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Characters that you relate to in cartoons and anime Anonymous 19156[Reply]

For me its Mayaya from Princess Jellyfish
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Anonymous 24432


i feel so uncomfy by the fact how similar me and aiko are

Anonymous 24458

garfield. i don't like mondays and i like lasagna.

Anonymous 24460

I can save you

Anonymous 24461


Yukari from GuP.

>similar hair.

>grew up being ostracized by my female peers for having autistic interests.
>overly enthusiastic about said interests.
>pretty skilled at getting information about certain people.

Anonymous 24507


As much as I hated the degenerate piece of shit, Takumi Nishijou from Chaos;Head hit too close to home for me with his paranoia, reclusiveness, and social anxiety. I'm trying to normie myself more now, but only a couple of years ago
I was exactly like this. Especially as a hiki-neet.


Deltarune chapter 2 Anonymous 21787[Reply]

Are there any Deltafags in here? have you played it yet?
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Anonymous 22646

That's still better if comparing to most video games' female characters. I always expect some slight creepiness from a moid developer, but as long as it's mild and he doesn't announce his ~~love~~ for lesbians or whatever, I don't care.

Anonymous 22652

Alphys and Undyne's relationship was cringe but that's because they didn't have a believable reason to love each other and most of their interactions were "lol useless lesbian" comedy. They are only saved from being the token lesbian couple by being solid characters on their own.

Susie and Noelle though, are complementary. They have good chemistry and their wants as people explain why they'd be drawn to one another.

His writing is generally pretty wholesome and he's only getting better so I don't mind if likes putting lesbians in his games.

Well, the royal guards are back. But it's true they were mostly a joke, maybe Toby finds it embarrassing to write a serious romance between two males as a straight dude or doesn't want to get hate. Wonder if we'll see more of their relationship in Deltarune.

Anonymous 24233

I'd object if they were at all sexualised or moid-gazed, but they're all wholesome and in love and never mention sex (besides the very obvious implication on the ferris wheel) so i don't mind
i enjoy watching men kissing anyway, so it's not really like i can talk

Anonymous 24492

Don't be an asshole.
Imagine if men suddenly started saying that women can't write BLs or find BL stories cute or hot. Wouldn't you say that's really stupid?

Maria 24499

They already seethe all over it all the time lol


Fave YouTubers/YT crushes? Anonymous 22793[Reply]

What are your guys' favorite channels? My faves are I Hate Everything, Izzzyzzz, Strange Aeons, and Athens. I have a fat YT crush on Ralphthemoviemaker. He's cute
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Anonymous 24374

Fucking hell anon, YouTube started recommending me those too. My first impression was that they were all annoying and then somehow I ended up with a crush on Damien.

Anonymous 24392


Danny Mullen.

Anonymous 24393


his arms in this tank top…. hhhhhng

Anonymous 24482


Anonymous 24497

hasan my baby.png

Hell yeah Azan!


NES Nerds Anonymous 24466[Reply]

Any NES fans in the audience tonight? Mega Man got into music and gaming simultaneously as a kid and i'll forever be grateful
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Anonymous 24473

Yeah I mean I am a few minutes in and already down with this game. Sunsoft always had great music and the sprite art is awesome too. Thanks for the rec it has been quite some time since I had a new NES game to play!

Anonymous 24474


Cool, I'm glad you are liking it already. I like Sunsoft's nes games (Hebereke, Blaster Master, Batman, Gremlins 2) but Gimmick is definitely their masterpiece. There are even some spots in the game that exist purely so you can sit back and enjoy the view. It's a gem for sure.

Anonymous 24475

The moment I realized you could jump off your own star, which can get you to secrets, it all clicked. It is a shame secret areas aren't really a thing. They are so cool in old games, and finding a secret level? Basically crack for my young mind

Anonymous 24477

Leaving behind his NES is the only good thing my biological father ever did for me. I just had SMB and Duck Hunt but they were fun games and the only games I had until I was a teenager. Honestly though most of the games are too old for me, it's hard for me to get into them because the quality of life improvements like game saves, decent menus, etc. etc. aren't there. I played Castlevania 1 a few months ago and it was really fun though

Anonymous 24488

I had all three mario bros games but my sister let her friend borrow mario bros 3 and then stopped being friends with her before we got it back. I was too young at the time to realize what we lost though thankfully


Anonymous 5683[Reply]

>Anime begins by talking about the about those with talent and those without
>Main character struggles regardless and evnetually becomes stronger
>This is all in vain however becuase the main character just inherits unlimited power in retardedly short amount of time
>One character is left around as reminder of what the mc could have been

Fuck my hero academia and fuck naruto tbh
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Anonymous 24436

Oh and to add, I feel like those animes would be way better if they simply weren't targeted at moids.

Anonymous 24440

All anime is instantly better when it's not aimed at males, kek. The most obvious example is in isekai, even moids admit that female-oriented isekai with female protagonists is infinitely better.

Anonymous 24444

All media tbh

Anonymous 24446

I agree lol I'm just sad at all the potential lost of what could have been great and more interesting anime/manga if it didn't have moids as the target audience, or better yet if it didn't have target audience at all, because some of the female oriented stuff even if more watchable is still a bit… off? I do generally prefer male oriented media tbh. Maybe because it's the majority.
But having no target audience and anime doing its own thing is pretty unobtainable I guess, if you want your anime to be popular you need to have a target audience, otherwise it will have a cult following at most.

