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Podcast General Anonymous 731[Reply]

What are you listening to right now, miners?
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Anonymous 25291

I don't like it when they talk in a low le creepy voice because it kinda blends in with my air conditioner.

Anonymous 27165

My favorite is this small one called Shreddit
A bunch of cute boys making fun of redditors it's great

Anonymous 28384


I’m dropping this here because I think a lot of s might actually like it, I like the podcast’s subreddit as well. I wish they were around before 2020
Really? their subreddit is nice and funny, it has a weird mix of people but when I tired to listen to them I was really put off.

Anonymous 28725

Joe Rogan podcast: only if he has an interesting guest I want to listen to or a clip on YouTube caught my interest

Sad boys: two half black former tech bros who worked at Patreon. Mostly stories about growing up. I don't think they update anymore. One just reacts to 5 min crafts on YouTube and the other is on some DnD podcast.

Boyscast: two Canadian comedians move to New York. Mostly entertaining takes on current events.

HealthygamerGG: youngish Harvard psychiatrist talks about incels, being a loser, ADHD, productivity and then tries to convince the audience to cure all of the above with indian mysticism.

Not podcasts but Google has hour long talks with authors, actors, activists, ect on their YouTube. It's usually an hour long and good enough if you don't want to read their book but want a summary.

Anonymous 28727

i thought this was a music thread not a podcast thread but im still posting this since i went through the effort to find the link

Music Videos Anonymous 3305[Reply]

What are some of your favorite music videos?
Can be of all time or just recent ones that caught your eye.
Post em, girls!

This is my current one!
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Anonymous 28349

Giiiiiirl this gives me so much nostalgia, I loved this video/song
Have to contribute with more old music (turns out this video came out the same year, what a time. Back when I enjoyed Bryan Stars' degenerate interviews lol)

Anonymous 28671

fanmade but its awesome

Anonymous 28683

Anonymous 28684

Anonymous 28685


Ongezellig thread Anonymous 24776[Reply]

Can we have an Ongezellig thread? Thanks

Episode 1+2 if u want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tt2ZmH-3uc

I want a friend like coco ;_;
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Anonymous 24787

unknown - 2022-05-…


Anonymous 24798

Screenshot 2022-05…

Already posted this in that one thread but…

>Same social ineptitude

>Same hoodie worn everyday
>Same hair
>Same under-eye circles
>Same NAME


Anonymous 28336

God damn that felt bad, especially the parts with Maya sitting in the toilet stall and having conversations with her imaginary friends, and refusing the rare invitation and then immediately coping

Anonymous 28344

is this still worth watching

Anonymous 28355

It's cute, it's also only like 20 minutes long with all parts combined so it's not a big investment.


Anime: Late Hours Edition Anonymous 17408[Reply]

What are you currently watching? Any shows you've dropped? What's in your backlog? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

A comfy thread to talk about anime, whether it about be your favorite anime to the worst fucking garbage you've ever seen.
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Anonymous 23221

Misaki is an extremely relatable character for me. Hopefully you can’t relate to her but I think a lot of women who grew up on the internet can in some way or another. That being said, there is a layer of unironic manic pixie dream girl wish fulfillment thinly veiled by satire. I still liked it though and I’d probably be down to rewatch it with a .

Anonymous 23223

I was about to ask what exactly a MPDG is because I don't fully get it yet, but I guess now I know:
>She is a mysterious girl who appears one day at the doorstep of Tatsuhiro Satou, and plans to cure him of his disease of being a hikkikomori
But I think I'll watch it anyway, thanks for your reply anon.

Anonymous 23224

Sure. It’s probably good you asked. It’s like a bizarre love poem to Japanese social rejects and hard to enjoy without some level of relation. I’m ashamed to say it but I fucking loved Satou

Anonymous 23225

Thanks again for the reply the reason I decided to finally watch now is that him being posted in the husbando thread got me curious

Anonymous 28326

images - 2022-12-1…

I recently started to watch bocchi the rock, it's an amazing anime with great visuals and cute characters. Y'all should definetly check it out


Favorite Soundtracks/OSTs Anonymous 19488[Reply]

Discuss or post soundtracks you love from media such as movies, video games, tv shows and/or musicals.
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Anonymous 27797

The hylics 2 ost is so good. thems fighting words and prevailing westerlies are my favs

Anonymous 27798

In 2019 some guy sent me this rlly catchy video game OST but I can't find it. </3
All I remember is that the art for it was red with a cartoon skull? And the music was electronic with kind of a techno vibe. If any anons could help… Please.

