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Anonymous 15645[Reply]

Are some women really just not suited for long hair? I'm trying to grow it out but I end up looking like picrel.

My mother is vehemently against me having long hair because she keeps saying "Your hair looks bad long", "You aren't meant for long hair" etc.

I've wanted it to be at least waist-length since I was very young but even I am starting to notice it looks like shit these days compared to when I had it shorter.
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Anonymous 15655


Also, I do wonder if the water being too hard and the amount of chlorine in it or something isn't making it look worse. I think it's looked better every time I've showered in my mom's apartment. The water is kind of crap at my place, in comparison.

Anonymous 15656

>If your hair is curly/wavy then look at r/curlyhair for routines.
>Don't use any heat on your hair, not even a hairdryer.
>Use real silk pillowcases and hair ties.
>Avoid metal things in your hair.
>Use the thickest conditioner you can find.
>Let your hair get oily if you aren't going anywhere and brush the oil through your hair.
>Don't brush or comb wet hair. Use your fingers under the shower.
>If your hair is naturally wavy, pleat in the morning and then undo later for neater waves.
>Use Olaplex 0 and 3 every couple of weeks and leave on for hours. Only buy from sellers listed on the Olaplex site as lots of fake sellers out there.
>Don't dye your hair. A boring natural colour in good condition looks better than dyed blonde that is falling out.
>Get your hair trimmed whenever you see split or dried ends. Your hair should always feel soft and healthy.
>Get Japanese straightening. It's more expensive than Brazilian but permanent.

Anonymous 15657

Bad water can definitely play a role. How much conditioner do you put on ? I put a shit ton usually and leave it for around 5-15mins, then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container (I know some people would find that gross or pointless but really it's just hair you're not putting the conditioner on your asshole), it seems to have more of an effect than using only a tiny bit and leaving it for <3mins.
I remember how I put 3 different conditioners onto my hair, for 10 mins each, my hair was silky smooth after that. I don't recommend doing it though because it's a waste of time and probably the conditioners too.

Anonymous 15658

>then squeeze out the leftovers back into the container
I was thinking about doing this recently but I wondered if my wet hair won’t dilute the conditioner?

Anonymous 15659

A little bit, probably. But as long as you're not pouring the water directly into the container it won't affect anything that much, I should've also mentioned people have different hair porosity so if your hair doesnt absorb moisture very well you might need to leave the conditioner for a bit longer, while for others 2-3 mins is enough.


Best electric shavers? Anonymous 14970[Reply]

I’m so sick of shaving all the way with shitty disposable razors that just give me bumps. Any good affordable electric razor brand recs for beginners?
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Anonymous 15025

Yeah, plus a “shitty” disposable razor works fine for me. But a male with a lot of body hair could struggle with it and want an electric razor like OP…

Anonymous 15031

Women can have a plethora of different types of hair growth. Plus depending on the amount of blades those “disposable razors” can be quite shit. Are you actually this retarded

Anonymous 15628

womens remington. I got the purple and white one from target like 15 years ago. if its awful, just return them in the store or online until you find a good one. just dont fall for the epilator meme, it effective but painful.

Anonymous 15642

I hate my body hair too. If laser wasn't that expensive, I would have done it. Instead I settled for the lesser of the two evils and I bought an at-home IPL machine. I'm gonna come back here to comment once I finish the recommended time

Anonymous 15653

i have the same feeling
also the pic OP chose has a different vibe from al the other thread pics on this board
checkerboard floors are a red flag

Anonymous 14561[Reply]

What's your morning routine?
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Anonymous 14673

That's sweet of you anon, it's nice to know someone else does it.

Anonymous 15627

based american psycho

1000pm sleeping pills
10-1130pm anime
715am first alarm: antidepressants and caffeine pills then back to sleep
740am second alarm: set timer for 5 minutes of phone
745am equip socks and new underwear
750am log into work
750am to 9am brush teeth, rinse face with water or wash face with cereve cleanser, apply cereve retinol cream, get and drink coffee. give cat treats and prepare flavored water drinks for the day
9am put phone in cupboard and start working

Anonymous 15633

wake up at 5:30 or 6:00
weight myself, shower, wash hair, get dressed, drink tea, do makeup and hair, brush teeth, pack my bag and leave at 7ish

