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Anonymous 251181[Reply]

Would you ever sit next to a guy on a train, under what circumstances?

Other public transport included.
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Anonymous 251252

If he breathes air ICK

Anonymous 252352

Only if he smelled really good. But no eye contact and no speaking. I’d probably stand, not sit next to him as well.
I second this.

Anonymous 252376

I actually purposely sit next to shy scrotes if there are no spare seats. They don't talk or play dumbfuck music out loud.

Anonymous 252380

Sexual assault is very rare where I live currently. I don’t have a problem being near the moids on public transport here. If you’re living in a shithole or any big city it’d be different.

Anonymous 252385

no unless the seat number is stated in the ticket and/or there are no other seats

not a dress.jpg

Is this really the only good Terf website? Anonymous 250388[Reply]

It feels no matter where you go, it's just "fuck terfs", and the only real movement that doesn't support trannies is convervatards or 4chan, but they don't accept feminism or terfs either. I want to cry because I feel hopeless. Being a terf should be common sense
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Anonymous 251119

I wish there were more active spaces that were gender critical without the whole site revolving around it. Like, you can expect to find communities for any random thing where racism is frowned upon without joining a group that's explicitly about racial justice, you know? I want more hobby groups where I can just be silly and have fun without troons being relevant at all.
Besides this site the closest for me would be cgl, but there you have to share the board with coomer men.

Anonymous 252288

In my own observation normie conservatives outside of 4chan like terfs and they're confused why terfs don't like them back to unite on shared issues.

Anonymous 252337

A lot of them have a 2-team mindset these days, even outside of the US sometimes. If you dislike one of the things they also dislike, then you must agree with them on every other issue. When it turns out you don't, their "I've found an ally against my enemy team!" circuitry shorts out and they don't know how to react anymore.

Anonymous 252351

I don’t know if any other terfy image boards besides lolcow. As for female-centric terf websites, there’s ovarit isn’t there? Or has it changed recently to allow trannies?

Anonymous 253527


download (43).jpg

Anonymous 251427[Reply]

Hey girls
is 'cloachal combustion' good name for my band?
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Anonymous 251440

Cloaca like bird asshole?

Anonymous 251444

yeah, or like an echidna (or amphibians, or birds. Cloacas are more common than you think!)
but its not just an asshole, it acts like a urethra, and eggs are laid out of them too.

Anonymous 251456

Knock knock

Anonymous 251460


Anonymous 252096

I'd listen to it, if for only out of sheer curiosity from the name.


no subject - chatroom thread Anonymous 143286[Reply]

consider this thread a place to come just to shoot the shit. no specific topic is applied, just talk about anything you like!
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Anonymous 250523

>be me
>be rape baby
>have too much of my father's genes
>mom releases custody of me to him
>it happens
>i finally gain freedom 20 years later
>talk to her about it
>she victim blames me
talk about closure, hopefully I just become some rich ceo or something

Anonymous 251278

If anyone sees the shit in the letter thread know it is an incel moid trying to sockpuppet as multiple identifies. You can go ahead and report it as a male. My no-contact rule is rigid, I will never post on the internet nor ever engage with anyone. He can try any humiliations tactis and narc tactics under his arsenal but he knows what is coming for his ass. He will be chained to his incel butt buddies and waste his life fucking with underage women while I will be free in the real world. I'm just writing this as a heads up so people know it's a scrote schizo to report. Sorry about this shit he will leave eventually, he's like a fucking fly.

Anonymous 251281



Anonymous 251528

I'm really looking forward to starting uni, I really hope I make some friends bc my social life is nonexistent

Anonymous 252036


someone post the couple shirts edited to say
>he keeps me pregnant


Unpopular Opinions Anonymous 233992[Reply]

Time to dig up your unpopular opinions anon.
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Anonymous 251920

I've read that the real guy absolutely hates the fact that racists and incels use his images as a meme.

Bodybuilders in general are almost always male-gaze "attractive" though. It's men trying to impress other men and I find them unappealing. I've known other women in anime circles who find fictional hyper muscular men cute, but never any irl gym bro lovers.

Anonymous 251938

''TQ+'' downfall will happened when man became affected by it on the daily bases in the same way it affects a woman daily life.

Anonymous 251940

i dont know what this means. please elaborate anon!

