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Can a woman be conservative without being called a pick-me? Anonymous 79773[Reply]

I'm a conservative, but I can never seem to be able to discuss my views amongst females without being called a pick-me. I'm not even an anti-feminist or anything, I'm just not a feminist myself.
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Anonymous 79892

Anonymous 79895

No, all diversity is welcomed, except that of thought. This will not be tolerated.

Anonymous 79920


I’m pretty sure I’ve said this on another thread but being a pick-me is less about what you believe and more about why you believe it.
For example, if you (OP) want limited government social programs and an emphasis on the nuclear family (assuming that’s what you mean by “conservative”) because you genuinely believe it’s better for society that’s not pick-me. However, if you say you want those things in order to put down other women for male attention (think trad thots), that’s pick me shit. Hell, I’d even say many libs and lefties are even bigger “pick-mes” if their public persona is largely around pleasing men/bashing women.
>pic related
So basically it’s a mindset, not a set of beliefs. One can argue that you only hold these conservative beliefs because you have internalized misogyny but that’s not as simple as wanting to “get picked”. The popularization of “pick-me” and “NLOG” is yet another example of how nuance cannot survive on the internet.

Anonymous 79957

Depends on what kind of conservative. If you're overtly trying to appeal to guys with your views, that's what gets you pegged as a pick-me. And it'll get you walked all over. Join your moid in the fagbashing and don't question why and down the road he might bring home gonorrhea because he "got curious" about something he totally wasn't repressing. But if you're just a fiscal conservative, well, welcome to the party of hating both parties, I guess. Good luck finding a moid who isn't a total redneck or soyboy.

Anonymous 80649

lol this loser is my inspiration to get out of my neet lifestyle


Anonymous 79163[Reply]

what websites do you browse outside of large conglomerates like twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr, etc. i'd like to find cute little forums ala old internet but it's difficult – genuinely feels like everything is on private discord servers these days.
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Anonymous 79243

Eh. Here. Lolcow. Christian forums (don’t judge me). Sometimes lainchan but not so much anymore it moves too slow and they’re a bunch of LARPers. KF is mostly gross to me but I’m not sure why since I lurk on lolcow. Maybe it’s the moids idk.
At this point I’m trying to quit using the internet so much lol

Anonymous 80264

new Voihon never

Anonymous 80271

Has anyone here ever used the site ExperienceProject before it became defunct? I found it was a small niche forum website where you could get to vent and just talk about your problems with other people. As someone who suffers with mental illness, that site meant a lot to me.

Anonymous 80306


There's quite a few imageboards out there though most of them are pretty dead like late.city and comfy.chat. They're interconnected so once you find one there's a dozen more under /friends/ etc.

As a teen I used forumieren.com to find and make forums. There's probably still forums floating around if you want something you can have a profile on. Try to find something for an interest/hobby you have.

Sidenote, has anyone here ever been on Livewire? I used it around the tailend of the site, 2012 or 2013 but it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous 80607

Saya in the Underworld, she translates a lot of Japanese horror stories. Hasn't updated the site in about a month, but there are a lot of fun entries to read through.


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
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Anonymous 78466

You can't live off 55k$ a year? How much debt are you in? I've managed my finances to make it so my spouse and I can last a year off of 18K$, what metro shithole are you posting from that 55k$ a year isn't enough for two people?

Anonymous 78467

0 debt
>my spouse and I can last a year off of 18K$
no, YOU tell me where you are so I can move the hell out of California

Anonymous 78475

Figures, we don't like your type around here, so I shouldn't tell you.

But if you must know, North Dakota leaves it's arms wide open to anyone with the slightest bit of knowledge and the willingness to live through -20F winters.

Anonymous 78499

>I made 90k last year and I can’t even move out of moms basement.
I’m in Cali and I don’t understand this? What does your budget look like??

Anonymous 80536


I think the worst kind of work is when you get given menial jobs, treated like you're incapable, and not allowed to solve anything for yourself. I used to work in automotive production and it was the most draining, soul-sucking job I've ever had. Any time I was spoken to by a higher-up, it felt patronizing. The only good thing I can say is the paycheck, and it really helped with living on my own.

I'm back in school now to get into the aviation industry which is my true passion. Hoping to have my aircraft maintenance engineering license in a couple years.

>Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in

Some really smart friends of mine are all in engineering of some sort. Mechanical engineering in particular is full of a lot of really gifted and talented women.

My advice is just follow things you're passionate about. If money is your priority you might get stuck in a depressing job. You need to find something YOU like to do, even if it's a career not many women are currently in. There's only a handful of women in my entire school, and the rest of my class is all male, but fuck 'em. This is what I enjoy doing.

best boy.jpg

Vent thread Anonymous 80508[Reply]

last thread was >>51005

Anonymous 80510

ignore this im dummy


Anonymous 40407[Reply]

Who here from /latin america/? Which country are you from? Bonus question: Which country has the best looking men in your opinion?
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Anonymous 79334

>Believe that you need to know English to post on a IB in English
>believe that knowing English is synonymous with "white girl"
>giving importance to things like "race" and mentioning it disparagingly
Yes, I'm sure it's 100% Yankee.

