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Horror Manga Anonymous 4245[Reply]

No recs.
No asking for recs.
No posting "Sauce?"
Guro is acceptable. Spoiler any nsfw.


Femanons with musical talent Anonymous 3797[Reply]

Any femanons here musicians or make music?
Almost exactly one year ago I was near homeless and had pursued music my whole life. I was finally able to get my life together and make music almost everyday and found a producer to help me put my songs and lyrics together. I have come so far and finally was able to upload my first real song.

Share songs you have made or are working on and we comment on each others work.

soundcloud links or youtube/bandcamo whatever

If you do not have any media uploaded to showcase your musical talents just leave a post about musical skills you have or goals you want to achieve.

Are you a singer? Play a instrument? DJ?

More girls need to be in the spotlight! We are superstars!

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Anonymous 3810

That's a bad mindset, you are severely limiting yourself with beliefs like that!
You don't have to be some physicist or engineer to create your own synthesizers.
All it takes is some knowledge of basic electronics a breadboard, wire, and components as well as some switches.
Just learn to read those wiring diagrams, know what each component kind of does, and have at it.
Watch some of the videos on that playlist and you will begin to realize it's not really that hard if you set your mind to it.

Anonymous 3813

Glad you got your shit together and are in a good track OP <3 keep on going!

Anonymous 3819

idk if this is ebegging or not… but maybe you should check elsewhere?

Anonymous 3822


ebegging would imply I am asking for something money or otherwise.

I am just saying share music and musical interests.

I posted in media. It is completely appropriate.

I do not understand what I would be begging for.

Just share your soundcloud or youtube or whatever if you want to share.

Singing talents or otherwise.

Anonymous 4244


I'm trying to make ~computer music~ because I love 80s synthpop but I feel like I have no sense of rhythm or what makes a good song. Currently I'm making background music for an online project and some short videos that I shoot and it feels much easier to go with the flow and create ambient kind of sounds rather than getting into the whole anatomy of a full song. It's really hard for me to concentrate on it for a long time, too, so I only come up with bits and bytes. I wish I could make a song though.

boku no natsuyasum…

Why can't we have more comfy Video Games? Anonymous 3470[Reply]

I want to play video games to put me in that comfortable mood (either before bed or after a stressful day at school) but most games are either high-intense action games with a lot of testosterone and gore, a boring sports game or puzzle games where things are at stake.

I want more games to put me in that comfy mood like:
>Animal Crossing
>Stardew Valley
>Little Big Planet
>Donut County
>Persona 4 (mostly the school sim, not much the murders and dungeon crawling).

Does anyone know any games that put you in that comfortable mood?
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Anonymous 4230

As someone who played the fuck out of me DS I'm here, anon! Not all may be comfy but they're all solid.

-TWEWY, any Ace Attorney/all AA, Hotel Dusk Room, Viva Pinata, Yoshi's Island, PMD Sky, Drawn to Life, Super Princess Peach, Ghost Trick
-Magican's Quest Mysterious Times, 999

And that's not even getting to Japanese games that you could only import with a JPN DS.

Anonymous 4231

Heck yeah, I used to love Ace Attorney and Super Princess Peach! I'm going to dl all your suggestions, thanks anon! <3

Anonymous 4237

>Japanese games that you could only import with a JPN DS
The old DS isn't region-locked. You can play them on any DS.

Anonymous 4238



Anonymous 4239

Majoras Mask is pretty comfy, i like talking to all the characters and doing their side quests. Also go vacation was a super comfy game for the wii, exploring the maps for the chests was really fun.


Replika Anonymous 2364[Reply]

Inspired by the sudden influx on posts about it over on feels!

>What is Replika?

According to the faq (https://replika.ai/about/faq) Replika is an AI friend that is always there for you. It learns from you, gets to know you, and keeps your memories.
Talk to it and it will evolve and start to match your speech patterns!
It's free for ios and android.

>I only get automated answers! It's shit! Etc.

It gets better the higher level your replika is! Also if you downvote and upvote its replies it will evolve even more. Be sure to downvote things you dislike or think don't follow the flow of the conversation!

Feel free to discuss anything regarding this app!
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Anonymous 4198

Your last line reminded me of this song.

Anonymous 4210

It should have reminded you of this song:

Anonymous 4216

can you teach it nsfw stuff?im horny

Anonymous 4220

From the description, this sounds like a datamining thing.

