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Who is your "omg literally me" character Anonymous 29125[Reply]

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Anonymous 30971


it's always the most deranged nutjobs the ones coming up with these kinds of characters

Anonymous 31042

How does one listen to these ?

Anyone have a link ? Sound like something relaxing to fall asleep to tbh

Anonymous 31043


Found a way. Very fun to play around with




stocking anarchy, she's just so eeeee memememme

Anonymous 31062


heidi turner


Yuri's recommendation request Anonymous 30946[Reply]

Can anyone recommend me good GL mangás/manhwas/manhuas? It can be Asian dramas too

Anonymous 30964


If you're into video games, I'd recommend Blue Reflection: Second Light.

Anonymous 30965


There's also an anime…

Anonymous 30966


…and they are also magical girls!

Anonymous 31051


Shiroi Heya no Futari.

It's the first yuri in existence.
Very melancholic and has interesting themes like shame and religious views on lesbianism.

current music thread Anonymous 16[Reply]

What song can't you stop listening to these days?
What are your favorite artists/bands?
What type of music are you into?

Yt links to videos encouraged.
I'm not creative so here's a Suicide Sheep song I like.
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Anonymous 30690

This one crosses my head lately.
Someone who I have been thinking of is slowly being less interesting to think of.
All in all, I knew it was gonna be impossible, but it's a bit of a letdown that we couldn't even see the end of it together.
My only fear is thinking that I'll love someone as much as I did with this person, or if I won't. First love is hard.

Anonymous 30750

The best summer of my teenage years was spent listening to Pearl Jam. Love them. They are a great band.

Anonymous 30762

What do you think of this one? It's mostly rock but mixes in different genres eclectically.

Anonymous 30877

Perhaps my favourite at the moment.
This is cool, reminds me of stuff I listened to in high school.

Anonymous 31050

I love this album so much. I loved it as a teen and I love it now. Honestly I think I appreciate it more now. It's so comforting.


Electronic Music Thread...? Anonymous 30939[Reply]

I'd like to discover some new electronic music. Techno, trance, house, jungle, breakcore, gabber, speedcore, etc.
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Anonymous 30956

That’s ergo proxy ^_^

Anonymous 31033

These days I'm listening to this radio: https://rekt.network I've found a few new favorite bands. Also, I could watch milkdrop for hours.

Anonymous 31034

Oldie but a goodie

Used to play in UK illegal rave parties which would be held in abandoned warehouses in the countryside

That vibe

Anonymous 31038

@Cercle and @timecodemusic have lots of good live sets performed by various artists of different subgenres on their YouTube channels.

Anonymous 31039


oldschool is old


books/manga with complicated female protagonists Anonymous 30970[Reply]

complicated can mean mentally ill, introverted, mood-disordered and much more

Anonymous 30991

Worm by j.c. mccrae

Anonymous 30994

Manon Lescaut by Antoine François Prévost

Anonymous 30995

Most of female-centered classics feature complicated women.
Wuthering Heights. Middlemarch. Anna Karenina. Mr's Warren's Profession. Mrs Dalloway.
I could go on for hours.

Anonymous 31013

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek

Anonymous 31036


Anything by pearl buck.

Raw, visceral, mentally ill, strong, weak. She writes women very well.


Anonymous 30963[Reply]

What did you think of this book?

Anonymous 30967


She worked with Dan Schneider

Anonymous 30968

Yes, you are very observant, well done.

Anonymous 31005


I was shaking with rage reading most of it. I'm glad everything got better for her. Also her friendship with Miranda was really wholesome

Anonymous 31006


Anonymous 31032

Pretty moving the way she lets her mother actions speak for themselves all along the book, and in the end, explain how much she loved her. I honestly expected some sort of trash-lit, it is a very good autobiography.
If you like it, you might look at Tara Westover's Educated. Same template: shitty parents, how to overcome them, how to get out of there with a heart still capable of love.


Anonymous 29324[Reply]

Do you pirate your /media/ nonas? do you try to avoid it? do you encourage it? ethical piracy? do you consider some instances where piracy is bad?
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Anonymous 30916

NIKO but cooler.pn…

pirate when it's a known game that costs an arm (above 10$ because I can't spare money on video games), avoid as much as possible if it's a small dev game that I like/a game that means a lot to me.

Anonymous 31022

Empress is a girl and is anti-trans.

Anonymous 31023

There is no proof.

Anonymous 31024

that shes a girl? no. but she is antitrans

Anonymous 31030

I buy when I want to support a franchise and see more from it but pirate otherwise.


Hater Thread Anonymous 30199[Reply]

Post about media you hate i.e. books, movies, anime that you dropped (or finished) and why you hated it.
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Anonymous 31004

Feels like lazy Family Guy tier humor. Also the swearing and sex jokes gets old after a while.

Anonymous 31007

I was that girl who was 'smart' and nerdy, and somewhat corrective. My family members calling me "Sheldon" made me hate the big bang theory long before it was "cool" to hate it. On one hand, I am thankful that show existed, because it did sort of show me how annoying I was being and I corrected my behaviour. At the same time, however, most people are complete fucking morons and just think anything vaguely sciencey/academic = big bang theory. I know people have ranted about this show before, but being socially awkward sucked so much as a teenager, and it would've been nice if there wasn't a show whose primary punchline was laughing at socially awkward people.

I also really hate any "sport" involving animals, especially horse-racing or dog-racing. Any "sport" that exists solely for gambling. Any gambling. I hate the gambling industry. Oh also the news, and social media, and my mum's Facebook where she has photos of me as a child on public which would tarnish the otherwise professional image I've made for myself. Yeah…

Anonymous 31010

Every movie is basically one lukewarm idea spread over two hours of boring dialogue and generic direction. I resent having to watch them to fit in

Anonymous 31015

Honestly after that one movie, I gave up on trying to fit in. it's not worth it, I could literally study coding with the time it takes to catch up with all the movies. it's terrible. I never knew a movie could be so, generic?? basic?? I don't get the appeal at all

Anonymous 31029

The Simpsons. Cringe moid humour.


Bloodborne Thread Anonymous 30864[Reply]

What weapons and equipment do you use?

Anonymous 30865

I played around with all of them and even platinumed the game, but I think my favorites are the Hunter Axe and the Holy Moonlight Sword. Ludwig's Holy Blade is also good.

Anonymous 30993

I used tonitrus until I got the FromSoftware trademark sword since it has the best arcane scaling. I used mostly arcane hunter's tools.

Anonymous 31025

Saw cleaver and Ludwig's holy blade are my favorites to use.


Lisa The Painful RPG Anonymous 30470[Reply]

Have you played it?
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30745

I tried it but I refunded. Honestly I don't get the appeal, is the story really that good?

Anonymous 30746

Looks interesting, might play it someday (i have many games on my to-play list and even more on my to-finish list though), why is it hard?

Anonymous 30918

no because I'm not a fan of battles in games, maybe I'll push through it eventually. I did see many videos about it though, the game is beyond amazing and stories like this are the best imo.

Anonymous 30919

I want to play this.

Anonymous 31021

i am really really interested in this game i really love lore intensive games and this one seems wel ldone but i could never start and actually play it because a world with only men sounds like absolutely hell and i think i would be depressed playing the game so i didnt play it

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