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Anonymous 24537[Reply]

What do you guys think of silent hill 3? I think it has the best female protagonist out of any vidya. I relate to Heather so much it hurts.
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Anonymous 25907

Silent Hill PC gui…

Anonymous 28941

I love Heather. I also played this one first when I was 14 back in the early 2000s. She is just so BRAVE and cool and unflustered without being one dimensional.
I love how she has kind of a “dirty” look with all the freckles and stuff, it goes well with the aesthetic of the game and I feel like more represented, since my skin tone is the same. Her character design is awesome.

Anonymous 28942

Okay DDR Exreme for PlayStation 2 and you can do the dance and see the music video sung by “her” (really Mary McGlyn but she lip syncs) for “You’re Not Here”. There’s also a song from SH4 and other Akira tracks.

Anonymous 28954

>1-3 are probably the only games worth their salt
I know this is an old post, but for me 4 is pretty good. For me it was the one that scared me the most. The bad part about the game is that you have to go back through all the maps in a scourt mission, but the game and story are good

Anonymous 29040

The only people who treat SH2 as the greatest thing since sliced bread are the game jouros, the same morons who think TLoU2 is some empowering story. Everyone else treats the first or third game as the best, with honorable mention to The Room.

>I've seen a lot of people say sh3 is shallow and basic in comparison to 2
The only context I've seen that comparison being made was in regards to how you explore the same area of Silent Hill as in the second game.


Media you want to experience for the first time again Anonymous 27463[Reply]

So recently I was reading ace attorney fanfic and I was randomly struck by intense sadness at the realization I'll never get to experience playing those games for the first time ever again. Does anyone else ever feel this way? Which media make you wish you could go back in time and experience them for the first time again? Picrel is just the first duckduckgo image result for "Anime girl playing video games" since I didn't know what else to put there
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Anonymous 27609


Came in to post the same thing. Trannies love it though, the whole Furfur and Zepar, Leon and Beatrice bits. It doesn't ruin for me but I still cringe

Anonymous 27610

Yeah, that's what I don't like about it too. Also anon why didn't you just use the spoilers… they're literally listed to the right of every post so you know how to do them

Anonymous 28704

everything pre 2016. that's when i developed depression and nothing really hits the same

Anonymous 28708


I wanna erase everything I know about Star Wars from my mind and watch the original trilogy again. They where my introduction to Star Wars but I already knew the plots for all 3 movies when watching them and I just want to experience them without knowing the dialogue or stupid prequel lore.
Also I know this isn't the exact point of the discussion but I wish I got to watch the original Star Wars movie back in the cinema back in 1977. Imagine watching the binary sunset scene on the big screen without knowing much about the sw universe it must have been such a breathtaking experience that really made you itch for adventure

Anonymous 29028


Hollow Knight. I'm actually trying to forget most of it now, since I played it a few years ago I swore to myself to not think about it much so I can forget some things and discover them again. I want to replay it when Silksong comes out this year.
Hollow Knight is everything that is beautiful in a game. The music is outstanding, the art is timeless and the story is unlike any story I've ever read. For me it's the best form of digital escapism, and it honestly helped me through really difficult times.


Couples thread Anonymous 5287[Reply]

Post couples that are important to you!
Canon or not canon, straight or homosexual, any form of media.
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Anonymous 28987


Anonymous 28988

Great unrequited/impossible love

Anonymous 28993

i dig the artstyle. where is this from?

Anonymous 28994


Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Anonymous 29025



Anonymous 26272[Reply]

How many of you read either of these book series when you were in middle school or high school?
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Anonymous 28964

It isn't internalized misogyny to hate Twilight kek. That's such a consoomer mindset

Anonymous 28973

Obviously not, but the reason she hated it was that other girls liked it.
I hated Twilight because I was a snobby little elitist and hated all YA fiction. My hating of Twilight wasn't misogynistic, hers was.

