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developing self assurance Anonymous 35786[Reply]

have any of you gals found a way to battle your insecurities and the toxicity of the world?

ive always lacked confidence as a kid ,since i was an ostracized aspie but discovering online attention has worsen it.
i like imageboards cause muh edgy bants but ive found myself internalizing weird ideas of creepy men(for example alot of chans are filled with pedos shaming adult women,poll accks ,general body shaming etc).its doing wonders for my insecurities and ed thoughts

it would be noic to be confident on yourself and not depend on others opinion

Anonymous 35790


>have any of you gals found a way to battle … the toxicity of the world?

No. I suffer everyday and it will never end.

Anonymous 35791

ohhh ;0;


Anonymous 35794

I wish I had tips but at the end of the day idek if we struggle from the same sort of insecurity.

When dealing with others I know they judge me as not attractive because I'm not perfect or whatever, but ironically I absolutely love how I look. So I'm ashamed when interacting with people at times but also would never change myself and I tend to design characters that look like me. Also would fuck myself 100%.

There was a time when I did hate how I looked though. I think I've just spent so long staring at myself that I've accepted it. Watching/reading bodyposi stuff from ""objectively uglier"" women also helped, as has art. Depicting myself and ugly people turned me on to the idea that traditionally unattractive features can be aesthetic. If you have a knack for art I recommend that heavily. Otherwise idk. Fixing feelings is abstract and there's no clear trick to it.

My goal now is to stop caring what others think. I'm working on it, but it is hard at times.

Anonymous 37070

anon iii


Unpopular Opinions #3 Anonymous 12450[Reply]

I think Lain worship is cringy as fuck and I'm wary of any guy who likes her.
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Anonymous 37048

serial experiments lain is overrated anyways

Anonymous 37050

I've seen this anime girl quite a few times online, but I don't know who she is. Fill me in?

Anonymous 37056


Idk if it’s unpopular or not but 4chan should’ve died after moot left.

Anonymous 37059

Nah, it's just common sense.

Anonymous 37067


Who else feels totally lost? Anonymous 37055[Reply]

I feel like life just comes at you fast it's all just too much.

First it's a few months of Bliss and easy goings, then it's a painful emotional rollercoaster, then you feel nothing at all.

>Pic not related

Anonymous 37065


not sure if it is exactly what you are talking about, but seasonal mood disorder can do that to me in cycles. at-least that is what i think it is.
>Pic not related


Anonymous 37058[Reply]

When you're standing in a group chatting, does pic related ever happen to you? Excuse my shitty MS paint skills - the grey circles are people, and basically the person standing next to you closes off the circle, leaving you out without enough space to squeeze in.

How do you prevent and deal with situations like this.

Anonymous 37060

Easy: never hang out in a group.
I've had this hacked since graduating high school. Otherwise, in groups having an imposing voice or size helps.

Anonymous 37063


Oh sorry anon, I didn't see you there

Anonymous 37064

this brought up really depressing memories from middle and high school, thanks anon

but like the other person said, i usually avoid groups


Was it the same for you? Anonymous 33287[Reply]

My boyfriend is 25 years old. He's 3 years older than me and a virgin and he didn't quite cry, but got pretty close to it, when we were cuddling for the first time.

He didn't have such a reaction to when we had sex for the first time, so I am wondering what the difference is. Why is cuddling more emotionally intense? Is it like men can practice "sex" in a rudimentary way by masturbating, but since cuddling has no replacement, it feels more intense?
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Anonymous 36914

cuddling seems way more intense for men because men are literally so isolated from other human beings that many of them go years in between things like sex, hugging, compliments, and any other form of positive attention whatsoever

Anonymous 37013

I think men would only want to cuddle with women they're actually attracted to as people. So that's already a different ballgame.

Anonymous 37016

And women would cuddle with everyone or what? kek

Anonymous 37019

No, I meant cuddling would be a chore if it was with someone that was only being used for their body.

Anonymous 37051

Cuddling and feeling the warmth of a significant other is super underrated. Sometimes that's all you need for the night.


How to get yourself a (rich) chinese bf? Anonymous 36977[Reply]

Nowadays all girls want japanese or koreans guys, but you'll find that korean girls will collectively praise chinese men as being a lot less misogynistic and more polite, generous, attractive than korean men.
Chinese men are also a lot taller than other asians. Not as fat as westerners, but also not as skinny and weak as other "easterners". Plus, many of them ae well-off/self-made millionaires. Interesting culture, nice food,… the only downside seem to be chinese in-laws, especially mothers lol

Is anybody else also into cute chinese boys? They seem to get a lot less love than their east asian neighboors. Do they like foreigners? I know that being pale and skinny is the standard in china and I heard that wearing more makeup (think red lipstick) is prefered too?
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Anonymous 37018

The reach of Chinese psyops is getting really insane. I have no doubt that such gold-digging will come to pass with more than just Slav girls flinging themselves at rich Chinese dudes though.

Anonymous 37020

To me coffeemeetsbagel sounded like something involving black women + asian men, that's why I asked. And tantan is the app that seems to be for wmaf, because the pics they advertise with are only always white men + asian women.

Anonymous 37022

I live in Canada where we have a ton of Asian fobs. Rich Chinese guys all have this new money syndrome where they expect to be treated like royalty because their daddy bought them a nice car. It's really off-putting.

Anonymous 37049

>Chinese men are also a lot taller than other asians

That is if we are talking about regions way up North. The national average is lower than the Korean Average.

