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Anonymous 9293[Reply]

So what's preventing us from unironically becoming this?
Is this a Stacy? You know the type that has brunch, perfect teeth, talks too much about wine, and has a tiny, ugly dog?

I am mentally broken after the past year (and my whole life), and it's like, why not? At this point, we've tried everything, why not just become a biblefag (any religion deemed socially "acceptable")?

Either tell me why you haven't or why I shouldn't ditch our weebneet niche femcel lifestyles.
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Anonymous 9332

These are understandable reasons

Anonymous 9333


What's always so funny to them anyway? How does their brain just have a constant output of seratonin?

Anonymous 9342

Perhaps, but being socially inept and coming off as a sperg is still incredibly off-putting. No matter how much I workout or how nice my clothes are, things won't change.

Anonymous 9343

Social skills are a muscle, anon. You need to train them.

Anonymous 9344

the apartment above me has a guy and his gf comes over a lot, and the walls are paper thin so i hear everything. the cunt just laughs all fucking day, just constant giggling for hours and hours and obnoxious laughter at 1 in the morning. wtf could possibly be that god damned funny that it takes you 5 hours to laugh about it? i hate normalshits so much, i wish they would all just die.


Nose piercings. Anonymous 9290[Reply]

Who started this trend?
Why does everyone have them?
And how the heck does ANYONE think this looks good?
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Anonymous 9306

they are disgusting. you are putting a sign smack bang in the middle of your face that tells everyone that you regularly stick your fingers up your nose. yuck.

Anonymous 9309

men in my area have them a lot (like 60% of women have it but still maybe 20% of men). it's just a neon sign, "hello i am walking garbage. i am trash. i would suck a penis for a slice of pizza. i've picked cig butts off the ground and smoked them."

Anonymous 9335

not to be rude but yall sound like pick me girls

Anonymous 9336

I don't think you understand what a pickmeisha is.

Anonymous 9341

nah, it's clearly the girls with nose rings that are doing the (nose) picking

a31 (1).png

Anonymous 8571[Reply]

>exercise regurarly
>have a good diet
>use moisturizer on face
>take cold showers
>dress up decently
>take good care of hair
>use light make up such as concealer to hide eyebags
>sleep required amount
>stay hydrated
What am i doing wrong? Why havent i looksmaxxed yet?
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Anonymous 9334

why just macadamia nuts?

Anonymous 9337

I wonder how it is to be this kind of person, who thinks there is some kind of body cockpit where you can control every single bodily function. I wonder what they do when they get sick by an unavoidable disease. Do they throw a self-blaming fit or do they switch to blaming others (big pharma, gmos, chemtrails, etc)?

Anonymous 9338

Just survive it. Corona means nothing to a healthy body.

Anonymous 9339

i was talking about things like cancer and autoimmune disease, which can have an almost exclusively genetic component or be simply bad luck. what if you get cancer and suddenly are but on chemo? corona could knock you down in one single coof, there's nothing "muh healthy body" could do against it.

Anonymous 9340

Meds won't help. That's the real redpill. You'll only relapse back into after chemo.


How do you act lady like? Anonymous 8844[Reply]

How do you act lady like?
And have manners?
Also what are manners?
How can you learn to be lady like and have manners?

I'm tired of feeling like a slob.
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Anonymous 9048

close enough but I've lived in other places like this, too, and it's more and more common.
I wonder how many women have been raped because of liberal soft-on-crime approaches. Personally, I think all violent criminals should be immediately executed with a bullet to the skull, but that's just me. of course rich liberal women don't care about the poor women who have to live in the mess they vote for.

Anonymous 9053

I blame the economy

Anonymous 9117

>reality is that women get harrassed and raped if they act like women.
What does it mean to “act like a woman”? To wear uncomcortable shoes a size too small? To walk in a comically exaggerated manner? My god, I hate gender and the way people project gender onto everything.

Anonymous 9119

Are you even in the United States? Or some third world shitbekistan

And anyway I think the schism in this discussion is “ladylike” vs “feminine,” where ladylike seems to veer towards the prim and proper dainty archetype from the Victorian era.

Anonymous 9325

What is Femininity? Aside from dressing up and wearing make up? I rarely see actions as distinctively gender.


