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Kpop Thread 13232[Reply]

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Anonymous 14675

god changbin is ugly

Anonymous 14676


Uri Wonyoungie is so tall omo

Anonymous 14677


Anonymous 14678

stoppppp thats so funny

Anonymous 14679

you may not like it, but this is what peak female proportions look like


Anonymous 12313[Reply]

Anonymous 12524


The Family Jewels was one of the few albums I could actually relate to as a 12/13 year old girl. I think a lot of women and teen girls relate to the themes in her music and videos. I also love the aesthetic she had going in The Family Jewels era. Electra Heart was just okay for me, but I can understand why some people love that one too.

Anonymous 12673

marina defined my middle school years, i love her to death. this EP should be re-released. it pisses me off that it doesnt. starlight was the inspo for buy the stars, and theyre both such beautiful songs i cry listening to them.
> Like love bites in the sky,
Love is like starlight,
Love is starlight.

I took all our favorite songs,
Played them and I made them my own.
I went to our favorite bars,
And I drank in them alone.

I cry every time.


Yuri & Shoujo Ai Anonymous 103[Reply]

What's worth checking out?
Do you have any lesbian OTPs? Shipping?

>Tamen de Gushi

Slice of Life story about a tall lanky girl who falls for a cute blond and tries to ask her out. (Pic related)


A gyaru falls in love with her new step-sister. The plot gets cringy sometimes, but it has some cute scenes.


A woman in an abusive marriage asks her lesbian admirer to murder her husband and they run away together. Very dark, and the art style is the opposite of moe.http://mangakakalot.com/manga/gunjou
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Anonymous 5637


Even though I'm straight I see myself reading and self inserting in Shoujo Ai anime and manga even more than yaoi.
I think it's because it's too cute.
God, I really need a Shizuma in my life

Anonymous 5638


Thanks for the link anon. Just read all the chapters so far and it’s cute.

Anonymous 5639



This manga is super cute and I love the pairing so far as I've been able to read it

Anonymous 5705

Know any series like Haru and Midori?

Anonymous 9453



Kpop Thread Anonymous 11873[Reply]

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Anonymous 13210


Anonymous 13214


Anonymous 13224


Anonymous 13225


Anonymous 13229

why are you spamming


Discuss your favourite fictional character Anonymous 10251[Reply]

I really love Juzo from Danganronpa 3, even though I didn't care much for a lot of the anime and it's asspulls and retcons. I'm a sucker for macho characters hiding dark secrets and I love the surprising amount of depth to Juzo's character, I really hope he gets a cameo in possible future games. Here's a gif of him punching that stupid otaku.

Anonymous 10252

Please pretend that's a gif

Anonymous 10346


I love Arjuna so much, i find there are parts of him that i can really relate to and his valentine event was really sweet and touching. I sometimes go to/cm/ to save pics of him, it has become a hobby of mine. sucks that i don't really like to play gacha games anymore though

Anonymous 10428


That title probably goes to Emet. His VA did a fantastic job as well. I'm surprised such a great character was spawned from Final Fantasy of all thigns

Anonymous 10431

dangan gays.jpg

I love him, by far the most based character in the dangly granpa seires, rest in peace

Anonymous 10435

Well I DID like this one blonde haired blind girl from a certain comic strip since 2009 but then my friend pointed out how I was obsessed over her in 2012, so I stopped liking her (though to be fair it got to the point I made a disturbing fanfiction of her that same year, where she and another character recreate the bloodbath scene from Hostel 2 out of frustration for having been "put on a bus" in her strip long ago, so I had to move on to a different cartoon (specifically one that premiered on Disney channel also at the time), and the rest is shoddy history..


Anonymous 10854[Reply]

Why should I give a single fuck about a movie's historical significance or artistic achievements instead of just judging it based on how it makes me feel?

Anonymous 10856

Because if it's a good movie you'll feel it's historic significance and it's artistic achievements.

