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Anonymous 5904[Reply]

i just began watching anime. ive only watched Himouto! Umaru-chan and Haikyuu. Can you recommmend some anime?
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Anonymous 5917

I typically just sort by popularity on anime streaming sites. Results vary. Often times, it's popular for good reason, but others, not so much. I can't understand why One Piece is so popular. Sometimes I'm surprised how much I end up liking something that didn't sound like it would match my taste. Haikyuu!!, for example.

Anyways, for a funny recommendation: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Anonymous 5932


School Rumble's one of my favorite romance ones that I've watched. There's also Kamisama Kiss that I recently started watching and I've been loving it so far. Arakawa under the bridge was pretty good too.

Anonymous 5933

I saw Sol Levante.

It reminded me of this, except updated with twice the length, and about a hundred times more details.

Anonymous 5934

I really liked this one, Japanese humor is so strange

Anonymous 5974

cute 2.jpg

For a beginner getting into anime I recommend:

- Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou (karekano) for a sweet romcom, however the last few episodes aren't great since the director left the production.

- Hunter x hunter 2011 for the best shounen of all time imo

- K-on for a cute slice of life show

- Angel beats for an emotional drama and comedy

Hope you have a good time with anime, just go with whatever peaks your interest :)


Lost in Translation Anonymous 5384[Reply]

Images, thoughts, etc

>Do you think they ever saw each other again?
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Anonymous 5394

I think Bill Murray is an asshole and is the sole reason we got that abomination of a Ghostbusters reboot instead of a Ghostbusters 3.

Anonymous 5395

Nah, he knew it would have sucked. Ghostbusters 2 was basically a remake of Ghostbusters 1. We don't need to see it for a third time.

Anonymous 5955

Anonymous 5956

Japanese trailer

Anonymous 5961



Mae West Anonymous 5957[Reply]

Any love for Mae West?

>Became a leading lady in her 40s

>Wrote every line she said on screen

Anonymous 5958


Anonymous 5959


Anonymous 5960



Parasite (2019) Anonymous 5788[Reply]

What did you think of Parasite? I recently watched it with my bf, and then again with my mom. It was not bad, but honestly it wasn't as ground breaking as people claim it was. The idea itself was actually creative, I'll give it that much, and the message it carries is not an entirely bad one either.

Spoilers ahead (it's just me chimping about a particular part of the film):

Honestly the fact that one of the subplots was Da-hye (who is 17 at best, though most people say she's 16) and Kiwoo (who's at least 21, but could be 23) getting into a relationship just ruined to whole film for me. I don't know how the producer can be so highly regarded when he's putting this on the big screen out of all things.

Like, I can't even begin to explain how disgusted I was when it all went there. I probably sound like a fucking chimp trying to type this all out, but the fact that my natural reflex to it was disgust and continuously saying what the fuck at the screen really says something.

Other than that, though, it would've been a really good movie, if it wasn't for

that plot twist with Moon-gwang's husband just going apeshit. Honestly made no proper sense to me. Like, I get it, he respects Mr. Park as some kind of deity from heaven and knows what's going on with the Kims, but I feel like that subplot I mentioned above is the same as this part of the movie, where it's just in to be in, for the shock value, or whatever. Sure, it was really fucking unexpected and I was honestly kind of taken aback by it, but it felt.. unnecessary..? I don't know.

I have a huge girl crush on Park So-dam (Ki-jung) because of her character in the film.
What are your thoughts?
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Anonymous 5796


Loved it. Simple enough idea executed masterfully, with plenty of cultural, interpersonal, and political nuances.

I knew nothing about it going in so that probably helped too.

Didn't care about the inappropriate age relationship. But I'm a degenerate European so what do I know?

Anonymous 5797

I'm from the UK and I never considered people would find anything wrong with relationships where one person is 16-17 and the other is in their twenties until recently when it has kept coming up online. I knew the US had a high age of consent but I thought it was like the drinking age where it was something people didn't actually care about. I was really surprised to see that people take it so seriously, like being disgusted at the very idea like OP was.

