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anastasiz vinneyl_…

can you post in this board if you aren't pro terf/swerf/lolcowposters? Anonymous 79914[Reply]

not saying such beliefs should be banned but my question/issue is that i feel i can't openly disagree with them (not in their own specific threads just in general ,like when a random anon was shitting my of topic thread with rants about transexuals ) because id be accused of being a man somehow

been here since 2019 i just want a non normie non misogynistic non lookist board to post
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Anonymous 80173

Mental illness is arguably a disadvantage.

Anonymous 80175

Dude. OP was just wanting to know if she was welcome and if she could post.
I’m GC and radfem but at least take these arguments to the GC radfem boards.
Not every ideological thread on here has to devolve into some gc radfem discussion.

Anonymous 80186

I meant that they are not disadvantaged like women are. They aren’t marginalized for being trans.

Anonymous 80187

I was just going to call her impressionable if meeting one nice trans person is enough to change her beliefs about reality. That works too I guess.

Anonymous 80188

Impressionable, cowardly, and spineless. No matter how “reasonable” or “nice” a troon is, their ideology is not only nonsensical, but misogynistic. Likewise, I don’t care if I happen to meet a “friendly” KKK member.


Anonymous 80164[Reply]

I’m not sure if this is allowed or if anyone will see it, but I’m Lulo, my Discord account got disabled randomly, and I miss everyone from Strlght C**e, the CC server I joined from here months ago (I've only starred out the name in case I shouldn't put it here publicly).
I know it’s against the rules to post Discord invite links, but can anyone from there add me so I can return? I am now chocolat#6095. Just want my friends back.

Anonymous 80180

Screen Shot 2017-0…

I sent you a friend request. We all anticipate your swift return.


Anonymous 80157[Reply]

how will you celebrate you 400th birthday

Anonymous 80181

Going to the beach to take a photo of me in my new bikini in front of the 400-baloons I bought


Terfposting #6 Anonymous 78254[Reply]

last thread filled up.
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Anonymous 80149

Does anyone have more pictures of what troons look like without filters or editing?

Anonymous 80158


>tfw lesbian
>not a sjw
>not a feminist (activist)
>not even gendercrit
>still get called a terf for refusing tranny dick
Why the fuck can't trannies process that normal people might not want to fuck them?

Anonymous 80159

Because they're moids

Anonymous 80168


It's time for you to radicalize. It will get worse if you do nothing.

Anonymous 80191

Is this thread on autosage?


Drag Queen Anonymous 79786[Reply]

What do you think about drag queens? I've seen some terfs shittalking about them so I think it deserves its own thread
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Anonymous 79980


Anonymous 79985

ur file corrupted queen

Anonymous 80029

It works fine for me

Anonymous 80036


I don’t really care about them, but I think their fans are annoying as fuck. Every girl who I’ve met who likes RuPaul refuses to shut up about it. I had a roommate who was a RuPaul fan. She would constantly use drag lingo I had never heard, and then get mad when I didn’t know what she was talking about.

Anonymous 80074


Anonymous 78646[Reply]

Would you?
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Anonymous 80006

>only after a work out
what does this mean
does his testosterone get so high he becomes retarded

Anonymous 80007

Wasn't JFK supposed to be bad in bed

Anonymous 80016

And I wouldn't have him any other way.

>what does this mean
It means after a workout his IQ drops 30 points and his dexterity is awful, but he's also really happy and loving.
>does his testosterone get so high he becomes retarded
I couldn't tell you the mechanism by which it works, what I can tell you, is that he gets very visibly clumsier as far as tasks go. Asking him to make coffee before he works out and after might as well be two different tasks. He gets awful at answering simple questions clearly needing to think them through for a bit, let alone have an intellectual conversation. This lasts for about an hour if not the rest of the day.

If I were to speculate why this happens, it would be that working out does indeed boost his test(and other hormones) to maximum, completely depletes his body of blood sugar (thus increasing brain fog and "dopeyness") and the act of an intense work out does require intense amount of neurons. If you've ever done a task that involved intense cognitive focus, this also applies to going hard at workouts. Muscle fatigue would also make you clumsy as well in general.

