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Anonymous 25988[Reply]

BIG recommend for call of the night

I give it a strong 8, weak 9 / 10
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Anonymous 26166

>You didn't understand though
I understood enough

Anonymous 26237

sucking blood is a metaphor for sex

Anonymous 26243

I would like to be Nazuna but look like Seri.

Anonymous 26292

WHHHAAAAT??? I don't believe it

Anonymous 26406

new ep is up


Movies General Anonymous 2793[Reply]

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 26365

It made plenty of sense it just wasn't linear in the way average movies are. It's fantastic.

Anonymous 26393

This movie seems to be Petal Dance (2013)

Not sure about the other one though. I couldn't find it through reverse image searching.

Anonymous 26394

Une femme est une …

I just watched une femme est une femme from 1961. It's a great film even though some parts are slightly sexist. But it's a movie from the 60s so what can one do? I really like how he used text instead of speech in many scenes, it made the film feel quirky in a good way. Anna Karina is beautiful in it as always.
Howl's moving castle is magical. I love Ghibli's movies.
Same here, I wanted to like it but found it lacking as well.
Looks really good, where did you watch it?

Anonymous 26402

I watched "The House That Jack Built" recently, the psychology and archetypes are spot on,

Don't Look Now (1973)
Alice, Sweet Alice (1976)

Anonymous 26403

Ops i accidentally posted before finishing, what i was gonna say is people like to shit on von Trier but he's just a bit of a sperg. He exposes hypocracy so well with such accurate portrayals and he's not afraid to show the real ugliness. Makes very good movies for the most part. Melancholia, Dogville are among my favorites.

Dark/Unhinged Vocaloid Music Anonymous 25426[Reply]

hey all, im looking for your favorite insane, dark vocaloid songs. it doesnt have to be all gore or shit like that, even heavy metal with slightly dark themes is fine. i'll go first:

This song technically isn't Vocaloid since it doesn't use a Vocaloid voice bank, but nonetheless it's enjoyable and unique. The art in the MV perfectly complements the dark theme of bullying and being an outcast. The crunchy but addictive electronic chords in the beginning make me feel something so angsty.
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Anonymous 25675

Hope you enjoy this one.

Anonymous 26395

Good producers: SOOOO, hikkie-p, muship
I really like vocal synths, their vocals allow for unique sounds and lend themselves well to alienating and unsettling music

Anonymous 26396

My favorite

Anonymous 26398

japanoise band hijokaidan + miku

Anonymous 26400

Oh man I hate this


Lyricsposting Anonymous 18075[Reply]

Post your favorite/relatable/etc song lyrics here
Idea shamelessly stolen from lolcow of course.
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Anonymous 25302

I don't have a single track that features lyrics.

Anonymous 25713


She got up from the bed
Took a seat on the couch
Went to the bedside table
Pulled out a letter knife
I jumped up but she just lifted it up to the sky
Stabbed herself in the face
Right between the eyes

Anonymous 26182

"When you're gone, I'll need a real girl

But I don't want her, but I don't want her"

This part of the lyric reminds me of the movie "HER"
It's such a sad romantic movie

Anonymous 26194


On the sheet I see your horizon
All of me pressed onto you
But in this light you look like Poseidon
I'm just a ghost you walk right through

Anonymous 26375






fallout? Anonymous 22568[Reply]

anyone here like fallout :>
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Anonymous 25920

I prefer New Vegas over 3, but I would like to take moment to say how little I care that 3 is an inaccurate depiction of society 200 years after a nuclear winter. Cinema Sins level criticism.

Anonymous 25922

I'm not sure if you're the same person but similar sentiments so I'll respond to them as one.

It's hard to bridge this gap because Fallout 3 is basically from a different series (which includes 4 and 76) that just happens to share the imagery of the other games. I've enjoyed playing it and it definitely has some cool moments (my favorite is Tranquility Lane), but they just don't do anything to contribute to the sort of grander story of American society that the earlier Fallouts plus NV tried to write. The issue isn't so much about 'le unrealistic' as about giving up on trying to have a deeper message about human civilization and just making petty plot lines where people in power armor blow each other up.

Anonymous 25924

I was just the most recent post and it sounded a bit more aggressive than I meant it to. I should only compare my worst enemies to Cinema Sins from now on.

Anonymous 26352

fo4 is one of my comfort games. i like 76 for what it is. it's only worth buying on sale though.

