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Looking for underground indie bands 17332[Reply]

Anyone here a fan of indie music? I'm looking for some really underground artists to listen to, I love non-mainstream music. Right now, I'm listening to this band called The Marias and my favorite song of theirs is "Only in My Dreams".

I also like listening to Mac Demarco, Ovlov, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Real Estate, and Crumb.

If anyone here has some newer unknown indie artists to suggest, please share them! I am passionate for finding and listening to music from unheard artists.
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Anonymous 17349

Anonymous 17350

Alright, neither wants to work. Just follow the link to the playlist.

Anonymous 17363

They are on spotify as well are underground indie with a nice sound.
I will post more music another time OP I have a lot of music that I know that is really underground but shy because it could be too strange!

Anonymous 17485

Anon, I listened to this song yesterday and it was really good! Please post more songs you know, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, you have good taste!

Anonymous 17499

Sorry did not check post I will post more similar songs I will do spotify links as I am really tired about to sleep..
this album yes album is amazing emotional shoegaze slowcore really lovely
check out this it is slow heavy slowgaze emotional also is indie
>king woman
check out this song is a heavy style with lovely fem vocals shoegaze esque again but more metal
>greet death - stranger days
very nice indie emo shoegaze
>i will just post some others
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Anonymous 10655[Reply]

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?
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Anonymous 17315

>If Trap isn't BL than it's straight
BL isn't the only kind of gay manga. You know what the west calls "bara"? That's also gay manga, but you wouldn't see it published in a BL magazine. It gets published in gay comi magazines. In the same way, you won't find any of that ecchi trap stuff in a BL magazine.

But a lot of men who claim to be straight do like traps, so that's why you end up having girly trap manga in the same magazine that carries genderbender. The magazine that carried Akuma-chan is aimed at supposedly straight men.

Lmao. I have to wonder if the author made him super girly at first because he was afraid a masculine protag would get rejected, and then just gradually transformed him.

Anonymous 17317

am I the only fujo that had an irl emo boy fantasy in middle school? those boys were cute as hell I wanted to see them make out so bad

Anonymous 17323

I frequently had dreams about all the hot guys fucking each other.

Anonymous 17324


I really enjoy the creepy/edgy ones, they're pretty fun to read.

Anonymous 17497

Oh i really enjoyed this, i really like yandere stuff


Anonymous 9944[Reply]

Do it.
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Anonymous 17481


pls no bully

Anonymous 17482

absolutely based.

Anonymous 17489

If i could change this i would add Dimitri from FE3H

Anonymous 17491


>tfw no undying static monochromatic mango bf

Anonymous 17495

based and patricianpilled


Anonymous 12814[Reply]

>landscapes based on your latest Spotify listens

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Anonymous 17114


I listen to music all my waking hours and it is slow and sad.

Anonymous 17119


Anonymous 17344


Anonymous 17493

Captura de pantall…

Anonymous 17494



Anonymous 17428[Reply]

Hey guys I wanted to start something new and I need your help.

I've never played any competitive games but I really want to. I've tried fighting games but I guess I don't have the patience to learn combos. Also, I can't start OW or WOW because it brings some bad memories. I feel like I don't have any options left but I really want to play something either competitive or co-op like and make new friends because I'm kinda lonely. Can you guys recommend me something pretty and fun?
I would appreciate if it's anime graphics but it having nice visuals is enough.
(I also tried Final Fantasy XIV but this is linked to bad memories as well)
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Anonymous 17474


I guess OP's only option is Soul Calibur if she likes swords and fantasy or Tekken by the same developers but Tekken looks too ugly for me, I know it's basically Soul Calibur without weapons so it's more about martial arts. But idk its too ugly overall only has like 2 cute character designs I seen there Leo and Kazumi oh and it has Noctis from Final Fantasy. I don't own it but I have watched the smash streamer Leffen play it.

Idk but you better choose quick what to get into because the sales are ending.

You gave me a idea. OP could ask in the /fa/ thinspo threads what games they play or just make the troll post "which competitive online games are /fa/" and have that community throw out names. I already know they like Smash but that is the most popular fighting game ever so.

Anonymous 17478


> I feel like I don't have any options left but I really want to play something either competitive or co-op like and make new friends because I'm kinda lonely. Can you guys recommend me something pretty and fun?
I know exactly how you feel. I don’t have anyone to play games with that are meant to be games you can play with others and that makes me really depressed. WoW is really comfy but it certainly holds a lot of memories.

> I would appreciate if it's anime graphics but it having nice visuals is enough.

Have you heard of genshin impact? It is like playing a real anime. I have no one to play with though so it gets super sad. Do you want to play it with me?
> I also tried Final Fantasy XIV but this is linked to bad memories as well
I have absolutely horrible memories with final fantasy xiv. The music is really special though.

Anonymous 17479

Apex seems like it's the new hotness in casualish competative stuff. Not pretty enough though? And bad memories? You get bullied for being a dumb newb or something? That will happen anywhere, don't make it ruin the whole game for you.

