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Anonymous 6727[Reply]

itt: characters who browse crystal cafe
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Anonymous 25595


She definitely would

Anonymous 25598


Anonymous 25925


Both of them.

Anonymous 25930

Milly would be too busy enjoying life to browse cc

Anonymous 25935

this. and even she did come on here she would hate it for being overly negative. Meryl on the other hand would be very at home here.


Well written women characters by women? Anonymous 24540[Reply]

What are some good women or girl characters written by actual women authors, mangaka, etc.
Pic related is Ruuko from the Wixoss series made by Okada Mari, but it would be nice to know of more. It seems like too many girl characters are all written by men and it doesn't feel as genuine.
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Anonymous 24964

well-written doesn't mean you personally like them.
audiences being braindead and unable to enjoy a character without them being some boring coddling fantasy is mainly what gets in the way of well-written characters. it's also a hinderance to developing empathy. fiction is a great way to broaden the mind but not if it all strictly confirms the narrowminded.

Anonymous 25862


Jude, Taryn, and Viv Duarte + their stepmom Orianna are such well-written and realistic female characters. Taryn gets a lot of hate for her choices; which I do understand, but they make sense for her character. Both her and Jude are the two main reactions a girl has when she's thrown into a world/culture that looks down on them, with one of the only ways to move up being marriage. Jude is so much more than an uwu badass female lead who totally pegs Cardan uwu. She feels so much more real than most other female protagonists in ya, especially with her relationship to Madoc and Faerie. Viv is allowed to be selfish AND punished for being selfish without making her out to be some spoiled brat. Her trauma and subsequent rebellion against her father are as understandable as her emotional immaturity in regard to her interpersonal relationships. Orianna is given respect by the author that many stepmoms aren't. She knows the horrors of the high court and tries to counsel her stepdaughters in a way that she's most able to. The relationship between the women in the Duarte family unit is treated with so much respect by the Author I can't wait to see more.

Anonymous 25866

Came here to post Winry and Riza. Winry's grandma is badass, too.

Anonymous 25921

Replying to myself but I'm actually reading fma now and I'm amazed by the sheer number of female characters in the series. A lot of characters don't "need" to be women, but they are. And I can't think of one that isn't well-written.

Anonymous 25923

well-written character analysis anon.


Anonymous 24537[Reply]

What do you guys think of silent hill 3? I think it has the best female protagonist out of any vidya. I relate to Heather so much it hurts.
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Anonymous 24730

It had less endings than the previous games removing a lot of replayability and was a sequel to the first game which had a plot that barely told you anything.
Prove it? I doubt a lot of girls played 3 at least when it came out and I've seen nothing but praise for Heather as the best female protagonist in any game.

Anonymous 24731

Absolutely adore this game
The music in SH3 is unironically better than the music in SH2

Anonymous 24732

Which Silent Hill game(s) has the girl because I only want to play those.

Anonymous 24735

I believe it's technically only 3, maybe Shattered Memories but I've never played it and frankly don't care too.

SH2 has a Born from a Wish segment which is about the main female protagonist of 2 who you play as. It's more of a side story you can play after you beat 2.

Speaking of, 1-3 are probably the only games worth their salt. PT could've been great potentially but we will never know, so it's a dud. Really though, whatever they set to do with the series is completed within the first 3 games. Everything has a subtle hand within each game to make a perfect trilogy. People see 2 as somehow a separate entity on it's own but everything that happens in 1 can explain the events of 2. They're all good games, easily emulated and I'd recommend to play them in succession to one another but 3 can be played stand alone if you only want to play a girl protag.

Anonymous 25907

Silent Hill PC gui…


Anonymous 10655[Reply]

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?
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Anonymous 25900

i did when i was a teenager

i realized this one day and stopped all kinds of pornography
it wasn't easy at first but i feel so much better now

Anonymous 25901

Right, cause we know all BL is underage and the majority of fujos dont actively call out the pedos in the fandom. Did a pedo moid with bnha waifus draw this?

