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tfw no bf Anonymous 85586

Still no bf edition.

previous threads:

Anonymous 85591


Finally sent a technical article to the guy that used to send me technical articles.
I don't think he cares about me much but for the tiny chance, I'll do even that tiny step. I just don't want to be pathetic and annoying

Anonymous 85597

Who cares about no bf look at her I need her

Anonymous 85610

I’m really grateful to miners for encouraging me to dump my former bf and get out of the most toxic relationship I ever found myself in. I’m so much happier without that disgusting moid, but still trying to process all the trauma and self hate he spurred in me.

Anonymous 85618


>tfw no lesbian jackie chans daughter gf

Anonymous 85620

Who is she?? She is amazing.

Anonymous 85623

really cool aesthetic i agree

Anonymous 85632

Sofia Steinberg.

Anonymous 85644

How was he like? What did he do? Were there no/few red flags in the beginning?

Anonymous 85645


all men i know are so shit i would rather die a kissless virgin for a thousand lives lmao

Anonymous 85653

Is this a guy or a girl? Skinny…..

Anonymous 85662

>>85653 Mpa is on the left sis

Anonymous 85676

Things about devops and software engineering, since we both work in this field.
I'm so fucked that even this simple act of attention is significant to me.

Anonymous 85695

Some programmers are like this but not him. He's sweet and open but also a bit awkward with words. Smart but not brilliant and haughty. I'm not even in love with him but every human connection is precious.

Anonymous 85702

He’s obviously not avoidant if he’s reaching out to her.

Anonymous 85713

I want to punch every avoidant moid in the face

Anonymous 85722


Enjoy that freedom!

Anonymous 85724

What's wrong with being avoidant?
t. am avoidant

Anonymous 85727

Tfw no bf and I'm the happiest I've ever been in my life

Let's discuss that shall we

Anonymous 85728

Have you been single for a long time or did you break up with someone?

Anonymous 85730

What's Mpa?

Anonymous 85733

Yep. They’re cowards to a pathological degree. Maybe that can be cute and charming in women, but in men it’s absolutely repulsive. They will withdraw and shut down when anything gets ‘too much’ for them, which is basically any time they aren’t getting their exact way or when everything isn’t being done exactly on their terms and their terms only.

They will use stonewalling, silent treatment, ghosting to punish you when their needs aren’t met, and then repeat it or play the victim if you dare call them out on it.

They’re the moids who disappear on their spouses or abandon their families because it stresses them out too much to have any responsibility and they can’t have honest discussions like adults.

It shouldn’t even be called avoidant, it should be called bitchmade cowardly spoiled brat disorder.

Anonymous 85735

Avoidant personality is literally just social anxiety manifesting slightly differently . It has literally nothing to do with anything that has been written here. Avodiants want to be close to others. Maybe you're thinking of schizoids who want nothing to do with others.

Anonymous 85736

>avoidants want to be close to others
Maybe, but they are too immature to understand that relationships are give and take and about working together to build a solid foundation.

Avoidants are too immature to understand you can’t have everything on your terms and everyone acting the way you want all the time. They refuse to accept that you can’t expect others to magically read your mind and know what you want and also kowtow to those whims and wants, constantly.

They withdraw as soon as their wants are not met or they feel overwhelmed in any way, they are scared to do anything in case people are watching them, because they are selfish brats who think everyone is obsessed with them. It’s literally just a passive form of narcissism.

Anonymous 85738

I'm with >>85735
Don't mean to sound aggressive, but is every AvPD you've met riddled with autism too? The overlap of AvPD with ASD is so absurdly high that I think a lot of them are just misdiagnosed with AvPD and just have a nasty form of autism, which often means high narcissism (esp in males). Your entire last paragraph really seems like you've only encountered a lot of lying autty moids. To compare, the worst AvPD girl I've ever met was autistic and had that higher degree of narcissism.

Anonymous 85739

I've had so many random sex dreams in the past month and they all go along a similar format. I want a bf, but I have a tiny friend circle so the only place I can meet men are through dating apps and I don't have time for those right now (plus they kinda suck). I cope by imagining what I would do and say if I had a bf right now. I imagine how we would meet and what our dates would be like and what he would say to me in response to when I need support or just want to talk about random shit. Based him off of a moid I've hyperfixated on since I was 18 (not someone I know irl don't worry). I've been doing this to cope with loneliness since I was a teen and I wonder if it's part of the reason I can't get a real bf kek.

Anonymous 85740

I’ve had bad experiences with both AVPD men and women. I didn’t find them to be autistic seeming, if anything they seemed more like covert narcissists.

Anonymous 85743

Thanks. Always hate the confusion of the two due to lack of clarification.

Maybe they're just NPD then and lying about or using another diagnosis as cover. NPDs (and a lot of other cluster Bs) will lie about their real condition and sometimes have their doctors be complicit. Known a couple to do the latter so they could get benefits and things.

Anonymous 85746

Avpd and covert NPD has massive overlaps imo.

If we boil it down to the core behaviour and thinking patterns of AVPD, anyone who is that self centred has to have at least some profound degree of narcissism in them, even if it’s not the dangerous type. Covert narcs and AVPD can still be cruel and harmful in their passive actions, like ghosting or abandoning people.

Anonymous 85750

Also the thoughts that commonly run through avoidant minds like
>I don’t want to do this because people might laugh at me
>I don’t want to enter or maintain this relationship because I’m scared of the responsibility of it
>I don’t want to talk to this person because they might dislike me
>I don’t have the energy to interact with x loved one today so I’m going to just ghost them for a while
Are all kind of passively shitty and self obsessed things to think.

Anonymous 85751

You literally have no idea what you're talking about lol

Anonymous 85752

Not an argument

Anonymous 85753

Lol same, my avoidant ex could be remarkably confrontational when he wanted to be, but of course would stonewall as soon as he said his piece so you wouldn’t be able to counter it and he wouldn’t have to hear anything that hurt his feefees. When he was angry or he argued he literally sounded like a 5 year old child and would literally stomp off and sulk, it was truly pathetic.

Anonymous 85760

This thread is super mean, glad I will never date if this is how my s/o will see me when I am struggling with mental illness.

Anonymous 85765

This! Who needs a worthless moid when a goddess like that exists?!

Anonymous 85766

I’m bi but I never found the masculine/androgynous woman shtick that appealing. It’s in lots of manga and anime. Lots of other girls go crazy for it, it seems. Sucks for me to only like femme rezus.

Anonymous 85775

I broke up with different moids ages ago and never really went back to dating, I am ever attracted to anybody.

Anonymous 85776

Same, I find myself wanting a bf but I haven’t felt attraction to any 3D man in 10+ years

Anonymous 85780

Men are not attractive. It’s time that we, as a society, stopped pretending they are.

Anonymous 85781


this. no disgusting sweaty moid in my house making me have to wash my sheets/clean more often. no one to nag me if I eat without them or dont text/call them back in a timely manner. no more ignorant comments about my body/weight/career from a man who thinks he knows better simply by being a man and for no other reason.

now I do what I want, wear whatever, do the things I like when I feel like it. of course sometimes I am lonely, but then I just remember all of the horrible things men did and said to me and I regret nothing. tfw no bf is the feeling of freedom and peace. <3

Anonymous 85783

I genuinely don't know how women anticipate to have any other experience with moids. I mean they were always overbearing, egotistical, pushy, prone belittling women and others constantly when I was in high school. Even the chill ones were kind of controlling and kind of just assumed you would give them everything they wanted when they pushed for it. Im suposed to live with a lifetime of that? How do women convince themselves they want that even when they're young?
2d/fiction may not be better for moids, but it's miles, miles, miles better for women

Anonymous 85784


true, but media directed at teenage girls often make love seem like it will give you a sense of identity or purpose. plus loneliness will make people do retarded shit like date men. I feel like I had to experience it first hand to fully realize what a pack of shit it all is

Anonymous 85792

Don't worry anon, these women are riddled with issues themselves but bashing people online is easier than looking at yourself. I mean, read their post. It's all bitterness and unresolved bullshit.

Like the anon saying "AVPD and NPD greatly overlaps imo", yeah ok, who cares about your senseless empirical opinion though? Imagine going to a psychiatric research paper and telling them, "hey guys listen, in my opinion AVPD are narcissists!" See how moronic that sounds? Right, so don't let it get to you nona. The girl has had one (1) experience but she thinks she knows it all. Sounds like dumb people with zero self awareness thinking all their exes are narcissists.

Most people are all about acceptance about mental illness when it's their mental illness we're talking about, but as soon as it's about any other disorder it's full of terrible monsters we should kill with zero sense of nuance and empathy. I bet you most of these girls have at least one thing wrong with them like depression, anxiety, an eating disorder/any other thing, but that's ok though they can do no wrong, not realizing that they're probably as hard to get along with as the people they so criticize.

This thread is super mean because most people are in fact mean and inconsiderate about any problem that's not theirs. You have to keep that in mind. But kind people also exist.

Anonymous 85797

I guess yeah. I guess I grew up seeing my dad and his crazy and assumed guys probably put on a mask to hide tons of controlling behavior because my dad did the sMe thing

Anonymous 85798

Or just too tired to care. I don't want someone suffocating me my whole life. I'm not about to sort through 200 generic moids to find a diamond 500 other women are crazy for, when mentally I'm pushing myself to limits

The odds are against women usually. I'm OK with it, you can't win and men are uuuuugly

Anonymous 85826

I don't blame anyone for leaving someone they are unhappy with, especially not a fucking scrote. I don't even have that much empathy for scrotes even when they're mentally ill tbh, i was just responding to the nona who read this thread and was made to be self-conscious because of all the dumb claims in this thread. I dont want her to feel like a monster just because she's possibly avoidant herself, because she isn't regardless of what you all want to say. Now the scrotes who were in your life and hurt you can just die for all i care.

I just don't like how talking about mental disorders always turn in such a diabolization whenever it's something people don't struggle with. I get that you've been hurt and moids are monkeys, but you all seem to forget that mentally ill (in this case, avoidant) women are on CC too and can read your cruel senseless shit.

Anonymous 85828

We are free to express our opinions and vent about our bad experiences with avoidant types. Everyone rants about how much they hate bpd, aspd, schizo, autistic people etc all the time, AVPD are not some protected class that deserves to have all their shitty behavior to be magically excused.

Anonymous 85829

Schizoids desperately want to be close to people but can’t.

