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We are getting closer to idiocracy every year Anonymous 17070[Reply]

I'm unsettled by the accuracy of this movie..
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Anonymous 17077

It wasn't meant to be a prediction of the future, it was a satire of the present even back when it came out. For some reason nobody realized that when it came out.

Anonymous 17086


Anonymous 17318

It wasn't fiction…

Anonymous 17369

What a realistic movie

Anonymous 17377

It wasn't meant to be a documentary.


Anonymous 16974[Reply]

PC or cellphone/tablet, which one do you use more often to browse the Internet? If PC, desktop or notebook?
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Anonymous 17024

mostly PC

Anonymous 17064

Laptop > phone

Anonymous 17067

phone > laptop > smart tv > tablet > desktop

Anonymous 17069

>Laptop 100%

Anonymous 17365

Desktop most of the time, phone in my bed. Although recently my earbuds broke so that sucks.


Junji Ito Thread Anonymous 17358[Reply]

Share your favorite Junji Ito works and why!
For me I like Glyceride and The Bully. The Bully is my favorite Ito work ever because it's very realistic, doesn't include any fantasy elements and I'm into that. I also like The Town Without Streets.

Anonymous 17359

Tomio Red Turtlene…

The Groaning Drain could've been a superb story but the ending was lackluster.
I also like Library of Illusions, Long Dream and Red Turtleneck.
Ma no Kakera is amazing too.

Anonymous 17360



Anonymous 17352[Reply]

how do i begin creating art like photo related? pop-surrealism/lowbrow. im so inspired and want to get good at it but as someone who is not the best with art or painting im not sure where to begin in terms of tutorials or help for this specific type of art.

Anonymous 17353


I’m not an artist but I’ll try and answer this. If you look at famous surrealist artists, such as Dalí, they all started painting very conventionally before getting more creative and developing a style. What this means is that you need to master the basics before you try something like this.

I asked on a forum ages ago about starting to learn to draw and the pic related books were recommended to me as good for absolute beginners. I haven’t gotten around to using any of them yet, but one of them shows a student’s before and after pictures and there is a huge difference so I do think this might be helpful for you to start with. I don’t have the books at hand so I’m not sure which one has the before and after but they all seem worth trying.

Once you’ve mastered that, what artists usually do is copying other people’s work they like until they are comfortable doing that style. Then gradually modifying things until they are able to create something completely new and create their own unique style.

Anonymous 17356

I love lowbrow art like this, I've been drawing for a good decade now but have sort of all but dropped it past few years, some things happened and I've fallen in a depression hole. Anyways, first thing is to git gud at the basics, you don't need to be perfect at everything. Like, pick the subject you want to portray, if it's humans, you can kind of get away with knowing less about backgrounds, enviornments, animals etc. And use references for when you want to draw these things. But the main subject, you need to practice that the most. In different mediums, see what you like. You could go on /ic/ for looking at what books are the most essential, loomis etc. There are some good youtubers as well. I love this sort of 'whimsical' almost art style too but I'm really saddened by how much pedos rule the lowbrow art scene.


Sanrio General Anonymous 17251[Reply]

What is your favorite Sanrio Character Anons?

Do you have a wishlist on Sanrio merch anons?
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Anonymous 17278


My best friend loves Choco!
I like Badtz Maru for some reason.

Anonymous 17325


I love Little twin stars.

Anonymous 17326


I'm basic. But she's pink! And stupid!
Also find it fun that she and Kuromi have been adopted by gay/bi women as a couple.

Anonymous 17328


Cinnamoroll has always been my favorite. Still kept a plushie of him since I was a kid to this day. I always see him more as a bunny than a puppy and I also love cinnamon rolls too. Other Sanrio mascots I like are My Melody, Kuromi, Gudetama and Retsuko.

Anonymous 17341


he's my favorite too! I've never met anyone else who likes him.


Switching to Mac Anonymous 1978[Reply]

My laptop is falling apart, so my boyfriend is giving me his old Macbook Air, so I have to get used to a new OS, help! I've been using Windows for more than 17 years now and my only experience with Apple was using an iPhone 4s for a year. Have you made the switch or are you bilingual? Do you stick with one OS? Do you have any tips and tricks for someone new to this? I mainly do stuff like video and image editing and internet.


>inb4 Linux
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Anonymous 17314

Art and gaming are, sadly, probably the worst possible reasons to try out Linux. Art moreso than games, because autistic nerds are willing to fiddle with steam to get games, and at least a majority of emulators run on Linux (some even better.) With art programs you hit this nasty little grey area where the type of person to care about software (autistic nerds) and the type of person who cares about using the best art programs to make art (socially maladjusted attention seekers at best) have virtually no overlap. If you have no aspirations to programming and aren't into anything illegal, just use Windows. Be aware you're probably being spied on at all times though.

Anonymous 17319

My bf and I both switched to Mac about 2 years ago. He loves it as it’s easier to use Linux things. For me, I find my Mac really annoying. It regularly has issues if I have more than about 2 programmes open. This is on a brand new top of the range Macbook. My mouse keeps getting laggy whenever itunes is open (which is the one programme you’d think would work fine…). There’s also lots of little differences, like the screen maximiser maximising too much meaning I have to do it manually every time, which make me miss Windows. I’m not into coding and I hate that random programmes online will be a simple download for Windows but then I have to open a command window and type in a bunch of stuff in Mac.

