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Anonymous 72593[Reply]

Do I need to support sex workers now even though I think they all need to gtfo of their dangerous line of work?
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Anonymous 72662

OT but that's not jealousy. I hate that saying anything remotely negative of someone else is automatically labelled as jealousy. CC is an entitled mess and it's fine to just say that. Being proud that you are doing better than someone who was handed life on a silver platter is a good thing. Who would be jealous of her dirty tableaux.

Anonymous 72677

>What does your "support" even signify

When they say support, they usually mean it the same way PBS means it - which is to say they want you to donate money to them so they don't have to do the job they allegedly like so much.

Anonymous 72679

This. The wishlists are always linked in their Twitter bios.

Anonymous 72817

support them by giving them food, shelter and a way out
give johns hell

Anonymous 72877


In a similar fashion to >>72817, you must support sex workers by themselves outside of money (cf. how most people support homeless, i.e., by other ways other than money), and oppose sex work itself by any means necessary.
Any other position different from this one is clearly a moid and/or a tranny, for which other positions would imply unironic implicit misogyny, either by the hands of moids, or dumb, politically illiterate biological women.


request thread Anonymous 54271[Reply]

sort of like /wsr/ on 4chan. ask and ye shall hopefully receive. i'm first, can some kind soul find me a good torrent of "the rocky horror picture show [i forget the exact title]" and a few torrents for good horror movies? no classics since i've prob seen them all

only rule itt is that you can't ask why someone is requesting something. alright now go nuts
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Anonymous 54334

i was lazy and sad when i made this thread. still am. direct link pls

Anonymous 54380

Anonymous 62577

still wanting a direct link to rocky horror

Anonymous 72833


>tfw it's been six months
>tfw i still haven't watche the rocky horror picture show
c'mon c.c…torrent link pls

Anonymous 72840


Anonymous 67114[Reply]

any febfems here?
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Anonymous 72834

can febfems call themselves lesbians?

Anonymous 72835

I mean you can call yourself whatever you want, no one will know the difference unless you tell them

Anonymous 72836

aren't febfems bisexual? if you still feel attraction to men i think it would be disingenuous or almost disrespectful to lesbians, being a lesbian is literally about having zero attraction to men and strictly liking only women. but i feel like if you gotten to the point of wanting to call yourself a lesbian, you might be one?
>a lesbian

Anonymous 72837

you can do anything but it wont mean you are one lmao
yeah. febfem is literally short for female-exclusive bisexual female. i dont get why some of us want to larp as lesbians so hard, though

Anonymous 72839

idk, I'm bisexual (not febfem… yet at least), and when I was in an ltr with a moid it felt really awkward to call myself bisexual even though it's true, because it had almost no relevance to my external life. It was like I didn't "deserve" the label. But for a bi girl sticking to women this is suddenly turned on it's head and you'd better call yourself bisexual to let everyone know you're not a real pure lesbian inside, no matter little it matters to your dating life.

There's this weird thing in queer culture where it's like people treat male-attraction like it "marks" you and overshadows female-attraction. For moids it's the "bi men are gay in denial thing" and for bi girls it's the "bi girls are straight" thing. There is definitely a big difference between being straight-passing and not being that, it's not like I think there is a meaningful distinction, I guess I just don't think sexuality labels have a lot of meaning beyond advertising who you're willing to fuck/date.

To be clear I don't think febfems are actual lesbians, I'm just interested in what's "right" to use or not in regard to labels

liver - 1609312192…

Anonymous 72814[Reply]

Anyone taken testosterone gel to boost sex drive after menopause?

Anonymous 72820

I think this board is mostly too young for the menopause OP. You might get better answers asking on Mumsnet.


Anonymous 72798[Reply]

Is it normal to take a selfie at the gynecologist?

Anonymous 72800

It’s a lil weird

Anonymous 72807


I think it's ok. You should be able to feel comfortable with yourself.

Anonymous 72808

I mean, people take selfies everywhere now. I think it's a little weird to share it online, but some people share everything online. It would depend on whether the person sharing is one of those people who shares everything online or not.

Anonymous 72864

It's super edgy and epic and will surely net you large amounts of dopamine hits on facebook.


Anonymous 72802[Reply]

I feel so frustrated. I've been losing weight for a few months and my start weight was quite heavy, im at a middle ground right now and I was proud of my progress. A guy i kinda know called me fat yesterday, it feels like all of this isn't worth it. I feel so foolish for convincing myself i look better with this weight loss but im still seen as fat. Nothing i do will ever be enough.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 72805

Moved to >>>/feels/49055.


