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Kpop thread Anonymous 14681

Anonymous 14682


What app do idols use to manipulate their leg length and head size without warping the background I don’t get it

Anonymous 14685

excuse the patheticness of this post I'm high an I can't talk about this near other fellow kboos

I'm lowkye happy the k-pop dude I like got involved with a dating scandal and he's not hooking up with some gangnam unnie with Z cup bolt ons like that one dude from got7

made me like him more tbh

Anonymous 14686

>fellow kboos
Is there a kboo club I’m not aware about

Anonymous 14687

which idol is it?

Anonymous 14688



Jeno's manly built is just deception he actually has a delicate bone structure so for him to look manly he has to gain quite a bit of weight.

Whenever I watch him with Yeeun I get so surprised at how small he is. Although hes taller than her hes barley wider than her and their heads and necks are like the same size and Yeeun isn't some gigantic girl.

Anonymous 14689


Yujins height confuses me

Anonymous 14690


What groups don’t like eachother?
No old milk like Infinite and Exo or something like that
Tell me the tea on 4th gen groups 4th gen fags <3

Anonymous 14691

Kang Daniel, maybe, when he and Jihyo were revealed? He’s the only one I can think of within the last year where both idols were like, “yeah, we’re dating, fuck off” and any backlash left died down. Hell Jihyo wrote a song about it. Chen’s shotgun wedding and fatherhood didn’t receive as much backlash as I thought it would either

Anonymous 14692

G-idle. There may be members that are close with one another, like Yuqi and Shuhua, but they don’t have natural chemistry as a group imo

Anonymous 14693


She's around 175 cm according to some netizenbuzz translated article

Anonymous 14695


She used to be so cute
When will 4th gen kpop girls ever

Anonymous 14696


BTS just stabbed their dumb CEO in his back by selling 51% of their stocks on the opening day topkek
Can only imagine the climate in Bug Hit rn… oh to be a little fly on those walls…

Anonymous 14697


Sounds milky but I'm dumb and don't understand how that is stabbing BH in the back, if some kind financeanon could explain

Anonymous 14698

Because apparently Bang PD gave them stocks out of his own share and the moment they could, they went and sold it. Furthermore, it could mean they have no belief in BH and might be checking out of company soon. Whole thread here: https://twitter.com/WomenLeisure/status/1317147459299278850(read the rules)

Anonymous 14699

Is this them stabbing their ceo in the back really or just them knowing bigshit would never work in the stock market. paying 3-11mil out of pocket sounds like a bad deal considering many articles were saying once bh went live each member would only be about 5-6mil richer

Anonymous 14700

>Is this them stabbing their ceo in the back really or just them knowing bigshit would never work in the stock market.
I mean… both? They know BH aint shit and by selling it they're making it public – so everybody will know that BH isnt a trustworth investment and the stock prices will plummet as a consequence. They're making sure it will be a failure.

Anonymous 14701


I wonder what happened? I mean between the members and the CEO and all that for them to do this.

If BTS themselves sell stocks then won't the fans follow too?

Anonymous 14702

>>14700 i think many industry people knew putting stock in a flimsy subject like kpop (esp considering bh currently doesn't have any other group raking in money like bts) would be a bad idea they didnt need a sign lol. i thought most people buying bh stock were fans and clueless korean anyway

if >>14699 twitter thread is correct and they only has gifted stock wouldn't they have a wait limit before they can sell instead of doing it immediately? point is the main people getting fucked are the idiots that actually bought and band if he actually put full investment into going live

Anonymous 14703

from what i understand they sold off essentially as much as they could on day 1–the other half is required by regulation (not familiar with foreign finance laws etc) to be held for 6 months

i wonder if we're going to see another dump in 6 months, but as many other anons said this does not look good as it seems theyre not faithful in the long term success potential of the company

this essentially would be if jeff bezos was talking up how crazy good amazon was, only to turn around and immediately sell a third of his shares…people would very likely panic and follow suit because that is not a good look

i wonder how pissed the ceo is kek

Anonymous 14704


What happened to this Dream? Why they all look like malnourished children lately? I hate SM.

Anonymous 14705

>i thought most people buying bh stock were fans and clueless korean anyway

Not really. Tons of regular people and first time traders who were looking to turn a quick profit. I'd say most people weren't fans since the price was really high and most fans are also minors.

Yeah usually for stock option and IPO shares there's a lockdown period so what I was surprised they could sell this much on day 1? Maybe it's fake but if it's true Bang PD is dumb af tbh

Anonymous 14706

> Yeah usually for stock option and IPO shares there's a lockdown period so what I was surprised they could sell this much on day 1?

i am too, which is why i pointed out i didnt understand korean finance laws, i was baffled when i read that they dumped 50% of IPO shares

either way this is not a good look if true, but im excited because it'll just be an absolute shitstorm of ratmy delulus defending their oppas for everything despite not understanding anything about financial laws

sweet sweet cherry on top are blind ratmys who lost money on this, i wonder now that it's hit their wallets if they'll turn on bts

Anonymous 14707

ever since seeing that live stage i dont think even 1/3 of nct is at a healthy weight
sm must he pushing them hard

Anonymous 14708

Are you a twitterfag

Anonymous 14709

uh oh, rule breaking in the retard containment thread

Anonymous 14710


Anonymous 14711

aren't emojis against the rules?

Anonymous 14712

Oh yeah that
Kek it’s just twitterfags that didn’t bother to lurk and read rules before posting ~

Anonymous 14713


Can finance anon pls explain what speculation this tweet is pointing at?

Anonymous 14714


Lol BIGHIT collapse is trending
They got lucky with Bts and think they are the king of the world lul

Anonymous 14715

restricted stock is what (at least in the us) c-suite executives in the US receive. it's usually unlisted and cannot be transferred, and have a restriction to prevent premature selling

sale is restricted based on time (eg 1-year cap) and are a primary way c-suite here is compensated.

however im not familar with how the laws in korea are, and the fact that bts dumped essentially as much as they could tells me they were given a mix of common and restricted stock

either way them selling as much as they possibly could on day 1 is a sign they have no faith/are greedy af, and a sign that BH has no idea how to handle an IPO and shouldn't have listed on the market just because they allowed this to even happen

Anonymous 14716

You can use google search for speculative stocks

Anonymous 14717

U guys never watched the wolf of wall street or something…… this is basic stuff

Anonymous 14718

Not everyone cares about this shit lol

Anonymous 14719

this tweet has no idea what they're talking about, there is no speculation about the success of BH, they are likely at their apex and without any other group even close to BTS success, there will be no surge in stock price

speculative stock means that it's super high risk and is usually lower-priced and in an emerging market, meaning speculators will "jump on" quickly now hoping it will surge (eg beyond meat, certain niche pharmaceuticals like keryx)

the writing is on the wall for BTS, the moment one of them goes to the army or fucks off to be a b-list actor BH will collapse

Anonymous 14720


Ratmys and svt fans have been sperging on each other for the past two hours i can't wait until 3rd gen starts to lag

Anonymous 14721

Not really, they're talking about speculators which is basically traders who try to make a profit on a short term. Most of the stocks market is based on speculation tho that's why it's so retarded, people hype up some stupid company like BH out of thin air (no concrete facts backing their value just speculation) just so they can make up some quick cash
That IPO since the beginning had investor hysteria written all over it. Big Hit in the end is just a k ent company, their only valuable asset is a fucking boy group, they had no place trading in KOSPI along side with Samsung and Hyundai lol it should be a financial crime really the way this was allowed

Anonymous 14722


1/3? There are only 3 members that I can think of - Johnny, Shotaro, Jaehyun. The rest are top anachans.

Anonymous 14723

isnt korean business known to be shady/corrupt? this all sounds like a ploy to make a quick buck now lol

i read an article that bighit's (intended) competition was going to be naver/kkt and that the focus on investment would be more into weverse/tech but we'll see how that goes

Anonymous 14725

I honestly believe we have a lot of underage Twitter stans that don't know anything besides stalking their oppars posting here. They'll just try to use >>14718 as an excuse if you try to call them out though kek.

Anonymous 14726

Topkek I’m a regular poster on here
I don’t like numbers or anything related to finances, does that make me an underage twitterfag

Anonymous 14727

I don’t think ‘stalking my oppar’ would be a good idea to do on cc

Anonymous 14728

i love that you posted pooja
and seriously some of us just dont give a shit about finances and business. i never studied it and im a lit major so i have no reason to know about stocks. but its funny to see all the twitterfags have meltdowns over it.

Anonymous 14729


Enough about shitty stocks
What comeback this year did you actually like cc? I liked the boyz not music-wise but I loved their teasers & concept pictures

Anonymous 14730

I noticed some Ten stans mad that he wasn't on the multi-language track Come Home (there's going to be an mv for it on monday) but seriously who knows a word of Thai besides Thai fans?

Anonymous 14731

Everglow Dun Dun and La Di Da
Queen shit

Anonymous 14732


Kek nct hard carried by ifans

Anonymous 14733

It wouldn’t have meshed well is the thing maybe? not that nobody knows Thai
90% of non Korean Kpop fans don’t know a lick of Korean either lul

Anonymous 14734

i will never get why some girls stan gay men

Anonymous 14735

about the arab sasaeng. I don't know a lot about her because I dont pay attention to her replies to her followers. she kept her answers simple and short. All I remember is that she is fluent in korean, made her way to the circle by "connection and luck", she write in proper arabic language without using any slang words, so it's hard to tell where she actually from. Pics/vids get leaks between sasaengs circles when there is a fight between fandoms but they dont leak it to the public.

these are some of her tweets that actually happened :

11:29 AM · Oct 5, 2020
- Chen releases a new song
Oct 8, 2020
= Chen new digital song Hello

1:06 PM · May 24, 2020
- Cardi B will collaborate with a K-Pop group, they are not BTS
Oct 6, 2020
= Blackpink and Cardi B Bet You Wanna

4:07 PM · Apr 7, 2020
- Another show fo BTS
Aug 20, 2020
= bts in the scoop

11:36 PM · Apr 29, 2020
- What will be published will cause a scandal about the reality of the relationship between two members of the same group !!
Jul 4, 2020
= Mina and the bullying thing.

3:22 AM · May 21, 2020
- 5 to⁩ 4 members
Jul 4, 2020
= J leaving AOA

3:01 PM · May 12, 2020
- I think that Lisa’s part will cause controversy.
Jun 27, 2020
=The bazaar at How You Like That MV

12:58 AM · Jun 15, 2020
There is an idol who suffers from depression and is seriously considering retirement
Jun 18, 2020
= someone from 2Z

11:44 AM · May 28, 2020
- Sehun in a new acting role.
Jun 10, 2020
= his role in Pirate 2

1:00 PM · Apr 5, 2020
- Mixtape for a member of BTS, to be released within the next few months
May 21, 2020
= Suga

9:20 PM · Jan 8, 2020
Suho and his future plans? Debut solo before his enlistment
Mar 15, 2020
= his mini album

She has TONS of tweets but it's hard to translate them all. You can find all her tweets that actually happened if you click on her "likes". Anyway, as I see she is at least she is the most reliable so far. I will stop sharing her tweets of you dont want them.

Anonymous 14736

fucking kek i didnt know it was this bad i really thought nct was gaining traction over there. why don't koreans like them? is it really due to the taeyong scandal?

Anonymous 14737


Keep posting them anon, I love it even though its obviously gossip and you have to take it with a grain of salt.

Anonymous 14738

Yeah I knew she was a leaker
Because some info just seemed weird and the others plausible
Keep giving us info though, seems interesting

Anonymous 14739

If some of her tweets do come true then maybe that rumor about Suga wanting to start his own agency/something about BTS's enlistment from last thread is connected to them selling most of their shares?

Anonymous 14740

Personally I'm glad he isn't on it because I hate his great value Troy Sivan voice but yeah I don't see how he would've fit on there or blended in.

Anonymous 14741

just keep posting them. even if they are fake it's fun to read
they've been complaining forever

Anonymous 14742

Thank God they sat Jaemin and Xiaojun away form each other in this one.

Jaemin seems bitter at Xiaojun for some reason or he just doesn't know how to connect with people or something. Doyoung is super nice and social.

Anonymous 14743

Screenshot (323).p…

Kek they seated the two rats together

The rest seems to hate the songs, especially Jaehyun and Doyoung

Anonymous 14745


Xiaojun doesn't seem to be the awkward one this time around. He seems super happy. Shotaro just smiles and nods his head lmaoooo I wonder what hes' actually thinking

Anonymous 14746

starting to believe other anon when they said he didn't understand korean lol

Anonymous 14748

No its because NCT's music isn't GP friendly.

Anonymous 14749

He will be in both titel tracks of the second album His fans are annoying he gets enough opportunities to shine

Anonymous 14750

Jaemin is just xenophobic, he doesn't like Chenle or Renjun much either and they have spent 4 years together now. He only likes his fellow 100% Korean men Jisung, Jeno and Jaehyun.

Anonymous 14751

He has been in Korea for three months or so he barely understands anything

Anonymous 14752


Never realized how much xiaojun resembles a goblin

Who else are in the tile tracks of the second part? And yes his fans are insufferable, always trying to push this oppressed image of him when he's actually been better off than most of the members.

Anonymous 14753

He has least amount of lines and screentime and doesnt stand out at all he is probably pissed that the ugly but talented kids get more attention on top of that they both foreigners

Anonymous 14754

At that one anon who has been bitching about Xiaojun nonstop for the last two threads because he pointed a fan at staff, we get it you dislike Xiaojun you can stop now.

Anonymous 14755

Screen Shot 2020-1…


The different in Shotaro's and Jaemin's fancam views lol

Anonymous 14757

1)ten mark Jeno yangyang Haechan sungchan winwin
2) ten Johnny hendery Jisung Jaemin yuta jungwoo

Anonymous 14758

Jaemin is probably seething right now

Anonymous 14759

I'm this anon >>14752 and I've never mentioned xiaojun negatively before. I think he has a beautiful singing voice but his face is extremely overhyped so chill out

Anonymous 14760

Can someone actually link a source or gif to that? I want to know what really happened.

Anonymous 14761

I don't really get your point? You should have added the other members too, they're likely seething more than him
From MPD today:
>Shotaru 450k
>Jaemin 230k
>Taeyong 108k
>Xiaojun 106k
>Jaehyun 91k
>Doyoung 85k
>Lucas 56k
In other programs the ranking is the same, first Shotaru, then Jaemin and last Lucas.

Anonymous 14762


I'm legit surprised. what gives?

Anonymous 14763


It's literally nothing. Xiaojun hater has just never had friends or flirted or joked around with anyone so it was brought up.

Begins at 3:01

Anonymous 14764

Holy shit Lucasfags btfo lmao
Pretty sure the views are coming from the fact Shotaro's new and being hyped as a good dancer. People are naturally going to be curious about him, but a lot of views are probably also due to people gassing him up and spamming his fancams everywhere.

Anonymous 14765

>bitching about Xiaojun nonstop for the last two threads because he pointed a fan at staff
Literally huh? Are you ok anon? In this thread and in the last thread absolutely nobody mentioned this at all, except you now…
People only have been posting that Jaemin supposedly dislikes him, but that's not them being a "Xiaojun hater", that's more against Jaemin.

Anonymous 14766



He isn't xenophobic lmao. He gets along with Renjun. Chenle and Haechan not so much.

He either just isn't social or doesn't have the easiest personality to get along with. Nobody mentions Jaemin much from the nct 127 members while everyone seems to adore Jeno and Chenle.

Anonymous 14768

Any updates on the new board tho

Anonymous 14769

No Jaehyun, Taeyong, or Doyoung? These are such weird lineups and more than half of them have no skills

Anonymous 14770

I got caught up will all the threads and I came across a anon that said that jungwoo was an incel and I couldn’t find why, I was just wondering?

Sorry for the spoon feeding

Anonymous 14771

no solid evidence, just a lot of conjecture that the guy (along with jaemin) likely are consumers or frequent some very incel-heavy sites based on some of the words they've used

not to mention jungwoo apparently has made some pretty misogynistic comments at fansigns, but no concrete evidence

Anonymous 14772

It's pretty much almost complete, most of the technical issues have been resolved but there are still some we need to work on. We're mostly just working on the aesthetics right now.

Anonymous 14774

The BP documentary was pretty eh but not totally garbage. I don’t know the girls very well but was surprised to see how calm and friendly they are with each other. I definitely bought into the Jennie vs Rose feud shit before but in reality those two seem like the weakest/meekest out of the bunch.
Rose’s bit on solo work and making music also struck me in particular because she insisted that she wants to release her own music for her solo work but I really doubt YG will ever allow that. At the end of the doc I found it ironic that they said something to the extent of “this is the beginning” when their career has already peaked imo. I wasn’t so sure before but I’m pretty sure now that they’ll naively renew their contracts the same way that CL and Dara did (even though CL eventually got fed up and left).

Anonymous 14775

Also forgot to specify that it wasn’t garbage imo as a non-fan because it wasn’t total fluff/filler as a lot of kpop tv shows are. I think it provided a bit of insight (again, as a non-fan) into the members’ personalities and I did get a good laugh when one of their fans said that they have the best friendship out of all groups in kpop, kek. Lisa and Jisoo seem like the type to get into conflict more often than the other two. I also found it interesting how Jennie’s true personality shows when she says that she wants to do a softer “girly” song (like generic sexy/cute gg songs?) when she’s been marketed as the “baddest” girl of the bunch.

Anonymous 14776

I'm convinced Jennie's meek and shy persona in the doc is super fake. Not that she's the bad bitch fashionista that yg is trying to sell her as either

The only one that seems actually semi nice is Jisoo, too bad she's completely talentless

Anonymous 14777

Nugu groups still pushing non asian members, when will they realize it doesn't work?

Anonymous 14778


Damn it anon now I kind of want to watch it.

Anonymous 14779


Also I got genuinely scared at this part holy shit, nightmare fuel

Anonymous 14780

Screen Shot 2020-1…


33 seconds in and …. are theses men's briefs?

Anonymous 14781

Twitterfags are already hyping her even after admitting her rap sucks kek

Anonymous 14782


She looks weird as hell, at least in the MV. If we're going for non asian idols that fit korean standards I at least liked that indian member from that flop Zgirls group. She was a lot cuter.

Anonymous 14783

Screen Shot 2020-1…

They are men's briefs. Wow I feel bad for these ladies. Nugu shady ass company forming a very sexualized girl group and adding in two random foreign members just to exploit them for attention and probably don't care about them at all.

The half Korean? girl is the only one that looks pretty.

Anonymous 14784

Same anon who brought up the BP doc, but another question: which group do you want a documentary or docu series on? Certain groups aren’t going to give anything juicy—like if SNSD did a doc (even 5-10 years from now) they still wouldn’t mention Jessica directly for instance. Personally I want one that goes in depth on Shinhwa’s career. Their history with SM is super milky and they wouldn’t have a reason to hold back on how the group was treated since they’re pretty old now and have already faced the height of SM’s wrath. They’ve said that they left because SM wanted to resign all the members except Dongwan (who was attractive, could sing). I’ve never been able to find the reason behind why they didn’t want to resign him in particular. I also recall that SM apparently sabotaged Andy with saying that he left the group for selfish reasons when he was visiting a sick relative in the US (his grandma I think). I read this on older tumblrs and niche fansites that I found in like 2020 which are pretty limited sources I imagine that there’s plenty more milk from their heydays to expose.

She has that personality in everything they’ve been in. It’s cringey but I find it more believable than her being a bad bitch.

Anonymous 14786


That would be pretty milky, but I doubt they would do it. SK is a small ass country and if any of them want a career they can't mess with SM, unless they plan on getting the fuck out of the country like Jessica.

Anonymous 14788

I don't get how this company still has any money. and seeing people hype up that one girl after spending months crying about lana is funny.

Anonymous 14789

She had a pretty voice too, like actually talent, but we all know how Koreans view SEAs as lesser humans. They were never going to make it as a SEA girl group in Korea so I’m surprised there was even an attempt.

Anonymous 14790


I'm not familiar with OnlyOneOf but this guy is really cute, I went looking for him since they gave him really long bangs that cover half his face like Taemin had in Lucifer. Good marketing lol

Anonymous 14791


Anonymous 14792


I don't want to sound too tinfoil or cynical, but international human trafficking?

All of their girl groups had this super sexual image and all came from various countries. This group is super old in girl group standards minus the half japanese chick. I'm sure some pervy SK men would like to know what a Senagalese girl is like.

