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Moid Secrets #2 Anonymous 179729[Reply]

A couple years ago someone did a thread on moid specific secrets. let's do a part 2
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Anonymous 182643

What do you mean by save?

Shouldn't that single mother being the one to save her kids first and foremost?

Anonymous 182648

No one wants to be someone's reluctant second choice.

Anonymous 182649

Plenty of people do it anyway.

Anonymous 183065

That is how most moids feel when they are in a relationship wuth a single mother. Like they are a second choice (more like n^100th).

Anonymous 183179

why is it newsworthy when a human bites a dog but not vice versa?


Anonymous 182612[Reply]

Itt: post one moid that you like

Ill start, terrence mckenna was the definition of a non toxic male
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Anonymous 182656

You mean he enforced a hyper patriarchal system where the sole goal and highest achievement of a woman was to be a baby machine, then tried to justify it as compassion. Many Muslim moids do the same.
Another /pol/ raid by loser Nazi basement dwellers, I suspect

Anonymous 182706

I also like Terence, guy was a fucking druid.

Anonymous 182758


Off the top of my head, I like David Graeber. Shame he's gone.

Anonymous 182835

I love how the only time a moid can be non-toxic is if he blasts his mind on so many shrooms that god finally speaks reason to him.

I used to like joaquin phoenix (because of his veganism) until he started dating a child

Anonymous 183165

Tom Delonge from Blink 182 is hot as fuck.


Any art tips for amateurs? Anonymous 149482[Reply]

Literally anything that can be helpful for someone that is starting off such as anatomy, rendering, art style?
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Anonymous 182307

There's also a 2.0 version but it's paid (you can find the pirated version if you want), the 2.0 version links you to unlisted/hidden playlists on youtube that Alex made fyi.
and a discord link to the server https://[[read the rules]]/hggrsAjFQe
I hope many miners join

Anonymous 182893


Drawing in flat monochrome, hight contrast - one light and one shadow. Draw this way everything you can - objects, shapes, creatures, human body parts. It will help to understand the volume, the shape. Light is creating the picture, so that’s the most basic, even if proportions and technique will be weak

Anonymous 183080

DALL·E 2022-11-28 …

I've been using Dalle-2/novel-Ai for inspiration + starting points.
Super useful.
I still suck tho.

Pic related unmodified but using jankess to generate more on Dalle

Anonymous 183093

Anonymous 183100

ty I am master AI wrangler
kinda working on this "gifting service" and was thinking to use something like these as a mascot.


BIO CHAN thread #2 Anonymous 135972[Reply]

Previous thread: >>85849

Thread for posting your artworks, memes and general OC for Bio chan.
>Who is Bio chan?
She is a terf character often represented by wearing a science coat and with DNA-like hair that likes to remind trannies that they will never be their desired oposite sex. Bio chan as in "Biology chan": reminding troons of their inherent and inescapable biology. Her personnality changes based on the artist because she isn't fully established yet. If there are little tweaks and things you want to change/add feel free! There are currently 2 designs for Bio chan: one labelled GNC (with shorter hair as seen in in picrel) and one who isn't (with long pigtails and more traditionally femenine appearance). Feel free to draw either.

Thread rules:
>No extensive sperging, no derailing. Keep it related to Bio chan, please.
>If you feel the need to talk about a different topic simply move it to another thread (i.e. "pink pill" thread, /feels/ board, "terfposting" thread, etc.) or create a new thread entirely. There is no need to pollute a thread dedicated to OC with unrelated discussion. It does overshadow OC when people overly sperg about unrelated things.

New thread has been created because other anons couldn't stop sperging about unrelated topics in the previous thread so the Bio chan thread sadly became not a Bio chan thread. It does not seem that we can save the last thread so it is just better to make the next Bio chan thread now. These anons can feel free to talk about whatever they are talking about in the previous thread before it fills up and make another one for their topic. Hopefully leaving this current thread alone because off-topic sperging only overshadows the beautiful OC miners create.

Thank you for your understanding. Now onto posting and discussing Bio chan!
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Anonymous 180207

Super lesbian

Anonymous 181768

More like meta lesbian

Anonymous 181792

i drew the original bio-sama drawing and i think i'm going to mildly die from happiness from seeing your illustration! it looks so good. just from the general way she looks, the neatness of her fashion update, the foldings in the clothes aaaaaaaaaa

Anonymous 181807

What is bio-chan's stance on non-TIM moids?

Anonymous 182286

hates them, as she should. gnc biochan is febfem for a reason

Are there female YouTubers who make content similar to his? Anonymous 182824[Reply]

Women who are autistic enough to create episodic compilations and commentaries of men being shallow, misogynistic, childish, egoistic etc. and enjoy seeing a man's ego being brought down a peg?

