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Women in Gamedev 114328[Reply]

Wanted to make a thread for women who both browse lolcow and work in gamedev. The industry isn't always the best place to share your REAL thoughts, so I thought a thread for it might be nice. Discuss, vent, chat to your heart's content. Also, this was posted on lolcow but I wanted to post this on CC too. Somebody founded a women in gamedev Discord group (I'm in it myself) and if you're interested in joining, hit up the email listed up above for an invite. We voice verify so, scrotes, fuck off.

Anonymous 115694

I don't work in gamedev but would certainly like to. Personally, I prefer to be indie.
>The industry isn't always the best place to share your REAL thoughts
such as…? I'm not aware of the situation of women in this industry.


Do you believe that explicit verbal consent has to be given for sex to not be rape? Anonymous 116355[Reply]

i.e. one of the partners must ask the question "Do you want to have sex?" and the other partner must respond "Yes." Anything other than this, is it rape?
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Anonymous 117077

Everything is

Anonymous 117093

When everything is rape, nothing is. The term loses meaning. Both interpretations are correct.

Anonymous 117112

Uh, nta, but that's not how spacetime and mass work sry

Anonymous 117113

Samefag, I had a whole speech but deleted it, rip

Anonymous 120020

I froze when i was getting sexually assaulted. Couple of guys and me alone, i tried to mouth no but words wouldn't come out because i was so shocked. If anyone had sense they would've seen i wasn't up for it, but two guys standing at the door looking at me intimidated me psychologically as i was afraid i could get hurt. It was when someone barged in that they moved out the way and pretended it didn't happen but i realized i was about to get raped sober when i was returning home. So no, the rapists would know what they are doing without words. Actions such as trying to get away, not responding to you,feeling uncomfortable…if the cues aren't there it's probably because you are uncivilized


Anonymous 119320[Reply]

Would a female volcel be called vemcel or folcel?

Anonymous 119324

femcel, "female celibate" or a "celibate who happens to be female"
fem volcels and incels are both covered in this term
dumb question, we need a random/qtddtot thread for stuff like this

Anonymous 119325


Anonymous 120017

They're called normal


Anyone else went to women's schools? (junior high, high school , Anonymous 119998[Reply]

What are your experiences?
It's disheartening how much attack or scorn we get for an all-girls educations since we no longer need it/ gender equality is already achieved, why do we need exclusive education for women only/ women's schools are bitchy and manhaters, wasteful rich girls, etc. Most of the hate comes from men and those who wish to go to women's schools(not gendies but just guys who feel discriminated etc) and we are fetishized or bombarded to high heaven. Catholic schoolgirls, non-religious, non-political schools, junior high, high school, women's colleges, graduate programs…what are your experiences? Have you heard about exclusive female educational facilities that face the same problems or is it my neurosis.
I genuinely want to know why people seem to dislike it so much, when in the past people barred women from getting properly educated and therefore needed to be seperated from men( which isnt the case anymore). Now they are mad because of the exact same exclusionary reason and it's not even for some PC or conservative reasons. Why?
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Anonymous 120005

Went to an all-girls catholic school. Loved it. No competition except for academic achievement, no bitchiness, no stupid boys pitting us against each other, no weird complexes in math class. All the teachers were female too. If I have a daughter I want her to grow up in an all-female environment too.

Anonymous 120008

They're crying that the women have an attitude and don't stick up with their bs as much. Quite the contrary, a lot of girls i know who attended all-girls schools and havent been in the vicinity with male students got fantasies to them…i attended both mix-sex and all girls schools and the former gave me misandry lol. They're just bitter they can't touch them and entering a ~flowery~ all girls school/college is some sort of fantasy for them.

