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comments and comlp…

Comments & Complaints Pt. 3 Anonymous 9259

because the last thread is full

Anonymous 9260

I don't know if only admins/mods are supposed to make this thread… I just figured since the last one was full we needed a new one.
Also sorry for the boring threadpic

Anonymous 9261

Mods need to stop removing threads about politics in /b/, and start moving generic posts about moids or relationships to /feels/.

Anonymous 9263


I keep getting this error when I try to post on my work computer, and I'm not sure why that is. Maybe it's related to being banned, and there's something wrong with the ban message?

Anonymous 9268

No, I do not.

Anonymous 9299

What is the bump limit? 500?

Anonymous 9300

Yes, 500.

Anonymous 9302

Will the catalog be themed? Checked older threads and it looks like it's been like this since the beginning.

Anonymous 9330

>CC down for 2 days
What tf just happened?

Anonymous 9336

seems to me like it was a DDoS attack

Anonymous 9337

unpaid host bill

Anonymous 9345

Why would Admin keep paying if she's inactive? I srsly thought this was gone for good

Anonymous 9346

the mods are paying it

Anonymous 9359


find more updates on lc, good to have esp if this thread becomes unusable


Anonymous 9360

I doubt anyone will succeed with making it.

Anonymous 9361

wdym? making a new board? I'm just saying they can use it for updates on cc like if the site goes down again

Anonymous 9362

poor farmers have to deal with our raiders too now kek
if you come from, cc its a sign youre stupid so i dont doubt it

Anonymous 9363

The thread changed the entire subject from cc to coping about making a new ig lol.

CC users were originally lolcow users so I guess we're all stupid according to you.

Anonymous 9365

>CC users were originally lolcow users
do you think a userbase can change overtime?

Anonymous 9366

Well yeah both cc and lolcow are now filled with retarded zoomers from twitter, reddit and 4chan.

Anonymous 9382

Scat poster is in /b.

He probably masturbates to scat, why else would someone have those videos saved. I get it's supposed to be a gross out factor and they're trying to upset us. But still why would someone willing have it on their computer if they don't get off to it? It wouldn't surprise me, a lot of moids on 4chan have scat fetishes, at least the ones I've talked to did, so now I think they all do. More reasons to avoid 4chan moids.

Anonymous 9384

Thank you for all your hard work mods ♡

Anonymous 9386

What is the bump limit again?

Anonymous 9387

It's been a long time since I began typing full urls for each board manually in the search bar to avoid the cc homepage. And this is because the last three times in a row, days spread apart, I was unlucky enough to see the "recent images" front page widget being a wall of cp

If the recent images gallery is still on the front page, has anyone suggested it be removed or replaced with something else? Maybe a "popular threads" widget like 4chan has, only featuring threads with a minimum number of posts to automatically cancel any thread that gets instantly wiped?

Anonymous 9388

cp link in /b/ again

Anonymous 9389

hahahaha imagine the admin here being involved enough to make a change like this. the christmas animations were up for 6 months

Anonymous 9390

I just bookmarked /b/. Also I scroll slowly and if it looks sus I hide the thread.

Anonymous 9391

Does this site have an archive?

Anonymous 9396

cp on the front page

Anonymous 9397

FYI christmas animations have been up for 1,5 years now.

Anonymous 9398

It's curious that the captcha system didn't stop the CP link spam.
I always assumed it was some automated system randomly posting those links and images to unprotected imageboards the same way like other types of spam, but apparently not. Though I also don't think it is some scrote troll consciously raiding us, because I have seen what raids look like and they would definitely use more shocking imagery in such a case. It's really weird. What is the point of just spamming links if you were a scrote trying to upset people?

Anonymous 9399

A suggestion against the CP spam, since the Captchas clearly did nothing: Don't allow posts (just posts, not comments) to contain links of any kind. Automatically delete every post that contains a link, or flag it for manual review so it won't immediately be published. Those CP posts always include links and I still don't think there is a person manually posting these here that might catch on and adapt to a filter like this.

Anonymous 9402

Yet another cp link on /b/

Anonymous 9404

cp in /b/ again

Anonymous 9405

site was lovely before disgusting trannies/moids found out about it. can't have any good female space on the internet or irl, it seems.