Anonymous 5798

Americans really are strict when it comes to age of consent.

Anonymous 5801

I'm OP, also from Europe. It's also common here (what >>5797 said), but I've always been heavily against it.

Anonymous 5954

Except when it comes to marriage. It's pretty common for young girls to forced to marry their rapist there.


Chinese-American movies Anonymous 5359[Reply]

This is probably pretty niche but does anyone else love movies about Chinese-American families? Especially those made in the 90s (or there abouts)?

I'm not even Chinese or American but I love how close the families are and how the Americanised children struggle to connect with their strict tradtional Chinese parents.

Some of my favourites are early Ang Lee's Pushing Hands (1991) and The Wedding Banquet (1993), Eat a Bowl of Tea (1989), Saving Face (2004), and of course The Joy Luck Club (1993).

Anonymous 5360

I've only watched the joy luck club once out of those when I was a teenager. My Chinese friends watched it with me and it was interesting how there was things I didn't know that shocked them or they could relate to (the scene with the American boyfriend adding more sauce/seasoning to the Mother's food).
But also the stories felt very hardening and that have stuck in my mind, like the depressed mother who accidentally drowned her son.
Maybe I'll have a watch again because I don't exactly remember the ending if I even got to see it.

Anonymous 5371

Sounds interesting anon, thanks for the tips. I will definitely look them up.
Are they chinese productions, do they speak chinese?

Anonymous 5373

I think they're all a mix of spoken Chinese and English, with Chinese-American directors. Usually they speak Chinese when the family is together and English when talking to people outside of the community.

Ang Lee has another early movie that makes up a sort of trilogy with Pushing Hands and The Wedding Banquet called Eat Drink Man Woman (1994) which is set in Taiwan and is all in Chinese. The Joy Luck Club has the most English.

Anonymous 5943


OP here. I enjoyed Secret Sharer (2014), The Farewell (2019), Shanghai Calling (2012), Farewell China (1990), and Meditation Park (2017) recently.

Crazy Rich Asians (2018) was ok but a bit bland, same for A Thousand Years of Good Prayers (2007) and Siao Yu (1995).

I disliked Chinese Box (1997), Shanghai Kiss (2007), Dim Sum Funeral (2008), and Falling for Grace (2006). Tried Flowers of War (2011) but gave up half way as too much action. I prefer these movies to be slow.

Anonymous 5944

Forgot about Double Happiness (1994) and Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity (2002). The first was good, the second was more of a children's film.


Maerea 5897[Reply]

have any of you seen midsommar? if you havent you definetly should

Anonymous 5898

I finally saw it yesterday and I have conflicting opinions on the characters and their intentions and the whole commune itself.
I've seen people praising Dani and from her pov I didn't have a problem with her sacrificing her asshole bf but technically he was drugged and raped no matter how much of an asshole he was which from the viewers perspective is supposed create at least a bit of empathy for the jackass.
Not sure what the internet's opinion on Pelle is but I really disliked him because he acted kind towards Dani yet he lied to her and the rest of the gang. What's the purpose of tricking people into going there, I'm sure some people would love to break from their current life and live in a weird pagan commune like that using their own free will, why the need for manipulating. Like at the point of life where Dani was, I'm sure she might've actually accepted if Pelle had brought up the idea to her, instead of lying and deceiving. I know it's supposed to be a disturbing movie and all but idk all this family bullshit means jack shit if you're going to deceive people into staying, I'm sure some people would find the whole concept of death/rebirt/circle of life shit beautiful and inspiring.

Anonymous 5905

i don't know why but the colors in the movie gave me a headache, literally. Both Hereditary and this one made me feel like that.

cult docs Anonymous 5736[Reply]

i love cult documentaries.

- holy hell
- wild wild country
- the source family
- going clear
- anything about fundamentalist christos
- anything about white nationalist cultic groups/behaviors
- this show i found on youtube about extreme mormonist groups

>What are you favorites?

