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Style savvy Anonymous 24094[Reply]

Anyone else played that ? I still do lol. It was my favourite game. Now i still very much enjoy "girl games" but also other genres, even tho im not much of a gamer.

Anonymous 24096


I played every single game in this series, my favourites are Trendsetters and Styling Star, but the DS version was pretty good too.
I'd give everything for a new Style Savvy game on the Switch.

Anonymous 24119

Since the eshop is closing soon I have been looking into getting Fashion Forward and/or Styling Star. Eventually I would like to play all of them bc I'm a sucker for dress up games. Which one should I start with or is a better jumping on point for the series?

Anonymous 24120


>Which one should I start with
I'd honestly start with the first one, Trendsetters. Every game has features that the other games don't have and it's interesting to see how this series developed over time.

And if you play Styling Star first, I'm not sure if you'd enjoy the other two games as much. It has improvements for the user interface and new clothing styles that can't be found in the predecessors.

Anonymous 24121

Yeah I woudnt start with styling star either even tho its the one I like playing the most once I finished the story.

You can play on emulator btw, even on your android (citra finally developed their emulator on android) and the game works just smooth.

You can look for tumblr blogs btw, there's a little community there.

Anonymous 24122

Yes, great game. DS was the best. It had a lot of games that were "girly" but also like actual games instead of Barbie: Feed a Horse 3D and that stuff


video games Anonymous 18609[Reply]

i believe the last video game thread at >>79 is full so here's a new general for video game discussion
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Anonymous 24065

shota's hot but his design doesn't belong to a pokemon game, girl is cheap and ugly tho

Anonymous 24067

but she literally looks like a copy-paste of the shota except with braids. weird double standards.

Anonymous 24081


Anyone else still very into TF2 or any 2000s game for that matter? Miss having girl friends to play it with.

Anonymous 24101

Any rhythm gamers around here? For any game at this point, I would gladly learn a new one if it meant I had someone to play against/ talk with about the game. I play osu!mania 4k, if anyone plays any similar games (Etterna, Quaver, etc) I could download them

Anonymous 24115


I still play TF2 frequently. That game has been a large part of my teenage years. I'm really qaddened by the general state of Casual and the near-death of community servers. Valve tried their best to kill the game, but it survives.

I really miss the old community servers where you'd have a rotation of custom gamemodes and maps like versus Saxton Hale, Prophunt, Zombie fortress and the like. I had so much fun on these servers, and met some of my best friends on there too. They're all gone now though (the servers, not the friends)

The nostalgia was so great that I tried making my own server a year ago, a server similar to the ones I loved. I managed to recreate my lost paradise after a few days of scrounging source modding forums and gamebanana, but it just stayed empty. People rarely ever joined, and they left quickly.

I was quite disappointed, and left it running for a few months until my dumbass locked myself out of the VPS I used to run it (don't mess with UFW rules if you don't know what you're doing !), and I had to wipe it to get access again. Being a cheapstake, I never paid for the automatic backup option of the VPS provider, so now my recreated, empty paradise is gone as well.

I still have most of the files that were a pain to find, so maybe I'll make it again someday, when I have the energy.


Okaeri Alice Anonymous 24107[Reply]

Who else is following this?
Are you team Kei or team Mitani?

Anonymous 24108

Of course Mitani, I am not retarded
Kei is a narcissistic attention whore with mah issues
Like all troons tbh

Anonymous 24109

Also needs to move to /media


Sports Anonymous 18314[Reply]

Does anybody like to watch sports?
I'm really into watching a lot of winter sports like figure skating, alpine and ski jumping.

But this summer I'm trying to catch up with who's on top in fencing and track & field before the olympics next year.
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Anonymous 23899

I quite like the winter olympics, so many entertaining events like skiing, the luge, the skeleton, snowboarding. Even curling is bizarrely interesting. I can't really follow hockey because the puck is too small though.

Anonymous 23900

i really like the winter olympics too, i've been following them closer this year than usual due to being stuck at home with health issues.

my favorites are snowboarding and figure skating, and my tip for hockey is to watch the reactions of the players to better follow the puck.

they already happened this year a few weeks ago, but do any other anons like to watch the x games as well?

Anonymous 23901

And yes! Clemen won slalom. My two faves got golds.

Anonymous 23913

Cam Thomas may be rookie of the year if he keeps up the good work, the nets def did not miss

Anonymous 24098


Anyone into F1 or maybe some other kind of motorsport?


turning red ily Anonymous 24088[Reply]

how did you guys feel about the movie? no male opinions allowed

Anonymous 24093

it was funny but I think it a…very consumerist and weirdly meaningless movie. Something was off about the red panda essentially ending up a weird superpower and furry fashion item to wear on/off (made much worse by the panda fad at school) at will towards the end and portrayed as being perfect and good in spite of its earlier portrayal.


Neopets Anonymous 23969[Reply]

Feeling nostalgic. Let's talk Neopets. Tell us about your favorite:
>Boards, guilds
And whatever else drew you to the site!

