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Anonymous 4061[Reply]

Post your Spotify recaps.

Anonymous 4064


I swear I'm not a white, suburban dad

vampire girl.png

Post your manga recs! Anonymous 3115[Reply]

And write a summary about it or discuss
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Anonymous 4027


I'd recommend reading

Shuzo Oshimi - Happiness, Flowers of Evil
The first one is about vampires, the other is a coming to age story.

Sui Ishida - Tokyo Ghoul/Tokyo Ghoul:Re
It gets too shounen-y in some parts but overall good story.

Junji Ito - Black Paradox
A couple of people who met up on a suicide pact website and than a lot of strange things occur when they meet up to actually go through with it together.

Kuraishi, Yuu - Apocalypse no toride
Zombies, I feel like the ending is a bit rushed

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Anonymous 4028

Men disgust me. Does anyone have non-yuri manga recs where all the characters are female?

Anonymous 4029

Puella Magi Madoka Magica is an anime, not a manga, but there are no human men except for a cameo figure as the dad and another cameo featuring a group of men who are lampshaded as disgusting men.

Anonymous 4030


Made in Abyss is good, I'd recommend watching the anime first then picking up the manga at chapter 24. Simply because the anime seems like it corresponded to those dull chapters where the lore and stuff is set up in it's most basic sense ( but don't let that make you think the show is boring, it's anything bet ).
It's like Ghibli meets Berserk in my opinion.

Anonymous 4031

*anything but
To expand on my previous point, I personally find early chapters of manga tedious but they become enjoyable when animated.


Revolutionary Girl Utena Anonymous 2772[Reply]

I JUST started this show. I'm loving it. I wanna be just like Utena… she's so prince-like. Can we have a discussion about how cool she is?

Pls don't spoil it btw! I'm on episode 4
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Anonymous 2788

The ending with the car transformation scene was soooo weird. I understand utena's universe is full of symbolism and that ending was heavy in symbols, but still felt a bit out of place. I like how Utena and Anthy are way more visibly in love than in the anime though. Also the animation and music are so dreamy.

Anonymous 2801

Oh god I love Utena. My absolute favorite anime of all time. My opinion on nearly all of my favorites has changed for the worse over the years, but I only love Utena more with time.

I still think Anthy is one of the most nuanced characters in fiction.

Anonymous 2802

i feel like i remember hearing somewhere that in the anime they're just friends/their relationship is open to 'interpretation' because they weren't sure how audiences would respond to the yuri elements on TV, whereas with the movie i think they felt like they had permission to be more liberal with in romantic/sexual context.
that ending scene was exactly what i was thinking of, hahaha. it's one of my favorite parts to watch with a friend for the first time because i love seeing their reactions/facial expressions when they see it. i think ikuhara wanted to surprise the audience with something completely unexpected. I found a great post which goes more in-depth about the reason why they chose to go with that ending. http://ani-mentation.tumblr.com/post/118075794670/utena-turning-into-a-car-makes-perfect-sense

Anonymous 3600


Ikuhara retweeted these costumes the other day, what do you guys think?
I would never have thought of using lace for the tulle under Utena's jacket but surprisingly I really like the effect.

Anonymous 4021


I just came from my first watch and honestly I had a hard time understanding until I gave it a couple days to sit with me. And then it hit.

It's rare for a show to leave me so speechless. Easily a masterpiece and most definitely will be rewatching it again. There was so much nuance that I simply couldn't be expected to pick up on in just the first watch.

Also, Utena herself that is so charming that I both want to be her and marry her. She's so gallant and heroic while also never foregoing her femininity in pursuit of becoming a prince. Such that it almost feels demeaning to call her "wife material" but tfw no Utena gf am I right


Private WoW Servers Anonymous 3969[Reply]

Play on any?

This thread is for discussing which private servers and (most importantly) making friends to play with because most private servers are unmoderated sausage fests.

Some topics to help get things started:
> Do you currently play on any private servers/have you played on any in the past? If so, which ones and how did they hold up?
> Preferred server type (pvp, pve, rp, custom)?
> Horde or alliance?
> What's your favorite xpac? Or are you a Vanilla only kind of player?
> Fav wow activity (raiding, pvp, exploration, pet battles, iron mans, etc)?
> What are you searching for in a private server?
> How do you feel about private specific features, like custom content, instant max levels, gear in the cash shop, etc?
> What are deal breakers on a private server (pay to win, high xp scaling, bad scripting, etc)?

Other info:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3970

where is the server that can let me go back to the past ;_;

Anonymous 3980

Alliance rule Horde drool

Anonymous 3982

Say that to my face and see what happens.

Anonymous 3983

i played on nostalrius with my bf before it got shut down and never really hopped on anything new after it. we'll play on Sunwells Nightbane when it opens next Friday! it's a TBC server. it's a pvp server, i'd prefer pve but oh well. we're gonna roll Horde because most of our friends who also play there want to play Horde and we don't really care either way

> What's your favorite xpac? Or are you a Vanilla only kind of player?

my favorite expansion was maybe mists of pandaria, i absolutely LOVED the scenery and the pandas! i also really liked having my own little farm. i really miss the asian aesthetic. i haven't played tbc yet so we'll see how it holds up

> Fav wow activity (raiding, pvp, exploration, pet battles, iron mans, etc)?

i like exploring and dungeons, leveling too. raids are fun as well but i'm not really comfortable talking about casual stuff with so many people present so i just kind of whisper to a lot of people and bother them with stupid things lol

> What are you searching for in a private server?

i just hope it works really

> How do you feel about private specific features, like custom content, instant max levels, gear in the cash shop, etc?

i'd like the server to be as blizzard like as possible, but i don't really mind slightly faster experience rates especially on older servers. it took me sooooooo long to level on nostalrius, it was exhausting even if i really enjoyed it

> What are deal breakers on a private server (pay to win, high xp scaling, bad scripting, etc)?

just the server not working, lots of bugs and stuff. i also would prefer strongly if there was no way to buy power at all

Anonymous 4016

I played on private servers years ago but I don't even remember most of them (except one was called "Toxic WoW" I think?) but I'm pretty sure they're all shut down at this point. I didn't spend much time on them anyhow as they were really buggy. A good Vanilla or TBC server would be my dream! Active and blizz like, please! Although I wouldn't mind a Mists one either because I missed most of that expansion on retail but the setting was so lovely.

