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Cute/Male Anonymous 3503[Reply]

There's something to be said for cute boys too, don't you think? Brother to the cute girl art thread.
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Anonymous 5138

Oh man! I haven't seen this drawing in many, many years. What's the story behind it?

Anonymous 5140

I'm curious too, I like it anyways

Anonymous 5159


Anonymous 5178


Anonymous 5179

Damn that’s a cute boy


Landscapes that make you dream Anonymous 4[Reply]

Post any and all nature and landscapes that make you feel things.
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Anonymous 5103


Anonymous 5104


Anonymous 5123


Anonymous 5124


Anonymous 5177



Girl crushes Anonymous 4599[Reply]

Post your 3D waifus
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Anonymous 4695


Anonymous 5160


dumb respec on this 1 here Twin peeks 4 life and Audrey is top wife 4 lifeu (laura is pretty good 2 and also Donna)

Anonymous 5161

>Still looking like a teenager from afar
Literal miracle

Anonymous 5164

I'm pretty sure the first time I got actually high I ranted about how much I love Gillian Anderson.

Anonymous 5176


thread def deserves more winona


Guy Crushes Anonymous 2034[Reply]

Post your 3D husbandos
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Anonymous 5162


yuta orisaka… doe like features and the most interesting singing voice

Anonymous 5167


Anonymous 5173


Anonymous 5174

Herr Urst.gif

This guy gets posted on /fa/ a lot, has got some quality stuff on his blog, even if it is pretty much nazi larping

Anonymous 5175



Anonymous 5154[Reply]

who is this guy?

Anonymous 5155


another pic of him

Anonymous 5156

I got this far: https://www.instagram.com/p/BtJG48jg_I7/.

ImgOps is your friend.

Anonymous 5157

Looks like John Carmack.

Anonymous 5171

Gross and very unaesthetic.

Anonymous 5172

I find it really hot actually!


Wallpaper/Background Thread Anonymous 490[Reply]

Lets post some wallpapers/backgrounds. Phone and computer ok!
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Anonymous 3872


Anonymous 3891

wow… this is too beautiful

Anonymous 3893


Anonymous 3894


Anonymous 5170


Hopefully this can work out.
By Suehiro Maruo


weird makeup Anonymous 1818[Reply]

post weird makeup ITT
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Anonymous 1985


does anyone know who's on picrel? i forgot her tumblr completely and can't find her through related images

Anonymous 1986

laura aurora

Anonymous 2022

Lol, is the one on the right a fag? No way that's female.

Anonymous 5005


I think this is pretty in an artsy way, I could see it as part of a dreamy concept shoot, I just wish it was on a woman.

Anonymous 5169


Juliana Horner


Avatar maker apps Anonymous 4001[Reply]

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Anonymous 5142


Anonymous 5143


Anonymous 5144


Anonymous 5145


Anonymous 5168



01 - Pretty Prince…

Pretty Princess Points Anonymous 4175[Reply]

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Anonymous 5134

You could give it a whirl yourself. It's pretty easy.

Anonymous 5149


I'm minimalist, my apartment is spotlessly clean and essentially empty. I don't have furniture and just sit on the floor with my laptop with a pillow against the wall behind me. I get some strange comments on it, people wonder if I really live here. I have a japanese style bed that I fold away every day. Nothing on the walls, no "decorations", etc. I do leave dirty dishes in the sink until the next day, but I only have one plate and one bowl so if I want to eat anything I have to wash the dishes first.
I grew up in a dirty hoarder shithole that was disgustingly filthy and crumbling with water damage on the ceiling, mold problems, inside animals that got hair and worse everywhere, probably the whole lead paint and asbestos deal, holes in the walls revealing crumbling dusty drywall, etc. My parents had possessions stacked to the ceiling, just piles upon piles of shit all over, literally like the Hoarders show. Owning too many possessions makes me anxious. I never go shopping unless absolutely necessary and I spontaneously discard things I think I no longer need.
Sorry it's not the same style.

Anonymous 5158

These are all amazing. I can think of a girl I know or knew for nearly every single picture, it's uncanny.

Anonymous 5165

This is sad and charming at the same time. Please buy a nice matress at least.

Anonymous 5166

Seconded. You want have a nice mattress and pillow to lie on for a third of your life and nice footwear, too.


Designated qt3.14 Thread Anonymous 1408[Reply]

ITT: post qt girls.
They don't have to be celebrities or models, or even classically beautiful. The photos don't even need to be digitally untouched, so long as you find them qt anything qualifies.
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Anonymous 4896

images (3).jpeg

Anonymous 4897


Anonymous 4905


Anonymous 4923


She looks like those vintage bitch-face Barbies! So pretty!

I need to learn how to do my lips up nicely like that.

Anonymous 5163


ur too good anon <3

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