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Home decor help Anonymous 33002[Reply]

I moved into a new place and it's pretty ugly. It's incredibly cramped and the furniture is all old plywood stuff, it's a typical bachelor pad without any touch of taste. I don't have any money to redecorate, so I'm looking to pick any miner brains for ideas.

I have a normal A4 color printer, so I could print images, but it probably looks really bad to just put up dull at-home prints on standard paper. How could I spice things up here?

I also have a cutting plotter machine, so I could cut out detailed shapes out of thinner material (up to 1mm) but lack any ideas. It just sounds practical in theory, but idk what to actually do with it.

I have a vinyl collection and I used to put the covers (sans record) up on the wall of my old apartment, and I have prints of my own photography, but I'm unsure what I can do with them other than just slapping them straight onto the wall frame-less in a grid pattern. I really have no eye for these things.

Please post inspiration and no-budget ideas
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Anonymous 33005

Not my wall, just a photo I found by googling "empty room", but thanks for the valuable input.

Anonymous 33006


Can you get rid of any of the furniture or does it have to stay? Can you paint the walls?

Anonymous 33008

The furniture is needed, it's just a bed, two cabinets and a desk. I'll replace them as soon as I can, until then they have to stay.

The walls are white and I prefer it that way, so that's a plus at least.

I'm gonna try to look for papercraft lampshade patterns to cut with my machine to at least cover my bare bulbs for now!

Anonymous 33009

Washi tape, make geometric patterns on the walls or outline features on different furnishings. Ezclap.

Anonymous 33017


You could incorporate your photographs into vinyl art. Use your cutting plotter machine to create a design, paste on the walls if painting isn't an option, and overlay the photographs on them. The design's aesthetic would depend on your own preferences and how you want to display the photographs. By event? Themes? Date? You can also play with the photo's orientation and alignment. Get painter's tape to hang 'em if you haven't.

Vinyls: if you or your friends are carpentry minded, Pinterest and other websites should have more than enough DIY ideas. If you have a lot of records opt for a budget-friendly yet sturdy shelf. Nothing wrong with a grid pattern IMO, though I'd go for displaying a few and shelving the rest. Makes it easier to grab a record for the day. A poor man's version can probably be created of pic attached albeit with less refinement. Photographs and vinyl art can surround said shelf.

If you still have trouble with concepts then Pinterest can help narrow down ideas.


Being groped at nightclubs Anonymous 30592[Reply]

Why do men do this? I've always wondered what makes them want to grope women, especially at places like parties and nightclubs. For me it almost only happens when I'm at a nightclub.

Are we mere objects to them?
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Anonymous 32923

Why not just go out to a gay bar/club? They are a pretty solid way to just have a good time.

Anonymous 32934

Someone from /pol/ said it the best. "I expect to find shit in the toilet…" that seedy culture is kinda what is expected at nightclubs. If you really want to go and dance at a nightclub of all places and want to avoid the groping thing try going with some male friends and dancing close to them, might ward off the creeps a bit better?

Anonymous 32937

i just go to nightclubs for the food

Anonymous 32939

>bringing /pol/ into this without cause

Anonymous 33001

>someone from /pol/ said it best

That's code for "I once said this on /pol/"


SPRING 2019 Anonymous 32961[Reply]

I'm so excited about spring arriving, fuck me up

I'm broke and socially anxious, how can I make the most of the warmer months anyway? How do I force myself to go out? I would also like to meet people, but I'm genuinely awkward and shy and don't know how I would even do so because I hate festivals and stuff like that with large gatherings and loudness. I live in an artsy city with a lot of subculture and a huge park with a lot of ponds and streams where the youth hangs out, but I'd feel awkward just going there alone and sitting around waiting to maybe talk to someone. What do

Anonymous 32962

Go and feel awkward. The more you do it the less it will bother you. Fuck your anxiety. Its a bitchy whimpering voice in your head. If your have an artistic/crafty hobby go do it in the park. Paint/sketch/embroider/knit/read. Maybe someone braver than you who shares the same interest will talk to you. Don't play the princess in a tower game and hide in your home. No one is going to come save you. The anxiety is allowing you to give up your own agency. Complacency = failure. If you go out and try, you cannot fail, because you have at least taken a step against your insecurities.

