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Food Nightmares Anonymous 18802[Reply]

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Anonymous 18824


I keep screaming but god won't answer

Anonymous 18828


Now you can eat your chicken dinner all in one bite! (With a delicious addition of hoof gelatine covering the whole thing <3)

Anonymous 18829

I used to dread going to my racist wasp neighbors house for dinner because the mom would always serve shit like this

Anonymous 18852

We really got fridges and said let’s jello everything huh

Anonymous 18884


Not sus at all


Anonymous 10493[Reply]

Sailor moon reaction pics/gifs pls
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Anonymous 18429


Anonymous 18437

Ah china is at it again I see

Anonymous 18642


Anonymous 18695

Need this edit with pills

Anonymous 18882



Pinniped pictures dump Anonymous 15086[Reply]

This thread is about animals of the pinniped family, commonly known as seals, sea lions and walruses.

You are welcome to ask any questions about seals, I will gladly answer you.
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Anonymous 17922

it's a person. she spends time here, 4chan, and lolcow. she's a neonazi that sometimes pretends to be based but is just retarded

Anonymous 18864


Ginger seals are a thing !

Anonymous 18865

Phoque sauvages à …

But it's especially the pups that can have this red fur color. For adults, the teint more dispersed.

Anonymous 18866

Phoque sauvages à …

I got to see them IRL! They were so fat and goofy.

Anonymous 18868


I would love to swim in such a pool!


Sadposting aesthetic OC Anonymous 1266[Reply]

I ironically as if ;_; like making cheesy ~aesthetic~ images. I'll dump some here as I make them. I take requests for pretty much any kind of aesthetic and any phrase. Silly things too.
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Anonymous 1270


Anonymous 18822


Anonymous 18825


Anonymous 18830


Anonymous 18832


These are so corny but they give me nostalgia.

01 - Pretty Prince…

Pretty Princess Points Anonymous 4175[Reply]

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Anonymous 18794

I want your giant Rilakkuma. It looks so huggable.

Anonymous 18795

this one was made by a tranny

Anonymous 18798

Stop shitting up every thread. You could stare at a mirror all day and wouldn’t be able to stop yourself from crying

Anonymous 18800

I swear it's gotta be a moid trying to start infighting

Anonymous 18973

I made one of myself as art therapy, it's actually kind of cathartic..


Funny CC screencaps thread Anonymous 9894[Reply]

We have a thread for 4chan screencaps, why not one for our own site?
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Anonymous 17776


> I don't want to hurt my hands.


>Experiment making jewelry chain with a loopmaker out of pieces from molds made with spicy cheerios?

Anonymous 17824

Probably since there's already a dream thread on /x/ (just a guess)

Anonymous 17919

A moid made that thread, probably

Anonymous 18790


Anonymous 18792

I still have my Diddl-Blätter collection


Depression n suicidal ideation memes Anonymous 18653[Reply]

Post depressing memes I need em
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Anonymous 18658

Lol, nona.

Anonymous 18664



Anonymous 18707


Anonymous 18719

Why nonononononot

Anonymous 18742

the clock is ticki…


i hate being moody Anonymous 18739[Reply]

why the fuck are women programmed to have pms and shit this sucks. why can't I live my life on default settings without suffering so much. why do we have to take stupid birth control pills just so we don't go insane. id rip out my vag if i could well maybe not i might want to have a couple kids first but yeah let's make a lifetime of suffering just so I can accomplish that

Anonymous 18740

I meant to post this in feels FUCK whatever have another cat image

Anonymous 18741

i forgot the image. now its not working i can't even add one ok ill go fuck myself. this thread sucks

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 18743

Moved to >>>/feels/86342.


Mug Shots Anonymous 2263[Reply]

Is anyone else obsessed with cute novelty mugs? Post yours!
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Anonymous 12248

to drink all of the tea

Anonymous 14764


I coincidentally saw the mug set from the OP on Pinterest this morning.

Anonymous 14992


All your mugs are so cute, anons. I use one of these to display my favorite mugs next to where I brew my coffee and definitely recommend it for both comfy aesthetic and practicality.

Anonymous 14993


Samefag, forgot to say they are called "accordian racks"

Anonymous 18725


The classic


Anonymous 18660[Reply]

I like birds, do you like birds?
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Anonymous 18663

images (1) (2).jpe…

I hate birds

This one is a fucking nerd

Anonymous 18667


omg he is so fucking cuteee

Anonymous 18696



Anonymous 18697


doublepost, my favorite is the Little Blue Egret. I've only seen it once or twice in person but it's so beautiful and relatively rare here compared to white egrets. It was a great experience.

Anonymous 18724


Bluejays look really cool

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