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Anonymous 20969[Reply]

Any vaporwave enthusiasts here?

Who is your favourite artist?
What is your favourite subgenre?
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Anonymous 22091

I really like Desired, Future Girlfriend 音楽 & Android Apartment

Gudang is also nice, when it comes to 'just' Vaporwave

Anonymous 22097


At the risk of sounding basic, I like Saint Pepsi, Yung Bae and Macross 82-99. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anonymous 22098

Anonymous 22103

raiders from kraut/pol/
brenda and her friends

Anonymous 22127


Hololive Anonymous 22065[Reply]

I've got into the hololive scene but the most active discussion threads are all on 4chan…Are there also girls who like them?
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Anonymous 22075

I'd like to start watching some, but I'm not sure where to begin. Most of the english ones don't really seem like my thing. Any recs that aren't like super moe/annoying?

Anonymous 22077

I like Fubuki, Pekora, Subaru, and Korone and actively follow them. I don't really enjoy the tone of Mio or Okayu's streams, but I don't think anything negative of them (their personas are just not for me). If they're involved in collabs, though, I don't mind and think they play well off of others.

I don't really vibe with a lot of the EN girls, but Ina is very chill. I don't care to watch art streams, though. Irys has a very beautiful voice, but I honestly don't like her character design much.

I still have lots of members I haven't really bothered to go out of my way to watch. Been meaning to check out Kanata since she seems sweet.

You couldn't fucking pay me enough to watch Rushia, Luna, or Mumei.

Anonymous 22082

I like Irys and Ina, they lean more into the chill type. Irys especially is really sweet.

Anonymous 22110


>I've got into the hololive scene but the most active discussion threads are all on 4chan
Yes. /vt/ pretty much has a Westerner fan monopoly on what's going on with Hololive. Even the websites outside of 4chan are pretty much just /vt/ anons leading the way to people who don't know about /vt/.
>Are there also girls who like them?
Yes, but it depends on the vtuber, specifically speaking, as I am certain there are some that have a 100% male fanbase, like Haato.
The HoloEN of choice in CC seems to be Ina, but I like Ame too 'cause of her contagious laugh.

Anonymous 22123

I like beatani (she's my favorite)


Anonymous 18052[Reply]

Trixie is best pony.
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Anonymous 21844


I ordered some of these for my collection. I like the vintage dolls. I wish there was more vintage MLP stuff available because they're so special to me. It's not a nostalgia thing, I was born in the late 90s, but the 80s models are just so pretty looking

Anonymous 21923


i still have stickers of these laying around, i'm so glad i didn't use them when i was little
i want them back too


i wish the movie was about something else than the multicultural and political mess it was
why can't they just teach kids some basic morals and manners?
i'm not a fan of this very in your face indoctrination and pushing a specific agenda on kids

my little pony? more like my lefty pony

Anonymous 21926


Did anyone else have the misfortune of mlp being ruined for them by man children?
I remember loving (and tolerating) the shit out of this show as a kid until I accidently came across porn of many of the characters.
There's still apart of me that holds a soft spot for this show and I've definitely considered a re-watch to see how much has changed. But goddamn, is it really hard for me NOT to remember all the gross shit people would make of these characters.
Also fluttertism a cute

Anonymous 22092

Nightmare moon did nothing wrong
Anyone saying otherwise is buying into Celestia propaganda

Anonymous 22112


yeah think she takes the cake for me


Amazing lines in classic novels Anonymous 22076[Reply]

>High on his poop the sea-green god appears;

The Aeneid Book X

Anonymous 22084

Seaman’s lingo.

> The name originates from the French word for stern, la poupe, from Latin puppis. Thus the poop deck is technically a stern deck


Favorite character bingo Anonymous 21951[Reply]

Post your faves, rate the tastes of other miners!

Anonymous 21961

Too many spaces to fill out, not enough patience.
I hope someone else replies though

Anonymous 21962

Why a bingo sheet? That doesn't make any sense. A simple 3x3 would work. Unless the game is someone else picks your favorites off your favorite chart to bingo? That's kind of stupid.