Anonymous 32964

I definitely find taking my own advice difficult at times. Its why I put things in such blunt terms. If I coddle myself, I'll take the easy way out every time.

You could also look at different opportunities in your city. If there are lots of subcultures there might be a makerspace/bookclub/sportsclub advertised on a local bulletin board (digital or physical). Look for volunteering opportunities if you have free time. A library or an animal shelter would be a good place to meet a small group of people in a quiet environment. I also hate crowds and loud spaces. A group of 6 is about my limit. Once you find a person, any person, you can branch out.

Anonymous 32965


Good advice right here. Am also an awkward lonely loser.

I'm going to try and take this advice again. I try once and fail and never try again, and I hate that. I can't give up. 'Crazy old cat lady' down the street is not a charming future.

Anonymous 32999

Yeah you're all most likely right. I do photography, so I usually do that when going out, but I'm not into nature subjects. Maybe I can just get more practice and learn to enjoy it.

cat drool.jpg

Anonymous 32873[Reply]

Does anyone have a thing for short, chubby aspie/awkward guys but doesn't know how to approach them? Is it more difficult as a black girl because a lot of them are racist nowadays?
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Anonymous 32911

>omg white guys are sooo gross
I never understood people like this. Imagine saying this about any other group of guys.

Anonymous 32920

This pretty much. If it was just a prevalent online meme I wouldn't care, but the fact that its also pretty acceptable to say out loud in public is pretty rude imo

Anonymous 32930

Indian men.jpg

>implying you can't say that about Asians especially Indians
C'mon now.

Anonymous 32944

Come on, I never called them gross. Just overrated since everyone seems to prefer them. Even supposed white male hating sjw type non-white women date them.

Perhaps I shouldn't have been so eager to bring that up though. Sorry to any white guys lurking here, or women who are defensive about their tastes.

Anonymous 32997

I think asians have it the worst when it comes to socially acceptable casual racism. Whites don't have any shitty slurs that you can throw at them and you can pretty openly Ching-Chong around without many people making a big deal about it.


Incest stories Anonymous 32986[Reply]

Have ever thought about someone in your family in sexual way?

Anonymous 32991

My cousin moved to my state a couple years ago, like half way across the US. He hooked up with a girl who is our 2nd cousin. Pretty awkward when they found out.

Anonymous 32994

This is a fascinating thread lots of new insights will be generated here regarding the relationship with blood relatives. Please continue the high-iq discussion.

Anonymous 32995

I use my vagina as a universal measure of sorts.

Anonymous 32996

No. Incest is gross and this is probably a bait thread anyway. Don't forget to sage


Anonymous 29571[Reply]

Guess who's getting a boyfriend this coming year?!

You are!
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Anonymous 32953


Just be yourself girls.

Anonymous 32955


Anonymous 32960

>tfw have been rejected 2 times already this year
Or else I'll cry.

Anonymous 32970


Anonymous 32976

>You are!
Please no.

I've head enough heart break as it is. The amount of fucking trauma I'm reliving, and enduring by myself is ungodly. I actually feel like I'm going to puke. I just happened to waltz by the TV and it peeked my interest for just a little too long. It's about a girl who's trapped living with her abusive grandma; she's being raped by the guy living with grams. She can't leave because her money from her job is being stolen by her next door neighbor who's threatening her. She's under 18, so she can't run away from home, and calling the police would only worsen the relationship of her family should no one pull her out. Her biological mother doesn't want her home because bio mom is in on the rape. It just triggered a lot of familiar feelings I've been repressing as best as I can, because I'm currently trying to get out of my home. I'm trying to eat more, get my weight up. I have an eating disorder, but need to get healthy so I can join the military and get the fuck out of here. Adding a boyfriend would just be misery, as I'd just be trying to please him on top of everything else. I regret so much. I'm also battling feelings for someone else I got close to, too fast, and now I'm by myself again. Fuck it hurts so much.