Anonymous 28975

Tbh nonnette I wouldn't bother with reading the Hunger Games books. They're pretty boring with predictable plots and cringe romance side stories. I was forced to read the first one for school and even as 14 yr olds the general consensus in the class was that it was lame. Twilight books are fun if you don't take them seriously though, if you go into them with a good sense of humour it's a much more worthwhile reading material than Hunger Games

Anonymous 28978

i read both of these books when i was a teenager but i really cannot remember that much of either other than…

i enjoyed the first twilight book, but lost interest in the rest once the plot started getting a bit ridiculous. it stills read like campy fan fiction, and i think the response to it in literary circles of the time was more entertaining to me all these years later than the book itself, eg stephen king critiquing meyer, or the numerous other blogs of the time where writers and critics were losing their shit other these books and how popular they were.

hunger games, i feel like the books were incredibly forgettable with dull writing. the movies were a lot more interesting and i, surprisingly, liked watching them (other than the last one). that series had the opposite issue than twilight; people were so up their own ass about the books and really reading more into it than i think was necessary, making political memes online and whole ass think pieces because supposedly the united states was turning into a literal hunger games! ugh i also hated hearing "girl on fire" everywhere, and wine ladies acting like katniss was the pinnacle of female strength in literature. also peeta was fucking annoying and i really did not understand why katniss would put up with such a whiny piece of shit.

Anonymous 28984


On HG I agree with >>28978 about the writing feeling dull. I thought also that parts of the second and third book really dragged, could've been two books if some boring ass stuff were cut, it really felt like some stuff was there just to inflate word count. Katniss had some good moments but around the third book her navel gazing was getting old, I get what the writer was trying to do, Katniss is traumatized because of the war and all that stuff, but how much did we really needed repeated on and on? Felt like I just got out of some 'oh the war is so bad, so many people dead, I don't wanna live' and Katniss just drags us back to that shit again as soon as you turn the page, like, alright? I know war is bad and everything sucks, how can I even forget when you keep fucking repeating that everytime you're not glaring at someone! I just wish it was better written and shown how bad it is for her through her actions. To me felt like she stayed the same girl she was in the beginning, didn't change at all.
As for the romance, I really didn't care about Peeta and Katniss as a couple, I guess the movie made them better, I liked Josh Hutcherson's Peeta alright, while in the books he was nothing special, a bit annoying, better than Gale at least, now that's a character I really dislike both in the books and the movies. The actor has such punchable face and it doesn't help his character is very annoying.
The only pairing I care is Haymitch/Effie and they have practically nothing in the books kek, this is another thing I liked about the movies, Banks and Harrelson were really good. Some parts of the books I wish were in the movies but overall the movies were better.

Now I've never read twilight, I wonder if the books are as goofy as the movies.


Anonymous 23566[Reply]

Deltarunefags, why do you want to fuck this??
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Anonymous 27442

Please leave

Anonymous 27574


Please link, I'm curious and unironically love reading about people obsessing over weird and unconventional characters

Anonymous 27628

link or didnt happen

Anonymous 27656


girls wanna take him outta the dumpster and into their homes. give him a bath, clean clothes, his own bed. i understand this feeling

Anonymous 28960

I don’t wanna fuck him I just wanna take care of him… give him a warm bath, make him some dinner, tuck him into bed, pat his little head


Golden Kamuy Thread Anonymous 26660[Reply]

Golden Kamuy (Japanese: ゴールデンカムイ, Hepburn: Gōruden Kamui) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Satoru Noda. It was serialized in Shueisha's seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump from August 2014 to April 2022, with its chapters collected in thirty-one tankōbon volumes. The story follows Saichi Sugimoto, a veteran of the early twentieth-century Russo-Japanese War, and his quest to find a huge fortune of gold of the Ainu people, helped by a young Ainu girl named Asirpa.

Where to read it: https://ehscans.com/goldenkamuy/
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Anonymous 28758


Necroing this thread cause lolcow may be really kill this time around

Anonymous 28787


I want a Sugi plushie

Anonymous 28793


There are so many options now anon, definitely get one!
I think I bought two of them but they are coming by ship so they'll take forever to be here.

