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Writers thread Anonymous 372[Reply]

I'm the anon who wrote >>>/b/846 and I'm drunk again.

I hope to god there are better writers than me out here, so a thread!

Do any of you write? How did you start? Tips on how to combat writers' block or procrastination?

I have something that might be able to be fleshed out into a semi-interesting novella, but I just can't get over my embarrassment of looking back over it and adding shit to it.

I also suffer from "I write when I'm ~inspired~ syndrome". Just when it's been a while, I'm no longer inspired rip.
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Anonymous 3680

There's already a thread >>1455
Consider using it to garner interest!

Anonymous 4155


Pretty much nailed it.
You want to read as much as possible (especially so if English is your second language), but the best thing to do is just write and write and write.
But the important part is to then leave it a bit. An hour, a day, a week, however long, and then go back to look at it again and analyse it. Pick it apart a little bit and reword the bits that jump out at you.

As for simple tips there's one thing I always end up having to change up in books.
>Try not to repeat the same word too much in too-short a space.
This is especially bad in some fantasy and sci-fi novels I've edited, where there just arent many ways to say some particular thing. Its really noticable if a character is a mage and you end up getting a paragraph like

"Anon flung her hand out towards the thief, her fingers making a complex magical sigil as she summoned the magic to her. She felt a tingling spread from her fingertips, down her arm, across her chest and to her heart where all magic resides - and then it flashed outwards, a blue electric whiplash sending the man flying into the wall."
Stuff like magical / magic / magic showing up three times in this short bit will end up really standing out to people. It can happen with just about anything, this is just based on a recent example I bumped into a bunch.
One book had a fight between two mages which ended up only spreading across maybe two pages, but used the word magic about 3.4 zillion times.

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Anonymous 4156

Ironic that I didnt proofread this carefully enough BUT OH WELL.

Anonymous 4158


Unrelated, but thank god I'm not the poly serial drunk poster.

Anonymous 4159


I meant to say "only," but the typo is too funny to delete.


Shipping Thread Anonymous 2845[Reply]

inspired by the thread discussing problematic shipping on /b/! post your otp/otps. Tell us what they're from and get livejournal fangirl in the mid 2000s levels of excited about it.

I'll start with pic related, Seishirou and Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon and X/1999. I read TB when I was 15 and it's stuck with me all these years. I know it's old as all hell but i'd recommend it to any of you guys anytime.
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Anonymous 4129


Anonymous 4132

Maes Hughes is my waifu and I shipped him with Mikiyasu Shinshi because I didn’t care about canon

Anonymous 4135


I'll ship them forever. They're the best ship on the show~

Anonymous 4138


Fucking agree 1,000,000% with you anon!

Anonymous 4143

>>Aggressively saves picture


Daria Anonymous 4084[Reply]

Is Daria /ourgirl/?
Do you prefer Jane?
Tom vs Trent GO

MTV is planning a woke sequel with Daria and Jodie and I'm crying internally.
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Anonymous 4096

don't worry, that's a bug in the board layout.

Anonymous 4097


Why the fuck would they do a Daria- JODIE sequel? and who the hell is going to voice jodie, will smith's daughter? fucking hate hollywood nowadays. No sequel needed, and if so bring Jane back as the sidekick. Thats all

Anonymous 4098

Daria is such a good show!

I do like Jain's style and personality better than Daria's if we were rating them as people but Daria is a better character for the show.

Trent 100%, I never liked Tom.

Anonymous 4101

I missed Daria when it was airing, but I wound up watching the first two seasons while I was in first year university and putting up with some incredibly stupid room mates. Solidarity is sweet.

Anonymous 4136

For anyone who cares Daria is on Hulu~ So have fun watching it. Glad to see that it still holds up even until now. I'm pissed that they are making a woke sequel for this show. Daria and Jodie BARELY talked why even make one with both of them? Hell do Daria and Jane again, I'd rather watch a sequel with just them growing up or something.


Anonymous 3817[Reply]

Am I the only one who thinks "Miraculous" is a cheap-ass copy of the #iconic relationship between Usagi and Seiya? What confuses me the most is that the cat dude is a total twink, and somehow he is still interested on the girl?