Anonymous 85830

No, you’re thinking of avoidants. Schizoids don’t desire social contact.

Anonymous 85831

Yes they do

Anonymous 85832


Stop self diagnosing. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Anonymous 85833

>you don’t know what you’re talking about
Neither do most psychiatrists, to be fair.

Anonymous 85839

You are perfectly free to do so. And i'm also perfectly free to reassure a woman who's feeling like shit because she read some dumb shit coming from women whose only evidence is their empirical experience saying things like "AVPD overlaps with NPD"

You are absolutely free to talk however the fuck you want, even saying stupid things is not against the law, but i'm free to correct you too. Your experience is what it is and you can share it, but having been hurt doesn't mean that you can say the stupidest things without anyone correcting it.

>Everyone rants about how much they hate bpd, aspd, schizo, autistic people etc all the time

Yeah that's what i'm saying if you didn't understand, as long as it doesn't concern them people think they can treat people with disorders like subhumans. I don't want to protect AVPD people more than the rest, it just so happened that the girl in this thread was uncomfortable and hurt because some other anons talk out of their ass about things they don't understand about AVPD. Could have been any other disorder for all i care.

Anonymous 85847

I'm the anon you're replying to, thank you for these posts. It means a lot to see a stranger show some understanding, I often feel really isolated and like there's no hope of anyone understanding or even trying to understand, so you really cheered me up. Thank you.

Anonymous 85848

Its not narcissism or thinking "everything is about me", its extreme self hatred and a feeling of unworthiness. You can hate them for how they treat you but your analysis is shit and youre only saying this to slander them.

Anonymous 85849

You could play this game with pretty much any kind of ruminative thought, pretty lazy.

Anonymous 85881

>all mental illness is just muh narcissism
Spoken like a true normie
>abandoning people for self centred reasons
Still salty over some loser dumpimg you? If you can't handle breakups just don't date at all.

Anonymous 85885

No problem nona. I've been there too and i've always wished someone would show some compassion in my darkest moments, and it never happened. I would read things online and feel like a monster because no one would stand up to have some nuance. People are quick to be extremely harsh and when you're already feeling down it never helps. Hence why now i strive to be like that for other people struggling with mental illnesses regardless of their diagnosis, so they can see that not everyone hates them and someone acknowledges their humanity, no matter how flawed they are. I know it's a very much needed glimmer of hope.

I'm repeating myself but please don't let it get to you when you read people's rants online, they share their story with a lot of resentment (and i get it) and don't think about the consequences it can have on someone concerned by the same disorder reading it. It's not about you, it's them and their emotions.

Anonymous 85892

If being aware of yourself is how you define "narcissism" and being self centered, then every single person who has self esteem issues could br labeled a narcissist which is obviously untrue. Self awareness and self centerdness aren't the same. Keep seething because you got dumped

Anonymous 85897

isnt it a bit self centered to make someone's illness about yourself? You sound like a major narcissist.

Anonymous 85911

one mention of avpd and this devolves into a full blown shitstorm. who cares. personally I’m a little sad because the guy I like is most likely gay. it’s unfair

Anonymous 85912


>parents went out to lunch today as they usually do
>"you can go out to lunch on fridays too when you get a bf anon"

Congrats mother, you made me cry. This was from a mom who was supposedly "protecting" me by insisting I needed to focus on getting an education and career over dating and being entrapped in unhappy relationships/marriages. Why did she sabotage me so horribly if it was okay to just date and mooch off them. This kills the crab.

It also probably doesn't help that the men here are total shit. I want to leave this state/country.

Anonymous 85919

You're the one deliberately misconstruing the actions of avoidants, screaming and pounding your fists that they must fulfill your social demands. And then when they don't you start projecting your narcissism onto them. Narcissists do that projecting thing a lot.
>"sociopaths are dangerous manipulators"
Derailing tactic. Unrelated no ome ever said anything about sociopaths or narcissists

Anonymous 85924

Avoiding others isn’t nearly so selfish as feeling entitled to others’ time and affection. Have you considered that they may have left not because they are narcissistic avoidants but because of the way you act toward them?

Anonymous 85926


I mean, NTA, but it’s pretty well known that stonewalling, ghosting, silent treatment etc are abuse and control tactics. Just because someone isn’t doing them to intentionally hurt someone doesn’t mean it’s still not hurtful. You can still be passively cruel.

Many people with personality disorders don’t even realize they’re being abusive, mean or selfish and will defend their actions. That’s the scary thing. And some anons ITT are kind of doing it now.

If someone says hey, try to be a little more considerate and not such a selfish dick that runs away all the time especially when things get a little difficult, and you get angry and offended over that, maybe try to consider you’re proving a point.

Also it’s undeniable that traits of CN and AVPD do overlap, even if you don’t want to hear this. I’d still say CNs are worse though.

Anonymous 85927

But avoidants are also demanding people must fulfil their demands too, and are passive aggressive about it. If they can’t get their way, they disappear, sulk, withdraw, use silent treatment, block, or ghost, rather than trying to discuss and resolve the issue like a grown adult. You can’t deny that’s childish and selfish.

Anonymous 85932

There is absolutely nothing wrong with ceasing communications with someone you no longer wish to talk to. If they didn’t pledge some kind of commitment to you, they don’t owe you a discussion. People can choose when to leave. If you’re upset about it, that’s your choice.

Anonymous 85933

>trying to discuss and resolve the issue like a grown adult
This doesn't always work tbh

Anonymous 85938

Problem with avoidants is they regularly do this to both friends and partners and family members, and they always want to come crawling back after their little episodes. You are free to ghost and block someone on a whim, but they’re also free to be pissed off and not want to know you anymore.

Anonymous 85939

You are projecting your negative experiences onto everyone else. Realize that a lot of people have this disorder and many of them do not act in the manner you have described.

Anonymous 85940


Lol this isn’t ‘my experience’, blocking and ghosting is something almost all avoidants do, often to partners and friends, and plenty of them will admit it. Expecting someone to still want to have a relationship after you disappear on them or block them is the height of arrogance. AVPD people are not low self esteem, they actually have enormous egos, and their behavior and expectation of others to accept their often unreasonable behavior proves it.

Anonymous 85941


Anonymous 85942


Very mature and reasonable behavior.

I wonder how these AVPD people would feel if the people they ghosted rightfully told them to fuck off?

Anonymous 85943

Notice how none of these posts really talk about what a shitty thing it is to do to other people or concern over how the other person might be feeling and how they might have hurt them, but rather ‘How can I convince these people to forgive me and make them come back into my life now that I feel like it and I want something from them again.’

Ridiculously self absorbed and narcissistic mindset.

Anonymous 85944

All I see is that they stopped talking to former friends, which is completely reasonable. Where exactly are all the avoidants arrogantly demanding the people they ceased communicating with talk to them again? You are blindly generalizing and seem to have no empathy for people with social difficulties. No one here was claiming that someone who was ghosted is selfish for not wanting to reconcile, you were the one claiming that avoidants are selfish, off-topic, in a thread where many women happen to have avoidant tendencies. Why?

Anonymous 85945


This dude literally gets ghosted for weeks/months by his avoidant girlfriend, then when he tells her they should break up, she cries and says no.

Try and tell me this isn’t emotional abuse and shitty behaviour.

Anonymous 85946


Lol okay, go have a narc avoidie meltdown and ghost this thread, you’re an annoying twat.

Lol, even avoidants are sick of each other’s shit.

Anonymous 85947


>cuts everyone off
>wHy aReNt tHeY oBsEsSiVeD wItH mE?????
>wHy aReNt tHeY cHecKiNg uP oN mE?????????

Anonymous 85948


I suspect the user above ragging on about AVPD is a moid from r9k. They screenshotted this thread yesterday and are trying to manipulate women here into relationships and seemingly dislike women who are avoidant. Note that the user above is discussing how women are emotionally abusive towards men by leaving relationships.

Anonymous 85949

Nah I’m not a moid. I’m a femanon who hates AVPD and especially avoidant men, who are bitchmade cowards, and I suspect half of r9k moids are ‘avoidant’ too.

And the woman in
didnt leave or break up with her boyfriend, she wants him to wait for her while she intentionally ghosts him for weeks on end, and throws a tantrum when he says he wants to break up. Thats shitty emotional abuse, and would be just as bad if a guy did it to a woman. Other nonas have also shared their experiences with avoidant moids and I 100% agree with them.

AVPD has an amazing aversion to personal responsibility, it seems to be something they shirk all their lives. Like I said, feel free to ghost this board.

Anonymous 85951

If you are a woman (x), then go start your own thread to complain about people with mental disorders and stop derailing this one.

Anonymous 85953


It’s a bf related thread, I am allowed to talk about bfs/exes and warn nonas who want bfs never to get into a relationship with an avoidant moid.

Anonymous 85954


love the avpd slander keep it up nonas

Anonymous 85956


>isn't nearly so selfish as feeling entitled to others' time and affection
What is a relationship if not entitlement to another's time and affection?

Anonymous 85957

I will let you know when I get a bf.

Anonymous 85958

Maybe you would know if you tried it sometime.

Anonymous 85960

Holy shit I’ve been shitposting about how fucked and self centred people with avpd are too. Solidarity. There’s so much discourse about violent or obsessive men and not nearly enough about the kind who abandons families. We need to educate girls to just drop avoidant people the moment they see signs of them. No pitying them, no rationalizing how you can save them, no justifying their selfish irresponsibility by blaming their shitty personality (thats what a personality disorder is in the end - a personality so bad its a straight up disorder) just leaving them to die alone, which they seem to want so badly anyway

Anonymous 85961

if you get in a relationship they are entitled to your time holy shit you self absorbed twat

Anonymous 85976

All this talk about avpd seems to be coming from just one nona talking to herself about an ex. You even write the same way. You arent fooling anyone.

Anonymous 85979

Avoidantfag here. It does hurt to be called worse than a rapist/domestic abuser and tbh that doesn't make much sense to me. I'd have rather my father run away than do the things he did to my mother (she almost definitely feels the same), but that's personal preference.

We are absolutely selfish people, similar to those who repeatedly give in to their social anxiety and never leave the house. It is our first instinct to run away and without effort it's easy to give in to that again and again and again. If it provides any comfort, we're also having a terrible time. For me at least, it is never purposeful and isn't silent treatment or an attempt to control or anything. There is no deep meaning or manipulation, I'm just terrified of messing up and have chosen to be weak in the past. In fact (and this is insane), I deeply love and respect everyone I have abandoned. To this day I stalk their social media and track their lives because it is less painful to observe and obsess from afar than to interact. The time I'd used to talk to these people is now spent watching them, so they're more free than I am now.

