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Anonymous 6061[Reply]

Yobanny vrot, communism is abroad:


Anonymous 6062

Now about female role in the war:



Mobile MMORPGS Anonymous 6055[Reply]

I play Runescape and Toram mostly.
What do you guys play?


Otome Games Anonymous 143[Reply]

Anyone else here who’s a fan of Otoge?

>English Otome Games


>Otoge Subreddit


Remember to tag your spoilers!
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Anonymous 5235

I've been playing Jooubachi no Oubou as Kaguya. Very gross. Very interesting. And gross. It's a R18 game about bee people ruling over humans. Bee people. They're bees.

Kaguya is more attractive than any of the love interests

Anonymous 5240


Does anyone know more games like BTD, but especially BTD2? I played it after seeing someone talk about how Strade was their husbando and I'd like to see more violent romance games. They can be indie or bigvid pay to play as long as the guys are cute. Also thanks to the anon who recommended it like a year ago!

Anonymous 5241


I know one of the creators of BTD is creating a survival horror game


Anonymous 6040

Does anyone have recommendations for tragic otome games? Not a game with one or two sad routes, but one where the entire game has a sad/tragic overtone to it.

Anonymous 6044

This game is kinda disappointing me because the main character doesn't acknowledge how important these characters are… I mean if I was to spend a month or three months (I forgot) with some of the greatest historical figures I would try to learn as much as I could from them, not go on picnics with them

images (1).jpeg

Tiger King Anonymous 6029[Reply]

I.. didn't like it.

Anonymous 6035

Is it worth watching?


Anonymous 6013[Reply]

what do you think about chinese idol survival show?

Anonymous 6028

tried watching p101 during my kpop stage but it was so boring. don't get the appeal of them

Anonymous 6039

i just seen gifs of lisa being a mentor (?) and that russian girl, lana being a part of the series.

produce 48 really turned me off from these idol survival shows


how do i draw on squishies? Anonymous 6003[Reply]

Ok, so i know this is actually weird because we usually talk about boys and sex, but i am not sure where to post this because most places tell me to leave and i suspect you girls will be more accepting.

How do you draw on squeesh yum jiggly pal squishies? I recently got a bunch of these and i wanted to draw on them and make them into little pokemons for my little sister, however when i use permanent marker it wipes off and gets all over my hands, what kind of ink should i use?

Anonymous 6004

From what I read, ink containing Xylene. From the (very) brief research I did, sharpie is oíl based, so maybe that's why it quickly comes off.


Anonymous 5987[Reply]

Does anyone know good music about the struggle of trying to fit in in regards to beauty? I know prom queen by beach bunny and at seventeen by Janis Ian but thats it and im really struggling rn.

Anonymous 5990

Anonymous 5999

Yada yada some Marina and the diamonds song
Just remember. You don't have to fit in unless your work or hobby requires it.


vidya Anonymous 5979[Reply]

whats your favorit vidya? how do you feel about vidya? how much of your life have you wasted to vidya?

Anonymous 5986

Too much, I know about the story where Stevie Case became famous because she beat John Romero in a Quake deathmatch.

Anonymous 5989

Ive mostly stopped doing the vidya a year ago because it feels like a waste of time nowadays. Its always been actuallu. Although i guess it might have been good exercise for the brain or something? I was obsessed with the legend of zelda as a 11-13 year old and it has a lot of puzzles so??


Movies General Anonymous 2793[Reply]

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 5808

Thanks for the reminder anon, I have to watch it again soon. :)

Anonymous 5882


Oh deary, where to start on this one? On one hand it’s good to see Radcliffe star in an excellent movie that isn’t an HP one and Toni Colette being on par, even if I need a hug now. I’m sorry, but not only did this film partially mark me but it did so with only language being the reason for its R Rating. Like I said I don’t regret watching it, I’m just feeling emotionally bankrupt right now, meaning I may need a week or two to get my thoughts straight. But again I do recommend it if you enjoy films that are 80% suspense and only require 80% talking to challenge you.

Anonymous 5901

Screen Shot 2020-0…

Ok, it’s been more than a week, so it finally dawned on me. To state the obvious I had previously seen Mr. Radcliffe in ALL the HP movies. I’ve wanted to see him again in other movies, but most of them were either indie or only came out on Redbox/Netflix around the time they weren’t popular nor accessible for me. I still wanted to keep seeing him in films along with any other HP veteran since some like Rickman and Fiennes I had seen prior, if not during, the HP films’ releases. Of course I had to settle for Watson throughout the last decade and just one with Felton. Hell, Watson became like a cinematic shoulder to cry on by seeing her in Noah, Perks of Being a Wildflower, and even Little Women this year.

But back to Ratcliffe a funny thing came to mind when this movie was released. He had also starred in “Now you see me 2”, which my sister called ironic since he was dealing with magic. Of course I told her “Nah, that’s a coincidence. IRONIC would be if he shaved his head and played the bad guy”. But yeah, the trailer made it seem as though this was definitely a serious movie, let alone one that was a critical match to the HP films compared to other stuff that he had released to borderline lackluster reviews.

So HOW do I describe this movie? It’s like I mentioned previously: Think “The Hurt Locker” but take out every reason for its R Rating EXCEPT the language (and the coincidence… or irony, of Ralph Fiennes’ presence). Not only is it tense but also exhilarating and suspenseful. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, though, as I kept on pausing it despite the simple fact Mr. Radcliffe’s character was only pretending to be a Neonazi. To put it in perspective he was only doing his job when he said “shut the fuck up, nigger!” To a guy he knew yet was on the verge of blowing his cover.

Overall it’s a good movie if not one for the faint of heart. It just really made me think about how much had changed since I was used to seeing him in ONLY movies for a franchise, let alone ones that weren’t based on true events. I can’t say I recommend it for everyone unless you don’t mind films about radical racism hiding in plain sight in America. I myself had trouble watching it because I kept thinking to myself how these were real human beings that Toni Collette’s character told Ratcliffe’s to relate with on an actual human level, even if they were beyond changing mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 5984

After watching and enjoying the antics of tiger king, someone recommended me the documentary Those Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia. Entertaining stuff.

Anonymous 6320

I found the MC so annoying that I quit 1/3 of the way through.


Manga reccommendations Anonymous 5866[Reply]

What is some trashy manga I can read to pass the time?
It can be anything as long as it's entertaining and not so good that I actually get invested

Anonymous 5867

You could try out Ashita no Joe.

Anonymous 5868

Already reading that one but thanks

Anonymous 5900


Anonymous 5975

Try out stuff by Inio Asano, like Girl on the shore, Oyasumi Punpun and Dead demons destruction

Anonymous 5977

One Piece

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