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cece on the comput…

Anonymous 224780[Reply]

Is this your first imageboard?
Which have you frequented? What was the best and what was the worst?
Did anyone ever weave the fabled Mongolian baskets?

Anonymous 224781


Anonymous 224783

>Is this your first imageboard?
>Which have you frequented? What was the best and what was the worst?
I'm gatekeeping my favorite boards but cc is one of the better ones among them
>Did anyone ever weave the fabled Mongolian baskets?
You mean 4chin? if so yes although it's one of the wrost ones out there in terms of quality

Anonymous 224785

>r9k structured scrote post
Glowscrotum confirmed lol

Anonymous 224839

i used to enjoy atob.xyz
…until the same incel and/or tranny that spams gross/racist/illegal stuff to lolcow and here started pasting the same garbage there
…can’t have anything nice…

Anonymous 224851

Yes it is! I heard about good boy points and looked them up on google images, and then found the pretty princess points equivalent, directing me to this site.


Guilty Pleasure thread Anonymous 6018[Reply]

Anything goes.

Spill it!
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Anonymous 224784


the term pegasister makes me nostalgic

Anonymous 224801

i literally just want to peg my bf so bad hes so masculine and dominant but this only makes me want to peg him 10x more ive always been repulsed by the idea of pegging hut i want him in my lap riding me so bad thats all had to get it out

Anonymous 224817

Anonymous 224819

we have an nsfw board fyi

Anonymous 224820

Do it nona. Good luck.


Anonymous 223150[Reply]

Anyone else cringe when libmoids theorize that the only reason women don't have children is because they are expensive? Literally all women I know don't want children mainly because:
1- You need to give up your career growth for more than a decade to raise them
2- Children are an attention black hole, you won't be able to chill in at least a decade
3- Pregnancy and childbirth alter your body in unpleasant ways
In first world countries you can get rich as fuck shitting out babies by becoming a welfare queen, which is what weird ass christcucks/jews with 5+ children do, yet birth rates in these countries are still plummetting while a lot of poor countries are still growing in population, countries where women's education and career choices are limited, thus they can only aspire to be a mother enslaved to a moid, which is the only way most women will bear a child. It's clear that when women have a choice they aren't choosing to throw away their life for another person, and why should we? If the only way the human race can keep on thriving is forced childbirth I wouldn't mind going extinct.

Pic unrelated
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Anonymous 224413

i agree with you nona but men arent people

Anonymous 224417

>be my mom
>have 1 child (me)
>no more kids because money, freedom, yadda yadda
>bet everything on me giving her grandchildren
>i don't want to have kids
>mom is angry and disappointed
>can't stop talking about it
>makes me feel guilty and anxious
>"mom, you're upsetting me"
>"that's the goal, maybe you'll realize having children is your duty"
I wish I had a sibling and they would start a family and happily breed in their little house and I could be the visiting cool aunt.

Anonymous 224421

I didnt consider that but it makes sense it creates like a vicious cycle those who want to reproduce need back ups just in case.

Anonymous 224431

It really does. And the fucked up thing is, even if I changed my mind for some reason, I still wouldn't be able to have kids because my problem is nothing like hers. She didn't want to be poor, and I hate the thought of something growing inside me. It's not about decisions and responsibilities. It's about a phobia.

Anonymous 224769

if my mother did this to me i would go no contact pretty fast


Help-Me-Find General Anonymous 214853[Reply]

Post what you're looking for.
Thank you nonas for answers and suggestions.

Please help me find the artist of ceramic bathtime kitten.
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Anonymous 221422


No, unfortunately I don't think that was it because I don't think you could go outside at all in the game I played. I also vaguely remember it was raining or storming outside. It must have been some super obscure game so wherever it was posted the link would have likely been nuked, if not the whole site anyway.

That still looks like a cool game though. Thanks nona, I might check it out.

Anonymous 224734


Hmf this yaoi manga, or artist. Tia n0nnies.

Anonymous 224749

MuseScore has high quality transcriptions of non-public domain music. For classical/PD pieces, IMSLP should have you covered.

Anonymous 224941

I wanna find it too, now. It almost looks like VictorxYuri from Yuri on Ice?? But I'm really not sure. I'll look around for this and let you know if I find it, kek.

