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My Brilliant Friend Anonymous 4910[Reply]

Has anyone seen this TV series or read the books? If not, I highly recommend it. It follows the friendship between two women from childhood to adulthood to (I believe) old age, as they grow up in a poor neighborhood in post-war Naples. I fell in love with the TV miniseries and want to check out the novels as soon as possible.

Anonymous 4911

I bet it's nice to have a friend, huh

Anonymous 4912

Yeah, watching it, I have to admit I was envious of their relationship. Imagine having a friend for decades that you grow old with.


Fake fans Anonymous 4165[Reply]

Hope it's the right category, I wasn't sure whether it goes here or /b/.

In your opinion, what separates a "real fan" from a "fake fan"?

If there's a game for example that has an anime adaptation and someone has only watched the anime, how bad it is?
(I think the same goes for manga and reboots, idk insert examples here.)
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Anonymous 4886

I've always seen the opposite, people who don't say what they play or watch are those with obscure tastes because they know other people won't know what they're talking about.

Anonymous 4887

Wow, how'd you know?? This is how I respond whenever someone asks about music or movies or what my hobbies are or whatever.

There's little point in gushing about something very specific that they're unlikely to have ever heard of before or have little interest or knowledge of. I'm always happy to gradually expand on it if they ask though, just a little at a time. If they're interested, they'll keep asking more and more questions. But if I lose their interest somewhere along the way, hopefully I haven't said so much that I sound like a big idiot.

I find it's more polite and humble this way, and I also hope I don't waste too much of their time or mine by yapping on and on.

Anonymous 4891

Yes, exactly.


Literally nothing, if you like something and engage in it you are a fan. All the rest is corporate shilling to get you to buy more products to prove something to a bunch of nerds in a shitty community who will resent you anyways regardless what you do or donĀ“t do.

Anonymous 4901

Its jUSt A draWInG…

What do you mean by "fan"? You mean the simple stuff like the consumer who simply just consumes whatever media at-hand and does some sort of fanart for the time when said media peak popularity? Or the more advanced stuff where you get with the whole fan-fiction works, world-building, 1 hour analysis videos, cosplaying, and wiki journal editing of said media? Please explain in great details


Anonymous 4828[Reply]

Anything to say about the conclusive Avengers Endgame movie?
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Anonymous 4841

my thoughts exactly

cant wait for this shit to die

Anonymous 4843

This. Just like Star Wars and the like, how can adults care about this?

Anonymous 4852

My life is very boring tbh, I binged all the movies in two days and wanted avengers when it came out. It was a nice experience and a way to escape reality for a while by immersing myself into something

Anonymous 4868


Thank God, I thought this site was also going to be filled with grown ass adults acting like children and doing the funny soyface to this overhyped piece of shit franchise.
You never disappoint me, miners.

Anonymous 4898

thanos should've won c:
>star wars is being driven into the ground by idiot directors/writers and its own aging retarded fanbase
things are looking up

Anonymous 4853[Reply]

Would be cool to share gems and geoduds excavated by fellow miners.

>Post the last song you listened to

>Loved it? Hated it? Utter apathy? Why?
>Myo - Komachi (29:05)
>A lot sparser than other chillwave releases
>Think sinking into a bathtub with faint sunlight illuminating white tiles polished yesterday

Anonymous 4885

are you ambient otaku?

Anonymous 4893

Not really, but this track's cool.


Tabletop RPGs Anonymous 3512[Reply]

Does anyone here play RPGs?
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Anonymous 4861

What kind of resource? If you have friends you can use Roll 20.

Anonymous 4863

It's great! There are not enough sorcerer magicians. Please, continue making this.

Anonymous 4865

>sorcerer magicians
Read, anon. He basically sounds like Houdini with a Satanic lowlife. I love it. Keep going!

Anonymous 4875

maybe she's just really embarrassed by her writing…

Anonymous 4884

Sounds pretty wizardly to me. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Ham it up!

maxresdefault (1).…

Anonymous 4873[Reply]

Anyone seeing this? I dont have Netflix so I have to wait until it comes out online. Movie itself looks a little too polished to look like a ZIM movie. The sky isn't even blood red.

