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Anonymous 7295[Reply]

what’s your favorite horror movie?
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Anonymous 7625


Anonymous 7628

Anonymous 7629

monkey shines.jpeg

monkey shines baybee

Anonymous 7644


It seems to me, that decent number of older horror movies have not a horror-movie-structure and spoopy gloomy visuals, but general-drama-movie-structure and visuals. Idk how to explain further, but when I watch something horror (not explo) from 70-80, I found myself thinking: "wow it's like a real movie"
I mean if you are watching something horror from nowadays, you see, that it is straight horror movie: I'm not even talking about trashy blumhouse ones, but also about critically acclaimed - like Midsommar or Hereditary. Well, it's not like it's something bad, I guess

Anonymous 7664



The Sims Anonymous 4751[Reply]

Any fellow Simmers Here?
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Anonymous 7027

You accidentally put a 2 there instead os a 3.

Anonymous 7051


I played the Sims 4 the whole day today, I just have the basic stuff on it, I got the game when it was for free.
There's not really much I'm doing in it aside from getting my whore character to get the whole town pregnant.
I'm trying to give more of my Sims concrete goals and stuff to get on with, I'm considering having them try to get a nicer house at some point

Anonymous 7264

TS4_x64 2020-09-04…

90+gb of mods checking in

Anonymous 7265

one thicc bih

Anonymous 7306

is that your dad?


Anonymous 6918[Reply]

Would I be a weirdo if I drew anime characters and mild fetish artwork on twitter?
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Anonymous 6922

No, that's pretty much the only thing anyone uses Twitter for.

Anonymous 6923

You would be saving twitter

Anonymous 6924

there are incredibly rich men out there running kiddy fuck rings and old cougars doing coke. and other immensely terrible and stupid and disgusting things in this world. just live your life

Anonymous 6925

Yes, but also know your worth and set up a nice price for what you make, especially for the weirder shit that some males request.
And, as always, set up an alternative account that doesn't have anything that relates to your personal information and don't ever talk about what you did IRL or so.

Anonymous 7198

no, there's ppl doing much worse things anyways.. do what you want!


Animal Crossing Anonymous 345[Reply]

Do you play?
What does your town look like?
Favorite villagers?
Favorite tricks?
Also share art and QR codes!
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Anonymous 6511


I’m so sad this thread is dead. Wanted ACNH frens on discord

Anonymous 6520


I'll be your friend anon.

Anonymous 6707

not to be morbid, but it looks like Marshal hung himself here

Anonymous 7067


Anonymous 7071

We have an NH thread! >>>/media/5916

[HorribleSubs] Mai…

2020 Anime Anonymous 5844[Reply]

We had a thread for 2019 anime so I was thinking we could continue that with a thread for 2020 anime.

What seasonal anime are you watching? Is it any good?
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Anonymous 6728



Thank you anon! I just watched the first episode and it was really thrilling, I'm hooked!

Anonymous 6729


You're welcome! The author is really great, she is making a new manga now too. I haven't started reading it yet though.
>I forgot to attach this image originally

Anonymous 6757


Re zero season 2 has been pretty engaging so far. Really like this girl.

Anonymous 6878


I wish I would have held off watching this so I could have binged it like I did the first season. It just keeps piling on more questions without resolving the ones we've been wondering about for weeks now.

Anonymous 7018


I'm watching pic related and it's so comfy! It's an anime about fishing, it's really fun and educational. I like all the girls a lot, their personalities are unique for a cgdct show.


Love on the Spectrum Anonymous 6690[Reply]

anyone seen this show? what did you think?

Ive only seen half the first episode so far. I dont know how I feel. they seem to be mostly "weird" "childlike" "cringe" stereotypes so far. not really the kind of representation I want tbh…
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Anonymous 6926

The show is pretty cute. Unironically all of the men with autism are better dating prospects than the average twenty-something on something like Tinder. They're all much better dressed, too.

Anonymous 6927

Overall it was depressing but the last couple on the show were cute. I wish I could get an autism bf to love and support and be weird together with. ;_;

Anonymous 6964

I'm autistic and a woman who had four kids said I have more patience with toddlers than she does.

Anonymous 6965

Raising a kid is about more than patience though, some teachers or nannies are awesome at staying with kids for x hours but would be awful full time parents.

Someone in the lower end of the spectrum may not have the emotional "fluency" necessary, and sensory overload is an issue. I can function well and i like kids too, but i would not be able to explain or express certain things regarding emotions and social norms, the kid would grow up stunted in that sense. I also need to take breaks sometimes and stress can just break me and make me less functioning, for a kid that depends on you that will already be damaging, now factor in people who can't stand hugs or loud noises.

Anonymous 6968

I generally find that most autists are far more patient, accommodating and easy-going than normies.
What they aren't is exciting, spontaneous, charming, etc. the fun qualities that make social connections possible and easy to make.


Anonymous 6959[Reply]

Are there any good sites/forums for discussing movies and tv shows without having to deal with constant pol baiting? Long time /tv/ user but I cannot go there anymore without feeling angry and disgusted and I do not know where else to turn. I just want a place where I do not hear "da joos" every 5 seconds that is not reddit.
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Anonymous 6983

Well /film/ seems like a godsend for you.
I'm the opposite i suppose, the films they talk about are interesting from a historical perspective, but not very entertaining from the viewpoint of a modern viewer.
Also why not make a general like that here?

Anonymous 6984

Yeah OP, be the change you want to see in the world. Make a topic here.

Anonymous 6985

>mods are stepping up their game
Not at all, I was there 2 days ago for like 5 minutes and I saw a huge thread complaining about the interracial romance in Bill and Ted and then some thread where everyone was laughing at leftist while saying retarded pol shit. At this point any discussion about movies is just one reply away from becoming pol. The mods need to really step the fuck up, they do literally nothing

Dunno, this site in general is p slow as is which is okay usually but would come to a grinding halt if we were to talk about, let's say, Jericho

Litearlly the entire internet is full of shit and shitposting, I just want a place where I can discuss movies casually but on-topic

Anonymous 6986

You'll have to just make a more general topic, like "let's talk about old TV shows" and be willing to do some leg work by talking into the void in order to spark conversation from lurkers.

Anonymous 6987

>apolitical discourse in 2020
yeah good luck
at least on 4 Chan you can actually lead a debate.
Also I already mentioned it- look up the /film/ threads. Decent stuff


Delicious Anonymous 6880[Reply]

Food in anime that you would try, for me id try the desserts and ramen
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Anonymous 6882


Anonymous 6883


Anonymous 6884


Anonymous 6885


Anonymous 6929


I couldn't find the anime scene, but they did the source justice.

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 6319

Call Me Karizma Quarantine with Me

Anonymous 6394

Anonymous 6701

Anonymous 6723

Anonymous 6902

the ophelias - grand canyon

guilty pleasure songs Anonymous 6566[Reply]

what are your guilty pleasure songs? what do you like about it?

mine is this.
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Anonymous 6592

it's fun to sing along and dance to

Anonymous 6607

The bridge always gets to me.

Anonymous 6861

Anonymous 6863

I know Azealia Banks is a shit person but I still like some of her songs. I don't care I'm still going to listen to her music, there are other artists who are popular but have committed actual crimes and no one bats an eye.

WAP is honestly so catchy. I really like listening and it makes me a bit happy that males don't like it.

Anonymous 6905

So whAT does WAP mean now?

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