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Anime: Late Hours Edition Anonymous 17408[Reply]

What are you currently watching? Any shows you've dropped? What's in your backlog? What are you looking forward to in the upcoming season?

A comfy thread to talk about anime, whether it about be your favorite anime to the worst fucking garbage you've ever seen.
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Anonymous 32993

Out of ones that came out in 2023? Or ones that we saw in 2023?

Anonymous 33002

That came out in 2023.

Anonymous 33010

Usually I watch anime in like a 1 or 2 year lag. But this year I got into Jujutsu Kaisen by chance and liked it a lot

Anonymous 33033


I hardly watch newly released anime but Skip and Loafer and Frieren are some that I really like and enjoyed so far.

Anonymous 33111

no love for Spy x Family?


Vtuber Anonymous 30347[Reply]

Have any of you tried or are vtubers? How is it?
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Anonymous 32560

Have you ever watched Phase Connect vtubers?
Their brand is 'omg she is literally me fr fr' rather than 'omg anime waifus are real' or 'jeebus she's so talented' so they tend to have higher % female viewership than other agencies.
My favorite is Tenma (Uruka best singer tho).

Anonymous 32563


Moids would experience existential crisis if they discovered that a real living human being is behind their fictional parasocial girlfriend.

Anonymous 32567


Most of those comments seem genuinely worried about her not upset about the real girl.

Though you're probably right that most of them wouldn't care without the avatar.

Anonymous 33103


I’m a VTuber. I hate moids even more since I started, I’ve never been that close to a male community before and sometimes I can’t understand their logic and how they act. But it’s good money, and I actually have fun playing games and being silly.

Anonymous 33109

>most of the comments are expressing concern for her privacy or employment
I don't understand what this picture is supposed to demonstrate.


Metal music thread? Anonymous 21423[Reply]

I'm not sure if there's enough of metal enjoyers on here, but I wanted to make a thread for a long time now so here it is

You can just send a song(s) that you like or complain about anything metal related, etc.
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Anonymous 32080

anyone go to metal concerts? how do you find people to go with? there are a few bands i like doing shows in my area by i dont want to go alone.

Anonymous 32607

Lol i was just listening two of her albums today! That was pretty cool and different!

Anonymous 32798

i just dmed a girl on instagram who takes pictures at metal/post hardcore shows nearby and befriended her. within two days of talking she sent me a flyer to a nearby show and introduced me to the scene.

with that being said be wary of moids who invite you to shows, some of them expect "something in return" /:

Anonymous 32805

I really like metal, but everytime I meet a moid who likes it too is one of two. They either like numetal/metallica in which I don't care, you like whatever you do, but act like they are the biggest metalhead in the universe, or they're NSBM listeners. I don't even need to comment on that. I wish I met more girls that were into metal from where I am. Sadge.

Anonymous 33099

I find it funny that metal fans used to complain about pop music and even some rock because it was formulatic and repetitive, but modern metal has become exactly the same, just a bunch of bands trying to sound as fast/agressive/loud as possible ignoring basic music concepts.
Even the heavier and more extreme genres used to have a great sense of rythim, harmony and melody, but that seems mostly gone.

Of course, not every modern metal band is like this, I'm just talking about the general trends.


Overrated Films Anonymous 32355[Reply]

What are some films you think are overrated? I always thought Back To The Future was a mediocre film. Same goes for Home Alone and Star Wars.
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Anonymous 32740

Have you seen Batman (1966)? That one is goofy and fun and better than the Nolan output. The 1989 film also does a good job of blending the campy elements with a Gothic atmosphere and has a good Jack Nicholson performance.

I similarly find the Nolanverse overrated because I find them too self-serious particularly Dark Knight. Heath Ledger is doing a good job, but the character he's playing might as well not be Joker. Same with Bane and Scarecrow, Nolan was so concerned with realism he striped the appealing parts of their comic book counterparts away.

Anonymous 32742

For me it's most Ghibli films. I only liked a few films of theirs. The rest rely too much on pretty visuals, which are nice but can't hold up a film alone for me. Pom Poko is one of their best yet people almost never talk about it.

Anonymous 32743

Rewatching some of Ghibli's films made me realize how paper thin the plots are. Even the majority of the scenes just serve as eye candy. Without really move the plot forward or having any impact on the overall story. They're basically short films with a ton of padding for a feature length runtime. Also you notice how the characters tend to blend together. They have bland and near identical personalities to each other. Like they copy and pasted the character's personality, motivations and backstory for each film.

Anonymous 32752

The lighthouse is what would happen if you asked someone who'd never seen an arthouse film to make an arthouse film.

Anonymous 33093

Screen Shot 2023-1…

Whit Stillman movies. I saw Metropolitan and Last Days at Disco. They were both just 3/5 stars to me, fine to pass the time but forgettable. But for a lot of people these are part of their favorite movies ever, which I just don't understand.


The Amazing Digital Circus Anonymous 32329[Reply]

How do you think of this show?
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Anonymous 32793



I just dislike how tumblr-ish the writing feels. Jax made me cringe. I liked ragetha and pomni though. The whole thing about pomni wanting to find an exit and forgetting her life before the circus is so interesting. I can't wait to see them expand on it.

The sad thing about zoomer trends is that they come and go so fast. Becoming "cringe" because of how short the average attention spans are now.

