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Anonymous 232365[Reply]

Have you ever been victims of grooming?
This seems to be a very common thing nowadays, I heard some say that it was a thing back then, but I don't think so.
How did grooming affect your life? Did your groomer try to get back at you? Did they face repercussions?
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Anonymous 232398

Svengali (1954).jp…

I got groomed by my parents, they tried to turn me into an upstanding and successful citizen, but luckily they failed to brainwash me.

Anonymous 232400

srry troon/rapist im not letting you datamine my trauma

Anonymous 232907

I had a /pol/ ebf when I was 15 who I met at 14, in middle school. He wasn't very sexual (but did say things on a few occasions) because he was afraid of ever getting in trouble with the police, but in his own words "women my age are already whores. You're still malleable and I can make you my tradwife".
I absolutely idealized him for 18 months and multiple times he used that to deliberately hurt me or keep me desperate for crumbs of his attention. I hated him after but still wasn't over it for a long time.
I have had other encounters with weird men online who were abusive but he is the only one I can really say groomed me.

Anonymous 232930


Man, I had a friend that was a victim of grooming by some /pol/tard too by the age of 13.
It makes me extremely sad how disgusting men can be. The effects it leads later on can be extremely awful.
There's not a single night I don't send a prayer to her.

Anonymous 233056

>I heard some say that it was a thing back then, but I don't think so.
Years after the fact I had what I retroactively realized were attempts at grooming. I feel like if the dudes in question were more attractive or knew me better they would have succeeded, but they just had this air of grossness about them that even young me could detect. I could tell they were casting a wide net rather than having interest in me specifically, but I did not have the words for it at the time.

>Like, after a certain age I started identifying the intentions of a man when he messages you within the first messages.
I have being online in my tweens to THANK for honing my senses in this regard. I've been larping as a dude nearly everywhere since about 2004 because of it.

marie kondo meme.j…

invitation to come listen to me ramble about marie kondo Anonymous 149500[Reply]

i've dwelling on the marie kondo method for 3 years now. i've been thinking about it but also practiced it. in small ways at first but right now this has become a personal industrial revolution. now that i have seen the other side after a life of being messy, i know i have been missing out. this is way better. makes me suspicious that people would talk about anything else, as if they did not know how nice this is. i didn't know either i guess.
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Anonymous 154746


>Which book is this? The illustrated masterclass?

may have been something called masterclass, i already deleted it. "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up" from 2011 i kept though.

Anonymous 162980

This kicks ass, I haven’t seen or read Kondo’s work but I really agree with the methodology of minimizing effort of stupid shit to focus be more industrious in a personal sense and to focus on better things. I’ve started in small ways such as eating the same breakfast every morning (i dont mind doing this) so i mix my eggs and grind my coffee before bed like clockwork so that when i wake up, my morning is streamlined and done without thinking or distraction. I generally feel happier in the mornings when i used to hate them. Totally convinced to read and watch Kondo’s work now. Ty nona for sharing your experience!! Will likely be incorporating your advice into my life as well

Anonymous 172613

>for 20 more banana boxes
how many hectars your home is

Anonymous 173656


in their current form they are basically drawers in a shelf. the shelf is just a frame that i can slide the boxes into and out of.

since the shelves can hold 6 banana boxes stacked on top of each other, i don't need no mansion to hold it.

this truly is the ultimate form of personal storage, i wish i had known about it sooner. i have not gotten used to it, it still feels very new mysterious and i am still a while away from having it feel familiar.

Anonymous 233007

Banana box nona- how are you doing? I've been thinking about you lol.

I moved a few months ago but I'm only really getting to organize now. First thing is getting all the cold weather/warm weather clothes seperated, throwing out what I don't want, and putting everything away.


Sites that don’t require talking to other people? Anonymous 232531[Reply]

I am tired of rage-bait and seeing content I don’t want to see. For this reason, I stopped using Twitter, Instagram (because of the reels) and I’m thinking of leaving TikTok. Since then, my mental wellness has gone up significantly.

Basically, I’m looking for sites that don’t require the user to talk to anyone/see someone’s opinion to have an enjoyable user experience. I want crystal.cafe (anonymous) to be the only place I share my thoughts online. Right now, I can only think of Pinterest and Tumblr. Can you guys recommend more?
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Anonymous 232634

if you dont want to see other's opinions/content you dont like what is the point of being online?

Anonymous 232691

Leave TikTok now, that shit rots your brain.
As for websites Tumblr can be good, depends a lot how you use it, like if you start following politicals blogs then yeah. You'd have to only follow specific accounts, half of my feed are literally just cool photos and animals.
Also, unironically wikipedia or wiki fandoms in general.

