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Boys love / shōnen-ai / Yaoi General Anonymous 212[Reply]

Discussion of anything BL related.
Manga, Anime aimed at fujo (i.e sports anime), Visual Novels / Vidya…

>What are you readin right now? Enjoying it?

>Favorite series/manga/VN?
>Discussion of series
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Anonymous 5778

Yeah Hashihime is so fucking good. It's a shame literally no one talks about it. A niche in a niche I guess.

Anonymous 6064

>favorite series/manga/VN?
Rumspringa no Joukei and Hashihime

im still pretty interested in Nitro Chiral's new 'Slow Damage'

Anonymous 6071


Wow, never knew there was a BL manga featuring Rumspringa. Really want to read it now.

Anonymous 6133


overworked salaryman and monster boys are one of the best combos

pic is Bakeneko Katatte Sourou

Anonymous 6165


I used to really be into BL. It was the second most important thing in my life, to the point where I learned moon just to read it and scanlate it, and I had read a decent amount of titles. But I stopped once I got a bf. I think I was using BL as escapism and to simulate love in my own life, and now that I have it for real I can't be bothered to keep up with it. But I still genuinely enjoy reading it, I just wish I had the motivation to keep doing it.

As for recs, I think Yuki to Matsu was the most well written BL manga I had ever read, the one I have ever been the most emotionally invested in was Saiyaku no Jinsei, and the love and admiration I felt for Hayakawa Nojiko's works was indescribable. Her stuff literally cured my suicidal depression.
God I wish I had the time and motivation to go back.


HannahinJapana Anonymous 6049[Reply]

Does anyone watch HannahinJapana? She posted a few updates this week.

If you don’t know her, she used to vlog 10 years ago about how she fell in love with a Japanese guy and fell pregnant when on exchange there for college. Now she posts updates from time to time about her life now.

It’s a very cute channel to watch and interesting if you’ve ever thought about living in Japan. I recommend starting with the oldest and watching them all in order.

Anonymous 6051

Reported, no one reply to this troll

Anonymous 6158

A webshow about being a single mom. so because the father is nippon that makes it cute. well, i guess we should be nice to all single mothers. started with the gurugossiper people.

Anonymous 6162

Maybe watch the channel a bit before commenting moid.

She married the Japanese man and they were together for about 5 years. She was a single mother for a short while after they divorced but she moved back to the states but she's now married to an American. She only posted one or two videos during the time she was single.

What made the videos cute is her talking about living in Osaka and the things she gets up to. I don't like kids and would skip the videos that were only about her kids.


reddit review too many trans Anonymous 6159[Reply]

a few months ago I got ran off my favorite subreddit because a transwoman got upset with me.

they were suppose to do something and they didnt. so they went back to the trans subreddit and had them attack me. then they gave my name to a downvote bot.
then went through my entire 4 year reddit history. simply insane

I also ran into a trans problem on a tv show reddit. because we didnt agree that one went through my post history and made a thread on a trans reddit.

transpeople on reddit and some blogs are too be avoided. cause if they get mad they will try to run you off.

reddit was some help but not enough. I regret joining so many groups.

Anonymous 6160

As someone that likes to piss off people that are to sensible, it sounds like a fun thing to do if you don't have anything of worth in your reddit account.

Anonymous Moderator 6161

Here is our thread for all trans discussions:

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Chiptune Thread Anonymous 6142[Reply]

Alright, lets do this! I am sitting on so many chiptunes and its been a while since I got to share them and hear some from others! Do you have any?


Anonymous 6143


Can i post mp3? No? I will use this:

shelly bombshell h…

Anonymous 6123[Reply]

It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum
But I haet bubble gum

Anonymous 6124

Is this game any good? I used to play Duke 3d when I was a teen. I suck at fps but enjoy them at the same time

Anonymous 6129

It depends about which game you're thinking about: Bombshell or Ion Fury
Both games were probably supposed to have Pamela Anderson in them but instead there's explosives expert D.Va with a robotic multi-purpose arm fighting Diet Coke Dr. Proton and his legions of cyber servants
What changes the most is how much you like seeing things from above and bad voice acting
Either way the story appears to be rather solid and fun

Anonymous 6130

And that new prosthetic of hers must have cost an arm… and an arm


Prog thread Anonymous 6097[Reply]

Does /media/ listen to progressive rock? What are your favorite artists and albums? What do you like about prog? What you dislike about it?

Anonymous 6104

I listen to stuff in a vertical manner, meaning I mostly trawl discographies of my few favored artists/groups
While I appreciate all sorts of genres (horizontals), my only experience with prog rock is a short-lived act called Mandrake through Susumu Hirasawa, who is kind of my favorite


Holostars Anonymous 6087[Reply]

Why aren't you watching Holostars yet?

