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Battlestation thread Anonymous 17625[Reply]

Post your battlestations. Pic related is mine.

Anonymous 17626


Anonymous 17628

There is another battlestation thread at /img/ btw.

Anonymous 17749

posts papes pls


Anonymous 17506[Reply]

Check out this cute sonic art I love sonic anyone else LOVE sonic
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Anonymous 17519

I have only played Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes and the Sonic Fighters game for the Gameboy Advance. I'm more into Mario than Sonic.
I heard SonicMania and Sonic Generations where good.

Anonymous 17561


>Sonic thread
>Barely any replies
Shame. Were do you guys go for your Sonic fandom? I mostly go to /sthg/ on 4chan.

Anonymous 17562


If you're black you shouldn't resurrect. To me it was always a dealbreaker that they kept Shadow alive after his selfless sacrifice. His aesthetic isn't compatible with the colorful environments of the later games.

Anonymous 17570

Oooo I'm a real sucker for that. Anyone self-insert as Blaze?

Anonymous 17732

/sthg/ is a complete shithole.
I don’t really participate in the fandom, the fanbase is just really weird and barely discusses the actual series most of the time, instead arguing about the same things every month on repeat. I’m pretty over Sonic in general but if I do talk about it I just discuss it in my own small friend circle these days.

On a related note, I’ve heard sega is doing really badly right now and laid off a bunch of staff/sold off a lot of stock and assets. My expectations for the next 3D sonic are pretty much at zero.


Webtoon Thread Anonymous 15742[Reply]

A thread for hating or loving on the webtoons of the internet, both asian and western.
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Anonymous 17554


i hate unordinary so much, the art is terrible, everyone looks the fucking same minus flashy hair colors, generic story except none of their motivations make sense and the fact its so popular makes me want to commit die

plus its disgustingly edgy

Anonymous 17557

If its so bad, why give it publicity, i had no idea it existed until you brought it up. One shouldn't be surprised when something is terrible, most things in life are.

Anonymous 17558

lol the anatomical proportions of the characters are terrible. Your pic related is just awful art.

Anonymous 17726

Seeing Remarried Empress on there makes me sad. Also, getting the mobile ads with it one there make me cringe.
A friend of mine said she liked the way the abilities worked, but I was still suspicious of it. Glad I never got into it.

Anonymous 17744

>why give it publicity
I wouldn’t say complaining about something on an obscure internet forum is “giving publicity.”


Anonymous 10655[Reply]

Any girls like yaoi/BL here?
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Anonymous 17324


I really enjoy the creepy/edgy ones, they're pretty fun to read.

Anonymous 17497

Oh i really enjoyed this, i really like yandere stuff

Anonymous 17650


it's weird because i mostly only really like girls irl, but i still really like yaoi and m/m ships a lot more than yuri and f/f ships
maybe it's because yaoi is usually written by women?

Anonymous 17666

Same here. Irl, I’ve only been attracted to women and men make me uncomfortable. Still, BL is just really comfy to me. Especially if it’s an older one I read as a preteen.

Anonymous 17738

I’m totally the same, I’ve only ever been truly attracted to like… two men in my life
But yaoi just feels nicer than yuri, even the darker ones that are classics like Ai No Kusabi and Zetsuai 1989


Jujutsu Kaisen Anonymous 17633[Reply]

Anyone here watching it? I think it's a pretty classic feeling battle shonen; not doing anything extremely new, but super entertaining all the same.

It's got cute ships too, for all you fujos out there.

Anonymous 17635

That pic is adorable op
I watch jjk with my little sister as a way to bond since we have nothing else in common kek. It's standard shounen but it's really fun, I think. Though I wish they would wrap up the current tournament arc a little faster; it's not as interesting as the other arcs.
I wonder if the manga is any good, I wanna give it a try

Anonymous 17637

The manga is pretty good, in my opinion. If you're enjoying the anime you might enjoy it more, actually, because while the anime is faithful it cuts some stuff (mostly internal narration from the characters + humanizing moments).