Anonymous 25902

a jealous scrote probably drew this, but people who ape about ages of characters are still retarded, hence why i never hang around the westoid BL circles because they aren't salvageable and only hang around the asian ones

Anonymous 25903

I used to watch yaoi as a teen, and most actual yaoi manga/anime is about grown-ass adults, typically in their 20s-early 30s. Not saying there aren't exceptions, but pedophilia in BL seems relatively uncommon if you compare it to romance anime or fanservice that features female characters.
There are many people who create fanart/fanfics of underage characters from regular shonen animes, but most who do that are underage teens themselves.
There's also Boku no Pico but I've never met any fujo who unironically likes that. It's probably the most ridiculed anime there is.

Anonymous 25904

im a shotacon and can't find boku no pico erotic, probably because it's so awkward and look like loli's with dicks, i don't really count it as shota but rather trapshit hentai


VRchat general Anonymous 23539[Reply]

This is a thread dedicated to miners that play VRchat. This thread welcomes all kinds of dicussion surrounding the topic.
I will start with a few questions, you can answer whichever ones you like.

>How long have you played VRchat? How did you discover VRchat?

>Do you own a VR headset? Full body tracking? Do you play in desktop mode?
>Have you experienced something great in VRchat or do you have an absolute horror story to tell us?
>Thoughts on the people of VRchat? Thoughts on the moids in this game?
>What are your thoughts on ERP?
>Problems you have with VRchat? Issues you wish would be addressed?
>Experience with meeting other women in game? Are there such things as female only spaces in VRchat? (I assume with private worlds)

No pressure in answering, if you want to simply talk about VRchat without answering the questions it is good too. Rarely do I find places where people want to have a serious discussion on the game.
22 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25072

There's no way to pre-emptively keep them out, but you can just vote to kick them if they end up in your meetup world. Being booted blacklists you from rejoining for an hour IIRC.

VRChat will eventually have a groups feature where you can simply group up all confirmed miners and have the world open only for them. Feature rollouts are glacial but when the changes arrive they are usually for the better.

Anonymous 25504


I sort of miss the old VRchat before the Quest Users and the Trust system. I remember when it was just getting popular and a lot of people were coming in to have fun and joke around. I guess you had the obnoxious Uganda Knuckles meme but I'd rather prefer that than having a hoard of eboys/egirls with Trusted User rank sporting hypersexualised blingy avatars coddled up all together to a mirror. You can't even strike up a conversation with them. So many are try hards trying to act cool and impress others. It's like there's now a cast system which I highly don't like. The other option are fucking Quest children that are extremely obnoxious and loud because they only know of VRchat through popular youtubers. It's either lewd circles or children-filled circles. No inbetween.

Anonymous 25827

vrc is good only in priv or small pc-only public lobbies. i've been to a couple black cat publics and it's insane how many kids there are running around in nsfw avatars, actually depressing.
great pugs are pretty okay for avoiding children on friday/saturday nights but its almost entirely moids, the only women i've seen in there were either normie or tagging along with their bfs lol

Anonymous 25887

I popped in it around 2017 curiously on my desktop and stumbled on what sounded like a 50 year old chain smoker giving advice in a Touhou Momiji avatar without any irony or care. I think at that time it was more small and fun and everyone wanted to help each other. popularity ruins everything.

Anonymous 25897

The Way.jpg

I have a soft spot for the Uganda Knuckles since I got into VRchat around their peak due to see the ChipsxNuts streams on twitch. The game had some great energy back then


crystal.cafe cyber community Anonymous Admin 540[Reply]

(for lack of a better term…)

Inspired by this thread >>>/media/216, we have recently announced free subdomains for your website or blog. Now we've decided to go a step further and offer the hosting too!
In addition, crystal.cafe will open a board dedicated to creating and discussing your websites.
As we develop this service, there will be limited slots available for testing. In order to qualify, you have to be able to create your own HTML/CSS pages self-sufficiently. If you'd like to join, please apply by sending an email to [email protected] and telling us a bit about your experience or one of your projects. Thank you!
18 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 20773


Old thread but I'm wondering if subdomain hosting is still available?

