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Sister of Silence.…

Warhammer 40k Anonymous 23691[Reply]

Anyone else into 40k?
If so:
>What's your favorite faction?
>What's your favorite character?
>What's your favorite edition?
>Do you own models?
>How often do you play?
>What's your favorite book from the series?
>What's your favorite model?
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Anonymous 23779

Anonymous 23795

How do I get into wargames like this without having to splurge on models?
Can I just like play it on Tabletop Simulator or something?
I mean this hobby sounds super cool and I already like strategy computer games but I've found it hard to get into tabletop gaming in general.

Anonymous 23796

my clit is not a micropenis you faggot

Anonymous 23802

Yeah you can use tabletop simulator to play
Or if you wanna save money in the future and wanna play casually, then get a 3d printer and print out models
But if you wanna buy official models, then look on secondary sites that sell them at lower prices
You can also play dawn of war games

Anonymous 23878

I'm not too familiar with WH40K but my school bestie loved it and loved to tell me random lore trivia. We also collected a lot of fanart. I like WH40K aesthetic, and a lot of fanart is very high quality.

I listened to some lore videos to know more about the world, but outside of that I'm not much interested. I can't play the tabletop, simply because I live in a 3rd world shithole and don't have
the money and people to play with. The books… Well, I'm not a fan. They are not high-quality. Although the worldbuilding is fantastic, I think that the writing itself is terrible. The vidya is also very hit or miss. Some games are fine, thought, like DoW and Mechanicus.

My favourite faction is Adeptus Mechanicus, because I love how they look and their lore.


Cellphones Anonymous 265[Reply]

Post phones, cute cases, etc!
Is your phone rooted?
I rooted mine to use more features, remove bloatware, and to replace the boot animation (the brand logo you see when you switch your phone on) with my own.

App thread: >>>/media/82
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Anonymous 23244


even though it's a japanese phone and i probably wouldn't be able to use it properly, i really want to buy a cute docomo flip phone just for fun :]

Anonymous 23246

Just changed my phone for a fairphone recently, the launcher was shit so I downloaded a new one. I also discovered the joy of making my own widgets with KGWT. It's pretty fun

Hugh, same. The phones are so big now. I can't fit them in my pockets and I hate that.
A friend of mine use a blackberry and he told me it was working really well. I dunno about the price but there's still that for keyboards

Anonymous 23247

Ah, it looks so cute

Anonymous 23362


Phones are so fuckhuge these days and I'm sick of having to free up both hands to use mine. Kinda tempted to get something like pic related.

Why fairphone? Not judging just curious. And is it meeting your expectations?

Anonymous 23876

Different reasons. The whole etical aspect of the brand is really nice, the fact that I can just replace anything I want is pretty awesome too. But to be honest the main reason why I was looking into it was because I wanted a phone not made in China. But each brand I looked at that didn't make their phones in China was owned by whines investors. So fairphone was kind of the lesser of the two evil in a way.
Now that's it's been a while, I can say the battery life is OK, it really benefited from the change of launcher. Also changed the default photo app because it is also really bad. For the use I get out of it, it's a really nice phone, in all the reviews people talked about slow openings of app and I don't feel it at all but YMMV


BOOK GENERAL Anonymous 3098[Reply]

Subject says it all.
Discuss everything to do with books. Writing, reading, burning, etc. Ask for recommendations and stuff.
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Anonymous 23858

Anonymous 23864

Storm of Steel by Ernst Junger made me interested in World War 1 so I read The First World War by Hew Strachan because I found it at a thrift store and I liked it. I'm reading 1776 by David McCullough now which is about the American Revolution and it's not bad either but I'm not done with it.

Anonymous 23865

any short stories that you'd recommend, keep it R please, nothing nc-17, I'm 21 but get triggered easily with morbid themes, I almost walked out when watching hereditary and I stopped readong A Clockwork Orange when I knew it contained gang rape and The Time of The Hero because of the ambiguously written bestiality scene, it can feature crime just not have it uncomfortably described with specific details

Anonymous 23866

I was going to suggest a bunch of Lovecraft, but if you don't like spooky things then better not. Maybe you'd enjoy Neil Gaiman's short stories. He uses a lot of fantastical, fairytaley elements. "Chivalry" is a good one.

