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Best of YouTube Anonymous 3317[Reply]

Post your favorite video on YouTube. This is mine.

Anonymous 3326

Anonymous 3379


Favorite Subversive/Ground-Breaking Media? Anonymous 2711[Reply]

This feels old-hat but: I've been kind of bored lately with being inundated with endless sequels and unimaginative plots.
What truly innovative / ground-breaking / genre defining / subversive / just kinda weird media have you been enjoying lately?

Anonymous 2812


I'm intrigued by this thread but don't feel like I have anything to really contribute besides things that are pretty basic like John Waters films, MST3k, weird docs like Grey Gardens and Vernon, Florida.

What would you suggest, OP?

Anonymous 3289

Does this count? It seems like just some project an animation student would work on. https://kissanime.ac/Anime/Kanamewo/Special?id=120801

Anonymous 3323


I just saw the Austrian slasher film Angst (1983), also released under the title Fear. It's atypical in the horror genre for its use of narration over dialogue, and the cinematography makes it feel like one long scene. The movie is comical at points where he reveals his incompetency, and the actor does a good job at seeming out of touch. It's also based on a real killer, but I won't say who cause I don't want to spoil it.
The kissanime link triggered me.

Anonymous 3324

Thanks for the rec.

I used kissanime because I didn't know how else to find the title. It isn't that great anyhow.


Mobile Apps Anonymous 82[Reply]

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Anonymous 2474

2nd this.

Anonymous 2524

>Evie Launcher
>Minimal Geometric Icon Pack
>Sushine Icon Pack

>Messenger Lite because some of my friends are stupid and don't have signal

Media/social media
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Anonymous 2553


Does anyone have else use CustomTiyoko?
I find it quite limited but it's still adorable!

Anonymous 2554

Damn, didn't mean to add that 'have' there

Anonymous 3292

I keep it on my phone though I always end up deleting all my selfies out of shame and embarrassment.


As close as you can get to ungoogled chromium on android right now as far as I'm aware. A good pick if you want to reduce google harvesting your data but can't tolerate the shittiness of other browser apps out there that aren't chrome-based.


Better than clover imo, bit deprecated tho

Yes. Lucky patcher and blackmart are very handy on a rooted phone.

Classical Music Anonymous 1219[Reply]

Do any anons on here have any favorite pieces they want to share? Favorite composers? I recently read a study that said listening to classical music can enhance mental alertness, so now I'm trying to expand and broaden my musical tastes because of it lol.
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Anonymous 3225

>My taste/knowledge of classical music is basic as fuck though.
Same. I took piano and violin lessons before and had been taught some music theory but my tastes are still limited to beethoven/liszt/chopin.

>I can't for the life of me remember which names and composers go with which songs.

Hmm really? Most of the prominent composers have fairly distintive styles. I can relate to not being able to remember the titles though, especially when most of them are given opus and movement numbers and nothing else.

>tfw really liked a beethoven piano sonata I heard a decade ago but I lost the CD and haven't managed to find it since

Anonymous 3226

Why do asians like A Maiden's Prayer so much? Pretty much every asian I've met who played piano knows this piece.

Anonymous 3233

For me, this was one of the pieces that my piano teacher taught me and I suppose I have nice, nostalgic feelings about it.

Anonymous 3265

Whitey here, I was taught by another white teacher and I learned it. Ahh I remember playing it for one of my first recitals with said teacher, such a sweet memory <3

Anonymous 3267

also, if it helps any, it's a piece that is meant to sound far more showy and complicated than it really is. the term escapes me at the moment, but I think it's called a bar room? or salon? piece.

whatcha listen' to? Anonymous 3240[Reply]

what are you listening to right this very moment? why did you choose it?

>i used to hate this song but now i'm obsessed with it.
2 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3245

I like it, it has a kinf of AnCo vibe.

Anonymous 3248

>I liked Yelle in the past, saw that there was a new song, got bonus glitter titties.

Anonymous 3263

Anonymous 3264

idk I'm not really into this song or purity ring

Anonymous 3274

stop making duplicate threads >>16


Switching to Mac Anonymous 1978[Reply]

My laptop is falling apart, so my boyfriend is giving me his old Macbook Air, so I have to get used to a new OS, help! I've been using Windows for more than 17 years now and my only experience with Apple was using an iPhone 4s for a year. Have you made the switch or are you bilingual? Do you stick with one OS? Do you have any tips and tricks for someone new to this? I mainly do stuff like video and image editing and internet.


>inb4 Linux
23 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2315

That was really helpful, thanks!

So far I'm getting pretty used to it. I use BetterTouchTool so I never have to deal with the loud force click - tiptap left/right open in for new tab/refresh, two-finger tap for right click, and for dragging I use the three-finger drag from the accessibility settings. Other than the loud clicking noise, this touchpad is the first one I'm enjoying. I still occasionally use my trackball mouse, but it's getting less and less.

I'm really liking the terminal, I only used Putty before and hated it.

Anonymous 2322

Any ideas on changing text navigation shortcuts? I swapped cmd and ctrl in system preferences but it went on to fuck up text navigation.

