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Anonymous 49[Reply]

try and name a more perfect song
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Anonymous 1577

I literally can't name a more perfect song. I was listening to it today for the first time in a while and it hit me again how much I love it. Something about it makes me feel so nostalgic for something I haven't experienced yet, if that makes sense.

Anonymous 1578

What song was that? Bummed.

Anonymous 2760

Anonymous 3291

Anonymous 3963

Africa's just overly sentimental kitch.


Books Anonymous 1543[Reply]

What are your favorite ones, miners?
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Anonymous 2978

Sage for a somewhat off-topic reply, but oh my God, I was trying to think of the name of a specific author (Capote) for an entire day recently, before I gave up. Finding this name is indescribably satisfying. Thank you so much!

I read In Cold Blood in high school, and the literature teacher I had was absolutely amazing (even if, or maybe somewhat because, she openly admitted to grading me more strictly than others), so I really enjoyed the book, on top of being able to discuss it in-depth and really get a better feel for all of its elements compared to my usual understanding of books that I read. That was a nice class.

Anonymous 2979

Entirely separate anon, but
>Like you know Lolita is considered a great piece of prose too but…let's be honest
Let's be honest what? It dealt with pedophilia, yeah. I guess that's the elephant in the room to which you were referring? That doesn't change the fact that it genuinely is a masterful piece of literature. Just because you dislike the subject matter, that doesn't somehow invalidate the weight of the work. If anything, I think that Nabokov was incredibly successful with his writing, due to the extreme emotions it elicits from people, you included.

I used to seriously abhor Chopin's The Awakening. Just absolutely fucking hated the thing. After thinking about it for a while, though, I realized that because she was able to make me feel that strongly about the subject matter, Chopin had actually done an excellent job as an author, and it has since become one of my favorite books.

Anonymous 2995

Haha I'm glad you found it, anon!

And I agree completely about English lessons. I was so lucky to have some excellent teachers who made the texts we did so much more enjoyable. Being able to discuss them in-depth with an adult who can provide alternative and deeper readings was so important to me as a teen. I'm still in touch with two of my English teachers, and that's just reminded me to shoot one of them an email back.

Anonymous 3942

Anonymous 3949

that was good I also really like this one


Cute Characters Thread? Anonymous 3946[Reply]

I've been a long-time lurker and I've never actually spoken. I'm usually alone most of my time but I've been spending it playing Warframe.
So far I've grown attached to one frame - Ivara. I love her so much, her tree frog aesthetic is so adorable honestly.
Do any other femanons here have a few characters that are adorable to share?

Anonymous 3948


(i accidentally deleted this post good lord) But sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's really early here for me right now haha.


Tropes/Archetypes/Thinking you're actually that character Anonymous 1932[Reply]

What character archetype have you felt that you closely resembled or related to? Using an anime pic, but it can be from western or eastern media.

Did you ever go through a sort of growing process where you're no longer capable of relating to characters you once did?

This thread is for stories about yourself or others you have known.
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Anonymous 3436


To add on to this, I would also portray this kind of "manic pixie dream girl" persona around those guys and act all cheerful and supportive when I was actually a depressed loser irl. It made me feel kind of powerful to have men fall in love with this fantasy of me.

Anonymous 3441


>I was a kind of a neet in that I didn't really go out unless it was for uni.
NEET stands for Not in Employment, Education or Training. A NEET is not necessarily a hikkikomori. A hikkikomori is not necessarily a NEET. A homebody is not either. You are a homebody. One cannot be "kind of" a NEET. One is or is not a NEET.
Please understand, this is for your education and benefit.

Anonymous 3443

It's not that deep.

Anonymous 3845

Akane Minagawa from Scum's wish.

Anonymous 3847

Generally that type of introverted, secretive characters, it's a common trope. There's not really a character but more like a specific trait in different characters, I can relate to two characters who are enemies for example because I see ~something~ in each of them. However, I wish female characters in anime would get more development.

Petz 5 breeds CATZ…

Pet Sim Games Anonymous 3741[Reply]

What are your favorite pet sim games?

Mine is definitely Petz 5, Oddballz, and as for the riding genre, so far it's Let's Ride Silver Buckle Stables because at the time the graphics and customization of the horse were great at the time. Any recommendations are appreciated! I've heard Star Stables is good but it's multiplayer, so I'm not sure if I like that or not.

I really want to get Nintendogs + Cats for the 3DS because I loved how fluffy everyone looked in the demo, but I wish the world was more open in Nintendogs. I've never played Sims Pets because I dislike how uggo the pets are, but maybe I should give it a go anyway. I wish there was a more realistic pet game with more intricacies in it, but unfortunately it's such an associated genre with kids it seems like they'll always have a wide degree of simplicity.