Anonymous 24450

I don't understand. Are you trying to imply that One Piece at any point has violated it's moral of pursue your dreams and take care of your friends? There's nothing revealed in the last 1047 chapters that violates this moral.


Making Music Anonymous 22598[Reply]

I see a few smaller threads from forever ago, but I wanted to create a more general thread for creating music that's current.

>What are you working on?

>Have any questions about anything?
>How's being a musician treating you?

This is the project from the OP pic that I threw together a while ago.


Couldn't figure out anything to do with it so it's just a fun instrumental.
23 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23373


Thanks! The OG song is from MegaMan 3. They all kinda have that counter melody vibe goin on. If you don't mind 8 but music I encourage listening to some of the music. Wanting to hear old videogame music on real\better instruments is what got me into music in the first place.

Anonymous 23544


based megamanstacy.

Anonymous 24376

this is so beautiful i love it

i feel like i've tied too much of my music to validation from my twitter followers so i've just been making this in my spare time, with no agenda or intend to release. just,,, notes :3\

bit distorted, im still trying to figure out a mix


Anonymous 24378

make a rap that tells trannies to dialate and YWNBAW

Anonymous 24430

Is there a song that's basically 'yeah I'm a notch in your bedpost or whatever but tbh I'm not fucking you I'm fucking the man from my romantic novel I just read and it's okay that you're bad at sex because I did all the foreplay in my head'


Anonymous 23743[Reply]

What are some movies that surprised you with how much you ended up liking them?
And which ones were complete letdowns?
15 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23837

Knives Out is one of my favorite movies released in recent years, it is really entertaining and even on a rewatch it still holds my interest. I also love Lakeith, he plays my favorite character on Atlanta. I'm looking forward to the sequels

Speaking of Daniel Craig I just watched Logan Lucky and I thought I wouldn't care for it based on the premise but it was a lot of fun. Adam Driver doing a southern accent was cute

Anonymous 23896

A bride for rip van winkle
expected it to be a boring artsy japanese film but i was surprised at how much i enjoyed it

Anonymous 24421


Marie Antoinette 100% loved that movie
expected it to be just okay but holy shit its probably my favorite movie now

i was really hoping i would have found more recs like that ITT but its mostly just moid movies

i get i can just watch other Sofia Coppola movies to fill the void though

Anonymous 24422

i didn't expect to like Sorry to Bother You as much as i did but it was really funny

Anonymous 24423


Turning Red. I thought it was going to be very cringey and lame. When I watched it I actually found it endearing.

Summer 2022 Anime Anonymous 24401[Reply]

I know this board is kinda dead but I'll try and start a thread regardless.

>What shows are you watching this season?

>Any favourites?
>Shows that rub you the wrong way?
>Any disappointments so far?

Adaptation nitpicking and general autism ARE WELCOME!
6 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24412

You know, I think this thread will stay till summer, so the title will be relevant anyway

Anonymous 24413


Usually I pick something artsy, but this season have nothing, maybe BRS, but I don’t care for BRS and it looks like shit
Maybe I will give a shot for that HoneyWorks show, even if two main bishies are uggo,

Paripi Koumei looks fun, so I checked out manga and the art style is sooo slick, so I won’t be watching and will read manga instead

Frustrated by she-is-not-a-loli-i-swear-dude type of show, like remember Senpai is annoying, way to go Aharen, picrel. Special award to that show from loli mangaka about uwu toddlers and female salaryman. Nothing inappropriate, but when you know - you know

Shikimori offers me a cute boy character, I like that, buuut it looks like it would be just a dumb japanese one joke show, you know the type. Wow she is so cool but shE iS a GIRL oMg

Summertime first ep looks amazing. Afaik, the original manga is finished and it ends with an actual ending, planned ending and not like the traditional japanese there’s-no-ending ending
So that’s good already
So maybe I’ll watch this

Basically, it is just two shows, and not even for sure

Anonymous 24414

bishounen tanteida…

I'm really liking spy x family, although It seems like the type of show that runs it's one good concept into the ground, but I would certainly be happy to be proven wrong.

I don't like the way the guys look in Heroine Tarumono either but I just love the concept (despite the actual execution being somewhat underwhelming) perhaps they should've given the show to someone from Shaft.

Anonymous 24417

>Spy X Family
>Summertime Render
Only watched the first SxF, Kaguya's still funny, didn't watch Summertime yet. Deaimon is great so far. Rest looks like garbage.

Anonymous 24419

Oh, forgot about Aharen. Seems good/okay. But maybe it can turn out like Senpai is Annoying, where you can feel the author's degeneracy despite the somewhat wholesome show.


Post a random image - Get a book recommendation Anonymous 23972[Reply]

You post a random image, and then a miner will recommend a book that reminds them of the picture.
Wonder what I'll get.
17 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24282

William Gibson's Neuromancer

Anonymous 24382


Hollow by B. Catling

Anonymous 24390


Anonymous 24391

In Watermelon Sugar
Naked Lunch

Anonymous 24400

Where do I buy one of these !??


Favorite Soundtracks/OSTs Anonymous 19488[Reply]

Discuss or post soundtracks you love from media such as movies, video games, tv shows and/or musicals.
60 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23894

“Snowfield” from Clannad. The feels…

Anonymous 24284


From We Happy Few, you can say the game was a bit of a train wreck, but you can't deny how good the music was

Anonymous 24285

Team Fortress 2 soundtrack, very jazzy

Anonymous 24388

Most final fantasy music is heavenly tier but FF13 and FF10 are the best FF osts.

Anonymous 24394


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