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starting to read books again Anonymous 5734[Reply]

i want to start reading books again. the internet broke my brain and attention span. i used to read so much and i miss it. i've been able to read self-help books, but they are easy to read a little bit at a time and put down. i feel so dumb.

>have you successfully conquered this problem? how did you do it?
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Anonymous 9327

Paper books are better in every way except not being free

Anonymous 9341

>not being free
Exactly no way am I buying $10 paperbacks from dead authors. Especially if it turns out to be something I dislike.

I bought a tablet for reading and internet in bed and it's actually pretty comfy.

Anonymous 12676


I finally read Alice in wonderland.
I'm half way through the second book of Harry Potter. for the last six months Personally not me but not a bad read.
I miss reading and spending forever lost in books but I became too cynical to enjoy anything. All I do it stare into a void, smoke and watch horror movies.
I miss when Knidle/Nook books just had a FREE tag and I would read those bad romance novels and scifi/fantasy adventures, better if its both.

Anonymous 17152

Finally managed to read something that was not fanfic for once. It was rather short but I'm glad I forced myself to read it.

Anonymous 17153

What was it anon?


Polcos (Polaroid Deco) General Anonymous 17145[Reply]

Does anyone intrested doing polaroid deco/ Polcos ?
I know it's a kpop thing but I actually more interested make nonkpop polcos

Anonymous 17147

Omg lol Baekhyun.
I like them but they remind me a little too much of circa 2015 PicsArt and pic collage edits.


Beepbox Song Thread Anonymous 5811[Reply]

>BeepBox is an online tool for sketching and sharing instrumental melodies. All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. When you make changes to the song, the URL is updated to reflect your changes.

I've had some fun lately making little 8bit songs on beepbox.co

I'm curious to hear what you creative anons might come up with. Post links below.
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Anonymous 6107

You know why I love it? It sounds like some mad Pokemon legendary theme music in gen iv

Anonymous 6230

what an amazing thread! you are all so wonderful

Anonymous 6259

Anonymous 6356


Anonymous 17140

Musicals Anonymous 16968[Reply]

Any anons into musicals here? Looking for discussion and recommendations.

I haven't been majorly into musicals so much outside of seeing a few live shows here and there, but during quarantine I've started watching a few on youtube. I recently watched Legally Blonde: The Musical with Laura Bell Bundy and I absolutely loved it. This is my first time actually watching a full on broadway show and the story and hyper-femininity of it was really appealing to me. I also hadn't seen the movie Legally Blonde but seeing the story told this way is very engaging, the comedy and acting hits so well and the production is just brilliant.

Do anons know of any similar shows out there/shows they'd recommend? I've heard people talk about Heathers the musical but wasn't sure where I could watch it or which production is the best.
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Anonymous 16986

unnamed (1).jpg

I'm not that into live shows but there are a few musical films that I enjoy. To be honest I used to find musical films a bit cringey but I've really come around and now I really enjoy watching the dance numbers and singing the songs in my head. Les Demoiselles de Rochefort has to be my favourite and I actually listen to the soundtrack all the time. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is another fun and colourful one that I love, especially "I Want It Now".

Anonymous 16987


Samefag but I forgot to add that Oliver! also has some amazing songs. Consider Yourself, Got to Pick A Pocket, and Who Will Buy are complete classics to me. I would love to see this one live.

Anonymous 17006


i haven't watched many musicals but i own a blu-ray of takarazuka's 2018 version of elizabeth. i was completely mind blown at how amazing it was. i seriously recommend watching any version of takarazuka's elizabeth and for all of you to watch a takarazuka performance at least once. you have to buy the DVDs to watch them though

Anonymous 17132


You might like Peau d'âne. French, with Catherine Deneuve again.

Anonymous 17136


I am in love with a series of japanese musicals about famous japanese swords who get turned into human warriors and get sent back in time to protect the course of history. It sounds silly but it's very well done. They're always very tragic and bittersweet so it's a wild ride.

Japanese musicals are hard to come by because nobody wants to share them publicly, but you can check out the one I mentioned.


The Amazing World of Gumball Anonymous 17016[Reply]

In this thread we will discuss how and why The Amazing World of Gumball has been so overlooked by an adult audience, while shows like Adventure Time (wrongly) received so much acclaim.

Please, someone, tell me why. This show is so creative, progressive, and clever. There is some slapstick filler considering it is a proper kids show, but how is it so overlooked and what are your thoughts on it?

Anonymous 17062

I don't think it's really overlooked as much, but everyone I talk to who has seen it have nothing but good things to say about it.

Anonymous 17065

It's overlooked because unlike Spongebob, Samurai Jack or Adventure Time, it is incredibly varied and experimental with it's stylization. While this does not lead to it being bad by any means, it inherently shrinks the audience making it less approachable. A good anime equivalent would be Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, which is so stylistically aggressive that even though it's filled with a general sense of ecchi tropes, it is unapproachable by a wider audience.

Anonymous 17066

That's absolutely one of its strengths. If that's the reason why, that's damn sad. It's able to explore so many different storylines by jokingly referencing other styles. It's great. I'm surprised people would consider that more difficult to enjoy.

I definitely see a lot of people saying it's nothing but a kids show and it's too childish and unenjoyable for that reason.


Book searching Anonymous 16946[Reply]

Hello. Do any of you know any fiction books that focus its setting during the Stone Age/Paleolithic or Ice Age era? I also very much prefer it to be with a female main character.

Anonymous 16948

Never heard of Clan of the Cave Bear?
It turns into lame sex and romance halfway throught the second book of the series though.

Anonymous 16949

I really liked the Chronicles of the Ancient Darkness when I was younger. It's YA fantasy fiction though, so maybe not for everyone.

Anonymous 16951

OP, your taste is based.

Anonymous 17058


have anyone here read this before? Anonymous 17004[Reply]

Anonymous 17010

what a plot twist lol

Anonymous 17012

kek what is this

Anonymous 17013

bill clinton x spongebob… a pairing i thought i'd never see


Actor and Actress General Anonymous 16962[Reply]

Discuss your favorite Actor or Actress here.

Hollywood or non hollywood is fine.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16966

I don't really think about actors, I mostly think about directors or authors. If I was forced to choose an actor I like, it would have to be Robin Williams for his dramatic range and actual understanding of voice acting. Then again I only think I like him this much because his performance as Genie from Aladdin being absolutely unironically perfect.

Anonymous 16967


I like Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Connelly and Charlotte Rampling.

Anonymous 16969

Favorite actor just died. Rio Sean Connery.

Anonymous 16970

Are you okay anon?

Rip to Sean our Iconic James Bond

Anonymous 17011

I will remember him for his role in The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He was a great actor.


Anonymous 16772[Reply]

Who else watched this as a child?

I love when I remember the words "witch's brew"
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16774

Homestar Runner is so nostalgic~
'gotta have blue hair!'

Anonymous 16823

Still have this and the DVDs of Strong Bad emails. RIP Flash player.

Anonymous 16842

They uploaded it to their youtube channel. Too bad you still miss the easter eggs.

Anonymous 16961

New Toon!

Anonymous 16984

Aww. The middle school memories are flooding back.


Anonymous 10253[Reply]

What are your favorite YouTube pranks?

Anonymous 10254

none, they're all in bad taste done by immature, sociopathic moids

Anonymous 10255

Youtube pranks, like rickroll? I'm not sure what you mean.

Anonymous 10256

This one's pretty funny

Anonymous 16963

I don't really have a favorite yt prank but here's a vid where a woman pranks her bf with a fake bloody tampon.

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