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Anonymous 181466[Reply]

Is it pickmeish to want to guide and care for a cute younger male? I feel like that just feeds into pornsick moid fantasies about being "groomed by mommy" and generally catered to by a woman.
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Anonymous 182308

It's not "pick me" behaviour to want to help your partners become better better versions of themselves or just better in general, some people will straight up end a relationship if they feel like they've become worse/unhealthy by it.

But you'd be a pick me if you trashed other women saying something like "unlike vapid women I will take care of broken men and fix them"

Anonymous 182311

In my side of the web we call this type of girls male care NGOs. Cause they do unpaid charity.
Don't be a male care NGO s;

Anonymous 182431

maybe he has a job?

Anonymous 182443

>It's not "pick me" behaviour to want to help your partners become better better versions of themselves
Yes, it is, because men aren't doing the same for us. Men don't try to help their women to become better (unless it benefits them, like paying for breast implant or some shit), they just leave her for a better one instead.

Anonymous 182765

I feel bad for black girls. They do all that shit and it's still socially acceptable for guys to leave their child and child's mother.


Anonymous 182671[Reply]

Is the lolcow raid over…?

Anonymous 182688



Anonymous 178921[Reply]

I told my coworkers today that I’m fascinated with Persian carpets and that I wish I was in the carpet business. They scoffed at me and some even got infuriated
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Anonymous 179194

Which carpets specifically

Anonymous 179231

why would they get mad at that

Anonymous 179393

You should post pretty Persian carpet pictures nona!

Anonymous 182182

don’t show big ideas to small-minded people, anon. they’re never gonna get it. we support u :)

Anonymous 182753

Finally someone that understands me. People get mad about all kind of shit, just keep talking about carpets if they bring you joy. Your coworkers are just losers.


General Internet Discussion Thread Anonymous 178600[Reply]

Since there seems to be an increased interest in this topic recently, I thought I'd make a thread for us to discuss the internet in a more general way.

>oldweb VS new

>future of the internet
>changes you've seen over your years of using the internet
>how the internet has impacted mainstream culture
>nostalgic websites/memories of the internet
>new websites/platforms you think have potential
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Anonymous 181991

>i want an actual husband and family and children
Better look somewhere else than imageboards full of coomers and losers

Anonymous 182018

Then what did you forgot here then, preachy?

Anonymous 182047

nona, what?

Anonymous 182177

I was mostly referring to far right moids in general. I don’t care about their edgy politics if it means I don’t have to date a lethargic drunken coomer.

Anonymous 182752

Every single time I think the shitty modern net couldn't get worse it gets much worse. I thought nothing would ever attract a worse group of normalshits than myspace, then facebook came. Then I thought social media couldn't get any more retarded and tiktok happened. Now there is AI trash too that floods the net with soulless crap that is just a bad mashup of thousands of other already existing pics that it got fed with without permission.

Not sure what the next downgrade will be but it will probably turn me into a legit villain that is ready to kill to complete the time machine and return to the age of web 1.0.


Anonymous 182422[Reply]

Is it more attractive to have a child or to have had an abortion?
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Anonymous 182597

OP sounds like scrote bait

Anonymous 182630

>making major life decisions based on whats more attractive
Only moids do this

Anonymous 182639

Are you sure about that?

Anonymous 182692

For me, definitely to have an abortion I do NOT want kids

Anonymous 182694

Does she not mean "Which is the more attractive option?" as in like "Leasing is a very attractive option, but I can't afford it."


Lolcow Bunker Thread 4- didn't think it'd last this long Anonymous 177135[Reply]

>no updates
>speard love
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Anonymous 182570

Working on a self-reflective essay, what are some interesting (possibly funny) long as fuck video essays one can listen to while working on an essay.

Anonymous 182571

I hope it made him eat more because i'm into feeding

Anonymous 182572


Was this the shortest down time in the history of el cee

Anonymous 182588

im happy lc is back but it was a blessing in disguise for me because i was able to finish a bunch of homework that's due tomorrow now to proceed with my nightly shayna fix

Anonymous 182632

Nothing. Every time it bothers me I close the app, but I've been using it for so long, like 8 years. I can't deny that theres some good stuff on there, it can be informative at times. I tried deleting the app off my phone but I redownloaded it after 2 weeks


Tulpas Anonymous 172057[Reply]

Has anyone here tried to create a tulpa before? How'd it go?

I have been interested in tulpas and related concepts for a while now, but I haven't tried creating one myself yet. The community around this is unfortunately full of coomer moids with imaginary waifus and all sorts of LGBTQ alphabet soup people. I do want to try it eventually though, both out of curiousity and to potentially gain a cool imaginary friend.
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Anonymous 177948

I once tried because i missed my ex bf and wished I could make myself genuinly believe I was manifesting him near me.
In the end all it is, is just that:wishful thinking. For some reason in present day especially with fucking z**mers people have a hard time accepting reality, and stuff that used to be childish imagination like playing pretend and imaginary friends is called "reality shifting", "tulpas" or people pretend to have DID so they can larp as their shitty OCs which 10 years ago would have just been cringe deviantart drawings. People try really fucking hard to delude themselves into thinking their imagination is real.
God only knows why.

