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who here /insecam creep/? Anonymous 65750[Reply]

I like to watch people and things on publicly available IP cameras. Security cameras and such.
Here are some links to get started:
A cow farm in Japan:
A woman hanging laundry in Tel Aviv:
A Serbian medical clinic:
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Anonymous 65770

Screen Shot 2020-1…

Thanks for sharing this site anon. The airliner and industrial/construction ones are cool. Nature cams and things like the medical clinic and coffeeshops are nice for just shutting your brain off and relaxing.

Anonymous 65813

There used to be one in some kind of medical lab (pretty sure it's something to do with genetics) in Australia. I fell so in love with one of the guys who worked there that I learned his schedule and would just have it on my second monitor constantly. It got to the point where I collected little scraps of information and figured out what city he was in so I could find him on social media. I realised how unhealthy the obsession was and stopped, but I still have this fantasy where I move there and masterfully insert myself into his life, making him fall in love with me.

Anonymous 65814

Anonymous 65933


Yes there's some nice scenery out there.

Here's a woman handing out flyers in a Serbian market.

haha that's great

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 65996

Moved to >>>/x/1912.


Reddit? Anonymous 10778[Reply]

Do you use reddit?

If so, which subs do you recommend?

I found myself returning to lurk on r/credibledefense and r/geopolitics quite frequently. Refreshing to see a level of discourse between folks whose consumption of political reporting goes beyond the 24-hour news cycle.
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Anonymous 62459


This one sounds like it took place on Tumblr and ngl I'm living for that. Tumblr drama outside of SJW circles was always its own kind of fun

>She likes to pretend she's above it all, so in my "fuck off" email I reminded her I have a visit tracker on my blog and could see every time she stalked it: Almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, and often late at night, for months. She had actually checked it at 3:00 am the day I sent that email. The visits stopped immediately.

Anonymous 65920

There's a sub for registered sex offenders to vent to each other about their hardships and how to get off the register (of course that's allowed) and a poor woman stumbled in there to ask a question about her CP hoarding pedo ex-husband and her child. Of course the responses are

>Um how do you know if he distributed CP? What if it was only a technicality because of how torrenting works? What if it was only once that he shared his collection in order to get more from someone else? And thousands of images isn't even that many, you can get those all in one sitting silly!

>It's not your business to tell his gf that he's a pedophile

>He's being a good father and you want to punish him for it?


Anonymous 65926

Screenshot at Oct …

This thread has people arguing that victims of CP should just get over it, even though an earlier comment already laid out why CP victims are re-victimized (TL;DR they get notifications when CP depicting them is found so every time a pedo is caught with their CSEM they have to relive it all over again)


Anonymous 65928

Screenshot at Oct …

This lovely man just didn't realize the girl in front of him wasn't 18, or 16, but twelve years old and acts like a good man who just was too trusting and ended up regrettably hurting a child, and when the comments tell him appealing probably won't help him, he flips 180 and says she was an evil seductress who tried her luck with over 40 men, and he's also offering to send a recording of her call around


Anonymous 65929

Screenshot at Oct …

This one is probably the worst, he just happened to stumble upon a random craigslist ad (how in the fuck did he even find it) by some people raping their daughter and thought "oh I'll arrange a meeting and save the girl"…… yeah, right.



Any anons from India here? Anonymous 58271[Reply]

Where in India do you live? Or did you move to another country? What’s it like there? Are the guys as creepy irl as they are online? What food do you eat? Are you vegetarian? Does everyone work in tech?
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Anonymous 58636

>I was under the impression that western people are very individualistic so it's nice to see that there is still a sense of sisterhood between anonymous women. Also, it's fun to analyze western society because Je suis Marxiste
I don't understand, just because we are individualistic does not mean that we don't hang out with people that are like-minded and share worldviews. And what's the deal with marxism? It's a matter of power, not culture I think. I'm sorry if I sound a bit aggressive, I'm genuinely curious.

Anonymous 58642

What’s so bad about it?

Anonymous 60694

I like the bobs and vagene. Am a very big fan.

Anonymous 60697

How is comp sci treating you? do you have trouble competing with a lot of men like in the west?

what really surprised me is that the indian wing of our company seems to be predominately female

Anonymous 65889

Do you have toilets?


