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oof ouch my individuality complex! Anonymous 17522[Reply]

post your niche music interests.

mine centers around sewersvt and breakcore/animecore. unfortunately the zoomers on tiktok are getting ahold of her, but its better than some other bands' fates.

do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
what do you like most about the music you listen to?
do you share your music with friends? participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?
when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?
how did you discover them?
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Anonymous 17559

i've never heard of people listening to janglepop unironically past 1987, you are truly a specimen. I kind of want to get into some now. any recs?

>The best way to find music is from talking to anons and then also just searching lastFM of your genera and literally starting from the back of the list and playing literally everything
this is how i found some of my alltime fav songs. it really is tiring, but worth it if you commit. i didnt know one could search by genre though, so i should try that.

Anonymous 17564

why and where? if the community you're sharing the songs with is about the same genre/etc they kinda shouldn't unless they have no clue what the fuck they're talking about

>last FM is good for finding obscure stuff anyway
based choice, fuck spotify mostly for not having a lot of my fav artists

>So much music is horrifyingly sexist
funny enough the music genres who try to hide it are the worst in terms of ACTUAL sexual harassment/assaults/rape, kinda like the moids who are claiming to be "nice". i guess it's because (almost) everything is ran by moids anyway and in popular genres moreso, producers, huge labels and such

Anonymous 17567

Anonymous 17569

Link related is another band I like right now. Also, big band jazz like the music of Duke Ellington, Maria Schneider, Anat Cohen.

Anonymous 17571

>do your niche music give you a sense of superiority?
Not as much as I used to now that vaporwave has been blown out of proprtion. I can take pride in the fact that I was there when the genre was gaining traction on tumblr.

>what do you like most about the music you listen to?

I find the music to be very evocative, some elements would bring back fond memories, the feeling of being disoriented coupled with the general sense of dejà entendu at times also has its charm.

>do you share your music with friends? >participate in any online communities around the artist/genre?

I usually share less obscure music with my friends, it's definitely not for everyone.
I sometimes visit the related reddit but combing through the posts is a bit of a hassle.

>when/for what mood do you listen to your artist?

Whenever I'm going for a lengthy coding session or working on a digital illustration.

>how did you discover them?

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Anonymous 17506[Reply]

Check out this cute sonic art I love sonic anyone else LOVE sonic

Anonymous 17513

Silv20 Spin.gif

I love Sonic no matter what. I love every character too, but my most favorite would probably be Silver or Jet. Who's your favorite character?

Anonymous 17519

I have only played Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and the Sonic Fighters game for the Gameboy Advance. I'm more into Mario than Sonic.
I heard SonicMania and Sonic Generations where good.

Anonymous 17561


>Sonic thread
>Barely any replies
Shame. Were do you guys go for your Sonic fandom? I mostly go to /sthg/ on 4chan.

Anonymous 17562


If you're black you shouldn't resurrect. To me it was always a dealbreaker that they kept Shadow alive after his selfless sacrifice. His aesthetic isn't compatible with the colorful environments of the later games.

Anonymous 17570

Oooo I'm a real sucker for that. Anyone self-insert as Blaze?


Webtoon Thread Anonymous 15742[Reply]

A thread for hating or loving on the webtoons of the internet, both asian and western.
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Anonymous 17099

It could be one of those 10-20lb fire extinguishers. I'm not sure what kind and size they keep in hospitals, though.

Anonymous 17524


Miss Not So Sidekick is an isekai webtoon about a girl who dies and gets sucked inside a sappy romance novel she was obsessing over and her mind gets placed inside the body of some minor character, so by exploiting her knowledge of the events that are yet to pass, she tries to befriend the heroine of the story in order to witness events of the story unfolding in front of her own eyes and "invents" popcorn to snack on while doing so.

Anonymous 17554


i hate unordinary so much, the art is terrible, everyone looks the fucking same minus flashy hair colors, generic story except none of their motivations make sense and the fact its so popular makes me want to commit die

plus its disgustingly edgy

Anonymous 17557

If its so bad, why give it publicity, i had no idea it existed until you brought it up. One shouldn't be surprised when something is terrible, most things in life are.

Anonymous 17558

lol the anatomical proportions of the characters are terrible. Your pic related is just awful art.


Otome Games Anonymous 143[Reply]

Anyone else here who’s a fan of Otoge?

>English Otome Games


>Otoge Subreddit


Remember to tag your spoilers!
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Anonymous 10582


Oh shit I had no idea
Thanks anon

Anonymous 17227


I started playing in late August and having demon boys to hang with has been making life a little bit better.

Only a little bit because of the constant churn of events, and like the other anon mentioned, the p2w aspect.

I'm excited for the anniversary events/bonuses though!

Anonymous 17394

I fucking love Amnesia but mostly because of Toma. He's my absolute favorite. I am getting into Hakouki. I don't like history but I like dating sims so I must play. Haven't decided which guy I want to pursue yet.

