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hidden Instagram likes Anonymous 4818[Reply]

I live in Canada and instagram is launching a test pilot here which hides the number of likes on photos, it simply says "username and others liked this", you can check who else liked it but you have to count them yourself. For someone like me this is a huge relief because Instagram gives me a lot of anxiety, I really hope this pilot goes well and this feature becomes permanent. What do you guys think? Does anyone hate this idea?
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Anonymous 4824

Oh and thinking about it, this might be an attempt to create demand for a 'pro' version where you can still see the likes.

Anonymous 4825

>Assuming someone has enough friends to have others take a full body picture of them instead of akward mirror pics so any concerns with body image is not so much about the insecurity of features as much as the lack of any body photos

Anonymous 4826

I'm not fat or insecure about my looks, it's the competitiveness that gets to me.

Anonymous 4827

Honestly I'd love hiding instagram likes.

I honestly don't care for myself or for the instagram meta (follower count is more important for clout as an influencer anyway), but these literal kids on instagram don't need to be bullying each other over internet points.

Anonymous 4832

I'm a fan of the idea. Should be more conductive to a healthier environment- moreso for the tweens/early teens on the platform. I'm sure precise statistics will still be available to 'business' accounts, which are pretty easy to create either way if the like count really matters to you.


Otome Games Anonymous 143[Reply]

Anyone else here who’s a fan of Otoge?

>English Otome Games


>Otoge Subreddit


Remember to tag your spoilers!
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Anonymous 4791

I know it's foolish. But so tempting.

Will take your example as a warning. Thankfully, I've only spent around 15 bucks so far. How did you manage to spend so much? Did it add up over the years?

Anonymous 4792

I started Nico’s route last night. I play Ikemen Sengoku/Revolution but I’ve never felt tempted to spend money on mobage yet

Anonymous 4794

>How did you manage to spend so much? Did it add up over the years?
I was a free player at first until my husbando got cute costume cards I felt like I had to have. That eventually spiraled into "I don't know the character but I really need a healer…" and spending money for characters I liked but who weren't my favorites. Luckily the game was pretty forgiving with the gacha, in most cases you could get what you wanted in 3 rolls.
I am glad the game is dead, I can't spend money on it anymore and the story ended on a completed note. I would recommend in general to spend your money on merchandise instead of the game itself, because one day (probably in a year or two) all of your progress will disappear.

Anonymous 4817

If you're looking to buy Hakuoki, the games are on serious discount right now.

Anonymous 4831

I want to buy a physical copy of Edo Blossoms for my vita but it is so expensive now, the hell.
Steam version is cheap but my autism demands both games to be on the same system.


Children Media Anonymous 1497[Reply]

Let's talk about our favorite media that's mainly targeted at children

Disney movies, cartoons, games and even toys/collectibles in general

The genre itself, the adult fanbase andthe possible stigma around it can also be discussed.
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Anonymous 3366


Fuck I started watching the Adventure Time "epilogue" to the finale set to the outro song before watching the finale.

I stupidly realized, but now going to watch the end now.

Anonymous 3368


The end of an era. It wrapped up so nicely while still being open-ended.

Anonymous 4800


Does anyone still play neopets? I don't really play it seriously anymore, but I do my dailies every once in a while and feed my pets (even though they don't die).

Anonymous 4814


My little pony is actually a really good show. I stopped watching it after season 3 because I didn't like what the adult fandom had turned into at that point, but now that the hype has died down, I'm thinking of picking it up again.

Disney movies are fun to watch Elsa is bae, but I'm not really a fan.
Looking at some of the older ones, it's extremely noticeable how Disney always tried hard to cater to the social norms at the time. While I generally appreciate the progressive sentiments in their later movies, I'm convinced Disney would put pretty much any message in there if they believed it's what will get them the largest profits.

