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Ojamajo Doremi Anonymous 17438[Reply]

Best magic girl show

Anonymous 17445

I'm not sure if this show has a cult following or you just spam it all over cc, but I watched a few episodes today and it was really cute.

Anonymous 17448


I have heard that Ojamajo has a really shit ending that makes the show a waste of time to watch

Anyways my favorite magical girl anime series is KiraKira Precure A La mode, and It’s my opinion

Anonymous 17456

I think literally everyone forgot about the new movie that already happened. thanks Covid.


Anonymous 17421[Reply]

What demographic does he appeal to?

Anonymous 17447


What demographic does she appeal to?


Anonymous 17397[Reply]

What’s your opinion of this game’s ending?

Anonymous 17400


Lame and uneventful kinda forced orgy but, i like the new mayor tho shes cool

Anonymous 17407

The ending is meh, the whole game is one of the best games I have played in years.

Anonymous 17441

>Lame and uneventful kinda forced orgy
There’s an orgy ending? Shit guess it’s time for me to collect all the moons.

But really what the fuck did this mean?


Does Anyone Else Love Courage The Cowardly Dog? Anonymous 17361[Reply]

My fav episode is The Mask
(I heard that episode actually is about prostitution)
Also the theories about the show are super creepy, like the puppet one theory (The Great Fusilli Episode)
Nowhere is certainly a interesting place
Also this show reminds of me Flapjack for some reason

Anonymous 17376


I love Courage the Cowardly Dog! The creator has a very avant-garde art style. It was strange however. Eustace was always such an unlikable and detestable character, yet I'd always feel a tinge of sadness at the episodes where he was considered dead or eaten by the monster in the episode. But here is my favorite character from the show (pic related). I liked her a lot because she was one of the few characters that could listen to courage and not buy into Eustace's bullshit.

Anonymous 17381

I love it,its the GOAT cartoon network cartoon

Anonymous 17434


I love it. One of my faves.


Why people grow out hobbies like games, anime, metal, etc after a certain age? Anonymous 5408[Reply]

Silly question out of curiosity, and no, I don't care about what others think neither I intend to stop liking what I like just because society thinks I should.

I was just wondering a few days ago. I'm 29 years old, older than most miners I believe and I still like the very same things I used to when I was a teen. None of my highschool friends, who liked the very same things as me, like it anymore. I don't think it has anything to do with time as I probably work harder than most of them and hang out just as much (even though that's not that much when compared to the average person). Also now they're into other media (mostly western Netflix TV shows) that require lots of time too.

So, I was just wondering. Are anime, games, metal and things like this actually made for kids? Why do people stop liking them after/during college. About metal I can understand, most of your angst is gone, but the others still might be fun. Do you think it might have something to do with how society sees people with the so called "manchild" hobbies?
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Anonymous 7819

Not all games, animations or anything else are made for kids. So To answer your question. You are completely normal. It's fine.

Anonymous 17411

Could be anything, really. From repeated to exposure to growing responsibilities, there are many reasons as to why one drops their favorite hobbies. Drifting away from your hobbies isn't uncommon as you might think, not everything is meant to last forever.

Anonymous 17422

Not based, Evangelion is a shitty terrible anime lol

Anonymous 17423

not to be that person but thats just noooot true lol
it's objectively way better than "shitty/terrible"
why do you feel that way

Anonymous 17429

-Made by Gainax, an anime studio known for making some pretty shitty anime with cookie cutter male protagonist and fan service female side characters
-Female characters are written terribly, there’s the typical tsundere redhead who is the love interest and then there’s the kuudere blue haired girl who’s a “mystery”
-Shinji is a whiny brat with daddy issues, as per usual with the Gainax standard cookie cutter male protagonist


Fake fans Anonymous 4165[Reply]

Hope it's the right category, I wasn't sure whether it goes here or /b/.

In your opinion, what separates a "real fan" from a "fake fan"?

If there's a game for example that has an anime adaptation and someone has only watched the anime, how bad it is?
(I think the same goes for manga and reboots, idk insert examples here.)
11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4887

Wow, how'd you know?? This is how I respond whenever someone asks about music or movies or what my hobbies are or whatever.

There's little point in gushing about something very specific that they're unlikely to have ever heard of before or have little interest or knowledge of. I'm always happy to gradually expand on it if they ask though, just a little at a time. If they're interested, they'll keep asking more and more questions. But if I lose their interest somewhere along the way, hopefully I haven't said so much that I sound like a big idiot.

