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Childfree thread Anonymous 102[Reply]


>"but Anon, you'll want them later!"

Yeah no.
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Anonymous 16097


I also think women who keep their mouths shut about how shitty motherhood is are, in their own way, class traitors and collaborators.

Girls deserve to know how bad it is. And guess what - women really aren't ACTUALLY protecting themselves by playing The Good Mommy. Society still shits on them if they perform perfectly. Ok, if someone gets demonized if they say anything about regretting having a kid or that it's a miserable existence. So fucking what?? She wasn't lionized as a mother. She's a socially approved domestic slave and a second-class citizen.

Anonymous 16119

How is this related to health and beauty?

Shouldn't this thread go somewhere else? I know it's been 5 years but still

Anonymous 16140

I’m sorry you had a bad childhood

Anonymous 16141

True. I also hate how people talk about how much happier moms are than non moms. Any mother will tell you, she’s not actually happier, she’s just too exhausted to pay any attention to anything else besides the kid.

Anonymous 16151

I just had an anti-natalist thread i made on /b/ archived because apparently a mod didnt know the difference.


how do get rid of septate hymen Anonymous 15888[Reply]

I have a septate hymen that I first learned about when I was about 11 and started trying to finger myself and use tampons. Thanks to yahoo answers I knew what a hymen was, so I wasn't concerned about that but I was concerned because I realized I had 2 holes. Over time I managed to stretch it enough to fit a tampon or about 2 fingers inside (though the first few times I used a tampon I panicked quietly because it almost got stuck). I never said anything to anyone because I was embarassed and worried about it.
Well, fast foreward to today and sex with this stupid thing is pretty fucking painful and it won't just break. The opening of my vagina is sore after today, my 2nd time having sex. My BF is pretty well endowed which makes the issue a little bit harder to deal with.
Anyways is there a way I can get rid of it or deal with it without surgery? I'd rather not have a hymenectomy but I don't see any other options, I was just wonderinf how you guys have dealt with it.

Anonymous 15890

how old are you now anon? unironically doctors might suggest you have a baby, beware. I also have doublepussy, in mid-late twenties now its not the same level of an issue as it was my late teens, if that gives you any hope (without surgery), hopefully some other people reply because I'm interested in information on this too, as I said it's the first time Ive ever seen the word for it.
Anecdotally, sex, yoga-like stretching your whole body, legs, etc, a diet with elastin and collagen, just hit it from all angles for a few months before you decide on surgery if thats the route you do need to take in the end.

Anonymous 15891

Can’t you just…cut off the middle part?

Anonymous 16025

I had this issue. Just make sure you use lots of lube and keep trying.

Anonymous 16149


I’m a virgin in my twenties but I genuinely don’t know if I have a hymen or not. I have never stuck anything more than a finger in my pussy hole, so I’m not sure if it’s fully broken or still intact. I have a small thinnish piece of pink skin at the bottom outside of my vagina hole (lol) however it’s not exactly paper thin so I thought it was just part of my vagina. It looks like pic rel but it’s outside my hole, not inside or part of the hole, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 16150

SAME I was never able to tell if I have a hymen. twenties and a virgin as well! spent some time in front of the mirror when i was younger trying to compare myself to the schemas but i coudl never tell. even tried to find porn featuring virgin women with a close up because it was so frustrating to not comprehend my own body… i really just see a hole. i fingered myself to "feel" it and it only made me have more doubts because i wondered if being able to put a finger meant i dont have a hymen. im still not sure. but now that i see the pic you used i guess that the hymen only blocks a big object such as a penis???? i feel so dumb talking like that. what is a hymen for anyway. im stuck


Too small Anonymous 16014[Reply]

My whole life I wanted to be tall you might even say big(but not fat).
I felt pretty tall in high school where boys were short and I was slightly above average girl.

But now I feel short all the time.
It's horrible, I always hoped I will have a next growth phase but it never came.

I am not even really short(170), but I wanted to be much taller(at least 180).

I can't even take growth hormone now because it won't do anything. I am so sad, I thought it will pass, but it never did. As time passed by I was feeling worse and worse that my dream will never come true.

I want to revert time and hop on growth hormones, but even when I was kid I started realising what they are when I already stopped growing and it was too late. Boys have it easier because they have much longer to take it.

I am sad, and I don't know what to do with myself, it haunts me all the time.
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Anonymous 16021

The only person I know that was put on HGH (a moid) had serious issues and committed suicide at 22. He was on other stuff as well and probably had some stuff to begin with, but I can't help but think it was a factor.

Anonymous 16031

>the internet
what ? might just be an asian thing but i knew families that were friends with my parents who had their children take hormones for taller(?)/faster growth since before the internet went mainstream. i think this has little to do with zoomers or whatever, but again it might have just been an asian thing.

