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Anonymous 32585[Reply]

What do you look for on tinder?
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Anonymous 32805

Anonymous 32811

it could be him tbh

Anonymous 32812


Anonymous 32813

He looks like Todd Howard

Anonymous 32831

giphy (2).gif

this is shockingly hot..thank fuck for the watermark


LOVE CONFESSION GAME Anonymous 388[Reply]

Anons must reply to the previous post with a cheesy love letter aimed at the subject of the photo attached.

This can be anything from a person, to a potted plant. Let's really be OTT and silly with this.

>I'm going stir crazy please humour me

To start us off, pic related is next anons love (I'm starting this on a sane level…)
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Anonymous 31367


checks nervously to see that we are alone and lets out le sigh of relief B-bean boy I have been w-wanting to talk to you about this for q-quite some time but i was too s-scared so I had to write it down like the coward i am uwu looks down in embarrassment

A-although there may be a significant age gap between us I can't help but be enamored by your sadistic smirk. I-i want to be your smollest bean blushes p-please eat me whenever you feel like it uwu

guy painting a toad

Anonymous 31373


Dear Toadpainter,
I have kept these feelings locked up far too long. I love you. I can't even recall a time when I didn't love you. I can't imagine entering my bathroom and you not sitting there in my bathtub, painting. Every time I smell turpentine, I think of you. Every time I see a bottle of cheap champagne at the grocery store, I think of how sweet your slurping ounds as we drink wine together in the mornings. Every time I play a Mario game I remember the portrait you made of me cosplaying as Wario. And I smile to myself every time, because every moment with you is a precious memory to me. I didn't even realize how much you meant to me until you passed out from the toxic fumes of turpentine, but now I see just how precious you are to me.
I love you, you beautiful painter man. Please never leave me. And please switch to painting with watercolors, I couldn't bear with you fainting again.

Anonymous 32770

To my true love; demonic cow

I want to take you on a journey to the transcendental object at the end of the universe. I want the veil between our souls lifted like the fog between two mirrors wiped clean; I want our souls to make love in a true display of soul mating.

I have a gram of PCP and 2 ounces of mushrooms; meet me at the cemetery tomorrow night by the gazebo at the pond.

Anonymous 32808


I can't love someone who doesn't exist. Maybe… I just can't love, period. Every time I try to conjure up the ideal man, nothing comes up. The same emptiness arises even when genders are switched. I don't know what's wrong with me; I want to love but have no one I can think of to love.
My days are empty, cold, lonely… I have many cats whom I love to death, but I want a lover who can respond to me natural human language. I want to make sweet love to them, then fall asleep cuddling, all to wake up in the cold London mist and make breakfast together. I want to make them tea and kiss them everyday to make sure they feel loved. I want to grow old with someone, experiencing all of life's pleasures – and its tragedies.
My days, filled with libertine pleasures, is something I've become weary of. To tolerate them, and them to tolerate me, I must wear a mask that wears me to the bone; I am not myself and I cannot breathe with this given mask. I want to be free. I'd gladly give up my selfish, toxic habits just for a taste of gentle, kind love.

Can anybody find me somebody to love?

Anonymous 32818

Don't give up your search, anon. I hope you find somebody to love.


Crystal Cafe debate of the century Anonymous 25377[Reply]

Choose your team: Tea vs Coffee

Which of these dear products of colonialism do you side with?

If you come in here to say something like "neither", "both" or "milk" please get hit by a car. This is a black and white struggle of good versus evil, there is no room for nuance here.
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Anonymous 32755

But do you drink as much as Balzac did?

Anonymous 32775

I like tea way more than coffee. For some reason coffee has to opposite effect on me and it makes me sleepy and nauseous.

Anonymous 32790

I drink instant coffee just for the caffeine. Tea is the superior drink, something I drink because I enjoy it on every level. It smells enchanting. It stains the water beautifully, like ink. It tastes lovely. You feel refreshed and human after drinking it. It feels a little bit magical when you harvest, dry, grind, and make your own tea.

