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current anime discussion thread Anonymous 18097[Reply]

what anime are you guys currently watching? At the moment i'm trying to finish Hunter X Hunter and im keeping up with the new Higurashi and really enjoying Wonder Egg Priority
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Anonymous 18490


>I can already tell its fanbase is going to be absolutely unbearable
why do you say this?

Anonymous 18491

it's a reverse harem. there's subtext if you squint very very hard.

Anonymous 18495


The author's fans all seem to be retarded moids that are no doubt going to be complaining about "muh fujos ruining muh anime" and the rest of the fans will probably be twittertards complaining about "the sexualisation of fictional minors". I don't know though it's just a hunch. I hope I'm wrong. Either way, I'm not going to let that get in the way of my enjoyment of things.

Anonymous 18516

I wish I could like this anime since the animation is very pretty but I dislike Kinako's art style and the dialogue is so awkward.

Anonymous 18517

Just watched the first ep of Toumetsu no Anata e, it was beautiful. I don't know anything about the source material so I may be completely off the mark, but the poignant narrative and story appearing to be episodic reminds me of Mushishi. Great OST too, would recommend.


Anonymous 4179[Reply]

any of you goyim watch/read jojo.
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Anonymous 4272

I could just post these songs all day but I will just post one more

Anonymous 4291

Jojo MADs are great.

Anonymous 4293

Ah, so I'm not alone. At least the setting is beautiful and makes me really nostalgic.

Anonymous 17792


JoJo has really amazing husbandos.

Anonymous 18501


I'm still pissed off that Araki made the best boy a rapist on the last second after he won fair and square (as fair as it gets when stands are involved)

Inner Void.png

Somber Music Thread Anonymous 17841[Reply]

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Anonymous 17881

Anonymous 18379

Anonymous 18444

Everything by Martin Dupont

Anonymous 18445

Anonymous 18482


Anonymous 1467[Reply]

Let's talk about pop(ular) music, its industry, cultural influence, etc. General pop music is welcome, and so is any chart-topping performer regardless of their "real" genre.

My favorite pop divas are Britney Spears and Mariah Carey.
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Anonymous 1838

american 'pop divas' are mostly studio hacks. don't write their own music, jacked up on autotune, only popular because they're attractive and fit their label's brand. american pop is all about right place-right time rather than talent, and it's kind of sad.

Anonymous 1842

These videos are quite useful, because they do provide clear examples of good support/poor (or lack of) support. Most popular singers today don't engage support, even if they sound pretty good. Taylor Swift is the main one who comes to mind. Her range is fine but hearing her live is absolutely painful. Her voice wobbles, you can hear her breathing heavily, and it sounds strained. It's best heard here - https://youtu.be/IhfBSKb0tmU. Brace yourself for the big note towards the end.

Anonymous 18172


As much as I like the Teenage Dream album, I wish Katy released an album similar to One of the Boys. Her voice suits the style so much. Anyone here like Rina Sawayama? Anyway, I love it when a pop song makes me feel like I just snorted boric acid powder. That explains why I melt for most tacky songs.

I like 60's-90's pop too!
>hate Halsey
So do I. Same goes for Kelly Clarkson. I would add P!nk and Fergie to the list, but I like some of their songs.

Anonymous 18201

Yeah she has a great voice. Her version of My Reflection from Mulan blows me away. Most of her music doesn't emphasize her voice so much though. Not to throw shade at Britney but they are the kinds of songs Britney could sing. Xtina could have sung much more challenging songs.

Anonymous 18479

I have no good contribution but I'd like to share this. I think the album had flopped but I have a soft spot for this song and I think it showcases her talent and potential

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 18107


Anonymous 18111


Anonymous 18452

Anonymous 18456

Anonymous 18469


Hetalia Anonymous 17627[Reply]

Apparently it's now socially unacceptable to like Hetalia because it's for nazis somehow. This is the most retarded take I've ever heard and I hate that I have to pretend that I don't think the show was fun when I watched it (which I know every anime-watching female on the fucking planet also has). I'm going to have to watch the new series in secret, I guess.

More importantly, who's your favorite Hetalia boy (or girl)? Mine's Canada.
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Anonymous 17642

Lmao fucking anglos. People calling this nazi obviously have never seen it, just call them out on their bullshit.

Anonymous 17645


I think it’s mostly younger people and people who were never into Hetalia saying that. If you actually watch it, it’s just fun and cute. I totally get you though, especially since Germany was my favorite when I watched it. Canada’s a really good choice, though.

Anonymous 17658

Japan and Netherland/Holland. I love Japan's quiet old ass and Netherland's crochety self. Maybe Turkey and Belarus too.

Anonymous 17712

Listening to these underaged zoomers bitch and moan about Hetalia and other subversive media make me think that this generation has really lost its punk rock. My sister's hardly a zoomer, but even she refused to watch it.
The English dub was removed from Hulu, but the jp dub's still there because Funimation's disingenuous ass doesn't want to lose the liscense.

