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Movies General Anonymous 2793[Reply]

What have you watched recently?
What is on your to-watch list?

Favorite genre, topic, director, actor/actress, and so on?

Movies that you found memorable as a cinematic experience, movies that you rewatch for the feels or comedy, movies that you found bad (and why)?
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Anonymous 24576

i watched tess of the d'urbervilles recently (polanski version); my phone nearly died while i was watching it but the movie was so damn good that it was hard for me to get up to get my charger. it's been a long time since i've gotten that deeply engrossed in a film.

i've also been watching a lot of cheesy but good, underrated made-for-tv films. i found a couple of youtube and i actually ended up loving some of them lol. there's a particular version of anna karenina you can find that's quite fun and even though the english dub is a bit annoying (they all have mush mouth and speak in received pronounciation), it ended up making me buy the book. i need to pick it up again before i head off to uni.

oh, i also forgot, but barbed wire is a great 90's cult film that people rarely talk about. idk what it is about it but i rented it off apple tv+ recently since youtube decided to bombard my recs with clips and i hadn't watched it in a while. one of my guilty pleasures.

Anonymous 24580

Wake In Fright. Very scary movie despite using pretty much none of the typical horror movie tropes and devices.

Anonymous 24672


Go to see this film in theatres. This is a threat.

Anonymous 24685

I saw this at home (torrented it) and let's just say I was kind of disappointed.
Didn't like the quirky random humour. I did like the concept of living multiple realities at the same time and learning and using those skills your other selves developed over a lifetime. That's a pretty cool concept.
I loved the family dynamic. I am Chinese-Canadian (third generation - basically her daughter lol) and it was just so on the nose and relatable.
I also like how they finally have middle-aged women as main characters in movies. It's either very young women or old men, never an older woman.

Anonymous 24698

I agree a good deal of the gags don't land. They felt out of place in a film with such earnest character moments, and much funnier, less on the nose, jokes. But I was impressed that basically all of them come back around in some way. For example even if the buttplug fight didn't get any laughs, they weren't on Jamie Lee Curtis' desk for no reason, that's something at least. I've seen a lot of stuff about how important the film is to Asian-Americans, but as someone who's from, and lives in, part of the UK that's hardly changed since the Norman conquest I still found it very touching. It's funny, "the Daniels'" first film, Swiss Army Man, made me laugh uncontrollably, but fell flat on the emotional stuff, and then it's kind of the opposite here. I think I wanted people to see it so badly in cinemas because my showing had about 10 other people in there and when I booked my ticket online there were like 50 showings a day for Dr Strange, which all made me a bit sad.

Unfortunately I've had to call the Mounties on you for theft of digital media, sorry you didn't like the last film you'll see before going to prison forever.


Realising most media is trash Anonymous 24683[Reply]

So after watching the end of season 2 of Picard, where no plot lines were resolved properly or made sense, it made realise how little I've actually been enjoying nu-Trek. I kept watching because I think a character shows potential or my headcanon fills in the poor writing. I've watched almost 4 seasons of Discovery and can't think of a single episode I've actually enjoyed. There's nothing really wrong with Strange New Worlds but it feels empty and unfulfilling.

I've read a few Trek books too but never loved any of them and the fanfics I love are few and far between, even considering the amount that I consume. Old Star Trek is not perfect either. And not just Star Trek, I tried watching The Musketeers because that was also highly praised and it just seemed very formulaic and repetitive. I basically ended up watching for the eyecandy and shipping potential. Why have I been wasted so much time on this type of thing?

I'm struggling to think of modern media that I've actually enjoyed and felt that it had real depth to it and stayed with me, even for things that are a more highbrow than popular tv shows. I started reading The Three Musketeers book and it feels so rich in comparison. I don't want to sound snobbish but I guess there is a reason classic literature considered that way (putting aside the privilege aspects regarding what becomes a classic or not). I loved reading Gone with the Wind a while ago and the end of the book completely broke me, even though I'd seen the film a million times already. I just didn't want to let the characters go. The modern sequels paled in comparison, lacking in themes, charismatic characters who grow, terrifying and awe inspiring settings, etc.

