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dungeons & dragons Anonymous 257338[Reply]

anyone here interested in d&d?
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Anonymous 257353

I have a group on discord if you wanna play!

Anonymous 257360

Sure but I've never played before and don't know the rules desu. I would be willing to learn though!

Anonymous 257369

I love DnD - I've been wanting to play recently but am tired of always being the only woman in every group. Any way I can join you guys?

Anonymous 257376

Ok! Our group is fairly new, and we've only had around 5 sessions before, so you won't have missed much. If you're interested, I'm @silixr on discord :)

Anonymous 257379

I like OSR, but not that 5E stuff


Anonymous 257095[Reply]

Any other sheltered nonas who only started learning basic homemaking skills once you became an adult? Any good resources you can recommend?
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Anonymous 257171


Yeah, I don't see the point either. I just add one of these bad boys to the pot if I want to cook vegetables.
The rice cooker is a gimmick except for maintaining rice at temperature (to avoid getting sick with bacteria that develops otherwise). But then there are fridges for that…

Anonymous 257183

Admittedly, it could still be worth it if you're eating rice daily. Also, you can cook buckwheat, millet, and other similar grains in a rice cooker. Oh, and different kinds of rice require different amounts of water and time which could be a pain to do in a pot. And even switching a pot will change those variables.

Anonymous 257325

Thank you for the advice, nonas! I also found out tiktok has some pretty good beginner-friendly stuff too!

Anonymous 257345

if you mean learning to cook specifically you should checkout Binging with babish, he generally makes food from tv shows and movies but does have some videos about more basic foods you could learn. I absolutely love his coffee jelly recipe :p

Anonymous 257355

if you can stand his fucking annoying personality lol


Brazilian anonettes Anonymous 154423[Reply]

Where are you? This place seems more active and interesting than most of brazilian chans nowadays.
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Anonymous 257074

A gente tem mania de fazer essas modificações nas palavras. existem pessoas que até usam ''boy'' para se referir a garotos e ao invés de usar ''girl'' para as garotas, se usa ''boyzinha''.

Anonymous 257075

Ainda sim mais aceitável do que usar latinx, ou outras porcarias.

Anonymous 257077

só retardado leva essas coisas a sério nona, a maioria das pessoas não gosta disso. Pronome neutro é coisa de adolescente com síndrome de vira-lata. Não temos perdão para isso, nona.

Anonymous 257210

Muito presente em pessoas do Goiás, se não é "boy" é "cremoso(a)", me dá um horror de ouvir

Anonymous 257328

"Cremoso" é foda…

camille paglia.jpe…

What do you guys think of camille paglia? Anonymous 257267[Reply]

I'm aware of her provocative takes on feminism and women but I want to get around to reading sexual personae lol

Anonymous 257268

Not much, Writing 700 pages of cock worship is remarkable for a lesbian I guess, Enjoy.

Anonymous 257293

Sexual Personnae is worth the read imho, if only because it's unorthodox approach to feminism

A moid's sense of self-importance is built around two things: the idea that scrotes are more "rational" than women, and the idea that rationality is the end all-be-all of human experience (else the moids wpuld gain nothing by having it)

Traditional feminism attacks the first pillar: moids aren't rational. Quite the opposite in fact.

Paglia doesn't do that. She concedes the first point and attacks the second.

Rationality, more specifically the moid brand of rationality, is a massive cope. And all the so called achievements of moidkind do not change the fact that its pure coping

Anonymous 257294

She has some valid takes, but that doesn't mean she always escapes the usual brainrot of academia. I read somewhere that she briefly advocated for pedo shit before she regained her senses, probably due to romanticizing ancient greek bullshit and whatnot. She's an intellectual so take everything she says with a lot of salt

Anonymous 257298

That is actually a really interesting take even if I don't agree with it. Rationality is learned not innate imo, but assuming her point is true does she argue that the traditionally associated "empathy" or "emotional intelligence" more important?

Anonymous 257333

This actually made me want to read her thanks friend <3

cat furlita2.jpg

Non sexual furries Anonymous 257233[Reply]

I'd like to join a furry community that isn't sexually degenarate, full of porny art, and disgusting coom fantasies, especially the ones bordering on zoophilia. Disgusting.
I have no idea where to look, since most of the western fandom is tranny adjacent, "sex positive" degeneracy oriented.
All the non sexual furries I've encountered online are japanese, btw. And I don't speak japanese.
>pic related
Do they even exist in the west?

I love cute anthropomorphic animals like in the Beatrix Potter illustrations, Louis Wain paintings, sylvanian families/calico critters, or even the cute mice in Cinderella animated movie. I also love medieval tales and illuminations featuring animals behaving like humans. They're technically "anthros" but completely unrelated to the gross western furry and their art style that reeks of coom even when it's not directly sexual.
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Anonymous 257301

wain down it.jpg

So cute! just sharing a funny talking cat pic from Louis Wain, this kind of art deserve more attention than moid degens!

