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Anonymous 17228[Reply]

Do any of you have any newspaper subscriptions? Is there any point in getting one in the current year?
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Anonymous 17253

I have a subscription to one of the two newspapers in my country that are still free, in that they are not the property of some oligarch billionnaire, and only get their money from their subscribers.

They also obviously produce the best journalism in the country. The one I'm subscribed to really has no competitor, the quality is far above the rest.

But yes, the quasi-totality of newspapers are absolute garbage these days. It's a shame really, there's a certain romanticism to journalism that has all but perished

Anonymous 17262

this is just a woman, come on

Anonymous 17265

Well yeah, that's to be expected. "They" took on the appearance of the sacred prostitute that fucked them for 7 days straight. I would hope that the women he fucked looked like a woman.

Anonymous 17267


God I wish he was single & my bf. GOD! I WISH HE WAS SINGLE & MY BF!

Anonymous 17280


How can he be single and your bf at the same time you absolute utter baka ?


Blogs Anonymous 17268[Reply]

Do you enjoy reading any blogs? I miss reading blogs and I'd like to get some recommendations. They can be active or inactive with archives, they can also be blogs that you hate read or laugh at.

Anonymous 17272

Some blogs (and vlogs) I have enjoyed:

Seoul Babo - studying in Korea
seoul-babo.tumblr.com - inactive

Tahti Syrjala - fashion
tahtialiisa.blogspot.com - inactive, hidden but some pages cached on google

Boo - proana
youtube.com/channel/UC0qMUpJvv_sNuCqKHg059Pw - vlogs

Hannah in Japana - having a baby in Japan
youtube.com/channel/UCO7KVucOJgWRuE9P4mrv8yw - vlogs, stopped watching as it was no longer Japan related


Anonymous 8597[Reply]

can we get an updated "music discovered" thread for 2020? i'm sure you guys have discovered something shareable, all genres welcome.
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Anonymous 17021

Anonymous 17237

i found out about this from 'katya's (like the only drag queen i think is genuinely entertaining) wonderful parody, but this song and video are based as fuck

Anonymous 17243

Anonymous 17260

Screen Shot 2020-1…

i loveeeee this song. v atmospheric

Anonymous 17331

Weird youtube mashups I guess as a genre, but especially William Maranci because they're mildly cursed


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Anonymous 5916[Reply]

No thread yet?

Share your guides, tricks, fav/least fav characters, screenshots if you want…

I've been playing since release and am liking it well so far. I miss some parts from New Leaf, but overall it lives up to my expectations and I'm playing all day and night. How about you?
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Anonymous 7076


Forest ram skull

Anonymous 7077


Glow circle

Anonymous 7079

ahhh i love this one, im definitely using it

Anonymous 9364

Have you used it yet? Post screenshots

Anonymous 17258


Here's a pic of when me and my little sister were playing a while back. Idek where she picked up this cringe rawr XD stuff from but I think it's cute. Btw does anyone even still play this game?


Pokemon Anonymous 454[Reply]

What is your favorite pokeman?
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Anonymous 17128

They're all cute

Anonymous 17130


Anonymous 17135


I think it has to be between Minccino and Salamance but the Dragapult line is really getting up there for me. I love how Drakloak dotes on Dreepy but as soon as it evolves into Dragapult it's using them as missiles.

Anonymous 17137


this freakin ORB

Anonymous 17256

Exactly one year. And here I am again. Who knew that hope could be such a powerful force. One little interaction. One little year. And even after everything I am still driven by that little shred of hope. Friendship is one thing that you can never get back once its gone. No matter how short it was. Friendship is something that impacts your life and forever changes you… atleast that’s what it is for me. Without ever even being given a chance, while extending nothing but a chance this is the way things end. But that hope is still there for me. I wish it would go away.. but hope is a burden as well as a guide… damn it all. But I still wish we could’ve traded that bannet or drifloon even after all this I would have done it in a heartbeat. I don’t really know how to give up… sorry.


[HorribleSubs] Mai…

2020 Anime Anonymous 5844[Reply]

We had a thread for 2019 anime so I was thinking we could continue that with a thread for 2020 anime.

What seasonal anime are you watching? Is it any good?
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Anonymous 6878


I wish I would have held off watching this so I could have binged it like I did the first season. It just keeps piling on more questions without resolving the ones we've been wondering about for weeks now.

Anonymous 7018


I'm watching pic related and it's so comfy! It's an anime about fishing, it's really fun and educational. I like all the girls a lot, their personalities are unique for a cgdct show.

Anonymous 17161


Watching Higurashi Gou for nostalgia and shitposting with old fans about it. It's a fun ride.