Despite this explanation and bit of insight, I do agree it's our responsibility to fix the way we act. Just like BPDfags need to reign in their overreactions and extreme decisions. I certainly never felt "in the right" when I ran away from someone. An old friend once basically gave me a "fuck you" after I disappeared for a time and I'm glad he set that boundary for himself. There's no doubt that this is terrible behavior, it's just difficult to overcome. This past year I've made leaps and bounds to fix it, so it is possible at least. We aren't destined to be evil.

Anons against avoidants should definitely avoid (heh) us, hats off to you for loving yourselves and setting boundaries. But I hope you can understand we're not all sadists or something.

Anonymous 85988

it reminds me of the schizophrenic tranny who constantly talks to himself across multiple imageboards

Anonymous 85993

The anon hating on us should just be ignored, she's a shitsack herself and the more she talks the more i understand why she's alone. Do your best with the cards you've been dealt with in life, try to be a good, reliable person and try to heal from your avoidant ways, and that's enough to be proud of you. The inconsiderate bitch should just talk to her therapist about her anger. (if it isn't a scrote, which i suspect. funny how often when an anon is disgustingly annoying and angry, it turns out to be a larping moid, they can't escape their nature even when they try)

Anonymous 85996

Same, I’m avoidant and can admit we can be really selfish and shitty.

Anonymous 85997

Damn, you really are having a narc meltdown now, going for personal attacks, calling women bitches and erroneously calling anyone who doesn’t defend selfish inconsiderate behavior a man. That’s funny as fuck.

Remember as another nona mentioned AVPD is classed as PERSONALITY DISORDER, literally a personality that’s so bad it’s classed as pathological and a disorder by psychologists.

Even AVPD people don’t want other AVPD people in their lives and talk about how avpd friends and partners suck, that’s how fucked up your personality disorder is. You hate a dose of your own medicine.

Truly evil, selfish, narcissistic bunch.

Anonymous 86002

Man, fuck everyone ITT playing armchair psychologist rn. My problems are genuinely related to proximity, not avoidance. If I moved to where my current online friends were, we could all unironically get together IRL and be normal. Instead, I live around a bunch of married people in a pro-lifer religitard state where liking anime or games is frowned upon, so it ends up breeding extreme degenerates like furfags, misogynistic NEETcels, and gays.

I would be so happy if I could just afford to physically leave. I would even consider dating one of my friends if we could physically see each other.

Anonymous 86006

AVPDoids seething screaming and farting rn…

Anonymous 86007

Your mileage may vary. My bf is in compsci and we discussed and bonded about a common hobby of ours. He was very open and social at the start.
He got really emotionally obtuse and distant later on the closer we got, shutting himself off from me. Later he agreed it was childish that he wanted a relationship but icked out of the intimacy. We're doing way better now but I honestly felt so deceived by the world for that and I'm not sure if it's something I want women to risk themselves experiencing. Lot's of sleepless nights crying.

Anonymous 86008

Just farted….you're right.

Anonymous 86009

…ok? Then you obviously don't have this personality disorder you tard, which means literally no one is talking about you.
An "abuser" that runs away from you…How scary! How could one EVER get out of that situation…so trapped.

Not all relationships that went wrong are abusive in nature. You're just incompatible, please get over it already.
Looks more like BPD behavior and considering redditors in general they all love to erroneously self diagnose.
BPDs do things to push boundaries of loved ones to see if they're still cared about.
>Nah I’m not a moid
I kinda doubt this is a conspiracy or psyop to get us to be single forever but your use of "nah" and other stylometric oddities makes me think you're a male, at best incredibly low IQ zoomer.

Anonymous 86023

>Then you obviously don't have this personality disorder you tard, which means literally no one is talking about you.
I have questioned it before tbh, because mental health care here sucks and there's no way I could safely go see a therapist without uprooting some of the deeper abuse that's gone on in my family, jeopardizing my living situation. I think the matter of fact is any seemingly "avoidant" behavior in me is rooted by a sense of guilt, fear, and discomfort that my parents have caused me.

And also sometimes I am just lazy. It's not even personal, I'm just being sluggish and not a good friend.

Anonymous 86031

>An "abuser" that runs away from you…How scary! How could one EVER get out of that situation…so trapped.
This. It's actually crazy to me. How is the person who simply doesn't have the energy to talk to you (and isn't doing anything out of malice), or who is worried you'll dislike them the selfish/narcissistic one? How is it not you, when you have zero regard for other people's emotional energy or self-esteem, and judge others as monstrous for not communicating or carrying themselves the same way you do? You're literally sitting here claiming they're doing it to punish you, even though you consciously admit that they just don't have the energy. Just move on, find someone you connect with fully.
Idk, I saw those anti-AVPD posts yesterday and didn't think much of them, but coming back to them, they almost sound like things an actual abusive person might say. Maybe you just don't get along. There doesn't have to be a villain. Or worse, maybe the anon who "hates AVPD people" literally abused someone, tried to bait them into a meltdown, and instead they just disappeared?

Anonymous 86032

Samefag: Now that I think about it, I remember saying something in a friend group about getting out of a small community with some people who said fucked up things to me and constantly treated me like a punching bag, and one person (she was an actual, diagnosed NPDfag) went ballistic on me and said I was abusive. It was wild. She tried to tell me it was my fault for "attracting" abusive friends, that leaving them and being proud of myself for it made me a narc and that she "could tell" because she was one, etc. She admitted it was projection, but she couldn't see an issue with that and just kept going. She stopped after other people told her she was in the wrong, but sometimes I look back on that interaction and it's actually mind-boggling. I think narcissists must really hate the idea of losing control over someone, or even just not getting an emotional reaction out of them.

Anonymous 86034

I genuinely wouldn’t have a problem with AVPD people if they kept to themselves and stopped establishing friendships, partnerships or other commitments, knowing that they’re going to abandon those people on a whim one day.

The problem is they need attention despite protesting that they don’t, and so they’re usually never genuinely able to ‘isolate’ themselves long term. They crave attention and validation, and so keep on establishing flakey friendships and relationships that they know they’re gonna bail out on eventually, and expect others to tolerate this fairweather push and pull treatment without ever confronting them about it or asking them to be more considerate. They want others to be emotionally and psychologically available and supportive when they need it, but have zero interest in returning the favor.

And then they wonder why even the people with their own disorder don’t want to know them by the end of all this.

Anonymous 86035

Those are all things I didn't say, but congrats on bolstering my point that this is actually crazy behavior. If you know someone has mental troubles that make them unable to approach relationships the same way you do, and they are not attempting to manipulate or cause you harm, them going quiet is not even in the same ballpark as being a rapist or a domestic abuser (not saying you're the anon who claimed that, but either way, what the actual fuck). It just means you're incompatible. If you managed to get married and they somehow didn't exhibit those avoidant habits until that point, then something else is probably going on than "AVPD".
And no, I'm not alone. Are you?

Anonymous 86036

With that mindset you can argue that nobody has a commitment to anyone, that people who walk out on their sick partners aren’t selfish or that people who abandon their kids aren’t cruel and irresponsible.

What if every deadbeat dad just has AVPD hmm? Should the judge and society be understanding that ‘ugh, I just don’t feel like doing this today’ is a good enough excuse for parents to walk out on their kids and abandon them? Ah yes, we should be understanding of that, because the world revolves around however AVPD-chan feels in the moment.

Keep on being an irresponsible piece of shit nona, you’re going to end up alone, that’s what your ilk always claim to want anyway, so godspeed.

Anonymous 86037

>With that mindset you can argue that nobody has a commitment to anyone, that people who walk out on their sick partners aren’t selfish or that people who abandon their kids aren’t cruel and irresponsible.
Maybe you would argue that. Reasonable people would not do so. Someone with a personality disorder does not represent most of the population, and should not be emulated, but also should not be demonized. By your logic, recognizing that someone with something like schizophrenia has a mental problem instead of shaming them or accusing them of trying to ruin the lives of their loved ones until they act normal means the same thing as entertaining any delusions they might have.
The "Deadbeat dads and people who abandon their own children just have AVPD" excuse is something you said in your now-deleted post, and that I've only ever seen coming from this thread in general, so again: If you managed to get married and they somehow didn't exhibit those avoidant habits until that point, then something else is probably going on than "AVPD".
I never said "The world revolves around people with this disorder", I said twice now: Find someone you actually connect with.
Being an actual hateful piece of shit doesn't help you, and it just drives people away from you on instinct alone. That might actually be good for you, not even being rude - I get the sense that you've been hurt and could do with some personal/alone time.

Anonymous 86038

Why wouldn’t people who abandon their kids be overwhelmingly AVPD? AVPD is a tendency to run away when faced with responsibility and a desire to escape from intense emotional or psychological intimacy with others, I guess most men who abandon their families should be excused on account of their AVPD now ^_^

Anonymous 86041

After seeing this, I think the same thing. It's a man who's trying to manipulate women into continuing to talk to him and other men, even outside of the women's own comfort or emotional capacity.
He's using other moids' behaviors (abandonment of sick partners, fathers ditching their children and wives) as scare tactics and fake analogs.
E-girl #69343 not replying to your texts anymore isn't the same thing as a piece of shit scrote running out on his family, stupid male. Fuck off. It's extra annoying to me because of course an internet-addicted man who already has low empathy would insist it's all the same. Since women are significantly more at risk for abandonment during ailment or getting fucked over when it comes to child support or raising kids, he's incapable of understanding what those things are like outside of hypotheticals. I'm sick of the shitty attempts at psyops on "the feemoiiidsss". Gonna enjoy my weekend and not bother trying to talk sense to LARPing y-chromosomes thinking that using emojis makes them sound like true and honest girls

Anonymous 86044

>brings up e-girls and scrotes to deflect
>denies people who abandon their families due to psychological or emotional overload have anything to do with AVPD, despite the exact same mechanisms present in both types

I’m a girl and I think your kind are pieces of shit, but whatever helps you sleep at night nona.

Keep being arrogant enough to think anyone would want your fuckin time, you waste of oxygen lmao, please do me a favor and ghost this thread, stop replying to me, all you’re doing now is samefagging and screaming scrote at anyone who calls you pathological cowards out on your bullshit. Learn to accept that not everyone who hates you is the boogeyman you invent to cope with in your head. Thanks for confirming my already solid suspicions that AVPD ‘people’ are a virus that should be avoided at all costs.

