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Vocaloid / Happy Birthday Miku Anonymous 1144[Reply]

A few days ago it was Hatsune Miku'a birthday, aka her 10th anniversary. In honor of that, I decided a little thread dedicated to all things vocaloid would be fun.
Some discussion ideas:
>How did you find out about vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst song?
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst producer?
>Favorite/Worst music video?
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
>Anything else you wanna contribute?

…that's all!
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Anonymous 23580


can i hijack this thread to talk about project diva

Anonymous 23688

So when are you going to talk about it

Anonymous 23846

sorry i forgot

Anonymous 23853

>How did you find out about vocaloid?
i was maybe 9 or 10 and obsessed over retarded fanime in youtube. (remember when that was a thing?) some youtuber had made a pv for love is war in paint, and i was equally as horrified as i was fascinated by the robot voice. then i fell down a rabbit hole
>Favorite/Worst song?
oooohh my fave is probably tsukihane by sei-peridot.
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
sf-a2 miki and vy1 were my faves as a child. nowadays i'm more of a synthv fag, so solaria. i don't really hate any vocaloid, many are just uninteresting
>Favorite/Worst producer?
fave producers are sei-peridot, wowaka (rip), neru and okame-P. DECO*27 is overrated imo, very stale.
>Favorite/Worst music video?
never watched those
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
no but i've tried the project mirai demo on 3ds lol
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
i'm a producer lol
>Anything else you wanna contribute?
popipopipo poppippooo

Anonymous 24383


Any anon here into Evillious I beg you to sperg about it with me


Anonymous 3212[Reply]

In video games, do you prefer to play as a boy or a girl?
I usually play as a dude, because if I make a character that's somewhat like me, I end up self inserting and making boring decisions in game.
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Anonymous 24357

Its because people want those reactions from you. When you don't give them the response they want and get high off your life, whatever activities involved. it becomes more obvious who's the butthurt one. You start to see it plain as day when they live for complaining.

Anonymous 24358

Yeah that's true. I guess I should stop being so ashamed about self inserting then haha. Ty anon, I shall enjoy fantasizing about being a badass in RPGs without shame

Anonymous 24360

A girl if a have a choice since I get to pretend I'm cute, beautiful, or cool looking for awhile (am disappointingly average looking nerdy dork irl). Of course if the game leaves no choice and I have to play as a guy or animal or whatever that's fine too.

Anonymous 24367

What kind of people have you been hanging around with? Who shames you for playing a game and self-inserting as the player character that was designed exactly for that purpose?

Anonymous 24375

I don't hang out with a lot of people, but in this one Discord server I've been in, they'll talk about RPGs and will be like "oh self-inserting is so weird and cringe haha", I don't really respond when they say those things.

Hilda S01E03 1080p…

Anonymous 24333[Reply]

I really like cartoons and comics CC, how about you guys?

Anonymous 24336

Screen Shot 2022-0…

I partake in media consumption from time to time. What sorts of comics do you read anonette?

Anonymous 24339

ntayrt and ot but where is picrel from? I tried reverse search and nothing came up

Anonymous 24340

It's from Semi-Eternal Happy End by Shiyuu Machida.

sage 24353

late reply but thank you! i enjoyed it
as for OP, I like manga more than western comics and cartoons. I find that I prefer manga art style and dialogue more. I don't know how to put it properly but western characters seem so… quirky and jumpy? as opposed to prevalent stoic characters in manga (with the exception of the shonen genre)

Anonymous 24354

ah, apologies for the misinput. I'm sleep deprived.

Music Videos Anonymous 3305[Reply]

What are some of your favorite music videos?
Can be of all time or just recent ones that caught your eye.
Post em, girls!

This is my current one!
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Anonymous 18095

Timeless kino

Anonymous 18520


Anonymous 24287

Anonymous 24351


Anonymous 24352

thank you i needed this


Good books to read. Anonymous 22371[Reply]

What are some good books you would recommend to read?
There are no rules to what genre the book can be, you can talk about any book that exists here.
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Anonymous 22407

She means shoot you

Anonymous 23529


I’m reading Confident Women by Tori Telfer, a fun nonfiction collection of vignettes of con women throughout history. It’s definitely a light and easy read. I’d describe Telfer’s voice as a funny, close female friend who gossips with you in the school bathroom. I think a lot of anons here would enjoy it.

