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Kpop thread Anonymous 576[Reply]

Thread for all of us fans of kpop share our bias, why we love them and their song recommendations and just general photo thread!

(all genres of korean music and all bands/artists are welcome)

Please do not disrespect, anyone's opinion is valid!!! Please don't say stuff like 'he just ugly', cause everyone knows beauty is subjective

(tbh made this cause I want to ind more k-groups/artists to stan)

Girl groups would be very appreciated!
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Anonymous 4667

Reviving this thread just to say I'm happy all the corruption and disgusting behavior in that bubble is coming to light right now. So much for those ~pure~ boys am I right

Anonymous 4668


Anonymous 4669

Everyone of my mutuals on twitter said something along the lines of; “Sad with all these dumb kpop stans defending him instead of his victims”

Maybe its who I follow and interact with but I barely saw any defense of him compared to people complaining about that supposed defense. I feel like too many people online waste time complaining about these other people into kpop and trying to make themselves differentiate from “the dumb kpop fangirls” all so tiresome

Anonymous 4670

Did you know there’s a K-pop imageboard? https://kpop.re/all/

Anonymous 4677

Yeah but I don't want to talk to crazy stans, this thread is as much as I'm willing to take


Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Anonymous 1694[Reply]

Anyone playing the new Animal Crossing game? I thought maybe we could share tips and add each other's IDs :)
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Anonymous 4643

That isn't my result, I would consider that a really lucky one (no repeats!)
I was just walking through >>4628 anon's potential use for their leaf tickets. Or I guess they could buy up to two of the special character furniture visit items.
Draw bundles as in the bundles of drawing 5 cookies at time for the bonus stamp. I guess I should have said cookie bundle to be more clear. I think of them as drawings since it's a gacha.

Thanks for the good vibes, but I dunno what I want from the free cookies (there aren't any clothes in the Poppy one and I'm not that into the Apple theme).

Anonymous 4653

Oops sorry I was a moron. I get it now.
I would absolutely hate to get clothing items from a cookie, so I don't think I'll get any of them, but none of the terrain options please me either. I guess I'll just keep saving.

Anonymous 4664

Right now you can get 5 free cookies that would usually cost tickets plus an extra 2 (or 3?) through completing goals and I even bought two more of Diana's cookies but I got such shit items reeeeeeeeee

I got:

Diana's fay cookie (1 free, 1 through goals, 2 bought)
>daisy dress
>daisy hairpin
(FML because I don't care about the clothing items at all)
>giant dandelion
>leaf umbrella (this one's cute)

I wanted the jar and giant flowers so it's at least 50/50.

Apple's glazier cookie (1 free, 1 through goals)
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Anonymous 4665

why do people hate the clothing repeats so much? at least you can dress the animals in them

i just want diana’s damn wings

Anonymous 4666

For me it's not about repeats, it's about me just not caring about clothing items in general.


Art thread Anonymous 396[Reply]

Post your art, anons! I don't draw, but I'm interested in seeing your work.
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Anonymous 4624


I made a sort of gallery with nice light references here but I don't know how long the images are going to stay on that site: https://postimg.cc/gallery/1bm51pmrs/

Anonymous 4625

Gah thank you anon and also keep doing your thing! I love how you render the human form

Anonymous 4626

You're really skilled, I'm happy I made and bumped this thread. Of course references are cool too.

Anonymous 4650


Anonymous 4654

Is something wrong? That's the default name for saved photos on my phone. Anyway here is a thread with more pictures of that head model: http://www.zbrushcentral.com/printthread.php?t=95252


ITT: Movie Scenes men will never understand Anonymous 4651[Reply]

Anonymous 4652

Source Novel
>written by a man
>written by a man
>written by a man
>directed by a man

I disagree


Shitty Webcomics General Anonymous 4414[Reply]

Inspired by >>>/feels/20522

I'll start with Menage a 3

>29yo virgin happens to have a social circle of exclusively oversexed, attractive girls who are all unrealistically invested in helping him lose his virginity or fucking him themselves, is a comic book writer and in no way a self-insert

>bisexual alt girl with an "inability to stay monogamous"
>ex-porn star "trying to leave her past behind"
>gay male couple with one's sexual orientation being "kinky bastard"
>Japanese girl named Yuki who is "Technically bi, but phallophobic (sees tentacles instead of penises)" dates the protagonist and goes to a therapist to get her phallophobia treated
>therapist has a complex about her boobs and deflowers the main character despite him dating her patient
>a transgender lingerie model from Brazil

>Ménage à 3 is consistently rated in the top 50 webcomics on the internet and is one of the top 25 most read.
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Anonymous 4422

perfect timing op. my friend and i are trying to make a "manga/comic" out of a shitty in-joke we had in our circle of friends. judging from the fact that we canceled it 7 times and now only two people are working on it, it's going to be shit.

what are shitty comic tropes we must absolutely

i must mention that neither of us actually like reading or writing or comics. don't worry about the art i'll figure something out.