Anonymous 22083


thats way too big op im not filling that out
as punishment youll have to endure my very poor ms paint downscaling skills


Anonymous 22009[Reply]

anyone else just can’t read actual books anymore? i used to love reading when i was younger but now whenever i genuinely pick up a book and try to read it my brain just mindlessly scans over the text and it doesn’t process them as actual sentences but as single words strung together. is this like a normal thing??
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Anonymous 22026

Yes, there always seems to be so much unnecessary info-rubbish in the text, whereas I just want the facts.

Anonymous 22027


>my brain just mindlessly scans over the text and it doesn’t process them as actual sentences but as single words strung together. is this like a normal thing??
No it is not at all. You either forgot, somehow, how to read critically at the level of your age, or you simply are not paying attention whatsoever.
I guess you should start with pic related and reading it attentively and then begin reading collections of essays by reputable authors or editors so as to start small.

Unironically speaking, this is such a troublesome thing in all matters of life since you could easily get scammed or make a huge mistake that will mess up your life pretty badly until you die or something.

Anonymous 22064

I have the exact same issue. I think the ability to obtain literally anything on the internet within seconds and everything being made in such a short format has ruined our attention spans. It actually extends to more than just books for me, I also find it difficult to write letters/emails, listen to an entire music album or even sit through a normal-length film. I often find myself checking my phone when I'm doing things I actually enjoy and should be dedicating my entire attention to in that moment.

Something that has helped me is deleting all addictive social media apps that encourage viewing/reading short pieces of information (e.g. Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram) and forcing myself to read. If I don't enjoy something, I just stop reading and move onto the next thing. Your goal isn't to force yourself into reading something just because you feel like you should, but to finish a book that you actually enjoy.

A lot of books that have been recommended to me are fiction and I've come to realise that I much prefer reading non-fiction/biographies. Once you've completed a few books in the genre you like, then you can start to branch out to whatever else other people are raving about. Don't feel pressured into reading something just because it's a "classic" or on some top 10 Goodreads list because you'll just skim over the words and absorb nothing, find something that excites you and makes you want to read it every free moment you have!

Anonymous 22067

thank you for the advice anons ^^ gonna try and read a history book soon LOL i hope it goes well


i forgot to add this only happens when i read books physically, i can read essays and stories online on a screen with no problem, but as soon as it’s on paper it’s like my brain shuts down

Anonymous 22078


>i can read essays and stories online on a screen with no problem, but as soon as it’s on paper it’s like my brain shuts down
Ah, that's great then.

Yes, regarding this issue, other anons have already answered it quite well like >>22064, telling you how attention-gathering apps have killed human focus, and the only way to gain it back is to read things you enjoy. I second this as not having any social media whatsoever (except for image boards and only browsing the best ones) has helped me improve my literacy and vocabulary quite a lot in a short amount of time by reading literary magazines and other, interesting non-fiction.
Notwithstanding this fact though, you can always move all literature you like to an electronic form like an e-reader or your laptop/phone – especially considering how there are even library services that will provide you with e-books for you to borrow in the apps they use, which I love. So, if you're having a lot of trouble going back to physical books after a week or so, continue reading in an electronic form, but also increase using physical books little by little so as to adapt to them again. Best if you can read them well the same level you do with reading essays online.


whump Anonymous 21999[Reply]

Does anyone here read or write whump? I'm kind of curious. There seems to be a lot of cross over between whump fans and fujos, afterall.
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Anonymous 22040


not op but PLEAASEE recommend some, i’ve been trying to find some good whump stories but most of the ones i find read like they’re written by 10yos

Anonymous 22042

Also not op, can you please share some involving torture thank you

Anonymous 22044

Tell me this is a joke???

