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Music Anonymous 272811[Reply]

What kinda music do you all listen to?
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Anonymous 273084


mainly weeb music (vocaloid). really into trance lately.

Anonymous 273093


I don't have a preferred music genre, i listen to a bit of everything depending on how i'm feeling.
I like skramz, midwest emo, shoegaze, any rock subgenre really, trip-hop, etc. Slint, Sonic Youth and Lazarus Plot are bands that come to mind, i really like Mitski too. I've been listening to Kikiwest and Portishead these last few months. Mineral, Black Box Recorder and Daddy's Hands, i like those too.

Anonymous 273127


Falco is life

Anonymous 273135

basic bitch adolescent male taste
troon or moid, call it

Anonymous 273147

omg nona ily


Honestly i would feel absolutely nothing if I got an abortion Anonymous 228209[Reply]

I've never had one, but I got to thinking and realizing if I did I would feel nothing. Just zilch nada nothing. It means nothing to me that it's a baby, if anything I'd feel resentful towards it for embodying both a death sentence and financial nightmare.

And wow that's pretty much it.
Thank God I've never been pregnant. Truth to God though, why are we expected to feel anything else about unborn babies?

Now if we desired to have them, and they aren't an accident, that's a different story. But why must I naturally like something that's mostly a nightmare alien growing inside me? I really don't know why I should. If I have something like that in me, it's in my own interest to get it the fuck out of me as quick as possible.

I don't know why I should be sentimental. Why??? I really resent babies just thinking about this wow.
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Anonymous 272777

okay scrote

Anonymous 272791


Anonymous 272803

>t. falseglagging moido

Anonymous 272805

I'm still trying to figure out what you mean by this. I don't ever want to get pregnant, it sounds like torture.

Anonymous 272852

I hope the emotional detachment wont become emotional issues, emptyness and pain long down the road.

>but I already feel like that

Then maybe dont insist upon the behavior that brought you to this?


Opinions and advice Anonymous 267209[Reply]

Femanons, would you date a man who's a sperm donor? My bf donated sperm before we met and even after a while of dating I'm still extremely uncomfortable. He has probably already fathered at least 1 child.
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Anonymous 273072

200w (3).gif

>her moid sucked on a strangers pussy and got STDs
Oh gods why are you still with him

Anonymous 273075

>a random woman he met in a bar while drunk
He's a slut

Anonymous 273076


Anonymous 273092

I hope you’ve never kissed this slut’s mouth

Anonymous 273103

>random woman he met in a bar while drunk
>thinks he's actually a virgin
are you retarded


Anonymous 273060[Reply]

Why are Disney and Nickelodeon so dystopian?

Anonymous 273078

cody is the butt of a joke in this episode and his mom is deeply concerned about him crossdressing until she learns that he was just trying to win money.

Shocked to see someone know so little bout zack and cody lore. tbqsmfw

Anonymous 273081

Feels like every kid's show in the early 2000's had a crossdressing or gender bending episode

Anonymous 273082

The writer probably wrote a cross dressing episode because he wanted to molest him.


Do people actually wear hats? Anonymous 271515[Reply]

I haven't seen anyone wear a hat in over three days
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Anonymous 271520

I wear a baseball cap if I am going to be outside for long period of time.

Anonymous 271536

i have a collection of fish-themed trucker hats, but i never see anyone wear non-caps and the occasional zoomer with those little bucket hats. so hats are real probably

Anonymous 273056

images (6).jpg

Anonymous 273062

I wear beanies a lot to cover my nasty roots. I look like a bum but I don’t care.

Anonymous 273069

I'm dating in my late 20s and most guys I've met keep wearing fucking baseball hats. It's quite disturbing.


Do I dare drink it Anonymous 271859[Reply]

What will be the side effects of such a beverage

Anonymous 271860

Anonymous 273061



Anonymous 273050[Reply]

Asa Mitaka fangirls are fucking unhinged lol

Anonymous 273053

Holy fucking cringe

Anonymous 273057

did pre-teens find crystal cafe

Anonymous 273058


Nope, just some twenty something. I'm drunk and looking at new imageboards on AllChan.


Anonymous 273015[Reply]

Why is it always women commenting on my body? I was self conscious about lacking curves. It was always the women/girls telling me "eat a sandwich" and "you look sick/anorexic" and "men only want curves" and more. Why do women do this to each other? What happened to body positivity?

Anonymous 273016

body positivity was never a thing. It was just yuppies trying to make themselves feel virtuous.

Anonymous 273018

I used to make comments like that (though less rude) because I was genuinely concerned. Most comments on my body I've gotten by women were out of some sort of concern while those I got from men were out of disgust.

Anonymous 273023



Anonymous 272878[Reply]

How do you tell the difference between the honeymoon phase of a relationship ending vs. genuine incompatibility?
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Anonymous 273013

god he's so ugly

Anonymous 273027

If you even have to ask this question its incompatibility. The honeymoon phase should just mean you being more eager to talk to them to get to know them.
If anything in a healthy relationship between attracted people:
>sex should actually get better over time
>you start to share hobbies
>love grows deeper, you can picture spending your whole life with them
>they annoy you less because you learn how to deal with their character flaws and bs
If this isn't you, then one of you is bored or staying due to comfort and lonliness. The honeymoon phase is there chemically in your brain to push your boundaries and connect with a new person, but at the end of it a real connection should be there.
This is all coming from someone going strong 5 years in and more in love than ever. Also some people might not like this but its true for me and a lot of other people, if the sex is bad, or you don't think they can protect and provide for you, they will just start to annoy you.

Anonymous 273028

THIS x 100

When you meet "the one" you just know it. You'll never get frustrated or bored with "the one" and if you aren't feeling that with your current boyfriend OP, then he's not the one.

Anonymous 273029

It honestly makes me sick hearing couples talk about 'honeymoon phase' like what you think youre just supposed to love your lifelong partner for 3 months and then 50 years of trying to get away from them? Being in a relationship thats not going well actually makes me want to kms.

Anonymous 273031

he a qt, stay away from him


Anonymous 255113[Reply]

favorite cheese?
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Anonymous 270440

Brie is so good. Parmesan, Feta, Queso Oaxaca, i love them all.

Anonymous 270470


Fromage Blanc

Anonymous 270557

based and 6pool pilled

Anonymous 273011

Stop making threads about this anon.

Anonymous 273025


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