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Anonymous 5392[Reply]

ITT: Last movie/show/animu you've watched and the rating.
If you want too, post some review or whatever.
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Anonymous 6353

I watched metropolis. Amazing soundtrack and good plot. 8/10

Anonymous 6397


Ivan's childhood by Andrei Tarkovsky. 9/10
so far, tarkovsky really speaks to me on a personal level; his movies have a great balance of philosophy and humanity and not to mention, his aesthetics hit home.

Anonymous 6400


It's 3 hours long, if that's a deterrent. But it holds its intrigue.

Anonymous 6404

Which version of the OST? Because there are many, that's a common thing in the silent cinema.

Anonymous 6493

lost highway.jpg

Lost Highway. I guess I'd give it a 6/10? It was okay, albeit weird. Which I normally like but it was a really confusing movie and I don't understand what was supposed to be happening lol. Great soundtrack tho, especially "I'm Deranged" by David Bowie.


Anonymous 5998[Reply]

what are some good erotic romance excluding 50 shades of grey?

Anonymous 6485

Troll by Emma Clark

Anonymous 6489

would you consider reading stuff with pictures (eg manga / hentai?)

avril top15.jpg

Anonymous 5343[Reply]

Change my mind.
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Anonymous 5388


where is losing grip though??

Anonymous 5509

Complicated is essentially the national anthem of angsty early 2000s suburban girls. It deserves the top spot.

Anonymous 6433

where's slipped away?

Anonymous 6463

what the fuck is that creature why did you post it i hate it so much i hate it so much

Anonymous 6464

Slightly related, does anyone here believe the doppelganger theory? (The real Avril killed herself and was replaced with a lookalike)


Anonymous 5761[Reply]

When I was a kid I used to love playing those virtual worlds like club penguin, moshi monsters and fantage and I really miss them. Anyone know some good and wholesome adult alternatives? I've thought about MMOs before but I don't know of any cutesy ones which is sort of what I'm looking for
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Anonymous 6401


are u me? i enjoyed those games so much as well. currently im playing Kawaii Home Design, really cute animation and you can meet friends too. You can add me! @/zumee
just lmk in the game's PM you are from cc~

Anonymous 6413

I remember playing Zwinky over a decade ago and it fucked up my sister's computer.

Anonymous 6421


Baguette here, for my part I used to play Blablaland a lot. It was my favorite game, I would have still played it if it wasn't shut down.

Anonymous 6427


i miss habbo everyday :'(

Anonymous 6450

neopets is still pretty active believe it or not and virtually nothing has changed about the site since the early 2000s (ignoring the attempts at switching to mobile), would highly recommend. i have neopets autism tho so im biased


Alternatives to tumblr Anonymous 2970[Reply]

I know pic related is long dead, but does anyone use dreamwidth? is these anywhere else to go and blog about shows and comics/anime and manga you like with other people that isn't the blue hell?
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Anonymous 5045

Yes you need to learn html to even use it, but it has the text editor built right in, and even has the tutorials needed on the site to begin. From there you can just search what code you need if you want to do something more specific.

The freedom is your's in the end.

Anonymous 5049

HTML is like the most thoroughly well-documented markup language in the world, i don't think that's even a hurdle. w3 schools is waiting for you with all the answers.

And my god i love the nostalgia that hits me when i see a slapped together html page. Especially on someone's *eocities. gifs, centre aligned text, wow, i really miss geocities.

Anonymous 5076


is neocities any good for making friends?

Anonymous 6437

Dreamwidth is gud. It's oldschool enough to be LJ from when LJ was gud, minus the huge userbase. It supports a broader spectrum of opinions than Tumblr/Reddit. Their policy is 'We can only ban you if you are being mean to others'. It also supports communities.

Twitter is hard AF to navigate and getting canceled for liking the wrong ship is easy, ppl are literally swapping around lists of 'who to block'.

Anonymous 6438

i'm on tumblr/twitter/insta to post fanart, but dwrp is my favourite way to interact with fandom nowadays. though you have to like, you know, enjoy rp and meta and shit. unfortunately, it's nothing like classic lj was.

i miss livejournal. lj circa 2010 was perfect to me. i also liked early fandom tumblr where people were comfortable being more earnest and cringy (where have the superwholock gifsets of yesteryear gone). twitter is the worst fandom platform ever.