I’ve done photo editing on both and I couldn’t see any differences, besides my Mac being more annoying to use.

I’m not anti-Apple and have had iphones for about 10 years. I briefly tried Android but switched back.

Anonymous 17320

I'm a hobbyist artist and use linux ( GIMP and Keita) for art with some cheap obscure graphics tablet, the driver for it is primitive and doesn't have half the features it does on Windows but hey it works.

Anonymous 17321

*Krita not Keita

Anonymous 17340

Eh, it's not that hard, it does the same things except the specific shortcuts are different, the "logic" is still the same.
After using it for a while with some liberal googling you'll get used to it, it really is just a matter of personal taste.
I do despise the macbook air and think it is a physical manifestation of everything wrong with apple (pathetic specs at insane prices) but you can only complain so much about a free computer.


"older" internet Anonymous 216[Reply]

remember when, before social networks got huge, everyone had their own little website? a custom made corner of the internet to display your interests and personality? gfx sites with paint shop pro tutorials?

the only comparable thing I can think of today is Tumblr, but it seems like personal websites have died out.
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Damien 17154

I like to view online streaming as the best kind of social network. I have a couple of favorite game streamers on twitch and this is great for virtual communication)) It just seems to me a more lively and honest option. I even have an idea of airing something myself .. but .. If you think about it, it really looks like work. Plus, you will have to understand marketing or use special firms to start like this one - https://streamerplus.com/ No one can break into this area from the street like before. But I like the idea itself)) Someone tried themselves as a streamer or video blogger?

Anonymous 17156

I really enjoy hanging around small streams on twitch (<30 viewers usually) and I agree that it feels more honest! You can find actual community there, and most channels have a discord server to hang out in. I like that it's a lot more personal than usual social networking.
I haven't tried streaming myself because I'm a self-conscious person and kind of worried about gamer bro harassment. I don't think I would want to get big either. The money would be nice but like you said, it's a lot of work and very hard to break into, and large streams don't have the same community feeling.

Anonymous 17282

Roleplaying on discord sounds like a nightmare to be honest. Someone should just bring the forums back.

Anonymous 17291

Are there any good forums for hobbies in general that are still active?

Anonymous 17316

Discord is fine for 1-on-1 RP, at least for me. It keeps the archives, which is a plus, but I miss customization.

The forums are still there, but they are more dead than alive, and often have very anal rules.


What's she playing? Anonymous 17296[Reply]

Anonymous 17297

the title was meant to be "what she's playing" but fuck it

Anonymous 17299


Do you think this is accurate? Anonymous 17281[Reply]

Anonymous 17283

Automation will make most of these workers jobless so… ?

Anonymous 17284

Always has been, but they only exist so as to not create another French revolution.
Jobs literally make people very busy and less prone to getting too political, and activists are really just NEETs on a welfare state and/or supported by a literal Patreon non-profit, only being funded by the capitalist system as not all forms of activism get funded.

Anonymous 17288

I read this book and yes, I agree. He gives five categories of useless jobs:

1. who serve to make their superiors feel important, e.g., receptionists, administrative assistants, door attendants

2. goons, who oppose other goons hired by other companies, e.g., lobbyists, corporate lawyers, telemarketers, public relations specialists

3. duct tapers, who temporarily fix problems that could be fixed permanently, e.g., programmers repairing shoddy code, airline desk staff who calm passengers whose bags do not arrive

4. box tickers, who create the appearance that something useful is being done when it is not, e.g., survey administrators, in-house magazine journalists, corporate compliance officers

5. taskmasters, who manage—or create extra work for—those who do not need it, e.g., middle management, leadership professionals

Some are worse than others. He gives an example of people who are supposed to help vulnerable people fill in benefits forms but end up harming them (type 4). Others are just a bit boring but in rare cases might be well paid (types 1 and 3). I think people making extra work (type 5) are the most common as every business has someone who comes up with pointless HR things that no one wants to do.

Anonymous 17289

It is accurate and it is heavenly to have a bullshit idle job if you're an autist like me. My job was temporarily turned bullshit due to being turned remote when in fact, the work very well wasn't possible to be done remotely. For 6 months, for the first time in my adult life, I felt mentally healthy and able to focus on what I wanted to do as opposed to be actually having metrics to manage.

I had to quit the job because there was the prospect that I would have to go back to actually working and I could not for the life of me put myself through the situation of actually having to work for the company again in an actually meaningful fashion.

Anonymous 17290

Automation is what gave most of these people jobs in the first place. If you actually read the book you'd see we he made this argument that, if the predictions from the 1960s were to be believed, we should all be working 15-hour workweeks. Do you see the 15-hour workweek as standard?


Anonymous 17105[Reply]

Anonymous 17158

would be good as a breakup song I suppose

Anonymous 17285

just broke up with my bf and this is the only "music" i can listen to right now
yes he was into philosophy maybe that's also why i guess

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