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Anonymous 36839[Reply]

Any pregnant anons combating body dysmorphia?
My skin is worse than ever and my break outs are flaring up while somehow feeling dry
My face feels fat, I feel like a potato, my walk is weird, I feel irritable all the time, my body feels disgusting and I don't know what to do

I know I'm gaining weight and getting more cellulite and hate myself for it, how do I help myself? Outside of typical "love urself anon" stuff and I feel like my fiance gets annoyed when I come to him with my issues

Anonymous 36849

No excuses

Anonymous 36852

I would find a support group either IRL or on Facebook. You are going to be gaining a ton of weight and you will probably be left with stretchmarks. I’m sorry but I don’t have many words of consolidation, just know that what you’re going through is completely natural and only temporary.

Anonymous 36869

Still doesn't help with cellulite, acne, etc

I'm also prone to miscarriages so I want to be careful

Thank you anon, I know it's temporary and all but I just wish it was fixable, instead of all this "you're glowing and beautiful" during pregnancy stuff you see


Post handsome Slavic men Anonymous 36225[Reply]

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Anonymous 36713

Germans descended from Scandinavia

Anonymous 36718

I'm German.

This might get me replies like "You wish you were as hot as Russians!!! " but unless you hear them speak you can't really tell the difference. At least I can't and I went to school with lots of them.
There are only very few stereotypically slav men - and they're the opposite of this thread lol (like broad and flat face and nose, protruding browbone,…)

Anonymous 36736

I'm also from Germany lol. Maybe I'm just imagining it but I do think there's a general difference between German guys and the ones posted in this thread. I can't pinpoint what though. Although I'd say the brown-haired guy I posted could maybe pass as German.

Anonymous 36751

Another German here. Can confirm. At one point (I switched schools a lot) my class was half Russians, and you wouldn't know the difference until they called each other nicknames ending in -ka.

Anonymous 36863


Anonymous 29571[Reply]

Guess who's getting a boyfriend this coming year?!

You are!
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Anonymous 34787


It's not so much old-timey patriarchy bullshit as pre-historic biology bullshit. Men are not tricking women into wanting children anon.

Anonymous 36850


Anonymous 36851


Anonymous 36856

Imagine dying surrounded by your clan as they bid you farewell. I'm pretty that I'm just going to die alone, as will most people who are young these days.

Anonymous 36859

>July and no relationship
>Psychotic ex still hounding me and sabotaging my relationships after nearly 4 years
>Oneitis lives over 1000 miles away

So am I getting one this year or not??


Anonymous 34475[Reply]

Reasons why women need to WGTOW
>Men love making us feel insecure, especially our vaginas and breasts, all the while telling us our worth as a person revolves around these things
>Men hate vaginas, so why give them ourselves if they hate us so much?
>Men hate women's happiness, bashing our hobbies and doing things that make us happy, anything from makeup, sewing and hanging out with our friends is bashed shamefully and marked as basic and evil
>If we are interested in male things we're marked as dykes or trying too hard
>Men love to talk shit about their wives and girlfriends, so why be in relationships with men if all we do is make them miserable?
>Being in a relationship with a man means he will accuse you of emotional (and sometimes physical) abuse if you don't constantly cater to his every want, this has been proven several times from mgtows claiming they were being abused because a nurse called him kiddo, to another mra claiming he was raped because a nurse stood in the door way, to studies shown were men marked not having a hot meal as emotional abuse
>Men beg for kids then complain about what they asked for
>Being in a relationship with a man means you'll constantly get accused of cheating on your every move
>Men can't seem to be able to look at beautiful women without bashing other women even if their wife is gorgeous, the more beautiful women he looks at the uglier he will find you, this has been proven time to time again
>Men suck in bed, they don't care about your pleasure, only theirs, hence why men to out their way to torture women and make them uncomfortable
>Men's favorite past times is to judge women's bodies and make women feel insecure
>The sad part is all of these have been proven in studies
>They will shit themselves if your vag isn't up to date but be more than happy to fuck you even if their balls smell like shit and have horrid breath
>Despite it being proven time to time again men are happier in marriages and women are depressed, men like pretending marriage is evil and tPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Anonymous 34947

I'm not even American, it's just murder and murder fantasy is a bit extreme. You can not like and disagree with them without the violent and potentially dangerous fantasy.

Anonymous 34948

Savita Halappanavar's agonizing death wasn't a fantasy, filthy maleposter

Anonymous 34959

>everyone who disapproves of my psychopathy is a man
Get help.