Catchy. It kinda has a weird haunting quality to it tho.
Also love!

Anonymous 27818

I never could get into the games itself because I don't enjoy the gameplay, but I remember loving the soundtrack and I remember the FF8 soundtrack like if it was yesterday that I was playing as a teenager. Such a good soundtrack

Anonymous 27835

Anonymous 27838


I am obssesed with the SILENT HILL 2 OST seriously since I finished the main game 1 month ago I cant stop Listening to the soundtrack, its like it was made specially for me


RPGs with female protagonists Anonymous 26196[Reply]

Post about them here, give reccomendations, ramble away and so on.
Ideally female protagonists that aren't just self-inserts (such as female Byleth from Fire Emblem etc)
and it's fine if they're not the protagonist for the entire game but still a good chunk (Nier Automata spoilers) like 2B and A2 in Nier Automata
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Anonymous 26976

Seconding this rec

Anonymous 26977

Ff6 supremacy indeed

Anonymous 27782


It's hard to think of an explicitly RPG with one that's not a build your character style game. I know KoTOR2's protagonist is canonically female, but can be either. JRPGs seem to include them more, but they tend to fall into the trap of just picking it because they wanted a cute girl. I liked Metallica from The Witch and the Hundred Knight for just how over the top she was.

If I had to say, and it's not an RPG, but I like Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3 or Rei Kurosawa from Fatal Frame 3. Horror games seem to be one of the few genre where women dominate the share of representation as protagonists. There's probably an undercurrent of women being seen as helpless and vulnerable that's not great, but it's put out some nice characters. For instance, and I'm probably in the minority for this, but I think Heather is a better character than Samus. I feel that if I had to describe the two side-by-side, Heather would sound more like an actual human being.

Anonymous 27808


Valkyrie Profile games

Anonymous 27817


While it's not the typical RPG and some will say that it's not even RPG, which can be true, I think it still has enough RPG elements to be posted here.
It has 3 main characters, you play as them through the whole and 2/3 are women.
The game is far from a masterpiece, but in my opinion is decent and enjoyable if you like the setting


Anonymous 24110[Reply]

slice of life about a loser girl
>nobody buys the manga
>/a/ comes together to buy the manga
>it starts becoming a little successful
>/a/ spams the artist with dick pics
>nobody buys the manga again
>manga switches to yuri
>people start buying the manga
There's only so much you can do with the mundane adventures of a social retard. Eventually you have to start introducing a wider cast, eventually you have to start fleshing out those characters too. Nobody would have preferred if those characters were guys. And they pandered to the audience who gave them the time of day
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Anonymous 26531

even though I remember liking the MLEL, I remember disliking the fact that the mc financially coerces a woman into having sex with her iirc. I'm just very anti sex work

Anonymous 26539

Her only published nonautobiographical work might provide us with some clues about what kind of partner she wants:


Or it could be 100% fiction, we don’t see into her head.

Anonymous 26620

I don't remember this, source?
I also found it relatable as a straight woman and I actually feel bad when it gets recommended to lesbians. The English title is kind of a mess, like it's looking for a different audience than an accurate translation would have brought.

Anonymous 26638

In Wandering Warrior Experience she mentions her being raped at the age of six by a man and thus being afraid of men which she states is the reason why she hired a female prostitute. She was not sure about her actuall sexual orientation at the point of writing that, so it might be a case of reverse closet, but most likely she’s just consfused lesbian or maybe bisexual.

She’s active on twatter you can ask her directly if you need to know for sure for whatever reason.

Anonymous 27751

i thought the sequel was called my solo exchange diary


Junji Ito Thread Anonymous 17358[Reply]

Share your favorite Junji Ito works and why!
For me I like Glyceride and The Bully. The Bully is my favorite Ito work ever because it's very realistic, doesn't include any fantasy elements and I'm into that. I also like The Town Without Streets.
14 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 25277

god this is the worst junji ito story, in a good way. genuinely repulsive and unnerving to the point where my mind couldn't stop thinking about GREASE afterwards

Anonymous 25304

I nearly finished all of his stories now and I think the thing that I like best about is work, besides the drawing style, is that he incorporates a lot of traditional Japanese culture. Not so much that any of it feels like a period piece, but things like old houses, spirits, etc. They feel like leftover relics in a modern world. I also love that many of his stories involve small insular villages, deep in the mountains or forest.