Related article

Anonymous 14793


>this guy cute

Anonymous 14794

He seems really sweet too! he appears around 1:50 OK I'm done simping lol

Anonymous 14795

you aren't alone anon I think he's cute too.

Anonymous 14796



Anon ur right hes like a sexy goblin king demon. I hope he can act I want to see him playin an evil role in a Chinese fantasy drama.

Anonymous 14797


He's hideous. Plain and basic if I'm being really kind but to each his own I guess?

Anonymous 14799


He's hideous. Plain and basic if I'm being really kind but to each his own I guess?

Anonymous 14800


its kim junji! i really recommend onlyoneof i love their dark rnb style. honestly idk why his hair is styled like that its connected to their """lore""" (their creative director (??) is the same guy that left loona) but ngl i dont pay attention to it i just listen to their music

Anonymous 14802

this guy's hair is literally the only reason most people know onlyoneof lol

I wish companies would take a hint and start giving male idols more than one hairstyle again

Anonymous 14803

I'm a 2nd gen/3rd gen fag
Andy left because his mother or grandmother in America got sick so during Wild Eyes promo he didnt get included since he was in America.
That's the only reason really and he got pardoned by LSM.
But rumors got around that he got sent to sponsors in America to perform sexual deeds.
Another rumor was that he was getting abused so bad by the managers and LSM personally so he attempted suicide a couple of times until his mother begged SM to let him go home. He got hospitalized so the rumor got bad and it got on the Seoul news paper lol. But the reason he got hospitalized was because of respiratory problems and stress. That's the reason he also wore a mask on stage but that also fueled rumors like that he got hit on his face so bad he had bruises.
But it turned out to be fake because Shinhwa fans be crazy lel

Anonymous 14804

meitu i think or maybe snow.

Anonymous 14805


14 october:
- A member from Twice and a surprising news soon!
Today: look at the screencap.

Holyshit! That girl is absolutely a leaker!

Anonymous 14806

How da fuck
Anon pls give me the Arab sasaengs Twitter lemme use my novice level Arabic skill that I have from madrasa

Anonymous 14807

I think they supposed to be hiphop based songs

Anonymous 14808

Time to actually give a deeper second look to those tweets. I never would’ve expected the Arab sasaengs to be somewhat legit.

Given that she mentioned both Twice big news soon and Jk dating a member of a famous girl group, can I go full retard and think that Tzuyu and Jk might actually be a thing?

Anonymous 14809

Tzuyu would never
Maybe a RV member

Anonymous 14810

rosekook might be real after all………..

Anonymous 14811

Wasn't there talk a few threads ago that he spent his bd in a 30$ hotel room? lmaooooo Whoever that girl idol is she needs to raise her standards.

Anonymous 14812

I was following a small nosey Korean account and I remember them complaining about Jk appearing in the background of Rose’s Vlive. It was a small blink-and-you-miss-it frame. I believed it back then but didn’t think much of it. It’s not exactly news that idols might be friendly with each other behind the scenes. Rose deleted the vlive iirc. Honestly, I don’t know why they hide it if they’re just friends/coworkers. Makes them look more suspicious for no reason.

While we are on this topic, why is it that army are still saying that Jk is a shy introvert? With all the gossip that goes around about his relationships with female idols, the 97 liner group chat, and his tattoo pals circle, he comes off as one of the most social idols.

Anonymous 14813


wtf how would sasaengs know this?? unless they paid off staff for the information, I guess.

Anonymous 14814


>arab sasaeng
Literally how?

Anonymous 14815

Screen Shot 2020-1…

This has major ratmy vibes… hope this is just temporary cuz i liked the disjointed nature of nct fandom

Anonymous 14817

I'm honestly surprised at how many views Make a Wish has gotten so far. 52m in less than a week is a lot by NCT standards. Are NCTzens just mass streaming for once or is there another reason behind it?

Anonymous 14818


I guess SM paid for ads too. how nct fandom got so organized all of a sudden is ?

Anonymous 14819

Not all Arabs are Muslim lol they’re only 19% of the Muslim population
Sorry for OT just wanted to point out

Anonymous 14820

A Shinhwa doc would be pretty milky. Tbh I'd love a YG groups focused tell-all doc, how he ruined 2ne1, all the scandals BB is involved in, all the shady shit YG did over the years and so on. Never gonna happen but a girl can dream

Anonymous 14821

I'm a huge Junji simp. I hate the curtain haircut so much I really don't get why they've made him look like this for what? more than half a year now? ugh

Anonymous 14822

So what? Still weird af that a woman from there is a mega stalker of korean pop singers

Anonymous 14823

nta but the arab world has been obsessed with korean everything for years now. Even the young people in arab communities here in the US are usually big time koreaboos

Anonymous 14824


i mean, anon i've heard of sasaengs being from singapore, malaysia, the phillipines, etc. i don't think it's that far-fetched for there to be arab sasaengs

Anonymous 14825

Wtf I just googled them, they debuted in 2019 and are already between 21 and 28… That's bound to fail, they honestly should have just lied about their ages

His hair is nice and reminds me of Taemin, Ren and some other idols from older groups but his face isn't really attractive

Anonymous 14826

samefag but koreans know it too and there are tons of reaction channels on youtube of koreans reacting to arabic songs and shit lol, and even some nugu kpop groups do covers of popular arabic songs. I saw one that cracked me up once, I'll try to find it

Anonymous 14827

Found it lmaooo

Anonymous 14828

That's not the same, there are idols from those countries you named and groups and actors constantly travel there.

Yes not all arab girls are super oppressed but in general having the freedom and means to bribe people from multiple companies in a country 1000s of miles away for information about celebrities is extremely odd. Just look how even bts' female stuff covered themselves up, you can't act as if an arab sasaeng isn't completely out of the norm, them (secretly) listening kpop doesn't change that.

Anonymous 14829

I think it got popular in Arab countries first. Sorry Sorry was huge there Super Junior brought it up once, something about kpop and them being like the lady gaga of the Middle East.

Anonymous 14830


I mean anybody being a sasaeng is weird. Even Korean sasaeng are pathetic and sad. A life filled with stalking these celebrities and having a group chat where you exchange information like this, getting off on knowing small details about them plus spending time and money to get crumbs of information on these people is just weird no matter who you are.

Anonymous 14831

I’m gonna cry

Anonymous 14832


I was fighting for my life

Anonymous 14833

you have to have the amount of brain damage a dying meth addict has to be an armpit

Anonymous 14834

It nevertheless is a million times weirder if they're from a far away country, I'd say the same thing if it was an argentinian or an italian stalker.

Seriously, why are so many of you so defensive of her? Sasaengs are worthless pieces of shit.

Anonymous 14835


That reminds me of those tweets fighting about whose oppar goes to hell kek

Anonymous 14836


But don't fret ratmys, bts are much more halal than all other artists
>‘Yes, you’re the best woman, being bossy (갑질) / so you do f*ing well, being bossy (갑질) / so good luck, being bossy (갑질) / now that I think about it, you were never the boss / Instead of calling you boss, I’ll call you gonorrhea (임질)’.

Anonymous 14837

Not defensive, more like not wanting to shit on this teapot. I’m just desperate for the sasaeng rumours, it’s been a cold wasteland after the release of Blackpink’s album.

Anonymous 14838

Fuck I have a ss deep in my gallery of a Ratmy in a YouTube comment section sperging about how BTS are at the status of the Islam’s revered prophets (they mentioned Joseph, Muhammad and Jesus)
And how they are going to Paradise because of the “good” they did lul
It’s literally idol worship at this point
To jahannam Kpop fans go <3

Anonymous 14839


Armys have amnesia confirmed

Anonymous 14840

She’s a leaker not a sasaeng
So far she hasn’t sold idols KKT and private info
What she’s leaking is probably just known info that Kfans won’t share
She’s doing volunteer work be grateful miss maam

Anonymous 14841

Didn’t he say “boji” in that song which is a derogatory term for vagina in Korean? Topkek

Anonymous 14843

Why would a shinhwa doc be milky
I feel like a TVXQ one would be nice to watch lol

Anonymous 14844

honestly I get that you guys are desperate for 'insider information' but this has all the credibility of a horoscope or a mall pyschic

I bet even I could make up enough vague statements with enough plausibility that 20-30% of them end up coming true just based off my general knowledge of the kpop industry

Anonymous 14845

Tzuyu’s too elegant and pretty for JK, let’s be real.

Anonymous 14846

ahahaha i also played among us and went into an obvious ratmy room with the username of "Psy" idk why tho. Then i decided to be funny so i commented "Psy paved the way".

I got banned in that milisecond lol

F*ing 12 yo butthurt ratmies. But well, what did i expect.

Anonymous 14847


Not being defensive, I think sasaengs and everything they do is pretty gross. People who buy info and leak are gross too. ngl I feel a bit icky even getting second hand info because some of us might end up believing info that isn't even true.

I'm pretty sure sasaengs pay off staff or those who work in the industry for comeback/song information and then make up things about idols personal lives. Usually the info on comebacks/collabs/songs act ends up being correct. Even some Kpop prediction account on Twitter has correctly predicted comebacks ect. Uriboo that girl that claimed she slept with the new nct member knew a bunch of stuff about NCT comeback details, but she most likely got that info from sasaengs. I follow her on instagram and the MINUTE Jaemin and Doyoung made an instagram she followed them. She claimed she was't even a fan, and just happened to hook up with a nct member while partying but she obviously was interested in the group and still is.

Anonymous 14848

Knowing more about what went down with TVXQ would be nice but I doubt it will ever be possible, especially as long as Yunho and Changmin are still with SM

Since Shinhwa severed from SM a long time ago they'd probably be more willing to be real about what happened, although if I was Shinhwa honestly I'd probably want to talk more about the career after that than have everyone focused on one event from 20 years ago

Anonymous 14849

Don't put those fucking sasaengs on a pedestal gals. They are fake and nasty.

Why didn't they expose the fucking Seungri stuff? And why didn't TVXQ sasaengs expose Yoochun? He was a meth addict and rapist? He frequented those prostiution places all the time. If sasaengs know all this personal info then why didn't they stop stanning or let other fans know? Not only that but Daesung owned a building with a bunch of shady things going on but not a peep from anyone. The golden phone rapist group constantly frequented prostitutes and had them sent to them. Why no info on that?

A. Sasaengs don't know shit
B. They know these things and are protecting these assholes

Anonymous 14850

its the second point. they know but only reveal it if they get mad about something

Anonymous 14851

It's usually B, real sasaengs get off on knowing more about their fav than anyone else. Real sasaengs keep their information on pretty heavy lockdown, especially if it can be used for blackmail when their fav is acting a way they don't like.

Anonymous 14852



Disgusting. I don't buy it.

I mean look at Arab girl and her ssng circle. People love to talk and gossip. Arab girl could get off on keeping all this info to herself, but she created a private twitter where people can kiss her ass for information. that way she can feel important or whatever. Ssng are probably the same. They don't leak to the general public but like the attention they get.

These losers probably never had friends in real life and this is the only taste of popularity they have ever gotten in their life.

Anonymous 14853

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I feel bad for staff and nct if they are actually checking what people are saying on stan twitter.

Anonymous 14854

Another behind the scenes of Nct 2020

Huge barf at all the Jaehyun x Winwin shippers in the comments

Anonymous 14855

SHINHWA was disbanded though they never caused a problem like TVXQ
SHINHWA still interacts with Sm idols, mention Lee Sooman or what not
The only reason they had issues with SM was from a business stand point
Sm wanted to get them disbanded and get them solo careers but they wanted to stay as a group that’s it I guess
They have talked about how they faced troubles with Sm’s former ceo on variety shows, they’re pretty open and raw which I like about them but there won’t be any info we don’t know in a doc about them lel

Anonymous 14856

Lucasfag making sense ngl

Anonymous 14857

Who cares as long as we get milky info

Anonymous 14858

Are the twitterfags who cry over “idols privacy” invading
Y’all drag a different idol every week but all of a sudden you care about sasaengs and how they’re morally wrong

Anonymous 14859

I highly doubt one arab with the hit rate of a phone psychic is anywhere near the real sasaeng circles. There's undoubtedly Seungri and Yoochun tier stuff still happening in kpop but she'd rather vaguepost about stuff almost anyone could predict anyway.

Anonymous 14860


Fuck I want dispatch to comeback to expose idols miss them

Anonymous 14861

>”what is nct to you?”
>” you can’t get out once you’re in it”

Anonymous 14862

Bunch of twitterfags moral sperging about sasaengs and leakers kek

Keep posting arab sasaeng anon, now I kinda believe that she's got somw legit info

If I were to bet Jungkook with a GG member I'd say it's Yeri. They've been doing some sus shit like Jungkook imitanting Yeri catchphrase and Yeri doing a lot of covers of Jks song. They could be just friends tho too.

BTS x Twice was definetly a thing, I've got that info from ppl in the industry. They were going to be exposed last year but BH paid off.

Anonymous 14863

Did she mention something about Jimincel?

Anonymous 14864


Cute and wholesome

Anonymous 14865

reddit refugee

Anonymous 14866


How did u get industry info tho?

Anonymous 14867

She's a content creator who had a discord channel with a few people

Anonymous 14868

I love the song but the pronunciation of Alien throws me off

Anonymous 14869

disappointed when I found out chanhyuk composed this, I guess the stuff about her wanting more creative input on her solo was just YG smoke and mirrors after all

still love the song tho

Anonymous 14870


If only Exo didn’t age so weirdly ; ;

Anonymous 14871

at least they look less like baby lesbians now

Anonymous 14872

Probably just PR… i dont get why she would prefer doing sth more childish, nearing idol aesthetics than the more mature and gp appealing concept AKMU has.

Anonymous 14873

I like that look </3

Anonymous 14874


Miracle of SM styling wow

Anonymous 14875

I wouldn't call akmu's concept that mature, maybe their last release had more of a mature edge but before that they definitely had a very youthful and playful vibe in a lot of their songs

I like that Suhyun went for something more unexpected and fun though, so many of my favourite kpop vocalists just release boring ballads for their solos and I rarely like them

Anonymous 14876


Male idol styling went from baby lesbians to lesbian aunty, how great…

Anonymous 14877


This could’ve been such a visual unit if yuta and taeil were replaced by jaehyun and ten smh

Anonymous 14878

anon that's not a lesbian, that's your heterosexual aunty who's staying in a failing marriage for the money but hits on every younger man she can see when she's drunk

Anonymous 14879

>with Haechan on it
I can tell you have never see them irl, he looks even worse that yuta, like and adult with very childlike features in a short man body with bad skin probably the worst in nct (shortly second by taeil)

Anonymous 14880


These are the final bosses of kpop. How do we defeat them?

Anonymous 14881

enough heat to melt their shitty implants and botox

Anonymous 14882

how can fans look at bts and txt and think
'yeah they are 100% natural and had no surgeries'
when mf namjoon literally looks retarded, suga has lost all of his jaw, jhope cant even move his face and etc??
look at these txt guys holy shit
taehyun looks like they botched his eyelid surgery his fucking eyes are RIPPED open
armpits and moas are the worst fandoms
you say one thing about their oppas or comment on their plastic surgery and they will try to doxx you instantly kek

Anonymous 14883

That triple eyelid guy actually looks like a reptilian in that photo

Anonymous 14884

kek has rat monster always looked like he has no jaw?

Anonymous 14885

>everyone should care about economics
Go back to reddit.

Anonymous 14886

>staff surrounded V with uggos for the maximum mogging capacity
Rat and Jhope already look bad, why did they have to put them next to more handsome member and enhance their ugliness?

Anonymous 14887

jin mogging everyone
soobin, and v look okay, not bad i think
jk, suga, huekai and the guy moafag spams look average
beomguy and taehyu are creepy looking plastic monsters
jimbo and horse ugliest shits, shouldn't be idols
lee hyun should lose weight

Anonymous 14888

that fat old dude looks like what jhope will look like when he's older

Anonymous 14890


This supposed to be a visual?

Anonymous 14891


I can’t pinpoint what changed about her anons help me
Makeup, braces or what

Anonymous 14892

Sm’s visuals have been plain ever since Nct debuted

Anonymous 14893

She looks the exact same. Just got bangs.

Anonymous 14894

her visuals in Dalla Dalla were perfect. she's still very pretty, but no longer on that level.

Anonymous 14895

I also think ryujin was prettiest during Dalla Dalla, don't exactly know why I don't think she's as pretty now, but something has changed

Anonymous 14896

She was never really pretty. She's the definition of overrated. She's not even the best dancer in the group and gets overshadowed by yuna, yeji and chaeryeong.

Anonymous 14897

So much ugly in one picture eww

Anonymous 14898

I never found her that pretty very overhyped
Itzy is overhyped in general decent dancers with no vocals or visuals

Anonymous 14899

I find that everyone was gorgeous during Dalla Dalla era except Chaeryeong but now during Not Shy era I find everyone weird looking except Chaeryeong lol
Ryujin and Yuna were both drop dead gorgeous back then I rly don’t get why I don’t feel the same now

Anonymous 14900


>taehyun looks like they botched his eyelid surgery
It must be something else. If it was eyelid surgery, he wouldn't still have hooded eyelids. He does look very uncanny valley though….

Anonymous 14901


>staff surrounded V with uggos for the maximum mogging capacity
>jin mogging everyone

Jin's and jimin's lips downright trigger me

Who is he? He looks 1m taller than the rest of them

Anonymous 14902

what is the context of the op pic

Anonymous 14903

its lee hyun, a soloist under bh i think

Anonymous 14904

Jimincel crying about how much he, a millionaire, is suffering because of covid. Uwu baby is traumatized because he can't do concerts.

Anonymous 14905

Jimincel crying about COVID and that he’s not able to perform in front of a live crowd and resume in person concerts and some tour

Anonymous 14907

It’s his eyes double eyelid surgery is not that popular with male idols anymore instead they cut the eyecorners to get bigger eyes but they cut too much

Anonymous 14909

Useless and uncropped

Anonymous 14910


You've seen them irl? Do tell, I want an unbiased review.

Anonymous 14911

Where's the part where he said "I don't know why I have to go through this" tho

Anonymous 14912


Nose eyes lips

Anonymous 14913

wow they really ruined his face kek
he now has this uncanny look where he cant open or close his eyes properly like sakura kek

Anonymous 14914

@ 1:18 where he starts saying “Wae”

Anonymous 14915


I wouldn't say hes handsome or hot but the word "pretty" fits him well.

Anonymous 14916

Absolutely no visuals

Anonymous 14917

Damn I never see anyone diss haechan’s looks so I appreciate the info since I’ve always suspected that but I’m so used to seeing everyone hype his looks and it confuses me. Do you mind shitting on the rest of them too? And who has the best to worst skin?

Anonymous 14918

that clip is so fucking embarassing
oh no jimincel a fucking billionaire couldnt perform infront of armpits live because of covid kek
the comments from armpits under that video is hilarious

Anonymous 14919

the visuals they used to have are now ruined or botched

Anonymous 14920


(samefag) are*
also just saw this comment and it had me laughing

Anonymous 14921

nose but that also looks like a candid next to professional shoot so it could just be ps

Anonymous 14922

Ratmon looks so done with him LMAO he probably cries at least 5 times a day

Anonymous 14923


Watching this behind the scenes its crazy how all the staff look chubby and fat in comparison to NCT…

Anonymous 14924

from a regular ugly boy to a botched monstrosity

Anonymous 14925

>I never see anyone bash Haechans looks
Do you not step a foot out of stan Twitter
Mans fugly

Anonymous 14926



Haechan's adorable legit the only cute male idol member that is actually cutesy

Anonymous 14927

Can we ban this person

Anonymous 14928

haechan is nothing to write home about same with 3/4 of nct but he's less annoying personality-wise than the rest

Anonymous 14929

>less annoying personality-wise than the rest
Are you sure about that… even his own group finds him annoying

Anonymous 14930


Do you guys think haechan gets a lot of pussy having the stomach rolls he has?

Anonymous 14933

i cannot stand haechan, the dude has such an annoying loud personality and you can tell he hates it when other people get attention and screentime

his teammates openly dislike him too, there's literally compilations of members mentioning how haechan is annoying as hell and they cant stand him

even mark who all nctfags tout as his "soulmate" openly admits he find him annoying as fuck ("i always thought i was a patient person until i met haechan")

Anonymous 14934

Lol I’m not on stan twitter but whenever I do see comments about haechan anywhere it’s always positive. I never said I agreed with them tho

Ew I’d did not know he was that out of shape lol, most of the members have abs from what I’ve seen. I bet he’s going to be some greasy looking fat manchild when he gets older lol but everyone insists he’s suddenly going to be gorgeous and have an insane glow up.

