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Skincare General Anonymous 431[Reply]

Post your skincare questions, routines, recommendations, rants, raves, product recs, etc.

I'll start with my routine that's finally working for me:

Thayer's unscented witch hazel (as a toner)
COSRX Oil-Free Ultra Moisturizing Lotion
CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion

Pond's cold cream cleanser
Thayer's witch hazel toner
Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid (leave on for 15 minutes)
Oil cleanse with mineral oil
Remove with Pond's cold cream cleanser
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Anonymous 6941

I can't afford a doctor and it's not a full damned beard or anything. Just a few dark ones mixed into peachfuzz. Are there at-home tests? I did an at-home bloodtype test.

Anonymous 6943

Peach fuzz? Jesus, anom. Lay off the onions and red meat. Consume more legumes, seeds. A dietary change is what I can recommend to you the most. Also if you're from where I think you're from, with that excuse, I think there might be something in the fast food.

Anonymous 6946

You're telling me you don't have peach fuzz? Do you know what peach fuzz even is? Everyone in the world has it. And I don't eat fastfood.

You know what, nevermind. Take your attitude problem and go to hell with it.

Anonymous 6965

I get few hairs on my chin that are darker and thicker than my normal peach fuzz. When I pluck them, they give more resistance and I've noticed the root is darker as well. I've never had my hormones checked, but to contrast that other anob's comment, I have a good diet and I still get the hairs. I've thought maybe it's the hair dna getting mixed up. Like how men's beard hair can beverage different from their scalp hair?

Anonymous 7051

Any swimmers here? How do you protect your skin against the chlorine?


Anonymous 6674[Reply]

Do you like wearing skirts?
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Anonymous 7040

Just go up a size?

Anonymous 7042

If I did that they'd be too large in my waist area. Small waist + big hips is great aesthetically but when it comes to buying pants and skirts it's inconvenient. At least I can belt my pants but skirts not so much

Anonymous 7045

What's wrong with belting a skirt? It can look fashionable, if you take the time to look around.

Anonymous 7049

A bit of a strange question, but does anyone else were skirts as a type of social precaution? (Sorry, blanking on a better term.)

I’m blasin. I’ve brown skin, but am very small. When I were jeans or pants, I am cat called, called a nigger, slut, etc., or am just generally ignored. When I wear a skirt, people are hyper-polite, referred to as a lady, delicate, people go out of their way to help me, etc. It’s gotten to the point that if I’m going outside, I always switch to a skirt.

I’m a pre-Med. Student and have found the same things happen when scribing, assisting doctors/mentors, and interacting with patients.

Anonymous 7050

Idk what kind of shithole you live in but I never get cat called or treated differently because of wearing pants/skirts.


No Makeup Anonymous 7014[Reply]

Does anyone else never wear makeup? If so, why not?

I've pretty much never worn makeup my entire life (in my late 20s right now). The women in my family don't wear makeup, and growing up, my friends didn't either. I've recently noticed that the majority of women who I see walking down the street have at least a little bit of makeup on, and it's rare/almost impossible to find a woman who doesn't wear any at all (yeah, I'm not a very perceptive person, to have noticed it this late). Starting to feel like I should too. What are your thoughts on this? Anyone out there who's this way too?
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Anonymous 7021

I've never worn makeup because I'm lazy and cheap.
My mom never made it a thing to push it on me and I'm an introvert who really doesn't care about attracting attention so I don't bother.

Anonymous 7022

Always thought it was a socially-accepted massive sign of insecurity. The ones who say "oh nobody takes you seriously without makeup/people are less likely to listen to you" are probably extremely uncomfortable without it and that's what causes the unfavorable reaction. It's normal and accepted to not prefer your natural face anymore.

The most I do is wear sunscreen and use a cleanser/moisturizer on occasion.

Anonymous 7046

A question for those of you who don't wear makeup :

Do you do other grooming on your face? Like plucking eyebrows, shaving/waxing, etc?

Do you use non-makeup skin products, or are you all natural?

Anonymous 7047

I pluck my eyebrows, wax/pluck my upper lip. My face is naturally really greasy and elastic so that's why I avoid makeup like the plague, it feels really uncomfortable.
I use moisturising creams when my skin is a bit dry but usually I forget, I definitely need to take care of my face more. Ironically i work in a cosmetics store. Also as far as make up goes sometimes I'll put on mascara and lipstick but that's only on rare occasions, 90% of the time I have nothing on my face, both in uni and at work.
I'm lucky to have dark eyebrows and eyelashes though, maybe if it wasn't like that I'd wear more makeup.