Anonymous 177949

smh. You can't induce schizophrenia in yourself by playing pretend. Please get a grip.
>My trust in modern medicine and psychiatry has been shaky in recent years though.
As it should. Its an industry, it isn't geared towards what is best for the population its geared toward selling product, which is why its recommended men with AGP chop their dicks off for thousands of dollars, why pubescent and PREpubescent kids dealing with teenage angst get prescribed meds they don't need, and why insulin costs thousands a month despite taking pennies to make.

Anonymous 178069

I said "If"

Anonymous 178152

Late onset schizophrenia is a thing and lifestyle and thought patterns could be a trigger. People don’t come out of the womb with schizophrenia and some people don’t know their at risk. I don’t know why you’re being so aggressive to them.

Anonymous 182631

why would you give yourself a mental illness on purpose?


crush thread Anonymous 26570[Reply]

tell us/gush about your crush!

anything - be it just an exchange you two had, a whole story of how you two met/started liking eachother, a bit about them? do they like you back? whatever!

i'll go first - i really like this guy whos nicer than anyone else i've met. he has blonde hair and a very cute grin and glasses. he walked up to me and told me i seemed lonely and he made me feel so welcome around others. we've had a few brief conversations and he's exactly my type. i don't know if he likes me back or not for sure but we've exchanged a few heart emojis. the first time he sent me one i thought it was a mistake and ignored it (whoops) but he walked up to the glass of a room i was in and made a heart at me through the glass, and that's the most romantic thing i've ever experienced. (yes i have never had bf)

your turn!!
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Anonymous 181800


this anon here.
we've been dating for almost a month now, got to hang out together irl a few times, and its been going well. he spoils me a lot. really happy about this development.

Anonymous 182244

What's the worst that could happen if you told him now? It may bring some closure.

Anonymous 182425

I had a crush on a friend. I tried to tell him but got scared, I gave a hint which I'm glad he didn't pick up since I just think I have no chance with him. I'm just trying to forget I have a crush for now and just remain as friends since I think he wouldn't even like me

Anonymous 182595

cat hugs.png

It's been a little while. I hope you're doing alright. No guy is worth killing yourself over… you just have to put yourself out there and see how many different kinds of guys there are.

Anonymous 182598

I hate this picture


Is there a discord server? Anonymous 150952[Reply]

I would really like friends, lost a close friend and I'm really lonely, does anyone here run a small/private discord? I just want to have friends to play video games with and show my drawings and crochet work n stuff
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Anonymous 177250

guys i dont want to spreed mistrust but one minute after this post theres was a moid raid in the no bf thread and he was promoting his server scrotes as boyfriends something like that. im not saying this anon is a moid but be careful when add strangers from there

Anonymous 177253


yeah I get the mistrust, but I wasn't looking for random adds from random people. I sent a mail to the burner email the one nona made to be added to the server ([email protected] ), but I never received a message back. I sent that email my real discord as well. throwaway is just a fake or w/ever in case the server anon sees it here instead. I get what you mean about the raids. I saw some gross shit in /b/ that stayed up for fucking hours.

Anonymous 177254


ohh the one from the discord server said that she dont look at the recent emails often >>173630 so maybe it will take some time before they add you. still take care nona!! even in a "female" space there are some weirdos.

Anonymous 178698

Fuck off moid

Anonymous 182589

I sent mine and some friends too. Please notice me


Anonymous 182049[Reply]

I've been fat for most of my life and people think they can get away with bullying me along with their sick fetish. Honestly, I'm so tired of this. How do we get people to see us the same as any other woman?
39 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 182229

Thicc Pikachu.jpg

Is this Blaine? I didn't know that being fat was one of his triggers.
I honestly thought (and still do kinda think) that it's fat Nona. She posts around here any time someone brings up weight because she's deeply angry at our cultural views of fat people and deeply jealous of skinny girls. You'll see her a lot in the terf thread because she thinks that if you're not fat it's because you're an anorexic pick me who bows to the patriarchy by refusing to eat constantly and who is too weak to protect yourself against men. She stays oddly silent on women pointing out that being fit and muscular is better than being fat or thin though.

Anonymous 182235

Being muscular is superior but would it matter? Packing a gun is infinitely better. If you need someone dead, boom. Done.

Most moids are ugly though that is just true sadly.

Anonymous 182262

That picture is hilarious

Anonymous 182291

lol yes that is one of the trannys triggers when he has nothing else to type about he calls u fat. Put his pic through face app and make him fat

Anonymous 182387

You just aren't smart enough to understand the concept, you can't think beyond 'X causes X' kinds of ideas so you're assuming that's what we're saying even though we explicitly told you we're not saying that.

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