Anonymous 17484

What bad memories do you guys have associated with FFXIV? I also have lots of good and bad memories associated with it but I just can't bring myself to quit it for good, it's the only game that hits all my buttons. So I just move servers or even start a new character when my feelings start to be too much…

Anonymous 17490

Fighters aren't that hard once you understand them, the trick is finding one you like enough that you can stick with it to learn the fundamentals. For me that game was Persona 4 Arena which I absolutely adored. Are there any fighters that interest you aesthetically? Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Street Fighter, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Under Night In-Birth, anything? In all honesty I really enjoy the soundtracks for Blazblue,Under Night, Guilty Gear and Persona 4 Arena, which helps a lot. I can try to help ease you into the basics of a fighting game, which isn't hard at all, even though it looks intimidating it's really not.

Also, are you looking for something that's more co-operative, or more competitive? A really basic co-op game that comes off the top of my head would be Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition which you can do with others, assuming you aren't in Aus/NZ in which the game servers are fucked and Square isn't fixing them.


Anonymous 6374[Reply]

what are some good youtube channels? i want something to listen to while i draw. they can revolve around anything really as long as its interesting.
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Anonymous 17452

ContraHons should kill himself at this point. He hinders the left back and makes it into a bad steryotype Zizek hates and he looked better before, he did a good job with the rhinoplasty but he is now infertile and barely capable of getting lasting boners so tough luck. He is dead to me. He is useless, moids are already useless lazy fucks now this one is even less useful, he cannot be used to bring life into this world just a dead end with mental illnesses.

Anonymous 17453

He’s grotesque-looking and his video trying to debunk “TERF” talking points was poorly done. His debate with Blair White showed how much of a deranged retard he is. That’s why he doesn’t do debates anymore.

Anonymous 17460


Nikocado Avocado mukbangs. It's hilarious because the high fructose corn syrup has rotted his brain so much, he speaks nothing but unintelligible babble. You don't habe to pay too much attention to him while you're busy drawing.

Anonymous 17462

This guy disgusts me a fuck ton.

Anonymous 17477

It's such a shame and so depressing. He used to be a very clean cut skinny twink, now he's a fat piggy who wallows in his own filth (literally).
Even when he was getting fat he kept up a clean appearance for a while, I have no idea why now all of a sudden this year he's started doing videos of him shitting himself. I partially blame it on the quarantine. Being stuck in his house all day is making him go stir crazy, which is why he's resorting to making such grotesque videos now.


Anonymous 17455[Reply]

This show is an absolute masterpiece.

Anonymous 17463

Is the prequel "Before Green Gables" any good?


The death of online communities Anonymous 16989[Reply]

Were you part of a community that died?
34 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17435


I unironically just miss Everything Girl. That's it.

You can try Fashmates and Urstyle.


Anonymous 17437


TDP was one of the first sites I browsed online and where I have some of the strongest nostalgia for. I had made hundreds of online friends from the Avatar Chat at one point, but I continued to stay for awhile even as they disappeared one by one. Most of the cool people gradually left, until only the creepy old dudes with their sexual ASL private chatrooms remained. The pixel dolls actually got me briefly into animation back then, since I tried animating a ton of my own from messing with Animation Shop 3 all the time (It was just simple things like making them blink and have my name flash in and out, though). It also got me into HTML/CSS for the first time so that I could make my own aesthetical layouts like I saw alot of other people having.

When TDP started dying out, I briefly tried PalaceChat as an alternative but I never used it for long since I had stronger attachment to TDP.

Anonymous 17454


This shit is the ultimate nostalgia for me. In its heyday, I remember all the rooms on the palace chat being full and it was so much fun to explore different servers. People were so creative with their rooms and games. I miss when the internet was less centralised and more creative in general.

There was a website builder I remember spending a lot of time on, maybe someone else will remember the name (I think it had a X or Z at the start). It was similar to what neoctities is today but closed down years ago. Me and my online friends had our own little sites with guestbooks and embedded chat windows. We would have shrines dedicated to our favourite bands and blog posts. Something that definitely died was these little music players you could add to your site. You would upload your own songs, customise the little player and then it would give you a block of HTML code to copy and paste. They looked something like pic related and I remember seeing similar on MySpace too.

All of this got me interested in HTML/CSS and photoshop as a kid so this was a really formative period of my life too lol.

Anonymous 17458


In high school I got deep into LotR fandom and found the ArwenUndomiel forum, which I adored because it was 99% girls/women. It was a really beautifully designed site with sweet, creative users. We all made signature banners and avatar icons for each other based on our favorite characters/quotes. Probably my most wholesome online community to date. It's still "alive" but barely.

Anonymous 17459

I was on a similar site which I think is now dead called "Council of Elrond".


Ojamajo Doremi Anonymous 17438[Reply]

Best magic girl show

Anonymous 17445

I'm not sure if this show has a cult following or you just spam it all over cc, but I watched a few episodes today and it was really cute.

Anonymous 17448


I have heard that Ojamajo has a really shit ending that makes the show a waste of time to watch

Anyways my favorite magical girl anime series is KiraKira Precure A La mode, and It’s my opinion

Anonymous 17456

I think literally everyone forgot about the new movie that already happened. thanks Covid.


Anonymous 17421[Reply]

What demographic does he appeal to?

Anonymous 17447


What demographic does she appeal to?

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