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Anonymous 22301[Reply]

What are your core childhood video games?
No cherry picking to seem cool, if you played nothing but the Sims and OOT post it anyways

Mine are
>Donkey Kong 64
>Ocarina of Time
>Animal Crossing Population Growing and Animal Crossing Wild World
>Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness
>Sims 2 Pets on the Gamecube
>Tak and the Power of Juju
>Super Smash Bros Melee

In the Sims Pets literally the only thing I would do is breed dogs and then sell the parents and make the siblings breed with each other. I have no idea how genetics work in that game but I'd start with two huskies and end up with green and red pug faced monstrosities.
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Anonymous 24409

Style Savvy

Anonymous 24493

Pajama Sam
Putt Putt
Super Mario World
Super Mario 64
A Link to The Past
Ocarina of Time
Link's Awakening
Star Fox 64
Mario Kart 64
Super Smash Bros.
Pokemon Red
Kirby's Dreamland 3
Kirby's Super Star

Anonymous 24512

i played this game so much when i was small too, it was so fun

Anonymous 24517

Fuck yes, that game was so much fun. Played through all of them, still a bit mad at the false idea of a romance in the first one. 12 yo me really wanted my MC with the guy that liked her

Anonymous 24627

I played a lot of ds games i can’t remember but it was a bunch of mario games princess peach emotions game thingy and the world ends with you are ones that are core memories for me


Anonymous 3212[Reply]

In video games, do you prefer to play as a boy or a girl?
I usually play as a dude, because if I make a character that's somewhat like me, I end up self inserting and making boring decisions in game.
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Anonymous 24357

Its because people want those reactions from you. When you don't give them the response they want and get high off your life, whatever activities involved. it becomes more obvious who's the butthurt one. You start to see it plain as day when they live for complaining.

Anonymous 24358

Yeah that's true. I guess I should stop being so ashamed about self inserting then haha. Ty anon, I shall enjoy fantasizing about being a badass in RPGs without shame

Anonymous 24360

A girl if a have a choice since I get to pretend I'm cute, beautiful, or cool looking for awhile (am disappointingly average looking nerdy dork irl). Of course if the game leaves no choice and I have to play as a guy or animal or whatever that's fine too.

Anonymous 24367

What kind of people have you been hanging around with? Who shames you for playing a game and self-inserting as the player character that was designed exactly for that purpose?

Anonymous 24375

I don't hang out with a lot of people, but in this one Discord server I've been in, they'll talk about RPGs and will be like "oh self-inserting is so weird and cringe haha", I don't really respond when they say those things.


ffxiv thread? Anonymous 18064[Reply]

i recently found out that a fuckton of the people i hang out with on this game are women too. why are there so many on this game in particular? it has really surprised me and it's been super nice because i have no other female friends (that i know of) and i've known some of these people for years without ever realizing they weren't moids. if you roleplay, tell me about/show me your characters? i have a theory about what characters moids play by the way alphinaud is best boy
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Anonymous 23991


i've been playing lots of drk and i love the aesthetic

big gattsu sword, fight me griffith

Anonymous 23993

idk why but this pick of orochimaru looks familiar somehow.

Anonymous 24150

>main job?
>least favorite job?
Maybe Gunbreaker
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
They are alright, it's mentors that are bad typically. It's nice coming across a mentor that actually helps players though.

Anonymous 24261

>main job?
>least favorite job?
i have only tried blm and rdm, both were pretty fun
>favorite npc?
>opinion on sprouts
no opinion, just lost the sprout myself

Anonymous 24262

I'm this anon and I'm here to say now that I've tried Gunbreaker more, Astrologian is now my least favorite job.

ITT: Documentaries you have seen on YouTube Anonymous 16956[Reply]

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Anonymous 24124

akihabara geeks made me feel so nostalgic
if anyone knows more documentaries like this of early 2000s japan or weeb culture/internet stuff etc please recommend them to me

Anonymous 24127

Anonymous 24205

saw this one and i'm convinced steven is just a neet who wants to neet for life so he married this hambeast of a woman to suck up all the disability benefits and earn a "wage" as her caretaker.
ridiculous how she gets jealous so easily lol no woman is gonna steal your man, debbie

Anonymous 24219


Anonymous 24230

tang dynasty best dynasty, both because of the art and architecture and also because it produced Wu Zetian (only female emperor of china ever)
she once discovered men plotting against her, so she ordered them executed, had their sentences commuted at the last minute to exile, then sent them with guards to outer mongolia: then when they reached the border, the guards opened their sealed orders which were to kill the prisoners
she was constantly slandered by male confucian historians who made up that she caused famines, etc, but her rule in reality was excellent and women saw the best degree so far of equality


Hetalia Anonymous 16763[Reply]

Since new season of Hetalia anime has been announced for spring 2021, why not have a Hetalia thread?
There must be anons here who are/were into Hetalia.

Who is your favorite country?

What do you ship?

How long have you been into Hetalia? Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point? Are you going to check out the new material? Best/worst memories from the old Hetalia fandom days?
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Anonymous 23737

Omg this pic used to do things to me every time I looked at it. I'd even go as far as to say that it had a strong impact on my young teenage mind and permanently gave me a fetish for men in disheveled clothes, and especially formal clothes and uniforms. Sorry for the TMI post, this just used to be one of my favorite pics ever, though nowadays it has barely any effect on me.
This was one of my favorite Hetalia artists back in the day, too (even though I didn't like Germancest that much kek) she always drew Germany beautifully.
What I remember about the artist is that she was Chinese and deleted her Pixiv gallery, I think. In fact all 3 of my favorite Hetalia artists drew uke Germany lol
Such nostalgia

Anonymous 23742

lol glad my post brought you some uh … nostalgia!