I feel kind of sad thinking about the time I've wasted on shallow media and how much it is praised in our society. Media is such a large part of our of culture and realising that most of it is trash is weird and disorienting. How are people content with this? How was I? Why is there such a strong system of praising trash? Because people then gain praise themselves? Or are the number of people who can see the reality so few? I'm not even talking about recognised trash like Marvel movies. Even a lot of Oscar winners are trash.

Considering that are a limited number of classic books out there (compared to how many books have ever been published), what happens when I finish all the ones that interest me? Or even the ones that don't? I go through books prePost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 24687

I totally sympathize with you. I noticed that as of late most of the anime I pick up is very unsatisfactory despite the popularity and critical acclaim. I started approaching random anime with very little praise and noticed that I found myself enjoying it more.

Maybe try approaching random shows and books? You'll have 0 expectations. Just walk into a bookstore and pick up whichever seems interesting I guess. It also helps to know what type of story you'll looking for. Are you looking for something lighthearted or now.

> what if classic books have overpraised trash too? What then? Do I just not consume anything?

Anything can be overhyped and overpraised even the classics. From what I noticed sometimes the classics are praised because they did something new at the time of it coming out which now might not be impressive eg: Star Wars.

Anonymous 24688

Thanks, this is a really good explanation. It feels like modern things lack subtlety and anything that requires deep thought. I guess when tv writers have to churn out so many episodes in a certain amount of time or a film director or author have set deadlines, there isn’t time to create real depth. Nor is there time for people to enjoy it.

It’s pretty sad that so much of our culture is superficial, even outside of media. Politics, activism, relationships. I feel like recently I’ve been finding out the shallowness of so many things and media is just the latest one.

I wish I had a time machine or something, though I guess the past had it’s own trash to deal with.

Anonymous 24691

I think I’ve going to read random classic books that I’ve always wanted to read or I know are well praised. I like going into things blind too but I’m sceptical of things I know nothing about as I can feel like I’ve wasted several hours of my life if I’m too generous about waiting for it too get good.

I’ve only read a few so far but always wanted to read all of the Shakespeare plays so I think I’ll focus on that too, and watch some adaptations as they should be safe. I’ll probably stay away from other media for a bit.

I agree about classics being overhyped sometimes and I definitely felt that way about Star Wars (Han Solo is a rip off of Rhett Butler) but I think something well written can be enjoyable even if not entirely “new”. I guess good media feels more like a journey than a destination.

Another thing I might do is try writing my own stuff. I don’t think I have any particular talent and I have no technical knowledge but I suppose if I go through enough drafts I should be able to weed out any trashy parts and end up with something I’ll find nice to read, if no one else.

Anonymous 24692


I think modern audiences are very forgiving towards a show taking a hiatus so I feel like TV writers aren't churning out episode after episode nowadays.

Most modern media is just not subtle I'm convinced that modern writers really just can't do nuance anymore or the producers are trying to pander to social media a bit too hard because a few years ago "X show has representation!" was the best thing that could happen to a show.

If OP is still looking for good modern shows did you give Black Mirror and Orphan Black a go? I'm not caught up with Black Mirror but it's good just make sure to skip the first episode because it's gross and isn't a good intro for the show then revisit it if you want, the show is an anthology so you could watch at random.

Anonymous 24693

Thanks for the recommendations. I do like Black Mirror but I feel like the last season and the movie weren’t that great. I did actually like the first episode because it was so out there, plus I already knew about the Cameron pig thing so it was pretty funny. I haven’t watched Orphan Black but I’ll try it if I ever feel like watching another show.

What I meant about tv writers was that I don’t think most of them spend long stretches thinking about plots. They go to the writers room with some ideas and listen to other people’s and then storyboard the plot. Someone eventually writes the episode and that’s it mostly. In comparison, an author (especially in the past) will spend a lot more time, years often, on one story with many redrafts.

