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I was raped Anonymous 37352[Reply]

Friday night I was raped at a party at my girlfriends house. I think someone put something in my drink and some guys fucked my in my bfs bed while I slept. I am going to get a morning after pill but I don't want to go to the doctor. What are the odds I have herpes or something? Can i do anything to prevent it?
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Anonymous 52820

I never said not to report. I said OP doesn’t have to report if she doesn’t want to and explained reasons for the other anons why they might not want to report.

Again, if OP wants to report then she should but she shouldn’t feel pressure to do it either. OP needs to focus on herself and her needs whatever they might be.

Anonymous 52852

you're pathetic

Anonymous 52853

t. manbaby

Anonymous 52863

That for sure made you laugh, didn’t it? Bet you were typing with your potato nose to the screen thinking this is the one. But now what? You’re still alone and pathetic.

Anonymous 56842

i know how you feel OP


i cant stop wanting a pic related bf Anonymous 44789[Reply]

but i feel to ugly to get one

but i cant get over how qt havin a white bf would be
i cant compremise reeeeeeee

how hard is to get pic related?


no im not hybri or a polfag ,i would never date someone who hurts others
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Anonymous 56575

>people that look moorish tend to go extremely far-right or far-left politically as a major cope
Please explain the meaning of this to a non-Spanish.

Anonymous 56597


There are significant differences imho. Thanks!It's nice to find some girls to talk about this. Of course I want my kids to have the same hair colour as mine, but I'd give more importance to the eye colour. My mother has dark brown hair and it didn't stop me to inherit my father's hair. Obviously it's not a thing a parent can predict.
You see, the Iberian Peninsula (where Spain and Portugal are) was initially inhabited by certain peoples (Iberians in the east and south, Celts in the north and west), who were later invaded and ruled by Romans, who would also be dominated by Goths, then the Muslims came and stayed for some centuries, ruling over all that population that started out as a typical mix of indoeuropean people (the Basques are pre-indoeuropean and suffered much less mixture and had maintained their lenguage alive until now) whose lenguages was changed for latin by the Roman Empire. The Goths adapted to this and had fewer impact over the lenguage. One could argue wether or not some of the tribes named above arrived at the peninsula to stay as masters or to also bring enough people in order to mix. I've I'm not mistaken, there's significant amounts of Roman blood, less of Goth and lesser of Muslim (and Jewish). And why? Because these two groups had a different religion, and mixing wasn't that easy back in those days. So when Muslims and Jews got expelled of the peninsula (a long process), there remained fewer people with such ancestry. The Iberian and Celts didn't look like Germanic tribes, obviously, most of them probably had brown hair, but that's a physical trait that shouldn't be mistaken for African ancestry.

Nowdays there's Spanish people that just by the looks you can tell they have a significant amount of Arab ancestry (surnames could be misleading sometimes). Some people, including myself, have noticed that these people tend to go extreme when it comes to politics and they do this as a major cope. The ones that go to the right because of insecurity and the ones that go to the left because they see it as some sort of cool diversity that would justify bringing migrants.

Pic related is your typical ''right-wing'' wealthy Spanish girl with a bracelet of the flag of Spain. Would you consider her med or Arab-looking? It is said that the rich mixed way more with the invaders to maintain theiPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

Anonymous 56602

can someone please make a collage of serial killers???
like we are all fucked up here and have raw feelings for fucked up guys heart eyes

Anonymous 56608

Please seek help. This is why women end up being unhappy and murdered.

Anonymous 56758

ew if ulike fat uggos go on r9k


Anonymous 56615[Reply]

post graphic shirts you like

Anonymous 56617

also kitty mow.jpg

Anonymous 56620


Anonymous 56736



enby trannies? Anonymous 56235[Reply]

There's an entire thread about trans women but I'm curious about nonbinary people

1. do you personally know any nonbinaries?
2. do you see them as different from men/women or just larpers?
3. do you have different experiences with male and female ones?
4. do you see them as different from regular trannies?
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Anonymous 56718

Another one who can't read for shit. You should stop being so insecure as well.

Anonymous 56719

>accuse someone of lacking reading comprehension
>actually just doesn't have a good follow up
Just admit you're wrong.

Anonymous 56720

You can't consistently follow my point. I don't know why you're frustrated if you're not the stereotype that I described in detail.

Anonymous 56724

have you considered if nobody can understand your point it might be you who can't write for shit

Anonymous 56735

Nope. Because every other woman I talked about this recognizes the deeply rooted problem within our society. And if you can't imagine the progression of a little girl taught to make herself cute just for the attention of a man then you might be really fucked up.


Making female friends in your early twenties. Anonymous 56542[Reply]

How do I do that? I'm beginning university in October and I have no real female friends who I can constantly talk to, other than a handful of online penpals who live on the other side of the globe.
I'm socially retarded (not in a literal sense, I'm just very uninterested in socialising, so I never had any reason to make friends with other girls as a kid/teenager), terrified of women (the mean girls in middle school really do a number on you, don't they?) and I have mommy issues. I tend to get a crush on basically any girl who treats me with even just a minuscule bit of respect, so I act like a fucking monkey around any possible friends I could make.
Help a sister out.
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Anonymous 56651

Which cluster b, if you don't mind the question?

