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the ancient derp c…

Bad Art Shenanigans Anonymous 6137[Reply]

Let's poorly draw characters from TV shows, anime, and movies.

Here's my masterpiece.

Anonymous 6163


Autistic depiction of the avg gemstone parlor user in 2k19. OC donut steel

Anonymous 8916


i remember when this thread was posted, and i thought i'd responded already but i guess not.
this was relaxing, thank you op. i will be back here.


4chan screenshots Anonymous 7440[Reply]

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Anonymous 8800

I'm going to hell for laughing at this

Anonymous 8912


Anonymous 8913


Anonymous 8914

What a great post. Genuinely.

Anonymous 8915


I myself don't completely agree to all of that, but there are some good pieces of advice in there.


Anonymous 8837[Reply]

So I'm not the only one into e-boys right?

Also, post them if I'm not alone
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Anonymous 8874


Anonymous 8875


Anonymous 8893

this is very true, I’ve even seen normal looking dudes, who weren’t e boys at all, get ridiculed just because they had a skinny frame.

Anonymous 8894

I love them. I compliment them every time I see one with confidence issues, so I can do my part in boosting their confidence to tap out their potential. Little by little making the world more flavorful for those dumb moids that are taking "advice" from the wrong people aka other insecure bitter moids.

Anonymous 8907

I once had an English prof who carried on a dressier but clearly ex-edgy-pretty-boy look into his late 30's. They can remain cute if they maintain their health, make their wardrobes a bit more mature, and don't fall into drug abuse or whatever.


Pokémon! Anonymous 7517[Reply]

while we share some pics…

- favourite region?
- favourite pokemon?
- favourite type?
- favourite trainer?
- favourite song?

feel free to leave requests too!
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Anonymous 8870


Meant to post a picture but I fucked up and tried doing both pic and embed at the same time like a noob.

Anonymous 8900

gold silver has such a good soundtrack.

Anonymous 8902

pokemon tower theme was always great too

Anonymous 8904

why did they draw that

Anonymous 8906


there is a fan animation of an oneyplays video where they are trying to read off the entire pokemon rap


Celebrities you find beautiful Anonymous 6835[Reply]

I'll start.
178 posts and 143 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8620



God I love Uma Thurman. Kill Bill was everything

Anonymous 8711

gene tierney.jpg

>choose some Kardashian tier slut over her

Anonymous 8712


i want to run away with anya taylor-joy so fucking bad

Anonymous 8720


Vivien Leigh is stunning.

Anonymous 8903


Lillian Gish


Cute boys thread Anonymous 6525[Reply]

There are only two things in this thread: cute, and boys.
90 posts and 76 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8882


Anonymous 8883


Anonymous 8884

Anonymous 8886


No problem anon

Anonymous 8892



Timothee Chalamet Thread 8845[Reply]

Post pics
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8862


His mustache is grotesque.. OP why would you choose that picture?

Anonymous 8863

Yeah guys with young prince boy aesthetics should emphasize they got lucky they rolled that beauty. They look MUUUUCH better without facial hair, maybe only the small goatee they can grow from time to time but only casually from time to time.

Anonymous 8864

Curvy jaw bone!?

Anonymous 8868


IDK what y'all are hating for. But I think that mustache looks seeeeeeeeexy. He can pull it off, you guys are just being haters :P

Anonymous 8895


Of course he can he is beautiful. But he looks better without the stache, he looks angelic.

You know who has a mustache the devil. It can make a face look douchy sometimes like associated with trashy disgusting street trash evil moids, at least I get that cultural impression. Especially on a young beautiful moid like he is trying to be cholo or some shit, like Justin Bieber once did lol that phase of his was so dumb.


Reaction face thread Anonymous 819[Reply]

Laptop went kaput, need new pics/gifs plz
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Anonymous 8760

sad that you're this salty over a scheming but beautiful bunny like Max. you must look like shit in overalls

Anonymous 8763


Anonymous 8812


Anonymous 8814


Anonymous 8846

I have OCD and it is literal torture watching these gifs


Anonymous 7649[Reply]

post em
46 posts and 46 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7699


Anonymous 7730

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Anonymous 8154


Anonymous 8166


Anonymous 8832



CalArts style Anonymous 5844[Reply]

Does anybody else nurture an irrational hatred against this horrendous style? I can't look at it without cringeing.
also ugly art thread I guess
10 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7830

It doesn't have noodle arms, so I'd say no.

Anonymous 7833

Looks more like Ugly American adult-targeted cheaply-animated show style to me.

Anonymous 7892

Yes, even the logo is calarts

Anonymous 8824


>here's an animal with a beak
>draw a bean-mouth just superimposed on top anyway

Anonymous 8826


I hate everything about this style. Also it should be worthy to note that the ThunderCats Roar reboot people were so adamantly against got cancelled after just one season lol. Just goes to show those TV executives that you cant expect your audience to like the same rehashed animation style.

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