Anyway, my favs are Spain and Southern Italy.

Anonymous 18468


my favorite QT

All of her outfits were great


Ojamajo Doremi Anonymous 17438[Reply]

Best magic girl show
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Anonymous 17448


I have heard that Ojamajo has a really shit ending that makes the show a waste of time to watch

Anyways my favorite magical girl anime series is KiraKira Precure A La mode, and It’s my opinion

Anonymous 17456

I think literally everyone forgot about the new movie that already happened. thanks Covid.

Anonymous 17993

should i watch it?

Anonymous 18446

it's my favorite anime ever, but I refuse to watch Hana grown up. It's just weird and wrong.… It's just wrong. Also, will the new movie ever be english subbed?

Anonymous 18457

it looks cute.. why do you like it so much anon?


Gamedev Anonymous 18066[Reply]

Anyone here has any experience on programming/gamedev? I want to make an indie horror game (ha, so original) inspired by LSD dream emulator. I'm not sure where to start and my knowledge is mostly based around web design (HTML/CSS)
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Anonymous 18104

If you're a beginner to 3D, that's even better because you can hit that early-00s uncanny valley horror.
Also, please use Unreal over Unity. Unreal is just a stronger engine.

Anonymous 18109

Just learn how to use Blender and research and slowly learn.
As well, I'd recommend Unity because it's easier to work with for new devs, and C# is easier to learn than C++.
I'd recommend learning some Python before moving onto other languages though, just use learnpyhton.org
Unreal is a nice engine, but Unity I think is better for beginners. Unity isn't a bad engine either, it's just that most people that use it are too incompetent to optimize properly.

Anonymous 18203

godot might also be an option if you would prefer something more lightweight. would also suggest learning python, since the scripting language godot uses is similar (you can also use python for pygame or renpy)

Anonymous 18442

Gamemaker will be easiest. A lot of people use it and there are tutorials for everything.

Anonymous 18450

I don't know shit but I know my way around learning shit and can get you good resources. Shoot me an email [email protected]


weird youtube crushes Anonymous 17172[Reply]

who in your youtube subs do you have unexplainable crushes on? here is my list, rusty cage, (young keyboard playing) adam/yourmoviesucks, rebel taxi.
i dont know why. i dont even like men that much. but i have the biggest crushes on them.
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Anonymous 18431

who is this :0

Anonymous 18432

I thought the same thing at first, but naaaaaaaah.
He's a sad little jumping bean with a fetish for yellow fever. I saw one video where he was moping over being dumped by his "ideal Korean waifu", some girl he totally fetishized with no regard to some level of rationale to realize that she's more than a sex toy, she's a human being. That video did it for me and I haven't watched him since. I enjoyed him more when he was just a dumb closet pervert reviewing hentai videos.

Anonymous 18433



Anonymous 18434

Which video was it?

Anonymous 18449



He's a guy who basically only made a youtube channel to vocalise his opinions on a specific videogame's story. He wrote a 120 page document trying to untangle every narrative thread, and then once he had nothing left to say he disappeared off the face of the earth. Guys with weird obsessions that they can just ramble on about for hours and hours fill me with a weird kind of joy. Even if a guy's words go over my head, I don't mind. His cat often interrupts him and that again reminds me of that first guy I really loved, he was an insane INSANE cat guy. He had like eight or maybe even eleven.
He also mentioned once that he suffers from major depressive episodes and that triggers my saviour complex because I'm shallow.

Fuck. Literally any beardy longhair-ish skinny scruffy white guy with a pet cat and a dorky smile is something I'm utterly pathetic for.
I miss him so much.


Otome Games Anonymous 143[Reply]

Anyone else here who’s a fan of Otoge?

>English Otome Games


>Otoge Subreddit


Remember to tag your spoilers!
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Anonymous 18146

Man I got Nightshade and holy shit Hanzo's route is the best thing.

Anonymous 18398

How can I play it in english? all the translation links are broken, I really need to play this
New anime coming this summer with sheep MC

Anonymous 18400

Playing Jack Jeanne right now. It doesn't have much romance but it's a really beautiful and well made game.

You can't, no one has made a full translation. The translation links are only for the trial version. VNR subtitles are incomplete too.
Time to get on practicing your JP :)

Anonymous 18439


I really like how much content Obey Me! has, like birthday messages and such. This might sound lame but yesterday was my birthday and hearing a bunch of anime boys wish me happy birthday and tell me how much I mean to them made me really giddy kek

Anonymous 18441

Give me a boyfrien…

After the David Foster-esque review of Tokimeki Memorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xb-DtICmPTY) I feel like I should try those Girl Side games. Apparently many of them are translated. Haha why did I worry about not having a bf during covid when I can have a 𝓬𝔂𝓫𝓮𝓻 𝓻𝓫𝓸𝔂𝓯𝓻𝓲𝓮𝓷𝓭?!

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