Petz 5 will always be close to my heart as it was the first time I started to get into files and edit shit around. I wish more pet games incorporated breeding into them.

Anonymous 3837

Holy shit op, saw the image you posted and it took me waaaay back. I remember when I bought Petz 5, me and my sister would play it nearly everyday. It was pretty fun game but gave me this weird eerie feeling every time I would play it. I wanna find the disk and play it again.
I played a lot of pet sims when I was little most notably nintendogs (which you already mentioned) and the Catz games for DS and Gameboy. I also played a few other pet games for the DS, one I remember was this Dog Fashion show one which was actually kinda fun cause there was strategy with how you dressed your dog. There was of course basic pet care included as well but fashion was the main point.
I got the Pet Expansion pack for Sims 4 but it gets kinda boring after awhile. The really fun part is making the pets.

Anonymous 3843

Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs


Anonymous 3713[Reply]

So what is your opinion on this movie? I think it was too rushed at the end
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Anonymous 3724

The ending was… ehhh. Like, she kissed this guy, who had his eyes closed thinking it was a different girl kissing him. and he's just okay with that afterwards?? weird. if that was me i would have felt violated as fuck tbh.

Anonymous 3731

What's the best counterpart coming of age film to "Boyhood"? I haven't seen "Ladybird" or "8th grade"

Anonymous 3733

It felt rushed at the end, but it is really good to spend some time on bed watching netflix

Anonymous 3759

this was undoubtedly a meh movie.

Anonymous 3791

Really dislike the main bitch. She screwed all her friends over and still got a good ending. Whole movie just pissed me off tbh


The Haunting of Hill House Anonymous 3773[Reply]

How do you all feel about this show?
I loved it. I never expected the ending to be that way though. Episode 5 was amazing (& sad) with Nell at the end.

Anonymous 3775

Dunno, but I'm going to watch a few episodes tonight because of this thread so thanks.

Unless it SUCKS in which case I hate you.

Anonymous 3776

The show made me really sad. I came into it thinking it was just a horror but got my heart played with too

Anonymous 3778

Heh, okay, I'll watch it.

Anonymous 3779

I really like that it's a horror without the shitty, cheap jumpscares. A lot of it really taps into some of my own fears which is great. My only problem is that it's really heavy and at the end of a long day, I don't really feel like watching heavy things so I think I've only watched 2/3 episodes in total. I feel the same about Black Mirror which I also love but can't really force myself to watch anymore of.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Anonymous 3678[Reply]

Who's watching?
Let's talk about the new show and how it compares to the sitcom.
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Anonymous 3700

>Melissa Joan Hart's Sabrina was such a brat to me. She had two really cool aunts who loved the hell out of her, was beautiful, always had a bestie, her boyfriend was the most dreamy guy in school, and she had magical powers that came with just a bare minimum set of rules - but she always tried to cheat the system without ever facing any consequences

Literally /ourgirl/

Anonymous 3703

No Salem? WTF. I was on the fence about watching it because I was huge into the original show. Now I don't feel like watching it at all…

Anonymous 3723

No Salem, no humour = not Sabrina.

Anonymous 3727

Salem is in the first episode, come on. If you expected it to be like the original show when it's based on an entirely different piece of media, you deserve to be disappointed.

Anonymous 3757

i finished the show yesterday, it actually gets better and better once you get into it! even though, yes, the feminism propaganda is a bit much, its easy to just ignore it and enjoy the rest. i personally love how they portrayed aspects of satanism/witchcraft for how they really are.
i recommend watching it if you enjoy other series like american horror story.


underground dance Anonymous 3734[Reply]

Anonymous 3735


Anonymous 3736


last one for the time being, I shall return
remember to play these as loud as you can handle


Morrissey Appreciation Anonymous 2654[Reply]

songs, gifs, pics, gladiolas, etc.
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Anonymous 3710

From the deluxe edition

Anonymous 3711

happy halloween

Ouija board
Would you work for me?
I have got to say hello
To an old friend
Ouija board, Ouija board, Ouija board
Would you work for me?
I have got to get through
To a good friend
Well, she has now gone
From this unhappy planet
With all the carnivores
And the destructors of it
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3712


omg this vid

Anonymous 3722


This video is so cute and funny. I love the song! And Morrissey was 29-30 IIRC, and that's when he was at his peak when it came to looks imo. He looked sooo good in his 30's!

Anonymous 3728



agreed! for all his "seriousness" he's also so campy and cute

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