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Genshin Impact Anonymous 19845[Reply]

How do you feel about Mihoyo, Genshin Impact and their playerbase?
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Anonymous 26747

You guys do know that MiYoHo is in Taiwan, and that Taiwan is not part of China, right? CCP has nothing to do with Genshin.

Anonymous 26753

Aranara Dance.webm

So cute

Anonymous 26844


For whatever reason, I genuinely thought the Hydro Yaksha was going to be a guy based on the first preview given the apparent boy butt and slender male body, but alas, I was mistaken.
She is still cute, nonetheless.
>Whoops, that went Bonanus

Anonymous 26907


Bonanus is so cute. It's disappointing that she'll likely never be a playable character.

At least we'll have Layla, who turned out cuter than I thought she would. Very curious to see if she is another handicapped 4-star or if her kit will be decent. I'm fine with the super niche kits like Gorou's, I just want her to have a good use. I hope she runs on Nahida's banner, rather than whatever the likely re-run banner will be on the 2nd half of 3.2. There will have to be something severely wrong with Nahida for me to not pull for her. I am feeling the limitations of Dendro MC in my Aggravate team & while Nahida probably won't be my ideal choice, she should be much better. I think ultimately my Keqing-Fischl Aggravate team needs a Dendro healer (Baizhu come on already!) and an anemo for grouping + VV shred, most likely Kazuha who I'm also lacking. Venti or Sucrose will suffice for now. I doubt Scara will be the kind of anemo I'm looking for on that team.

>What do miner sisters think about Cyno and Alhaitham?

I was excited for Cyno, but after seeing how much field time he optimally needs..meh. Most of your buffs are going to run out way before his burst is done. I also already have a decent selection of electro characters, so I'll wait for his re-run to see if his possible team comps have changed to something I would like that my current characters can't achieve. Also, his character essentially being a knowledge cop, even with good intentions, is not something I like. I was pleasantly surprised at his English VA though! Much deeper than I expected. Alhaitham based. I hope his kit turns out good. I expect many more months until his banner though, I'm guessing May or later.

Anonymous 26910

i'm looking forward to Haitham, i hope his kit is good and I wonder if there will be any sort of niche or gimmick to his kit as a dendro user


video games Anonymous 18609[Reply]

i believe the last video game thread at >>79 is full so here's a new general for video game discussion
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Anonymous 26791

The colors for the switch lite aren't great, believe me.
I got a pink DS lite and I couldn't love it more, but the pink switch lite sucks ass, it's too orage-ish and saturated (the color's name is 'coral' and not 'pink', but in the promo images and the box are way more pink than the actual console). I wish they went for more pastel/pleasant colors like they did with DS, the switch ones are eye-burning.

Huge huge same. I wonder when will they release home menu themes for the switch; the console's UI feels souless right now, the games' icons don't even make a little gingle when hovering, or have some kind of animation or diorama like withh 3DS/WII.
Also the whole keychain thing, I miss them on tecnology in general… Sucks that phones don't have holes for them anymore, and finding the actual keychains is pretty hard (I miss finding thpse Hello kitty, Pokemon and Winnie the Poh gatchapons everywhere). You can hand stuff from the dust plug, but it's more uncomfortable since they hit you on the hand all the time as opposed to hang from the phone.

Anonymous 26792

Oddity already sounds interesting to me, and so does stealth. The not having a map freaks me out. Do the areas generate infinitely?

Anonymous 26793

Actually they did add a map of sorts, but i wasn't using it very much. No, nothing procedurally generated, it's a prebuilt world but it's huge.

Anonymous 26794

Okay cool. I love huge worlds, the more overwhelmed I feel the better, usually

Anonymous 26902


I finished Okami and I have to ask- what the fuck was the plot structure?

They set it up in the beginning that a legendary battle took place between an evil hydra, a God that took the form of a wolf, and a warrior, and that the events of the game are the lesser known second half of the legend. The build up to the fight with the hydra is done so well and there's a lot of excitement BUT they literally snuff it in the first third of the game, have a completely unnecessary middle act that only serves to introduce the "real" boss of the game, attach absolutely no lore to this new boss, and then make you fight the hydra two more times before taking the most lazy rushed ending I've ever seen in a game. It was still a very enjoyable, unique, beautiful game but they really shit the bed with the storyline. Imo they should have swapped the second act with the first act, had the first hydra fight at the end of the second act, and then the final fight be the one where you go back in time with Oki be the climax if the game, scrapping the Yami part completely and sticking with the hydra ad the main boss


Metal music thread? Anonymous 21423[Reply]

I'm not sure if there's enough of metal enjoyers on here, but I wanted to make a thread for a long time now so here it is

You can just send a song(s) that you like or complain about anything metal related, etc.
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Anonymous 26105

I admit I do post there sometimes but I kind of hate /mu/ in general.

