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Kpop thread Anonymous 10409[Reply]

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Anonymous 11868

I feel like they might get one eventually when the academy realises how effective pandering to army is but I don't know if it'll happen this year

Anonymous 11869

Lmfao a 29 yo trying to use 30+ yo as an insult, honestly you bring these jokes upon yourself peak autismo

Anonymous 11870

They really went hard with the BTS week on Jimmy Fallon during the grammy nomination week. I don't know, I feel like they may get it this year. I really think this is their peak. I can't imagine (cope) with them being as big as they are now, next year.

Anonymous 11871


>I have no problem splitting the bill at McD

Anonymous 11872

Oh so you’re a beg

Worst Profiler In …

Pink Panther thread Anonymous 10225[Reply]

"How can a blind man be a lookout?"


"Well, it's simple, all you do is apply for the job–"


Doki Doki lit Club! Anonymous 1622[Reply]

Just a general discussion for Doki Doki lit club and the project libitina files.
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Anonymous 2214


I went in blind only knowing that it's a spooky game that lures you in by pretending to be a dating sim, and it was pretty thrilling. I saw through Monika from the start because I'm familiar with her character trope and she always made the meta comments like telling you how to save your game, breaking the fourth wall a lot and bookending her poem with save me / delete her, but there were still some twists I didn't expect and going through the files felt novel and immersive. Reminded me of pic related:

>While the programmers were developing .GIFfany's game, they noticed her obsessive tendencies and attempted to delete her. However, she retaliated and "deleted" them.

I romanced Yuri

Anonymous 6416

Not that guy but the Muvluv trilogy is in my opinion the best VN out there. Its a much better deconstruction of the dating sim genre but isn't in your face about it and Muvluv Alternative handles PTSD in one of the most realistic ways I have ever seen in media. Reading all of it will take around 60 hours but it is worth it. Fucking hell do I wish it was more popular.

Anonymous 9988

I don't understand the appeal of DDLC

Anonymous 10179

Me either. Someone lied telling me it was a good horror game but it was just boring high school shit VN.

Anonymous 10180

They all pissed me off except for Sayori.


Anonymous 10253[Reply]

What are your favorite YouTube pranks?

Anonymous 10254

none, they're all in bad taste done by immature, sociopathic moids

Anonymous 10255

Youtube pranks, like rickroll? I'm not sure what you mean.

Anonymous 10256

This one's pretty funny


ASOIAF Anonymous 7049[Reply]

I've just finished up the first book (reading because I dislike live action), and I'd love to discuss the series/see it being discussed here, on C.C.
Also going to kindly ask that people use spoilers, since I know almost nothing about what's coming next/knew nothing going in. In this vein, just let me say: I can't fucking believe Ned died. What the fuck.
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Anonymous 7632


I didn't mind the slow pace of that story. I loved it, in fact, all the way up until Sanderson's books. Everything suddenly felt like it was written by an ADHD teen when he took over.

Anonymous 7680


Martin is a master of the character development while Jordan was a a great world builder, though I believe Erikson (Malazan) surpasses both.

I don't know why people even compare both series, they are too different and have their own strenghts, problems and uniqueness,. Martin is also a huge WOT fan, he made a few references on ASOIAF about Jordan.

>I didn't mind the slow pace of that story

I don't mind it too, though I think books 8 and 10 were atrocious. Sanderson is also a great writer and I think his books are very good, on the same level as the ones that Jordan wrote. His Stormlight archives is my favorite series of this decade.

Can we turn this thread into a /sffg/ (sci-fi and fantasy general)? I don't think there are enough people to discuss only ASOIAF here, but maybe the genre is popular enough to get more replies.

Anonymous 9486

We don't enough people to discuss a genre of books either, it seems.

Anonymous 9609


Anonymous 10077

I love Cersei and Stannis.
That's it


Has there ever been a webm thread in the history of CC? Anonymous 9730[Reply]

I'll start.
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Anonymous 9844


Anonymous 9845


Anonymous 9846


Anonymous 9847


Anonymous 9855

On the one hand, animal abuse, on the other hand, it did seem to work.


Jrock/Visual Kei Anonymous 3460[Reply]

Is anybody still into it? The hype around it seems to have died down the past few years (also "thanks" to kpop)…
Fav/most hated band/song/genre? Ever been to a concert/plan to go? Any gossip?
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Anonymous 3507


Not really into Visual Kei but when I was researching the genre out of curiosity Buck-Tick's music stood out for me and I really enjoyed it, I spent so many hours searching everywhere for a place to download all their music, and a few weeks earlier I just found out they were put on Spotify so I've been happy for that lol. I still need to get into their 90s album properly but I love what I've heard so far, I like looking at the translations for their lyrics too. I think I'm drawn to this band because I like the fact they were influential and they're not so crazy and over the top with their image (that's what turned me off from vk) and they reminded me a little of the Cure when I first heard them
……and yes ok I also thought/think Atushi is hot as fuck and he can get it any time anywhere from me even at his age now

Anonymous 3525

>Western Buck Tick "fans" are the kind of music fans that like that group because they think they are (at least a bit) -underground-so they are like MUH EDGY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE.
Why? Do you think it's impossible for a person to actually like Buck-Tick?
What are you basing such claims upon, the fact that BT is unknown to most westerners? Because so is Laruku.

