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Graphics Novels and Non Marvel/DC Comics Anonymous 1317[Reply]

Let's talk about graphic novels and non-marvel comics (Image, Vertical, etc.). Discuss your favorite graphic novels, dole out recommendations, or diss that comic where you can't believe their artist got hired for even one job.
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Anonymous 3416


As I was walking past a kiosk today I noticed a Dylan Dog comic and I thought "wtf he is so handsome" so I decided to look it up and I found old volumes of it online! Awesome, it really seems like my kind of story.
I really wish I'd checked out all those comics sooner, my parents would sometimes mention the comics they used to read (and those are still the same comics being sold now), it would have been so fun to wait in anticipation for each new volume, and maybe talk to my friends about them.

Anonymous 3417


I like Serenity Rose.
That was the first American-made comic I ever picked up.
The artist's style has changed over the years (and his story-telling has matured) but I still have a real soft spot for the original chapters.

Anonymous 3418

where are you reading it online? i found one site but everything is in italian.

Anonymous 3419

Well the site I found is Bosnian, and I looked around for an english version for you but I couldn't find anything either… It's kind of weird you can't find an english version anywhere yet there are several bosnian versions

Anonymous 3440

I think it's bc Italian comics were more popular in former Yugoslavia than the rest of the world.

Screenshot from 20…

Feel movies Anonymous 3382[Reply]

Hey CC.
I'm in a mood to feel things. Can you recommend some depressing or "touching" movies? I'd like to regret my whole life and feel like garbage tonight. I don't like anime but I'll accept that too. I'd like dramatic things. I don't have any depressing movie posters so please make do with the draft of a blue woman.
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Anonymous 3395

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
Love Exposure (a happy ish ending but the middle is quite… wow.)
My Rainy Days
Roman Holiday
American Beauty

Anonymous 3397

why roman holiday? i loved that one.

Anonymous 3414

The Orphanage
Shutter Island

Anonymous 3431

Oh I really enjoyed it too! The ending was realistic, but sad. They had a great time exploring the city and gettinf to know each other, but they have to part because of their different positions in life. Such partings are more sorrowful to me than unamicable ones, imo.

Anonymous 3438

Lost in translation


Help the technologically challenged Anonymous 3347[Reply]

I've grown up being told I don't know what I need when it comes to computers and technology and to rely on men for those things. It always ends up screwing me over because surprise surprise, men don't always know what's fucking best for me. I want to know these things myself, but I know I'd get dismissed by people I know, and it's really embarrassing to ask strangers for help with these things that I should I already know.

I have a laptop I bought a long time ago that a male family member told me to buy because "I don't need anything fancy", (even though I told him I'm looking for a laptop to play video games on). Of course it's shit and it can't run any video games without shutting down. I want to buy a new one but I don't actually know what's good and what isn't. Ideally I'd like a budget friendly but still good laptop I can play video games on. What should I look for? What are considered reasonable prices? Any recommendations?
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Anonymous 3352

Video game laptops are not a real thing, they are only a marketing tool to trick 12 year olds with wealthy parents to pay a shitload of money for a bad laptop.
What do you specifically want to on your laptop? If you find games really important, you should get a regular laptop if you want to play older games/emulator stuff, and build a desktop (this sounds hard but it isn’t) if you want to properly play new games.

Anonymous 3353

Definitely get a desktop.
And >>3349 is correct and better for you long term.

Anonymous 3398

Don't build a desktop.
It's a pain in the ass and not really worth it. If you want a desktop buy one of those new dell inspiron gaming desktops or a lenovo yoga 720 or even a good dell inspiron 7000.
Just don't buy a macbook (unless you're ok with buying a used one).
And if you have money to burn just buy a razer blade or a dell XPS.

Anonymous 3428

Wrong. Building a desktop is worth it if you have any concept of value for money or quality parts. It's only not worth it if you struggle with the physical building part, which is easily solved by paying a computer store to do it. The amount you pay them won't be anywhere near as much as you save compared to a prebuilt computer.

Anonymous 3429

>which is easily solved by paying a computer store to do it
also, guides online and/or mobo instruction booklet


brawl is actual god-tier Anonymous 3307[Reply]

fuk u melee, brawl is where it's at.

Anonymous 3308

Fuck brawl, melee will always be better

Anonymous 3322


fuk both, OG always wins

Anonymous 3329

Best stage
Also really cool game
Meh, the achievements were a bit overdone, but hay, it's SSB

Anonymous 3412


>everyone I know likes melee better
>always end up playing brawl instead
how does this happen??


Favorite AMVs? Anonymous 3402[Reply]

A friend of mine showed me this AMV yesterday and I can't get it out of my head:
I also really like this one

I love it when people take the time to make an AMV that actually syncs well with the song and fits with the moments showed instead of being just a compilation of scenes with a random song slapped on it.

Anonymous 3403

Anonymous 3404

Anonymous 3405

Oh boy here i come. Many of you will know these ones.



That song always can make me a little happyer and i don't know how it does it.


This one must have been a ton of work

and last but not least one of my all time favorite
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Anonymous 3302[Reply]

Let's talk about anime -dere types and other moe character archetypes. What are your favorites, least favorites, or ones you personally identify with?
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Anonymous 3337


I typically enjoy yandere, sadodere and hinedere characters. Yangire are interesting in theory, but usually they just end up being annoying as balls. I can forgive that though because most of the other types in moeshit and ecchi anime are even worse.

Anonymous 3344

Tsundere all the way.Asuka is my favourite female character of all time.I love their sence of pride.

