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Couples thread Anonymous 5287[Reply]

Post couples that are important to you!
Canon or not canon, straight or homosexual, any form of media.
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Anonymous 20939

The payday version of him is an interesting take on his character but it's not canon in my opinion. That being said, I don't think you're supposed to see him as human in the first place. He's supposed to be this soulless vessel void of any personality, so that the player can self-insert into him no matter who they are. Theoretically anyway, according to the developers of hotline miami themselves. I personally think Jacket has plenty of personality, demonstrated by the way he treats people around him.

Anonymous 21023


Anonymous 21146


Funny. I dislike Death Note nowadays after… 10 years? But I still love this couple.

Anonymous 21191

… why? Light was horrid to Misa. She should have just lived out her life with Rem who actually loved her instead.

Anonymous 21192



Yuri/Shoujo Ai written by women Anonymous 17608[Reply]

please i need things to read, bonus if it’s from 1960s-70s
picrel is oniisama e by riyoko ikeda
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Anonymous 17751


Haru to Midori is really sweet! It's a bit short but it's well written.

Anonymous 17780

seconding this, it's really good

Anonymous 21180


Hi, 17 chapters of this are out now and I don't know where else to talk about it. I still like it a lot, but I wouldn't say the writing is particularly "deep" or novel enough to recommend to people who aren't actively looking works that center a lesbian couple, but I kind of like it that way? I'm not even saying that well-composed plots and really emotional storylines are even. I really liked >>17735 and it was very well-written imo and the art was stunning, but there's something nice about the comparatively easy reading that comes with Green Tea Bitch. I dunno, I don't really read works where the main plot is romance, but Green Tea's sensibilities really just gel with my own.

The MC is pretty heavily implied to live in a broken home, but the way she (doesn't) cope with it along the way she reasons with herself and acts when it comes to trying to be friends with her love interest and not make her attraction obvious is pretty relatable. I also like how there's both realistically homophobic people and people like the love interest's mom (picrel) who, upon learning that her daughter is in love with her friend, is just embarrassed she didn't catch on sooner lol

Anonymous 21181

where can i read this
halp plzzz

Anonymous 21187


Anonymous 19650[Reply]

Which sensei is best sensei


Natsume (possessed by nyanko-sensei)

Anonymous 21171

Natsume Yuujinchou is amazing and not even Mushishi will top it. To answer your question: drunk on food Nyanko sensei is best!

Anonymous 21174


hair dryer sensei


Anonymous 20859[Reply]

What do you do to feel pretty?

I know I can look pretty, but I think feeling pretty might be better for me since I believe that the mental aspect of feeling good about myself is more important than just putting it on.

Some evenings I do a simple sudocrem facemask and out some oil in my hair. That makes me feel better about my appearance than putting on makeup or getting dressed up, likely because I've pampered myself.

Idk if this is weird but there are some specific albums that make me feel pretty when I listen to them
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Anonymous 20874

resonate with you, mask and sunglasses have been staples as of late until i can unfuck my appearance haha

Anonymous 20875

honestly, i cry
i feel the prettiest when i do ( glistening eyes and deep red blush thats natural and crimson red lips )

Anonymous 20876

Argyle socks.

That's it.

Anonymous 21170


This. I completely understand where you come from anon, feeling that your worth is tied to your appearance; it's a difficult thing to shake off and I feel you.

Read more feminist books (Gail Dines, Andrea Dowkins etc) and check out this list of habits if you ever want to break free from it: https://floatingbook.tumblr.com/post/188151256029/habit-shifts-list-practical-actions-that-can

For me, I like simple skincare (no makeup!) like washing my face and masking. I also like body scrubs and nice smells, or cuddling under a nice warm blanket. For clothes, instead of revealing ones, I like to wear comfortable yet fitting clothes, like soft knitwear and long skirts

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 21172

Moved to >>>/hb/12668.


Anime: Late Hours Edition Anonymous 17408[Reply]

What are you currently watching? Any shows you've dropped? What's in your backlog? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

A comfy thread to talk about anime, whether it about be your favorite anime to the worst fucking garbage you've ever seen.
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Anonymous 18161


Natsumei yujinchou

I didnt realize there was a movie until just now.. I'm so stoked~ 10 out of 10 stars from me, and I dont even like a lot of anime anymore. A rarely like anything that much.