Anonymous 14935

>his teammates openly dislike him too

Any actual proof of this besides the on camera bickering and playful stuff?

Anonymous 14936

maybe its because he reminds me of my own younger brother lol . the only nct unit I've followed before this comeback was wayv so I dont know much about nct interactions

Anonymous 14937

i mean tons of comments, bickering and sassy comments only mask so much

off the top of my head, that one famous fanvideo of mark literally about to fight haechan on stage comes to mind

not to mention just offhand comments by other members about how he's annoying/loud and hard to deal with

Anonymous 14938

Lol search up “Mark, Haechan summer fight” on YouTube that will tell you all.

Anonymous 14939


Some tweets from the arab sasaeng that i didnt translate:
- There is a similar version of Seungri and his pals, but from the third generation! (Friends line)
- Suga knows very well that the image he appears in front of everyone does not fully reflect his personality, but he does not mind..
- An idol asked Yeri to date him, but she politely refused and told him that she is dating that person. The idol later start to walk around telling everyone about them and caused her a problem that made her very upset. (The idol from the big companies)
- Jimin discovers that one of his friends (not famous), who was close to him for some time, talks badly about him and tries to make trouble with those around him.
- That day's article was published and then immediately removed, it was about a dating between JYP and SM idols !!
- Jungkook has been spending a lot on his girlfriend recently.
- An idol from a famous group almost beat an employee who called him a son of a bitch.

The sasaeng is posting tweets right now. I will translate them when she stop posting

Anonymous 14940

>There is a similar version of Seungri and his pals, but from the third generation! (Friends line)

If this is true then it's fucked up they haven't tipped off reporters/law enforcement

Anonymous 14941

I think it’s her eyebrows. They’re more rounded in the Dalla Dalla era pic, now they’re more straight.

Anonymous 14942

yup…this just makes me feel like this saesang's full of shit…spamming vague predictions all the time means some of them are bound to be close or true (something something million monkeys on a typewriter…)

if theres another giant sex trafficking ring going on with idols and even saesangs know about it, there is no way reporters don't know and haven't tried to cash in on breaking the news, especially post-burning sun

Anonymous 14943

>3rd gen
So Exo, Bts, Seventeen, Nct,…

Anonymous 14944

>An idol from a famous group almost beat an employee who called him a son of a bitch.

This is probably Exo looking at her other posts

Anonymous 14945

all of these are trash and so vague
>idol getting mad at staff
>jimin having a trashy fame-chasing friend
>jk having a gf

Anonymous 14946

We all know how shitty the music industry. Probably some of her tweets are true and she mixed some lies here and there.

Anonymous 14947

It’s deserved lol

Anonymous 14948

Does anybody know what
>“friends line”
This sasaeng is pointing to?

Anonymous 14949

Omg that’s it !!
I knew she had braces but the eyebrows were the other thing!

Anonymous 14950

Reporters knew about Burning Sun for a while
It was only until a whistleblower came out that everything fell apart
And it was just one journalist who dared to write about the first Burning sun incident in the first place.

Anonymous 14951

i used to hang out with a girl that always go to stalk idols to their hotel when they come to my country, i didn't have more friends and I also liked kpop so i went along with her sometimes (until I hit rock bottom when Superm came), I saw all of NCT 127 (minus winwin), Superm and Suju most of them without makeup.
In general all the guys i have seen their eyes looks way smaller, if they are skinny their wear baggy clothing (or it's baggy because they are so skinny), all of them look shorter and big heads (the other celebrities i have seen also looks like they have big heads and are also plastic af so maybe is just the thing when you are a celeb), not exception but the more tall they are the better they look (since their big head start to look better in proportion), without makeup they all look tired af.

In NCT 127 the ranking in looks would be :
Jungwoo, nice skin, kinda tall but could be because I'm 5'1, nose and lips done and you can tell but they look nice, he looks the best overall, he looks I would say polished.
Doyoung (he smiled and he actually looks way better smiling other wise would be more down in the list) his jaw looks mostly normal, ok skin.
Yuta I know anons like to shit on him but he actually don't loose a lot without makeup and actually looks like him his skin is also good, his surgeries are barely noticeable, even his botched nose, his face is kinda long, looks also much better smiling.
Taeyong looks ok but has bad skin he is so low (could be 2nd) in the ranking because he looks weird in the area eyes, they are too far apart and I don't know how to explain but they look empty and honestly it's very scary I haven't see anyone with eyes like those, they don't even look human, if where a schizo I would think he is a reptilian or something like that lol.
Jaehyun only looks good looks good from the front, very handsome the best skin in nct 127, but the moment he turns his head to the side looks bad and even worse when he looks down it's horrible he looks in the same level that Johnny, there's something seriously wrong with his jaw and his philtrum,looks like is using too much botox and also like the monkey pic in the past threads, he and jungwoo looks kinda plastic, his head is also so very big.
Mark he has a slightly smaller head that jeahyun but he seems natural and with bad skin too, he is kinda cute like a cute kid kinda way yet looks like a exhausted college student, he also has a unremarkable presence feels so weird since in the concert he was doing good on the stage, he looks very tired and non intimidating.
Haechan as I said before he looks like and adult kid, he has some features like his cheeks, his nose that looks kinda like a kid yet his yes and face shape says otherwise, pretty short but his proportions looks better that the other short guys in nct, he is actually kinda tan compared with the others, has a lot of pimples and a super oily skin.
Johnny has only his height and that's it, his skin not only has pimples and scars from shaving it also very oily, seriously lacking in the chin department, his droopy eyes makes him looks even more tired, he looks very different irl without makeup, I could barely recognized him.
Taeil I couldn't even distinguish him between the staff, he is short with a skin that is just plain bad, his nose job also is noticable (idk why in pics looks the same botched like yuta), he is also really short, if my friend didn't point out it was him I would have never guess it.

Everyone but jungwoo and Johnny looks like bobblehead (big emphasis on ty, jaehyun, mark and taeil), ty and yuta where wearing super baggy clothing but they still looked super skinny, all of them look their age except for Haechan who looks like 15 and 25 at the same time.

Anonymous 14952


She is answering the popular questions she received a lot from her followers. I screencapped them because she usually delete these kind of tweets after a while.

The tweets:

- Rosie's sweetheart ?! From a popular k-pop group.
- Jimin? He's been suffering from some stress lately, he has been sharing his problems with Taehyung a lot recently, and they even had a long conversation and Jimin cried.
- NCT? A member who was recently got scolded, gets warnings from those around him, but continues to make mistakes
- The reason of Jennie and Kai breakup? Dispatch is the one who destroyed everything! Jennie went through a difficult time until she chose to stay away from the tension/stress, after sometime they return to dating again, but some things were not the same as before.
- Taehyung? It seems that he has found his balance recently, his relationship with his girlfriend is stable, and he is working on many beautiful surprises that will impress the ARMYs
- Naeun, from apink? dating an actor
- Jungkook? He gives a great attention to his relationship recently, I haven't seen Jungkook like this for a long time …
- Lisa's solo? Scheduled for March 2021
- Taehyung's mixtape? Most likely it will be December
Itzy? One member became close to a popular male idol recently, their relationship is only friendship.

Anonymous 14953

I don’t think that claim is particularly outlandish. The reporter who exposed Seungri’s group did say that there are still celebrities she wants to expose. She’s still compiling evidence though, it’s been radio silence for a while now.

Anonymous 14954


I used to think that NCT hated Haechan too but changed my mind after watching some vlives with him and being into nct longer. Hes pretty different when not playin up the persona and he hangs out with the nct members all the time, especially Dream members. You don't spend time with someone you legitimately dislike lol. I definitely think he's got a hard headed personality and clashes with some members (Mark, Ten, Jaemin) but I don't think any of them hate him.

Also, hes one of the only entertaining members of nct and he tries to make things fun and lively for the cameras. If he wasn't around Nct 127 they would the most boring group of all time ( still are even with him tbh).

Not saying hes a saint and I could def see him getting into a few fistfight nonetheless.

Anonymous 14955


>NCT? A member who was recently got scolded, gets warnings from those around him, but continues to make mistakes

Ask her if it's Chenle anon

Anonymous 14956

>Jimin? He's been suffering from some stress lately, he has been sharing his problems with Taehyung a lot recently, and they even had a long conversation and Jimin cried.

How could any sasaeng possibility know this though? How could even a staff leak this? Did they instal cameras into their living room and watched as this happened?

Anonymous 14957

>(until I hit rock bottom when Superm came)

What happened? Did you see Lucas and had a mental breakdown knowing you'd never be together?

Anonymous 14958

Smells like bullshit tbh. Unless the sasaengs circle infiltrated the staff of the company and the idols had the conversation while working. I could imagine “so and so had a hearty conversation and x even cried!” being some dull company gossip. Not that I’ve ever worked with people who give that much of a shit about their coworkers relationships.

Anonymous 14959


Since you stalked them at the hotel Is there any tea besides how they look irl like how they are/behave when cameras aren't there?

Anonymous 14960

Ask about Jimincels past relationships

Anonymous 14961

wasnt it debunked that the jenkai thing a mediaplay?

Anonymous 14962

She stopped answering questions. The fun part is almost all of her followers not taking what she tweet seriously XD
I wonder why she deleted these tweets, good thing i took a screenshot before she delete them hmmm…

>- Lisa's solo? Scheduled for March 2021

>- Jimin? He's been suffering from some stress lately, he has been sharing his problems with Taehyung a lot recently, and they even had a long conversation and Jimin cried.(read the rules & integrate)

Anonymous 14963

>Itzy? One member became close to a popular male idol recently, their relationship is only friendship.

This is probably Yuna and Jungkook looking at other saesang accounts. Yeji and Hyunjin are cousins so that doesn't count.

Anonymous 14964


I used to think the Jisung typing with two fingers thing was a joke, but then I remember he was a child star and dropped out of middle school…….

Anonymous 14965

any updates on the new imageboard?

Anonymous 14966

How would she know what Jimincel and retard V discussed in private and whether he cried or not lol

Anonymous 14967

same as yesterday >>14772

Anonymous 14968

Ew, that's just wrong, even friendship. Junglebook is young, but still too old for that girl. Why would he even want to be friends with her? Grooming much?

Anonymous 14969

Wtf do you mean Yuna and Jungkook Kek she’s 16 and he’s 23
Say sike

Anonymous 14970

Can you make a discord once it’s done? Just a suggestion you don’t need to.

Anonymous 14971


Oppar hates womf

Anonymous 14972

I'm curious to know if they ever saw you and your friend following them and how much violence was in their eyes at that moment kek

Anonymous 14973

Thoughts on energy readings, tarot’s and predictions based on clairvoyance in Kpop?
I find them interesting
Like @mintspredict and @sonofnox on Twitter
They mostly do readings on SM idols though

Anonymous 14974

Why would you want that lmao, completely erases the point of an anonymous imageboard.

Go back to Twitter.

Anonymous 14975

This guy does videos on kpop idol palm readings. I found him after the woojin scandal but the things he finds are pretty interesting

Anonymous 14976

are they really cousins? that just sounds like a fan thing

Anonymous 14977

>fuck of sjw!!!
Bitch 16 and 23 is fucking illegal

Anonymous 14978

Illegal for two people to be friends? Lol ok, retard.

Anonymous 14979


A 23 year old man being bffs with a 16 year old girl? Yeah I'm sure they have lots to talk about!

Anonymous 14980

Lmao, that girlie is a child and Junglebook is a predator if that rumor is true. Yes, even friendship, cause why would a straight dude wanna be friends with a chick? Use your common sense

Anonymous 14981

lol not disgusting, i don't even like idols in that way, I gotta admit that lucas was the handsomest in super m, but it was because he looked ok and natural plus he is tall and and he doesn't look like he trips and he's breaking in half, I still don't like him since honestly celebrities are all makeup and setting, not really that attractive irl.
The thing that happened it's has more to do with how far I will go in the rabbit hole, like I was only doing that one time every year practically it was easy for me justify it and be like ahh she is my friend blah blah, then when Superm arrived we did our "normal" thing of stalking them in the hotel, then they leaved and my friend was like let's go, we went running to grab a cab,I was like what?? where we are going? everything was happening so fast (all this times I saw girls who the moment they leaved they grab taxi to follow them including the asian stalkers that where following them all this time) and in the cab she explained that she found out she has a friend who has a friend who was daughter of the driver of one of the vans they where riding, and she convinced the guy to give her the directions of where they where going and even pick up a call and we could hear them in the background (only Baekhyun), she was friends with the heads of the Suju Fanclub, i don't know I honestly was getting scared of where I was heading, I told her that there's was limits we shouldn't be crossing, she got upset and called me boring so I cut her, I haven't spoken to her since then.

Not really, I think my friend got some but she didn't wanted to share, we saw that the staff of superm taking pictures of the asian sasaengs (which where loaded af, they where wearing luxury brands from head to toe, one of those girls was wearing a crocodile skin balenciaga bag in green, it stuck with me so much because those kind of leathers are expensive), even the hags of Suju has sasaengs, most of the sasaengs are chinese, the first time I saw them I always confused them with staff because they where always so close to the staff area or even using the special exit that the staff and idols used, I saw them cheeking and writing down the plates of the cars and stuff like that, so at the beginning I was like ok they must be staff, but turns out they where sasaengs, they have this untouchable attitude and try to buy (like buying them coffee or giving them freebies if they are fansites) or befriend the local girls for info of the activities they are going to do in the country. That's the only stuff I know.

Anonymous 14982

They’re not cousins
They have the same last name which apparently in Korea means you’re somehow related and the fact that they look alike but that’s it lol

Anonymous 14983

Doesn’t CC have (or had) a discord?
R u image board anon?

Anonymous 14984


Because adult males are always hanging out with underage girls with no ulterior motives, amirite?
What would you say if BP was "friends" with this nct dream? Her being styled to look like an adult and him being a brainlet does't change a thing. I already found it suspicious that he was so obsessed with billie eilish while she was still underage, changing up his entire style to copy her…

People defending this and reeeing about sensitive twittersjw is why I'm convinced that this thread is crawling with scrotes

Anonymous 14985


Highlight of the year

Anonymous 14986


Junglebook saw that and thought yeah, i wanna be friends with her. Lmao.

Anonymous 14987

Omg she was so pretty with red hair

Anonymous 14988


The weight thing makes me itch

Anonymous 14989

The cons are the same as in all other companies as well, being allowed to be friends (I guess with the opposite gender, otherwise they wouldn't mention it?) and having phones is a privilege.

Anonymous 14990

He did? I thought the dark and edgy look was his thing. There’s only 4 years between him and Billie anyway.
Companies still don’t allow trainees to have phones?? Didn’t that shit die off in gen2 idols?? I doubt they can enforce it well.

Anonymous 14991

Every other company (according to op) allowed phones though
Imagine getting your phone confiscated at simply a workplace lol
Would be worse if you’re an older trainee

Anonymous 14992


>asian sasaengs (which where loaded af, they where wearing luxury brands from head to toe, one of those girls was wearing a crocodile skin balenciaga bag in green

OMG!! What you wrote reminded me of something I watched in one of the Super M vlogs with Ten and Lucas as they went to Dubai. For a brief second these girls were captured and then Lucas turned the camera downwards right away. There was like three or four of them. I remember thinking they were staff because Lucas and Ten were so calm and natural and those girls were so close. I'm dumb af I watched the video again, they were sasaeng.


I have no idea how those girls aren't embarrassed. I'd die of shame. Like imagine being rich af and following these dudes around like some dumb bitch.

Anonymous 14993

Honestly, it's not surprising that famous and rich men go for underage girls. They know they can easily get beautiful adult women, but they can't fuck young girls because of the law, that's why it excites them so much to fantasize about being with them. Many of them have a superiority complex, so they think they deserve the youngest and prettiest girls and that's why they prey on them and try to groom them. I'm sure the dudes from bts keep their eyes fixed on underage trainees, so that they can date them in a few years when they lose their fame, but still got the money to impress them.

Anonymous 14994

It's funny how you're all getting this butthurt over something that you don't even know is true.
Not to mention reaching this much:
>omg it means they must be BFFs but not really he's actually just grooming her to become his sex slave!!11!!1
I'm not a scrote and I don't even care about JK, you just sound hysterical and underage.

P.S. I wouldn't care if Blackpink was friends with NCT Dream because it's just that, being friends. You act like guys and girls are always attracted to each other or that every older person who acts friendly with a younger person is a predator when that's just not the case lmao.

Anonymous 14995

Oh sweetie, you've got a lot to learn about men.

Anonymous 14996


I feel like you've only known shitty men in your life or maybe been browsing reddit forums too much. Only nasty failure pervs would get excited by fucking some little girl.

Normal functioning men look for fulfilling relationships.

Anonymous 14997

Sorry but a teenager and a person in their mid twenties have no business being friends no matter the sex
You seem to have problems of your own but in Korea that rarely happens at all with opposite genders due to the seniority so it would indeed be sus if a grown man like Jungkook who has been in the industry for 8 years would befriend a newly debuted teen girl like Yuna
Like is it not weird at all to you? Lol.

Anonymous 14998

I have a strong feeling a Bts member will pull a Tony Ahn/Moon Heejun and knock up some way younger nugu idol lol or end up sponsoring them
They give off that sleazy vibe

Anonymous 14999

I hope it's gonna be Jimincel, but i bet it's gonna be Junglebook. He's just THAT dumb.

Anonymous 15000


Yeah I'm almost that age and imagining myself befriending 16 year old boy just feels like babysitting. Like wtf are we gonna talk about? I'm worried about my career and marriage someday and he's like playing call of duty or something, doing his homework, fingering a girl for the first time?

That aint normal sis.

Anonymous 15001

i agree with you but anything other than confirmation bias is going to fall on deaf ears for these people, see >>14995 >>14997

Anonymous 15002

You really believe that most idols are normal, functioning men? Are you sure, honey?

Anonymous 15003

>Normal functioning men look for fulfilling relationships.
Yeah, such as being friends with a little girl?

Anonymous 15004

A teen girl new to this industry does not need to be friends with a senior 8 years older than her both in career and age
And vice versa for a teen dude and a older woman
Just no.
///// END

Anonymous 15005


This shit popped up on my feed and I really thought it was Baekhyun who over did his fillers
Who’s this

Anonymous 15006

So do you all realize you're getting worked up over a rumor, or

Anonymous 15007


We aren't all the same anon, I was only responding to that poser not the JK situation. Obv a 23 yr old man befriending and spending a lot of time alone with a teen girl is sus and not normal.

Anonymous 15008

>Arab girl tweets = cold hard facts

Lets all wake up and move on damn.

Anonymous 15009

>cold hard facts
Yeah, no.
Everyone post actual milk or gtfo.

Anonymous 15010

>Itzy? One member became close to a popular male idol recently, their relationship is only friendship.

Guys! Why are you saying it's jk? There's like 47543678 considered male idols out there

Anyway, what's with people trying to convince us that sehun is bi now? Was it an open secret that he is super gay before?

Anonymous 15011

Except for the Super M, they where treated like invisible no one acknowledge their existence and I'm pretty sure the hotel staff always think they are part of the groups staff.
Honestly the worst I think where the super junior ones, they where clearly at least the age of those men and yet keep chasing them all over the world in hopes of what?, there's no way those people are on their right minds.

Anonymous 15012

The bish just took a camera with telescopic lenses out of that pants pocket kek

They're really shameless idk how they can follow them like this with a straight face?! But also even normal fans are weird like in fansigns when they ask to hold hands with idols and request other role playing things… it's indeed a super fucked up culture

Anonymous 15013

Screen Shot 2020-1…

> he is super gay before

Have you seen the youtube compilations of Sehun flirting with their translator? I wonder if that was done on purpose by pr since everyone seemed to know about him and his sugar daddy.

Anonymous 15015

Do you have any more observations of seeing idols irl that aren't necessarily NCT? The big head thing always shocks me, fansites must edit these idols head sizes if they look like bobbleheads irl.

Anonymous 15016

You’d think that being an idol would mean taking care of you’re skin… like sm works them like mules the least they can do is make them look like they aren’t suffering.

Omg tinfoil: Do you think SM is intentionally making them look haggard for sympathy points?

Anonymous 15017

Are the people itt genuinely this retarted? Is it your 1st year in kpop? This “sasaeng who knows it all” BS has been going around FOREVER in kpop circles. Most of the predictions they post is literally basic stuff like
>This group will come out with shocking news in the next months!
Could be anything from members leaving to pregnancy to a fucking comeback (which is obvious because kpop groups promote new stuff 2-3 times a year).
>Idol X got betrayed by a non-celebrity friend! X is sooo depressed and his preshus members tried to cheer him up!
I’m not even gonna comment on this one. If you believe some randos from 3rd world countries who make up Wattpad-like stories, I have nothing to say kek.