I feel the same way about diversity. I don’t care who is in the show but I wish they weren’t so in your face about it. Not that I don’t want representation but it feels like they hit you over the head with it and while that was good at first, now it is tiring. Just write a regular new character and then cast them diversely. I feel that being so over the top about it isn’t really good representation either as it’s not normalised to the point that no one cares.


Tag yourself Anonymous 24651[Reply]

I'm Misaki
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Anonymous 24674


>Tomoko got associated with moids and troon /tttt/ culture.
I like Tomoko, I even can relate to her, but in a very few things

Anonymous 24675

Kill yourself scrote

Anonymous 24676

4chan moids like her because she's their idea of uwu tfw no degenerate smelly neet just like me gf etc. As for troons, I've never been on /tttt/ but trans tend to be pretty disgusting so I can see them being attracted to Tomoko obviously.

Anonymous 24677

NTA but troons are not just attracted to Tomoko, they project onto her because they are AGPs. They think that if they became women, they would look "cute" and gloomy like her.

Anonymous 24682


Definitely Lain with a bit of Aiko mixed in.


Has there ever been a webm thread in the history of CC? Anonymous 9730[Reply]

I'll start.
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Testing 24516

Has this thread reached image or post limit?

Anonymous 24520


Anonymous 24528


Anonymous 24532

>average cc poster

Testing 24679



Anonymous 24179[Reply]

Would anyone here mind lending me their taste in music? I don't have much time to develop one myself…
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Anonymous 24547

Anonymous 24577

damn such a good song and album. thanks for this recommendation

Anonymous 24602

Are you only interested in music in English or would music in any language do?

Anonymous 24613

more Lana Del Rey lately, but for the most part, i listen to The Birthday Massacre, sometimes Nirvana and Foo Fighters, Cheap Trick,and a LOT of The Szuters. easily my fav band of all time.

Anonymous 24680

You can Google bands but heres some cool genres: post punk revival, indie pop, hyperpop, shoegaze, noise rock. See what appeals and go from there.


Anonymous 5761[Reply]

When I was a kid I used to love playing those virtual worlds like club penguin, moshi monsters and fantage and I really miss them. Anyone know some good and wholesome adult alternatives? I've thought about MMOs before but I don't know of any cutesy ones which is sort of what I'm looking for
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Anonymous 24223

Hope anons don't mind the necro, does anyone play the new virtual world game Picatown? It's like habbo hotel meets runescape, it came out on the 16th of this month and seems really good so far, I hope someone else plays so we can discuss decorating and questing

Anonymous 24224

>app only

Anonymous 24631

me too fren :(

Anonymous 24632

omg i think it may be kiiind of obscure compared to other mmos for babies, but i spend SO much of my time on LPSO, the mmo/neopets-esque game for littlest pet shops… i miss it everyday

Anonymous 24664

Holy shit I thought I was the only one who remembered that game. I still have a stuffed toy with a code embedded in her!


Genshin Impact Anonymous 19845[Reply]

How do you feel about Mihoyo, Genshin Impact and their playerbase?
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Anonymous 24611

It will run until end of 2.6, as it currently says on the banner and explains in one of the in-game announcements about the banner.

No confirmation yet of when 2.7 will start.

Anonymous 24615


due to the covid lockdown in Shanghai, 2.7 is delayed. they also were suppose to have an event that took place in the teapot (during teapot maintenance too) which I think is ongoing now?

what I don't get is Honkai (another hoyoverse game) has ver 5.7 out and other chinese mobile names like Arknights are functioning fine. only Genshin seems to be delayed due to covid lockdowns.

Anonymous 24621

Maybe because different teams work on the games? I've also heard the Japanese voice actress for Lumine is unavailable to record new lines and that's causing issues. Not sure tho. I wouldn't be surprised if Genshin had a bigger team than Honkai and all their other games.

