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General Chat Thread Anonymous 15251[Reply]


Tell me, what's on your mind? What are you all up to? Lets talk.
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Anonymous 34750

Don't worry, I've been there. >>>/b/32244

Anonymous 34751



My dumb ass was thinking "wow, it's only Monday and I've already gotten so many things done for the week"… hahahahaaaa

Anonymous 34768


I have absolutely no idea how to meet people irl that have the same interests as i do.

Anonymous 56990


Anonymous 57034

I wish


Anonymous 57011[Reply]

What's your favorite book?

Anonymous 57012


tears of eros - George Bataille


Anonymous 56999[Reply]

Big list of imageboards easily sortable




Tattoos Anonymous 35706[Reply]

I've been thinking and I want a tattoo really badly. What are your thoughts, miners who have tattoos?

I was thinking about some kind of really minimalistic and small flower motive, since I've talked to one of my friends who suggested those after I told her what I want to signify with said tat. So here comes the thing. I'd like it to express how grateful I am and how I've improved, simply put. Other than some flowers I've looked up which express these things, what would you recommend I look at? Perhaps some kind of inspiration? Thanks in advance.
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Anonymous 36117

shading on these looks unimpressive

Anonymous 36118


What are you talking about?

Anonymous 36120

I have tattoos. If you don't have any, I would recommend you keep it that way. I only like my first tattoo. The others are just mistakes I'd be happy to get removed if tattoo removal wasn't in the stone age.

I know nobody ever listens to warnings though.. So do what you want. Hopefully you won't regret it

Anonymous 36125

>get tattoo from Chinese artist
>it's supposed to mean "good luck" but it actually says "I eat spring rolls for breakfast" and "I love dicks"

Anonymous 56987

How's your first tattoo like?
>1 year
Ow shit


Anonymous 56964[Reply]

Even if you're a 9/10, share all of his interests, treat him with respect, oblige his every fetish, cook and clean for him, birth his children, even make lots of money and have some amazing talent and intelligence… basically, be the perfect woman, he will lust after other women.
Even if he's bottom-of-the barrel and somehow scored the woman of his dreams, he still feels entitled to more women.
Even if you give your entire life to him, he'll secretly start to resent you for growing older and less attractive over time. The lusting will only get worse as you age and he gets more bored of you.
How the fuck do I cope with this? I already have crippling insecurities. I just want to be loved as much as I give in return. Why are men like this? Can't they to at least appreciate what they have?
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Anonymous 56967

That can't be completely true, right? Surely there's at least a few men capable of real love?

Anonymous 56968

explain why oneitis is a moid thing then

Anonymous 56970

They want that one single woman to adore them.
They don't have any issues jerking off and fantasizing about other women, but don't want their target woman do fantasize about anyone else but him.

Anonymous 56971

Subscribe for more advice from homeless washouts

Anonymous 56974

Oneitis is an affectation. If you actually follow up with these guys who say they were SOOO IN LOVE FOREVER AND CAN'T IMAGINE LIFE WITHOUT HERRRRR, they'll have said it about thirty other girls in the interim.


How do I get a bf Anonymous 52780[Reply]

guys always say it's so easy for a girl to get intimacy, I just want someone to hold me once a week at night

i have tried so hard online, im deaf btw
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Anonymous 56912

>Asian bfs are now status symbols
[x] Doubt

Anonymous 56916

What if you want both?

Anonymous 56919

The other way round would mean that men have it much easier to find someone who cares. I'd say it's equally difficult for both genders to find that kind of person.

Anonymous 56934

In my experience when men don't commit to a relationship it's because they aren't romantically attracted but aren't above feigning that for sex whereas women that don't care about the relationship are trying to model the faux-maturity where they intentionally maintain emotional distance in ways that they think are just the adult way of handling things but are actually just dumb

Anonymous 56935

Be hot.


Anonymous 56632[Reply]

What is fundamentally wrong with the moid brain that makes them do this shit
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Anonymous 56804

i'm sorry but that is hilarious

Anonymous 56860

>meanwhile, god, the king, and all his men can't even convince moids to brush their teeth more than once per day

Anonymous 56905

Forget about brushing teeth. Not doing that only harms themselves, but not washing their filthy hands with soap for 20-30 seconds harms everyone else, too.
I wished there were penalties for people who refuse to engage in the art of hand washing because muh healthy immune system. Fuck, I just don't want dick bacteria and other people's earwax/saliva on my hands.