Anonymous 9406

the spam is not by a bot. someone keeps trying to manually bypass the word filters on 3c, sometimes you can catch it and they put a lot of ‘’ and extra symbols in the post whenever they update the filter. combine that with the scat spam on here that is accompanied by stuff like “clean it up janny”, you can come to the conclusion it’s one or two dedicated schizos

Anonymous 9407

you should ban vpns like 3c. being so lenient on cp and scatfagging is not okay

Anonymous 9409

can 3c's whole url be removed from the thread's op? in case it might invite lurking troons and males when/if the site goes back up? thank you

Anonymous 9413

The scat and Nikocado stuff is a scrote actively raiding, but I am talking specifically about the reoccurring spam posts that always consist of one or multiple links to (what I assume to be) CP websites, accompanied by an image of a child and a caption saying "lolita" or some shit like that. It's always the same format, which at least indicates some sort of automation.

I have never used 3c, but I am a somewhat regular CC visitor. I have seen what scrote raids look like. The images accompanying the CP link spam are sometimes actual CP (what seems to be screenshots from videos), but at other times they """only""" show a clothed child in a sexualised pose.
These posts have been a part of this board at least since I started using CC two years ago, and who knows how long before that. A raider wouldn't post a link and leave it at that, he would put the worst stuff right up front just like the scat guy.
This has to be a bot. I have seen other posts clearly made by spambots on CC in the past. There used to be a bunch in Russian a while ago advertising some online casino shit.

Admin/mods/whatever, stop allowing links in top posts. At least try it for a week or so and see if that stops the CP link spam.

Anonymous 9416

they don't care. cp stays up for days here because this site is run by mentally ill troons

Anonymous 9424

dumb post in /b/. the heil hitler one. might be good to take care of it before more posts follow suit.

Anonymous 9425

nvm. sorry to samefag but i now see that it’s gone already. nice.

Anonymous 9426

surprised your post is still up nona, every time I call this out it gets deleted asap by a tranny mod lol

Anonymous 9427

the schizo cp spamming tranny is shitting up the lolcow hate thread on /b/

Anonymous 9428

porn thread in /b/ named gobble gobble

Anonymous 9430

scat in /b/

Anonymous 9431

cp on the front page.

Anonymous 9432

there's a couple of retarded male bible thumpers in the choachan thread

Anonymous 9433

just because posters disagree with your strange thread, it doesn't make them moids. you need to stop shitting up the site with your vendetta

Anonymous 9436

you sound like a schizo, what vendetta? I didn't make a thread. discussing religion is against the rules here, you should read them before posting.

Anonymous 9440

3c is a religious based imageboard so what do you expect?

Anonymous 9441

oh I see, you're just baiting. here's one last (you) for your efforts.

Anonymous 9445

CP on /b/ for over an hour now…

Anonymous 9446


Anonymous 9447

are those posted by bots or moids? Because I've been seeing similar spams on other less popular chans and I suspect they are just automatically being posted in every place that doesn't require registration.

Anonymous 9448

theres a raid in b

Anonymous 9449

another raid in /b/

Anonymous 9453


Bumping to hide nsfw posted by moids.

Anonymous 9454

Why do men just casually have CSA on their phones

Anonymous 9455

the Y chromosome, it's a disease

Anonymous 9459

Secret board is being raided.

Anonymous 9460

Anonymous 9461

Retard spamming gay porn, acting like the fujos here don't like it kek.

Anonymous 9462

No AI board

Anonymous 9463

Is there more than one board? I only saw blacked stuff.

Anonymous 9464

Yeah, of course we'd tell the scrote

Anonymous 9468

Am not scrote tho. It's just weird that everyone mentions some board that could be the one I know, but it seems that it has wayyy more spesific anime content than the public board and the board I know has.
But nobody has ever mentioned it by name in 2 years at least, so I just assume that the amount of spesific anime content on the board I know is way overhyped, because I rarely see it mentioned there.

Anonymous 9469

shout outs to snail hang in there queen

Anonymous 9470

was the rambling /x/ anon who posted a gore pic in /img/ along with text a moid? can't see why you'd ban them and not just delete the file if they were a legitimate poster.

Anonymous 9472

can mods allow us to post on kpop board again please

Anonymous 9474

why cant kpop girlies have some fun here

Anonymous 9495

no, fuck off

Anonymous 9498

raid and fucking cp on front page ugh

Anonymous 9500

it’s definitely those obsessed soyjackers that keep raiding /b/

Anonymous 9501

idk why they think its funny to spam soyjak pics everywhere

Anonymous 9502

males arent particularly bright

Anonymous 9504

ok now i no longer see it. was it because of the raid?

Anonymous 9506

cp in /b/

Anonymous 9507

Another illegal content spam.