I somehow stumbled upon this channel and got recommended many other similar ones. It's really eye-opening and sobering to see how men really think about women and judge us when they don't have to censor themselves and be PC. But is there a female equivalent to this? I couldn't find anything.


Anonymous 180488[Reply]

They don't make moids like this anymore, RETVRN…
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Anonymous 181875

He looks like Jesse pinkman's actor but with make up or is it actually him

Anonymous 181926

I love him so much he’s adorable
Question: have any of you guys ever met a qt like this with such a beautiful face and boyishly cute charms?

Anonymous 181928


Anonymous 181934


Anonymous 182880


tfw no campy beautiful adorkable mall goth comic nerd bf
I think he is a one of a kind moid. Winning the female gaze award. Though I am sure he is a sex pervert, idk, a vibe


Have you ever made something that gained popularity? Anonymous 181716[Reply]

A song, a video game, a story, fanfiction etc anything at all.
Feel free to not elaborate to keep your anonymity. I'm just curious.
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Anonymous 182619



I'm the original poster of this. I was completely serious. It made it's round on kpop forums and it's a meme

Anonymous 182636

What did he look like?

Anonymous 182773

I prefer anonymity and close-knitness over all else

Anonymous 182774

how did you make a fool of yourself?
is it linked to your real name in any way, or do people from rl know about it?

Anonymous 182819

Asian prob


How do I unfuck this? Anonymous 180228[Reply]

A new coworker showed interest in me, all of which I ignored or acted very cold towards. I would barely interact back besides a polite smile because I was having issues in my relationship/feeling bad, sad and for the most part don’t pay attention to other men while I’m in one. I hadn’t even noticed he’s really attractive. My relationship is over and I don’t want a rebound, just genuinely interested in him now. My ex was not a loss by any means but rather a good riddance which helps. He’s still paying attention to me but has toned it down a lot so not sure if he’s only just being friendly now and is not interested. I want to know if subtle late reciprocation will do the trick in letting him know I’m interested? I’m thinking even if it’s subtle he’ll notice because it’d still be a big difference/change compared to how I was acting just a few weeks ago. I work in a setting where relationships don’t matter or get in the way of work so not worried about that.
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Anonymous 182146

Anime girl beer.jp…

You're overthinking it, dude.

If he was interested before and was getting a negative response, he probably figured you weren't interested. Chances are he probably would still be down.

Just ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. He'll get the message and reciprocate or he won't. Maybe he got a girlfriend since then.

Anonymous 182176

You most probably shouldn't get with someone so soon after a breakup

Anonymous 182179


>so weak
>so scared
>shameful desire
>no initiative
>might scare moid away
That's how you sound, that's why they are aggressive.

Anonymous 182788

Most women date shitty men, knowing they are shit the whole relationship bit still stay with him. When the relationship is over they start complaining about him like they ddint know how he was the whole time.

Anonymous 182815

As if people don't change over the time


What are some kinda unknown but great links you bookmarked? Anonymous 179588[Reply]

All links, just not gross ones
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Anonymous 180815

I also have this bookmarked. I suck at rhythm games but its still fun

Anonymous 182723

- https://www.gwern.net/index - psychology, statistics, technology
- https://middlepot.com/ - web design, blog, fashion, games
- https://kakashi.neocities.org/ - art, media, blog
- https://cabbagesorter.neocities.org/ - media, blog
- https://utsushimi.neocities.org/home.html - reviews, blog
- https://eldritchdata.neocities.org/CGFTPU/HowToDisappear.html - "how to disappear" guide
- https://hotlinewebring.club/ - webring

Anonymous 182763

How did you even come across this site?

Anonymous 182777

ice worm.jpg

Anonymous 182806

http://cachemonet.com/ old gif/animations
http://salmonofcapistrano.com/ Salmon of Capistrano
It's just as fun with a mouse.
>A printable flip book of photos of 9/11.


Worst and best things in a moid Anonymous 182596[Reply]

Itt we discuss good and bad moid traits. Physical, mental, whatever.

What are the most disgusting moid traits?

What are the most noble aspects a moid can have?
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Anonymous 182776


Ntab you sound like a seething moid tbh

Anonymous 182779

their chin, cheekbones, thick eyebrows and prominent brow ridge
community loving, being helpful to old folks and mentoring young folks.
>noble aspects a moid can have?
honesty and not caring about judgement from others, which i think is fuelled by testosterone.

Anonymous 182780

>What are the most disgusting moid traits?
Being a coomer, being a pedo, being a disgusting pig in general, being needlessly and brainlessly violent or hateful.

>What are the most noble aspects a moid can have?

Being selfless, being self-aware, being empathetic and sympathetic/compassionate when they can't empathize, aspiring and acting toward being a better person. These are all universal between the sexes, though.

Anonymous 182789

Thats the catch, everybody is normie like you, some people can truly understand.

Anonymous 182796

Hit dogs holler.

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