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/img/ guidelines Anonymous Admin 3[Reply]

Welcome to our latest section! This board is for all things aesthetic and visual.

Consider this board an exhibit, an image dump, or a web gallery.
If you're wondering where your thread should go, follow this simple rule:
If your thread is primarily about viewing and contributing pictures, it belongs in >>>/img/. If there is a discussion element to it, pick a related board or >>>/b/.
Erotic image dumps still go in >>>/nsfw/.
Crossposting to/from other threads is allowed.

Please utilize the Catalog before making a new thread, and have fun exploring our different board themes!


Reaction face thread Anonymous 819[Reply]

Laptop went kaput, need new pics/gifs plz
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Anonymous 3252


Anonymous 3253


Anonymous 3280


Anonymous 3281


Anonymous 3282



Designated qt3.14 Thread Anonymous 1408[Reply]

ITT: post qt girls.
They don't have to be celebrities or models, or even classically beautiful. The photos don't even need to be digitally untouched, so long as you find them qt anything qualifies.
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Anonymous 3275


Still Adelaide, most likely. Even though I'm currently unhappy at the way I look and I'm going to get surgery soon, I've always been of the idea of improving yourself instead of wishing you had someone else's face, because there must be something that you like of yourself and it's not fair, just get surgery blah blah, but this girl is probably the only face I'd steal. It's beautiful in an elegant way and is also unusual, not the type of face you see all the time. Idk if she had surgery or not, maybe lip fillers, but I don't mind

Anonymous 3276


haseul of loona.
she makes me swoon a bit.

Anonymous 3277


sza is also really pretty! i love her hair so much

Anonymous 3278

Meh I never really saw the appeal of her, to be honest. She looks like every girl you see walking in Seoul. She's pretty, but nothing really unique about her (I do like more unique beauty though)

Anonymous 3279


Sexy? no. Cute? Yeah. Tbh like >>3278 said, she looks average as fuck. Thrn again blame it in all these korean "talents" going to what seems like the same fookin surgeon. They all look the same, its ridiculous !


Daily life photo thread Anonymous 2491[Reply]

Post any current photo you took with your phone camera.
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Anonymous 3206


Anonymous 3262


The sky was freaking beautiful yesterday.

Anonymous 3269

I liked the sky so much I saved your picture so I can do watercolour painting with it when I get better.

Anonymous 3270


Omg anon <3 Glad you like it! Please post it here when you're finished!

Anonymous 3273



Cute Sparkly Girly Gifs Anonymous 240[Reply]

Post your cutest blingy gifs here.
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Anonymous 3263


Anonymous 3265


a tumblresque blingy gif 4 u

Anonymous 3266


Anonymous 3267


Anonymous 3268



Guy Crushes Anonymous 2034[Reply]

Post your 3D husbandos
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Anonymous 3237


Young Bruce Campbell, but honestly even now he could get it

Anonymous 3238


I'm having a weird moment because this sounds like something I would post, but I don't remember posting it. Am I going crazy? Someone else tell me this is their handiwork.

Best itt.

Anonymous 3241


100% daddy material. Even now, still hot as hell and with a banging body.

Anonymous 3242


Please. I'd still have him even as the goofy mayor of Portlandia.

Anonymous 3261

Shit I love Oingo Boingo.


Anonymous 1399[Reply]

Can we pls have a qt cat thread?
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Anonymous 2812

this reminds me of that "don't speak to me or my son ever again" meme hahaha

Anonymous 3048


Anonymous 3049


Anonymous 3215


Anonymous 3257


Fav Art Thread Anonymous 1272[Reply]

Enough of uglies!
Is there an art piece you love for some reason? Or an artist whose artstyle you are obsessed with?
Please share.
This is Summer by Mucha.
Weeby stuff is welcome as well.
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Anonymous 2513

this reminds me of when i was in high school. two girls i really admired drew anime really really well, and i looked up to them and learned to draw cause of it, but then they sent me holiday cards one year with traced anime i recognized. it turns out all their art was traced. also despite what others believe, tracing is bad cause it gives you the final product without you understanding how you got there.

Anonymous 2572

Trade Off.jpg

Trade off by Tama. Her works are so beautiful. I can only dream of being able to one day watercolor like her.

Anonymous 2732

mark maggiori.jpg

Mark Maggiori

Anonymous 2733


Henry Herbert La Thangue

Anonymous 3254


Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar


"Rural" Japan Anonymous 2359[Reply]

When I was traveling around Japan I came to love the smaller prefectures more than the big cities.
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Anonymous 3244


Anonymous 3245


Anonymous 3246


Anonymous 3247


Anonymous 3248


images (11).jpeg

Vintage Beauties Anonymous 3136[Reply]

Any period of time will do. 1800s, 10s, 20s, 30s, and beyond.
Let's see how beauty ideals have changed and see some pretty ladies (and guys too if you want to post them)

I'll start dumping a few photos. Bonus points if you know who's the person in the picture and when it was taken.
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Anonymous 3173


Bibi Andersson (probably 1960s)

Anonymous 3180


brigitte bardot (1950's-1960's)

Anonymous 3205


Cleo de Merode

Anonymous 3239


Vivien Leigh

Anonymous 3240


Kim Novak

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