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Anonymous 17190[Reply]

Have you guys heard about this controversy? At the same time that I feel like this guy could have definitely been a pedophile/grooming Miki this whole time, this story also sounds like a fanfiction that would have been written by a twelve-year-old girl infatuated with her music teacher/a member of a boy band. Is it a gimmick to earn fame quickly, true love, or just a creepy incel fantasy come to life? Tl;dr: Chinese pop star announced plans to marry a girl with a 12-year age Gap between them (he met her when she was 8) six years ago; she turns 18 in the fall of this year and apparently they're getting their marriage license as soon as she does. Also, they both claim there hasn't been any sexual contact in the past six years.
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Anonymous 18006


Anonymous 18024

what i'm worried about is the 25-year-old who thinks it's acceptable to date a 13-year-old. If I met a guy that age who was even dating an 18-year-old I would be like 'dude…dude. why. what is the appeal.'
if i date people who are even three years younger than i am, i inevitably get turned off by how annoying and immature they are, I can't imagine dating someone who was TWELVE YEARS younger.

Anonymous 18025

>using a fairy-kei brand as an appeal
some women like to feel cute and they use clothing to do this. doesn't mean they're trying to appeal to pedos. they're not sexualizing themselves by wearing girlish clothing, it's the men who find that age group/child-aesthetic 'sexy' who are the issue.

also, pedos wouldn't be interested after they found out it was an adult woman wearing these things.

Anonymous 18037

Well i guess not we because you seem to think that pedos are not abusers and should be able to date children. You have different forms of abusing he obviously groomed her and that's abuse in my book. I don't think im unrightly assuming at all because the guy literary said that he was dating her since she was a child.

Anonymous 18073

This. Some Western girls wear similar J-fashion too because it's cute and pretty, not because we want to appeal to pedo men who like childish women. The whole assumption doesn't even make any sense.


Which would you rather date, a Worm that only spoke German, or a German who only spoke worm? Anonymous 138391[Reply]

*The German can be either sex, the worm is (naturally) hermaphroditic.
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Anonymous 138697


new germany poster here, he's been my husbando since 2013. i have a shrine for him and collect his merch. yes i am a degenerate.

Anonymous 138705


I own his body pillow.

Anonymous 138796


did you preorder his latest figure? its on the orange rouge website

Anonymous 138801

NTA Quality looks ass.

Anonymous 138802

how do you usually tell just from the picture? legit curious

image (5).png

crystal.cafe risk thread OP 128859[Reply]

how to play:

>put your country name in the name field

(e.g. Kingdom of Castile)
>state your first move
(e.g. "Upgrade a city if possible, otherwise attack Kingdom of Leon)

the game will start when theres enough people. i might join if there arent.

have fun :)
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Anonymous 133033

We should schedule a new day to play!

Anonymous 138495

Women usually don’t have degenerate territorial issues
It was and is always men who are dumb enough to exchange human lives and resources to muh territory, lmao - just imagine
I am speaking irl of course, but yeah gamewise also, so it seems

Anonymous 138549

I wrote that I was still interested but my post got deleted, along with several other posts I made before.
I guess some people can't envision women being interested in games. Oh well, sucks to suck.

Anonymous 138720

>ban everyone who wants to play risk
success rate is very high but it's kinda unfair for the girl that also wants to play

Anonymous 138733

I, too, like boring dead places where we only speak of moids.


Anonymous 132222[Reply]

I have a fascination with wanting to use artillery and nukes to glass the earth.
Something seems satisfying about like slowly pushing back the borders of civilization like that and like boxing in/clearing it out.
I've regularly fantasized about making missiles go off and seeing them overhead
Does anyone else here do this or am I just crazy
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Anonymous 133365

>I have a fascination with wanting to use artillery and nukes to glass the earth.
OP you are valid and don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Anonymous 133366

no, i have no interest in being pointlessly destructive. retard tier thinking. it takes 100x the brainpower to build and a literal downs chimp brain to take pleasure in destruction. it's just depressing and kind of pitiful tbh

Anonymous 133815


Same but i just want to burn everything down

Anonymous 138715

If there was a button that would kill 90% of humanity I'd push it in a heartbeat even if it meant I'd die too

Anonymous 138716

>Does anyone else here do this
No, why


Anonymous 84638[Reply]

Drink a glass of water if you see this thread
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Anonymous 138552

water bump

Anonymous 138566


I'm drowning somebody help

Anonymous 138575


Anonymous 138688


glug glug

Anonymous 138709

Drink for Gabriel


niche interests/ hyperfixations Anonymous 118191[Reply]

post about your weirdly specific, obscure hyperfixations
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Anonymous 138570

My post was deleted for some reason, but I did.