>Perfect combination of 2D and 3D, I am supporting a cute anime boy who also happens to have real feelings and interactions with fans

>they play a gigantic variety of games, from retro classics, to modern ones
>more than 10 of them, who upload videos daily, content pretty much never ends
>since they are real people who interact between each other in collab, discussion is always fresh and changes over the months.
>English speaking members coming soon

I barely even watch anime anymore, the holos are now my never-ending anime.

Anonymous 6090

1) because I can't understand them
2) the motion capturing is mediocre at best, all the avatars do is stare blankly and open their mouth
maybe if they changed that I would, but I think overall streams are a waste of time

Anonymous 6091

Where can I watch it?

Anonymous 6098

The Nijisanji boys are better.
Is there a page that lists all of them and their channels though?
The new couple two, wolf and pink hair don't have really interesting voices but I'm curious about the old man.

They're virtual Youtubers. Real people who are just streaming games and free talk stuff with live2D avatars.

Anonymous 6100

There is!

The nijisanji boys are really good, but I love Roberu

When they got popular enough to get 3D models, I hope you'll give them a second chance.


ASMR Anonymous 1427[Reply]

Do any miners enjoy ASMR?

I checked it a few years ago after hearing about it in passing. And I listen to it almost every night when falling asleep.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts about it, enjoy it, dislike it, chat about the ASMR community (those weird sexually charged videos?), youtubes demonetization of ASMR, ASMR artists you enjoy, etc etc etc

Use this thread for everything ASMR!
23 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5784

I used to get ASMR feelings from certain episodes of Tom and Jerry. There was one scene in particular where Tom is mixing Jerry into a cup of coffee. He takes his time preparing it and mixing the sugar, then another cat from inside the cafe reaches out and asks for a sip, and then the spoon. You can hear the other cat gulping down the whole cup and letting out a quiet "ahh".

I feel like such a pervert typing this out, but it wasn't horny, it was just spine tingles.

Anonymous 5786

Here me out. I've used asmr almost daily for years – it works well to assist with anxiety, relaxation, and sleep. However, what makes it different from a drug? It's certainly a distraction for me. In a way, it's a shortcut.

I told my therapist about how I use asmr nightly to forget everything and feel better, and she said that wasn't good. I have issues with accepting emotions because they overwhelm me and to get over it it's best to deal with it. To be exposed. So here I am now… I'm trying to quit my biggest comfort. It's been rough.

Anonymous 6041

Why would that not be good? It doesn't seem harmful. Unless are you obsessing over it? If not, it doesn't seem to have a downside, it's like listening to rain sounds to fall asleep. Also, why should someone rather think about negative things when they fall asleep?

Anonymous 6042

Agree. The therapist sounds dumb. Lots of people listen to audiobooks, music, whale song, and, yes, AMSR to help them relax and sleep. Feeling your feelings is important but not when you’re trying to sleep if it’s going to stress you out. Your body and mind need to relax.

Anonymous 6086

Well anon, I'm actually going to be making my own channel soon, so I ended up ignoring my therapist's advice. I think she was addressing the way that I used it excessively.
I see your point. I was taking it to extremes I guess though


Anonymous 6067[Reply]

I want to ask the reverse of this image, since this tends to be a common thing I've noticed with my circle of friends

>Sister loves playing big macho races in WOW like male orcs and Taurens

>Best friend was super into mass effect and strictly only played as male shepard
>mother plays both animal crossing and pokemon from time to time and she picks a boy
>my ex's new stupid ugly ass bitch of a girlfriend is an rpg buff and if possible likes to pick boys.

Anonymous 6068

I've always played as the male character in video games since I was a child and am also unsure why. I never cared about male characters having less customization options because I rarely customized my character, and even at 8 years old when I got my first two Pokemon games, I played as the male. I still play as a male character, when possible, in all games. Playing as a female character feels strange for some reason.

Assuming this comic implies that the man may not be straight, I'm not straight, so I guess there could be a correlation.

Anonymous 6069

I'd rather stare at a man's ass.

Anonymous 6070

I usually play as girl characters but sometimes I pick a male character if they're particularly handsome or if I wanna be a big warrior with a big sword. I love guys in big armor. Or sometimes I pick a male character and name him Loser because I think it's funny. I don't think it means anything

Anonymous 6072

In fantasy games i used to always pick male dwarves cause i found the stubby little limbs and exhaggerated beards to be funny
Also they were usually easy and straightforward to play with

Anonymous 6073

This is sort of the opposite, but in games with create your own character I always pick the girl so I can self insert better.
But if it's the kind of game with replayability I might make a guy if the character creator is detailed enough to make a cute one.
I don't mind playing as a guy if the main chara of a story game is a guy.


League Of Legends Anonymous 5982[Reply]

is there any EUW players drop your summoners name and ill add you ^-^

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