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Idea to make crystal cafe super good Anonymous 25925[Reply]

Step 1: All of us get ourselves comitted in a temporary psych hold by faking mental illness

Step 2: We go around to all the female inmates and give them a url to crystal cafe

yay or nay?
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Anonymous 26228

Anonymous 30897


i sometimes wonder if i should just, take a risk & drop a link somewhere. i mean, i came here from r9k of all places.
& i've been a great contribution to the site. so it wasn't a loss or anything y'know

Anonymous 30898

just tell it to your friends, assuming they are women.

Then again people on r9k tend not to have friends..

Anonymous 30899


Anonymous 30941

>faking mental illness
A-anon, I…


Anonymous 30917[Reply]

I thought I'd ask you guys since I trust you all the most. What's the best website or free app to keep a private journal? I tried out penzu but it just bothered me.

I have BPD and have learned of attempting to take the approach of observing emotions from the outside and want to write it down.
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Anonymous 30931

i use tiddywiki on my VPS

Anonymous 30932



Anonymous 30933

I haven't used it but this looks like the best from a quick search.

Observing yourself from a third person is a good method too. It's basically the way I managed to sort myself out, or at least cope better.

Anonymous 30940

i use https://writer.bighugelabs.com/
it's for writers or something but i like the simplicity

Anonymous 30954



Mars Argo/Brittany Alexandria Sheets Anonymous 15207[Reply]

Does anybody know about mars?(and all the stuff involving titanic sinclair,poppy,lawsuit etc.)
I found about her around 2016~ and fell in love with her style and voice(songs also).Wish we can see her more in the future
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Anonymous 18728

>poppy is better than mars
Wow, I've never seen anyone be this completely wrong before

Anonymous 18747

>poppy is prettier
Sorry anon-chan I didn't realise you were blind. My apologies.

Anonymous Moderator 18755

^ was banned for being a man.

Anonymous 18771

Probably because staff can see your post history, son. Get out and go back to your board.

Anonymous 30924


Anonymous 30084[Reply]

What is your opinion on homosexual men and/or women, in real life, yuri/yaoi, and in general?
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Anonymous 30768

>religious garment

Anonymous 30823

Yeah, most people think I'm homophobic but I'm not. I don't blame them though, majority of muslims hate gay people and they're usually threatened with death in most muslim countries.

Anonymous 30824

You were probably brainwashed by imageboards into being hyper vigilant about TV and films, as they for some reason are.

Anonymous 30861

Idc but the people who make gay their entire personality and that's the only thing they talk about r annoying

Anonymous 30870

They're just people, there's good/bad, cool/lame homosexuals. My best friend is a gay guy and it feels similar friendships I've had with girls. I'm bi, while I'm not ashamed of it, I don't really go out of my way to tell people.


Anonymous 30862[Reply]

I know this is a long shot and I can already imagine what the replies will be but… Is there any kind of medication I can take that will make my sex drive go away completely? I don't want to feel attracted to anyone for any reason anymore. I don't think it's possible but… has anyone achieved it before?

Anonymous 30863


Anonymous 30864

birth control can do that for you

30 .png

30+ Thread Anonymous 30841[Reply]

Just curious to know how many here are 30 or above. Seems like everyone older on most imageboards have up and left.

Anonymous Moderator 30842

Anon gets woke_a22…

Anonymous 30265[Reply]


What do y'all think of this ad?
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Anonymous 30814

This might be my Nordic sense of humor, but I thought it was funny. Especially the line of BBQ dads appearing out of nowhere had me in stitches. Kind of absurdist humor like those Japanese commercials

Anonymous 30818

What the fuck did the advert have to do with shaving though hahahahahaha like?????
That’s the thing that irked me.

Shit like this reminds me of when Ed Miliband wore a “this is what a feminist looks like” T-shirt. Makes me automatically avoid people who claim to be X Y Z when people are making money off of it.

Dumb advert, dumb concept, everyone knows not to be cunt nowadays. Even the sexist ad they showed was old as fuck at this point.

Anonymous 30833

Stupid as fuck
Only boys bully?
rough housing is violence?
It was yet another
"All problems and (especiall y) Solutions flow from men. Women are perfect brings far too delicate for this earth and they can't be bullied and they certainly can't solve any problems!"
I'm not a porcelain doll

Anonymous 30836

no it wasn't you platinum retard. it's a commercial directed at men trying to tell them to stop being shit to eachother. of course it's not going to talk about women at all, that make no sense.

Anonymous 30838

I actually watched the ad.
Fuck off with your BS


MBTI General Anonymous 8426[Reply]

whats your personality type?
whats your zodiac sign?
what type/sign do u like and dislike the most?

>INTJ Edgelord

>INFP crybaby
>ENTP will never shut the fuck up
>INTP forever alone
>ISTJ the ultimate NPC
>ESTP Chad
>ENTJ your future boss
>INFJ the ultimate form of horse shoe theory. He's either hitler or an SJW
>ENFJ sjw or normie

MBTI tests
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 30385

Because "I" for introvert. Do you think people are more likely to be extroverts and thus ENFJ or ENTJ on an imageboard?

Anonymous 30589

creepy how?

Anonymous 30789

I think that's a bit dramatic, your average INFJ isn't an Alt-Right Anti-Semite or a socjus commie who hates white people. Although Hitler is heavily suspected to have been an INFJ. And you will find an odd concentration of SJW INFJs (although many are also INFPs, ENFPs, and ISFPs).
The idea is that INFJs can get as spergy/one-track-minded about social issues as INTJs do about their projects and interests.
t. INFJ who fights tendencies towards extremism regularly

Anonymous 30797

wait but isnt mbti bullshit? are you guys larping? whats happening?

Anonymous 30798

It's for fun. Similar to "what character from [popular media] are you?" quizzes.


Big Miners Anonymous 27989[Reply]

Thread for big girls.

Skinny girls, get out.
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Anonymous 30646


>not one poster has utilized this opportune moment to banepost yet

Anonymous 30651


>feels like I haven't seen my husbando on an imageboard in ages
Peace has cost him his strength.
Victory has defeated him.

Anonymous 30653


>fellow big guy connoisseur
Lotta loyalty for a husbando!

Anonymous 30657


>Lotta loyalty for a husbando!
All 4him.

Anonymous 30782


>ywn sakura

images (47).jpeg

Anonymous 27218[Reply]

He did not contain a single drop of blood; his heart was the size of a peppercorn; his lungs corroded; his intestines rotten and gangrenous; he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water.”
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Anonymous 30579

God i hate genghis khan, bastard robbed me of my cheekbones

Anonymous 30587


Took me a while to find it.

Anonymous 30591


Thanks anon, this is perfect.

Anonymous 30596


>Charles ii of Spain x reader story
You could put it in pastebin and link it here

Anonymous 30713

charles ii x ann f…

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