Anonymous 24648


who do you guys main? is your main also your favorite chatacter? whats your favorite element?

i main eula & ayaka, but tartaglia is my fav character. my fav element is cryo

Anonymous 24650

I'm a Ganyu main because I love bow gameplay and how strong she is but I don't even know if I have a favorite. I have a huge soft spot for Qiqi, Fischl, Bennett and Zhongli. Cryo is probably my favorite.


Podcast General Anonymous 731[Reply]

What are you listening to right now, miners?
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Anonymous 24171

Joe Rogan Trans take about Fallon Fox is based and wise. And his advice about getting into MMA, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu Jitsu is right too.

Anonymous 24172

Anonymous 24426

black adam.jpg

You already know

Anonymous 24431

the drive by peter attia. The episodes on sleep and also the one where he interviews kyle disseroth are p good.

Anonymous 24649

Bumping this as I need more podcasts in my life.

The story must be told - a big favorite of mine

The lolita Podcast - a really good coverage of the book and how moids ruined it, I really loved this series


Anonymous 24637[Reply]

Okay question. Why do so many people shill this movie as some kind of artistic LGBT representation whatever the fuck they're claiming it to be now? This movie got away with animal abuse and scenes such as a troon eating actual real life dogshit. (I remember gagging so hard to that scene) I got this movie recommended to me when I was 16 and now looking back I just don't fucking understand why anyone would recommend this shitty movie. Especially recommend it to a 16 year old. I don't fucking get it.
>it's supposed to be disgusting and filthy!!!
so i guess animal abuse is ok?
>We bought the chicken from a farmer who advertised freshly-killed chicken. I think we made the chicken's life better: Got to be in a movie, got fucked… And then right after filming the next take, the cast ate the chicken.
Those are the director's words.
I'm pretty sure (from memory, since I do not ACTUALLY want to rewatch the scene) that you see the chicken get killed (and I also think get used as sex toys by other cast members but I am not sure since i have a blurry memory of the scene now)
Again. Can someone explain to me why is this movie still praised as this thought provoking work of cinema when it absolutely isn't?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 24639

Do you think you're supposed to see someone gaping their butthole or eating shit or keeping women in a dungeon and not be shocked and grossed out? That's the whole point. You don't watch Jackass, stroke your chin and go "hmm, and what was the inner truth Steve-O wanted to express by being hit in the balls by a skateboard?". Pink Flaingos and Desperate Living are the only John Waters films I've seen, but it's not his fault if a bunch people trying to get PhDs in film studies had to make up a bunch of deeper meanings about his films to do so. Not that there's anything wrong with looking deeper into art than it's creator ever did, but whatever, I'm getting off track.
>I think we made the chicken's life better: Got to be in a movie, got fucked… And then right after filming the next take, the cast ate the chicken.
I'm sorry, that's just very funny. I'm going to say it's even funnier now in a world where everyone's constantly apologising or pretending to at least.

Anonymous 24640

Worst dumb movie ever
He should not have a camera to film that

Anonymous 24641

I don't get people who complain about animal abuse when they eat animals. You're not any better.

Anonymous 24645

>This movie got away with animal abuse and scenes such as a troon eating actual real life dogshit
KEK this sounds like you're saying that the troon was the animal being abused by making it eat shit
Anyway, yeah it's degenerate troon bestiality scat porn shit. I don't care if it's "ironic" or "intentionally bad", it really isn't good even in an ironic way. Males get away with anything

Anonymous 24647

Because gay man funny makeup haha poopy


Anonymous 24618[Reply]

Who did you ship in Victorious?

Anonymous 24619


SHIPPING in VICTORIOUS? thats kinda weird anon. On another note, I do remember watching this show as a small kid but I always prefered iCarly.

Anonymous 24623

This show sucks ass

Anonymous 24624

i misread it as "kicks ass" lol

Anonymous 24629


And I will pose if I wanna
And I will vogue like Madonna
I might not dance like M.J, R.I.P.
But I will give the best of me

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