Anonymous 15641

>wake at 9 am to random noise
>weigh myself
>go back to my nice dreams
>wake up at 10 am
>what the fuck is it this time i'm too tired for this
>wake up at noon
>browse phone for an hour
>splash water on face
>get back in bed and browse phone for another hour
>get out of bed to charge phone
>do 10 squats
>shower and put clothes on
>start a pot of coffee
>open fridge
>close fridge
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15649

10.50am - wake-up
10.51am - read email
10.52am - roll out of bed
10.53am - make a cup of matcha in the microwave
10.54am - pee
10.55am - get dressed
10.56am - fill water bottle
10.57am - find textbook
10.58am - open laptop
10.59am - connect zoom
11.00am - class starts


Body Hair Anonymous 4073[Reply]

What are your preferences for personal grooming?
How has it changed, or does it vary seasonally?

What does your routine consist of?

(I know there's a pubes thread, a few head hair threads, but I haven't seen anything about this yet)
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Anonymous 15529

My dad would do the same thing. Screw him and good for you anon

Anonymous 15530

should have told him he go first

Anonymous 15578

I'm cursed with both the hairy genes of Eastern European women and very sensitive skin that is very prone to ingrowns and irritation, so I vastly prefer epilating. Shaving has tended to make my skin too itchy and leave me with very prickly hairs. Epilating has been a godsend in comparison. My legs feel much smoother and I don't have to worry about hair removal for at least another week or so, since it makes it grow back slower. I just won't go anywhere near my pubes with an epilator, though. It hurts bad enough on my legs and underarms, already.

Anonymous 15643

I am not a fab of hair removal, but I in summer I need to do something with pube hair, because simply wearing shorts and going swimming is impossible
I used razors, it is effective but irritating my skin, then I tried sugaring - it was super effective and very long lasting - I like the feeling of a result a lot, but the process was so painful I promised myself never doing it again
Then I just start to use depilatory cream for sensitive skin - and it is ok. Not painful, easy to use, ok results
So if you are not allergic or have highly sensitive skin x I would recommend chemical creams
Not sure if you can use it very often, though

Anonymous 15644

Ah, and I used it a couple of times for legs, arms and armpits - effective and I am not dead yet


abortions Anonymous 12757[Reply]

Hot topic, but what's your opinion of it? I don't like the fact that so many young people act like it's nothing, it's a quite serious topic with many angles to look at it from.
In my opinion abortions should be available until the 8th week, which is around the time the nervous system and brain reach a level of development where the fetus can be called "conscious".
Special circumstances should be available for rape victims.
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Anonymous 15622

i've heard people say that if you abort a rapist's baby you actually allow the rapist to win because he did a crime and you erased all the evidence. not my opinion but maybe interesting for some of you

Anonymous 15623

honestly though, i don't understand why we have this discussion. i've been sexually active for almost 8 years. the only thing i use to avoid pregnancy are condoms, that's it. i've never been pregnant and never had to abort a baby. this discussion isn't about morals (casual sex being good or bad), because casual sex doesn't mean you are gonna get pregnant.

i'm pro life, because if i wanna get pregnant, i remove the condom, if i don't wanna get pregnant, i use a condom. i chose to get pregnant or not. i don't understand how people can say pregnancy happened to them or they didn't chose to be pregnant, like, what, how? if you have unprotected sex, you chose to have a baby. i don't understand how we even have to discuss this obvious shit.

i do agree with abortion when the life of the mother is in danger or extreme situations like rape, but those shouldn't be a reason for dumb people to also claim they have the right to abort their baby after they chose to have unprotected sex. that doesn't make sense, and i think you are sick in the head.

Anonymous 15635

One day you might be stealthed by a man you thought you trusted or your contraceptive will malfunction. It's not a rare thing and it may happen to anyone. Allowing abortion hurts no one, literally no one, not a single person who is living, walking, or crawling on this world. If you think people use an invasive procedure as their primary form of contraceptive and not a last resort you're incredibly naive.

>i do agree with abortion when the life of the mother is in danger or extreme situations like rape, but those shouldn't be a reason for dumb people to also claim they have the right to abort their baby

In your head this looks fair but the real-life implementation of those laws will not reflect your ideals. Those exceptions will not be reasons for "dumb people" to use to cheat their way into an abortion, on the contrary it will be a way for clinics to cheat their "legally valid" clients into denying them abortions. And how will you implement this "prove you were raped" system?‌ Surely you don't think the gentle and loving legal system you live in will immediately look at a traumatized woman, examine her and rush her to surgery right away? No, what happens realistically is that the woman has to report the perpetrator which is difficult enough, hope her proof of innocence is enough, wait for the policemen to settle their bureaucracy, on an on.. all the while going through psychological torment, carrying a rapist's parasite, enduring the infringement of her liberties and rights as a human being.

