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Anonymous 105886[Reply]

ITT we talk likes brits
"oi mate? Oim havin' a bi't of trouble findin' the loo"
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Anonymous 105891


Good morning! I made breakfast.

Anonymous 105893


Fancy a water sandwich afterward?

Anonymous 105895


Anonymous 105904

that be "oi fancy a watah sawndwhich aftawads?" to you, mate.

Anonymous 105921

Eyup, cock. Rate sound tread ‘ere


Anonymous 44115[Reply]

Where the fuck do you meet men
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Anonymous 103595

>There's heaps of good and attractive men on 4chan


Anonymous 103596

racism? cringe!

Anonymous 103600

necrobumping this hard

Anonymous 104310

Based and churchpilled.

And then you have to deal with his awful family that hates you for being a "western whore", no thanks. Even moderate muslims can be huge assholes, moid entitlement knows no religion but it's clearly more present in that dumpster fire…

Anonymous 105868


>all 4chan boards are /soc/ sausagefests
>99% of 4chan users are posters, nobody lurks
unbelievable cope


Anonymous 103905[Reply]

anyone else just can’t read actual books anymore? i used to love reading when i was younger but now whenever i genuinely pick up a book and try to read it my brain just mindlessly scans over the text and it doesn’t process them as actual sentences but as single words strung together. is this like a normal thing??
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Anonymous 105779

It's not that hard to get back to books. You just have to read a little bit every day and you'll get there. I recommend fiction to get back into it, even if you're more of a non-fiction person. The conceit of a narrative should grip you more easily than something difficult or technical. Once you're back in the habit of reading physical print, you'll quickly be able to read whatever you like while retaining and understanding it.

Just be aware you have a finite amount of time on Earth. Use your time wisely.

Anonymous 105803

Yeah lots of us have technology induced ADD. I recently forced myself to read again and I've been doing better, and enjoying it too.
Its just so hard to get started when imageboards and shitposting are so much more enticing.

Anonymous 105821

At the start of the pandemic when politics and riots were getting out of control I decided to quit all social media/news and read books. I read like 30 books last year and just can't stop reading. I feel like I've learned a lot and grown as a person, plus it's great when people start trying to talk to me about current events I know nothing about and just give them a "whoa, that's crazy" without getting emotionally invested at all.

Anonymous 105851


I will admit that I'm not a big reader but relate to this sort of thing to an extent, I'd have trouble mentally processing what I was reading. Like, I wouldn't be able to convert the words in a mental picture, even when I was reading the Great Gatsby in school, if it wasn't for hearing people in my class read some scenes aloud, I wouldn't know what was going on in certain scenes. Especially if the book starts with the musings of the main character and not a solid scene of what's going on. Recently,however, I've been reading the Moomin books and I have no problem (probably because they're literally children's book kek)

Anonymous 105854

I have one that's 4G and not a smartphone, it's a modernized flip phone. I think the target audience is grandpas who get lost on smartphones. There's stuff like voice-to-text and predictive text to make it a bit easier to use than old flip phones and you still have an internet browser and camera, they just suck.
I don't know what's compatible with your provider but they do exist. Mine is from Alcatel and I know Nokia makes them although I don't know where you buy them.


Anonymous 105745[Reply]

What are some signs that a guy doesn't see you as marriage material?
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Anonymous 105778

Didn't you make this same thread on /lgbt/, tranny?

Anonymous 105813

If he doesn't want to wait until marriage to have sex he doesn't see you as marriage material.