Anonymous 7048


I don’t do anything other than removing blackheads from my nose, but seriously thinking about waxing my upper lip (got a small bit of ladystache unfortunately) and cleaning up my brows a little bit.


Twerking for Sport Anonymous 4406[Reply]

Is it all just a meme?
I get that twerking is probably good cardio like any form of dancing, but does it really do anything as far as toning the booty is concerned?
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Anonymous 4411

I guess it's as good cardio as any other dancing, except DDR.

Anonymous 4421

No, muscles need added resistance in order to break down, and then grow more in mass. Unless you're doing squats, twerking does nothing for it.

Anonymous 4451


Can't beat the DDR booty.

Anonymous 7010

consider bellydance as a way to tone your body and get in touch with your femininity

Anonymous 7044

dark post, anon, very dark


Diet Thread Anonymous 6210[Reply]

Who here is on a /diet/?

I'm 5'4 and 165lb and trying to lose some weight. I started a diet yesterday. Trying to eat lots of veg and lean proteins and keeping my total calorie intake below 800.I'm so hungry tho
How's your diet going?
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Anonymous 7018


I got a scale that measures stuff like body fat. Obviously not 100% accurate but still pretty neat.

Anonymous 7019


I have the same thing. The Renpho scale.

Sadly mine is starting to get buggy, it gives different weights whenever you step on it. :S

Anonymous 7033

Clean it out, probably a piece of something stuck in one of the feet causing variance.

Anonymous 7041


Just got prescribed Topamax to balance out the weight gain side effect of an antipsychotic I’m on. I looked up some stories of people losing weight on it via reddit and people are saying they lost anywhere from 5-25 lbs effortlessly. 15-20 would be ideal for me.

By fair chance has anyone on c.c taken Topamax? The one thing I’m worried about is the fact that it potentially makes you dumb. Like really, really dumb - forgetting words, names, and being unable to speak well. I already have some cognitive issues that get in the way of my work.

Anonymous 7043

Ooh I didn’t know this was the case, ty for the tip!

unnamed (19).gif

Short & Tall girls Anonymous 3018[Reply]

Which one are you?
Do you wish you could change your height?
Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
And for guys, do you have a preference?

Share, I'm curious.

I'm 155cm tall btw. And yes I do genuinely wish I was taller.
117 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6976

Some of them are…

Anonymous 7007

Very tall for my people(Japan) at 188cm
Sometimes wish I was 5'0 but my legs helped me a lot in track and field events and its a somewhat fun social dynamic.
It limits the amount of guys that are interested most definitely. Eh more guys are looking for a casual fling with a tall girl than a relationship in my local experience
Some girls like it, girls I was involved with seemed to like me being so much taller than them

Anonymous 7031

>Which one are you?
5'8 so taller side of average
>Do you wish you could change your height?
Sometimes I wish I could be taller but I like my height
>Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
It's hard to find guys my height or shorter that aren't extremely insecure about their height.
>And for guys, do you have a preference?
I love manlets.

Anonymous 7032


This picture is how I feel 24/7.

>Which one are you?

Tall, I'm 5'10.
>Do you wish you could change your height?
I'd be willing to give literally everything to be shorter.
>Does it even matter that much when it comes to dating?
I've never had a bf.
>And for guys, do you have a preference?
Most guys are shorter than me and even if they happen to be taller then they might still not like tall girls. I've never had anybody be interested in me, therefore I can't afford to be picky.

Anonymous 7037

i'm 154-156 cm
i like being petite tbh
i have my entire identity ingrained in being the "smol one" and sometimes i think it makes my anorexia worse because it's been ingrained in my head as a child that i'm the "skinny, petite one," so i have to maintain that image


Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
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Anonymous 6991

Blog post incoming:
>>6988 here, I decided to start Scooby's beginner workout. It feels a little like cheating since Saturday and Sunday are just cardio…

I pulled my head out of my ass and took the suggestion to try running. But I'm going to work myself up to it. The goal for today was 20 minutes of cardio. I took an hour long brisk walk (focusing on proper form and keeping my whole body engaged) with 20 minutes of jogging worked in.

