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Terfposting #31 Anonymous 222938[Reply]

Last thread hit reply limit. Let's keep going nonas!

Previous threads:
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Anonymous 261645

>princess mom
Why do so many troons have mommy issues. No sir, you are NOT a ""mom"". By any metric.

Anonymous 262486

Gave me a nice chuckle , thanks nona. <3
what the fuck?????

Anonymous 263747


Anonymous 263750


When I read AGP I still think of Accelerated Graphics Ports before anything else, damn I'm old

Anonymous 263757

this is a good post but never forget if you are face to face with him and can't escape always gouge out his eyes (gouge them out with your thumbs/fingers) and crush his nose if possible (with a closed fist for more force) (eyes first, nose second)


Gen Y women Anonymous 230927[Reply]

any Gen Y women here who remember the fun days of 4chan like 2007-2010?

There was sexism back then, but nothing like today. The manosphere/mgtow/incel/red pill destroyed that place. Likewise, I feel Gen Z engage in lots of bullying.

I used to pretend to be a guy circa 2007 and never admit to being a woman and it was fun. I also feel this was before politics and echo chambers. /pol/ destroyed 4chan. I remember before /pol/ existed.

Anyway, this is my first post ever here. Just want to get this off my chest. I feel bad that I can no longer enjoy a message board I grew up on.
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Anonymous 263415

Even online in the 00s people were weirdly aggressive against anime/Japanese games and their fans, so even if you were in "nerd" space you got bullied or were looked down upon to some degree. I remember seeing it referred to as "chinkshit" by people who I thought were chill. 4chan was the one of the few places you could chat with other weebs.

Anonymous 263418

Go back to lolcow then

Anonymous 263753

Elites wanted a culling, this culture marks undesirables.

Anonymous 263754

I'm 38 and I play the banjo ban ban jo banjo

Anonymous 263755

I miss the old mu when it wasn't full of kpop coomer bait
There was racism but I feel like back then the only people into anime were obsessive spergs, true weaboo culture is gone now that anime is on netflix. I miss those days kek.
Anyone remember when lolita culture was cut throat and all about burando?


At the end of my rope, do I join the military? Anonymous 261415[Reply]

I literally can't find a job anywhere. I ran away from home and have been crashing at a friend's place for something like 3-4 months. Their parents want to send me back home for not being able to get a job this whole time, but I've been applying constantly. Not even the shittiest shit jobs will hire me even though I have 10 years of experience in food and have told them I'm just trying to start anew. I'm negatives in the bank, maybe 30 dollars to my name now.
What the fuck can I even do at this point, should I just enlist?
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Anonymous 262068


Yeah, but I don't ever expect to find one. There have only ever been one or two girls who I liked romantically, and neither of them really thought twice about me.

Every relationship I've been in, the other girl has been head over heals and I've been lukewarm. They were good people, and I liked them, but one sided passion isn't something that you can hang a future on. Being in a relationship like that made me feel really guilty after a while, and keeping up airs like I'm into it too gets draining. Eventually my guilt got the best of me and I break it off.

I always think that love is something that can come with time, but I've been in three "serious" relationships and I never really came to care about them like that. I don't want to make that mistake again, so I'm just stuck in limbo. In my case being alone isn't so bad though, I have a couple of close friends that keep me warm, and I get on with my family well enough.

Since I'm blogposting my emotions life story apparently, I've been chatting with a girl on and off for the last 458 days according to my snap streak. Same pattern as always; she's crazy about me, I think she's alright.

We do a private bookclub where we read a chapter or two a week and then have a long call where we talk about it. She always tells me about her life, and I always listen. She's just reading the books for an excuse to talk to me, I'm just reading the books so that I can deflect having personal conversations. I feel bad about it, but despicably I still take comfort in the fact that I' someone who other people can feel strongly about. I don't like that part of me, but if I look at myself from the outside, I understand and forgive it.