You people give 0 thought to the logistics and the real-world implementation of the laws you are proposing. Once again I‌ have to ask, are you malicious or stupid?

Anonymous 15639

People can twist things either way to suit their own agenda. The woman should do whatever is right for her and forget about what it means to anyone else.

Anonymous 15640

For you know, you could have avoided pregnancy all these years because you are unable to have children.


Lifting Anonymous 13775[Reply]

Anyone here lifts weights? I'd love to have a lifting buddy
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Anonymous 14277

That's a good idea but I am a little bit shy.
I might post a progress pic here from time to time though if I am not the only one.

Anonymous 15625

>Any female influencers that you follow online that does lifting?
not right now
>Favorite and least favorite exercises?
favorite is squat and least favorite is deadlift
>What's your workout routine?
squat 3x5, bicep curls 10x3, deadlift 5x3
>Do you usually like to go alone or bring someone with you to the gym?
bought a squat rack and barbell. its just sitting outside
>How did you get into lifting? How did it change your life?
moid bf influence. I also found that strength conditioning helps prevent osteoporosis which runs in my family. i'm slightly healthier now. my lifts aren't impressive cause i stop exercising when it gets busy at work.
>Do you try to promote lifting to people around you?
>Do you wear gloves while lifting?
$15 womens weightlifting gloves from walmart
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15634

>bicep curls 10x3

how much do you lift curling dumbells?

Anonymous 15637

12lbs ;__;

Anonymous 15638

12 lbs is perfectly fine, most of the pro bodybuilders i know don't lift above 20 lbs


how to start eating healthier? Anonymous 14001[Reply]

I'm trying to lose weight and have started gymming regularly as well. I've attempted to begin eating healthy multiple times and have always given up because it just seems like such a huge and daunting life change. It honestly overwhelms me and the abundance of articles and clickbait online also overwhelms me. Does anyone here actually eat healthy and what are your tips for starting and maintaining this lifestyle? I really do want to change, but I don't know where to begin. Can you have variety and excitement in your healthy/low cal meals?
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Anonymous 14045

true. processed sugar is so addictive it should be thought of as a drug. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6234835/

Anonymous 14046

as a cope I tried looking up research showing how blueberries are healthy but it turns out most of it is funded by blueberry corporation lobby groups.

still is way better than candy and soda and etc.
idk I don't know all the science but it basically does permanent shit to your body on a cellular level and also can actually contribute to premature aging

Anonymous 14056

Meat is pretty vital

Anonymous 14057

>what are your tips for starting and maintaining this lifestyle?
JOURNALING! there are different ways to go about this, but this helped me:

on the first day of your journaling adventure, you live as you normally would (without worrying about thinking you should eat better) because you want to get an overview of how your current eating pattern is
so, during the day, write down everything you eat (be honest and don't skip anything, don't be ashamed of your diet but look at it as motivation to improve yourself)
at the end of the first day you have a clear overview of where you stand
now you will notice which foods you eat too much, too little, just enough…. but you will also notice that there may be certain things missing in your diet

at this point you don't have to make any changes to your diet yet, in fact I advise you to live and eat for a whole week as you normally would and write everything down without making any changes to live a 'better and healthier' life'. that way you get a clear weekly overview of your eating pattern

but I also advise you to write down your findings after each day of that first week. What do you notice? what do you eat a lot of, where are you doing well, what do you eat too little of? and so on. In the meantime, you can also look up things about healthier eating and write down everything in your diary that you think is useful. you can also fantasize about what your ideal eating pattern looks like on a daily or weekly basis. for example, how much meat or vegetables you should eat and up to how many sweets you can consume per day and how many glasses of water you should be drinking

after a week you have recorded your eating pattern, you have collected information and you have written down what you can best work on and what you are already doing well

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 15636

lunch: 2-3 eggs or single quesadilla with keto tortilla or turkey sandwich with keto bread

dinner: stir fried vegetable + meat
vegetable: salad or stir fried with soy sauce and/or butter zucchini, broccoli, green beans, asparagus, gai lan
meat: steak, keto hawaiian chicken, roasted chicken, italian sausages, spam, salmon
snack: string cheese or another sugar free (diarrhea inducing) snack


Period Discussion General Anonymous 9864[Reply]

Discuss any findings from the period survey >>9534 or any other period related things here.