Anonymous 86046

>tfw your personality is so bad it’s literally officially classed as a disorder, but somehow you’re the good person and everyone else is evil
>tfw everyone on the planet who has ever had to interact with your kind hates you, but you’re the one in the right and everyone else on the planet is wrong

Ah yes, not deluded or pathological narcissism at all.

Anonymous 86047

another day, another ragie avoidant loser having a meltdown. yawn.
If these folks want to be left alone so bad, why can’t they go fuck off and be alone then. kek.

Anonymous 86050

If only there was an island we could send all these assholes to so they stop ruining society.

And nothing on the island would work, because everytime anyone had to a responsibility or job to do, they would just bail out on it, and nothing would ever get done. LOL. That’s the kind of society these pricks deserve to live in tbh.

Anonymous 86051

Still not a moid, seethe and project all you want, troon. You did him a favor btw. Avoidants are cancer and everyone who gets out of a relationship with one is blessed.

Anonymous 86053

Still samefagging, still calling women scrotes, still telling others to get help when they have a dx personality disorder, still vagueposting. Can’t make it up. This is why psychologists hate them. Still waiting for ‘her’ to go enjoy her weekend (read: cry because I BTFO her and all avpd fags) and gtfo off my board lel.

Anonymous 86058

what part of ‘you have a personality disorder that is formally recognized by psychiatry’ don’t you understand?

Anonymous 86059

You can't "ghost" a thread, pyscho kek. No wonder you've been ghosted, I'm not AVPD but anyone would become one surrounded by so much mental illness and projection. Dilate, 41%, etc.

Anonymous 86060

>Holy shit I’ve been shitposting about how fucked and self centred people with avpd are too. Solidarity. There’s so much discourse about violent or obsessive men and not nearly enough about the kind who abandons families. We need to educate girls to just drop avoidant people the moment they see signs of them. No pitying them, no rationalizing how you can save them, no justifying their selfish irresponsibility by blaming their shitty personality (thats what a personality disorder is in the end - a personality so bad its a straight up disorder) just leaving them to die alone, which they seem to want so badly anyway
100% this. also you can tell that they weaponize it and get off on it too. the idea of people being devastated by them leaving is a power trip for themselves. nothing more or less. any psychologist or relationship counsellor will tell you this is an abuse tactic commonly used, especially by moids and especially moids with npd. the discard and then hoover. also notice all the DARVO by avoidants ITT. if anything this thread is just making me even more sure in my original conviction that avoidant people are just a different side to the same narcissistic coin.

Anonymous 86061

>the idea of people being devastated by them leaving is a power trip for themselves. nothing more or less. any psychologist or relationship counsellor will tell you this is an abuse tactic commonly used, especially by moids and especially moids with npd.
This just reminds me of the person ITT sperging, calling anyone who doesn't agree with them avoidants and fantasizing about them being alone like they probably are

Anonymous 86062

it’s like you’re literally proving their point now. just stop nona. you really aren’t doing yourself or others with this mental illness any favors

Anonymous 86063

thank you for at least being honest nona! <3
it would help so much if more people could admit when their behavior is problematic. unfortunately most people can’t which is why the world is so shitty! recognizing when you’re being crappy towards others and trying to heal those behavior patterns and become kinder to others is the first step. that goes for all of us.

Anonymous 86064

What point? E-diagnosing anons with the disorder you're obsessed with because they don't believe it's the source of all evil is a sign of mental illness and undue fixation. It's actual deranged moid behavior, like multiple people have been trying to tell you.

Anonymous 86065

good points raised! i think being an adult is about realizing relationships are about giving as much as you take. at the end of the day, every relationship humans have is a contract of sorts, and a healthy mature relationship requires mutual consideration and kindness, agreeing to support each other, not running away when things get tough etc. if you cannot deliver a certain positive trait in a relationship yourself, i don’t think u should expect it from others. treat others the way u wanna be treated. simple as. not sure why it’s so hard for people to understand.

Anonymous 86066

well if someone was making you that miserable i think u should be grateful that person is out of your life now. sometimes people removing themselves from your life is the kindest thing they could ever do for you, especially if u weren’t compatible. a bullet dodged is nothing to be sad about. a mature relationship with a man requires maturity on both sides, slippery characters are no good to build a life with, it’s like the saying goes, the fool who built his house on sand. onwards and upwards.

Anonymous 86067

This is also why the one samefag/poster who's been posting mouth-foaming diatribes about avpd made me pause. I feel like a lot of people lack that understanding and become very entitled, unable to comprehend a relationship that doesn't go their own way, then project that outlook on others and wonder why it doesn't work out. The solution in situations like that are to get the fuck away from the person who doesn't share your values instead of trying to drag things out or punish "the world" - it doesn't care. I don't know about others, but IMO it's a good thing when someone I can't bond properly with might disappear whether because of their mental disorder or something else. I'd rather move on, or only be with them when they're ready for an actual relationship. Bashing disordered people just seems petty and very sad.

Anonymous 86068

yeah i actually dont get that overlap either tbh, apart from maybe the tendency to live in your own little world? and do their own thing whenever they want. however i find avoidants tend to gush with emotion and offload a lot of feelings then bounce, more randomly whereas autismos seem to stay a bit more level. then again most of the autistic ppl i met and dealt with were the reserved and quiet types not the loud ones who have outbursts so idk

Anonymous 86069

lol i love nic, her and avril are aspie queens

Anonymous 86070

based but in all srs bznz can we get this thread back on track and talk about tfw no bf again, kthx

Anonymous 86071


Tbh after taking another look about the symptoms of AVPD, now I'm even more confused about why the thread was derailed:
>People with avoidant personality disorder have chronic feelings of inadequacy and are highly sensitive to being negatively judged by others. Though they would like to interact with others, they tend to avoid social interaction due to the intense fear of being rejected by others.
>Avoidant personality disorder
>Too sensitive to criticism or rejection
>Feeling inadequate, inferior or unattractive
>Avoidance of work activities that require interpersonal contact
>Socially inhibited, timid and isolated, avoiding new activities or meeting strangers
>Extreme shyness in social situations and personal relationships
>Fear of disapproval, embarrassment or ridicule
This all just seems like the average person wouldn't have met or established a full-on relationship with an AVPD person to begin with, let alone multiple. This sounds like the quiet person in the back of the room who is awkward and afraid of being judged for everything. Maybe there are NPDs who claim to have AVPD because it makes them seem more "innocent"? NPD is cluster B while AVPD is cluster C, categorizing them the same way seems like a stretch

Anonymous 86073

time to stop derailing pls, this topic should never have been brought up outside of a few nonas mentioning their exes

Anonymous 86075

>Looks more like BPD behavior and considering redditors in general they all love to erroneously self diagnose.
>BPDs do things to push boundaries of loved ones to see if they're still cared about.
I think the moment personality disorders became a known thing outside of the psychiatric industry, people started milking them as an "aha" for every shitty ex, and also turning them into steretoypes and aesthetics, often for the exact same actions or behaviors. First, it was BPD as a trend, then NPD, now AVPD, and then it'll probably be schizoid. On LC, I even saw some people bash autistic people, including autistic women and say they're like people with BPD. Just makes things confusing, I wish we'd just go back to naming people's dumb behaviors for what they specifically are and agreeing they're bad instead of…this kek

Anonymous 86076

NTA but Myproana

Anonymous 86077

I like the insight of this post and wish you the best in doing better, anon, but at the same time, whoever's been having meltdowns in the thread about this disorder for days seems like one person, and likely a scrote. They're not here to listen or help others who've been abandoned or even those with AVPD, just antagonize, project some of their own toxic viewpoints to feel less guilty, and to try to manipulate girls and women so they can slap them with "fuck off avpd cunt" if the next one they talk to don't reply to their DMs fast enough.

Anonymous 86078


I disagree, because these pathologies were heavily underdiagnosed until now and caused immense damage in society unfettered. Their behaviour patterns are abnormal and also incredibly similar and easy to predict, so it helps others avoid them, understand that they’re not paranoid and that this person truly is mentally sick, and helps victims of these types see red flags and leave before it’s too late. Countless women have been saved from relationships with NPD scrotes because of the increasing awareness of that disorder.

Sidenote: I love this quote by Orson Welles tbh. Shy guys and self deprecating types are the worst. Most shy people are arrogant. You have to be arrogant to think everyone is looking at you and concerned with what you’re doing all the time, enough for it to make you self conscious and shy in front of others.

Anonymous 86079

NTA. It’s not the same person making the AVPD hate posts, I made a number of them but certainly not most of them, and I’m not sure why you keep repeating this error. I already know which posts I’ve made, I made them a few days ago and left then came back, and then saw I had a surprising amount of nonas agreeing with me, as well as what seems like one or two people (I’m assuming that’s you?) who got very upset about people sharing their experiences and sperged here


Anyway the jannies can see the different anons too and I know I wasn’t samefagging so idc.

Anonymous 86080

Shyness itself does not make someone a narc IME, it's everything else coupled with it. Awareness is good, but armchair diagnosis (not actual diagnoses) whenever things go bad with some asshole just forces people to feed into self-fulfilling prophecies and oversimplification of situations and individuals that tend to be complicated. Like I don't need to say some piece of shit must have borderline to say they are a piece of shit and I'm not the problem, in fact, I've known diagnosed BPD people who have been kind and helpful

Anonymous 86081

Also I’m not sure why the angry whiteknight (who totally doesn’t have AVPD) still keeps trying to accuse me of being a moid or tranny. I already shared my opinion that I despise scrotes and trannies ITT, and also most people with AVPD who refuse to analyze their behavior or work on themselves. Why aren’t these dislikes of all 3 groups allowed to coexist? Lmao.

Anonymous 86082

>armchair diagnosis
Most of the people here who shared their negative experiences with AVPD people seemed to have mentioned the person having an official diagnosis though.

Anonymous 86083

Unless you're the person who was baiting like an hour ago and making aggressive posts, I'm not talking about you. If you actually are and you're not a scrote…uh, stop. You've been saying the same things and a bunch of people said you sound like a tranny or scrote, unless you're saying they're all the same 1-2 people, truly AVPD and simultaneously ghosting and bullying ITT?

Anonymous 86084

>a bunch of people said you sound like a tranny or a scrote
One person who has been posting at the same time as you. And you thinking it doesn’t make it so lol.