Anonymous 22047

Sorry for the wait. Ok so these are going to be tumblr blogs, I tend to find the best originals there.
Okay, so I’m gonna start with general recs. My all time favorite blog is this one https://ashintheairlikesnow.tumblr.com/post/623908755816497152/masterlists-masterpost
She writes medical stuff occasionally, especially when she's writing about boxboy stuff. The box boy/babe universe is a sort of whumplr thing based on the concept of like people being sold as slaves and there's a lot of worldbuilding invovled, but the exact canon will vary between blogs.
This person also writes BBU whump, with slightly mixed quality. https://haro-whumps.tumblr.com/post/189851461413/box-boy-masterlist
One of the most popular whump blogs on tumblr is https://whump-tr0pes.tumblr.com/ Honor bound is like a must read.
Whumpiary is good too, really like what I’ve read of it, very interesting plot. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E786ebVvP-f4teX-dLK_evgXlaX0WrCzct70ThZsmFQ/edit#gid=1955837640
Also, this post here has a ton of whump creators tagged, and most of them are pretty good: https://caddy-whump-us.tumblr.com/post/650555624934014976/sideblogformindtrash-milk-carton-whump

Now, more specific fic recs for hospital stuff specifically:
This orchidscript one is pretty good. Orchidscript tends to have a good variety of posts
Wildfaewhump does a lot of inhuman medical torture stuff that I personally like a lot, especially the like, more gooey, comfort stuff Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 22066

Thank you very much, this is some good fucking food


What's your Sailor Scout name? Anonymous 22051[Reply]

What's your Sailor Scout name?

Mine is Sailor Nebula

Anonymous 22052


Sailor Miranda


philosophy Anonymous 19553[Reply]

thread for philosophy books/podcasts/videos and such
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Anonymous 21529

>I hate him for his books and lectures targeted at the average person yes, although i havent read his books - only watched reviews and all that.
I'm not really certain how to take this. I personally also watch reviews, but I've never considered myself as having an informed opinion about the subject matter just because I listened to someone else talk about it. Not saying that's wrong, it just didn't occur to me that people do this.
>Humans are not that predictable.
Really depends on what you're testing. For example, any human, anywhere, will react the exact same to a snake making a striking motion, even if there's a plane of glass separating the person from the snake. It's not a conscious response, there is no "There is a snake, the snake is striking, I will back away from the snake." It is physically impossible for a human to prevent themselves from going back because the circuits that activate that reflex occur before the conscious mind has even registered a snake is moving.

As far as mass behavior, maybe you have a point about history, but Jordan Peterson from various comments also believes that history is a very potent source of information for behavior and how people operate, I don't know where you got the idea that he completely dismisses it.

Anonymous 21531

Thinking about not only does he actually agree with the importance of studying history, it's already integrated into his worldview, politics and his main line of theory in Maps of Meaning. So not only does Jordan Peterson agree with you it's already integrated into his main theory.

Anonymous 21535

you are retarded

Anonymous 21554

>History is in the end a way better representation of how humans operate than "inherent" biological traits which cant even be proved to be inherent due to enviromental factors in everything
I also wonder how he can say all that stuff about history being super important, but then have completely retarded takes on politics.

Postmodernism is shit.

Anonymous 22041

I think modern philosophy is too obsesed with politics and materialism. Nihilists reject dualism almost by default despite neither science nor modern philosophy ever being able to even advance our understanding of the mind in hundreds of years.


Characters that you relate to in cartoons and anime Anonymous 19156[Reply]

For me its Mayaya from Princess Jellyfish
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Anonymous 21136

the closest would be rei ayanami since i don't know how to express emotions at all, most likely because im autistic. also, when it comes to my work, i dedicate myself completely to it. i have been told i "sacrificed my individuality" by doing so.

Anonymous 21468

>For me its Mayaya from Princess Jellyfish

Anonymous 21504

Her passion and joy. I really relate to her raw passion and her excitability. despite the fact that she is awkward and afraid of people, she has this energy burning in her, and she is constantly thinking about her fixations. She also just yells so much and is so spazzy in her body language. I think I relate to the rest of the girls in the show, especially with being afraid of people and having agoraphobic tendencies, along with having rigid fixations AKA autism/ocd but Mayaya just stands out to me the most.

Anonymous 21935


Anonymous 22039


The OG Harley Quinn from BTAS

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