Anonymous 56972[Reply]

why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?

i just read his manifesto and i stg there’s probably online fanfics penned by twelve year old girls with more emotional maturity. (maybe because he was coddled by his mother too much?)

more importantly, do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)? if so, is the lack of self awareness not kind of cringy?

very strange to read.
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Anonymous 63467

>why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?
Mental illness combined with exceptional entitlement.
>more importantly, do incels actually relate to this (non-ironically)?
The mentally ill ones do, that's why you see so many of them in places like 4chan. (well, on specific boards on 4chan)

Anonymous 63468

What's stopping you?
You'd pretty much gain something of a monopoly in the dating market of boys too scared to
actually approach girls.
Plus it'd be a fair bit easier to get the kind of guy you want.
Some kinds of guys will just become yours if you're persistent enough (and corner them).

Anonymous 63474

>Poor guy
He shot innocent people…

Anonymous 63679

>why is elliot rodgers such a whiny bitch?
It's called autism.

Anonymous 65888

Most incels like most MRAs are whiny entitled beta male manbabies


Anonymous 59449[Reply]

>parents and counselours hyped up making friends in college to compensate for lack of friends in highschool
>freshman year of college
>stuck in quarantine
what the fuck am i supposed to do now?

Anonymous 59462

Do people actually care about it that much? Do you have crazies where you are?

Anonymous 59464

i mean i can go out of my house but all my classes are on zoom and all the clubs have been shut down, so i have very few opportunities to make new friends

Anonymous 59465

Just go out of your way to talk to people. Unless they're crazed about the plague, you'll be fine.

Anonymous 65833

ohhh fuck
That must suck. I can remember how important the first years of college were to me, too
Look at it this way: sophmore year for you will be like freshmen year for most people. And everyone else you go to school with will be on the same page. So you won't be alone then, and people will be your friend


Anonymous 65509[Reply]

I get fucking pissed off when I see a below average female with a hot guy.
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Anonymous 65741


>Men are ugly
Only the ones you can afford maybe.

Anonymous 65744

I'm bi yet I feel absolutely nothing when looking at this photo

Anonymous 65782

Same. Chads are like sexless beings.
So are "10/10" women tbh. Perfect curvy white-yet-tanned stereotypical hot girls haven't done much for me since middle school. They're just too forced down our throats to be "THIS IS WHAT YOU FIND ATTRACTIVE" that I no longer can. F.

Anonymous 65795

It's not really a sexual photo so I'm didn't expect it to do anything. We are not like men who immediately gets an urge just from a mere sight of a woman.

My point is that he is extremely aesthetic, same way piece of art can be. I doubt you can deny that.

Anonymous 65809


It's overrated. Why would I be with a shitty man that is going to cheat on me anyway, he has everything to gain by just using me, I dont like being manipulated.

Sure you can sculpt his ass but it's nothing impressive to me, it's more of what we have seen already a thousand times. How about being original? He is not ugly but not my ideal. My ideal is a racoon.


Men should not be allowed to go to gyms Anonymous 58755[Reply]

I am being dead serious, they already have a disproportionate genetic advantage when it comes to building muscle. Bodybuilding increases testosterone, which in its turn increases male violent behaviour.
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Anonymous 65621

why are you afraid of men?

Anonymous 65633

I get that what you're actually saying is that men shouldn't be allowed to go on steroids and lift heavy weights.

However, in order for a man to look the least bit delicious, he's gotta work out to some degree. Running and push ups is pretty much all that's needed for that, though. He'll still kick your ass, but eh.

Anonymous 65651

I remember seeing this one exposé on cheap Asian fishing industries where they took old rotten shrimps, then injected them with a silicone pump to swell them 3x their size and make them appear fresh and juicy

… look I’m just saying, there’s other options for making our men look delicious

Anonymous 65768


>here's that silicone injected bf you ordered

Anonymous 65775

Have the men do exclusively cardio and have the women weight lift.
Albeit it would now be harder to catch a boyfriend if he runs away from you, so that's one potential downside.


