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Anonymous 26787[Reply]

who are your favorite female musicians? pic related
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Anonymous 29525



Anonymous 29527

Anonymous 29528

Jun Togawa has such an amazing vocal range

Anonymous 29537

I love her, I wanted to post a youtube short of her talking about her album but the direct doesn't work with shorts.

Anonymous 29538



“Hated” characters that you like Anonymous 22908[Reply]

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Anonymous 27314



Anonymous 27315

thank you for confessing your thirst for that dude Mr Yagami

Anonymous 27333

download (32).jpeg

If she was real I'd crush on her so hard.

Anonymous 27343

Me too. I don't even care anymore. I could fix her.

Anonymous 29530

The Adoring Fan is CUTE and I love him


recommend me some non-english music Anonymous 24271[Reply]

i like exploring more obscure music. it can be everything from folk rock to rock
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Anonymous 29362

Anonymous 29411

sounds like my bf lol anyway alcest is great

Anonymous 29516

Moldovan folk rock, I recommend the band as a whole, they're fun

Anonymous 29519

kek as a moldovan I find our stuff pretty cringe but foreigners like it for some reason
Are you a moldovanоnniе per chance?

Anonymous 29520

Only by the historical definition iykwim and even that only half. I guess Moldovan artists are more appreciated on the other side of the Prut, as well as worldwide.


Genshin Impact Anonymous 19845[Reply]

How do you feel about Mihoyo, Genshin Impact and their playerbase?
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Anonymous 28931

I fell for the weapon banner meme… got the skyward harp, fml

Anonymous 28974


The leaked Focalors looks neat, as does the tall blonde lady. I'm already beginning to regret spending primos on so many Inazuman and Sumerian characters when it's extravagant frills, dress shirts and vests that I really lust after. And my inner 15-year old needs the steampunk shit.

I regret pulling Cyno and Ayato in particular. Their kits are so boring. I don't like Nilou's kit either but at least she's cute.

Despite my Cyno and Nilou getting instabenched I don't regret skipping Nahida. I just don't like her kit, personality, character design or voice. I don't get why people lost their collective shit over her

Anonymous 28996

Please go sperg to lc. I'm here to escape your waifu bad mihoyo hate husbando shit.

Anonymous 29399

Just barely got my dailys in because I forgot to start the download phew.
But Alhaitham in 74 rolls, if only FGO had such a generous pity.

Anonymous 29401

congrats ! I lost my pity to Jean but I saved a lot of quests and exploration so im gonna grind now and hopefully i will get him soon


vtubers Anonymous 24522[Reply]

What do you guys think about vtubers? They are a new advancement in technology that some cam girls are using. They employ Webcam, full body trackers, and of course voice changers to give the appearance of anime girls. Is this the future of what is considered entertainment? Is this somehow tied to the metaverse that is an overall plan for tech companies to sell? Is this good or bad for society in general? Do you even watch vtubers or know who any of them are?
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Anonymous 27345


But Sonny love! I love this Australian angel! Pyro love

Anonymous 27349

Anyone here watches some of the Nijisanji EN ones? They're kinda gross sometimes.

Anonymous 28961

I don’t mind people who are independent vtubers, and aren’t in an agency like Nijisanji or something. A lot of people in Nijisanji EN are extremely annoying and I can’t stand watching more than a few minutes of their streams.

Anonymous 29363

I like Tempus but I'm more of a JP Holostars fan myself.

Anonymous 29372

i used to get weirded out by them but i now love ina'nis and >>24526 this dog vtuber on picrel. i also can't believe that i found this song catchy and could endure its cringe


BSD Thread Anonymous 29368[Reply]

do you watch the show or read the manga or light novels?

Anonymous 29369

Both. I like watching the video media first and then reading to see what the producers skipped/changed.

boku no natsuyasum…

Why can't we have more comfy Video Games? Anonymous 3470[Reply]

I want to play video games to put me in that comfortable mood (either before bed or after a stressful day at school) but most games are either high-intense action games with a lot of testosterone and gore, a boring sports game or puzzle games where things are at stake.

I want more games to put me in that comfy mood like:
>Animal Crossing
>Stardew Valley
>Little Big Planet
>Donut County
>Persona 4 (mostly the school sim, not much the murders and dungeon crawling).