Anonymous 16038

That's crazy and borderline child abuse imo. Are there medical grounds for that or is it purely for looks?

Anonymous 16042

I'm American and my boomer uncle was pit on growth hormones as a kid because he was short.

Anonymous 16148

Did it work for him?


Antidepressants Anonymous 15942[Reply]

What are your experiences with ssris?

I'm tired of having no interest in anything except for hating myself. I want friends and hobbies and to date.

Which ssirs don't cause weight gain or loss of libido?
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Anonymous 16054

Best thing I've ever taken. I'm using Fluvoxamine and Buspar for my OCD and it's made it so much better. I'm still depressed though but it's better than having intrusive thoughts every second.

Anonymous 16055

Does anyone else experience bizarre dreams on them? I think i almost lucid dreams last night and my anti depressants caused this but i’m not sure. I take melatonin to cope with the insomnia so i’m not sure what’s causing it.

Anonymous 16068

Awful. I took them for years, and there was not a single positive or redeeming effect, actually quite the opposite. I tried a few different ones and it was always the same. Like another poster said, they can cause sleep paralysis. I regularly had horrifying night terrors that made me afraid to sleep. Even waking hallucinations on occasion. They made my personality go all weird at random times. And I frequently experienced derealization. All that eventually went away after getting off them. The months of withdrawl getting off them felt like I was dying. Drugs like this will not magically make you happy and get you friends. I genuinely believe people are just being scammed into developing an unhealthy addiction with this garbage, likely so that some people can make money. What really helped me was learning and practicing some self discipline. Focus on a hobby (and get one if you don't have one), cut out any negative people or influence in your life, when your thoughts start to drift to negativity for too long, rather than dwell on it immediately do something else. Also really helps to get regular sleep, take regular walks and exercise, and drink water regularly (and occasionally something caffeinated too if you tend to be very low energy). Also there is a chance some of your bad feelings could be a symptom of a physical health problem so it doesn't hurt to see a real doctor and get a thorough examination. I realize a lot of people will disagree with me but this is what I believe. Your issues can be resolved if you force yourself to do some things differently with your life. And if my suggestions aren't enough, there's plenty more safe and helpful advice to read online.

Anonymous 16070

It depends on the person, Zoloft really helped me a lot. I felt really frustrated and confused all the time, everything felt wrong and I wanted to kill myself rather than feel that way, it was at the point where I was planning to do it as soon as I tied up some loose ends in my life. But I feel much better now. This is paired with therapy and adderall but I didn't start the adderall until later and the zoloft definitely helped a lot. It did make me gain weight but I'm getting an exercise bike.

Yes, but only if I forget to take it for a day. Yesterday actually I forgot to take it and last night I had a really odd and vivid dream. Usually it's a nightmare but this was just kinda strange.

Anonymous 16147

Or maybe, just maybe, everyone’s bodies are different and what works for some people gives bad side effects to others? I know many people whose lives were saved by SSRIs. Likewise I know people who had terrible side effects. It’s stupid to dismiss the benefits of a medication and claim it’s prescribed as part of a global conspiracy just because it didn’t personally work for you.


eating disorder thread Anonymous 4629[Reply]

eating disorder thread - its time for another

do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
are you attempting recovery?
how long have you had it?
what caused it?
how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

i have a purging disorder.
i kind of want to attempt recovery sometimes, then i see something like my crush looking happier talking to another girl thats skinnier than me, i think about how much better i could look/how i could compensate for my stupid ugly fact, and i think about the comments my dad gives me when i 'eat bad' even though im 19 bmi/skinnier than him (hes overweight, i think.) ive had mine since i was 13. i was a fat child growing up because my parents didnt know how to feed me, and instead of giving me healthy food they just called me fat/made fun of me. it disrupts my daily life heavily because i cant eat anything without purging after, and it just ruins my mood and has disrupted my health. ill be devastated if i go up 0.1 a pound
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Anonymous 16073

people like you generally are the kind to project no offense. hope you recover from your atypical anorexia anon

Anonymous 16077

nona is having a normal one clearly…I hope someone ridicules on tiktok the next time you look slightly weird in public

Anonymous 16086

>do you have an eating disorder?
which one?
Binging without purging.

>are you attempting recovery?

Yes. I'm seeing a specialist and taking medication. I've been put on a really low carb diet, not keto, just high protein and lots of vegetables that aren't starchy without any set calorie restrictions. The combination seems to be helping since I haven't had a binging episode in a while. But I'm afraid I'll relapse like I did the last time I lost a ton of weight.

>how long have you had it?

I don't really know. I've had problems with weight since I was a young kid but I don't consider that due to binging.

