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Liminal Spaces Anonymous 12683[Reply]

Places that just… give you that feeling.
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Anonymous 14641

The water is photoshopped in, if you just want pillars surrounded by lush plants that might exist, but I'm also pretty certain that place doesn't exist anywhere.

As far as OP's post, I'm confused why I haven't seen a single liminal image in this thread. What exactly does every poster here think liminal means? Serene? Alien? Peculiar?

Anonymous 14642


Posting an actual liminal space because no one else has.

Anonymous 14763

the entire movie "toys" is like this

Anonymous 18141


Anonymous 18704

I went to that swimming pool when I was a kid. Thank you for reminding me anon


Vintage Anonymous 7627[Reply]

Post stars, fashion, editorials, recipes, trends, trials, makeup, and art of the 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s.
Reminder that this is /img/ and your posts should include images!
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Anonymous 18624


The 60s tokyo

Anonymous 18625


Anonymous 18626

Anonymous 18627



Anonymous 18692


Vietnam 1966


transparent img thread Anonymous 18101[Reply]

Post transparent images/gifs you like!

Make sure that it has a fully transparent background and it’s not fake/white!
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Anonymous 18426


and a little hamster

Anonymous 18530


Anonymous 18607


Anonymous 18608


Anonymous 18631



Knitting & Crochet Anonymous 18285[Reply]

Post pics of things you want to knit or crochet, or stuff you’re working on
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Anonymous 18531

all you need to do is make sure your guage is consistent so id take a relatively large swatch.
you just have to stick with it that project took me a bit longer than anticipated bc there were so many parts

Anonymous 18597

Will do once I'm done with the current projects.
Does anyone has experience with knitting café groups? (whatever you call it)

Anonymous 18601

i would like to make crochet plushies. anyone have any tips for a beginner? i just have basic crochet hooks in all sizes. will buy cheap yarn to start

Anonymous 18602

I tried knitting gloves and messed up the yarn weight. They ended up becoming massive, like oven glove tier. And somehow they ended up having a giant hole in them because I forgot to knit a stitch together.
Knitting is hard. I don't know how to improve. Maybe I'm doing projects that are way over my head. So far I've made scarves and that's it.

Anonymous 18615

I'd like to see them, it looks funny at least.
I think it's a matter of finishing several projects. But since knitting projects tend to stretch a longtime, it feels like no progress.


What is the most beautiful anime figure you've ever seen? Anonymous 18453[Reply]

Does anyone like collecting figures like this? I always go back to this yearning and I don't know why.
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Anonymous 18477

Do you have any pictures of the front angle? Np for me I love these intricate sexy figures too honestly. I want to see mindblowing figures I've never seen before.

Anonymous 18478


There, she's hanazono serena by anigift. Not mind blowing, but the sculpting feels very natural. The way she looks pretty young kind of breaks it for me since the figure is supposed to be a lil bit suggestive, but it's a lovely figure regardless.

Anonymous 18481


I honestly had no idea they hand sculpted these things either,I thought for sure they were 3d modeled and printed. I do know Yoshitoku makes these little kimonos by hand though and the fabric is printed in Kyoto.

Anonymous 18484

Yeah, digital 3D modelling is definitely getting used more and more often, but lots of companies (and specially garage kits creators) still sculpt the original/prototypes manually. I think most nendoroids still get made like that.
(Of course copies always get made by casting, the original figure is the only one modeled by hand. If they had to sculpt each one by hand like they sew those kimonos, the figures wouldn't cost $100 lmao. Painting is still fully manual though, with the exception of eyes and markings sometimes)

Anonymous 18500



Cottagecore/ Mori Thread Anonymous 18381[Reply]

I am in desperate need of cottagecore friends. Where can I find cottagecore folk, even forest bf? Also post more like pic related!
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Anonymous 18405


OP here. I understand. This is basically me. Honestly I had to deal with modernism and city life. Now I live in a rural area and tend a garden and whatnot. I'm not really into rodeos and country music though so that puts me in an oddball box. More into thrift shopping, and reading old books. I follow a few cottagecore facebook groups but the accounts on them almost seem like small businesses trying to sell artsy merch :/ So I'm wanting to find a crowd that I could actually talk to.. maybe even something romantic. I thought if anybody knew the place you would. Speaking of thrift shopping, found an adorable giant fluffy pink octopus today at goodwill for 9.99$ :D

Anonymous 18406

We need a gardening thread on cc REALLY bad. Do you think people would keep up with it or is a pretty niche hobby on here

Anonymous 18407

Do you work in a factory or a distribution center?
Yeah its true, I'm just so glad we don't have to deal with disease, misery, and death the way people did back then though.

Anonymous 18408

Anonymous 18417



Wallpaper/Background Thread Anonymous 490[Reply]

Lets post some wallpapers/backgrounds. Phone and computer ok!
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Anonymous 17659


Anonymous 17660


Anonymous 17661


Anonymous 18302


Anonymous 18329



Art by women Anonymous 16593[Reply]

Post art by women!

Picrel is Self-portrait in a Straw Hat, 1782, by Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun

Anonymous 16594


elisabeth vigée le brun

Anonymous 16595



Anonymous 16596


Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting, by Artemisia Gentileschi

Anonymous 16625


Portrait of the Duchess de La Salle, 1925
Tamara de Lempicka (1898-1980)

Anonymous 18295


Lilacs (1786 - 1838) by Maria Geertruida Barbiers-Snabilié


Girl art Anonymous 566[Reply]

Post cute grills
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Anonymous 18095


Anonymous 18096


Anonymous 18122


Anonymous 18135


Anonymous 18287


I really like paintings by Ob of the kaikai kiki artist collective. There is something so mournful and quiet in her depictions of girlhood


90s renders Anonymous 14500[Reply]

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Anonymous 18153

I love this one!

Anonymous 18218


Anonymous 18219


Anonymous 18220


Anonymous 18271


aware this might not fit as a render but has that 90s/00 glow outline??

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