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ITT: Cute Idol Boys Anonymous 5285[Reply]

Who are your favourite kpop/cpop/jpop/etc idols?
What groups or they from? Post your favourite pic.
I'll start, Bi Wen Jun from NEX7.
He's got the sweetest voice and the prettiest smile. (You can't imagine how hard it was to only pick one picture.)

Anonymous 5288




Mug Shots Anonymous 2263[Reply]

Is anyone else obsessed with cute novelty mugs? Post yours!
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Anonymous 2357


Green tea from here right now. I’m a sucker for Sailor Moon merch.

Anonymous 5271


>picking facebook cat over 2ch cats

Anonymous 5272


These are my three favorite. I got right thrifting, middle was a Christmas gift because I was obsessed with deltarune last year, and left was what my roommate left when her boyfriend broke up with her and she moved out. IIRC he had a matching ‘hubby’ one. I use it ironically.

Anonymous 5273

giko best internet meme confirmed??

Anonymous 5275

Well he's still being posted after two goddamn decades. Flavor of the month twitter memes can't compete


~*Aesthetics*~ Anonymous 97[Reply]

post your aesthetic images
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Anonymous 5246


Anonymous 5259


Anonymous 5267


Anonymous 5268


Anonymous 5270



aiye? (i think know the girl in the photo lol)


Girl crushes Anonymous 4599[Reply]

Post your 3D waifus
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Anonymous 5227


Brigitte Bardot is love

+1 Winona

Anonymous 5237


I fell in love with Zhang Ziyi after watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Anonymous 5238


For me, it is Joss Fong

Anonymous 5239

the art =/= the artist

Anonymous 5252

She's really cool in The Grandmaster too!


cute anime girl thread Anonymous 5223[Reply]

post cute anime girls

Anonymous 5234



Anonymous 5226[Reply]

Post nice sfw kisses


Dollmakers/Dressup Thread Anonymous 2451[Reply]

Based on last night's pixel thread I decided to make a doll thread! (I feel like this thread should go here since most of it is us making dolls but feel free to move it to /b/ or /cgl/)

Some links:
http://elouai.com/ - candybar, roiworld, rinmaru

http://www.rinmarugames.com/ - anime, jfash, etc.

Feel free to add more links if you have them! I will dump some dolls of mine.
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Anonymous 5201

Screen Shot 2019-0…

wish i looked like this irl.

Anonymous 5202


Anonymous 5212



Anonymous 5219


Anonymous 5225



Ideal Body Anonymous 4771[Reply]

Post your Ideal Male/Female body
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Anonymous 5192

bruh moment.jpg


Anonymous 5193

Spoiler that shit!

Anonymous 5199

Oh wow. Guess I like asians now.

Also sauce pls.

Anonymous 5200


Wow, same. Met a guy like this IRL with the tanned skin, cute but not feminine face, stocky buff body with powerful legs, etc., so happy. Kinda nice to see another girl out there shares my (weirdly specific?) type.

Anonymous 5216



Attractive people SFW Anonymous 2743[Reply]

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Anonymous 4497


Anonymous 5195


Anonymous 5196

This cringy duckfaced visage will forever give me the worst Tumblr flashbacks, this is the poster child for the fakeboi craze of the mid-2010s.

Anonymous 5214

She's a full t-boy now. Been on testosterone for 3 years and had the surgery.

Anonymous 5218

Wow. I've seen a few girls with faces similar to this but I would kill for this soft, girl-next-door feminine and cute type of face that hardly needs any makeup to look charming. I love her eyebrows too.

01 - Pretty Prince…

Pretty Princess Points Anonymous 4175[Reply]

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Anonymous 5149


I'm minimalist, my apartment is spotlessly clean and essentially empty. I don't have furniture and just sit on the floor with my laptop with a pillow against the wall behind me. I get some strange comments on it, people wonder if I really live here. I have a japanese style bed that I fold away every day. Nothing on the walls, no "decorations", etc. I do leave dirty dishes in the sink until the next day, but I only have one plate and one bowl so if I want to eat anything I have to wash the dishes first.
I grew up in a dirty hoarder shithole that was disgustingly filthy and crumbling with water damage on the ceiling, mold problems, inside animals that got hair and worse everywhere, probably the whole lead paint and asbestos deal, holes in the walls revealing crumbling dusty drywall, etc. My parents had possessions stacked to the ceiling, just piles upon piles of shit all over, literally like the Hoarders show. Owning too many possessions makes me anxious. I never go shopping unless absolutely necessary and I spontaneously discard things I think I no longer need.
Sorry it's not the same style.

Anonymous 5158

These are all amazing. I can think of a girl I know or knew for nearly every single picture, it's uncanny.

Anonymous 5165

This is sad and charming at the same time. Please buy a nice matress at least.

Anonymous 5166

Seconded. You want have a nice mattress and pillow to lie on for a third of your life and nice footwear, too.

Anonymous 5188

I'm just like you anon. My parents are hoarders and the house used to be filled to the brim with crap and stink horribly; animal hair everywhere. Occasionally find a dead rat's body.

My room is just my bed and a stack of books, essentially. I only own what I need. I could put all of my possessions in a backpack and leave tomorrow.

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