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Using Mic in online games Anonymous 24010[Reply]

I've been playing multiplayer online games for a long time but only recently got into ones with voice and started to be on mic

I am now so sick and tired of all these moids, their idiotic questions (are you a girl? Are you a girl??) and how disgusting they are

Has anyone found a solution other than just to mute yourself and/or others? I don't want to be on mute because I sometimes find people that are okay and I want to win at the game.

Should I just learn how to fake a guys voice?

Sorry if this should've been in feels (as a vent)
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Anonymous 24020

What games do y'all play? I have a feeling that this shit happens a lot more common in zoomer games like Valorant or more 'boys club' team games like CS:GO.
Granted, I haven't played games with voice chat in years besides Escape From Tarkov and weirdly enough I've only had a negative interaction due to being a woman maybe two or three times over the years.

Anonymous 24021

The main game I'm referring to is a VR one so I guess it's very zoomer
Around half of the matches are bad experiences
I would like to say it's because there is no age verification and 2/3 of the players are under 16 but the older players are the same ratio of "okay people" to "crap misogynist"

Anonymous 24023

Can't you just tell us what the game is? Are you embarrassed? Is it Fortnite, it sounds like Fortnite.

Anonymous 24028

Fornite isnt VR
It's not that it's embarrassing but I don't want moids that monitor this imageboard to potentially go to the game

Anonymous 24030

I guess that's understandable, especially if it isn't a very popular game.


Hetalia Anonymous 16763[Reply]

Since new season of Hetalia anime has been announced for spring 2021, why not have a Hetalia thread?
There must be anons here who are/were into Hetalia.

Who is your favorite country?

What do you ship?

How long have you been into Hetalia? Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point? Are you going to check out the new material? Best/worst memories from the old Hetalia fandom days?
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Anonymous 23737

Omg this pic used to do things to me every time I looked at it. I'd even go as far as to say that it had a strong impact on my young teenage mind and permanently gave me a fetish for men in disheveled clothes, and especially formal clothes and uniforms. Sorry for the TMI post, this just used to be one of my favorite pics ever, though nowadays it has barely any effect on me.
This was one of my favorite Hetalia artists back in the day, too (even though I didn't like Germancest that much kek) she always drew Germany beautifully.
What I remember about the artist is that she was Chinese and deleted her Pixiv gallery, I think. In fact all 3 of my favorite Hetalia artists drew uke Germany lol
Such nostalgia

Anonymous 23742

lol glad my post brought you some uh … nostalgia!

Anonymous 23859

>Who is your favorite country?


>What do you ship?

i have many ships i like but my favorites are gerita, geruk, rusame, and some others.

>How long have you been into Hetalia?

ahh, it's been about 11 years now! im still very much into it, you could call it a special interest. i still collect germany merch when i have the money and keep up with the japanese fandom since i speak japanese. doujin is pretty cheap so i get it shipped to me often. i also roleplay almost everyday still!

>Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 23938

I would love to have more Hetalia old fans to talk to if you're ok with sharing your contact info!

Anonymous 24027



images (30).jpeg

Is synthwave considered pop? Anonymous 23642[Reply]

Genuinely curious, music connoisseur anons please help! what is your take on it? +any songs you'd recommend?
I only know home's resonance and a couple other of the most popular tracks

Anonymous 24017


LeBrock - Hangin On
LeBrock - Rush
LeBrock - Dangerous Dreams
Dynatron - Pulse Power
The Midnight - Vampires
FM86 - Running in the Night

LeBrock is one of my favorite artists right now, gorgeous stuff

I wouldn't call myself a connoisseur by any means (I'm mostly a metalhead) but those four groups/artists I listed make very solid, gorgeous music

Anonymous 24026

Chilwave slushwave vaporwave mallsoft which wave are we really talking about though


it's always sunny in philadelphia Anonymous 23960[Reply]

i'm currently obsessed with this show
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Anonymous 23978


he's like an overly excited squirrel

Anonymous 23979


samefagging but i'm in love

Anonymous 23980

Only have foggy memories of binge-watching this show, but my favorite eps were the one where they drive out of Philly in a U-Haul, the St. Patrick's one where they catch a "leprechaun", and the one where they're trapped in the closet of a cookie-cutter house in the suburbs. Least favorites would have to be any that heavily feature the Mcpoyle family or Rickety Cricket.