And yeah I hate AVPD people who don’t try to be better, I am one of the first people who mentioned dealing with AVPD moids ITT.

Anonymous 86085

Lmaoooooooo. Grow up.

Anonymous 86086

People have been saying it for days
Are you the actual person being referred to, or just someone else who felt attacked for some reason, and got oddly defensive? Weird either way, but you're allowed to hate whatever, just let the thread heal already lmao. We talk about our exes and tfw no bf in this thread

Anonymous 86087

I’ve genuinely surpassed the need for a bf and it feels good. 3D moids do nothing for me.
Get on my level, miners.

Anonymous 86088


Did you misread? I didn't call it "bullying" unironically lmfao, sit down

Anonymous 86089

All I see is a person mentioned a scrote from 4chan (I don’t browse that scrotey cessboard) then another (samefag?) mentioned a troon that has been spamming child pornography on here for weeks. I’m not either of them and I don’t think those nonas were even talking about my posts specifically, rather the nona who replied to me, so I’m not sure what else to tell you. My IP has stayed the same and jannies can see my posts, I have nothing to hide. This is also why ID posting should become a thing on this board. Anyway, this drama is stale and boring and so are you.

Anonymous 86090

Not reading all that but you seem very pissy, and I don't get why because I don't know who you are and am obviously not talking about you if you're not the scrote in question
>Anyway, this drama is stale and boring and so are you.
Cool, so move on already like I said

Anonymous 86091


What does this say?

Anonymous 86092

Google "unironically" and study sarcasm/context clues, hope that helps nona

Anonymous 86093

Ofc I’m pissy that you accuse me of being a pedophile or a scrote from 4chan. I accept your concession anyway.

Anonymous 86094

Based, 2D moids seem kind of generic to me though. Is literature any better?

Anonymous 86095

You didn’t use it in an ironic fashion lol. Are you the smug moidposter I’ve seen people complaining about? Condescending as hell.

Anonymous 86106

I've been in denial about being AvPD for awhile. I gotta admit a lot of this toxic behavior describes me to a T. And this screenshot makes me lol, I do simultaneously loathe everything about myself but somehow think I'm better than people. And I act timid-I genuinly am shy though. I'm scared.

Anonymous 86107

It’s okay if you’re a girl. Shy guys are evil.

Anonymous 86159

But I did, that's what I was trying to tell you that you missed. Sorry you miss social cues, but that does not make me a man lol

Anonymous 86175

Let it go tranny. Let it go.

Anonymous 86177

>drags out an infight from 9 hours ago to say "let it go"
Not sure if this is just the seething troon from before, but very pathetic

Anonymous 86178


I'm sorry for what you had to go through. Must be awful to be in a relationship with someone who can't even express that they like you. I hoped he learned from that.

I don't know if that's my case, but even if it is I'd give anything even for an emotionally distanced relationship. But it's just not meant to be.

And to all the people hijacking this thread to fight about emotional illnesses, please stop

Anonymous 86179

This actually makes perfect sense with the absolute state of most men. Sex with them seems like more trouble than it's worth and emotional relationships seem like a crapshoot

Anonymous 86203

>he woke up

Anonymous 86209

its honestly insane to me that anyone would defend avpdemons. then again, im not surprised as ive seen bpdemons come out of the woodwork and defend their equally monstrous personality disorder when someone criticizes them LMAO. they also love to play the victim in a similar fashion!! weaponized victimhood seems to be the main defense mechanism of all the clusters and that’s what makes them so fcking insufferable :))

if a guy ever tells you he has avpd, run the fuck away from him as fast as you can nonas. unless you like a bf who leaves you on read, disappearing for days or weeks, going incommunicado whenever he feels like it, told you’re being demanding and high maintenance when you ask to spend an hour together, and the 99% chance of him walking out on you and your newborn baby if you ever have a kid together (god forbid, if you’ve ever made a child with a avpdemon then that kid is royalty fcked, not even joking). hell, avoidants are the type to not even show up on their goddamn wedding day.

think of the fact these people ghost and disappear at the drop of a hat as a bullet well dodged. it’s actually one of the few good traits they have. just like how suicide is a fortunate comorbidity for trannies and bpdemons, voluntarily ejecting themselves from your life is a nice perky upside to avpdemons. think of it as the trash taking itself out :)

>INB4 some butthurt avoidant fag replies to me

stay malding and farting, ugly stinky avpdemons.

Anonymous 86210

meant for 86208 and all my points still stand

Anonymous 86211

just seconding this. I dated one with avpd for 6 years. he bought a house with me and got engaged and dumped me and disappeared a month before the wedding. I've been seeing someone now without it and it's sooooo much easier. he actually helps me out, messages me regularly, doesn't make me feel anxious or demanding, and actively contributes to the relationship.

please don't let pity ever make you waste time on anyone (friend or partner) with avpd. they really aren't worth it.

Anonymous 86212

correct and im sorry that happened to you. avoidant men should be gassed lol.

Anonymous 86213


(Ignoring Blainefag/troon posts and samefagging)
To the anon who talked about her ex-bf and deleted it: I just want to say I agree with you and that you have an actual sane take. Don't ever let a partner make you think you're crazy even as they're abusing you. Congrats on finding an actual good partner/relationship.

Anonymous 86214

weird how you near instantly reply to anyone who posts itt: lol it’s so obvious yoi just leave threads up in an open tab for days and check them obsessively until someone posts. hmm that sounds exactly like what a certain mentally ill schizophrenic tranny mentioned doing on here a few days ago, i might grab the screenshot of him admitting it if i saved it, made a whole lotta sense.

Anonymous 86216

lol im sorry sis this coping moid is going to keep accusing anyone who agrees with me of samefagging, so pathetic

Anonymous 86218


Literally, this mentally disabled scrote is going to agree with, vaguepost and fight with himself til the end of time. All anyone can do is ignore him, kek.
Anyway: Are moids who are very affection-focused a red flag? I feel like it's kind of good, but in some cases it's an energy vampire sort of thing.

Anonymous 86219

just thinking it would be funny as fuck if me and every other nona who hates avpdemons posted timestamps itt showing we are in fact real women and not the samefagging tranny schizo that the samefagging tranny schizo is accusing us of being. if any nonas can be bothered i will happily join you, it’s about time this retards schizo moids delusions were publicly deboonked and he gets humiliated. hating avpdemons is healthy, natural and beautiful.

Anonymous 86220

lmao dude you’re fooling no one, literally keeping threads open in tabs for days waiting obsessively for someone to reply 2 you, that’s how sad your life is. the troon even admitted to doing this last week, and it was so ducking funny and pathetic i tried to take a screenshot of him saying it. that was you, wasn’t it. LMAOAOMOAOA. this is the last reply you’re getting from me. gtfo off my board, scrote.

Anonymous 86221

if you wanna disprove the mounting evidence you’re the samefagging tranny who leaves tabs open for days waiting for replies, post a timestamp with your jaw and Adam’s apple in front of this board, scrote. we know you’re not a woman, tranny until proven otherwise.

Anonymous 86223

Mods can check my post history to see I'm not a tranny or scrote. It's really telling (read: obvious) how you're trying to get nonas who agree or disagree with you to selfpost while offering absolutely no proof that you aren't the troon yourself. It's like you don't even care about abusive shitty partners, you just wanted to hijack the thread, create an aggressive atmosphere like on your garbage home board, and then later save pictures of anons to share with the other Discord trannies.
Who except a scrote gets mad at anyone who says to ignore moids, specifically the one who tries to derail a thread for days? You're not even trying to hide that you're samefagging anymore, I don't know who you think you're tricking

Anonymous 86225

I know who this is. Holy shit. Kek.

Anonymous 86226

>he admits he’s a tranny
i knew it lmfao

Anonymous 86227

Post him so we can all laugh

Exactly the reply I expected from a malding tranny. Keep coping and projecting, actual women will always sniff you out

Anonymous 86230

It’s the condescending moidposter.

Anonymous 86231

>still hasn’t provided an iota of proof he’s actually female
exactly the reply I expected from a scrote who has just been exposed, suck my labia you failed scrote lmao.

Anonymous 86232

funny thing is im dying to prove im female and this scrote thinks getting pissy and defensive will make him seem more womanly or convincing. lol blend harder you failed scrote, i just exposed you.

Anonymous 86234


Anonymous 86236

Your post history proves nothing tbh. Some long term male lurkers may have learned to refer to men as moids after being here long enough and call female posters trannies in an attempt to blend, that still doesn’t make you a woman though.

Anonymous 86237

Makes sense lmao. I can't believe he's still at it. Praying he'll have a breakdown and finally post his ugly mug with a timestamp or something, if he's "dying" to it should be easy.

Anonymous 86238

I made that post, anon. And I was referring to you. Other nonas have noticed your posting style and have mentioned you in other threads before too. It’s kind of an open secret now that you’re a long term male lurker.

Anonymous 86239

Which ones? I've never heard of this, all the moids I've seen have been incapable of blending in without having a breakdown attacking women and outing themselves.
>"female posters"

Anonymous 86240

What exactly have I said that sounds tranny or moid-like? Are you the tranny himself samefagging?

Anonymous 86241

Numerous nonas called you out for being male in this thread.

Anonymous 86242


>I have been accused of being a troon or a moid in multiple threads
Yeah, I wonder why. This is him if anyone is wondering, and I certainly wasn’t the only one who smelled a scrotum.

Anonymous 86243

Except that's not me, I only lurk the pinkpill thread on the other site on/off and I've never argued about whether it's good to be fat or not. Again, mods can look at my history. Going by you saying you made that post, and replying to both my posts at the same time, I guess you just admitted you actually are the samefagging tranny going back to back. You're not going to fool me into selfposting or potentially self doxxing lol, you're so disgusting and pathetic for trying to gaslight here.

Anonymous 86244

Shame, I really thought we got rid of the smug moidposter once and for all, but just like herpes he always comes back. Anyway, I’m going to bed.

Anonymous 86245

>doubling down on his larp
Come on anon, multiple people have called you out for being male and your syntax and smug speech patterns are the exact same.

Keep schizzing out about being doxxed, we know it’s really because you’re a moid with an Adam’s apple the size of a baseball. Goodnight.

Anonymous 86246

Yes, please let this thread be free of your bullshit moid schizoposting and spamming so actual nonas can post again.