Anonymous 15018

fansites photoshopped pictures to hell and back. it's almost rare to see a none edited picture of any idol. And the idols uses filters when they post selfies and videos on SN. So, I understand the shock that went through anyone who met them in real life.

I remember watching Heart4U the one with Suho, Chanyeol and Sehun. And at some frames it was clearly one of them has acne patches on his face. but it's invisible most of the episode. So yeah, wow such a clear pale skin they have. it's just the combination of heavy make up and camera filters that make them "flawless"

no one is believing them 100%. it's just fun gossip

Anonymous 15019

What about the rest of superm?

Anonymous 15020


>fun gossip
just shows how boring kpop is these days

Anonymous 15021

No, I don't think is for sympathy points anon
Okay, first the rest of Super M
Lucas, he looks good skinny but no frail, he handsomest of the bunch, it's kinda weird how much he reminded me of the photoshop ver of ty, i swear that I'm my friend told me he was ty i would totally believe it, everything in his face looks smaller, even his big ears look normal sightly bigger than normal but no noticeable, apart from his tiredness he looks ok, skin okay, he is the tall side.
Kai, he looks good but his nose looks off, he also seems like hasn't donde a lot on his face since he don't looks that polished, his head seems kinda big but he doesn't look that much bobblehead since he has good shoulders, he is also pretty skinny, worse proportions that lucas but they are around the same height, in the concert he did amazing so I'm waiting for kolo.
Ten, looks small af, he seems handsome but if I saw him on the street I would check him out much less think he is a idol, his eyes seems very small too, he has like short legs and long torso on top of having a big head with more mass in the top like an alien kinda way, so he looks funny in general.
Taemin, he need to lay off the botox (if he keep going he is going to reach the wax figure stage) I can tell he was adorable when he was younger but now he looks bloated, nothing stuck me in his face as very handsome (except for his nose which is pretty) tbh, but he has like nice skin and has overall the celeb vibe the other lack (kai has like miniscule celeb vibe too), excellent performer (in the concert I enjoyed a lot his stuff but maybe it's because I been his fan since forever).
Baekhyun, he looks tiny and in baggy clothes he honestly looks like a kid in his dad clothes lol, except when you look him a the face he looks his age, he looks a lot like his predebut pics too, I can tell he changes a lot with make up, better proportions that ten for sure, his skin look okay. i can't believe he is the biggest selling male solo, strangely cute adorable but idk who that is going to work once his cuteness fades away.

Anonymous 15022

Have you never seen some of nct's personal videos (or from other male idols) in which they play video games in the middle of the night instead of using their few hours of offtime to get some sleep? Plus most of their skin care routines consist of roughly rubbing on some lotion and calling it a day. Most of them also drink and smoke.
There's nothing really that sm can do to make moids less gross if they themselves put zero effort.

I don't get why Kai just doesn't get his nose (re)done. Just a filler on top would likely already make a big difference.

Anonymous 15023

The super junior I saw where Siwon, Shindong, Leeteuk, Yesung and Ryeowook, all of them looks like their age minus for Ryeowook and Yesung who looks weird. All of them has nice skin minus Shindong who has a dry af skin, and a big head but in some of them looks okay, they seems to manage themselves (except Shindong), and I would say much better than the younger dudes, in nct it feels like the only one who knows to put moisturizing cream is Jungwoo, in Super M it seems like Taemin is also taking care of their skin.
Siwon, he is handsomest by a long margin, he also overall has a celebrity aura even when one of those times I saw him in his time with beard (he looks ok with it but definitely much better without), he has a nice smile, nice proportions with broad shoulders and enough tall, good skin showing signs of aging around the eyes, doesn't seems to be getting botox like the others in Suju (minus Shindong), he is skinny but looks healthy idk how explain.
Leeteuk, he looks too polished and waxy like I feel if you let him enough time in the sun he is going to start to melt, he is starting to get in the uncanny valley territory, I don't think there's nothing left untouched in that face, but even with all the work he doesn't look ugly just kinda scary, has a pretty smile, nice skin and nice proportions and also looks healthy but more skinny that Siwon.
Ryeowook, his cheeks looks so full and his forehead also has a lot of botox, so he looks kinda young and plastic, all the other guys are starting to have lines around their eyes but he didn't so I guess he is also putting botox there, he and Yesung are bobblehead but he seems like he has a bigger head, small and fragile looking like Yesung, he also has a nice skin too.
Yesung looks like incalculable age idk who to explain, he has like lines in his eyes yet everything look younger and he is also super skinny, fragile and low-key feminine, his jaw shave could be spotted from the moon but doesn't look dorito chin like he edits himself in his ig actually he doesn't look at all like he edits on ig he looks better (idk why he edits himself to looks like a weird doll) since he looks like a human, he also seems like has everything done but with just the right amount of botox, he doesn't look waxy or anything like that, also has a nice skin, he has no celeb vibe and kinda looks like a well dressed rich tourist, I mean don't look ugly but he doesn't seems like celebrity, he also seems introverted and shy.
Shindong, he has such a massive sagging jowl looks like something you would see in someone in his 50's not in a thirty something, he still look like celebrity, shit skin i wonder if he has ever take care of it so dry it looks funny, fat next to the other suju members but he doesn't look huge at all i thought he would look bigger, his head is so massive and also looks like a bobblehead, he looks legit ugly, idk what is wrong with his fans.

Overall the ugliest idol i have seen is Shindong by far, then it would be Taeil (he looks so much like a staff it hurts), the handsomest are Siwon and Lucas.
The best part of being a Kpop fan is going to concerts, the guys itself without the stage and glamour are just dudes (more so for the guys with no celeb vibe).

Anonymous 15024

Did you only follow SM idols or others as well?

Anonymous 15025

2020-10-18 16.52.3…

Anonymous 15026


sorry for blogpost ahead of time.

Hey all I'm wondering for you guys does following idols inspire you at all ? Has it had any positives in your life?

For me, I got back into kpop after a long time and it's actually inspiring me to take better care of myself and invest in myself more. I also really like how idols have personas that they use to emphasize their personalities/get others to like them I'm thinking of implementing it into my own life to help me socially.

Anonymous 15027

Not much
They just remind me of how much of a shit life I have

Anonymous 15028



Anonymous 15029


I realized that too, and then realized that I was unhappy with my boring life and self. So I decided to improve things one by one. If idols can do so much barley eating and sleeping I feel like I can try too.

Anonymous 15030

Sometimes when I'm working out I'll think about meeting an idol for motivation, if I ever meet one I'd like them to not think I'm as gross as the average fangirl. And I pay more attention to skincare now, though I still can't into makeup.

Anonymous 15031

early BTS had a really positive impact on me. Especially their songs Tomorrow and Nevermind. They helped me find the strength I needed to do what I wanted to do with my life instead of what my parents wanted. Teen me would be very disappointed by how much I hate them nowadays.

>Lucas, he looks good skinny but no frail, he handsomest of the bunch, it's kinda weird how much he reminded me of the photoshop ver of ty, i swear that I'm my friend told me he was ty i would totally believe it, everything in his face looks smaller, even his big ears look normal sightly bigger than normal but no noticeable, apart from his tiredness he looks ok, skin okay, he is the tall side.
ohohoho fellow Lucasfags, looks like we had all the rights to feel this cocky

Anonymous 15033

Lucasfags better go stream his fancams his are the least watched on all music Shows and he has being acting depressed on bubble lol

Anonymous 15034


Oh wow…. oh wow.

Anonymous 15035

Context, anon.

Anonymous 15036

Lasy year I think it really comforted me and as a bonus made new friends

This year has been so fucked up for me that kpop doesn't help anymore
Maybe as a diet motivation. But it was more like seeing online fansigns made me pity all those fat fans and reminded me that I dont want to ever look like them.

Anonymous 15037

> he has being acting depressed on bubble

How so?

Anonymous 15038

T-that's only because Shotaro is hogging all the attention because of his debut, normally Lucas has a lot of views…

where is this from

Apparently knetz hated on him for giving too much effort during music bank and called him cringy. The next day when he toned down his dance they hated on him for underperforming.

Anonymous 15039


>knetz hate Chinese people

At least Lucas can live knowing hes prettier than 99% of his fat kfans.

Anonymous 15040


i can't even recognize her anymore? (red velvet yeri)

Anonymous 15041

is this recent? although i've always thought she looked cute in a dorky kinda way she's super pretty now wow

Anonymous 15042

But that means he's gonna end up the same way as Jin and Suho, everybody praises his face but also no1curr because they find other members more interesting or talented. Being the visual but not being popular must feel like shit

Anonymous 15043


isn't she a super fan of ariana grande? idk this photo reminded me of her. also is it just me or did she get lip fillers? she must have done something bc she looks drastically different

Anonymous 15044

TVXQ Hug lyrics

Anonymous 15045

She looks the same just a bit more fillers
Don’t overreact lol

Anonymous 15046

i thought this was a completely different idol

Anonymous 15047

Thoughts on Spring Day 2.0?

Anonymous 15048

Their vocals are absolutely horrible lol wtf

Anonymous 15049


Come on, he's not as boring as Jin and Suho lmao, but he is becoming one dimensional. He did say he wants to change his image so he probably knows. I like his confident and goofy character in nct.

Anonymous 15050

Suho is interesting because he actually has a brain up there
Jin and Lucas not so much
Lucas just yells to make people laugh and Jin has the humor of a old school gagman

Anonymous 15051


okay yerifag

Anonymous 15052

She doesn’t look unrecognizable still lol
She looks just like she did during Psycho promotions
Nice try with the photo from almost 6 years ago

Anonymous 15053


>Suho interesting

Sis, don't lie to yourself like that. Suho's only quality is being fake and cringe. He tried to be Seohyun 2.0 but was even too dull for that. Even his members have no respect for him. He should have taken that brain and gone to college or something because he has zero potential as a celebrity.

Anonymous 15054

Ok Lucasfag I get it you like retarded loud idols everyone else is uninteresting otherwise

Anonymous 15055


Just people with social skills who don't make others fast forward during their screen time lol

Anonymous 15056

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Everyone in NCT going emo and struggling

Anonymous 15057

im screaming it sounds so retarded

Anonymous 15058

am i the only one that thinks she had some ps done while she was on hiatus? she looks still the same but also kind of different?

Anonymous 15059

His face is so huge lol, I remember seeing pictures of him greeting a couple of nct members (who already have big faces) on stage and the contrast between their face sizes was hilarious

Anonymous 15060


Ok not the picture I was referring to but I found this instead and wtf lmao, Jaehyun looks much older than Suho

Anonymous 15061


not even eunwoofag but the importance of head size my God

Anonymous 15062

Suho is quiet, Lucas is loud, both Jin and Lucas constantly talk about how handsome they are. "Boring" comes in many different shapes, plus Suho at least as the position of the leader and both him and Jin are more talented than Lucas.
So one could say he's even worse off than them.

Anonymous 15063

I mean Lucas IS the least successful for a reason

Anonymous 15064

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Why can't Renjun be taller

Anonymous 15065

Thought that was ratmon

Anonymous 15066

he looks like one of those boys who are obsessed with ww2 and the soviet union

Anonymous 15067

out of all the pictures of him, you chose those two?

Anonymous 15068


Comparing Lucas to Suho/Jin is fucking ridiculous lmao Suho and Jin are like 7 years into their debut and have nothing to show for it, both rode on the coattails of their more successful and hardworking teammates. Lucas may be dumbo but he isn't a lazy rich boy like those two, I can't see him being as much of a failure regardless of talent.

Anonymous 15069

lol Jin and talented? He can’t sing and his dancing so shit he has to always stand in the back

Anonymous 15070

Renjun the North korean so cute

Anonymous 15071



Soviet union soft boy in glasses I'm so into it

Anonymous 15072

agree, Lucas has no talent but he is not a lazy rich boy he always does his best

Anonymous 15073

Doyeon should’ve become a model she is wasting her time being in this trainwreck Weki Meki

Anonymous 15074

My friend only wanted to stalk sm idols, I don't even know how she get the info of the hotel
The point of my post is that idols aren't that hot like to be in a pedestal, yes Lucas was the handsomest but when you have a group of people like that is not big accomplishment, kpop fangirls put them in a pedestal because they are really clapped (even the rich sasaengs), even myself I know I'm clapped, but to be honest you can find people more good looking in the street without that much work.

Anonymous 15075


I was thinking the same the other day. I don't know anything about her so I don't know if she's actually talented or not, but with those looks she could have easily passed big three auditions anyway. I don't get what she's doing in that flop group

Anonymous 15076

I mean if you look at the predebut pics of most idols they just look like normal people or maybe slightly more attractive than average, kpop just excels at makeup and styling

I know I could find random people as attractive as my favourites in most crowds, but the appeal of idols is that you can follow their lives and find personalities you like without having to put in that much work to interact with another person in real life

Anonymous 15077

Dear god someone save this group. It is selling less than albums that are more than a week old. Pitiful.

Anonymous 15078

She is in the same company as cha eunwoo which is primarily for actors so I guess the both wanted to act but somehow were convinced to join flop groups

Anonymous 15079

what's the last line counting?

Anonymous 15080

Worry about his face before you worry about his height.

>implying lucas can either sing or dance

Anonymous 15081

Never implied anything but claiming Jin has more talent than anyone is ridiculous

Anonymous 15082


>you can find people more good looking in the street without that much work

I don't know where you live anon but in South Korea no you can't lol

Anonymous 15083


I’m dying anon this is too accurate

Anonymous 15084

Pulling someone at random off the street isn't likely to get you idol-tier looks but I'd bet at least one person out of every 20-30 could be idol-tier with proper styling

Anonymous 15086


Why is sm trying to turn them into white boys

Anonymous 15087

You’re a Lucasfag I don’t expect you to know much about social skills when you fav a retard like him

Anonymous 15088

“Lemme suck the titties” - TVXQ 2004
Hot !!!!!!

Anonymous 15089

Doyeon is so fucking hot omg

Anonymous 15090

Lucas is just as well of as those two though
No foreign idol comes to Korea unless their family is wealthy.

Anonymous 15091

> No foreign idol comes to Korea unless their family is wealthy.
Nta but there are definitely some exceptions

Anonymous 15092

Weki Meki 1st Week Sales

WEME — 11,013
HIDE and SEEK — 7,832
Lucky — 6,834
LOCK END LOL — 5,347
KISS, KICKS — 5,302
NEW RULES — 3,150 🆕
WEEK END LOL — 3,089

Anonymous 15093

Most of them yes but not everyone Lucas comes from a normal family so does Sana Momo etc.

Anonymous 15094

This is sad just disband them already

Anonymous 15095

probably album sales
idg how their sales go down every comeback. I know fans don't really care about music but their title tracks have been good other than their debut song. maybe people just aren't drawn to the members that aren't yoojung and doyeon.

Anonymous 15096



Yeah… idk if you have watched any like korean tv other than idols or dramas but there is a reason SK is obsessed with looks, the average boy looks like ratmon but 5'7 with a long torso with short legs.

Mark is nothing spectacular visual wise, but here is him compared to average dudes in Korea. Notice how they had to zoom in on his head a bit so it would be similar size to the others.

Anonymous 15097

Who are those uggos?

But yeah kpop boys look better than the average korean men which doesnt mean much unfortunately

Anonymous 15098

1/9 dudes having idol tier looks is an even better ratio than I stated in that post though

Anonymous 15099


I don't know why people think this, he's talked about how he worked at his moms store when he was 15 before. He's also said he wants to met his parents when he finally becomes successful. None of this really points to a guy who is super well off…


Anonymous 15100

The saddest part is that eunwoo audition to be an idol

Anonymous 15101

The average korean boy is short with a big head long torso short legs even if idol looks are nothing special but in sk they harder to find than you would think

Anonymous 15102

Would you mind telling us what continent you live on?
I've read about crazy and rich sasaengs but I thought they only wasted time/money stalking celebrities in their own countries and in Korea. Sorry if you already mentioned it and I just didn't see it.

Anonymous 15103

seriously ? Wonder why he didn’t go to any big agency I’m sure they would’ve accepted him

Anonymous 15104

I love that we call idols ugly here when 80% of korean men are abominations in comparison.

Anonymous 15105

Even if idols are only drawn from the top 5% of looks, that's still only one in twenty, there's a good chance of getting someone good-looking enough in every high school class. And honestly, looking at groups like NCT or BTS you can't tell me these guys are higher than the top 5% at best.

Anonymous 15106



lol its not 9 dudes there were tons of contestants for this show and they pretty much all looked like those dudes. I feel like the original op who wrote the looks analysis is form a gulf country and is measuring against those features or has never actually stepped foot in SK

Anonymous 15107

so sad. wonder how the non-ioi members ever feel about the popularity disparity

Anonymous 15108

Not her but I would guess she lives in Asia since her experiences seem to mainly be from the past year and a half or so and I don't think super junior have had shows outside of Asia in that time, it would make sense if she's encountering a lot of Chinese sasaengs too, they could easily go to Korea/Japan/SEA any time if they're rich

Anonymous 15109

This is a rap show right? Honestly I feel like hip-hop attracts uggos for whatever reason, not just in SK but in other Asian countries too the rappers I've seen and people who are into rap all seem average at best, I see better looking randos on the street every day.

Anonymous 15110


I know that east asians shit on SEA people all the time for being ugly/ on here too, but I've spent time in Malaysia and they have more prominent features maybe that's why she thought their eyes are small and that lucas was an average guy off the street lol

Anonymous 15111

download (36).jpg

Honestly this. I remember reading some comment of a (korean) girl who said that of course not all idols are perfect, but in general they really look crazy good compared to normal people, to koreans even most idol's predebut faces are outstanding. The kpop industry just turned the rest of the world into brainwashed kboos who think that Cha Eunwoo is the standard for east asian guys and any idol uglier than that is below average, when in reality even the "medium" visuals would stand out a lot in a crowd of normal citizens. Faces like Ratmon's and Jimincel's are the norm, meaning 90% of all idols are way above average.

Anonymous 15112

download (34).jpg

Anonymous 15113

download (33).jpg

You can say that they're older and comedians, but nevertheless, it's as if they're a different species, the gap is really too huge, so it's understandable why so many korean girls and women go so crazy over seemingly average idol boys.

Anonymous 15114


Didn’t he go to a bunch of actresses fansigns as a teen with expensive gifts lol

Anonymous 15115

doyeon mogged

Anonymous 15116

I don't think anyone believes idols are anywhere close to average, but idols also aren't the only attractive people in Korea, you could definitely find other good-looking people without too much effort

Anonymous 15117


Who cares about stupid fancam views

What he needs is a BREAK

Anonymous 15118

>bunch of
>expensive gifts

only one picture in existence and none of us can see what he gave as a gift

Anonymous 15119

he went to one right before his debut and probably brought candy or something stupid

Anonymous 15120

Nta but all of wayv's parents are rich motherfuckers, lucas somehow being an exception doesn't really make sense

Anonymous 15121

didnt lucas go to an international school in hk and live in jackson's building? jackson is known to be super wealthy, i highly doubt lucas's family isnt well off

Anonymous 15122

So being black in a white dominated school doesn't make sense? so being female in engineering doesn't make sense? Rarities exist you retarded moid.

Anonymous 15123

whoa why are you getting so aggressive over such an innocuous comment, it's literally just noting that it would be highly unlikely he isn't well off

also why tf is it bad that he isn't poor? i dont get this poorfagging savior complex fans seem to have

Anonymous 15124

Lmfao wtf is that comment are we really appealing to racial minorities to further the lucas is poor narrative? Lucasfag forgot to take her meds today

Anonymous 15125

no, he went to a ghetto public school. he lived near jackson though.

Anonymous 15126

He didn’t go to an international school and didn’t live in Jackson’s house he and Jackson lived in the same district but because Hong Kong is small and crowded it doesn’t mean much you can have luxury apartments right next to social housing

Anonymous 15127


>anybody who doesn't kiss lucas ass must be male
In China people prefer celebrities who were born into rich families, you shouldn't push your lucas is from the ghetto agenda too much.

Anonymous 15128

A person from a humble background or someone who struggles and works part time with his mom doesn’t go to events to give celebs gifts
He probably helped his mom out to get extra allowance
Plus do you think it’s easy to open a shop in HK lol
He’s well off stop trying to mold a struggle story for him
His dad met his mom and bought her a phone in their first meeting so they could phone each other, are u trying to tell me his dad brought a Thai woman all the way from her hometown to HK, gave her a brand new phone on their first encounter then let her open up a shop
And Lucas isn’t well off?

