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Female Reproductive System Anonymous 1288[Reply]

Information, questions, advice, tips and tricks etc.


>menstrual cycle
>birth control
>gyno visits
>vagina talk
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Anonymous 8092

Also don’t date circumcised men. Uncircumcised is way more comfortable and the man isn’t so rough as he isn’t trying to get his half missing penis off.

Anonymous 8093

Thank you anon, all of this is really helpful.

Anonymous 8095

>isn’t so rough as he isn’t trying to get his half missing penis off
This is so true. I am so sad that my bf is circumcised.

Anonymous 8096

You can get it back, search "foreskin restoration".

Anonymous 8369

Another outbreak. At least this one won't be as bad as the first one. I fucking hate this, I tried to do everything right such as using lube, etcetera, but it happened anyway. Not to mention my boyfriend still doesn't believe he gave it to me though he tested positive for herpes type 1.

Women's Faux Leath…

eGirl Aesthetic Anonymous 8364[Reply]

I want to dress like an egirl but I'm having a hard time finding brands that fit the specific image. Please dump outfit inspo and images here.

I'd prefer this not turn into bashing the style as edgy and wannabe as it is. I just think its fun

Anonymous 8365

겨울 곰⁷ ❄️

Anonymous 8366

Nation Pattern Pan…

Anonymous 8367

I love this style too anon. I don't know how you feel about Dollskill, but they sell alot of egirl-esque clothing. You'd have to browse on instagram to find the good boutiques. There are some that are run by artists. Forever 21 and H&M also have cute clothes and accesories, although those stores aren't as underground.

Anonymous 8368

I second this. Forever 21 is good for e-girl fash, but you have to envision each piece as part of an e-girl outfit. When you do that, it gets easier. I think it's a little silly to buy overpriced e-girl stuff on depop when it's a trend that we don't know how long it will last for.

Dollskill can also be good.


Anonymous 8355[Reply]

What are some good wristwatches for women? I feel like we are missing out on all the good stuff, the watch market is mostly aimed at men.
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Anonymous 8358

There’s many wristwatches for men that are fairly unisex. My grandmother wears a male wristwatch. Do you care more about functionality and dependability or the look of it? If the former, I recommend taking a look at seiko. Definitely avoid mall brands and Kickstarter shit (Michael kors, Daniel wellington, invicta, fossil)

Anonymous 8360


I bought this a couple days ago. Less than 24€, I really like this brand. The pic is not mine but I decided a photo of someone wearing it would give you a more accurate idea of how it suits my wrist. My mother said it's a winter watch!!

Anonymous 8361


Here's a picture of the model.

Anonymous 8362

This is nice. Simple, understated, elegant, and austere. Casio is a reliable brand too. This watch would probably look great if you dressed in black and white formalwear

Anonymous 8363


Only watch I will ever wear tbh.


Muscle on Women Anonymous 8290[Reply]

How do you feel about women having visible muscle or being fit in general?
How much is too much?
Would you be willing to work for it?
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Anonymous 8299


Unless you have weird frame there's no too much unless you are taking steroids.
And even with steroids if you are using the ones like anavar you will probably still look great/better.
But this is completely subjective.

Anonymous 8325


If you'll remain weak because of stupid beauty standards then you're weak on the inside too. If you're worried you'll somehow accidentally work out too hard and become a huge muscle beast, no, you definitely will not.

Anonymous 8330


Plus muscles are hot, especially on women

Anonymous 8342

go to /fit/ for 5 minutes. they consistently have at least two simultaneous threads about "wheyfus" (ie muscular girls). anyone who says men don't like muscular girls is delusional, or a man with issues of his own

Anonymous 8359

Uma delecia


lopsided boobs Anonymous 8309[Reply]

my left breast is visibly bigger than my right breast, like at least twice the size, it shows even through the clothing and it caused me immense embrassement. anyone else having this problem? is there any solution to this that actually works and isn't surgical?
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Anonymous 8314

Oooooh okay, that makes sense

Anonymous 8316

It's the opposite for me, lmao
Also OP I saw somewhere bras specifically made for asymmetrical breasts, they have more padding on one side but you can do that with any bra you have, just put something inside like socks or something made for putting in bras, I know they make that sorta stuff but I don't know what it's called, or you could sew a tiny pillow, that would surely be more comfortable than socks

Anonymous 8321

i know, it's just that most women don't have as much of a drastic difference and it makes me self-consious and scared of intimacy.

i did try padding one side before but i'll look up those bras you mentioned, thanks anon.

Anonymous 8353

What if my tits are saggy? Is there any hope or should I just accept suffering?

Anonymous 8357

>my left breast is visibly bigger than my right breast, like at least twice the size, it shows even through the clothing and it caused me immense embrassement.
Hitomi Tanaka made a career out of such a problem.


Anonymous 8354[Reply]

Should I get my hair permed and cut? My hair is really flat and kind of ugly. I've never gotten my hair permed before and I think it might look good on me. I just want to get a wavy look on my hair (like pic related). Any tips for perming your hair?


eating disorder thread Anonymous 4629[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound
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Anonymous 8233

anons in recovery, what have been quick meals that have helped you gain weight? ideally 1-2 pounds a week. i've been eating peanut butter sandwiches but having that 3 times a day would be torture
i had my weight under control but the side effects from my meds got me fucked up

Anonymous 8337

I apologize if this isn't the correct thread for this post. It's more of a /feels/-esque post, but I want to keep discussion relating to eating disorders in their own thread for the sake of other users.