Anonymous 138573

i know of a good place to find some recipes. It's this cooking channel on youtube called tasting history with max miller, which is all about historical foods, most of which are pretty good.

Anonymous 138640

Wonderful music taste and thanks for sharing

Anonymous 138670


I'm working my way through this list, reading the articles and following the links in each article's References and External links section. If there are some decent documentaries about the site on YouTube (so, not like those Top 5 Most Mysterious Places In The World videos with thumbnails of photoshopped giant skeletons), I'll also watch those.

Anonymous 138686




I have a fixation with media that lets me live vicariously as an animal. (Warrior Cats, Wolf Quest, etc)

I think it comes from trauma from male violence. Growing up, I was taught that people generally keep a safe distance from wild animals, because they can injure you or worse. At the same time, I was taught to watch myself, as I have a target on my back just for being female, since there are countless males that will seek out women and girls to hurt them. So much of my life has been shaped by the threat of male violence. I know I’m being captain obvious here about the dangers of men, but yeah. I’ve had a lot of bad experiences. Other women might handle it by getting big on true crime to stay on top, and… well, this is how I handle it.

Obviously, there are many ways I have it better as a human, and overall, it’s likely better that I’m one, but I hate being reminded over and over again how weak and vulnerable I am. I’m envious of big cats for their speed and strength, and their sheer ability to scare the shit out of grown men into giving them the space they deserve… and small cats, even though they’re at a physical disadvantage, most men still leave them alone just because they’re of no interest to them.

There are a few men that still mess with these animals, just because there will always be a few men who will do anything, but it’s dwarfed by the epidemic of male violence against women and girls.


Weed out males online? Anonymous 131237[Reply]

How can I tell who's male and who's female online?
Especially on public discord servers, is there a way to tell which discords are going to have more women on it?
I want to join a discord to play games but I'm tired of men acting weird if I join VC or sexualizing anything I say.
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Anonymous 137986

me too. I'm autistic and sexual but suck at math and am cursed with heterosexuality

Anonymous 138644

i dont know why this thread has so many replies and arguments. its fairly simple to weed out males online, theyre so glaringly obvious.

1) they talk about sex excessively. they bring sex up when nobody was talking about sex in the first place, they make sexual innuendos and jokes excessively and inappropriately, they will lead the topic of discussion, no matter how non-sexual it is, to sex. *this isnt to say women dont talk about sex, they most definitely do, but it lacks degeneracy. even if it does contain degeneracy, female degeneracy is very different from male degeneracy.
2) since were on the topic of male sexual degeneracy, when they talk about sex it will include BDSM, rape/non-con, loli/underage, femboy/futa, feet, coprophilia, giantess, vore and many other degenerate kinks concentrated in males.
3) like many other women in this thread have mentioned, typical male behavior. they will try and assert themselves as intellectually superior to you. you will find youre defending yourself in the middle of talking to them when you were initially discussing a very innocuous topic, or a simple difference of opinion. you will also find them starting arguments for not reason, also over simple differences of opinion when it comes to fairly innocent topics. they have to be right, always, and anything other than their opinion is wrong and must be corrected. they will talk to you like youre dumb and quiz you unnecessarily on topics of mutual interest because women are too dumb and vapid to enjoy things as deeply as they do, to enjoy things that arent stereotypically feminine.
4) political beliefs. it is so easy to spot a male based on their political beliefs. i dont really have to explain it, its stuff regurgitated from /pol/ on 4chan, youll know it when you see it. like sex, they also have a tendency to lead the topic of discussion back to politics, or bring it up unnecessarily.

thats about it. its especially easy to weed out males on public discord servers because you can look at their chat history and look for male behavior. unfortunately, most public discord servers are overwhelmingly male, so youre better off making your own server and adding women on an invite only basis when youre sure that theyre women. best of luck to you nona.