I was one of those girls who spent all day in the woods gathering plants for "witch potions", lol. I had a botany guide to consult, so it wasn't dangerous, but damn was it fun.

Anonymous 32794


i can drink tea everyday, but i like to have coffee when it’s cold, with pastries, or with vietnamese food. i really like energy drinks with caffiene from green tea too, it feels less “heavy” than coffee

Anonymous 32817

No, but I think I'd be like Fry from that episode


David Myatt Anonymous 31469[Reply]

"The uncomfortable truth is that we, we men, are and have been the ones causing, needing, participating in, wars and conflicts. We - not women - are the cause of most of the suffering, death, destruction, hate, violence, brutality, and killing, that has occurred and which is still occurring, thousand year upon thousand year; just as we are the ones who seek to be - or who often need to be - prideful and 'in control'; and the ones who through greed or alleged need or because of some ideation have saught to exploit not only other human beings but the Earth itself. We are also masters of deception; of the lie. Cunning with our excuses, cunning in persuasion, and skilled at inciting hatred and violence. And yet we men have also shown ourselves to be, over thousands of years, valourous; capable of noble, selfless, deeds. Capable of doing what is fair and restraining ourselves from doing what is unethical. Capable of a great and a gentle love. This paradoxy continues to perplex me."

Pretty inspiring words coming from a former extremist.
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Anonymous 31618

What do you expect from them exactly?

Anonymous 32665

>The uncomfortable truth is that we, we men, are and have been the ones causing, needing, participating in, wars and conflicts.

Historically female rulers were more likely to go to war than male rulers. https://www.nber.org/papers/w23337

Anonymous 32726

I like attacking these concepts but European female monarchs (disregarding their male advisory cabinets) strictly between 15th - 20th centuries isn't even a half decent counter point.

Anonymous 32773

Did he write that when he was still an extremist?

Anonymous 32774


Anonymous 32364[Reply]

Should being skinny be taught in schools and be forced upon students? NO girl wants to be fat and it’s a great start to your life that’ll net you tons of health benefits, confidence, bfs, etc. There are literally no downsides to this. Don’t go full “muh parental freedom” on me: 1. teaching your kids to be fat is straight up evil and shouldn’t be allowed just like how you can’t cut of strips of your child’s skin 2. the currently in place accepted physique related parental freedom infringements and PE rules (such as mandatory dangerous sports/activities) are far more severe and are more likely to damage your child
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Anonymous 32666

I haven’t found any concise studies to show whether fasting is safe enough for kids, but I have read about how children who partake in Ramadan don’t experience any adversities.

But I think the problem is school lunches are high in sodium, fat, and calories and schools are cutting out of physical activities. Role modeling is a problem too; if your parents are obese, you’re more likely to be overweight.

Anonymous 32676

just force it on high-schoolers and up then. We could save money by doing away with all the school lunches nobody even likes and kids just throw away to the ants to eat.

fasting = the future in this climate change apocalypse

Anonymous 32677

That's absolute bullshit, your brain consumes the most glucose out of any part of your body. Please don't starve yourself and risk damaging your health. Watching your calorie intake and doing a bit of exercise (20 minutes of running every 2 days already helps a lot) is the best and safest way to lose weight. It also makes you fitter as a bonus.

Anonymous 32678

having overweight kids should be considered child abuse. the parent is in control of the childs food intake. by making the child obese you're destroying his/her present/future

Anonymous 32769

The only thing you have to do to not be fat is to cut out all sugar intake; the human body metabolizes sugar into fat before it can be utilized as energy. Fat is actually readily metabolized into energy shortly after eating.


Anonymous 32590[Reply]

I'm honestly considering becoming a whore. I'm solid 8/10 and I workout. I'm over 20 and I'm still a virgin because I have been saving myself for the ''right one'' and I have rejected many men that loved me and wanted me because of this. Now I'm slowly starting to lose faith in this fairytale and I feel like I'll just end up dying alone if I keep at this.