Anonymous 4423

i forgot to mention the most important part. there's not much to tell yet but it's about a princess whose family gets overthrown and she loses her nobility, and her purpose is to rise again. btw, since the original joke was about an anime with my friends being as characters, she's my representative, and most characters will be based on real people.

Anonymous 4424

>what are shitty comic tropes we must absolutely avoid?
This is broad, I'd just recommend reading the Tv-tropes website.
Look up a comic you know and see how many tropes it has.
Some are positive and you should use them, but others are clearly stupid or weak.
>main character is a self-insert
There's nothing wrong at all with this by itself, but since you asked about shitty tropes, I guess avoid any obvious power fantasies or too cleanly 'working things out' for the main character. People like a self-insert if it's real, not half-real half-my-perfect-fantasy.

But yeah you could have it like almost a loose biographical type comic if the characters are all people you know. Those are really popular, even if the setting is fantastcial or something.

Anonymous 4425

The character isn't a literal self insert, none of them are. We'd make an RP if it were to be like that. What I meant to say was, the characters' personalities are all based on real people.
>'working things out' for the main character
I'll be honest we kind of did that. We made the protagonist's brother serve the new king who usurped power, but we made a eunuch help the protagonist flee to the countryside. We even made the eunuch give her a blessed lucky charm.

What do you expect from a story that has
1. a female protagonist
2. somewhat medieval setting
3. countries that politically resemble the balkans
4. magic that is difficult to control and mostly exclusive to some areas
or should I ask the book thread instead?

Anonymous 4627


that's such a shame! i used to love ksbd, even bought the physical vol 1 and donated to the author's patreon. i guess i havent checked up on it in a while because i had no idea how disappointing it became :/

as for shitty webcomics, oh joy sex toy is hilariously awful


You Anonymous 4518[Reply]

Have you seen it (or read the books)?

Anonymous 4590

I thought it was entertaining enough, even though it was dumb as fuck in some places. A lot of the stalking was really unrealistic especially in [[current year]] where you can't just keep logging into accounts with a stolen phone on constantly changing wifi networks (considering she got a new phone and SIM so the old one would've been disabled).

Joe was such an incel.

A lot of it was also sheer dumb luck and made it hard to sustain disbelief. Beck was unlikeable to me but I guess that was the point of her character, because so many people in the aftermath of the show were reeeing about how she was a bad person cheating on her bf and being pretentious while that was done on purpose to highlight how little it takes for the audience to justify the actions of a stalker and serial killer.

Peach was fun and I wanted Beck to run off to Paris with her, except she, too, had to be an obsessed manipulator instead of just being a good friend and so it wouldn't have been an informed choice by Beck, just trading one stalker for another..

Anonymous 4619

The entire red ladle subplot was top kek, what amazing bullshit lmao


deviantART Anonymous 4452[Reply]

I know it's dead now, but I wanted to talk about deviantART nostalgia.

Who did you follow?
Did you create and post on there?
Ever used the forums?
Memories and anecdotes?
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Anonymous 4522

<Mature Content>
No no no no no.
Oh god no.

Anonymous 4525


Yes yes yes yes yes.

Anonymous 4594

I just checked out their front page for the first time in a long time and it's incredible how much the overall quality of art has gone down. It used to be mainly dreamy photography and fantasy artwork and such, pretty cheesy, but now it's all anatomy-illiterate anime, foot fetish, ponies, and the occasional big name artist from the olden days. Did everyone just move to their own Tumblr/FB pages? What really caused dA's downfall?

Anonymous 4617

The 'premium' mode, perhaps? Also it's probably easier to get attention for art on sites like Twitter.

Anonymous 4618

There is a premium mode now? I remember when they offered subscriptions/premium memberships, but they didn't really improve experience that much - I got one gifted for a while and it didn't really improve exposure either. Just some added profile stuff.

I noticed that it was easier on Tumblr to get notes due to the snowball effect, but the feedback was also a lot less verbal. Mostly reblogs and likes for appreciation rather than thought-out comments, and with users posting everything on their blog no matter if personal or art related, it was harder to find profiles worth following because I really don't care about someone's fandoms if all I want to see is their work.