Anonymous 257312

>I feel you, I also like those classical children's book animals. I wouldn't consider it furry, not sure what you'd call it, but it seems broader than the furry community. Talking animals?
in Sweden we call them "fable animals" (fabeldjur)

Anonymous 257313


Louis Wain's stuff is awesome from all parts of his career. Love the eyes in particular, really captures the curiosity cats have.

Fitting name I like it. Does it apply to modern works featuring the animals or is it more for the 1800s Victorian picture book stuff?

Anonymous 257314

it applies both to tales of old (including dragons, unicorns etc) and to modern funny animals

Anonymous 257330

sent you an email, see if you got anything, might have to check spam, not sure if it'll work since i have an acc for another email service


hole in the wall forums? Anonymous 142225[Reply]

Anyone have any interesting forums to share? Ones that are woman-friendly, bonus points if it's a goth one or focused on esoteric stuff.

I want that old internet vibe back.
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Anonymous 142333

That would be so nice. Right now discord is filling that void, more or less.

Anonymous 142334

Any alt/goth server recs, nona?

Anonymous 142341

I like ralee.org. It's a pretty inactive textboard made by some guy in North Carolina. I just like how the site is designed and I wish it had an active and mature community.

Anonymous 257270


Mariana Bay is pretty cozy, has that old web feel and has interesting threads and characters to keep things interesting. Has a board dedicated to all things strange and esoteric too which is cool, I'll link it below:


Anonymous 257273



Anonymous 256673[Reply]

i want to make music, or do anything i can to convert incels to be less sexist without being their gf.
how do i appeal to males
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Anonymous 256967


>i want people to like me and see me as cool. as a male.
Um… what?


>almost 18
Uh oh… You're not supposed to be here.

Listen kid, happiness is something that comes from doing things you specifically want to do, for yourself, and not to please others or from doing things to make others happy so that they think you're likeable or cool. You do things you truly like, and people get attracted to you as a person with your own individual tastes and preferences, and that's what being cool is about. Being cool is not creating an image for yourself that isn't really you, but a persona to make yourself look cool. That's not cool. That's narcissistic. Once your pretty play collapses, because it eventually will, the people who you attracted will realize that the things that they thought were cool was just a big fat lie.

Nobody will see you as a female online unless you mention you're one. I regularly check out at places online that stink of scrotes and nobody cares who you are.
If you want to be treated as male then I don't know, is that like something transgender?

Congratulations on making out of foster care by the way.

Anonymous 256972


Anonymous 257127

What is most disturbing about this thread is how widespread incel ideology is that literal sub-18 girls are dealing with it. These scrotes are fucking cancer, literally infecting kids.

Anonymous 257128

I don't understand where kids learn words like incel or simp but I've seen a few use it around me, especially because English isn't my first language. My nephew watches Skibidi Toilet and I think YouTube recommends him videos that use such words. A few days ago, I even saw words like pick me and rape apologist being thrown as insults around in one of those videos, lol. Internet has become a toxic hellhole.

Anonymous 257222

>i want to do anything i can to convert incels to be less sexist without being their gf.
>without being their gf.
That's like trying to help starving people in any way you can, except feeding them.
It's a fool's errand. It's never going to work unless you directly provide them the main thing they sorely want/need, otherwise they're just not going to listen to you. Especially cause they see us as "the enemy".


Language Learning Anonymous 256547[Reply]

Any nonas learning languages? I'm learning Latin right now.

Anonymous 256569

learning japanese, i mean, trying… i was really thinking about start learning french.

Anonymous 256574


Japanese. At least I was pretty seriously studying it. I haven't really been at it for years now because of focusing on other things at the moment.

>learning japanese, i mean, trying

Don't feel bad if overwhelmed. I've studied it for over 4 years now and just could maybe, barely pass JLPT N2, studied in Yokohama for 4 months but that means nothing and there's still a ridiculously long way to go.

Anonymous 257051


I've got a lot of languages I'm dabbling in, but I'm seriously going through Finnish just because it's the last one I started, and I want to say I've properly learned one. After that I'm doing Latin/French/Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese. Then maybe Russian, German, Arabic.

Anonymous 257056


Salve Nonae! How do you learn Latin? LLPSI ?

Anonymous 257211

I study Japanese. Have been for about five year now. I’m at a pretty advanced level and hope to go to Japan next year.


You hit your head pretty hard Anonymous 256644[Reply]

What's covid, inflation and president Biden? It's actually 2006 and we're going to my house to watch High School Musical together.

Anonymous 256647

what is this poptart cat thing?

Anonymous 256863

A message from future

Anonymous 257162

Nothing important, focus on what you enjoy to do, study everything you want to study, enjoy great time with family and friends and you will succeed without knowing what covid, inflation and biden are.


Anonymous 256767[Reply]

Any serbian anonettes that want to talk to me? I am kinda lonely
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Anonymous 256847

majmune glupi, za ne razumiješ da muški ovdje ne smiju sudjelovati u razgovorima?

Anonymous 256976

is Kosovo serbian or not

Anonymous 256984

I used to learn serbian because my e-gf was half serb

Anonymous 256999


Nisam iz srbije ali sretno nonica, tijekom godina sam upoznala nekoliko hrvatica ovdje, nadam se da ces i ti!!

Anonymous 257147

Nema bre

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