Anonymous 36829

Wow, all these things were done to you? Hard to believe. I've never had any of that happen to me. Get a different social group? Go to different clubs, if that's where you're picking up losers like these?

Anonymous 36830



Anonymous 34083[Reply]

Does Crystal Cafe shoot guns? What do you think about guys that shoot guns?
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Anonymous 35472


Nice try Becky but I have ascended beyond your cookiecutter white girl speak.

Anonymous 35475

not really. people want tighter regulations on who can own a gun, that's all. unfortunately … well, domestic violence is something around 40% higher than average in marriages to cops. so people who want to push for things like "violent offenders shouldn't be allowed to own guns" would wind up disarming a large percentage of the police force. and so on.

basically, there's a lot of power and money behind "democrats want to take your guns!!!!", and a lot of dead bodies behind "we need to regulate gun ownership more strictly". most people don't really think about it that way. they think "how am I supposed to revolt against the government if I surrender my right to own weapons?", or "school shootings are bad", or "well, there are wild bears and mountain lions out here, so you'd be an idiot not to own a rifle", and so on.

Anonymous 35781


Anonymous 36815


Gonna catch flack for goin full /k/ommando & SHALL but what do you all think of having pic related but in purse form for self defense?

Anonymous 36816

You're gonna need a big bigger purse, good reasoning on your CC application and not walk within fifty yards of banks/jewelers/pawnshops.

The odds are in your favor of never being outgunned on the street. Patrician cc taste.


Anonymous 36813[Reply]

Is it possible for a man to have BPD?

I think my dad might have it

Anonymous 36814


Anonymous 36433[Reply]

>one chance at life
>tan skin and brown nipples
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Anonymous 36674

t. Mulatto

Anonymous 36675

gtfo male

Anonymous 36705

>straightening your hair looks tacky af
You say that, but I'd wager you've never had to manage your own frizzy curly hair mop thing.

Anonymous 36807

Just post 14 threads in a day about tan skin and dark nippled girls on 4ch and eventually the sentiment will seep into male subconscious.

Anonymous 36811

guys can find hair sexy, it just depends how much you're in control of it + how much they like hairiness.


Anonymous 35064[Reply]

Do miners enjoy gardening? What will you grow this year?
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Anonymous 36082

Fuck kempt lawns.

"When I grow up", I'm gonna have a field of native grasses and wild flowers! I'm thinking dandelions and daisies.

Anonymous 36112

I assume you're not planning on living in the suburbs, otherwise the hoa is going to be all up in your ass.

Anonymous 36113

No, where I am we don't have such nonsense, but we do have a local government that sometimes looks out for unkempt front lawns as a "fire hazard" and will fine you for not mowing it. I just plan on living out of the city and suburbs and moving somewhere more quiet where I can own a nice plot of land for a sensible price.

Anonymous 36124

Oh, sorry, that was pretty us-centric of me.

It sounds like a comfy plan.

Anonymous 36809

sounds like they weren't pollinated correctly, have you tried the electric toothbrush method?
maybe plant some Thai basil or flowers nearby to promote bees coming.

pull that plant immediately! Most strawberry plants are a cross between a voracious grower and a large fruiter. When planting from seeds you never know which one you'll get, you have the small fruiting voracious grower side. this year try planting 4-6 small plants and just keep the ones with the big fruit.

lawns are a stupid tradition. fuck lawns.


Anonymous 25910[Reply]

Machine Gun Kelly's appearance as a late 20s boomer really trips me out.

On one hand his face and phenotype look like something right out of a Nazi propaganda poster showing the ideal man. On the other hand he's covered in tattoos, does plenty of drugs and makes a living participating in African American hip hop culture.

It isn't just him being a "hurr durr white rapper #woah so cool", his facial features are so aryan it's tripping me out.
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Anonymous 35634


Anonymous 35636

baste boomerposting

Anonymous 35653

watch this get deleted

Anonymous 36729

it's the jews that are doing this!

Anonymous 36802

>weird small mouth
>His small mouth
I had no idea mouth size mattered to anyone. Should I have been noticing this kind of thing all along or something? To me he just looks gross because of his druggie lowlife style.

Christina 944.jpg

Anonymous 36748[Reply]

Goodnight /b/ :3

Anonymous 36769


my day has just begun

Anonymous 36789


Why is Kurisu so fancy? What was she doing?

Anonymous 36799

kurisu is so cool, dude. I wish she was better in s;g zero

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