Anonymous 86247

>still doubling down on his larp
YWNBAW, and multiple people have called you out for being a man by this point. Give it up dude.

Anonymous 86248

>you're this anon I swear
>let me reply twice
>you're a man
>still not giving proof I'm not a man, but you post yourself! BTW other femoids–I mean NONAS, post yourselves too!!!
>reply to me roastie
I guess it's retarded of me to even keep responding after you've proven yourself the troon, but I've never seen an attempt this autistic or shitty. You keep saying you'll go to bed just to come back and try to actually double down on this LARP/false-flag.
Here's a deal: If you're so sure I'm a man and you're not, post a timestamp with your hand first and I'll do the same. You won't and can't because you are Blaine the schizotroon, please 41%.

Anonymous 86249

Oh dear anon. The ‘lady’ doth protest too much.

It’s funny because I’m part of the cc discord where we all had to verify we are female in order to join. I would invite you to join and continue this discussion on there my good man, but I have a sneaking suspicion he wouldn’t pass the first elimination round. Hey ho.
Either way, It’s clear you are male and that you spend hours fishing for replies in these threads, and I’ve no interest in interacting with a moid for that time length. Thanks for conceding and admitting that you’re the annoying moidposter twat himself I guess. Congrats on pulling a few replies out of me, and have a scrotey evening.

Anonymous 86253

>still no timestamp
The same CC Discord that fell apart because incels asked their sisters to do voice verification, and then they shared all the miner's pictures on /r9k/ to mock them? Again, pathetic attempt, tranny.
In general, though: Sure, keep trying to pull rank using Discord on an anonymous board and insisting you're totally not a man with zero proof, that sounds like something a biological woman would totally do. Good luck "passing" by samefagging, degrading threads and trying to attack actual women. Your life must be so empty you can't even sleep.

Anonymous 86255

Hands aren’t good enough proof. I’ll go a step further and suggest we duke it out, lady to lady. You could join the cc server and I’ll talk with you there, I’ll even videocall with you tomorrow if you want. Let’s prove that we are both real ladies once and for all. Provided you can pass the verification first ofc. You up for it, ‘nona’?

Anonymous 86256

I literally just offered to videocall with you and prove I’m a woman lol. You chicken?

Anonymous 86258

No need to get so defensive. I asked you to provide a timestamp first. I’ll do it if you do it, you’re probably an incel with a weird hand fetish though.
>incels provided pictures of their sisters as timestamps
Which is why I’m offering to videochat with you if that’s what it takes lol. I trust a fellow real woman wouldnt doxx me. Are you up for it anon? What’s wrong? You afraid of me posting your tranny mug everywhere? I promise I won’t do that. Well, what do you say?

Anonymous 86259

>literally just
? I posted before your second/samefag reply. Go ahead and post the link. I won't bother if the admin of CC isn't there to prove it actually is a CC discord and not just a troon server, by the way (if you don't even know her Discord account, don't bother). One on one. I'm not videocalling for an internet argument with a tranny, though.

Anonymous 86260

>incel with a hand fetish
Hand timestamps are how anons and mods have proven they're female for years now on LC because no one's going to self-dox for an argument. You're either a complete newfag or an actual incel/tranny trying very hard.

Anonymous 86261

Why do you have to go and make it so complicated. Its not scary, just a video/voicecall, lady to lady. The server link is still up in /b/. Let me know your first and last username initial after you joined so I know who I’m going to BTFO.

Anonymous 86262

Hand timestamps are useless and defunct, boomer. I’ve seen users here post hands that looked suspiciously male.

Anonymous 86263

Sleeping now. Goodnight, scrotes.

Anonymous 86264

hi blaine

Anonymous 86265

Where in /b/, and what's complicated about posting a link? You're not even allowed to make a Discord thread. Again, ridiculous LARP.
>I know who I’m going to BTFO.
BTFO with what? You're a tranny accusing women of being you and you can't even make good on a single one of your claims

Anonymous 86266

Only Blaine would try to convince people LC is associated with him in any way.

Anonymous 86267


Anonymous 86268

wow this is sad, two trannies fighting lol

Anonymous 86269

he who shall not be named is 31 tbf, he probably thinks it’s still done like how it was done in his days of 4chan

Anonymous 86271

i want snail to be the ref, we shall see whose jaws and voice boxes are manlier

Anonymous 86272

I’d be down for it too tbh. I think you replied to me before but some weirdos started shrieking and accusing us of being samefags, sad!

It’s literally right here retard

Anonymous 86273

God this will be really funny if it turns out he really was a troon all along, bet he doesn’t join.

Anonymous 86274

I find voice notes are also pretty good way of verification btw, you don’t have to worry about your pics or exif being doxxed that way either. And tranny voices are very easy to spot imo. Even a husky masculine female voice is easy to discern from a high pitched troon voice, you can always tell.

Anonymous 86275


First time I've been called a tranny/moid, especially for saying to ignore them

>old thread
>sketchy email system
>deleted your own post where you accidentally leaked that you were a moid
I'll pass. Maybe post your Discord name and then change it after I add you.

Anonymous 86276

>old thread
The discord server update is literally from a week ago
>sketchy email system
Protonmail is literally one of the safest and least doxxable mailboxes you can use lol
>deleted your own post
I did no such thing and didn’t even reply to that post, I simply emailed her.
>admitted you are a moid
Me and my XX chromosomes are heartily chucking at how silly and mentally ill you are anon.

Anonymous 86277


So it literally is just a scrote/tranny server and you've been spamming the site with it and getting banned (explains your deleted posts you're claiming you didn't delete), thanks for confirming my suspicion.
If you're actually a woman, I can prove I am too via voice verification. You aren't, you tried to get me to selfpost, waffled when I offered that we could both do it, admitted to samefagging, and now you're being cagey about it even after I agreed to join and gave you my terms. Weird.
>me and my XX chromosomes
Things you say when you only have one X chromosome and are malding about it

Anonymous 86280

Gave the moidposter my discord and he still hasn’t added me. Tranny confirmed.

Anonymous 86281

What does your username begin with

Anonymous 86282

BTFO me how again? If we're both women, what's the war about? I added you btw, it ends with an "f".

You're ignoring my add and still reeing and samefagging lol

Anonymous 86285

The tranny added me but is still refusing to videocall and prove hes a real woman. Also revealed hes flat and aspie. Typical.

Anonymous 86286


I said I could VC right now, as in right this minute, you refused and said "My tits are bigger than yours" like an actual moid/troon.

Anonymous 86287

you're both trannies

Anonymous 86288

anyone else super creeped out rn by how this argument between two people is clearly the same tranny schizo talking to himself. now he’s even adding himself on discord and posting screencaps to try and make his larp seem more legit. my sides. these people need to be burned alive.

Anonymous 86289

What timezone is that? Lol.

Anonymous 86291


He kept trying to push me to videocall with him specifically and accused me of using a voice changer right off the bat (because he knows he is full of shit and no proof will be "enough" for him unless he has the chance to catfish or dox me). Unironically creepy, and he probably has some girl he has do these weird ops for him, I'm glad I never e-mailed him or anything close. He had his posts deleted by a mod and was banned for a reason, I'm sure.

I'm still not a tranny, I've said before mods can check my post history most likely. I am a sperg for letting this go on, but it's Sunday so whatever

And you're still trying to dox, bit by bit. Keep at it

Anonymous 86292

You said you live in europe and are using Brazil time? LOL.

Anonymous 86293

Colombian tranny confirmed.

Anonymous 86294

>using the same timezone for your PC as your location when phones exist
I thought you said you were going to bed? Thank you for proving my point about trying to doxx, and hiding because you couldn't get the girl you use for these things.

Anonymous 86295

Ok Ernesto, tu ey muy stupido.

Anonymous 86296

>You're a tranny and I'm not, but I can't prove I'm a woman because I just can't!! Show me your face btw!!!
Keep samefagging and deflecting, tranny. If you were an actual woman, you would've heard my voice and my accent by now

Anonymous 86297


I was gonna go to bed but now I can’t stop laughing at how I’ve been talking to a Brazilian tranny with a mustache called Carlitos the entire time.

Anonymous 86298

Mate, I didn’t doxx you, you doxxed yourself by trying to doxx me and post our chats. Fuckin hilarious.

Anonymous 86299


Anonymous 86300

>still can't prove he's a woman
>samefagging hard
>"Y-You're from Brazil!!"
>thinks posting Discord DMs is "doxxing"
Exposed. Keep being scared, I'm still actually female and YWNBAW. You probably would've heard me speak my actual language if you had been able to play your cards right.

Anonymous 86301

Notice how "everyone" supporting one side in the argument stopped posting the moment the one coping scrote gave up and went to bed. Tomorrow, he'll probably start the drama and sperging again, even if actual nonas beg him to stop so the thread can get back on topic.

Anonymous 86304

I did notice that, yeah. I just feel bad for OP and anyone else like me who read the OP and thought it'd be a nice thread, only for this shit to happen. I just wanted to post about >tfwnobf not all this trash.

Anonymous 86305

All of you.

Anonymous 86311

I think its an underage pickme, not a male, either way report ignore & ban

Anonymous 86350

So whoever that is doesn't even have a server? That's extra creepy

Anonymous 86363

>he woke up again

Anonymous 86385

What a fuckig shit show.

Anonymous 86390

This is also the same psychotic, samefagging scrote

Anonymous 86392


from /media/

Absolutely relentless bullshit.

Anonymous 86402

>he woke up, again

Anonymous 86408


>whiteknighting personality disordered moids

Anonymous 86409

NTA but the person who made the post in the screenshot literally is a personality disordered moid kek

Anonymous 86412

is the personality disordered moid in the room with us right now?

Anonymous 86413

i saw the "ccisdumb" discord name and number before he deleted it, sent a friend request to see if it worked, and the pfp was some coomer picture. likely a tranny or gay scrote

Anonymous 86414


Reminder: if they refuse to vc or try to lure you into sending pics, they are male.

Anonymous 86415

Post proof or BS.

Anonymous 86417

>tranny still arguing with himself and pretending to be multiple people
>thinks anyone gives a shit about his schizo trannycord drama and conversations with himself
yawn, sage and ignore sisters

Anonymous 86418

removed him and don't care lol, believe it or don't. the schizo tranny talking to himself is one thing, but at least it reminded me what >>86414 said is true, glad i don't trust any discord freaks. anyway i'll do what the last anon said and ignore any and all tranny damage control efforts or schizoposts

Anonymous 86419

What was the coomer pic?