Anonymous 105827

>marriage material
tranny question

Anonymous 105866

>Calling "marriage material" a tranny question
lesbian observation

Anonymous 106174

>he gets upset if you turn him down for sex on the first few dates
>he spends more time asking about you than talking about himself (big red flag, men habitually talk about themselves unless they're avoiding intimacy)
>all hangouts lead to sex after the first few dates, then end quickly
>never introduces you to his friends (another huge red flag for obvious reasons)
>avoids giving information about his life
Those are some of the big ones I've seen that aren't completely obvious like spouting pua bullshit. However, if you actually want to snare a man you need to prove you're worth something to him. Just like you want to make sure he isn't some zero-future loser, he wants to make sure you aren't a money pit onahole rental. Learn the 1950's housewife skills, especially cooking, and demonstrate them. Too many women these days think they just need to fuck well to keep a guy, but in reality a man will take a terrible lay who can cook, clean, and is pleasant to be around for him over a wild ride with lacking wife skills.
Being a virgin is your #1 card to use in this case. Assuming you haven't misread the situation, you need to be the one pressuring for a more committed relationship. Just be aware that, if he's tall and handsome as you say, he might just leave and decide to fuck other women instead because getting laid on demand as never been easier for attractive men than it is right now. If he does it's his loss, not yours, as he's saving you from wasting any more of your time. The person who wins in situations like these is the one who isn't afraid to lose if things don't go their way. Do not let him pressure you into sex unless he has shown sufficient commitment. That doesn't necessarily mean marriage but it can if you think you can actually pull it off.
tl;dr Nothing about marriage has anything to do with love besides keeping one together once it's created. This is a business deal, treat it like one and you will win. Don't fall for pop-culture relationship bs.


Anonymous 104865[Reply]

Porn is the root of the problem
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Anonymous 105790

They're not feminists if they support an industry that traffics women and girls

Anonymous 105791


It's not civilization or capitalism it's the death of spirituality in the West.

Anonymous 105793

>implying mudslimes scrotes aren't as addicted to porn as westerners, if not more.
Sexual repression and pornography consumption are deeply correlated.

Anonymous 105795

True and not true.
"Spirituality" is so vague it could mean many things. Eastern spirituality and neopagan occultist bullshit invades the west and those people are usually the libfems pushing porn positivity.
Protestant christians usually justify their abuse of the planet by saying "but we are the chosen shepards of the earth!!!!1!1"
Muslims are muslims so no.
You need a strong, moral, and truthful religion that should most definetly be enforced by the government.
It would solve a lot of problems but even then it opens doors for religious figures to abuse their power just has happened and continues to happen.
The ONLY way is to live in small rural farming communities that governs itself in whatever way it sees fit, away from any modern technologies that enable for such evil to happen.
Even then, it would still he better to return to hunter gatherer communities.

Anonymous 105797

and their bosses don’t fuck them in the assholes too


Anonymous 104840[Reply]

If you could undo one technology/discovery forever and prevent it from every being mastered by humanity again what would you do?

I think I would get rid of electricity. I think we would have a simpler world.
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Anonymous 105550

sorry this post >>105431
was meant to say that modern medicine was the anything shielding folks from the problems people had before electricity

Anonymous 105551

IVF is selfish of the parents. Usually the parents are at an accelersted age and their baby comes out with a bunch of disabilities, like my aunt's baby did.

Anonymous 105760

Nice pie in the sky you've found yourself there! Real nice pie in the sky!

When some were originally grumbling like this, that particular target was actually a bit more realistic, messing up the power grid was actually somewhat feasible. But now, solar for one twisted that up. Battery technologies also got orders of magnitude better. Then there's also extremely power efficient devices.

Whooops, too bad!

Anonymous 105765

>Shoot a Coors light into the sun
>It's raw frosty power triggers the formation of a massive sunspot
>This in turn triggers the mother of all coronal mass ejection a
>Every power line on the plantet is incinerated

Anonymous 105768


Whu? Where does this delusion come from?

What's with everyone saying or implying that there is some sort of profound, important, sacred power inherent in piss? From one little can touching one little yellow star?

