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Anonymous 19647[Reply]

How did you interpret this movie?
Can anyone please recommend me some art films? I really loved this movie and I loved The Color of Pomegranates. Belladonna of Sadness.. though that was too much for me. I really liked Kaiba…

I am dying to watch something new but also breathtaking.

I loved the Holy Mountain and Daisies, though I thought the Holy Mountain was a little too Patriarchal… Does anyone here really get into art films and art animation? I can't remember all the things I've watched. I used to have so much media on my old hard drive. Then my computer died, so I hardly access them anymore until I get a new comp.

Anonymous 19653

Is that Angel's Egg? I watched it once, long time ago, i think it was one of those 2 deep 4 u type of deals.
Check out Neo Tokyo(1987), Memories(1995), Samsara(2011), Turksib(1929) Chronos(1985) and Koyaanisqatsi(1982) if you haven't already.

Anonymous 21495

can someone recc me anything like kaiba? I really loved that show


Anonymous 17352[Reply]

how do i begin creating art like photo related? pop-surrealism/lowbrow. im so inspired and want to get good at it but as someone who is not the best with art or painting im not sure where to begin in terms of tutorials or help for this specific type of art.

Anonymous 17353


I’m not an artist but I’ll try and answer this. If you look at famous surrealist artists, such as Dalí, they all started painting very conventionally before getting more creative and developing a style. What this means is that you need to master the basics before you try something like this.

I asked on a forum ages ago about starting to learn to draw and the pic related books were recommended to me as good for absolute beginners. I haven’t gotten around to using any of them yet, but one of them shows a student’s before and after pictures and there is a huge difference so I do think this might be helpful for you to start with. I don’t have the books at hand so I’m not sure which one has the before and after but they all seem worth trying.

Once you’ve mastered that, what artists usually do is copying other people’s work they like until they are comfortable doing that style. Then gradually modifying things until they are able to create something completely new and create their own unique style.

Anonymous 17356

I love lowbrow art like this, I've been drawing for a good decade now but have sort of all but dropped it past few years, some things happened and I've fallen in a depression hole. Anyways, first thing is to git gud at the basics, you don't need to be perfect at everything. Like, pick the subject you want to portray, if it's humans, you can kind of get away with knowing less about backgrounds, enviornments, animals etc. And use references for when you want to draw these things. But the main subject, you need to practice that the most. In different mediums, see what you like. You could go on /ic/ for looking at what books are the most essential, loomis etc. There are some good youtubers as well. I love this sort of 'whimsical' almost art style too but I'm really saddened by how much pedos rule the lowbrow art scene.

Anonymous 21436

like what >>17353 said, learn some basics, you don't have to be a Da Vinci, but just try to understand and practice them. At the same time, look for artists that you want to emanate and try to imitate their key features. Just learn and have fun! You will find your way


Anonymous 21262[Reply]

Why do i read so much lesbian romantic fanfiction when i am straight?

Literally the only thing i read and i cant get into normal romantic stuff it just turns me completely off.

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Anonymous 21382

Also, l…links?

Anonymous 21386

Most of it is written by men anyhow. Men who repressed that they're actually decent romantics and not the cringe M/f dynamic that gets constantly shilled as ""normal"". But they write about two girls because they feel it would be cringe if they wrote one of them as the guy he imagines himself being in that relationship.

We live in a society that has pushed out normal cute things into being "gay".

Anonymous 21388

I always thought yuri and other lesbian stuff done by guys was just done by very insecure men that can't imagine a penis in a make-believe relationship because that'd be "gay", either that or some moids just like those sorta pairings, kinda like some women like yaoi better.

>cringe M/f dynamic that gets constantly shilled as ""normal""

Aren't straight relationships like… 96% of all relationships? By definition they are normal, since they are the standard.

Anonymous 21392


Because normal stuff is usually smut with shit writing on top of it in order to call it "romance." Whereas lesbian fiction is full-on romance with little to no smut; the latter being better called erotica bits within a romance writing if it has thar little smut.

