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Breast Implants/General Plastic Surgery Anonymous 3999[Reply]

Does anyone here have breast implants? How did they affect your life? Do they hurt? Do they even feel like your own body? Has anyone here ever considered a boobjob?

Do most men consider fake breasts normal now? More and more young girls are getting them and male oriented media is dominated by women with implants. I’m pretty sure most men can’t tell the difference.

All plastic surgery discussion is welcome. Please stay reasonable and open minded, and don’t try to talk others into stuff they don’t want.
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Anonymous 7526

You're literally willing to harm yourself so you can conform to society's beauty standards. Obviously not in the case of corrective surgery (ie. fixing deviated septum, or teeth that could cause issues). But how is breaking your face, and harming other parts of your body just to look good in society's eyes, healthy? And then don't get me started on implants, even worse because the damn things will be uncomfortable for the rest of your life.

>b-but it's for me!

Nah. If you weren't bombarded by idealized images of beautiful people 24/7 you wouldn't have learned to hate your body.

> If you have a defect that causes you insecurities there's nothing wrong with wanting to fix it

It's putting a bandaid over a festering wound. You have to do the inner work and fix the insecurities first. The work that needs to be done is internal, not external.

Anonymous 7531

I was born with what I have and I'm learning to live with it. After starting to see results a few years trialing anti-depressents and group therapy sessions, I'm starting to think people who get cosmetic surgeries (outside of a genuine deformity) have some sort of mental illness not being treated. My compulsive hate of myself and urges to change have gone away almost entirely, other than the occasional thought that passes I'm able to observe and let go of. Obviously this is vague, but after the work I've gone through, I'm starting to see common thought patterns between the old me, and those I meet that are considering going under the knife.

I guarantee this thread I probably have the least attractive breasts, far apart, sagging, yet very small, but they don't cause me any problems (as of now). I rarely get breast pain, I don't get a large portion of underboob sweat like my friends, no swelling, rare soreness, and no back pain. I'm sure they'll perform their basic function if I had a baby as well. Many are not so lucky, and I should be thankful. I've had guys make fun of my breasts, one tell me he wouldn't be with me unless I got silicone implants. I'm alone now, much happier.

I can't tell anyone to not do it, but at least be safe. Very little research has ever been done on implants, the FDA passed them without really doing long extensive testing on patients. Recent studies have been published that textured implants cause cancer. Read about "Breast Implant Illness." While not an officially recognized diagnosis, women who are predisposed to other auto-immune disorders have had a number of symptoms that caused inflammation until their implants were removed. Almost all women, supportive of surgery or not, with implants, agree that they are restrictive of breathing. Cons considered, it's not worth it. Health is more important. Breast implants, to me, are no different than those who risk blindness to change their eye color. My skin on my chest, and my eyesight are not replaceable.

Anonymous 7562

Good on you anon, that is really inspiring.

Anonymous 7591

I have implants. Got them because I was worried about how broad my shoulders were in comparison to my A-Cup breasts. They really are only for if you want to impress other people. No plastic surgery will "fix you" and make you okay with yourself, however, if you're honest with yourself, that you're doing it for other people. They're alright. They look great but it's a 100% true they feel different and are obviously different when groped. Only slightly though as long as you didn't go full retard size wise.

All in all if you want it go for it, but it won't solve your problem. Shits expensive and will feel different. You get used to it though.

anz 7610

"Quality men".
Most of guys dripping for those Insta girls are pieces of shit.
It's all about money.
If you want a man for money, save yourself 5 grand and get big tits.
Date empty scum bags.
Be an empty scumbag yourself.
Loving real men and women, that's what keeps you away from scum like this. And even then, most "real" people are also scums.
I'm happy to have found my GF 2 years ago, we are the 1% of the 1%.
We hate living in the same world as most of those scumbags.


Anonymous 7504[Reply]

What does /hb/ think of the 'soft-girl' aesthetic?
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Anonymous 7506

Mostly agree with >>7505 Some of the looks I've seen under the "soft girl" tags on instagram are honestly ugly, but pastels and more girly looks have been my aesthetic long before this trend started. Got me more out of my comfort zone when it comes to showing skin as well.

Anonymous 7514

reminds me of grandma's house

Anonymous 7555

My gf is this aesthetic. (I'm more androgyne, not really fashion-sensible.) Can confirm it's kino.

Anonymous 7582

i love it

anz 7609

It's an aesthetic
Exterior aesthetic
That's the problem…


/fit/girls Anonymous 7341[Reply]

Anybody here workout?

I work out pretty regularly; regular weight lifting and strength training along with plenty of cardio. I can bench press 120lbs, but I've gone as high as 150lbs on good days.
It's come to the point where friends and family have taken notice because I've become considerably more muscular.
Sometimes I contradict myself because I don't want to be known as the buff girl, but I love seeing those numbers climb on the smith machine. And I can physically do more than I ever was able to before. I don't want to lose that.