Long ago, I deleted my MyProAna account (I have no intentions to rejoin) and didn't realize my posts and threads were still viewable through Google search results, even without a profile. I'd made a thread there to post some of my art in (a lot of users who are artists do) and my art is the main focus of all of my social media and online presence, save for anonymous imageboards, of course. My husband and I follow each other on every social media platform or website and he appreciates my art just as much as anyone else, though he has no idea about any of my past struggles with ED or that I ever had an account on any ED-based website. Unfortunately, I recently found out that some of the art I'd posted in my art thread can be found through reverse image searching it on Google, subsequently revealing what my MPA username was.

I attempted to log into my account (which was already deleted) but wasn't able to, presumably because when an account is deleted the username changes to "Guest_(username)_" rather than just "(username)". Just over a month ago I sent an email to the website or their staff (I'm unsure which, they make it difficult to contact them) explaining my situation and asking if the art I'd posted in my thread can be removed, or if the thread can be deleted altogether. I have yet to receive a real response from them and while I may be overly paranoid, I'm terrified of someone, especially my husband, discovering my MPA activity. I'm not proud of everything I posted there, and I'm now at a healthy weight with healthy eating habits and would like to move on from that part of my life. I did receive an automated response from [email protected] saying that they "have received (my) support request and will reply as soon as possible." The rest of their response includes a link saying "click here to respond to this message" though all it does is bring me to a version of my report that's on the actual website. That version of the report says my report's status is still "open". I was also given a three-letter password for the support request, but I don't know how I'm supposed to use it.

Has anyone else had a similar experience with that website? Would you know what to do or hoPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 8338

I used to work at an IT place that used a similar system, or maybe even the same one (Zendesk). Your request opened a support ticket - identified by the number you have - and their staff will have a target number of days in which to respond. They also usually have a target number of days to solve the problem and close the ticket.

If you don't get responses within a fortnight, just keep bumping it, maybe once a week: email a follow-up "hey, haven't heard, looking forward to resolving this with you" etc. etc., as a reply to that email. It should all link to your open ticket if you do it that way, but if you're worried, you can always include "RE: ticket ###" to keep it crystal clear in your records and theirs.

Good luck anon, glad to hear you're in a brighter place, and hopefully they sort it out for you promptly.

Anonymous 8339

MPA was "shut down" then reopened, and it's a mess regarding who controls that site. Try following what >>8338 said, but know it may be quite difficult given their shaky leadership.

Anonymous 8341


Thank you both for your advice and kind words!


Ideal Body Type thread? Anonymous 1672[Reply]

What's your ideal body type, anons?

Are you into being thin, or curvy, or maybe fit? Were you born a cone shape but long to be a pear? Or maybe you're a banana but would rather be an hourglass?

I'd like to hear your opinions and what you're doing to get there!
113 posts and 34 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8323

I follow her, too. She's gorgeous. I can't believe she is pregnant now. I don't know if she's my ideal, but her body type is certainly interesting.

Anonymous 8324

She looks like she’s on something, her muscles are too round looking.

Anonymous 8327

Thank you! I’ve been searching for her name, but I only had one image that didn’t produce good results when reverse image searched. She’s so pretty. I wonder what it feels like to have that kind of muscle…. or to cuddle with her haha

Anonymous 8343

there's certainly no way this is natural, but for people like her it's less about fitness and more about shaping their own body into a work of art.

Anonymous 8351

These women weren't depicted as being thicc with wide hips/small waist/flat stomach/no rolls. Completely different imo

Anonymous 8326[Reply]

Self esteem issues are around because of images of perfection being peddled to people

Anonymous 8328


Jeez anon, how long did it take to figure that one out?

Anonymous 8329

She looks like Nash Grier.
And…did someone post her feet on the porn board?

Anonymous 8334


Indeed, someone did, and someone also linked one of her videos in a /b/ thread about a month ago. I haven't watched it, so I can't say whether or not it's relevant to that thread, but a poster here does seem to like her quite a lot. I doubt it, because she's got 450,000 YouTube subscribers, but maybe she's a miner trying to promote herself on the down-low?


Anonymous 8335


They also posted a video of hers in the eating disorder thread, lol. What's going on?


Anonymous 8340

All the videos are on point and it's a girl speaking about those issues


dilemma: skinny or implants Anonymous 8248[Reply]

Hi, anons. I'm a not really, but at least weight-wise "recovered" anorexic. I miss how my face looked badly; I gain weight in my face so only by being in the 15s bmi-wise did the fat start to recede. So now at a bmi of 19-20, I feel hideous, but a lot of the weight is because I've worked out and that helped me gain.

The dilemma I'm faced with is that part of why I became anorexic in the first place is because I realized I would never have a "balanced" body. It'd always be fucked because I don't have large breasts to offset how huge my shoulders are. It doesn't help my butt sticks out so it makes my breasts look even tinier. I wear a 32C/32D but they look more like what most people think a B cup looks like because of their damned shape (very round and not projected). If I got implants, I think I could be persuaded not to go back to being anorexic since it'd look ridiculous with the implants. But if I didn't get the implants, it's like, yeah, my body is fucked, why not become anorexic again. Any insight? Do you all think it's better to achieve an ideal body by long-term extremely low-cal diets (and exercise), or by plastic?

pic-related is some random with a bmi of 15. I looked a little more "strained" at that bmi
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8276

Sorry to hijack the thread, but:
What does it feel like to have implants? How does it feel to have them inside your body?
What’s the recovery like?
How big were you naturally and how big are you now?
Are you happy with them? How much did you pay? Would you recommend getting them?
Why did you get them (or I should ask: why did you want larger breasts?)?
Are you Stacy? Were you before the implants?

Anonymous 8277

theres literally nothing wrong with having small breasts. but youre mentally ill so you wont accept this…

Anonymous 8279

I replied to your post in the plastic surgery thread. >>8278

Anonymous 8280

How do boys react to them? Are you too autistic to get a bf?

Anonymous 8281

Anon pls move to the other thread, I don't wanna hijack OP's.

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