Anonymous 26357

Well I'm gonna have to agree since it was such a disappointment for me
They should have never set the game on the east coast


Does Dragon Ball even have female fans? Anonymous 26200[Reply]

Ok, so I hate Dragon Ball - I never liked the anime or manga and I never will, I find the overly-muscular designs for repulsive and gross, the basic power system is so boring to me and I despise that it turned into a cash-cow franchize that pumps unoriginal and uncreative movie after movie simply for easy profit-off of nostalgic moid fans. All that jazz.
But… two of the new characters they introduced are… how do I say it… cute? Their names are Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, and for some reason I find their designs for adorable???? They aren't muscle freaks like most male characters, they have endearing soldier uniforms (with capes on top of that, and even if I find this design choise for absurd this just makes them look even cuter) and I feel so much shame - I don't even know exactly what their roles and character are, but the moment I saw them together my brain screamed "SHIP SHIP SHIP SHIP!" I even saved some fanart because of how adorable (to me atleast) they are.
What do I do? I feel embarrassed from myself, even if I'm not going to see the movie and I have never supported (and never will!) the Dragon Ball franchize I feel utter shame just from the thought that I find these two characters cute.
I hate this moid show so much. I'm thinking of pirating the movie when it becomes available online, simply to see what these two characetrs are about.
Are there any DB fans here? What are your thoughts on the series?
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Anonymous 26305

As soon as I saw the gamma bots I knew fangirls would be all over them.
Same for me, honestly.

Anonymous 26313

What's wrong with camrips?

Anonymous 26319

Bluray comes out later this month.

Anonymous 26329

I said I don't want to give money for a cash-grab franchize.

Anonymous 26334

Bluray being out means you can pirate it at non-shit quality.

hehe sukuna da yo.…

your favorite low quality anime pics Anonymous 25895[Reply]

this is my favorite picture of sukuna.
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Anonymous 26238

love sakura taisen

Anonymous 26241

Too lazy to find a pic now, but any slightly zoomed out shot of a character from the ace attorney anime, the animation was so bad it was funny

Anonymous 26248


Anonymous 26330


Everyone forgot about Poorfag
I hope she's living her Richfag life now.

Anonymous 26331



Red Dead Redemption 2 thread Anonymous 26257[Reply]

Just finished the game… Holy shit this was an experience. Easily one of the best games of all times.
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Anonymous 26264

All of these faggots are disguustingggggggg

Anonymous 26269

Anonymous 26271

My disgusting ex loved RDR (he played the first game at launch, same for the second) so i've always avoided RDR2 because of him, he was a misogynistic piece of shit so i didn't trust his opinion. Also i hate Rockstar, used to play GTA San Andreas and Vice City with my cousins when i was a kid but as i grew up and GTAV came out i realized how misogynistic and shitty these games are, so it was another reason for me to avoid RDR2.

This thread is making me doubt my choice, if my precious nonas love it maybe i can too! I absolutely love RPGs and action-RPGs too. Maybe i should give it a try…

Anonymous 26283


>Also i hate Rockstar, used to play GTA San Andreas and Vice City with my cousins when i was a kid but as i grew up and GTAV came out i realized how misogynistic and shitty these games are, so it was another reason for me to avoid RDR2.
yes, GTA is so deeply rooted in misogyny it's unreal. Women are quite literally treated as objects, with basically no exception, and 90% of them you meet are hookers. It really is a game made solely for males.
Red Dead is far better than GTA in this area, and contrary to GTA it does have very well written female characters. My personal favorites are Saide Adler and Karen. It also features suffragettes who you can interact with, but obviously psychotic moids like to kill them even if it hurts and decreases the honor of the player, because they are moids.
I do understand the precaution as this is a rockstar game, and they have a shitty track history, but compared to the fact that the game is set in 1899, the developers did a great job at putting in various rich and well developed female characters without hurting historical accuracy.
You don't have to force yourself or anything, but If you generally enjoy open exploration games with a story and you don't shy away from combat, I do very much recommend it.

Anonymous 26294

Since you liked RDR2 I recommend you try Days Gone, while not to the scale of an open world like RDR its got an alright story and zombies


Anonymous 26284[Reply]

Anime is over. The peak of anime (when Planetes and LOGH were released) ended over 20 years ago at this point, and now we are left with the scraps of a dying industry. The Kyoani fire was the nail in the coffin for anime and for Japan.

Anonymous 26288

One thing that's annoying as fuck is this almost unanimity of isekais, oh my God, I can't stand listening to stories about a fucked up lazy incel that died and went to another dimension, there's just no other fucking plot in the anime industry

Anonymous 26289

News flash: 99% of everything is shit, and yes it was the same even back then. The only difference is that enough time has passed so that the shit of the past was forgotten, while the shit of the present is still in our faces

Anonymous 26290

imo the biggest shame is the near-complete death of josei and seinen targeted shows. almost all modern anime is the same low effort wish fulfilment trash made for teenage boys, nothing artistically or thematically interesting with complex adult storytelling. i am very excited for yojouhan time machine blues next season tho, and a couple other shows look like they're at least worth checking out

Anonymous 26291

Skip and Loafer - …

Also read manga.


Favorite Simpsons quotes that pop into your head constantly? Anonymous 25119[Reply]

Like the ones that you get reminded of doing chores or other random shit during the day.
7 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26040


>upon seeing a small door
"Come on in, it's your master bedroom!"

Anonymous 26252

Money can be excha…

Anonymous 26256


Anonymous 26265

"Like, you know, whatever."

Anonymous 26266


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