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/BTG/ - BED THREAD GENERAL Anonymous 19045[Reply]

>What is Bed Thread General?
It's a thread where you post about going to bed.

>Can I go to bed?

Yes, most people can and need to.

>Why should I go to bed?

Experts believe sleeping is good for your health. If you're an active person, you'll need to sleep to maintain such a lifestyle. If you're depressed, sleeping might just be the closest thing to being dead without doing permanent harm to yourself.


Too hot to sleep: https://pastebin.com/PmTCTAMh
Sleep Calculator: https://sleepcalculator.com/

I'm going to bed, I hope you all have restful sleeps. Goodnight.
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Anonymous 30631

>establish nightly routine
>go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday (even if you go to bed later make sure you’re still getting up at the same time)
>only use your bed for sleep, get out of it as soon as you wake up
>if you can’t go to sleep within 30 minutes get out of your room and go do something low maintence for 15~ minutes then try going back to sleep
>make sure your room is cool
>don’t look at any phone/computer/tv screen before bed
>avoid caffeinated drinks or rigorous exercise in the evening
>if you wake up in the middle of the night avoid turning on any lights or looking at your phone

Anonymous 30934

Christ, I just slept for 13 hours

Anonymous 30935

I sleep on the floor now because it's less comfortable so I wake up more easily.

Anonymous 30961

washing the sheets today

Anonymous 31113


I've been sleeping much better lately since I've been going to bed early. Who'd have thought sleeping at night is better than during the day. May you all be blessed with good sleeps.


Anonymous 30509[Reply]

I know we have a femdom thread, but I think we need a separate gfd thread.


>Blushy boys
>Cute boys
>Cute boys
>And more cute boys
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Anonymous 31085

It is too bad, manly men who just submits to the woman they love are the best

Anonymous 31086

I sometimes question logic like this. Is he really submitting or just allowing you to take control? I always feel like with submission it's forced, like you made them give up control and even if they wanted to fight back they would be powerless. In this specific dynamic though they could prob fight back and win if needed. So is it really submission or a mutual trust to where he desires you to show your love physically in a more dominant way for a change.

Anonymous 31087

Well crap you could always pump yourself full of anavar and put him on a full soylent diet. The "willful" submission on part of the hunk is a turn-on in itself anon.

Anonymous 31088

So you still want to dom but have no actual signs or ideas that it's willing and that you over power him. Fair, I just was curious if it's like legit submission where you feel all powerful or in control or just some kind of illusion control kind of deal.

Anonymous 31089

They're submitting. That's the whole point. I'm not the anon you were previously posting to, by the way.


Anonymous 30489[Reply]

I asked my FWB on a date and he rejected me
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Anonymous 30491


I'm not a stacey. I'm a lonely girl looking for a qt bf.

Anonymous 30492

>not stacey/calls herself lonely
>has a fwb
Choose one (1)

Anonymous 30495

Is this a troll post?
Tell us more about yourself and your fwb.

Anonymous 31036

Why did you agree to FWB in the first place?

Anonymous 31052

Why bump a 16 day old obvious troll post?


Drug Use General Anonymous 469[Reply]

high thoughts
Favorite things to do while elevated
Wild stores
Music to lift up to
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Anonymous 29539

It's me again, I went to visit a friend for Christmas and he had some weed that we smoked together for a few days in a row, but I didn't get high except for the first time, which was nice. I was okay when we ran out.

Made a local friend who told me about a plug, I was gonna get some to celebrate NYE on my own but he's been absent. Usually I'd be nervous and checking all the time but I'm still okay.

I hope I can pull myself together, only buy small amounts, and take breaks in between. No more binging on weed for weeks on end, but the occasional dime bag maybe? Thoughts?

Anonymous 30630

Still me, haven't smoked again since Christmas.

Anonymous 30641


Keep it up! How're you feeling?

