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have you ever made friends here? 138702[Reply]

im new and i like it here but it seems like the anonymous format would make it harder to make friends…maybe nobody's here to make friends in the first place but it seems like it would be nice considering many of us probably struggle with feeling lonely (or out of place with normie irls). btw sorry if i messed up! first time posting pls be nice<3
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Anonymous 138991

I would use WhatsApp if I could hide my phone number but I don't think I can right?

Anonymous 139135


most people i've met off here were deranged narcissists. but i have one friend ive kept for years off crystal cafe. she's like a mother to me.

and i'll always be loyal to her. we like rantin about our interests alot, and have no shame in talking about sewing, dresses, clothes or just video games in general. i helped her become an established vtuber by coming up with her design and stream assets. it was a nice experience overall. she has a great personality and is unlike anyone else from here.

Anonymous 139136

Cute and fitting image use, I want a homura gf…

Anonymous 139167

Nah but I kinda wish I could. But I wouldn't know how to contact them, I don't even use any social media since I basically don't know anyone. I've never had a female friend in my life other than if you want to count a couple of online ones who ghosted me years ago. Girls I've met don't tend to have anything in common with me and always seem to just think I'm too weird. Some people I see posting here seem to be more similar to me than ones I've met before. So yeah this site is just another one of my substitutes to make up for lacking an actual social life.

Anonymous 139175

patting you gently on the head anon even if most people here won’t know each other personally, your presence is still appreciated


Are you more like your mother or your father? Anonymous 138934[Reply]

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Anonymous 139025

Wow, how did you find out? Did your bio dad know you were his?

Anonymous 139106

physically: my mom
personality: 70% my mom, 30% my dad

Anonymous 139108

100% like my mom thank god

Anonymous 139129

My father and I hate it, not only do I literally look like a female version of him (which means I'm fucking ugly), but I have all his negative traits, from the extreme laziness to the sudden anger outbursts, everything.

Anonymous 139145

shadow disappointe…

my sister inherited all the good traits from my parents, while i inherited the bad and inconvenient traits, including the health issues. a lot of them from my dad's side.


Terfposting #19 Anonymous 136173[Reply]

This is a thread for shit-talking troons and meme-posting.
Radical feminist discussion goes in the pinkpill thread (use the catalog).

Previous threads:
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Anonymous 139142


Anonymous 139157

holy fuck that is a high quality post. do you know from which board that screenshot is from?

Anonymous 140076


Anonymous 140110

>cc is incapable of producing high quality content other than biochan so we have to scrape 4chan for it

where did we go wrong?

Anonymous 140116

4chan is mostly twitter screencaps anyways


Anonymous 138996[Reply]

can you nonas recommend any "off the beaten path" things to see and do when travelling to specific countries?
i really like discovering less well known and interesting places to visit

Anonymous 139000

Come to Thyholm, Denmark. There's nothing here! It's great.

Anonymous 139001

I'd recommend that Icelandic church and the whole Snaefellsnes peninsula OP. Actually, I recommend all of Iceland.

Anonymous 139004

you might like atlas obscura

Anonymous 139016


ill travel to japan soon and id love to know places like the ones described in the op
any nonas that have been there know some of them? also how is japan in general? im excited but a little nervous

Anonymous 139018

visit little onsen towns


I hate living in the city Anonymous 138958[Reply]

Who else /country bumpkin/ here

Anonymous 138960

I love the country but I also love the city, the cafes, bars, shops how can you live without these. Its impossible to be satisfied in one or the other for me

Anonymous 138982

Anonymous 138985

I've never lived in the city, so I can't compare, but I wish there were more things to do without the need of transport in the country side and that the people were nicer. I think a part of the reason why my little countryside area has a lot of youth crime is because young people are just bored out of their minds here. There's nothing to do so why don't we steal/graffiti/sit outside and harrass strangers etc, is the mindset I assume they have.

My perfect place would be a country side that has shops and fun things not too far away and is mostly populated by elderly kind people.


