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Classic Shoujo Thread Anonymous 5140[Reply]

Any fans of classic (70s/80s/90s) shoujo manga here?

What series have you read?
What are some of your favorites?
Which series would you like to read but hasn't been translated yet?

Feel free to share news/art or discuss anything else related to retro shoujo manga.
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Anonymous 5375

This sounds really interesting, thanks for sharing. I haven't read Banana Fish, which should I read first?

Anonymous 5376


Glad to see you’re interested! To be honest, I haven’t read Banana Fish either, but enjoyed the anime and heard that it was a faithful adaptation. Personally I’d recommend reading this manga first, only because it’s shorter (4 volumes vs. 19 for Banana Fish) and because Yoshida wrote this manga before BF, so you can see the progression in her manga career by reading this first.

Anonymous 5854

You can read it on sites like manga rock

Anonymous 5862

Yes! I love everything by Ikeda Riyoko . She’s amazing and it’s interesting to see how she played with sexuality and gender as her works progressed.

Anonymous 5864

This is a really compelling recommendation, I'm definitely going to check it out.


Ashita no Joe Another Crappy User 5863[Reply]

Any users here that like Ashita no Joe? I read the manga and binge watched some of the anime when I was a teenager.

Carlos Rivera is my favorite character.


Star Trek Anonymous 5361[Reply]

Post about your favourite Star Trek show, episode, movie, novel, comic, character, OTP, fanfic, podfic, etc

Post about your most hated too.
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Anonymous 5610

I am finally finishing DS9. And I must say I like it. At first I thought a majority of the episodes were boring and kind of dull. But I really like the characters. Garak is my favorite. And I really like Odo and Quark's bickering. I kind of like how they developed more alien cultures. I found some Cardassian and Bojourian(?) conflicts a sonre.

Anonymous 5612

I want to watch it, but I simply cannot watch anything that is not HD anymore unless it's an old black and white movie.

I still have hope.

Anonymous 5614

I always liked Next Generation because my dad watched it with me. And this was one of my favorite scenes:
>Post about your most hated too.
||the troublesome little manchild…||

Anonymous 5803

I watched the motion picture yesterday and just finished watching wrath of Khan.
a. what were they thinking with the motion picture? holy shit why is everything so padded out, minutes upon minutes of establishing shots.
I also wish there was more to the "kirk competing with the fresh, new captain of the Enterprise" storyline, it basically ended with bones telling Kirk he was the one competing.
b. wrath of khan was fantastic, I absolutely loved it.
The fact Kirk was sort of coming to terms with needing reading glasses really struck something with me, reminded me a lot of how I felt when my father started wearing reading glasses.

on to the next generation.

Anonymous 5859

spock button.gif

There were so many episodes I liked that it's hard to pick. I could write a whole damn book about it. I like the mindfuck episodes the best, but the less memorable episodes did a lot of worldbuilding and character development without which the mindfuck ones wouldn't have the same impact.

The only things I really didn't like:
>the episode of TNG where Dr. Crusher falls in love with a ghost in a lamp drives me nuts. It feels like an Anne Rice ripoff and it makes me even more irritated that it was one of McFadden's best performances, because she could've done so much more with a non-retarded script. Instead we got a gem of a performance jammed into an unwatchable turd. I know it was supposed to appeal to women but it just makes me want to throw my copy of Lasher at the TV.
>anything focusing on Neelix, I know he tries hard to be a decent person but he is a simpering passive aggressive wanker and needed to be left on a planet somewhere early in season 1.
>ST:E was a turkey and I stopped watching after a few episodes. Who thought a pop song would make a good theme for a Star Trek series? It doesn't have to be classical but it should be stately and majestic. Shouldn't sound like you're about to watch Dawson's Creek.

I like 4, but I feel like that and the gangster planet episode of TOS set a precedent for a whole bunch of "haha look the Enterprise crew is doing 20th century stuff" that got increasingly contrived. For a while it seemed like every character was a history buff but only 20th century history. It was refreshing to see Janeway chilling in da Vinci's studio just because it had nothing to do with TV or baseball or anything.

One of the directors from 2001: A Space Odyssey worked on ST:TMP. That would explain the gorgeous visuals and ponderous pacing. I liked it but agree it could've been a bit shorter.


Anonymous 5807[Reply]

Anyone watching Kyokou Suiri? What do you think of it?

Kotoko is cute and I found her attitude refreshing in the first episode, but the more I watch this show, the more I find Saki to be more relatable (and Kotoko can be kind of a brat to her sometimes).

