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Schermafbeelding 2…

Favorite pirating websites Anonymous 27447[Reply]

What pirating websites do you use to watch movies or shows? Are you against pirating, do you prefer to own the physical version?

Threadpic is from Dellamorte Dellamore
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Anonymous 27582

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it's not available for me, it says the website is seized. Is there some special link I need to use?

Anonymous 27622

I prefer to torrent everything but when I stream I use soap2day. Mainly for reality tv shows because it's hard to find earlier seasons of reality shows on torrents and I'm okay watching those shows in like 480p quality.

Anonymous 27625

these days, rutracker 99% of the time

Anonymous 27635

BTN, PTP, RED, AB, TV-V, each of them has their use. I haven't been watching anything that I download. Just don't feel like doing anything.

Anonymous 29063

Don’t know if the latter counts as piracy but Internet Archive (I managed to download borrowable books, there’s many I’m interested in but are not available in my country, even secondhand).


Anonymous 27340[Reply]

does anyone here like 80s jpop? what idols/artists you listen to?
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Anonymous 27581


aiha higurashi/seagull screaming kiss her kiss her is more early 90s than 80s and she leans more rock in a lot of songs, but i love her

Anonymous 27597


Did anyone watch Tokyo Heaven and notice the 80s version of the song Kaerenai Futari, when theyre at the party in the beginning? Does anyone know how I can find that song ??

Anonymous 27600


> akina nakamori
das my girl rite there

Anonymous 27604


Taeko Ohnuki is my citypop queen. Romantique and Aventure are great albums!

Anonymous 27606

not sure if this is what you're talking about, but I found this… it's pretty nice

Punk Rock Anonymous 21950[Reply]

Which punk/pop punk/hardcore whatever bands do you like? Some of my favorites are Bad Religion, Ramones, New Found Glory, and Screeching Weasel
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Anonymous 26414


nuff said

Anonymous 27169

Sore Points, At The Drive In, Descendants

Anonymous 27497


pencey prep, leathermouth, black flag, sum 41, (early) my chem

Anonymous 27516

this is post punk but I fucking love siouxsie and the banshees.

Anonymous 27518


should i make a my chemical romance thread, idk if there are enough mcr fans on here though?


Roblox Anonymous 29240[Reply]

Does anyone here play Roblox?
What are your favorite games?
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Anonymous 29252

I liked playing cheese escape but it was mostly my friend guiding me or I would die instantly. I'm bad at video games even the ones like roblox…

Anonymous 29253


Anonymous 29254

I hate those mobile simulator games but when I had an Xbox I’d play Roblox and I’d play their like digging simulator where you dig just to get gems to get more items to dig deeper and faster and I would be like a zombie. Imagine the kids these days playing those games

Anonymous 29255


Anonymous 29256


Cart games
They're a huge time waster and I can just sit there and be upset for hours until I get to the end and ruin it for everyone else


The Elder Scrolls Anonymous 26366[Reply]

lets have an elder scrolls thread
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Anonymous 26931

Well duh things stagnate and become generic, tasteless.

Anonymous 26941

>hero becomes a scrote after the events of the game
Not really since daedric princes aren't male or female, it would be more like one having the pfp of a guy, female sheo mods are just as lore friendly imo
sure other princes might stick to their appearances more faithfully but its fucking sheogorath nigga turns into birds and flowers anyway

Anonymous 27017

Is Elder Scrolls online good/worth getting? Is the lore consistent to the other games? Is the gameplay good? Don't you have to buy expansions, though? Does it feel authentically Elder Scrolls? Or is it just a shallow mmorpg themed around the Elder Scrolls universe?

Anonymous 27162

ScreenShot 241.jpg

my necromancer character making oddfrid white-lip and the skull from Addamasartus hang out together

Anonymous 27176

Nah, online is legit a waste of time. It is kinda consistent but its not great and the game is slow as hell dont even bother the best online game is probably Final Fantasy 14 or MapleStory because Maple has always been good.


Sailor Moon/Shoujo thread? Anonymous 551[Reply]

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Anonymous 26711

there are physical copies on ebay. I have a few but plan on buying more.

Anonymous 26757

Tried mangadex?
She's asking for scans tho not physical copies

Anonymous 27316


I am rewatching the first season right now and I recommend it. It's better than I remember, the later seasons are much more repetitive which kind of tainted my impression of the whole show. Plus in the beginning you have more supporting characters being used aside from just the sailor scouts. Including adorable Naru.

Anonymous 27317


currently watching mermaid melody it’s very good

Anonymous 27322


i’ve been watching through some of the seasons of precure suite is my fav so far


Male actors Anonymous 2890[Reply]

Who are the most handsome ones?

