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gooood feels Anonymous 27143[Reply]

what are your favorite simple sensations that feel so satisfying?
My favorite thing is when my bones crack, the best is when I've been sitting with bad posture for a while and I lie down on my bed and hear all my spinal discs pop.
Or when I just exfoliated the skin on my face so when I put on my moisturizing cream it glides so smoothly and nicely on my skin.
And last (gross) one - when I pick my nose clean lol.
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Anonymous 27645

Stepping inside when you were just out in the cold. Mmmmm

Anonymous 27651

When someone brushes and braids my hair omgggg. oh, and ear rubs are really nice too.

Anonymous 27653

Coming back home for the first time all day and just smelling how it smells. 'Sgood.

Anonymous 27937


driving at night

Anonymous 27938

>cuddling with bf
>drinking hot chocolate
>moisturizing my skin
>pissing after holding it for hours


survey thread Anonymous 27466[Reply]

Hello fellow women. Are sensitive guys a turn-off for you? At what point do you think a guy is too sensitive?
Personally, I don't mind a little sensitivity in my guys, but I feel like they can get kind of annoying, especially if they start acting clingy.
Pic unrelated.
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Anonymous 27756

You have more than one boyfriend?

Anonymous 27779

>You also mentioned (assuming that list from earlier was yours) starting a family being impossible with a sensitive male, but how is that any different than the woman/mother being the feeling oriented one? It's just reversed and that's fine. I consider myself assertive in real life (albeit a bit reclusive ideally, hence I've ended up here) and I'd be more than fine taking up the leader role in a relationship. At least one person has to be a bit more passive, so why not let it be the man sometimes?
wew™ tbh© femme
where do i sign?

Anonymous 27798

Maybe I'm retarded/sleep deprived/not hip enough with the kids, but what are you even saying?
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic and poking fun or not.

Anonymous 27836

I can't handle clingy people in general, they're fucking annoying

Anonymous 27839

alright good luck lol


Anonymous 27823[Reply]

Does anyone know of female-only apartments in the US? Are those even legal? I am hoping I can find one because I live in a very large city.
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Anonymous 27845

you would probably get sued by some tranny

Anonymous 27865

Women aren't men with their penises turned inside out.

Anonymous Moderator 27898

I deleted some trans derailing. Please continue with the thread.

Anonymous 27905

I know how you feel anon, I live in an apt with very VERY loud male neighbors, they yell things like "bitch" or "cunt" randomly in the middle of the night. They might be schizophrenic or something but its causing me serious stress, also the maintenance men have to check my apartment almost every day due to something or other breaking. Its been hell.

Anonymous 27912

Me sleeping underneath a married couple that had loud sex and/or an argument every night for the majority of the year. It was traumatic but I've calmed down since getting out of there.

I've never had quiet roommates or neighbors. Ever. OP presents a solution because no couples would be present, but with my luck I'd live next to some alcoholic lesbians that screamed at each other every night. Oh god the horror.


Anonymous 27858[Reply]

Who is crystal cafe for?
What peiple lurk here?

Anonymous 27859


Anonymous 27860

yu fukking scared me

Anonymous 27875

go to FAQ

Anonymous 27899


Anonymous Moderator 27901


Anonymous 27829[Reply]

do any of you ever wish you were someone/something else?
How do I become Milla in The Fifth Element?

Remember that actual trannies are banned from cc!
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Anonymous 27853


yes, i wish i was tilda swinton. i wish i was tall and ethereal and androgynous.

Anonymous 27856

Apparently, she's only like 1 of 3 people in the world that can directly track her lineage over 700 years, or something crazy like that.

Anonymous 27886

I create cyberpunk girls in 3d from various assets, I wish I was all of them.

Anonymous 27888

please share them

Anonymous 27900

From Wikipedia:
>The family is one of only three British families (along with the Ardens and the Berkeleys) that can trace their unbroken land ownership and lineage to before the Norman Conquest.

Semi-related but interesting:
>Confucius's family, the Kongs, have the longest recorded extant pedigree in the world today. The father-to-son family tree, now in its 83rd generation,[81] has been recorded since the death of Confucius. According to the Confucius Genealogy Compilation Committee, he has 2 million known and registered descendants, and there are an estimated 3 million in all.[82]

images (36).jpeg

Pepsi or Coke? Anonymous 16324[Reply]

inb4 I don't drink any

Pick one and say why
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Anonymous 19292

this used to be the case but I feel pepsi is now also too sweet. also both will absolutely wreck your teeth in a matter of months if you drink them regularly. you're basically doing permanent damage every single time you drink one of these, unless you drink them FAST and brush your teeth right after. then again you're still doing damage brushing your teeth with all that acid removing the protective layer from your teeth. you're fucked if you drink soda, no matter what. don't do it.

Anonymous 27871

I am going to the store to purchase 2 liters of coke. Cherry coke to be exact. I will drink it all within 4 hours.