Anonymous 56653


BPD. (pic related)
Solid advice, thank you queen. <3

Anonymous 56658

Open your mouth and talk to people. It's probably really basic-sounding advice, but that's really just how it goes, unless you're lucky enough to get other people to talk to you first. It can help if you join some clubs you're interested in where you'll be in a room with them for hours on end. Heck, practice on your roommates if your dorms aren't singles and gain some confidence, you'll be forced to stick with them for a year or more anyway. People really aren't that scary once you get into it, it's terrible that you were bullied that badly in middle school but there's plenty of geniunely nice people around if you give them a chance and open up.

Anonymous 56662

Sounds reasonable, thanks for giving me hope.

Anonymous 56666

Body language can be really important too, if you're always tense and on the defensive posture wise then even people who are looking for someone to talk to during, say, the first week of classes - potentially you! - will shy away and find someone else because stress can be infectious and nobody wants to be stressed out during their first days in university. Just relax and take it easy. It's a new beginning, you can do it.


Anonymous 54328[Reply]

What are ways that moids can do to help challenge and change the institutional and systematic misogyny in America.

Assume that the moids are just every day moids who hold no office and aren't wealthy.

What is some good literature to help expose them to the plight that women face every day and to help give them an understanding to our cause.
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Anonymous 56502

So if we have enough women's shelters for women targeted by this sort of abuse, that should in theory eliminate the problem of landlords taking advantage of tenant women, right? And yet, most sexual violence still occurs between partners and personal acquaintances.

Anonymous 56503

You don't think that economic insecurity makes it harder for women to leave abusive spouses? That people's sexual abusers tend to be people they know doesn't mean that there isn't material backing that's being used to twist their wrist into complying, your employer is a personal acquaintance just one that has the ability to seriously harm your life if they want

Anonymous 56506

>is that even a major factor in the current era? in most abusive couples they're both working and the economic difference is pretty slight. the problem is people's love for their abuser, low self-esteem, etc. not usually money.
It's still very common, just because most households are dual income doesn't mean that you can always leave your husband and make it on your own financially, often it's only by pooling your income with your partner that you can make do.Similarly abusive parents usually rely on the fact that their kids usually don't have the resources to leave their parents

>well yes, that's one way to put it. but even just being groped can have severe consequences for people's self-confidence, you understand that right?

The point is that absent coercion it's up to women whether or not they want to deal with abusive people, it's still horrible but you can't be made to do anything if the person abusing you doesn't have leverage

Anonymous 56644

>economic inequality
No, it's a sexual inequality, moids just simply don't have the same sort of market value when it comes to sex, they aren't the providers of sex, they are the consumers of sex.

Anonymous 56646

>is that even a major factor in the current era
There's a reason that domestic abuse is concentrated heavily in areas and countries where women either don't work or make significantly less.

male opinions.gif

Make feminism great again. Anonymous 46977[Reply]

I dunno about you, but I can't stand most of the moder "feminism" moviment. I thought of four points that I think we should change in order to make Feminism once again represent women.

1 remove trannies: That should be simple. They're not women and shouldn't be part of the moviment. They don't suffer from the same problems as us and can't help solbing them. Take them (and gay men) out of the feminism should be priority 1 and 2.

2 Stop with this brainless anti-capitalistic mentality: I'm not saying that feminism should embrace laissez-faire capitalism or anything, just stop believing that the economic system is the root of all evil. Nothing has saved more lives than capitalism, nothing has freed more women than it nothing has made so many powerful women than capitalism. Take the gender gape, for instance. It's real and something should change. But how? Forcing companies to pay the same won't work, that will just make women unimployed. Most of the gap is explained because women have to work at home, what makes them work less hours. We should make men share house duties, not punish companies because they want to profit. Another part of it is explained because, well, women get pregnant. Want to work more (and earn more)? Don't have children. Ain't that hard.

3 "fat positive" stuff: This manages to be even more unscientific than the others. You're not helping women by lying to them and saying it's ok to be fat. Obesity is a disease. Your blood tests are good? Cool, that means you're young, not that you are immune to the consequences of being overweight. You're 40 and are still ok? Anecdotal evidence. Yeah, there are people who smoke crack cocaine for decades and are ok too. B-but ana-chans! Whataboutism. They are also ill, and also need help, not lies.

4 Stop thinking that people that disagree with feminism because they are stupid: the world is more complex than that. People can be smart and vote for different candidates. There are good "pro-life" arguments and bad "pro-choice" arguments. Making people angry will not convince them you're right. Of course, that's not an iron law and people can be unreasonable. Learn to debate with each, study more before having strong opinions, and changing your mind about subjects is a sign of intelligencPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 56582

India… :(

Anonymous 56583

Yeah, I think the best descriptor would be crony capitalism or oligopoly. It isn't really laissez faire, since it runs on coruption. (Saged for OT)

Anonymous 56584

You're correct, but my point is that there is little to no welfare in most of China. People complaining about the lack of healthcare in US shouldn't praise China.