Anonymous 23970

I remember being so happy when the wishing tree (or whatever it was) gave me a Christmas themed paintbrush.

Anonymous 24084


money tree or wishing well?
when I was a kid I used to pretend I was illusen and my sister was jhudora /.\ I got back into neo a couple of years ago and got all my dream pets but now I am a bit bored with it bc I have nothing to work towards. maybe I should get a neohome


Just finished watching DUNC Anonymous 22404[Reply]

Very poorly written, I don't see how this ties into Jack & Jill's timeline at all. Some pretty shots at times. It was very bold for an Adam Sandler movie to feature him exclusively as a giant worm.

13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 22512

too far from the book had approximately 100 nerd spergs in the first 100 minutes

Anonymous 23272


>be me
>go see Dune on my first ever date with a guy
>sperg afterwards about how I loved the worldbuilding with the spice, worms, different houses etc
>start dating guy
>things get serious
>first time having sex
>bf pulls down his pants
>he got plastic surgery to have a Dune worm attached to his crotch just for me

I think he is the one.

Anonymous 23273

The definitely were not trying to be racist since they also went pc by changing Jihad to holy war in the script.

Anonymous 23277

I enjoyed this post. Thank you for making it.

Anonymous 24079

i refuse to watch race washed movies


Fanfiction recs Anonymous 22940[Reply]

Post you favorites
bonus points fanfics where a character with mental health and/or self esteem issues is in denial about another character's feelings toward them. or a character trying to express affection for a mentally ill character. Or a character lashing out because of their feelings for another character. Please god I'm so fucking lonely

anyway for example heres one of my favorites
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23190

you ok?

Anonymous 23237

this is probably incredibly autistic but at some point i cried over this https://archiveofourown.org/works/4979032
its literally just a dark souls x elder scrolls crossover but i got really invested

Anonymous 23241

thanks nona very appreciated

Anonymous 24069

Is fanfiction usually expected to be erotic?
I've been autisticially writing fanfiction of my favorite show (Venture Bros. if you're curious) that is just small interactions between characters but I never post them because I feel that everyone expects it to have some erotic subtext.

Anonymous 24070

No, anything goes in fanfic. I used to only read erotic ones when I started but so many of them started to feel very samey, like you could slot any characters from any any fandom into the story.

Now I prefer the type of stories that you're describing when you see small interactions or a peek behind the curtain. I especially like fics where the author does something completely different than everyone else.

Stories with pairings are always more read but there is an audience for everything.


Anonymous 10655[Reply]

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?
318 posts and 66 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24038

Nooooooooooo This sickens me!! Write a fic about him and his wife she is pretty, they are cute. Lol I know this sounds ridiculous but he should be treated like gold in whatever you wrote about him WHAT THE FUCK ANON

That would be too fucking wrong.

Anonymous 24045

Tbh I wonder if someone could do translation freelance jobs for weird or lewd untranslated stuff. I'd assume the market of freelancers would be flooded already.

Anonymous 24050

I took it and now instead of suffering over scanlations I suffer over not having enough money to buy BL and raw sites being ded.

Anonymous 24052

I used to do commissions, never got too many homo ones. But it's too much work for too little pay since the market is in fact flooded, and average prices are just too low. Most people also want the editing, not just the translation, and that takes so long. Probably not even worth it as a side thing, you earn too little and can't charge much since there's a bunch of other people doing it for cheap.

Anonymous 24053

Update now I am suffering because I found out Rakuten no longer takes gaijin cards. That was the easiest place to rip from, and there is no point in buying if I can't rip.


Junji Ito Thread Anonymous 17358[Reply]

Share your favorite Junji Ito works and why!
For me I like Glyceride and The Bully. The Bully is my favorite Ito work ever because it's very realistic, doesn't include any fantasy elements and I'm into that. I also like The Town Without Streets.
5 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 19547


This thread made me lose hours on reading his short stories.

Anonymous 19555

Does anyone have a link to Shibito no koiwazurai (Lovesick Dead)? I can't find it :(

Anonymous 19557

According to some website, it has been translated by fans under a different title, Undying Love. Here's the 1st chapter. I think you can find more under the uploader's name:

Anonymous 24043

I started reading his work in order and the Tomie stories really drag on. Three volumes of basically the same story over and over. I’m so glad I read a couple of his more well known ones first.

If anyone is thinking of doing the same, I suggest you start with volume 3 and skip 1, 2, and 2.1.

Anonymous 24049

So I now reached the Souichi stories. While Tomie was just dull from being the same thing over and over, Souichi is really irritating. Some of his stories, such as the coffin one and 4 layer room one, could have been made into nice stand alone stories but instead Souichi is shoved in and ruins them.

I'd recommend skipping them as well, if you don't like the first couple. Then maybe try them again once you've read everything else.

It's a pity, Junji Ito's stand alone stories are so great but he seems to struggle with reoccurring characters.

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