Kuro's backstory is really interesting. The storyline kind of reminds me of (possible spoilers if you haven't caught up to the anime) a Rumiko Takahashi series called Mermaid Forest. If you liked watching the segments on his backstory, I'd recommend watching/reading that.

Love the ED dance.

Anonymous 5819

[HorribleSubs] Kyo…

I love it. Kotoko is so quirky and funny. I like that she doesn't fit into any of the usual anime character type cliches since she's just such a weird batch of traits. And she's kind of a moron, and the world around her treats her like one.

Anonymous 5826

Is this the one with the pegleg loli? I tried reading it when it was first being scanlated but didn't feel like keeping up with it. Is the relationship cute? I tend to steer away from age gaps that are worker x high schooler because it feels too indulgent of the author, but if it is cute, I can let it pass.

Anonymous 5838

They're only 3 years apart.


Hiding in plain sight Anonymous 3655[Reply]

Do you have any suggestions for stories about human passing creatures with incredible powers that live amongst humans while facing the possibility of persecution? Bonus points for human/monster romances.

Are there any other manga or anime that are similar to Tokyo ghoul or Wolfs rain?
1 post and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3657


Orange Marmalade and unTouchable are about vampires living in modern society. Both are free to read on Line Webtoon.

I also read Watashi no Ookami-kun a while ago about a girl who fell in love with a werewolf. Nekota no Koto ga Ki ni Natte Shikatanai isn't quite a human/monster romance but the protagonist sees her romance interest with a cat head at all times for so reason (and it's a manga I really recommend tbh)

Anonymous 3664

itou-kun chapter 7…

Itou-kun wa Koi wo Shiranai is a good one. It's about a girl dating a faceless yokai and the problems that each face in the relationship.
Bara Kangoku no Kemono-tachi is about a girl who becomes a werewolf. She's forced to live in an academy/prison with other werewolves and has to hide the fact that she was a human. It's kind of an interesting twist on what you're looking for.
Hokenshitsu no Kageyama is a girl who meets a vampire that wants her blood. It hits a lot of the basic vampire romances, but it has some unique bits that keeps it interesting.
Hiiro Ouji is about an exorcist who transfers to a school to hunt a vampire, but learns that the vampire she's hunting doesn't go after humans and instead gets blood from an IV.

I really like this style of story, so I'm excited to see what everyone else suggests.

Anonymous 3694


I watched What We Do In The Shadows tonight. It's a mockumentary about a household of vampires living in New Zealand. Cute and funny. I recommend it.

Anonymous 3696

I'm planning on watching this tonight, so it's exciting to see it recommended!!

Anonymous 5824


Old thread, I know, but check out Ajin: Demi-Human.


Films that make you cry / emotional Anonymous 3555[Reply]

What are some movies or certain scenes from movies that can make you tear up every time you watch them?

Pic related because Eternal Sunshine hits very close to home and this scene in particular leaves me sobbing lmao

Anonymous 3631

giphy (2).gif

Ugh the scene at the end of Schindler's List. Where he breaks down and cries that he could've saved more people if he tried hard enough. It's just so sad 'cause all of the people he did save are surrounding him thanking him for saving them and he's crying that it wasn't enough. Ugh I love Liam Neeson

Anonymous 5770


Necro-ing because I wanted to make the same thread, especially to recommend "Happy as Lazarro" which is on Netflix now. Just watched it tonight.

It's strange, dreamy, gorgeous and so poignant.

Anonymous 5820

leolardo dicappucc…

The part in Titanic where Jack dies.
In real life he used all his money saving them and then was poor the rest of his days.


Anonymous 1580[Reply]

What TV shows are you watching right now, anons? Let's give each other recommendations!

I just started watching Alias Grace (pic related) and it's so good that I just had to share it with someone. It's a really great representation of what Irish people went through around the time of the Famine, especially the scenes on the coffin ships and the family dynamics. It's pretty upsetting but it's refreshingly realistic for once. I've also been loving the positive female friendship and feminist themes.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale or any kind of period dramas like Downton Abbey (although it's a lot more dark than this). Or even anyone who would like to see a less optimistic and darker version of Brooklyn.
71 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5355

I just finished The Boys, Killing Eve and Dead to me. All were very good and I'd recommend them, currently watching Chernobyl. Don't know what to think yet, but it seems promising.

Anonymous 5806


Just binged Fleabag. Holy shit. I'm too sleep deprived to string proper sentences together, but when the self-titled character proclaims "This a love story" at the beginning of season two…yes. Not just in the romantic sense—though, my god, that storyline broke my heart too. First good TV show in a long while. Hit harder than expected. Anyone else seen it?