I'm also trying to watch City Hunter. Even though the main character is infuriating, I like it because it reminds me of all the things I like about old anime. I loved vampire princess miyu. I LOVE old anime. I should have watched more when I was younger.

Anonymous 19589


Does anyone have recs for older anime (2010s)?

Anonymous 19590

Any specific genres you prefer?

Anonymous 20997

the rose withers.p…

I'm watching The Rose of Versailles. So far I'm liking it, but I kind of thought it would wow me more. Things are only going to get juicier, though.

Anonymous 21160

I cried watching HeartCatch Precure. It gave me such a strong feeling of nostalgia for the magical girl shows I used to watch when I was little. Especially Ojamajo Doremi, which I guess makes sense since they had the same character designer.


Anonymous 20779[Reply]

What female musical artist recommendations do you have? Mainly looking for noisepop, synthpop, witch house, Crystal Castles type stuff but without the moids.
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Anonymous 20807


The fuck? Do you mean synthpop? Is this some retarded zoomer term for it or something?

Anonymous 20815

Anonymous 20899

not really what you suggested but i highly recommend caroline polachek

Anonymous 21050

i don't listen to witch house anymore, but this song is nice

Anonymous 21157

>but without the moids
For fuck's sake I was going to recommend my favorite female-fronted synth/technopop bands and duos. Though they're all Hispanic. And I don't think you're looking for "bands" who are just singers and don't compose their own music, like Flans, either.

I can recommend Mystica Girls, a Mexican heavy metal band, and Mon Laferte, a popular musician/singer from Chile. But especially the latter since she's probably closer to the kind of music you like. She's pretty versatile but this is one of my favorite songs by her, it's kind of a tribute to the Japanese Enka genre.

Another all-female metal band, but this time a British one, is the NWOBHM band Girlschool.


what are some kdrama/manhwa abt beauty Anonymous 21141[Reply]

i'm looking for something like the webtoon ''lookism'' or kdrama ''my id is gangnam beauty''. it doesn't necessarily have to give out the massege ''you're beautiful the way you are''etc, just as long as it's abt beauty

Anonymous 21142

have you read truebeauty ? its basically that
its not actually good though or at least i didnt think it was but its fun to read

Anonymous 21143

i have and yeah i didn't really like it :/ it was good at first but then it got boring with the love triangle

Anonymous 21144



21st century books Anonymous 20974[Reply]

What are some books published in the 21st century that you think will become classics in the future?

Anonymous 21127


Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens

Anonymous 21138


I like George Saunders.
I read more nonfiction so I don’t know who else beyond him to name. Though something from the past but only recently (21st century) published is Whose Names Are Unknown by Sanora Babb. Still need to read it, but it looks promising.

As for the nonfiction, the late David Graeber is an inspiration to me. RIP.


Two player & multiplayer games Anonymous 21132[Reply]

Anyone know engaging games to play with others now that Flash is gone? Something to enjoy as a group or one on one, like ShellShock Live2, Town of Salem, or pic related for browser.
There used to be sooo many fun games to play on the net before this and now there's next to nothing :( There are still singleplayer but not much of these…

Anonymous 21133

Another good drawing one is Gartic Phone it's really good and there's new gamemode things coming out <3


Anonymous 21134


Sorry for double posting but uh this one is also fun lol


One person's a spy and the others have to ask questions regarding locations like "what noise do you hear?" do find out who the spy is, the spy not HAVING a location so they have to make one up. Hard to explain..,.,.

Anonymous 21643

aggie.io is basically collaborative adobe illustrator, not quite a game but it can be very fun in a group of friends, especially with artist types.


Anonymous 17531[Reply]

Who is your favorite writer?
>inb4 this thread gets moved to /media/
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Anonymous 17546

I really like Terry Pratchetts discworld series. He seemed like a really chill guy and the books were all so good.

Anonymous 17551

Daniel Handler wrote some pretty interesting children's literature, some of you might know him by his pen name: Lemony Snicket.

Anonymous 17582

I was for somethimg related to Harold Bloom today and this pic appeared. I rememebered I had seen it somewhere and here I find it!

Anonymous 17583

Anything more? Which book should I read first? I’ve read some stuff bout him and he seems like a cool guy. You’re not the only Pole here sis :3

Anonymous 21055


So many to choose from…

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