Anonymous 80459

ı think slavs are cute asf

Anonymous 80463

Pretty sure Turkey isn’t a slavic country. I agree that slavs are cute though! I like the really pale ones.

Anonymous 80465

yeah ıt's not unfortunately :(. I wish I knew russian better..

Anonymous 80482

Ooh, I just realized you were answering another question. I thought you were saying Turkey was a Slavic country. I misunderstood anon.


Zelig Anonymous 78903[Reply]

Does anyone else not have a strong sense of self and feel that their personality and interests regularly change? Particularly after meeting someone new?

I often feel like I am Leonard Zelig
>Allen plays Leonard Zelig, a nondescript enigma, who, apparently out of his desire to fit in and be liked, unwittingly takes on the characteristics of strong personalities around him.
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Anonymous 79809

You might want to check out "The Athenian Murders" too.

Anonymous 79842

Thanks for the rec! I really want to read that now.

Anonymous 79993

yes absolutely all the time. i've been having a frequent identity crisis actually… i'm afraid your post is going to put me down that spiral again.

Anonymous 80444

are you the same anon who posted that rec in the books thread? i might look for it, but the half-priced books by my house just went kaput. guess ill have to buy from amazon bleh

Anonymous 80448

No, but I was considering posting. It really is good.

Ekran Alıntısı.PNG

Voice thread! Anonymous 80399[Reply]

the thread for sharing our voices

Anonymous 80400

Bump this thread because there's some real gold in there. >>55041

Anonymous 80401

>Sorry, the requested media could not be found. It may have expired or been deleted.

Anonymous 80402

sorry ı'm a newfag

Anonymous 80438

Or are you a moid in a digital skirt that’s trying to bait us into recording masturbatory material for you?


Anonymous 54869[Reply]

if a woman likes a trap, then what is she? gay? straight? something else?

does anyone here like traps?
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Anonymous 78401

Nah, not all. But more than before yes if they have autism they will be swayed away by the tranny lies.

Anonymous 79531

that's @shirogane__sama . She's a biological female.

Anonymous 80236

im stuck in the hellish limbo that is hunky men in womens clothing
not quite masculine, not quite feminine, and fucking impossible to find porn without the dude being a scrawny fuck

Anonymous 80256

Lance Hart is a fairly buff dude that sometimes wears lingerie or stockings in videos, if that does anything for you. Unfortunately most of it is lame femdom stuff that turns me off entirely.

Anonymous 80258

>watching real flesh porn


Anonymous 77113[Reply]

>tfw baby fever
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Anonymous 79231

I don't know what your situation is but why stay with him then? I get not wanting to be lonely but you might as well not waste your time finding a guy you want to be the dad if you want kids this much.

Anonymous 79232

I want kids when i'm in my late 20s but i'm just so scared about the possibility of someone sexually assaulting my daughters for some reason. I'm scared of all the bad stuff that can happen to them

Anonymous 79233

It can't be fully protected against but the best thing you can do is vet family members as closely as possible and don't let anyone who seems remotely sketchy be alone with your kids, even if it causes fights. Don't have a kid with a moid who will be fine letting his creepy brother have sleepovers with your kids because "he's family".

Anonymous 79250

> the best thing you can do is vet family members as closely as possible
THIS. If you sense anything off with a family member (whether it’s your partner’s or your own) do not leave your kid alone with them (even your boys).
Statistically, if it’s gonna happen it’s gonna be a family member or close family friend, people just don’t like hearing that their brother or best friend could be a creep so “stranger danger” is taught instead.

Anonymous 80237

i combat this by collecting what i call baby shaped objects
these range from cabbage patch kids, to monchichi, all the way to baby mlp dolls
still lonely as fuck tho


Book recs! Anonymous 80004[Reply]

What are you guys reading? I am compiling a book list to read over the summer. Give me your suggestions!
15 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 80179

>planning to read 100 books over the summer.
You're not going to buy them, are you?

Anonymous 80189

Oh yeah it's such a sad book and can easily bring you to tears. I read it the first time when I was 11 but decided to reread it again this year since I have such a small number of physical books. Still hits you in the feels. Crazy to think that it was considered a sci-fi short story in its time lol.
No, definitely not! Too much money lol. I might use free book websites. Right now I am reading this book: https://archive.org/details/hmpulhamesqui00marq The site has a lot of archived books too. Do you know any other free pdf and book sites? I don't have an e-reader so I will just read on my laptop or phone. I do plan on buying physical books to read on the beach though.
Death of Woman Wang
The Radium Girls: The Dark Story of America's Shining Women
They're history related so it might be boring but they're both good books!

Anonymous 80196

Shouldn't this be moved to /media/?

Anonymous 80197

Just finished Kokoro by Natsume Soseki and it ended up being much more depressing than I thought it would be lol. Or maybe it's just me.
Just started reading The Baron in the Trees and it's interesting so far. Besides those I have copies of Some Prefer Nettles by Tanizaki and The House of the Spirits by Allende I'm waiting to start.

I LOVE 100 Years of Solitude, great read

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 80199

Moved to >>>/media/18404.

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