Anonymous 26156

Absolutely not

Anonymous 26170


they're releasing a new Dio documentary for the cinemas in late september/early October!

Anonymous 26376


hard agree. Although I've grown to love paegan too, but nothing beats bones of baby dolls. The best album is either this, or dead again. Love the dynamics

Anonymous 26894

what other death metal do you like? do you like any black metal?

Nati Dreddd Anonymous 26889[Reply]

Anyone familiar with Nati Dreddd? She is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Scotland who sings contemporary Folk tunes that aren't too far removed from the tradition.

She recently made a stop in New Hampshire and is on tour promoting her new tunes.


Love Live Anonymous 26308[Reply]

No matter how many years go by, Love Live (specifically Muse) is always comfy to me. I don't care at all for idol stuff besides it, so I'm not sure what exactly about it is so comforting to me. Maybe how light hearted it is and the girls' friendships?
For some reason I wasn't able to get into Liella, though I haven't watched the new season with the new girls.
Also, Maki would browse CC.
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Anonymous 26528

Probably because they're not really a group in the typical sense that Aqours and Muse are.

I really liked the Nijigasaki anime because it allowed all the girls to get some spotlight. For example, Kanata could have easily been just a sleepy girl and nothing else, but because of her episode we know that she's actually just insanely overworked out of love for her family. I found that really sweet. Aqours could have used episodes like that so characters like Kanan wouldn't feel so bland and filler.

Anonymous 26563

Based muse is the only group that ever mattered

Anonymous 26573

I recently started playing again. I usually play lots then take like a year break, but I always manage to beat the master songs no matter how much time goes by. My brain must have an entire section dedicated to muscle-memory for this game lol. Once I finish the animes I'm currently watching, I want to rewatch the anime and finally watch the Niji and newest one. My first time watching LL my fave girl was Rin (I related to her feeling too boyish for girly clothing, and thought her retarded nya gimmick was cute). I love Nozomi as well, but honestly all the girls are great, and I think my fave girl from Aquors is You. And some of the Regular Scouting girls in SIF are really cute, I looove Chiduko even tho her art can be kinda coomerish. The SSR art for the Regular Scout girls is so pretty too, I wish we had more variation in styles for the main girls too.

Anonymous 26885


SIF2 just got announced. I don't know if I should be happy that we're getting what will probably be an actual 3D rhythm game (not counting the vita and ps4 ones) or sad that it means I'm going to lose all the time and money I've dumped into SIF over the years.

Anonymous 26887

I haven't looked much into it, but I really hope we can transfer our data from the original to 2. I haven't played it since 2020 more or less, but I will be sad if I lose all my cards and items, I spent so much time on them.
I dislike All Stars' gameplay and it sucked because that's were the new songs were being added to, so I'm pretty excited for SIF2 though. Part of the reason of why I stoped playing SIF was because all the new songs only were playable on events (so after playing the same song 945 times to get event rewards, say goodbye to it), so it got boring eventually.


Warhammer Anonymous 25781[Reply]

>do you like warhammer?
>fantasy or 40k?
>favourite faction?
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Anonymous 26830

Warhammer is evil and disgusting.

Anonymous 26831

Elaborate? Or are you just shit stirring cause youre bored.

Anonymous 26833

I used to like High Elves, their style was very cute and ethereal!

Anonymous 26852

Misantropic nihilism.

Also it stole nearly all its ideas from superior contructed worlds without any deeper understanding.

Anonymous 26878

that's kind of the POINT. Total hopeless grimdarkness. There is only war. There are no good endings.
Best you can do is hope to die a hero. Despite that, stories are high-stake and this encourages heroism and very committed characters shine brightly.

fuck Games Workshop and the actual community though. I just like the setting.


/mia/ - Made in Abyss General Anonymous 26591[Reply]

Made in Abyss general y'all.