He writes female characters well too and the female lead stories aren't focused only on girly things. He also has a good split between male and female lead characters and even background female characters aren't written as stupid.

Does anyone know any other mangaka like this? They can be horror or something else.

Anonymous 27729


im not the biggest black paradox fan but this panel goes so hard

Anonymous 27732


When it comes to his short stories, I really loved scarecrows. I love short stories about masses of people getting swept up in something crazy and losing their minds because of spooky fads, they're always disturbing and Ito does them pretty often

Anonymous 27749


I love when they build the labyrinth in Uzumaki


Lyricsposting Anonymous 18075[Reply]

Post your favorite/relatable/etc song lyrics here
Idea shamelessly stolen from lolcow of course.
40 posts and 31 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27572


Tonight I feel like neon gooooooold
I take one look at you and I grow cooooooold

Anonymous 27659


It's the tearing sound of love-notes
Coming out these rusted windows
And the view outside is sterile
And I'm only two cubes down
A photocopy all the things that we could be
If you took the time to notice me
But you can't now, I don't blame you
And it's not your fault that no one ever does

Anonymous 27660

Screenshot 2022-11…

Why are you so far away?
Even when you're standing next to me
You eyes give you away
Telling secrets when your mouth don't feel like talking
And I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boombox out in the street
And I'll be there if you need someone
Even if he isn't me
Lying in your bed
As lights dance across the ceiling
I listen to you breathe
Toss and turn in your sleep
And I wish that you'd believe
That I'll be your Lloyd Dobbler
With a boombox out in the street
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 27673


I waited so long for someone to say
If you could hold on, I'd maybe get you to stay
If you believe that I'm gone
This never meant nothing to you

You're just a sad song with nothing to say
About a life-long wait for a hospital stay
If you believe that I'm gone
This never meant nothing to you, whoa

If you would hold on and give me a say
You get the hard part, or maybe just a mistake
Maybe we'll just shut up and play
We never did mean nothing to you, never did we?

Anonymous 27724

In one single stroke, I’ve been taken captive by your heart.
See, my words are spilling out, drying up as they go.
Turn it up. Turn it up. No, don’t turn it up.
See, I’m getting pulled in again, so long as I wish for it.
It’s an enticing nectar, mixed with deceits.
Piercing straight through my heart—ARROW


Pokemon Scarlet/Violet Anonymous 27638[Reply]

Let's talk about the new Pokemon game and why Rika is so perfect.
11 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27667

Playing Violet (legit copy), have half of the badges so far, been having lots of fun with it. Yes there are occasional odd visual glitches and my game crashed once so far but nothing game breaking. Seems slightly more challenging than the average pokemon game and lots to see and do.
The online is one of my main complaints, I was really hoping this would be more like a mmo. But you can't just jump in and play alongside randos on your friendslist or strangers, you actually have to be able to communicate with other people to send them a code but nintendo has no way to directly message or invite people on switch. You can still raid/trade/battle with random people though. If anyone here is up for trying the union circle thing maybe we can arrange it sometime by posting codes? Anyway if you're wanting a similar game experience but less buggy and don't mind singleplayer I would also recommend legends arceus if you hadn't played it.

Anonymous 27676

I like that they have at least two tomboyish women in this game but the character design is so fucking weird lately (this character is ok though, she's so cool and handsome)

Anonymous 27695

I like the designs as much as usual but the models this time are really ugly. Makes them look worse than they are.

Anonymous 27698

>24 hours
What? That's so short… why even bother. I don't think I'll buy it. I rather buy an older pokemon game

Anonymous 27735

Maybe if you're speedrunning it? I'm over double that and still haven't finished the main story, have a few badges left and then the league and whatever is in the postgame (no spoilers pls). Of course I've been doing all the side stuff I can find and you can easily spend lots of time exploring and catching and stuff. The world is huge.

Wondering if anyone would be interested in multiplayer sometime? Kinda wanted to try it but noone to play with. Seems like it could be comfy

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