To add, I don't know if, at this point, you maybe have realized you were lesbian. But in case you have not, maybe you should read a good "clean romance" piece sometime before thinking that you are fully gay for not liking hetero stuff.
Though, at the end of the day, who am I to literally diagnose you with the gay? Nobody IRL can really do that but yourself, and yourself only.

Anonymous 21393

*diagnose you with the hetero
My bad.


Summer 2021 Anime Anonymous 19976[Reply]

what anime have you been watching this season?
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Anonymous 20402



Anonymous 20511

Oh shit I am so mad I thought she was just a quirky moid hater but turns out she was abused and is in genuine fear, that hit too close to home.

Anonymous 21150

Fumetsu No Anata E
I dropped Slime because it feels like a soulless powertrip with 0 struggle, consequences and character development. I dont really feel interested in anything from this season, might rewatch Bungou Stray Dogs.

Anonymous 21151


Shiroi Suna no Aquatope looks beautiful and is cute/relaxing, highly recommend it

Anonymous 21350

I watched Season 1 of HameFura, really liked it and liking Season 2 too.


Anonymous 20047[Reply]

Im honestly surprised by how shamelessly capcom porncoded Lady D. I mean they are too big of a company to do cheap shit like this. I guess we can kiss the "female character thats interesting for a reason other than her sexuality" goodbye. The world really is going to shit.
121 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21290

realistic tall vam…

>nasolabial folds
I thought it was just a meme, but they actually are a thing.
Without makeup Lady D would be a 4/10.
You will note how they also gave her an apple shaped body, a fridge body wouldn't have worked as well but would have been more realistic.

Anonymous 21291

>seething this much because a lady looks good in a videogame

Anonymous 21294



is this some new twitterzoomer slang?

anyway, video games are made by men for men. we can complain all we want but nothing will change until women start to make their own games and that wont happen in our lifetime.

Anonymous 21300

Anonymous 21329

Screw that, they snubbed Heisenberg

alice from hell.jp…

Anonymous 18016[Reply]

What manga are you reading RIGHT NOW?
Are you enjoying it?
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Anonymous 19725

very disturbing story that served no purpose, no real build up, his actions were disjointed and pointless, i did not buy the character, the way they insisted upon (as usual with japanese garbage) drawing disfigured/abused/tortured raped subtly sexualized dead girls, both little girls, and women, in detail many times, the rest of the story, just, all of it, but especially the annoying propensity for "artists" and authors to want to draw disfigured dead, raped little girls and women. it's not meant to not be sexualized, i don't believe any of the content in books like this aren't meant to serve a certain audience that are aroused by these topics and images. there was no horror or fear in this book, just feels like fetish material masquerading as edginess

Anonymous 19726

If you liked Aku no Hana, I suggest you check out Onani Master Kurosawa. It's pretty different and doesn't focus on the self-destructive aspect of adolenscence like Aku no Hana. I tend to think of them together because they're both about a coming of age story of an unlikely loser, who has done a lot of bad things out of lust.

And, uh, don't get filtered by the start. Yes, it starts off like a masturbation-themed Death Note parody, but please, it's not all silly!

Anonymous 20996

Ultra Heaven v01 -…

Read Ultra Heaven yesterday.

You really can tell that the mangaka has done a bunch of drugs.

Anonymous 21186

Blue Box is cute…I love sports manga

Anonymous 21277

dungeon meshi 3.pn…

So glad I finally decided to check out Dungeon Meshi. I've been having a lot of fun reading it.


Anonymous 21034[Reply]

What do you like about fujoshi?
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Anonymous 21194

fujos only "worship" fictional men and many are febfems or just date each other irl.
and idk if "worship" is necessarily the right term because of lot of BL actually depicts violence towards men.

