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2hu Thread and More Anonymous 3829[Reply]

Are you a longtime touhou fan looking for a girl only space to discuss this all girl series sans sweaty neckbeards? Or barely know anything of it besides eye-bleed lazer bullet hell and masochistically want to learn more? Feel free to contribute!
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Anonymous 6818


Meiling! Originally I faithfully used Yuyuko, but I switched things up. I also try to keep my alts competent, so I have at least some confidence in using Patchouli, Iku and Suika.

The only things I played before 12.3 were 13.5/14.5, but 12.3 is quite unique, I'm not sure I would call it a traditional fighter. It took some time to get used to the weather/card/graze mechanics, although I still forget individual weather effects.

I wonder if you're a Marisa main :o

Anonymous 6822


You're right it's not exactly a traditional fighter since it's got the other interesting mechanics of deck building and grazing. I'm feeling alright with those but still can't remember what all the different weather conditions are too lol.

Funny you switched from the best zoner in the game to a melee focused character, it must be good having alts with different playstyles to cover your character's weaknesses.

I've not played enough of each character to really get a feel for each one but so far I feel most suited to Marisa and Remilia. I tend to like characters that have high mobility and favour aggressive playstyles. I'm practicing Remi right now since people recommend you learn one character first, then it gets easier to pick up new ones once you get the basics.

Anonymous 6823


>Funny you switched from the best zoner in the game to a melee focused character, it must be good having alts with different playstyles to cover your character's weaknesses.
The plan was to at some point focus again on Yuyuko, because I was sort of over-relying on her supreme kit. Incidentally I struggled the most against rushdown, so this helps me understand the sort of mindset I need to play against it, learn basic mechanics of the game more rigorously and have fun, because Meiling is awesome!

I recommend you take your time and try the entire cast, otherwise you might be tempted to switch in the future. This isn't necessarily negative though, you'll end up having one more character to play in your roster! I agree on what people say, to get good you should most definitely find the one character you want to focus on. Although I think you're well aware that Remi's movement is fairly unorthodox.

Anonymous 6824

remi hat.jpg

That's interesting, rushdown tactics seems like Yuyuko weakness since she has low mobility, but once she gets her bullets set up they're super tough to deal with.

I've played a bit of each character and read on their respective pages on the wiki to get an idea of each one. Even though Remi's dash and flight mechanics are unusual I like her a lot. I also enjoyed Sakuya but tbh that's probs cause she's just incredibly good and straightforward to play lol.

Anonymous 9438


I know this is an old post by now but
> Something I've been wondering is, what official stuff (such as manga) is there besides games?
It’s mostly just games and manga, though there’s some ebooks too.

If you want a recommendation I think Forbidden Scrollery (pic rel) is by far the best touhou manga, and it’s definitely the one that focuses most on world building if that’s what you’re looking for. It also doesnt really require familiarity with the games. None of the manga really do, except Silent Sinner In Blue for which you really need to play 6 7 and 8 before reading.

Check out moriyashrine.org they have links to all the official stuff that’s been released. Figuring out what order to read everything might be tricky, but honestly that sense of piecing things together is just kind of part of the touhou experience.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Anonymous 5916[Reply]

No thread yet?

Share your guides, tricks, fav/least fav characters, screenshots if you want…

I've been playing since release and am liking it well so far. I miss some parts from New Leaf, but overall it lives up to my expectations and I'm playing all day and night. How about you?
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Anonymous 7075


Stained glass

Anonymous 7076


Forest ram skull

Anonymous 7077


Glow circle

Anonymous 7079

ahhh i love this one, im definitely using it

Anonymous 9364

Have you used it yet? Post screenshots


Kpop thread Anonymous 9106[Reply]

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Anonymous 9662

a friend of mine started liking him of of pity after he ranked so low in pd101 and was made fun of on the korean version of american idol and then this happened.
>Boy group members (esp the nugus) are always so fucking dpi hey and awful it’s been proven time and time again.
they always show their true colors lol

Anonymous 9663

I think I prefer their older stuff, back when they used to have this really theatrical performances, but my favorites have been clap, thanks and boom boom. I agree that their latest releases have been boring but at the very least the choreos are still fun to look at, I'm not a dancer so I have no idea how hard they are but it's insane how in sync they manage to be

this was my first contact with seventeen and i was fucking confused

Anonymous 9665

Oh I didn’t watch that video ofc, I just know what’s in it.

Anonymous 9666

choa is back and she's looking cute

Anonymous 9667

Korean work life in general is hellish. Most Koreans I knew during my time there wanted (or were definitely going to) to move to the west because of how terrible Korean work culture is.


Avatar the Last Airbender thread? Anonymous 6196[Reply]

Since ATLA is finally out on Netflix in the US, it's hit a resurgence in popularity from people nostalgically rewatching a childhood favorite, to people discovering the amazing show for the first time. Are there any ATLA fans on /b/?

I'll start the thread with some questions. Who's your favorite character? Your favorite ship? Also, Sokka or Zuko?
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Anonymous 7740

Why was the Avatar even concerned with the Fire Nation?