Anonymous 56917

This was obviously a workout and not kinky, also, while it is underhanded at least he's not a feeder. She's better off now, and deep down, she needed it.

Anonymous 56918

Based double standard poster.


High school popularity Anonymous 40992[Reply]

Were you popular in high school?

If yes:
>What are you doing now?
>How has your popularity affected your life?
>How do you feel about it looking back?

If no:
>Who was the most popular?
>Where are they now?
>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?
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Anonymous 56900

No, I wasn't popular in high school. I was one of the most quiet kids and a weeaboo with a small circle of friends.

>Who was the most popular?

The more extroverted ones were most popular. The ones who got elected as class and student representatives (dunno what's the correct word for it in English) and always participated in school activities.

>Where are they now?

Leading normal lives like the normal people they are. Studying for Master degrees, some got married, some are working for well-known local companies.

>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?

The same I felt back then, namely nothing.

Anonymous 56903


I liked the way the character was styled (clothes and hair), Terabithia was a cool movie, but nope. I didn't like much Luna. I'm straight. Well, actually I didn't have any crush from terabithia or HP… well… this one.

Anonymous 56920

Not exactly popular, but I interfaced with the popular crowd occasionally. E.g. I was friends with older people they were interested in, and they were interested in me by association.

>Who was the most popular?

The smart jocks/cheerleaders.
>Where are they now?
Teaching high school.
>How do you feel about their popularity looking back?
Nothing at all.

Anonymous 56921

>few girls had confessed they were insecure of me because they think I have it all-beauty and brains but honestly, I've always been insecure and no amount of compliments can change it as I always look up to incredibly high standards I can never achieve.

holy hell, that feel. i got fit and lost a lot of weight in high school, and since then, it's been all stares and compliments, but nothing could mend growing up in a broken home 40 IQ points higher than your classmates, always been an outcast by my own choice

Anonymous 57302

I was invisible in high school. I didn't know who was popular and nobody knew who I was. At least I wasn't actively bullied.


Anonymous 56647[Reply]

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Anonymous 56806

Atheist with a degree in stem and an intense dislike for faux-intellectual horseshit that masquerades as ~science~, try harder, retard!

Anonymous 56814

nice appellation to your authority, fellow ~scientist~. it's so scientific and atheistic, ahhh…

Anonymous 56815

Then explain what am I missing then? It's not like I'm here just to argue.

Anonymous 56819

Yeah, but also porn abusing it because our brains are kinda not adapted enough to live in THIS comfortable world with a lot of food and entertainment, so our brain (more ancient regions?) are using the same principles as when we were living under the conditions of deficit, (getting as much as possible). Not only because of that tho, but because of you being unhappy living day-to-day, and you not knowing exactly what it causes, so you have to rely on easy-ways-to-get sources of pleasure. So basically it is, whether or not porn and social media is Designed to be addictive, it IS addictive, just because the way how brain is evolved. At least, this is how I make sense of it (don't get mad if you think I might be wrong).

Anonymous 56878

Here's a video you meant to add as a reference.


anyone /linux/ here Anonymous 20549[Reply]

hey guys, i seem to have trouble finding fellow femails within the general linux community so i thought i'd go here!!! say down below:
1. what distro you use
2. how long you've been using linux
3. why you use linux
and anything else you'd like to add!
(picrel is my distro)
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Anonymous 56850

how do i install linux into my laptop ladies? programming brainlet here

Anonymous 56852

ubuntu holds ur hand through the whole process

Anonymous 56857

Installing an operating system is only difficult under three conditions.

1) You want to keep your old operating system on the disk as well
2) You're installing an unreliable bootleg proprietary OS
3) Gentoo

So don't do any of those and you'll be fine.

Anonymous 56865

There's a pretty good argument to be made for security and tech support when it comes to companies, though. Servers run on linux sure but the amount of time needed to train someone to use linux properly is nonzero and that's arguably a pretty big argument against it when everyone who's not a macdrone knows how to use Windows.

Anonymous 56870

Try Manjaro Linux anon, I would also recommend the Gnome Version.
The most complicated thing will probably be the creation of a bootable USB Stick.

Follow the steps and you'll be fine. If I can do it, you can do it.

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