Job & Career Thread Anonymous 2867[Reply]

- What job/career are you currently working or working towards
- What have you noticed about people in certain career paths
- Where da money actually at for least stress, etc.
- Which fields do generally higher IQ/savvier women excel in (let's be honest, if you've made it to imageboards/Crystal Cafe you're over a certain threshold of smarts of some kinds)
- Tips for other anons/Ask for advice
- Shit that sucks about work in general
171 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65709

>Minimum customer interaction

Anonymous 65710

By definition all businesses have customers, and most of the time, if you're not talking to the customers yourself, it's your boss breathing down your neck to get answers for the customers turning the entire business into one twisted game of telephone that no one wins. Sure, if you absolutely hate talking to customers, technically you are correct, but what you say will be put through a filter instead.

t. worked in the aerospace industry with engineers

Anonymous 65738

Are there any nurses here? I'm about halfway through nursing school right now and doing clinicals in labor and delivery and I am really loving it. Just struggling with the exams. I have my midterm tomorrow!

Anonymous 65747

My biggest life goal was to be a painter. But then I felt unconfident in my own skill and drop out or art college. Now I'm in my late 20s jobless and no financial aid because I fucked up my paperwork and covid made things even more of a nightmare. I should spend this time painting….but I'm scared and too depressed. I keep getting interviews but no call backs. I know I should call but my self confidence is so low I have a hard time feeling worthy.

Anonymous 65748

Lost my job as a travel agent early this year, for obvious reasons.
I'm currently working towards a high school teaching position, preferably as a media teacher, though also training as a drama teacher. Fucking COVID has made uni a pain in the ass, and I might only be able to do my placement in a zoom classroom (not looking forward to that). Still, hopefully I can get a position in a year or so!


sad girl need confidence boost sad girl 65007[Reply]

hey. just an average looking girl feeling depressed after browsing through instagram for the past hour. I want to look at some pictures of ugly e-girls (like actually ugly, not just average ugly), as a confidence boost. could i request some pictures of the ugliest e girls you guys can find?
(something ugly along these lines will do)
8 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65039

Don't think you can be considered pretty of you're fat

Anonymous 65040

I think you can be pretty and disabled. But it also matter on the disability??? I've seen pretty girls with missing limbs and once in a wheel chair. But if it was a mangled birth deformity, I would notice it too much. I don't think its just the face its the whole thing. The body, the hair, the posture, the make up, apparel and so on.
Attractiveness is subjective. There's people who think tattoos, overweight, scars, dyed hair and pricings automatically make someone undesirable. Then there's people with the opposite reaction. Cant make everyone happy.

grateful sad girl 65046


Hi. Op here again. I've looked over all the answers, and it has really persuaded me to do some deep self-reflection. I have to say, a lot of these answers were positive and gave me something to think about. So I am going to push myself to seek proper therapy and get to the true root of the problem as opposed to focusing on the surface level of it. Thank you all for taking the time to answer this, it's helped motivate me to do better for myself. Thanks.

Anonymous 65049

Liking Pokémon isn’t unique at all, cmon now.

Anonymous 65746




Life Makeover Thread Anonymous 65233[Reply]

A thread for anyone who is trying to improve some aspect of their life to discuss, give tips, post sources for improvement.
27 posts and 6 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 65433

i'm average and i'm not trying to be anything

Anonymous 65458

Clearly picked her as a joke.

Anonymous 65533


There are so many butt workouts on Youtube. I do barre and pilates inspired workouts and they work really well for building muscle and sculpting.

Anonymous 65534


I really encourage you to go. Our stories are different , but going to a counselor for just a brief time during my early 20's helped me go form failing an entire semester of college and fantasizing about crashing my car every time I drove, to successfully re-enrolling and getting my life together.

If I hadn't taken the step to get help and work out my issues I most likely would have never gone back to school or maybe even acted out on my fantasies.

Anonymous 65715


I quite enjoy School of Life. The guy has a soothing, re-assuring voice and really knows how to phrase things in a way that gives you key messages to take away and practice with. The concepts and ideas they talk about aren't groundbreaking by any means, but I appreciate the effort they put in to break down bigger concepts into bite sized videos that I can throw on whenever I'm overthinking myself into oblivion.

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