Anonymous 262139

>snap streak
For someone who has experienced rejection/abuse/neglect in the past, relationships can be an attempt to fill a void and feel loved and valued, while at the same time causing emotional detachment and avoidance

Anonymous 262236


Oh yeah this is 100% the case for me. My mom abandoned me and my dad when I was young, just left one day.

It's kind of strange, I don't feel particularly bad about it, no conscious negative emotions, I don't have any memories of the period. But it obviously must have really messed me up, same way it would any other kid. If I imagine another 4 year old going through it my heart breaks, but it feels so matter-of-fact from the inside. I guess that a ton of my worse qualities must be butterfly-effected from that, but I can't really reckon the cause-and-effect chain for any of them in particular, so it doesn't feel true even though I think it probably is.

Anonymous 263733

DO NOT join the military. Awful pay, you can't just leave if you hate it unlike regular jobs you're there until your term is up, the 'benefits' aren't even worth it because if you're this desperate for work that you're even considering joining the military then a third of college tuition ain't gonna help ya, and given the state of the world you're extremely likely to get deployed in the middle east just to get drone striked or bombed to death. 30k a year to get instantly blown up is a really shit deal. Even if you get hired as a non-combatant role they WILL reorganize you because recruitment rates are abysmal.

Anonymous 263734



Creepypasta Thread Anonymous 233693[Reply]

What's your favorite creepypasta? Got any recommendations?
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Anonymous 233970

Literally the only good creepypasta out there, every other one sucks ass.

Anonymous 262094

borrasca. It's a shame that most creepypastas nowadays is reddit trash.

Anonymous 262095

borrasca. It's a shame that most creepypastas nowadays is reddit trash.

Anonymous 263730

The ones I remember retelling the most to my friends were White with Red, 1999, and The Elevator Game. Not sure if the last one is really a creepypasta per se, but it fits within the same kind of 'internet horror'
I also made a quick poem in the spirit of this thread, hope you like it

>Once I had a friend named Tim

>Who one day tried to share my skin
>I could not leave once he came in
>For he was me, and I was him

Anonymous 263732

Plant a knife in both Tim's parasite eyes, thanks


What's your favorite fruit? Anonymous 255702[Reply]

Mine is strawberry
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Anonymous 263461


My favorite fruit is the cherimoya. I don't enjoy them myself, as they can be cloying, but I do give them as gifts to people I dislike because they increase the risk of developing Parkinson's disease.

Anonymous 263467

Also kidney stones.

Anonymous 263607

Any fruit with tajin on it

Anonymous 263608

So mostly mangos

Anonymous 263676

This villainess is pretty cool, much to learn.


am I normal? Anonymous 257854[Reply]

I always thought I was not one for romance, I thought it was my punk phase that I would grow out of which I thought I did at some point because I started developing crushes on guys but the crush would fade as soon as I interacted with him more.
I can't imagine a guy that I like or that is my type and I can't imagine myself in a relationship, I thought I could be a lesbian/bi but I didn't have much interest in girls either and I do enjoy attention from guys but I don't like them to be there for too long and I tried to get give guys a chance because I might develop feelings later on but no use.
I feel like I can never love a man, I would get into a relationship if I do find a guy whom I can tolerate enough and who is also beneficial for me but otherwise, I cannot imagine myself with a guy and doing lovey-dovey stuff, just not me.
for reference, I am a virgin in my mid-20s, been on a few dates but that's the extent of my experience with guys and at my current mental state I don't even find the idea of going on dates tolerable.
does anyone else feel this way?
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Anonymous 260283

You could be asexual. It sounds like forcing yourself into a relationship won't make you feel any better, and rather than worrying about being normal or expecting that you should have long-lasting crushes it would probably be more rewarding to start enjoying a life without partner troubles or seek out a platonic partner. You can keep an open mind to see what comes your way, but it's wasted effort to try to 'fix' yourself.

