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Anonymous 15931[Reply]

Is there an approved crystal.cafe version of The Last American Virgin?
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Anonymous 16135

Her choosing to have the child, and after giving birth, he decides to pair up with Stacey.

Anonymous 16866

I mean a movie where we have a female protagonist get her heart crushed at the end like in the same vein of TLAV
I ask only because I'm not an expert on movies and would like to see something more female-oriented/aimed

Anonymous 16930


These are not necessarily romance movies but I can think of two movies with female protagonists that having sad endings like that. The first is the Piano Teacher (2001) where the mentally ill protagonist is dismissed by her lover in public and she calmly stabs herself in the chest and then walks home. The second one is The Forest For The Trees (2003) about an awkward 27 year old teacher who gets no respect from her students or colleagues and messed up all of her personal relationships due to her awkwardness. In the last scene she can't take it anymore and lets go of the wheel while driving. Sorry if these aren't what you're looking for.

Anonymous 16953

images (8).jpeg

Christine (2016). It's about Christine Chubbuck, the new anchor who shot herself in the temple live on air in the 70s. The movie is about her life of being ignored and unloved due to her sub par looks and ultimately going nuts and ending it after she has to get an operation that renders her infertile and her work starts pressuring her to get plastic surgery.

Anonymous 16958

she was pretty

ITT: Documentaries you have seen on YouTube Anonymous 16956[Reply]

Anonymous 16957


Hetalia Anonymous 16763[Reply]

Since new season of Hetalia anime has been announced for spring 2021, why not have a Hetalia thread?
There must be anons here who are/were into Hetalia.

Who is your favorite country?

What do you ship?

How long have you been into Hetalia? Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point? Are you going to check out the new material? Best/worst memories from the old Hetalia fandom days?

Anonymous 16766

>Who is your favorite country?
Japan, Luxembourg, and Russia are my favorites, though France and Austria have the best character songs

>What do you ship?

not a big shipper, but if I had to choose one it would be America and japan

>How long have you been into Hetalia? Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point? Are you going to check out the new material? Best/worst memories from the old Hetalia fandom days?

I have been into hetalia for a few years, I don't consume it as much but and I will check out the new seasons. Fortunately I joined just when the fandom was cooling down so I don't have any bad memories of it

Anonymous 16767


Switzerland. Based gun nut femboy.

Anonymous 16778


>Who is your favorite country?
The nordics and China. Was pretty fond of all the nyos, too.

>What do you ship?

I like Dennor, Rusame and Fruk the most.

>How long have you been into Hetalia?

Since the beginning of middle school.

>Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point?

Dropped it after season 6 finished airing and the fandom died down.

>Are you going to check out the new material?

Yeah, definitely. I started getting back into it during quarantine this year, so it's perfect timing.

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Anonymous 16944

Hetalia_ Austria P…

>Who is your favorite country?
Austria was my husbando
>What do you ship?
I really liked Spain and Romano
>How long have you been into Hetalia? Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point? Are you going to check out the new material? Best/worst memories from the old Hetalia fandom days?
I got into Hetalia back in 2014 and lost interest around a year later. I'll definitely watch the new season for old times sake. I don't really have any bad memories but I did try and sneak in subtle Hetalia references in my history projects back in school kek


Anonymous 16833[Reply]

What are some good active MMOs? Never been the biggest fan of them, but recently decided to try something out.
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Anonymous 16894

I used to play Guild wars 2 before it got absolutely ruined.
You can still have fun in the old zones starting out though.

Anonymous 16937

Genshin Impact

Anonymous 16940

Just because something has multiplayer options doesn't make it an MMO, the extra M is for massive, like a hundred+ people at a time.

Anonymous 16941

FFXIV is great. It is really slow (but also really cozy) in the beginning, though once it gets going it's amazing all the way to the end.

The art is great, the music is the best of any MMO I've ever played, the story is also the best story in MMOs and in Final Fantasy, and like >>16836 said there is a ton of content.

The only thing I don't really like about it is the endgame raiding, as the people playing that can get really sweaty and tryhard-ish, which doesn't make for a very relaxing experience. That said, it's absolutely optional.

Anonymous 16943

FFXIV is great. It starts off slow with a bad cliché story but once you get to the first expansion, Heavensward, it becomes a masterpiece. It's a pretty easy game and most of it feels like a basic IQ test but it's somehow still really fun. Don't get me started on all the misc stuff you can do, I'd have to write pages. It's very comfy and immersive

The only downside I can think of is that it's filled with coomer trannies and if you make your toon female you're going to get harass DMs from trannies looking to ERP

Also what >>16941 said about endgame bossing and raiding is true. I like figuring things out by myself without the use of guides or spoilers but endgame bossing is impossible to do without said guides because nobody will accept you into their group unless you join a group of players who play at set times on set days but for me that sucks too because I don't play games to adhere to schedules like I'm at work

The other MMORPG I'd suggest is Oldschool Runescape. It's like a very interactive idle game whose design has something comparable to one of those old text adventures. It's very hard to explain or compare to anything, it'd be easier to just give it a try (you can play it for free with majority of content locked behind a subscription fee). Don't touch Runescape 3 because that one is more reminiscent of a chinese mobile game


Anonymous 7268[Reply]

do you guys use zepeto ?
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Anonymous 16752

cute styling and cute games + nice scenery

Anonymous 16762

Post avi plz, I love games like this,

Anonymous 16770

What a nice completely empty official website… Why the hell do companies do that.

