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/img/ guidelines Anonymous Admin 3[Reply]

Welcome to our latest section! This board is for all things aesthetic and visual.

Consider this board an exhibit, an image dump, or a web gallery.
If you're wondering where your thread should go, follow this simple rule:
If your thread is primarily about viewing and contributing pictures, it belongs in >>>/img/. If there is a discussion element to it, pick a related board or >>>/b/.
Crossposting to/from other threads is allowed.

Please utilize the Catalog before making a new thread, and have fun exploring our different board themes!


4chan screenshots Anonymous 7440[Reply]

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Anonymous 12029

Anon discovers lol…

Anonymous 12034

does anyone have that edit of the crystal.cafe girl and the 4chan guy in bondage?

Anonymous 12036

oh… did she die ? i feel like crying :(

Anonymous 12039

why is this man wearing cleats while cooking lobster and on a date? that's the most confusing part

Anonymous 12040

Checked the archive, he never replied when people asked him if she died and it was a gentle femdom thread, which are full of weird larpers and bait.


Anonymous 1399[Reply]

Can we pls have a qt cat thread?
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Anonymous 11882

She's definitely a dilute, when I first got her she was so pale, almost a white, and you could barely see her pattern except on her paws and face (her tail was docked because apparently when the shelter was given her, the end of her tail was suffering from necrosis). She was probably around 6 months then. Her pattern got a lot more defined and darked as she's aged, but she's still a dilute I'd say because she is shades of blue-grey and fawn, not orange and black. I wonder if it had to do with her eating more (she was scrawny when I adopted her) or just her aging into her coat.

Anonymous 11883

Oh, and if you have a cat please share, I love seeing other miners' cats

Anonymous 11910


Anonymous 11957

So cute.
Is this your cat, anon?

Anonymous 12038

yes it is my cat


Graphic Design Thread Anonymous 10508[Reply]

Is there anyone here who is studying graphic design or otherwise has an interest in it? Post some of your stuff! Pic related is my own piece, I already got it printed as stickers and I can't wait to get fully set up to sell them.
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Anonymous 10521

I'd buy this as a sticker

Anonymous 10587

Anonymous 12019


yeah i like to draw stuff i like art in general
here's a little drawing

Anonymous 12032

Really nice. It must be hard to draw with a pen.

Anonymous 12037

Thanks, yes it takes some getting used to but it has its perks, it forces you to try to find the right line right away


Childhood/Nostalgic Images Anonymous 1568[Reply]

Post images that remind you of your childhood or any cute reminiscent images you like. Toys, rooms, shows, magazines, food, stuffed animals, stickers, books, games, art supplies, old web gifs, anything!
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Anonymous 11820


Anonymous 11821

wowww i have not thought of this in years i need to hear this games sound track asap. Any ideas on how I should go about finding that?

Anonymous 11831

This exact scene has stuck with me ever since we watched this in 3rd grade.

Anonymous 11905


Anonymous 12035



anime figures Anonymous 9646[Reply]

post anime figures here! (it doesn't have to belong to you, pic related is a cool one i found on the internet)
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Anonymous 11959

Oh god same.

Anonymous 11989


I've never read 10 count but this bunny boy is cute af
This is so adorable!

Anonymous 12012


Anonymous 12030


Anonymous 12033



Avatar maker apps Anonymous 4001[Reply]

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Anonymous 11806


Anonymous 11807


He doesn't like the sweater I got him.

Anonymous 11830

OMG does anyone have the link for this one? I used it like 3 years ago, saved the result but I lost the link. I hope it wasn't deleted.

She's so beautiful!

I want to make a more accurate pic, but most of the chara makers have heavily stylized anime style.

Anonymous 11835

Anonymous 12031



Reaction Images Anonymous 3033[Reply]

Posting your most expressive and humorous, ladies.
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Anonymous 12024


Anonymous 12025


Anonymous 12026


Anonymous 12027


Anonymous 12028



Random image Anonymous 8223[Reply]

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Anonymous 10880


Anonymous 11988


Anonymous 12011

Fuhk you

Anonymous 12020


Anonymous 12021



Food Thread Anonymous 3020[Reply]

Let's get some food porn!
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Anonymous 11632


Anonymous 11741


Anonymous 11812


Anonymous 11814


Anonymous 12018


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