Anonymous 9508


Some letters and symbols regarding the current spam present on /b/, because I'm bored:

That particular image itself isn't illegal, and even if it's in a CSAM databse, the added URL watermark will prevent your host from recognizing it. So it's safe to stay until it's manually reported to and reviewed by the host. It is OK for mods to be sleepy gals in this instance. The watermark was made by a watermarking app too, which would pass its hash through MSPDNA. Sorry, spammer!!!

If the IP that posted it is 77..*.112 (VPN), then this is the same spam that hit 2 other boards I know of, in robotic succession. These bots scrape "image board lists", basically those sites that come up when searching for just that. Blocking referrers from these sites may help. Yes, these robots can solve captcha, but they can't answer trivia. A simple verification solution applied to IPs with no prior posting history would reject spam of most kinds. A simple question like "Complete the phrase:" and the box has "Sailor m__n" in it, where the user must replace the underscores with O's. That's how small wikis successfully prevent spam in spite of there being UNIX operating systems written specifically to spam wikis.

And remember, if you're curious about what horrors the link may hold, please don't click on it directly. That communicates to the spammer that someone from here showed interest. Just copypaste it in to the URL bar instead. It's never anything new!!!

Anonymous 9511

>I respect your desire to not be punched

If you're posting in a female-only forum as a man, then obviously you don't care about the forum's female-only rule.

Anonymous 9512

how kind to come and post as if we the rest of the internet isn't literally FILLED with moids and we're all just DYING to hear your opinion here on a FEMALE ONLY FORUM fucking retard!!

Anonymous 9513

No, just because someone reported you as a male poster doesn't mean someone thinks you are "EVIL MALE REEE" or has something serious against you, don't take it personally it's simply against the rules to post as a man even if you are just trying to be nice, nothing less nothing more.

Anonymous 9514

Scat and CP in /b/
the scat has been up for 6 hours now. i get that jannies can't be up 24/7 but gross stuff is going without deletion for longer and longer. when we got new jannies a little while ago it was so good for a while, but now it's going back to how it used to be, did we lose some people or do they just not care anymore?

Anonymous 9518

>t. moid

Anonymous 9525

Illegal content on /b/.

Anonymous 9598

Why do I keep getting this as well? I've been posting here for years but now you seem to think I'm either a moid or broke the rules but you won't tell me either what I did wrong. Why are you doing this to me? Where am I supposed to post?

Anonymous 9599


its just a site error, not a ban

Anonymous 9601

Nta but no, it is a ban. This >>9263 replaced the actual ban page earlier this year after the captcha was added.

Anonymous 9602


How long do these bans usually last? The IP of a place I stay at sometimes has been banned a couple of months ago, and still seemingly is. Should I expect this to be permanent?

I have been saying that these posts are made by bots for ages now, thank you nona.
Have you ever actually investigated those links yourself? I am quite hardened in terms of disturbing content, but CP is a somewhat different matter (let alone illegal to look at).

Anonymous 9603


I thought so, but my post from yesterday went through. I have no idea why I'm sometimes banned and sometimes not for no obvious reason at all.

Anonymous 9606

testing… what's up with the autobans? I can't post anything on any ip

Anonymous 9607

Yesterday I couldn't post on any IP so I thought I was device banned for some weird reason (do such bans happen on CC though?) but seeing more complaints I think it might have been a temporary universal ban?

Anonymous 9616

I also get the "you've been banned" message when I try to post. No reason stated for the ban, plus I have not posted for a while before I was banned so it has to be some sort of mistake. My devices were all banned so I couldn't come here and complain sooner. Wtf.

Anonymous 9645

I don't know where to ask, can we necrobump threads??

Anonymous 9646

its ok!

Anonymous 9647

This has been happening to me too

Anonymous 9655

think someone linked the wizchan thread to 4chan/r9k/wizchan. there's upset incels shitting up the thread

Anonymous 9656

>soyjack users want to date us
>wizchan users want us to die
we're pretty popular.

Anonymous 9662

Please ban the virgin-obsessed moid in /b/

Anonymous 9668

Why was the witchchan thread deleted?

Anonymous 9690

Well they did ban me, even though I’m a femcel, not a “virgin-obsessed moid”. Sad that there’s no where else to go but lolcow and they hate femcels there too. There is truly no place for us. They’re gonna ban me again, so I’ll say this before they do: I promise I will make a site for the non-normies in the future. It might not be called Witchchan though, as I fear that namesake would attract moids like what happened in the deleted thread.

Anonymous 9691

It'll probably turn into a shitfest of normalfags and moids too. There's simply not enough people to maintain a site that is constantly under attack by moids and normalfags

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