Anonymous 4105

I never watched the other show and I don’t even care the show is mesmerizing. I also envy her body a LOT

I think it’s a pre-fetish show for kids, like all those bizarre yourhbe videos with “sexy Elsa kissing prank” and whatnot. The spandex outfits, cute catboy twinks, it’s adorable

Anonymous 4106

>What confuses me the most is that the cat dude is a total twink, and somehow he is still interested on the girl?
I wish this applied to real twinks

Anonymous 4109


Me and my friend were SO hype for this when the anime PV came out. I was disappointed when they turned it into a CG show, I still watch it but…makes me sad to see what it could've been.

Anonymous 4126

Nothing is original friend. I still like their bantz personally.
>What confuses me the most is that the cat dude is a total twink, and somehow he is still interested on the girl?
>tfw the only guy to really ship him with is himself


Anonymous 241[Reply]

Who's your favorite Mario girl and why?
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Anonymous 4024


bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop
bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop
bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop
bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop bwop

Anonymous 4063

Do you think the reason why Peach never gets with Mario is because he is a manlet

Anonymous 4080

Yoshi is the best girl.

Her and her clan protected Mario as a baby and helped rescue Luigi.

Anonymous 4111

Rosalina because she's a Virgin Mary/Goddess expy

Peach because she's a classic.

I don't care much for Daisy, and Pauline they could have done more with. I always figure Pauline would have been a better partner to peach than Daisy, because she would have had that "independent minded city-girl" persona to contrast with Peaches "Conservative princess/damsel in distress" persona. It would have achived the same type of dynamic Nintendo seemed to be going for with daisy by making daisy a tomboy, except by using an established character as opposed to making one up.

I guess this leaves Luigi without a love interest, but given Luigi's status as a "loser" (I use this term lightly) who is in his brother's shadow, I think it would have been appropriate.

Maybe Peach and Luigi could flirt once in a while shrugs.

Anonymous 4115

Also Pauline is a brunett to contrast with Peaches blond. Of course Daisy is Auburn, the dark/light contrast would probably have been better.


Phone customization thread Anonymous 4045[Reply]

Post your layouts and apps you use!

Pic related is my current screen, I mixed two +Home themes
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Anonymous 4049

I’m not a high IQ computer scientist but IIRC Iphones are limited to customizability to only the wallpaper and lock screen; can’t even move app icons in a certain way. I’m on a iphone 6 plus and I am eagerly saving up for a Note 9; I can’t deal with apple anymore.

Anonymous 4068


The layout for December.

Anonymous 4091

this anon >>4049 is correct

Anonymous 4100

>can‘t even move app icons
Wrong, you can

Anonymous 4104

In a certain way

You can’t be creative with the positioning of icons (IE moving apps away from the middle of a photo towards the bottom as to not block certain part of photo). It's all linear and fixed. You also can't use widget apps (which are functions like weather, reminders, battery etc displayed on home screen and updated live) let alone even resize them (which you can on android).


Anonymous 4061[Reply]

Post your Spotify recaps.

Anonymous 4064


I swear I'm not a white, suburban dad


Revolutionary Girl Utena Anonymous 2772[Reply]

I JUST started this show. I'm loving it. I wanna be just like Utena… she's so prince-like. Can we have a discussion about how cool she is?

Pls don't spoil it btw! I'm on episode 4
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Anonymous 2788

The ending with the car transformation scene was soooo weird. I understand utena's universe is full of symbolism and that ending was heavy in symbols, but still felt a bit out of place. I like how Utena and Anthy are way more visibly in love than in the anime though. Also the animation and music are so dreamy.

Anonymous 2801

Oh god I love Utena. My absolute favorite anime of all time. My opinion on nearly all of my favorites has changed for the worse over the years, but I only love Utena more with time.

I still think Anthy is one of the most nuanced characters in fiction.

Anonymous 2802

i feel like i remember hearing somewhere that in the anime they're just friends/their relationship is open to 'interpretation' because they weren't sure how audiences would respond to the yuri elements on TV, whereas with the movie i think they felt like they had permission to be more liberal with in romantic/sexual context.
that ending scene was exactly what i was thinking of, hahaha. it's one of my favorite parts to watch with a friend for the first time because i love seeing their reactions/facial expressions when they see it. i think ikuhara wanted to surprise the audience with something completely unexpected. I found a great post which goes more in-depth about the reason why they chose to go with that ending. http://ani-mentation.tumblr.com/post/118075794670/utena-turning-into-a-car-makes-perfect-sense

Anonymous 3600


Ikuhara retweeted these costumes the other day, what do you guys think?
I would never have thought of using lace for the tulle under Utena's jacket but surprisingly I really like the effect.