Anonymous 120009

>>120005 Exactly! The only bad point for me was that the academics were so hard to catch on because the girls studied so hard and typically didnt drop out or get wasted on booze or drugs so the competition was tight. But the bitchiness thing is definitely blwon out of proportion, it's a propaganda to just hate on the girls and we don't fight over left over scraps or have boys harrassing us…

Anonymous 120010

Jesus i hope all the teachers were female too because there was one male teacher and he turned out to be a massive creep. Sexually harrassed some students and got kicked out but not quick enough. Male teachers used to say weird shit like how the classroom smells so good or some weird schoolgirl fantasies(not sexual but with some moid undertones) before the #metoo movement and radfem uprising few years ago in 2017(?). I'm glad you had a great time

Anonymous 120011

>>120002 i ditched a women's school because i wanted to oggle hot guys but regretting it because i found zero cute ones. But the recent surge on guys(and pickmes) trying to cancel and close women's colleges and schools where i live are concerning me


Millennial Men vs Zoomer Men? Anonymous 119630[Reply]

Who are better?
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Anonymous 119946

>know how to code
Yeah, no. How can they learn to code if the online experience has been simplified so much to baby them that so many are lacking greater digital literacy?

Anonymous 119947

I don't know, but that future really makes me anxious. I don't want to see it but I probably will because. It sounds like those sci-fi dystopian books. And I don't think they'll know how to code or anything productive, they'll probably spend all the time just watching dumb videos in YouTube or whatever it's popular in 15-20 years. Most of them will probably reach legal age without any real skill

Anonymous 119999

>>119906 Jesus who would f*ck or be attracted to them? (i'm also a zoomer probably about their age) but this is cringe

Anonymous 120004


I mean, zoomer women finding post malone hot was a slippery slope and it's all downhill from here

Anonymous 120006



The virgin hot girl. Does she exist? Anonymous 48375[Reply]

I guess we all know that hot guy that it's a virgin because of social autism and/or because he's a jerk. Does his female counterpart exist? Is it possible for a women to be hot and a loser? Or being a virgin already means your ugly?
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Anonymous 119290


Hot women who use their beauty to fuck with moids are based.

Anonymous 119294

Women don't gain from a relationship. Studies show them happier alone than with a man. So yes, as a woman it's much better to be alone and happy than partnered and merely content.

Anonymous 119469

my sister is a ‘stacy’ and still a virgin

Anonymous 119491

poast study

Anonymous 120003

No virgin hot guy exists, it's almost always because he looks or either acts unfuckable but even then they are such rare specimen so they are rarely ever virgin even if they are ultra religious, conservative or whatever….however on the contrary there are couple hot girls who are actual virgins and don't put a grand meaning to it. Unlike guys who would make a point out of it and bemoan all the time. Besides getting known you're a virgin and a girl…and a modest looking one at that, i can ensure creeps will come targetting you and fetishizing you. Become someone's bet.


any women that dress without showing/barely showing skin? Anonymous 119975[Reply]

hello! thirdworldsis here! I am short (5'2/1.56) I tend to love all things usually considered 'feminine' when it came to dressing (crop tops, short dresses and skirts, high heel boots, fishnets, see through shirts over tanktops, etc), however, I'm interested in changing my style into something that covers me up much more (not because I think what I previously wore was wrong, but becuase I've been harassed in public and I'd rather avoid that as much as possible.) I always liked to be stylish and creating outfits, I know I can still be stylish and have a non-boring style with this clothing shift, but I'm so unfamiliarized w it that I don't know where to start, I also want to still express the feminine aspect through clothes that aren't generally female only ones (unlike skirts, dresses, crop tops, higheel boots, etc). Help? recommend me yt channels or any resources to get inspiration, or tell me about your personal style choices

Anonymous 119976

By default women "cover up their skin" aka not wearing fishnets and see through skirts. How difficult is it to understand that women dress like normal people and not hyper feminine objects on display?

I don't believe that women and girls can ever afford to be oblivious to sexual attention from men. Not only is it evident everywhere in the media but it is experienced first hand starting very young. You weren't socialized as a woman/girl. You're a troon.