One thing that surprised me from the survey was how many women have at least one extremely painful day every month, yet this is barely spoken about and all women are just expected to get on with things.

Did anyone notice anything else?
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Anonymous 15611


it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts help help help help i hate periods so fucking much i wish i was dead i try to not take painkillers but i always end up taking them i hate it so much i hate periods why the fuck do i have to go through this i dont even get sex why so much pain

Anonymous 15621

i do for several months now, i also learn and read a lot about the menstrual cycle and hormones and how they influence your mood etc. all of this info was eye opening to me. i now understand that i don't randomly feed down sometimes but it is because of my hormones. same goes for being happy. i would think i had my randomly happy days but it's not that random, my happy moods are very much influenced by my hormones. it's so crazy that i've lived so long without knowing any of these things. i wish my mom or school learnt me this, bc omg i now can't image living without tracking and understanding my menstrual cycle.

also: for the ones who have terrible menstrual pain: that's not normal, even though society had normalized it that girls/women have (a lot of) pain during their period, it's not normal actually. the pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong, maybe it's your hormones, maybe it's stress, maybe you're eating something that effects the working of your hormones… or something else! the worst thing to do is take painkillers and ignore all these signals. the best thing to do is try to track your cycle, your mood, your pains etc and try to figure out what's wrong and what might help you. listen to you body, don't numb it when it screams for help (very dramatic i know, but it's true)

>The doctor I go to prescribed me painkillers
sorry to hear that! terrible doctor if you ask me

Anonymous 15624


I'm >>15611
My period is extremely painful. It's insanely painful and I sometimes cry, vomit or feel like I will pass out. I know it most probably isn't normal because I am so unfunctionnal I cannot walk, stand, or even speak sometimes because it's too painful for me. But everytime I bring it up to a doctor. Multiple doctors actually. All I get is painkillers. There has been nothing else given to me, not even advice. People do not care about your painful periods. People think your painful periods do not matter, or that you are exagerating your pain. Even women I know have told me that. Stuff like "Come on stop pretending, why skip class over something as small as a period?!". It's tiring and I clearly believe I cannot do anything about my painful periods. All I know is that I have shit period genetics I inherited from my mother who also had extremely insanely painful periods, difference is that her periods made her vomit almost every month while for me it happens occasionally. What works is painkillers, waiting and then eventually the pain goes away. I know it's just shrugging the issue under the rug and that it does not actually help. I am tired and sad because of it. I genuinely do not think I can get anything better. Each time I bring it up, nothing can be done other than prescribing me painkillers in hopes that I stop complaining.

Anonymous 15626

Have you asked for tranexamic acid? Or tried birth control? Don't know if it's helpful but I notice my period pains are worse if I eat a lot of sugar before it comes.

Anonymous 15632

I don't know what tranexamic acid was so I looked it up. I think it might help me. I'll try to ask my doctor about it, hopefully something comes out of it. Thank you for the suggestion anon!


chest pain after running, could it be serious? Anonymous 3629[Reply]

(reposting from anothet site)

So basically four days ago, I

-went for a short, brisk run

-everything was fine while I was running

-but after like a minute of rest i:

-felt a tightness in my chest

-hearing faded out

-vision faded away
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
17 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 13125


three year anniversary to this nonsense. still busy with uni but i'll try to see a doctor after midterms are over.

hope none of the staff team minds me blogging here about this; nobody irl seems to care (and i hate whining about it anywaY)