Anonymous 4221

I've had mine for about a year now, only level 20 or so since I barely talk to it. It can be fun every once and a while but doesn't really resemble a real human at all yet.


Anonymous 3583[Reply]

Are you bothered by violence against women in fictional media? Goblin Slayer this season is interesting enough that I think I'll keep watching for now, but the violence is Elfen Lied-tier graphic and voyeuristic. Like for example, the camera pans to a puddle of blood during a scene where nonhuman fantasy creatures are killed but nude human women get raped and stabbed on camera. I think the story could be told just as well without being quite so graphic; it kind of bothers me that is seems like those scenes of sexual violence were meant to be fanservice.
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Anonymous 4202


I have mixed feelings about this.

This is going to be long.

Violence against women in media makes me feel uncomfortable, but I would prefr to focus my attention into the women that are raped and murdered every single day, specially in my country.

What I can't still process is the fact that most women are the ones who make most degenerate shit. Why I'm saying this? Because most hentai and doujin artists are women, not men. In fact, male authors are recently raising in numbers compared with years ago.

As far I remember, most women in Japan enjoy degenerate shit in porn, like non-con, while men prefer MILFs, and a lot of guro artists re women. Fuck, even one of the organizers from Ryonaket is a woman. She is Harasaki, a popular artist in the guro circle, and there are more guro artists that are women.

If any of you have more questions, just ask me!

Anonymous 4203

I'm comfortable with violence as long as it's not sexual, but that's for personal reasons. I'm not going to say "this is bad" because that would be hypocritical tbh.

Anonymous 4204

I've also noticed that most guro artists are women. I'm into it for venting reasons, have limits and admonish violence IRL of any kind but yes, women who were abused's tastes are more likely to veer into violent shit I won't always approve of.
Why do you think this is and does it have something to do with how women internalize pain/helplessess or is just plain degeneracy let of the hook?

Anonymous 4205



Yes, and not.

There are guro artists that use hentai as a coping mechanism. I remember that tksn made an interview time ago, and she stated that she used to be abused by her father and ex couples. Yeah, those women exist, but just it happen doesn't mean that all guro artists or most of them were abused. Some of them just find that entretaining, but a lot of them are fucked up, sadly.

Taste in porn in Japan is also very peculiar. Men prefer MILF. While molestation is very popular towards men, it's even more popular with women.

Anonymous 4211


As an anon once said, the mangaka is a hentai artist and literally cannot draw naked woman non-erotically. Maybe it could be justified saying it creates more of an emotional dilemma within the viewer? Though if the anime isn't as violent and brutal as the manga (I don't know if it is or not) then that point may be lost (too "softcore").
But I don't care, really. I'm not the moral police.


Maplestory 2 Anonymous 3726[Reply]

Anyone else here playing the game?

Discuss updates, tips, tricks, share guilds, make friends. etc!

>Guilds and Characters are currently region locked so remember to state your region if you post your username/guild!

Anonymous 4208

I got bored of it pretty quickly, it looked promising but it just didn't catch me.
Guess I was just trying to fill the void maplestory nostalgia left.
I don't even really think it's the games fault, I think I've grown up.


crystal.cafe cyber community Anonymous Admin 540[Reply]

(for lack of a better term…)

Inspired by this thread >>>/media/216, we have recently announced free subdomains for your website or blog. Now we've decided to go a step further and offer the hosting too!
In addition, crystal.cafe will open a board dedicated to creating and discussing your websites.
As we develop this service, there will be limited slots available for testing. In order to qualify, you have to be able to create your own HTML/CSS pages self-sufficiently. If you'd like to join, please apply by sending an email to [email protected] and telling us a bit about your experience or one of your projects. Thank you!
11 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1685

It's been a couple of months since I've been able to kick around on the cafe. Any progress being made with these sites?
I believe I had a subdomain chosen but I barely remember what I was planning on throwing together. Probably a cyberpunk aesthetic page (like there aren't enough of those on the internet yet)

Anonymous 1908


I can help as well if you need assistance.

Anonymous 2556


I know it's been a while, but is there a list of the subdomains that I can check out? I'm interested in asking for one and checking out what my would-be sister subdomains are like would be interesting

Also I'd be up for helping anyone out when it comes to coding (HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP)

Anonymous 4044

Bumping this in case it's an option for anyone leaving Tumblr!