Anonymous 30642

Pretty good! Out of sight, out of mind. I don't have the money or any plugs right now, so that makes it so much easier. I haven't recovered my appetite yet, though. I used to be able to eat so much and now I have a bird-like appetite and lost some weight. But it's better than smoking half a gram a day and not feeling anything. Thank you!

Anonymous 31033

gang weed rise up


Anonymous 27673[Reply]

alright ladies,

what's the worst thing you've seen on the internet?
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Anonymous 31019

Anonymous 31024


im not a fan of the whole absurdist meme humor, but I like the grainy effect

Anonymous 31027

I've seen many death videos but nothing really shocked me, oddly enough a fake snuff filmed called Mordum by August Underground and the film Salo 120 disturbed me.

Anonymous 31028

Thankfully I never saw anything too horrible, I hate that kind of stuff so I never go too deep into the internet. The worst thing I read was someone also saying the worst thing they saw on the internet and it was a video of I think a Japanese woman who agreed to have herself put into a big plastic bag and have the air sucked out and suffocate. I didn't even need to see the video to feel sick, and now I feel bad again

Anonymous 31032

that one clip from execution in southern mexico l think where he cuts off a guys heart with a rusty machette and crushes it WHEN THE GUY IS STILL ALIVE


help anon 31020[Reply]

I'm a senior at my local high school and in my class there is this kid who has Asperger syndrome or w/e you call it(we used to be friends in year 7 + pretty sure he had a crush on me)

We have met out of school multiple times last year because he had my number and I don't like ignoring people's texts and most of the times we have met up it has been super awkward (he said he had an eating fetish while I was eating a sorry excuse of an apple pie he had made which made me want to leave immanently), the only reason we haven't met out of school recently is because I changed my number and I've been using every excuse to not give him my new one.

To put it simply how can I tell him I don't really want him to talk to me anymore / leave me alone or is the only option I have is to wait 9 more months till I'm out of school

Anonymous 31021

yup assuming your over 18 and still in HS best option is to wait it out (assuming you are leaving your home town after HS). Even in this digital age you wont talk to most people from HS

Anonymous 31026

I think the kindest thing would be to let him know straight up that him telling you he had an eating fetish made you very uncomfortable and soured your relationship and you no longer wish to be friends for this reason the next time he asks for your number. If he hates you for telling him the truth, you don't want to be friends anyway so it doesn't really matter what he thinks of you. He has Aspergers so he needs to be directly told that this was extremely inappropriate behavior because he really might not know any better, he won't pick up on subtle hints, and maybe he can learn from this experience.

Anonymous 31031

You could try telling him how awful he sounds. It would (hopefully) help him to know what's wrong with him.


Handwriting and calligraphy thread! Anonymous 30348[Reply]

Anyone else interested in what other people's handwriting looks like? Post yours with the sentence below.
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Anonymous 30430

It’s average, definitely not retard handwriting like most people ITT.

Anonymous 30432


Nice thread.
I recently started brush lettering, but I'm no good at it yet.

Anonymous 30440

It looks pretty good, desu, and it will only look even better with time and practice.

Anonymous 30441


Wow that's pretty

Anonymous 31030



"Normies" Anonymous 8720[Reply]

What is the actual definition of a normie? I keep on seeing that term thrown around in a derogatory way. Is it meant to mean someone who isn't very integrated into internet culture? Does it mean someone who isn't a NEET? Is it meant to mean someone who isn't into Japanese culture, or someone who was not abused as a child? for girls does it mean someone who's not a virgin?

I always wonder because irl I've had people that don't believe me when I say I watch anime because I "don't seem/look like the type" and I'm guessing what they're really trying to say is that I appear to be a normie. I've used forums my whole life and I am in a STEM major, but I definitely don't look nerdy I'd say, though I'm aware of J fashion (but don't dress in any subcultures) and sometimes keep up with that drama online. I had a decently fucked childhood. I have severe ADHD, is that "normie" or not? I don't like K pop, i drink a lot and I smoke from time to time, I grew up in forced isolation, idk what else to add.