Clannad Thread Anonymous 5540[Reply]

I am watching this anime for the first time, and I am not all the way through it. This anime has touched my soul in a way i thought not possible. It has made me feel so happy, and it has made me feel so sad. When i watch it i almost feel like i am entering another life, I am not sure how to describe it. Are there any girls here that also like Clannad?
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Anonymous 5603

Did you finish, OP?

Anonymous 5613


No I did not. And I doubt I will for some time, Because I found someone to watch it with. This way if I start to feel sad I can turn to them, and if I feel happy I can feel it with them.

Anonymous 5758

You got me to pick up Clannad again, and I was surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. I originally started watching it when I was in high school and found it kind of boring and too moe for my tastes, but now around ten years later, I’m really liking it. The romance is really sweet and I find Nagisa really relatable.


That’s sweet, anon. Hope you find your happiness with this person!

Anonymous 6212


anybody feel like watching this with somebody?

Anonymous 6428

i love clannad so much. it kind of gets a bad rap if you're in sufficiently elitist circles but for me it's one of my top fav animes which i never get to talk about ..! i love all the girls, too, but nagisa and her bond with tomoya is my favourite.

i relate so much to tomoya's trauma, sadness and yearning for family that it always makes me bawl. tomoya having slightly more development as a protag than your usual bland harem lead elevates it above the rest of the genre, in my opinion.


Children Media Anonymous 1497[Reply]

Let's talk about our favorite media that's mainly targeted at children

Disney movies, cartoons, games and even toys/collectibles in general

The genre itself, the adult fanbase andthe possible stigma around it can also be discussed.
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Anonymous 5230

>saw pic related in a feels thread
This doesn’t answer your question but I saw this pic in the feels thread and I saved it too anon. It’s so cute, I want to hug it.

Anonymous 5232

If you compare it to pokemon you'll be dissapointed. But its not a bad show

Anonymous 5237

It's not really comparable to pokemon beyond "kids with mons", you can certainly like (or hate) both universes at once. I remember it being pretty cyberpunk for a child audience, they don't mess about with the "digi" bit of the name. Some of the animation is very repetitive, be prepared to skip through parts of it that you've watched dozens of times.

Anonymous 6415

I still find it enjoyable as an adult.

Anonymous 6426

I haven't ever watched Digimon Adventure, but I did watch Digimon Tamers and absolutely loved it. You need to be willing to give in to the 'kiddy' side of the series, but the show takes it's viewers seriously and balances the cyberpunk/friendship elements well.


Sailor Moon/Shoujo thread? Anonymous 551[Reply]

4 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 565

I was thinking it was maybe a general mahou shoujo thread.

If that was OPs intentions or not, I now declare this a mahou shoujo because I love magical girl shit

Anonymous 600


I'm thinking about getting back into watching Sailor Moon again. I was never into it in my life but seeing how popular it's been always made me want to be in the fandom. I last left off at about episode 9 or so due to some stuff that came up but I think it's enjoyable even if the show is repetitive. I love the viz dub the most and I'm not sure if I should be embarrassed about being able to relate to a middle schooler.

Anonymous 601

Grew up on the original dub, then watched the whole 200 episodes subbed, and now kind of wish I could find the old dub again because it was so bad, it was good. Haven't watched any of the new dub yet.

Anonymous 622


Ahh, I love sailor moon so damn much. It brings me so many good memories. I also feel like I'm a lot like usagi personality wise (…awful)

Anonymous 6425


Happy Birthday!

It's been a whole year again. Let's wait and see if this thread is still up next year!


The Sims Anonymous 430[Reply]

Anyone a fan of this series?
I've been playing since TS2 days and now I'm on TS4. I never played TS3 because I hated the pudding faces and didn't like how different it felt from TS2 but TS4 misses too many features. Thankfully the Vampire pack saves it for me.