Anonymous 55041[Reply]

can we do a vocaroo thread? i just want to hear voices that aren't in my head
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Anonymous 72252

10/10 would give the required ego boast to awaken from my slumber.
blessing sis.

Anonymous 72257

Anonymous 72488

ty, anon <3

Anonymous 72600

10/10 passage and execution

Anonymous 72725

Sounds like that /pol/ girl


What went wrong? Anonymous 71030[Reply]

Why did humanity fail so hard
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Anonymous 72573


Anonymous 72584

The shorter work week was a result of organized labour forcing it in, and not because politicians mercifully decided to shorten it after seeing some numbers go up.
It can be seen even today. Which country is the only one with a 35-hour work week? France. Which country still has strong and militant labour unions? Also France.
So we'll keep working 40 hours until strong unions become a thing again.

Anonymous 72586

Why is wealth gap any important?
Case 1. You have 1000$, your neighbor has 2000$.
Case 2. You have 2000$, your neighbor has 20.000$.
Which one is better?

> 1 in 3 people worldwide don't even have access to clean water
What was this metric equal to 50 years ago? 100 years ago?

Anonymous 72680

if you think about it, most americans have a 45 hour work week as standard. it used to be called the 9-5 and it included an hour lunch. now if i want to take an hour lunch i have to work 8-5. that's an extra hour every day.

i feel like i'm going crazy because i have never seen this brought up anywhere else, people don't even seem to notice. we're all working an extra 5 hours a week for nothing. and no one noticed. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

americans also don't have guaranteed PTO. i have never in my 3 years of working received a single day of paid leave. hell, you can't even get unpaid leave most of the time–they'll just fire you if you ask. for white collar office work. our work culture is really fucked up.

but in korea they call it "hell joseon" and their suicide rate is high because of all the unpaid overtime. japan has a word for death by overwork and is famous for strung out salarymen falling asleep on the train or under their desk. and there is no reason it has to be this way–most office workers fuck around half the day. it's nothing but cultural norms that is the reason we suffer.

Anonymous 72682

This. I work from home and can easily churn out a 5 day report in 3 days because I don’t waste time.

I hated when I worked in a regular office because people always wanted to come over and talk to me about the most boring inane things when I was clearly not interested. Then I had to work later to make up for it.


furry is good Anonymous 72524[Reply]

I grow a shit of facial hair, upper lip. Lower lip, chin. Neck. Long thick black hairs too, visible to the naked eye. I have to go into a threader once a week and maintain so I can pretend around boyfriend not a horrible gorilla.

But on weeks when he's gone on business trips, I love letting it grow out because it's sickened satisfying to see how gross it can get then all plucked out by the threader the day before he gets back.

Just me?
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Anonymous 72648


Hair is natural and embracing it is nice and harmless, even if it's just for a while in your case

Anonymous 72649

Stop cooning for a male.
If he cannot accept your hair he's an infantile little cockweasel.

Anonymous 72650


Hair is natural. The modern obsession with being hairless is a result of diseased males teaching girls to be ashamed from an early age so they will be easier to control.

Anonymous 72661

men dislike body hair because of their inherent pedo tendencies

embrace your body hair and ignore the XY turd

Anonymous 72673

Hair is gross. I shave my moid whenever I can. I wish everybody was hairless from the head down.


Anonymous 72151[Reply]

Looks like I have a problem. Before all that covid thing I drunk alcohol ocasionally and in small doses but I drink more and more since the home office was implemented in my job. Today I drunk 5 bottles of cider and 2 bottles of wine and it's only 7 pm. I don't want to be a drunkard, I really don't but it tastes so fucking good. How to deal with it?
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Anonymous 72618

>It might take years before they find out. There's people who cheat and have double families for decades.
Always thought that was part of the redemption tbh, you wasted decades of your life believing the lies of others, while I told you from the start the true nature of this person.

My perspective on karma is a bias in my thoughts I have to admit though, I don't think revenge/redemption/vengeance etc has to come in the form of undoing what was done to you, sometimes you can't undo it. I'd guess OPs situation is one like that, the form of karma their family is going to face is more like their family being shattered by some scandal, while all the warning signs were there and they would've picked up on them if only they'd had listened.

Anonymous 72620

But will that matter once they're presented with undeniable proof?

Anonymous 72621

I'm totally incredible in their eyes and it's quite possible they would conclude that the evidence is fabricated. It's way easier to decieve people than to make them realize they got decieved

Anonymous 72631

Cider is good so I can't blame you, wine however is shit

Anonymous 72657

>Cider is good
Anon, please, I'm trying not to think about drinking

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