The result is a man who goes from being an intelligent programmer who is mildly clumsy, to what I can only describe as a big, loving, dopey, uncoordinated mess after a hard workout.

And it's painfully cute.

Anonymous 80020


You had to turn a shitpost about Johnny Bravo into a discussion about ur shitty husband. Jesus christ stfu.

Anonymous 80030


I wish I was Dead Anon7 80022[Reply]

I don't, not really. I don't think so anyway. I'm so happy now, my life is finally getting on track, but for some reason I just… have this feeling inside.

All those dark thoughts and feelings, it's like they'll never go away. I suppose I have to accept they'll never go away, no matter how good my life is.

How is that fair to the people still suffering a shitty life? That I'm sitting up here feeling bad for myself when they're the ones still in the shit.

It's wrong. It really feels so wrong.

Anonymous 80024

This sounds like something akin to survivors guilt anon. Your number one responsibility is your life. Once you are happy with that, you can look at how to help others, but not before. Other's people's lives are their top responsibility. I know it sounds selfish, but other people aren't going to put your happiness above their own so you have to do the same. You also can't help others find happiness until you are truly happy.

Anon7 80025

>>80024 I'm scared that if I can never be free of these feelings, that it means I'll forever be fated to return to where I was, maybe?

I'm scared, I know that much. And I'm panicking. I'm a big girl, and I can do it. Sometimes I just feel that extreme low come back and I become so scared that I'll become what I hated being all over again.

That I'll be trapped, in my mind, and do something awful.

Anonymous 80026

I think if you know the feelings from before then you can monitor how things are regularly to see of they are coming back. When you start to feel them a little bit, make sure to work hard to make them go away so they don't grow.

Keeping a diary about your feelings might be a good way to do this and maybe rating each day out of 5 on a graph so you can keep track of trends.

download (1).png

Anonymous 77216[Reply]

Why is it socially unacceptable to wear pajamas out? They're just like regular clothes only comfortable. Why do normies hate comfort?

What job can I get that will let me wear pajamas?
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Anonymous 78232



Anonymous 78282

it's hilarious that you're accusing her of being a salty bitch when you get triggered over people wearing pants you don't like. just go back to lolcow already

Anonymous 78296

Welp. I am a privileged dumbass.

Anonymous 78393


what a mean person…

Anyway this >>77437 anonette is correct. The only issue is that gross people were PJs outside. Honestly besides that, it's stupid to get upset over someone wearing a bathrobe to work. Shit is cash, and I'd pop a lady boner for any man or woman who wore one out because they felt like it.

Anonymous 79984

pls tell me who that is in this pic


Anonymous 78123[Reply]

what are u guys thoughts on edating??? edating is the only way guys will talk to me. sadly
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Anonymous 79343

I dont want to date anyone it sounds tedious…. 95% of men are so unattractive to me. I would just be lying to myself.

Anonymous 79741

I’ve tried online dating websites and haven’t had any good experiences due to lack of connection and/or attraction. I find most guys on there immature, demanding and impatient. “Be serious and reply to my texts asap” or “meet me asap.” I vowed never to use online dating websites again. Better to meet someone through connections, work, friends and so on.

Anonymous 79781

ur right, but a lot of the time people don't rlly take edating seriously. they mostly just say they love each other for no reason, and date just to date. its rlly just for fun n theres nothing wrong about that i think

Anonymous 79960

i met my current boyfriend on /soc/. he never asked for nudes, he wasnt even looking for a gf and we were friends for about 11 months before we started dating. we have plans to meet up in may.

Anonymous 79962

EVERYONE this is what ideal edating is or even dating in general if someone asks for nudes that is a red flag.
Blossoming romance is the best none of this two desperate people trying to date without already knowing each other bs


BJD Anonymous 79912[Reply]

Do you know where to get any cheap but good quality BJD's? I know you can't have both, but all I ask is for a reasonable price.

Anonymous 79936

Anonymous 79937

not op but gosh i love dolls so much. i wish i had the money to remake them as a hobby

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