I find it's more polite and humble this way, and I also hope I don't waste too much of their time or mine by yapping on and on.

Anonymous 4891

Yes, exactly.


Literally nothing, if you like something and engage in it you are a fan. All the rest is corporate shilling to get you to buy more products to prove something to a bunch of nerds in a shitty community who will resent you anyways regardless what you do or don´t do.

Anonymous 4901

Its jUSt A draWInG…

What do you mean by "fan"? You mean the simple stuff like the consumer who simply just consumes whatever media at-hand and does some sort of fanart for the time when said media peak popularity? Or the more advanced stuff where you get with the whole fan-fiction works, world-building, 1 hour analysis videos, cosplaying, and wiki journal editing of said media? Please explain in great details

Anonymous 17410

Personally, I consider a fake fan to be someone who has puddle level knowledge on whatever media content they're currently consume even though they label themselves as "omg the numba 1!! biggest fan of all time!!!1!!111!" You know, the sort of person that bandwagons on whatever is currently popular or obscure to make themselves seem cultured to the other fans.

There's always going to be different kinds of fans from casual to obsessive. You just gotta know who you're talking to and how to talk to them. If you ain't vibing with them than whatever. Just change topics or drop the conversation, no biggie.


Boys love / shōnen-ai / Yaoi General Anonymous 212[Reply]

Discussion of anything BL related.
Manga, Anime aimed at fujo (i.e sports anime), Visual Novels / Vidya…

>What are you readin right now? Enjoying it?

>Favorite series/manga/VN?
>Discussion of series
35 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6064

>favorite series/manga/VN?
Rumspringa no Joukei and Hashihime

im still pretty interested in Nitro Chiral's new 'Slow Damage'

Anonymous 6071


Wow, never knew there was a BL manga featuring Rumspringa. Really want to read it now.

Anonymous 6133


overworked salaryman and monster boys are one of the best combos

pic is Bakeneko Katatte Sourou

Anonymous 6165


I used to really be into BL. It was the second most important thing in my life, to the point where I learned moon just to read it and scanlate it, and I had read a decent amount of titles. But I stopped once I got a bf. I think I was using BL as escapism and to simulate love in my own life, and now that I have it for real I can't be bothered to keep up with it. But I still genuinely enjoy reading it, I just wish I had the motivation to keep doing it.

As for recs, I think Yuki to Matsu was the most well written BL manga I had ever read, the one I have ever been the most emotionally invested in was Saiyaku no Jinsei, and the love and admiration I felt for Hayakawa Nojiko's works was indescribable. Her stuff literally cured my suicidal depression.
God I wish I had the time and motivation to go back.

Anonymous 17402

Hi anon, your post stood out to me. I can't relate to a lot of fujo conversation but I also learned moonrunes for hobby reasons and I love Takahashi Hidebu's work. I just wanted to let you know you sounded cool I guess.


weird youtube crushes Anonymous 17172[Reply]

who in your youtube subs do you have unexplainable crushes on? here is my list, rusty cage, (young keyboard playing) adam/yourmoviesucks, rebel taxi.
i dont know why. i dont even like men that much. but i have the biggest crushes on them.
52 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17370


Anonymous 17388


Anonymous 17389



Anonymous 17390


also Adam Conover
he's cute

Anonymous 17392

Daddy Jay… our frumpy hobbit…

Anonymous 17382[Reply]

What do you think of the upcoming Homunculus movie?

Anonymous 17391

I liked manga a lot, so I'm looking forward to it
Buuut I wish it would be more "artsy" - judging by PV there's no hope for it
Takashi Shimizu is a big meh for me
All in all, I think it will be butchered


Vocaroo General Anonymous 442[Reply]

A thread to record and share your chords, show off your voice work, practice a language, or just to talk in general.

16 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1100

Eurghhh thank you very much, you've got me all flushed.

Anonymous 1839


this part stood out to me for some reason so i gave it a go. sorry if it sounds quite dull. i am frequently told that i have a robotic voice

Anonymous 1846

Your voice is so beautiful, and your accent is sweet~

Anonymous 1875

I don't like english accents, but yours is quite pleasant (correct me if I'm wrong about the accent). It isn't harsh-sounding.

Anonymous 17386

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