Does anyone else here have a workout/exercise regime? Doesn't matter if it's only cardio or if you're a gym bunny like me. Let's talk about it!
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Anonymous 7542

Same. Although I've always loved chubby women with more in the chest area than me (easily achieved), it just looked horrible on me and clothes were too hard to find lmao.

Did your body type really do a 180 when you lost weight though? That is rough. My ratio stayed the same no matter my weight. Never had any tits personally, but I imagine it is dramatic for women who have a big chest with weight.

Anonymous 7545

Actually I do, but you can't win against unfavourable genes. It is rough.

Anonymous 7548

I will, thank you anon! (:

Anonymous 7573

I do not have a workout routine but would like to get /fit/. Anybody know a good starting point for a stick whose main desire is to be strong enough to defend herself?

Anonymous 7575


Can you get a flat stomach if you have broad hips?


Giving up vices/ bad habits: advice, support, celebration Anonymous 7240[Reply]

What vices are you trying to leave behind? Why? Let us know and let's help and support eachother.

Some starting points :
>What are you giving up/stopping?
>How long have you gone without so far?
>What are you struggling with?
>What's helped you the most?
>what victories have you made?
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Anonymous 7313

wow that's quite the turnaround going from daily to just a few times this year

Anonymous 7314


junk food. I am addicted to it and often binge until I feel sick. I choose a lot of junk that makes me feel awful and aggravates my IBS, breaks me out and generally makes me lethargic. It makes my hard so much more difficult than it needs to be. some days I wake up and just eat 10 cookies instead of a normal breakfast. later I'd eat toast and then finish off the cookies. maybe later I'll eat a huge bag of crisps. I rarely eat fruit and veg. some days I will go on a health kick and drink green smoothies and forget the junk but the cravings and dislike of healthy food pulls me back.

in the past I've gone maybe a week without ANYTHING that my body reacts badly to (this includes all highly processed food including wheat) I felt great after those 7 days but couldn't keep it up unfortunately

nothing has helped me really but I'm going to try the journaling to observe my emotions thing another anon mentioned. I usually binge when I feel sad or bored, it's comfort eating I suppose.

I really want to be healthy and eat a balanced diet. I'm going to try and learn to cook (I have NO idea how to) and have a bunch of healthy meals I can turn so I can plan my meals because now the complete lack of structure is another reason I eat so poorly.

Anonymous 7315

I meant makes my life much harder than it needs to be especially the physical reactions

Anonymous 7512

Did you keep up the journaling? How did it go?

I use a memo feature in my scheduling app to keep a mostly-daily journal where I jot down what emotions I'm feeling and/or physical things I notice (hungry, exhausted, etc.) I also try to take motes when I'm doing poorly and when I'm doing well.

It's really helping me become a better (read: functioning) person and deal with my self-control problems.

Anonymous 7594

I'm one week away from six months sober. I wish I could just be normal and enjoy a drink but I'm crazy and alcohol brings out the crazy even more.

(And no soda stream bc other problems have me on a budget. I kind of forgot about it tbh because the supermarket near me has really cheap flavored soda water)


Anonymous 7262[Reply]

Was there any bleeding the first time you had sex? Have you ever used tampons/masturbated/had some form of penetration before that? Does age have to do with it (i.e. hymen wearing away over time)?
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Anonymous 7318

I was in my early twenties my first time. It hurt a bit but I wouldn't call it painful. It felt like I expected it to, I guess. But I was pretty comfortable at the time. I had never used tampons or really inserted anything substantial into myself before. I don't recall bleeding afterwards.

Anonymous 7319

I didn't bleed at all (I was 20). I used tampons before I started having sex, but I could never fit a dildo up there (still can't unless I recently had sex either).
I do believe that the hymen does wear away over time, but I think it was more due to my tampon use than anything else

Anonymous 7453

2 or 3 drops of blood afyerwards and that was it.
I almost thought that we didn't do something right because we really didn't understand how himen works. Still thought it will 'break' at some point.I was 14 he was 16 and we've been together for about a year, lost virginity to each other.
It makes me laugh now about how young we were.

Anonymous 7540

I was coming off my period when I lost mine (I'm a really light flow anyway) so if I did I wasn't sure to the extent. I bled the second time too when I was fully off my period but that was a lot rougher than the first time. I think it can take a few goes sometimes to fully break it because you'll be more nervous your first time than your second.

Anonymous 7586

I've only had sex once and it was really painful. I didn't bleed the night it happened but I did bleed a little bit in the days after.

I did masturbate and never experienced bleeding that way. I'd also worn tampons, but they're about the same size/smaller than what I would use to penetrate myself.


Anonymous 6674[Reply]

Do you like wearing skirts?
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Anonymous 7212

omg, please be joking

Anonymous 7213

I started wearing skirts from the ages of like 18 - 24 then just stopped when I started wearing skinny jeans. now I'm getting older I'm tired of tight as fuck and uncomfortable jeans and am probably going to go back to skirts. I picked up a really cute one and am looking forward to wearing it! I want to get some chelsea boots to team it up with.

what kind of shoes do miners wear with floaty just above the knee skirts?