Anonymous 3546

I'd call Buck-tick goth before VK personally.

Anonymous 3550

Well nowadays, but they clearly started out as vkei. Plus some elitists would probably argue that they're not "goth" enough, since they sometimes have some less dark pieces as well lol

Anonymous 9725

apologies for bumping an old thread, but i've been looking to get into x japan. where should i start?


Kpop thread Anonymous 9670[Reply]

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Anonymous 10339


Lucas' visuals literally changed 4th gen kpop. Now idols with big ears are not automatically visual holes in fans minds now.

Anonymous 10342


The writing… she sounds pissed as hell.


Ahh thinking of Dream I always feel a little sad. I mean plenty of parents push their kids into being sports protégées, or ivy league superstars. The kids sacrifice their lives and are under a ton of pressure to succeed, its not just the entertainment world where it's hard to make a living. I can see some parents thinking that a career in ent would mean their kids end up successful and at least have plenty of money in their lives esp if they don't study well in Jaemin case. SK is a tiny ass country too not huge like the US with more opportunity.

Anonymous 10343


What is it about Lucas that inspires such passion?

Anonymous 10350

This is our contention thread tho and we shouldnt post kpop anywhere else on this website

Anonymous 10399

oh fuck off dude it was like 12 posts about the racist fat pig chick and it'll be forgotten soon once the nctfags show up again


VRoid Thread Anonymous 7307[Reply]

Do you like creating your own characters, watching vtubers or playing VRChat? VRoid Studio is the tool for you. It's a free program which allows you to create your own anime style 3D doll and can be downloaded here: https://vroid.com/en/studio/
It lets you change the proportions of your model, change the textures of the skin, eyes, hair and clothes. It doesn't have a large variety of clothing options but they can be manipulated by changing for example sleeve length and shape and by changing their textures. You can even draw each strand of hair by yourself and make any kind of hairstyle you want. When you are done with your character you can pose them and take pictures in the tool or in other programs such as 3tene or Wakaru (which are face tracking tools, so you can control your character yourself) or you can convert them to VRChat models and play the game with your own avatar.
I think it's a really amazing tool which is why I wanted to show it to everyone, please try it and show off your models here! If you need help I will try to help you.

Anonymous 7309

This tool looks so cool.

Anonymous 7314


Here is one I am making. I'm still working on the dress. You can make various accessories with the hair tool like hairclips and horns and hats and fangs, even tails but you have to use another 3d editor to make the tail move with the butt instead of the head.

Anonymous 9415

She is beautiful.

Anonymous 9624

I love this program but I feel so retarded doing it. I just want to make clothes and outfits mostly.
I am really struggling with deciding hair for my own personal model.

Anonymous 9679

Brings me back to mikumiku dance days…guess I'm officially an old weeb.
Thanks, op, will try.


ASMR Anonymous 1427[Reply]

Do any miners enjoy ASMR?

I checked it a few years ago after hearing about it in passing. And I listen to it almost every night when falling asleep.

I would love to hear peoples thoughts about it, enjoy it, dislike it, chat about the ASMR community (those weird sexually charged videos?), youtubes demonetization of ASMR, ASMR artists you enjoy, etc etc etc

Use this thread for everything ASMR!
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Anonymous 6041

Why would that not be good? It doesn't seem harmful. Unless are you obsessing over it? If not, it doesn't seem to have a downside, it's like listening to rain sounds to fall asleep. Also, why should someone rather think about negative things when they fall asleep?

Anonymous 6042

Agree. The therapist sounds dumb. Lots of people listen to audiobooks, music, whale song, and, yes, AMSR to help them relax and sleep. Feeling your feelings is important but not when you’re trying to sleep if it’s going to stress you out. Your body and mind need to relax.

Anonymous 6086

Well anon, I'm actually going to be making my own channel soon, so I ended up ignoring my therapist's advice. I think she was addressing the way that I used it excessively.
I see your point. I was taking it to extremes I guess though

Anonymous 8318


Anonymous 9439

Might be a weird question but does anyone know of ASMR that’s educational/informative while also being easy to listen to?

The French Whisperer is good but actually too informative, I feel like I need to pay attention and end up stressing out. I also vastly prefer listening to girl voices.

Like something that just repeats maybe 30ish factoids at max over and over so I dont need to pay careful attention, but in slightly different ways so it isnt repetitive to listen to.

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