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Dollmakers/Dressup Thread Anonymous 2451[Reply]

Based on last night's pixel thread I decided to make a doll thread! (I feel like this thread should go here since most of it is us making dolls but feel free to move it to /b/ or /cgl/)

Some links:
http://elouai.com/ - candybar, roiworld, rinmaru

http://www.rinmarugames.com/ - anime, jfash, etc.

Feel free to add more links if you have them! I will dump some dolls of mine.
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Anonymous 5212



Anonymous 5219


Anonymous 5225


Anonymous 5336

avatar (9).png

so cute !

Anonymous 5337

avatar (7).png

i love red and pink outfits, these colors fit so well

big oof, matey.jpg

Favourite memes/jokes! Anonymous 4421[Reply]

Do crystal-anons have any favourite memes/jokes?
Post 'em here, ladies! Pic very related, fav image in my meme folder so far
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Anonymous 5313


Anonymous 5314



Anonymous 5315

I keep coming back to look at this one, it hasn't failed to make me smile yet.

Anonymous 5321


I've seen this format of the two guys arguing a lot but I still don't know what it's actually from/the context, anyone else know?

Anonymous 5322

Hetalia and Romano…

Anonymous 4855[Reply]

Anyone else a fan of Chibi style?

Anonymous 4856

Chibi style is wonderful and I can find myself enjoying almost anything if its in chibi. For instance take RWBY, no matter how much my friends tried to get me into it I cant stand the animation; but the chibi spinoff series is somewhat bearable.

Anonymous 5297



Reaction Images Anonymous 3033[Reply]

Posting your most expressive and humorous, ladies.
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Anonymous 5287


Pretty amusing to see this now that the series is over

Anonymous 5289

Didn't deserve it.

Anonymous 5290


None of the characters deserved how lousy 7/8 were

Anonymous 5291

I don't think anyone deserved to see this.

Anonymous 5296


Just this image by itself. I lose my shit looking at it.


Attractive people SFW Anonymous 2743[Reply]

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Anonymous 4496


Anonymous 4497


Anonymous 5196

This cringy duckfaced visage will forever give me the worst Tumblr flashbacks, this is the poster child for the fakeboi craze of the mid-2010s.

Anonymous 5214

She's a full t-boy now. Been on testosterone for 3 years and had the surgery.

Anonymous 5218

Wow. I've seen a few girls with faces similar to this but I would kill for this soft, girl-next-door feminine and cute type of face that hardly needs any makeup to look charming. I love her eyebrows too.


Wallpaper/Background Thread Anonymous 490[Reply]

Lets post some wallpapers/backgrounds. Phone and computer ok!
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Anonymous 3891

wow… this is too beautiful

Anonymous 3893


Anonymous 3894


Anonymous 5170


Hopefully this can work out.
By Suehiro Maruo

Anonymous 5180


classic one


Landscapes that make you dream Anonymous 4[Reply]

Post any and all nature and landscapes that make you feel things.
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Anonymous 5103


Anonymous 5104


Anonymous 5123


Anonymous 5124


Anonymous 5177



Anonymous 5154[Reply]

who is this guy?

Anonymous 5155


another pic of him

Anonymous 5157

Looks like John Carmack.

Anonymous 5171

Gross and very unaesthetic.

Anonymous 5172

I find it really hot actually!


weird makeup Anonymous 1818[Reply]

post weird makeup ITT
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Anonymous 1985


does anyone know who's on picrel? i forgot her tumblr completely and can't find her through related images

Anonymous 1986

laura aurora

Anonymous 2022

Lol, is the one on the right a fag? No way that's female.

Anonymous 5005


I think this is pretty in an artsy way, I could see it as part of a dreamy concept shoot, I just wish it was on a woman.

Anonymous 5169


Juliana Horner


Fav Art Thread Anonymous 1272[Reply]

Enough of uglies!
Is there an art piece you love for some reason? Or an artist whose artstyle you are obsessed with?
Please share.
This is Summer by Mucha.
Weeby stuff is welcome as well.
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Anonymous 5146

I love her work, but I never realized she is a "her"!!!

Anonymous 5147


Thank you so much for sharing this!! Of course I've seen Yayoi Kusama's "most famous" works in pop culture, but I thought she was all about huge polka dots and bold colors. Your post has me interested in looking up more of her work. Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous 5150


this looks like miles johnston's work

Anonymous 5151

Julie Dillon metam…

julie dillon's colours are gorgeous

Anonymous 5152

Loish frost.jpg

loish is another online artist i admire

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