Anonymous 5809

Nobody mentioned these yet and they're very good in my opinion so if you're on the lookout to binge a new show I recommend The Mentalist: 7 seasons, ended in 2015, fairly old now but my favourite show that I watched 4 times in a row now, it features the best and most well done imo couple on TV; and Succession, which is new and finished its second season last summer and it's a bonkers insane series. But the latter might be triggery if you experienced abuse from family members.

Anonymous 5812

I absolutely love The Mentalist. I remember watching as it was airing and getting so excited with every season finale. I'm still glad that CBS gave it that last short season to wrap everything up.

Anonymous 6321

Not just you. I'm sure it's obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature but people have to pretend to like it because political correctness.

Yeah ik I'm replying to a post that's over a year old


Magical Girl General Anonymous 682[Reply]

Most of us grew up with the genre so I thought we could start off with nostalgia and childhood memories~

>Which series/dubs did you watch on television?

>Did you ever get into Japanese releases?
>Favorite series/characters from your childhood?
>Favorite series/characters overall (including recent releases, reboots etc)?
>Are you currently watching anything?
13 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4795


Magic Knight Rayearth. Just started this on a whim and really enjoying it so far.

Anonymous 4797


SM was my first mahou shoujo and anime, I still love it. I also liked Ojomajo Doremi and Fancy Lala.
But I cannot get over CCS. I cannot.

Anonymous 5697


Been rewatching Sailor Moon. the DIC dub is awful but I love it all the same.

Precure is also something that I am big into. What do you guys think about Healin Good Precure?

Anonymous 5745

God. I’m 32 years old and I still love the magical girl anime I grew up with.
Sailor moon, magic knight rayearth, card captor Sakura, fushigi yugi

Anonymous 5810



Liking it so far. It seems to be a very heartwarming and down-to-earth season so far. Cute mascot characters too (which I can't always say about Precure).


Idol Games Anonymous 4889[Reply]

Thread for discussing all kinds of idol games and media (Bandori, [email protected], LL, Enstars, etc.)

>Best girl(s)?

>Favorite units?
>Favorite events?
>Favorite cards?
9 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 4927


Forgot to add Kirari Moroboshi as all time fave

Anonymous 4981


I've tried a lot of idol games with female charas: llsif, bandori, mirishita, deresute, t7s, tokidoru and photokatsu. I can say, that all games were good and I've spend a lot of time playing each of them. I recommend every game, but for newbies llsif/bandori gonna be the best, because both of them have an English version. I've also tried to get into imas shiny colors game, but it's way too confusing.
Also, I still wait for love live all stars game, i hope it's gonna be good.
I don't play idols games as much as in past, but I still play deresute and mirishita a little.

Anonymous 5029


I have become addicted to King of Prism. I love how silly it is. The difficulty is a little too easy though as most male idol games are.

Anonymous 5791

i really like the new love live game and bandori. they're pretty fun

Anonymous 5800


The [email protected] is my favorite idol game. Yukiho and Yayoi probably have to be my favorite girls in it.


Are there any otome games which are good? Anonymous 5593[Reply]

I stayed away from otome/dating sim games in the past, but recently I played Mystic Messenger and enjoyed it quite a bit. Not a perfect game, but it was nice talking to qt boys and getting to choose an ending. Are there any other dating sim type of games which are cute and fun? (Doesn't matter whether lewd or not)
3 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 5643

Im playing Ayakashi rn and its good so far, like the animations and voice acting, but does anyone know if MCs father is romancable?

Anonymous 5756

If you really want to get into the genre learn Japanese as another anon says but there's a good few translated games out there. People seem to like Code Realise and CollarXMalice though they're only available on Vita.

For PC games the Psychedelica games seem pretty popular. Personally I'd recommend Taisho Alice too but only the first part is out, but having played the whole series in Japanese I can really solidly recommend it. Gretel is the far superor cage husbando, sorry Toma.

If you're bothered to use emulators the Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side games are fun and all have fan patches to my knowledge.

There's also some PC games with fan translations you can find with a bit of searching, Ayakashi Gohan which I haven't played, the Dot Kareshi series which are short RPG themed comedies, Princess Nightmare where you are an immortal loli vampire who starts going to school to find boys to prey on (it has very shady 'blood drinking' scenes) and Heart no Kuni no Alice which has dreadful art but I enjoyed well enough. There's more I've probably forgotten.

Anonymous 5780

Try Voltage games! Their Love 365 app has free stories every month.
Ichigo Sato is my husbando.

Anonymous 5782

VNs produced for women got my attention recently.
Any of these have sexual content too? :) Reverse harem would be a plus.

Anonymous 5783

Do your own damn research.

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