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Dear Dumb Diary Anonymous 34709[Reply]

Did anyone else read these books when you were younger?
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Anonymous 34734

i LOOOOVED these books. self inserted as her autistic friend hard

Anonymous 34735

I was a wimpy kid

Anonymous 34750

I only remember the one where she lost her dumb diary and wrote "dear dumb piece of paper, I'm writing on you because my dumb diary has been STOLEN!"

Anonymous 34756

201 004.jpg

This one?

Anonymous 34757

This shit is so funny. I have almost the entire series at my parents' place and I still read through it sometimes lol

Screenshot 2024-01…

Anonymous 33145[Reply]

How do we feel about Blaire White?
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Anonymous 33229

he is only useful in that he benefits/promotes the TERF cause

Anonymous 34686

He's the trans version of a "pick-me"

Anonymous 34687

I get what you mean. He doesn't look like a woman. He looks like a sex doll from some pervert's porn fantasy.

Anonymous 34694

still believes in gender roles & this is evident not only through his transgenderism but also his transition into a porn-ified plastic doll. clearly he has a deep envy of womyn

Anonymous 34753

attention whoring grifter who'd probably flee if his conservative daddies he loves so much actually came to power.
it's pretty funny that the retard "escaped" california by moving to the only place in texas that votes for the democrats at a higher rate than california does.


Anonymous 34741[Reply]

What video game(s) did you grow up with?

Anonymous 34742

Yoshi's Island and Pokemon Sapphire on the Gameboy advanced

Anonymous 34751



Last.fm weekly chart Anonymous 32855[Reply]

Show me your week, musically, nonas.
The website to do this collage is tap music.
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Anonymous 34696

I wish I could get into their new albums. Cant stand anything past 1999 that's not Hau Ruck. Nothing but bangers from 1990-1997 tho (Ive never listened to Adios)



if you havent heard heaven knows by pink patheress then go listen

Anonymous 34698

How can someone be so based yet so utterly trash at the same time. god only knows.


liiiiisten i only listen to a few songs off most of these albums so its not super duper accurate, im not a big lana fan but like a handful of her songs, i just listened to the new billie just to hear it and it has some good songs, i listen to like 2 amy winehouse songs, but yea idk bad but trash lowkey summarizes my existance outside of music lul

Anonymous 34749


saw cannibal corpse live recently, was tons of fun


husbando general! Anonymous 34374[Reply]

rant about your fictional/anime crushes, and rate others~ try to include a picture of them in the reply!
ill go first, saiki from saiki K, i just find him so relatable and funny., honestly its more of a childhood crush thing.

(im new to this website so please dont bully me lols)
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Anonymous 34559

abbacchio smiling.…

I have a few husbandos I rotate between but I'd say the one I love the most is Abbacchio. Majima in his yakuza 0 era is a close second - got a thing for depressed handsome men kek.
agreed! love sugimoto as well, he is such a sweetheart.

Anonymous 34585


This guy. I rewatched Gintama to keep from killing myself, and it worked, but I just latched on to him this time around. I really love Okita, so much. I got back into drawing fanart and everything.

Ah Abbacchio is such a good one. I remember really liking him in my jojo phase. Plus voiced by Junichi Suwabe is always a plus

Anonymous 34715


I want to wrap his hair around me like a scarf and nibble his horns.

Anonymous 34720

A lot of Shadow's lyrics had to do with how conflicted he feels. Even in his theme, "Throw It All Away", it comments on how, even if he is immortal, it doesn't matter and he would rather throw it all away because the life itself is meaningless.

In Rhythm and Balance, the White Jungle stage where you have to save Rouge before the island explodes, the song asks over and over if Shadow is scared, once again that if he fails, he will lose yet another person close to him.

In the Supernatural, Final Chase's stage, the song starts asking if Shadow is even the Ultimate Lifeform to begin with as he gets closer to Maria's "dream."

The Biolizard of course, is unironically what I'd call Shadow's swan song. "Supporting Me" sounds just like the title, Shadow has finally given up revenge and learned that he wants to protect the world but he doesn't really know how to do this. He will do everything in his power, knowing that Maria is supporting him in order to fulfill her last wish, even if it means his untimely end, which the song references at the end of the song as well.

And of course, Live and Learn. Pretty explanatory, but it's learning to live with your mistakes and to keep moving in life even if all seems lost.

Shadow's story was unironically a great lead up from a broken individual lead on by hatred to one of redemption, giving his life to the ones he tried to destroy in the first place. We really won't have kino like this again, but at least its here.

Anonymous 34747


I can't fix him but maybe Daidoji can. I need to see more of him AAAAAAAAA


Anonymous 34714[Reply]

What's the best romance story you've ever read/watched?