I love men but I don't see any as bf material and honestly getting red/pink pilled has made me lose fate in them anyway. Yet I still lust after them and I enjoy being a target of their lust and infatuation even if I'm well aware it doesn't last. I have such a beautiful body and I fucking want to use it.
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Anonymous 32747

>How is sex corrupting?
I second this.
>tfw no mythical prince bf
We were high school sweethearts and agreed to get married after graduating college. However, his video game addiction spiraled out of control until he was playing for literally 16 hours a day (every single moment he wasn't sleeping or showering, he'd even eat while gayming) and he dropped out of college. Then he became more and more abusive, although he already had signs of it before. I didn't know anything, I was a naive girl. Oh well. Now he's working a dead end manual labor job and I have my degree and live in another state in a nice city. Good riddance. Gayming produces visceral disgust for me now–I will never date another guy who plays vidya, not even casually.
>selling yourself
It's literally free money and what exactly am I "losing" by doing so? What part of myself is no longer here? It's no more degrading than wagecucking. Hell, at least prostitution pays a high hourly. Rather than dragging my belly across a floor to slobber on the shoes of some manager for a measly 20 bucks an hour.
>shallow hedonism
Because I–gasp–have sex once in a while? Fuck off retard.
>leave me for dead
I dumped HIS ass while he cried and begged me not to leave. He threatened to kill himself and I told him to go right ahead.
>no sex until a ring
Do you live in rural utah in 1894?

Anonymous 32748


Honestly, what makes me think "don't do it!" is the fact that OP said she was thinking of becoming a "whore".

If that's how she feels about casual sex, emotionally, then I think it would probably be a bad idea to try it.

It's good to have an active sex life if you enjoy it, want it, and you're not hurting yourself or anyone else. But if you're the kind of person who can't enjoy sex like that, it's not bad. It's just who you are

Anonymous 32750

This is exactly what I'm talking about. You don't have a good emotion in your body. It's nothing but evil. All you've been talking about is greed, lust, and wrath this whole thread. If that doesn't tell OP how wise it is to be so shallow, I don't know what will.

Anonymous 32762

Honestly, you're not helping your case.

I think it's fine if OP wants to try sleeping around, but I don't think she should go to your extent and see sex only in terms of money, or see men as dumb cows to be milked.>>32747

Anonymous 32763

Your beauty and youth belongs to YOU. Use it, enjoy it.


Dolls and Doll Collecting (hopefully I'm not the only one!) Anonymous 5736[Reply]

Let's talk about dolls!
Is anyone else interested in dolls, doll collecting, the history of dolls, the anthropology/sociology/archaeology of dolls, or anything similar?

I'm interested in antique dolls myself, hence the image, but I think it'd be fun to talk about anything doll-related really, there surprisingly aren't a lot of active places to do so online.
37 posts and 10 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32672


Reviving ded thread
Anyone else like Dollfie Dreams? I saved up for this one a few years ago and love how he looks.

Anonymous 32691

I'm not really into dolls, but owning one of the lifesize Paper Moon R resin BJDs has been a dream for several years.

Add to that this Obitsu one of silicon.


Why 1/1? Because you can dress them in human clothes! Plus it's kind of a feeling of go big or go home. There's not too much competition in this weight class so you don't get too envious of others being that you're in a niche of a niche. Plus robot dolls are on the up and up.

Anonymous 32733

I've been thinking about getting one of these to dress up but the faces aren't quite selling me yet.

Anonymous 32737

If I get to 30 and am no husband I definitely want a male one of these.
How much did she cost?

Anonymous 32754

An arm and a leg.
I'll see myself out.


Anonymous 32546[Reply]

Have you been keeping your room clean?
10 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32673

Why don't you just wash your sheets?

