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Anonymous 20779[Reply]

What female musical artist recommendations do you have? Mainly looking for noisepop, synthpop, witch house, Crystal Castles type stuff but without the moids.
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Anonymous 24200

Anonymous 24209

jun togawa

Anonymous 24214

Tujiko Noriko is very underrated

Anonymous 24222

I can't remember how embedding works so I hope this is it.

Anonymous 24260

Waxahatchee - La Loose


Anonymous 18052[Reply]

Trixie is best pony.
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Anonymous 21926


Did anyone else have the misfortune of mlp being ruined for them by man children?
I remember loving (and tolerating) the shit out of this show as a kid until I accidently came across porn of many of the characters.
There's still apart of me that holds a soft spot for this show and I've definitely considered a re-watch to see how much has changed. But goddamn, is it really hard for me NOT to remember all the gross shit people would make of these characters.
Also fluttertism a cute

Anonymous 22092

Nightmare moon did nothing wrong
Anyone saying otherwise is buying into Celestia propaganda

Anonymous 22112


yeah think she takes the cake for me

Anonymous 22251


Anonymous 24234

c'mon, you know why :/
>pipp and zipp
also, is that a moid? in the main… 5? that's not how ponies work cmon disney


old/nostalgic internet animations Anonymous 23600[Reply]

Let's talk about one of the more obscure eras of animation: early 2000s-2010s internet cartoons.
Anyone else ever found cartoons like these more endearing? They're more relatable, in a sense, like they're made by real human beings and not some corporate studio.
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Anonymous 23710

What anime is this?

Anonymous 23711

Also, you don't have link?

Anonymous 23718

I like stupid YouTube song animations.

Anonymous 23735

This video reminded me of this one

Anonymous 24231

the 2000s re-animator community was so comfy

ITT: Documentaries you have seen on YouTube Anonymous 16956[Reply]

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Anonymous 24124

akihabara geeks made me feel so nostalgic
if anyone knows more documentaries like this of early 2000s japan or weeb culture/internet stuff etc please recommend them to me

Anonymous 24127

Anonymous 24205

saw this one and i'm convinced steven is just a neet who wants to neet for life so he married this hambeast of a woman to suck up all the disability benefits and earn a "wage" as her caretaker.
ridiculous how she gets jealous so easily lol no woman is gonna steal your man, debbie

Anonymous 24219


Anonymous 24230

tang dynasty best dynasty, both because of the art and architecture and also because it produced Wu Zetian (only female emperor of china ever)
she once discovered men plotting against her, so she ordered them executed, had their sentences commuted at the last minute to exile, then sent them with guards to outer mongolia: then when they reached the border, the guards opened their sealed orders which were to kill the prisoners
she was constantly slandered by male confucian historians who made up that she caused famines, etc, but her rule in reality was excellent and women saw the best degree so far of equality


Books for adopting a more compassionate world view Anonymous 19227[Reply]

I've been subjecting myself to watching a lot of this-is-reality kind of videos. (Kind of just the stuff you stumble across on Bestgore/Liveleak/etc.) It's consuming to think, but exposure to this type of media only compounds the idea that people are evil, or that evil outweighs human good. I feel more and more over time that no one really cares about anyone, unless one was chemically bonded through birth or familial obligation. It's hard not to be cynical of human nature, but I want to believe there is some author out there who understands the gamut of human cruelty and manages to obtain a positive, or at least sympathetic view on humanity. Does that make sense? Sorry this is rambly but if you have any suggestions I will appreciate it.
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Anonymous 19247

All of you are tweaking if you think this shit isn't boiled garbage

Anonymous 19486


The book you're looking for is The Brothers Karamazov.
Also consider The New Testament, Leaves of Grass, and Infinite Jest.

Anonymous 19487

This will sound stupid but read the comic Second Coming. It unironically changed my life

Anonymous 24202

Look up Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.


In my opinion the best, clearest and most useful work I have ever come across.

Anonymous 24204

East of Eden


Anonymous 23717[Reply]

can you recommend lesser known movies?
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Anonymous 23746

Densha Otoko AKA Train Man (not the TV series)

Anonymous 23817

Teenage Dirtbag 2009 (hilarious gem)
Lawn Dogs 1997 (weird but fun to watch)
The Punisher 2004
Identity 2003
The Collector 2009 and the sequel Collection, the only horror movie I can think of that has a male final girl
The Shape of Water 2017 (fish sex)

Anonymous 23923

Post Tenebras Lux.

