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Friend finder testimonials Anonymous 119378[Reply]

How has everyone's experience with the friend finder thread been? Is it worth it? Have you made friends from it? Have you encountered any male creeps (or even female creeps)? If the answer to the last question is yes, feel free to name and shame them so others will know who to avoid.
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Anonymous 119686

Friend finder thread was a bad idea

Anonymous 119736

>they gathered discord tags from here and put them on 4chan
>he was nice though
no he wasn't.

Anonymous 119753

I've added one person from the old friend finder thread. I enjoyed talking with her and we clicked, but we talked less and less. I ended up deleting her as we had stopped talking for months.
I've added anons from lc as well, honestly they were all cool and I didn't really have any bad experiences with them. It's just hard to keep up chats as we both stop logging on as often.

Anonymous 119927

i had a similar experience, but on a friend finding subreddit. i was friends with what i believed to be a girl for over a year (don't judge me), but when i finally convinced "her" to get into VC on discord, he came clean and i was really upset. when i asked him why he lied he said that i was the only person that he found to have multiple niche interests in common and he just wanted to talk about them, he didn't think we would actually become long term friends.

Anonymous 120075

it was really hit or miss for me. i didn't make any longterm friends but i met some cool people who were fun to chat with for a bit. i also got ghosted a couple times and got added by some weirdo moids lol


Kanunu Anonymous 119784[Reply]


Anonymous 119888




Animal general Anonymous 32[Reply]

>volunteer work and stories
>sad/happy stories about an animal
>questions and advice
>cute pictures

Post them all.
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Anonymous 119677

Anon stop torturing them and just scoop them on some paper outside

Anonymous 119678

Some prick left his dog on his car outside my house today, when I went to check on her (because she was freaking out for nearly an hour) my neighbour judged me for being nosy but I was ready to deck him for this puppy. I pray for the dog revolution

Anonymous 119680

Anonymous 119682

I understand it's scary, but once you do it a few times you'll feel a lot better than you do now using salt, best of luck with the birds

Anonymous 119708

Very cool, thanks for sharing anon. How many pets do you have at home total?


Science thread Anonymous 115805[Reply]

Since there's too much talk about moids in our boards, I decided that I should do my part and contribute something non-moid related. So I'm making this thread about science, maths are included as well of course. I personally think that the soft sciences are actually closer to the humanities than to the hard sciences, but in the spirit of avoiding a flame war, I'll try to avoid this point as much as I can from now on.

You can ask questions and discuss stuff about science here, I'll try to answer whatever I can and perhaps attempt to guide posters in the right direction if I'm not familiar with the topic. I'm a physicist by training but I have a basic understanding of general chemistry, geology and biology as well. I know the most about astrophysics and meteorology/climate stuff, I'm OK at mechanics, thermodynamics and quantum physics and not so great at electromagnetism, relativity and maths in general (as in, compared to a mathematician, for a physicist I'm average at maths). Sorry if that came off as a bit pedantic, I just wanted to let you know the kind of stuff I'm more likely to give good answers to.

So yeah, ask away!
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Anonymous 118053

I just got my biology BS. I’m still undecided about grad school though.

Anonymous 118072


felt that picture

Anonymous 119611

>computational linguistics
Oh that's super interesting anon. I was looking at grad schools and found that a good number of cognitive neuroscientists come from that background.
>Does anyone have any interest in math here?
I come from a more bio background, so math is not my strongest point, but I also really like stochastic processes, Markov chains, etc. Lately I've been fascinated by Bayes' theorem and all the possible applications of bayesian inference.

Anonymous 119619

That’s epic. Good job on the hard work my queen

Anonymous 119641

Sci leads to pretty deep discussions imo


Anonymous 119259[Reply]

craving sushi SO fucking bad all the time
like i hadn't eaten it in years and then suddenly like a month ago i started craving it and now i'm eating it regularly, had like 500kcal of it today and i still crave it, it's ridiculous
i don't even know why, it just taste good
its expensive for me and i can't make it at home this is so unfair
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Anonymous 119273

you could try making tamago sushi ! so raw meat to deal with and still damn delicious

Anonymous 119614

Same, I ate 3 portions of it today

Anonymous 119632

You're more than likely craving the iodine in the seaweed wrap or omega 3 in the fish. You can satisfy your craving and eat healthier with larger servings of just a fish high in omega fats like salmon and especially dried seaweed. Iodine is rare in our diet and the majority of americans are deficient in iodine more than anything else.

Bonus is iodine is directly linked to higher IQ babies in women who eat it while pregnant. Not enough women know that fact so I'm trying to spread it every chance I can when the subject comes up to slowly raise the collective IQ of humanity one woman at a time.

