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mog Anonymous 3994[Reply]

mog - Multiplayer Online General
This thread was made so people can post about any game that supports multiplayer online and to make it easier to find others to play with.

I just started playing FFXIV and made a Lalafell because they are so small and cute. I tried taking some pictures of the one I made but I couldn't get the angle right. Does anyone else play it? If yes, in which server? I wouldn't mind changing servers if that meant playing with someone else especially because I just started and haven't done much yet.
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Anonymous 4342

that's it, thank you! I think it's a really original idea to have 3 little beings as one character. Also I should show my mother Eve, she would love it.

Anonymous 4346


> show my mother Eve
Just prepare her to this game.

You can't fully trust anyone there.

People scam and robe there people for monies equal for several tousands dollars every day.

Anonymous 4529

Does anyone play Mabinogi Pro here?
It's a very small private server. I just started playing and I'm level 6. It's a cute game with about 100 people playing (according to the site).

Anonymous 4568

w-what game is this. asking for a friend…

Anonymous 4569

this is TERA, it's very good because the castanic and elf races are very handsome (the humans too I guess but their huge hands are weird) and there is lots of skimpy armor like this. The only bad thing is a lot of classes are female only and there's lots of creeps playing as lolis dressed in equally skimpy armor but I guess I can't judge them too harshly because I downloaded the game just because the characters are so handsome.


Dragon Prince Anonymous 4551[Reply]

What do you guys think about Dragon Prince? I enjoyed season 2 a lot.


Short Films and Animations Anonymous 4491[Reply]

Share and discuss short films that you enjoyed or found interesting.

Anonymous 4492


Eri is always mollifying people with a fake smile on her face.

About fakeness, pop culture, and putting on a smile.

Anonymous 4493

New Pixar short.

Anonymous 4494

Cute dog and cat couple animations by a Korean animator.
The tfw no bf miners might relate to the bird.

Anonymous 4495

That was really cute

Anonymous 4548


Anonymous 4496[Reply]

Post your favourite movie
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Anonymous 4512

If you tell me you're also the Billy Idol Cyberpunk anon I'll cry

Anonymous 4514

No, but I have the same taste. Please don't cry.

Anonymous 4517


As long as you're a fellow cheesy 80s fan I'll be happy.

To stay on topic I'll post my other favorite movie, I think Silence of the Lambs still holds up because among other reasons, it's one of the best portrayals of a female heroine in crime fiction. Despite all the changes from the book, I think it's a great adaptation and I really appreciate the steps taken to put the viewer in Clarice's shoes because she's not just a character to entice the ~male gaze~ and her plot was actually quite feminist for the time, subject matter, male author etc.

Anonymous 4532

My dad used to show the scene where Buffalo Bill and Clarice are in the dark together when training soldiers, because he said it was the most accurate film depiction of what it's like to be filled with adrenaline in the face of possible death.

Anonymous 4537

That's really cool, and it makes sense because the writer used to be a police reporter.


Anonymous 2132[Reply]

Who are your favorite female protagonists? (Any medium.) Pic related for me, I love Anne Shirley's spunk and whimsy from the Anne of Green Gables books.
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Anonymous 3455


Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish is adorable and amazing and I want to give her a big hug. I just finished watching the anime and am now reading the manga, I can't believe I haven't done this earlier.

Anonymous 3457

I wasn't expecting the manga to get so deep into the fashion business. It was super interesting.

Anonymous 3458


Nana from Nana

Anonymous 4480

The move was aesthetic, but I liked her so much more in the graphic novel.

Anonymous 4520


My waifu


Vocaloid / Happy Birthday Miku Anonymous 1144[Reply]

A few days ago it was Hatsune Miku'a birthday, aka her 10th anniversary. In honor of that, I decided a little thread dedicated to all things vocaloid would be fun.
Some discussion ideas:
>How did you find out about vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst song?
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
>Favorite/Worst producer?
>Favorite/Worst music video?
>Have you played project diva? If so what is your favorite song to play and are you good at it?
>Have you tried to make a song using vocaloids before?
>Anything else you wanna contribute?

