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/vn/ - Visual Novel general Anonymous 2501[Reply]

Any miners play visual novels? What are you playing right know? Which are your favorite genres: otome, galge, eroge, horror, mystery…? Feel free to make suggestions and discuss your favorite VNs!
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Anonymous 4178

*The House in Fata Morgana.
I'll be reading it's sequel next.

Anonymous 4186

I read Fata Morgana: A Requiem for Innocence a while back. It was an asshole feudal lord, some slaves and an ugly witch girl. The art style was really good and the reviews were positive so I was looking forward to reading it.
It actually turned out to be a pretty boring story. I felt betrayed when I finished it, there doesn't even seem to be an alternate ending. It was short, everyone dies in the end, and there wasn't even a lot going on. You only get one choice in the game, that is giving a flower to one of the 3 girls (or keeping the flower) and none of them and it doesn't even matter, I got the same ending either way. At least there was one good background track.
Am I missing something? Some secret button? That shitty novel kept me from playing the other fata morgana games. I actually meant to read the one with the maid but I got the wrong one by mistake.
The art is just so good but I don't wanna be fooled by pretty things again. Anyway…

Anyone read Remember 11? I can't say I enjoyed the story but somehow I read it for 7-8 hours non-stop. both satoru and kokoro's stories but separately. The ending was… [there isn't even an ending though] I don't know, somewhat dry, but I guess the story itself was interesting.

Anonymous 4187

>It was an asshole feudal lord
meant to write it was about an asshole feudal lord

Anonymous 4188

clannad is my fave. yukine is portrayed better in the animu somehow. kotomi is best route, but the kyou route is full of feels. nagisa is fine, but i feel like i don't really relate to her or feel that much about her either.

Anonymous 4323


Higurashi is so much fun, gorls.


Nintendo Switch Thread! Anonymous 1486[Reply]

>When did you get your Switch, what games do you have?
>Do you love it or hate it? Why?
>What games do you want to see get ported to the console?
>What mods/accessories did you get for yours?

I got my switch almost two weeks ago, I got Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Double Dragon 4.
I love my Nintendo Switch, but I don't like how unfinished it feels. There's so many features and apps missing, like video streaming and save backups.
I want Jet Set Radio, Perfect Dark 64, and Cuphead on the Switch.
I got a cover flap, cheap screen protector but I'm planning on getting an Orzly protector, and a modified grip to be a bit more portable.
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Anonymous 1555

Galaxy is kind of it's own game in terms of difficulty and level design. Mario 64 has more detailed levels that allows more challenges.

Anonymous 1556

A better way to explain it is that Galaxy's level design is Linear. You go from point A to Point B.

In Mario 64 and Sunshine, you have a large open world that allows multiple objectives to complete.

Anonymous 3730


Do you think we will ever see a comprehensive Metroid collection on Switch?

Anonymous 4308


Got a Switch during Thanksgiving, currently have:
>Smash Ultimate
>Let's Go Eevee
>Bayonetta 1&2
>Octopath Traveler

Excited for Animal Crossing, maybe new Fire Emblem. Want to eventually get Breath of the Wild, Mario Odyssey, and not sure what else.
Don't have any mods/accessories yet, do have a screen protector if that counts.

Anonymous 4309

2018-11-12 12-41-4…

Switch is actually gr8 for chilling in local park. I got:
> Free
- Nes Games
- Fallout Shelter
> Catriges
- Splatoon 2
- Mario Oddysey
- Zelda: BoW
- WolfenStein 2
- Valryria IV
> Bought in e-shop
- Diablo 3
- Stardew Valley
- Everspace
- Rouge Legacy
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Stuff you love to hate Anonymous 2891[Reply]

Do you read/watch things "ironically" or as hatewatching/hatereading?

I used to read the Twilight saga for the sheer ridiculousness, later did the same with The Hunger Games and 50 Shades of Grey. I also enjoyed reading "snark" blogs about Twilight back in the day, especially the LiveJournal sites like Cleolinda's blog.

Recently I've been watching Shadowhunters with my bf for the horrible plots and cheap CGI and it made me reminisce about those times. So yeah, let's talk about those stories that are so bad you just can't stop.
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Anonymous 2905

I feel you anon, I know all the words to Ice Ice Baby off by heart

Anonymous 2910


I decided to read this book because of 1 bad review that was super funny. I thought i could enjoy reading book because of how bad it would be but i was wrong. This book is so bad and the main character is so annoying that reading this only made me frustrated, i had to force myself to finish the book and i regret it so much.

