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Food Thread Anonymous 3020[Reply]

Let's get some food porn!
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Anonymous 6737


Anonymous 7057

Those look so good ;_;

Anonymous 7115


Anonymous 7117

Oh myyyyy gooooooooooood this is the best

Anonymous 7119

I love them!


Designated qt3.14 Thread Anonymous 1408[Reply]

ITT: post qt girls.
They don't have to be celebrities or models, or even classically beautiful. The photos don't even need to be digitally untouched, so long as you find them qt anything qualifies.
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Anonymous 7311


Anonymous 7312


Anonymous 7313


Anonymous 7314


Anonymous 7315



~*Aesthetics*~ Anonymous 97[Reply]

post your aesthetic images
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Anonymous 7206


Wonderful, thanks for sharing. The only artist of that style I know is Frank Frazetta (basic, I know).
I was trying to find a painting by an artist that paints western scenes with sort of cel shading but I couldn't find it, but I found this instead, the colors, composition, contrast, style everything is so beautiful. https://www.joshelliottart.com/dataviewer.asp?keyvalue=1893&page=AllWorks

Anonymous 7208


Anonymous 7219


Anonymous 7235


2020 mood

Anonymous 7236



Boy crushes Anonymous 7016[Reply]

Post your 3D husbandos
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Anonymous 7199


could any kind anon explain to me the appeal of effeminate kpop/jpop idols? it's something i've never really gotten. not insulting your tastes btw, i just don't understand the appeal.

Anonymous 7200

Similarly, I think the men look fine (not that men in k-pop groups really have any choice in their appearance or clothes) but I don't understand the obsession and subculture around k-pop.

Anonymous 7207

Same, I also don't understand it. Idols are talented and handsome, but I don't understand the sex appeal. Idols seem too cute/too pure-looking to lewd, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 7214


for me it's not even the purity– they just look too feminine and delicate. I'm not trying to play to racist asian stereotypes, although arguably that could be part of it. like when i picture one of those kpop dudes naked, i imagine they're 10 pounds lighter than me, super skinny, pale as a sheet, undernourished, and i could probably knock them over with one of my hands. like where's the appeal in that? pic related, Link from BOTW, is about as feminine as i'll go in guys

Anonymous 7455

You're posting ugly tumblr fanart yet you can't grasp the notion that people are attracted to different things?

images (2).jpeg

Classic Demotivational Anonymous 6708[Reply]

Also feel free to post your own (de)motivational pictures
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Anonymous 7172


Anonymous 7173

going home.jpg

Anonymous 7174


Anonymous 7175

look at this duck.…

last one

Anonymous 7176

this looks like a dope album cover, I'd listen to it


Dream garden Anonymous 6829[Reply]

What does your dream garden look like?

Anonymous 6830


Anonymous 6831


Anonymous 6832


I'd love a green house in my garden

Anonymous 7168



fashion thread Anonymous 6337[Reply]

post fav fashion/aesthetics
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Anonymous 7027


I unironically love Cocorosie and their fashion taste (or untaste) even though I don't dress that way myself.

Anonymous 7107

very noice

Anonymous 7108


anyone else want to dress masculine but still be obviously femme? i can't explain it. just wish i looked good in men's clothes while still giving an aura of strong femininity.

Anonymous 7110

Get some men's items tailored to your body.

Anonymous 7167

peplum blazer.jpg

This. Also blazers with peplums are great for getting that power suit look without it looking boxy.


Male models Anonymous 7052[Reply]

Post and discuss your favorite male model.

Mine are Twan van der Togt and lucky Blue Smith
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Anonymous 7085


Twan Van Der Togt is kinda basically perfect

Anonymous 7086


Anonymous 7087


Anonymous 7088


Anonymous 7089


haha anon yes he is beautiful.
I think its a shame that he only did short-term modeling though because he had the potential to become famous.


Vintage Polly Pocket Appreciation Anonymous 7065[Reply]

I still have this one.
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Anonymous 7079


Another one a friend had. I remember trying to peek inside the treasure chest. I’d love get this one too.

Anonymous 7080


I think a friend maybe had this one. I remember seeing the blue bottom part and being confused how you were supposed to play with it. I don’t think we ever did play with it. It’s cute though, I would buy it now for displaying.

Anonymous 7081

If you genuinely want to know, I can take a picture of this next time I'm at my parents' place. I know I own this one.

The blue is supposed to be water and crystals at the bottom. The little clear thing is a swan boat, and you can slide it around as if it's gliding on water. It was part of a collection all based around crystals, with them looking like perfume bottles, and you could wear the "stopper" as a necklace.

Anonymous 7082

No need to go to so much trouble anon, I thought maybe you might have remembered. And thanks for explaining the blue bit. I can see a little track where the boat went but what about the rest of the blue area? Just more water?

Anonymous 7084

I think it's meant to look like water with some raised parts to kind of be crystal-like platforms? It all being cast in the same blue plastic doesn't help differentiate it, but I think that's what I remember it being.

Merry Go Round Of …

Gondola Images or webms Anonymous 5900[Reply]

Gondola, there is not a thread here of one so i thought i would make one. Do you know what gondola is? Have you ever heard of him?

Post some.
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Anonymous 5950

Crescent Summer Ni…

Anonymous 5970


some gondola really make you feel something special.

Anonymous 5971


others are more simple.

Anonymous 6352


Anonymous 7064

Neighborhood Rooft…

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