…that's all!
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Anonymous 3552

Hooray for a thread revival!
>How did you find out about vocaloid?
I don't really remember, it was a long time ago, maybe around 2008ish? I liked anime too and at the time it was impossible to not know about vocaloid if you liked anime.
>Favorite/Worst song?
It's too hard to choose a favorite, off the top of my head I like these
I don't have any songs I hate, there are a bunch of low-effort covers out there and bad amateur originals if you look hard enough though. For a popular song, I don't like Sand Planet very much.
>Favorite/Worst vocaloid?
Len as my favorite, Gachapoid as the worst, I haven't heard anything he wasn't terrible in.
>Favorite/Worst producer?
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Anonymous 3553

Last year ago people were lamenting the gradual decline of vocaloid but I can gladly say I'd disagree.
While it's definitely pre-boon level of public prominence in comparison to it's golden age with big names like scop, wowaka, hachi ect retiring, inactive or choosing to pursue music on their own terms after they've honed their skills and it's not just a bit of fun anymore, songs say for example, anything of Balloon's are still pretty viral and are just as consistently polished quality and just as meaningful as the music of yore.
I couldn't be more thrilled that it's becoming slightly more mainstream loving vocaloid and it's being done in such lavish style, too.
Kikuo, JitbataP, Nashimoto Ui, Balloon, Hachi PinocchioP, Powa, Scop are amazing producers and so many hog space on my Iphone.

Anonymous 3957

Here's a PowaPowa-P playlist! May his soul rest in piece

Anonymous 3962

i love kurageP and this is my fav of his works.

Anonymous 4461

kikuo consistently puts out good stuff
here's an older track i still jam to


Anonymous 2569[Reply]

your 2 cents on oyasumi punpun
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Anonymous 4275

i don't like things that might depress me

i got enoght of this shit in life

why i whould waste my free timw on sad stuff, while i could do fun things?

Anonymous 4279

got to volume 4 and dropped it, made me too depressed and I'm already severely depression so….yeah

Anonymous 4290

Asano may fetishise the fuck out of depression but sometimes you need to get that out first before moving on.
He got fed up with feel good 20-something manga which was what Solanin was and made Punpun afterward which is a brutal take on typical tv romance patterns. It’s fun to see how he grows after each publication imo

Anonymous 4371

I heard that it was good, but the first chapter was too boring for me to read any further. Since the appeal seems to be its "art", I'm glad I didn't continue.

Anonymous 4445

i started reading punpun mainly because of this thread. I really like the art, and find the story and characters pretty interesting. Like most I do see some similarities between myself and punpun. I had to stop reading actually because it was making me lowkey depressed, I'm on volume 10 rn.


"older" internet Anonymous 216[Reply]

remember when, before social networks got huge, everyone had their own little website? a custom made corner of the internet to display your interests and personality? gfx sites with paint shop pro tutorials?

the only comparable thing I can think of today is Tumblr, but it seems like personal websites have died out.
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Anonymous 4162

i enjoyed this, thanks for sharing!

Anonymous 4189

It's really cute, anon

Anonymous 4361

This is a long shot considering how long its been since the thread was active, but I'm currently writing an assignment on the 90's/2000's personal website community. Anybody know of any good resources on the subject? I've found a little from this thread and articles i've found by basic searches but maybe i'm missing something.

I didn't partake in any of it myself but i find it really interesting.

Anonymous 4362

I dunno if you already have this, but there's https://www.ucl.ac.uk/ucl-press/browse-books/the-web-as-history
The nice thing is that it's an open access press. It looks like chapter 7, “Welcome to the Web: The Online Community of GeoCities during the early years of the World Wide Web," might relate to your topic.

Another suggestion is to maybe search based on the sites or groups that you found along the way? Like Angelfire or Tripod.

Anonymous 4413

Thanks so much! This is a great help! I hadn't known where to start because most of the websites I've found so far are from this thread, and googling "personal web pages early 2000's" only gets you so far.


Anonymous 4408[Reply]

do you have any comfy and helpful "organize with me" or "clean with me" youtube videos you'd suggest? it's corny but i enjoy watching them while i'm actually cleaning/organizing.

which ones do you like?

Anonymous 4409

No. Cleaning makes you tired.

If you actually clean insted of watching video you finish it earlier.

Anonymous 4412

ugh, you're right. i am just such a lazy lump and need inspiration.


Content Creators Anonymous 4384[Reply]

Are any miners here content creators? I’m the only one out of my friend group so I’ve never spoken to anyone about it before. Let’s talk about our experiences, ask for advice and share our stories here.

Share your links too, if you’d like!
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Anonymous 4395

Why not? If not for yourself, at least it's something to do!

Anonymous 4396


I'm in a similar position. I tried to start up again last year but only lasted like 2 weeks kek.

Let's pick it back up together!!

Anonymous 4397

i used to be but i misplaced my tablet 8 months ago and i don't have time to do things anymore because i'm an adult rip

Anonymous 4398

Long shot, but with character creator apps being more popular again recently, has anyone made their own or signed up for a place like https://picrew.me ?

Anonymous 4410

NTA but I'd be up for this! I'm at a chicken scratch level right now though, so be prepared for some ugly drawings.

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