Energy drink thread Anonymous 28945[Reply]

What is your favorite energy drink??

I like redbull and also the blueberry redbull, also the strawberry cream Rockstar.

But my new favorite is the orange flavored NOS. It reminds me of that orange juice rockstar that I quit seeing around 2015/2016, which was my old favorite. I'm not even gonna eat today I'm just gonna get all caloric intake from my new favorite gaymer beverage.
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Anonymous 32801


Pic related got me through my first semester of college but I don’t drink it anymore. Now it’s just red bull for jaegerbombs

Anonymous 32823


Anonymous 32825


I think all energy drinks taste disgusting. Monster Zero Ultra, Rockstar Silver Ice, and Jokers are pretty bomb when on a fast though.

Anonymous 32826


Thoughts on Yerba Mate? It’s pretty big where I’m from. I’m not a huge fan and prefer to get my energy from coffee but I have friends who are really into it/say it really helps.

Anonymous 32861

as an argentine, i'm personally offended by the concept of flavored mate energy drinks

Anonymous 32852[Reply]


Anonymous 32858



Anonymous 32787[Reply]

Has anyone here ever tried using a penpal service?

I used to have penpals when I was kid and I love the feeling of writing messages and getting to know a stranger. I want to know if anyone has any recommendations for services or wants to share experiences with having a penpal as an adult.
1 post omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32791

Already tried but people never put a lot of effort in doing so. I usually write cute letters with cute gifts like stickers or tea attached.

Never had anything more than a half assed bought card with one sentence.

Like, I don't want an essay, by any means, but I think the joy on writing to a penpal is the effort you do.

With some time I gave up to it. I'd like to apply to a better penpal database maybe(If this exists?) but I failed a lot.

Anonymous 32800

having someone to write 15 page long essays about all my recent adventures and ideas would be so much fun; they wouldn't be able to read my hand writing cus dysgraphia but I could send them a hand written and typed out letter. I type in dvorak instead of qwerty so I can type super fast.

Anonymous 32806

I used to email this German lolita from Omegle when I was NEET, but we didn't have anything to talk about. Hopefully she found her true love by now.

I exchanged postcards with anon from a thread on Letterbox.

There's also this imageboard concept that I posted about in another thread that kind of seems appropriate to put here. You mail your reply in.

Anonymous 32809

I used to have a few japanese pen pals, they always wrote on a cutesy broken english.
I miss it so much

Anonymous 32835

Sometimes I wonder in the days before email people would send letters to random addresses in hope of replies; like message in bottle. I know the existence of the nigerian prince scam along with credit card offers but sometimes I wonder if someone ever got married with someone else with a random letter like that. Seems sharing your address was less fearful than it is today with the whitepages and swatting

Forgive my youth ignorance of the pre-internet days


Thread Suggestions Anonymous 32767[Reply]

Since I haven't found one in the catalog, how about a thread suggestion thread for those considering to make a thread, but would want to know if anybody would be interested in contributing.

Anonymous 32768

OP here and I apologize for responding to myself but, I was wondering if on the feels thread there should be a cyberstalking/ stalking recovery thread to vent and ask advice as to how to stop cyber stalking someone, it could be from stopping to check up on an ex or hate watching a YouTuber. This needs to be set on recovery rather then vent since /x/ has a basic cyberstalking thread. I think that this kind of online behavior contributes greatly to internet addiction because it is literally living life through other people that you shouldn't be concerned with.
Obviously excluding being a casual and/or active fan of a content creator.

Anonymous 32833

IIRC there is a “how to get over ex” thread in feels.

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