Have to admit—I almost stopped watching the show after the episode where the gang Extreme Home Makeover'd a Latino family's home. That episode made me feel depressed and nauseated without any laughs to smooth it over.

Anonymous 24009

I love this show so much, I hope it just keeps on going forever (as long as it's still funny

He's definitely the least horrible of the gang but I like that the creators enforced how bad of a person he still is in the episode "Charlie and Dee Find Love" where he's extremely cruel to the rich girl and they show just how creepy and bad his stalking of the waitress is

Anonymous 24022

In real life it would be a nightmare to be his partner yeeee


Vtubers Anonymous 17044[Reply]

How come the difference between male and female vtubers is so big? I'm not into them myself, but I keep seeing stuff. Checked a little and while the first girls broke 1 million, the guys all have less than 100k. I can come up with some explanations, but this difference just strikes me as insane.
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Anonymous 23336

I really love Vox's voice, but then the first things he plays are Smash and FNAF…

Anonymous 23556


Mysta is a full on retard and I'm here for it.

I know everyone is down bad for Vox but Mysta is just so sweet.

I normally only watch female vtubers but these boys are turning me into a full on fujo.

Anonymous 23932

Didn't realize they were planning another NijiEN boys group so soon.
Can't tell from the shit one liners, so will watch the debuts.

Anonymous 23951

I've seen people on twitter having a meltdown over the yellow haired one and the purple haired one, thought it was kinda amusing considering they haven't even debuted lol

Anonymous 23976

blue is actually a Japanese girl, sucks.
purple has that gay guy voice.

But brown is going to play Splinter Cell, and grey will play Cyberpunk and Ghostrunner, so I'll try them out.
And yellow has a cute accent.
Can't be assed to remember their names…


Anonymous 23926[Reply]

Do you think they would have been together forever once they got to New York if the Titanic didn't sink?

Anonymous 23927

No, she would have realised that she preferred being rich once the thrill wore off. She wouldn't want to have to work, live in a hovel and wear rags. She would have grown out of her bad boy stage and settled down with a Mr Boring (which she even did the in the movie).

Anonymous 23931

>bad boy stage
Jack is not a bad boy, though. Her fiance was the bad boy. Jack is the nice guy.

Anonymous 23936

He was a bad boy in that the wasn't the type she was supposed to go for and he did break the rules a little bit. Her fiance was just a jerk.

Anonymous 23914[Reply]

Sooo who else is oddly attracted to Tommy Lee now after watching this?


emo/cloud rap Anonymous 23803[Reply]

fav songs recently?
>drippin so pretty - live in hell everyday
>fatse - moving thru endless rooms
>93feetofsmoke - blood stains
>bladee - I think
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23863

You're not wrong

Anonymous 23870


Anonymous 23873

based Parappa enjoyer.
I played the games for the first time alst year, they're so fucking good and the music too, I've still got some songs stuck in my head.

Anonymous 23890

crack crack crack the egg into the bowl

Anonymous 23891

M.I.X the flour into the bow

Noise Thread Anonymous 23883[Reply]

*Noise ~ Harsh Noise ~ HNW ~ Power Electronics ~ Death Industrial ~ Gorenoise*

Anonymous 23885

Anonymous 23886

Anonymous 23887

Anonymous 23888

Punk Rock Anonymous 21950[Reply]

Which punk/pop punk/hardcore whatever bands do you like? Some of my favorites are Bad Religion, Ramones, New Found Glory, and Screeching Weasel

Anonymous 21952


Diesel Boy, Misfits, Lagwagon, Penetration, Ramones, Screeching Weasel, NOFX, Michale Graves, Bad Religion and The Offspring

Anonymous 23867


Anonymous 23869

Amebix, Dystopia (sorta),Tragedy, Misery, Disrupt, Void, Discharge, acxdc, Charles Bronson, Spazz, Infest, Antischism, Rape Revenge, Rite of Spring, Pg 99, I hate Sex, Night Witch, Closet Witch, Black Flag (ofc), Extreme Noise Terror, etc, etc

Patrician taste here.

Anonymous 23882

Lately just a lot of Fugazi

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