Anonymous 13132

Been a long time for that chronic pain. Has it gotten any better? Is it getting worse? Does it fluctuate?
It’s sounding heart related, these are almost classic heart attack symptoms. But assuming no heart damage, it’s either your blood or your lungs. If not them, it’s your nervous system. A good doctor (WHICH I AM NOT PLEASE DO NOT THINK I AM A DOCTOR) would go through the list and attempt treatments for each.
There are a few theories I have. I AM NOT A DOCTOR:
1) pain is chronic and staying roughly the same
- possibly late-developing cystic fibrosis, maybe even a mild version. Can confirm with genetic testing. If your skin tastes salty, and you are coughing up mucus, that is a pretty good sign
- possibly an autoimmune disease presenting with anemia. Low blood counts would give similar sensations to decreased oxygenation of the blood. Autoimmune diseases can present anywhere from birth into your 30s, they can also present when the body is subjected to an infection or a shock (exercise after years of being sedentary).
- hormonal disorder. Your brain is not sending out correct chemicals to direct your body to give your blood enough oxygen or make enough blood.
2)fluctuating pain
- look at allergies. Can drop your blood count and oxygenation and vary daily based on environmental factors you can’t control. Allergies develop in the late teenage years for a lot of people.
3) worsening pain
- cancer is my first bet, can be detected with a CT scan if symptoms have been worsening for a long time. Could also be bone marrow cancer (multiple myeloma) which would not be detected on a CT unless it was very advanced. Would need a biopsy.

I have ideas for treatment but I am in no way shape or form a medical professional, so please don’t listen to me. I don’t want to tell you what medicines to take but talk to a doctor about Prednisone for suspect autoimmune disorder and anti-depressant for possible neurological disorder. Prednisone can fuck you up, but it can also be incredible. It may cause heart problems so please only take it under the direction of a doctor WHICH I AM NOT. BECAUSE IF YOU TAKE IT AND DIE I WILL FEEL REALLY BAD ABOUT IT IF AN ACTUAL DOCTOR DIDNT TALK TO YOU ABOUT IT.

Anonymous 13133

>chest pain
>exercise context
>passed out
Sounds cardiac, if it has been getting worse/more frequent and your test showed coronary disease then probably unstable angina. Don't give up and go to the doctor again (another one). Get a stress ECG and 24h Holter if possible. I'd also ask for an echocardiography with Doppler to check on your valves. Some doctors are dicks and crooks, but you don't want to miss an important diagnosis. Valve stuff and arrhythmias can kill.
>I remember the hospital nurse giving me a stern warning not to let anyone stick ANYTHING into my wrist
Ignore anything nurses tell you, the super dumb ones have a tendency to tell patients the stupidest shit for some rason. You wouldn't believe the amount of scientifically inaccurate and downright mindblowingly stupid stuff I have heard nurses say to patients. If you really had an important coronary blockage you would need to have a revascularization, and it wouldn't be a nurse deciding that or taking responsibiliy for that decision either.

Anonymous 15619

this pain will be four years old soon. going in for a lipid panel + cbc on monday, hopefully things are brought to light.

Anonymous 15631

jesus anon, i hope you feel better. dont be afraid to see other cardiologists if the one you have is untrustworthy


What's your motivation to get /ft/, girls? Anonymous 3354[Reply]

I am not disgusting, but I have definitely gained some weight. Should I start doing yoga?
64 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15569

I haven't yet but I'll check it out, hopefully there are some helpful posts I can find

Anonymous 15575

>What's your motivation to get /fit/, girls?
I wanna be able to squat multiple people.

Anonymous 15577

started yoga during lockdown with yoga with adriene on youtube and i think she’s amazing for beginners. her motto is ‘find what feels good for you’ and she emphasizes that you have to take things slowly, building up towards some poses instead of straining. she also often reminds you to check your lower back, drop your shoulder blades etc. to keep your alignement and prevent injuries.
when i started i hadn’t done any sports in years so i did the 20min complete beginner video for a few days and then tried other classes. if you want to prevent injuries i recommend starting out with a really easy class, taking your time with it and focusing on keeping your back aligned and synchronizing your breath, then start introducing new poses and videos one by one. everytime there’s a new pose, especially more demanding ones like downward facing dog, check online how you’re supposed to hold that pose and what are the common mistakes. there are often easier alternatives to the harder poses so you can build up towards them. if it strains or hurts in any way just stop what you’re doing.
i also like yoga with kassandra. if you want to take things really slow look into yin yoga, sarah beth yoga has some great yin videos.

Anonymous 15610

thanks for all the recommendations, I followed along with some of the beginner yoga with adriene videos and I like the ones I did
I'm going to take it slow and work my way up to the harder poses, I appreciate the helpful advice!

Anonymous 15630

get a bite guard if its sleep apnea, if that doesnt help get a sleep study with a sleep doctor.

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