Anonymous 56585

As a supporter of role reversal, what do you think of divorce law? I feel like a lot of moids would tend to be scared of taking the role of caretaker, when their partner could easily divorce them, end up with the kids, and force them to pay child support. Do you think equal divorce law should be part of a feminist movement? Should divorce law be defined based on which person takes on a more "domestic" role? (IE, man gets custody in femdom, woman gets custody in trad, split custody and finances in dual income)
>It would be better if men actually were more selective and didn't care about sex as much as they do (though one may argue that it's not 100% their fault, that's how their bodies work).
I think this might be part of why so many guys watch porn. From what normie men say, the ones that don't have an addiction just see it as a way of getting rid of their urges, so they can act normal. Basically as mundane as using the bathroom. I think you would have a hard time trying to control a lot of men if you banned porn though. (IIRC, societies with widespread porn tended towards less sexual violence)

Anonymous 56645

>No, women shouldn't stop shaving/waxing because that makes us "strong" or whatever just because most men don't do this. In fact, the change should be: men should start shaving and waxing too.

It seems to me that demanding other people change is not really realistic. Shaving and waxing is an aesthetic choice - in fact, it's actually pretty localized geographically; Asians barely shave or wax at all.

I don't see why men and women need to be exactly the same in every way. They're not the same. One has extra bits up stacked up top and the other extra bits hanging off the bottom, one is able to have kids the other is insanely more strong. Women can be strong without being men, because women aren't men. Whether you achieve it through changing women or changing men entirely misses the point because if you're going to become strong by becoming similar to a man, then you're still defining strength as masculinity.

Well it's stress relief, sort of like how some men airbox if they're angry. They can either do that or hold their anger in in until it explodes and they abuse a real person. Much healthier for them to get it out of their system than to walk around with a growing bomb in their brain.


"INDIVIDUALS WITH A CERVIX" Anonymous 56382[Reply]

Why tf do i have to put up with crazy men pretending to be women again? I'm so sick of this "trans" stuff, if J.K Rowling can state this basic fact, so can I.
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Anonymous 56573


im all for tranny bashing but many have hpv now thats what the article is all about…
what should i do if i meet a cute guy but he had it once and tells me on a date … like wtf… he got it from a stacy years ago and she from a chad and chad from a tranny he hateraped.
What if the guy doesnt tell it, what if he doesnt even know it
what if i had it once and it lies now dorment but it cant be detected anymore ?

Anonymous 56586

No need to worry about it, chances are that you've inherited it, most of the population is infected lmao

Anonymous 56589

Just get yourself tested, it ain't that expensive

Anonymous 56591

>either are or aren't
imo, depends on the individual

Anonymous 56601

still leaves the problem that assigning agency to someone who doesn't have it and fighting to exert influence over peoples lives regardless of what they say can be really oppressive.
activism usually has specific political goals, it says it's about "liberation" but it's more about making people conform to a new ideal than giving individuals real choices.
>you're 9 years old, you can decide for yourself what gender you are. we, your allies stand up for your right to take hormone blockers.
>oh, you say you don't want to work as a physicist? must be false consciousness implanted into you by the system, I know where your real interests are, lemme help you with that.
wow, thanks a lot.


Wizchan.org Anonymous 55440[Reply]

What is Crystal cafes thought on wizchan? I love to browse the place because there's less people trying to get in your pants.
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Anonymous 56554



Anonymous 56557

so you’ve got a whole website of males who aren’t interested in females, well, you can see where the feelings would develop

Anonymous 56559

>not interested in females
the incels have already taken over wizchan

Anonymous 56563


doujins when

Anonymous 56565

so they have some rule where they’re not allowed to express feeling towards females, I can just imagine them struggling and slowly coming to terms with their new gay relationship, the old coming to terms with the gay stuff you know if you’ve read any mangas


Anonymous 55116[Reply]

guys be like "i wanna girlfriend who isnt sensitive, wants lots of sex and cares about sports and videogames". bitch it sounds like you want a boyfriend. girls be like "i wanna boyfriend whos sensitive, caring and cares about art and fashion". bithc it sounds like you want a girlfriend.
56 posts and 7 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 55977

The day craigslist shut down personals I remember visiting it and seeing nearly 100 middle-aged women in my local area running advertisements like "I want a FEMDOM MARRIAGE must be monogamous, own your own house, and physically fit." None of those are particularly high requirements considering the age they were targeting for relationships.

I can't imagine that craigslist would have been a first choice, and the 40-50 year old women behind those ads would have already run through and exhausted any sort of irl or serious, long-term relationship dating site. Or even fetlife. Some of those ads even talked about what a wasteland fetlife was at the time and how miserable dating sites are.

It's all so sad.

Anonymous 56170

Yes they did, it was a huge case in Australia.


That's how homosexuals 'reproduce' btw

Anonymous 56437

Anonymous 56472

Men shouldn't have children in their care.

Anonymous 56564

mega lol

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