Anonymous 4876

I follow Jhonen Vasquez on twitter and he's been working on it for a really long time, I am excited to see it when it comes out!


Anonymous 4736[Reply]

Was Donald Duck AFAB?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4739

Assigned femail at birth

The question OP asked is if Donald Duck was cis-woman like Birdo

Anonymous 4740

He would be a trans man.

Anonymous 4741

This kind of shit is the absolute worst.

Anonymous 4743


Anonymous 4869

you're not assigned anything at birth your chromosomes roll the dice and you end up being male or female depending on your chromosomes.


2hu Thread and More Anonymous 3829[Reply]

Are you a longtime touhou fan looking for a girl only space to discuss this all girl series sans sweaty neckbeards? Or barely know anything of it besides eye-bleed lazer bullet hell and masochistically want to learn more? Feel free to contribute!
8 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4330


wow I always thought 2hu was near exclusively a sausagefest
I started with EoSD (Touhou 6) so I personally find that one the easiest, but I'm probably biased. >>3846 might be right.

Anonymous 4406

What about 2hu do you guys like? Who're your top three characters?

Anonymous 4855


Flandre, Mokou, Koishi. Actually most of the times its the extra stage bosses I end up enjoying the most, I think because of their theme songs are all so good, and because they have longer fights it's fun to get more used to their spellcards, and even looking into the history of their spells.

Anonymous 4856


I don't have the patience for danmaku games but reading and watching videos relating to touhou are fun.
Hijiri is my favorite

Anonymous 4857

and Sumireko


Making music on a computer Anonymous 4572[Reply]

I want to get into making music, especially synthpop kind of things.

I don't play any instruments but have a basic understanding of piano and music theory. I have a MIDI keyboard and some software and synthesizer plugins and VSTs.

But I'm not sure how to start actually writing a song. How do I build the instrumental? Do I start with the basic melody and fill it up with bass, drum, etc or is there a rule I should follow? What are some good resources for songwriting? Does a total beginner have a chance to find people to fill in the blanks like with mixing or putting production touches on the song? I know nothing about places like SoundCloud and how this scene works.

>inb4 vaporwave meme

Not really but if it helps with practice so be it.

So far I've done some snippets of instrumentals, but I have no idea how to really change the sound into what I want and I lack the vocabulary to look up what I need because I don't know what to search for.

Any resources is appreciated and of course this thread can be used for general discussion and sharing.

Anonymous 4850

how are you going with this? did you get anywhere?

you can try emulating what other artists do to start with, that's what a lot of people do when they start out. do you have an example from an artist that you like?

i tend to improvise and mess around until i do something i like and then i go back over that little part and expand on it. it sort of works for me but at the same time i'm not a great musician either, so idk if it's a good way of doing things or if it'd work for you.



Do any of you play DND? Anonymous 4844[Reply]

I play in two groups - One irl and one online. I thought it would be a good idea to improve my social skills and force myself to interact with strangers and its helping a little. The online one is more fun because its run by a better DM and im more uninhibited.

Anyone have any experience or funny stories to share? Maybe we could form a group of some sorts.

Anonymous 4845

Race? Class? Gender?

Anonymous 4846

I don't but my two roommates do and talk to me about all the petty drama that goes on in the games. One of their games is temporarily suspended because the guy who owned the house they met up in threw a fit because the DM rejected one of his ideas.

Anonymous 4847

I've been playing for about a year. I'm still trying to get accustomed to the logic of the game–that and remember the plot of the campaign–but it's been fun so far! Luckily, our DM is fantastic and everything is visual and well organized, which makes things easier.

Anonymous 4848

Offline Campaign
My table is kind of shitty (for me) and they thought I was a female teifling for weeks. Even after I corrected them they constantly get it wrong so I just let it go. Everyone seems to have fun though, Im just a outsider.


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