Anonymous 10956

Sometimes learning about those details can change your initial feeling/opinion about something. I used to think the Beatles were just average and overrated but after hearing more music of all sorts and reading books about music in general I came to appreciate their influence a lot more.

Anonymous 10995

Don't? Especially if you're not that much of an intellectual and/or academic person?

Just don't say what you assume is the true meaning of a given important idea within a movie, though. You will embarrass yourself if you do as you may or may not get corrected by someone who is deep into the movie's period of history inside and outside it and/or a writer who takes his literary criticism seriously.


Kpop thread Anonymous 10409[Reply]

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Anonymous 11868

I feel like they might get one eventually when the academy realises how effective pandering to army is but I don't know if it'll happen this year

Anonymous 11869

Lmfao a 29 yo trying to use 30+ yo as an insult, honestly you bring these jokes upon yourself peak autismo

Anonymous 11870

They really went hard with the BTS week on Jimmy Fallon during the grammy nomination week. I don't know, I feel like they may get it this year. I really think this is their peak. I can't imagine (cope) with them being as big as they are now, next year.

Anonymous 11871


>I have no problem splitting the bill at McD

Anonymous 11872

Oh so you’re a beg

Worst Profiler In …

Pink Panther thread Anonymous 10225[Reply]

"How can a blind man be a lookout?"


"Well, it's simple, all you do is apply for the job–"


Doki Doki lit Club! Anonymous 1622[Reply]

Just a general discussion for Doki Doki lit club and the project libitina files.
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Anonymous 2214


I went in blind only knowing that it's a spooky game that lures you in by pretending to be a dating sim, and it was pretty thrilling. I saw through Monika from the start because I'm familiar with her character trope and she always made the meta comments like telling you how to save your game, breaking the fourth wall a lot and bookending her poem with save me / delete her, but there were still some twists I didn't expect and going through the files felt novel and immersive. Reminded me of pic related:

>While the programmers were developing .GIFfany's game, they noticed her obsessive tendencies and attempted to delete her. However, she retaliated and "deleted" them.

I romanced Yuri

Anonymous 6416

Not that guy but the Muvluv trilogy is in my opinion the best VN out there. Its a much better deconstruction of the dating sim genre but isn't in your face about it and Muvluv Alternative handles PTSD in one of the most realistic ways I have ever seen in media. Reading all of it will take around 60 hours but it is worth it. Fucking hell do I wish it was more popular.

Anonymous 9988

I don't understand the appeal of DDLC

Anonymous 10179

Me either. Someone lied telling me it was a good horror game but it was just boring high school shit VN.

Anonymous 10180

They all pissed me off except for Sayori.


ASOIAF Anonymous 7049[Reply]

I've just finished up the first book (reading because I dislike live action), and I'd love to discuss the series/see it being discussed here, on C.C.
Also going to kindly ask that people use spoilers, since I know almost nothing about what's coming next/knew nothing going in. In this vein, just let me say: I can't fucking believe Ned died. What the fuck.
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Anonymous 7632


I didn't mind the slow pace of that story. I loved it, in fact, all the way up until Sanderson's books. Everything suddenly felt like it was written by an ADHD teen when he took over.

Anonymous 7680


Martin is a master of the character development while Jordan was a a great world builder, though I believe Erikson (Malazan) surpasses both.

I don't know why people even compare both series, they are too different and have their own strenghts, problems and uniqueness,. Martin is also a huge WOT fan, he made a few references on ASOIAF about Jordan.

>I didn't mind the slow pace of that story

I don't mind it too, though I think books 8 and 10 were atrocious. Sanderson is also a great writer and I think his books are very good, on the same level as the ones that Jordan wrote. His Stormlight archives is my favorite series of this decade.

Can we turn this thread into a /sffg/ (sci-fi and fantasy general)? I don't think there are enough people to discuss only ASOIAF here, but maybe the genre is popular enough to get more replies.

Anonymous 9486

We don't enough people to discuss a genre of books either, it seems.

Anonymous 9609


Anonymous 10077

I love Cersei and Stannis.
That's it

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