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Anonymous 66004[Reply]

Do you have any extremely pretty friends? Do you ever feel bad about your own appearencein their presence? I do sometimes, even though they're really nice.

Anonymous 66163

How? I always feel like pretty girls clique together and they can be mean to less hot ones. Not saying that’s always the case though

Anonymous 66167

Similar to ops situation, all the pretty girls i know are very nice as well. Its not at all surprising considering that people tend to be nice towards them and they are overall brought up in a much more positive reality.


Anonymous 64505[Reply]

How do I become a bruh girl
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Anonymous 64635

Gomenasai, I have a tendency to overanalyze memes, especially at night.
>it does not necessarily imply a gay male.
I just think they are since the men that I know who use that are always gay or closeted gay.

Anonymous 64636


The raccoonanons are into something, but that's an amazingly high wit post and I think I would've never thought about it during my entire lifetime.

Anonymous 65979

Rectal cancer only increased because of gay bowel syndrome/GRIDS, not because I like to play with a man's butt or have mine played with. If anything, playing with your man's butt is more likely to reduce his risk of ass cancer that increase it (ruining his ass with stupid monsterous 10/12/16 inch dildos and elbow+ fisting has its own problems, but being sane and not doing that won't hurt him or you long term).

What your talking about only happens because the disgusting faggots slut around and anoymously fuck hundreds to thousands of strangers a year (and sometimes 5 - 10 daily) and have fucking nasty viral cocktails in their semen that eat away at their victims rectum even if they "survive" the diseases through medicines. If it happens in het couples its almost always because the guy was a down-low faggot who cheated, got pozzed and then infected her.

Unironically gas faggots/bi's for being the plague carriers they are.

Try gentle shyish boys who have at least 1 normal friend, you can find them by finding their friends first. Also consider church.

Anonymous 66107

any sauce on that image mate?

Anonymous 66161

Beats me, reverse image search just leads to the ifunny meme and the original twitter post is deleted I think


MBTI General Anonymous 8426[Reply]

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
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Anonymous 65749

>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
I get along best with other FPs, I dislike xNTPs and some ESFJs. Idk much about astrology.

Anonymous 65879

>whats your personality type?
>whats your zodiac sign?
leo sun aquarius rising cancer moon/venus
>what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?
i like taurus and aquarius people, dislike fire signs people (including myself)

Anonymous 66026

I’m a INTP, cancer. Just started having relationship issues with my bf of 5 years so probably will end up dying alone. At least I have my work tho lol

Anonymous 66077

ISTP sometimes INTP, aquarius sun, aries moon, gemini rising. I don't really get what all of it means though.

Anonymous 66109

>scorpio sun, leo moon, gemini ascendant
im insufferable


Anonymous 32546[Reply]

Have you been keeping your room clean?
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Anonymous 65122

Things are clean, yes. There is however boxes and carboard everywhere because I can't into regularly breaking down boxes and then putting them to the curb.

Anonymous 65269

My room is kinda messy. I’ve got some clothes and shoes on the floor. Groceries too…my desk and chair are occupied with books, stationery, make up…

It’s the I Have Better Things To Do

Anonymous 66061

I can't clean my room and it's for the same reason that I am an image board using neet: mental illness

tbh if anyone has any good tips for cleaning/maintaining your room with mental illness it would be really helpful

Anonymous 66063

Why kind of mental illness do you have?

Anonymous 66067

If you just need to put things away: Start to the right of the door and go around clockwise.

If you need to get rid of things: KonMari


How to get rich Anonymous 63209[Reply]

As fast as possible without education & talents
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Anonymous 66017


they cant, nobody does

Anonymous 66018

condoms can slip off or break or the john takes it off without telling you. they're also not 100% effective or cover all of your genitals

Anonymous 66019

low self value, bad childhood. they're cliches but I found them to be true in all cases when I was working.

Anonymous 66024

They must be really confident about their bodies if they can show them to total strangers.

Anonymous 66066

OP does not specify that the process to become rich should be easy nor even safe. Whore work is the best way to make lots of money fast if you have incredibly high risk tolerance (high chance of disease or getting brutalized by patrons) with requiring no talent (only the ability to float and maintain your body for sell, neither requiring talent in any manner.)


Anonymous 65957[Reply]

Former hikki here. How do I get involved in IRL art/fashion/music scenes in my area? I don't know anybody, and I don't really have a social media presence, but I want to make friends who like the same things I do.
I found a few groups and individuals doing stuff through the internet, and some even have NGOs specifically for learning how to do stuff and networking, but they're not doing any new events at the moment because of COVID. What do?
I guess this thread could serve as a general for other female hikkis/former hikkis looking to do more things IRL, make friends, etc. I can't be the only one in this kind of situation.