Anonymous 7231

i have a weird body shape: im a little tall (5' 9") with slightly broad shoulders a smallish waist and a flat butt and biggish thighs. skinny jeans look terrible on me (i feel like it makes my thighs look like sausages).

i used to hate my frame, but them i started wearing dresses and they drape really nicely. skirts, particularly high-waist ones also really look nice.

i only started figuring this out recently so im still pretty excited

Anonymous 7566

Love them, much more comfy than jeans tbh
>does any other country use it for genuine racism?
All of Latin America.
Also, I heard Spanish, Italians and French people using it to insult African street venders when I went to Yurop for the summer.
I laughed so hard when this little French lady went off on one of the niggers who grabbed her and tried to put some shitty little bracelet on her.

Anonymous 7585

yes, theyre awesome.
i never wore skirts until very recently and honestly, as a woman with large hips/thighs, theyre like heaven on earth.


androgyne/tomboy fashion Anonymous 6802[Reply]

Would anyone be interested in an androgynous fashion thread? Some other (fem)anons and myself tried making a general for this on /fa/ but male anons shitposted it to death before it finally fell off the catalog, and someone in the vent thread suggested I try it here.

I have a bunch of hair and wardrobe inspo to dump but need to know if other people are interested first, heh.
49 posts and 33 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7522



Anonymous 7532


Not as androgynous, more femme, but closer along my personal style, and enough tomboy to make straight men REEEE irl at me. I miss my curls. I wish I never started straightening my hair.
Afros are so gorgeous, oml. I love her coat too.
She looks a little like me, spooky.

Anonymous 7567


Anonymous 7568


Anonymous 7569



Fitness general Anonymous 2106[Reply]

Old thread seems to be locked.

>post fitness related questions

>share your workouts, goals, inspiration etc.
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Anonymous 7207

swam my first full mile in ~35 minutes! I am very proud of myself

Anonymous 7210

Good job! That sounds really exhausting. Do you swim regularly?

Anonymous 7216

Now I do! Started swimming more regularly a bit before summer, I feel happy that my hard work has paid off. I’ve improved my stokes too!

Anonymous 7219

I've started working a few full push-ups into each set (instead of doing all knee push-ups). The doms is intense but so rewarding.

Anonymous 7565

I stopped for about two weeks, but got back on the wagon and have been working out regularly. I do as many push-ups as I can (in sets of ten) throughout the day, every other day. I try to focus on good form. I can feel myself getting stronger, it's pretty exciting. I haven't been able to use my scale, but I like how my body is looking and feeling lately.


Anonymous 7544[Reply]

How do you carry pads/tampons to the restroom at work? I try to wear clothes with pockets (unfortunately hard to find when it comes to business casual attire) to carry them in my pockets. If not, I use a makeup bag like pic related, but I wonder if I should be more discreet about it. Because I don’t wear makeup, it gets really obvious in my small office what’s in the bag when I carry it the same time every month. What do you all do?
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 7558


Mostly women at my workplace, but there are a few men who sit close to me. People at my office like to gossip, so I try not to rock the boat/do anything differently from other people.

Anonymous 7559

OP, you asked what would have been a notmal question 20 years ago. You're not weird. Unfortunately trans women have latched onto periods as something sacred and often ask questions like this.

Anonymous 7560


Anonymous 7563

When I worked in an office, I was constantly asked for tampons or pads or even just panty liners. When I switched to a menstrual cup, I kept a handful of tampons in my purse for that reason lol.

Anonymous 7564

I have a huge ass bag, so i usually just throw my pads in there and bring it with me wherever. When i cant bring my bag though I make sure i put on a bigger pad so it doesnt overflow, otherwise i just hide it somewhere on my clothes or just grab it on my hands anyway.


Anonymous 3403[Reply]

How can you properly use this in order to avoid infections?
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Anonymous 7524

I wanted to try cups but read some stories about it getting suck on your cervix like a suction cup and that scared me away. I'm not in a country where I could just go to the doctor if it got stuck.

Anonymous 7530

all you would need to do in that situation is to pinch the cup at the base to release the suction. that's why all cups have tiny holes at the top for that exact reason

Anonymous 7533

I've been using the cup for over a year and have never had an issue with infection. It also doesn't smell, wtf, are you guys not cleaning it? I just bought the cheapest one on Amazon and I love it, though in a pinch I'll use a tampon.

>tfw live in the south and birth control requires a prescription from a doctor
>tfw no health insurance
speaking of which, i'm about to visit Colorado. I'm considering buying an ass-load of birth control over the counter while I'm there and bringing it back to my homestate. Is this possible?

Anonymous 7554

>tiny tampons hurt
>different brand tampons, big or small, soft, "stiff", hurt
>insertion hurts no matter different methods way
>a (small) cup doesn't hurt

what gives? not complaining, but hey.

Anonymous 7561

Agree about smells. It smells less actually, since the fluids are not exposed to the air until you go to empty the cup.

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