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YouTube and art Anonymous 3556[Reply]

I'd like to talk about art youtubers. I don't like to draw [anymore], but I like watching others draw and maybe talk in the background. Thing is youtube and the art community is full of annoying, unoriginal personalities with shitty, tumblr tier art styles. I'm having a hard time finding someone relaxing to watch.

So I've come to ask you if you know any interesting art youtubers, traditional and digital. Last year, I found LavenderTowne who's a really sweet girl with a quiet voice and I like her even though I'm not a fan of her cartoony art style. If you like cute drawings, people with relaxing voices, and art about character design, I'd recommend LavenderTowne.

Anonymous 3558

I have the same opinion about LavenderTowne, the stories she tells are interesting. I think in order to become popular on youtube you have to invent an annoying persona so maybe you should look for livestreams of artists drawing instead, but with livestreams you usually won't be able to see a drawing made from start to finish.

Anonymous 3559

Is this a thing? I would so do it.

And then get depressed after half a year because I have 10 viewers :(

Anonymous 3570

As long as you enjoy drawing anon, it shouldn't be a problem. If you draw for hours already anyways, why not stream? Might as well do it.

Anonymous 3584

Proko, Sycra, and KNKL are my favorite art youtubers.


Idols! Anonymous 277[Reply]

Post everything about your favorite aidoru here. I've liked net idols for a while, and after watching Hinako Note (only kinda idols), I've wanted to branch out my idol knowledge.
>Favorite Professional Group?
>Favorite fresh group?
>Favorite Idol anime?
>Favorite idol (2D &3D)
>Do you want to become an idol? Why/why not?
>Have you participated in an idol group before? What was the experience like?
>Anything you want to see from the idol community?

Feel free to try and form idol groups here too!
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Anonymous 3279


I tried getting into Ensemble Stars at one point but just couldn't, SideM is too good that all other male idol stuff can't compare.

Anonymous 3569

I really like vintage anime, and I recently started watching Idol Densetsu Eriko. I thought it would be too childish (I didn't like the main character's design when i first saw it) but I ended up actually enjoying the series as whole because of the side characters. Primarily rival/antagonist Rei, but also the cool biker chick friend (basically a prototype of Haruka from Sailor Moon).
I'm only on episode 11 but I'm hoping they dive further into Rei's backstory and explain why she's got such a chip on her shoulder.
Plus, I love the voice of the actress who sings for her, video related. The voice actress for Eriko is actually a little 'off' when it transitions from speaking to singing, but Rei's is spot-on.

Anonymous 3572


Yurika is my gothic lesbian vampire idol queen. She's going to be my very first cosplay.

Anonymous 3573

I tried to play both but it's impossible for me even with the guides and shit, I'll wait for the Enstars anime.

Anonymous 3578



Nice, more SideM fans!!!

Yeah, LoS is a bad game. It hurts me deeply that mirishita and deresute are so good.


Danganronpa Anonymous 3509[Reply]

A thread for this fairly high-profile high speed action VN is long overdue, wouldn't you say?
Did your faves die? Or were you one of the lucky ones who were spared an ironic/karmic end to their favorite characters? Any cases, executions, critiques, moments or students that you still carry with you and have to get out? Spill them here!
A warning beforehand that because this is a battle royale murder game, spoilers abound so please tread lightly when browsing for discussion of the first, second, another episode, anime and third titles.
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Anonymous 3526

I played and liked Danganronpa on PSP a lot, but I feel like the games got progressively worse. Second wasn't bad but third was terrible. I really hate it when a game/show/etc tries to go meta. It feels lazy to me.

My all time favorite is Ishimaru. I love his voice actor and I love his personality. He's very diligent and a well behaved person. I like those traits. I liked Amami at first because his design is really cute and he has the same voice actor as Akihiko from P3P (I always play undubbed games whenever possible) but he turned out to be a really disappointing character. I guess it doesn't matter because he's the first one to die, anyways.