Anonymous 15129


Anonymous 15130

lol this is true reminds me of that Time when Cfans hated on him for being the only non rich one

Anonymous 15131

Sounds like his dad is a fat old white sex tourist

Anonymous 15132


Are you serious omg?? China is ruthless….

Anonymous 15133

Lmao I want to know what kind of things piss off cfans now

Anonymous 15134

not to mention he has like two rolexes and a bunch of other extremely expensive accessories, you can say the rings/bags were lent to him, but wayv hasnt really been successful and i doubt theyre getting paid enough for him to be shelling out 30k+ on accessories if his family isn't at least semi-well off

if he was truly struggling or whatever narrative people like to spin for him for some reason, it would be horribly irresponsible to be spending that much money on frivolous ass shit when your family is struggling overseas…

Anonymous 15135

Yeah I was just watching that clip in which he says his dad bought his mom a cell phone without even knowing her kek cell phones were much more expensive too in the 90s

Anonymous 15136

I think he is from a middle class family and the rest are Super rich, he is not poor like lucasfag is claiming just not well off like the rest

Anonymous 15137

Not being rich doesn’t mean you’re poor lol

Anonymous 15138

Look into the last like 2 years of xiao zhan's career
And also the r1se drama currently going on, they're way worse than knetz about dating.

Anonymous 15139

The r1se drama is topkek, wishing for something similar to happen in kpop too

Anonymous 15140

Isn’t he a model for Burberry?

Anonymous 15142

Never said he is poor just not rich like the others

Anonymous 15143


I love lay but he's the best example when it comes to proving why having a small head is important (especially to asians who are already shorter on average): it protects you from looking like lord farquaad

Anonymous 15144

Who said he was poor again? He was middle class, and in expensive ass HK that's pretty good.

Anonymous 15145

Everyone’s faves according to cc gaypop posters

Anonymous 15146

non c-pop fag here, can you guys explain this r1se drama?

Anonymous 15147

Is Lucas mom a mail-order bride?

Anonymous 15148


Can someone from HK chime in? Because he seems super average/bellow average to me and all his past pictures look like a super average family with alike a salaryman dad. He like spent his childhood going to pc bangs and doing average things. Compare to like YangYang picture next to that Porche lol

Anonymous 15149

Kys yutachan no1curr about the crimson chin

Anonymous 15150


No she was a hairdresser and according to Lucas she was really pretty and his dad seemed kind of arrogant and wild lmao

Anonymous 15151

can you spoiler the half naked 14 year old boy pics

Anonymous 15152

Anonymous 15153

Honestly in this picture he looks above average compared to the others.

Anonymous 15154

does anyone else find the story of how his parents got together super gross?

like if some dude approached you, asked for your number, and your polite declining response was "oh sorry i dont have a phone" was met by "oh dont worry let me flaunt my money and buy you one"

i mean im glad it worked out for them, but that entire encounter just doesn't seem romantic to me at all, it just seems creepy as fuck

Anonymous 15155

nta, but you're more obsessed with yuta than yutachan ever was. fuck off or calm down.

Anonymous 15157

Every Lucasfag in tow

Anonymous 15158


These proportions are really unfortunate kek

Anonymous 15159

I don’t think that yutachan has posted anything in here since the lc threads

Anonymous 15160

Are you new on the kpop general threads or????

Anonymous 15161

Didn't something similar happen to Kangta last year, I remember he was supposed to release a song but two girls started squabbling on insta about dating him a few days before and it got cancelled and has never been released

Anonymous 15162

this dude has the proportions of a lego minifigure, yikes

Anonymous 15163

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I find it funny how people want Lucas to either be a poor uwu baby who struggled his whole life or some rich HK fuckboi who had everything handed to him in life, when NOTHING is confirmed about his background at all lol

Anonymous 15164

Not gonna lie, it’s kinda cute. He looks like a smol doll.

Anonymous 15165

Short summary
>3 days ago: girl exposes member for dating her for 4 years, she supported him and in the end he basically ghosted her
>a couple hours later: another girl comes out, says he dated her last winter, the first one said they only broke up in spring, meaning the time periods overlap, he cheated
>still the same day: another member get's exposed for dating via video evidence
>2 days ago: 2nd dude bows to fans, basically admitting and apologizing
>now: will they leave or will they just straight up disband?
They're definitely one of the top groups, which makes this entire thing even better kek

Anonymous 15166

exactly. yet this anon keeps sperging out about yuta constantly.

no. and you're annoying.

Anonymous 15167

i just dont get this fighting between poorfags and richfags

like the guy is semi successful now, if he was poor then good for him for pulling himself up by his bootstraps, if he was rich then good on him for making the best of the resources his parents were able to provide for him to make a name for himself

like either way it doesnt minimize his accomplishments? what is with this obsession of "omg hes poooooor", it's so strange

Anonymous 15168


>anon asks normal question
>you: shut up you’re annoying
A-are you Yutachan

Anonymous 15169

jungwoo makes me want to become homophobic

Anonymous 15170

Lol chill I remember an anon mentioning it on one of the lc threads when they were discussing nct's family status's

Anonymous 15171

no, keep thinking everyone is though, since that's obviously something you like to do

Anonymous 15172

I honestly don't think that real yutachan followed us here from lc, she also stopped spamming his pics there around a year ago, basically when lucasfag popped up

Him and that dude from monsta x

Anonymous 15173

Lol I’m not the anon who u were arguing earlier on if that’s what ur mad about

Anonymous 15174

Anonymous 15175

Don't worry about them anon, you were contributing. There's just some screws loose in that anon's brain.

Anonymous 15176

Why do you keep doing this? It makes your posts recognizable

Anonymous 15177

can whoever is making the new board just put a lucas and yuta containment thread and let lucasfags and people who like to fight lucasfags duke it out in there so they dont clutter the rest of the threads

Anonymous 15178

what are we going to do with the moafag then? she will come back.

Anonymous 15179

just make lucas a bannable offense, I feel that would be a good way to make sure newfags read the rules, just make one random idol a bannable offense

Anonymous 15180

Her problem was never pic spam, it was the constant need to sperg about him in the general and you could always tell because A. her posting style was obvious and B. literally no one on earth gives a fuck about him besides her. She was also a massive weeb, which is why she liked him in the first place.

Anonymous 15181

throw her in there too, it's just a black hole unmodded hellspace for whoever wants to go there and fight spergs kek

Anonymous 15183

Anonymous 15184

It was other random talk but also pic spam. Now whenever yuta is brought up it's only him being called fug, so I don't think that the original yutachan is here

Anonymous 15185

Hopefully the image board anon will ban him on all his ip’s
Moafag is scary
Atleast Lucasfag and Yutachan just post their faves

Anonymous 15186


What is it that people see in them?

Anonymous 15187

They're willing to cater to murifats? Like an affordable version of bts

Anonymous 15188

god that dude in the top left has a chin that sticks out so much his head looks like a grain of rice

christ these dudes are ugly

Anonymous 15189


I find anon who says she recognizes ppl weird like y'all give a fuck about ppls writing style and point it out lmao why?

Anonymous 15190

>Moafag is scary


Anonymous 15191

for a second there i honestly thought that was Jennie

don't know if anyone would find this interesting but because of the place I used to work at I got to see a few idols. Can't offer any tea though, I just saw them briefly. BTS I saw around 3 years ago. V is surprisingly good looking and much more tan than I imagined. He and Suga have serious resting bitch faces though, and speaking of Suga boy is he tiny, and by tiny I mean he's barely bigger than my 13 years old cousin and that kid is skinny af. The only one who did not look malnourished was rapmon and maybe Jin but he was wearing baggy clothes so idk. Jungkook was very smiley. Also saw Red Velvet, I never understood why Irene looks were so hyped until I saw her, but tbh I thought EXID's Hani was way prettier. Didn't get to see all of seventeen or maybe I did but confused some of them with staff members. Mingyu is seriously good looking and pretty tall, I would say he's easily above 180. Jeonghan is also very pretty but looked mad tired. Seungkwan surprised me because he seemed very composed? don't know how to put it in words, while the rest looked like excited high school kids he seemed to be very calm. Pretty sure I saw NCT because I think i recognized Taeyong but since I don't know anything about them I don't remember much except that he looked a bit off.

Anonymous 15192

nta but typing like this will literally get you banned on lc for not knowing how to integrate. the way you type is also just plain annoying

Anonymous 15193

can we cut the offtopic infighting sperg, it would be nice to have this thread still up until the other board is done, not to mention that board may very well be trash and we might want to stay here

Anonymous 15194

Because it's literally on the rules of every anon imageboard twitterfag

Anonymous 15195

they called the bell whistle for gaypg to raid us. do you remember? they also ban invade through vpns.

Anonymous 15196

they all look like some extinct species of human.
are they the same as KQ fellaz? bcs that dance cover they did was kinda good ngl.

Anonymous 15197

He posted a used anal vibrator and some weird pen thing before he got banned trying to pose as a female poster then went on 4chans gaypg thread saying that he “got caught” so yeah he’s probably a tranny

Anonymous 15198

>just make lucas a bannable offense
This. You literally can't go a day on this thread without someone sperging about Lucas at this point.

Anonymous 15200

I was thinking that too

Anonymous 15201

kek seongwhas lips are so huge in comparison to his nose and eyes, it looks uncanny
and yeosangs nose looks so botched bro..
jongho has some serious ape philtrum going on
yunho also reeks of ps to me, i dont know why tho

Anonymous 15202

staying here isn't an option, admin already gave us the eviction notice. she's just being nice by allowing our presence until the new board gets ready

And if it doesn't we have threads set up on sushigirl and uboachan

Anonymous 15203

Anonymous 15204


The board will die. Lucas is the topic of the day at least twice a week for some reason. Even old topics that have been discussed before like his wealth are brought up constantly.

Anonymous 15205

lmao, let the board die then.

Anonymous 15206

moafag is the sole reason why we are leaving. we got flagged and the eviction all due to him. do newfags get now why moafag is a threat to our existence?

is the board complete yet, my sister?

Anonymous 15207


Let's say you had the chance, would you fuck Mark?

Anonymous 15208

It cracks me up that even the "visuals" of Ateez are botched plastic freaks, they don't even have one classically handsome member

Anonymous 15209


it's obsession

Anonymous 15210

sorry anon, we didn't have much time to work on the themes the last couple of days so it's still a work in progress. the board itself is up and functioning. I'd like it to be done within the next few days

Anonymous 15211

Idk am I getting other perks for this? Is there any possibility of social climbing in this scenario or is it just a one night thing?

If it's just sex and bye then no

Anonymous 15212

I don't know shit about Ateez but San is cute.

Anonymous 15213


This clown Kai wannabe?

Anonymous 15214

he looks possessed… anonie take it back…

Anonymous 15215

>implying anyone would want to be like kai

Anonymous 15216


yes, I'am an attention whore. Unless he would make me sign some nda, then no.

Seonghwa reminds me of that red hair guy from lost in translation webtoon. Both have lips way too big for them.

Anonymous 15217

Kai has more idol fans than like any other idol and he's widely considered the best dancer in the industry (with the best body proportions) wym

Anonymous 15218

He's also in one of the most successful groups ever, dated two of the top female idols, and generally seems like a friendly guy with a pretty close friend group… honestly who wouldn't want to be like Kai

Anonymous 15219

i always thought best male dancer went to taemin? but i guess thats subjective

even thinking at top 5 "idol dancers", kai doesnt really come to mind

Anonymous 15220

Pass but mostly because he's short and his face is too young for my taste

Same lmao

This guy is so cringy

The ateez members all look like they were modeled off of wonky webtoon characters

Anonymous 15221

>even thinking of the top 5 male dancers kai doesn’t come to mind
Ok anon ok

Anonymous 15222


>36 year old won a call with 20 year old Jaemin
>writes smut about him and Jeno
>55 year old chimes in
>spent all day streaming kpop boyband song

I want to cry I just wanted to see some updated pics I hate this fandom

Anonymous 15224


If I was a man I would aspire to be like Kai

Anonymous 15226

Absolutely not, all taemin knows how to do is dance like he's being electrocuted. Kai is better, and you can really see it in superm.

Anonymous 15227

"I don't fancy them" sure, jan.

Anonymous 15228

Nta but a video call with your idol would be so awkward I can’t fathom how desperate you have to be to want that shit
Like a short meet and greet is fine but calls, video calls……..
Nope. What would you even talk about one on one

Anonymous 15229

fuck off with your reddit lingo

Anonymous 15230

I don’t think she’s here either but if she is then she must’ve gotten therapy for her mental illness

Ew wtf, this why I avoid kpop twitter like the plague. Even when anons post links in here I hesitate to open them

Anonymous 15231

Are people trying to get us kicked off here for good or what

Anonymous 15232

The same thing you would talk about during a meet and greet?
I don't see how it's any more desperate than someone competing to get into a fansign.

Anonymous 15233

im just annoyed by the influx of retards from every fucking site thats filled with annoying ass shit flinging monkeys and anything thats associated with them

Anonymous 15234

Yeah but in a meet and greet you're at least seeing them in flesh and bones and if you're shameless you can't hold them or whatever

Idk I wouldn't pay for that

Anonymous 15235

I’m not talking about fansigns where you have to buy thousands of copies of said idols album and that shit
I meant the meet and greets you are able to attend after a concert as a plus on, it’s like being VIP essentially.

Anonymous 15236

At least for the video calls you get at least 2 minutes with them without any fans or managers screaming in the background. When you meet them in person you never get that much time with them, so I can sort of see the appeal.

Anonymous 15237


Of course the 36 year is a former TVXQ fan. 15 years dedicated to writing gay porn pics about Korean dudes and even managed to make her professional life about Korean celebrities.

How do people reach this level of insanity.

Anonymous 15238

Do elaborate why anon for I feel we may share similar feelings

Anonymous 15239


This dude Hangyeom from Mix9 was so cute
I wonder what happened to him and his group

Anonymous 15240


Why do some idols have horrible posture and are always leaning their head to one side of their body
Like this Hyunjin and Bumgyu dude
It irks me

Anonymous 15241

Screen Shot 2020-1…

>thread of Taeil Tummy

How does a 55 year old who birthed two children get excited by a little bit of tummy flashing?

Anonymous 15243

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I hope Ratmy keep doing this so everyone can hate BTS.

Anonymous 15244

i am with ratmys on this one. retard didn't even credit the mixer who made the song a hit in the first place. he also threw a party and no one was tested. he deserves to be sent to the wolves.

Anonymous 15245


This is how insecure I image all Lucas haters to be.

Anonymous 15247


It's kind of hot how he just bought her the phone and it was the 90's so not everyone had a cell phone. He could have exaggerated it for TV also his Korean isn't fluent enough to tell a more complex story so it may not have gone down as simply as that.

Anonymous 15249

Screen Shot 2020-1…

This may be really dumb of me but I didn't know this, I thought most guys just had veins popping out. I'm thinking about how all of NCT has really veiny arms especially Taeyong.

Anonymous 15250

Nope. No one's out here trying to impress your busted oppar. Fuck off, Lucasfag.

Anonymous 15251

Screen Shot 2020-1…

>online concert
>date with fan

Didn't he beat the shit out of his girlfriend and made her get abortions?

Anonymous 15252

threatened by Chad

Anonymous 15253


>the expression
>the disgusting teenage mustache
>him eating the watch
the rest of the shoot must have been horrible if this is what they went with

Anonymous 15255


How are the girls mad about Kim Kai

Anonymous 15256


Lol line up for the Bts drama
All nugu actors I see, I don’t expect it to get ratings at all after the I-land flop we saw

Anonymous 15257

she looks like a tranny

i'm mad i can't fuck him

Anonymous 15258


god his nose looks like an actual dick it's actually surprising how bad it is

Anonymous 15259

Wait there is a BTS adaption coming? When was this greenlit?

Anonymous 15260

Screen Shot 2020-1…

The fact act Yuta follows Kun and Hendery on IG but not WW is so funny to me. I can see them at the SM office like "Okay so I have to act gay with this guy and pretend like I'm bffs with him, okay no problem"

Anonymous 15262

lmao Jin has the worst actor despite being the only good looking one

Anonymous 15263


Xiaojun followed Doyoung right away but didn't follow Jaemin. I want to know what happened between them so bad.

Anonymous 15264

You're trying so hard. Must be the most attention you've gotten in months.

He's ugly and plain looking.

Anonymous 15267

god i find this stuff hysterical

delusional fangirls all say these members are all soulmates and stuff when its obvious half of them cant stand each other, to the point where they wont even follow each other on social media

especially now with instagram you can completely hide someone you follow's story and posts, it would be so much easier to do that but these guys cant even get that done kek

Anonymous 15268

Jin’s actor is actually good though.

Anonymous 15269

>Plain looking
>uses 4th generation twink as a reaction picture
Who are you playing
You could’ve atleast said the other Exo visuals were plain but Kai out of all kpop idols … lol

Anonymous 15270

quit projecting, sperg. I wasn't even the anon you were replying to.

Anonymous 15271


No Doyeon is peak female beauty
Please don’t insult her

Anonymous 15272

Does he follow Ten? Just wondering cuz they seemed pretty close in that nct 2020 behind the scenes video uploaded two days ago

Ig that anon going on about they don't like each other the other day was right lol

Anonymous 15273

This. He has one of the most distinct faces of any idol, how is he plain in any way? Can anon only cum to faggy 16 year olds?

Explains the Lucas hate as well

Anonymous 15274

after the lucasfags, we get kaifags. why does SM generate so much retards ?

if he's handsome then so is RM, they look the same imo

Anonymous 15275


I knew you were a ratmy
The audacity to compare him to roach monster

Anonymous 15276


He does follow Ten lol

Anonymous 15277

I'm not the same anon that posted that reaction pic. Sorry more than one person finds your oppar ugly, Kaifag.

Anonymous 15278

He most likely had PR training to tell this story, he has told it more than once. it'a not like he came up with it on the spot. idols are rarely spontaneous or go off-script in those shows.

Anonymous 15279


Find him ugly all u want
But he’s not plain
Don’t compare me to the likes of moafag, Lucasfag and Yutachan ok
I can accept people finding my oppar ugly, it’s only your loss in the end

Anonymous 15280

i'm a shameless ratmy but i think kai is very attractive

Anonymous 15281

over Kim Kai

Anonymous 15282

Topkek he's def not as ugly as RM some of you are so dramatic

Anonymous 15283

RM is not even the ugliest in BTS. it's jimin

Anonymous 15284

He'd look so much better if his eyelids and nose weren't botched. That gets in the way of me finding him attractive

Anonymous 15285

Nah, he's as plain as they come. Sorry to break it to you, Kaifag.

Anonymous 15286


Yeah, I forget sometimes how controlled idols are. He probably rehearsed that story at SM and who knows how much is omitted or twisted for entertainment factor.

Anonymous 15287

I think he grew in to them by now
As long as his face is fat his nose and eyelid job looks fine, Sm just keeps starving him then filling his face up w fillers that’s why

Anonymous 15290

>triggered kaifag

Anonymous 15291

Lucasfag here to give my opinion on Kai aesthetics. Even though Kai bullies Lucas he's quite hot and manly. I can see why Jennie and Krystal fell for him. But he aged kind of hard, especially around the eye area, I don't know if it's because of the surgery or not but he has a lot of eye wrinkles for someone his age.

Anonymous 15292

doyeon looks like a female kai tbh

Anonymous 15293

get glasses

Anonymous 15294

images (12).jpeg

I dont find his eyelids botched tbh. In b4 someone posts that pic in which his eyelids are uneven and bloated I've seen it a thousand times on LC

His nose was always flat, the surgery just made it narrower. I don't think there was much they could do with the nostrils tbh

Anonymous 15295

anyone else still thinks jenkai was fake

Anonymous 15297

>calling other people spergs
>when you're a lucasfag
the irony of it all

Anonymous 15299

>botched photo on lolcow
Lol people who still complain about Sm idols getting surgery and use it as an insult I will never get
Like it’s Sm, we know.