Point is, I'd like a discussion or a clear definition over what that actually is or if it even exists. Sorry for how stupid this question is, I find it interesting.
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Anonymous 30927

>t. normie

Anonymous 30928

So how do i join a male hate group exactly?

Anonymous 30936

you post on cc

Anonymous 30949

Too many male apologists here though

Anonymous 31011

>What is the actual definition of a normie? I keep on seeing that term thrown around in a derogatory way.
A normie is anyone regardless of class, race, creed, and other forms of identification that indulge themselves and genuinely enjoys the mainstream "top of the surface" culture and ideals however it's completely subjective and loose. The reason it's thrown around in a derogatory fashion ONLY in the niche and alternative culture communities is due to elitism, superiority complex, and the microscopic feeling that the only way a community can truly function is if it's small and tightly knit. Normie is treated more as offensive accusation than an identity, and being accused of one is a test to see if someone fits in or is willing to go all the way to fit in.
>Is it meant to mean someone who isn't very integrated into internet culture?
That use to be the case like almost 20 years ago, but now the mainstream somewhat integrated into the "internet culture."
>Does it mean someone who isn't a NEET? Is it meant to mean someone who isn't into Japanese culture, or someone who was not abused as a child? for girls does it mean someone who's not a virgin?
You don't have to be a NEET to not be a normie. There're numerous "normies" that knows more about Japanese culture from mainstream to obscure that can put any anon from any chan to shame. Abused as a child is a huge indicator that someone might not end up being a normie, but there're way more things ranging from mental health to socioeconomics. Only /r9k/ and incel types includes virginity to the mix.

Perception is reality and prejudice rules all. All I know is that if you're very active and hangout in forum communities and chan/imageboards you're definitely not a normie but however if I were to meet any of you no matter what you're personal status is I wouldn't think for second that you are who you are.


What's your opinion on guys dressing like girls? Anonymous 11911[Reply]

Please, keep this thread as sfw as possible otherwise it will most likely be moved to /nsfw/
Men visiting this thread please do not post pictures of yourself and avoid replying but if you must say something that is relevant to the discussion

Well, at first I didn't feel like making this thread but since no one did it I thought why not?
So the purpose of this thread is to talk about guys who crossdress/subs who don't mind and/or enjoy being in a humiliating situation.
Firstly, I would like to say that it's very hard to actually find a man in woman's clothing attractive (mostly because I almost instantly think of transsexuals that look weird)
*please don't misinterpret what I'm trying to say, I have nothing against trans people I just think some of them look/behave weirdly.
But sometimes I end up finding some pictures that really make me question my opinion (mostly asian guys that already look a bit feminine). That said, I do enjoy the thought of being a dominant person in bed (although I never had a serious relationship). But supposing I find a guy that may be willing how do I actually tell him what I want? I feel like this could lead to the end of a relationship.
87 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30756


im glad theres more than 2 of us

Anonymous 30757

Count me in

Anonymous 30775

I'm fine with it, if they haven't got any emotional hangups for doing so.
Does that make sense? Just wear girl stuff because you want to wear girl stuff

Anonymous 30867

This so freaking much. I don't know why traps are so insecure and manipulative. They keep trying to get other guys into this stuff and generally, anime girls is their biggest "weapon".

Anonymous 30943


some of them make really cute girls but when I see the bulge i get turned off, not femenine or cute at all
>inb4 femenine benis
no such thing


Anonymous 26479[Reply]

So what's your beef with lolcow farm?
111 posts and 18 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 30882

kek i saw this thread
i think it would be best not to give them attention, they just want a petty fight

Anonymous 30915

I've read the thread as well. I don't know how a site dedicated to gossip can feel superior to anyone. I would rather take the autism and anime of here to the angry atmosphere of lolcow.

Anonymous 30929



Anonymous 30937

I think it's meant to imply the poster of that reply is one of the nobf anons herself

Anonymous 30942

If 365451 is reading this;


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