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Anonymous 4936[Reply]

I'll post some drawings of friend of mine.
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Anonymous 4944


Anonymous 4945


Anonymous 4946


Anonymous 4947


Anonymous 5025

I loved it!
He have any website where he post his arts?


Reaction Images Anonymous 3033[Reply]

Posting your most expressive and humorous, ladies.
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Anonymous 3083


Anonymous 3084

It's from star vs the forces of evil

Anonymous 4892


Anonymous 4997


My own creation

Anonymous 5024


01 - Pretty Prince…

Pretty Princess Points Anonymous 4175[Reply]

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Anonymous 4286

literally me few years back when i had no other furniture but just a mattress

Anonymous 4899

is that meant to be shoeonhead?

Anonymous 4920

Anonymous 5022

>bent geforce meme
I refuse to believe a girl (female) draw this.

Anonymous 5023


Anonymous 4103[Reply]

ITT post a picture that describes your current mood
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Anonymous 5001


Anonymous 5015


Anonymous 5016


Anonymous 5017


Anonymous 5021


I am so hungry
forgot to pack a lunch


Fav Art Thread Anonymous 1272[Reply]

Enough of uglies!
Is there an art piece you love for some reason? Or an artist whose artstyle you are obsessed with?
Please share.
This is Summer by Mucha.
Weeby stuff is welcome as well.
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Anonymous 5006

I got to study these two in class and that's why I'm a fan. Gentileschi's appeals to me more because there's a real struggle going on and both women are really getting stuck in there. In Caravaggio's, it looks like Judith is cutting his head off accidentally and she's kind of conflicted about it lol.

Anonymous 5007

Yeah, as if cutting off a head is as easy as slicing butter. But I love Holofernes' pose. And his muscles lol

Anonymous 5018



Anonymous 5019

Her face is so pretty

Anonymous 5020


Ayami Kojima (mostly known for her Castlevania art) she does a lot of interesting gothic horror art and I love her work (including her weird WTF NSFW stuff). I also want her art book but it's too damn expensive now.


Dog thread Anonymous 1461[Reply]

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Anonymous 4869

bird dog1.jpg

Anonymous 4870

bird dog2.jpg

Anonymous 4872


Space doggo!

Anonymous 4922


Anonymous 5014



Girl art Anonymous 566[Reply]

Post cute grills
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Anonymous 4993


Thank you for asking. Yes, of course I left because it became a communist hellhole. Nothing teaches you the meaning of hate quite like getting your hopes fragmented, if not shattered, one clear summer morning.

Argentina is cool I guess, kind of messy, but not a place I'd settle. Coincidentally, I'm planning on going to Italy, get muh masters, watch the Alps and bathe in the Mediterranean Sea of my ancestors (i'm half syrian).

As a South American, I also have a romantic feeling for my own home country and all of South Am. It's like this chaotic continent with a legendary past when "everything was better", especially Venezuela, but it all went to shit because "we didn't took care of it". I have a very bipolar relationship with Venezuela and with Caracas, particularly.

How is Canada? How come you love Italy, what do you mean you're "italian"? And if you return to Italy, will you go alone or are you taking your famiglia with you?

Anonymous 4995

christ chan pointi…


I'm sorry you had to experience such things in Venezuela.

I'm from British Columbia, on the west coast and my experience with the rest of Canada is fairly limited. BC has very beautiful landscapes, its mountains are the best and one of the things I like about this place the most (link below). The forests and the rivers are also very nice. Beyond that I don't have much positive to say about the current state of the province, but, I will still always love it.


I'm half Italian, from my dad's side and I identify with that more than any other part of my genetic Lineage. I've never been there and I am only learning Italian now. Ideally, I want to live in Veneto, close enough to see the mountains, like here in BC. I love Italy because it is a nation that is firmly rooted in history and more importantly, it is my country and the country of my ancestors going back for countless generations. In addition, recently it has shown that it will not be changed as easily as Canada is currently.

Some of my family members have expressed interest in going back to Italy too but, I'm not really counting on it. My family is pretty small to begin with.

Did you leave Venezuela with your family? Are you currently doing your undergraduate? What do you want to do your masters in?

Its been fun chating with you, do you have discord I can add you on or anything else like that?

Anonymous 4999

Sorry it took so long! It has been a rough ride, this week. Of course I'd love to stay in touch! it has also been great to talk with you.

It looks so beautiful and serene…

I left Venezuela all on my own and met with a lot of friends here, luckily. I finished my undergrad in psych and I'd settle with any master that'd take me in, but I have my eyes set in Padua


Please write me at this burner e-mail:
[email protected]

Hope you're doing fine!

Anonymous 5002


Cool, thanks. Sent.

Anonymous 5013


There was an attempt


Aesthetic pictures 4781[Reply]

What the title says. Random stuff
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Anonymous 4934



Anonymous 5008


Anonymous 5009


Anonymous 5011


Anonymous 5012




weird makeup Anonymous 1818[Reply]

post weird makeup ITT
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Anonymous 1915


Anonymous 1985


does anyone know who's on picrel? i forgot her tumblr completely and can't find her through related images

Anonymous 1986

laura aurora

Anonymous 2022

Lol, is the one on the right a fag? No way that's female.

Anonymous 5005


I think this is pretty in an artsy way, I could see it as part of a dreamy concept shoot, I just wish it was on a woman.

images (11).jpeg

Vintage Beauties Anonymous 3136[Reply]

Any period of time will do. 1800s, 10s, 20s, 30s, and beyond.
Let's see how beauty ideals have changed and see some pretty ladies (and guys too if you want to post them)

I'll start dumping a few photos. Bonus points if you know who's the person in the picture and when it was taken.
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Anonymous 4704


Anonymous 4705

anna karina, the love of my life

Anonymous 4729


Susan Dey

Anonymous 4735


Anonymous 5000


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