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Anonymous 8047[Reply]

Anyone remember Cybersix? I just found out about the comics yesterday, someone's been hard at work translating them. Any interest in Storytime, like on /co?
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Anonymous 8264


Anonymous 8265

And that's a wrap.
Thank you for joining Storytime.

Anonymous 8266


Forgot pic

Anonymous 8273

Thank you!

Anonymous 8374

oh, I loved well, still do the visual style of the series and character design, but I have never checked out the comics for some reason
And that's a shame, they look so fucking cool, reminds me of Kouta Hirano or Mike Mignola style
also sharing dat nazisplotation theme, delicious
thanks, Anon!


Anonymous 6308[Reply]

How do you feel about Mecha? What's your favorite show?
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Anonymous 6721


It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey, you're not supposed to grasp everything in the first time without thinking a bit. That's one of the reasons why it's such an amazing show.

Anonymous 6724


>It's like 2001: A Space Odyssey,
You can say that again, akchually,
some Evangelion elements were implicitely referring to 2001.
The main ones being the Seele monoliths and the delicate design of Ramiel.

Anonymous 7254

For me, it's Dai Guard and Gun x Sword. Most of yall already mentioned stuff that I like in the thread .

Anonymous 7301

Code Geass by far. Lelouch a cute.

Anonymous 8347


>main antagonist for the first few episodes
>is a pretty great dude who is trusted and admired by his peers
>is suddenly replaced by blonde rival no.3
>absolutely no mention of him until the last episode
>becomes a cyber newtype and is even more powerful than before
>KIA without seeing his full potential

Mashymre-sama deserved better


Websites you visit daily Anonymous 7[Reply]

(or frequently)
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Anonymous 6316

Is this post an advertisement for a bunch of dead chans or smth

Anonymous 6317


Anonymous 6510

been wanting more online friends. i use to have a lot of twitter friends but deleted my account a few years ago so i could focus on irl. i kinda miss it and made a new twitter but have no idea how to make mutuals again

also how do you guys find decent discord servers to join

Anonymous 6521

mostly for fan art & cosplay stuff


most of my friends still use this somehow


mostly to lurk, i like reading some salt


also a huge lurker there, personally liked that it was just a little more chiller than lolcow


i have a normie life outside of degeneracy

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Anonymous 8325



Anonymous 4276[Reply]

Sis, what's your opinion on Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon?


Anonymous 4289

hell yea I love skeletons thanks op for showing me that

Anonymous 8321

The story has picked up the pace it seems. Right when i thought he's finally getting strong, much stronger characters appear. Kevin Ashton is the Skeleton, i called it.


Tamagotchi thread Anonymous 6945[Reply]

Does anyone like tamagotchi's here? I'm probably gonna buy a tamagotchi on when I get my next paycheck. I have had a big interest in the games as a kid and I wanna get back into it.

Anonymous 6952


I like and collect vintage ones, maybe mostly due nostalgia and we can find some real good deals on second hand market but I'm looking forward in buying one of those recent ones too

Pic related and an old Dinkie dino are on my wishlist currently.

Anonymous 7045


I've pre-ordered a tamagotchi on wonder garden, the purple shell is really pretty
since i'm not from the USA it's gonna take a while but i look forward to meeting my tama
the aspect of them taking after their parents sounds really interesting
the two exclusive tamas you can date in wonder garden are really cute too

Anonymous 8170

I loved Tamagotchis! Had two Tamagotchi Connects back in middle school.

And now I have to pay oodles of tax if I want to import the new Tamagotchi go :( They were not released over here.

Anonymous 8239

I really wish they were released in Europe :'( it's not fair
I had to pay oodles of tax for a tamagotchi on


Kpop Thread Anonymous 7878[Reply]

A thread of all of us to talk about Kpop. The good, bad and ugly.

Follow the general rules! Be critical but don't be annoying.
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Anonymous 8559

NCT 2020 teasers were released. It has all 3 units in it and some of the members were teasing something about a +2.

Anonymous 8561

Meh the teaser was just a mashup of old mv's

Anonymous 8563

Lisa looks retarded in this like no brains just a tiny monkey banging cymbals inside her head

Anonymous 8564

Lmao! They'll never appeal to the american gp no matter hard they try. Their personalities are the exact opposite of what we like here


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Anonymous 6480[Reply]

please suggest me good manga series with a fucked up society and a strong badass female character or characters, please 🥺
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Anonymous 6483


This series is exactly what you’re lookin fer. Bout a girl who hunts down bad guys to give their organs to more deserving people.

Anonymous 6486

Thank you all for responding!!! Ill look into these!!

Anonymous 7770


Always Chainsaw Man

Anonymous 7777

Seconding chainsaw man, the mc is obviously male but there are a lot of interesting female characters

Anonymous 7910


this unironically. historical china was a damn rough place.


Kpop Thread Anonymous 7162[Reply]

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Anonymous 7871

Screen Shot 2020-0…

If Johnnyboy got the haircut on the top right he would actually look way better

Anonymous 7872


ngl that top right picture reminds me of 90s taiwanese a la F4/boys over flowers…maybe it's the hair

johnny will always remind me of this emo dr seuss character though, it's all i can see

Anonymous 7874

what i'm bewidered by is how there is like no dating rumors about bts. Like they are the richest idols out there I'm sure women are throwing themselves at them? I'm sure even top actresses would be interested in them at this point of their fame.

Anonymous 7875

They pay Dispatch hush money + are currently "nations pride" and connected with the sitting President so big media is willingly shielding them

Anonymous 7877


Tragic. I really wonder who is dating Jimin, like who would… you know

Capture d’écran 2…

Anonymous 7693[Reply]


I'm actually kind of surprise how few people are talking about it, just shows how unpopular the hyung line is compared to the maknae line i guess.
Sorry if this old news, i'm no twitter fag.

Anonymous Moderator 7698

Music Videos Anonymous 3305[Reply]

What are some of your favorite music videos?
Can be of all time or just recent ones that caught your eye.
Post em, girls!

This is my current one!
29 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 6889

Anonymous 7143


Belong to the world - the weeknd

everything looks so aesthetic and green i had a hard time picking only one pic, also i've been desperately searching for the asian lady dancing in this video but i couldn't find her name :(

Anonymous 7638

good god

Anonymous 7641


Anonymous 7687

kpop cringe aside i just find this video absolutely stunning

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