Anonymous 24158

Cold Fish

Anonymous 24181

I really enjoyed Ingrid Goes West. Not sure how "lesser known" it is, but it's a dark comedy/thriller. Aubrey Plaza plays a mentally ill girl who obsessively stalks an influencer and gets into all sorts of nutty shit in the process. It's sad and creepy and hilarious and wild. Controversial, but IMO perfect, ending.


Does anyone here know good Anonymous 23941[Reply]

Roleplay games whose main focus isn't combat but socialization, world interaction, immersibility and freedom of actions/possibilities?
A place to be whoever I want and do whatever I want. But please recommend some that are free and not too heavy, my PC is not gamer :|
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Anonymous 23948


rimworld is a fun one. on lower difficulty settings it is more like a community building game, on higher difficulty it is focused on combat.

there is a big procedurally generated world, a settlement can be made on any free space, the settlement can be abandoned and rebuilt somewhere else. there is traveling around. basically a party of up to 10 people live in a place and try to survive by building rooms and furniture, grow crops, raise animals, mine resources, make sculptures and clothes and drugs. lots of freedom, possibility and interaction with the world.

Anonymous 23949

Hey I remember this one! I think I tried an early version almost ten years ago and didn't get into it, but I think it maybe wasn't even finished at the time.

Anonymous 23959

This or like, VRChat RP groups, or even GTA Online RP servers.

Anonymous 23962

the game is somewhat deceptive though in that it is more of a bullet hell game than a turn based combat game.

Anonymous 24176

Persona 4 Golden. It has combat but it isn't hard and it also has the things you want.


Anonymous 24055[Reply]

Does anyone here like GL manhwa/mangas? What are your favorites/recommendations?

Anonymous 24074


Some random recs.

Amano Shuninta's work, but especially
>The Feelings We All Must Endure (picrel)
About the romantic entanglements of a group of university students, and
>Yukemuri Sanctuary
A series of stories set in an onsen.

>Octave by Akiyama Haru

The romance between a former idol and a songwriter.

>Manga no Tsukurikata

A mangaka dates one of her fellow mangaka to 'study' trendy GL/BL topics.

>Kimi Koi Limit

The story of a total freeloader who mooches off her girlfriends.

Anonymous 24076

thanks, I'll check these out

Anonymous 24163


i really like tamen de gushi

Anonymous 24167

Murasakiiro no Qualia.
It's also a time-travel sci-fi.


Anonymous 24110[Reply]

slice of life about a loser girl
>nobody buys the manga
>/a/ comes together to buy the manga
>it starts becoming a little successful
>/a/ spams the artist with dick pics
>nobody buys the manga again
>manga switches to yuri
>people start buying the manga
There's only so much you can do with the mundane adventures of a social retard. Eventually you have to start introducing a wider cast, eventually you have to start fleshing out those characters too. Nobody would have preferred if those characters were guys. And they pandered to the audience who gave them the time of day
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Anonymous 24151

Oh no
So now she have a mommy cool gal who’s saving her
Wooow that’s soooo coool

Anonymous 24152

I think it's a team with a male writer and a female artist. I don't know which one saw the dick pics though

Anonymous 24155


Should've just ended with the anime ending.
Going further was a mistake.

Anonymous 24175

I would enjoy the idea if she actually ended up with a girlfriend.
Bi Tomoko is peak relatability (and wish fulfillment). Although I doubt it would be written well, the degen closeted baby bi signs early on rang true to life. Yuri harem is less real.

Anonymous 24178

Are you the same scrote who posted a loli yuri doujinshi page and a link to 8chan.moe's yuri board in the OTP thread on LC's /m/?

Jean Giraud aka Mo…

Anonymous 23933[Reply]

someone mentioned moebius on a post so i wanted to share a little about it ♥
I love moebius! one of my favourite artwork of his is the illustration for les maitres du temps. i own "le monde d'edena" and its a masterpiece, the artwork is astounding and its an interesting story to read as well especially if you like SF and biblical references

Anonymous 24064


extremely based

Anonymous 24133

yeah :))

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