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Hiding in plain sight Anonymous 3655[Reply]

Do you have any suggestions for stories about human passing creatures with incredible powers that live amongst humans while facing the possibility of persecution? Bonus points for human/monster romances.

Are there any other manga or anime that are similar to Tokyo ghoul or Wolfs rain?

Anonymous 3656


Wolf Children is a great movie that has everything you're looking for.

Anonymous 3657


Orange Marmalade and unTouchable are about vampires living in modern society. Both are free to read on Line Webtoon.

I also read Watashi no Ookami-kun a while ago about a girl who fell in love with a werewolf. Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai isn't quite a human/monster romance but the protagonist sees her romance interest with a cat head at all times for so reason (and it's a manga I really recommend tbh)

Anonymous 3664

itou-kun chapter 7…

Itou-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai is a good one. It's about a girl dating a faceless yokai and the problems that each face in the relationship.
Bara Kangoku no Kemono-tachi is about a girl who becomes a werewolf. She's forced to live in an academy/prison with other werewolves and has to hide the fact that she was a human. It's kind of an interesting twist on what you're looking for.
Hokenshitsu no Kageyama is a girl who meets a vampire that wants her blood. It hits a lot of the basic vampire romances, but it has some unique bits that keeps it interesting.
Hiiro Ouji is about an exorcist who transfers to a school to hunt a vampire, but learns that the vampire she's hunting doesn't go after humans and instead gets blood from an IV.

I really like this style of story, so I'm excited to see what everyone else suggests.

Anonymous 3694


I watched What We Do In The Shadows tonight. It's a mockumentary about a household of vampires living in New Zealand. Cute and funny. I recommend it.

Anonymous 3696

I'm planning on watching this tonight, so it's exciting to see it recommended!!

Music Videos Anonymous 3305[Reply]

What are some of your favorite music videos?
Can be of all time or just recent ones that caught your eye.
Post em, girls!

This is my current one!
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3422

Miami Ultras

Anonymous 3423

A short film for the album. Not sure whether this one counts

Anonymous 3456

this one gave me feels for some reason.
who's slicing onions in here…?

Anonymous 3681

>When the lesbians are spared, hue

Anonymous 3688


Movies General Anonymous 2793[Reply]

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 3618


The last film I saw in the cinema was pic related. It's good if you enjoy having a laugh at silly horror films. I love the way Taissa Farmiga was styled and the location they filmed in was beautiful.

This is one of my all-time favourite films. I might be a little biased because I'm a linguist though.

Anonymous 3620

Aww thanks anon! I'm not her unfortunately but I'm glad that we have a similar taste in movies! I'm actually not very good at writing so that means a lot.

Anonymous 3625

Anyone know any decent horror films on Netflops?

Anonymous 3659


Watched this a couple of weeks ago and it's the first Disney remake-ish I have ever liked. I thought both Maleficient and Beauty and the Beast were garbage but Christopher had a heart without being too similar to Paddington (which was my main fear tbh)

Anonymous 3675

Going to see Best F(r)iends 2 with a Q&A with Greg Sestero today. Very excited.


I am Korean girl and I will talk about Korean boys Anonymous 3670[Reply]

Korean boys who have foreign gf always they upload his gf naked photo and face. He say that she is teenage and very kind to him and sympathy. Maybe the foreign woman was lonely in korea and she thought the korean boy is kind. But this things always happen in Korean website. The korean website are not porno site. Almost korean boys use the web site. And they dont think it is not problem. The victims are not only asian. There are white victims too

And Korean boys even upload his daughters photo on web site. Korean boys talk sexual insult to the child. Any Korean boys dont think it is wrong.

I heard that the girls are very kind to the korean sex offenders and feel sympathy for the korean boys. And the victims are usually teenager so they cannot filter out sex offenders. I want to talk about this to all foreign girls.

Anonymous 3671

Just FYI
This board is kind of slow so don't stay up waiting for answers

t. Friendly anon

Anonymous 3672

"i know who you are and I cant believe you post here!"

writer 3673

you know me?why?

Anonymous 3674

r u ok

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 3676

Moved to >>>/feels/14679.


Anonymous 3492[Reply]

Karaoke thread? Karaoke thread. Share karaoke experiences, mishaps, or tracks of yourself singing.
9 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3630

That's why I want to go to Japan so badly, call me a weeb or whatever. But I wanna see/do weeb shit

Anonymous 3640

Im in Japan right now, and Ive been going to karaoke almost every day . Actually every time I come , I always end up going multiple times. Effing love it <3 <3 <3

Anonymous 3652

Do they have any songs in English or do you have to know Japanese? this is also one of my dreams. Doing karaoke at bars in front of strangers is nerve-wracking but in a little soundproof room with drinks and close friends? yes please

Anonymous 3665

Most have tons of songs in English and in my experience you can switch the language on the little tablet to search. They also had Korean music in my experience. I don't even like karaoke though lol

Anonymous 3666

Now they do have songs in English (including the most recent/popular ones), also in Chinese and like the other anon said in Korean too. But most of the tablet is in Japanese (except the part that takes you to the "languages" page where you can choose if you want the above mentioned ones). I have also noticed a new addition to the language screen tho, that now you can search for popular japanese songs in romaji and they will show you the lyrics in romaji too. Also these have three tabs : popular japanese songs/ anime/ and something else I cant remember because I'm a filthy weaboo and just kept choosing the anime one for easier searches lol

My absolute favourite karaoke chain is called "Uta Hiroba" (hard to miss, they have a smiley face on their title). The reasons are that 1) they are the cheapest (always a good reason tbh), and 2) with the price you get free all you can drink soft drinks, which in some places also includes slushies and ice creams.


j-pop general Anonymous 2803[Reply]

Let's talk about some idols and j-pop in general!
Feel free to just share some cute pics/gifs too!