Anonymous 86432

can you please send the link?

Anonymous 86433

nvm i found it

Anonymous 86438

They always make themselves so obvious that way. I feel like this exact Discord thing has actually happened in the old friend finder threads too. They can never hide their aggressive nature and call women cunts, foids, etc when they don't get what they want.

Anonymous 86446

The friend finder thread was disappointing. Only one person added me and it was a moid who I told off, and 20 minutes later my post was deleted for no reason. (I suspected he had somehow snuck onto the moderation and wanted to get back at me for snubbing him.) The reality is that there are too many psycho males who lurk here for it to be safe adding people.

Anonymous 86447

>he woke up, again

Anonymous 86474

>The reality is that there are too many psycho males who lurk here for it to be safe adding people.
This is sad because I like the idea of making friends off CC. Men really ruin everything, whether it's unfunny autismo spamming and lowering the quality of threads, or more sinister things like stalking or harassment. I don't know if it's true, but I've heard about some mods in the early days having boyfriends they'd let delete posts and stuff, so your theory might not even be wrong

Anonymous 86506

I’m tired of seeing OP pics mean mug in the catalogue every day

Anonymous 86539

no wonder they've been avoiding you

Anonymous 86561

t. normie

Anonymous 89596

The barista smiled at me and wished me a good day today. I think I love him.

Anonymous 89607

me too

Anonymous 89610

went to a chiropractor today and got a massage. the guy is twice my age and married but it felt so extremely nice to have physical contact with a male human being. i am so goddamn single

Anonymous 89651


>cashier (or equivalent) smiles at you and wishes you a good day
>imagine life together with them for the next few days

Anonymous 89658

idk it's not really a sexual thing and i feel like it would be interpreted that way on a dating app. thanks for the suggestion but i'll probably just pine until i can find a bf my own age lol

Anonymous 89915

What's the point of dating as an unattractive woman? Men's "love" is mostly predicated on looks so men just settle for you, even if you truly love him, despite him also not being conventionally attractive, it'll never be reciprocated.

Anonymous 89927

This thought frequently passes my mind whenever I start finding a guy interesting and it's one of the reasons why I don't want to give dating a try. For women a lot of other factors that make up the whole person are important, too. For most men, looks seem to override everything and be the most decisive factor. There really doesn't seem to be a point to dating as an unattractive woman.

Anonymous 90332

I don't think I'm that exceptionally intelligent or extremely ambitious, but in general it seems to me that the way I think about things, my ambitions/goals, my interests/hobbies, my beliefs, etc. keep intimidating the men I will be interested in and I find it so incredibly frustrating. it just feels like when men realize I'm not an airhead or someone who is going to just blindly agree with everything he says or I 'actually' have a personality it turns them off and I hate it.

though at the same time I wonder if it's because of the way I interact with people…I'm generally a bit shy when it comes to meeting a new person and I definitely hold back a little bit and have like a 'polite new person' persona before I relax a bit and show my full self. I don't go full autist or whatever but I think that could affect it too - if men assume they're getting a quiet shy girl or something and then suddenly I'm busting out the sarcastic banter that could turn them off. likewise if I start off quite extroverted but then have my moments of introversion they might assume I dont like them or whatever….I just feel like when it comes to men I can't win and I'm constantly swinging between extremes or something. can anyone else relate

Anonymous 90351

Everyone acts differently at the start of a relationship when you're trying to impress, then as things cool off you both start to actually see what the other person is like. So you kind of just have to keep trying until you both find someone that actually likes each other once the shine has rubbed off and you're both acting natural.
It sucks that you have to waste time and emotional effort to get to that point but I don't think there's much a way around it.

Anonymous 90531

moids can’t love especially ugly women

Anonymous 90533

There's research on how looks matter more to men on average; that their treatment of others depends more on it, that they're likelier to have a more hostile reaction to unattractive members of the opposite sex, are happier being looks hypergamous, associate looks with status, etc. It goes on and on.

It's just disingenuous snakes like you have an obsession with dissolving all intimacy into simply being a matter of "getting" someone–nevermind compatibility, having social skills enough to make emotionally deep and rewarding platonic connections with women and men, etc. The "love" of socially bankrupt men is akin to that of that towards an object that he wanted solely because it had the correct parts. Creepy shit.

Anonymous 90537

i agree but do you have links

Anonymous 90699


Anonymous 90823

She's more gorgeous than any moid could hope to be!

Anonymous 90830

>tfw no gf

Anonymous 92105

>tfw no will to live

Anonymous 92141

I just fucking want a cute gamer BF to carry me in video games, watch Netflix with me and just hang out and cuddle all day. Is it really too much to fucking ask?

Anonymous 92143

you deserve better than a loser gamer

Anonymous 93028

I was actually closer (in my eyes lol) to getting a bf this year. Im going to be a little bolder next year!

Anonymous 93083


Maybe next year would be the good one. I want a sweet boyfriend soon, I'm so lonely.

Anonymous 93084

What is this from?

Anonymous 93085


I originally got it from Pinterest, but I think this is the artist. https://mobile.twitter.com/cchhiiaakkii

Anonymous 93152

im old at this point, never having a bf is making me legit suicidal. the women i talk to irl arent helping, they kept talking about their stupid moid. i dont really want to end it, but its hard not to get over it. do i seriously need to be in a fucking relationship like everyone else???

Anonymous 93162

I don't belong in this thread bc have bf, but honest answer, no, you don't need one, it's not a state of being and nothing about you would really change, nor does it confirm or deny any aspect of you. Plus it might happen when you least expect so try to live in the moment, for that reason and many others

Anonymous 93201

how old are you?
perhaps it's not too late

Anonymous 93252

best of luck to us both for next year noni

Anonymous 93385

I feel as though the types of men I am attracted to and the types of men who are attracted to me never overlap. Because of this conundrum, I don't know if I'll ever get a bf. And no it's not that my standards are too high, because it's not as if I think the men who are attracted to me are too ugly for me or something. It's more the way they act that I find unappealing or not my type.

Anonymous 93386

whats your type n0nnie

Anonymous 93388

I think my type is kind of all over the place at this point, so I'm sorry I can't be more specific. I guess sometimes a man will just do or something and I'll think "aw, that's cute" and that's how I know I'm attracted to them. I'd give an example but it's honestly the most inane shit that I would be embarrassed to say.

But I will say all of the men who I notice have been attracted to me are the types who always present themselves as as soft or vulnerable or shy in some way. It's not that I dislike introverts, but the men who've been into me all just seem so… meek. I guess I probably attract that energy because I'm sure I come off as really closed off and anxious myself. I guess I'm not one to talk. I guess I'd be more attracted to someone who seemed more confident in themself. Not cocky, but not like I have to be the one to assert my presence and have enough confidence for the both of us in public. Especially since, as I said, I'm already pretty anxious as is (although I at least make an effort of trying to mask it).

Anonymous 94096

I wish I knew what it felt like to be loved. Beyond surface level attraction, but for someone to actually like who I am. And for them to care about me. It makes me a little sad to think that I might not ever know what that feels like. And of course it would only matter if it went both ways. To know that someone you really like and admire cares about you too sounds way too good to be true. I don't know if most men are capable of something like that. I don't even know if I'm capable of something like that. Guess I'll just stick to daydreaming. I don't meet men organically in any situation anymore so the only option I have is to meet them through dating apps, so no thanks.

Anonymous 94102

what about thru imgboards?

Anonymous 94109

I guess it still wouldn't be an organic situation though right? Essentially I'd be talking to a stranger who might only care for me on a superficial level the same way it'd be if I met someone on a dating app. Although I guess I never tried it so I couldn't say for sure. I did make a friend off of an imageboard, but I think I really lucked out with that one.

Anonymous 94110

>never seen a 3d moid i found physically attractive
>heart skips a beat every time i see >>85586 in the catalog
Am I gay or is this normal

Anonymous 94112

there're definitely guys online who're in the same situation as you, but the problem they tend to have is it's highly difficult for them to reach out; reason being, is males on the internet with good intentions who just want someone to talk to platonically, while potentially keeping romantic motives as a sideline are outnumbered 100/1 by emotionally-burnt-out creeps who don't care how they act towards others because there aren't any real social consequences for acting like arseholes towards someone on the other side of a screen. luckily the majority of those guys you're trying to avoid aren't avoiding dating apps like yourself, or those rare few guys.

the trick is being able to tell the two types apart.

in my experience, you can end up having an organic experience meeting a guy online, through:
>online games
>blogs/social media

if, when you have your first interaction, they immediately place you on a pedestal, start acting overly douchey or just generally don't treat you like you're a normal human being like anyone else they might happen to meet, be very careful about continuing on with it.

it's easy to feel self-conscious if he doesn't fall in love with you right then and there, but honestly, that sounds like what you're trying to avoid. guys who let their heart run wild immediately tend not to work out in the long term. the only relationship i've ever had that has ever lasted was with a guy who was just kinda doing his own thing and was happy enough to take me along for the ride. was a bonus we met online too, 'cos it meant our first interaction was through a topic we were both already interested in: music.

Anonymous 94122

How do I get a high IQ boyfriend whose white, at least 8/10, takes care of his body, has hobbies that aren’t gaming and is in STEM? I want at least an IQ of 135 because that’s what I am. All those things I listed are characteristics I have, so it’s not like I have unrealistic standards. I think men and women should looksmatch and intelligence-match anyhow.

Anonymous 94123

Because I haven’t met anyone of this type, I am pathetically lonely and a virgin. Sometimes I wonder if I should lower my standards but I know I wouldn’t be happy if a guy is dumber than me or if I wasn’t physically attracted to him. Do any nonas here have a boyfriend who is both smart and above average in looks??

Anonymous 94126

Thanks for giving me genuine advice. It seems daunting to meet someone off an imageboard. Now that I think about it, I think I did try to add one or two people a few years ago in college but the conversation fizzled out pretty quick. How did you manage to meet people online? I don't play multiplayer games so I feel my best bet would be blogs or imageboards. But as I said, even meeting my online friend was by sheer luck.

And you're right that part of the reason I don't like using apps is because when you meet someone they're automatically assessing you as a potential gf/hookup and I hate it. I've tried it before, but I don't think I could be attracted to anyone in a situation like that. Those are the exact kinds of encounters I want to avoid, even though it seems counterintuitive since I guess I do, eventually maybe at one point, want to date someone. Again thanks for the advice. It's really easy to get down on myself and think I'll be alone forever. It still might be true (and not having a bf isn't the end of the world), but you rekindled some hope that at least I don't have to throw in the towel now.