Anonymous 9279[Reply]

I don't want to get fat and ugly when i have a kid (I'm already fat and ugly so there's kind of a disadvantage) what do you think women like her do all day?
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Anonymous 9299

but every day? how is that supposed to keep you fit

Anonymous 9310

Stilettos are torture devices for your feet. why do people wear them when sneakers are cuter and comfy.
and idk i've had months long periods where i barely ate anything to the point of passing out over it, and i was still chubby ("skinny" for americans). idk how people are even thin. maybe they eat one lettuce leaf and a shaving of cheese a day. the only people i know who are skinny while still eating normal human food run like 5+ or 20+ miles a day.

Anonymous 9316

Because a camera was previously set up purely to have this video taken.

Anonymous 9317

If I was the baby I wouldn't like that type of stacy being my mom not gonna lie.

Anonymous 9324

stop being lazy and stop stuffing your face. it's extremely simple.


Fat distribution for women = Tallness for men Anonymous 9194[Reply]

What does your fat distribution look like? Fat distribution seems to literally be more important than weight, and it sucks because it's genetic, you can't spot train, and if your hormones go a little out of wack it gets ugly fast. I went on the pill for a while and got love handles, kms. There's surgery and lipo…but that's expensive and very risky, plus flabby skin afterwards. And even if you do lose weight, some places will refuse to budge unless you devote all your free time to gym and good eating.
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Anonymous 9265

If its that bad, I suggest working out your legs and hips until you start feeling comfortable looking in the mirror. If that doesn't work, then you probably have an actual problem with your estrogen levels.

Anonymous 9318

Damn, fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 9321

all my fat goes to my thighs first. could be worse, but i could do without the chub rub. on a diet for this winter, need to drop 5 lbs of inner thigh mush.

Anonymous 9322

Lucky. At least you're not an egg.

Anonymous 9323


It's terrible. Most of my fat goes to my stomach and face. Some to my thighs and tits, but absolutely ZERO to my ass. It annoys me so much that I could look overweight from my face with fat cheeks and double chin, but utterly anorexic from my butt. It's ridiculous. Also my face just doesn't look good fat, it's not a good look at all for me. I have a very delicate bone structure so my face looks soft even in lower weights. With fat covering even the little structure I have I end up looking like a round flabby ball. It's absolutely necessary for me to have low bf% to look presentable and I rely on muscles to have curves (mainly a butt). It sucks because I am a huge foodie and struggled with binging in the past. I need to work out regularly&hard and I have a strict diet. I treat myself sometimes but honestly if I only didn't gain weight on my face I'd gladly take a fat body just to have the freedom to enjoy food. I honestly hate having to be a gymrat but I hate having ugly face way more.


Anonymous 9263[Reply]

Do you guys like nails?

Anonymous 9277

not personally (dont like wearing nails myself), but i think they're really pretty. i like watching videos of people making press ons and all the pretty things they add to them.

Anonymous 9278

Those nails are so pretty. I want them. I want to have acrylic nails but I don't have the money for it. Did press-room for a while but they came off a lot and I'm not supposed to have over the top nails at work. I like painting my nails but my boyfriend hates the smell and chemicals. So now I just keep my nails super short for cleanliness. It sucks. Nails were one of the few things I got complimented on.

Anonymous 9307


my profession doesn't allow for any kind of long or fancy nails but since I've been unemployed since graduation I've been wearing cheap press-ons as much as I can. I love the super sharp claw-like ones and coffin shape styles. I want to get something like pic related done with my old nail tech soon

Anonymous 9308

no because i have autism and just think
>how does she masturbate
>how does she wipe her ass
>how does she type
>how does she wash dishes
how does she wipe her aaaaaaaassssssssss

Anonymous 9319

Are you wiping by scraping your asshole with your fingertips? tf

It's a bit like having extended fingers, you are still able to do almost anything ir you learn how to work around. I find it easier to type and use my phone with them actually, i find them more practical.

And no i never had shit come in contact with them, you can wipe just fine.

download (1).jpg

Favorite vulvu moisturizer? Anonymous 9195[Reply]

I ran out of mine, want a new one what do you guys recommend.

Anonymous 9237

i assume you meant the pussy. for me, it is coconut oil. smells good, natural, cheap, effective, edible as a courtesy for moids who service me.