Anonymous 21258

>and idk if "worship" is necessarily the right term because of lot of BL actually depicts violence towards men.
lmao shit argument. Most of that "violence" is extremely romanticized like in shojo romance, and I bet you can't name a single time that BL has had violence towards male characters as a reflection of the author's hatred towards men. Also, you're kinda contradicting yourself there, since you said fujos only worship fictional men (which sometimes is true, other times not), but also that the violence depicted in BL is.


I understand being mad at anyone who shits on yaoi for being for women, since yaoi has been "a girl thing" par excellence for decades. But "our equivalent for porn" can also be yume art/otome/TL for those of us who are tired of flicking it to gay anime boys.
>It is definitely not worshipping men
Not even the anon you're replying to, but it is no coincidence that there's an overlap between fujos and FtM/auto-androphiles. It almost happened to me, too, and only recently I realized that I wasn't the only one and it was way more common than I imagined.
Also, fujos tend to loathe female characters, how the fuck is that not worshipping men.

Anonymous 21259

*but also that the violence depicted in BL is supposed to mean that they don't worship them.

Anonymous 21260

fujos are kewl cuz they make men seethe on /y/

Anonymous 21278

Is it true that /y/ has been dominated by whiny gay men for a few years now? I heard that they'll bitch at anything that isn't fat and hairy bara men


Anonymous 20490[Reply]

Do you like RPGs? I like RPGs! My favorites are JRPGs, SRPGs, and dungeon crawlers. I've been looking to get into WRPGs though.
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21231

Yes and I'm crazy excited for SMT V.

Anonymous 21238

Oh wow there is a remake version? I played it on my SNES when I was young and it was amazing. Can't wait to check it out.

Anonymous 21239

i like JRPGs, but rarely finish them. i blame my ADHD brain. not super into western RPGs, cause i feel like theyre too generic. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and Biomutant are pretty good, though. the worlds are super unique and the lore is pretty interesting.

Anonymous 21241

Me too, I need to get a switch but they're still really expensive, even used ones. It's annoying. Most of the games are expensive too. I don't want to pay $50 for Mario Kart and Odyssey used, they're years old at this point. Fuck Nintendo honestly

Anonymous 21248

I really enjoy the Dragon Quest series although it isn't as popular as FF where I live. My first RPGs were DQV and Chrono Trigger. A lot of the RPG remakes for DS are really well-made, so I can play them on a PC emulator instead of shelling out money for consoles. I don't think I'll ever buy a Switch kek


The death of online communities Anonymous 16989[Reply]

Were you part of a community that died?
52 posts and 12 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21226

i was rly into club penguin private servers as a kid and club penguin blogspot blogging in general

Anonymous 21230

I'm sure livejournal will be gone soon

Anonymous 21233

Isnt it already ded? Last time I tried to search some popular fandom (hp to be exact) I didn't find any sort of mesmerizing activity here.

Anonymous 21236



Speaking of dress up sites, I was obsessed with Stardoll for the longest time. I actually still have one of my accounts. Then there was also i-dressup which was like the dollar store version of Stardoll. There was another one that I can't remember the name of but it was some sort of modelling game by some German people.

OH, and Miss Bimbo which…I got into trouble for playing. I didn't know what a bimbo even was I just wanted to dress up the characters…

Oooh and does anyone else remember that one AOL game where you could own your own fashion boutique? You could make clothes and decorate your store. I was devastated when it closed and I think that's when I started playing Stardoll more.

Other than that, there was Small Worlds, Fantage, Poptropica, and ton of others I'm forgetting. I think I'm slightly younger than most people here, but a lot of the things mentioned here were part of my childhood, even if briefly.

Anonymous 21293


ugh, I should go archive my middle school journal.


Anonymous 20914[Reply]

this is really cool

Anonymous 20918

zetta cool, even

Anonymous 20924


Honestly I would say this game is more fun than the original in the gameplay department, but the original is overall superior.

Anonymous 21193


Anonymous 21195

Wish it was actually full voiced and had a better translation.

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