Anonymous 23538


i just finished Sometimes I Lie recently, and was completely enthralled. lots of twists i did not expect and i am actually planning on buying it soon

Anonymous 24286

William Gibson's Neuromancer

Anonymous 24303



Anonymous 23463[Reply]

favorite nostalgic cartoons/shows?
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Anonymous 23516


I really loved the Zoids anime series. Irvine was my first husbando.

Anonymous 23520

One day you'll catch that flying Papaya

Anonymous 24232


i loved the giraffe
kiiinda was my role model for not hiding myself as much when i got tall, "if georgina is queen of fashion then it can't be a bad thing"

Anonymous 24292


i found all the dvds from my childhood and i’m slowly going through them when i have time. maybe i should update as i go along. recently i watched the strawberry shortcake ones, it’s not perfect but it makes me feel relaxed and reminds me of better times. the character names are cute too. >>23468 i can’t believe someone else knows this show, did you watch it on qubo? i had no cable growing up so i remember it well

Anonymous 24298


for childhood shows my favorite was ed edd n eddy

i also find regular show and south park nostalgic cuz those were my fav shows in middle school


recommend me some non-english music Anonymous 24271[Reply]

i like exploring more obscure music. it can be everything from folk rock to rock

Anonymous 24272

i was going to write folk rock to funk etc lol

Anonymous 24274

Really broad request

Anonymous 24275

Anonymous 24276

Anonymous 24277


Anonymous 23566[Reply]

Deltarunefags, why do you want to fuck this??
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Anonymous 24254

That's the case for some people but not for others.
There are people who just can't see any of this because they're distracted by the way he actually looks in the game. That's why I prefer talking with other women about weird-looking husbandos instead of more obvious ones. It's fascinating

Anonymous 24255

That's like asking moids why they want to fuck the pink rubberhose girl with abandonment issues, best not to think too hard about it.

Anonymous 24257

>the pink rubberhose girl with abandonment issues

Anonymous 24267

why is he poor

Anonymous 24268

His sales went down the [drain], [drain]


niche/obscure games Anonymous 23387[Reply]

looking for game recs but i'm somewhat sick of normie stuff. what are some games that you enjoy but are not known at all?
78 posts and 19 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24161


Wasteland 3 is a recent game that fits your description perfectly. It has insane option choices and is a really good turn-based strategy rpg

Anonymous 24185


Moon Hunters! I got this through Humble Bundle and the art caught my eye.
Decision making, exploration, nice soundtrack, rogue-like. Good co-op too, nice replayability. It surprised me.

Anonymous 24189

kek I came ITT to post this, glad to see similar taste

Anonymous 24256

Well consider me one, I just finished it! What ending did you choose? I chose listen to Harvey

Anonymous 24263


I am here to suggest Victoria 2


ffxiv thread? Anonymous 18064[Reply]

i recently found out that a fuckton of the people i hang out with on this game are women too. why are there so many on this game in particular? it has really surprised me and it's been super nice because i have no other female friends (that i know of) and i've known some of these people for years without ever realizing they weren't moids. if you roleplay, tell me about/show me your characters? i have a theory about what characters moids play by the way alphinaud is best boy
12 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23991


i've been playing lots of drk and i love the aesthetic

big gattsu sword, fight me griffith

Anonymous 23993

idk why but this pick of orochimaru looks familiar somehow.

Anonymous 24150

>main job?
>least favorite job?
Maybe Gunbreaker
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
They are alright, it's mentors that are bad typically. It's nice coming across a mentor that actually helps players though.

Anonymous 24261

>main job?
>least favorite job?
i have only tried blm and rdm, both were pretty fun
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
no opinion, just lost the sprout myself

Anonymous 24262

I'm this anon and I'm here to say now that I've tried Gunbreaker more, Astrologian is now my least favorite job.

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