Not Aang specifically, for him it would be the airbender genocide. What "balance" is the avatar protecting? The one where the Earth Kingdom is the most powerful? Where the Airbenders live on 4 mountains? The one where the Fire Nation live on a tiny chain of islands?

Why is the Fire nation the bad guy?

Anonymous 7909

>want to rewatch it now
>have shit to do
ahhh fuck I was really into zutara back when atla was popular and getting fanart/fiction like crazy. it was just so aesthetic.
Yes. RIP moon-girl though.
after a point it's cringy but you don't have to disparage everyone who enjoyed it and the fan generated material just because some people took it too far.
it always bothered me that the world seemed so small. water tribe only lives in north and south pole for example. it would be like trying to make china into an entire globe in itself, just china mongolia korea and japan. nothing else at all. but even smaller, and kroea and mongolia are both single-village icy glaciers. that was the one thing that did really bother me.

Anonymous 8493

Presumably a lot of the avatar world is decided by divine right, ie the spirits and original bender animals. Maybe that’s just how the world was originally when it got split up by pre humans

Anonymous 8543

I thought this too, but then I realized, if that were the case, the first spirits should be in favor of the invasion and the rest of the spirits should be against it. You should see parallels in the spirit world over this conflict, but I don't believe that case was ever made. It seemed like, universally, the spirit world disapproved of the Fire Nations actions, even the supposed Dragons.

Anonymous 9328

I think the spirits didn’t care because FL Ozai was just another “crisis of the generation” and the spirits were so ancient they’d seen it a thousand times before. Chin the conqueror is implied to be on the same level. And the giant owl Wan Shi Tong implies that this conflict was trivial


Anonymous 8739[Reply]

I don't get it

Anonymous 8820

Russell Crowe fighting Frenchmen on a boat. Didn't get what?

Anonymous 8913

>sail somewhere
>someone dies
>doctor denied something

Anonymous 9325




Anonymous 3083[Reply]

do you like homura ?
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Anonymous 3234

I disliked her from the start and the movies proved me right. Homura had no respect for Madoka's autonomy and desires.

Anonymous 6655

Homura only took what was rightfully hers

Anonymous 6672


No. Kyoko is better.

Anonymous 6705

yes, she's based

Anonymous 9296


Both Madoka and Homura needed to love themselves and the core of their wishes hurt the ones who loved them the most.


Kpop Thread Anonymous 8565[Reply]

A thread of all of us to talk about Kpop. The good, bad and ugly.

Follow the general rules! Be critical but don't be annoying.
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Anonymous 9102


ugh this kid looks like kang daniel and BM had a child

Anonymous 9103

Yeah. Can we quit propagating the "SM visual standards" meme now?

Anonymous 9104

lol meanwhile the chinese unit looks the best

Anonymous 9105

Screen Shot 2020-0…

God this guy is trainee and he already has stalkers and fansites.


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Anonymous 8494[Reply]

Not intended to be another kpop thread, but why aren’t the other Asian pops (c pop and j pop for example) as titanic as Korea’s? Have they just not as effectively marketed and choreographed their industry / drama? Are the singers not as hot? Is the music not as good?

I don’t listen to any Asian pop btw so explain whatever idk
11 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8673

These people are absolutely sick. The way they haven't evolved along with everyone else in the last two decades is creepy and pathetic.

Anonymous 8676

I'm not a kboo or a huge kpop fan but I think korea 100% deserves all the popularity they've been getting for the past few years. They want something, they put in the work for it, and they see the results. I admire the way they take different ideas from anywhere, old or new, and improve upon them to make them a part of their pop culture. China is getting there too lately which is also cool.

Anonymous 8677

Can you explain the part about Japan being the most westernised? Cause I have the same impression of Japan as >>8633.

Anonymous 8678

Same. I feel sorry for the kids that have to grow up there and see all the countries surrounding them be so ahead of them in every way. That's gotta be depressing as fuck.

Anonymous 8983

At least they don't have to accept hairy tall men pretending to be women over there.

what music genre is this? Anonymous 8485[Reply]

is it lo-fi-something?
also what kind of song it is sampled from? I think it sounds SEA but the uploader's heavily implying it's japanese

Anonymous 8533

i'm not sure what the exact song is, but it definitely sounds like japanese enka.

Anonymous 8534

i found the song! i should've searched a bit more first before posting so fast lol

Anonymous 8547

Enka sounds just like Chinese folk music

Anonymous 8553

ah that's great, thank you!


Anonymous 7930[Reply]

6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 8166


I've had real boyfriends before and that was enough for me to not have any more relationships. I'm happy with my 2D boys.

Anonymous 8238

Is that Luke?

Anonymous 8276


The one and only.

Anonymous 8387


when will science advance so that we can breed catboys

Anonymous 8470

I just wish that I can find someone to take things slow. Just getting to know each other little by little and building up a relationship. Slowly starting to hold hands to hugging and to kissing and stuff. Which is why I hate romance, because it built this idea in me. In real life I never had such luck. Even in middle school boys would always try to kiss me right away and it would just scare me. As I got older more and more people seemed less interested in a innocent love and want to get straight to fucking. So I hate romance media, it just lead to false expectations.
When will robot boyfriends be a thing?!

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