Anonymous 224942


Samefagging. I'm pretty sure the artist is Gearous (the art looks like his, and that looks like his signature). Gearous has a twitter and a patreon, and I think that art is from his patreon or I would post it here (I don't have access too it). I'm pretty sure it's locked behind a paywall, though. If anyone has the original, I'd still be curious to see if I'm right.


General Internet Discussion Thread Anonymous 178600[Reply]

Since there seems to be an increased interest in this topic recently, I thought I'd make a thread for us to discuss the internet in a more general way.

>oldweb VS new

>future of the internet
>changes you've seen over your years of using the internet
>how the internet has impacted mainstream culture
>nostalgic websites/memories of the internet
>new websites/platforms you think have potential
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Anonymous 223619

im gonna be honest, nothing anyone says will convince me that its not just tracing but cool now. i know its more complicated than that but thats all it will ever be to me.

Anonymous 223849

Then what do they do?

Anonymous 223918

You're right but some retards just get angry whenever it's explained kek

Anonymous 224139

I'm honestly surprised at how many anons here are technologically illiterate

Anonymous 224742


If any anons running a website are into webrings, there is a webring for women.


Immigration Thread Anonymous 130609[Reply]

Has anyone here seriously considered immigrating ? Anyone been successful at it? What is likely to make immigrating successful? I am American and I want to live in Canada or Europe. I actually really love my little life here, and this place but the country is becoming way too fascist friendly for me.. I have always worked as a Night Auditor though I can do pretty much any job in a hotel. I want a license to sell insurance and make more money but in the future I can really just see myself leaving.

I really have no idea where to start. Please discuss tricks and approaches .. countries that are better to immigrate to than others…. Is there a possible way through? or is it just too hard for some people who have just an okay/meh amount of money?
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Anonymous 222325

idk just came to say I love the OP pic

Anonymous 222337

Some Spanish. I'm willing to learn a language too. There is a lot of application for Spanish and probably my best bet, but I want to go somewhere with good water quality/ sanitation.

Anonymous 222345


if you can land a remote job (or have a pretty good pension), uruguay has a rentista visa for people who make around 1500 USD or more a month. you could also see if you're eligible for citizenship through one of your parents. mexico is also a popular option, but it REALLY matters which place you choose to stay. I hear a lot of good things about the Yucatan, but it's hot as fuck.

Anonymous 222401

I want to retire with you while holding hands.

Anonymous 224730

You realize it costs around 1mil to retire in singapore…? Also hope you don't smoke pot because they execute people for possession there.


Extreme paranoia Anonymous 224668[Reply]

Literally help, I blocked someone on everything who I just met on a dating app because I don't want to talk to anyone on there anymore, and now I'm scared he will try to ruin my life somehow. He goes to my school and literally only knows my first and last name and we had each other on facebook briefly. We didn't meet in person and only started talking yesterday.
How fucked am I, will/can he do anything? And yes im the same poster who posted about hinge.
6 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 224684

You need to calm down

Anonymous 224688

i don’t know what hinge is, but i know unhinged when i see it.

Anonymous 224694

we are all a little unhinged, nona. this is from how the centre of our consciousnesses comes from a sloppy pink meatball in our skulls. therefore i deduce OP is normal levels of unhinged

Anonymous 224702


making a second thread when the first one seemed like a non-issue makes me question the hinge-to-cringe ratio

Anonymous 224705


Unless he has actively threatened you, you are fine nona. Moids are sick in the head but not all of them make the effort, this is one prob won’t. If u take adderall cut down on it


Should I delete Anonymous 224560[Reply]

I downloaded hinge and i'm very nervous about this. I feel like i'm wasting my time and that the people on there aren't trustworthy. But im also extremely lonely and want to meet new people.
Should I just delete it
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Anonymous 224636

Discord/tagmaps. Unfortunately it is dead and full of troons now. I am considering using bumble bff since it probably has friendlier/more normal people that are looking for friends too…and I can filter out moids lol.

