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lesbians are the best singers Anonymous 6595[Reply]

Tracy Chapman, Beth Gibbons, Janis Ian, Sinead O' Connor… Straights simply cannot compete.


The Sims Anonymous 4751[Reply]

Any fellow Simmers Here?
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Anonymous 4761

The load times for me are so abysmally long I can't be fucked to boot it up anymore. I always enjoyed the building more than the actual gameplay anyway.

Anonymous 4763

>How is Sims 4 compared to the previous installments?
I’ve only owned the first Sims and Sims 4 so I can’t really give the best answer, but many people hate Sims 4 because it’s apparently a downgrade compared to Sims 3. Sims 3 was open world, you could drive cars around the towns and had a lot more things to do than Sims 4. It also apparently had better expansion packs.

Sims 4 doesn’t have the open world or driving option, has painfully long loading screens (even on my custom-built gaming PC), and a pretty lackluster starter game. EA claims they got rid of the open world because they want to be able to sell the game to people whose computers couldn’t support Sims 3, which Idk. The loading screens all of us could do without.

The one thing that’s better about Sims 4 from what I can tell is graphics.

Anonymous 6578

Sims 2, the rest is pure shit

Anonymous 6579

The music from the first is forever seared into my brain.

Anonymous 6593

I forgot my origin account login :(


sadgirls only Anonymous 6563[Reply]

Anonymous 6575



Websites you visit daily Anonymous 7[Reply]

(or frequently)
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Anonymous 6309



Only for /ot/ and /m/, sometimes /g/.


Just like checking in on it every day.

>Kakashi Nenpo

Also a board I like visiting.




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Anonymous 6316

Is this post an advertisement for a bunch of dead chans or smth

Anonymous 6317


Anonymous 6510

been wanting more online friends. i use to have a lot of twitter friends but deleted my account a few years ago so i could focus on irl. i kinda miss it and made a new twitter but have no idea how to make mutuals again

also how do you guys find decent discord servers to join

Anonymous 6521

mostly for fan art & cosplay stuff


most of my friends still use this somehow


mostly to lurk, i like reading some salt


also a huge lurker there, personally liked that it was just a little more chiller than lolcow


i have a normie life outside of degeneracy

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Anonymous 6447[Reply]

anyone into bossa nova/brazilian jazz type music?

i’d really like some recommendations because i’m pretty into this song. i also like some of joão gilberto’s music.

is there any more artists that someone who just started getting into this type of genre should listen to? (doesn’t have to be older artists).
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Anonymous 6468

Why stop at one?

I wish these songs were still popular with young people.

Anonymous 6469

personally like Liana La Havas - Green and Gold

Anonymous 6476

My favorite hobby is lazing about and jamming to this kind of music. The composer isn't Brazilian, but has done tons of collaboration with artists from Brazil.

Anonymous 6478

I'm actually not a fan of the original Paint it Black but I love this cover.

Anonymous 6509

Construcao by Chico Buarque and Dez anos depois by Nara Leao are my favourites

Harvest Moon Wallp…

Harvest moon/Story of seasons Anonymous 6506[Reply]

Anyone here a fan of this series? Anyone playing the new Mineral town remake? Who's your favorite bachelor/bachelorette?

chill happy music? Anonymous 3007[Reply]

relaxing but not mopey
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Anonymous 6392

Cuban song

Anonymous 6393

I-I'm Cuban. Very nice.

Anonymous 6475

Anonymous 6479

Anonymous 6505


Anonymous 5392[Reply]

ITT: Last movie/show/animu you've watched and the rating.
If you want too, post some review or whatever.
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Anonymous 6353

I watched metropolis. Amazing soundtrack and good plot. 8/10

Anonymous 6397


Ivan's childhood by Andrei Tarkovsky. 9/10
so far, tarkovsky really speaks to me on a personal level; his movies have a great balance of philosophy and humanity and not to mention, his aesthetics hit home.

Anonymous 6400


It's 3 hours long, if that's a deterrent. But it holds its intrigue.

Anonymous 6404

Which version of the OST? Because there are many, that's a common thing in the silent cinema.

Anonymous 6493

lost highway.jpg

Lost Highway. I guess I'd give it a 6/10? It was okay, albeit weird. Which I normally like but it was a really confusing movie and I don't understand what was supposed to be happening lol. Great soundtrack tho, especially "I'm Deranged" by David Bowie.


Anonymous 5998[Reply]

what are some good erotic romance excluding 50 shades of grey?

Anonymous 6485

Troll by Emma Clark

Anonymous 6489

would you consider reading stuff with pictures (eg manga / hentai?)


Anonymous 6480[Reply]

please suggest me good manga series with a fucked up society and a strong badass female character or characters, please 🥺

Anonymous 6481


The Anime is also fantastic.

Anonymous 6482


The Legend of Mother Sarah

Anonymous 6483


This series is exactly what you’re lookin fer. Bout a girl who hunts down bad guys to give their organs to more deserving people.

Anonymous 6486

Thank you all for responding!!! Ill look into these!!

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