Anonymous 4816

Who knows, I bet they don't even have the balls to make Elsa a lesbian


Boys love / shōnen-ai / Yaoi General Anonymous 212[Reply]

Discussion of anything BL related.
Manga, Anime aimed at fujo (i.e sports anime), Visual Novels / Vidya…

>What are you readin right now? Enjoying it?

>Favorite series/manga/VN?
>Discussion of series
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Anonymous 4544

Ah if only he would've kept his promise

Anonymous 4545

It's from the pc game Sweet Pool! Some scenes were like this but most of them were pretty gory, haha.

Anonymous 4547

NTA but BL+gore? Hell yeah I'm downloading that shit lol

Anonymous 4776


Anyone excited for this? What manga do you think they’re going to adapt?

Anonymous 4799


Apparently the manga they're going to adapt is Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai. Has anyone read it? Would you recommend?


brawl is actual god-tier Anonymous 3307[Reply]

fuk u melee, brawl is where it's at.

Anonymous 3308

Fuck brawl, melee will always be better

Anonymous 3322


fuk both, OG always wins

Anonymous 3329

Best stage
Also really cool game
Meh, the achievements were a bit overdone, but hay, it's SSB

Anonymous 3412


>everyone I know likes melee better
>always end up playing brawl instead
how does this happen??

Anonymous 4798

Real shit


Magical Girl General Anonymous 682[Reply]

Most of us grew up with the genre so I thought we could start off with nostalgia and childhood memories~

>Which series/dubs did you watch on television?

>Did you ever get into Japanese releases?
>Favorite series/characters from your childhood?
>Favorite series/characters overall (including recent releases, reboots etc)?
>Are you currently watching anything?
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Anonymous 2743


Reviving this thread! Magical girls are so dear to me, Sailor Moon and Pretty Cure got me into anime in the first place but… I have a question. I never watched CCS when I was little, does it hold up if you watch it as an adult without any nostalgia factor?

Pic related is of the now airing Hugtto Precure, same showrunner as Doremi so you will like it if you liked that one

Anonymous 4786

Reviving this old thread to talk about some mahou shoujo.

In case you're still around and haven't checked out CCS yet, the original series definitely holds up as an adult without any nostalgia factor. I watched it for the first time pretty late in high school and enjoyed it a lot. IMO it's one of the greatest magical girl shows out there. The animation and care that they put into the show is just a cut above a lot of anime out there in general. The MotW fights are dynamic and always fun to watch, and the characters and their relationships are also a huge draw of the series.

Also a big Precure fan here (who got into anime through Sailor Moon). Did anyone watch to the end of Hugtto Precure? What did you think of the ending and the whole deal with George?

Anonymous 4790

oh my god I thought I was the only one who ever read Pixie Pop !!!! It's shoujo dialed all the way up, it's so sweet and cute and ridiculous, it made my tween self enthusiastic about girly things for a while.

I recognize Wedding Peach, Sailor Moon, and CCS. I wish I could have watched more of these types of shows growing up.

Anonymous 4795


Magic Knight Rayearth. Just started this on a whim and really enjoying it so far.

Anonymous 4797


SM was my first mahou shoujo and anime, I still love it. I also liked Ojomajo Doremi and Fancy Lala.
But I cannot get over CCS. I cannot.


"Not many girls like Pink Floyd." Anonymous 4672[Reply]

Some guy said this to me the other day. My immediate response was, "That can't be true." But then I realized I don't really talk to anyone anyway so I wouldn't really know. Y'all like Pink Floyd? Which song have you been into lately?
11 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4767

I used to be totally into 'The Wall' in high school because I felt like it paralled my inner circumstances. Now I haven't listened to it in ages.
>Which song have you been into lately?
A New Machine, Part I.
There's a "series" of quizzes on quotev that I've been into recently.(https://www.quotev.com/nbhere)
I'm trying to make a playlist for it, but haven't gotten any songs together yet. This is going to go on it.

Anonymous 4768

Anonymous 4778


Only really listened to Piper and Dark Side of the Moon. Lucifer Sam, Flaming, Bike, and Take Up Thy Stethoscope are my favourites

Anonymous 4780

I don't think I've skipped any. I wouldn't add but wish you were here is a good song.