Anonymous 2920

tangentially relevant, but for every lit. buff out there, what are your personal pet peeves (or red flags) for these kind of cringy fantasy/romance novels? what makes you roll your eyes the hardest/when do you start to pick up on when a character is total trash?

Anonymous 4114


Riverdale, hands down. Every week I'm sitting in bed with food and soda and just go all out in indulging in this terrible mess.

Anonymous 4307

I have never managed to watch the whole Twilight series films just due to how wooden the acting is but i LOVE the books.

Team Jacob forever tbh

[HorribleSubs] Wat…

2019 anime! Anonymous 4295[Reply]

A thread for the discussion of current anime, simply because I'm sure some of you are keeping up with this stuff.
Here are a few questions to get us started.
>What are you currently watching?
>Are you looking forward to anything?
>Have you dropped any shows?
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Anonymous 4299

I've seen good things about the first episode on other sides, people are already calling it 'thriller of the season', lol.

Anonymous 4300

Boogiepop's second episode was much better than the first. Should I watch the 2000 anime before continuing?

Anonymous 4302


Anyone seen the first episode of shield hero? It's basically "crybaby incel propaganda: the anime".

First episode goes like
>MC is a loser incel but we're supposed to like him anyways just because he's a "nice guy"
>gets transported to the most generic boring fantasy world
>first thing that happens is he meets a girl that starts getting close to him and flirting
>turns out she was just trying to rob him, then she lies to the king about him raping her to get him in trouble and cover her tracks, which everyone instantly believes and turns against the poor little MC
>now MC is a woman hatind edgelord
>buys a loli sex slave right at the end of the episode, once again just to cement how "nice" he is.

Anonymous 4303

I tried mango, but dropped after he gets a mount pet, just like the one in RO.

Anonymous 4304

was briefly considering giving this a try, thanks for turning me off.
most isekai seems like incel propaganda, or just virgin male wish fulfillment.
i can't bash them too harshly though since i love me some otomeshit lmao


Anonymous 4179[Reply]

any of you goyim watch/read jojo.
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Anonymous 4270



Anonymous 4271

Everyone post your favorite remix now go!!

Anonymous 4272

I could just post these songs all day but I will just post one more

Anonymous 4291

Jojo MADs are great.

Anonymous 4293

Ah, so I'm not alone. At least the setting is beautiful and makes me really nostalgic.


Anonymous 2569[Reply]

your 2 cents on oyasumi punpun
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Anonymous 3028


I liked it a lot. I bought it after reading it online because it was like nothing I had read before (as far as manga).
When I read it, I saw Punpun as the person I didn't want to be. I guess it had the same effect on me as Charles Bukowski's stories have on me. It kind of gave me the motivation to keep doing my best, and stay positive.
>I really hate Punpun.
>Sachi is awesome.
>Aiko deserved better.

Anonymous 4263


i love it with all my heart, so much i bought all the physical copies and cosplayed as aiko! i read the manga at the best time probably in my life and for that reason im really thankful to the madman that is inio asano

Anonymous 4275

i don't like things that might depress me

i got enoght of this shit in life

why i whould waste my free timw on sad stuff, while i could do fun things?

Anonymous 4279

got to volume 4 and dropped it, made me too depressed and I'm already severely depression so….yeah

Anonymous 4290

Asano may fetishise the fuck out of depression but sometimes you need to get that out first before moving on.
He got fed up with feel good 20-something manga which was what Solanin was and made Punpun afterward which is a brutal take on typical tv romance patterns. It’s fun to see how he grows after each publication imo


Anonymous 2355[Reply]

Do /tg/ related things belong in /media/? I'll just assume they do.
Do any of you girls play any tabletop RPGs like D&D, exalted, world of darkness or whatever?
I played some fourth edition D&D when I was a teenager and I'm getting really nostalgic for it recently.
Do you have any stories you would like to share? what kind of characters do/did you usually make? any interesting people you've played with?

I would contribute with my own story but I didn't actually do anything worth a story, there was this one time I sliced a badger in half by rolling a natural 20, it was one of my first encounters ever, I wasn't older than 13 and I felt like the coolest girl on the planet.
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Anonymous 4023

I've been in game set in an original alternate history World War 1 fantasy world for the past 3 years. We've been playing with a heavily modified and house ruled version of Fate Core. It's really fun but we're reaching the ending. We're gonna be doing a sequel game in the same setting but 70 years later with using Warbirds as our system.

Anonymous 4281

GOD do I know that feel.
Me and the rest of the group pour our heart into cool characters (I especially like roleplaying as far away from my true nature as I can, ideally with a different personality and ideals each time) and after months of (pretending to) building a campaign he just railroads us around shitty boring dungeons with shitty boring dialogue and then he gets bored after 2 sessions.
I wish I could find a steady group IRL to play with, but I have no idea where to look, and the public groups on facebook and such are filled with people I haven't any doubt I wouldn't like.