Anonymous 138645

cant believe i forgot the most male behavior of all: hitting on you. because they dont think women can have the same tastes as them, theyll think youre rare and try and get you to be their girlfriend. the worst of them will sexually harass you and send you dick pics and ask for nudes, and when you reject them they will react bitterly.

Anonymous 138646


I think I may be pure schizo but from what I’ve noticed.
women generally sound a bit more animated over text especially on platforms on discord. Not to say this is the default of course but men (trannies ESPECIALLY) seem to have a pattern of kind of awkwardly butting into things instead of just going for conversation. The internet also did not lie about keysmashes being a female thing from my experience the only guys who keysmash a lot are autistic.

Anonymous 138656

dang i guess i must be trans then


Post your pets Anonymous 138565[Reply]

This little hooligan cost me 450$ today. I was really scared it was something serious ! She is full of antibiotic now and recovering. Post your pets.

Anonymous 138572

What happened to her? She is so cute!

Anonymous 138585

She had a uti, but acted like her kidneys were shutting down. Very scary still, god.

Anonymous 138586


i have 4 cats and a dog. two of the cats are stray kittens i decided to take care of. they’re very squeaky sounding but free of any diseases. my two older cats are sisters, one is big enough she gets confused for male and the other has such a meme-worthy array of facial expressions i think i’d be doxxing myself posting any images.

Anonymous 138637

Guess you have no choice but to draw them in paint anon.

Anonymous 138641


Peak state of an animal


oversharing Anonymous 138313[Reply]

anyone else here have an issue with oversharing? i never realised how bad it was for me until lately i told a lot of people at work about kissing a colleague and he definitely didn’t want people to know lol. my therapist said i overshare because i had no boundaries growing up

please share experiences/advise
7 posts and 1 image reply omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 138433

I don't know if I over share or not: because while I don't like when unnecessary people have too much information about me, especially irrelevant one BUT overall I don't really care what people could think of me and surely don't care if they would feel uncomfortable because of me lol. So I might be saying something what counts as oversharing, I don't know.
I always try to be max delicate and nonchalant when someone is in awkward situation themselves - that is my tactic for oversharers - I pretend that it is not a big deal and try not to talk about it further

Anonymous 138434

Would you stop making threads? At least use some capital letter, jeez.

Anonymous 138507

Well, just know you're not as bad as some people.
I remember once this girl in college who at a Christian youth group was telling people that she was adopted from China and that the reason her parents put her up for adoption is because she's the product of incest.
Her mother and father were full siblings.
She went on to talk about how she's had bone surgery because she developed bumps on her bones from a genetic disorder as result from the incest.
I don't know why some people share so much, but a kiss is nothing compared to something so personal family history/dirty laundry.

Anonymous 138526

Anonymous 138543

I overshare sometimes, unfortunately. It doesn't happen that often, but when it does I regret it a lot, even when it's with a friend or something. I've mostly overshared about tons of information on some very weird and niche interests I have. It isn't relatable or engaging for most people to listen to I'd imagine, I probably just sound insane when I talk about it because the subject matter is usually about something morbid, or criminal. Maybe I'm autistic, not sure.


Post like a moid pt 2 Anonymous 137470[Reply]

47 posts and 9 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 138120

Bros…I'm straight as an arrow but I love me some feminine penis. Ain't nothing gay about liking femininity! Roasties are disgusting

Anonymous 138143

I would be attracted to the stench though.

Anonymous 138508


>Where can I find a nice handsome strong alpha male to put me in my place? Life isn't fair bros
Install GRINDR and get TOPPED then.
No need to join the matriarchy if you want to get fucked by a dick so big, it makes you shit easier so you don't need to wipe your ass even less because everyone knows that's gay (the wiping, that is).

Anonymous 138529

That sounds based, thanks GRINDR-TOPPED chad

Anonymous 138535

Ehh I wrote a response to this, why did it get deleted?

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