. Looking forward to feeling settled again.
What are some of your favorite things to do in the fall?
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Anonymous 5492

>small communities knew each other and trusted each other.
>the streets were covered in children and teens.
>Then slowly you watch as houses turn off their lights and draw their curtains.
there are no kids or social cohesion anymore. there used to be families, with 2-3-4 kids, and everyone knew their neighbours, and the mom's knew each other and planned community activities. they made it. now everyone's alone; their connections are tv and the internet; there are no families, no kids, no common identity.

>I watched my favourite holiday* die.


Anonymous 5503

why is this not my house

Anonymous 12421


Anonymous 12541

cookies like this elicit a sexual reaction in me. in any case.

Anonymous 17022



Lightning Anonymous 13066[Reply]

Pictures of lightning go here

Anonymous 13209


Anonymous 13430


Anonymous 17016



Perfume Bottles Anonymous 12930[Reply]

Post perfume bottles!
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Anonymous 13061


Anonymous 13062


Anonymous 13063


Anonymous 15810


Anonymous 16999


Perfume need to be in poison-like bottles again.


Women in armour Anonymous 16942[Reply]

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Anonymous 16974


Anonymous 16979


Anonymous 16980


Anonymous 16982

Post ap.jpg

Anonymous 16997



Help Cece make her cafe! Anonymous 16882[Reply]

Cece has finally started her dream job of opening her own cafe, the Crystal Cafe! But she needs your help in designing it!

Post images of possible furniture, employees, foods, drinks, equipment, and any other thing that you recommend for Cece to put in her Crystal Cafe!
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Anonymous 16990



We have a dilemma here.

If we hire catboys, they may understand the concept of money. Cece might have to pay the catboys.

We can convert the catboys to catbots (that greatly resemble catboys), to avoid paying them wages, but we may also upset Vivy, one of the possible lounge singers. Usually Vivy is employed and lives in the Nialand theme park, and receives no wages, but she might be an independent contractor in this case, and could want wages. GLaDOS would want wages to continue experimentation at Aperture science.

If the catbots are equally as smart as Vivy or GLaDOS, we may have a sentient robot rights issue, if some robots are being paid, and others aren't. If we make them too stupid, that may cause issues in their service.

I guess we could give the catbots the same deal as Vivy had while she lived in NiaLand, and house them somewhere in the cafe or have a catbot shed/garage for them. I don't think GLaDOS gets paid by Aperture science either. Sentient robots being housed by their workplace don't usually receive wages.

Anonymous 16991

Just dangle a piece of string in front of the catboys when they bring up wages. They will get distracted and forget about money.

Anonymous 16992

well said

Anonymous 16995


soup faerie from neopets. free soup for customers with no money.

Anonymous 16996


Outfits that make men hot Anonymous 16912[Reply]

Anonymous 16913

These will mostly be hot men wearing clothes that accentuate their hotness

Anonymous 16914

I see a man smoking in a turtle neck and what I can only assume from the drawstrings are fancy sweatpants. Neat.

Anonymous 16915


Anonymous 16916

I love when attractive men wear formal clothes with floral designs.


Long-Haired Male Models Anonymous 4312[Reply]

Bartek Borowiec.
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Anonymous 16203


Kris Keri.

Anonymous 16205

najib abdi.jpeg

Najib Abdi.

Anonymous 16206


Miles Parker.

Anonymous 16207


Hao Liu.

Anonymous 16901

lol, that picture of Geordi LaForge is surprisingly funny

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