Anonymous 17213


Watch sleepy loli princess.

Anonymous 17221


I don't normally watch seasonal anime, but
>Fugou Keiji: Unlimited
Kambe thirsting memes aside…
Fun, great characters, and an intriguing concept.
11 episodes was a bit short for the story development, but I had a good time.

And keeping up with Haikyu but normally continuing series aren't counted in "What Anime to Watch This Season" lists.

Fall stuff that I might check out:
>Jujutsu Kaisen
>Ikebukuro West Gate Park
>Adachi and Shimamura


Visual novel thread Anonymous 17159[Reply]

Any of you guys played Collar x malice and is it any good? Also visual novel thread

Anonymous 17215


bump because this is a good thread that got ignored.

I like
Kamigami no Asobi InFinite

Anonymous 17218

Old threads on the subject.

I just don't have the patience to read these days, probably put more time into editing vndb then actually finishing games lately.

Anonymous 17220


I found a copy of Collar x Malice that I'd completely forgotten I had and I'm so excited to try it out. I've heard good things about it. I like games where the story is equally as (or even more important than) the cute boys.

I haven't tried any new otome recently so I don't know whats out there. I plan on either finishing Lamento at some point or starting Togainu no Chi.


Vtubers Anonymous 17044[Reply]

How come the difference between male and female vtubers is so big? I'm not into them myself, but I keep seeing stuff. Checked a little and while the first girls broke 1 million, the guys all have less than 100k. I can come up with some explanations, but this difference just strikes me as insane.
12 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17118


Yes, I meant the pandering, not using avatars.
Her avatar design is pretty cool, IMO!
Literally the blue haired girl (male) in the video I am replying to. She created the Himegoto series which was popular during the middle of the last decade.

Anonymous 17129

i actually did my own research like ten seconds after asking, and i'm in love with tamaki and a few other holostars members now. watched a few among us clips and they were reasonably humorous.

Anonymous 17139


Tamaki is extremely cute and funny. Yes.
Can't wait for the day that he will go 3D as I will see his fluffy tail wag, maybe.

Anonymous 17142


Poor Astel's stuck with a shit design, but his streams are pretty cute. Luckliy, he's the most out-there design of Holostars. Personally, though, I like the personalities and designs of the Nijisanji guys more overall.

Anonymous 17162


Just finished studying and oh shit I didn't noticed a particular part of the picture.
I want to believe that Astel will eventually get a redesign to make his hair more wavy and detailed as the original artist who designed him improves their skills as well.
I'm positive of such an improvement given picture related (cropped).


Looking for a friend to play Dead by Daylight with ;-; Anonymous 17163[Reply]

Hello I am looking for a female friend to play DBD and voice call with on Discord.
I am a noob and just started recently playing. Player level is 20 and survivor rank is 16. I have 20+ hours in playing time. I am willing to play a lot with you if you are interested. We could play everyday because I'm not really busy with anything. Also not just restricted to a gaming friend but a general friend I can talk to whenever and just cringe post with.

A little about me:
I am 18 and live in SE Asia. I am quite shy, cringy, depressed, socially retarded and I don't really have any friends.
I don't go outside or socialise and I only talk to my boyfriend. pls be my fren ;-;
3 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17167


If only I didn't suck so much at games.

Anonymous 17168

im looking for friends too :D

Anonymous 17169

HIHI ANON i would love to play dbd w u wat ur discord?

Anonymous 17170

ooo yayy!!! :D my discord is nya#1026

Anonymous 17171

:DD i added i need mor girl friens :(


Depressing music. Anonymous 17133[Reply]

Post songs or albums that are a deep melancholic type of feel. I will post a few albums I really like.

>Kali malone - the sacraficial code

Organs and ambient slow drones that just sound like what it feels to lay in bed wishing someone would kill you as life progressives to nowhere.

>grouper - grid of points

That unique gloom sound and style of grouper leaving you feeling empty.

Anonymous 17138

I love grouper so much. Personally I think Alien Observer is her best work, and while it isn't perceived to be as depressing as some of her others, I always get a sense of isolation in listening to it that leaves me hollow afterwards.

Anonymous 17143

I feel the same.
I used to love Dragging a dead deer the most and whilst it is fantastic I feel AIA is best for constant playing for a dissasociated experience.

You will like this then.
Emma ruth rundle does dark folk but she has an album that is very very similar to a grouper sound.

Do you know any other grouper like music?
this album is something an anon made from old japanese movie samples.
I recommend giving it a listen.

Anonymous 17144

Anything by Soko, particularly the album "I thought I was an Alien."

Anonymous 17155

I listened and not my type of sad music.

This is a decent sad album but not a fan of all the songs.

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