But the Sims community is so lame for me now. I miss the hard-working & dedicated CC creators and I miss how invested people used to be in supernaturals. Basically, I miss it when it was more niche and underground.
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Anonymous 2737

I would, but I can't even figure out how to download mods as it is (plus I'm always worried they'll fuck up my game). But I'm watching an old livestream put up by sims community of seasons and I have been hyped for like an hour straight, so maybe this expansion pack will be what makes it just as good as ts3 for me.
That was how it was for me too, which is why I tried the legacy challenge. Having goals to meet and occasionally failing really forced me to explore the game more and gave it a sense of challenge I was sorely lacking. I was all of a sudden panicking about keeping sims alive, who's gonna marry who… and that was when I had the best drama (one sim who got together with another, found out he was dating someone, then never spoke to him again, then went to try and be with her childhood friend IMMEDIATELY after this failed date, and at their wedding, she accused him of cheating and the entire wedding was off. She didn't talk to him for 3 days bc she had a "betrayed" moodlet or something, and then when that went away, she immediately went to smooth things over (like, the game did this and I couldn't stop it) WHILE HER SISTER'S WEDDING WAS TAKING PLACE (I made her slap this guy and they were enemies for the rest of their lives, with her sister high in fitness skill delivering a beat-down to him at one point lol). Then she married a nice guy and had a daughter who looked EXACTLY like her, and got really good at gardening. When death came for her she had a flower for him- unbeknownst to me- and lived for a long ass time after that. None of this would have happened if I hadn't tried to play by different rules and it definitely made things more exciting lol). It also forced me to give sims random traits and that led to interesting personality development and me trying to figure out new careers I had never wanted to play with before that were actually lots of fun.
So I guess maybe try some challenges? There's a bunch posted on the internet. You can even modify to make them harder if you choose… or make your own! (if you do that, share it with us! I'd love to read it)

Anonymous 2748

I'm doing a legacy challenge rn and it actually does make the game so much more fun!! Typically I play w/ aging off and have everything all planned out so no surprises really happen and I have control over everything.
Now while playing the legacy challenge everything is sooo much more exciting and I'm discovering new features and things that I haven't tried before.

One of my favorite outta the blue moments was when my founder just recently became an elder, her alien husband was gonna become an elder in a few days, and their three children were nearly all young adults. Well… one night the husband gets abducted and comes back pregnant! The child barely got to spend anytime w/ her parents since they were pretty old by the time she was born, but she technically got to have three parents (her siblings) which was really fun to watch.

Anonymous 6418

Hearing that Sims 5 is supposed to have all players living together in a neighborhood is making me nervous.

Anonymous 6419

Why? I kinda feel you but honestly, I don't think we would ever get a Sims 5 if it didn't include an online/social component. It wouldn't make business sense. It's where everything is headed these days (I don't play it but it seems like the new Animal Crossing focused on online much more) and I have to imagine it's what younger people are coming to expect from games. If it's done well it's a very effective way of getting people to play more and be more invested in it.

I'm definitely skeptical but we've had 4 Sims games already, I'm interested to see a new approach.

Anonymous 6422

I think that would be fun, I'm sure a lot of people have wished for that and it would be fun to play with friends. But also that means I won't be able to pirate sims anymore…


crystal.cafe cyber community Anonymous Admin 540[Reply]

(for lack of a better term…)

Inspired by this thread >>>/media/216, we have recently announced free subdomains for your website or blog. Now we've decided to go a step further and offer the hosting too!
In addition, crystal.cafe will open a board dedicated to creating and discussing your websites.
As we develop this service, there will be limited slots available for testing. In order to qualify, you have to be able to create your own HTML/CSS pages self-sufficiently. If you'd like to join, please apply by sending an email to [email protected] and telling us a bit about your experience or one of your projects. Thank you!
13 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2556


I know it's been a while, but is there a list of the subdomains that I can check out? I'm interested in asking for one and checking out what my would-be sister subdomains are like would be interesting

Also I'd be up for helping anyone out when it comes to coding (HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP)

Anonymous 4044

Bumping this in case it's an option for anyone leaving Tumblr!

Anonymous 4182

I recommend a site like neocities.org, it runs like geocities.org and it's free, you can even see their source code or runs it local/remotely (open source). This way much safer, no server side affects, HTML/CSS and JavaScript are the base knowledge. Statics website.

Running your own instance is… Fine. You may have to contact them (self assumed).

Anonymous 5609

has anyone used this yet?? i want to see peoples sites

Anonymous 6403


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