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Anonymous 26272[Reply]

How many of you read either of these book series when you were in middle school or high school?
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Anonymous 26364


It's after my time. I was a Christopher Pike kid.

Anonymous 26801

What are these about?

Anonymous 26837

Omg same, I collect these now as adult along with Fear Street books.

They're old YA horror books from the 90s, some of them are cheesy but a lot were pretty good

Anonymous 26840

Too scawy for me

Anonymous 26842

Both of these passed me by. Twilight was coming out when I was in middle school, and the Hunger Games movies came out when I was at uni. During middle school we would open the Twilight books to random pages and read passages aloud and giggle. (Years later I would do this page-flipping with adult friends and a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey… Twilight (and its fandom) was truly the gift that kept giving.) By the time I was in high school the Twilight books were a joke. As for the Hunger Games, I never felt its cultural impact. Like, someone would say "the new Hunger Games movie is in theaters" and we all knew what that meant but nobody I knew was into the franchise.

As for why I never read them: I had a big aversion to romance, and this thread is making me realize that back then and to this day I mostly read one-offs and short story collections. If a book is billed as the first of a series or part of the [blahblahblah] series I tune out.


TV Crushes Anonymous 26503[Reply]

Who's your biggest crush on television? I'm not sure why but I have a huge thing for paulie on the Sopranos.
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Anonymous 26822

Or underage. Taste of a 10th grader

Anonymous 26823

Now this is the kinda gatekeeping I can get behind, it is kid opinion shit, undeveloped and unrefined taste, full agree.

Anonymous 26824


He was cutest as Tate.

Anonymous 26825

He has such a range, he can play any twink or gay bottom perfectly fine.

Anonymous 26832

That is such a cope.
>Oh she doesn't like hairy buff men and grandpas so she's an underage pick-me this and that
Men are supposed to be good looking.

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
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Anonymous 26610

i liked him during the quests, but i never got the appeal of him as a husbando

Anonymous 26640


The classic. I bet he has a tallywacker like a Pringles can

Anonymous 26670


Sebastian from Black Butler

Anonymous 26743


Sebas-chan is top tier!

Anonymous 26829


I love him


oof ouch my individuality complex! Anonymous 17522[Reply]

post your niche music interests.

mine centers around sewersvt and breakcore/animecore. unfortunately the zoomers on tiktok are getting ahold of her, but its better than some other bands' fates.

do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
what do you like most about the music you listen to?
do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
how did you discover them?
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Anonymous 26817

I know where you post

Anonymous 26818

"No way a woman listens to [insert literally anything]"

What do you mean? I can be chronically online if I want to

Anonymous 26819

>If forgot quote reply
I post there too, settle down, it wasn't a judgement
>If speaking of OP's concept
Well yeah but where you find the stuff you like, this aint a thread of judgement.

Anonymous 26820

Super cringe and moid

Anonymous 26821

I just said no judgements faggot moid scrote behavior to ignore a request and just use it to hurt others.
Youre the only man here retard.


Reading Anonymous 26431[Reply]

What have you read recently?
Favorite books you've read this year?
Books that you found memorable
Books that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 26575

Chaplain pairing? I'm intrigued, this sounds very tickling of my thing for religious boys (Who are sadly too rare).

Anonymous 26576

Ooh yay a book thread! Give me some recommendations for some Mexican American stories dealing with familial generational trauma?

Anonymous 26607

>What have you read recently?
Read an old Shivers book (a Goosebumps competitor from the 90s, they're cute kid books) and a Stephen King novel, I've decided the man is a freak and I'm not a fan
>Favorite books you've read this year?
The Simple Wild, Tampa, The Smell of Other People's Houses, My Dark Vanessa
>Books that you found memorable
Tampa; Bunny; Valley of the Dolls
>Books you found bad (and why)
Nothing But Blackened Teeth, it was barely a horror story and tried way too hard to be woke; The Silent Patient, idk it just sucked and wasn't shocking; White Ivy, it had a nonsensical ending and the MC was very entitled and annoying

Anonymous 26611

What have you read recently?
Gideon the Ninth, Harrow the Ninth, Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire
Favorite books you've read this year?
Definitely the Locked Tomb (Ninth House) books!
Books that you found memorable
See above. Gideon the Ninth in particular
Books that you found bad (and why)?
Throne of Glass. Omfg. The author is so bad. By Heir of Fire, she's finally getting a little better, but this is a whole new level of Mary Sue. She's the chosen one…..she's also THE SECRET DOUBLE CHOSEN ONE! Also she romances ever fucking man she meets. My god.

Anonymous 26808

I love the secret history! I read it recently and could not put it down until I finished it - wish I could find another book that sucks me in like that. I started Donna Tartt's other book, the little friend, but it's not as good so far.


recommend me some non-english music Anonymous 24271[Reply]

i like exploring more obscure music. it can be everything from folk rock to rock
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Anonymous 24275

Anonymous 24276

Anonymous 24277

Anonymous 26789

what about europop/rave(?) with retarded shitpost lyrics

Anonymous 26795


Cyberpunk 2076 Anonymous 26496[Reply]

did you kill him /cc/?

I did. He grossed me the fuck out. I didn't care about what upgrades he offers later on, just get him out of my game. Also I installed a mod to be able to kill any NPC and I killed that troon of the racing side quest. Funny how the video game industry is trying to force these disgusting things in and people just make mods to go around them.