Anonymous 65997

Wish I knew. As a NEET past university age, it's impossible to meet people. Everyone my age has their life together.

Anonymous 65999


Anonymous 66007

I feel you, OP. As an adult without much of a social circle it's kinda impossible to get to know anyone right now.

I can only find stupid computer startup stuff there.

Anonymous 66012

This is kinda obvious but find an event and go to it. Talk to the people there. Ask what other events they go to. Follow them on social media (just stick up random pics of things you're interested from time to time if you don't want a presence).

People at these types of things often come across as mostly being a bit desperate for friends more than anything else and probably only have a casual interest in the scene. Nothing wrong with that, but people who are truly into the art or music scene won't be going to these.

Anonymous 66056

After covid is over and things open up again, look into galleries, coffee shops, bars, etc in your town. Check out their social media to see what kinds of events they have and who frequents them. You can also look into where any bands that you like are having shows near you. Once you find an event that looks interesting, go and make small talk like >>66012 says. I like to make a list of conversation starters before I go to disguise my autism if I want to talk to people.


Is it me or... Anonymous 65217[Reply]

There has been an increase in persuasion rhetoric for convincing heterosexual miners into becoming lesbian and/or dating women, despite the fact that they are specifically talking about topics related to dating men?

Not that there is anything wrong with it, but I feel like it isn't always appropriate to talk about it when there is zero mention about lesbian dating.
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Anonymous 65772

You mean the board where you all mindlessly simp over kpop boybands because you're easily manipulated by corporate advertising?

Anonymous 65776

>implying everyone on one board uses the kpop containment thread
i'm advocating for 3D erasure, genius

Anonymous 65791

Yes, what youre seeing is our version of MGTOW

Anonymous 65849

nothing wrong with simping for k-poppers. it's just a harmless fantasy and the girls into it know they have no chance with those guys.

million times better to crush on some unavailable celebrity than to go on tinder every weekend to find some gross sexist moid to use you as onahole. which is what "normal" women all are doing.

Anonymous 66013

you're serious?

Anonymous 64929[Reply]

It's time for an animal thread.
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Anonymous 65788


Anonymous 65789


Anonymous 65811


Anonymous 66008


Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 66009

Moved to >>>/img/8205.


Anonymous 65404[Reply]

Why are men so obsessed with tomboys recently?
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Anonymous 65937

This. I have also thought that the distancing of men from religion is very serious because, as you say, they lack a true morality like that of women and must be taught.

Anonymous 65940

Imo the "morals" they describe are not real morals, but rather the "social sensibilities" mentioned here >>65877 (ex. >>65880).
There's one thing I disagree with which is that having or not having "morals" has nothing to do with gender.

Anonymous 65945

Misandry and misogyny are not comparable. Cope.

Anonymous 65966

It makes sense. For men, their social status is very important, so a social breakdown would affect them greatly. And I also believe that a world of women would not need laws since women know that the only evil lies in harming others.

Anonymous 65991

Theyre pretty comparable when both of them consist of ridiculous double standards and seeing the opposite gender as incapable of morality and love and whatnot. Go on r9k or pol and find a woman hate thread. Its exactly the same kind of shit I see here on a daily basis. Some posts read exactly the same if you switch the words "man" and "woman". Or "moids" and "femoids". This site adopted even their language lol

Dont lie to yourself dear, youre just as hateful and mentally ill as the r9k incels, you should probably diatance yourself from this kind of communities because theyre not doing you any favors.


Anonymous 43201[Reply]

what does it feel like to touch a penis?
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Anonymous 65925

Sure. And I'm certain many incels developed their opinions of women from having interacted primarily with bitches. Many of them have terrible relationships with their mothers. That doesn't make their opinions right
You just need to find men who aren't assholes. Go outside your immediate family, for starters. Maybe check out a college campus

Anonymous 65927

Nta but I'm only sexually/romantically involved with women now. I didn't have to be dicked down and abused in a relationship to know the truth about men and to decide to never pursue them. I've seen and heard enough both irl and on the internet. The wast majority of men watch porn and I'm pretty sure they don't see women as fully human, like they see other men. Women who still chase scrotes in hope for a "happy ending" are fucking delusional. Don't compare women who reject men to incels who want to force women to have sex with them through enforced monogamy lmao.

Anonymous 65934

not everything's about you dyke

Anonymous 65939

I'm bi. Also, have sex is not a valid argument in the first place. I know heterosexual female separatists who are less fucked in the head than women who live with scrotes. Fucking men literally makes women dumb kek.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 65995

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3118.

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