Anonymous 16831

I used it until it became impossible to earn any coins. It's only really playable if you're willing to spend money on it (which I'm not). I hate apps like this.

Anonymous 16932

I prefer to spend money on Genshin Impact then jesus christ. This is so outdated and I know its like a Korean game but it looks bad.


Youtube Anonymous 16756[Reply]

Does anyone have a youtube channel? Or does anyone humor the idea of starting a channel? What would you want to be as your content?

Anonymous 16768

I had the idea to write lyrics to video game music ost and sing it along. I like writing lyrics.


Anonymous 14680[Reply]

Does anyone else here fear they will end up just like Jan from the office at some point?
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Anonymous 14785


If you are single but with money you can buy a racoon in a hostclub in Japan or Korea. Do not worry. Keep grinding.

Anonymous 15370

I'm insane and single. It sucks, but it sucks less than fucking someone unattractive or getting abused.

Anonymous 15460

Anonymous 16351

>It sucks, but it sucks less than fucking someone unattractive or getting abused.
Amen. I think I could accept being single forever if it means I never have to experience that.

Anonymous 16739

The older we get the less we can wait around and we must take active role which is fine by me plenty of qt younger racoons are into assertive women. One must never give up their quest of love.


Prog thread Anonymous 6097[Reply]

Does /media/ listen to progressive rock? What are your favorite artists and albums? What do you like about prog? What you dislike about it?

Anonymous 6104

I listen to stuff in a vertical manner, meaning I mostly trawl discographies of my few favored artists/groups
While I appreciate all sorts of genres (horizontals), my only experience with prog rock is a short-lived act called Mandrake through Susumu Hirasawa, who is kind of my favorite

Anonymous 16544

wolf eel.jpg

I love the classical and medieval influences and dislike the overly long self-indulgent instrument wanking some groups do.
Gentle Giant is my favorite group because of their classical sensibility, focus and complexity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7Z2tOHaww8


Kpop Thread Anonymous 16016[Reply]

871 posts and 141 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17418

told you bitches that their leniency re:moids was a red flag

Anonymous 17427

not to mention they banned me as a "known spammer" for posting pictures of idols when other anons were doing the same

bitch there's no tea other than the same 6 recycled, old-ass topics and infighting/screeching is allowed but apparently posting pictures isn't

i just want our old thread back, im so tired of seeing the same 3 anons fight over "ur oppa uggo"

Anonymous 17430

kek you do realize that that's an automatic ban that happens if you use a VPN and the VPN IP is on the chan spam list right? happens to me all the time. your persecution complex is a bit wild

Anonymous 17439

i didnt use a vpn though…

Anonymous 17440

>i just want our old thread back, im so tired of seeing the same 3 anons fight over "ur oppa uggo"
way to out yourself as a newfag who's larping having been around for lc kpc threads because those threads were exactly that but on steroids


Fleabag Anonymous 14111[Reply]

Can someone explain the appeal of Fleabag? I tried watching the first one or two episodes a while ago and just didn't get it.

The main character is very mean. She steals from her family, gives customers the wrong food intentionally, scares her bf with a knife, etc. Yet we're supposed to feel sorry for her that her friend died and she has no money?

On top of that, the main actress constantly looks like she is constantly smelling something bad. It's really distracting.

Anonymous 14126

The writer/main actress is corny af just a woman from a traditional posh family pretending she's an edgy commoner with a relatable lifestyle… the problem is that she doesn't normal normal ppl lives that's why she writes that unhinged shit

Anonymous 15497

I wanted to watch it and like it but I couldn’t even get through the first episode.

Anonymous 15559

>Yet we're supposed to feel sorry for her that her friend died and she has no money?

No, not necessarily. Not everything needs to be a fairy tale or set up to allow you to self insert. Shitty people exist and sometimes they aren't the villains of someone else's story. These people, along with the bad decisions they make, can be the focus every once in a while.

Anonymous 15562

Same. I cringed and turned it off less than halfway through.

Anonymous 15933

I understand that but there has to be something likeable about them. She's not funny or charming. Her being sad about her friend was just irritating after many other annoying things. Like you're supposed to not have compassion for anyone in the show except her?

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