Anonymous 20780

nta but I also suggest neocities, I even pay for the full version its pretty decent for my silly website needs, but ofc Im not sure what your own situation is. Good luck with your site anon! <3

Regarding OPs 4 year old thread, I'd love to get invloved if this is still active or ongoing? kek where should I go look? Sorry for spoonfeed request, cant find info and want to make minergirl+cece visual scene with hover animations before I die

Anonymous 20788

Le necro skullbump

Anonymous 20801

>>20780 I've been using neocities for a while now, just wondering if I could get a subdomain from crystal.cafe if possible. But maybe I should subscribe to supporters at some point.

Anonymous 25867

I know this thread is ancient but can what about a crystal.cafe webring? I have my own domains and I know there's nonas on neocities


Anonymous 25415[Reply]

David bowie and his mental hospital inmate brother
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25545

i would behead them with love

Anonymous 25548

Every penis bearer is insane. They should all be locked in a ward where we don’t have to be burdened by their retardation.

Anonymous 25552

How lol?
I don't like bowie either because he treated his brother like shit and never visited him
But… come on
He looks like a decrepit zombie

Anonymous 25556



Anonymous 25865



Anonymous 25789[Reply]

Attack on Titan season 3 and 4 are so stupid.

Every single episode is just 10 minutes of exposition dump followed by Eren being moody and whining about some shit. The storyline becomes so convoluted it’s virtually impossible to truly follow on one watch-through: what’s the significance of the Tybur’s again? Why was helping the people of paradis understand the true nature of their government not an option? Are the eldians supposed to be Jews or something?

The second season was so strong and ended on such a strong note. Titans in the walls? The idea is alluring as fuck, what a cliff hanger. Then season 3 hit and was such a disappointment, then season 4 capped off disappointment with supreme dogshit media
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25836

I don't think the manga labels people as bad or good, Zeke has done some real bad shit but he's a tragic character and I do feel bad for him, there are people who hate him and want him dead and others love hima nd think he's one of the saviors

Anonymous 25837

The whole point of that scene is that Eren made that up to fuck with Mikasa's head LMAO

Anonymous 25857

I'm on the final season part 2 episode 9 right now, where Hange is explaining that genocide is wrong.

I feel like this exemplifies all the problems the final season (and season 3) have had so far - in the first two seasons, fighting the titans was an innocent affair. The titans were these giant otherworldly beasts, little was known about them, and they were attacking an otherwise peaceful farming kingdom.

Nobody in that world should have ever known what a "genocide" was. When King Fritz wiped their memories, they became village people. Their problems, and the extent of knowledge that those people had, should've been very limited.

So now how the fuck does Hange know what a genocide means? This world is too complex for the people in Eldia. It doesn't make sense and the AOT world has been moving way too fast.

Characters are introduced and thrown into situations before they are even characterized, before I give even the slightest of fucks about them. Hell, I barely give a fuck about Conny and Jean. Now I am supposed to care about these two kids Gabi and Falco? Who the fuck is Colt? Who the fuck is Louise??

I have to finish the show but holy shit this is straight garbage. Even the action scenes are barely redeemable in the final season, nothing even slightly badass is happening

Anonymous 25858

There were so many fucking AMAZING characters introduced and characterized in the first season that are now just cannon fodder??

Fucking Pyxis and Erwin are just killed off while we have to see shits like Armin continue to whine his entire goddamn life? Yelena, Onyankopon, Nile, Hitch, Azumabito, Galliard, Nicolo, Floch - nobody gives a fuck about ANY of these people at all. Especially Yelena, she's terrible.

Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul is on the opposite end of this spectrum, where they introduce the main cast and then use those same people for EVERYTHING even if that situation doesn't make sense in reality.

While I appreciate all the shipping in AOT (Hange and Levi are canon and I love this) this final season is a major disappointment, it's all the problems from season 3 magnified. Way more exposition dumps, way more random fucking intros of nobodies, way LESS action than previous seasons.