Also what do you mean by this
>his nose was always flat

Anonymous 15300

>you type like a underage twitterfag
i'm not OG poster but this is just hypocritical

Anonymous 15301

His nose was flat even before surgery, it's been like this forever and surgery probably could not "fix" it given its particular anatomy

Anonymous 15302

They’re both ugly but in what way do you find racist monster slightly less ugly that Jimincel? I’m curious

Anonymous 15304

he looks uglier to me because i dislike him more

Anonymous 15305


What aspect of him do you find plain I really can’t see it

Anonymous 15306

NTA but he's taller so at least he's got that going for him
On the other hand, he's chinless and his nose is nightmare inducing depending on the angle

Anonymous 15307

I wonder if there's gonna be a new exo subunit

Anonymous 15308

I really wanted Exo-SKY sub unit but we got Exo-SC and Kai in SUPERM instead
I don’t think we will get another unit from them

Anonymous 15309

this thread deserves to be nuked

Anonymous 15310

The only one I could only think of is kai and kyungsoo

Anonymous 15311

Lol people are really baiting infighting in this thread to get it deleted

Anonymous 15312

Yeah they both said they want to be in a unit together but I don’t see it

Anonymous 15313

She does!

He doesn't booly anyone theyre just fucking around, m8

Anonymous 15314

Where do you find these random screenshots? Lol did you type "yuta nose ugly" in the search bar? I agree with your post though

Anonymous 15315

anyway, let's change subject. why can't men cover GG respectfully ? they always wear stupid dresses and put 0 energy or change completely the song to make it more manly.
is it impossible for a BG to simply dance and sing without being misogynistic ?

Anonymous 15316

i can't believe anons keep fighting even we got the eviction notice before.

Anonymous 15317

south korea is misogynistic

Anonymous 15318

Neomu shipkae ojima

Anonymous 15319

No but I wonder how insulted girl groups feel seeing this 24/7

Anonymous 15320

>is it impossible for a BG to simply dance and sing without being misogynistic ?

Anonymous 15321

Better than the original tbh.

Anonymous 15322

Anonymous 15323

Fucking hate when they do that, but there are a few groups who do cover GGs respectfully, albeit just a few. The first one I can think on the top of my head is Seventeen, that's part of the reason they are one of the few boy groups I don't loathe

Anonymous 15324

it pops up on twitter for me lol

Anonymous 15325

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Anonymous 15326

BTS are grossly underpaid. They make literally billions for their company, the fact that their CEO somehow manages to build the image of being ethical and “family” while hoarding that much is hilarious.

Anonymous 15327

Look no further

Anonymous 15328

>kpop fans discovering capitalism

Their contracts were worse than SM tho, i'll give you that

Anonymous 15329

curious what you would consider a 'respectful' cover since you seem to have a problem both with covers that keep the songs feminine and with covers that make the songs masculine

I do kinda agree that wearing dresses for laughs is dumb and often sexist, but at the same time I remember getting into kpop ten years ago and really enjoying how male idols would happily act unashamedly feminine in their girl group covers, back then it felt almost progressive… but times have changed.

Anonymous 15330

Just tried to give another chance to Stray Kidz and watched God's Menu and Back Door MVs. Are people who unironically like it deaf? It's pure EDM noise with kpop vocals. Nightmare. Also their songs are soooo predictable and formulaic, it's always an instrumental drop that isn't even sth you can bop to. I seriously have a headache now, shouldn't have listened with my airpods.

Anonymous 15331

God he's beautiful

Anonymous 15332


I watched God's Menu just because of your comment and omg the MV is fucking glorious. One of the best kpop MV's I've seen in a long time. The song isn't bad but it's like 3 different songs meshed into one and its distracting + it doesn't have a catchy chorus. The TU TU TU TU was memorable. I didn't catch much of the dance because the MV kept cutting. First time hearing Felix rap and wow he's attractive.

Anonymous 15333

And yet he looks way better here than any pictures I've seen of him in the last few years.
I liked Gods Menu and the MV is awesome as >>15332 said, but yeah their other songs including Back Door are unlistenable. Is there a reason that everyone is obsessed with Bangchan atm? I keep seeing him way too often for a member of a group that isn't very relevant.

Anonymous 15334

all their music grew on me but miroh is a good song and i'll die on that hill.
any musics gonna sound 10x worse with those

Anonymous 15335

In some pictures his nose is really prominent, in others you can't notice it at all.
His teeth are absolutely perfect, though.

Anonymous 15336

Fuck marry kill: jhope jimincel ratman

Anonymous 15337

Any idea which group nearing the end of their contract? If they are going to renew or not?

Anonymous 15338

Try Miroh. I really liked that song. I also liked the anime OP of Tower of God from them.

Anonymous 15339

Red Velvet, Mamamoo, Got7 are the big ones

Anonymous 15340


Fucking ratmon and then killing myself because that's better than marrying jimin or jhope. i can't even fathom fucking jimin or jhope.

Anonymous 15341

Sm seem to be pushing Jaehyun and Winwin together now lmao. Seriously is Winwin so hopeless that he can’t exist without being in a ship?

Anonymous 15342

Arab sasaeng tweets:

- Solo debut for at least one Twice member in the first half of 2021
- TWICE members will start opening their individual accounts soon
- Twice's Joyo will appear in an ad
- Members of Black Pink, Twice and Red Velvet will get together on something
- Idols who are currently threatened to reveal their dating:
Baekhyun, Jungkook, Jisoo, Jaehyun, Nayeon, Muon, Mark
- "She paid the agency to get special treatment from them!"
- There is an idol from a popular group that almost left the group because of the agency's insistence on performing even though she was very sick and unable to even stand! As usual, they have thier ways to convinced her to stay, or let us say they forced her?
- There are idols who will surprise everyone by not renewing their contract

Yeah we all know it's not completely true. Chill, the kpop is so dry and we despretly needs some tea.

Anonymous 15343

I had heard Miroh before and yes I do think it's their best. Still not the stuff I'm into, but it's their formula done the best.

I think Bang Chan is really popular now because of his Vlives? He often times has other JYP artists as guests like Sana + he reacts to a bunch of songs from other groups; youtube just recommended his reaction to NCT Make a Wish for example. I probably decided to give him another try because got some sympathy points from supporting my bias (not NCT) in past occasions.

Anonymous 15344

>reveal Mark dating

Leave Mark the fuck alone Dispatch!

Anonymous 15345

Baekhyun and Jungkook would be glorious tbh a complete shitstorm and meltdown.
unfortunately BH renewed their contract with Dispatch so no sauce from BTS members unless some brave journalist decides to defy the status quo kek

Anonymous 15346

If mark isn’t dating a bad bitch imma be so disappointed

Anonymous 15347

So Nickhun and Bambam spoke out for the protesters in Thailand, while Lisa whose group was made famous mainly by thai fans with her 40 million followers stays quiet. Apparently young people there are seething over her lack of integrity

Seventeen really seems to be the least problematic group, also with the least annoying fanbase (compared to much louder stans of irrelevant groups), it's a shame that I can't really get into their songs, they're kind of boring to me?

Anonymous 15348

And of course blinks are pulling shit excuses out of their ass on why she's actually the victim, an innocent baby who can't do anything, otherwise the thai king or yg will murder her or something…

Anonymous 15349

Regarding twice's solo thing it's probably going to be Nayeon, Jihyo is more talented but the gp doesn't seem to like her all that much. If true I'm looking forward to the meltdown that Jungkook and Baekhyun dating will cause. As for that part about idols not renewing their contracts, my bets are on Mamamoo or Got7, I don't see any of the Red Velvet girls leaving anytime soon.

From what I've seen svt is one of those hit or miss groups, you either like them or you just can never get into them. Blogpost warning: I didn't care about them until last year, I accompanied my friend to see them live and they're pretty good performers. Not much live singing but I guess it's expected, there's no way you can jump that much and still have energies to sing. They seem to be at that point where they still enjoy what they do, not to mention their company must have put some extra effort to make them get along because they genuinely seemed to be having fun and it was infectious. That said with that many members it's just a matter of time until one of them royally fucks up or leaves, and if they get any more famous I 100% assure you their fans will be the new armys, which is sad because I'm kinda rooting for them.

Anonymous 15350

I used to like their older songs but their music fell off hard. imo they need to work with new producers. I know they have the whole self produced thing going on but it's getting stale
Considering how long they've been around I'm surprised they don't have more scandals especially with such a big group. They already seem popular enough but most of their fans in asia so you don't see as many annoying english speaking stans.

Anonymous 15351

from all their discography, an ode and their jpn cbs are my favorites. I like the pseudo soft edm sound but i can see how it's boring. theyve had the same producer since debut idk if they'll ever fully switch it up

Svt's fanbase is really small for how big they are or atleast they just don't make a lotta noise
They're the only bg I pay attention to and its mainly bc they dont do much besides release a song/album promote it for a week or two then go about their day

Anonymous 15352

>if they get any more famous I 100% assure you their fans will be the new armys
You can't really say that, they've been around since a long time and they've also sold a million since a while already and nevertheless their stans never really do anything, they never spam on twitter, never harass anybody, never "protect" their favs like ratmys, blinks etc do, while smaller groups like stray kids or wayv have had insane fandoms and lots of fights since day 1.

Anonymous 15353

Wayv really? Never heard anything, some examples?

Anonymous 15354

are you all seventeenfags trying to paint yourself as better than other shit fandoms nice try kek just look at the numerous times seventeen plagiarist other artists and how their fans attacked people when they called them out

Anonymous 15355

Just look at the way wayv nct127 and nct dream constantly fight each other
Or the amount of wayv fags here, for such an unpopular group that's a ton of annoying stans

Anonymous 15356


Both Lisa and Rose seem to have gained some weight lately and they immeditely look a lot better.
In general most girl groups styling seems to improve more and more while boy groups run around looking tragic.

Anonymous 15357

Gotta agree with this, boy groups styling was a lot better around gen 3 imo and before that. Girl groups have always seemed to have better styling (besides like, early 2ne1 aka Dara's troll hair kek) but it's really showing now, GGs just look great

Also, here's my hot take of the thread: BTS peaked at Run/Butterfly/Tomorrow and their sound has gotten exceedingly worse since then. And they've only gotten more popular with these horrible noisy tracks they release which confuses me. I'd understand the stanning of BTS if they maintained the sound from Run, but their sound now is the exact same as every other noise EDM kpop song so I don't really…get it

Anonymous 15358

Also Rose looks great here, you can definitely tell a difference compared to her anachan body. Her face looks 10x better

Anonymous 15359

what would say is the difference between gen 3 bg styling and now? cause I've felt like all bgs have kinda looked the same since about 2014 or so

Anonymous 15360

To me it's the twinkiness of groups now. Boy groups are more likely to have vibrant colored hair and dressed in a very..idk the word. But before bgs looked more masculine imo. And that's not to say that twink styling can't look good too, it can, but when the majority of bgs style that way it gets boring to look at, if that makes sense. Makes me miss the neutral colored hair bgs, most of the time the guys look better with black or brown hair anyway (in my opinion, of course)
I dunno. 2015 was kinda when it started, but that time was also filled with the kinda streetwear style as well for bgs, which to me, still looks better than what we see now. White hair is the exception, it can look good with the older style and not look super flamboyant, and it looks great on idols with tan skin. Also: the abuse of colored contacts in bgs fits into the current style that I also do not care for, it never looks good and it looks very uncanny valley. Dark eyes are pretty and nice to look at, stop hiding em with these shitty half blue contacts that still show half of the dark color anyway kek.
Some other anons may be able to articulate what I mean better, but that's the general gist of it (from someone who was an huge stan from 2013-2016)

Anonymous 15361

mamamoo's company sucks but they'd be stupid not to renew, they're more popular now than they've ever been. so my bet's on got7.

rv may never be ot5 again since I doubt wendy will be able to dance anytime soon and she's their best vocalist, so there is a chance not all of them will renew

Anonymous 15362

Nta but I just hate that overly feminine, soft, fake "elegant" look, like pastel pink hair, flowy shirts, way to much glittery jewelry. It suits some, but most look just off in it. Like here >>14876
2nd/3rd gen groups mostly dresses in hip hop/athletic teen attire.
I feel like nowadays most gg look more cool and laidback, while male idols are always overly made up, like e.g. bts or monsta x whose stylist seemingly tries to distract from their ugly faces by putting as much "luxury" on them as possible lol

Anonymous 15363

You said it perfectly anon lol, boy groups just look overly feminine with weird flowy clothing and it just looks…weird. They'd look a billion times better with normal, wearable, and mature clothes on and normal hair colors. Makeup is fine, but the glitter shit is too much

Anonymous 15364

She should dye her hair black or some dark colors for her solo

Anonymous 15365

Capture d’écran 2…

imo the worst part is the colored hair. i know SKZ is known for their horrible visual and styling but their last comebacks were just a display of bad taste. there is no human on this earth who looks better with rainbow hair.

Anonymous 15366

I always felt that bg styling getting more feminine was a trend that has just always been increasing, but I also paid less attention to kpop around 2015-2016 so maybe I missed the period of more normal styling

From my general feeling, I guess going through the generations it would be something like:

>4th gen

feminine style, lots of jewelry, unnaturally bright hair and contact lenses, flowy colourful clothing, 'elegant' look, not sure if much has changed about hairstyling apart from the colours

>3rd gen

hip hop/athletic/street style, natural colours, guys overall looked a bit more 'normal' perhaps as a reaction to the excesses of before, haircuts tend to be very similar to each other with the occasional mullet

>2nd gen

throw on everything but the kitchen sink, accessories that no real person would ever wear, bieber bangs and weird gelled hair, over-the-top 'cool' in a very hit-or-miss kind of way

>1st gen

huge clothes you could drown in, 90s boy band hair, random 'cyber' accessories, unnecessary sunglasses, someone is dressed as edward scissorhands for some reason

Anonymous 15367

From Home MV

It's really cringy seeing them try to make everyone believe they're all so close. I laughed when the baby pictures popped up

Anonymous 15368

It’s a good song the video is cute

Anonymous 15369

That's cool if you find it cute. Maybe I'm too much of a bitter bitch lol

Anonymous 15371

I suspect it's always the same anon addicted to infighting and (you)s

Anonymous 15372


I honestly blame bts i need you for that, that's the first song i can remember that had that soft sad pastel boy aesthetic and afterwards it got more extreme and other groups started copying it.

Anonymous 15373

>i need you
>soft pastel boy aesthetic
maybe you mean the album cover or the photoshoots, not the mv right? V literally stabs someone with a glass bottle lmao

Anonymous 15374

I guess I never saw the mv, but i remember that photoshoot i posted and that they often wore white shorts and stuff like that while promoting

Anonymous 15375


Anonymous 15376

Seventeen just released Home Run. The retro style reminded me a bit of their older songs and the choreography looks fun, looking forward to the dance version of the mv. Looks like the line distribution was a bit more even this time, Jun barely gets any lines as usual but that's for the best, he's a good dancer but definitely not a singer.

BTS used to be fun before the whole "we are real artists yada yada everyone told us we weren't gonna make it yada yada now we're famous and ur jealous" schtick. No one listens to idols expecting to hear good music, most of us are here for the show and some fun no-brain songs, that's it. The moment they got on their high horse it's when everything went downhill with them as a group. imo their last good releases were BS&T and maybe Not Today.

Anonymous 15377

not today is one of their worst songs lmaoo noisy trash

Anonymous 15378

I like the song in general but nothing about it really stands out specifically to me

Anonymous 15379

Won't disagree with it being noisy af, but at the very least it sounded more like them and less "uwu" so it wasn't that jarring listening to suga and rm rap like in DNA or any of their latest releases

Anonymous 15380

ironically BTS' more recent songs like Boy With Luv and Dynamite tend to come off as more 'fun no-brain' style than their older stuff like Run despite them getting more pretentious at the same time

Anonymous 15381

Screenshot (335).p…

Kpoppies always cry about their oppars and unnies mistreatment but as soon as american media also points it out they side with koreans and defend the system lol

Pic related is something I only saw here so far, I wish this was discussed or taken into account more often, because imo it changes a ton. Maybe idols nowadays actually have a lot more (creative) freedom than everybody thinks, they just know that fans love if they (pretend to) suffer, that's why they still roleplay as uwu oppressed and hardworking.

Anonymous 15383


Wow I'm just realizing how nice Taeil's vice is. Renjun's voice is also nice. It was such a cute video but boring song. Loved the theme actually, it was sweet without being artificially cute.

Anonymous 15384

What groups copied that concept?
The style was already popular by 2015, it came from those weird shota pictorials that Korean magazines did and they mixed it with Winners debut concept (school boyish).

Anonymous 15385

agree. i was a shameless exofag back from 2015-2018 but their hyyh stuff was really really good. everything since has gone seriously downhill

Anonymous 15386

Everyone in that unit has a nice voice imo

Anonymous 15387

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Jungwoo addressed what we were talking about here lol.

Analyzing NCT relationships is like 60% of nctzen's fan activities. With 23 people there is a lot to be analyzed and it just can't be avoided. Some people take it too far though like that anon that said they all hate Haechan when he spends so much free time with the members.

Anonymous 15388

Miroh is trash
Who's Muon lol

Anonymous 15389

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Not Kpop news but I feel marijuana is already super common in the SK music scene. So many Khiphop rappers have already been caught lol and I feel like most of them smoke even if they haven't. I can image idol groups passing around a blunt to destress.

Anonymous 15390

i mean i dont think anyone actually takes the ribbing we say on here seriously

if you end up on a fanvideo almost getting into a fistfight on stage with another member, people are gonna talk

honestly end of the day i dont really care if they're best friends or want to evicerate each other, it's just fun to talk shit and theorize and frankly we're not bugging idols on twitter etc begging them to "get closer", we just shitpost here so i dont even see how your tweet applies to us as "taking it too far"

Anonymous 15391


I liked Light a Flame and Hey Buddy. The MV was fun but the other songs need to grow on me

Has anyone listened to the new Loona yet?

Anonymous 15392

wasn't there an article over drug use in sk music industry? if its widespread i wonder how no one except a few people have been caught esp. considering saesangs everywhere. companies must have a lot of money to throw at them to cover it up

Anonymous 15393

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I really want to talk about where you think your kpop boy will end up in 10 years. One thing I've noticed is that idols don't really transition into the real world well (especially for male idols it seems).

For every Chanyeol and Sehun who bought buildings and are doing solo work there is a Kangin who has nothing to show after 15 years.

Anonymous 15394

kangin has always been a mess in general

Anonymous 15395

Wtf is the history behind S.Korea and marijuana? How come that silly little leaf make them seethe so much

Anonymous 15396

seems to be a thing across asia in general unfortunately. they have very strict drug laws

Anonymous 15397


Because getting caught requires evidence, a search warrant drug testing, police work ect. Not everyone will get caught.

Police aren't looking into users, they want to catch dealers/distributers/makers. They probably caught a dealer and offered a deal if they out who they are selling too. Celebrities are high profile so the police will want to public to know they caught them to make themselves look good.

Anonymous 15398

Right? Psy straight up went to prison for it in the late 90’s/early aughts. Not much has changed, though I definitely believe idols have found ways to get high in secret by now.
Koreans like their meth and party drugs, though, funnily enough.

Anonymous 15399


I know we aren’t supposed to bring twt stuff on here but this is genuinely concerning.

Anonymous 15400


Do none of you know about the Opium Wars?

Anonymous 15401

for every Sehun and Chanyeol there are 10 Kangins.

I went through some idol groups in


and there are so many I've never heard of, promoting for years.

Anonymous 15403

I think this will be an even bigger problem for the current generations honestly, at least older idols could usually get a bit of basic tv work to pay the bills, but younger idols have both less public recognition and lower variety skills than ever before.

Though Kangin is probably not the best example since he'd probably be doing fine for himself like the rest of suju if he weren't such a fuckup

Anonymous 15404

That list is so bizarre. Even worse if you click on the mv links, what is this discord kitten pedobait concept. Some of the groups don’t even get HD mvs and the audio fucking sucks.

Anonymous 15405

Also adding the fact that G-idles Soojin was supposed to debut in this group, but she left before they debuted.

Anonymous 15407

Screenshot 2020-10…

had to check some flop groups and jfc why don't they just create a new group instead of continuously adding members

also this sounds so tragic i had to laugh
>#5 Facts: – He is going to be a new member of 24K but his name has yet to be revealed so 24U’s call him #5 for now. – He and Dojun left the group for personal reasons. – He was never able to be revealed.

Anonymous 15408

i was so f*cking disappointed. loona used to have a unique touch, everything had a subtle electronic/ calming sound but this album is just full of forgettable songs. the mv looks like any 4th gen group (everglow, weki meki…) it's all studio and fake lights. i can't remember any note.
i said it before and i say it again, jaden jeong was loona, without him they're just an above average groupe.

Anonymous 15409


How are any of these real

Anonymous 15411

Cow hybrid is just an overused copypasta at this point though.