Anyone else thought that S2 blows ass compared to S1? I don't care about the narehate village and am very glad to finally move on
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Anonymous 26673

You'll probably like The Ancient Magus' Bride, it was made by a woman and although there's no pedoshit or sexual stuff you might be put off by the protagonist being a teen girl sold as a slave and having been bought by an adult looking male monster, but other than that it's fine as far as I remember. Since its a shounen manga for some unholy reason, there's a bit of ecchi fanservice in the form of big-boobed female fantasy creatures wearing skimpy clothes, but that's it. There's no pantyshots or male-gazey camera angles or anything like that. This is about the anime, as I haven't read the manga.

Anonymous 26854

Roadside Picnic. It’s Made in Anus without the melodrama and gross fetishes.

Anonymous 26870

the character designs are cute and i'd love to watch it but i can't get myself too cuz I don't want to be creeped out by the constant pedobaiting

Anonymous 26874

Don't get influenced by other people to not trying out things, especially if that thing isn't harmful/dangerous.
Just give it a try.

Anonymous 26893


Wait, what? I mean it's a good rec but ..?


Who's your favourite Robot Master? Anonymous 26760[Reply]

What are your favourite Robot Masters from Mega Man? I have so many - from Star Man, Top Man, Skull Man, Snake Man, Crash Man, Centaur Man, to the cuties Cut Man, Plant Man, Clown Man and Jewel Man (And many more!)
I would love to hear what are the reasons why you like a Robot Master.
3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26773


That's a cute ass crash
I have lot's of favorite robutts as well but my number 1 would be my beloved elecsama
i just think he has a great theme and i love his stage its iconic, and love the all the iteration's he has especially in ariga's manga with his fully flexed mature-but yet childish at some points side, or the fancy sociopath flamboyance in his other counterparts, i find his tokusatsu-like design pretty appealing too with it's yellow-red-black color scheme, i'm in love with the way some people also draw his eyes too, even his .exe counterpart is really cute
despite all that megaman 1 is not my favorite megaman game
Ariga's quick looks like a huge tomato

Anonymous 26775

Hitoshi ariga.jpg

>his .exe counterpart is really cute
I think so too! He's one of my favourites in MMBN, the way he asks "Who R U?" is really adorable.
>in ariga's manga
Hitoshi Ariga made concept art of Elec Man on a cross, it really shows how much he loves the character.

Anonymous 26782


Proto Man

Anonymous 26860


Mmmm…. Guns…
I'd say Search Man since he's one of the more alternative looking ones, maybe Clown Man too.

Anonymous 26866

Haven't yet but thank you for the rec!


Cyberpunk Edgerunners Anonymous 26797[Reply]

I liked this show, Daviddo is very cute and the romance with Lucy was ok. She's bland enough so I could self insert.
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26803



Anonymous 26827

I thinks it's really funny that Trigger understood what Cyberpunk 2077 is about better than CD Projekt did. I hope they take some notes and put a more memorable cast of characters in their next game.

Anonymous 26828

Do you have a license to be making this retarded a post?

Anonymous 26841

Weren't CDPR still responsible for the plot? Trigger only added Rebecca.

Anonymous 26848

CD Projekt made a game about the cost of success, obsession with legacy, and other stuff but a lot of the themes are fairly isolated from each other because their ideas clearly changed over 10 years they spent developing the game. Studio Trigger took all the game's major themes and actually connected them together into a story that feels like it knew what it was going to be from the outset instead of only in hindsight.

If that's the case then my post is a lot less funny. Too bad I guess.


Has there ever been a webm thread in the history of CC? Anonymous 9730[Reply]

I'll start.
378 posts and 261 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 26270


Anonymous 26354

>This has already been seen on places like /pol/ with the AI anon shills and shitposters who have rare flags that come from places that are extremely unlikely to have internet, much less people who know about 4chan as well as knowing and writing English well enough to persuade real anons.
You mean GPT-4chan? I thought that whole experiment was kinda interesting. The fact that the bot scored the highest in terms of sincere/honest responses compared to any of its other GPT predecessors comes as no shock to me.

Anonymous 26356

this is such a strangely gruff way to handle a cat. tbh id just let my cat fuck with my food but maybe that's because she's longhaired and thus superior

Anonymous 26374


Anonymous 26845

Judging by her voice, she doesn't seem to like that cat that much.

Also, I don't know how to convert tiktok videos into .webms, but I'm posting this one for posteriority
I am amazed that it still triggers moids to this day, and I admire her so much for that.

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