Anonymous 32675

Of course I wash my sheets. You mean use the same sheet after cleaning? I cycle between 4 sets of sheets I keep. Also maybe I want the change the colors or something? Also to have backups incase I make a mess like vomit or something

Anonymous 32679

Oh. I thought by "change" you meant replacing them entirely.

Anonymous 32746

Why do some people have trouble cleaning their rooms? Someone very close to me has been trying to tackle their room for nearly a year and it had gotten so bad that they have lost several important documents and oftentimes lose track of things that they need.

Anonymous 32752

I'm pretty sure I don't have OCD, because I've met someone in group therapy who has the real deal. Maybe I have some sort of anxiety, but if I do clean everything has to end up being organized in one fell swoop or at least neat blocs at a time. So there's this huge inertia holding me back because once I'm in cleaning mode I'm in CLEANING MODE until everything is finished. Having a reluctance to throw things away doesn't help. This applies to stuff on my computer especially bookmarks as well.


☽ paracosms Anonymous 13291[Reply]

a thread to post about fantasies you have & general 'feels' you wish to experience. . . simply because i'm always interested in reading about people's daydreams! & i'm sure others feel the same way.
56 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32213


Lol I don't think I ever really put tgat much thought into the rest of the house.

Anonymous 32371

I have so many fantasies, most contradict one another:
-Young Pinterest-famous housewife/mother with three beautiful young children and a husband who treats me well and makes enough to support all of us, but travels constantly
-Living in some Mediterranean country and having friends who hang out during our ridiculously long lunch breaks in cafes wearing coordinating rompers and then go out biking by the river and napping under a tree together
-Marrying into wealth and being able to live in some ridiculously expensive apartment the city 6 months of the year and travels across the world with my wealthy s/o and young child the rest of the time while posting my travels on an aesthetic instagram.
-Moving to the west coast to teach and finding a sensitive life partner that owns some hipster small business who I can take walks in nature with while holding each other's hands
-Super influential powerful business woman who goes into local politics and eventually reforms the education system

Anonymous 32569

I feel tame. All I really daydream about is holding my girlfriend's hand while we live in a cute cottage together. (LDR right now.) We do eachother's makeup, run a killer niche business, and grow old together.

Anonymous 32583

I like the idea of living a few centuries, maybe more, so I have time to learn everything that's possible and go through a few careers. I would change my name every 30 years or so.

Anonymous 32706

A stable live and a romantic relationship

smug portuguese ma…

Anonymous 27930[Reply]

>have to work 12 hours a day in a job, plus another part time job sometimes
>fear of losing social credit and becoming poor
>absence of working social health care system
>warped work ethics


>tendency to just have jobs not exceeding 8 hours a day
>functioning social health care system
>few people are afraid of losing social status
>reasonable work ethics

How can Americans compete?

Y'all just fighting for last place in the social and economical ladder
32 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 32626

If I become a $500,000-aire I can already obtain a visa to settle in Portugal

Anonymous 32630

I hope we can all agree that whatever the faults of Europe and the USA, that the UK is actually the worst of the lot -
>European restrictions on freedom
>American style economics
It's a nightmare. I worked there as part of a Republican exchange programme with the Conservatives, don't judge me! and it was horrible. London is disgusting, and they arrest people there if you say mean things. If I was living there on their minimum wage (which is like $12 an hour or something, in a city which is impossible to live in unless you make over $75k) I'd have a few mean words to say too, but they're so oppressed it's unreal. And the men there…I feel so sorry for any British poster here! I wish I could rescue you and take you back to Texas!

Anonymous 32640

Africans can also get visas, that doesn't mean they're welcome. Government != people

Anonymous 32642

The government represents the interests of the people for which they govern over and are appointed by


Only need $320,000 to do so and then I am free to live and work in the Schengen area. Though the Azores seems like a comfy area

Anonymous 32650


>The government represents the interests of the people for which they govern over and are appointed by
That's cute.

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