Nagito was a weirdo, but I really liked him some reason. There's something about him that makes him really cute. [spoiler]I like edgy characters, sometimes. His death was fitting.[/spoilers] I also like his voice actor. I like the game mechanics and the murders are really creative sometimes. There's really not much else to the franchise, though I only speak for the 3 main games. Is ,Danganronpa anime worth watching after experiencing the main games?
Thinking back, I really enjoyed playing Danganronpa games when I first got them, but now I can't really remember any memorable parts from the franchise.

Anonymous 3527

I first got into it when the somethingawful translations were happening for the first game. Never bought the first game though because I didn't see a point when I already knew the general events of the game. I did play 2 and V3 though, and watch the anime (shitposting about it on /a/ was fun). I liked 2 a lot, V3 I liked too but not as much as 1. Overall 2>V3>1

Boring choice but my favorite character is Hajime. I dislike Ouma the most because his character seemed like a cheap rip-off of Nagito, and he ate up too much screen-time. Overall I'll probably buy and play the next installments if there are any, but not get super into it. I think I have outgrown the series, the target demographic seems to be more middle/high school kids.

Anonymous 3532

I got one trial into 2 and gave up, I enjoyed 1 though.

Anonymous 3545

I hated the ending of the third game and i was also so disappointed that we didn't have an female main character after all. I actually like the second game more then the first, i think it's because of the characters. The characters in the second game just seem alot more interesting and likeable to me.

Anonymous 3564


I was blown away by case 5 in DR2, Nagito was a total madman till the bitter end.


Jrock/Visual Kei Anonymous 3460[Reply]

Is anybody still into it? The hype around it seems to have died down the past few years (also "thanks" to kpop)…
Fav/most hated band/song/genre? Ever been to a concert/plan to go? Any gossip?
8 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3504

Samefag, but I forgot to add this: BT took a blow because they allowed Imai to stay despite taking LSD. Meanwhile L'arc immediately had Sakura leave the band because of weed, just so that they could keeep their good guy family friendly image. Just as an example, of who actually sticks together and who's only interested more about image and money.
But it seems like you care more about Hyde as a person than about L'arc as a whole anyways.

Anonymous 3507


Not really into Visual Kei but when I was researching the genre out of curiosity Buck-Tick's music stood out for me and I really enjoyed it, I spent so many hours searching everywhere for a place to download all their music, and a few weeks earlier I just found out they were put on Spotify so I've been happy for that lol. I still need to get into their 90s album properly but I love what I've heard so far, I like looking at the translations for their lyrics too. I think I'm drawn to this band because I like the fact they were influential and they're not so crazy and over the top with their image (that's what turned me off from vk) and they reminded me a little of the Cure when I first heard them
……and yes ok I also thought/think Atushi is hot as fuck and he can get it any time anywhere from me even at his age now

Anonymous 3525

>Western Buck Tick "fans" are the kind of music fans that like that group because they think they are (at least a bit) -underground-so they are like MUH EDGY MUSIC KNOWLEDGE.
Why? Do you think it's impossible for a person to actually like Buck-Tick?
What are you basing such claims upon, the fact that BT is unknown to most westerners? Because so is Laruku.

Anonymous 3546

I'd call Buck-tick goth before VK personally.

Anonymous 3550

Well nowadays, but they clearly started out as vkei. Plus some elitists would probably argue that they're not "goth" enough, since they sometimes have some less dark pieces as well lol


Tabletop RPGs Anonymous 3512[Reply]

Does anyone here play RPGs?
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3535

I play WFRP, it's literally free if you pirate the book. Maybe a couple of dollars for printing character sheets and getting pencils.

Anonymous 3541

>last year
>learn all the rules to Warhammer 40k
>begin a game with someone on Tabletop Simulator
>brand new, totally different rules get released the following week

I can barely get out of bed these days so I can't be bothered anymore.