Anonymous 261682

I feel the same and I'm not asexual

Anonymous 261688

You literally just described my entire romantic life to a T. Im pretty sure we’re not normal though lol but also it could just be aromanticism or asexuality

Anonymous 263632


nta but probably why I never felt romantic attraction to anyone my entire life. An official diagnosis would be good though. It's supposedly incurable and doesn't affect your life anyways.

Anonymous 263646

You and I are pretty similar. Though I can imagine a guy I'd be attracted to they are nonexistent so I don't care.


Anonymous 254183[Reply]

I'm the only real woman that still goes here
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Anonymous 262993


hello again

Anonymous 263000

Honk honk

Anonymous 263236


Men are retarded

Anonymous 263398

how do i learn to draw (digitally)? i bought a laptop with a touchscreen recently but i dont think it has pen pressure detection which kinda sucks. i dont really know where to start aside from maybe tracing stuff i think looks cool or trying to do redraws of art i like?

Anonymous 263401


Are you already used to drawing traditionally? Just draw a lot digitally, also get a cheap drawing tablet to make it easier it's painful to draw with a mouse or touchpad, when you install the drawing tablet drivers it puts (??) the pen pressure config thing in your computer i think, my art is really shitty though and i'm very unprofessional and just doing it for fun i myself am unhappy with how most of it looks currently so i don't know if i'm the best one to be asking this lol!


I've had discussions with MGTOWs Anonymous 232616[Reply]

Some want to take away women's rights and impose an incel version of shria law. While others hate women to the point of trying to replace them altogether. With sex dolls, robots and artificial wombs. What causes this level of hatred for women?
59 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 248943

Men aren't really "going their own way" if they just loop back to caring about women to the point of hating them and wanting to hurt them. That is just going the way of the typical terrible misogynist that no one likes.

As for sex dolls and whatnot, all of it is paraphilias. I want the word paraphilia to come back. Psychology was right when it labeled transgenderism as a mental illness. The big reason why you're starting to see companies adopt LGBT is because big pharma is starting to realize the market for emasculating men that are delusional enough to self-emasculate. They've figured out how to keep men pornsick and men continue to enable their own pornsickness and then try to blame it on women instead of trying to have any level of innocence or self-control.

Anonymous 249137


Call me late to the party but I somehow only just realized that, these days, the purpose of the chad meme is so men can feel like they "won" or came out on top even if they're wrong or can't logically reconcile something. For example, I asked some men how they keep arguing misogyny doesn't exist while freely admitting how much they hate women. Answer: Chad saying yes to both.

Then they go on to write entire spiels about women being emotional, illogical, nonsensical and impossible to reason with.

Anonymous 249152

A woman can never be as evil as a man, no matter how hard she tries.

Anonymous 263422


its amazing how little you understand, and how much you hate, the men who are most similar to you. If this site was for men, it would be called an incel/mgtow forum.

Anonymous 263444


Idk should one even respond to this, but could you please provide me various stats and studies, that shows how women dominated society making men’s lives (often deliberately) worse in various ways with various instruments for years?
I mean - if it’s totally the same, isn’t it


MOST favorite animals Anonymous 228179[Reply]

Post your MOST favorite animals. EPAULETTE SHARKS are GOOD creatures, and AREN'T loved ENOUGH.
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Anonymous 263400

>anon reads "my favourite of favourites"
>how does the 1% change contextually if it's part of the 5%?
>his autist brain shits itself
moids BTFO

Anonymous 263403

images (1) (10).jp…

Anonymous 263404


Anonymous 263421


Anonymous 263425


owls are pretty cool


No stupid questions Anonymous 263273[Reply]

What the fuck is wrong with the south ?
2 posts omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 263293

>what the fuck is wrong with the north?

Anonymous 263295

Safe and legal abortion

Anonymous 263299

the south is pretty nice and i like how certain areas still seem close-knit. you can also say y'all without feeling cringe

Anonymous 263320


You mean the Global South? Institutions. Read pic related. t. South American.

If you're talking about the American South, then probably culture.

Anonymous 263368

Serous question, why don't you use a Spanish image board? Spanish is a common language.

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