Anonymous 25864

I love season 3 but the first half was a bit slow, i didn’t give two shits about Levi’s brother’s arc while I really liked the political parts even if it wasn’t as grand as the first two seasons.
Season 4 is my least favorite, too many new characters get introduced and I understand the point of Gabi from the get go (she’s supposed to mirror Eren’s hatred for the titans in season1) I still hated her because that comparison the story was setting up falls flat on your face when you realized the two lived drastically different lives. Like >>25857 said the titans are other worldly and the “human vs titans” is mostly innocent.
I felt like season 4 should have emphasised a bit more that the Eldians didn’t know any of this shit but instead i felt like the characters were apologizing for stuff even their oldest generation wasn’t aware of. Even in online discussions people keep omitting that really important part it’s kinda annoying to me.


male hypocrisy: an exemple Anonymous 25682[Reply]

sometimes here i've been told by other nonas that "women can say or do worse than men" when it comes to the image we have of the other sex.

ofc, some women rape and kill, some women will say horrible things on the internet.

i think that we do not understand how big the difference is on the large scale. some anonymous women may be as vulgar and sexist as men on the internet, yes, but it's more out of defense than out of natural, pure hatred of the other sex. its only recent that i've started to applaud when horrible things may happen to men, or encourage women to do so, on the internet. tbh i don't even really believe it, i've only started doing it to mimic men's behaviour because i now know its useless to try to be the pacifist in the debate. i believe many women do it out of provocation or mimicking only and that they did it mostly because of men's behaviour they noticed.

now, i'd like to give an exemple : the "artist" JM. Picrel is a screenshot of something he wrote in one of his porn comics.

The thing is, he draws women. Basically the lore in his comics is that the world is pretty much worse than the handmaid's tale (not a big fan of this reference but its a good way to give a comparison point) : he depicts women as sex slaves, being tortured and used like cattle. i cant actually describe it myself so i will transcribe a paragraph, because he likes to explain the different roles women can have in the society he depicts and fantasizes about:
there's how he describes the trustee, an amputee woman
"Imperial weddings were usually held in churches of the Church of the Holy Woman. At the wedding, the church will send a special kind of slave called a holy saint to carry the groom's genitals like a guide leading the man forward. In this way, the saintess shows awe and surrender to men. Every entrusted person must remain of virgin body. Every nun keeps her own trustee. If you go to bed with a nun, you will find that the nuns have complicated rituals for sex. She will gently place the dick on the trustee's back, and then kneel and pray to your dick, praying that sex can resolve her sin as a woman."
the image shows an amputee woman walking with some kind of chair's legs attached to her cut members. she's walking with an enormous penis on her back and has a cow's bell hanging from her pierced nose. her eyes are shot down, sewn. her nipples are pierced.

there are many many artists like this. erenisch for aPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
33 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25760

O, sorry, I suck at writing these days.
What I mean is that I think this creepy, borderline misogynistic erotica is a lot different than Monty Python. That anon insinuating "well, everyone that's sane knows fantasy is different than reality" in that context is off-base. Not every outrageous piece of fiction is the same.

Anonymous 25761

And yeah I said what I said because I've usually seen this exact same talking point from men trying to shrug off pedophiliac fiction. They find it hard to just accept something is shady; they usually want to make it into something completely retarded and insane for anyone to judge someones' consumption of it.

Anonymous 25762

Oh okay I get you. Thanks for these comments I feel less insane being angry about this stuff

Anonymous 25855

What's your problem with non-white women?
The only thing dangerous are men, no matter the race.

Anonymous 25859

Jesus anon, i can't even finish reading all that! I feel so scared for all the women this disgusting bastard knows in his life, god forbid he ever manages to find a partner, this is vile in the most unimaginable way possible! Oh my god


females getting revenge Anonymous 25617[Reply]

hi do you know any movie, serie or anything that depicts a woman being violent, getting revenge, really anything about women just going berserk ? violence against males is preferred. can be gorish, real or fake, anything
23 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25841

Anonymous 25843

Thanks for sharing this, nona! There's a ton on that list I've never seen, and those I have, I loved.

Anonymous 25844


Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.
I haven't watched it in years, but I liked it when I was a teen.

Anonymous 25847

my personal recs are:
ginger snaps
jennifer's body
martyrs (but there is also a gratuitously long scene of the main character being tortured by a man in the second half, as well as other violence against women)
also, not a movie and without spoiling anything sharp objects is a show that you may be interested in

and a letterboxd list with a ton of stuff i (mostly) haven't seen:

Anonymous 25853


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