Anonymous 26497


Anonymous 26500

That's nice there's a modded option to kill NPCs I hate games that cheap out on that

Anonymous 26505

Nice job misspelling the title.
So I guess the new update did get new people playing the game. But I'm not redownloading 70+ gigs on my shitty internet for cosmetic shit when there's still the depressing endings.

Anonymous 26630

You bet I did. I installed the ‘target analysis’ mod so that all other takedowns would be non lethal (it’s my preferred play style it’s more fun going stealth/non murderer)

Him and the other head dudes at clouds got torn the fuck apart though.

Anonymous 26784

I wish Cyberpunk had some gory kills like Fallout. I wanted to crush the skull of some moids in game. For example that guy I posted in the OP he was more AIDS than moid at that point so it was a mercy kill.


Sailor Moon/Shoujo thread? Anonymous 551[Reply]

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Anonymous 24835

The music from this show is to die for. I will listento it until I'm 80 idc

Anonymous 26069


Does anyone here know where I can find scans of the Shojo Beat magazines in full? I love the nostalgia but no idea where to look..

Anonymous 26711

there are physical copies on ebay. I have a few but plan on buying more.

Anonymous 26735


You are in my eyes anon

Anonymous 26757

Tried mangadex?
She's asking for scans tho not physical copies


What is the most difficult video game you've ever played? Anonymous 26667[Reply]

I feel like Dark Souls is the most common answer.
For me it's honestly some of the hard songs in Project Diva.
I had to stop trying so hard on them because after playing my hands would genuinely hurt lol.
5 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26683

I remember struggle with utapri music on psp/vita. I mean it’s possible, but kinda harrrd
Oh, and touhou series games

Anonymous 26738

Project Diva can get pretty difficult, I've played most of the games and now playing MegaMix+ I think it might be the hardest one for me. I'm usually pretty good with rhythm games. What mainly messes with me is those combo inputs where you have to press a bunch of different buttons at the same time and it's often difficult to tell the exact timing and buttons bc visually there's a lot of stuff going on all at once on the screen. I'm playing with playstation style icons since I'm more used to it, then it suddenly changes to switch icons, and my brain can't keep up bc half the time I'm thinking about playing pc games with the xbox button layout, which messes me up sometimes playing switch and 3ds games in general. Anyone else have this problem, I wish I could unlearn the mirrored abxy and it's why I set my pc games to show playstation button icons if they support that but unfortunately many pc games don't.

I've played all those games and they are definitely hard, the only one I managed to beat was trauma team which seemed easier than the others.

Put a lot of effort in lobotomy corp but haven't beat it either, being able to go back in time and undo mistakes really helps, but yeah it does get pretty brutal.

Another difficult game I still managed to make progress on and have a lot of fun with was Hollow Knight. After much suffering I beat all the bosses, got all collectables and endings, but ragequit after dying around the end of the 2nd pantheon too many times. Still waiting for silksong…

Anonymous 26740

Hollow Knight
I usually don't like platformers but I played it for the aesthetic.

Anonymous 26742

Touhou EOSD in anything above normal mode.

Anonymous 26750


For me it was chrono cross because 12 year old me couldn't figure out the combat system.


Thoughts on Devilman Crybaby. Anonymous 26239[Reply]

I tried watching Devilman Crybaby, it was too much for me, I feel traumatised. I could go only to episode 2 and I already feel like I've seen the entire show. It's the most graphic anime I've seen so far.
I've actually read the original Devilman manga, and I found it for adorable because of the cute artstyle, and I've also read Devilman Lady which I also liked.
Devilman Crybaby was too extreme and gross for me, and I despise what they've done to Fudou Akira (the black-haired protagonist who is Devilman) - they turned him into a male's wetdream, who has all the girls chasing him and has the perfect physique and completely eroded his charming personality he had in the manga (I don't know if he becomes a better character since I've seen only two episodes). What are your opinions on Crybaby?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26246

> i thought it was too graphic and explicit, but it reflects the young generations imo as zoomers have been watching porn and other gross things ever since they were children
I never made such connection, but now it sounds plausable. In the anime there are scenes where a little boy uses the computer to look at dirty images, and I think that this character was around 6 years old.

Anonymous 26745

Has no one here seen the source material?
The anime might actually be more toned-down. GO Nagi is a proto-coomer.

Anonymous 26746

I thought that it was really really boring

Anonymous 26748

It's been years since I watched it, but it was a "problematic fave" of mine when I watched it. The original Devilman and OVA is like that for me too. People seem to forget that Go Nagai was a raging perverted scrote, and the appeal of Devilman in the 70s was that it was extremely trashy. But the manga is pretty tame in comparison to today's standards. So I think the trashyness of Crybaby and how shocking it is to a modern audience was probably how people in the 70s felt about the original.

I didn't like some of it, though. I didn't like that Sirene was downgraded to be a prostitute and that Akira basically and rapes and kills her midway. I know, it's trashy, and Sirene dies in the original, but I always thought she was cool despite the nude design so it was disappointing. Ryo's modern design has an awful haircut, I miss his old design.

OP, how was Crybaby too much but Devilman Lady not? I personally couldn't handle the Devilman Lady manga because of the…issues, for lack of a better word.

Anonymous 26749

It was pure shit. I didn't really like the manga either and haven't finished it. I seriously don't understand why so many people praise it, from actual connoisseurs to zoomers just getting into anime. It was so uncomfortably explicit, and not in an interesting way, coming from someone that likes ero-guro.
The manga is considered to be a big influence and sure I can recognize that, but the netflix anime was both boring and bad. The plot and the pacing was so ridiculous at some points to the point that it was funny.

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