Anonymous 28794

ughh he's so cute. I love him. He's perfect

Anonymous 28799


Best man for sure, although I can't help but love the trash cat as well.


Male dominated fandoms Anonymous 27324[Reply]

I really hate being in male dominated fandoms. Touhou is an example (not only is it male dominated but it's tranny infested too). It's kinda lonely. So many male dominated fandoms would become much better if it had a majority of women. I wonder if others feel that way
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Anonymous 28762

in my experience, the worst thing about male dominated fandoms arent even the males themselves; theyre easy to spot and avoid especially if you pick your platforms carefully, but it feels like the more "masculine" a fandom is, the more women who are into it will be some flavor of genderspecial he/him, which ruins such a huge part of fandom-produced content.

Anonymous 28764

>but it feels like the more "masculine" a fandom is, the more women who are into it will be some flavor of genderspecial he/him
Opposite of my experience. The most TIFs ime are in heavily female-dominated fandoms which is ironic, the few girls in male dominated fandom like to flaunt their femaleness to seem not like other girls.

Anonymous 28766

all the anime/manga i like is stuff my brother watches and its just standard bullshit like berserk and what ever he likes

Anonymous 28770

touhou has alwas been a moid heavy fandom since the beginning, sure theres some of us who make content but for every women doing writing songs theres a dozen more scrotes drawing cirno scat or something
and with zun approve waifu baiting gachas that isn't going to get any better
i wish there were more women discussing lore online instead of hearing about potential boob sizes for over 10 years

Anonymous 28772

I miss when it was Cristina Vee making Bad Apple covers. Moids really do infect everything. It’s so shit.

Sister of Silence.…

Warhammer 40k Anonymous 23691[Reply]

Anyone else into 40k?
If so:
>What's your favorite faction?
>What's your favorite character?
>What's your favorite edition?
>Do you own models?
>How often do you play?
>What's your favorite book from the series?
>What's your favorite model?
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Anonymous 28743



Anonymous 28749

Why would anyone care

Anonymous 28767

>Yeah you can use tabletop simulator to play

You could play a real wargame instead of wardollies without wardollies. Warhammer is hideous at the level of game mechanics.

Anonymous 28768

Fuck this man is eye candy. I hate how I eye fuck him whenever I see his face posted

Anonymous 28771

I dislike him. He gives me bad vibes.

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 24521

the last part makes me want to listen to it again

Anonymous 24966

On the other side, I'll be waiting for you there

Anonymous 25028

3 months later but i’m here, i love her a lot

Anonymous 25031

Thank you nonason wink

Anonymous 28757

I just want his body~


Self-post Thread? Anonymous 2236[Reply]

Mods/admin, please remove if inappropriate.

I was wondering if you ladies would be interested in a self-post thread so that we can share social media that you'd want other miners to follow and connect with.

There's already a discord thread so I guess that leaves us with everything else: twitter, insta, tumblr, snapchat, LINE?

If others are eager for the idea, I'll share my links below.
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Anonymous 28676

I began following HTML Dog's tutorials on HTML and CSS, and just after a day I was able to make sites. Actually my current layout is the easiest thing to make since it's just absolutely positioned boxes with no responsiveness.

The best thing about websites is that people cant do anything to you, the worst thing is people leaving nasty comments on your guestbook or email kek
People have been very nice to me so far, but also almost no one read blogs (where most 'questionable' things usually are written in ) so… It's more troublesome, but a website gives you a freedom  and safely social media doesnt give you

Anonymous 28678

I still use it, my pfp is a snoopy picture.

Anonymous 28703

idc though im not sure my blog is to your tastes, dear anons

Anonymous 28706


>only a 6/10
Excuse me? Decarabia is a 11/10. Why are you disrespecting my baby like this?

Anonymous 28734

Sorry for your son, I like him but its design isn't my thing. Maybe if in another game I put it on my team he will rank higher…

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