Anonymous 232706

I dont have a reel issue with insta

Anonymous 232956

ideally youd want a site with an up to date stream of content, without people interaction, right? thats hard though, i cant think of anything aside from the ones that have already been recommended that dont have cancer.

i guess you could consider finding journalist/bloggers on topics you like by searching by a variation of specific terms and word omittance. my recommenedations are these:

theres zlibrary
9anime.to, aniplay.me for anime
bflix.gg for movie streaming

i use fediverse instances for finding gems sometimes. it still has people interaction but not as much due to seclusion. you can find fedis you like using instance.social. if youre interested, try avoid larger fedis and aim for obscure ones, since they will have a wider range of neutral content and arent blocked by most instances. or simply go for the ones that share your interests.

you could maybe find an indepedndent news outlet site, but i dont think youll have much luck in this sea of shills.
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Anonymous 232964

(it's about mental health)
i don't use the site but i'm subscribed to the newsletter. it's pretty good.


Anonymous 232820[Reply]

I spent all day yesterday watching vintage commercials for products that don't even exist anymore

Anonymous 232840

Are you depressed about crystal Pepsi Anon? Me too


What's your job like? Anonymous 232819[Reply]

Anonymous 232824


I do "web design" for a foundation, which really means designing emails and updating website pages. I do nothing more than my assigned tasks and spend the rest of my time working on my passion projects. Work from home is a glorious thing. But the worst part of my job is the 1 day im forced to go into the office and interact with people, ALL of them with partners or husbands or wives and I am this weird lonely self-hating thing that just barely blends in (not that anyone ever asks me about my status, they go on and on about their happy lives). I hate the tuesday commute too as no one can fucking drive in my state.

I miss being an unemployment leech, and I'd love if they just let me go one day.

Anonymous 232832

Pretty chill, but im trying to go into IT for another nightshift job.

Anonymous 232833

Doesn't sound that bad. Is it really dead ? How many hours of downtime do you have ?


Anonymous 232474[Reply]

Last week I found out that a friend of mine almost died from going to a crisis pregnancy center in CT.
My friend had a missed period and thought the place was easier and cheaper than going to her GYN. She went in for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. The tech found she had an ectopic pregnancy but let her go. On the way home her fallopian tube burst on the highway and she was rushed to the hospital. I didn't know the place was a crisis pregnancy center until I looked it up to get the number for her and found out NARAL had a protest there in 2017. I want to know who can report it to and what can we do about it.

Anonymous 232477

>The tech found she had an ectopic pregnancy but let her go.
What the hell?? why did they do this??

Anonymous 232498

Jesus fucking christ. I'm opting out of men. I don't give a fuck.

Anonymous 232763

These agencies don't care about the mother. Only the potential child.


Anonymous 232774[Reply]

If you had the ability to change the world in any way you wanted, what would you do? What would you erase from existence or maybe add? How would you turn the world into a female utopia?

Anonymous 233602

kill all men


Anonymous 232719[Reply]

Do you agree?
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Anonymous 232740

Yeah that doesn't explain attractive people with shit personalities op.

Anonymous 232752

As long as they're not fugly men.

Anonymous 232754

Typical Pollyanna bullshit.
I was pure-hearted and ugly as a kid, the more hateful I became the prettier I got.
Just commuting, all I think about is stabbing people who don't walk straight nowadays.

Anonymous 232757

I'm a bitch with anger about so many things, and I'm maybe 2 things going wrong in my life max from releasing it on the world and I'm also a babe.
So no it's bot true.

Anonymous 232758

I feel like it is trying to say that eventually, everyone will be "ugly," even the pretty people. This is true with age– nobody will be conventionally pretty forever. So if you have a bad personality, eventually you will be ugly on the inside and out.
But if you are pleasant, even if you are ugly, people will look at you in a nicer light (or at least the people who know you).

But I've seen ugly people with bad personalities before and pretty people with bad personalities so shrugs


Anonymous 232628[Reply]

Thread of Japanese romance movies with masculine men, points if he has a beard. I don't like twinks.

Anonymous 232630


Challenge: write me the entire backstop of picrel, pretending like you've never seen the movie. Extra points if you've actually never seen the movie.

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 232631

Moved to >>>/media/30753.


Best Linux? Anonymous 221349[Reply]

What's the best Linux distro to use?
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Anonymous 232418


Anonymous 232564


I use Manjaro w/ KDE

Konqi my beloved

Anonymous 232612


I use Debian for all my machines, it works well enough
it's not old it's stable!

Anonymous 232613


Anonymous 232614

average arch user:
>nooo you can't just use five year old packages for things you have to use the most recent versions think about the bleeding edgerinoes!

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