Anonymous 6999

Many body fat % scales require a companion app to see/track the info. It's important to note that almost none of them are accurate, but they do tend to "work" to an extent, in that they deviate when you lose/gain fat. They also only measure the resistance in your lower-body, so your stomach fat won't be accurately represented in the measurement. A cheap caliper or even measuring with tape will be much more accurate, especially to get a valid starting point number, but also over time.

In initial weight loss, you may not see the number on the scale change much, as initial muscle gains happen much faster- but you will likely see a reduction in visual/measurable fat!

Most importantly, if fat loss is your main goal, cardio cardio cardio as you've been informed. If you don't want to run (and since you are already doing bodyweight workouts) look into some HIIT routines, there are many that can be done at home with no equipment! Fitness Blender has some nice ones I like, some including low impact options that are good for starting out. If you do want to try running, check out some couch-to-5k programs/apps! Good motivation and scaling.

Good luck on your journey! Stay motivated!

Anonymous 7001

I completely forgot about fitness blender, I'll check out some of their low impact hit routines.

I also have a measure stuffed away somewhere, I'll dig it out and try to figure out my measurements. Thanks for being so helpful.

Anonymous 7017

Okay, I measured myself and used two different calculators (us navy & ymca formula, according to the site) which both gave me 21% body fat. Which is… About where I thought I was? But I was bracing for around 25% lol.

Anonymous 7034

You're well above average already! Keep it up.


Anonymous 4914[Reply]

I always hated my tiny boobs but lately it started to bother me way too much. They are super small, when I lay on my back I'm completely flat. On top of that I'm really tall (taller than a lot of guys) and skinny and I think it makes them look even smaller

how do I deal with it? Seriously are there any tricks to make them seem at least a bit bigger? I tried gaining weight but even when I had 15kg more they didn't grow a bit

it's such a shitty reason to not like myself :|
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6488

You could get work done.

Anonymous 6522

depends on how flat we're talking. pushup bras are great, but if anon is literally boy chest mode, not much padding or push up can help if she doesn't want to be totally obvious.

Anonymous 6530

that's not true. anon should buy japanese/chinese bras. those things are magical!

Anonymous 6728


I know this board is pretty dead but thought I'd ask anyway.

My boobs are small which I'm alright with but does anyone else's sternum (breast bones) stand out a lot even though you have a normal BMI? Coupled with my small boobs, it just looks unattractive imo, like I'm a bony teenage kid.

Anonymous 7028

I have this, anon. I'm not underweight, either. My boobs are super small and far apart, and I'm tall. I don't like how it looks 100%, but I'm trying to learn to accept it.


Anonymous 7023[Reply]

What are your thoughts on short hair for women?

Anonymous 7024


Beautiful, just not on me.

Anonymous 7025


I like it.

Does a buzzcut also count as short hair (since it's almost bald)? Wish pic-related hairstyle was socially acceptable for not-so-gorgeous women like me. If you wear this in a normal city in my country, you either get stereotyped as a bull dyke or men judge you as a crazy man-hating feminist. Meh.

Anonymous 7026


buzzcut counts. it can be cute on some girls

Anonymous 7027

I like it; it's cute. Looks better on some people than others, but it's sexy if worn confidently either way.


When did you get your first period? Anonymous 4796[Reply]

As the title says.
I have a friend that has an 8yo daughter and she already has hairs under her arms. My friend is a little bit freaked out because she doesn't want her 8yo to get her period yet. I mean, who would want that?
I got mine when I was 11 or 12, and so did my friend. Do you guys think this is genetic? We've read stuff online about it but we want to hear your opinion. Also she has gone to the doc before and even though her daughter is not showing any "puberty signs", the doctor said that nowadays is normal to get their period earlier than before.
29 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6907

I got mine when I was 13, I remember feeling insecure cause all my friends had started ages before me, my sister had also first got hers at like 12 years old. I felt so relieved and happy when I started, now I goddamn hate them. My mum said she started when she was 16/nearly turned 17 which was crazy late.

Anonymous 6966

On my first day of the school year when I was 14. Only a day of bleeding too. My hormones are not functioning well and I still have a really childish body, despite being an adult now.

Anonymous 6967

me too except a bit younger

i was mistaken for 12 years old the other day

Anonymous 7012

Now that i think about it i dont even fucking remember my first period wtf

Anonymous 7013

I got mine at 9, way too soon. I also grew boobs way too early.

Nobody in my family got it so early, but then again my mother was almost 40 when she got me and my body is all sorts of messed up.

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