Anonymous 23868

Thomas Ligotti if you like horror. Particularly his compilation book, Songs of a Dead Dreamer & Grimscribe. Nothing particularly graphic as far as I can tell. His style of horror tends to be Lovecraftian, more cerebral and existential.

Etgar Keret's The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God is good too, his short stories tend to be a bit humorous and surreal. I also recommend High Tide in Tucson by Barbara Kingslover. They're more like a collection of her essays, but for a change of pace she writes a lot about nature, environmentalism, her life and travels. It's really 180 from anything graphic and is a nice breezy read that also has a lot of depth.


do you like Ace Combat Anonymous 23730[Reply]

do you like Ace Combat?
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Anonymous 23741

Anonymous 23745


if you want a modern game, Ace Combat 7 is pretty cool

If you don't mind emulation, Ace Combat 4 is also an excellent choice to start

my favorite is Ace Combat 3 but it lacks some of the later games mechanics, like the special weapons for example.

Anonymous 23747

Yeah, they're awesome games, I have only played the PS2 ones though. The music is the best part

Anonymous 23748

I forgot how youtube works on cc

Anonymous 23838

I somehow own ace combat 04. I think it came with my ps2 when I bought it used. My bf loves the game and says it's one of his favorite from his childhood. I think I've played it once and I remember struggling with the controls for some reason… I might just be stupid though.


Anonymous 22681[Reply]

>find cool abstract artist
>look through their collection
>naked women's bodies and dicks
is it possible for there to be an abstract artist that's isn't obsessed with it

Anonymous 23814


Anonymous 23815


Anonymous 23816



Anonymous 23587[Reply]

Is vinyl better?
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23713

new us pressings are the fucking worst quality 99% of the time, it's like they're made specifically to be played once on a preteens crosley and then used as wall decor
vinyl as a whole i find sounds a lot warmer and more pleasant to listen to, there's a lot of depth to the sound even if you're playing it through cheap speakers

Anonymous 23750

I’m trying to check out more prog. What do you recommend, anon?

Anonymous 23773

The band Yes, also some King Crimson, some Genesis probably; I guess it depends though, as "prog" can sometimes apply to multiple genres. For example there is prog rock, but there is also prog/jazz and prog metal, even. Do you like jazz?

Anonymous 23774

Get the google translate app and use the camera translator and it will tell you.

Anonymous 23799

It absolutely is and anyone who says otherwise is either retarded or deaf.


Anonymous 23619[Reply]

anybody know which media does this fanart belong to? thanks

Anonymous 23620


Anonymous 23712

as anon said, it's Hades, a videogame. It's pretty good.

Anonymous 23754


It's Hades, a video game. It's pretty gay.


is this show good Anonymous 23695[Reply]

tell me abt it

Anonymous 23703

I don't know but I would watch it anyways because of the cute boys and the rap battles no matter how shitty it actually is


Summer 2021 Anime Anonymous 19976[Reply]

what anime have you been watching this season?
23 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23607


I don't watch current anime but this made me a little bit curious because of the guy with glasses.
Have any of you watched it? Is it tolerable?

Anonymous 23608

I must add that I hate the "guy turned into a beautiful girl and now he and his hot best friend are attracted to each other" coomer trope. Does that happen here?

Anonymous 23670

Yeah, that’s literally the entire crux of the plot. This show is garbage tier TG fetish fiction with an extremely heavy layer of no homo for good measure

Anonymous 23673

The show so far is about retaining their prior relationship. It's the usual isekai fantasy game-like world and the man turned woman has a buff that makes any man fall in love. His friend resists this.

Anonymous 23702

I read the first 30 or so chapters of the manga and thought it was decent. Then I got bored. I don't think it's overly coomerish. If I recall correctly, it's drawn/written by a married couple.


Autistic Anime Girls Thread Anonymous 23541[Reply]

post em
12 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23631

Yup. That’s honestly way more autistic than all the ”cutesy” TRAnime shit itt.

Anonymous 23633

She's literally braindead from bird demon penis rape though

Anonymous 23634

Dick-induced autism

Anonymous 23639

Happens to us all

Anonymous 23687

Might as well post all of them

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