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Pathologic Thread Anonymous 26458[Reply]

why did he do it?

Anonymous 26460

because he is a dick and he is cool none of the characters matter anyway its a vydia

Anonymous 26499



Tag yourself Anonymous 24651[Reply]

I'm Misaki
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Anonymous 26327


Anonymous 26335

Aiko was so much more interesting than punpun. Why was he the main character? Who gives a shit about another run of the mill emotionally stunted man? Aiko went through way worse shit than him and yet she didn't turn into a giant asshole.

Anonymous 26347

bottom 2 have been hijacked by trannies and are no longer cool.

Anonymous 26485

ha pretty accurate to irl trannies

Anonymous 26486

Wrong, they are still cool and belong to real women

Koi wa Ameagari no…

Anonymous 25926[Reply]

What are your thoughts on age-gap romance between older man/younger girl?
Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?
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Anonymous 26392

>the woman looks feeble and raggedy
That’s because she is clearly a methamphetamine addict, dear.

Anonymous 26412

when I was a teen, I was going for 25+ year olds and I still do prefer men older. I find it amusing due to the fact that I naturally fantasize myself in the position of the girl but if I looked at it from a different POV, it would be creepy. ykwim?

Anonymous 26450


I remember I liked Kimi Wa Pet

Anonymous 26452


>Do you find it amusing or just downright creepy?
I've had crushes on a lot of old guys like Christopher Lee and such so I understand it very well. Idk if I'd actually date old men because I'm pretty active in general and old people are slow idk

Anonymous 26476

I'm in the "fiction=/=reality" camp, however fiction was a big reason why I idealized age gaps when I was young, so the way it's portrayed is something I'm skeptical of. If a girl writes it as a personal fantasy I understand that, but a lot of mainstream movies are written by men who want to date younger girls and make it look romantic, so it's like a form of propaganda.

I feel this way towards age gaps of all orientation ships (m/f m/m f/f etc), the fantasy is less exciting as you grow older, and getting older made me lose interest. I used to support them IRL (if 18+) because I enjoyed the fantasy POV of a younger person managing to charm someone handome/beautiful and older, or the older one being handsome/beautiful but lonely and finding someone young and enthusiastic to spend time with them, or a young virgin being mentored by someone older and experienced.

But for me, being attracted to people in their 20s when I was a teenager, or 30s when I was early 20s makes sense, but now I'm older I find older ages really ugly and only like people my age. Too young and too old are both ugly. One of my favorite age gap medias was (not hetero, sorry, but it's semi-on topic) a manga about a 20 year old woman dating a 30 year old woman, and I wanted to be the 20 year old, but now that I'm past 30 I couldn't date someone a decade younger and I wouldn't trust someone who would (unless it was 40+50 or 50+60 or something).

I think the vast majority of older people who seek younger IRL are immature at best or predatory at worst if they can't find someone their own age. I think about the older guys and some women who were way older that hit on me, and they were losers, desperate, ugly, people their age didn't want them for a reason. That's how I went from finding the fantasy exciting to gross. It's never as good IRL.

Sister of Silence.…

Warhammer 40k Anonymous 23691[Reply]

Anyone else into 40k?
If so:
>What's your favorite faction?
>What's your favorite character?
>What's your favorite edition?
>Do you own models?
>How often do you play?
>What's your favorite book from the series?
>What's your favorite model?
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Anonymous 23802

Yeah you can use tabletop simulator to play
Or if you wanna save money in the future and wanna play casually, then get a 3d printer and print out models
But if you wanna buy official models, then look on secondary sites that sell them at lower prices
You can also play dawn of war games

Anonymous 23878

I'm not too familiar with WH40K but my school bestie loved it and loved to tell me random lore trivia. We also collected a lot of fanart. I like WH40K aesthetic, and a lot of fanart is very high quality.

I listened to some lore videos to know more about the world, but outside of that I'm not much interested. I can't play the tabletop, simply because I live in a 3rd world shithole and don't have
the money and people to play with. The books… Well, I'm not a fan. They are not high-quality. Although the worldbuilding is fantastic, I think that the writing itself is terrible. The vidya is also very hit or miss. Some games are fine, thought, like DoW and Mechanicus.

My favourite faction is Adeptus Mechanicus, because I love how they look and their lore.

Anonymous 26033

Kill Team and Combat Patrol are also good options, since they require very small armies (400 points max for Combat Patrol, Kill Team doesn't use points but you have a unit limit).

Anonymous 26459

>What's your favorite faction?
Death Guard.
>What's your favorite character?
>What's your favorite edition?
>Do you own models?
A few.
>How often do you play?
I have played 2 games of 1 page 40k. 1 win and 1 loss.
>What's your favorite book from the series?
Haven't read any 40k books, I have read Gotrek and Felix though
>What's your favorite model?
That I have? one of my deathguards. Overall though I love Mortarions model, I would buy it but I have no money and I hate GW.