Anonymous 32799

This won't become "cringe" anytime soon unless of course the creators get outed as "problematic" obviously"
Fandoms and the drivel they love tends to have staying power.

Anonymous 33039

For a show called The Digital Circus it's weird that only two characters are kinda circus themed (plus the tent but only from the outside). Should be called The Digital Playground or Digital Funhouse or something like that. Or commit to the circus theme, I love circus themed characters and settings

Anonymous 33083

1688204493240-1 (1…

I've got news for you… (it's a tranny)

Anonymous 33735

i hate this character design so much im even saging this thread so i don't have to see it in the catalogue


Anonymous 33031[Reply]

Thread about GL manga / manhwa / manhua
>GL or Girl's love is a romance genre where both of the main charathers are female (female x female)

What are you reading? Have you dropped any? What's your favourite one? Least favourite? Anything related to the topic!

Anonymous 33032

I'm reading Relationsip Guidelines at the moment. I have only read few chapters but it seems to be very well made. Happy to see more quality GL manhwas.


NEED HELP FINDING MOVIE Anonymous 32427[Reply]

Was going past movies (I’m not 100% certain it was a movie) But it was of two men with shirts off dancing around with a swastika flag on their window. The house was run down and headbut each other as well as throwing things around and smashing glass. With them was a girl that was younger than them (from memory) looked under 18. She looked emo, dark hair and was zoned out on the couch. Last thing I remember is a scene of female investigators seeing her passed out but checked her pulse. The bath was leaking. They discovered her through the curtain please help!

Anonymous 32438

Green room? If it’s not that do you know what country or language it is in?

Anonymous 33028

It was in English, I watched this in Turkey


What is the most hilariously dubbed anime you've ever seen? Anonymous 31141[Reply]

Discuss retarded anime dubs here. Nona who can name the most insane dub gets a prize.

Anonymous 31143


Anonymous 31144


Anonymous 31154


not anime but too hilarious to not post

Anonymous 31207

the original Devilman OVA where they basically grabbed some bums off the street and made them record
>my father is DEEAD

Anonymous 32992

>bums off the street
Hey, this guy had other anime dub roles


Anonymous 32474[Reply]

Do you listen to political/military propaganda music? I've found out that the communists, islamists, pan-arabists and b*lkaners have pretty good propaganda themes. If you do post some of your favorites. Here are some of mine.

Anonymous 32475

Listening to war propaganda is kinda eerie. Knowing these songs fueled the deaths of countless people.

Anonymous 32476

>Knowing these songs fueled the deaths of countless people
Well that's part of the appeal, it's art born from absolute dedication to an ideology no matter what they need to do to achieve it. Resistance songs or songs from the defender's side are specially beautiful but sad.

Anonymous 32479

Anonymous 32486

The militant and religious fanaticism of this one is sometimes made obscure by the liberal secularwashing of the cause of abolition. Now that we're no longer Christians by and large we like to remember the role that Christianity played in spreading and legitimizing slavery but like to forget the role that fanatical religious reformism played in abolishing it. Britons seem to feel that it is their duty and obligation to play Dawkins to America's evangelicals so become offended at the suggestion that militant Anglican revival played the historical role that it did in inspiring the British Empire to take seriously the enforcement of slave trade embargoes on the seas. It is harder to ignore the religious fundamentalism that motivated Northern Abolitionists, since their propaganda pieces all revolved around it. The relatively higher religiosity of the South today is the strongest argument for secularwashing abolition. And the South did have plenty of religious themes, songs and propaganda at the time. But none of them, for my money, are as powerful, striking, or occasionally bone-chilling as the Battle Hymn. "Let us die to make men free." There's a shiver in those words, regardless of the virtue of the cause they were spent on.

Anonymous 32985

Give it up for Bella Ciao
>The relatively higher religiosity of the South today is the strongest argument for secularwashing abolition.
I disagree on this one. These people need to be confronted with the inherent contradictions of their ideas as much as possible.
It would be good to remind them constantly that abolitionists were not godless secular invaders like they think they were, but instead people who were more devout that they are now.


anyone else addicted to watch movies? Anonymous 32901[Reply]

send me your letterboxd account if u have and tell which are your
favourite movies :)

Anonymous 32906


Oh, it's the nona who saw Love and Pop the other day. Hmm…
You could watch Christiane F if you liked Love and Pop. I thought it was more serious and dark compared to it.

I've seen the face of another and it's one of the boring movies I've seen in my life, lol. Belladonna of Sadness made no sense to me. Your taste is cool. I try to give "artistic" movies a try but most of the time it flies over my head so I prefer things being literal and personal.

Some of the movies that I watched recently and loved were Aftersun, Worst Person in the World and I'm thinking of Ending Things. Aftersun was so good.
I watched The Green Knight, In the Mouth of Madness, Sorry to Bother you, John Wick 4 and Right Now, Wrong Then and I thought they were okay movies but not worth recommending to someone else.
I don't have a letterboxd account btw.

Anonymous 32908

I just watched this funny Spanish short from the 70's and wanted to share it somewhere. Now I can stalk OP's letterboxd to see if she watches it.

Anonymous 32968

> i'm not the op haha
Wow, I thought it was you because of high ratings to all the artsy fartsy Japanese movies, lol. Also thanks.

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