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Before and Afters Anonymous 1455[Reply]

Weightloss, plastic surgery, skincare, OC, whatever. Just as long as it's a B&A. Share what you got! And don't forget to add a description or add some sort of info describing your pic. Pic related is a B&A of skin after taking beta carotene supplements. Excellent way to give your skin some pigment.
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Anonymous 3338

tf are you on about, paler skin was considered better over the entire world because it meant you didn't have to do manual labour out in the sun. it is associated with royalty but because royalty could stay in shade instead of working.

Anonymous 3366

>dark skinned people should be respected too
>you sound tumblr lol

Anonymous 3367

Why are you responding to a 5 month old post? Also no one was claiming that, they were claiming india's culture is wrong because apparently every culture who values light skin got it from white people.

Anonymous 3368

india's cultures are pretty bad though

Anonymous 5430

Beta carotene supplements are not that safe actually and she looks better before, the second picture is like a typical tanned girl, looks plain and unstylish, no contrast.


/p/ thread Anonymous 5424[Reply]

Anyone into photography at all here?
I'm kind of a newbie at this whole thing and I'm looking for some motivation (or inspiration even?) to go out and shoot some nice photos.
pic related is from my trip to Japan, used a Nikon d3400, a kit lens and a tripod for that long exposure.
If I could go back and retake it I would do some things differently, especially readjust the tripod so that the stairs look straight (even though they're this crooked IRL)

Post pictures you took yourself!

Anonymous 5425


You could probably try to alter the image by rotating it in Photoshop or a similar program. It looks good! I'm quite into film photography myself.

Anonymous 5426


I dont know much about photography and took these on my phone lol. I really like your picture tho, maybe try rotating it?

Anonymous 5427


Anonymous 5428

y they side ways ;_;

Anonymous 5429


OP here, whoa, didn't expect this thread to catch on this well, I was expecting, like, two replies in 24 hours.
Anyway! here's a pic I'm more proud of, also from that same trip to Japan!
I have it as a wallpaper on my desktop!


Cute/Male Anonymous 3503[Reply]

There's something to be said for cute boys too, don't you think? Brother to the cute girl art thread.
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Anonymous 5413


Anonymous 5414


Anonymous 5415


Anonymous 5416


Anonymous 5417


End of Kaworu dump.


studio ghibli papes (esp arrietty!) Anonymous 5405[Reply]

as the title says, drop any studio ghibli wallpapers you have but arrietty would be nice :)

Anonymous 5407



Anybody want to help a girl out? Anonymous 5282[Reply]

I'm moving soon. The place is nice enough but there's an issue with it. When you walk through the front door, you get a direct line of sight to the living room, where the television would be. There is no way to change it as that's where it would have to be hooked up.

I don't know why but something about that makes me terribly uncomfortable. Any fixes available or am I just being neurotic?

Anonymous 5283

Don't watch tv.

Anonymous 5292

Hang up a curtain / light tapestry?

Anonymous 5385

thats fair i used to get super anxious about the thought of people seeing what i watched on tv for no reason. hang something up

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 5387

Moved to >>>/b/36743.


Girl art Anonymous 566[Reply]

Post cute grills
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Anonymous 5326


Every day I am still loving this thread

Anonymous 5376


Anonymous 5377


Anonymous 5378


Anonymous 5379



Ideal Body Anonymous 4771[Reply]

Post your Ideal Male/Female body
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Anonymous 5199

Oh wow. Guess I like asians now.

Also sauce pls.

Anonymous 5200


Wow, same. Met a guy like this IRL with the tanned skin, cute but not feminine face, stocky buff body with powerful legs, etc., so happy. Kinda nice to see another girl out there shares my (weirdly specific?) type.

Anonymous 5216


Anonymous 5373


something along the lines of this. I like em thick and bulky and covered in hair

Anonymous 5374

Oh fuck, that's good.


Designated qt3.14 Thread Anonymous 1408[Reply]

ITT: post qt girls.
They don't have to be celebrities or models, or even classically beautiful. The photos don't even need to be digitally untouched, so long as you find them qt anything qualifies.
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Anonymous 5213

Explore page

Also if any random creepy men/obvious fake accounts follow you, sometimes they follow actual qts as well.

Anonymous 5254


Anonymous 5335


is the cutest person I've ever seen
reverse image search brings up nothing, does anyone know this person?

Anonymous 5358


i don't know much about her other that she's russian. but i have another pic of her. try to search "russian pigeon girl" and you should find her

Anonymous 5366


Hirate Yurina from Keyakizaka46. Love her stage presence in their music videos.



ITT: Cute Idol Boys Anonymous 5285[Reply]

Who are your favourite kpop/cpop/jpop/etc idols?
What groups or they from? Post your favourite pic.
I'll start, Bi Wen Jun from NEX7.
He's got the sweetest voice and the prettiest smile. (You can't imagine how hard it was to only pick one picture.)

Anonymous 5288



Anonymous 5359


yokoyama yuu


Catholic thread Anonymous 4953[Reply]

Post christian/catholic related images churches art icons etc
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Anonymous 5350

massive scale.jpg

I enjoy art like this that creates such a sense of massive scale. This is true Christian art in my opinion.

Anonymous 5351

chapel on a mounta…

Anonymous 5352

last judgement.jpg

Anonymous 5353

goyim have no tast…

Anonymous 5354


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