Anonymous 119978

concluding that someone is a troon because of wearing fishnets or see through shirts with a tank top underneath is so off on your part, why come to the thread if you're not going to be of any help?

Anonymous 119981

I'm not gonna help you dress like a zoomer girl. You're just a dumbass. Only trannies and strippers wear fishnets btw

Anonymous 119984

fuck off tradthot. Fishnets have been a staple of alternative styles, from way before zoomer zoomers were even born. Gothic women aren't strippers or trannies.

Also undermining the harassment OP went through is so classy of you, handmaiden. Fuck off from this board.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 119985

Moved to >>>/hb/14677.


Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate Anonymous 29200[Reply]

Prove me wrong
23 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 119521

Not her, but there are salted chocolates that have black pepper in them too, they're really really good

Anonymous 119563

Anything in the 75% to 100% range tastes good to the same to me, and it's what I prefer, so I guess I draw the line at 100%.

Anonymous 119585

why is it that the more sugar it has, the funkier it tastes?
like, most dark chocolates taste sappy, and sweetness brings out the stale storage flavor that would otherwise be masked by milk. the worst of both worlds.
i like those astringent ”buttons” for that reason, it has neither sugar or milk, so it tastes like cocoa.
and the milk seashells which have no sugar are tasty too.

Anonymous 119965

I won't prove you wrong, bc you're correct. Gimme that 70%+.

Anonymous 119966

this thread made me want dark chocolate :(


The only real reliable IQ test Anonymous 78658[Reply]

The only real reliable IQ test



my english is 97 iq im sorry
111 posts and 52 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 119690

Jackoff trades.png

why am i so painfully average lmao

Anonymous 119712


how do you do my fellow retard

Anonymous 119726

Bildschirmfoto 202…

this is pretty much the exact one i got when i took one with a psychiatrist as a teenager, which is weird cause i'm 100% sure i've gotten significantly dumber since then. so i fully expected to get a way lower score.. but its nice i guess

Anonymous 119727

and another thing that is weird is that my verbal IQ was usually always the highest one. maybe its because english isnt my first language but generally i am fluent so i dunno.

Anonymous 119963


Did this again, improved a bit.


Do you consider yourself a femcel? Anonymous 61088[Reply]

Well, do you?
74 posts and 13 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 118327


I don't believe involuntary celibates exist. Anyone could hire a prostitute, or have sex with someone who is likewise unattractive and desperate, but they choose not to, either because it doesn't meet their standards or it doesn't sate their ego. They put conditions on it, meanwhile rejecting those who have had sex as being xcels regardless of circumstance (i.e. I am an incel because I could only get sex from an obese single mother prostitute, but you are not an incel because you chose to have sex with an obese single mother prostitute.) A femcel is really just a celibate woman, and a spinster/old maid is the aged up version of this.

Now, some female virgins do not want to associate with the label. In light of incels not existing, there is really no need for a "counter" label of femcel to exist. You can just say virgin, or celibate, which is more clear to the point and causes less of these pointless semantic arguments. Also, it doesn't carry the same negative connotations. I don't know why we have to use these buzzwords that no one agrees on.

Anonymous 119110

Yeah. It's voluntary celibacy at this point from a lack of trust in men

Anonymous 119135


Don't fall for men's "we are less picky than the evil shallow wimminz" crap.

Anonymous 119143

Practice gfs are such a fucked up thing. Going into a relationship you know you will end from the start.

Anonymous 119374

I've seen male incels claim that it's not about just having sex, it's about being desired by someone and having sex or a relationship without coercion or money being involved.
Research on "involuntary celibates" had already been done in the 90s IIRC

But many relationships start while one or both partners know that it will eventualy end. Usually because they don't plan on spending their whole life with the next person they meet, or because they don't believe in eternal love, or for some other reason that has nothing to do with "practicing" to get an "upgrade" later.
At least those other reasons aren't as cruel as this one.

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