Anonymous 251945

Woman are losing their rights and places to TIFs, Man are not losing anything to TIMs.
You cannot go to places design to woman and not see troonies everywhere.
On the internet? almost every single lesbian place is full of trannies.
On the real life? Try tinder and see how many big eyes bad makeup trannies shows up.
People are not taking serious this issues because man cannot feel the change of having their places taking by someone pretending to be one of them.
TIM's are in woman places, TIF's are in woman places, the only one losing the battle for a safe place and the right of being is the woman.
I spend my whole life afraid of being see as a woman, afraid of being rape, afraid of being gentle and seeing as not enough and now, man pretending to be woman are taking the places we fight, we died and keep dying to have.
This have to affected the man, when it does, we are going to see the changing because sadly, it how it socially works.

Anonymous 251947

They mean the TQ+ in LGBTQ+


Anonymous 250525[Reply]

Do you notice if other women are nicer to you when you wear makeup vs when you're not wearing makeup? It seems to me like makeup wearers are nicer to other makeup wearers but women who wear no makeup are more chill.
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Anonymous 251088

There is this video of a girl saying she hates makeup and doesn't think is good for women because it gets absorbed in the skin etc and she got absolutely dogpiled by the comments calling her a pick me of course and saying she was hypocritical for wearing makeup too while the other girls in the room were side eyeing her.
While I use makeup, I can't help but think on the fact that it often feels like a necessity rather than a choice. Isn't it disheartening that we've come to depend on it so heavily?

Anonymous 251092

I think this must be dictated by workplace culture more than anything else. Nobody I work with wears makeup only the customers, personally I think it's a waste of money imo, but there is no reason frown upon someones choice to put it on. If you think it's fun go ahead, but don't feel pressured by others to dress in a way you don't want to.

Can confirm, I work two jobs: teaching during the year and cashiering during summer. I only run into make-up wearers during summemr, none of the other teachers or therapists wear it. None of the other cashiers wear it during summer either, but there is a wide variety from customers.

Anonymous 251106


In my experience it's not a choice. I only started to get taken seriously by HR and hiring managers when I put on makeup. Business-y and administrative type people see makeup as a necessity on a woman regardless of how skilled or qualified. But in tech interviews and other highly technical spaces (the actual job) makeup is not a necessity and sometimes makes people take me less seriously. This is just my experience and it's probably variable based on your job or workplace culture.
Honestly I really hate makeup. I hate that I need to paint a mask on my face when males don't need to. It feels dehumanizing. Not to mention the harm it does to the environment, the animal testing, the consumerism, the fact makeup CEOs are all male and profiting off of women's insecurities and double standards (This alone is enough to make me swear off makeup). But I can't talk about how much I hate it irl because of insecure libfems who call me a pickme. How is not wearing makeup pickme behavior? It seems like the opposite to me. I don't get how criticizing makeup as a concept gets translated in some people's heads as hating people who wear makeup.

Anonymous 251283

I wear make up daily, and everyone seems to treat me better
I assume its because of it boosting my own confidence, but I digress
girls who do make up and arent wanna be toxic popular girls or whatever
are exceedingly nice and make for lifelong friends, girls who dont wear
makeup also are super kind and sweet, its just that in my experience they
are more into their craft or what not and dont see makeup as a hobby/talent
like girls who do so as well.

It just depends on whether or not she is a good person

Anonymous 251892

>didn't wear makeup to work today cuz tired
>Nice older lady said I'm really cute
Was really nice. Helps to live in a smaller area, not many women wear makeup all the time. It feels wholesome.


men being overly professional Anonymous 234769[Reply]

has anyone else encountered this?
dudes at work only speak among themselves, and are very stiff when they talk to me and other women
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Anonymous 248576

maybe they should just not make tasteless jokes then?
Or better yet, they should all quit and let women have their positions instead.

because they're doing it for the wrong reasons

Anonymous 248577

>got arrested cause he tried to kill his dad
shame he didn't succeed and then get gunned down by the pigs
two fewer moids in the world

Anonymous 248640

This pretty much destroyed the social aspect of my small workplace. We're just 8 women with double the amount of men, half of whom don't speak English, so we all interact fairly often with our only HR manager. An outgoing employee (who had been stealing my lunch and CLOTHES for MONTHS without consequence) decided to be vindictive and brought a complaint against literally the only guy who knows how to fix our cataloguing system when it has its bi-weekly freakout, just before she put in notice. This meant he was put on unpaid leave and HR didn't know she was quitting. Turns out he asked her out twice, months apart, and she told a story about him stalking her when she turned him down, so they fired him and she quit shortly after. Every man there closed ranks and imposed a wall of silence and isolation. In their minds, it was some conspiracy with her and HR to force men out, since the boss hired a woman as a replacement and she turned out to have lied on her CV and looked like an incompetent diversity hire. And since they all think we're best friends with HR, we're all locked out too. Now, because I'm the only woman in my section, I just have to work in silence as everyone else arounds me talks and jokes, because if I try to say anything I just get one-word answers and total silence.