Anonymous 4286


I'm the other way around - spent ages building up this big campaign concept and storyline, got all the bits worked out.
It's a sci-fi setting, and I set up backgrounds and maps of everything, made little 'calling card' things for when people send them messages. Like, a little header with their picture, the date it was sent, all that stuff.
We did a side-episode where they went into VR and I made new character sheets (from scratch) and homebrewed a variant of the base game's rules and skills to reflect the VR world and their characters.

The players are always talking about what a great time they have, and they're hype to play every time we play.
But we never play.
They kinda just look at the game as this fun thing to do when they have time, rather than ever trying to make the time for it.
That and I dont think they realise the effort and time I put into each episode.
It's really killed any desire I had to ever finish the game. Should have probably finished up within a half-year, but instead it's been over a year and a half just becuase we go weeks and weeks and weeks between sessions.
It's the most disheartening thing ever.

Worse yet, since the group is about 90% my girlfriend's best friends, not only do I feel bad becuase they just kinda don't care about this campaign I poured my heart into, but she feels bad too becuase her friends are just disregarding the effort I put to try and make a fun time for them.
Add to that the fact she's having a fun time and wants to see where the campaign goes.
I'll probably just run it for her 1-player some time, sad though that is.

Anonymous 4287

My dad has been playing D&D something like 42 years so I've played all my life.
AD&D 2nd is my favorite(my Mom's favorite, too) but I've played a ton. My Dad ran Sailor Moon RPG for me and my friends when we were kids (i took over after a year) and I have a Champions game where all players are women.
Too many stories to pick one!

Anonymous 4288

That's fucking neat, greentext something your dad ran!


Favorite Youtubers Anonymous 441[Reply]

A thread for youtubers you genuinely enjoy and watch on a regular basis.

I started getting into YT in 2012 for hair dye tutorials, which grew into watching Lolita and other weeb channels, then I got into jvloggers and now I even watch normie lifestyle channels. I'll share a bunch of faves.

Normie lifestyle/fashion/beauty:
>Krist Yu https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4SV3mvnHRNJJqv5abvZzfg
>Karen Yeung https://www.youtube.com/user/iamkareno
>Jenn Im https://www.youtube.com/user/clothesencounters
>Tasha Leelyn https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFHYXs9Og13WV2Xb-dYUnUg
>Helen Anderson https://www.youtube.com/user/snakebitesparkles

>Jordan Shalhoud https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLdK2gxhD_uJBbK3r54gchQ
>Candance Lowry https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9Cqtzr7SgbAWlRJLTBRGkA
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
38 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3762

I grew out of thinking his sense of humor was funny years ago but i've been following him since way before we knew what he looked like.

He's so cute, though

Anonymous 3763

i really love sssniperwolf she seems like one of those secretly hostile people on the internet but idc she's so ratchet and owns up to it

Anonymous 4002

Anonymous 4168

i watch her, too. idk she seems like a kind person, I guess.

Anonymous 4282


Other than vinesauce, the only youtubers I really pay attention to are dunkey and leah. They have to be the greatest couple to have ever lived and they make some of the most comfy videos in existence, especially when it comes to their livestreams together (if you watch them in 1.5x speed that is…). They're straight up uplifting.



Anonymous 4276[Reply]

Sis, what's your opinion on Skeleton Soldier Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon?


Anonymous 4289

hell yea I love skeletons thanks op for showing me that


Tabletop Anonymous 4082[Reply]

Lets have a Tabletop thread! What have you been playing anon? D&D? Warhammer? Something else? Talk about it! Characters, story, etc. Whatever you want.

Anonymous 4083

AD&D & AD&D 2nd edition
Some Champions.
Really enjoying the 2nd edition game, my bf’s dad runs it and it is great

Anonymous 4099

I learnt Warhammer for tea kay and then the following week they changed up the rules so I hate Wahammers now.

Anonymous 4254

I've been playing in a friend's homebrew. He's making the whole thing - system and setting and everything.

Its still a work in progress though and he's just told me that my entire character concept is being rebalanced, so I'll have to remake her after this campaign is done.
I'm trying not to get too frustrated, since he's one of my best friends and the game is still fun, but it's bugging me more than it really should.
I was already kinda underpowered as it is compared to the rest of the party, and now I'll have to dilute my stats even further.
Oh well.

Past that though, I've been trying to get some friends to play Blades in the Dark with me. It looks super fun, but I just can't sell them on it.

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