Anonymous 94127

I know a guy like this. He’s a rarity though.

Anonymous 94128

What public spaces and spots does he hang out at? Did he join any school clubs? If so, what clubs or extra curricular activities?
Just trying to find a guy like this, is all.

Anonymous 94129

>>94127 samefag but what type of girls does he like?

Anonymous 94130

You ever had a dream of someone really cute, and they mention something to you, so you ask them to explain it to you but they just tell you to look it up while giving you the middle finger. So you wake up and you look it up and it’s totally interesting and helps you fix a part of your life that’s been bugging you for a long long time?
God I wish I could marry my dream. I’m both really happy and extremely lonely.

Anonymous 94131

i believe in you!
>How did you manage to meet people online?
steer clear of 4chan hookup boards like /soc/, etc. if you're going to try and meet someone on an imageboard, try and make some contact on a board about a specific interest. like i said, in my case, it was music; more specifically, https://4chan.org/mu/

i just got into a discussion about my favourite band and it went really well, so i posted a throwaway e-mail and we got talking from there. once he realised i wasn't another guy, he didn't freak out and we just kept talking.

what're some of your interests?

Anonymous 94132

Boyfriends seem like too much work + responsibility. I prefer being by myself. I don't find many real life boys to be attractive, anyway, so it works out.

Anonymous 94133

Kek thank you noni I won't give up! I appreciate you for talking to me and giving me support. I actually used to go on /mu/ a few years ago when I was in college. I was always a little self-conscious participating because I don't have diverse music taste and just obsess over the same 10-15 artists. I also feel like I'm too old to be on there now. I'm happy it worked out for you and you were able to meet someone cool! What was your favorite band?

Hmmm for me I guess I'm into reading, watching horror movies, listening to music (I like a lot of 80s stuff- synthpop, new wave, darkwave, etc), and true crime. Pretty basic stuff.

Anonymous 94137

Please elaborate

Anonymous 94239

wait, not related but are you from turkey?

Anonymous 94540


s is dating men worth it?? I’ve been confessed to and gone on dates but every single one bored me, even when i liked their faces.

Except for the men in my family and my coworkers I don’t really interact with men at all. I just find women way more interesting and my female friends have richer inner lives than any man i’ve met, but i am tragically still physically attracted to men.

The moids around me are already hitting the wall (i’m mid 20s….), and i think i’m mostly just curious? Are they really all just npCs??

Anonymous 94541

Having a crush on a moid is strange because one moment I'm like "My very own forbidden fruit, how I long to taste the sweetest sin of all…" and the next it's "That's an actual fucking sewage rat". I want off this ride

Anonymous 94543

That is the conundrum of being a heterosexual woman.

Anonymous 94592

I made myself the promise that my next bf will not be from online. I will meet them in real life. I am an extreme introvert; I'm in this for the long haul. I've made some great personal growth in my 30's and I'm proud of who I've become so I'm not going to settle for less than that in return.

Anonymous 94624

Parents are just always saying random putdowns without stopping to consider if they align with the other putdowns they've said to you and powermoves they've made on you. It's rare, if not nonexistent, for a parent to have a unified view on what they actually want from you.

Anonymous 94656

So somehow I managed to arrange a date. This will be my first date in years. I was super happy, our chemistry while texting is great.

The date is tomorrow. I've had a lip herpes outbreak since yesterday.

Just kill me.

Anonymous 94709

Moving from an avoidant to a more secure avoidant attachment style is hard as a woman. There is so much to be avoidant about. I'm trying to be less cynical about men. I only need to get along with one man.

Anonymous 94710

I really want to try going on an online date just to practice a date.

Anonymous 94714

I lost my best friend for these last few years, who was also my crush, all because I'm a mess. He was into me, we got close but things didn't work out because of me. I always have to be impulsive when it comes to these things.
We stayed in touch despite everything and we were doing fine. We weren't as close as we used to be, but it was good enough because he was an amazing friend to me. But I had to be retarded and I went for a kiss when we met again, only to regret it. At first he thought I wanted something more once again, which it was true, but at the same time I was scared to get close. He got upset and we stopped talking.

I don't believe in "the one", but I think he was my best chance for a happy and healthy relationship.

Anonymous 94757

how'd it go?

Anonymous 94758

i could be your love receptionist

Anonymous 94774


>Personality "disorder"
These things are not disorders, they're characteristics. Arguing about whether or not avoidants are narcissists (they clearly are not) is like arguing about if the quiet kid in your class is going to be a murderer. Psychiatry is a scam, don't @ me.

Anonymous 95361


I've waited for him for so long and now he doesn't want me anymore, probably never did in any meaningful way. I don't know how to stop thinking about him. I don't want any other boy. I know there's a lot wrong with me but I feel like the only thing I can do is love people and it's been a disheartening and depressing experience so far. I'm way too sensitive and I can't stop crying over him no matter how many months and years pass.

Anonymous 95375


>Look, E, you can't stay with friends after school because it's dangerous to go outside as a child
>Look, E, I know that having extra lessons 3 times a week is tiresome but you have to do this in order to get into university
>Look, E, I know that you want to go to that trip with your class but right now we just can't afford it
>Look, E, you're still a teen, you need to focus on your studies instead of wasting time in a relationship
>Look, E, I know you want to go with your high school friends to the same university, but you can apply to a much better place and start over
>Look, E, I know that you're at university, but you need to get a job as well since we won't be able to support you
>Look, E, i know that you're working and studying from home and are so isolated you want to die, but you need to stay indoors until this pandemic is over
>Look, E, you just got your degree and are now working full time, but you should come home evey weekend and spend some time with us
>Hey E, your older brother introduced us to his Girlfriend last week, when will you introduce us to your Boyfiend? You don't want to get too old or nobody will marry you!

Anonymous 96037

Why do mothers always do that? I hear so much about abusive mothers but abusive dads are somehow less frequent

Anonymous 96039

Hmm, I don't know about that.
Usually when a dad is abusive he's an absolute nightmare. I've read many horror stories on here and lc, have my own experience with a nightmare father, and have friends and family with equally terrible or far worse dads.
That said, I think mothers who will belittle, manipulate, and control their children are a bit more insidious because it's less obvious to the world. Of course, ideally a child wouldn't have a father who rapes her OR a mother who insults her daily, yet they often go together.
In the end, many people just aren't fit to parent. It's not a gender war, we just don't care about kids enough.

Anonymous 96051


No because when I was younger I did not worry about not having a boyfriend, I thought that I would have bf at some point and it was inevitable, but after couple years passed I realized that you won't magically just get a bf. you have to be pretty, social and other stuff and I'm autistic asf (don't have any idea how to approach or socialize with moids) and have big ass nose. like I don't have any good qualities. why would anyone like me when there are better girls out there, so I just lost all hope. I can't imagine anyone loving me for what I am.

Anonymous 96054


you're not alone nona..

Anonymous 96137

When I was younger I used to believe that I don't need anyone and that I'm perfectly fine with being alone.
I really wish I could turn back time and socialize more as a teen.

Anonymous 96201

This is me now! I always tell myself I am okay with being alone but honestly I really hate it

Anonymous 96243

Down the line loneliness is going to only hurt more and more. I thought that since all the things I like doing i do alone, I don't need anyone to be happy.
But now I know I won't ever be happy and alone.

Anonymous 96360

I live in nz and the men here are trash and I hate it I'm going to die alone. There's more women over men in there 30s. Men here don't eat pussy. They're so heavily entrenched in toxic masc and would rather blow their brains out than talk about their feelings, they expect you to do all the house work, child rearing and work full time. FUCK IM SO FUCKING SICK OF BEING HORNY.

My life is great, I have my shit together, I have friends, I work I just want someone to love and to hold who isn't a complete piece if shit I swear to god.

Anonymous 96456


I know a guy like this, i see him at work every once in a while. Literally looks like pic related but with shorter hair and a full face of stubble. He's got to be 6 feet tall. Has this deep voice that doesn't fit the way he looks at all. He hardly speaks to anyone, but is always really polite when he does. Most of the time he just sits by himself staring off info space. Always smiles at me when he sees me. He has the most beautiful eyes, but there's this sad look in them too. I get the feeling that he doesn't have many friends, and doesnt have much experience with women.
I want him so bad, but I have this fear that he's secretly a 4chan user, or some kind of wierdo and that's why he's always by himself.

Anonymous 96467

What do you think he does off work?

Anonymous 96475

How do I get over a crush whom I know I have no chance with

Anonymous 96477

find new one

Anonymous 96478

unironically take a holiday to nsw

Anonymous 96491

he sounds almost perfect. pray he doesn’t use 4chan or is severely autistic

Anonymous 96502

ask him what he's thinking about

Anonymous 96558

I just had to do this. Block them, block all their friends, leave any servers or friend groups you share. Take a an everything shower, you MUST full body exfoliate, wash your hair and oil, and a new skin care product of some kind. Your internal monologue needs to be stern in telling yourself that he will not care that you have left his life, because he doesn't care about you. You have no interest in someone not interested in you.

Repeat this over and over and over again until you eventually start to believe it. Don't underestimate the power of mantra

Anonymous 96627


I’m a hopeless romantic but I’ll never have a bf so what’s the point. Love is one of the things I want most in life. I feel like shifting just to experience it

Anonymous 97063



Anonymous 97075

Im confused: you hate men but want a bf?

Anonymous 97088

I hate men that I have seen and met, but in the hypothetical ideal, there is a man who can be my boyfriend or husband

Anonymous 97093

This should be a banner

Anonymous 97096

there most definitely is, the problem is how to even find him.

Anonymous 97104

go protest trannies. if there's a man standing side by side with women, and he isn't a proudboy or married to someone at the protest, he might be bf material.

Anonymous 97105

* also, if he's not the type of person who tries to "pick up chicks" at rallies

Anonymous 97126

are you sure you wouldnt be better off alone?

Anonymous 97130

I don't think that a lot of people would be better off alone. It's in human nature to want ot be with other people. I used to think that I should be alone, since I feel the best when I'm by myself. But loneliness is just making me feel increasingly worse
as the time passes.

Anonymous 97145

sure, but if you're not in a right state of mind when you date, you'll just lead yourself to getting hurt.

even if you find your dream BF, if you're not in the right state of mind the relationship might not work out

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