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Doll Collecting Anonymous 18115[Reply]

How embarrassing of a hobby is this? I don't tell any of my friends.

Anonymous 18116

Not embarrassing at all, Monster High had some really cool designs and clothes. I also fell in love with the Ever After High webseries because of the characters, animation and story.
When I'm done with my current writing project the next thing I'm planning is inspired by MH and EAH.

Anonymous 18121


it’s not embarassing, there are some really cool dolls out there. like >>18116 said i love mh and eah too. novi stars were great but they don’t make those anymore.

Anonymous 18135


I don't think people care about collecting fashion dolls. It's mostly the antique dolls that have the stereotype of being creepy. I myself just went through a phase of being obsessed with Barbie, I would love to start a collection one day but right now I have no money for it.

Anonymous 18145

It's only embarrassing if you hoard them. Nothing wrong with having some displayed in a tasteful way.

Anonymous 18143[Reply]

Favorite gifs dump…321 go


Lyricsposting Anonymous 18075[Reply]

Post your favorite/relatable/etc song lyrics here
Idea shamelessly stolen from lolcow of course.
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Anonymous 18088


Others conquered love - but I ran
I sat in my room and I drew up a plan
Oh, but plans can fall through (as so often they do)
And time is against me now…


Anonymous 18089


neat anon
last time i saw swans lyrics being posted it provoked a discussion of gira's rape allegations though

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18101

Is this the first time
You've known regard?
Two weeks -
not enough to earn notice,
Cut at what's already cut

The littlest of stones
No one visits this
Solitude and death for you,
Gayle Lynn
Unloved infant girl
The loneliest of graves for you,
Gayle Lynn
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 18105


Don't be scared to speak
Don't speak with someone's tooth
Don't bargain when you're weak
Don't take that sharp abuse
Some patients can't be saved
But that burden's not on you


Anonymous 18141


Hey, knuckle-nicks
I'll tell you:
It's helping
I'll tell you:
You're doing the right thing
I can see you're used
And I don't know where you've been
But I do know past failures still haunt you
Thoughtless slow remarks you later regret
It's hard to own up and take the blame
For being a nervous gibbering wreck
So go on be a careless fucking onlooker
So you can sit and not-think about pain
I know about gasping attacks and mirror-blood
I know about shitbags and shame
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


She Ra designs Anonymous 18122[Reply]

Am I the only one that strongly dislikes the new She Ra designs?

Anonymous 18124

Haven't actually watched the show but Bow is cute ngl. I also don't really have much invested in the She-Ra franchise either, I have watched some of the old cartoon. The first pic they released of Adora was laughably bad but she looks a bit better in other screenshots and such that I've seen. Don't really feel like getting into it, so much has been said about it, but it's obvious that it's personal, the look of the character is rooted in Noelle Stevenson's gender identity issues. It doesn't really have anything to do with providing a strong role model for girls.

Anonymous 18128

I think my issue with it is more related to the style itself. It looks like a how to draw manga book had sex with Steven Universe.

Anonymous 18137


I think most woman designs are cute but the guys are sus


Animal Crossing: New Horizons Anonymous 5916[Reply]

No thread yet?

Share your guides, tricks, fav/least fav characters, screenshots if you want…

I've been playing since release and am liking it well so far. I miss some parts from New Leaf, but overall it lives up to my expectations and I'm playing all day and night. How about you?
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Anonymous 17960

aww take care of your sister anon

Anonymous 18021


Sorry if censoring my character makes things awkward, but check it out. I told a different villager about it months ago and the word about c.c is still spreading.

I wonder if the villagers I've already sent away are bringing this up on their new islands. I know they talk about their old homes sometimes. Who knows if I brought some random ACtwt person here and they had a heart attack about all the shitposting…

Anonymous 18046

anon this is super funny and cute

Anonymous 18130


i've been wanting to make my island super nice
gonna finally start today I swear
here's a picture of the only thing I've made so far, a basketball court
markings are hard, maybe I should have another try at making them

Anonymous 18131


What about Teddy? or Roald? They're super cute.


Anonymous 6727[Reply]

itt: characters who browse crystal cafe
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Anonymous 17911


>Hellooo~ haha sisterhood feels so good ^w^

Anonymous 17915

Goodnight Punpun -…

She wouldn't because she was probably tech illiterate, but mentally she fits in perfectly.

Anonymous 18108


I'm surprised no one posted Boa yet

(Yes I'm reviving an old thread but I really like this one, please keep posting)

Anonymous 18110


Both of them

Anonymous 18127



Sports? Anonymous 18123[Reply]

Anyone interested in sports? I never used to care but I recently got into college football and I'm watching March Madness now.


/poeg/ - path of exile general Anonymous 18118[Reply]

previous >>329412025


BOOK GENERAL Anonymous 3098[Reply]

Subject says it all.
Discuss everything to do with books. Writing, reading, burning, etc. Ask for recommendations and stuff.
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Anonymous 6038

So far I've read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and I'm reading War and Peace bit by bit. War and Peace is easy reading in terms of its prose and the difficulty for me is more about the commitment involved, so I would encourage anyone to read it. My next "read" is Ways of Seeing by John Berger. It was originally a TV show, but it's still nice to experience the content in a book format.

I've also been reading this collection of American Poetry from the 70's. It's long, but reading poems is fast. I like it because for each author, I look them up online after I read their poetry so I feel like I'm getting a crash course in American poetry which I don't know too much about.

Anonymous 6242


I'd been meaning to read The Coming Insurrection by The Invisible Committee for a few months, after I bought it as well as the books following it, To Our Friends and Now. I started reading it yesterday and finished it today, a speed which I can barely bring myself to finish anything. I had a productive day aside from that as well, listened to an album I'd been meaning to listen to (Tales of a Grasswidow by Cocorosie) and went for an hour-long jog. I'm going to try and read To Our Friends (which is twice as long) soon.

I'd recommend it to basically anyone, unequivocally.

Anonymous 6283

Anonymous 18085

I just finished reading The Silent Patient. It's so good, miners - if you have the time and like psychological thrillers, you need to read it. I was just so dumbstruck by how good it is, I needed to talk about it.
I'm about to start reading Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto.

Anonymous 18102

Can someone recommend some good incel-lot? I read Elliot Rodgers manifesto, I want more stuff by fucked up men


Anonymous 17421[Reply]

What demographic does he appeal to?

Anonymous 17447


What demographic does she appeal to?

Anonymous 18073

River was ehh, he had some moments but overall left me very indifferent. I would rather romance takemura, I had more meaningful conversations and fun interactions with him than with River.

She appeals to moid coomers and simps. I couldn't stand her tbh. Her entire storyline goes on like this
>hey V I'm super depressed because my life is so much harder and bleak than everyone else's in this universe
>what do you mean you're fucking dying? oh no! …anyway
>please let me use you AGAIN to fight my fights for me
>but don't forget to follow all my whims or I'll get reaaally pissed at you!
fuck you Judy

Anonymous 18080

>Actually well written characters
All of them are made for coomers that doesn't mean I can't enjoy being evil and wild in their fictional universes. But it's dumb. It ain't Fallout New Vegas.

Anonymous 18087


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