Anonymous 2324

>I swapped cmd and ctrl in system preferences
Don't do this, trust me. Just get used to using command.
Well hmm, like I said: I changed screenshot the entire screen to cmd+f7 and screenshot a area to option (alt) + f7 (and btw pressing space while you're at it changes it from an area to a specific window)
hmm what else? well I guess I have some other stuff but it's p much just for garageband and most stuff I didn't actually change so…

Anonymous 2341

>Just get used to using command.
Can't. I'm dual booting. I need both OSes.

Anonymous 3252


If you use a mac this tip will save your f life
I wasn't able to find files that were CLEARLY THERE unless I duplicated them or searched for files that were actually new. Now I can actually find all my stuff.

macOS is kinda dumb sometimes but it's pretty nice when you learn how to fix it's stupidness
also this >>2307 I loved this guide


Anonymous 1580[Reply]

What TV shows are you watching right now, anons? Let's give each other recommendations!

I just started watching Alias Grace (pic related) and it's so good that I just had to share it with someone. It's a really great representation of what Irish people went through around the time of the Famine, especially the scenes on the coffin ships and the family dynamics. It's pretty upsetting but it's refreshingly realistic for once. I've also been loving the positive female friendship and feminist themes.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone who enjoyed The Handmaid's Tale or any kind of period dramas like Downton Abbey (although it's a lot more dark than this). Or even anyone who would like to see a less optimistic and darker version of Brooklyn.
62 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 2642

Dragging where? They ended it on the fifth season. Meanwhile we have 10 Supernatural seasons no one asked for.

Anonymous 2725

I'm watching the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events and it's pretty decent. Haven't read the books but I like the kis better than the ones that were in the movie

Anonymous 3050

I love this show. I had no idea the guy who plays Tommy is in his forties.

Anonymous 3224

>The Handmaid's Tale
Is it just me or do they try to stretch every episode as long as they can despite the obvious lack of content?

Anonymous 3247

I think the movie with jim carrey was way better than this. it was moreso more intuned with the books than this series is. Season 2 was def better than season 1 but the movies were still better. I recommend reading the books! Not sure why they made mister poe black lol


Anonymous 3083[Reply]

do you like homura ?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3105

Yes because the movies didn't happen

Anonymous 3125

Homura did nothing wrong and Madoka enjoyed it.

Anonymous 3195


She was an angel when she was still a newbie magical girl but Urobuchi screwed so bad with the movies

Anonymous 3202

I find fucked up flawed characters interesting, so yes.

Anonymous 3234

I disliked her from the start and the movies proved me right. Homura had no respect for Madoka's autonomy and desires.


animay Anonymous 66[Reply]

what are good animes cc? i liked baccano the most and most other stuff cant hold my interest
102 posts and 28 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3187

I started watching My Hero Academia! So far I'm just on season 2 but I really like it so far!

Anonymous 3193


Hell yes, My Hero Academia is my shit!

I lowkey have been waiting for someone in this thread to mention it for a while now

Anonymous 3198

ayee now I'm on season 3. I'm really speeding through it, I'm so glad that Funimation is keeping up with the new release of the episodes. I signed up for funimation just for this too lol. Since Hulu only has season 3 subbed

Anonymous 3204


I started watching Shojo Kageki Revue Starlight. It looked like an average idol anime at first but it's heavily influenced by Takarazuka theater and Utena, so it's been pretty intriguing so far. One of my favorites this season for sure.

Anonymous 3209


I'm in love with the zuka/idol mix. It's funny, I was just wondering if there was a thread about Starlight Revue here and your image was right on the first page. Comfy.


Alternatives to tumblr Anonymous 2970[Reply]

I know pic related is long dead, but does anyone use dreamwidth? is these anywhere else to go and blog about shows and comics/anime and manga you like with other people that isn't the blue hell?
6 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 3014


Just checked it out and it looks like more like Mastodon than Tumblr. It lacks the two things Tumblr that make Tumblr unique; the vast customization options and anonymous messages.

Personally, I like Peach, but it's dead as hell. >>>/media/2147

Anonymous 3015

Yeah, that's the problem, you need at least some people using these sites. I try and be the change I want to see in the web which is basically why I try and post on c.c regularly but at the end of the day if no one comes along there's no community to be with .. although I'll always believe there's a sort of sweet spot community size-wise before everything boils over into insanity.

Anonymous 3017

Pillowfort's creators said they'll introduce better customization options later on.

But if OP doesn't like Tumblr, I'm pretty sure Pillowfort isn't a good alternative either as most of PF's crowd are Tumblr users.

Anonymous 3166

LJ doesn't seem as /dead/ as people claim it to be but I wish it was more active and I really do miss small communities instead of these huge fandoms where people think they can police others on what they can or can like or just making the fanbase look bad in general.

I think I'm going to do the task of trying to make my own layout on LJ, seems like it would be a fun thing to do.

Anonymous 3182

Pillowfort looks interesting but right now it's fivebux to sign up. I'll just wait until open registration.

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