Anonymous 4781

>Not many girls like thing
Guys like that aren't worth talking to lol

I discovered Pink Floyd because I borrowed some my dad's CDs back in high school instead of buying any new ones. I used the have the most cringeworthy "listen to the wall and cry"-phase back then.
My favourite songs are wish you were here and the great gig in the sky, but all of their music before Waters left is great. Gilmour is a really good guitarist, but sucks at writing lyrics unfortunately.


Yuri & Shoujo Ai Anonymous 103[Reply]

What's worth checking out?
Do you have any lesbian OTPs? Shipping?

>Tamen de Gushi

Slice of Life story about a tall lanky girl who falls for a cute blond and tries to ask her out. (Pic related)


A gyaru falls in love with her new step-sister. The plot gets cringy sometimes, but it has some cute scenes.


A woman in an abusive marriage asks her lesbian admirer to murder her husband and they run away together. Very dark, and the art style is the opposite of moe.http://mangakakalot.com/manga/gunjou
49 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4089


I know this is a year old, but I randomly remembered posting this today and went to look for a source. Apparently those pages are all there is, it's an original by doujinshi artist Mikawa Miso.

Anonymous 4462

[HorribleSubs] Yur…

yuru camp's /u/ is pretty subtle so far.

Anonymous 4639


This seems like it was made for this thread/site.


Anonymous 4772


Has anyone read Murasakiiro no Qualia? It feels kind of like a yuri version of Steins;Gate (though the LN predates S;G) with a Homura-like protagonist who would do anything for the girl she loves.

Anonymous 4774

I reread it after seeing this post. Gaku is great, she's one of my favorite protagonists.


The Sims Anonymous 4751[Reply]

Any fellow Simmers Here?

Anonymous 4755

yee yee

I should start a new save but I'm too busy

Anonymous 4758

I used to play 2 and 3 religiously. I had almost every expansion pack for Sims 3 that I later uninstalled and gave to a little girl I used to babysit. How is Sims 4 compared to the previous installments?

Anonymous 4761

The load times for me are so abysmally long I can't be fucked to boot it up anymore. I always enjoyed the building more than the actual gameplay anyway.

Anonymous 4763

>How is Sims 4 compared to the previous installments?
I’ve only owned the first Sims and Sims 4 so I can’t really give the best answer, but many people hate Sims 4 because it’s apparently a downgrade compared to Sims 3. Sims 3 was open world, you could drive cars around the towns and had a lot more things to do than Sims 4. It also apparently had better expansion packs.

Sims 4 doesn’t have the open world or driving option, has painfully long loading screens (even on my custom-built gaming PC), and a pretty lackluster starter game. EA claims they got rid of the open world because they want to be able to sell the game to people whose computers couldn’t support Sims 3, which Idk. The loading screens all of us could do without.

The one thing that’s better about Sims 4 from what I can tell is graphics.


Pokemon Anonymous 454[Reply]

What is your favorite pokeman?
66 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4752


Gardevoirs are really cute and I love how their dex entries are about how much they care about their trainers and want to protect them.

Same thing with Gallades too, he's also cool though and I just love the entire line's theme of protecc

11/10 adventure companions

Anonymous 4753

Finally someone posted Lucario

Anonymous 4756


So hard to choose as I have many favorites, but it being my first fully evolved starter I generally say Meganium for nostalgia factor. Hate the new 3D models for it though; its face looks very off now.

I remember being a little kid imagining getting to ride on Meganium's back and going to sleep with it curled up around me.

Anonymous 4759


I'm a zoomer and my first pokemon game was ruby. Blaziken has been my favorite from the beginning.

Anonymous 4760



Sorry, I used to be a massive Blaziken fan but my ex uses that as his profile picture for things so now it gives me this feeling of visceral disgust.
Now I just like magikarp for the memes.

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