And yeah, there are a lot of Chinese men who are quite the catch in every way you mentioned. But good luck with his parents approving of you if you're not Chinese.

Anonymous 37068

>But good luck with his parents approving of you if you're not Chinese.
I feel like people who say this are just concern-trolling ("good luck preferring people other than your own, did you know their parents suck? better stick to your own nationality!"). Or they're basing it off of their own experience with one Chinese guy they used to date long-term but then got jaded and went back to their own nationality even though there are many non-Chinese wives with perfectly accepting in-laws.


Anonymous 36414[Reply]

Tumblr is ded, let's celebrate
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Anonymous 36965


Tumblr=pc baby website filled with fat feminazis is a stereotype created by people who never had a Tumblr account.

Yes you'll get the crazy blogs, but frankly you'll read crazier shit on current year twitter than 90% of peak tumblr ever was

Anonymous 36966

There’s literally nothing wrong with piercings and hair dye

Exactly, I see more bizarre takes on twitter than anything I’ve ever seen on tumblr.

Anonymous 36968

I've been on Tumblr since 2010, can sort of concur.
It really depends on who you follow. I barely ever saw any of the extreme SJW shit until I joined a specific fandom. It's the people, not the platform. Tumblr just happens to be a good platform to post about fandom shit on because it supports a lot of different media types. Now they moved to Twitter and Tumblr is actually calming down a lot.

Anonymous 36999

K-Pop twitter stuff makes the "horror stories" from the Tumblr Homestuck and even SU fandom seem like babby-stuff.

it's sad though how like everything on tumblr is slowly decaying and being 404'ed (not just from deactivations/removals) but simply due to the shit interface making desktop browsing a pain to browse through and sift through stuff (twitter doesn't have this problem); and not everyone prefers to kill time on the net with their mobile phone as opposed to desktop.

I wonder if livejournal also had this exaggerated stereotype of a "dumpster-file" that tumblr does, but I am not old enough for that.

Anonymous 37009

Tumblr also shot itself in the foot by purging all NSFW content instead of addressing the real problem


India Anonymous 30650[Reply]

Any indian girls here? How do you guys live? I'm really curious
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Anonymous 36090

my dad is half and yes im from the uk

Anonymous 36091

Wait, how can you tell she was in the UK from that post? Am I missing something?

Anonymous 36093

Usually when people say "I'm 1/4th x" where x is something exotic, it's implied that the rest is white (since otherwise they would have specified, e.g. if someone were West Indian with one Indian grandparent). U.K. is the western nation that the most extensive history with India. Therefore, if she has one Indian grandparent and the rest is some manner of European, I suspect U.K. There are people with one Indian parent in USA, but not too many with one Indian grandparent.

Anonymous 36116


im 1/4 iraqi aswell (mum is half) ive lived with both non-english grandparents for awhile so ive seen alot of each culture. you can usually tell they are from the uk if they are a mix of indian due to the british empires relationship with india just like you said lol. i think being this type of mix will become pretty normal in alot of countries within the next two generations

Anonymous 36119

>i think being this type of mix will become pretty normal in alot of countries within the next two generations

Probably. For instance our former ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley (née Randhawa), married an Anglo-American man and has two half-Indian children.


Greentext stories Anonymous 7810[Reply]

Post em
46 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 21665


Anonymous 21688

Wow has it really been over 4 years since that came out? God damn. I remember joking and laughing about that one like it was yesterday.

Anonymous 21693

That was so fun, thanks for posting.

Anonymous 36955

>that reveal at the end
That was quite the twist

Anonymous 36959

god damn i actually truly hate reading greentext like this.
am i too old for this stuff now?


Anonymous 33445[Reply]

>"Hey girls let's go to the beach!"
25 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 33671

Sure but hanging out with a certain type of person doesn't mean you can ever fully know, understand or even become them
A lot of my friends are male and American but I'm neither of those things and itd be silly if I started saying I know exactly what its like to be a straight white male in the USA and can totally become one because I've seen Fight Club and watch sports sometimes lol
I also didn't mean to bash and I'm sorry if it came off that way

Anonymous 33684

looks like a lot of STIs one way or another

Anonymous 33693

Says Xochitl, as she gets ready for the Day of the Dead celebration that's happening down in Texcoco. Her brother wakes up from the nightmare he's had about La Llorona, a folk tale that originated in native culture. Before she leaves, she prays by the altar dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Native American version of the Virgin Mary, who appeared to a Native American man one day in the desert. When she walks outside, she sees the Mexican flag. On the flag is an eagle sitting on a prickly pear with a snake in its mouth. According to Aztec legend, they were told by god that they should travel South until they find an eagle sitting on a cactus, eating a snake. Wherever they find it will be their new homeland. She wondered why a culture completely influenced by Iberia would put Native American imagery on their country's flag and even go as far as to name said country after the original name of the Aztecs, the Mexica. But she brushed it off. "I'm Spaniard," she said, as she pulled out an umbrella because she didn't want to get dark.

Anonymous 36924


This is a beautiful piece of writing. And spot on.

Anonymous 36936

It is beautiful. I think maybe she felt it was more revelatory when she posted it though.

Like it just says that women have their own common experiences that a transwoman simply won't experience. That's not really all that surprising tbh lol. You could even extend the same idea to men and to the transgenders themselves or even break it down and apply it to every individual. It's nice and fractal in that way, I like it.

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