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heart_earring (1).…

Earring Thread Anonymous 3537[Reply]

Wasn't sure wether to create this thread here on at /cgl/, but alas

ITT: Post cute/cool/nice/etc earrings, and preferrably, where to get them, if possible.
Personal collection displays are also ok.
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Anonymous 3582


I am a BITCH for the "valentine day's korean heart earring" look, as tacky and repetitive it can get. I want them all.

Anonymous 3587

butterfly pendant.…

This reminded me that I have a pendant with a real butterfly wing

Pic looks almost exactly like the one I have.

Anonymous 3588

w h e r e c a n i g e t t h e s e

Anonymous 3589

Anonymous 3591


Beautiful! I love butterfly themed jewellery.

Screenshot at Mar …

Makeup Palettes Anonymous 3531[Reply]

Inspired by the jewelry thread >>>/img/2633
Make your palettes and post them and don't forget to share the link!

Mine is from https://www.makeupgeek.com/products/create-your-own-palette#

Anonymous 3534



Anonymous 3535




Weird and creepy buildings Anonymous 1925[Reply]

Let's start with some Stalenhag
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Anonymous 3465


Anonymous 3466

I don't mean to be rude but I can't believe people find this creepy. I actually live in that city and I've seen the hanging houses and they are beautiful.

Anonymous 3467

Sorry, I didn't mean any offense! The OP said weird and creepy. I don't find it creepy, but I do find it pretty strange, since we don't have buildings like that where I live. I agree with you that they are beautiful.

Anonymous 3469


Anonymous 3502

¿En serio eres de Cuenca? Se me hace raro encontrar a otra española aquí, aunque en el fondo me alegra.


Food Thread Anonymous 3020[Reply]

Let's get some food porn!
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Anonymous 3027


Anonymous 3028


Anonymous 3454

high tea.JPG

Anonymous 3475


Anonymous 3476



Before and Afters Anonymous 1455[Reply]

Weightloss, plastic surgery, skincare, OC, whatever. Just as long as it's a B&A. Share what you got! And don't forget to add a description or add some sort of info describing your pic. Pic related is a B&A of skin after taking beta carotene supplements. Excellent way to give your skin some pigment.
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Anonymous 2772

Not original makeuphater anon but little to nothing soft makeup > tons of makeup. Yes even if you have acne. No, you can't change my mind. You probably look fine without it, if not hardly the same.

Anonymous 3338

tf are you on about, paler skin was considered better over the entire world because it meant you didn't have to do manual labour out in the sun. it is associated with royalty but because royalty could stay in shade instead of working.

Anonymous 3366

>dark skinned people should be respected too
>you sound tumblr lol

Anonymous 3367

Why are you responding to a 5 month old post? Also no one was claiming that, they were claiming india's culture is wrong because apparently every culture who values light skin got it from white people.

Anonymous 3368

india's cultures are pretty bad though


Banner request thread Anonymous 1683[Reply]

Post pics or gifs (or video) and I'll submit them as crystal.cafe banners!
Other banner makers are welcome to join in, please reply to the image(s) you're planning to work on to avoid duplicates.
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Anonymous 3293

WOW this is amazing!!

Anonymous 3296


Anonymous 3335


From the art thread

Anonymous 3336

giphy (4).gif

I beg you a banner with these cute ass baby capybaras

Anonymous 3337



"Rural" Japan Anonymous 2359[Reply]

When I was traveling around Japan I came to love the smaller prefectures more than the big cities.
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Anonymous 3244


Anonymous 3245


Anonymous 3246


Anonymous 3247


Anonymous 3248



Childhood/Nostalgic Images Anonymous 1568[Reply]

Post images that remind you of your childhood or any cute reminiscent images you like. Toys, rooms, shows, magazines, food, stuffed animals, stickers, books, games, art supplies, old web gifs, anything!
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Anonymous 2767

Anon, what country are you from? Hahahaha I remember they used to be THE SHIT here. I never liked them but they do being back memories.

Anonymous 2768

Omg I totally forgot about this group. It’s Rebelde, right?

Anonymous 2795


What was everyone's favorite food/candy growing up that they don't make anymore? I was crazy for these Pokémon popsicles.

Anonymous 2807

Was this show even meant for kids? I remember being 12 and assuming it was a trashy teen soap.

Anonymous 2808


The hot cheetos asteroids in particular.


Phone Cases Anonymous 2251[Reply]

Post cute phone cases! Shop links welcome
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Anonymous 2642


It's not really a phone case. Super cute though. I wish I could get it, but I don't think the website is meant for international users (and it's sold out)

Anonymous 2645

I-i… I really need this.

Anonymous 2724

Y'all know these cases with "liquid" inside them are bad right? Like if they leak or break, that "water" can burn you.

Anonymous 2763

calm down anon, most of them are actually full of baby oil. don't let a few extreme cases scare you.

Anonymous 2805

This is so cute but it's probably not a good idea. I know a girl that has something similar, except it's pink and it's just fuzzy with rabbit ears and a cotton tail. That thing gets absolutely filthy all the time and overheats her phone. It also doesn't really fit in the purse at all. Adorable but not worth it. :(


Jewelry Makers Anonymous 2633[Reply]

Let's make some jewelry, bitches

Share sites and post your creations!
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Anonymous 2635

Anonymous 2636

Wow this is gorgeous.

Anonymous 2637


Would this be a good promise ring? It's white gold. I'm broke.

Anonymous 2639

It's really pretty anon!

Anonymous 2664

Thank you!!

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