Anonymous 26474

Never liked the aesthetic of this game


Movies that show true male nature Anonymous 25137[Reply]

Pls share movies that show, explicitly or not, voluntarily or not, true male nature and/or realistic female characters as well (good or bad)

No dumb feminist trap movie which just use stupid buzzwords and quotations like "im a strong independent woman" without showing an actual exemple of a woman with worth.

No movie where masculinity is shown as the greatest quality. No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch.

Thank you
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Anonymous 26378


yes, it was good for a disturbing film and I liked the concept alot. The same way how "irreversiblé" can be considered good and artistic I thought this one as well. But why the fuck are so many men crying over this one? I was actually suprised, never thought it was going to be such a big deal. I say stop being a bitch, but as everyone knows: there's always someone to ruin the fun

Anonymous 26382

>No fake heroes, no fake strength, no pseudo good patriarch
There will be blood.

Anonymous 26436

promising young woman is a good one imo. it has its flaws but i love the overall premise.

Anonymous 26437

I thought it was going to be just libfemmy pandery trash until I saw the ending. The ending was gold.

Anonymous 26448


(The original novel called Roadside Picnic is even better, the game is trash)


Anonymous 18052[Reply]

Trixie is best pony.
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Anonymous 22092

Nightmare moon did nothing wrong
Anyone saying otherwise is buying into Celestia propaganda

Anonymous 22112


yeah think she takes the cake for me

Anonymous 22251


Anonymous 24234

c'mon, you know why :/
>pipp and zipp
also, is that a moid? in the main… 5? that's not how ponies work cmon disney

Anonymous 26429

I LOVE pre-FiM ponies. I have a collection of ponies from each gen, and the G3s and G1s are by far my favorites. Restoring and customizing ponies is such a fun and relaxing hobby, too.


Anonymous 17506[Reply]

Check out this cute sonic art I love sonic anyone else LOVE sonic
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Anonymous 25270

>/sthg/ were talking about this place so hi, I guess.
You better not be a male.

Anonymous 25275


I also love Shadow!

Anonymous 25278

chili doge.jpg

Happy birthday Sonic!

With all the Sonic News lately, it's been fun to see all the hype (or doomposting) on the /sthg/ general threads.

Anonymous 25285


He's so cute and moody. I love that art.
/sthg/ offers a way of communicating with Sonic fans that I enjoy greatly, for all of its ups and downs. I can't go back to any other Sonic community after finding it. Anonymity, what you say isn't attached to an identity. Speed, it's constantly active (except for the dead of night). And you can post essentially whatever the hell you'd like about Sonic, provided it's not NSFW. No other place has all three of these points.

Anonymous 26428


/sthg/ is a bit of a cesspit but I still love it.

Punk Rock Anonymous 21950[Reply]

Which punk/pop punk/hardcore whatever bands do you like? Some of my favorites are Bad Religion, Ramones, New Found Glory, and Screeching Weasel
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Anonymous 25763

I like the sound of this, I only knew Fat Lip before and didn't care for that song. I'll have to listen to this album, thank you

Anonymous 25768

No problem anon, Chuck is one of their better albums and I highly recommend it.

Anonymous 26413


Right now it's early Sonic Youth and early SWANS.

Anonymous 26414


nuff said

Anonymous 26425

I like The Damned and Fidlar.
Those are the only 2 purely punk acts I can think of.


Anonymous 21486[Reply]

Thread of non-conventionally-attractive anime men
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Anonymous 24695

Anonymous 24697

That's alright. Now this is what I'd call an unconventionally attractive anime man.

I've been reading Monster recently, he is so damn handsome

Anonymous 24700


Mein Übermensch

Anonymous 24717


Anonymous 26424


I want to lock him up in my basement


Anonymous 24990[Reply]

Most anime isn't really that good.

Made in Abyss was really good but that's it.

I still like anime aesthetics but I've given up giving anime a chance
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Anonymous 26251

try finding bossa nova music that doesn't relax you
literally ALL bossa nova music is pretty good, if you don't believe this try and find an example and prove me wrong

Anonymous 26377

that pic reminded me of samurai horror tales and just as a side note, the theme for it fucking slaps

Anonymous 26422

I really like the trains (I REALLY REALLY love trains) and also hot springs are really cool, so I guess that counts as nature. There's pretty plants there too from what Ive seen in my uni's botanic garden

Anonymous 26423

Those are just reason for someone to be a japanophile, I am not actually one

Anonymous 26472

Yep it's from this and they extended it to have it's own series, Mononoke.

There's actually a movie announced but I absolutely hate how modern anime looks nowadays so I can't say I'm looking forward

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