Anonymous 9239

erm no one 'services' me, but I like the other anon use coconut oil on my hand when masturbating

Anonymous 9245

You shouldn't be putting moisturizer down there…

Anonymous 9314

gotta get a wet ass pussy doe. you moisturize everything else. why not the kitty cat?


Help I am in pain Anonymous 9246[Reply]

So I've been having really intensely bad period cramps for the last few days, and I need advice on how to lessen the symptoms. It feels like there's a dagger in my ovaries and I don't know how not to break down crying on the floor when a wave of it comes. I feel like I'm at my limit please send help.
7 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9254

How long have you been swollen for?

Anonymous 9255

Yeast infection comes to mind.

Anonymous 9256



smoke a spliff

Anonymous 9269

- paracetamol and ibuprofen together
- hot water bottle on stomach (heat and pressure)
- drink hot tea
- masturbation
- avoid sugary foods during the month

Anonymous 9313

black cohosh tea. or the pills. the bottle says its for menopause but they're full of shit. imo the tea works better. it tastes awful by the way.


Cleaning / Organizing Thread! Anonymous 9273[Reply]

Hi anons! I'm doing a deep clean of my apartment today and thought this would be a good topic.

Honestly, I have no idea how to organize my closet so I'd love to hear how you guys tackle this stuff.

Some misc. tips I have:
- I keep a spray bottle with a couple of drops of dish soap, 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water. This is great for spot cleaning (especially on carpets (especially cat puke)), getting rid of hard water stains on shower doors.
-I try to make sure my kitchen sink is empty every night so that there's just not a pile of stuff waiting for me in the morning.
-I keep a tote by my door with broken down boxes for recycling so I can just take them with me when I take my trash out.
-I've been wearing my cloth masks while I'm cleaning with bleach / vinegar, it at least feels like I'm breathing in less chemicals
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 9275

I have a touch of ADHD so if I pack stuff away like that it's so out of sight out of mind that I completely forget it exists and never pull it out and wear it, lol. ):

Anonymous 9283


How do you guys let go of things you don't need? I don't want to hear about miss brings you joy. My dad says to take pictures with the objects and save the pics so you can at least look at them later.

My problem is I feel like I'm getting rid of a piece of "me". The more I move into minimalistic ikeaplant whitecubeshelves I feel less like myself. What do I doooooooooo
Need help it's so hard to clean with all of this Stuff, and I'm moving. It's especially hard because I grew up poor, I never had the chance to have unnecessary things.

Anonymous 9284

If you don't like minimalism or the look and it makes you feel worse don't do it! In keeping it clean it's important to make sure every thing has its own place.

If you want to get rid of stuff, think about what you'd do if your entire place caught fire and you lost x piece? Eventually you'd probably forget you ever had it. Objects, of course, don't make you who you are. If you want unnecessary pretty things and it makes you happy though, hold on to them! If you think it's worth holding on to and moving the object itself, hold on to it lol. The thought of moving and having more shit to pack keeps me from buying stuff.

Anonymous 9311

>breaking down your boxes to take to the recycling bin
my boxes are my recyling bin. amazon box? fill it with your cans and bottles until ti's full then dump the whole fucking thing in the bin, box and all. bam.

marie kondo all your shit and you will have less shit to organize.

use a bathroom sized trashcan for your one-and-only all-purpose trashcan. plastic shopping bags fit in it perfectly, so you never need to buy bags. and it gets full quickly so you never have stinky garbage stinking up your house since you need to take it out at least every week. (but really those giant kitchen trash bins would take me 2 months to fill up. imagine leaving raw chicken packaging in a bin for 2 months.)

take your shoes off at the door and then your floor wont get dirty and you dont need to clean it. never use bleach and you wont need to wear a mask to protect yourself from bleach fumes. take your clothing off before eating meals and you wont' get your shirts dirty and need to wash them. drinking red wine? just get naked first and you won't need to learn how to get wine off of your dress.

Anonymous 9312

only buy crappy cheap things secondhand from goodwill and you will never feel like your shitty "it does the job" coffee mug you bought for 50 cents is a part of yourself. don't buy things to begin with and you won't need to get rid of them. idk, you're making a lot of needless work for yourself. just take the lazy man's approach.

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