Cyberpunk Anonymous 4426[Reply]

Do you enjoy Cyberpunk?
I follow the /r/cyberpunk subreddit and I'm bored to hell because all the submissions are

>look at this random tech

>look at this shot of an Asian city in neon lights
>look at this hot robot woman

Please discuss Cyberpunk media, tropes, and art.
21 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4501

Well, much like "steampunk" it's not really very "punk", bur it's alright. I think it's an aesthetic that's used to broadly and without meaning, like the way people will put vapourwave aesthetics over stock films of any old crap and think it's cool.

Basically it's fine but people misappropriate it.

Anonymous 4508

It's not an aesthetic at all, it's a literary movement that started as a counter-movement to the utopias common in science fiction at that time and combines the rebellion of lower classes, liberation of the oppressed, "hacking the system", and self-modification using drugs, implants, cybernetics and such. Even when used as an aesthetic, that aesthetic still includes the cornerstones of the movement, like diversity, wealth disparity and all that (except for the bare minimum "cyberpunk" at the very surface of subreddits like OP described). Also, Vaporwave is rather soulless by design because that's the point - consumerism, nostalgia, and the fact that Vaporwave already started out as satire.

Anonymous 4513

Posting again to say that the "punk" part doesn't come from the punk "aesthetic" either but from the themes of rebellion, social/economic castes, and grit. I think Steampunk really is more of an aesthetic than a movement or genre, but Cyberpunk is not.

Anonymous 4515

Steampunk was a movement and genre before cyberpunk ever existed. The only fault is that it was long out of vogue before the internet could get to it. Themes of rebellion in it mostly revolved around Luddism, Ecology, and Autocracy, with the destruction and resistance against technology more prevalent than the usage of it against evil.

Anonymous 4595


>look at this random tech
>look at this shot of an Asian city in neon lights
>look at this hot robot woman

God I hate that kind of "artwork".
Ah yes, I always wear bikinis in bed while contorting myself to look at a screen. Also, a woman's favorite fabric for everyday clothing is vinyl and we love riding high-tech motorbikes in barely any clothes at all. What would a highly technological world be without titties?


Stuff you love to hate Anonymous 2891[Reply]

Do you read/watch things "ironically" or as hatewatching/hatereading?

I used to read the Twilight saga for the sheer ridiculousness, later did the same with The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey. I also enjoyed reading "snark" blogs about Twilight back in the day, especially the LiveJournal sites like Cleolinda's blog.

Recently I've been watching Shadowhunters with my bf for the horrible plots and cheap CGI and it made me reminisce about those times. So yeah, let's talk about those stories that are so bad you just can't stop.
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2920

tangentially relevant, but for every lit. buff out there, what are your personal pet peeves (or red flags) for these kind of cringy fantasy/romance novels? what makes you roll your eyes the hardest/when do you start to pick up on when a character is total trash?

Anonymous 4114


Riverdale, hands down. Every week I'm sitting in bed with food and soda and just go all out in indulging in this terrible mess.

Anonymous 4307

I have never managed to watch the whole Twilight series films just due to how wooden the acting is but i LOVE the books.

Team Jacob forever tbh

Anonymous 4581

Hey now, you know this is a lie… can't watch it every week when they keep taking random multiple-week breaks from releasing episodes :( :( :(
actually though i binged season 1 in a depression fueled night of needing to not feel anything and now i'm hooked. it's so stupid i can't not watch it at this point.

Anonymous 4593

Isn't it back on now? I kekked heartily at the recent episodes.


Obscure media Anonymous 3632[Reply]

Got any book, band, television show, anime, manga, game, etc. that you love but never have any opportunity to talk about it because no one knows what it is? Post about it here and maybe get some anons into it.

OP pic is Romeo's Blue Skies, a cute anime I enjoyed a lot.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3638

Everyone else had Sailor Moon but I had bootleg vhs copies of Candy Candy instead. And I can thank my mom for that

Thank you mommy

Anonymous 3639

OMFG I LOVE CANDY CANDY, Terry was best husbando btw

Actually just got all the manga printed and made into books :3

Anonymous 3643


Same here, the OST in general is great. I bought a copy of it and listen to it to relax or cheer myself up.
Alfredo is my role model in life.

Anonymous 4449


>tfw nobody knows about little red riding hood's zombie bbq

Anonymous 4582

only one i have is a band called Cayucas. they have a really cool beachy sound. (link is to my favourite song of theirs, it got me into them, maybe it will hook someone else!)

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