>Do they ever make you want to join one?
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Anonymous 5741

Reading up on Quiverful it doesn't seem like a cult to me, I don't see anything about a structure or leadership on the wikipedia article. Am I missing something?
As for the other I don't see anything that portrays it as strictly "fundamentalist".
>you were sure quick to get defensive though.
And now you're being defensive about using a word wrong.

Anonymous 5748

It seems like people who want to live like this are just attention seeking. They stand out more because they’re so different, and they love that attention.

I was raised in a Christian cult, and received a lot of backlash from my dad when I left. He tried to take control of my finances to prevent me from becoming independent. It’s sad that I need to censure my conversation with my family…but I just don’t think like they do. I would rather have freedom than be closely monitored. I’ve finally escaped, and I live 1,000s of miles away from them now. I just struggle with forgetting them.

Anonymous 5749


yeah, the FLDS ladies speak about that – they are told to look distinctive in this particular way (prarie dresses, weird bouffant hair) in order to reject "worldliness" and proudly show their religion.

I'm really glad you got out and feel more free now. How long have you been out?

Anonymous 5885

My favourite ones are about the Aum Shinrikyo group that attacked Tokyo's subway network with nerve gas among other things. They let only one journalist into their everyday operations after the incident. There are two documentaries A (1998) and A2 (2001) which I managed to torrent. Someone managed to upload the first one onto youtube.

Never felt like joining one to address OP's question.

Anonymous 5899

what is your definition of "fundamentalist"? Are you taking it as "fundamental" beliefs of Christiany, as in "original" or "root" principles? I believe OP used fundamentalist as in radical, excessive and with practices or beliefs that are incompatible with a given society's ethical values. In that case yes, there are many.


Anonymous 5218[Reply]

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Anonymous 5227

He's one of the top 100 traders though. There is alot of time to invest into networking and getting a desired reputation

Anonymous 5228

Yeah I figure, still pretty cool tho

Anonymous 5229

>Used to often get drunk and open crates because I had money
>Have a bunch of shit stockpiled for a future cashout
>Also ask friends who quit the game for their crates for shits and giggles (low key hoping that the winter crates become openable with rewards for hoarding them)
>End up with dozens of the affected crates
>Sell them off and open a bunch of unusuals
The rate was not ten percent. It was one hundred percent. Every item pulls from crates 1-18, and two 80 somethings resulted in an unusual. The market was not really "killed" due to the TF team locking down the trading servers same day and announcing their changes the following week. Still a massive shitshow.

Anonymous 5234

My bad, must have been a typo. Afaik they didnt shut down the servers (right away) but made the uncrated unusuals untradeable. That also didnt happen asap though, thats when most hats got sold on the market or bp.tf. Take what I say with a grain of salt because I literally slept through the entire ething. The trader "main" fallout/meltdown was hilarious

Anonymous 5890


MMORPG Anonymous 5833[Reply]

What MMO's is crystal cafe into? I used to play a low of WoW but it really is not what it used to be. I played Elder Scrolls Online, also Lord of The Rings Online was fun. But recently I have been playing a lot of Guild Wars 2 I find it to be very beautiful and artistic, such that a lot of scenes are just so pretty i take a seat and admire the view.

Does anyone else play games like these?
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Anonymous 5856

It's definitely past its peak in terms of activity, but there's still typically a few close to full or full servers when I play it every now and again.

Anonymous 5858


I started playing Ultima Online about 7 years ago and it's still the only MMO I keep coming back to.

Anonymous 5869

I love FFXIV, everything about its world and story and systems have me enchanted

Anonymous 5870


Would anybody be interested in playing together or maybe making a guild in one of them? The only reason i don't play anymore is because i don't have anyone to play with.

Anonymous 5887

Private server TBC wow

But its now towards the end, currenly 4 bosses in sunwell unlocked

Christian Gorenoise Anonymous 5886[Reply]

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