Anonymous 4021


I just came from my first watch and honestly I had a hard time understanding until I gave it a couple days to sit with me. And then it hit.

It's rare for a show to leave me so speechless. Easily a masterpiece and most definitely will be rewatching it again. There was so much nuance that I simply couldn't be expected to pick up on in just the first watch.

Also, Utena herself that is so charming that I both want to be her and marry her. She's so gallant and heroic while also never foregoing her femininity in pursuit of becoming a prince. Such that it almost feels demeaning to call her "wife material" but tfw no Utena gf am I right


Private WoW Servers Anonymous 3969[Reply]

Play on any?

This thread is for discussing which private servers and (most importantly) making friends to play with because most private servers are unmoderated sausage fests.

Some topics to help get things started:
> Do you currently play on any private servers/have you played on any in the past? If so, which ones and how did they hold up?
> Preferred server type (pvp, pve, rp, custom)?
> Horde or alliance?
> What's your favorite xpac? Or are you a Vanilla only kind of player?
> Fav wow activity (raiding, pvp, exploration, pet battles, iron mans, etc)?
> What are you searching for in a private server?
> How do you feel about private specific features, like custom content, instant max levels, gear in the cash shop, etc?
> What are deal breakers on a private server (pay to win, high xp scaling, bad scripting, etc)?

Other info:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3970

where is the server that can let me go back to the past ;_;

Anonymous 3980

Alliance rule Horde drool

Anonymous 3982

Say that to my face and see what happens.

Anonymous 3983

i played on nostalrius with my bf before it got shut down and never really hopped on anything new after it. we'll play on Sunwells Nightbane when it opens next Friday! it's a TBC server. it's a pvp server, i'd prefer pve but oh well. we're gonna roll Horde because most of our friends who also play there want to play Horde and we don't really care either way

> What's your favorite xpac? Or are you a Vanilla only kind of player?

my favorite expansion was maybe mists of pandaria, i absolutely LOVED the scenery and the pandas! i also really liked having my own little farm. i really miss the asian aesthetic. i haven't played tbc yet so we'll see how it holds up

> Fav wow activity (raiding, pvp, exploration, pet battles, iron mans, etc)?

i like exploring and dungeons, leveling too. raids are fun as well but i'm not really comfortable talking about casual stuff with so many people present so i just kind of whisper to a lot of people and bother them with stupid things lol

> What are you searching for in a private server?

i just hope it works really

> How do you feel about private specific features, like custom content, instant max levels, gear in the cash shop, etc?

i'd like the server to be as blizzard like as possible, but i don't really mind slightly faster experience rates especially on older servers. it took me sooooooo long to level on nostalrius, it was exhausting even if i really enjoyed it

> What are deal breakers on a private server (pay to win, high xp scaling, bad scripting, etc)?

just the server not working, lots of bugs and stuff. i also would prefer strongly if there was no way to buy power at all

Anonymous 4016

I played on private servers years ago but I don't even remember most of them (except one was called "Toxic WoW" I think?) but I'm pretty sure they're all shut down at this point. I didn't spend much time on them anyhow as they were really buggy. A good Vanilla or TBC server would be my dream! Active and blizz like, please! Although I wouldn't mind a Mists one either because I missed most of that expansion on retail but the setting was so lovely.

> Sunwells Nightbane
I'll have to check it out! TBC was my favorite expansion, but that's mostly because of nostalgia.

Anonymous 4007[Reply]


Anonymous 4008


Anonymous 4010

From what they showed the platforming seems very basic and easy, the plot got me curious what what happened and what will happen which is good as their major selling point seems to be the story and the visuals seem really cute, nice and somewhat darkish which is perfect for it.

Would be better if they released it on PC too because I don't have a switch.

Anonymous 4013



Anonymous 4014

It's cute and it's nice the princess gets to save the prince. But it depresses me how even in most damsel in distress games the protagonist doesn't even have the depth to care for the damsel in the way it is portrayed here.

Oh, well. Not as bad as it could be. I like the visuals so I'll buy it if I decide it's worth getting a Switch. Also, I'm glad it's featuring a creature to semi-rp in. I wish those were more common.

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