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Anonymous 73133[Reply]

You guys are just the right level of unhinged. I feel understood.

Anonymous 73138

yee i feel understood here. everyone's kinda relatable and shares my shitty life experiences with dudes


it's just a catch all he's not calling us moids dw

Anonymous 73139

Agree I'm grateful to cc for introducing me to terfposting and radfems it unironically made accepting myself as a woman a lot better
t. ex aiden


Happy New Year! Anonymous Admin 72858[Reply]

2020 begone
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Anonymous 72865

Everyone I know is asleep or with other friends so I'm here. Happy 2021 y'all :')

Anonymous 72869

I know time is fake and it being 2021 doesn't actually change things but I like this feeling of potential. A pure untarnished year. I don't know how long it will last so I'm relishing it

Anonymous 72871

I made it about five minutes before I had my regular new-years-day mental breakdown

Anonymous 72934

You've seen nothin…


Anonymous 73116

God don't say that anon


Anonymous 72920[Reply]

Creating an email in 2011
>enter your login
>enter your password
>repeat the password
>congratulations, email succesfully created

Creating an email in 2021
>enter your login
>enter your name
>enter your surname
>enter your age
>enter your hobby
>enter your nationality
>enter your education
>enter your profession
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 72924

>I'm not a robot
>select all images with cars
>select all boats
I can't believe we've all accepted the captcha pest. Why aren't we protesting against it? I'm sick of repeatedly clicking on these stupid little blurry images.

Anonymous 72943

>I wonder what do they do with all that information
You don't have to wonder; it's publicly available information for the most part. They store it and sell it to third parties who jn turn feed it to AIs for various purposes.
You have to literally be retarded to use real credentials on modern internet.
It's bullshit that it's for every. single. post.
There should be a timer post completion that leaves you alone for 30 min or something

Anonymous 72944

>everything is for sale and everything can be bought
I'm not suprised at all but it's depressing

Anonymous 73105

Is that Riley Reid?

Anonymous 73106

It's a photo from olympic games 2018

Don't watch too much porn anon


Anonymous 73050[Reply]

This woman, Jessica Steinhauser, better known by her stage name Asia Carrera, had a measured IQ of 156, and was a member of Mensa. She won a National Merit Scholarship and studied in Rutgers University. However she threw all of this intellectual talent away to become a pornographic actress. Why though?


Anonymous 73052

Some people would rather flaunt their beauty. Her intelligence wasn't wasted anyway, it allowed her to become a star. Which is presumably what she wanted.

Anonymous 73055

From the wikipedia page you linked, presumably exactly what you asked for: http://www.asiacarrera.com/bio2.html

Anonymous 73062

She believes the porn industry isn't problematic for women. That doesn't sound very smart.

Anonymous 73075

I don't know what this kind of stuff is supposed to prove. You can be very smart in certain areas, but lacking understanding of logic and reason. I have heard interviews from her and she wasn't very articulate. At the end of the day, considering if we didn't know she was part of Mensa and had a high IQ, she's still a porn star most valued for selling herself. Furthermore, the fact she touts in her interviews and wikipedia bio that she's part of Mensa and has x IQ tells me she's likely insecure. It seems to me she leans on that to justify her actions since she's a "smart person". How important is intelligence in this case if it's bringing the exact same thing into the world someone with a below 100 IQ could bring to the world? It's at best a marketing ploy.


A short history of the female imageboards on Brazil Anonymous 60745[Reply]

This is NOT advertisement, mods, and these imageboards aren't even active right now. Just telling a silly curiosity to my fellow miners.

The rule "tits or GTFO" is enforced on most Brazilian IBs, and anyone who claimed to be female is banned (a few specific periods and imageboards aside). The result was that the first Brazilian imageboards solely dedicated to women was born in 2011: Magali-chan, named after a Brazilian comic character. Of course they faced the same problems as we do, from moids pretending to be women to gore and CP raids, and the servers deleted the site many many times. In the end, the admins gave up for obvious reasons, but it was ressurreced many times latter, usually in a new domain. But history repeates itself, and they were all raided to death.

There was at least another one, "Arrozal" (ptbr: "Rice field"), that was made for underages girls. Yeah, very stupid, I know. This one lasted even shorter than Magali, for the same reasons.

Want to make sure your small board survives? Don't let Brazilian imageboards find out about it.
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Anonymous 71516

Don't know if asking it here is the right way, but can we or anyone make /country/ threads as long as we stick to speaking english in them?

Anonymous 71526

Why make a new thread if we can talk here?

Anonymous 71527

That would do too.

Finally I finished all exams in my uni. Just one more year and I'm 'free"

Anonymous 71580

Good for you, anon. I was supposed to graduate this year but corona fucked everything up.

Anonymous 73044

I`d love to have a place to talk with my fellow huelands

He`s so good looking.


Any girls have under boob acne problems? Anonymous 73010[Reply]

Hello, I am 5’3 (on a good day) and I weigh around 135 pounds. I have 36 ddd’s or E’s. My life is constant pain because of these stupid fucking tits. Constant back problems and itchy, throbbing acne. I am very much so considering a breast reduction but my boyfriend believes I will not be able to breast feed after it. Would there be anyone that could give me advice? How to get rid of acne or about breast reduction. Any input helps at all. Thank you so much.
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Anonymous 73015

I do quite often. I’ve tried a ton of soaps. Any recommendations? I’d like any suggestions you can give me.

Anonymous 73016

its also the temperature you dont want moist under bobs this includes sweating, you just need an anti acne soap and to have the thing dry af while you sleep.

