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3D husbando thread Anonymous 18319[Reply]

Posting cute Korean boys to piss off the raiders edition

Old thread >>2034
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Anonymous 18643

I prefer Japanese guys. They look more natural than Korean guys who are all so plastic looking.

Anonymous 18644


Also just reminded me how much I miss Haruma Miura! RIP!

Anonymous 18652



Yeah, he's Japanese.

>They look more natural than Korean guys who are all so plastic looking.

You can't really tell apart some Koreans from Japanese that much. Alot of Zainichi Koreans, for example, have managed to hide that they're actually ethnically Korean until they actually tell someone or they find out from looking at their legal documents. I saw this movie Go where a Zainichi Korean gets with a Japanese girl and she didn't know until he told her.

Anonymous 19071

Me in the back.

Anonymous 19072

I recognize this handsome man, he is from Myanmar.
Their government better not get "rid" of him.


Ugly People Anonymous 16627[Reply]

Post pictures of people you find ugly.
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Anonymous 19030


Genuinely find him repulsive physically and mentally. Disgusting unga bunga moid.

Anonymous 19031


Anonymous 19041

This guy is hot tho

Anonymous 19044


Anonymous 19045



Interior design/decor thread Anonymous 18052[Reply]

Any miners have anything in their house they find interesting enough to share?

In picrel, I had the spotted cow for years, but I went to a furniture store today and saw the brown one and thought I might as well complete the duo.
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Anonymous 18747

I don’t like them cows. Look sinister.

Anonymous 18756


I would really like to have this baddie in my foyer op :))))

Anonymous 18757

Mostly to keep people I don't like from visiting me YOU KNOW

Anonymous 18758

If they can't handle koala paint-over Mario THEY CANT HANDLE ME

Anonymous 19043



Post you and your ideal partner Anonymous 15182[Reply]

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Anonymous 18892


Me on the right with my dream party gf who tells me I deserve to smoke another joint

Anonymous 19016


he's 42. i'm 24. i post about him frequently actually on reddit or 4ch.

sometimes i wonder if he's seen my posts.

Anonymous 19018


same, im 19 and he's 32. he thinks im cute but thats it

Anonymous 19021

people say "get away from him" but its never easy. i knew i was being used and sort of accepted it. then my birthday came and my fitness trainer took me on a platonic date. changed my perspective on everything.

what about you? what do you get from it?

x o

Anonymous 19022


me on the right ideal on the left. god, if only


Cozy thread Anonymous 893[Reply]

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Anonymous 15976


Anonymous 17683


Anonymous 17686


Anonymous 17687


Anonymous 19027


I know it is not a piture but I find it so cozy I have to share it.
I wish you all a good day.


Guy Crushes Anonymous 2034[Reply]

Post your 3D husbandos
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Anonymous 18276

I know it is, but it’s still a red flag to openly advertise fantasy violence against women as your first impression.

Anonymous 18416

Kill yourself male

Anonymous 18421

he's a bit asymmetrical and that's about it imo. he's A good looking guy that's not "hollywood gorgeous" and that is both a bit novel for some people and probably seems more… accessible? to normal women. he's not ugly though, people should be nicer..

Anonymous 18434

He’s an evil piece of shit so who cares

Anonymous 19026


Haatepah ClearBear


train thread Anonymous 5930[Reply]

post trains, trams, stations, and other rail transportation related images here
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Anonymous 15815


Anonymous 15823

we 1chan now

Anonymous 15887

Modern Mechanix 19…

i love trains so much
once all the cars are inevitably abolished, the trains are sure to stay alongside the new form of transportation

Anonymous 19019


LM-68. Not my photo. Fuck i love trams

Anonymous 19020


This one still works during summers. One of these years, I'll get aboard.


/soygen/ - wholesome edition Anonymous 7131[Reply]

post your favourite soyjaks
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Anonymous 18986


Anonymous 19009

'osting on the 'fe

Anonymous 19010

shane humason

this is an inside joke kms

Anonymous 19014


Anonymous 19015



Random image Anonymous 8223[Reply]

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Anonymous 18999


Anonymous 19005


Anonymous 19006


Anonymous 19007


Anonymous 19008



To all my fellow artist anons 8618[Reply]

Post a piece of artwork with an art style you really admire or enviously wish you could develop as your own art style
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Anonymous 18885


Anonymous 18889

Color & Light.jpg

Anonymous 18890


cant pick a single one, i love all her stuff, just picked a few recent pieces
heviojisan's art is pretty much the only reason i got to check twitter nowadays (somwhow she tweets new art every 2 days or so)
i started to draw last month, i hope i will be able to draw things like this someday, i specially like how she uses colors

Anonymous 18991

mattias grunenwald…

This is making me so nostalgic. You just reminded that I miss farming my elf arcane mage with my online friends on a bootleg Burning Crusade server around 2011.

Anonymous 19004


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