I kind of like Jared Leto.
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Anonymous 27157

Reddit maybe, but I like that he's dating a woman his own age, with grey hair no less. There are too many hollywood scrotes in their 50s dating 20 year olds.

Anonymous 27160

I know the bar is on the floor, but it always catches my eye when I see male celebrities doing this too. Smh maybe sexy female celebrities should start dating younger men to balance it out. Like Britney Spears.

Anonymous 27299

He was cute when he was younger and chubby. Anyways, I think somethings wrong with me because I recently watched Maniac (1980) and thought the lead actor was hot. I wish I wasn’t exclusively attracted to fat ugly men but oh well.

Anonymous 27312

Based Madonna does this.

Anonymous 27321


Been mentioned before but aaron taylor-johnson. Just learned about the thing with his wife, creepy af. She's 23 years older than him and married him at 19, after he starred in a movie she directed. She also directed 50 shades of grey.

I wonder if they have some kind of agreement or actually live like they're in a relationship? It's unusual for a moid to keep this kind of thing up for so long


Popular characters that you hate Anonymous 26855[Reply]

We already have a "hated" characters that you love thread so I thought why not do the opposite?

Anyway, mine is Yuffie from FF7.
She used to be mainly hated but now she seems mainly loved so I think she counts.
I will never forgive her for stealing my materia and her design is lame too. She's just annoying for no good reason, but annoying characters seem to get a pass if they're a "cute" girl. You can make a character energetic without being annoying. If Wutai was completely run down and shabby maybe I'd have some sympathy but not only does it look completely fine, it's quite pretty and in way better condition than Sector 7 was. Actually it seems better than where I live irl lol. She adds nothing to the story or cast and is actively mean to Barret too.
Tifa is by far my favorite in the OG and Aerith is by far my favorite in the Remake, she barely felt like a character in the OG. But yeah, Yuffie sucks and her fans go rabid if you dare dislike her cuz she's so quirky teehee
Only talking about OG Yuffie I haven't played her Remake DLC
26 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27040

people like her because like you said the story is sad, and the design is kind of cool too. keep in mind that a lot of KH fans used to be emo and into those things so her being liked so much among that community makes sense.

Anonymous 27050

I don't really see how her design is cool, she looks boring since she's just a recolor of Kairi.

Anonymous 27052

It's more like Yuffie but emo. I had an appeal back in the day when KH was at its apex popularity and sold t-shirts at hot topic.

Anonymous 27071

I like her because I feel bad for her.
I could save her. Am I Rem? Maybe.

Anonymous 27281

she isn't a popular character. her design is popular, but people hate her personality


Dangan Ronpa Anonymous 26520[Reply]

Let's talk about Dangan Ronpa!
>Fav Chara
>Observations on the plot
10 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26734

I need you

Anonymous 27177


Toko when Genocider, Togami if regular

Anonymous 27185


Literally the only competent, braincell-having character in DR1. I liked some of the other characters, but they were stupid as hell.

Anonymous 27229

>I hear the Despair kids show up
sure, in a 3 seconds, static cameo in Despair arc. That's it.

except for Monaca in Future arc but based on your pic i guess you don't give a shit about her. understandable. Komaru and Touko show up too

Despair Arc is utter, lazy, retconny garbage
Future Arc is average at best and kind of bullshit, but some of its characters were beloved by fans. I'd say not worth it overall.

Anonymous 27230


I like Peko and her cute manlet


Cyberpunk Edgerunners Anonymous 26797[Reply]

I liked this show, Daviddo is very cute and the romance with Lucy was ok. She's bland enough so I could self insert.

Anonymous 26827

I thinks it's really funny that Trigger understood what Cyberpunk 2077 is about better than CD Projekt did. I hope they take some notes and put a more memorable cast of characters in their next game.

Anonymous 26828

Do you have a license to be making this retarded a post?

Anonymous 26841

Weren't CDPR still responsible for the plot? Trigger only added Rebecca.

Anonymous 26848

CD Projekt made a game about the cost of success, obsession with legacy, and other stuff but a lot of the themes are fairly isolated from each other because their ideas clearly changed over 10 years they spent developing the game. Studio Trigger took all the game's major themes and actually connected them together into a story that feels like it knew what it was going to be from the outset instead of only in hindsight.

If that's the case then my post is a lot less funny. Too bad I guess.

Anonymous 27178

>I thinks it's really funny that Trigger understood what Cyberpunk 2077 is about better than CD Projekt did
I feel like the people who say this didn't actually play the game.

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