Anonymous 3354


Good written tsundere boys are the best thing

I also like many chuunibyou characters but not the ones that are too obnoxious like the ones from Chuu2Koi

Anonymous 3367


It's nice to see some sadodere love, despite Nakamura being the best of the lot I've seen and enjoyed.
I have a strange affection for Nagatoro and find her honourably pretty even when she makes some gross expressions that I no doubt the author is into and her sadistic quantities are toned down in the manga.
Seeing her drop her spaghetti hard when she gets so happy she drops her social mask is priceless.
Bifauxen, orekko and "walk on the wild side" nee-sans are also types I like and I enjoy a good kuudere when she's well written ie Reina. I find their mysterious charm, sleek streamlined looks and quiet passion attractive but feel let down if her trust in other people is "unlocked" by a man and they aren't allowed to do it themselves in letting intimate relationships re-enter their lives.

Anonymous 3383


yes i agree with classic tsundere boys
i can identify with them the most, even though it really gets on my nerves when people irl are dishonest with their feelings


Favorite western comedy animations Anonymous 624[Reply]

Seeing as Rick and Morty is enjoying huge popularity, I'm hoping it'll become less cringe to admit to watching animated comedy shows. They're usually known for shit plots and bad writing but I genuinely enjoy some of these shows that I think are well-produced with great writers. So happy the seth macfarlane era is over.

Current fav is Bojack Horseman, once I found out the script was originally written for human characters (but netflix pushed for the animal gimmick), I was able to get into the plot and got invested in the characters. Although Rick and Morty is also an incredible show, I actually think Bojack deals with the theme of depression/nihilism a lot better. Both are top favorites though.

Other favs:
>Moral Orel
>The boondocks
>Black Dynamite
>Archer (depending on the season)
>King of the Hill (early seasons)
>Simpsons (only very early seasons)
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Anonymous 3369

Thanks for posting, anon! I didn't know the trailer for season five was out and I'm off to watch it now.

I really disliked the first season, but from season two onward Bojack Horseman became one of my favourite animated shows. The writing is so good and I really love all the background gags. True kino.

Anonymous 3371

I could have written this post myself! I'm so excited for the new season!

I might watch Matt's new show even though I don't have high expectations for it.

Anonymous 3372

I like Rick and Morty and Bojack too. I wish the fanbase for rick and morty wasn't so cringe though, it really is a good show..

Anonymous 3375

That's what really ruins Rick and Morty for me
Especially irl fans

Anonymous 3378


The quality of the animation, the level of detail, the writing, I love everything about this show


Children Media Anonymous 1497[Reply]

Let's talk about our favorite media that's mainly targeted at children

Disney movies, cartoons, games and even toys/collectibles in general

The genre itself, the adult fanbase andthe possible stigma around it can also be discussed.
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Anonymous 2646

The Ducktales remake is good! It's the only 90s show remake that doesn't make me cringe

I'm watching Miraculous Ladybug as well but the writing feels so inconsistent lately and the creator's holier-than-thou attitude on Twitter makes me so annoyed

Anonymous 2685


Been watching Tangled: The Series and it's absolute kino. Actual plot, dark storylines, lore, the best twist villain ever. Cute characters, a sense of story, fair share of action and emotional scenes, it's everything I could ever ask for in a movie spin-off series. I highly recommend it

Anonymous 2686


Also Alan Menken songs.
The cast is overall just really talented.
This cute little boi is voiced by Jeremy Jordan from Newsies

Anonymous 3366


Fuck I started watching the Adventure Time "epilogue" to the finale set to the outro song before watching the finale.

I stupidly realized, but now going to watch the end now.

Anonymous 3368


The end of an era. It wrapped up so nicely while still being open-ended.


Anonymous 3856[Reply]

What multiplayer games off steam would /b/ recommend to a clinically depressed person?
8 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3865

Monster Prom? I love dating sims and the idea of a multiplayer one is really fun imo.

Anonymous 3866


I lost the motivation to play after the first two years, sadly. It's a nice game though.

Anonymous 3867

You should look into the story rich genre so you get hooked in and distracted from your mental health issues

Anonymous 3868

Battle for Azeroth is the new WoW xpac and it’s amazing and you should definitely join us~~~~

Anonymous 3869

How does it compare to WoD? It's the last xpax I played and it bored me so much I wasn't even interested in Legion.

Does CC have a guild or anything on WoW?


ASMR Anonymous 1427[Reply]

Do any miners enjoy ASMR?

I checked it a few years ago after hearing about it in passing. And I listen to it almost every night when falling asleep.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts about it, enjoy it, dislike it, chat about the ASMR community (those weird sexually charged videos?), youtubes demonetization of ASMR, ASMR artists you enjoy, etc etc etc

Use this thread for everything ASMR!
9 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 1905

A friend of mine has been told he has a good voice for ASMR, and I'd probably agree. That sorta low speaking into your ear kinda voice using a microphone is weirdly soothing to listen to. Maybe I'll tell him to try it out, I might want to hear it.

Anonymous 1906

I don't understand it and I don't enjoy it

Anonymous 1907


I like teacher roleplay ASMR videos with cute girls. I wish someone would do a virtual idol ASMR channel where they roleplay as a cute anime teacher so I can finally experience Japanese school life.

Anonymous 1912

I don't get ASMR but I really like this video.

Anonymous 3330

Asmr Zeitgeist is my go to guy. I love how he has a small section of talking at the start and then the few words here and there in the videos
His accent is cute too

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