Anonymous 17649

i've heard it's really good and mildly gay, when i eventually finish hunter x hunter i'll check it out


Tear Jerkers Anonymous 6619[Reply]

Any movies, or part of a show that just made you bawl? I'm talking a little more then just being teary eyed.
8 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17424

Ojamajo Doremi got me teary eyed quite a few times. The music doesn't help either.

Fell into a depression after EOE

The endings of the Cardcaptor Sakura series and the second movie made me cry hard

Akage No Anne got me emotional quite a bit

Anonymous 17483


The last scene to Intolerance; but you have to watch the whole film to really see its impact

Anonymous 17500



This movie. This. Freaking. Movie.
I swear, I‘ll start to ugly cry just from watching a 2 minute clip from the movie.
Ugh (I have a pet parrot so I guess that’s why I get so sensitive with this film)

Anonymous 17521


Felt really overwhelmed at the end of Melancholia

Anonymous 17600

th (20).jpeg

Fucking Bambi. I just can't handle it, the entire movie is too beautiful from the animation to the music to every last brush stroke in the backgrounds. Not to mention the story. A coming-of-age of a fawn growing up into a strong buck after losing his mother. This is Disney's magnum opus.


Anonymous 17531[Reply]

Who is your favorite writer?
>inb4 this thread gets moved to /media/
3 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17539


Elfriede Jelinek. I like how she writes relatable women and her style in general.

Anonymous 17546

I really like Terry Pratchetts discworld series. He seemed like a really chill guy and the books were all so good.

Anonymous 17551

Daniel Handler wrote some pretty interesting children's literature, some of you might know him by his pen name: Lemony Snicket.

Anonymous 17582

I was for somethimg related to Harold Bloom today and this pic appeared. I rememebered I had seen it somewhere and here I find it!

Anonymous 17583

Anything more? Which book should I read first? I’ve read some stuff bout him and he seems like a cool guy. You’re not the only Pole here sis :3


femfinefrokner 4913[Reply]

Do you like cold wave/dark wave music?
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5245

yes! i saw lebanon live,they werent very good

Anonymous 5246

hell yeah i do.

Anonymous 5269


why do I get the feeling you've never sat down and actually listened to it

Anonymous 17538


In my teenage years I was a huge collector of Sisters of Mercy bootlegs and other post-punk rarities. However, I kinda grew tired of the same old bass lines and boring drum patterns. Now I drift more towards other punk styles which include the same patterns but faster :D

Anonymous 17541

I've been listening to a lot of Boy Harsher lately.


Internet Forums Anonymous 17515[Reply]

What message boards do you use that aren't anonymous? I've been looking for new online communities to get involved in, preferably friendly ones without a significant male presence.

Anonymous 17517

I don't.

Anonymous 17518


I'm serious. It's at least 10% moids (including tranny moids), the rest 90% are women. Just pretend you are pro-ana I guess.

Anonymous 17520

if we're gonna discuss mpa, how about the "pancake" (MyPancakeAddiction) one? though i've heard it's full of fake positivity and isn't that "extrene" as the original MPA


Star Wars Anonymous 17235[Reply]

Can we get a nice comfy Star Wars thread? I checked the catalog and it didn't seem like there was one.
Mandalorian spoiler:
Is anyone else super excited about Ashoka coming back? I hope Temuera Morrison shows up wearing a big Santa Claus beard as Rex.
16 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 17300

I think the movies aren't the best parte of Star Wars. It hás one of the most amazing universes ever, with tons of great games, books and comics.

I honestly think the lore is as great as Lotr.
Knights of the old republic is in my opinion one of the best Wrpg ever

Anonymous 17306

I 100% agree. I really like how the prequels/old republic have lots of fantasy elements like the sith empire and the mandalorians existing alongside evil corporations and stuff.

Anonymous 17511

So cool…

Anonymous 17512

I love how the girl props herself up on the throne after Boba sits down and starts drinking the juice. Massive king and queen feel.

Anonymous 17514

Ashoka is an absolute cinnamon roll. Loved watching her in the Clone Wars cartoon, am excited to see a live action version of her.

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