>what caused it?

Don't know.

>how does it disrupt your daily life, if it does?

It's made me really fucking fat and so I can't really do a lot of things I enjoy very well like hiking. It's also probably led to me being unable to hold a conversation since you don't get a lot of practice socializing when most people try to pretend you don't exist.

Anonymous 16088

Binge eating. I honestly miss being anorexic

Anonymous 16146

People like you give people with EDs a bad name. You reinforce the idea that anorexics are narcissistic bullies.


Anonymous 15969[Reply]

I want to lighten my skin for cosmetic reasons. Any advice?
7 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15996

I heard Asian products tend to have mercury in them, are these 100% safe?

Anonymous 16000

counterfeit stuff does, but legit brands don't. this product is fine but I don't recommend buying it off amazon considering all the fake stuff on there.

Anonymous 16107

>I don't recommend anything permanent or you'll end up like picrel.
I thought he had a disease?

Anonymous 16115


He had severe vitiligo, confirmed by his autopsy report and visible in certain photographs. Lots of people still believe the tabloids that say otherwise, though.
I don't think any product that can make you go from black to white like he did exist, there are just products that remove and prevent suntan to make you a bit lighter. Kojic Acid is one of them.
Lemon works too BUT it causes photosensitivity and sunburns, so avoid using it if you're already sensitive to the sun and make sure you only use at night, either way.

Anonymous 16145

I have a feeling his vitiligo was caused by using lightening products in the first place tho. Stuff like hydroquinone can really mess up your melanin and often causes rebound pigmentation.


nylon stocking hate thread Anonymous 15770[Reply]

I don't get it. Why buy and wear them at all?
They don't really cover your legs, at all. I still have to shave my legs when I wear them because you can still see all the hair matted down in them because they're literally see through.
They don't keep your legs warm, at all. You might as well wear absolutely nothing.
They're extremely uncomfortable with practically no benefit at all.
On top of that, they constantly rip and get runners in them and are good for like maybe 3 uses max.
Just get some normal winter stockings made out of stronger material that have a purpose.
Seriously, why buy these things unless they're the nicer fashion kind with patterns on them or something? They have no fucking purpose.
I'm fucking tired of clothing companies making using their shitty and pointless products fashion etiquette and brainwashing the whole population into wasting their fucking money.
42 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16085

I no longer wear them because I got fed up with how quick they tear but when I did wear them it was to cover my legs when it felt inappropriate/too summery to go out with bare legs even though it was possible weather-wise.

Anonymous 16117

They make tights that are super hard to rip, I know sheertex is a brand that specializes in this I’m not sure of any other. I haven’t ever tried them but I’ve heard good things? Obviously pricier than normal tights but they last much longer (buying 3 10$ umbrellas vs one $30 umbrella type of logic)

Anonymous 16118

I've looked into Sheertex before but they didn't stock my prefered colour at the time (dark grey) and I heard they have a weird texture?

But what really kept me from getting them was that they'd have to last me about 1 year or more wearing them 2-3 times a week to be cost effective against the cheap thights I used to purchase. And I found no reviews of women who had worn them that long.. most of them were a few weeks or months tops. At 60 euro for a pair that risk was a bit too large for me.

Anonymous 16143

I like them because they’re a security thing for me. I really hate going out and having moids stare at my legs, but in the summer it’s too hot to wear pants. Sheer stockings are like a security blanket for me and help me stop feeling so exposed or ‘naked’ in public.

Anonymous 16144

Only the crappy western granny ones are really orange like that. In Japan they have lots of nice pale thin low denier options and even toeless ones for if you’re wearing open toed heels. I heard in Japan having bare legs in public is seen as kind of weird and inappropriate, so most office ladies and women wearing skirts will wear pale flesh color tights. Many of them are so sheer you can barely notice them. You can see it on the subway a lot.


Whats your budget on hb Anonymous 16024[Reply]

I don't buy any makeup except for lipsticks because oh yes pretty colours love it. Lipsticks last long even though I use them almost everyday. I have about 4 I think and it's been more than one year or two that I didn't buy any.

I don't spend a lot on haircare because I use what I have in my kitchen to wash and do masks. I think it's been more than one year. I only bought recently two products to try because it's made for curls. Cost me about 40 euros but I don't mind since I didn't buy any hair product for a while and it is quality stuff.

I don't buy much skincare products either, now good soap is enough for me. Recently I used pH neutral stuff I buy at the pharmacy. Costs less than 10 euros for 2 soaps if I remember correctly. But i swap a lot because I like to try soaps. I avoid conventional ones so I either buy stuff at the pharmacy or at bio shops.