> Sunwells Nightbane
I'll have to check it out! TBC was my favorite expansion, but that's mostly because of nostalgia.

Anonymous 4007[Reply]


Anonymous 4008


Anonymous 4010

From what they showed the platforming seems very basic and easy, the plot got me curious what what happened and what will happen which is good as their major selling point seems to be the story and the visuals seem really cute, nice and somewhat darkish which is perfect for it.

Would be better if they released it on PC too because I don't have a switch.

Anonymous 4013



Anonymous 4014

It's cute and it's nice the princess gets to save the prince. But it depresses me how even in most damsel in distress games the protagonist doesn't even have the depth to care for the damsel in the way it is portrayed here.

Oh, well. Not as bad as it could be. I like the visuals so I'll buy it if I decide it's worth getting a Switch. Also, I'm glad it's featuring a creature to semi-rp in. I wish those were more common.


Pokemon Anonymous 454[Reply]

What is your favorite pokeman?
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Anonymous 3684


Anonymous 3697

I love bronzong, too! And for that matter, Bronzor. They're so cute.

Anonymous 3699




Anonymous 3705



Anonymous 4012


I bought a cute ditto plush from black Friday and I gotta say the little guy is really growing on me. I like to imagine it transforming into a cuddly pokemon for me to cry into when I'm sad.


Earworms Anonymous 3737[Reply]

What song is playing on repeat in your head right now? Post it here.

Maybe you can get it out of your head, or maybe you'll pass it on to someone else…
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Anonymous 3964

Anesthetize is pretty great, have you listened to the sort-of sister album Normal?

My personal favorite is the album and song Hand Cannot Erase

Anonymous 3971

I just first heard Steven Wilson's music a week or two ago, I saw his name written a lot on the internet but I never looked him up, and now I did, I'm really glad. I've listened to a few songs from that album but I haven't listened to the whole album. I will now. thanks anon

Anonymous 3972

This whole EP is amazing

Anonymous 3973

it sounds like hearing the electric signals in my brain

Anonymous 3992

low quality.jpg

Battle stations Anonymous 3870[Reply]

Alright girls, post you are battlestation in this thread.

No cleaning up before hand.

sorry for 25$ walmart phone picture quality
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Anonymous 3974

they were on sale! i'm not trying to flex i swear.

Anonymous 3975

Why were they banned? Not them btw

Anonymous 3976

I like your station anon.

Anonymous Moderator 3977

I looked into their post history(from another thread, because their post was reported there) and he had said he was a guy before and got banned (so he just changed IPs to post the pic ITT).

Every time we ban someone with the "You can't sit with us" message underneath is because we have found, and are 100% sure, that they are male.

Anonymous 3991


it's actually a spanish happy birthday card to a grandson.

my boyfriend got it for me.

princess peach (2)…

Video games Anonymous 79[Reply]

Let's talk about video games. What are you playing now? What games are you looking forward to play? Which games or consoles are your favorites, and which ones do you dislike or disappointed you? Etc.
357 posts and 113 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3807

as far i know the remaster was a complete disaster, i think steam won't let you buy prepare to die so if you don't have it you are forced to buy the remaster

Anonymous 3978


I'm so ready for this. I quit in 2011 a bit in the third expansion. I started half a year before the first expansion and never really got to experience the original game fully. Thinking back on it, this was the game that really broke the "there are no girls on the internet" and it was a bit of a meme to have women healers in your guild.

I won't let it get in the way of school or health like I did as a teenager. Actually, I have a sad prediction I'll get bored in a few months and quit as I don't really play videogames anymore but am hopeful this could rekindle the hobby.

Anyone else going to play?

Anonymous 3979

It's also a meme that women destroy guilds
Because horny retards acting like retards is somehow the womans fault

Anonymous 3981

True. I used to read rants about girls getting white knighted by the guild leader or something, or got special treatment even when playing terribly.

The best guild I was ever in was with a couple that lived together and ruled the guild equally.

Anonymous 4009

these games are beloved for a reason. there are a couple of things you should know though:

don't level resistance!
shields are a crutch imo but don't be afraid to do anything the 'cheap' way. its totally ok to bow and arrow a strong enemy down from a distance or lead it into a trap.
hidden passages can be revealed by hitting walls.
if the enemies are too hard, the game probably doesn't want you to go that direction.
this game world has an incredible amount of thought put into it. don't hesitate to backtrack to certain areas wearing certain items to see new things or moving npcs, and read all the lore descriptions (many keys have their lock locations in there!)
enjoy the experience, and don't be afraid to die.
take the old witches' ring!

amazing view ahead… praise the sun!


Anonymous 49[Reply]

try and name a more perfect song
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Anonymous 1577

I literally can't name a more perfect song. I was listening to it today for the first time in a while and it hit me again how much I love it. Something about it makes me feel so nostalgic for something I haven't experienced yet, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 1578

What song was that? Bummed.

Anonymous 2760

Anonymous 3291

Anonymous 3963

Africa's just overly sentimental kitch.

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