Anonymous 4182

I recommend a site like neocities.org, it runs like geocities.org and it's free, you can even see their source code or runs it local/remotely (open source). This way much safer, no server side affects, HTML/CSS and JavaScript are the base knowledge. Statics website.

Running your own instance is… Fine. You may have to contact them (self assumed).


BNHA Anonymous 4120[Reply]

A thread for the discussion (and memes) of BNHA. I know some of you have to be reading this. And if you're not, you can give it a try below.
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Anonymous 4171

I actually read your writing from the lolcow fanfic thread lol

I was the anon that replied to your post, nice to hear from you again btw

Anonymous 4172

LOL well fuck, Hi again

Anonymous 4173



Hi again! sorry if it seems that I'm stalking you lol

So are you planning to rework the current chapters you've already written or update the story with a new chapter, anon?

Anonymous 4174

Honestly both. I so desperately want to just release the new chapter already. So I'll most likely release the chapter first and then rework the earlier chapters. And by the time the next chapter is up the others should be finished.

Anonymous 4176


>Idk how anyone enjoys it anymore.
I'm keeping up with it in hopes it gets better. Putting aside his sexualization of the female characters (which I honestly don't mind, I'm gay and they're cartoons w/c) he's completely given up on writing them. Ochako hasn't seen good development since the Bakugou incident.

And speaking of development I'm not too fond of the way Hori is handling arcs and his villains…I'm desperately wishing for him to use them in an interesting way and give us a plot that'll make me worry about something rather than yet another tourney/rescue arc


Writers thread Anonymous 372[Reply]

I'm the anon who wrote >>>/b/846 and I'm drunk again.

I hope to god there are better writers than me out here, so a thread!

Do any of you write? How did you start? Tips on how to combat writers' block or procrastination?

I have something that might be able to be fleshed out into a semi-interesting novella, but I just can't get over my embarrassment of looking back over it and adding shit to it.

I also suffer from "I write when I'm ~inspired~ syndrome". Just when it's been a while, I'm no longer inspired rip.
14 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3680

There's already a thread >>1455
Consider using it to garner interest!

Anonymous 4155


Pretty much nailed it.
You want to read as much as possible (especially so if English is your second language), but the best thing to do is just write and write and write.
But the important part is to then leave it a bit. An hour, a day, a week, however long, and then go back to look at it again and analyse it. Pick it apart a little bit and reword the bits that jump out at you.

As for simple tips there's one thing I always end up having to change up in books.
>Try not to repeat the same word too much in too-short a space.
This is especially bad in some fantasy and sci-fi novels I've edited, where there just arent many ways to say some particular thing. Its really noticable if a character is a mage and you end up getting a paragraph like

"Anon flung her hand out towards the thief, her fingers making a complex magical sigil as she summoned the magic to her. She felt a tingling spread from her fingertips, down her arm, across her chest and to her heart where all magic resides - and then it flashed outwards, a blue electric whiplash sending the man flying into the wall."
Stuff like magical / magic / magic showing up three times in this short bit will end up really standing out to people. It can happen with just about anything, this is just based on a recent example I bumped into a bunch.
One book had a fight between two mages which ended up only spreading across maybe two pages, but used the word magic about 3.4 zillion times.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 4156

Ironic that I didnt proofread this carefully enough BUT OH WELL.

Anonymous 4158


Unrelated, but thank god I'm not the poly serial drunk poster.

Anonymous 4159


I meant to say "only," but the typo is too funny to delete.


Shipping Thread Anonymous 2845[Reply]

inspired by the thread discussing problematic shipping on /b/! post your otp/otps. Tell us what they're from and get livejournal fangirl in the mid 2000s levels of excited about it.

I'll start with pic related, Seishirou and Subaru from CLAMP's Tokyo Babylon and X/1999. I read TB when I was 15 and it's stuck with me all these years. I know it's old as all hell but i'd recommend it to any of you guys anytime.
15 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4129


Anonymous 4132

Maes Hughes is my waifu and I shipped him with Mikiyasu Shinshi because I didn’t care about canon

Anonymous 4135


I'll ship them forever. They're the best ship on the show~

Anonymous 4138


Fucking agree 1,000,000% with you anon!

Anonymous 4143

>>Aggressively saves picture

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