Anonymous 224667


Idk if anyone is even gonna see this, but its op. I think I definitely did fuck up downloading hinge and now I feel really bad for some people I met on there. I just blocked a random dude on there, facebook and snapchat because I'm feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing out of nowhere. I have some other guys who matched with me who I was talking to but now I don't even wanna talk to them either and I left them on delivered for hours. I probably shouldn't have blocked that guy, he literally goes to my college, inb4 he rages and tries to ruin my life somehow

Anonymous 224677

If there was a CC server or at the very least one that was chill and didn't have insane rules (there was one that prided itself at banning anyone "playing the devils advocate" without any clarification as to what they exactly mean like way to kill conversation) I'd be down for joining it

Anonymous 224679

why do you feel uncomfortable? do you think theyre laughing at your profile or something? hes not going to hunt you down because youre some random person who blocked him. if hes a drama starter the most hell do is tell people "oh shes that random women who blocked me", but thats it. most likely he wont say anything anyway. besides people have other reasons for blocking, you could just say you were planning to delete hinge

Anonymous 224682

>why do you feel uncomfortable? do you think theyre laughing at your profile
No, cause I actually did get some matches that appear nice, but I worry theyre just trying to take advantage and lie to me, that's why I feel uncomfortable with it now. I'm not super worried about the dude I blocked anymore though. I was freaking the fuck out cause I got a random burst of anxiety after blocking.


hi Anonymous 224124[Reply]

hi hello this is my first time posting i dont know if its okay to make stupud threads here

how are you guys doing? let's talk and post your pets
14 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 224239

Unfortunately I am deathly allergic to cats. But hello all the same

Anonymous 224253


Maybe, but it's an odd name where I come from. I don't know anybody named Rafael.
Thank anon, I didn't even think to look up the name. I feel a bit dumb now lol. I hope he will live up to his namesake!
He just jumped onto the couch beside me and he's loafing there staring at the wall.

Anonymous 224258


Least we have these dopey babies to keep us sane:)

Anonymous 224262

Sadly not, hes terribly skittish, he doesnt let me pet him even when hes eating. Hes wont hide if hes outside but he’ll stay at least 3ft away though

Anonymous 224515

cats with scarfs are so cute


Is there an empathy crisis? Anonymous 124621[Reply]

With all that idpol nonsense, most people seemingly faking empathy on social media for cred,people cocooning themselves into their made up identities or whatever ingroup they suscribe themselves to I wondered, is there growing empathy deficit in society?
It feels like society is drifting apart and people emphasise their differences rather than commonalities, going as far as disallowing members of other identities/groups to comment on issues of other groups like eg whites and blacks etc, like they're so different that they can't understand another persons or groups struggle. And historically, sentiments as 'They're different than us' usually weren't far from 'THEY'RE DIFFERENT KILL EM ALL'. I don't feel good about the future tbh
16 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 224022

NTA but that doesn't disprove what she said in any way.

Anonymous 224026

In the instances you see that, it's just history repeating itself, on a smallers scale op. Its actually gotten miraculously miraculously less violent.

Look at any historical stretch of time in any place in the world, the harrowing ways people used to live in poverty. The poorest people from today, would have been considered rich well into the turn of the century. Even after the first and second industrial revoltion.. The vast majority of people lived on $2 per day through most of human history.

People used to be absolutely shameless in their violence and petpetual war. Kingdoms, even tribes almost never stopped fighting and slaughtering each other. If you ever really studied history you would know a "modern empathy crisis" sounds laughable..

Anonymous 224027

The only right answer in this thread. Like, "empathy crisis" in a world that's the least violent it's ever been?

Anonymous 224138

I agree, it's weird though. Compared to many many years ago the average person is far more empathetic, but I feel like compared to maybe 10 years ago people are overall less empathetic (being more empathetic on some issues)

Anonymous 224445

You're not wrong. It was better then it got worse. Seemed kind of inevitable though with the way things were going. Growing inequality and pandora's internet box..Yada yada I think the biggest impending crisis is unspoken to most people and steering them into more primal, extreme versions of themselves. On the surface we blame bad faith actors and politicians, cultural issues, but its bigger. Deep down we don't want to say the truth. Its unfortunate because it's just another change cycle. It seems inevitable. We have two choices get trapped like animals by financial predators who clearly mean to burn down everything with us or change course and restructure society. It will probably get a lot worse before it gets better. Capitalism has been steering the US into a shitshow for well over a century now though. People knew this would be coming decades before they just silently engineered it and talked about it in poetry and code.

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