Look up a California roll recipe. It works with cooked crab meat and is my favorite sushi. Even if it isn't sushi since it is cooked meat.

Anonymous 119633

Go for a poké bowl. For me it's the only way to stop the cravings.

Anonymous 119826


you, checking out groceries at le Walmart
>Welcome to Walmart, do you need a bag?
>No, I need you to eat more fish, more seaweed. Did you know that the average American is iodine deficient? We can raise our iq by changing our diets!
>that's…nice sweetie…

Getting the bus back
>Bus driver san, do you eat a healthy serving of fish every day?
>no…I need five dollars…
>Ok, here it is. But did you know how much better we would live if we ate enough fish or took iodine supplements?
>No…I'm not sure why you're telling me this…

I then imagine you telling this to the old lady next to you, and giving a powerpoint presentation to your friends.

cc statistics.png

Anonymous 110387[Reply]

Fuck the paranoid scum who got my thread deleted. I’m not male.

Anyway, as a collective whole we found that the most virgin color is blue.
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Anonymous 110941

if you wanna add my friend, she's virgin and likes orange

Anonymous 110942

ima virgin and my fav color has always been blue so true

Anonymous 111040

Did you vote before or should I count that?

Anonymous 111042

I did not vote before

Anonymous 119519


Friend Finder Thread (Revived Edition) Anonymous 88862[Reply]

Admin note: I will not remove your contact info for you. Use a throwaway. Do not request or post server invites of any kind.

For all anons who want to make friends and trade contact info. Please no scrotes or troons (report any you see). Also, no links to servers.

Info you might want to include in your post:
> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Don't be afraid to reach out! You will meet more potential friends if you post your info and respond to others rather than just posting and never checking the thread again.
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Anonymous 118879


> Your age

> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends

I love perfume, baking, cooking, soap, moomins, gardening, art, Nintendo games, Gundam, tarot, and soft blankets. I'm looking for friends who are kind and interested in having a good friendship, especially if you like perfume. I am Schizophrenic, also)

> Contact info


> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

East Coast USA.

Anonymous 118940

> Your age
> Preferred age range for friends
> Your hobbies, interests, and why you are looking for friends
Right now I'm an environmental student who's graduating soon and feel like I'm flopping around like a fish in life. I like practicing guitar, and I would like to learn how to use a DAW and produce my own music someday. I like outdoorsy stuff and working out. I also really like reading!
I'm going to be learning German this semester, if you speak it maybe I could practice with you?
The pandemic has crippled my ability to make friends irl so maybe this will be different.
> Contact info
> Any other relevant details (location, language, timezone, whatever)

Southeastern USA babyyyy

Anonymous 118949


NTA but he is our husbando. He belongs to all of us.

Anonymous 119113

unrelated to the topic but i've noticed how once a thread gets close to 500 replies like this one, it gives me a shit ton of problems to access it. anyone else has this problem? if its a common thing then i think once a thread hits a certain number of replies it should be closed and a new one should be made honestly

Anonymous 119517

i disagree


Anonymous 119472[Reply]

Whats your favorite number and why?
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Anonymous 119477

Mine is 9.
It's 1 away from 10, which is obviously a useful and important number, and it's a perfect square with 3, which is also a good number.

Anonymous 119479

same, I like 3, 6, and 9, all the single digit numbers divisible by 3. 3 is red and 6 is blue, blue and red make purple and 9 is purple also, they just belong together

Anonymous 119492

8. There used to be this website called real-wishes, or something like that, that I found as a child. It was this weird website with a starry background where you could type in a wish and it would come true (obviously none of them did lol). I remember the website was really focused around the number “8” for some reason. Something about that weird memory imprinted in me and now 8 has always been my favorite number.

Anonymous 119500

I tried that website (or one like it) and iirc it was actually real and the wishes did actually always come true

Anonymous 119502

I must be a drooling retard because I can't find where you submit the fucking wish, all I see is a google search bar that does not submit a wish, someone fucking help me


Anonymous 119485[Reply]

Should I take a class on Fourier analysis or nonlinear / discrete optimization? Which one would be more useful for reinforcement learning / control theory type applications?

Anonymous 119487

Sorry for posting a very specific question as a new thread.

More broadly if you girls wanna discuss machine learning related topics let's use this thread for that. Does anyone else here study machine learning or control topics in university?


Anonymous 107879[Reply]

Do you wear your mask?
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Anonymous 111858

I feel and hear you both. I use it because my face gets a bit hairy sometimes :(

Anonymous 111878

ur fat

Anonymous 119341


Anonymous 119471


Anonymous 119480

if its not an n95 or better its literally just false confidence

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