Does anyone know any games that put you in that comfortable mood?
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Anonymous 29038


Galatea, Flower, The Unfinished Swan, just about any of the Myst style adventure games (They're literally a dime a dozen), MS Flight Simulator (Or any vehicle sim), and I think FFCC: My Life As A King would probably be up your alley. Here are some other games that may apply, but I feel like they begin to fall outside of this thread's intention, or what you're particularly interested in:
>Any Criterion racing game from 2008-2013
>Assassin's Creed (Stealth-action)
>Elite (Space trading)
>Jet Set Radio (Sports)
>Tony Hawk's American Wasteland (Sports)
>Shadow of the Colossus (Action)
>The Legend of Zelda (Action)
>X (Space trading)
>Xenoblade X (JRPG)

Anonymous 29052


Ok I know this looks like weebshit but I bought Dungeon Munchies because I thought pic related was funny but then I played it and I got really invested. I don't know if I'd call it comfy, but the game has this very laid back attitude that I just found really endearing.

Anonymous 29071

otome games/visual novels are quite comfy and so is this new game I just ordered called harvestella at least from the looks of it

Anonymous 29318

The Horses in Red Dead Redemption 2 are so lifelike,but its not a relaxing game.

Anonymous 29319

Steambot Chronicles on PS2 is really cool, 90% of the game is super relaxed


your favorite story Anonymous 28707[Reply]

What is your favorite story and why?
Could be a book, a game, anime, show, movie - even your own work.
Stories that have truly had an affect on you.
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Anonymous 28972


Suikoden 2
I'd probably never venture into writing and reading if not for this gem.

Anonymous 28981


Yojimbo and Seven Samurai. And The Hidden Fortress. Not my ALL-TIME favorites but they're so fucking good.

Anonymous 28985

Zatoichi is good too. Medieval Japan manages to be both degenerate and comfy.

Anonymous 28997

Samefag i had a good cry to the ost the other day, the nostalgia trip is unreal. Funnily enough I never even played it. Just watched the danandphil, pewdiepie, markiplier and jacksepticeye playthroughs. Never joined the fandom (my internet usage did not extend beyond yt then) but I made a lot of shitty fanart.

Anonymous 29315

Toshiro Mifune was so fucking hot


BOOK GENERAL Anonymous 3098[Reply]

Subject says it all.
Discuss everything to do with books. Writing, reading, burning, etc. Ask for recommendations and stuff.
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Anonymous 28929

a rather odd but cute looking cover

Anonymous 28930

Mine is the Avery/Heath-Stubbs version. I'm not sure how they compare, but they claim to be literal in their translation choices as far as I can tell.

I should use my library more often. It's only a two block walk from my house. Granted, I just moved in a couple months ago.

After that, I prefer to buy books physically. Maybe I just haven't tried a good enough ereader, but they're always my last resort choice for when I need a copy fast of some text. I haven't tried any of the higher end ones, and they're not THAT expensive. I just have such bad experiences that I can't see how much difference they would make.

Anonymous 28934

awh that's sweet. my mother used to work in a library and she would talk about how appreciative she was to people who stopped by to talk

Anonymous 28937

You should look into what perks come with your library card. I think with mine I get free admission for 2/3 people to my city zoo, art museums, and state parks a year. I'm trying to collect library cards so the state still sees that they're being used and will continue to fund them.

I felt very appreciated! I told the librarian I usually only visit once a year, and she said she would request some Carson McCullers for the next time I'm in town.

Anonymous 29311

The Easter Parade and Convenience Store Woman

Chie (319).png

What's the Consensus on Persona Anonymous 26106[Reply]

How we feel about Persona, sisters?
31 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27612


This. And make it Strange Journey.

Anonymous 27620

IV better, it has my girl isabeau.

Anonymous 28971


I hate that Royale basically killed the female self-insert trope from ever spreading again. Now every new fans are some Shuake kiddos.

Anonymous 29048

I really just hate how much the fans of these games build them up as RPG gospel. If someone can't acknowledge the flaws in media they like, or tolerate people posting negative opinions it's kind of a red flag to me.
I can't tell you how many times Ive had people tell me that posting my negative opinion of Persona means it's "living rent free." As if you're not allowed to ever think about something you don't like. I played them a lot and when I started thinking of the he's critically I found them very unimpressive.
So yeah, they're really mid games, I liked the plot of 2 but I thought it would have been much better as a novel.

Anonymous 29075

Yeah. Persona is really eh as far as gameplay goes. Doesn't help that 3+ are trying to go for this social simulation type thing but they do it in the most dull way possible without any desire to improve on it in a significant way.

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