Anonymous 73017

Are you referring to something like cetaphil? I have been considering trying this for a long time I just didn’t know if would hurt my boobs

Anonymous 73019

It wont its just a very dry sulfur soap… Does nothing. The key is mostly having that area dry while sleeping, or sleeping with your face up thats good in general, you will only get pimples at your back who gives a damn lol. Clean face, clean boobs, clean front is what matters more.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 73021

Moved to >>>/hb/10119.


Anonymous 71478[Reply]

Being in love with another woman is the best feeling in the world. How can straightoids (a/k/a nolovecels, rapevictimcels, domesticabusecels) even compete?
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Anonymous 71924

I am bisexual and my main sexual preference involves women rather than men but I am too intimidated to try dating women. The main reason being that I cannot give myself an orgasm, even using a vibrator, therefore I feel like I won't ever be able to sexually satisfy a woman. So now I'm forever stuck dealing with emotionally retarded manchildren because on top of this, I have horrible luck with men appearing great at first and then unveiling their true colors once I am emotionally invested. Fucking kill me please

Anonymous 72826

Anonymous 72927

> domesticabusecels
Domestic violence is most prevalent in lesbian relationships (in UK at-least) noone knows why …

Anonymous 72928

1. This is further proof to me that art school is full of bad people (not the author)
2. What did Daryl from Walgreens do wrong? That's how I got my last boyfriend's number.

Anonymous 73009

thank you, friend


How do I train my moid? Anonymous 72994[Reply]

I want to dom my bf. He's a stereotypical alpha jacked chad, at least on the outside. He has a cute and sweet side to him that he tries to hide, even to me sometimes. How do I convince him to le me dom him? I know he would like it, but he's so in denial. Every time I mention it he blushes and looks away, or changes argument, or other dismissive things.
This is becoming a bit too much, I even dreamed about kissing him while he's collared during the holydays
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Anonymous 72999

But I don't want to do anything too extreme, at all. Heck I know already even pegging is probably off limits. But I'd want to at least get him to kneel for me sometimes… Is that too much to ask for?

Anonymous 73000

yea if it's beyond his comfort zone, do you want him pushing you to do things you don't want to? Even if you were drunk and said you might like to? Seems pretty shitty to me anon, just talk to him about it, ask him to keep an open mind but don't pressure him. What sorta shitty partner are you?

Anonymous 73001

I guess you're right. I love him too much to risk hurting him over a shitty kink.
I think the distance is making me a bit crazy…

Anonymous 73002

It's alright, sometimes we get wrapped up in our own fantasies and forget to consider other people. Just think about what it'd do if you pushed him to try something and he really didn't like it. How would you feel after he pushed you to do something you were uncomfortable with, you might not even feel safe with him anymore. I think you should just speak to him about it and until you've both spoken it over thoroughly don't try anything. Sometimes fantasies are best left as such anyways

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 73004

Moved to >>>/nsfw/3600.


Anonymous 65317[Reply]

Matchmaking is a fucking cringe

I live in a shithole village in southeastern Poland and my mum decided to find me a husband. She chose her friend's son. He was in my class in primary school but that was 12 years ago and even then we didn't know each other very well and hardly ever talked to each other. I'm a jobless, uneducated shit, i didn't finnish my school and lost my job 3 months ago due to the crisis, and he is quite wealthy because he works as an engineer. My mum forced me to take on my best dress and visit him, our mothers then forced us to spend an hour in his room talking. He was as confused as I was and we both was happy when it was over. The worst of all is that my mother thinks that her matchmaking intrigue is succesful and we fancy each other.

This shit should not be legal
92 posts and 11 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 67925

What? Is Poland rangebanned?

Anonymous 67926

13-year-old Polish moids tried raiding this site and got a grand total of zero angry responses.

Anonymous 67927

Yep. I hope they kill themselves they tried to do subversion too turns out they beleived 100% the same things a /pol/tard /r9k/ /fit/cel does.
No wonder why they are single. I hope they all die alone.

Anonymous Admin 67981

OP's IP is not banned.

Anonymous 72986

I miss this thread. I wish we didn't scare OP away so they could conclude their story.


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
171 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65709

>Minimum customer interaction

Anonymous 65710

By definition all businesses have customers, and most of the time, if you're not talking to the customers yourself, it's your boss breathing down your neck to get answers for the customers turning the entire business into one twisted game of telephone that no one wins. Sure, if you absolutely hate talking to customers, technically you are correct, but what you say will be put through a filter instead.

t. worked in the aerospace industry with engineers

Anonymous 65738

Are there any nurses here? I'm about halfway through nursing school right now and doing clinicals in labor and delivery and I am really loving it. Just struggling with the exams. I have my midterm tomorrow!

Anonymous 65747

My biggest life goal was to be a painter. But then I felt unconfident in my own skill and drop out or art college. Now I'm in my late 20s jobless and no financial aid because I fucked up my paperwork and covid made things even more of a nightmare. I should spend this time painting….but I'm scared and too depressed. I keep getting interviews but no call backs. I know I should call but my self confidence is so low I have a hard time feeling worthy.

Anonymous 65748

Lost my job as a travel agent early this year, for obvious reasons.
I'm currently working towards a high school teaching position, preferably as a media teacher, though also training as a drama teacher. Fucking COVID has made uni a pain in the ass, and I might only be able to do my placement in a zoom classroom (not looking forward to that). Still, hopefully I can get a position in a year or so!

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