Anonymous 135601[Reply]

>Dad showing me his reddit gold from a recent post he made
>decide to try and catch a peak at his username so maybe I can troll him
>look up his reddit account
>mostly innocent stuff about his interests
>look a little deeper
>posts in r/Blonde berating, scrutinizing yet simping for random pornstars (he is married and has multiple kids)

Once I found berating pornstars funny and well deserved, but after seeing a male close to me who is otherwise mostly normal appearing berate them while simultaneously using them to get off, I don't think so. Women really are just objects to men and its depressing.
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Anonymous 138165

>implying he didn't delete all the bad stuff and left those bits as a red herring

Anonymous 138260

My Nigel literally hates porn. I snoop through his phone and laptop too. He only uses the internet to talk about music equipment and get on fb.

My dad however is a gross coomer. But he was abusive, so I don’t care.

Anonymous 138333


>looking into a moid's internet history
>being surprised when there's porn involved

Every moid is some form of degenerate that will get lead along by their dick at some point, no matter how pure or innocent they may seem.
What was once Playboy and Sports Illustrated, is now just internet browser history

>Why are men like this?
Lust is basically a binary switch for them. When it's on, they're no better than a dog in heat. As disgusting as it is, I can't view them any worse than when a dog humps the sofa or when a cat is mewing at 2 o'clock in the morning

Anonymous 138361

or he knows how to use private mode

Anonymous 138973

And now you've discovered why religion is so important to moids. And exactly why undermining it has been so disastrous for humanity.
It helps to control their sexual urges, which helps the other half of humanity also become human. Undermine these things at your own risk. I hate all of modernity so much.


Anonymous 128502[Reply]

How many hours of sleep a night do mermaids need?
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Anonymous 128764

Why do you think they don't exist?

Anonymous 128772

Calling something …

0 they consume people for energy

Anonymous 128777

thats a big probably

Anonymous 138804


5, i think they’d lie on the surface like sunfish with one eye open for any surface or water dwelling foes. maybe if a pack of them manage to capsize a fairly large boat they can have a hibernation session after gorging on all the sailor filet.

Anonymous 138955



teps system.PNG

Anonymous 138913[Reply]

Has this ever happened to you?
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Anonymous 138917

no because i don't interact with manchilds

Anonymous 138943

Telling a stranger that you're on your period is bizarre. She didn't have to go into such detail.

Anonymous 138947

No because I don't do shit for moids. I wish she didn't have to be so apologetic about it.

Anonymous 138948

I think that scrotoid reacted like that because he sensed her weakness.

Anonymous 138954

Honestly, I think if a stranger asks you why you're late and you respond with full paragraph about your period, you are inviting ridicule.


Anonymous 138551[Reply]

This guy is so fucking ugly what in christ is wrong with his jaw
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Anonymous 138711


I like apu especially the high quality ones

Anonymous 138712

I am neutral about Wojak, but I like Pepe and Apu. My favourite is Gondola though.
I completely disagree with the angle that they are "moid things" or whatever, and the only fault I see in them is that they were hijacked by normies (I hate those unfunny Twitter wojak "memes").
A meme needs to be, well, memetic. It's not just some random picture, it needs memetic properties. I think the closest we have is Cece, and she is based on Pepe.

Anonymous 138721


Yes, absolutely awful
Gondola looks semi good only because the origin is weeb - so it is simplistic enough without unnecessary messy lines and have a cute simple face - that’s why it can look cute

Anonymous 138735

Not the fop

Anonymous 138906

I mean, the guy that's photoshopped to hell in the pic is real.


Art websites? Anonymous 130090[Reply]

I've been looking for an art hosting website or forum that has an old internet feel. Think of classic Deviantart, New Grounds, AO3, etc. I dislike modern UIs and not being able to customize my profile in the slightest.
I don't like Neocities because, even if there's a community, there's no way to easily interact with others and share my art.
Tumblr is the best I got so far.
What do anons recommend?
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Anonymous 137707


oh shit, i hadn't thought about deviantArt pulling a 404, but that's what happened to tinypic. photobucket is still around, but it got all fucked up.

Anonymous 137708



i would hate to see it go despite what it's become. it really feels like a cornerstone of the internet.

Anonymous 137713


It just feels desolate, like there's only a small group of actual people left with the rest being bots submitting random stuff and giving each other traffic.
It can't even die with dignity since it's long past that point, this place has no dignity left. It's like the website equivalent of a crack addict

Anonymous 137734

I imagine that hypnosis fetish art about celebrities with a particular smell, that sour smell that people get when they sweat alot and don't wash for a long time. No way this art has a nice smell.

Anonymous 138881

>dA is about to become even worse
they're doing the impossible

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