Anonymous 34743


Hater Thread Anonymous 30199[Reply]

Post about media you hate i.e. books, movies, anime that you dropped (or finished) and why you hated it.
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Anonymous 34729

The movie very explicitly links intelligence to inheritance, not education.

Anonymous 34730

That is my point. If all the smart people move to the city then there will be no one smart enough to farm properly left in the countryside.

Anonymous 34736

walkable cities

Anonymous 34738

It's still elitist and you're an elitist too. At least be honest about it.

Anonymous 34739

I thought that the Great Gatsby sucked. I mean we read it for school so I mean I guess that doesn't count. The writing is super incoherent and I think the whole messages behind it were super obvious. Rich people in the 20s were vapid assholes? Wow, that's so crazy and surprisng kek.


favorite female characters Anonymous 28352[Reply]

Post any that you like, why you like them etc
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Anonymous 34568

they made Aloy look really weird in the sequel

Anonymous 34626


Currently watching breaking bad and omg I love Marie so much.
She seems a little crazy on the surface but she's frequently the voice of reason and despite being really pushy does push some people in the right way and always with the intention of doing what's best for them. She seriously cares for everyone and only wants the best for them all. Anytime a character close to her has an emotional breakdown even she's there for them in super supportive ways but she also knows not to take their shit if they're taking her offers to listen in a negative way. Her flaws are also interesting and I'm enjoying her kleptomania cause it's an interesting trait to give a character on screen and I can't wait to see what happens in regards to it. I love that it never took over her character and has even been in the total background recently. I'm really enjoying how layered she is, at the beginning you might think she's very much a "my way or the highway" type of person yet she's one of the few who was shown to take the time to think about if it's her right to make a decision for someone or not. Top to bottom she's probably one of my favourite perfectly imperfect characters of all time so far. I also really like her sister Skylar and my liking for her is increasing as the seasons go by but Marie from the start was easily my favourite for all her quirks.
I'm only on season 4 so I bet there are going to be more revelations and interesting moments with her. But if they kill her I will absolutely riot but I think I may have spoiled myself on her future in the series looking for a pic of her in a good way cause I think she lives! Also she's in better call Saul which I hope is good cause I'll be super happy to see more of her after the show is over.

Anonymous 34633


These gals!
Based, best jobro. We love Foo Fighters!

Anonymous 34718

I'm one year late but bless you alicenona

Anonymous 34733


forever my favorite doll <3


Writers of Novels Anonymous 34329[Reply]

Nonas, are any of you writers for fun? I'm writing a horror novel rn centered around college-aged girls and women's rights rn
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Anonymous 34596

Yeah I am writing a novel about vampires and its based on real people haha
70 pages so far and I got positive reactions so far

Anonymous 34599

distressed possum.…

I have a million billion ideas for the grand Tolkienesque fantasy epic I'm definetly gonna write some day… But I've only actually written some notes and a few assorted paragraphs that I'm just too embarassed to read again. So basically same as it ever was for me

Anonymous 34721

I want to write a graphic novel based on a bunch of vignettes from my life but I suck at drawing so its really demoralising

Anonymous 34722

use ai. for a story to work you don't need perfectly matching characters or surrounding as long as your storytelling fixes these flaws. if you're autistic about it then see this step as a draft and not as final product. still the draft allows you to get into the process and produce something

Anonymous 34731


I'm more of a scriptwriter. Have a bunch of ideas for cartoons, and I am even making one myself right now, but I won't reveal what it is. I don't really know what to do with all the other ideas, for now I'm just keeping them for future use. The cartoon I'm making is an enthusiastic endeavor, it's indie. Do I need to have the education at some institution that teaches how to write to score a job as a scriptwriter? Or will a good portfolio do? I've read so many books on writing, so I'd say I know what I'm doing, sorta.


Anonymous 34594[Reply]

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Anonymous 34601


it's been years since I read the VN, so I will pick it up again when the official English version is released. Though it's the Realta Nua edition, which I've not played anyway.
I managed to read it without really knowing any spoilers, as I'd never seen the anime. I just remember, after finishing it, how surprised I was at the fandoms innate hatred for Sakura. She seems to have picked up in popularity these days after the movies, but damn did the fandom hate her back in the day.
I crushed on Saber so hard though after watching the Zero anime.

Anonymous 34713

Favorite sevants are Hector, Abigail, and Hans Christian Anderson. Favorite master is Rin.

Been years since I read the orignal F/SN and I'm also excited to pick up the official translation. Maybe eventually we'll get an official release of CCC.

Anonymous 34726


Me personally? I love Liz.

Anonymous 34727


Anonymous 34728


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