Anonymous 27882

pepsi, coke is just sugar and the citrus taste of the pepsi is refreshing

Anonymous 27883



>Citrus taste of Pepsi

Anonymous 27884

I think Pepsi Max tastes better than Coke Zero. Don't drink any sugar, that's fucking gross.


Post yer rooms pretty pretty princesses Anonymous 26104[Reply]

I want to see if anyone has a fembot-tier room like mines
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Anonymous 26531


my plants are on my windowsill :) two snake plants babies. lavender in the pink pot, and baby blue eyes on the blue pot, but those haven't sprouted and I don't think they will ;_;

Anonymous 26566


but tbh mine was really bad a few days ago

Anonymous 26567


>water cooler next to bed

fkn genius, anonne.

Anonymous 26609


I live in a dorm room here is my side, I wish I could show you my room at home, its rlly nice and not a mess like here
Wow it looks nice but you should paint the walls (if you can)
>on a carpet
But really that water cooler next to bed is a really nice idea

Anonymous 27855

i really really really really really like this image :)


Anonymous 27465[Reply]

Would you ever make someone fat so they don’t leave you?
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Anonymous 27819


>The most feminine and submissive thing most people can thing of, cooking a meal,

Anonymous 27820

Gordon is a pure maiden don't @ me

Anonymous 27821

Why is cooking seen that way in the first place? It's dumb as fuck. We all need to eat. Are males just supposed to eat raw meat exclusively before marriage?
Why is all basic self-care (doing your own fucking laundry, showering, buying new clothes, WASHING YOUR HANDS) weak and feminine? I'm tired of this. There's nothing inherently submissive about mixing food together and warming it.

I'm tired of the world.

Anonymous 27826

Because the history of gender roles, basically. Combined with the bachelor stereotype of being a filthy lazy fuck.

Anonymous 27827

Also, on second thought, society is more judgmental towards women who fail those things than they are towards men.


Anonymous 27673[Reply]

alright ladies,

what's the worst thing you've seen on the internet?
15 posts and 2 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

Anonymous 27759

gag. yes.

Anonymous 27761

Oddly enough gore doesn't squick me (unless it involves animals, but I just avoid those and haven't been forced to watch any), but pics of dead bodies really gross me out. I remember seeing a dead infant somewhere and that stuck with me.

Anonymous 27801

Kid being put into a dryer for sexual torture purposes

Man holding up another man's head in front of a camera, and like a fancy HD shot of it too. I've seen arguably worse gore but idk that one just really stuck with me

Anonymous 27803

Seeing gore is like therapy for me, especially with suicide pics because it's like I can die vicariously through them (as cringey as it sounds, but it does work). I don't mind animal gore, but it's not as common on the surface web because of how animal abuse is more closely controlled in the US.

One photoset that really has stuck with me was seeing a man progress through cancer until the very end. By the end, his entire facial structure looked like it had collapsed upon itself and in mere weeks appearance-wise, he had changed into a different person. I guess that made me see cancer in a different light because most of the people who I've known to have cancer irl, I haven't seen them in the later stages, so you still have this image of them in your head as "fine" and just dying in their sleep.

Another video that stuck with me, though not particularly gore-y, was a video produced by ISIS of the beheading of three men. What struck me (well, aside from the ages of the beheaders and the expressions of the beheadees, though that's stuff you can find anywhere else) was how polished and well-produced it was; effort was put into every little detail in a way that felt unreal to me and made me feel scared of them in a way I hadn't before.

Cartel killings are interesting to watch because they never fail to use the dullest knife available. They're always on some shitty phone camera, though.

But the one video that made me feel so terrible that I couldn't even press play was this one where a woman believed in this ritual where putting a frog inside her vagina was supposed to grant you a husband. Pretty sure her shaman just wanted to see pussy, but I could not bring myself to see it.

Anonymous 27824

Someone's account of their life with tulpa babies.


Pale Guys Anonymous 25285[Reply]

Are pale guys hot or weird to you? I personally think they're hot, as long as they're not fat neckbeards.
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Anonymous 27809

Guys scare me in general tbh. But there is something especially scary to me about pale guys in long hair who wear boots and dont clean their nails.

Also aren’t neckbeards stereotypes as being pale? you know because they dont go outside?

Anonymous 27811

>hot or weird
drop dead ugly,especially naked.

Anonymous 27813

Posts pic of ugly guy: "Are dark guys hot or weird to you?"
-that man looks like he has a disease
-Guys scare me in general tbh. But there is something especially scary to me about dark guys
-Also aren’t criminals stereotypes as being dark
-drop dead ugly,especially naked.
Aren't most of you pale white girls as well, because you also don't go out much?

Anonymous 27814

Pale girls are different from pale boys in their physique so it affects how I perceive their appearance. duh…..

Anonymous 27816

Good point, it's not even worth comparing. There are plenty of other traits that are positive or negative depending on gender.

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