Anonymous 3542

I'm about to start a Pathfinder campaign with some friends. It's my first time with that system, though.
I used to play D&D on a regular basis when I was in college, but our DM turned out to be really creepy and so I stopped attending.

Anonymous 3548

I am scared that it is super complicated. The biggest probelm is I need a group to play the most games. (D&D or WF)
It is not that easy to find, or I am just not very good in it.

Anonymous 3549

WFRP is super easy to understand. The main mechanic is just "roll under your stat," and it's pretty satisfying to play compared to D&D. Making a character takes about the same amount of time in either system.


Anonymous 3212[Reply]

In video games, do you prefer to play as a boy or a girl?
I usually play as a dude, because if I make a character that's somewhat like me, I end up self inserting and making boring decisions in game.
29 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3486

normally i only play as a girl if im going to rp.

Anonymous 3498


If there is a girl option it's what i will pick without a doubt. I like to be able to relate to my character.

I sometimes use male characters in rpgs when i'm doing a third or so run to explore other options.

Anonymous 3506

I don't want to play as a guy, it's boring. I relate better to female characters as long as they're not cardboard cutouts without a personality or a diversity insert.

Anonymous 3515

Boy in MMOs and stuff so I can actually play the game and talk to people instead of being harassed by thirsty autists

Girl otherwise

Anonymous 3534

It doesn't matter to me a lot.
If it's a game with romance elements, I'll play as a girl. If the male character has better character design, I'll choose him. I just want to play as someone cool or elegant.


Animal Crossing Anonymous 345[Reply]

Do you play?
What does your town look like?
Favorite villagers?
Favorite tricks?
Also share art and QR codes!
40 posts and 21 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3463

Can you play.
Animal crossing.
On your PHONE???


Anonymous 3487

Nevermind I found it.

I'm weirdly disappointed but also happy to play it again after so many years.

It feels exactly like those clickbaity pay to win facebook scam games, but then again it is so close to the actual Animal Crossing that it almost ruins the fun memories of the game itself.

Is this just how all the games are these days? Did I miss so much in gaming development?

Anonymous 3499

Don't worry they're coming out with a main series AC for the Switch in 2019, I like Pocket Camp okay for a phone game but the franchise isn't only going in this direction from now on.

Anonymous 3516

I don't have a Switch though, I don't even have the old consoles anymore. Guess I'm stuck with that crappy AC for poor people, it's pretty nice for what it is anyway and I don't really have time to play full games these days.

Anonymous 3529

add me anon!! everything’s more fun with friends!


Websites you visit daily Anonymous 7[Reply]

(or frequently)
33 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3199

Fellow roleplayer!
Do you know any other sites for quick rp? I don't have the time/energy for forum roleplay right now but I'm also not really into anime roleplay.

Anonymous 3219

Gotta read up on the New York Times newsletters
>my school's course platform
Gotta access my assignments
Usually /g/ and /ot/ but I like to check up on toopoor from time to time
A nicer, slower alternative to lolcow
Reading up on my favourite ancient civilizations, among other things

Anonymous 3434

more than 3 times a week:


mostly /fit/ and /fa/


to live vicariously through hot thots who i am both envious and salty of


listening to gamers game while i study comforts me


to check whether people message me. they do not.

>taobao & aliexpress

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3520

This is a month old, but you could try Shamchat + various discords.
I don't know what to tell you if you dislike anime RP since I only hang in circles that use 2D face=claims.

Anonymous 3524

>I watch some videos while eating and listen to others while drawing
>/ot/ and /g/, sometimes lurk /snow/ for artist milk
University website
Here, of course
>I post art that gets very little attention, but I like how customizable blogs are
>intend to post art but just keep up with people I follow instead
bjdcollectasy and acbjd
>I love dolls

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Catfishing Anonymous 121[Reply]

Have you ever catfished anyone, sisters?
How far did you take it?
Do you regret what you did?
How did it end? Did the person ever find out?
Did you do it for attention? Trolling? Money? Something else?