As for health well I'm really inconsistent with the way I nourish myself so… It's either I spend way too much on junkfood or nothing at all or I'm being a good girl who buys nice meat and a bit of vegetables and fruits. I avoid fish now because it's so overpriced for its worth now with all the pollution. Too bad cause I do love the taste
I don't spend money on meds I don't live in US
Im taking better care of my illness tho. (It's not mental)

So in one year I usually don't even spend 100 euros in Health and beauty.
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16100

I'm 32 and I have some texture but nothing horrible. I've actually had my skin complented several times lately. I don't have any deep lines, crow's feet, 11s, etc. I'm really worried about developing forehead wrinkles so this time inatead of buying the regular gokujyun moisturizer I bought the anti-aging one that is about $10.

I'm lucky that I rarely get acne and when I do it's hormonal acne on my chin that gets hidden by my mask lol.

Anonymous 16104

Nta but hormonal acne is a woman thing.. because you know.. we have hormones.. it's not exlusive to girls/women in their teens either, it can happen during a woman's menstruation at any point in their life and pregnancy can cause it too. It's why girls/women are often recommended to go on the pill to deal with acne (stupid imo but does happen a lot)

Anonymous 16116

Do you work in construction or in a warehouse? Both of those professions are terrible for your skin I think

Anonymous 16131


Adding to my previous post: About 3-4 months ago I stopped washing my facd in the morning and I haven't noticed any changes in my skin. My face wash and moisturizer now last twice as long.

However, I apply deodorant after my shower at night and in the morning so I go through it quite quickly. I live in Japan and deodorant comes in small sizes and is way mord expensive than in the US.

Anonymous 16142

Does anyone know a solution for bad skin texture? I have a lot of big pores, some look like actual holes in my face. And I hate it. The cleaner I keep my pores, the bigger they look because they’re empty and more obvious. Is it possible to do an at home deep skin peel? I don’t have enough money to do a clinic one. Ive heard okay things about glycolic acid but I don’t think most at home acids are powerful enough to completely peel that top layer of skin off.


Are there others who completely don't wear make up? Anonymous 14558[Reply]

I've never wore make up, and I don't think of putting it on in the near future. I don't have skin problems and I like my skin, also I don't see things that need to be changed on my face.
All the women my age I know wear make up.
Anyone in CC that does the same?
35 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15182

Yeah I've never worn makeup. I'm just completely average looking and I'm ok with that. My facial skin is soft and smooth and nobody's ever pointed out I'm not wearing makeup. In fact I've often been complimented I look younger than I am. I didn't grow up around other girls so I was just never encouraged or taught how to use makeup. Also I've heard a lot of things about how unhealthy it is thats scares me away from it like clogs pores, damages skin, etc. Plus just seems like a lot of extra cost and effort I don't want to deal with. I use a couple of mild products to clean my face regularly and that's it really. I guess I'm also lucky I don't have any bad skin problem, at worst I might get a small acne flare up around my period but there's cleansers that can heal that up pretty quickly.

Anonymous 15274

Oh I do this too! I've tried to put on a full face of makeup but my skin hated it. I'm also just really lazy and also terrible at doing makeup lol

Anonymous 15407


I used to wear make-up, but now I won't even wear it for special occassions. Struggled a lot with acne a few years ago, but I found that healthier lifestyle >>> any amount of shitty make-up/skin products. XYs preying on our insecurity deserve nothing

Anonymous 15410

i just moisturize my face everyday and exfoliate it every few weeks, but no makeup. i use lip gloss which i don't know if it counts as makeup, and sometimes mascara. it doesn't do much, though …

Anonymous 16139

Pic related should be the kid and the boot meme
If makeup made you unhappy and kept using youre the only one to blame, even more so if other women using it triggers you, you have issues to resolve
I stopped using it years ago because it affected how I saw myself in the mirror and felt disassociated to my peers, but everyone else can use it and it’s fine for me

piss drying map.pn…

Moid hygiene Anonymous 15878[Reply]

Do they really??
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 15994

I don't know what to tell you, it's just a trusted source. It's fine to be skeptical but in this case there's not a lot of reason for it.

Anonymous 16098

wtf? actually never heard of this, gross af

Anonymous 16099

you are gross kys

Anonymous 16101

Sounds like at that point it would be better just to do nothing. Rather than just passively letting some of the piss end up being spread around in small quantities in a few random places that well-adjusted people expect a little bit of piss residue in anyway (the carpet, bed sheets, underwear, the inside of the shirt at the bottom), you're deliberately putting it all on a visible place on the outside of your shirt that has a good chance of ending up in your mouth while you're sleeping. I think it would eventually stain the shirt, too.

Anonymous 16138

If it's a trusted source can you name where exactly does this data come from?

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