Anonymous 23859

>Who is your favorite country?


>What do you ship?

i have many ships i like but my favorites are gerita, geruk, rusame, and some others.

>How long have you been into Hetalia?

ahh, it's been about 11 years now! im still very much into it, you could call it a special interest. i still collect germany merch when i have the money and keep up with the japanese fandom since i speak japanese. doujin is pretty cheap so i get it shipped to me often. i also roleplay almost everyday still!

>Did you used to follow it and dropped it at some point?

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 23938

I would love to have more Hetalia old fans to talk to if you're ok with sharing your contact info!

Anonymous 24027




emo/cloud rap Anonymous 23803[Reply]

fav songs recently?
>drippin so pretty - live in hell everyday
>fatse - moving thru endless rooms
>93feetofsmoke - blood stains
>bladee - I think
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Anonymous 23863

You're not wrong

Anonymous 23870


Anonymous 23873

based Parappa enjoyer.
I played the games for the first time alst year, they're so fucking good and the music too, I've still got some songs stuck in my head.

Anonymous 23890

crack crack crack the egg into the bowl

Anonymous 23891

M.I.X the flour into the bow

Noise Thread Anonymous 23883[Reply]

*Noise ~ Harsh Noise ~ HNW ~ Power Electronics ~ Death Industrial ~ Gorenoise*

Anonymous 23885

Anonymous 23886

Anonymous 23887

Anonymous 23888


Cellphones Anonymous 265[Reply]

Post phones, cute cases, etc!
Is your phone rooted?
I rooted mine to use more features, remove bloatware, and to replace the boot animation (the brand logo you see when you switch your phone on) with my own.

App thread: >>>/media/82
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Anonymous 23244


even though it's a japanese phone and i probably wouldn't be able to use it properly, i really want to buy a cute docomo flip phone just for fun :]

Anonymous 23246

Just changed my phone for a fairphone recently, the launcher was shit so I downloaded a new one. I also discovered the joy of making my own widgets with KGWT. It's pretty fun

Hugh, same. The phones are so big now. I can't fit them in my pockets and I hate that.
A friend of mine use a blackberry and he told me it was working really well. I dunno about the price but there's still that for keyboards

Anonymous 23247

Ah, it looks so cute

Anonymous 23362


Phones are so fuckhuge these days and I'm sick of having to free up both hands to use mine. Kinda tempted to get something like pic related.

Why fairphone? Not judging just curious. And is it meeting your expectations?

Anonymous 23876

Different reasons. The whole etical aspect of the brand is really nice, the fact that I can just replace anything I want is pretty awesome too. But to be honest the main reason why I was looking into it was because I wanted a phone not made in China. But each brand I looked at that didn't make their phones in China was owned by whines investors. So fairphone was kind of the lesser of the two evil in a way.
Now that's it's been a while, I can say the battery life is OK, it really benefited from the change of launcher. Also changed the default photo app because it is also really bad. For the use I get out of it, it's a really nice phone, in all the reviews people talked about slow openings of app and I don't feel it at all but YMMV


Anonymous 23587[Reply]

Is vinyl better?
13 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23713

new us pressings are the fucking worst quality 99% of the time, it's like they're made specifically to be played once on a preteens crosley and then used as wall decor
vinyl as a whole i find sounds a lot warmer and more pleasant to listen to, there's a lot of depth to the sound even if you're playing it through cheap speakers

Anonymous 23750

I’m trying to check out more prog. What do you recommend, anon?

Anonymous 23773

The band Yes, also some King Crimson, some Genesis probably; I guess it depends though, as "prog" can sometimes apply to multiple genres. For example there is prog rock, but there is also prog/jazz and prog metal, even. Do you like jazz?

Anonymous 23774

Get the google translate app and use the camera translator and it will tell you.

Anonymous 23799

It absolutely is and anyone who says otherwise is either retarded or deaf.


Cliches in media that bug you. Anonymous 22667[Reply]

What are some cliches in media that you want to see less of? No matter of story, characters, world building, design, cliches about everything is accepted here. The discussion is open.
59 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 23537

>You just got used to the tropes and realised the voice-acting is overacted and repetitive.
Watch 5 anime from the 70s-80s and 5 anime from the mid-90s onwards and tell me that anime has never had voice acting that sounds like real people and that it has always sounded as overdramatic and grating as it does now.

Anonymous 23563

cracked rock.jpg

>it's tiring knowing that this is what every zoomer and moid in my age range enjoys
Do they? The majority of "popular" music is only listened to because it is framed and marketed by the industry as "stuff cool people listen to", not because of its own merits.
Reminder that Hollywood and the culture industry in general has a caste system and runs on nepotism. They have absolutely no clue about anything beyond their circle, don't care about anything beyond their circle, and every story they tell is a condescending appropriation of the myths and perceptions of the society they parasitize.

Anonymous 23565

It never had voices that sound like real people. I suppose one could say some things got worse, but voice actors are never actually realistic unless it's for a dry narrative or education animation.

Anonymous 23650


japanese TV is so fucking boring. i swear i go to any channel to find something to watch and its just dumb variety shows that are just random celebrities going "heeeeeeh!?" to whatever stupid clip they're shown. actual torture.

Anonymous 23653

call me shallow but moids are mostly ugly in media compared to their female counterparts. old and mediocre at best but this whole world pretends like they are the hottest, i wish if the women are pretty at least make her partner her equal to make it visually pleasing but it's rarely aesthetic given the imbalance….i watch media to feel good if i wanted to watch a normal life with normal looking people i'd just live my life i don't need a tv screen at all tbh

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