Nowadays it's gotten hard to uphold a fake identity because everyone is expected to carry an internet-connected camera at all times. How do you keep going?
10 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3298

>turns out he had a girlfriend all along anyway irl so he was lying too lmao
What a ride, anon.

Anonymous 3299

Bravo anon. This actually made me cringe.

Anonymous 3300

Good. It makes me cringe every time it pops up in my head lol.

Anonymous 3315


>Have you ever catfished anyone, sisters?
Yes lol It's 1 am here, time to expose my past. This is gonna be a long ass post.
>How far did you take it?
Well the first time I cat-fished someone was with my sister on a ps3 game called Little Big Planet, after meeting two boys on there me and my sister thought it would be a good idea to have online boyfriends, we both got pictures of these Emo or Scene girls off the internet and said we were twins using their pictures. We also lied about our ages on there as well saying we were 16, like the boys we were Cat-fishing, when at the time we were probably around 11 or 12. It didn't last that long for me but my sister ended up talking to them for way longer and getting into some trouble involving them.

I would also Catfish guys on PS Home back when that was still a thing, one funny thing that happened was I had two boyfriends on there at the same time and told them both I was different ages, eventually they met each other in the game and was like "what the hell…" I just responded by turning off the game and pretending like it never happened.

This is the most recent one but still a couple years old, so I was probably around 15 or 16 at the time, I had an online boyfriend who I was actually attached to even after we broke up for whatever reason, anyways, we were in the same group chat still and I wanted to make it seem like I was completely over things by introducing my "totally not boyfriend but flirts with me publicly and knows all the things I like best friend" who was actually just me typing to myself in the chat on a fake account I made, to make it seem like I had a boy interested in me. The ex ended up leaving the group eventually, a few weeks later "best friend" ended up leaving too when I didn't feel like typing on two accounts anymore. I still talk to the people in there and they won't ever know why "my best friend" left.
>Do you regret what you did?
Not really, I was a little kid for the first two and the second one I just think is really cringy lol
>How did it end? Did the person ever find out?
We'll not sure tbh, I guess the Ps Home guys probably talked to each other about me when I left, either way it doesn't matter.
>Did you do it for attention?
I guess so? I think I just thought having a boyfrienPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 3505

I catfished one of my bestfriends when I was like 12. She was in an really lonely phase so I created the perfect boyfriend for her and chatted with her online for like a month. But I stopped, because well they can't meet up. So I pretented he had a girlfriend and therefore no time.
So in the end I was only making her more sad. :( I really hated myself for that and was really worried that she will find out, because "that guy" had the same spelling mistakes as me obviously.

She didn't find out and we are still good friends. It happened like 6 years ago.


Anonymous 2714[Reply]

Since we don't have a technology board can we just talk about technology here?
What kind of computer do you own?
PC? Mac? Chromebook?
Android or iOS?
Videogames or PC?
I own an old android phone and I plan on upgrading it soon (right now I'm looking for either the moto g6 or the samsung a8) I just don't like apple phones since I think they're too expensive and get stale quicker than most phones I had.
21 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3257

>vidya on pc
I wanna upgrade my cpu but I'm gonna need to buy a new board and ram to do it so I need to wait longer whilst i get the money

Anonymous 3258

I think OP meant "consoles or PC"

Anonymous 3452

pc98 shitposting.g…

>3 year old hp laptop running win7. Will run a decent amount of games on low-med settings but I don't play many modern games anyway. Had another small laptop running ubuntu but it bit the dust
>garbage windows phone, upgrading to something android
>console mostly, play touhou and online games on PC
If I had more cash I'd get a proper desktop again. Not sure if I'd want to then put a different linux distro on this one or get another laptop for it.
Are CD drives really "old school" now? Like other anons said, I couldn't live without one.

Anonymous 3459


I had one of these back in the day. Flash drives had only just started to come in so handing in your homework on a floppy was still socially acceptable.

Anonymous 3482

OT but this would make a great site banner

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