Anonymous 17537


Im excited for this new event in Obey Me. And also that I can pet Lord Diavolo.

Anonymous 17544

[Spoiler]it sucks[/spoilers]
I thought i could actually see them as girls. And I was perpared to use the grimoire but it isnt up!!!


femfinefrokner 4913[Reply]

Do you like cold wave/dark wave music?
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5245

yes! i saw lebanon live,they werent very good

Anonymous 5246

hell yeah i do.

Anonymous 5269


why do I get the feeling you've never sat down and actually listened to it

Anonymous 17538


In my teenage years I was a huge collector of Sisters of Mercy bootlegs and other post-punk rarities. However, I kinda grew tired of the same old bass lines and boring drum patterns. Now I drift more towards other punk styles which include the same patterns but faster :D

Anonymous 17541

I've been listening to a lot of Boy Harsher lately.


Anonymous 16777[Reply]

Kaworu isn't gay. Shinji isn't gay.

I'm tired of fujoshi and horndogs confusing deep friendship with romantic love. Anno never wrote Shinji as a bisexual, he was never attracted to Kaworu on a sexual level.

Sorry to shink your ship but Asuka x Shinji is and will forever be the canon pairing
5 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 16938

Kaworu is just too hot for someone so plain like Shinji.

Anonymous 16939

ShinjixKaworu>ShinjixRei>ShinjiMisato>literally every other possible couple>ShinjixAsuka.

It is not as hot as Shinji and Kaworu, not as cute as Shinji and Rei and not as intriguing as Shinji and Misato. Just ship Asuka with Mari, it light actually happen at least. I mean, Shinji and Asuka are not only the most boring couple, there is literally no way it could work.

Anonymous 17000


Go back to EvaGeeks

Anonymous 17001

I thought the whole point of Kaworu was that Shinji had a chance at a real, loving, romantic relationship but was too much of an incel attracted to idealized waifus to take it? It’s been years since I last saw Eva and I never watched the spin offs so maybe I’m missing something.

Anonymous 17523

Shinji isn't gay but Kaworu sure was.
He was preying on Shinji and it's plain to see.


Internet Forums Anonymous 17515[Reply]

What message boards do you use that aren't anonymous? I've been looking for new online communities to get involved in, preferably friendly ones without a significant male presence.

Anonymous 17517

I don't.

Anonymous 17518


I'm serious. It's at least 10% moids (including tranny moids), the rest 90% are women. Just pretend you are pro-ana I guess.

Anonymous 17520

if we're gonna discuss mpa, how about the "pancake" (MyPancakeAddiction) one? though i've heard it's full of fake positivity and isn't that "extrene" as the original MPA


Star Wars Anonymous 17235[Reply]

Can we get a nice comfy Star Wars thread? I checked the catalog and it didn't seem like there was one.
Mandalorian spoiler:
Is anyone else super excited about Ashoka coming back? I hope Temuera Morrison shows up wearing a big Santa Claus beard as Rex.
16 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17300

I think the movies aren't the best parte of Star Wars. It hás one of the most amazing universes ever, with tons of great games, books and comics.

I honestly think the lore is as great as Lotr.
Knights of the old republic is in my opinion one of the best Wrpg ever

Anonymous 17306

I 100% agree. I really like how the prequels/old republic have lots of fantasy elements like the sith empire and the mandalorians existing alongside evil corporations and stuff.

Anonymous 17511

So cool…

Anonymous 17512

I love how the girl props herself up on the throne after Boba sits down and starts drinking the juice. Massive king and queen feel.

Anonymous 17514

Ashoka is an absolute cinnamon roll. Loved watching her in the Clone Wars cartoon, am excited to see a live action version of her.

best boy.jpg

Husbando Thread Anonymous 45[Reply]

Post pics of your husbando (or waifu!)
Bonus for explaining why + any merch you may have for them.
Pic related.
255 posts and 187 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17476


He's so unpopular and overshadowed by the girls in his series it makes me sad

Anonymous 17502


He reminds me of Misato

Anonymous 17508


How does this make you feel?

Anonymous 17509


What's with the sudden boost in animaniacs popularity? I just saw some twitter retard with a Yakko ahegao profile pic

Anonymous 17510

Because of their 2020 tv series? Surprised you find an ahegao pic of Yakko other than the plethora lewds of anime Dot


Art thread Anonymous 396[Reply]

Post your art, anons! I don't draw, but I'm interested in seeing your work.
174 posts and 71 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17311

Drawpile fin.jpeg

Tonight's results; thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous 17346


Just over 5 minutes to go! Hope to see you there.

Anonymous 17354


Here's this weeks (give or take an hour or more of activity to follow-I'm going to bed!) canvas! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous 17487


Weekly Drawpile reminder!

Anonymous 17507

The little witches are adorable!!

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