Anonymous 15413

Kek a dyke group
That reminds me of visual kei there all girls look like guys and vice versa and somehow fans dig it…

Anonymous 15414

yeah honestly it’s just for fun and you can just tell some of them can’t stand eachother like Jaemin and Xiaojun

Anonymous 15415

Ppl here dont know what stocks are much less world history kek

Anonymous 15416

i apologize for the blog post incoming. i never cared about suju back in the day because i thought their aesthetic was cringe but fuck that man looks exactly like my college years crush. does anyone have any dirt on him

Anonymous 15417

This, and they get mad at you when you point it out saying they don't need to care when economics has more direct relevance on your life than knowing the minutiae detail of some Korean boy band kek

Anonymous 15418


Nct Dream… smh. The picture is from a show Jaemin was on and Dream guested. This old lady was asking them for a favor and Jisung automatically assumed she wanted an autograph. He was like 16 and didn't mean anything malicious by it but it just showed how out of touch with the world he is. At least Jaemin had the sense to glare at him.

I honestly can't see any of them transitioning into the real world at all. All of them are child stars except for Renjun who joined SM at 16 years old. They have people who clean up after them, people who cook their food for them, managers to wake them up and take them to their schedules, if you watch backstage videos staff literally wipe their sweat off them. When they were trainees clothing, allowance, living space, food was all provided along with staff to act as babysitters. Also they weren't allowed to go out much.

I can only see Mark and Renjun investing money properly because they seem very capable.

I can see Jaemin and Jeno transitioning into acting but who knows if they will be successful.

Jisung, Chenle and Haechan are wildcards.

Anonymous 15419

oh mighty twitterfag, why don't you bless us with your knowledge. I'm sure you're very intelligent

Anonymous 15420


lol that one anon who wants to bait us into infighting.

Anonymous 15421

why are you assuming they're a twitterfag

Anonymous 15422

Same disney channel shit as Baksu… hard pass

Anonymous 15423

>> Jisung automatically assumed she wanted an autograph. He was like 16 and didn't mean anything malicious by it but it just showed how out of touch with the world he is

Not disagreeing with what you said but this part seems scripted for comedic effect

Anonymous 15424

Saint anon posted a Opium Wars for dummies here >>15400

Not really, it's just an observation

Anonymous 15425


I'm so confused how these are the same person. I thought he would be huge.

Anonymous 15426

1 million views in three days. What do you guys think? I really like his dancing, he makes it look so easy and effortless like he's just taking a walk.

Anonymous 15427

Another disappointing october release

Anonymous 15428


same anon but here are the other members views.

Anonymous 15429

I was one of the people calling him ugly as sin kek I mean he's still ugly but his fancam is the only one worth watching. He really killed that choreo, others pale is comparison.

Anonymous 15430

lmao A+ for that comment anon, I completely see it. I loved it though, kinda tired of seeing all these twinks doing tough, mysterious concepts because I can't take it seriously.

Anonymous 15431


he's new and its his debut stage, ofc people are going to be curious, there's nothing to be surprised about
cc may have gotten to my head but he's cute, he can definitely dance and he knows how to present himself, sm found a good one tbh

Anonymous 15432

honestly i have to admit i thought he was ugly and useless, but he really did kill this choreo especially if you watch the other members around him

the kid is still ugly as sin, but you do have to give it to him, he definitely has talent when it comes to dance

Anonymous 15433

>any dirt on him
the dude is all dirt…just google kangin scandal and everything will pop off

off the top of my head:
>misogynistic af
>beat girlfriend multiple times
>multiple DUIs
>openly slut shaming female idols

Anonymous 15434

damn… it seems that at least one of the members from every popular boy group are revealed to be trash. exo didn't have any scandals like that, right?

Anonymous 15435

they are lucky the chinese members left lol

Anonymous 15436

exo hasn't yet, but i feel like they start acting up when they're on the sliding decline, so we may see some stuff pop up in the next few years

Anonymous 15438


without idol styling they always look so plain…saw this picture of key today and literally didnt even realize it was him

Anonymous 15439


Can anyone well versed in Seventeen please tell me who the fuck is that guy in the red jacket? I've watched that part around 10 times and I can't figure out for the life of me which member it is or if he's an extra, because he looks very off compared to the rest

Anonymous 15440

Hahaha it took me lotta time as well to realize they have bg dancers in that scene, as if 13 freakin guy is not enough

Anonymous 15441

>His teeth are absolutely perfect, though.
I wonder what they looked like before he fixed them but unfortunately he has no pre-smrookies pictures anywhere

Anonymous 15442

>predebut baekhyun called taeyeon flatchested and later dating her kek
>tao saying he doesn't like fat girls (and later apologizing)
>chanyeol making fun of kai's skin
>kai's dating scandals
>kai "mocking" gfriend's dance
>lay being a ccp shill
>chen's black slave comment (no apology for this)
>chen's marriage and baby
Pretty okay for a 9 year old group with formerly 12 members, at least no real crimes.

Anonymous 15443

godfuckingdammit it all makes sense now hahahaha, I spent a good while going member by member because I was honestly curious about who pissed off the stylist enough to give him that horrible hairstyle.

Anonymous 15444

Slightly ot but I can't distinguish Wonwoo and DK for the life of me. Am I the only one who thinks they look really similar?

Anonymous 15446

Wait what, Chen made a black slave comment? never heard of it before, how come he wasn't cancelled by the sjw bunch?

Happens to me sometimes. Easiest way of telling them apart if they're not emoting (because DK has a very sunny disposition and Wonwoo looks like a tibetan fox 24/7) is by their noses. DK has a long ass nose and a smallest but longer face.

Anonymous 15447

Tbh Kai wasn’t mocking Gfriend
That Yerin chick was being obnoxious towards After School members saying her groups choreo was the hardest among GG’s so this Orange Caramel girl scoffed and Kai said he didn’t find Gfriend choreo to be that hard compared to other choreo he has done
He was though, but surprisingly enough Koreans use it to drag him more than Twitterfags do lol it’s funny

Anonymous 15448

>why wasnt he canceled by twitter

because end of the day these idols can do anything except date and get married, fans can say they care about idols being "woke" all they want, but they honestly just want the boyfriend fantasy and dont give a shit about anything else

Anonymous 15449


DK has a bigger butt and a mole on his cheek.

Anonymous 15450

Twitterfags were very conflicted when he got married, on the one hand their wokeness demanded they defend him but also he didn't apologize for being racist… Exo's int fanbase isn't that big and most of their fans aren't teens so they didn't really care and therefore it mostly flew under the radar.

That's why I wrote "mocked". I also see it as a non-issue but he got quite some backlash for it, by koreans and by int gg stans.

Anonymous 15451


this made me laugh because it's actually pretty spot on

Anonymous 15452

jesus that's way too similar lmao

Anonymous 15453

Ever since he debuted I’ve been calling him roo in my head. Funny to see other people have picked up on the resemblance as well

Anonymous 15454

Screen Shot 2020-1…

I'm not Korean, but I cringe so much when an older woman wants to call idols younger than them "oppa" like isn't that just fucking weird??

Anonymous 15455

These women are old, lonely, with no social life, probably being forced to study/work hard all their lifes and therefore they use idols to live out the perfect kdrama high school first love fantasy that they never got when they were young, that's why they want idols to make them feel as if they're still girls.

Anonymous 15456

That's also why their reactions to idols dating is so extreme, they feel betrayed and cheated on.

Anonymous 15457

Before I watch this shit someone tell me how many scenes are there with alcohol

Anonymous 15458

I keep on coming back to this post and it will never cease to make me laugh.

Anonymous 15461

You mean with alcohol as props? one that I remember at the very start of the video

Anonymous 15462

Yeah, I hate to say it but I miss Jaden Jeong in LOONA. What a shame he left for some nugu boy group.

Anonymous 15463


just adding fuel to the jaemin-xiaojun fire, but goddamn they actually might hate each other considering xiaojun cant even stand to look at him without showing visible disgust

xiaojun literally cannot control his facial expressions and its making me laugh


Anonymous 15465

Xiaojun and yangyang are both autistic as fuck and annoying I think most nct members can’t stand them Jeno already hates yangyang

Anonymous 15466


Xiaojun is awkward but Yangyang isn't at all. Post some proof or begone.

Anonymous 15467

You've been sperging for the last couple days about jaemin being a racist jelly hater because he looked at a wayv member weirdly for like a split second, quit it with that reaching, overanalyzing idols personality and dictating who's 'good' and who's 'bad'.

Anonymous 15468


How do you know what I've been posting the last couple of days? Legit curious.

Anonymous 15469

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Any Jaehyun fans know what happened for him to change his voice, manner of speaking, etc so drastically?


Anonymous 15470

Really? They seem just fine with yangyang here

Anonymous 15471

I don’t think that Jaemin hates Xiaojun because he is xenophobic, he is friendly with Lucas he just ignores Xiaojun it is obviously intentional

Anonymous 15472

Yeah. I've only seen the first teaser and how much it felt like a beer commercial really left a bad taste in my mouth.

Anonymous 15473

There suddenly being more than one person who's obsessed with bullying between jaemin and xiajun is very unlikely, it's too specific and those snippets of 'proof' are too autistic to not be from the same sperg.

Anonymous 15474

Everyone is noticing the comments on any video they have been together are flooded with this

Anonymous 15475

Why? Is this arab anon? Are you triggered by images of people drinking?

Anonymous 15476

Im not the anon from here>>15463 but I see it too you seem in denial that all of nct are close friends

Anonymous 15477

sike i posted about it yesterday but not today, and i posted it because like >>15474 said people were talking about how awkward they were and i went to check the vlive they did together. they are two professionals whose job is to look close and friendly yet they are acting super weird with each other, of course fans would wonder why and what is going on.

Anonymous 15478

Not an Arab or Muslim but I still dislike it. Why do you care?

Anonymous 15479

But that still doesn't explain why all of you are so sure that it's Jaemin who must be the problem or even a racist? Maybe it's on both of them or on Xiaojun? You don't know either of them.

Anonymous 15480

Kek you literally asked for a trigger warning like an underage tumblrina, about a fucking beverage in a kpop mv

Anonymous 15481

Claim down Jaeminfag I already said that I don’t think it’s because xenophobia because he acts normal/friendly with Lucas

Anonymous 15482

To elaborate I'm not simply triggered by people drinking. Most people in my life consume alcohol and I don't give a damn but these guys being idols targeting an audience of mostly teens releasing an MV that perpetuates and glorifies SK's drinking culture is imo an irresponsible thing to do as public figures.

SVT is the only group I'm interested in but they've been underwhelming since YMMDawn. This CB might be straw that breaks the camel's back.

Anonymous 15483

Yangyang lied about being close to Jaemin and fans asked Jeno he was like really?? Yangyang also pretend to be close to sungchan but he looked at him like he has never seen him before

Anonymous 15484

You seem to be pretty worked up over me asking a question.

Anonymous 15485

i posted the instagram video…i didnt mean to pose it as some weird racist thing, it may very well be they just dont get along and frankly i dont give a shit as to why, it's just funny to see the complete lack of facial control in these idols

Anonymous 15486

no one cares about your moralfagging, alcohol is everywhere and if you really think a picture of a couple drinks they're not even consuming in a video is a bad influence you're delusional

Anonymous 15487

>quitting a group you like because of beer
Are you for real? I bet you're also against idols swearing and dating. They're simply portraying themselves as the adults they are. We're talking about teens here, not literal babies. Their audience have parents or older siblings and friends who drink, they constantly see adds of alcohol and they also know that their oppars drink. It's normal. According to that logic kid shows like the simpson shouldn't be allowed either. A music video featuring drinking isn't gonna turn anybody into an alcoholic.
What about mvs that show idols as bad boys who are fighting, are you also against that? Plus in this mv alcohol was only shown quickly, do you have nothing to say against all the gambling references (which btw is illegal in korea)?

Anonymous 15488

I wonder what will happen to Shotaro and
sungchan after this Album

Anonymous 15489

i've been listening to this song a lot recently, the video is very well-made too which is a bonus.

i always end up liking stray kids b-sides more than the title track. i wish they did less of that formulaic beat drop stuff. but unfortunately all of their non-noisy comebacks have been huge flops, even by stray kids standards.

Anonymous 15490

this lol
not to mention what if when idols have women in the video…or dress more provocatively, wouldnt that technically also be a "bad example"?

god the moralfagging of triggeranon is amazing, stupidest shit ive seen on this forum yet

Anonymous 15491

Lmao anon this post is confusing af

Anonymous 15492

Yep I'm for real. And I don't give a shit about what you think so spare me this internet fight.

People should be allowed to drop any group for any reason no matter how trivial, and this one's mine. Deal with it faggot.

Anonymous 15493

imagine coming on cc riding that high ass horse and moralfagging out the ass and then getting butthurt when people make fun of you for it kek

no one gives a fuck about ur opinion lol, and no one cares about ur reason to unstan a group, but when you come in here sperging about trigger warnings you're gonna get shit on

this song sounds so generic, but it isnt terrible, just unmemorable

Anonymous 15494

lol sorry basically yangyang is an annoying tryhard and the others can’t even pretend to like him

Anonymous 15495

>then getting butthurt
could you project any harder

Anonymous 15496

i kind of agree, his vlive with mark was so awkward and i feel like mark gets along with everyone

Anonymous 15498

>no one gives a fuck about ur opinion lol
t. tard who posted >>15487, probably

Must be a sad life demanding loyalty to a fucking kpop group from a stranger on an anonymous imageboard. You should give Twitter a try.

Anonymous Admin 15499

Back to topic please.

Anonymous 15501

i don't know why you dislike yangyang but that isn't a reason to just blatantly lie about him lol. He joined sm in 2016 and trained with sunghchan. there is no way sungchan has never seen him before.

He did say he's close to Jaemin, Chenle and Renjun. Jaemin had a hiatus from 2016 until 2018 and there is a picture floating around of yy, jaemin and jungwoo hanging out.

What on earth would be his reason to lie about something like that?

Anonymous 15502

Screen Shot 2020-1…

New unit? Promoting as NCT U? Apparently Sungchan has been a trainee since 2016 or even 2014. It's been four years and he was overshadowed by a kid who trained for 3 months. Yikes.

Anonymous 15503

>exo sky
Disgusting don't involve kai in their terrorism

Anonymous 15504


Homerun was fun; It reminds me of their earlier music but more jazzy.
The views on their video are pitiful though

Anonymous 15505

Are they really doing that bad? If so then it's a pity, I think it's been my favorite release since Thanks. Just like you said it reminds me a bit of their earlier music and has a more distinctive sound, which in my opinion suits them better than songs like fear or getting closer, but that's just me.

Anonymous 15506

Update on the imageboard for anyone that cares:

It's mostly done now and we are just adding themes. It took longer than we thought because life, my bad. Looks like Admin here is okay with letting us stay for now though? So I don't know how everyone feels about migrating to the new board yet. It's def. scheduled to be done by the end of this week for real this time but if you guys would rather wait until Admin here has finally had enough that's cool too.

Anonymous 15507

Can you link it? I kinda wanna take a peak if possible at the moment

Anonymous 15508


can't link it yet but here's somewhat of a preview (with the dark theme on) if that'd sate your curiosity lol
like i said we are mostly just working on themes at this point so it's all a bit messy still

Anonymous 15509

nta, but i'm already loving the banner kek

Anonymous 15510

Just curious, do the people working on this have previous coding experience or did you just use one of those templates floating around for making your own imageboard? I'm interested in how you guys made this.

Anonymous 15511

I wouldn’t say he was overshadowed, he will be in the next title track so he will get his time to shine. I think he will be popular especially with kfans since he has the same idol persona as jungwoo

Anonymous 15512

why kek are you looking to recruit

Anonymous 15513

I'm just curious.

Anonymous 15514


Anonymous 15515

are there specific boards set up rn or is it just gonna be one board w multiple threads

Anonymous 15516

It's really not, lmao.

Anonymous 15517

A bit of both and a bit of stealing

Anonymous 15519

Arab sasaeng tweets (she posted them 7 hours ago):
- female idol from a popular group made a nose job
- Collaboration for a member of IKON
- a female soloist involved in a drug case
- A member from Mamamoo is dating from SM
- Lisa recived an offer to appear in a Thai drama as a guest star, but the offer got rejected
- Wendy's solo will be after Red Velvet's upcoming comeback and is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021
- There is a collaborative song in Jungkook's mixtape with another member from BTS
- A special song from Taehyung's mixtape aimed specifically at a specific person, he said he took inspiration from … so I'm sure he will talk about it!
- Do not worry about Namjoon. Members of Bangtan, and he in particular have become more tough on facing the problems they encounter .. Of course, except for two members only that affect them sometimes.
- Another wedding news will surprise you.
- A problem occurred between sunbae and hoobae (girls) from a major company recently that led to a physical quarrel between them!
- surprising news in mid-November!
- Beware, the next dating hit the news may be fake.
- The beginning of 2021 will bring many beautiful surprises for the Exol
- a female soloist had dated with her friend (a celebrity), but they later broke up. She lost their relationship as lovers and also as friends.
- A member of TXT will appear in a drama with a minor role
- There are some shocking things about Cube!
- IU knows some of the things that might cause great controversy about … and … but she just keeps silent out of respect for them
- JYP looks positively about the collaboration offer to Jihyo (not a foreign artist)
- Controversy will be following a member of Ateez
- A member of NCT is dating a member from G-Idl (she is not Korean) They are not Yogi or Lucas.

As usual, do not take it seriously.

Anonymous 15521

>A member of NCT is dating a member from G-Idl (she is not Korean) They are not Yogi or Lucas.

Ive read on so many other forums that Jaehyun is dating Shuhua, but she doesn't speak Korean well does she?

Anonymous 15522

No you're good, I realized what you were trying to say after giving it a second look. My bad. Thanks for answering. I was just curious.

Anonymous 15523

He has that look that Korea loves so I'm expecting him to go far there.

Anonymous 15524

>> New unit?
with even more new members?
>>Promoting as NCT U?
U doesn’t have that many comebacks so you will barely see them

Anonymous 15525

well after Lucas and Kun joined NCT 2018 they got a new unit. Maybe they will add Sungchan to 127 after kicking Yuta out to the japanese unit or something. literally no one would miss him.

Anonymous 15526

>They are not Yogi or Lucas.
Correction: she said They are not Yogi and Lucas.

Sorry for the mistake!

Anonymous 15527

Jaehyun is the most done with being an idol. He seems to be dead inside 60% of the time and plays up his silent prince persona for the rest. He doesn't express anything so people just put whatever personality they want into him. I saw a discussion about how he hates all of his fans because they are essentially face fans and I can see it.

Anonymous 15528

I'm sorry but who's Yogi? Do you mean Yuqi?

Anonymous 15529

>a female soloist involved in a drug case

Anonymous 15530


I know we don't like to assume who is homosexual on here but does Taeyong give anyone else stereotypical gay man vibes? The actions he sometimes does are weird to me.

Anonymous 15531

Yes. Sorry, yogi & yuqi are written in the same way in arabic language so it's hard to guess the english spelling for the names. Especially that i don't follow/knows a lot of kpop groups

Anonymous 15532

Don't worry about it i think we get it, thanks for the translation

Anonymous 15533

the members that I’m sure are gay are ten taeil not sure about Taeyong

Anonymous 15534

right now we have /kpop/ and /ot/, if the site grows a lot we can add more specific boards but these should suffice at the start

Anonymous 15535

It looks nice, will the board has separate field for direct links? For Youtube, twitter?

Anonymous 15536

I'm not one of those people who constantly speculates on idols' sexualities but I'd be genuinely surprised if Taeyong was straight. Quite a few NCT members actually give off gay vibes to me.

Anonymous 15537

Who? I can only think of 3 or so

Anonymous 15538

taeil? never heard that one. reasons why?

Anonymous 15539

youtube links are automatically embedded when linked in a post, so no need for an embed field. Twitter links will be the same as here and lc in that you upload screenshots and post the link with it

Anonymous 15540

Wonho is just a glorified stripper at this Point

Anonymous 15541

I don’t know I feel like he has a gay face Jeno too not sure if they are actually gay tho

Anonymous 15542

not the anon you replied to, but when the site grows, please consider adding a jpop board. thank you for your hard work as always

Anonymous 15543

as he should be

Anonymous 15544

have you ever met a gay man irl

Anonymous 15546

I mean the average straight dude is usually neither into singing and dancing nor does he dream of joining a boy group that requires him to get ps, wear makeup and dye his hair a million ways, most men don't even listen to pop (in Korea young guys prefer rap), so of course there are bound to be quite some gay idols. In general the number of fags in the entertainment industry has always been high, in all countries.