So Okamoto Keito just quit HSJ and dropped out of college too. It's very weird and sudden but I don't feel like the group is going to suffer that much without him tbh
9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3637

Haven't checked on Jpop in over 5 years so I'm surprised HSJ is still a thing. Had the fattest crush on Yamada and young Yuri
I completely forgot what their songs are titled but that one dark song with the dark MV was so good, you know which one?

Anonymous 3641

Shock of the century: Finding out Daigo got married. I was CONVINCED he was as gay as they can get. Also Im not sure if he's considered a singer but didnt know where else to share this

Anonymous 3645

AKB48 is the best girl group and you can find loads of stuff on youtube but here is a song I like

and a cute stage with a lot of the popular songs

also I have some masterlists of subbed content if you are interested

for boys I only really follow hsj and sexy zone

but it's so hard to find any info or HQ content because I'm sorta new with boys and don't know nihongo so if anyone knows a place where to find subbed stuff I'd appreciate !!

Anonymous 3653


I'm a visual kei fan. I've noticed that I have a lot of depressing or heavy songs. Can you recommend some happy/fun jpop bands/musicians? not idols, musicians. Stuff like western 00s pop.

Anonymous 3658

Is anyone around here a fan of FEMM? They are a duo of girls who act like mannequins and their coreographies are so on point


Obscure media Anonymous 3632[Reply]

Got any book, band, television show, anime, manga, game, etc. that you love but never have any opportunity to talk about it because no one knows what it is? Post about it here and maybe get some anons into it.

OP pic is Romeo's Blue Skies, a cute anime I enjoyed a lot.

Anonymous 3636

Oh my god I grew up watching Blue Skies and this just brought so many memories back. The opening song always made me so happy and still does, it's so pure.

Anonymous 3638

Everyone else had Sailor Moon but I had bootleg vhs copies of Candy Candy instead. And I can thank my mom for that

Thank you mommy

Anonymous 3639

OMFG I LOVE CANDY CANDY, Terry was best husbando btw

Actually just got all the manga printed and made into books :3

Anonymous 3643


Same here, the OST in general is great. I bought a copy of it and listen to it to relax or cheer myself up.
Alfredo is my role model in life.


Films that make you cry / emotional Anonymous 3555[Reply]

What are some movies or certain scenes from movies that can make you tear up every time you watch them?

Pic related because Eternal Sunshine hits very close to home and this scene in particular leaves me sobbing lmao

Anonymous 3631

giphy (2).gif

Ugh the scene at the end of Schindler's List. Where he breaks down and cries that he could've saved more people if he tried hard enough. It's just so sad 'cause all of the people he did save are surrounding him thanking him for saving them and he's crying that it wasn't enough. Ugh I love Liam Neeson


B Gata H Kei Anonymous 3588[Reply]

This is the funniest manga I've ever read and you should read it too

There's also an anime iirc


>Yamada has a goal when she enters high school. She wants to make 100 sex friends, but she's got one small problem: she's a virgin! Afraid of being rejected or ridiculed by hot guys, she decides that in order for her to reach her goal she first has to lose her virginity. While in a bookstore looking for a new dictionary she bumps into Kosuda, a very average boy, and decides he's the perfect candidate to get the job done.

>Will Yamada succeed in getting Kosuda to bed, or will something more bloom from the not so innocent start to their relationship?

Anonymous 3593

>She wants to make 100 sex friends
me playing The Sims

Anonymous 3598



YouTube and art Anonymous 3556[Reply]

I'd like to talk about art youtubers. I don't like to draw [anymore], but I like watching others draw and maybe talk in the background. Thing is youtube and the art community is full of annoying, unoriginal personalities with shitty, tumblr tier art styles. I'm having a hard time finding someone relaxing to watch.

So I've come to ask you if you know any interesting art youtubers, traditional and digital. Last year, I found LavenderTowne who's a really sweet girl with a quiet voice and I like her even though I'm not a fan of her cartoony art style. If you like cute drawings, people with relaxing voices, and art about character design, I'd recommend LavenderTowne.

Anonymous 3558

I have the same opinion about LavenderTowne, the stories she tells are interesting. I think in order to become popular on youtube you have to invent an annoying persona so maybe you should look for livestreams of artists drawing instead, but with livestreams you usually won't be able to see a drawing made from start to finish.

Anonymous 3559

Is this a thing? I would so do it.

And then get depressed after half a year because I have 10 viewers :(

Anonymous 3570

As long as you enjoy drawing anon, it shouldn't be a problem. If you draw for hours already anyways, why not stream? Might as well do it.

Anonymous 3584

Proko, Sycra, and KNKL are my favorite art youtubers.

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