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essential_works (3…

/bleep/ - Electronic music general Anonymous 20265[Reply]

Any anons into electronic music of any kind? Posting current obsession and infographics

Very old EDM thread >>>>>/media/220
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Anonymous 21332

This thread needs more jungle

Anonymous 21333

happy rave.jpg

where in da hekk are my rav3rs @?

Anonymous 21348

right h3kking h3r3 B)

Anonymous 21803


Anonymous 21842


Nice BL and yaoi. Anonymous 21807[Reply]

If you post badly drawn crap in here I'll report it. This isn't /y, let's keep that way! Tasteful art only. No bara, larping or derailing here thanks.
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Anonymous 21828


Anonymous 21829


Anonymous 21830


Anonymous 21831

original (1).jpg

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 21839

Moved to >>>/img/13513.


Disco Elysium Anonymous 21756[Reply]

Have any of you played Disco Elysium? I stumbled on it over on tumblr and watched some gameplay, and actually tried playing it since it seemed like a fun point and click. Legit one of the best games I've ever played.

Anonymous 21763

I really wanna play it. I don't know if my PC supports it, though.

Anonymous 21779


Find out. Legit one of the best gaming experiences I've ever had

Anonymous 21782

I'd really like to play it but my PC is a Poo-C

Anonymous 21789

Oh yeah this game's awesome, I love getting lost in everyone's deep characterization. I still can't read the middle aged boat lady's text options without falling asleep though.

The end is underwhelming but I hear the game's studio is making a new and supposedly better game inside the same universe. Now to wait 6 or so years.

Anonymous 21805

They have updated the game to include voice lines for everyone (I couldn't get into it without it)


Anonymous 20692[Reply]

any of you play warband or am I the only one?
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Anonymous 20716

yeah i play with the 61e

Anonymous 21603

I used to play with napoleonic wars dlc a lot it was so fun

Anonymous 21732

I have something like 800 hours in Warband.
I was really disappointed with Bannerlord in that my SINGLE qualifier for it was to just be Warband but characters at least sit down for feasts instead of standing awkwardly.
Bannerlord doesnt even have feasts at all.

Anonymous 21781

decent game

Anonymous 21802

I lot of people don't seem to like Bannerlord much

Shitty music men like Anonymous 18785[Reply]

Post music men find amazing for some reason, when in reality it's mediocre or downright terrible
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Anonymous 21408

Nope, excluding the mumble rap, I like most of this stuff.

Anonymous 21413

t. top 40 fangirl
because i don't know tf are you listening to then

Anonymous 21481

this thread is so full of hate for subjective tastes that it might as well be a moid thread

Anonymous 21659

Seriously, what is this shit

Anonymous 21800

moids will laugh at girls for liking kpop and then listen to machine girl


big tiddy bad Anonymous 20150[Reply]

Do you think it's bad to like characters that were designed or written to be sexually or romantically appealing to moids? Where do you draw the line?
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Anonymous 21744

NTA but probably nothing, moids either aren't hard-wired to be as reluctant to unconsensual groping from the other sex and/or women they think are attractive, or they really are so starved for this sort of affection that they don't mind.

t. have a big brother that used to get sorta fondled by classmate girls

Anonymous 21745

Ok but there's a difference between your eyes being drawn to something before you immediately look away because it's inappropriate and straight up ogling women

Anonymous 21747

He was visibly uncomfortable and (politely) protested, sometimes tried to cover his chest. I had forgotten about this part, honestly, now I feel even worse about it.

Anonymous 21755

The anon the other anon was replying to has a problem with moids looking at breasts in general, not just ogling. Read for yourself >>21462

Anonymous 21790

I really don't care, and it doesn't matter. Women pretending not to like characters just because they were made to be attractive to males won't ever change the herd of salivating memelets these characters produce. If anything I care about having more male characters made to be attractive to females. Objectification is cool when it goes all ways.


Anonymous 21783[Reply]

underground games thread

what's your favorite one? why?

i liked mad father because aya is pretty and she uses a chainsaw.
i remember playing it years ago during christmas while eating chocolate cookies. it was nice.

Anonymous 21786


i love all those old rpgmaker games so much. ib, the witch's house and middens are probably my favorites.
outside of that genre, e.y.e: divine cybermancy is comfy.


Graphics Novels and Non Marvel/DC Comics Anonymous 1317[Reply]

Let's talk about graphic novels and non-marvel comics (Image, Vertical, etc.). Discuss your favorite graphic novels, dole out recommendations, or diss that comic where you can't believe their artist got hired for even one job.
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Anonymous 3440

I think it's bc Italian comics were more popular in former Yugoslavia than the rest of the world.

Anonymous 21439


I really enjoy reading Lucy Knisleys books, they feel so familiar and they make a good read for rainy days where you just want to be all wrapped up in a blanket drinking tea. The art is nothing too complex, but its simple enough to be a perfect medium for her stories.
>pic related, my first and fav book by her

Anonymous 21714


Paper Girls is a really good mystery/science fiction comic, I don't want to give away much of the plot (imo it's better if you go in blind) but the art alone really appealed to me.
Persepolis is great, I think first reading it as a teen and then again as an adult was interesting.

Anonymous 21753


I know its DC but finished reading watchmen and the majority of prequels
enjoyed it more than I thought

Anonymous 21757


This was my main motivation for becoming serious about inking.

parksrec leslie kn…

TV Series Anonymous 18571[Reply]

What do you think of:
- Parks and Recreation
- Orange is the New Black
- Elementary
- Criminal Minds

Also talk about your preferred series
16 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 20719

- I Am Not Okay With This
Why did it have to be cancelled??
I know it's a very teenager-like show but it was still quite unique

Anonymous 21373

The wire and madmen. Peaky blinders god I can't wait till season 6!!!

Anonymous 21403

The only thing I watched here was parks and rec, and it was only for seeing april and andy. Chris Pratt is just super cute to me, and I liked how weird april is i wish she was my friend

Anonymous 21644

watched the umbrella academy on netflix some time ago and was pleasantly surprised given the usual quality of the more niche stuff on there.

Anonymous 21713


Been binging What We Do in the Shadows this week, it's so funny and strangely sweet sometimes. Vampire mockumentary.


Anonymous 21628[Reply]

Petite Parker or Bara Brock, which one do you prefer?
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21635

venom is such a stud its incredible
they knew what they were doing

Anonymous 21636

brock most definitely - only downside is he's a blonde.

Anonymous 21639

Bara Peter

Anonymous 21707


Flash is the patrician choice. The worst thing he ever did is act like a jerk in high school. Eddie legitimately eats people, and he's also a journalist, which is even worse.

Anonymous 21708

Ew fuck no gross

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