Cpop and maybe a drama/movie thread too?

Anonymous 15547

cpop thread would be dead most of the time but i would love to have one like that
t. cpoptard anon

Anonymous 15549

But I feel like there's quite a few of us here who are interested in that, no? It get's talked about more than jpop.
And isn't wayv technically cpop too?

Anonymous 15550

im gonna be a cpop elitist and say no. its tainted too much by nshitty, i dont want to see wayv being discussed on a cpop board.

Anonymous 15551

>Cpop and maybe a drama/movie thread too?
i think it would be great to have one, there are a few solo artists that i like.

Anonymous 15552

if we could split the threads into something similar to kpc to weed out lucasfags/moafags etc would be nice…sometimes i just want to shit on kpop idols without having spergs jump down my throat for daring to say their oppa isnt god's gift to humanity

Anonymous 15553

Yeah, I get that. Just a reminder though that Taeyong was scouted and that he originally had no intention of becoming an idol, unlike say, Ten (who has videos of him performing live before his SM debut). I'll give you the fact that he's put up with the lifestyle for a few years now, though.

Anonymous 15554


Girls, it's finally happening, Jimincel is balding.

Anonymous 15555

images (23).jpeg

poor jiminie still in denial

Anonymous 15556

He looks so repulsive I want to punch him in the face

Anonymous 15557

Can't believe I am going to say this, but TXT looks kinda hot here.

Anonymous 15558

really? you sure you’re not moafag in disguise they look as ugly and plastic as ever

Anonymous 15560

god i hate this floaty pastel uwuboy aesthetic so much

Anonymous 15561

I don't know about hot (the member with the pink mullet looks tragic) but I like what I can hear of the song so far, it's cute.

Anonymous 15563

Txt go really hard on the pedobait, even if some songs are good I can’t look that them without feeling sick

Anonymous 15564

Seek chemical castration 3/5 of them are minors or barely legal

Anonymous 15566

I'm kinda tired of idols that are checked out of the industry. Grow a pair and just sue already instead of doing stank faces on interviews and lamenting on vlive/twitch. Or just say "i fucking loathe all of you bitches", impregnate hyuna, do drugs or date some gangnam unnie, i dont fucking care, and get your ass kicked. Tired of nobody doing anything and this constant debbie downer mood that has been floating around.

Anonymous 15567

Is there someone you’re talking about specifically? The first thing that comes to mind is V for me

Anonymous 15568


This. If I was a manager I'd go way harder on idols who pull that shit. 90% are untalented af, they're supposed to sell a fantasy and looking like a snobby bitch surely ain't part of that. Every poor retail worker has to force a smile too (and they never claim that this job is their dream), looking somewhat friendly is the least every idol should do. That's why I never got the whiteknighting for e.g. Krystal, she really pulled a horrible face in every single pic. If I want to see that I don't need to support a singer, I can just look at my grumpy sis in the morning.

I've already said this before but the amount of fanservice or in general stuff that fans get from their idols has been dwindling so hard, nowadays woke stans push the notion that idols don't owe fans anything at all and even asking for the bare minimum in exchange for their money is considered entitled and abusive.

Anonymous 15569

Sorry for using twitter lingo but v is the most "toxic". Videos of him doing a "vibe check" on people (meaning he's his usual arrogant asshole self) get over million views - and his braindead stans really cancel those people because v's eyes surely always speak the truth. It's never him who's the problem, doesn't matter that the other person is smiling and friendly, there must be something wrong with them.

Anonymous 15570

Thanks soon-to-be admin. Tbh it'd be better to post the link as soon as the board is ready because the threads here might get shutdown suddenly, specially with the influx of ppl baiting infights

I'd suggest a sage tick box bc newfags don't know how to sage it if there isnt one.

Youtube direct link box would be cool too.

Anonymous 15571

Not her but see >>15539
>youtube links are automatically embedded when linked in a post, so no need for an embed field.

Anonymous 15572

I'm not talking about anyone specifically but yeah, V is def one of them.

Yeah it seems hard to find a balance. They either are whoring themselves doing those cringey role plays or wearing dumb hair accessories or don't bother to be nice at all. We get it, you're fed up with your shitty company. But maybe do something about it instead of being constantly passive-aggressive and even throwing other members under the bus.

Anonymous 15573

I want to thirst over V because he's hot but his vibe check thing creeps me out. The fact that he does that knowing how fans interpret it and knowing it could potentially get the person hate is very sociopathic.

Anonymous 15574


Anonymous 15575

preach, i hate idols who get a pass for being assholes on camera and somehow it's acceptable because they're overworked or somehow "real and relatable"

sorry, but if you were getting paid that kind of money to literally smile and say vapid shit on interviews and couldn't even manage that, you need to leave. like another anon said, retail workers are expected to have a nice customer service face/attitude about things, these idols can definitely do it for way more money

V is definitely one of the worst offenders…like that interview he refused to answer for, and then that reporter got hate for it? he literally was supposed to be answering questions, it's not the reporter's job to coddle and encourage him to do the only thing he's there to do, it's infuriating

Anonymous 15576

>sorry, but if you were getting paid that kind of money to literally smile and say vapid shit on interviews and couldn't even manage that, you need to leave. like another anon said, retail workers are expected to have a nice customer service face/attitude about things, these idols can definitely do it for way more money

To be fair idols have to train a few years then are paid to perform everywhere so it is not in the job description for them to be nice unlike customer service. They don't just smile at the camera for a living. Western artists also aren't obligated to be nice. Idols are there to tour, sing, a be an object to one's affection.

Anonymous 15577

>paid to perform everywhere so it is not in the job description for them to be nice

You new to kpop??????? Fanservice is arguably more important than performance

Anonymous 15578

I know we aren't all the same anons but I call bullshit on this because idols like Jaemin get a ton of hate on here for being fake and playing up the uwu boyfriend thing when that is the persona that he is supposed to amplify in order to make his money.

Anonymous 15579

>vibe check
I'm esl, what does that mean?

Anonymous 15580

i mean he gets shit because he's so over the top, most idols play it up a little bit and no one bats an eye, it's the two extremes (either V or jaemin) who get the hate

it's like any other job, you get annoyed at the people obviously not putting in any effort, but the ones who are just asslicking over-the-top have people who get annoyed too solely because they're such tryhards

you give it to the guy for having the stomach to cater to his pedonoona fans, but also give him shit for it because he's so fake and it'll blow up in his face eventually

Anonymous 15581

yes they're paid to perform, but a good part of their job description is to sell the idol image and cater to fans, that includes being nice and cutesy or whatever image they've been told to sell on camera

besides, in the case of V, he isnt even just being "not nice", the dude is downright rude and refuses to answer questions, which is a part of his job description

Anonymous 15582

i think v was scolded for his behavior because in this recent interview he put a little more effort into answering questions.
>20 min long video
see 13:32 for an example. still sounds fake though, i think they all rehearsed their answers

Anonymous 15583

>To be fair idols have to train a few years then are paid to perform everywhere so it is not in the job description for them to be nice unlike customer service.
Lol it definitely is, performance time only amounts to a small part of an idols work. Plus are you insinuating that retail consists mainly of playing nice? Not you know all the other dozen tasks that they have to do? Saying they train for so long is also no excuse, if anything that should make them even better at playing nice.

It's literally just V looking angrily at foreigners, thus signalling ratmys that this person didn't pass his vibe check (meaning he "feels" that they have negative vibes, are a bad person) and therefore ratmys must hate that person too. The saddest thing is his stans joking (or not) that they're scared that they also wouldn't pass if they were to meet him, that's how high they place him above themselves.
>My worst fear is going to a fansign and not passing Taehyungs vibe check…. (20k likes)
>Taehyung is a social butterfly, if you don't pass his vibes then gtfo (4k likes)
>If he doesn’t like you, he’s probably right. This guy can vibe with almost every living creature and is really sweet. (1k likes)
>I don’t care who you are, if Taehyung doesn’t like you, he’s right. He knows how to read people (1k likes)
>this is why i’m terrified of meeting him, like what if i don’t pass his vibe check, i’d never forgive myself if i got THAT face (4k likes)
>I don't care who wants to say he's immature for being like this. His authenticity is one of my favourite things about him.(6k likes)
They treat bts behavior/opinion as their law. He is perfect, therefore him not liking you means you're awful, now fuck off.

Anonymous 15584

Reading some of those tweets and likes was horrifying. BTS have become literal idols for these sad insecure women.

Anonymous 15585

why does jeno hate yangyang? ive never even seen them interacting.

Anonymous 15586

Screenshot (339).p…

One of the many celebrities who've gotten dragged should've called them out, like just retweet that and say "@bts i'm sorry to have bothered you, i'll unfollow you immediately". The number of likes speaks for themselves, that's not just a few clowns, that's how the majority of their fanbase acts.

Anonymous 15587

ngl that feels like a reach to me too, the jaemin-xiaojun crack theory may actually have some merit to it considering how awkward they are with each other on camera, but i dont know where this jeno-yangyang one came from

Anonymous 15588

I'm excited for the new board but I'm afraid the scrotes from kpg are going to try to raid there and ruin everything.

Anonymous 15589

do fans not realize this behavior is detrimental to BTS for the western market lol

if i was a star and heard one of these dudes was a stuck up diva, i wouldnt want to be around him, and honestly bts needs these celebrities more than these western celebrities need them

Anonymous 15590

kpg can never pay attention to anything for more than twenty minutes, it shouldn't be hard to outlast any 'raid'

Anonymous 15591


We could place the link in one of the other kpg we made as a backup instead of here. Those who have been here since the beginning would know where those are. I feel like scrotes are too lazy to comb through these threads to find the links.

Anonymous 15592

I'm rooting for V to fuck up his reputation lol.

Anonymous 15593

I wish. What do you think it would even take? He already has a piss poor attitude in public, was caught vaping and no one cares about it. Not sure if a dating scandal would hurt him considering nothing happened to JK after the whole Mijoo situation. Even Seungri still has stans after the Burning Sun scandal. Male idols really out here living life on easy mode lmao

Anonymous 15594

He's done it to enough people for people to talk. You think Charlie Puth doesn't talk about what a nasty bitch V and their insane fans are to his social circle? fans harassed him over twitter, I'm sure he's seen the video or at least his pr team has. not to mention the reporter, i'm sure she bitched to everyone in the office about both v and having to interview him again. why do you think everyone is so ultra nice to bts when they meet them? why do you think cardi b of all people lied and said that sure she would collab with bts lol?

Ratmies always act like bts is so smart and everyone in hollywood really likes them and thinks that bts is some kind of inspirational artist and wants to collab with them because of the power of the fandom. like why do ratmy think people in hollywood are dumb af? i'm pretty sure everyone knows that bts is some stupid boyband being used by their company to suck money out of fangirls and that like all boybands they will be over in 4 years max. Hollywood wants to look accepting and pc because that is the climate in the us right now, and telling bts to fuck off would have repercussions

Anonymous 15595

Screen Shot 2020-1…

LMAO anon good job, thank you for doing this
> Another wedding news will surprise you.
> The beginning of 2021 will bring many beautiful surprises for the Exol
Oh fuck we're getting another shotgun wedding and a baby aren't we
> A problem occurred between sunbae and hoobae (girls) from a major company recently that led to a physical quarrel between them!
I feel like this is g-idle and CLC for some reason.
> A special song from Taehyung's mixtape aimed specifically at a specific person, he said he took inspiration from … so I'm sure he will talk about it!
This is the person he's dating who is yet to be revealed but then again idk why he would say he'd talk about it.
> a female soloist involved in a drug case
Park Bom (again)? Or maybe Hyuna kek.
> A member of NCT is dating a member from G-Idl (she is not Korean) They are not Yogi or Lucas.
Either Minnie or Shuhua. Except Shuhua can't speak Korean which limits down to the Chinese members. Idk about Minnie's language skills but lbr she's not dating Ten who basically outs himself as a bottom every time he breathes. Slightly OT but does anyone have that picture of Ten 'stretching' with his back arched on his hands and knees.

Anonymous 15596

Their collab with charlie puth was how many years ago? Yet just a couple weeks ago he was asking ratmys on twitter to please leave him alone, because he still constantly get's harrassed (and those hate comments get 1000s of likes).
V even rolled his eyes at Emma Stone, how can anybody claim that an oscar winning actress is pretending to like a bg for clout?

Anonymous 15597

>V even rolled his eyes at Emma Stone
the fact that V thinks he's better than Emma Stone who has way more talent and recognition than him is pretty pathetic. he should have asked her for some acting tips instead of rolling his eyes.

Anonymous 15598


Hehe so savage

Anonymous 15599


Anonymous 15600

He's like one of those ahjussi taxi drivers that shoosh foreigners who have a conversation in english inside their cars (yes this is a thing)

Anonymous 15601



Anonymous 15602


can any former ratmies give insight into why he hates his foreign/american fans so much? i've seen so many examples of this on here and twitter i'm starting to think its not just shit talking.

Anonymous 15603

i can actually respect this one.

Anonymous 15604

honestly i think its part the dude just being an edgy fuck (omg so savage, being rude as hell to 12 year olds) and partially just him being insecure about not knowing the language, the dude stinks of narcissism/racism and i cant imagine he's too happy about having to cater to white pig fans overseas

Anonymous 15605


Anonymous 15606

dudes 24 but acts like a 13 year old

Anonymous 15607

That >>15604 + a lot of Koreans hate Americans because of their military occupation and American soldiers being pieces of shit as per usual, which is a good reason tbh.

Anonymous 15608

it's weird that he hates talking in english when he wrote 2 songs entirely in english..

Anonymous 15609

He probably didn't expect to get famous worldwide. I bet when he joined the company he thought yeah, cool i wanna be a popstar in korea. Little did he know bigshit had other plans with bts. lol. Poor guy.

Anonymous 15610

He didn't write it lol Melanie Fontana did. But yeah he loves English for ~aesthetics~ but probably hates anglofags and having to actually put effort to learn the language

Anonymous 15611

she wrote winter bear too? it's a boring ass song so i doubt she did

Anonymous 15612

If He doesn’t like it he should have not renewed his contract he is just a rude ass who looks down on foreigners but love their money ofcourse

Anonymous 15613

Yeah, I'm sure he's suffering a ton because of murican soldiers, so of course he has to extend that dislike onto every other foreign underage fan as well

If a western artist treated asian fans like this everybody would call it racist, yet you're here making excuses for him.

Anonymous 15614

3 more people are credited for that track, he must have put a few sentences in broken english and the other ones polished it

Anonymous 15615

Does V have any actual talent to be acting this arrogant? I watched Hwarang the whole way through and I can say with all honesty he can't act for shit. His acting was so terrible that every time he came on screen I saw V and forgot I was watching a drama.

Anonymous 15616

Murifag, it's not an excuse I've been dragging him for the past 5 posts or so. And sorry to break to you but most countries in the world think they're entitled dumb fat bitches, so it's really nothing shocking.

Anonymous 15617

Lol bitch there are american soldiers in my country too and nevertheless behaving like him would mean I'm racist, you can't just generalize millions.

Anonymous 15618

i didnt see this as an excuse at all? i was the original post you replied to, i felt this anon was just adding on more context

doesnt absolve the dude from being an entitled prick, and he is racist as fuck lol

he doesnt, his only saving grace is that he actually has normal features that look amazing when next to ratmon, jimincel, jhope, and suga's melting faces

his acting is shit and his singing is just the male version of the white girl indie voice, he literally ruins any song he's in with his breathy wailing

Anonymous 15619

Idk if got7 is arrogant but some of the members also seem very done with it. Everyone talks about evil SM but have you noticed JYP cant keep any of their senior artists? 2PM being the exception I guess.

Anonymous 15620

JYP is not good at planning solo careers, side hustles like CFs, and generating any kind of income besides comebacks. I would be fed up too if I was losing all that cashflow.

Anonymous 15621

>poor guy

Anonymous 15622

honestly got7 is one of the better groups when it comes to solo work…jackson's released a couple of solo (flops) and regularly guests on oversea shows, bambam has tons of cf's overseas, and iirc one of the korean members has some acting experience? that's already way better than what 2pm got

granted a lot of jackson and bambam's solo stuff is spearheaded by their home-land fans, i wonder how bitter their korean members are that they don't get similar opportunities

Anonymous 15623

how many comebacks are these dudes gonna have? i feel like they've been releasing "comeback" mv's for a solid 6 months now, is this the final ditch effort to try and make these flops relevant?

i legitimately feel like they've been "coming back" since february…but 2020's been a weird year so who knows

Anonymous 15624

it's not a comeback… it's an MV for their japanese mini album. that's all. this won't be promoted on any music shows

Anonymous 15625

what >>15624 said, theyve had two comebacks this year and the rest was just mvs for older songs or from their newest album

Anonymous 15626

are these kids the new bts?

Anonymous 15627

i guess i just got it mixed up then, i just feel like i see a new mv from them every couple of weeks, so i was just getting so confused since im used to mv = comeback

i feel like theyre trying to be, they have two native english speakers so if they do make it to the west at least it wont just one bobblehead regurgitating the same 5 stories and lines on all the shows

Anonymous 15628

kpop completely destroyed the meaning of the word "comeback" kek

Anonymous 15629

but at least bts had some good songs until 2016. i can't see that noise trash becoming popular

Anonymous 15630

oh dont get me wrong, im not a straykids fan by any means, i was just observing how they likely are trying to pander to the international market considerably more than the domestic market but hard agree, their music is noisy af and ngl the dudes arent even eye catching at all

plus their fans are so annoying..

Anonymous 15631


Has this been posted before? Shotaro was a backup dancer for Gackt kek
He even had to do his strange exercises with him https://twitter.com/CENTERlTUS/status/1317947037053308928
And of course some underage twitterfags are now worried because "does this mean he's problematic?" lol Gackt is the embodiment of Japan's weirdness, Shotaro likely felt honored to work with him

Anonymous 15632

why stop working with gackt and join a flop kpop group?

Anonymous 15633

op is just pulling things out of her ass because she doesn't like yangyang for some reason. I watched that vlive where anon said Mark was being awkward with yangyang and he wasn't at all. it was a voice only vlive first of all, and Mark complimented yangyang so much and yangyang barley spoke at all except to say that Mark's rap was his favorite.

Anonymous 15634

im not gonna lie whatever the fuck was being done to him with that medicine ball just made me feel bad for him, but props to him for being a good enough dancer to work with stars like gackt

i still think he's ugly, but you have to admit he already has more talent and profile work compared to the parade of nct members (jungwoo, jaemin, johnny, yuta, etc.)

Anonymous 15635

I thought everyone knew this already.

Dear God I looked up Gackt problematic and I guess he was accused of rape.


I mean, who wants to be a backup dancer their whole life? I'd take my chances with SM Entertainment as well.

Anonymous 15636

>Gackt launches V|essence” which stands for “Vampire Essence”
>“It’s a well-balanced mixture of Japanese herbs and oils. But the most important ingredient is sperm. My sperm.”


I hope Gackt never touched Shotaro inappropriately or something. He was really young when he worked with him.

Anonymous 15637

Gackt doesn't tour often and likely doesn't keep his dancers, there's only a few people he works with long-time.

That's still one of the least weird things he does, his entire insta only consist of him torturing his friends and coworkers

Anonymous 15638

kek, hopefully there will be some good stories coming out of this. Gackt never disappoints in being one of most crazy people out there.

You realize this article is a joke ,right?

Anonymous 15639

You're too optimistic, he probably left because Gackt is weird af, we're talking about a guy who's unironically posting 'how to get a bigger dick' videos

Anonymous 15641

>Dear God I looked up Gackt problematic and I guess he was accused of rape.

yeah most western (not sure about japanese fans) jrock/vkei fans don't like him because of the way he reacted to his accusation of rape and the obvious dislike the leader of malice mizer had for him.
but he's an extremely famous figure and has always been an overly sexual person.

shotaro also worked for other artists as a former EXPG student/professional dancer, i think he just wanted a change- not to mention that kpop is the big thing in japan right now. i truly hope that he never had to face a situation like that.

Anonymous 15642

Kpop stan's retardation never fails to astound me lmao. Are they really trying to hold a kid accountable for the actions of a really famous celebrity he occasionally was a back-up dancer for?

Anonymous 15643

lol i love this thread but just saying no one on twitter is saying that (most are actually calling gackt a legend/icon lmfao). but actually nct did do something "problematic" recently and they're sperging about that instead kek

Anonymous 15644

What is it?

Anonymous 15646