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Does anybody else really like AOT? Anonymous 17819[Reply]

I guess I just want to ramble about my favorite pairing(s) and the story itself. How it'll end, theories, all that jazz.

Surely there's somebody here just as obsessed and crazy about it as me?
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Anonymous 17850

Well, seems like we did get shirtless Eren heheh…though I'm starting to dislike him so I can't rejoice too much. I don't read the manga so I'm really curious as to what's gonna happen next. Zeke and his motives are particularly confusing to me…was he really the good guy all along? What do you think? Anyway, I'm glad we got a more restful episode for once. It answered some questions and I couldn't have taken another character death lol.

Anonymous 17851

Ah Zeke's an interesting character. Even as a manga reader, knowing what happens… I really don't know if he's good or bad. You know how it is, AOT characters are always so complicated. I guess whether he's good or bad, I like him. He wants to be a good person, at least… That's more that can be said for some.

I'm really happy with the episode too. It was just cozy I think. I'm sad Sasha and Niccolo's relationship was introduced, considering how things turned out. Have you got a favorite character, anon?

Anonymous 17861

This show is made for men by men. Why even bother?

Anonymous 17862

What? That's false. It's fine if you dislike it because you don't like it but it's not because of your sex.

Anonymous 17864

huh? i understand why someone would complain about misogyny and objectification of women in anime but aot is definitely not the show to back up your argument.


Anonymous 17465[Reply]

what movies would you suggest to someone going through a break up? music recs are ok too, but i've already got plenty of break up music
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Anonymous 17505

the big lebowski

Anonymous 17765

Anonymous 17801


I know this is a month old, but when I went through a breakup the pain lasted for several months so I’ll add an addition. I went through a horrible breakup in 2020 and I found this youtube series called On Cinema with Tim Heidecker. It’s so hilarious it instantly cheered me up. I also recommend the youtube miniseries Sex House and Porkin Across America. Really, anything funny can give me a will to live!

Anonymous 17807

Kinda normie of me but I watched The Good Place after my first breakup with someone I really loved. It was a nice, positive escape from the pretty much constant pain. GL anon

Anonymous 17837

Watch "Dead to Me" With Christina Applegate.


Love on the Spectrum Anonymous 6690[Reply]

anyone seen this show? what did you think?

Ive only seen half the first episode so far. I dont know how I feel. they seem to be mostly "weird" "childlike" "cringe" stereotypes so far. not really the kind of representation I want tbh…
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Anonymous 6965

Raising a kid is about more than patience though, some teachers or nannies are awesome at staying with kids for x hours but would be awful full time parents.

Someone in the lower end of the spectrum may not have the emotional "fluency" necessary, and sensory overload is an issue. I can function well and i like kids too, but i would not be able to explain or express certain things regarding emotions and social norms, the kid would grow up stunted in that sense. I also need to take breaks sometimes and stress can just break me and make me less functioning, for a kid that depends on you that will already be damaging, now factor in people who can't stand hugs or loud noises.

Anonymous 6968

I generally find that most autists are far more patient, accommodating and easy-going than normies.
What they aren't is exciting, spontaneous, charming, etc. the fun qualities that make social connections possible and easy to make.

Anonymous 17834

As a high functioning autist I really don't want to be associated with low functioners. They honestly make me feel second hand embarrassment and disgust.

Anonymous 17835

I also share this opinion but even with mid functioning autists. I know it is not their fault but seriously fuck ever trying to have a conversation with one about anything but their weird interest.

Anonymous 17836

Yess. I’d say Chris chan is mid-functioning. They’re just so embarrassing and extremely uncomfortable to be around. Just their presence, even if they aren’t saying anything, is so uncomfortable.


Anonymous 17708[Reply]

Anyone here like Minecraft and want to be friends? We can create a server and play multi-player. I'm 26 years old from Canada, I like drawing and fashion and making friends. Were I live is currently locked down so let's play together! Maybe we can get a group going.

Anonymous 17710


godspeed, go find those diamonds

Anonymous 17830

I'd be interested personally. How does one make a server?

Anonymous 17832

there are hosting services where you just pay them $10 a month or something
i have used a couple hosting services and i have some apexmc servers right now


Pokemon Anonymous 454[Reply]

What is your favorite pokeman?
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Anonymous 17130


Anonymous 17135


I think it has to be between Minccino and Salamance but the Dragapult line is really getting up there for me. I love how Drakloak dotes on Dreepy but as soon as it evolves into Dragapult it's using them as missiles.