Much like how some people developed this conviction that WMDs got held at bay when some soldiers got the idea to breathe through hankerchiefs soaked in their own piss. It's not so easy. Yet some seem to be telling us it is rather easy:>>104847


Anonymous 59449[Reply]

>parents and counselours hyped up making friends in college to compensate for lack of friends in highschool
>freshman year of college
>stuck in quarantine
what the fuck am i supposed to do now?
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Anonymous 59464

i mean i can go out of my house but all my classes are on zoom and all the clubs have been shut down, so i have very few opportunities to make new friends

Anonymous 59465

Just go out of your way to talk to people. Unless they're crazed about the plague, you'll be fine.

Anonymous 65833

ohhh fuck
That must suck. I can remember how important the first years of college were to me, too
Look at it this way: sophmore year for you will be like freshmen year for most people. And everyone else you go to school with will be on the same page. So you won't be alone then, and people will be your friend

Anonymous 105744

I never made friends in either high school or college. I'm asocial though so I don't mind.

Anonymous 105757

I am you friend


Anonymous 105358[Reply]

Does anyone else, when you're done with a drink but haven't finished it, just pour it on the floor?
Itd be wasted anyway,, and it's just going to evaporate so it's not like there's any cleanup required even either.
Why shouldn't I do this? More importantly, why don't you do this?
33 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 105489

Lol no, it's just you who are a pig

Anonymous 105491

There are multiple people in the thread that agree and do the same thing

Anonymous 105635

If I ever visit someone and see them dump their drink ON THE FLOOR like some subhuman savage, I'd unironically label them as psychopaths. Y'all complain about your mental health but how about you start acting like civilized beings for starters.

Anonymous 105638

mold. better hope it's not black mold

Anonymous 105743


Is this your carpet?


lolcow farmers Anonymous 62542[Reply]

There’s been talk on the threads of /ot/ that some anons are making the move over to cc.
Do you browse lolcow? What do you like/dislike about the forum?
22 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 86478

Ladies, we can argue about cc vs lc all day. One thing will always be true though: /cgl/ is the worst woman dominated image board

Anonymous 86483

I like both sites but theres a lower concentration of tards on lolcow. (Don't get me wrong, there's still definitely tards on there)
But I like how you don't get banned here for using emoticons or typing weird

Anonymous 86503

For a couple of years, I've been interested in lolcows. I prefer kiwifarms because they're a lot less catty and more organized. Nowadays, lolcows aren't doing anything really interesting. I still go back to lolcow often and browse the other boards

Anonymous 86506

Some of the stuff I've read on /cgl/ made me want to kms.

Anonymous 105742



Moving to another city as shut-in Anonymous 88329[Reply]

Long story short: I'm 22 years old and I've been depressed shut-in with severe social anxiety for all my life, and now I have the opportunity to move to another city and live with my friend. Should I do it? I'm scared. I'm inexperienced. I feel sad to leave my mom and grandma, they're visibly upset and I'll miss them a lot. I want to experience life at least once, but what if another city will be a disaster, or I will be disappointed and end up being depressed? I'm scared. I don't know what to expect.

Anonymous 88634

Do it, since you'll be introduced to a new environment, you'll probably experience new(and hopefully fun) situations that you would otherwise not experience

Anonymous 88635

Cute doggo

Anonymous 88698

i moved to a whole different country for college when i was 17 and i'm still living here years later. two words: DO IT. don't be afraid of everything being new, use it to your advantage. you can literally create a whole new personality for yourself since no one really knows you there other than your friend. it's like a new start. i barely had any friends in secondary school and was a complete shut-in, being in a new environment was the main thing that helped me change. i would've probably killed myself if i stayed in my home country.

Anonymous 88752

i moved in with my boyfriend across the country for almost a year and had to move back two weeks ago due to his abuse.

im back home and its making me feel helpless. how did you move out on your own? id like to move away or find a friend to move with again one day because when im home i have nobody here and im just a shut-in like op. i really want to experience life again after i heal from this breakup and work on some stuff.

Anonymous 105737

You might get homesick. But if you don't have much to lose go for it.

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