Anonymous 248764

>maybe they should just not make tasteless jokes then?
Moids like to be insensitive assholes. It's their natural habitat.
So either they be bored, or only show each other their asshole s(ide).

Anonymous 248776

That's pretty harsh, have you spoken to the guys about it or do you just not care?
Had a girl in a musical production claim stalking behaviour to a well-liked guy and it cut the backstage side of things in half. Talking to any of the guys after that felt curt, guessing they thought the same thing as in your situation, conspiracy.


Lolcow.farm Hate Thread #4 Anonymous 246328[Reply]

Previous thread:
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Anonymous 251572

started 12 years ago on some racist boomer forum called MPC. she schizoed out on KF in 2020 and got promptly doxed and people realized shes easy to get mad and troll so they did and do to this day

Anonymous 251573


She only admitted to knowing what the rumors were about after she was confronted by screenshots, because her friend was a newfag who was an outsider and was manipulated into spreading rumors for them.

Anonymous 251574

it does still exist, under a different domain name. who do you think has been raiding us the last couple days?

Anonymous 251575

meant to reply to >>251558

Anonymous 251576

here we go again with ashley posting screenshots of innocent parties she fooled for years and years sigh


black/poc-centered communities? Anonymous 251379[Reply]

this might be a shot in the dark, but does anybody know of any girl only forums/imageboard/groups that are centered around being black? i do really like this community, but there are certain topics i would really like to talk about here that isn't possible to talk about here because of the rules, general lack of understanding from people, and afaik last time being black was discussed here, it all derailed into a massive argument. so if anyone knows of a place please post it! otherwise i'll just have to see if i can create my own with some other people. i'm lowkey kind of expecting a ban for making this thread (no threads about race/ethnicity/nationality) and im so so hoping this doesnt derail into what i mentioned previously.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 251382

dont know any, sorry.
maybe you should try talking to the mods here? Maybe making some sort of POCGen or something, like the terf threads

Anonymous 251384

tysm for this recommendation! not the biggest fan on how its not completely anonymous but a really good site! so glad theres a topic focused on hair and being black-british!

Anonymous 251385

ur welcome! :)

Anonymous 251428

these dolls are super cute

Anonymous 251439

it's okay! POCGen would be a nice thing but i don't think it'll be the best idea, see >>251431 (it's not the best idea but you get my point?)

ikr!! to my knowledge they are sculpts from meadowdolls? they're so adorable!

Question marks.gif

Male "Humor" Anonymous 182210[Reply]

Why do men find shit like this funny? It's literally just them swinging their dicks around and pretending that it's comedy. What's the point of it all?




38 posts and 8 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 251282

>Almost every "comedian" under 30
I'm not really familiar with this being a trend in the comedy circuit but if it is a thing I almost welcome it just because anything is better all the frat trash podcaster bullshit that's taken over lately.

Anonymous 251292

I never said I wasn't also a sperg.

Anonymous 251333

The fact that her hair isn't affected by gravity like it should be when she bends her head is triggering the fuck out of me

Anonymous 251335

Millennial, gen Z, and gen alphas moids have developed a very esoteric/ironic sense of humor. Internet and phones have allowed them to share jokes with each other more, meaning jokes die faster. To keep things funny the jokes need to get more ironic or edgy. Over time it has lead to moids mostly finding absurdist stuff funny or really "deep" in jokes. I think this doesn't affect women as much since moids lean on jokes more rather than small talk.

Anonymous 251365

I used to be annoyed at random Gachi appearing in unrelated videos I would watch but after looking into it I now appreciate it for the same reasons as you said. It's absurd and that's what's funny about it, it also has its roots in the old Japanese internet and has been an ongoing meme for such a long time as well, it's impressive.

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