Anonymous 17137


this freakin ORB

Anonymous 17256

Exactly one year. And here I am again. Who knew that hope could be such a powerful force. One little interaction. One little year. And even after everything I am still driven by that little shred of hope. Friendship is one thing that you can never get back once its gone. No matter how short it was. Friendship is something that impacts your life and forever changes you… atleast that’s what it is for me. Without ever even being given a chance, while extending nothing but a chance this is the way things end. But that hope is still there for me. I wish it would go away.. but hope is a burden as well as a guide… damn it all. But I still wish we could’ve traded that bannet or drifloon even after all this I would have done it in a heartbeat. I don’t really know how to give up… sorry.


Anonymous 17796


I like a lot of Pokemon though Pachirisu is super cute!


BNHA Anonymous 4120[Reply]

A thread for the discussion (and memes) of BNHA. I know some of you have to be reading this. And if you're not, you can give it a try below.
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Anonymous 4172

LOL well fuck, Hi again

Anonymous 4173



Hi again! sorry if it seems that I'm stalking you lol

So are you planning to rework the current chapters you've already written or update the story with a new chapter, anon?

Anonymous 4174

Honestly both. I so desperately want to just release the new chapter already. So I'll most likely release the chapter first and then rework the earlier chapters. And by the time the next chapter is up the others should be finished.

Anonymous 4176


>Idk how anyone enjoys it anymore.
I'm keeping up with it in hopes it gets better. Putting aside his sexualization of the female characters (which I honestly don't mind, I'm gay and they're cartoons w/c) he's completely given up on writing them. Ochako hasn't seen good development since the Bakugou incident.

And speaking of development I'm not too fond of the way Hori is handling arcs and his villains…I'm desperately wishing for him to use them in an interesting way and give us a plot that'll make me worry about something rather than yet another tourney/rescue arc

Anonymous 17793


Agree and same.

self meme.png

Self Anonymous 17781[Reply]

Fill out the sheet on yourself! You don't have to do everything, obviously, or put in a lot of detail. It's just for fun : D

Anonymous 17782

ri - Scared Kermit…

shitshitshit i meant to put this in /b/ how do i move it

Anonymous 17788

it’s ok anon just repost

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 17789

Moved to >>>/b/75005.


Yuri/Shoujo Ai written by women Anonymous 17608[Reply]

please i need things to read, bonus if it’s from 1960s-70s
picrel is oniisama e by riyoko ikeda

Anonymous 17734


That Time I was Blackmailed by the Green Tea Bitch is pretty good. There's only three chapters out right now, but it already appeals to me a lot more than most yuri I've tried to read

Anonymous 17735


Run Away With Me, Girl by Battan is really good imo. It’s about these girls who were dating in high school, but broke up when they graduated. They end up meeting again years later, and one of them is engaged to a man. I love the art style and it’s really sweet.

Anonymous 17747

people actually replied, i’m so happy
i’ll definitely check those out

Anonymous 17751


Haru to Midori is really sweet! It's a bit short but it's well written.

Anonymous 17780

seconding this, it's really good


Anonymous 8597[Reply]

can we get an updated "music discovered" thread for 2020? i'm sure you guys have discovered something shareable, all genres welcome.
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Anonymous 17757

It seems like a weird time to get into it, but I've been listening to a lot of "rave" (is this even the right word to even use for this…?) music. Some of it is just gorgeous, really emotional, you get swept up in it quickly. I can understand how exhilirating it would be to dance to it, just "lose yourself", you know?

Anonymous 17764

Anonymous 17766

one of the many treasures ive found via IT Crowd

Anonymous 17767

And PLEASE let me know if anyone knows any songs similar to it in terms of the sound and having decent lyrics

Anonymous 17768

I really like the sound of it
I know it's "Motown" but I haven't been able to find songs similar to to


Anonymous 17752[Reply]

Does anyone else hate the recent trend of merchandise being used in films as props? Like instead of having a high quality movie prop and then copying it to sell, they make a lower quality piece of merchandise and use that. I can always spot them immediately and they take me out of the film.

Anonymous 17753


The Twilight sequels are the first movies I can remember doing it.

Anonymous 17754


Contrast the Ravenclaw diadem with Mia’s tiara from The Princess Diaries. Mia’s looks almost like a real royal tiara.

Anonymous 17755


Look at the detail in Arwen’s tiara. Clearly not merchandise. Beautiful but not distracting. If this had been made more recently, she would have had some horrible clunky thing.

Anonymous 17756


Awful. She’s supposed to be an Arab princess but looks really tacky.

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